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hmmm 26 August 2007

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.


What should an American do in the face of a Chinese [calligraphy] pawn ticket (even one from the 50s, as is this one)?

My first thought is, bow down. In reverence for our meal ticket.

Confessional: I have used this pic before, mainly as I like it a lot.

A few tid bits from earlier comments (Jan 21)

marisacat – 21 January 2007

Harry’s Stuff

the site I found it at (an old Brit who was in China and HK at that period) says for a pcket watch…

In 1968 Harry drove from Kuwait to London – in a dear little Fiat… The link is to a photo and a couple of grafs about Basra.    Iraq was the secular breath of air between islamic law Kuwait and Iran. That is not a comment in support of Saddam nor the Ba’ath party. however American both may have been… ;)

And a bit of translation from wu ming:

the calligraphy is hard to read, but the vertical column down the middle appears to say 15 dollars and 80 cents. the cool thing about it is all the different layers of writing: a printed blue form, with black brush writing for the price and other information, and red ink chops (carvbed seals, serve the f(x) of signatures) and red rubber stamp for the date.

Anyway, a bit of fripperie on a Sunday… enjoy 😉




1. Hair Club for Men - 26 August 2007

Cockburn vs. Phyllis Bennis Exchange on Counterpunch


2. mattes - 26 August 2007


….one of my relations has the perpetual neck tilt going….and the flip of the hair too….just like mcjoan. It is most annoying. Can someone just me a clue? It just seems like the very opposite of feminism. This person I am talking about runs a very successful business. I just don’t get it.

3. mattes - 26 August 2007


4. msxeno - 26 August 2007

mattes, it comes from holding your nose so high up in the air that birds overhead are in constant danger of, er, dropping bombs in it. The neck tilt is employed in order to shake loose any unfortunate results.

Now that you know, proceed in peace. 😉

5. msxeno - 26 August 2007

Oh, and possibly appropriate music to accompany the image. from the Shanghai Quartet if you just scroll down to the “Yunnan Folk Songs” part.

I love these guys. 8)

6. Hair Club for Men - 26 August 2007

If you don’t watch this John Pilger film, Jay Elias will kill a kitten.


7. liberalcatnip - 26 August 2007

Am I there yet?

8. brinn - 26 August 2007

where you at, catnip?

9. supervixen - 26 August 2007

I love that pic!

Anyone see The Pillow Book? I liked it. It features interesting uses for calligraphy and Ewan McGregor.

10. Hair Club for Men - 26 August 2007

I think if there’s a God, people like Cheney are going to spend their eternity listening to John Pilger’s voice.

I keep thinking of Tom Cruise at the end of “Interview with the Vampire”. “Oh Louis. Still whining. I’ve been listening to that for centuries”.

Pilger is the definition of mournful. But that’s a great documentary on Latin America.

11. Revisionist - 26 August 2007

I try to block IwtV out of my memory. I prefer to imagine that film was never made.

12. Hair Club for Men - 26 August 2007

One of the most misogynistic movies I’ve ever seen.

But Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt’s characters are basically just like Nazi SS officers debating the morality of killing “inferior” people while they do it so it sort of fits Cheney and Bush.

13. Shadowthief - 26 August 2007

Oh Marisacat was right, the Kos interview with Jake Tapper of ABC News is a hoot n and a holler.

MOULITSAS: Oh, I’ve seen the charges. I think people are paranoid, some people are paranoid. I’ve never frozen — tried to freeze somebody out. I may say, ‘OK, I don’t like that blogger, that guy is full of it.’ Doesn’t mean I’m going to tell other people freeze that person out. Everybody makes their own mind. It’s a big blogosphere, there’s thousands of bloggers out there. There’s no way I can even begin to control this machine that exists, and I wouldn’t want to.

I mean, people say nasty things about me all the time. If I try to dampen down the, that criticism, I’d have a lot of heartburn. I mean, my life would be not blogging, would be trying to do damage control, what would you want to call that? I don’t have dogs that go around breaking people’s kneecaps. I don’t have — I don’t have my enforcers.

But one of the things, you know, one of the reasons that criticism really seems weird to me is that I don’t generally link to a lot of other bloggers. It’s not like I — I’m not this different, I link to poll numbers, I link to actual analysis by political writers. I mean, this is not the sort of thing where OK, I will withhold my link to you and now you’re — you’re doomed to eternal irrelevance. I mean, I don’t know how I possibly could retaliate if I wanted to so-called retaliate. I mean, it seems really absurd to me.

Aside from the image of “dogs breaking kneecaps”…uh…Moulitsas doesn’t have “enforcers” who try to squelch criticism of him?

And guess how many people write diaries on DailyKos?

TAPPER: How many diarists are there?

MOULITSAS: Just about, you know, 15, 20,000.

TAPPER: 15 to 20,000 diarists?

MOULITSAS: Yes, a lot — a lot. And so, and there’s celebrities in that world and it’s a little, it’s its own little city. Like I said, I’m like a mayor of a city, and there’s a lot of little cliques and little subcultures, a pair of subcultures on the site. It’s desired, it’s a sociologist’s dream. I’m sure they’re spending it right now. And I don’t — I can’t even begin to understand it myself.

And, to me, what’s important is that these elected officials talk to these people, it’s that they communicate to those people. I don’t care if they come up to me and want to talk to me. I want them to talk to my community. So I’m more interested in them, you know, writing diaries on Daily Kos where they’re talking directly to the community as opposed to trying to set up a 15-minute meeting with me so they can try to pitch me in whatever BS agenda that they’re working on.

15,000 to 20,000 diarists? Oh, I think that figure might be off by just a…tad.


