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Sunday Afternoon… in the ever expanding war zone with George 15 July 2007

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, Afghanistan War, Pakistan, Spain, WAR!.

  Red Mosque bullet riddled roof, Pakistani soldiers
Islamabad, Pakistan: Pakistani soldiers stand under the bullet-riddled roof of the Red Mosque  [Photograph: Aamir QURESHI/AFP]

JJB and catnip have been posting great comments on Pakistan… thru two threads..

This Asia Times from Friday may be, most likely is, a repeat… nevertheless a look at a great open valley in the North West Frontier Province where the battle soon will be:

…the second phase in the battle against an “Islamic revolution” has began many kilometers away in the picturesque Swat district in North-West Frontier Province (NWFP).

Reaction to the events at the Lal Masjid has been the strongest here, as it is home to the banned pro-Taliban Tehrik-Nifaz-i-Shariat-i-Mohammadi (TNSM – Movement for the Enforcement of Islamic Laws).

The Pakistan Army has mobilized thousands of troops in the area, and on Friday it was declared “highly sensitive” and parts of it placed under an unofficial curfew. Over the past few days there have been incidents in which several security personnel have been killed.

Unlike the Lal Masjid’s small complex, this new battlefield will be a huge valley where militants will be able to trap soldiers at sites of their choice, and the army will be free to bomb their hideouts in the high mountains.


A peat-lined tributary of the Yarghoon River near Lashkargahaz, North West Frontier Province, Pakistan  [Ramsar Photo Gallery]

And a fast slip to the close:

Thousands of people – young and old – are part of the TNSM. Fazalullah calls it a peaceful movement in favor of virtue and against vice. The Western alliance in Afghanistan calls it a Taliban asset in Pakistan that distributes huge dividends to the Taliban movement. Pakistan calls it a serious threat to its national security.

Whatever the perspective, once the showdown starts between the Pakistan Army and the TNSM, one thing is sure: the conflict will transcend any borders.


Just for contrast, Sunday afternoon on the boardwalk in San Sebastian Spain:

San Sebastien SPAIN
San Sebastian, Spain: Tourists and citizens take a walk along Zurriola avenue were 23 sculptures created by Polish artist Igor Mitoraj are being exhibited [Photograph: Juan Herrero/EPA]


Last, it is from broken down boring Shrum, but he got it said this am on MPT:

MR. NOVAK:  Thomas Eagleton.  His—the—Mr. McGovern’s brief running mate. He was picked for—as his vice presidential nominee, later resigned from the ticket.  But he—that was a secret that was kept until his, his death, and people are—a lot of—a lot of people said I had made up the name.  I had gone to Tom Eagleton and asked him if I could clear myself, since the campaign was long over, use his name.  He said “Oh, he had to run for re-election.  The McGovernites would kill him if they knew he had said that.” But it was Tom Eagleton.

MR. SHRUM:  Boy, do I wish he would have let you publish his name.  Then he never would have been picked as vice president.  Because the two things, the two things that happened to George McGovern—two of the things that happened to him—were the label you put on him, number one, and number two, the Eagleton disaster.  We had a messy convention, but he could have, I think in the end, carried eight or 10 states, remained politically viable.  And Eagleton was one of the great train wrecks of all time.  You know, he had his 85th birthday here yesterday, and a big celebration…

MR. RUSSERT:  McGovern.

MR. SHRUM:  …and 35th anniversary of the nomination, and I’m glad I was in the McGovern campaign. 

I didn’t get to walk the corridors of the White House, but I didn’t have to walk into a federal prison either.

MR. RUSSERT:  And happy birthday to George McGovern, turning 85.

MR. NOVAK:  Happy birthday.

Of course, as Fein pointed out on Moyers Journal, and anyone iwth half a brain has known for 34 years, proceedings against Nixon did not go far enough.  Not by a long shot.  He lived to boast of what he did (as Fein said), for decades, boast as does Bush that the president has a get out of jail free card.  It is not illegal if the president does it.

Nixon should have gone to jail. 


UPDATE, 6:52 pm

I remembered I had posted a John Dean article about Nixon boasting of acts as president… so went hunting, from January 2 2006

From John Dean:

Presidential Powers Regarding National Security: A Nixonian View

Nixon famously claimed, after resigning from office, that when the president undertook an action in the name of national security, even if he broke the law, it was not illegal.

Nixon’s thinking (and he was learned in the law) relied on the precedent established by Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. Nixon, quoting Lincoln, said in an interview, “Actions which otherwise would be unconstitutional, could become lawful if undertaken for the purpose of preserving the Constitution and the Nation.”

David Frost, the interviewer, immediately countered by pointing out that the anti-war demonstrators upon whom Nixon focused illegal surveillance, were hardly the equivalent of the rebel South. Nixon responded, “This nation was torn apart in an ideological way by the war in Vietnam, as much as the Civil War tore apart the nation when Lincoln was president.” It was a weak rejoinder, but the best he had.

Nixon took the same stance when he responded to interrogatories proffered by the Senate Select Committee on Government Operations To Study Intelligence Operations (best know as the “Church Committee,” after its chairman Senator Frank Church).

In particular, he told the committee,

“In 1969, during my Administration, warrantless wiretapping, even by the government, was unlawful, but if undertaken because of a presidential determination that it was in the interest of national security was lawful. Support for the legality of such action is found, for example, in the concurring opinion of Justice White in Katz v. United States.”

(Katz is the opinion that established that a wiretap constitutes a “search and seizure” under the Fourth Amendment, just as surely as a search of one’s living room does – and thus that the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirements apply to wiretapping.)

Nixon rather presciently anticipated – and provided a rationalization for – Bush:

He wrote, “there have been — and will be in the future — circumstances in which presidents may lawfully authorize actions in the interest of security of this country, which if undertaken by other persons, even by the president under different circumstances, would be illegal.”

Even if we accept Nixon’s logic for purposes of argument, were the circumstances that faced Bush the kind of “circumstances” that justify warrantless wiretapping? I believe the answer is no.


   Washington Post photo 

So skrewed.



1. Revisionist - 15 July 2007

i disagree with some of that post catnip. They are obsessed with the rules to stifle opposing thought, dissent and maybe getting the mob to move in a certain direction on issues. Its not about the rules but the way they use them and for what purpose. As her about tomorrow’s headlines across the blogoshere:


2. Revisionist - 15 July 2007

Speaking of Pakistan and Afghanistan, does anyone know anything about the Aga Khan. He seems strangley abscent from all of the world’s events of the past few years.

3. liberalcatnip - 15 July 2007

Oops. I posted a reply in the last thread, rev. Here it is.



I’ll give you the bit about the rules. I’m just sick and tired of their thuggery no matter what grand purpose they think it’s supposed to achieve.

4. liberalcatnip - 15 July 2007

That really is quite the pic of the Red Mosque, mcat. Oh, when I was writing my post at my place about today’s events in Pakistan, I noted that a jihad has now been called for in response to the attack on the Mosque. That’s what Hadley wants to step in the middle of. What a fool.

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 July 2007

more than jail, Nixon and Kissinger should have gone into the docket at the Haigue.

6. liberalcatnip - 15 July 2007

Mandatory volunteer work? WTF?

Later Saturday, Edwards joined Democratic rivals Joe Biden and Barack Obama at a workshop in Peosta. He told the hundreds of Democrats there that he thinks everyone in the United States should take part in volunteer work.

“The power in America, the capacity to change this country is out here,” he said pointing to the crowd, “It’s not just in the Oval Office.”

Edwards said he has not decided whether such service should be volunteer or mandatory. “I think all of us are going to have to take ownership and responsibility for what needs to be done in this country,” he said.

7. marisacat - 15 July 2007

they will use the Dems to push a spurious National Service. Burbles about it for a while.. when ever this arises, seems to me it is a precursor.

Think this debate has arisen as schools (iirc it has been schools) have tried to make mandatory “volunteer” work an assignment.

It all has to do with easing a draft back, imo

8. liberalcatnip - 15 July 2007

It all has to do with easing a draft back, imo

Glad I’m not the only one who got that impression. Vive Israel, I guess.

9. Revisionist - 15 July 2007

That would have been a good place to debate. guess they only want small debates when its on tv.

Sometimes the English just freak me out

‘The message is clear. We have the technology to ensure that anyone watching TV without a valid licence can and should expect a visit, wherever they live.

10. marisacat - 15 July 2007


yeah I agree, how can anyone miss it, the whole thing stinks to high heaven. And they wrap it in patriotism, what a shock. And they look at Obama to carry the message too, think I read that there is a big fall off in black enlistment. Again what a shock! So shocked!

LOL I thought that (low black enlistment, re up) was one reason Hillary raised “blowing Sudanese pilots out of the air, so they get the message we mean business” as well. Sad thing she got an applause at Howard. I know i heard boos, but the reports did not meanton it.

11. liberalcatnip - 15 July 2007

This is quite the mess:

A potential diplomatic collision with the US is looming over the corruption allegations against the arms company BAE. The department of justice in Washington has formally demanded that Britain hand over all evidence of secret payments the company made to members of the Saudi royal family to secure huge arms deals.

The department has taken over the corruption investigation after British prosecutors were forced by the then prime minister, Tony Blair, to halt it late last year on alleged grounds of national security.

So the Brits are covering for SA and Bush’s justice dept is investigating instead? Like they’re going to make life hard for Bandar Bush? Hmmm…

12. Revisionist - 15 July 2007

La Rouche has all this BAE stuff connected to Cheney at http://larouchepac.org/

also, According to La Rouche the Utah Democratic Party just voted a plank in calling for the impeahment of Dick Cheney

13. marisacat - 15 July 2007

Good news on Utah. I think the state by state resolutions worry the Dems. At least I read a couple months ago that Murray and Inslee were disptached by DC to squash it in WA state.

