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Reprise :: June 10, ’06 :: The SMBIVA Infiltration of Ykos 1 2 August 2007

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, Big Box Blogs.

Saviors! of! the! Nation! 10 June 2006

riviera showgirl The eternal flame is held aloft!  The Southern vinyardist car phone entrepreneur bearing martinis in his quest to be Holy Southern (White) Veepessa shall… save you a spot – to pungle up.

 Get with the program.  You ‘sacks.

 A Wicked Take:  fortunately there is just the right (but very left) irreverent, ever-skewering entity there to report.  And, we hope, survive the burgeoning, breathless, applauded mediocrity.

 Enjoy his offerings.  And to think, this is only Day Two.

 Our man in Kos-itania, Chapter I

 Our man in Kos-itania, Chapter II 

oh he is prolific:  there is more….  Kos on the commanding heights

“Kos” is a small, trim, birdlike guy, given to quick, fluttery gestures. He has a distinctive, shoulder- and hip-swinging walk — what you might call a sashay, actually. The play of expression on his face reminded me strangely of Louis Farrakhan, though I suppose this is the only point of resemblance between the two. He has that same slow, deliberate smile, held a little too long for comfort. There is something in his look that says he is confident of adulation, and pleased with his own success.

He read his text a little woodenly, and there wasn’t much to it. His two great points of self-congratulation were

1) Howard Dean is now DNC chair and

2) Paul Hackett almost got somewhere in Ohio. (You haven’t heard of Paul Hackett? Don’t worry about it.)

Kos confidently predicted that Joe Lieberman would lose to his anti-war primary challenger, Ned Lamont — but then, last week Kos was saying that Francine Busby would pull an upset in San Diego. (You haven’t heard of Francine Busby, either? See Paul Hackett, above.)

Neither Kos nor anybody else today talked much about what you might call the content of politics. The word “progressive” was frequently invoked, but either everybody agrees on just what that means or nobody wanted to get into it.

The Iraq war was mentioned, in my hearing, twice, in the context of alluding to the death of Zarqawi. Both times the crowd applauded this victory in the war on terror — applauded solidly but not thunderously; I couldn’t help thinking, wishfully perhaps, that although the Kosniks are loyal adherents of the understudy War Party, at least some of these progressives are starting to have doubts about this particular war.

 And more wicked commentary:  Small fry

 Long ago in the mists of some year like… 2002 I was told by a NJ / FL tied-in Democrat that Kos’ long range plan was to get himself to the Executive Committee of the DNC.  I’d say that is about right.  If you have ever observed the mediocre toadies that populate the table and have crushed nearly every breath of air in 40 years… or resolutely undid what ever was accomplished (Bob Strauss as DNC chair, for one)… 

 I think particularly of Alexis Herman, former US Sec of Labor, calling into FOX News, speaking to Hannity during the first week of Katrina. 

 Very chatty they were. Friends.   

 All about her Mamma and her Sister (New Orleanians but evacuated ahead of the storm) and the power of prayer.  Nothing about the suffering of the thousands, the failure of FEMA, the failure of Bush, the lost, the dead, the dying. 

 Not one word.

 I imagined her picking her teeth with a sharpened human bone as she talked to Hannity.

 Yes. Kos would fit right in. 



Some other links from June 2006 on slurp sports in the desert… 😉

Garance F-R from The American Prospect adds her take.  

Ezra Klein at TAPPED pulls into port.


Long snip from a post of mine June 14 2006… Enjoy… 😉

Here are are some snips from Chris Nolan of Spot-On, whose current beat in the Bay Area is largely the Silicon Valley and Venture Cap money and people – and politics and media.  She is often of interest on the subject of things Koswhackian.

Enjoy… or not:  Love for Sale

The Kos bloggers want to storm the barricades – using the one of the cheapest tricks in the news business, the spoon-fed dirt-drop – and be welcome with open arms for their vigor, innovation and “good reporting.”

But when it comes to actually understanding the editorial business, they fall short. Crassly imitating the behavior of the pundits they see on television (which they mistakenly think is the zenith of the business) bloggers are flatterers around Big Media stars.

Why? So they can become like them. Even a passing reference in a traditional news outlet s worth a lot of traffic and traffic sells advertising and, oh, yeah, it can make you a Big Boy Blogger with influence and power. But once the reporters have pulled out? Well, Big Media is a bunch of clueless boobs who can’t see how wonderful bloggers are and how sorely their work has been neglected.  […]

A few years ago, bloggers costs nothing more than a few cheap-o BlogAds. Writers were happy to repay the favor with a nice mention, maybe a fund-raising post. Today, the entry fee is an appearance at a Los Vegas convention and a big party with free sushi and lots of other goodies.

Think I’m making too much of this?

Listen to Moulitsas talking last night on MSNBC’s Countdown (sans – sigh – Olberman). Asked who made the biggest splash, Moulitsas didn’t hestitate. “Gov. Mark Warner of Virginia did create a big sensation. He had a big party. Some criticized it as being a little too lavish. Others, like me, said ‘You know what? There’s so much stupid money being wasted in politics, it’s about time they spent it on meeting some regular people.” And, at the end of the day, bloggers are regular people. We’re not media elite, we’re not political elite, we’re just people sitting in front of our computer really passionate about politics and if they want to spend a few bucks on us, I say bring it on.”

And then she moves in (I did say she has observed and written about Kos/things Koswhackian for a while) – and I have been kind in editing, she is more to the point with the full text:

Ummmm. Since when is a non-practising attorney living in Berkeley, CA and running a website that’s given him a six-figure income a “regular person”? … Or Armando Lorens-Sars, an attorney with a list of corporate clients as long as his arm?

“Regular people” pulled into Los Vegas today for the United Auto Workers annual meeting a session that promises to carry grim news to one of the best-compensated unions in the country, once the backbone of the Democratic Party across the Upper Midwest.

Those regular people are not sitting in front of their keyboard and feeling passionate about politics. They’re staring at their family budgets and their depleted bank balances, wondering how they’re going to pay for health insurance and worried that the pension plans they were once promised could disappear entirely.

And a last snip:

There are more questions to ask about Kos. My friend Micah Sifry points out that Moulitsas’ reasons for supporting Warner, who is running on the “not Hillary” plank for the Democratic nomination, amount to nothing more than Moulitsas’ endorsement of Warner’s hiring the “right people.” […] It may just be a recognition that the Warner campaign – the first candidate Kos singled out when he was asked about the Vegas gathering – is money in the bank for Moulitsas and company.

What’s even more troubling? Most bloggers – partisan to their core – don’t see Moulitsas’ statements as contradictory or incriminating. They think this is business as usual.

They’re right – if you’re a political consultant. In that job you’re supposed to take money from your client, the candidate, for your work – which is to get him or her elected.

But if you’re “media” – mainstream, traditional, new, or old – this sort of talk ought to raise a few questions about what’s your job is, how you’re doing it and where you loyalties lie.

What – exactly – is the relationship between DailyKos and the candidates it supports?

And when are they going to stop being coy about it?


As I find current things on Swampland JetBlues to Chicago will post…


1. marisacat - 2 August 2007

IOZ has a great post up on our imperial selves… and he takes a fine slapwa at yet another former Republican, Glenn Greenwald.

yum… bit of a long snip but I could not decide where to break it… (I inserted graf breaks)

These are the people who now claim to be antiwar, who have spent the last six years rightly lamenting the horrors wrought by the present executive, finding that the institutions of representative democracy have been seriously undermined and exist at present mostly as formal ritual and tradition, and discovering that their party of identification is not actually interested in taking concrete measures to rectify any of it, although they’ll occasionally complain about it before voting to authorize this or that further expansion of military funding, presidential power, domestic surveillance, ad inf.

These are the people who coined cute phrases like “the new Naderism” and who treat as children anyone who notes that the line they toe is naught but dust on a windy day. They say to those of us who absent ourselves from the current liturgies and catechisms of phony democracy that we’re lazy, have no program, and take no action. But of course the whole purpose of writing this history day in and out is to try to convince enough people of it to create a program and to have something to do. Even then, I wouldn’t be optimistic, but enough people could at least put a small wrench in the imperial works from time to time.

And when we seem cranky, irritable, and misanthropic, it’s because so very many of these liberals and progressives and Democrats are willing to walk right up to the edge, as Greenwald does, and to acknowledge the legitimacy of our critique, and to acknowledge that it’s true their party has sold them out again and again and again because it is dedicated to the bipartisan, imperial governing consensus, only to come back, a day or two later, pimping some Democratic Party nonsense and some Democratic Party candidates and telling us that we are assholes once again for refusing to make the expression of our political will the choice between a blond imperialist from Chappaqua and a balding imperialist from Manhattan.

hmmm mmm.

2. ms_xeno - 2 August 2007

IOZ: Not just a pretty face under a fancy chef’s tocque. 😉

3. Miss Devore - 2 August 2007

sports analogies…….