Sorry, no video link yet.

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 26 August 2007
15. liberalcatnip - 26 August 2007

where you at, catnip?

Good question.

I mean, my life would be not blogging, would be trying to do damage control, what would you want to call that?

The Townhouse list, kos?

dogs breaking kneecaps? wtf?

I don’t have — I don’t have my enforcers.

He’s just a laugh a minute, isn’t he?

16. liberalcatnip - 26 August 2007

So I’m more interested in them, you know, writing diaries on Daily Kos where they’re talking directly to the community as opposed to trying to set up a 15-minute meeting with me so they can try to pitch me in whatever BS agenda that they’re working on.

That’s right. Let them spew their BS agendas to thousands of other willing lapdogs instead.

17. liberalcatnip - 26 August 2007

What a joke of a roller-coaster ride: Iraq’s leaders agree on key benchmarks

And here’s Edwards, sounding all presidential a la dubya:

“Although they haven’t done squat yet, I would give (Iraq prime minister Nouri al-Maliki) and the Sunnis at least few months to reach a compromise.

I’m sorry – but that’s flipping hilarious.

Did you know his dad was a mill worker? lol

18. liberalcatnip - 26 August 2007

I wonder how “haven’t done squat” translates into Arabic.

19. Shadowthief - 26 August 2007

President Edwards addresses the Iraqis:

Y\’all need to get off the dime…hear?

(At which point the President\’s English-to-Arab translator\’s head explodes….)

Hm, if only I had a video of Moulitsas\’ interview with Tapper, I could overlay it with the Stooges\’ \”I wanna be your dog\”:

So messed up I want you here
In my room I want you here
Now we\’re gonna be Face-to-face
And I\’ll lay right down In my favorite place
And now I wanna be your dog
Now I wanna be your dog
Now I wanna be your dog
Well c\’mon
Now I\’m ready to close my eyes
And now I\’m ready to close my mind
And now I\’m ready to feel your hand
And lose my heart on the burning sands
And now I wanna be your dog
And now I wenna be your dog
Now I wanna be your dog

20. Shadowthief - 26 August 2007

Well that formatting was…different. My keyboard must be defective 🙂

21. liberalcatnip - 26 August 2007

Is anyone else having problems loading the political meatfest site?

22. marisacat - 26 August 2007

“not doing squat”

hmm I caught the Edwardses on FTN this am. It was not a pretty picture. I think she holds him up.

23. Hair Club for Men - 26 August 2007

I wonder how “haven’t done squat” translates into Arabic.

Same way it translates into Vietnamese.


24. liberalcatnip - 26 August 2007

No, I mean literally. Like, would it be, “haven’t had a shit” or something like that?

Okay. I’ll stop. Ewww.

25. mattes - 26 August 2007

msxeno…I suppose you are right. It’s a half sibling, and it’s been difficult to get closer to her. And I’ve tried.

26. liberalcatnip - 26 August 2007

Found Army of Dude’s blog via Andrew Sullivan. Wonder how long that will last before the DoD orders it taken down.

27. liberalcatnip - 26 August 2007

Here’s one for you, mattes (et al): Misinterpreting the Mideast. (head explosion warning)

28. Madman in the Marketplace - 26 August 2007

This country wastes all kinds of time on all kinds worthless, draconian bullshit:

Scientists Drug-Test Whole Cities

Researchers have figured out how to give an entire community a drug test using just a teaspoon of wastewater from a city’s sewer plant.

The test wouldn’t be used to finger any single person as a drug user. But it would help federal law enforcement and other agencies track the spread of dangerous drugs, like methamphetamines, across the country.

Oregon State University scientists tested 10 unnamed American cities for remnants of drugs, both legal and illegal, from wastewater streams. They were able to show that they could get a good snapshot of what people are taking.

“It’s a community urinalysis,” said Caleb Banta-Green, a University of Washington drug abuse researcher who was part of the Oregon State team. The scientists presented their results Tuesday at a meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston.

Two federal agencies have taken samples from U.S. waterways to see if drug testing a whole city is doable, but they haven’t gotten as far as the Oregon researchers.

One of the early results of the new study showed big differences in methamphetamine use city to city. One urban area with a gambling industry had meth levels more than five times higher than other cities. Yet methamphetamine levels were virtually nonexistent in some smaller Midwestern locales, said Jennifer Field, the lead researcher and a professor of environmental toxicology at Oregon State.

The ingredient Americans consume and excrete the most was caffeine, Field said.

29. Shadowthief - 26 August 2007

Well, Edwards could just say “Kaslân!”, which is Arabic for “lazy”. Uh…I don’t really speak Arabic, but I learned a bit in preparation for GW1.

The word for “nothing” is “mafee”, but I don’t know how to make a sentence out of it.

If Edwards really wants to insult the Iraqis, he could just call them all “lazy dogs”. Huge insult in the Arabic world. “Son of a dog” is “Yebnen kelp” I think….

30. Shadowthief - 26 August 2007

I don\’t know why WordPress is suddenly inserting those \\ marks into my posts, but it\’s damned annoying.

31. liberalcatnip - 26 August 2007

I don’t know if y’all (channeling Edwards) have seen this: AP Count: Deaths in Iraq Nearly Double Pre-Surge Level

BAGHDAD This year’s U.S. troop buildup has succeeded in bringing violence in Baghdad down from peak levels, but the death toll from sectarian attacks around the country is running nearly double the pace from a year ago.

Some of the recent bloodshed appears the result of militant fighters drifting into parts of northern Iraq, where they have fled after U.S.-led offensives. Baghdad, however, still accounts for slightly more than half of all war-related killings – the same percentage as a year ago, according to figures compiled by The Associated Press.