I think SF voted for impeachment by about 7 or 8 pts. And we are home to “off the table nancy”

14. Sabrina Ballerina - 15 July 2007

It’s too bad that Cheney and Rumsfeld, both from the Nixon administration, weren’t stopped back then. With each progression through different administrations, so many of these criminals, indicted, convicted and pardoned, were allowed back into positions of power. It’s about to happen again, unless someone stands up this time and puts an end to their decades long criminal takeover of this country.

Wolfowitz, Ledeen, Perle, the Bush family, Abrams, Poindexter et al, what kind of country allows such people, most involved in criminal activity in the past, back into top government positions? They don’t have to run for office, they are appointed and Congress turns a blind eye to their past.

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 July 2007
16. outofwater - 15 July 2007

Vote early, vote often.

It’s a taunt, sure. But it’s just too irresistible to skip.

Is DK better or worser without Markos?

17. Sabrina Ballerina - 15 July 2007

Catnip and Marisacat, great posts about the situation in Pakistan/Afghanistan. I’ve been following the situation in Afghanistan (the forgotten war) for years (used to post about it on another blog) and over the past two years, at least, mostly ignored by the US press, things have been getting worse, mainly because of the wanton killing of innocent civilians by the US military. Karzai came to DC to complain about it. There have been riots over it. But it continues.

It’s almost as if they want to escalate these wars, or are they so stupid that they think killing people is just fine, because the people they are killing are lesser human beings. The racism involved in these wars is blatant.


Well, it didn’t take long for the DK/Cindy situation to make the Washington Times …. and Adamb shows up in the comments to set the record straight. What a bunch of inept morons. They are always having to clean up after themselves. But it’s everyone esle’s fault. As some point, don’t even people as perenially dense as they are, have to ask themselves, ‘is it everyone else, or maybe, could it be us?’

Mrs. Sheehan’s planning a third-party run against the California Democrat. But apparently DailyKos is more about electing Democrats than about opposing the war in Iraq.

At HotAir, AllahPundit asks:

What happened to the dream of people-powered politics driving complacent establishment Democrats from office?

— Robert Stacy McCain, assistant national editor, The Washington Times

From the comments:

Err, no — if Cindy Sheehan had been banned from the site, she couldn’t have posted that diary on the site. Duh.

Posted by Adam B. | July 12, 2007 8:35 PM


She wasn’t banned.
She was warned that she couldn’t use DK as a platform to launch an Independent campaign.

Posted by dgrptr | July 12, 2007 10:06 PM


I enjoy reading DailyKOS too. It is one of those ‘guilty pleasures’, watching self loathing losers eating their own.

Posted by CyBear | July 13, 2007 1:58 PM



As I understand it, Her son served and died as a Marine in a forward fighting unit in Iraq. I also believe that ORIGINALLY, Mrs. Sheehan was in fact, a Republican supporter although not a supporter of the war, and when it was clear that President Bush was either not inclined or simply incapable of acknowledging this family’s grief and suffering was it that she turned towards the Left, embracing anyone who would talk to her.

So we expect and this president demands the ultimate sacrifice from our soldiers and fighting men and women but don’t ask us to bother even acknowledging that sacrifice going forward. F*cking pathetic.

So I feel horrible for Americans, and particularly those of a political bend that are so bereft of compassion and humanity that they just see Mrs. Sheehan as some deranged nut-job and political ping-pong rather than a Gold Star mother who’s sacrifice in a different age would have thus commanded your attention and respect for a war you so slavishly support.

I think our President was an idiot from square one, and I disagree wholeheartedly with Mrs. Sheehan’s politics, however, I find her family’s sacrifice compels me , at least to give her the time of day and let her have her say.

Posted by Mark T | July 15, 2007 9:28 AM

And from Freerepublic:

Cindy Sheehan banned from Daily Kos! (Democrats prove what they really think of democracy)

It’s amazing how the Democrats claim to be ‘democratic’ but really they aren’t. Cindy Sheehan is the goddess of the anti-war left, yet when it comes to any challenges they purge out opposition like Stalin.

Here on Free Republic, there’s plenty of 3rd party supporters, etc, yet they aren’t banned.

What’s really all that different from the Kossacks and the Soviets? They give impassioned pleas for ‘change’ and rooting out corruption, etc, but the only thing they want to do is elect Democrats right or wrong. Fools.

You can visit and see for yourself http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/7/12/91014/1295

1 posted on 07/12/2007 2:33:21 PM PDT by SConservative

They are NOT a liberal blog …. but they certainly are getting liberals a bad name, and ironically, their own beloved party. These kossacks need to get out in the real world. That comment re giving respect to a Gold Star mother is pretty much how the majority of people who don’t live on DK or FR (mirror images of each other) feel about Cindy Sheehan. People do not like snide, arrogant jerks who sit behind computer screens and snipe at someone most people can relate to even if they disagree with her.

Cindy wins this hands down. She left them in the dust and went on CNN where she probably had an audience of millions …

Could people be more stupid, so completely delusional as to think their petty little rules trump the issues she tried to bring to their attention? Like Torture! She talks about it but Democratic presidential candidates have been remarkably silent about it.

18. liberalcatnip - 15 July 2007

Vote early, vote often.

I demand more poll options.

That reads like an obituary.

19. Sabrina Ballerina - 15 July 2007

The Washington Times link didn’t show up at the top so here it is again, I hope:

Has the “Peace Mom” been banned from the NO 1 Liberal blog site

Catnip, the LA Times had an article on the Saudis and Iraq today. Interesting how involved they’ve been starting with 9/11, then accusations of funding terorists, Osama Bin Laden and now Saudis found in Iraq. And there’s the close relationship between Bush and the Saudis. Makes you wonder if all the conspiracy theorists were on the wrong track!

20. liberalcatnip - 15 July 2007

#17. Yup. They just don’t get it over at the Big Orange Rulez place.

It’s almost as if they want to escalate these wars

They do, as they’re now doing in Pakistan. It wasn’t enough to shake up the entire ME. They’re on an ever-expanding crusade.

21. marisacat - 15 July 2007

speaking of the Saudis, I read this recently in the LRB and meant to post it, then forgot. Not breaking news, but interesting.

I remember reading in the NYT in 91, so 10 years before 9/11 that us customs and immigration had concerns about issuing visas to completely covered faces. Read a certain way the article ws hysterical. i laughed so hard I had to put my head down on my desk at work…

I had just gotten new passport pictures (and been thru a bizarre wringer at the US passport office) and I had had to remove two hair combs from my hair for the picture (rules rules).

But the final decision for full cover from Muslim co seeking entry, well we did not want to fuck iwth religion.

O GMAFB.. we have not known whe ws here for a long time.

22. James - 15 July 2007

vote early vote often, eh?

I object to the wording of the poll – shouldn’t there have been a response like, “just as shitty”?

23. James - 15 July 2007

Yup Sabrina, Daily Dross does indeed give liberals a bad name. Actually since so many seem to associate that place with “leftism” it makes those who actually are leftists look bad.

24. liberalcatnip - 15 July 2007

Geez I wish the media would stop calling dkos a “liberal” site. That gives actual liberals a bad name.

Catnip, the LA Times had an article on the Saudis and Iraq today.

There was a rec diary about that at dkos and I pointed out here just how clueless some people still are about the Iraq war. (Not saying you’re clueless! Just that some of the comments show that some people there obviously have a bit of catching up to do about the reality on the ground.)

Months ago the Saudis threatened to get directly involved in Iraq, although I suspect they already had been for quite some time. I think the news at the time was just propaganda for Bushco so they could publicly warn SA to back off to make it look like they actually had some control over Bandar et al.

25. liberalcatnip - 15 July 2007

lol…great minds, James.

26. James - 15 July 2007

The inanity from the Sheehan bashers continues:

And to her last, remaining, beleaguered supporters, I’ll see you in the airport, heads shaved and banging on tambourines.

Good luck with that.

Baby, you’re the kind of gal, who makes a guy wanna dig his own grave…and lick the shovel clean.

by harrylimelives on Sun Jul 15, 2007 at 11:20:20 PM CDT

[ Parent | Reply to This |Recommend ]

Nah…most of us are just “dirty hippies” – you know, the ones the Dems try not to descend from their pedestals and acknowledge except around election time (at which point y’all suddenly like us again and want to use us as ATM machines for your candidates?

When it comes to 2008 and using me for an ATM machine, alls I can say is “good luck with that.”

27. liberalcatnip - 15 July 2007

#21. That was an interesting read, mcat. Thanks for posting the link.

I’m just watching Sir! No Sir!. sigh…

28. ms_xeno - 15 July 2007

Baby, you’re the kind of gal, who makes a guy wanna dig his own grave…and lick the shovel clean.

by harrylimelives on Sun Jul 15, 2007 at 11:20:20 PM CDT

I wish he’d hurry, then. I have been sick of pandering fucks like “harry” since 2000. They can’t bury themselves fast enough, if you ask me.

Stupid little pea-brained pandering turds. None of them would know the meaning of “democracy” if it bit them on their shallow orange asses. Damn right they eat dirt. It’s all the DP gives them to eat and they’re too stupid to do anything but lap it up like it’s mousse-au-chocolat.

The only thing that would cheer me more than all of them finding a new hobby tomorrow, preferably offline, would be Hillthatcher having her own personal “Dean Scream” moment at LanyardCon– dragging down Kos, LuciousDem, McJoanJoan, and all the rest with her. Culminating in the site becoming such a White Donkelphant that nobody would want to buy it off the little death-squad-and-CIA-loving, moneygrubbing fuckhead. Destitute, he could return to his earlier career as porn peddler, which is much more suited to his temperament than politics.

I can dream, can’t I ?

