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Clue: Marisacat is here… 28 June 2007

Posted by marisacat in Blonde Sense, Border Issues, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, SCOTUS.

   What can I say, my mother, a red head, smoked English Ovals and wore Revlon's Lilac Champagne lipstick and nail polish.  Pyrrho smoking fell short. 

Well there seem to be some too cute efforts around to send me on vacation or slam the garbage can lid on my head.

Still here.  Sorry to disappoint.

Audition tape… “Marisacat on Vacation”

This defines jejune.  I got as far as the first awkward clutch of the cigarette.  My mother was an elegant smoker, for the ages.   Why observe studied awkwardness, if not a required course.   If, as wilfred says, YouTubes just look like audition tapes (and he is right – even the great ones) the camera angle is beyond unfortunate.  One is forced to engage with the front teeth.

I moved on.  Swiftly.  YMMV.

UPDATE:  oops!  Incoming from wilfred, please quote him accurately, so, straight from the email:

hey quote me accurately 🙂

i said ‘podcasts’ are audition tapes (not ‘YouTubes’) which is not plural, kind of like Bush’s ‘internets’).

But it’s always regrettable when a unique voice leaves the arena.

Keep me laughing:  Still here.


Will be up later with something on the rather too effective reversal of Brown v Board of Education (oh right Kennedy slightly left the school door open.  His Catholic Dorothy Day trickle down charity.  We are showered with goodness and light – for thine is the power and the glory) and the – stunning!  I am so so stunned! – loss of the senate immigration bill.

Did you love it the other day when Bush, so helpfully, said it IS an amnesty bill… effectively garrotted it.  Well, try try again.

Oh they are so tricky, the really big big boyz.


In case you thought this was a … post:

No, just explaining, Marisacat is here (for those with eyes) and that threads are still closed.  Til further notice:  I discovered a great and wonderful thing when I shut threads… I had so much more energy.  I enjoyed the threads (another clue, I am a consumer, a true news junkie, the threads brought news and links) but it took endless time to monitor and maintain.  Read and at least be aware of links in 175- 250 comments a day.  Several times an hour sift thru not just moderation filter but also spam file for mis directed real comments.

St Germain Dog, when he spammed me for two weeks last summer, threatened to put a spam bot on me.  I would get up to 800 spam a day.  Who knows, perhaps he did.  If you just dump spam, who cares, but i had to go thru it, day after day for comments.  That gets wearing.

And – I got this wonderful one line email a couple days ago, from somewhere in the midwest:

You are on fire.  You should turn off comments more often. Outstanding


For those who also miss threads, I am looking into Haloscan.  One thing is certain, it can never again be as time consuming as it was.

Thanks for all the great participation, threads were a very real part of Mcat.  And hopefully will be again.

But as I say above, slam the trash can lid all you like.


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