The tallies and trends offer a sobering snapshot after an additional 30,000 U.S. troops began campaigns in February to regain control of the Baghdad area. It also highlights one of the major themes expected in next month’s Iraq progress report to Congress: some military headway, but extremist factions are far from broken.

In street-level terms, it means life for average Iraqis appears to be even more perilous and unpredictable.

But surge on there Democrats.

32. marisacat - 26 August 2007


WP is loaded iwth glitches. NEW ONES…

When I post a comment, it does post, I can go to the “back stage” comment page and see it, but here on the posting form, the page times out.

Among other things.

I hope they take it down again and fix it.

33. msxeno - 26 August 2007

I think Edwards should look to his own party if he’s anxious to think up new and novel ways to hurl insults about laziness. :/ What an asshole.

34. Marie - 26 August 2007

Not sure whether to laugh or slit my throat:
(click on the video)

Our Future

35. marisacat - 26 August 2007

I just read this weekend that an additional 600,000 have fled or are internally displaced jsut during the “surge”.

One of the reprehensible aspects of the Dem Party bullshit has been the years of blaming the Iraqis.

As I said, Edwards clearly needs his wife to animate him, so shut the fuck up.

Gen Odom said in spring of 04, before AG broke, to literally declare victory and come home. Use the lack of WMD and that we had Saddam. Call it over. And I doubt he was the least bit naive on the whole of the truth of our plans…

But the real reason, as Odom said, is that “Iraq is a shattered country”…

and that was March of 04. Instead iirc about that point in time is when we sent in Negroponte, or soon after.

36. marisacat - 26 August 2007

Don’t worry Marie… I fixed the one…;)

Just take the format I sent and instead of the brckets, use the little arrows.

If you look at the period and comma keys, the little arrows on the same keys if you use caps.

I will post a HTML tutorial, maybe a couple of them as different ways of explaining stuff work for people.

That is how I taught myself the very tiny bit I know. Just the 4 or 5 most basic HTML…


37. Marie - 26 August 2007

Not sure whether to laugh or slit my throat:
scroll down to SC Schools and watch the video


Sorry if I screwed up another link

38. msxeno - 26 August 2007

OMG !! Auguste at Pandagon thinks that maybe, just maybe, Kucinich is… uh, kind of okay. But remember, he’s still better than some dirty, filthy N*d*r*t*.

No I’m not posting a link. My stomach hurts too much, and I won’t be responsible for triggering that in anyone else. :/

39. marisacat - 26 August 2007


Look at comment 34, I fixed the link there.

I will be posting an HTML tutorial… let me google and find a couple.

40. Revisionist - 26 August 2007

minor meltdown at the K over oatmeal cookies

41. marisacat - 26 August 2007

This page shows the basic HTML for links. And is the format I use with WP threads.

42. BooHooHooMan - 26 August 2007

Provacative post, no OCD here, but……
Where the fuck do you think the meta is coming from?

“What say you then? Care to open your fucking mouths; stop for a moment the obsession over celebrities and personalities and start obsessing over policy and ideology? If not, say so…”

“Celebrities and personalities” –that’s a good one. Yeh, Hillary is wondering how she’ll look depending on how well mcjoan can hyperlink to a New York Times article. Do you really think there is a genuine void in policy or ideological formation on the Left? Re-think or qualify Roe much? The Geneva Convention? Lawful Warfare? There’s a lack of speaking out about it??? It’s time to be offline more, dear blogger. The problem IS the sellouts. The problem IS the speech and sheep herding…Markos’ cozy online Party-line milieu is but a reflection of DC.

Re the TNR piece Markos “The sophisticated argument for outside agitation, for staking out an extreme position and refusing to budge, has always been that it empowers the pragmatists. It lets reformers tell people in power that, if they don’t make reforms, all hell will break loose. In that way, Haywood empowered Gompers. Thomas empowered FDR. And Carmichael empowered Bayard Rustin and Martin Luther King. The sophisticated argument against pure pragmatism is that, without an unpragmatic alternative, it doesn’t work.”

Remember the clubby cache of referring to Overton on DK spoken with such trendy breathless novelty as if no one ever bargained for a car or dealt with a determined five year old at beddy-bye time….

Re Beinert, aside from its firm grip on the obvious, I have some probs with the tone of Beinert’s “sophisticated argument” , it reads as just another brush off itself, the same radicals-as-tools-for-centrist rationale. Shallow consideration for the depth of resentment felt on the Left. Beinert is about six months late in pondering the erosion of support for establishment (“pragmatic”) candidates in the blogosphere let alone disillusion with the “pragmatic” blogosphere itself. His facile construct of a Hillary or Obama win in 08 comes just a little too easy. Neither Hillary or Obama will win in 08.

The problem is as much”who” these “pragmatists” are as it is the issue of defining what, indeed, is “pragmatic”. Thus, the meta blowback here and elsewhere. This is no lone crazed gunman taking part in character assassination. It’s not an issue of policy formation, nuance or clarification. That’s all chaff. Roe was decided in 73. The Civil Rights Act in 1965. God damn Constitutional government in 1789. Anti War and Issue Activists are sick of the lack of candor delivery and character in the DP. Most have never heard of Markos or his blog. So the DP still has anemic Labor and a bunch of wannabe staffers and armchair pundits online. So what?? The blowback already happened.

Meanwhile, A half a million people at the larger of this year’s anti war rallies dwarfs Markos efforts. Half of those people are going to withhold the vote from the Dems. Good luck coming up with an extra 60,000 votes in Florida when you need it.