29. liberalcatnip - 15 July 2007

Stop Trying to save Africa

There is no African, myself included, who does not appreciate the help of the wider world, but we do question whether aid is genuine or given in the spirit of affirming one’s cultural superiority. My mood is dampened every time I attend a benefit whose host runs through a litany of African disasters before presenting a (usually) wealthy, white person, who often proceeds to list the things he or she has done for the poor, starving Africans. Every time a well-meaning college student speaks of villagers dancing because they were so grateful for her help, I cringe. Every time a Hollywood director shoots a film about Africa that features a Western protagonist, I shake my head — because Africans, real people though we may be, are used as props in the West’s fantasy of itself. And not only do such depictions tend to ignore the West’s prominent role in creating many of the unfortunate situations on the continent, they also ignore the incredible work Africans have done and continue to do to fix those problems.

30. liberalcatnip - 15 July 2007

Tom Engelhardt is tireless!

(Are his articles banned on dkos? Yet?)

31. liberalcatnip - 15 July 2007

Poor Barb and NPK – still going after me (or trying to) in that Sheehan diary. Wankers.


You have no credibility in these attacks as you are no longer a member in good faith of this site.

Revisionist history – or has she crowned herself queen now?

32. liberalcatnip - 16 July 2007

My comments to Barb have been troll-rated, so I’ll post them for history’s sake here before it’s disappeared and/or I end up being “auto-banned”. Funny how she gets to call me a liar – twice – and isn’t troll-rated for that.

Gosh, great question (6+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
MajorFlaw, begone, Nightprowlkitty, Darrell J Gahm, lineatus, Morgan Sandlin

Should people interact with you given that you spend most of your time at another blog lobbing continual insults at this site and everyone who posts here? Vicious personal insults and/or complete lies. What a joke.

Arrogant lips are unsuited to a fool– how much worse lying lips to a ruler – Proverbs 17:7

by BarbinMD on Sun Jul 15, 2007 at 03:48:20 PM MDT

[ Parent | Reply to This |Recommend ]

nice try, Barb (3+ / 1-)

Recommended by:
James Benjamin, kdrivel, Annalize5
Trollrated by:

This is about the interaction between kossacks and Cindy Sheehan. This is not about me or another blog.

But if you want to accuse me of being a liar, you’d better back that up with actual facts because, unlike some others who see your bullying as something to be admired or something to fear, I call it as I see it. Who has to lie about some of what goes on here when you engage in behaviour that would make freepers proud?

Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

The only “joke” here is the fact that you and others are so completely obsessed with rules that this site isn’t even about electing Democrats any more. It’s about loyalty oaths and enforcement of your precious rules.

And you’ll note, it was Sheehan on CNN this afternoon talking about impeachment and ending the war to an audience of millions worldwide – not any of you keyboard commandos.

“I have lived with several Zen masters — all of them cats.” – Eckhart Tolle

by catnip on Sun Jul 15, 2007 at 05:47:39 PM MDT

[ Parent | Reply to This ]
It wasn’t a (1+ / 0-)

Recommended by:

…”try,” it was pointing out the hypocrisy of someone who spends their days insulting and telling lies, coming here to lecture on civility. And that you don’t do it here doesn’t mean you can’t be called on it when you pop in for a visit.

And yes, you and your pals regularly lie about the people here. The record is there for anyone who cares to wander over.

Obsessed with the rules? Hardly. Ask people to follow them? Absolutely. That’s not bullying.

And that she was on TV was hardly surprising given that she is a well known public figure, although I’m not sure what that has to do with this discussion. Because the issue here is that Cindy Sheehan wrote two hit and run diaries, one that trashed the Democratic Party and one that misrepresented her warning about third party candidacies. And perhaps you could take a moment to think about the reaction a person would get at your little corner of the blogosphere if they made a pro-Pelosi post. Would the response be a civil discussion on political differences and common ground? We both know the answer to that, so why don’t you take the plank out of your eye before you worry about the sliver in ours.


Arrogant lips are unsuited to a fool– how much worse lying lips to a ruler – Proverbs 17:7

by BarbinMD on Sun Jul 15, 2007 at 11:27:14 PM MDT

[ Parent | Reply to This |Recommend ]
put up or shut up, Barb (0+ / 1-)

Trollrated by:

If you want to call me a liar, back up your allegation with proof. Isn’t that one of your rules around here? You don’t get to smear my reputation and then ask other people to research your bullshit for you.

Afaic, a FPer ought to act with a bit more dignity than that and not resort to personal attacks as you’ve done here. You make a mockery of the very site on which you have such an important privilege and claim to defend by lashing out with fictional allegations.

“I have lived with several Zen masters — all of them cats.” – Eckhart Tolle

by catnip on Mon Jul 16, 2007 at 12:23:39 AM MDT

33. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 July 2007

I wish he’d hurry, then. I have been sick of pandering fucks like “harry” since 2000. They can’t bury themselves fast enough, if you ask me.

Rotfl, mx xeno …. exactly, excellently said. He’s simply no match for an intelligent woman like you.

Catnip, your posts to her about Cindy and now about her false accusations, were perfect. They are simply not used to straight talk. As for NPK, glad you got her to out herself. The real NPK wasn’t too far under the surface. She plays the role of being ‘reasonable’. She’s smarter than the others and a clever manipulator, never taking an actual side, riding the fence always, but it’s clear why she won’t take a stand. She leans towards the bullies even when she’s trying hard to appear to be non-biased.

They will have to face eventually, that they are reviled because of their own actions. This site is mild compared to what’s on the internet from former members of that site.

When you see the sheer volume of people they have banned and smeared (do a ‘banned from dk’ search, and look at the pattern. Peace activists, award-winning liberal writers, respected members of their real life communities, the numbers are staggering, and yet, they still claim ‘it’s everyone else’ who’s wrong! They cannot get away with that anymore.

The number of good democrats who have been banned or who simply left that site in disgust, makes all their claims now, laughable. All that’s left is for us, to start spreading the word, to politicians and the media, that they do NOT represent liberals, progressives or REAL Democrats. I don’t know who they do represent, but it is a the entire enterprise is looking more and more like a scam to protect the ‘Party’ .

Barb could not list the lies she accused you of telling because there are no lies here. And as you say, she should put up or shut up.

As for her worrying about this site? If it was the only one she had to worry about, they could relax. But there are excellent sites, all over the internet now, saying much the same things and making similar observations, as are made here. Hundreds, thousands of people can’t be wrong and a small gang of thugs on one blog, right.

Marisacat is highly respected on the internet, as are many of the writers here. I see links to this site on many other blogs, while people are de-linking dk. Imo, their days are numbered as far as claiming to represent progressives. Their rankings are falling with not even a bump for thousands of new members over the past year and some media attention, plus all the linking they have.

Any jump in page views comes only when someone like Cindy Sheehan is there, or Greg Palast … then fall again when they leave. They have even eaten their own, Msoc, Armando, Pyrrho as soon as they stopped adhering to the party line. So, to call anyone else nasty is a joke coming from them.

What’s happening all over the internet is called ‘blowback’! Something most normal people understand is that you will be treated they way you treat others. They expected to abuse people and then have them disappear! More bad thinking on their part.

Btw, being that they can dish it out but are extremely thin-skinned when others respond in kind, a few people will be banned, I’m sure, they are very predictable, after all. It’s the only way they know how to deal with criticism. And in the end will be the downfall of the site.

Cindy will be fine and far better off by not being associated with dk. She will be remembered in history. They will not even be a footnote. Cindy is in good company when it comes to being slammed by the petty and smallminded when huge issues are at stake. Anyone throughout history who effected any kind of change, has been attacked by similar small minds.

Lol, looks like the usual troll hunters were reigned in for a while since they’ve been nailed so often lately, and replaced with a few new ones. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few sock-puppets on that site.

Anyway, you were 100% right, Catnip. If the media looks at that thread, it will be posts like yours that make dk look good. And I would not be surprised if the media does look at it. In fact, maybe it’s a good idea to send a link to a few media outlets so they understand that Cindy Sheehan Quit Daily Kos!

Just one more thing, Cindy did more to get the Democrats elected than the entire blogosphere and beyond when she showed the public what George Bush really represented. You’d think they’d remember that.

34. frtitzcat - 16 July 2007

I got a 24 hour timeout at MLW. Now MSOC and Curmudgette, are publicly pondering whether to ban my sorry ass or not…LOL as you like to say…cheerios to the fun bunch here at the OK Corral…


35. supervixen - 16 July 2007

Just checked out the Sheehan-related thread – ugh. DKos is quite the sick cult. Fascinating the way that, under pressure, the undercurrent of rage and hatred surfaces and becomes a torrent.

I foresee that at some point in the future, at least one of the more twisted, aggressive, obsessive Kossites will end up “going postal” somewhere and taking a lot of people out.

36. supervixen - 16 July 2007

Forgot to add – it’s hilarious that NPK namechecks MCat and this blog, yet again! Those freaks must read this site all the time.

37. brinn - 16 July 2007

re#33 — wow donkeytale/pete — amazing that you got through the spam filter in order to hang with the stooges!

LOL, indeed!

38. marisacat - 16 July 2007

Cheney Pushes Bush to Act on Iran

By Ewen MacAskill and Julian Borger
The Guardian UK

Monday 16 July 2007

Military solution back in favour as Rice loses out. President “not prepared to leave conflict unresolved.”

The balance in the internal White House debate over Iran has shifted back in favour of military action before President George Bush leaves office in 18 months, the Guardian has learned.

The shift follows an internal review involving the White House, the Pentagon and the state department over the last month. Although the Bush administration is in deep trouble over Iraq, it remains focused on Iran. A well-placed source in Washington said: “Bush is not going to leave office with Iran still in limbo.”