Cubs are in first place.

Cicada year.

Yk2 in Chi-town.


The apocalypse is lacking one pony.

4. brinn - 2 August 2007

from the last thread re: the kozzi pamphlet….

This gathering brings together people from all walks of life who belong to the Netroots, the US-based (but globally focused and inclusive) non-partisan grassroots community that uses the Internet and blogs……

yaddda yadda.

This is from the “Letter from the Chair” — I don’t know Gina, at all, in the least bit, but after reading this letter, I have to ask:

is she high? non-partisian? “globally focused and inclusive”? “all walks of life”? anyone in Chicago doing a roll call? because I don’t belive ANY of that for a second!

5. Revisionist - 2 August 2007

one of the scottish “terrorists” has “died” in hospital.

6. lucid - 2 August 2007

ms_x do you know anything more about that executive order you mentioned in the last thread? That sounds hideous. This is the first I’ve heard of it.

7. Revisionist - 2 August 2007

i am so happy. i can access the datalounge again. y’all should check it out.

8. Revisionist - 2 August 2007

fuck i cant… got the time out again

9. Revisionist - 2 August 2007

dennis miller will be reposnding to dodd on billo in the next few minutes

10. marisacat - 2 August 2007

ooo ‘nother good one from IOZ… Ilove the Harry Reid quote. I feel so safe. just as if I had been on the I-35 bridge over the Mississippi last evening …


11. Miss Devore - 2 August 2007

after skimming thru the pyhrro/mcat thing at mlw, I decided to characterize pyhrro as the Minneapolis bridge over troubled water.

12. Lexilas - 2 August 2007

And who is MBNYC? Hunter’s new sidekick?

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 August 2007

I’m catching up on last night’s Great Performances – RESPECT YOURSELF: THE STAX RECORDS STORY (there is a video podcast you can download if you missed it).

I’m torn between joy about seeing all of this stuff, and crying for how deeply we’ve betrayed ourselves, betrayed the world.

From the Harlem Renaissance through the Beats and onto the flowering of Jazz into Rhythm & Blues, Rock, Soul … Stax and Muscle Shoals and Harlem and the Village and Motown and Haight-Ashbury … the civil rights movement and women’s movement and all grew out of a generous, HUMAN soil.


I don’t get it. There was this culmination of a history of oppression, of hate compressing humanity to create these beautiful diamonds, this explosion of art and music and openness and philosophy and prose and poetry and …



American popular culture performed what alchemists tried to do for centuries … it turned lead into gold. Created divinity out of pain.

We pissed it away, to make some assholes money.

The movements, the martyred leaders … they accomplished what they did because of what these artists did, they grew out of soil that was readied for them by this outburst of creativity. People Got Ready for a better world, because they were dancing in it before they could live in it.

The Stewart siblings who started Stax make me proud to be part of a race that has committed such terrible crimes, and it’s a terrible foreshadowing of what we’re stuck with now when Atlantic finally brings the hammer down on Stax after Otis died.

And then it all went horribly wrong.

I was young and idealistic and I really believed the music mattered, like I let myself believe that blogging mattered years later. I remember holding my 9 volt heart to my ear and listening to all of the music, the syncretic combination of race and class and outlook and difference and all the rest that poured over the airwaves and I had hope.

Why did we let that go and surrender to the “market”?

Why did we give up and retreat to “demographics” and segregate ourselves and surrender to the Lords and their Ladies, the warmongerers and the suppressors?

I’m enjoying this, but it also makes me so fucking sad, as I listened today on NPR to kids pushing Heinlein-style fascism, and read on Little Orange Football and its satellites assholes like thereisnosoul selling Republicanism in leftist clothing, I can’t believe that the flowering I’m watching on Great Performances has devolved into into THIS.

We’re so fucked, and it makes me so sad.

14. marisacat - 2 August 2007


I caught almost all of the Stax program last night… It was wonderful.

Well so much of what happened was planned. that is how I see it. At one law firm, the third I had been at that dealt with the litigation mess the the Fillmore Center, part of the develooment that rose from the destruction (all very calculated) of 20+ blocks of San Francisco’s historic black neighborhood… I had access to the immense war room with all the dox. I landed on some that indicated one of the “guiding lights” for post war Federal Urban Redevelopment (the essence of classic progressivisms) was …

the bombed out cities of Europe.

Exactly. If you remove the old neighborhoods, people will go on, htose that survive, but like NO, the Gulf Coast, it can never be the same. It can’t. Because it is not.

And you have destabilised people for at least a generation and perhaps longer.

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 August 2007

Oh, great IOZ piece in the first comment.

Our imperial selves. I can’t find a link to it, but on BBC’s Newshour played this morning on my local NPR, I listened to a couple of American Generals talk about how wonderful Rummy was, how he built consensus, and I wanted to throw up. They were the voice of the happy herd, the conquering herd.

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 August 2007

It was so fucking brief, that world that Stax was part of, fuel for.

Maybe there is stuff going on now that I can’t see, middle-classed, middle-aged white under-achiever, shy and nervous around groups of people, guy that I am, but I see little sign. I see militarism and superstition and segregation, James Blunt and P. Diddy … religion with little soul, and while I think you’re right that PR and marketing and money and political manipulation went into herding us into our current mess, far too many of us were ready to go “moo” and join the herd.

I look at the videos on this program and I can’t believe I’m in the same country. I’m watching young Jesse (“I AM … SOMEBODY …”) before he got crushed and I can’t believe that I’m left with Barak “I’ll bomb Arabs to show I have big brass balls” Obama.

Off topic, but I want to share an Isaac Hayes story. I was at a Morcheeba instore one afternoon at the Virgin store in Times Square. Hayes was there for the performance … I think he showed up right as they started, after his morning program KISS FM … and he was right there watching them perform. After the instore, after the signing, Hayes had hung around, and he went up to the band and praised their work, gave them some advice on their performance and their records. Jody, the lead singer, was beside herself, talking to one of her heroes (why do brits and other europeans and asians appreciate our creators more than we do?). He was incredibly generous, and it was nice to see in a cut-throat business in a cut-throat city in a cut-throat decade.

17. misssheiladevore - 2 August 2007

help me translate kossolalia–I’m getting the impression that keith olbermann made mike stark one of the worst persons in the world?

18. liberalcatnip - 2 August 2007

Obama gets his hand slapped:

ISLAMABAD (AFP) – Pakistan accused Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama of “sheer ignorance” for threatening to launch US military strikes against Al-Qaeda on Pakistani soil.

19. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 August 2007

Boing Boing compendium on the bridge collapse.

Olbermann pointed out that the Gov of MN refused to approve funding for maintenance, while the state was giving money to the Twins to build a new fucking baseball stadium.


20. Hair Club for Men - 2 August 2007

Link for the Olbermann worst person of the world award for Mike Stark.


21. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 August 2007

another astronaut cat confronts HAL and realizes that he is full of stars before he becomes a starkitten.

22. marisacat - 2 August 2007

B-b-but Hillary is slapping Obama for not saying he will nuke Pakistan. He’ll do a lot but he gets nervous at nukes. Or certainly does if civilians are around. And pity – they just insist on living in villages we wanna nuke, bomb, take out

Really, can’t they move?

Is he slapped on both cheeks?

23. Hair Club for Men - 2 August 2007

B-b-but Hillary is slapping Obama for not saying he will nuke Pakistan

It’s a dance. Obama (unlike Joe Lieberman) wouldn’t be crazy enough to actually nuke Iran or invade Pakistan in the unlikely event he becomes president in 2008.

This was going to happen sooner or later. Last week he gave the media an opening (He said he’d meet with Chavez) and they took the opportunity to make him jump through the hoop.

He jumped, thus leaving the VP spot in 2008 open for himself and the chance to be president at a later date.

24. marisacat - 2 August 2007

It is my impression that Obama will do as told. Hardly a free agent. Of any kind.

Cheney is not the only lunatic nor is it restricted to one party.

25. Hair Club for Men - 2 August 2007

What’s interesting is the fact that the Scott Ritter hit piece on Cindy Sheehan was wrapped in a call for “national service”.

I don’t think they could get away with a draft. But could they get that first toe inside the tent with a call for national service within the 50 states? Maybe wrapped around some kind of amnesty offer for illegals. This might take up some of the non-combat duties of the military here in the US and free up some more troops for the Middle East.

I doubt they’re going after Iran in the next few years, just as they weren’t going to invade Iraq in 1993. But these people think in the long term. Soften up Iran and slowly rebuild the military. Even Obama wants to add tens of thousands of more troops.

Then in 2012 or so after Hillary’s one term stay in the White House you might be ready to make a move.

26. Hair Club for Men - 2 August 2007

It is my impression that Obama will do as told. Hardly a free agent. Of any kind.