What a charade of a puff piece, Markos “strategic dilemma” framed as a matter of politics: His business plan maybe. Politically, (much like his much vaunted E-4 Army rank) , he is cannon fodder possessing neither the acumen or substance to engineer anything other than hype. “Dig Deep” and a link to ActBlue is cute compared to folks who can go through their Rolodex (and in all likelihood it will be a Rolodex) and raise a million bucks with ten close friends in ten minutes. ..Not that the DP won’t take ~the bloggers~ lunch money, they will.

Suggesting though, that a virulent Left is some spontaneously generated phenomena or that it’s always the same old cranks is unfounded. There are far to many miles that have been trudged down the road of cooperation to “Pragmatism” Place. The exact position Hillama will finish in the horse race given their Vichy nature.

At least the party hacks used to use REAL radicals to make their malarkey appealing. Now, they’re going with Markos. LOL.

Available. Just Available.
by BooHooHooMan @ Sun Aug 26, 2007 at 21:04:26 PM PDT

43. Hair Club for Men - 26 August 2007

That Miss South Carolina video was just weird. Dumb or illiterate people don’t usually go completely incoherent like that and just start mumbling gibberish.

I think people are getting fooled by the fact that she looks like a stereotypical Jessica Simponesque dumb blond but that’s not what’s going on. I’m guessing there’s some kind of abusive parent or authority figure in her life that’s got her to the point where she completely loses it when put on the spot.

44. Marie - 26 August 2007

Marisa – thanks. That’s what I had been using but it didn’t work when I tried it here. Then the brackets seemed to work — so will go back to using .

Oatmeal cookies and SC Teen Beauty Contest in one day is surely too much goodiness. Wonder if they read the crappy diary or skipped it in favor of talking about their favorite oatmeal cookies.

45. BooHooHooMan - 26 August 2007

Whoops, I should have identified that as a post from peeders.
I focused grouped the sigline through Atkins Strategic Solutions (ASS)

46. Revisionist - 26 August 2007

Since Sharon’s stroke, he has undergone three brain operations, abdominal surgery and three minor surgical procedures.

Raanan Gissin, Sharon’s former adviser and a close family friend, said Sharon exhibits no brain wave activity, but the family objects to disconnecting the respirator.

“Everyone in the family believes he will recover,” Gissin said.

47. marisacat - 26 August 2007


I had just read that thread where you make that comment. I saw eugene go after hrh.

he cannot stand women that are not dependent on him. LOL. So used to being sent out as the “walker” for the wimmens in the Dkos net the butterflies system….



no problem, i posted a link to a page with the basic HTML code for links…

48. marisacat - 26 August 2007

Raanan Gissen is an asshole. Vicious nasty man. Like Olmert, always on site at a suicide bomber tragedy… Probably did “mopping up” himself (meaning lethal crack down, not mopping the blood)

All those people are lunatics.

49. Hair Club for Men - 26 August 2007

And Carmichael empowered Bayard Rustin and Martin Luther King.

He’s just picking out “radicals” and “centrists” and coupling them without really looking at the history.

The height of King’s power came before anybody had even heard of Stokely Carmichael. Carmichael wasn’t a particuarly well known person until 1967 or so, exactly the time King was moving to the left.

Thomas empowered FDR.

Norman Thomas was probably to the right of FDR at some point and was hardly a threatening figure in 1932. It wasn’t Norman Thomas. It was the threat of Communism, the Bonus Marchers, and the threat of fascism that (maybe) empowered FDR. But in reality it was the fact that the Hoover administration had collapsed.

50. marisacat - 26 August 2007

It took decades of pressure to reach the 60s.

Love how eugene says he is an expert on the 60s. And the Atkins shitcases claim all sorts of expertise.

51. Hair Club for Men - 26 August 2007

From the I won’t vote for Hillary Diary


Did she take money from Abramoff? How ’bout from Greenberg/Traurig? Preston/Gates/Ellis? She likes taking money from lobbyists. Which ones? What occasions?

Yes. Mark Rich bought the pardon in 2000 with the promise to fund the Clinton library and to jumpstart Hillary’s campaign.

Anybody care to guess who Mark Rich’s long term lawyer is?


The Clintons have also taken a boatload of money from James Riatti (one of Suharto’s thugs).

52. Shadowthief - 26 August 2007

Here’s an idea. Let’s discuss the man whom British bookies are giving odds favourite to be the next President:

Mitt Romney!

Link to Guardian article: http://tinyurl.com/3xxg7s

Comment on the article, which I thought was the best of the lot:

For instance, the Fed just bailed out a bunch of rich hedge-fund gamblers. This from the same government that made it almost impossible for the average citizen to declare bankruptcy – because many citizens were running up credit card bills on outrageous healthcare bills. It’s socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor. Can we ask our candidates to talk about this bizarre corruption? Can we ask if they’ll disregard the Constitituion (after swearing an oath to uphold and protect it) as much as the current (the Constitiution is “just a goddamned piece of paper”) president has? Can we ask if they’ll lie us into more unnecessary invasions and occupations?


We can ask which religious myths they have “faith” in, if they believe in evolution, and whether or not they enjoy hunting. If this is the “democracy” we’re trying to spread, no wonder it’s not working. It has a very foul odor.

Now why didn’t I write that? Wait, maybe I did….

53. Shadowthief - 26 August 2007

Damn \\ those \\ Word\\press \\bastards and their lousy damned \\ formatting marks\\!