The White House claims that Iran, whose influence in the Middle East has increased significantly over the last six years, is intent on building a nuclear weapon and is arming insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The vice-president, Dick Cheney, has long favoured upping the threat of military action against Iran. He is being resisted by the secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, and the defence secretary, Robert Gates. [snip]



This is at the same link at TruthOut (just to keep the story together, til we blow it up of course):

As Senate Iran Vote Looms, Brownback Advocates Strike on Iran

Think Progress

Sunday 15 July 2007

On Wednesday, the Senate voted 97-0 to pass a resolution sponsored by Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) to censure Iran “for what it said was complicity in the killing of U.S. soldiers in Iraq.” The resolution required the Bush administration to regularly report to Congress on Iran’s role in Iraq.

While the resolution explicitly rejected authorization for immediate military action, the gist of the resolution declared Iran is participating in acts of war against the United States, thereby laying the foundation for a confrontation with Iran. Newshoggers wrote that the resolution may provide the “political cover for launching a war.”

Validating the concern many felt, Sen. Sam Brownback appeared on Fox News shortly after the vote and declared he was ready to preemptively strike Iran. Host Sean Hannity asked Brownback, “There’s probably going to come a point for the next president that they’re going to have to determine whether to go out and have that preemptive strike. And you’re ready and would be ready to do that?” [snip]

39. ms_xeno - 16 July 2007

Digby on the Iran vote du jour. Liberal bloggers admire this woman as some kind of intellectual light in the blogosphere ? She’s boring, trite and dense as a treestump, just like the rest of ’em:

…I don’t know what kind of “strategy” the Democrats think is in play when they sign off on a bizarre statement about Iran that opens up all kinds of avenues for the president to start another war, but they are engaging in a very dangerous game. Arming the Republicans with any excuse to shoot the moon right now is political malpractice. On their best days, the Republicans are reckless and delusional. Now that they’re desperate, anything could happen. Why did the Dems just hand them a loaded gun? I don’t get it.

They’re assholes who want war, Digby. Period. Case closed. War means money and slaughtering innocents makes them feel important. And they want Bush to do the nominal leading because they lack the courage to lead themselves. That way if things go to shit, they can blame him despite the fact that they want exactly what he does. Plus, they know you won’t do a thing about it. In fact, you can be counted upon to either shun or vilify anyone who does try and do something about it.

Grow up. Please, for the love of God, just grow up already. There is no Santa, no Elijah, and no Great Democrat coming to save us. They are fiction, and so is the decency you continually assign to the fuckheads you champion and vote for. Stop supporting them if you want to begin the long, hard road to real change. Just stop. All this whinging and tearing of flesh and crying of “why why why” just makes you look like a fool who is utterly incapable of learning from her mistakes.

Stolen from IOZ. I sure wouldn’t have the stomach to take this bullshit straight up day after day. Bless him and his iron intestines.

40. marisacat - 16 July 2007

oh but mith digby was just honored with a prize. and burbles of ”taking America back” rose from the dinner tables.

I think that’s what happened at the Take Back America shindig last month…

LOL sorry it is just laughable now.

SHE is the one who said last year, how dare we think we know more than our elected. And called that “dangerous” And, not linking again, I have linked three times to that. It was over the filibuster games for the alito nom. and Kerry phoning it in from Davos.

41. marisacat - 16 July 2007

OK Endless Titz…

Mostly because I am not in favor of “time outs” and putting people in the corner to ”think things over”, or whatever the 24 hour suspension is….


42. ms_xeno - 16 July 2007

The whole trouble with a rallying cry to “withhold your vote” would be that the “Netroots” can’t figure out how to make money or mojo out of it. Plus, there aren’t any celebrities or heiresses involved. The minute that changes, they’ll be all over it like white on rice. Until the last minute when they do their choreographed stampede for Hillary, of course…

Pretty transparent, really. :/

43. marisacat - 16 July 2007

well I apply “withhold the vote” to myself. Really it would have nothing to do with the Netroots, which function as a Democratic Club. Of a sort. Their business is boosterism, so LOL it would nto apply to them.

44. ms_xeno - 16 July 2007

Yeah. But if we could just figure out how to boost anti-boosterism on a grand scale, we’d be millionaires, too. Or at least capable of scoring a sweet book deal and a few TV appearances. It would be sort of like Buy Nothing Day in its early, innocent days before the Adbusters crew went batshit insane and starting hiring nude celebs to pose for their posters. 😀

45. Tuston - 16 July 2007

Howdy do, vipers

Estoy puro occupado todavia (almost done with the bar, a week to go), but I need to vent:

Last night we (pk and I) went to eat a b-day dinner with my mom in great restaurant “across the line.” La Roca is a former mansion in the old colonial style carved into a rock cliff, super food and an ambiance that can’t be beat. But I digress.

Anyhoo, while walking across the border, going FROM the US TO Mexico I got detained by US Customs. I guess my long hair and beard means I’m a scumbag that deserves to be stopped and searched. I’ve been crossing the border in Nogales since the 70’s and this is the first time I’ve been searched leaving the US by US Customs. It is unheard of unless they have a description of felon attempting to flee and then they post a bunch of Sheriff deputies at the gate to intercept folks who resemble the description, but this wasn’t what happened last night. I was just moseying across to rendevouz with ma and her friends when I was ordered to stop and a beefy facsist shithead had his dog stick its nose in my crotch. I’ve never been one to hold my tongue so I called the son-of-bitch (no offense intended to female dogs, a noble species IMO) a “nazi cocksucker.” He then claimed I was threatening him, to which I responded, “bullshit, you’re the mutherfucker with the gun” Meanwhile three other agents surrounded us. I guess my mouthiness made me more likely to be a criminal sneaking drugs into mexico (yeah, right! everyone knows that the US is importing a huge quantity of narcotics into Mexico), so I was detained and ordered into the Customs building. I was then searched further (I won’t go into the gory details) but I continued to call the asshole a cocksucking nazi, that he was indistinguishable from a brownshirt (an insult that seemed to go over the moral retard’s crewcut head) and that I’d take any mestizo trabajdor in my country over his traisonero perujo ass (BTW “perujo” is a man that fucks dogs) . Eventually (say 10 minutes) they got tired of my invective and said I was “free to go.” My last comment as I walked out of the building to get dinner was “nobody is free anymore while cocksucking nazis like you have guns and badges” He started to yell something ( I guess I bothered him) but his supervisor grabbed his arm and said something and I just continued slowly walking toward the gate.

BTW I realize cocksucking itself is not a shameful activity (whether hetero, bi, or homo) but if you want to insult a macho, “straight”, asshole nothing is quite as effective as intimating that he enoys the taste of other males semen.

Sorry if I offended anyone (and earned this site an X rating with my earthiness), I’m just perpetually pissed off as I watch what little remains of liberty have electrodes attached to its gonads and a bag put over its head and I’ve got to testify about it…

46. marisacat - 16 July 2007

Tuston, I have at assume it ws a quiet time (so common at borders) and they thought they’d run you thru the system and find “something”. Thank goodness they just let you go. I hope you headed for the bar at the restaurant. What a nightmare.

I ran across an horrific story the other day, that I had missed entirely. On the Canadian border about 3 years ago. A guy crossing over with bloody knives in his car. They fingerprinted him, confiscated the knives and soon a horrible murder was discovered in his town over the Canadian border.

What a hideous joke it all is.

i am glad you are safe.

47. Revisionist - 16 July 2007

I want to kill that little Susie girl. I am so sick of see her.

48. Tuston - 16 July 2007

… hope you headed for the bar

I had a double Don Julio Anejo immediately.

It was a slow time (sunday night hardly anybody there but mexican nationals returning from day-shopping at the Nogales Wal-Mart). And they were bored. Nobody crossing from Mex to US so they turned their attention the other direction. They thought I looked like a druggee and put their dog on me. They assumed I just be quiet and put up with it, but I “learnt” them otherwise. The whole detention/secondary inspection thing was to try to put the fear in me, but I don’t intimidate easy. They figured out the longer they kept me the more verbal abuse (bi-lingual, btw) they’d suffer. And they fact that they had cameras going and I had emptied my pockets and dropped my drawers with out even a roach turning up (and no, the dog never “indicated”) limited what they could do. I think really got under his skin ( he was mestizo and I called him a racist tool of whites and a traitor to “su pueblo”) and I think that’s why they released me; the supe didn’t want video of his agent crossing the line and acting out in anger…

49. marisacat - 16 July 2007

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:



Just before this landed in my inbox, ABC said “there ws no nuclear reactor leak”… LOL earlier they said there WAS.

so skrewed!

50. brinn - 16 July 2007

Yeesh, Tuston, what a bunch of bullshit!

I’ve crossed a lot of borders, but am always treated the most shabbily by US Customs — the worst was at LAX when I (horror of horrors) moved home after 2 years overseas. Apparently they don’t teach US Customs people to understand visa stamps put in passports by other countires. I was interrogated for 2 hours about what I had been doing for the past 2 years [working, see the work visa? and yes, traveling, see the visa?] they took apart all of my stuff and asked me why I had it (a computer, sundry things collected here and there, my clothes, pictures, and on and on) — what part of, “I am moving home” do you not get?!?

And this was in 1994 — I can’t imagine what it’d be like now.

Glad you’re home safely — wish I could come to the grand opening!

PS heard today that you (this week, anyway) enjoy the lowest gas prices in the nation at $2.80 (they quotes Chigago at $3.49!?) — fill ‘er up!

51. brinn - 16 July 2007


Mcat, the 18 months I lived there were scary as hell earthquake-wise — nothing like an island the size of California with 40 reactors on it that gets hit by earthquakes regularly…..

swaying on the sixth floor 20k froma reactor, oh, yeehah!

52. marisacat - 16 July 2007

All you can do is laugh laugh laugh:

No more simply allowing Republicans to defeat Democratic legislation just by holding a cloture vote. It is time to actually make Republicans carry out the filibusters they threaten when they vote “no” on cloture. If they want to use the threat of unlimited debate on issues like raising the minimum wage and providing mandatory time at home between deployments to Iraq for American troops, let’s actually make them engage in unlimited, or at least nearly unlimited, debate on those subjects and see what the American people think.