I don’t think they’d want Obama as their point man to go into Iran. I think they want a breather in 2008. They want to put a more moderate face in the White House (Clinton II/Obama) to make the Patriot and Military commissions act part of the new normality exactly the way Clinton I helped consolidate Reagan’s destruction of the New Deal.

Then a few years later you can put in Giuliani or Duncan Hunter or Tancredo and go apeshit.

27. Hair Club for Men - 2 August 2007

And by “they” I mean the big corporate paymasters and the media elite, the “ruling class” for lack of a better word.

28. marisacat - 2 August 2007

Ritter was not an authentic author of that piece. Oh he wrote it, but it was a placement, a placed piece of propaganda. Part of the roll.

Nat Service has hung around for years. IIRC all the leading Dems would do it, some form of it. I think it is one of the reasons to put a Democratic administration in, evoke Kennedy, all that blither of barely concealed fascism (let the practically feudal people admire the Great Works of the State) of service and Great Missions to Space and whatever else.

I doubt there will be years of drift between the wars. Too much to accomplish and the Dems want a turn at it. Desperate for it, imo.

All the leading Dems want to add roughly 90k to 100k in mil numbers.

I still say they are framing Pakistan as a nice little cross border war for Hillary. They will keep trying to expand to the maghreb, thru AFICOM and so on.

I don’t see any window dressing of cessation. Greater privatisation. The Dems will probably work to get the daily dying down.

29. Hair Club for Men - 2 August 2007

I doubt there will be years of drift between the wars. Too much to accomplish and the Dems want a turn at it. Desperate for it, imo.

Possible. My minds obviously thinking along a repeat of the 1990s, with the moderate face of imperialsm (Clinton I) softening up Iraq for the openly fascist face of imperialism (Bush II) to invade.

Would they put Obama or Hillary on the horse and push it towards Iran or Pakistan? I’m sure they’d like to but they would require two things:

1.) More troops for the Middle East.

2.) A massive appartus of repression (and I mean NYPD during the RNC numbers in every major city in the country) to control any *possible* unrest.

30. marisacat - 2 August 2007

what makes now different from the 90s is they have the Reichstag event. So handy. The parking lot under the WTC was just not graphic enough… And think in the latest ABC poll “being safe” pulled the highest numbers. Polls are just an indication, i call them “part of chatter”….
But there it is.

We are moving to air war, special ops and the cheapest most disposable fodder they can find. IMO. They have been recruiting in our protectorates and colonies for sometime. And of course privatisation. I am sure Eric Prince/others are good for a couple hundred more thousand. At least.

And he can field replacements for the work that NG did inside the states – I don’t think those regiments/brigades/whatever will be coming home any time soon… those little families will continue to be destroyed.. I got a very cold frozen feel to my skin when I read that Arnold has met with Prince over providing “security” in the event of “disaster” in CA….

I don’t think they will be stopping. There is no call from the Democrats to really change anything, at most “refocus the mission” or some such scheisse.

All the candidates, the top level, bruit for war. Like feral pigs around blood.

31. Hair Club for Men - 2 August 2007

So what happens on Kos?

Hillary drops a nuke on Iran. I write a diary saying something like “it’s bad that Hillary dropped a nuke on Iran”.

Do they post recipes, troll rate me and call me an anti-semite for that diary?

Purity Troll. If it had been Giuliani or Tancredo it would have been a MUCH BIGGER NUKE. And besides, we’re getting a Supreme Court appointent out of it.

32. cad - 2 August 2007

keith olbermann: concern troll.

funny, no post of the video on crooks and liars.

33. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 August 2007

since I think people will have to take to the streets, it’s hard to criticize Stark for getting in Bill-O’s face. How else are you going to confront the fascists?

34. marisacat - 2 August 2007

I am guessing Stark has whiplash, tho I did not follow those thread other than the snips at Blogometer I posted. They spent a slot of space on it and it ran at the top of their Aug 1 page.

I imagine that was iwth Kos agreement…

35. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 August 2007

people told the hippies and the civil rights marchers that they weren’t being “civil” too … how DARE they make people at lunch counters feel unfortable?

That being said, I’m not saying stark is the equivalent of a college student in ’69 facing dogs and nightsticks, but hell, we’re DYING in this culture for more discomfort w/ authority.

Overall, I’d say go Stark.

36. Miss Devore - 2 August 2007

pls translate–does this mean hillary is distancing?:


37. Hair Club for Men - 2 August 2007

I think Olbermann was just trying to prevent a revenge visit to is own house. I’m sure he heard about this and said “oh shit. I’m fucked”.

How do I feel about Starks going to O’Reilly’s house?

How do I feel about anarchists/ARA beating up white supremacists?

I don’t know. Maybe people should treat O’Reilly with the same respect he treated Sami El Arian and treat the typical Stormfronter exactly the way he and his friends would treat a Mexican immigrant they met alone somewhere.

38. Sabrina Ballerina - 2 August 2007

Mitm, I agree re Stark .. instead of criticizing him why not join him? They talk about ‘crashing gates’ and ‘revolutionizing the system’? Lol, if there ever is a revolution, Mike Stark will be there, but as DhinMi’s sig line says ‘the revolution will not be televised (probably not honestly anyhow, but it will be cam-corded) but we’ll analyze it to death at the Last Hurrah! Yep, that’s where the blahger boyz will be – behind their computer screens.

If we has a few thousand people with the guts Mike Stark has, we might not be in this situation. They forget, O’Reilly has banged on people’s doors with his cameras behind him, judges etc. for years now.

Kos et al are so afraid of ‘looking bad’. They should be afraid of letting bad things happen. O’Reilly and his ilk need someone to put the fear of god into them and that could have been done by this action of Stark’s whether one agrees with or not. But that won’t happen. The wimps on dk and the Dem Party, will not support him. They’ll shut him down, after giving him a chance to do one of those now infamous blog ‘Mea Culpas’! Showing their ineffectiveness and cowering timidness in the face of facism.

Put it this way, if it ever came to a point where there was a revolution, none of the Big Blog Boys will be on the front lines, they won’t even be bringing up the rear. They really are just a bunch or wimps …

Long day at work today … just caught up on the threads.

39. Hair Club for Men - 2 August 2007

I don’t usually trust my own instincts. I’m timid. I’m conservative. I’m overly critical.

Cindy Sheehan helped bring down Bush.

Mike Stark helped bring down George Allen.

My first impulse may be to criticize. But then again, my impulses have never served me very well in life so why follow them.

Cindy Sheehan and Mike Stark are leaders. I’m a followers. Followers don’t make mistakes. Leaders do.

40. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 August 2007

our system relies upon confrontation in order for it to REALLY work, and when power becomes consolidated and ossified, then I think all bets are off.

I hope O’Reilly and his family are scared. GOOD. Fuck him and his own … they should feel what he whips up amongst white haters and the urban targets of his scorn.

Stark is to my right, but he’s making them sweat, so good on him.

41. Sabrina Ballerina - 2 August 2007

Hair Club, we’ve so polite for so long! And look where that got us! I’m for anyone who is willing to act the same way the other side acts for a change. They USE the fact that ‘liberals’ care so much about image to roll right over them. May a million Mike Starks bloom. Then we’ll see whether it works or not.

Re Olbermann, I’m surprised .. thought he might just ignore the whole thing since he despised O’Reilly. But he was the recipient of a a fake anthrax covered letter which when tracked to the sender, turned out to be a Freeper! Funny thing, we always used to say, half seriously, that Freepers were living in their mothers’ basements! Seems this guy actually was …

So, maybe Keith is a little sensitive about people going to TV personalities’ homes. I agree, but then O’Reilly needs to stop ambushing people this way. Some people don’t learn unless they get a real lesson like this.

If I were being interviewed about Stark, I would simply say that it is not a good idea, but ‘What do you think of O’Reilly’s antics? Did you interview people about his ambushing of people also? Didn’t think so. Tell you what, when you condemn this stuff across the board, I’ll agree with you on Stark’! ’til then, well to put it the way a five-year-old might ‘O’Reilly started it, and it was a bad, bad idea bound to have consequences. Stark is the consequence of O’Reilly’s bad idea’!

42. Hair Club for Men - 2 August 2007

Hair Club, we’ve so polite for so long! And look where that got us! I’m for anyone who is willing to act the same way the other side acts for a change.

I’d hightly recommend the Taylor Branch trilogy on Martin Luther King. None of these debates are new. And King will come across very differently from the way some Democratic Party shill like that woman at Mahablog (who seems to think every civil rights protest in the 60s was polite and made up of people wearing suits and ties).

King’s genius was that he could mediate between the “normal” people and the “slightly crazy” people.

I don’t know how familiar you are with Birmingham and James Bevel. But the breakthrough in Birmingham came when James Bevel (who was a bit of a nut) decided to use 10 and 11 year old kids in protests.