54. Miss Devore - 26 August 2007

I wonder if this was hatched in Karen Hughes office–gotta love the title at the bbc:

“Anger over ‘blasphemous’ balls
By Alastair Leithead
BBC News, Kabul

Demonstration over football dropped by US troops
The footballs angered residents in Khost
A demonstration has been held in south- east Afghanistan accusing US troops of insulting Islam after they distributed footballs bearing the name of Allah.

The balls showed the Saudi Arabian flag which features the Koranic declaration of faith.

The US military said the idea had been to give something for Afghan children to enjoy and they did not realise it would cause offence.

The footballs were dropped from a helicopter in Khost province.

Some displayed flags from countries all over the world, including Saudi Arabia, which features the shahada, one of the five pillars of Islam – the declaration of faith.

Football dropped by US troops
The balls were intended as a gift to Afghan children

The words, which include the name of Allah, are revered, and Muslims are very sensitive about where and how they can be used.”


55. brinn - 26 August 2007

That is a hilarious title, MissD — ‘blasphemous’ balls, another great band name.

It is amazing that the rest of the world hasn’t gotten together yet to put us out of our misery — I means, chirst on toast, they didn’t realise it would cause offense? Well, ok then, get some numbnut making a six figure salary to do a little research.
No, I know, too much to ask.

56. D. Throat - 26 August 2007

Quick and easy HTML if you are using FireFox

With this handy dandy plug in all all you have to do is highlight and click


57. D. Throat - 26 August 2007

Miss D. you would think that someone would have at least ran the idea by a local first. It is telling that they are still working in a vacuum.

58. Sabrina Ballerina - 26 August 2007

#15. liberalcatnip

I mean, my life would be not blogging, would be trying to do damage control, what would you want to call that?

The Townhouse list, kos?

dogs breaking kneecaps? wtf?

I don’t have — I don’t have my enforcers.

He’s just a laugh a minute, isn’t he?


Rotfl, that is a riot! And knee-cap breaking dogs? He was so incoherent. You wonder why anyone calls him back. But he’s the designated ‘left’ pundit now. As if!

Catnip, I couldn’t get online tonight because my browsers, both of them, Firefox and IE wouldn’t load. Something about a ‘bad url’ and something street.com. Don’t know what it means, but everything was so slow before that happens.

I spent way too much time trying to respond to comments on the PFF while it was acting that way. Now it’s fine, though! Just wondered if anyone else ever has that happen?

59. Shadowthief - 26 August 2007

Brinn–no, they didn\’t realise that scribbling the name of Allah on a football and dropping it would offend observant Moslems.

That\’s because the government of the United States is being run by a bunch of hicks from Mayberry. There are cultured people in the State Department who actually speak a language other than English, have lived abroad, and understand the history, culture, and customs of other countries.

Alas, not a single one of them has any influence in the Cheney administration. \”Mayberry Machiavellis\”, indeed–a most appropriate sobriquet for the crowd who hold control the machinery of the Empire.

Really, this entire incident could have been avoided by reading \”Islam for Dummies\”, but I suppose the front and back covers were too far apart for the Bush brainiacs. Or is that the Cheneyists? Who is the President, anyway?

60. D. Throat - 26 August 2007

Afghan MP Mirwais Yasini said: “To have a verse of the Koran on something you kick with your foot would be an insult in any Muslim country around the world.”

A spokeswoman for the US forces in Afghanistan said they made “significant efforts to work with local leaders, mullahs and elders to respect their culture” and distributing the footballs was an effort to give a gift the Afghan children would enjoy.

“Unfortunately,” she added, “there was something on those footballs we didn’t immediately understand to be offensive and we regret that as we do not want to offend.”

This will be used and proof in that bigot’s diary on DK “Muslim Outrage”…. I wonder how outrage people in the bible belt would be if they distributed toilet paper with the Lords Prayer. Stupidity knows no bounds.

61. Shadowthief - 26 August 2007

Only question now is, what breed of kneecap-breaking dog is Miss Laura?

62. Sabrina Ballerina - 26 August 2007

Re Hillary, she also took money from the infamous Tan Family. One of the most popular diarists at DK, Dengre I think, who writes excellent diaries on the Marianas Islands/Abramoff affairs wrote a diary asking about Hillary’s Tan Family donations. He was immediately vilified. Doesn’t take much to fall from grace over there.

Marisacat, that attack on hrh is typical of what they do on DK. Smear people where no one dares to contradict them. They are going to hate PFF because now people can say what they think. He lived in the DK/MLW bubble for far too long and when they do that, they don’t have a clue what goes on outside of it. It’s really a phenomenon. They are in for a big shock whenever they venture outside and see how marginalized they are. And how inconsequential. They should be glad people on PFF are talking about them, at least for now. No one else is.

BHHM, that was a great post …. that Beinart article was a piece of garbage. But the thread was good. Brinn made some great suggestions, missed by Eugene apparently re working locally.

63. Sabrina Ballerina - 26 August 2007

Lol, Shadowthief, didn’t DHinMi ask if McJoan had her rabies shots also? And we thought it he was kidding. A fantasy of Kos and DHinMi probably. I could see them plotting such a thing to use against liberals.

Man are they obsessed by the ’60s! But on that site, it won’t fly ‘cos there they have no control. It’s just so mind-bloggling to me the way they bring it up all the time, with such hatred. Just like the right.

64. marisacat - 26 August 2007

Marisacat, that attack on hrh is typical of what they do on DK. Smear people where no one dares to contradict them.

yeah seem to remmeber cuntbitchwhore from DD rode the top of the Rec list for two days. Just the biggest hit from the old sewer.

Til deleted.

The last bit of free flowing spooge I read was Curmudgette and Diane W saying I was the adult child of alcoholic parents.

And let’s see… befire that poor Martin said I did drugs.