53. Tuston - 16 July 2007

Thanx brinn,

Yeah our gas is cheap this week (made the local nooze), but I run bio-diesel in my rig. Its ben 2.79 a gallon for over a year now.

I know bio-fuels are problematic but right now my stuff comes from soya oil which mostly a bi-product of the huge agro business in the US (I’ve heard they want the protein mostly to pad out fast food hamburgers and other “meat products” and have a bugger of a time selling the oil because of transport/packaging costs) and not directly taking found from “third world” mouths or raping the enviorment just to make fuel. I hope to use our restaurants fryer oil a make my own fuel, but I don’t have the 4K right now for a bio-diesel “plant” and I’m not about to try a transesterfication (aka making glycerin soap and the methyl esters that will burn in a diesel motor) on 30+ gallons of oil, methanol and lye withouth the proper vessels.

If we are succesful, and I can put some of my attention/moola elsewhere I plan on trying to start a bio-diesel enterprise and see if I can’t recycle other restaurants oils too.

Oh that reminds me of another outrage. We were planning on recycling our glass bottles but nobody will take them. Even Tucson’s municipal recycling program won’t. Evidently all the tin and aluminum gets shipped to China and India and they’re just tossing the glass into the landfill (despite it going in the “blue boxes”) because it costs too much to ship over seas. There’s a guy out of tucson who is building glass bottle walls (used like bricks, and then stuccoed to look like adobe) but he has all the glass he can use.

Maybe after I get the bio-diesel thing going I could try to start a glass wall building company here is SC county, but I’m spread so thin now I hardly get to play music and hike anymore so probably not…

54. marisacat - 16 July 2007

Oh that reminds me of another outrage. We were planning on recycling our glass bottles but nobody will take them. Even Tucson’s municipal recycling program won’t. Evidently all the tin and aluminum gets shipped to China and India and they’re just tossing the glass into the landfill (despite it going in the “blue boxes”) because it costs too much to ship over seas. There’s a guy out of tucson who is building glass bottle walls (used like bricks, and then stuccoed to look like adobe) but he has all the glass he can use.

I read sometime ago that the dirty little/big secret inside the big waste disposal companies is that although (with the help of colored bins in SF) we the peeepuhl seem to be at least trying to recycle it may not mean much when it lands in their hands.

We also are about to have a wildfire of waste disposal, garbage collection strikes in CA. Dicey.

55. JJB - 16 July 2007

The current problems in Pakistan arise from the geopolitical meddling conducted by three empires; British, Russian (both the Czarist and Soviet variety), and the USA. It’s generally forgotten, but Britain and Russia were extremely hostile towards each other all throughout the latter half of the 19th century. Britain was determined to prevent Russia from expanding its influence in the Middle East and Asia. To prevent the former, it propped up the decrepit Ottoman Empire, and in the latter case, tried to grab as much of Afghanistan for itself as it could. When controlling Afganistan proved to be too much for them, they drew a line (the “Durand Line”) through a large portion of what historically had been considered Afghanistan and incorporated it into their Indian Empire. Later, when Pakistan was formed at the time of Indian independence, these areas became part of that rickety state. Islamabad has never exerted much control here, and when we started pouring money and weapons into these areas during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the central government’s ability to control the areas diminished even further.

Foreign policy decisions have long-term consequences that are impossible to predict. Today, the annexation of territory that took place with the demarcation of the Durand Line in 1893 threatens to destroy Pakistan, a country no one would ever have thought would come into existence at that time, and thereby poses an enormous potential blow to the interests of the United States, a nation no one would then have believed would become mired in the geopolitical affairs of that part of the world. We are just beginning to suffer the consequences of the mistakes we made in that region in the late 1970s and 1980s. We’re probably going to go on suffering them for a long time. I wonder who’ll eventually pay the price 115 or so years from now?

56. marisacat - 16 July 2007

so skrwed:

In a move that is emblematic of his mixing of political and business interests, Mr. Gupta signed Mr. Clinton as a consultant after he left office. Over the years, he appointed Mr. Kerrey, Mr. Pressler, Mr. McAuliffe and Senator Ben Nelson, a Nebraska Democrat, to the boards of his companies, and gave jobs to Mr. Kerrey’s brother, William, and Ms. Pelosi’s son, Paul.

Mr. Gupta said his hiring practices were not motivated by politics, although he acknowledged that having a consulting contract with Mr. Clinton “is definitely worth it.”

Such expenditures caught the attention of fund managers who had invested in infoUSA. The funds filed a lawsuit last year accusing Mr. Gupta of wasting millions of dollars on the payments to Mr. Clinton, as well as houses, cars and a yacht for himself and corporate-jet flights for the Clintons and Mr. McAuliffe. Mr. Gupta denies misspending company money.


IIRC it was Hillary who referred to herself as the ‘senator from the Punjab’. Obama used it, yes, but it was from her, directly.

Great, let’s elect an ersatz Punjabi princess. Just what we need.

57. JJB - 16 July 2007

BTW, with regards to that Eagleton story told by Novakula, I find myself wondering who comes off worse in that anecdote, the grubby, conniving former senator, or the slimy, slandering fascist journalist.

58. bayprairie - 16 July 2007

On Wednesday, the Senate voted 97-0 to pass a resolution sponsored by Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) to censure Iran “for what it said was complicity in the killing of U.S. soldiers in Iraq.”

there you go. solid democratic support for george W bush and the quisling lieberman (i-jerusalem) resolution.

hell, thats the only time ive seen all the senate democrats present AGREE on something. most of the time 25% of them vote republican. rather bizarre that they only time they “hang together” is in support of america’s fascist, rather than in support of something that benefits the people.

they ENABLE bush’s push to war with this vote.

all our senate democrats be Neville Chamberlains.

democrats, the party of appeasement.

59. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 July 2007

Tuston, what a horror story … you are brave, I would be terrirfied. I was thinking about you last night because I thought the grand opening was this weekend. So sorry you have to deal with such abuse. What a horrible experience. My Canadian friends who used to come here all the time, won’t travel to the US anymore. I hope they lose billions in tourist money, that’s probably the only thing that will stop them. Be careful, though. You can’t do much if you are ‘disappeared’ somewhere.

#29 – Catnip’s post on Saving Africa – so true, the arrogance of the West and as if many of the problems on that continent have nothing to do with Colonialism. Like vultures though, we are there because of their resources and like everywhere else, we’ll find the worst ‘leaders’ to support in order to steal them.


Good post by IOZ – compare his reaction to Digby’s ridiculous sense of wonderment at a 97-0 vote to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran – so she’s stumped! Lol! They can never say no one tried to warn them about their beloved Democrats! People like Cindy Sheehan eg, who isn’t wondering at all anymore. Ban the renegades who refuse to be blinded by party loyalty! It would be funny if it were not so dangerous – let’s just keep supporting them, blindly! There has to be a reason why all of them are on board to start another war! We supported them so they could stop a war, and the netroots after seven months, still have hope! It’s laughable.

60. bayprairie - 16 July 2007

shorter chris bowers: “those republicans ought to at be made to sweat every time they fuck us”.

61. marisacat - 16 July 2007

well JJB

In this instance I have to say Eagleton. Really do. Novak is what he is, Rolly Evans too.It was never news to anyone astute about politics and the official mouthpieces. Novak has ALWYS had too much help from Dems (Bob Matsui [D-CA and head of DCCC for several years, Doris now holds his seat] was a major source, Novak also revealed that when Matsui died a few years ago)… And it ws Eagleton who made sure Novak had that highly useful slam, from within the party. And held him to confidentiality for 35 years.

He did it and he was not proud of it.

I took some time and read thru what is online abut Eagleton, the selection, the news reporting that uncovered it.. and so on. Very true, McGovern campaign did not do due dilligence, but when Knight Ridder began poking around, they saw red flags in the very first archive of newspaper clips they went thru.

I have always thought that Eagleton should not have accepted the invitation and NOW especially.

I also read a phrase from Eagleton’s withdrawal speech, that the Dem party was divided enough

LOL. Another fucked pro lifer from Missouri. They hang together. And what did McGovern do, picked another conservative Catholic, Shriver… who worships at the Opus Dei chapel in DC.

Screw them all.

62. Revisionist - 16 July 2007

#55 — That is one of the dramas I keep fixating on. If it were just an insuarnce company or hedge fund I dont think I would have a problem. I just find something troubling about the Clintons and Pelosi being involved with one of the largest datamining companies out there. Its quasi-orwellian.

63. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 July 2007

there you go. solid democratic support for george W bush and the quisling lieberman (i-jerusalem) resolution. Bayprairie

I will never forget that Lieberman got a standing ovation from Democrats when he returned to the Senate after betraying the Party and refusing to accept the results of the primary. Lol! well, maybe not the ‘Party’! The ‘netroots’ are such willing dupes! Or collarators!

shorter chris bowers: “those republicans ought to at be made to sweat every time they fuck us”.

Rotfl – and who is going to make them sweat? If he has any ideas, we’d like to hear them …..97-0 for more war! Surely they are sweating, terrified of the ‘netroots’ people-powered ‘moovement’! Boo! Shake those tiny fingers at them – that’ll scare them. We have such influence and power!

If that vote doesn’t tell them how irrelevent they are, nothing will. Thank god for Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore who at least make them work a little on a smear campaign or two with the help of the ‘netroots’ of course. Useful idiots, all of them.

64. marisacat - 16 July 2007

yes but Lieberman did not ‘betray the party’. The base, or parts of the base may think that… but Lieberman is a very real functioning reality / part of the party – which is a shell for a thousand agendas..

Stern of SEIU said that during the 04 run… LOL I foolishly thought he made sense. And now he is french kissing Wal-mart.

gotta laugh.