Now if you had asked me “should we use 10 and 11 year old kids in civil rights protests” I would have said “absolutely not”. But that’s where the breakthrough came and King was savvy enough to realize that to have an effect you have to live a bit on the edge.

43. Miss Devore - 2 August 2007

pfft–as far as I am concerned–it’s all a battle of attention whores–signifying nothing.

44. bayprairie - 2 August 2007

nice catch missd. …googling…

Moulitsas says bloggers softening hostility toward Clinton
By Scott Shepard | Thursday, August 2, 2007, 05:30 PM

Hillary Clinton has never been a very popular political figure in the blogosphere. Her original support for the war in Iraq and her unwillingness to apologize for her vote in favor of the war has long been fodder for the liberal bloggers and netroots activists.


posted 08/02/2007 @ 11:19pm
Hillary Folds As YearlyKos Begins
Ari Melber

In a surprise announcement Thursday night, organizers of the Yearlykos netroots convention say Hillary Clinton has canceled her scheduled meeting with attendees on Saturday. Clinton is still scheduled to appear with other presidential candidates at the convention’s leadership forum, but she will be the only candidate skipping the meetings with activists afterward. In a last minute change, organizers said the Clinton Campaign would send Ann Lewis to speak with attendees on Clinton’s behalf.


had a jetblue flight to catch.

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August 2 is a date upon which events with enormous long-range implications occur – previous todays have witnessed the death of German President Paul von Hindenburg and the elevation of Adolf Hitler to Führer (1934; Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait (1990); and the opening day of a massive convention of progressive bloggers in Chicago (2007).

45. Miss Devore - 2 August 2007

” *
so what should people do (0 / 0)

that have already received they Hillary bracelet?

That seemed to be the impetus for the post…can they exchange them for another bracelet?

DAGGER 24 hour news service…your post could make news!

by lightnessofbeing on Thu Aug 02, 2007 at 10:04:07 PM PDT

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ummmmm exchange “they hillary bracelet” for a beer with mcjoan?

46. Revisionist - 2 August 2007
47. Revisionist - 2 August 2007
48. BooHooHooMan - 2 August 2007

Fuck al Qaeda – – Sneezy on a mission out of a Seven Dwarf’s Sleepy Cell could kill ya at your local rustbucket that passes for public infrastructure.

All of these “bridges” … all of these bridges were FOR SALE at one time or other: The Bridge “To Nowhere” , the Bridge “To The 21st Century(c)”, the bridge to the crucial Rive Gauche of the Democratic Party…you get the idea…

It’s too bad that in such sales jobs – whether in actual or metaphorical “bridge building” – it’s too bad that “feasibility” considerations are still templated off of verythinly tied politicians eager to move quickly to the ribbon cutting ceremonies then on to the hotel for the open bar and maybe some ass.

It’s also too bad that such bridge BUYING doesn’t come with a simple consumer’s warning like:

Bridge Buying may be Hazardous to your health. Possible outcomes include polytraumatic blunt force injury, explosive or ballistic injury and death. Cases of drowning and the knowledge of imminent watery death have been reported in some thousands of cases There is a possibility this “bridge” was built by people who don’t know what they’re doing or by individuals so crass and self serving that they could care less have no sense of social responsibility. There is a strong risk that such individuals are now fast at work building ANOTHER BRIDGE FOR SALE at a Convention in Chicago.

I suspect even in this, our post 9/11, post quake, post ‘Nam, ‘nami and ‘cane PTSD world of ours that for most people- it is counterintuitive that concrete is brittle, steel can not only melt but vaporize with enough heat. Yet our very same fellow citizens who accept the vaporizing by salesman and would be bridge builders who would lead us somewhere– these people are the same folks who cede no quarter to reasoned extrapolations based on evidence of disconnect and political stress fractures in plain sight.

Efforts at disclosure [itself an interesting word] in public “Progress” such as Impact Statements in tangible bridge building or in substantive questioning of political credibility have gone waaay retro – as in a thing of the past retro – as in so far back it’s right at the point preceding the Big Bang, right before concrete sheers and steel gives way.

Ask any of the bloggeroids who wakes up in Chicago this weekend if their beloved blog, their net “Heroes”, or their beloved Blog Party << (double entendre) is a sham, and I suspect it would be met with the kind of confidence one has prior to a forseeable but unaddressed impending collapse.

49. BooHooHooMan - 2 August 2007

There was a diary I saw by wmtriallawyer (go figure) gleefully wondering how te GOP is going to “hide” their ’08 convention .

As you know, Republicans will descend on St. Paul, Minnesota next year for their convention.

And we have a collapsed bridge in Minneapolis, symbolic of the years of neglect in infrastructure spending. What a horrific reminder on the necessity of government spending, awfully staring the party of small government in the face.

My suggestion to Republicans: find a new convention site. Now.

Then in an almost perfect pitch GWB Where are those WMD’s, he proceeds with the not here here and here yuckfest. empasis on yuck.

New Orleans, no he said, issues there.

Might as well have said, Hey we’re lawyer’s- let us build the levees, Let us build the bridge. Who’s buying???

50. BooHooHooMan - 2 August 2007

Sorry I missed closing blockquote after

“…find a new convention site. Now..”

51. bayprairie - 2 August 2007
52. BooHooHooMan - 2 August 2007
53. BooHooHooMan - 2 August 2007

Number 50, BP is the news behind the news.

The dish- Gina “cc” knows full well that GiGI [Goldwater Girl] has been pounded by a small group of activists whose intentions are to expose the Markos guano particularly his anti feminist, homophobe, and -horror of horrors, the selling point- indiscreet ass of his. She already had the Lanny Davis set up her ass who would make a meal of Markos but there has been no small consideration what might become of the screen shot bounty in her inbox

Olberman’s nip at Stark is but opening salvo. MArkos has done an impressive job at self serving viral marketing. But Markos has NO IDEA Who has pissed off, their , their access, or strategic position. He’s a fucking rube.

For her part, Hill may get the the nom without the Rive Gauche, but she knows full Wellesley that she’ll lose the GE without kicking Markos and his real-activist-alienating, no-real-influence-offline ass to the curb. She needs her own personal maccaca moment NOW like she needs a hole in her bra. And Later?? Welll, Timing is everything.

The BOYZ will be okay and take it in their “‘fwaid they’re lookin’ at my undies” rump. LOL. Again, Timing is everything.

54. BooHooHooMan - 3 August 2007


Cindy Sheehan and Mike Stark are Leaders

Not even in the same planet.

Stark got into a kerfluffle after the campaign had Allen cold. Kindergardners get more physical than the bad dancing he had with Allen’ Staff in a Hotel Lobby.And for what? To Elect ANOTHER misogynist control freak “worship my mil service” asshole. Stark is yet another “Gee, I wonder why I ‘m going to law school’ doof. He is no Merry Prankster. He’s just a guy who thinks now that ANYBODY CAN express themselves in the new media that someone is going to lavish him with fame and fortune for doing so.

So he has a gig with Turkeys, so what? to what end? He pulls the same shit at Webbs House asking for an accounting of is record without getting his ass shot off by Sen. Packingmorethanwood from VA——THEN we’ll talk.

55. marisacat - 3 August 2007


Just let bay out of Moderation…It is now comment # 44 and her first comment makes her second comment (party line from Gina on Hillary) make sense…

56. marisacat - 3 August 2007

LOL From gina’s ass whipping diary (it sure is not ass covering):

There was a miscommunication between Yearlykos and Senator Clinton’s Campaign, which was never under the impression that Senator Clinton would be attending the breakout session due to a scheduling conflict. We regret due to this miscommunication, the announcement was made so belatedly. We are ecstatic she will be attending the forum and that Anne Lewis will be representing her in the breakout session.

Anyway it’s been a great first day and the Presidential forum is going to be incredible

what a laugh.

57. BooHooHooMan - 3 August 2007

53 ed.*

“Markos has NO IDEA Who *he has pissed off, their *resources , their access, or strategic position”

58. BooHooHooMan - 3 August 2007

Mcat re Gina (it sure is not ass covering): LMAO!

So let me get this straight – these people engage in panting conversation online , fly to Chicago with the expectation of shmoozy woozy with the candidates and Poof! it’s gone! Next thing you know Mike Stark is going to be found nude in BillO’s kitchen when Chris Hansen of Dateline pops out. Cain’t explain it Zeke. Musta just happened. One of those things.

Right in their “some of the guys are lookin at my undies” rump.LMAO.

59. marisacat - 3 August 2007

I think that the convention organisers (judging from elganador’s diary) also screwed up… the candidates ALL OF THEM, at various events, are regularly stiffing the after event or stiffing the spin room, etc…

This was likely to happen with at least one candidate – and i think they should have been ready to distribute some alternative color bracelet and accommodate people at any after event Q&A they wanted.

its a community right? All friends lovers and family? Right?