Poor schlubs.

I stick to my own obervation and educated speculation. Which is frankly based on how politics, machine politics and the gutter leading to the drain shakes out, over and over.

I’ve not been wrong yet. To be blunt.

65. Revisionist - 26 August 2007

Just an FYI —

the Constitiution is “just a goddamned piece of paper”

while a great quote and meme it is made up. Bush never said it. It was an invention by Capitol Hill Blue. They have admitted it along with some of their other fictions.

66. brinn - 27 August 2007

SB — eugene always did miss suggestions/points etc. that I made, he had me fooled for quite a while over at MLW, but hey, eventually I learn! 😉

67. D. Throat - 27 August 2007

They only thing that I don’t like about PFF is the “tone”… I know it is suppose to be cute and snarky …. but to call yourself and asshole in order to have free speech… is a bit demeaning. I am sure there will be great posts there… but the set up instantly denies any credibility.

I think this is a shame because there is truly a need for a scoop like free speech zone… but to be insulted and dismissed in order to even write there … kinda misses the point BIG TIME. Places like DK and the BBB are the assholes, extremists and racists. That “Sick of Muslim outrage” was sickening and was promoted by many “mainstream” diarists”.

So I understand the “joke”… of PFF but I am not buying into it…. just like I don’t buy into Blacks calling each other the “N-word”…. it ain’t funny.

68. marisacat - 27 August 2007


DH said it was OK to elevate Mcjoan (to the FP) as she had had her distemper shot.

She sucked it down and laughed. sorry to be vulgar.

69. marisacat - 27 August 2007

67 – D Throat

well my gues is that PFF will morph. I rather doubt it can stay as it is forever – or the online version of forever which is a few years, i would guess.

Right now it seems to be a release valve…

70. D. Throat - 27 August 2007

I see that all of Hilary’s paid operatives are lining up.

Now that it has come out in the open that Hilary’s people are running Democracy Alliance… the trough from which all of the Boyz feed from… there will be no more Hilary dissent.

Even Turkana had come out from under the covers and make a long statement of how much he hated Hilary…. BUT…. she was being wrong in the MSM assessment of her “Surge is working” quote.

71. D. Throat - 27 August 2007

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton said Saturday evening that if she is elected president in 2008, she would quickly ask “distinguished Americans of both parties” to travel the world before her inauguration to proclaim a new era of “bipartisan foreign policy” in the United States.

It was one of several bipartisan notes that Mrs. Clinton struck in remarks to a crowd of a few thousand at a $50-a-ticket fundraiser at the outdoor Tabernacle here on Martha’s Vineyard.

She also mentioned a New York Republican who is supporting her; praised a University of Chicago professor’s study of education (noting his campus is not a hotbed of “liberal thinking”); and praised Presidents Lincoln and Eisenhower, both Republicans, for setting and achieving major national goals.

Definitely going for the GOP vote… what is exactly
“bipartisan foreign policy”

I guess that is why they are calling in all the old Dem neocons like Kerrey. Isn’t it strange that their is so little talk of the down stream campaigns????

72. marisacat - 27 August 2007

I picked this up at Angry Arab. From the Jewish Telegraph Agency:

The association with Ross could help Obama solve a key dilemma: how to win the confidence of hawkish pro-Israel donors without alienating his anti-war base.

Ross, who served in the State Department of both Bush administrations and the Clinton administration, has displayed a rare ability to command respect from a wide swath of the political spectrum within the Jewish community. As the architect of President Clinton’s Middle East peace efforts and consistent voice for more robust American diplomatic efforts, Ross has secured the support of the community’s more dovish wing. At the same time, he has earned respect in more hawkish circles with his willingness to blame Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat for the collapse of the peace process and challenge those who say the pro-Israel lobby controls U.S. foreign policy.

Eric Lynn, Obama’s liaison to the Jewish community, told JTA that his boss and Ross have had a relationship for several years.

“He says, ‘Tony Lake and Susan Rice are my top foreign policy advisers,’ but when it comes to the Middle East, Dennis Ross informally advises the senator.”

Obama “certainly values his counsel and would continue to value his counsel as he moves forward,” Lynn said. “He views Dennis as a friend and they talk often about situations, particularly the Israeli-Palestinian situation.”

The director of the Anti-Defamation League, Abraham Foxman, praised Ross.

73. marisacat - 27 August 2007

well I heard today on one of the shows – ugh think it was Krauthammer… that a full 80% of polled Repub “likely voters” will “never vote for her”.


74. marisacat - 27 August 2007

Magnum Opus Navel….

I used to make a joke that Blahggers had two navels, one to contemplate and one to emit soft soothing music. Muzak on soma.

The MON blows that apart.

75. frtitzcat - 27 August 2007

brinn- yes. you do learn. I remember your troll stalker days at BMT too. You’ve come along way…glad to see that you have rejoined the fight. This time I know our side will win. Yuck yuck.

Marisa– yes, PFF needs to lose a lot of hot air, go “Pffft…” so to speak. Maybe something interesting might result after the initial inflation deflates.

So far, I am completely disappointed. Maybe when some of your cats lose interest and return to mothers milk the place will improve…altho I’m not holding my breath.

And no, I stillhavent signed in yet to protect my screen identity….

76. frtitzcat - 27 August 2007

remember those days well, since moi was the troll that you were stalking….I have no hard feelings or personal regrets, it was some of the best blogging I have yet committed…BMT was probably the zenith if my blogging, and that ingrate Booman the Hitter didnt appreciate my work in the least.

Thats what galls me about these community blogheads–they think its all about them and their friends on the front page–and it never is about them, except that their uniform front page drivel defies intelligent readership.