65. JJB - 16 July 2007


It’s a tough call. Certainly Eagleton should never have accepted the offer given what was known about him. Had the McGovern campaign not been forced to spend so much time and energy preventing Humphrey from stealing the nomination with his back alley tactics, maybe they’d have made a better choice. Alas, we’ll never know. It is ironic that Eagleton was the source of that infamous 3A’s quote. Hope he’s enjoying the Eternal Fire.

Just discovered this article regarding Pakistan apparently just put online at The New Yorker web site. I’ve not had time to read more than the opening, but it’s worth quoting:

In the white glare of a hot summer’s noon, the broad avenues of Islamabad, Pakistan’s modern capital, are usually empty. But on a sweltering day this May the streets were crowded with noisily chanting protesters, all of them demonstrating against the military government of President Pervez Musharraf. Three separate protests were under way. Each one represented a slightly different vision of the future that Pakistan might have if—as now seems more likely than ever—Musharraf’s government were to fall.

66. marisacat - 16 July 2007

Well for me it is too many conflicting moves from Eagleton. He reached out to Novak with that. A very few things go over the line for me, that is one. Too active for my taste. Movak is in a business, clear what he is, nothing much hidden, esp now with so much online. And it – the Eagleton move – comes from the longtime mess within the party (and the nation), the fucked fundie Catholics. may they go up in holy smoke. I have nothing but disgust and loathing for them.

I had forgotten that McGovern wanted Kennedy (another godman Catholic)… as I call him, the one they left alive. Apparently some rebound when he turned them down, they thought he would accept and it dragged out too long. OVer and over he is right there in the mix, one way or the other fucking with forward movement, or being pissy, or having a tantrum or selling the nation on shit from HMO leg to NCLB (a thirty year span).

They really left the Kennedy incapable of chnage (of whatever kind) alive.

The real shame is that the party did not split 40 years ago.

67. marisacat - 16 July 2007

ooo thanks for the New Yorker link, just saw it…

68. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 July 2007

Marisacat #64, you are right re Lieberman – that was obvious throughout the campaign as the netroots worked so hard to unseat him and the candidates refused to back them and their candidate. Obama, Hillary et al. So blind they are and still believing they have ‘influence’.

JJB, thanks for that link re Pakistan … I wonder how long Musharaff can survive …. what a dangerous mess they’ve created. A nuclear-powered country that may be a real threat, while Democrats vote unanamously to put a war with a country that is NOT a nuclear threat, on the table.

I’ve looked around to see if any of the Dem candidates have had anything to say about Pakistan and so far, I haven’t found anything.

Kagrox has a good FP post today, pointing out what has been obvious to the ‘banned trolls’ and ‘dirty hippies’, well the base of the party iow, for a long time, that the Party talking points against impeachment delivered by the stooges ad dk, were nothing more than hot air, obvious to anyone with a brain.

His post is simply a repetition of the arguments made by many against the cries for ‘patience’ from the operatives, because all impeachment would do is distract from ‘the important work Dems have to do, passing legislation like the Minimum Wage bill, healthcare for all Americans, Stem Cell research etc.’ And over and over it was pointed out how futile that ‘important work’ would be as long as Bush had veto power. What BS those arguments were, and the smears against anyone who pointed out it was all a waste of time. Now they have the proof. So good for him for pointing it out. DHinMI LOL! We are all so politically naive! Naive or not, well, we were right, again and he looks like the fool that he is or collaborator, one or the other ….

And Barb thinks we have to lie about that site …. they indict themselves daily, no need for lies. Speaking of which, apparently Barb could not back up her claim so the argument is settled. Silence from them and an attempt to hide the demand for proof!

* [new] put up or shut up, Barb (1+ / 3-)
Recommended by:Nonpartisan
Trollrated by:Delaware Dem, Ekaterin, Nightprowlkitty

If you want to call me a liar, back up your allegation with proof. Isn’t that one of your rules around here? You don’t get to smear my reputation and then ask other people to research your bullshit for you.

Afaic, a FPer ought to act with a bit more dignity than that and not resort to personal attacks as you’ve done here. You make a mockery of the very site on which you have such an important privilege and claim to defend by lashing out with fictional allegations.

“I have lived with several Zen masters — all of them cats.” – Eckhart Tolle

by catnip on Sun Jul 15, 2007 at 11:23:39 PM PDT

No need to bore anyone with the long, boring lectures from NPK as she falls off the fence she tries to straddle and lands comfortably on the side of her beloved blog. I love her attempt at emotional manipulation though, the attempt to appear to be ‘concerned’ (concern troll anyone?) about Cindy, and the accusation that a real friend would be asking Cindy to explain why she insulted the Party.

Applying that logic to NPK, I think that if she cared at all about DK she would not be enabling their bad behavior which is the cause of all the acrimony and the exodus of so many good Democrats. With friends like her, they do not need enemies.

See how that works? Lol! And it is true in this case ….

69. misssheiladevore - 16 July 2007

Joe Wilson endorses Hillary:


70. the paine - 16 July 2007


” the party – which is a shell for a thousand agendas..”

i need to visit more often

but my econ con commenting drains my vitals

as i expected

you and the gang here ..as spiffy as ever

71. marisacat - 16 July 2007

Ann Wright in TruthOut (not just about CS):

Bush, Impeachment, Strong Women and Dallas, Texas

By Ann Wright
t r u t h o u t | Columnist

Monday 16 July 2007

Seems like strong women are not afraid of taking on George Bush and his war on Iraq in his home state of Texas and particularly in the city of Dallas.

In August 2005, Cindy Sheehan began her 26 days in the ditch in Crawford, Texas by announcing in Dallas at the national Veterans for Peace conference she was going to challenge Bush’s characterization of the Iraq War as a “noble cause” by going to Crawford and staying there until Bush answered her question. Twenty-six days and 12,000 stop-the-war visitors later, Bush had still not answered Cindy.

This last weekend, Cindy was in Crawford to transfer to a new owner the deed of the property she purchased there last year for Camp Casey. On July 10 she, with 20 others (including myself on the first day), began a 19 day, 16 city trip called a Journey for Humanity (www.thecampcaseypeaceinstitute.org) from Crawford to New York City.

The Journey will stop in Washington, DC on July 23 where Cindy will challenge Nancy Pelosi to put the impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney “on the table.”

If Pelosi does not lift her block on impeachment proceedings, Cindy says she will run for Pelosi’s seat in the US House of Representatives.


72. marisacat - 16 July 2007

ooops another graf:

The resolution calls for all women to commit to an immediate phased withdrawal of US and coalition troops, deployment of a peacekeeping force, direct humanitarian partnership between American women and Iraqi women to rebuild and restore Iraq, support of refugees and orphans, creation of refugee service centers at the borders and inside Iraq, unconditional US asylum for Iraqi women and children and material and financial support to create safe houses in Iraq and elsewhere to provide services and sanctuary for the protection of Iraqi children

73. brinn - 16 July 2007

I read that this morning Mcat — I love Ann, she rocks seven ways to Sunday, and has been there and done motherfucking that. I would LOVE to see her post something on dKos, she would rip them new assholes, but she has probably written them off long ago as irrelevant.

74. brinn - 16 July 2007

ooops meant to include this for those who don’t know:

Ann Wright served 29 years in the US Army (13 years on active duty and 16 years in the Reserves) and retired as a Colonel. She also served 16 years in the US Diplomatic Corps in Nicaragua, Grenada, Somalia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Sierra Leone, Micronesia and Mongolia. She was on the team that reopened the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan in December, 2001. Wright resigned from the US Department of State in March, 2003 in opposition to the war on Iraq.
Read her letter of resignation

75. marisacat - 16 July 2007


agree, there were certain people I was glad showed immediately in the road/ditch to Bush’s measly “ranchette”… Colleen Rowley, Wright and then when Baez came, CS was in CA for her mother and JB stayed several days extra to be there with Sheehan. Also a couple of other mothers, one, Nadia (the last name has slipped away) who I also knew aobut, as she is here in CA. She could not control her son’s remains til they were turned over to her, but she openly invited the media from the moment she took possession of the body.

In a fair world, to the extent she wanted it, Wright would be counterpoint all day long on the cables to this murderous foolishness going on.

76. brinn - 16 July 2007

Link that actually works here

sorry ’bout that.

77. brinn - 16 July 2007

that’s where I met her — in Crawford. I was only back and forth there in the early days in the ditch though — by the time JB got there, I couldn’t get back up there.

78. Revisionist - 16 July 2007


From TPM : Harry Reid just announced on the Senate floor that if the GOP continues their obstruction of the Reed-Levin amendment mandating withdrawal, he’ll hold the Senate in session through the night on Tuesday.

They add : As Think Progress notes, this comes after a series of liberal bloggers called for the Dems to force the GOP to filibuster their Iraq measures.

Isnt it more likely that Reid’s office sent them their talking points so they could build up some excitement before his thrilling announcement?

79. marisacat - 16 July 2007


Isnt it more likely that Reid’s office sent them their talking points so they could build up some excitement before his thrilling announcement?

The Blahgs are not independent? Surely you lie,… alert BarbinMD…and active lie in motion.

whamm-bu-lance for the blogs, blahgs, Democratic Party, ReidPelosiShumerRahmHoyerVanHollen … and whomever else!

80. outofwater - 16 July 2007

RV-The choreographed “Hip, Hip, Hooray!” was simultaneously heard throughout the liberal blogosphere. The yelps are intended to distract the gullible masses into the belief that the Democrats are finally standing up to the mean old Republicans. Except some of the brighter bulbs ask, what? How will this help? Who will this bring home? Why don’t they just cut off spending? Or impeach?

Ban the damn trolls.

81. Revisionist - 16 July 2007

Stoller is just flabbergasted at the events unfolding

82. outofwater - 16 July 2007

What events?

83. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 July 2007

Brinn and marisacat, thanks for the info on Ann Wright.