One for all and all for one?


I mean el ganador said his mother’s feelings are hurt… (kiss that booboo make it better).

60. marisacat - 3 August 2007

i wonder are these conventioneers clear that the candidates are routed regularly thru nursing homes? Where everyone is nodded off, medicated, lost in elder deoression, living in the past, not sure if this is ’67, ’77 or ’87 much less ’07… that it is a staple of the Democratic party candidate ‘grease the rails’.

Not being cruel, just the way it is…

61. wu ming - 3 August 2007

if they want a draft, or national service or what have you, let them start with the middle aged middle class middle america middle managers. disrupt their lives, make them serve the national good, and see how much “sacrtifice” they’re capable of.

the whole “service” discussion frames it as if the only lazy, self-centered people in the country are the kids, and the rest of them all have been doing heavy lifting for the common good.

fuck em.

62. lucid - 3 August 2007

I have a confession. I’m a huge Sarah McLachlan fan. When pining away in the loneliest of hours, or just wandering through my work a day life, her songs never fail to pop up in my head.

Under a blackened sky
Far beyond the glaring streetlights
Sleeping on empty dreams
The vultures lie in wait
You lay down beside me then
You were with me every waking hour
So close I could feel your breath

When all we wanted was the dream
To have and to hold that precious little thing
Like every generation yields
The new born hope unjaded by their years

It’s shlock… it’s pop. Somehow it hits me…

Companion to our demons
They will dance, and we will play
With chairs, candles, and cloth
Making darkness in the day

It’ll be easy
To look in or out
Upstream or down
Without a thought

And if I shed a tear, I won’t cage it
I won’t fear love
No, and if I feel a rage, I won’t deny it
I won’t fear love

I’m a closet romantic despite myself…

And then a song popped into my head tonight by a band I haven’t thought of in a long time… Apt lyrics for the depression of late.

A lifetime of accomplishments of which the dirt knows none,
only in death can one truly return
Return the carrots, the apples and potatoes,
The chickens, the cows, the fish and tomatoes.
In one glorious swoop, let the deed be done
and bury me deep so that I can be one…

And all around my muscle and all around my bone,
don’t incinerate me or seal me from
the dirt which bore me, the bed that which from
the rain falls upon and the fruit comes from
For the dirt is a blanket, no fiery tomb,
No punishment, reward, or pearly white room
And you who say that in death we will pay,
The dead they can’t hear a word that you say
Your words are not kind, sober or giving,
they only put fear in the hearts of the living
So put away your tongues and roll up your sleeves,
and pick up your shovel and bury me deep

cheerio vipes…

63. marisacat - 3 August 2007

Rev Yearwood has a guest essay at Black Commentator. A good moment to mention tha the huge revamp of last summer there seems to ahve receded… with the messy 20 editors and boring conventional wisdom, toe the line, showy show-offs not in view…. I still don’t like to link to them as archives are closed to non subscription readers after the single week an issue is up …

Since Monday, our action has been criticized on two fronts. First, by the tedious “maintain the Democratic party line no matter what” folks who think that we should wait Bush out until November 2008 and get back at him by voting in a Democrat for President. Second, by folks who have interpreted our targeting of Rep. Conyers, a deeply respected African-American leader in Congress, as an attack that is fundamentally racist by the White leftists of the anti-war movement.

To uncritical supporters of the Democratic Party, I say this is not a time for partisan politics. To use the American people’s frustration with Bush as political leverage in the 2008 elections, and to ignore the constitutional responsibility the legislative branch has to hold the executive branch accountable through the impeachment process, flies in the face of our democracy. People are dying in Iraq because of Bush’s lies; people are being tortured in Guantanamo because of Bush’s disregard for the Constitution and international law; and the American people are loosing faith in our democracy. But, Congress doesn’t get that, and that is why their current approval rating is lower than Bush’s.

64. Intermittent Bystander - 3 August 2007

This year’s flickr fest.

Among the unplugged and uploaded, a few celebrities here,
and here.

65. frtitzcat - 3 August 2007

Stax/Volt the absolute zenith of American Pop Culture, tied with the 1957 Chevy Bel-Air.

I dont watch TV but I still gots me a stack of vinyl ten yards high, and an old victrola.

MITM– ALL THINGS MUST PASS, including your nostalgia for a past that never existed….at the base of every depressive personality is a misconception, an illusion, a dream of the way things should be but of course, never will be.

As soon as Pyrrho teaches me HTML I am too going to repost my vintage pieces about Y1K from BooTrib last year, for which the notoriously thuggish Boo banned me as soon as he got back home from Vegas…

66. marisacat - 3 August 2007

LOL I just opened one – not sure what link I clicked on… and it is Tammany Hall.

Is he still outing himself?

67. marisacat - 3 August 2007

you know titzshitz.. with all being illusion you had best rethink labeling anything as zenith.

Go home to sick mother and delusional brother pyrrho.

68. marisacat - 3 August 2007
69. Intermittent Bystander - 3 August 2007

Out and proud, from the looks of it.

70. D. Throat - 3 August 2007

So how’s the Yearly Kos “Jobs Fair” going???

Has anyone dared to mentioned what are the intended OUTCOMES of the covention… or is it just to meet and greet and hand out resumes…

71. frtitzcat - 3 August 2007

Marisa– But my victrola is a …..Zenith. At least thats what the label says…..

And to wu ming, regarding your plan to draft all middle class middle managers, I say right on!

Guess I’ll be forced to dodge the draft twice in one lifetime…at least this time I’ll be able to do so in middle class comfort…

Pyrrho just needs a little more time to mature…..I’m guiding him now, so the process will eventually be successful. First step is to get him off the jesus juice during summer vacation…

72. Intermittent Bystander - 3 August 2007

Netting a Builtroots Nation?

73. marisacat - 3 August 2007

LOL I have to admit titz your exchange with pyrrho was absolutely hilarious. By the time you were done he had no idea if Parker was banned or not.

God but you spun that fellow. hard.

74. Intermittent Bystander - 3 August 2007

Reuters: Court secretly struck down Bush spying: report

A U.S. intelligence court earlier this year secretly struck down a key element of President George W. Bush’s warrantless spying program, The Washington Post reported in its Friday edition.

House Minority Leader John Boehner, an Ohio Republican, mentioned the court setback on Fox News on Tuesday, drawing a rebuke from House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emmanuel.

A Boehner spokesman said he did not reveal classified information.

The Democratic-led Congress hopes to reach a deal with the White House in the next few days that would expand the government’s power to eavesdrop on telephone calls and e-mail from abroad.

WaPo story: Ruling Limited Spying Efforts
Move to Amend FISA Sparked by Judge’s Decision

“The Democrats have known about this for months,” Boehner said. “We have had private conversations, we have had public conversations that this needs to be fixed. And Republicans are not going to leave this week until this problem is addressed.”

Commenting on Boehner’s remarks, Rep. Rahm Emanuel (Ill.), the House Democratic Caucus chairman, said yesterday that “John should remember the old adage: Loose lips very much sink ships.”

75. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 August 2007

hey titz

of course it does, but that doesn’t mean you should take the good things in the past and piss all over them, which is what we’ve done.

76. frtitzcat - 3 August 2007

thanks, marisa. I think thats the first time you have ever said anything nice to me. And I go around MLW all the time praising you guyz, too…..

I need to keep after Pyrrho. But I admit, as you found, the experience of dealing with him is exhausting….I slept like a baby donkey last nite, suckling at my mama’s titz in a vivid, technocolor dream….

77. frtitzcat - 3 August 2007


agree, but pissing all over the present grows tiresome, especially when everybody does it all the time, now even my conservative republican friends, and I cannot yet bring myself to piss all over the future….I am not quite that cynical yet, but am working diligently to get there…. so for now, I am going to keep pissing on the past…it doesnt exist anyway…

I understand a bit about the negative effects of being a Wisconsinite since my entire family, (save the immediate donkey brood) has spent their entire lives there in various stages of alcohol and weather induced depression.

Also lived in Boston many years and found a remarkable degree of similarity between the essential negativity of the typical New Englander and the Wisconsinite….

But they tell me the Badgers are going all the way this year!!!!!

Roll out the barrel!!!!

78. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 August 2007

Amy Goodman is covering the sell-out of basic infrastructer on Democracy Now today, and she pointed out this piece:

Coleman: Public anger will follow our sorrow

The fear of falling is a primal one, along with the fear of being trapped or of drowning.

Minneapolis suffered a perfect storm of nightmares Wednesday evening, as anyone who couldn’t sleep last night can tell you. Including the parents who clench their jaws and tighten their hands on the wheel every time they drive a carload of strapped-in kids across a steep chasm or a rushing river. Don’t panic, you tell yourself. The people in charge of this know what they are doing. They make sure that the bridges stay standing. And if there were a problem, they would tell us. Wouldn’t they?