77. brinn - 27 August 2007

titz — I didn’t stalk trolls at BMT, I just couldn’t stand YOU. I never was one to take kindly to liars. What is this fight of which you speak by the way?

78. frtitzcat - 27 August 2007

its a quote from Casablanca. At the end, when Inspector Clousseau or wtf walks off into the fog in the rain with Bogart….the gayest scene yet filmed in any movie…you are hilarious…I remember one time you commented “Boo? Susan? I don’t trust this user.” Susan Hu I think it was. Fun times. I remember them warmly.

79. frtitzcat - 27 August 2007

Claude Rains. Wtf was his name? Inspector Maginot?

One of the best. All time. Period.

Right there with Stu Piddy…

80. frtitzcat - 27 August 2007

TaTa cat litterers, I’m off to smoke my breakfast…have a great day in Californiadise.

May your burden be light and your path short.

81. Revisionist - 27 August 2007

With Gonzo gone, does Bush have any old timer Texans left around him?

82. marisacat - 27 August 2007

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:



83. Sabrina Ballerina - 27 August 2007

Wow, he must be in trouble. No doubt he’s going to spend time with the family. Although the last I read, only one Senator was on board to impeach him.

Can’t get too excited regarding any benefit to the Judicial system though. I’m sure Bush has someone equally vile in mind, and the Dems will make sure just enough of them vote for whoever it is.

84. marisacat - 27 August 2007

Right now they are saying the temp replacement will be Solicitor Gen Paul Clemente.


85. Shadowthief - 27 August 2007

Marisacat wrote:

The last bit of free flowing spooge I read was Curmudgette and Diane W saying I was the adult child of alcoholic parents.

LOL, that’s called “projection”. That’s THEIR circumstances and addiction, or relation to someone who is an addict, explains EVERYTHING. Just wait until you get scolded about “taking inventory” of someone when you haven’t taken your own inventory.

Whenever Curmudgette or Diane W. use that “taking inventory” language they borrowed from AA, I have an image of them as shopkeepers, counting their wares: “Hm, we’re fully stocked on regret and we have enough recrimination to get through the weekend, but we’re running low on judgment, guilt,and almost all out of shame….”

I do appreciate the Kossackesque accusation–you oppose me, therefore you must be crazy or drug-addicted–from Curmudgette and Diane W. MyLeftWing, BoomanTribune, DailyKos, they are all the same in the way they treat people.

It’s an American disease, this impulse to psychoanalyse everybody. I endured endless blather about why George W. Bush does what he does (apparently his Mum’s a beast and his Dad’s a nonstarter), but I didn’t care then and I don’t care now why Bush does what he does: I just want to know how to destroy his power so that he can’t harm any more people. I don’t give a toss about his childhood nor if he’s a sociopath or a “dry drunk” or any of that. It’s not necessary to know and is a diversion from the true task at hand.

86. marisacat - 27 August 2007

I thought it was pretty funny when I read it… iirc Curmudgette used the short hand… ACAP and Diane W asked what it meant.

My mother never drank anything other than cofee and water after I was born, it all tasted terrible to her. My father’s affliction was to love to end a dinner party sharing a bottle of Courvoisier with an old friend. And sometimes a second bottle.

About it.

87. Shadowthief - 27 August 2007

I thought the abbreviation was ACOA (Adult Child of an Alcoholic). Diane W. also asked Curmudgette why the sky is blue, too.

Marisacat, if you had taken inventory and re-stocked your shelves, you’d know that Curmudgette is the only healthy person on the Internets and therefore the only one capable of assessing everyone else’s problems.

Telling other people they need to “take inventory” is just a bullying tool, deflecting rational argument and making every discussion personal. It’s a version of Armandoism, when you think about it.

Ah, and Curmudgette also endorses the death penalty for rapists and child molesters–both horrific crimes but levying the death penalty for them does not accord with any known Enlightenment concepts of justice or jurisprudence. But I’ve no right to question her on that because I haven’t finished taking my inventory. I have to admit, I have a pretty big warehouse, and quite disorganised.

88. marisacat - 27 August 2007

whatever the letters are… too early not enough coffee.

LOL whatever it was stunning assumption.

89. Shadowthief - 27 August 2007

Marisacat, do you have a link to Curmudgette’s impersonation of Dr. Freud (or should I say “Dr. Fraud”?). I may pop in and have a word with the new CEO of MyLeftWing (MSOC has handed the keys to the queendom to Curmudgette).

90. Shadowthief - 27 August 2007

Curmudgette’s been in political heaven since ’92 because of Bill Clinton (ACOA) and George W. Bush (dry drunk alcoholic). Let us hope for her sake that Romney has a Mum who was a pill popper, or poor Curmudgette may have to spend all of her time focusing on Hillary, who is the CSOACOA (the Co-dependent Spouse Of an Adult Child Of an Alcoholic).

And yes, I made up that last acronym myself. Probably.

91. marisacat - 27 August 2007

The only thing that ever happened with Curmudgette as in thsi thread. Starts at about comment 29.

The Blogging Curmudge was careening around the netteries slamming me for my rather simple commentary on Msock. “Go home rest and stop hiding behind the kid. Get a grip. You are boring”

But he was not being consistent. He was coming here complaining about Msock, then emailing a commenter here that he would never post here for a list of reasons.

It was too looney.

So I posted that if Curmudgette agreed with TBC I would be happy to delink from the blogrool.

Not a big deal.

I left a comment at TBCurmudgeon site.