Brinn, I doubt Ann Wright would consider writing on a blog that supports the war-supporters, but yes, if she did she would rip their tiny little minds to shreds as have so many others. It’s clear that anyone who seriously working to try to change this country is best to avoid the distraction of dk. I’m sure she’s figured that out by now.

Women like Ann Wright are an inspiration … and thanks fo TO for keeping us informed.

Miss D – thanks for the link re Joe Wilson supporting Hillary … not surprising when you see his record in government service. But how does he fit supporting a woman who supports the Iraq War considering that he above anyone knows it was based on lies, and that Hillary most likely knew it also? I’d like to ask him that question.

84. marisacat - 16 July 2007

think Revisionist means this – breathless in Blahgoland from Stoller:

Breaking: Reid to Force All Night Debate on Iraq

by: Matt Stoller

Mon Jul 16, 2007 at 14:57:22 PM EDT

So a bunch of blog posts went up asking Reid to force the Republicans to filibuster instead of just caving on not getting a 60 votes margin. I had been led to believe that movement on this was unlikely, but it’s really intriguing what Bob Geiger just reported. Within the Senate caucus, there’s genuine frustration with the Republicans on Iraq to the point where they are beginning to engage in aggressive theatrics to get their point across and hold the Republicans accountable. [snip-paroooooooooo]


85. marisacat - 16 July 2007

He condones her vote and not reading the intelligence… I personally doubt she read the SUMAMRY. But then he supported Kerry, as he supported the war, but did a box step.

As long as it goes like this… I expect the parasites to feast on steroids and be worse than the R. Sure they’ll wear a condom, about all the difference there will be.

86. D. Throat - 16 July 2007

Did you see this shit from Feingold… even the last dregs of true progressive on DK…. had to call him on his bullshit.

t is clear that there are many people in this country, including myself, who demand accountability from this Administration for the terrible mess it made in Iraq and its egregious and even illegal power grabs throughout its six-plus years in power. I believe that the President and Vice President may well have committed impeachable offenses. But with so many important issues facing this country and so much work to be done, I am concerned about the great deal of time multiple impeachment trials would take away from the Congress working on the problems of the country. The time it would take for the House to consider articles of impeachment, and for the Senate to conduct multiple trials, would make it very difficult, if not impossible, for Congress to do what it was elected to do – end the war and address some of the other terrible mistakes this Administration has made over the past six and a half years.

While some have pointed to Republicans’ decision to impeach President Clinton, I am also concerned about the over-use of impeachment. And I am conscious of the fact that I would have a specific role to play as a sworn, impartial juror should an impeachment be tried in the Senate. If charges come to the Senate, I will approach them and the trial with the same seriousness that I had when I participated in the Clinton impeachment trial. I would not prejudge the case one way or the other should it come to this.

I fully respect the anger and frustration many Americans feel with this Administration. I share much of it. But on balance, I think Congress’s time is much better spent ending the war in Iraq, conducting the oversight that was absent for the last six years, and advancing progressive legislation.

87. D. Throat - 16 July 2007

This is what Feingold is really afraid of:

“Deval, what’s your view on state action for impeachment of Bush and Cheney?” His chagrin quickly changed to excitement, as he explained that as an active member of the NGA, National Governor’s Association, he was aware that the organization is angry with the DNC, Democratic National Committee, for its foot-dragging on impeachment. He opined that there are far fewer members needed for a majority in the NGA, than in the Massachusetts Legislature; and he indicated such a majority may well already exist. NGA is one of Washington DC’s most respected public policy organizations and serves as a key liaison between the state governments and the federal government. Presently, Arizona Governor, Janet Napolitano (D), is NGA Chair. Suddenly, things are looking a lot brighter. Governor Napolitano was the first woman governor elected as a clean election candidate.

According to Jefferson’s Rules of the U.S. House, one complete state legislature’s petition for impeachment takes priority in the House. This would clearly blow away the Speaker’s roadblock to immediate impeachment. What is unclear to me is whether a petition from the NGA would hold the same sway in the U.S. House. None the less, in the event an NGA resolution for impeachment is readily attainable; for one, it would gain national media attention, and, secondly, it would move this issue further along.

The states may overrule Pelosi and force her to take action.

88. bayprairie - 16 July 2007

ok.. i thought open enrollment was the new nick.

perhaps it’s

open all night

89. marisacat - 16 July 2007

agree the aprty is afraid of the movement at the state level.

And this is just effing bullshit:

think Congress’s time is much better spent ending the war in Iraq, conducting the oversight that was absent for the last six years, and advancing progressive legislation.

Just laughable. They are not ending the war, oversight is slight, gaged imo to not go too deep (Pelosi decapitated Conyers and he apepars not to care, Leahy is useless, etc) and advancing what?

What? Did he say “progressive legislation”?

Glucose IV for the senator. Low on sugar. SOme morphine for the IV.


90. Revisionist - 16 July 2007

I am not cynical. So I wont suggest that the Party trotted out Feingold to try and quell “impeachment fever” since he is one of the few Dems still loved by the “netroots”.

I cut the strings to the party a while back but if I hadnt this would have been last betrayal I could’ve stomached.

91. lucid - 16 July 2007

MCat – I think there’s too much morphine in the IV.

92. marisacat - 16 July 2007

OK lucid. Cut the morphine line… LOL.

Oh I DO think they trotted him outm Revisionsit…. He was sent.

93. wozzle - 16 July 2007

My senator was sent to end the rebellion. I now disavow any loyalty to the last senator I previously called a patriot. It’s over. Fukc’m all.

94. frtitzcat - 16 July 2007

5hearts–i love you too, all 5 of you.

marisacat–thanks for the extracontractual arrangement. Hope it was as good for you as it was for me.

“endless titz”….you touched the very nerve pulse of my emotional centeredness there…and you can quote on me on that…or not as your fickle felined sunglassed smoking better than Pyrrho self so fucking chooses.

Amen sister.

“like floating on a cloud of titties”

95. the paine - 16 July 2007

for what little its worth

my sense of the long run effect of the nixon impeachery….

oddly the entertainment value
dictates the preference i suspect

like choppin lords heads off

great fun and they don’t grow back too

however lords are easily replaced
with cossacks and commisars and such

and when its over
in the best of all upheavels
a thousand headfull baskets
are running out bloody spiders legs

won’t it give us a false sense of accomplishment ???

and if we confessed the truth spiritual exhaustion too

i’d rather see us all
chip away at the empire
by f ing the corporations directly
thru a job site liberation movement
better i think
we try that and fail
then try erecting a chopping block
on capital hill and succeed

96. marisacat - 16 July 2007

LOL the paine, let’s support Mme La Guillotine… 😉 Set her up in lafayette park (sq?)


Titz, thanks for all the permissions. Or whatever that was…

97. lucid - 16 July 2007

Mcat – how about just locking them up in some Gitmo style cages on the mall and we can let citizens come jeer, spit and throw eggs at ’em for decades.

98. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 July 2007

Within the Senate caucus, there’s genuine frustration with the Republicans on Iraq to the point where they are beginning to engage in aggressive theatrics to get their point across and hold the Republicans accountable Matt Stoller from Marisacat’s #84

Lol! ‘Agressive Theatrics! What are they going to do? Jump up and down? Wear Smurf Suits as suggested yesterday? Hilarious, it’s like Groundhog Day. We’re back to the same fork in the road, yet again and I know, they they are clever, we are politically naive, they have SOMETHING up their sleeves, we must give them time, be patient! And most of all, (my favorite talking point designed to insult) we are ‘like children, stomping our little feet because we want immediate gratification’ – which would be to stop the slaughter. How dare we try to rush them after six years of watching them cave over and over again.


From Feingold’s diary, an update. I haven’t read the comments they are over 1100 now. From this it looks like he’s getting pushback – I wonder if anyone asked him about his vote for the Iran war??

UPDATE: I know that many of you disagree with my approach to this issue, but I thought it was important to make it clear where I’m coming from and explain why I am not calling for impeachment.

I certainly do believe in holding this Administration accountable and upholding the Constitution and the rule of law. That’s why last year I called for the President to be censured for his authorization of the illegal wiretapping program. I thought that was the appropriate course because it would have put the Senate on record in condemning the President’s wrongdoing. I still think that the censure resolution played an important role in focusing the public and the media’s attention on the issue. And I am working to make sure that Congress finally exercises its oversight responsibility by holding hearings and demanding information about the wiretapping program, the U.S. attorney firings and other abuses of power.

Many of you also wrote that if I recognize that the President and Vice President may have committed impeachable offenses, than it is our responsibility to impeach. As I pointed out, it is the role of the House to impeach, and it is the role of the Senate to try impeachments. But the Constitution left it up to the judgment of members of Congress whether or not moving forward with impeachment is best for the country.

Please keep the comments coming. I’ll do my best to read them all. I very much appreciate your honesty and directness. This exchange is very important to me.

He’s done as far as credibility. His Iran vote and now this, same old talking points refusing to bring the most criminal adminstration ever, to some kind of justice. And using the same old, now proven to be ridiculous ‘we have important work to do’ as Bush vetoes all of it! Sickening! There is no one left except maybe Kucinich and a small handful of others who have zero power to do anything ……

It will have to come from the state legislatures … and putting up Independent Candidates to challenge all of them. From a link yesterday in the previous thread, the country is ready for a different party … if ever Independents had a chance, it is now.

99. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 July 2007

Lol, Marisacat, stop titilating poor donkeytale/fritzcat – be kind!

100. marisacat - 16 July 2007

hmm could be the Democrats are going for a repeat of 02. They lay down for everything for that dumb election.

Who knows, the electorate might just take a piss on all of this. I have not had Cspan for a month, so I miss the incoming from Wash Journal (even tho it an be hard to take)

Hard to say. If something big blows in the ME, it could tip. I cannot tell.