What if they didn’t? [snip]

For half a dozen years, the motto of state government and particularly that of Gov. Tim Pawlenty has been No New Taxes. It’s been popular with a lot of voters and it has mostly prevailed. So much so that Pawlenty vetoed a 5-cent gas tax increase – the first in 20 years – last spring and millions were lost that might have gone to road repair. And yes, it would have fallen even if the gas tax had gone through, because we are years behind a dangerous curve when it comes to the replacement of infrastructure that everyone but wingnuts in coonskin caps agree is one of the basic duties of government.

I’m not just pointing fingers at Pawlenty. The outrage here is not partisan. It is general.

Both political parties have tried to govern on the cheap, and both have dithered and dallied and spent public wealth on stadiums while scrimping on the basics.

How ironic is it that tonight’s scheduled groundbreaking for a new Twins ballpark has been postponed? Even the stadium barkers realize it is in poor taste to celebrate the spending of half a billion on ballparks when your bridges are falling down. Perhaps this is a sign of shame. If so, it is welcome. Shame is overdue.

At the federal level, the parsimony is worse, and so is the negligence. A trillion spent in Iraq, while schools crumble, there aren’t enough cops on the street and bridges decay while our leaders cross their fingers and ignore the rising chances of disaster.

Jim Ridgeway ties the whole mess into Katrina and other ways in which our current political system is run by crooks and buck-passers.

Off to work … have a good day everybody.

79. frtitzcat - 3 August 2007

BTW, I didnt want to admit this to pyrroball, but I havent a fucking clue who is Parker or who isnt Parker, nor why he felt so compelled to post here and there so demonstratively that she has not been banned…I guess besides a tech degree I need a law degree to figure out why this information about banning/nonbanning means so much to pyrrho and emsock…I am checking out now to go to work, but if anyone can help me solve these two (for me, anyway) dense blogosheric mysteries I would be mucho appreciativo, senoritas y senores….besides if I keep posting here, I may become one of ……marisa’s cats and that would simply never do!!!!


For you all anyway….

80. Sabrina Ballerina - 3 August 2007

Maybe Hillary didn’t like the color of the bracelet for her event = yellow!

Kos changing his mind again! That man changes his opinions so often you have to wonder is there anything he really believes in. Other than money that is.

Lucid, just found your email in the last thread ….

81. Miss Devore - 3 August 2007

report from yearlyGina:

” The convention’s chief organizer is not Kos but Gina Cooper, a former high school teacher who became a Net-roots activist and borrowed Moulitsas’s nickname to inaugurate the conference last year. Next year it will have another name.

“This event is much larger than any one blog,” Cooper explained, “though we’re all a fan of Kos and certainly not distancing ourselves from his blog.”

I was stunned at first. But after thinking further, I get Gina’s message of inclusiveness. The name “YearlyKos” is so claver. I hope the next one is equally clever.”

wow–claver folks! they are not distancing themselves from kos. (probably the other way around) Indeed. doesn’t Gina have a fellowship from the mothership?

I can’t understand why everyone is so impressed with Dodd’s oreilly show appearance. who fed him that 500k people visit the site a day? I mean 250k of them are Lucious Vagina.

anyway, they made p. 4 of WaPo. MSOC is now required to point out she made the front page.

feel the inclusiveness!

82. JJB - 3 August 2007

Hair Club, no. 25,

I don’t think they could get away with a draft. But could they get that first toe inside the tent with a call for national service within the 50 states? Maybe wrapped around some kind of amnesty offer for illegals. This might take up some of the non-combat duties of the military here in the US and free up some more troops for the Middle East.

BINGO! I’ve said this a number of times. Here’s how I think it will play out. A national service program for US citizens of what would ordinarily be draft age (i.e., 18-late 20s, maybe as high as 30) will be introduced, with the proviso that afterwards you get a certain amount of money for college. You can either join the military for 3-5 years, or do something here in the “Homeland” that will be of such an odious nature that the wartime military will be the preferred option. What I figure they’ll do is force people to move to some tent city somewhere like the LA, MS bayous or the middle of the desert to “teach” impoverished children for 5 years, while subsisting on baloney sandwiches and oatmeal, with only outhouses and the sorts of showers you see at public beaches for hygiene needs. I doubt they’ll offer this to undocumented aliens, who’ll either be forced to serve in the military to (maybe) be granted US citizenship, or rounded up into concentration camps/deported.

The various presidential candidates are outdoing each other in sabre-rattling bombast. Obama is threatening to invade Pakistan, though insisting he won’t drop nuclear weapons on that country or Afghanistan, a seemingly sane position that Hillary Clinton is taking exception to (“Presidents since the Cold War have used nuclear deterrence to keep the peace. And I don’t believe that any president should make any blanket statements with respect to the use or non-use of nuclear weapons”). Not to be outdone in the insane bombast department, GOP loony Tom Trancredo states that we should threaten to bomb Islamic holy sites to deter terrorist attacks:

Republican presidential hopeful Tom Tancredo says the best way he can think of to deter a nuclear terrorist attack on the U.S. is to threaten to retaliate by bombing Islamic holy sites.

The Colorado congressman on Tuesday told about 30 people at a town-hall meeting in Osceola, Iowa, that he believes such a terrorist attack could be imminent and that the U.S. needs to hurry up and think of a way to stop it.

“If it is up to me, we are going to explain that an attack on this homeland of that nature would be followed by an attack on the holy sites in Mecca and Medina,” Tancredo said at the Family Table restaurant. “Because that’s the only thing I can think of that might deter somebody from doing what they otherwise might do.”


This isn’t the first time Tancredo has suggested such action.

In 2005, he drew international criticism after he told a radio talk-show host that “you could take out” Islamic holy sites if terrorists ever launched a nuclear attack against the United States.

Tancredo isn’t specifically suggesting a nuclear attack, though of course that hardly matters, a conventional attack will engender a response that one could only describe as “nuclear,” and guarantee a conflagration that would take untold tens of millions of lives.

That these insane ideas aren’t being called what they are by the MSM and the puplic are indications that we may already be well down the road Germany traveled from 1933-45. As the election campaign gets in full swing, the rhetoric is only going to get uglier.

83. colleen - 3 August 2007

Bird Flu: The Hope, The Hype and the Science — With Dr. Greg Dworkin (DemFromCT), Laura Segal, & Dave Ozonoff. Saturday, 9:15 AM, room 101a & b


84. supervixen - 3 August 2007

frtitzcat, I don’t know who you are but if you have yards of old vinyl and a Victrola, I like you 🙂

I threw out my parents’ old 78s in a fit of cluttercidal rage a few moves ago, and now kick myself regularly because of it. I was foolish enough to think they would all be available on LPs/CDs whenever I wanted to listen to them again. They are not.

Plans are afoot for me to visit NYC in early October and meet up with lucid, so if anyone else is interested, we can have a MiniYearlyMarisacat, minus Marisacat, of course 🙂 Instead of listening to tedious lying politicos, we’ll be listening to a crazed Finnish avant-garde accordionist. Much more enlightening.

Fun times.

85. Revisionist - 3 August 2007
86. wozzle - 3 August 2007

Cultural point of interest: Crazed Finnish avant-garde accordionists are widely available in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula, and at far less cost than NYC. One can also stock up on lutefisk, pasties, thimbleberry jam and samples of native copper, and have stunning views of Lake Superior from Brockway Mountain.

Added attraction – the Best Western motel in Houghton has an indoor swimming pool.

87. supervixen - 3 August 2007

wozzle – is that where you are? Yes, there are a lot of Finns in the UP, I’m told. I haven’t been there but I’ve been to the Iron Range in MN, which is also an interesting place.

88. ms_xeno - 3 August 2007

The Portland Beavers got pounded again at PGE Park last night. It’s a good thing that I only attend sporting events for the fresh air and the chance this week to get microbrews for a dollar off. Oh, and the chance to devise sports metaphors so I can be down with the people.

Which reminds me, go read MJS’ anti-eulogy for Pat Tillman on the front page of SMBIVA. It makes a perfect bookend with IOZ’s latest.

I wish I could visit NYC in October. I will be in Pittsburgh with mr_xeno sometime in the Fall, but not yet sure exactly when. Don’t suppose you all want to shift the venue, owing to the probable accordionist shortage.

But there is a good Tiki bar and that legendary sandwich shop that puts French fries right on the sandwich for you. (I personally don’t see the charm of fries on sandwiches, but aparently there’s lots of people who do.)

89. wozzle - 3 August 2007

Nah, just another Wisconsinite. I do enjoy my rockhounding expeditions, though, and have developed a love of the upper midwest. I just got back from Ely on Tuesday.

90. wozzle - 3 August 2007

ms_x, the sandwiches are relics of the depression era when those who had jobs didn’t have time (or free hands) to eat the fries separately. The restaurant is Primanti Bros., in the Strip District. Still around and moderately famous.