101. ms_xeno - 16 July 2007

I have to strike a blow for frivolity by linking to the last of this Summer’s Photoshop experiments at LJ. Too bad about the computer. It may be awhile before I can post any more pics. :/

102. frtitzcat - 16 July 2007

Not permission but submission–I am now willingly your subject for life. Do with me as you please.

But please, ditch Miss Devore first….


103. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 July 2007

Waving at Paine … I like your imagery and though I am against violence of any kind, these are ‘times that try men’s souls’!

Screwing the Corporations is a better option though, but would require massive organization and what we don’t seem to have yet, the real will to stop them. Although I do think a corner has been turned and that it’s a little more possible than it was a year ago.

Revisionist – Isnt it more likely that Reid’s office sent them their talking points so they could build up some excitement before his thrilling announcement?

Yes, very likely, imo Revisionist … and I also think that’s what happened right before the big Cave-in to war funding. I mean, I think the netroots refused talk about what most others were fearful of, and airc, a few independent bloggers articulated, that there would be a cave-in.

I remember Bowers/Stoller, laughably claiming then that ‘their sources’ were anticipating something very thrilling, or words to that effect. But John Aravosis had better sources airc and announced the night before the vote that he believed that Reid would cave … and he said we would not question him if we knew who his source was. I think Marisacat thought it might have been Reid’s office. But Aravosis was right. And the Netroots, right up the moment of the betrayal, were in a breathless state of anticipation.

Imo, they are there to keep the unruly mob at bay for as long as possible with false hope, or thuggery or whatever they can do. That is their function, they do not influence anyone, they are merely tools. It couldn’t be more clear …

104. lucid - 16 July 2007

methinks ‘endless tits’ is attempting to get on your masthead! He’s jealous of MB.

105. frtitzcat - 16 July 2007

I didnt mean “get rid” of her…I meant just stash her in another room when I come to call…


106. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 July 2007

Ms xeno, sorry about your computer … going to check your link.

8 die, 800 hurt in Japanese earthquake
Hundreds of homes destroyed; nuclear plant sees fire, water leak

KASHIWAZAKI, Japan – A strong earthquake struck northwestern Japan on Monday, causing a fire and radioactive water leak at the world’s largest nuclear plant. At least eight people were killed and hundreds injured in the 6.8 magnitude quake that collapsed wooden houses, ripped apart roads and buckled seaside bridges.

107. frtitzcat - 16 July 2007

Very perceptive Lucid. Lucidly perceptive, as it were.

But I am attempting to get her on my masthead…not t’other way around…

Lets just say us donkeys got those Spaniards from “San Sebastien” or wtf beat all to hell…with Louisville Sluggers.

42 oz.

Wood. Not aluminum.

108. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 July 2007

Oops, fixing link … I hope …

8 die, 800 hurt in Japanese earthquake. Hundreds of homes destroyed; nuclear plant sees fire, water leak

And from Iraq, as the Blahgs spin ….

Police: Bombs kill dozens in northern Iraqi city

… the carnage continues .. but be patient, Reid is about to engage in smoe ‘aggressive theatrics’! All is well in the Empire!

And the Iraq Group are blasting Maliki – no doubt because he hasn’t delivered up Iraq’s oil yet …

109. misssheiladevore - 16 July 2007

Miss Devore will gladly free space for your unique voice.

110. marisacat - 16 July 2007

contain your self, titwitz.

111. outofwater - 16 July 2007

Loved the Feingold update. Sure he’s reading all those comments. I wonder if he even knows he has a DK diary up?

112. marisacat - 16 July 2007

Yes I emailed Madman at work with Sabrina’s comment with the Feingold update.

and his last line about how the comments mean so much I put in pale pink. He must think people are 12.

113. brinn - 16 July 2007

damn, that quake is very close to where I used to live in Japan — I wonder if there was any tsunami damage — the one big quake we had (not as big as this one) also had its epicenter out in the water (I lived about 2k from the beach) and the wave was about 10ft…

114. marisacat - 16 July 2007

LOL This would be the Official To The Nutroots version of Why the Iran Amendment Passed.

Hilariously, Levin is in The News Hour, laying out Official to the TV audience TPs about everything else. Including blaming el heife ONLY for “uncorking” the Iran problem.


PS levin is just impossible. It is all Bush. Everything is Bush.


115. marisacat - 16 July 2007

LOL The BMT version.

Last night, Chris Bowers picked up that banner and called for a blogswarm. The challenge was met by Firedoglake, thinkprogress.org, Taylor Marsh, and the Huffington Post. It worked. Harry Reid took to the floor today and announced:


116. brinn - 16 July 2007

“a blogswarm”?! What the fuck is that and why do they think it had an effect on what Harry does or doesn’t do?

117. Revisionist - 16 July 2007

That has to be the shortest blogswarm in blogtopia history.

118. Revisionist - 16 July 2007

Dont hate me ladies but I have to say Wendy Vitter looks kind of cheap in a hollywood blvd kind of way.

119. ms_xeno - 16 July 2007

Somebody get Smithie and his spectacular way with Photoshop on the line. Pronto.

lucid, we’re all jealous of MB. He’s the envy of millions. Don’t deny it.

120. marisacat - 16 July 2007

I haven’t seen a recent photo of Mrs Vitter.

Gosh iirc his Canal St prostitute was called ‘Wendy” too.

Oh it is too too too confusing.

121. marisacat - 16 July 2007

I made it to the end of the BMT in memoriam for the ”BlogSwarm 007 – see the movie buy the book!”.

Sources tell me that the blogswarmers cannot take complete credit for this turn of events, as Reid has been leaning towards a move like this in recent weeks. But there is no doubt that the blogswarm helped give Reid a sense of comfort about taking this confrontational path. So, in honor of Chris Bowers, I present to you:

What comes up next is a photoshopped pic of Superman iwht Bowers face.

I am not kidding.

122. Revisionist - 16 July 2007

there are pix and vid from their presser at C&L.

123. ms_xeno - 16 July 2007

Well, it’s certainly all about making Harry more comfortable in his groovy satin shorts, isn’t it ? That’s absolutely my main motivation for blogging. Well, that and the free gourmet recipes.

124. liberalcatnip - 16 July 2007

Loved the Feingold update. Sure he’s reading all those comments. I wonder if he even knows he has a DK diary up?


There is something very suspicious about the Dems refusing to impeach. Someone is holding something over their heads and/or they’re afraid of what will come out about them if they go ahead. This just doesn’t smell right at all.

125. liberalcatnip - 16 July 2007

And…they wouldn’t have to do so much “hard work” if they’d just get on with defunding the war. Everything else is just window-dressing. They’re afraid of their power.

“Fighting Dems”? No. “Fraidy Dems” is more like it.

126. liberalcatnip - 16 July 2007

Martin has “sources”? Like what? The newspapers?

127. ms_xeno - 16 July 2007

A magic 8-ball, catnip.

128. liberalcatnip - 16 July 2007

Pace is putting out the meme that there may be a troop buildup in Iraq depending on what happens between now and September.

129. misssheiladevore - 16 July 2007

where are the dk diary police??:

“Bill O’Reilly: Wanker of the Century
by calipygian
Mon Jul 16, 2007 at 05:10:47 PM PDT

Bill-O just compared Kos to the Nazis and the KKK. He compared us to David Duke. He told his audience that “we” want Tony Snow and Dick Cheney to die. He pulled out some of the worst quotes (that were probably troll rated to oblivion) and presented to his audience these quotes as community consensus. He called “teh” Daily Kos the worst sort of hate mongers. He must have used the word “hate” a dozen times. I have to say this – I am angry.”

that’s the entire diary. Now I understand why someone trotted out the “who can speak for dk” on the FP.

How could oreilly pull out “trollrated to oblivion” posts? Is he a TU?

130. Gayle - 16 July 2007

Ms. Xeno,

“There is no Santa, no Elijah, and no Great Democrat coming to save us.”

Sniff! I’ve heard so many “new” Dems extol the virtues of FDR recently, I was sure they had already dug him up and were well into the process of reanimation.

Personally, I was looking forward to Eleanor’s reappearance. I’d love to get her take on the new pole-dancing school of feminism.

131. Revisionist - 16 July 2007

Damn. Now I have to watch O’Reilly to see if I can identify anyone.

132. lucid - 16 July 2007

shhh. Bill is actually posting as…

B) Musings85 [or whatever the fuck it is]
C) Phillygal
D) Jiacinto

Have your pick, they aren’t that ideologically dissimilar.

133. liberalcatnip - 16 July 2007

Oh hilarious – Tucker Carlson is on the teevee saying that Vitter’s private life is nobody’s business.

134. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 July 2007

the Feingold thing depresses me, even though I realized some time ago that he values consensus over principle.

135. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 July 2007

Oh, and I sent it to him directly, but some uses for Tuston’s bottles.

136. Revisionist - 16 July 2007

Is Open Left just a vanity blog about themselves? If they were on BB8 the would be a Jenius or the Jenuine Article

ya gotta vote in the poll http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/7/16/205118/222

137. misssheiladevore - 16 July 2007

vote in this one, too..dhinmi is “winning”


138. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 July 2007

U.S. Drug Czar calls pot growers “terrorists”

“John P. Walters, President Bush’s drug czar, said the people who plant and tend the gardens are terrorists who wouldn’t hesitate to help other terrorists get into the country with the aim of causing mass casualties. Walters made the comments at a Thursday press conference that provided an update on the “Operation Alesia” marijuana-eradication effort.

“Don’t buy drugs. They fund violence and terror,” he said.

After touring gardens raided this week in Shasta County, Walters said the officers who are destroying the gardens are performing hard, dangerous work in rough terrain. He said growers have been known to have weapons, including assault rifles.

“These people are armed; they’re dangerous,” he said. He called them “violent criminal terrorists.”

139. marisacat - 16 July 2007

New Post:


140. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 July 2007
141. misssheiladevore - 16 July 2007

and now a poll on who should rep dk in the future:


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