I grew up near da Burgh, and some of my earliest memories are of Forbes Field on Sunday afternoons.

91. marisacat - 3 August 2007

LOL I have my own theory on this one:

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:



They were trying to avoid the BRIDGES!!!

It’s obvious… 😉

92. marisacat - 3 August 2007

Wilfred just sent this from politico

all I can say is the Dems never bothered, despite all the horror of the past years.

In a massive flare-up of partisan tensions (video link courtesy Breitbart.tv), Republicans walked out on a House vote late Thursday night to protest what they believed to be Democratic maneuvers to reverse an unfavorable outcome for them.

The flap represents a complete breakdown in parliamentary procedure and a distinct low for the sometimes bitterly divided chamber because members of one party have rarely, if ever, walked off the floor without casting a vote. [snip]

93. Paul - 3 August 2007

I’ve been lobbying everyone I know who’s attending YearlyKos to put the Pat Tillman investigation and impeachment front and center.

94. cad - 3 August 2007

re: mike stark as leader.

no. i would be more disposed if i hadn’t seen or experienced his kos mob rulez mentality too many times. a leader doesn’t jump in to crush progressive dissent. stark is full of himself, not ideals.

and dodd was lame. he could have come in there armed with plenty of billo’s stupider statements, but he flubbed that. he could have brought up the president palling with rush limbaugh. or beck. or coulter being put on fox’s comedy prison show.

and hillary saw the writing and did the apropos faux-dem thing.

let the spin begin!

95. cad - 3 August 2007

here’s a good diary getting the predictable READ THE FAQ response.


and you notice that when a kossack throws out the “you voted for nader and elected bush” meme, that they have a bagful of apologias for hrc and her iraq vote, or her praising bush in fighting terror or…fill in the blank.

96. supervixen - 3 August 2007

What, it’s illegal to set sail in your own homemade submersible?? Dang!

I like this guy who flew his lawn chair across Oregon:

Couch said he could hear cattle and children and even passed through clouds.

“It was beautiful — beautiful,” he told KTVZ-TV. He described the flight as mostly peaceful and serene, with occasional turbulence, like a hot-air balloon ride sitting down.

That sounds so cool.

cad: stark is full of himself, not ideals.

Agreed. At first I thought the prank-calling of radio hosts was pretty funny, akin to the old Jerky Boys crank-call routines, but it got old. And the tussle with the security guard was just embarrassing.

And you know, I really can’t figure out why the DKos crowd and other such types spend so much time and energy freaking out about Bill O’Reilly, Anne Coulter, Malkin et al. They are partisan media personalities – they are PAID to be inflammatory distractions. They are the capes that confuse the bull and distract him from the real target.

wozzle: the sandwiches are relics of the depression era when those who had jobs didn’t have time (or free hands) to eat the fries separately.

Oh that’s what they SAY. But I think it’s just that some people like the fries like that! It may have something to do with soaking up whatever juices are in the sandwich – in the way that Arthur Bryant’s barbecue is served on a bed of cheap white bread.

There are some truly oddball American regional foods. Some of them, while charming, aren’t very good. Like the Maid-Rite “loose meat” (eww!) sandwich.

ms. x and wozzle, have you ever read Roy Blount Jr’s book About Three Bricks Shy of a Load? It’s about the Pittsburgh Steelers of the 1970s. Everything I know about Pittsburgh comes from that book:

I gather that the Burgher in the street took the air’s condition in his stride, and even developed a certain proprietary feeling toward it. For one thing, the open-hearth (pronounced “open-herth”) furnaces gave the mills a bright side, too. . . . Steeler owner Art Rooney told me once, “This used to be some town, Roy. When the mills lit up the rivers. I remember coming in on the train with [Chicago Bears owner George] Halas from Chicago to New York, we came by Pittsburgh at night and those mills lit up the river all the way along.”

“Little pieces of soot if you had oily skin used to sit on your nose,”
added Rooney’s friend and driver Richie Easton, nostalgically, almost as though he were recalling a small pet that perched on his shoulder.

it’s a hilarious and entertaining book even if you don’t like football.

97. Miss Devore - 3 August 2007

just watched some thingee from yk2, where they announced that “nothing larger than a purse will be allowed” at the “Leadership Whatever” (the dem prez candidates thang) I guess it would have been too vulgar to say “wallet”

All your purses belong to them!

98. Revisionist - 3 August 2007
99. marisacat - 3 August 2007

oh I saw a piece on the guy who flew in his lawn chair, it was WONDERFUL… I loved it.

I also saw a steam table display of :loose meat: once. I moved quickly away and only took a dessert and a coffee. And ice water.

I needed a sweet to revive myself. Talk about gagworthy.

100. Arcturus - 3 August 2007

hey Madman – the art of resistance hasn’t died, never will, even though it’s always subject to market co-optation. Look in about 10 years or so for a Yazoo or Rounder collection of the songs being composed & sung today in CA’s migrant labor camps.

What’s vital is largely underground. & subject to easy marginalization til some marketing type figures out how to pale it down & make some $$$. viz hip-hop (which retains an oppositional politicized ‘branch’ despite all the commercial glitter – Cynthia McKinney is interviewed more often on KPFA hip-hop show than any other media outlet (print or otherwise) I pay attention to. It’s everywhere around ya, but not to be found on NPR – or on KO – or in the pages of the New Yorker.

One contemporary poet I like to point people towards is Ammiel Alcalay, whose Scrapmetal (Factory School Heretical Texts, 2007) I recently finished. The tale of one Sonny Blount (aka Sun Ra) taken from John Szewd’s bio:

1942: With only a Bible in hand, Sonny “argued his own case, citing chapter & verse, standing against war and killing in any form. . . It was a brave and audacious act. Black men in the South did not go to court readily, and certainly never to argue against the United States government.” . . . Facing a judge who was intrigued at this novel approach but refused to yield, “Sonny upped the ante, threatening that if he was forced to learn to kill, he would use that skill without perejudice, and kill one of his own captains or generals first. The judge now grew tired of the byplay. ‘I’ve never seen a nigger like you before.’ ‘No,’ said Sonny, ‘and you never will again.'”

Space is the Place, baby!
(& I just got my hands on a ton of rare SR recordings, only a few of which I had in vinyl. heh!)

Ammiel quotes Charles Olson (who I think I’ve mentioned to ya before), writing in 1950 (must be from Call Me Ishmael but I ain’t looking it up now), which gets to the heart if it/us/where-who-we-are . . .

“I am struck with the feeling that the rest of the world is just now getting what the Americans have been putting up with a long time: that we are ‘experienced’ in the dread business of this reality — that Melville had the underparts of what Rimbaud didn’t even know; that the Am Civil War itself was the predecessor of what this century is the international civil war of; and that the same victor now will be the gross thing which won, here, then: MATERIALISM”

Missed, I’m sure.

MsD: With my prolonged absence, I didn’t let you know that Sheila Jordan was performing in Berkeley in June. Did you perchance catch wind of it in time?

’nuff o’ my scattershot ramblins – laters . . .

101. marisacat - 3 August 2007

I guess we can expect more awkward “debates” in the media from The Three… latst poll — it looks neck in neck in Iowa.

So far it reminds me of the PA senatorial debate I caudht, where Santorum and Casey took issue with each other over who was MORE for cluster bombs.

I was so proud… LOL

102. JJB - 3 August 2007

It appears that Billary has done another 180, and will Meet The Blaggahs after all, according to Salon:

If this were the Drudge Report, I would put up the siren. Last night’s kerfuffle over Hillary Clinton’s decision not to meet one-on-one with a group of bloggers at YearlyKos is on its way to resolution.

Mary Rickles, of the YearlyKos press shop, just e-mailed to say that Clinton has now decided to meet with the bloggers after all, after an announcement Thursday night that she would not attend the expected session. The only thing that has changed is the schedule. “Clinton will attend the breakout session, but it will be prior to the main session of the forum and not after,” Rickles wrote.

103. Miss Devore - 3 August 2007

what on earth is loose meat? do you find it at the bottom of your purse?

104. bayprairie - 3 August 2007

Women Are Half of All Bloggers – But Media Aren’t Noticing

If you get your news from, well, the news media, you can be forgiven if you didn’t know that nearly 800 women gathered in Chicago last weekend for the third annual convention of BlogHer, an online community of more than 13,000 blogging women diverse in age, ethnicity and political persuasion. According to a search of the Nexis news database, only three Chicago newspapers covered the conference, as if this national assemblage of women writers and videographers were simply a local story. Not one national network or cable news broadcast deigned to mention it.

Compare that to the glut of coverage bestowed on YearlyKos, a conference for left-leaning bloggers made popular by the blustering A-list boys of the “netroots.” In the month leading up to Kos’s gathering this coming weekend, also in Chicago, the conference’s perceived political power has been discussed in print and broadcast outlets from regional newspapers such as the Chattanooga Times Free Press and the Austin American Statesman to major dailies such as the Washington Post and the San Francisco Chronicle, and debated on MSNBC, ABC, Fox News, PBS and, for the satirically inclined, The Colbert Report on Comedy Central.

recycled with fabric softener for a larger audience

Feminist Blogging at the YearlyKos Conference

But it strikes me that readers may have gotten the misimpression that I intended to portray the entire YearlyKos conference as by, for and about only men, and blustery A-listers, at that. That wasn’t my intention, and in case anyone is wondering where the great women are at BlogHer, I wanted to post a little heads-up that they’re pretty much going to be everywhere (see the linked PDF for the conference schedule).


Gina Cooper (who offered “netroots” action strategies during the session she and I spoke on at BlogHer last weekend) is the YearlyKos’s executive director, Feministing.com founder Jessica Valenti (also a WIMN’s Voices blogger) will be in numerous sessions, former In These Times staffers and WIMN’s Voices allies Jessica Clark and Tracy Van Slyke will be leading a feminist blogging caucus, Pandagon’s Amanda Marcotte (who has also guest blogged for WIMN’s Voices) and other WIMN allies and colleagues including CultureKitchen’s Liza Sabater, journalist Garance Granke-Ruta, blogger Jill Filipovic from Feministe…

sounds more like feministED to some degree, on this end of the wire. i wonder if marcotte is standing at the door passing out handbills urging support of harry reid’s 95-10? and it also gives ms xeno a hint of why the 95-10 feminist was so vociferous in flaming her friend.

what a hoot!

Mother Talkers Caucus Moderators: Elisa Batista Thursday, Aug 2, 4:30-6:00 106b


Choice of the day:

Blogging While Female Admit it, ladies. You’ve all had the conversations. Why aren’t there more prominent female bloggers? Or are there many — they just don’t get linked to? Should you worry about that weird guy who keeps writing about what you look like? Why are some blogs seen as progressive and others not? How well does the netroots work with women candidates? Is it easier for women to write from behind pseudonyms? The blogosphere was supposed to be a place where gender didn’t matter and voice was all. So what happened? Join top female bloggers to discuss the issues that come with the territory of being female in the ‘sphere — and what can be done about them.

Panelists: Garance Franke-Ruta, Jessica Valenti, Gina Cooper, Amanda Marcotte
Saturday, Aug 4, 10:30-11:30 101b

105. supervixen - 3 August 2007

Ah yes, as I forecasted, the Blogging While Female thingy is mainly a vehicle for the panel to talk about themselves and their blogs.

So is there any feminism panel/caucus happening at YK besides this one? I haven’t the stomach to peruse the schedule myself. I leave it up to you brave souls.

Miss D: LOL! “loose meat” is like a sloppy joe without the sauce. Just cooked-up hamburger meat stewing in its own juice. Bleah. I don’t understand it. Why not just make hamburgers? Maybe it originated as a use for low-quality, tasteless meat, to which taste would be added via broth and salt. Anyway, the stuff is gross. Almost enough to make me want to be a vegetarian.

106. supervixen - 3 August 2007

This bit from the Pozner piece is funny:

[…] and many others I’m about to list will be organizing, strategizing, networking and using a space that, while undeniably linked to and self-promotional of a certain kind of new media guy who isn’t interested in and sometimes actively rails against feminist bloggers’ concerns, is also a time for connection and collaborations to be built.

What do you think it means?

That it’s OK for feminist bloggers to promote a self-promotional guy who etc. etc., as long as they can make connections while doing it?

107. Revisionist - 3 August 2007
108. marisacat - 3 August 2007

ugh I just read bay’s post above…

and looked over the really dull dull dull panel of wimmens bloggers. I see Fillipovic is from Feministe.

I suppose they will discuss why the fundies cannot articulate criminalising women for abortion (Filipovic’s last piece at HuffWuffPo).

Amanda can push the agenda of Reid, the Democrats for Life all star (as she did last October 1 and 2 at Pandagon, pushing 95/10 legislation) and now pushes, I am sure, Prevention First.

So off the bus… so glad I am not a joiner.

109. supervixen - 3 August 2007

Oh yeah, MCat, I forgot to mention this before – I agree with you about the lame articles re: criminalizing abortion. NO WAY are those fundies too stupid to have thought of this. And Anna Quindlen is… like tepid milk that’s been left out all night.

110. JJB - 3 August 2007

Tommy Maken died earlier this week. Along with Tom, Liam, and Paddy Clancy, he helped bring traditional Irish music to the attention of a worldwide audience, and in doing so brought tremendous relief to Irish-Americans oppressed by the godawful kitsch foisted on them by Tin Pan Alley and Hollywood. The only one of the quartet from Northern Ireland, he wrote what may be the most moving anthem of Irish Republicanism, as well as the one that may prove to be the most longlasting, “Four Green Fields.” BTW, note the incredibly stupid passage about that song (which one would think even a child would understand properly) in this miserable excuse for an obituary: “He brought audiences to tears with ‘Four Green Fields,’ about a woman whose sons died trying to prevent strangers from taking her fields.” Yeesh. If this guy had written Orwell’s obit, he’d probably have described Animal Farm as a children’s book about a war between people and animals.

For my part, when I think of him, my mind will play his rollicking version of “The Irish Rover,” or conjure up the memory of him singing “The Wild Rover” late one night at his Manhattan restaurant, just standing at a microphone in the middle of the place, plucking his banjo and singing, the small crowd seated just a few feet from him.

111. JJB - 3 August 2007

A comment is stuck somewhere in moderation or spam, probably two attempts at posting it.

112. marisacat - 3 August 2007


I noticed yesterday that Scott lemiuex (At TAPPED) has picked up on the Quindlen. The most I could say is that the Fillipovic pushed it farther than Quindlen, but to what end.

Same old same old. That the loons in the street cannot articulate the legal agenda (and schedule) of the leaders of the anti woman / authoritarian movement is not saying much, imo.

So you have two from Feministe, Elisa the wif and Amanda.

Garance has been interesting in the past on certain issues, but from my read of her over the past months, she is a Hillary supporter. Worse, TAPPED spent two days on whether they should call her Hillary. WHen it is emblazoned at her website, page 1.

Dumbing it down, all across the board.

113. wozzle - 3 August 2007

Yow! Hillacious Rodman Clinton has COME to her SENSES! She’s gonna schmooze with Kosmerica after all, making everything all right! Ya think maybe Bill will come, too?

I mean, with her PUNY warchest (not for a moment referring to her cleavage outage rampage, y’all), do you think she could afford to miss her LI fundraiser in order to compromise the Dem “LEFT”?

It just seems so Saran-wrap from here. I really hope all the used feel better in the morning.

114. Miss Devore - 3 August 2007

there’s streaming video of yk2 events and I looked at the schedule:

“3:00 Presidential Breakout sessions (They will be covering Clinton, the others depend on technical details for the rooms they’re in)”


“progressive” bloggers: speed bump in the parking lot.

115. aemd - 3 August 2007

Tommy Maken, The Clancy Brothers—Green Fields of France

“Well, how do you do, young Willie McBride,
Do you mind if I sit here down by your graveside?
And rest for awhile near the warm summer sun,
I’ve been walking all day, and I’m nearly done.
I see by your gravestone you were only 19
When you joined the great fallen in 1916,
I hope you died well and I hope you died clean
Or, Willie McBride, was it slow and obscene?”

116. marisacat - 3 August 2007

New Thread


117. marisacat - 3 August 2007

I see by your gravestone you were only 19

yesterday all those dead in The News Hour version of Taps… were 19, 20 and 21. Earlier in the week there were several slews of sargeant, Master Sargeant, and so on. Several in their late twenties into thirties and one in his late 40s.

If the Dems can lower the daily toll, they are pretty much home free, as I see it.

Be interesting to watch America.

118. JJB - 3 August 2007

Makem also did a gut-wrenching version of “Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye.” That harsh, stacato vibrato of his could sear right into you.

119. aemd - 3 August 2007

“If the Dems can lower the daily toll, they are pretty much home free, as I see it.”

Yep, I know but still can’t stop the twistin’ in the gut.. woo hoo..oh yeah, empire rocks.. Ya know, we really are screwed. Freefall
as the bridge gives, brace and hope for the best.. strange being the audience and the cast.. LOL

“Makem also did a gut-wrenching version of ‘Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye.’ ”

Yeah, he did do that

120. colleen - 3 August 2007

The song that came to mind for me remembering the Clancy Bros and Tommy Makem was ‘The Wind That Shakes the Barley’
and, of course,

Up the long ladder and down the short rope
To hell with King Billy and God Bless the Pope
If that dosen’t do
we’ll tear him in two
and send him to hell with his red, white and blue.

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