WHile there I noticed Curmudgette had a piece decrying blogging practices and linking to a thread at MBM that was inhabited with DavidBYron, Pyrrho and Supersoling. LOL Gettng their tiny rocks off slamming me. She also linked to a really stupid fp piece by Martin, his Paparazzi piece… slamming me (as well as others, mostly people who started MBM), using a blockquote of a smush of all sorts of comments here from all sorts of people and linking only to an old Sept 06 post here that had nothing to do with blogging or Blahgers…

I asked her that as I was the subject of the two posts she linked to, to please link to my site. Not to delve in and find a post of mine that related to such wide disparity of slams but to link to my site.

She refused saying the post was not about me. yes but she linked to two posts that were all in reference to me.

At the time I thought both TBC and Curmudgette were running a bit of a scam to be taken in at WIngless and accorded some sort of rights.

Sorry to be rude, I was right.

92. JJB - 27 August 2007


Like I said, I’m like a mayor of a city, and there’s a lot of little cliques and little subcultures, a pair of subcultures on the site. It’s desired, it’s a sociologist’s dream. I’m sure they’re spending it right now. And I don’t — I can’t even begin to understand it myself.

So is it a lot of subcultures, or a pair of them, i.e., two, which isn’t a lot by any definition of the work I’m familiar with. As for the last three sentences, what on earth do they have to do with what he’s been talking about up to that point? He’s shockingly inarticulate, and frequently becomes incoherent. Just why is it that people think he makes for an interesting interview?

And, to me, what’s important is that these elected officials talk to these people, it’s that they communicate to those people. I don’t care if they come up to me and want to talk to me. I want them to talk to my community. So I’m more interested in them, you know, writing diaries on Daily Kos where they’re talking directly to the community as opposed to trying to set up a 15-minute meeting with me so they can try to pitch me in whatever BS agenda that they’re working on.

Those diaries posted on your site attributed to elected officials are no more written by them than the Op-Ed articles that appear under their names in the MSM. The notion that Congresscritters and POTUS candidates are spending multiple hours of the week posting diaries and comments on a blog is preposterous, especially since they know very well that most of the regular participants in the comment threads are just political operatives of the sort they employ to drive the dialogue in the “netroots.”

93. marisacat - 27 August 2007


I did nto save it it was a few weeks ago, maybe three or 4…

So much gets said and so much is just cotton candy that they spin at night…

ugh just a warning I lost a comment just now Not in Moderation not in Spam

Just to say, seems WP is massively hiccuping.


94. marisacat - 27 August 2007

HA! My comment showed up 10 minutes later in spam.

The one about Curmudgette and TBC

95. marisacat - 27 August 2007

Henrik Hertzberg in the New Yorker on the scam out here in CA, to break down our 55 EV to district.

Years ago, I worried about this. It is the core way to deny Democrats the presidency. I think it was one of the objectives of the Recall, and thought so them… Now, I don’t care one little bit.

From what I see out here, Tom Campbell who ran seveal times against Feinstein (he ran to her left, but I did nto vote for either, can’t stand HIgh Holy Conservative = that would be Dianne – nor would I increase the R power by voting for him) has been working closely with Arnold for years on this issue.

Good luck … to them all. The Dem Party colluded in re-electing Arnold. So, why should I care.

96. outofwater - 27 August 2007

Primal scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kos just gave credit for Gonzales’s resignation to the Congressional Democrats. It’s possible good will come from it, but more likely the replacement AG will be someone who testifies he doesn’t know what happened because he wasn’t there, and everything continues without interruption. Meet the new boss, just like the old boss.

To add, had Democrats not taken over Congress in 2006, Gonzales would still be Attorney General.

Schumer just said Chernoff isnt’ the best choice, but he might be ok.

Read: We’ll pretend to dislike him, then confirm.

97. marisacat - 27 August 2007

Does kos have a keyboard up his ass as well? seems so…


98. brinn - 27 August 2007

I am so with you OOW — and the comments share the [cough] wealth. To wit:

The work of the Netroots (2+ / 0-)
Recommended by:Five of Diamonds, sherlyle
in getting The Democratic Party Elected to Congress is paying off

Thank you one and all

LIFE * I have lived enough of it to know that I am still a pupil.

by Luetta on Mon Aug 27, 2007 at 08:25:08 AM PDT
Elections have consequences… (2+ / 0-)
Recommended by:sherlyle, madgranny
Now, let’s hope the Dems can flex some muscle and get an honest person to serve as AG (assuming there is an honest person Bush would actually know/appoint)

-6.5, -7.59. I want to know who the men in the shadows are… ~Jackson Browne

by DrWolfy on Mon Aug 27, 2007 at 08:15:44 AM PDT

Aren’t they precious??

To be fair, there do seem to be a number of people in there who are buying the bullshit.

99. brinn - 27 August 2007

er, who are NOT buying the bullshit — though, of course their number is smaller than the other ones…

100. Revisionist - 27 August 2007

French President Nicolas Sarkozy called for a clear timetable to be set for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq in his first major foreign policy address.

but they took him boating and feed him lobster.

101. brinn - 27 August 2007

I don’t understand why everyone is getting so giddy and self-congratulatory about AG resigning. It gets him out of the crosshairs of congress (depite what the bleating cheerleaders say, the investigations may “continue”, but they won’t produce anything), gets Clement in as “acting” AG (now that everyone else is gone, he’s #4) and all Bush has to do to keep him there until Jan. ’09 is wait a few months, nominate someone (resets the clock on the 210 days) that he KNOWS has no chance in hell of being nominated (though, knowing the dems. they might just confirm Satan as the new AG…) and/or withdraw the nomination before the confirmation hearings, rise, repeat, rinse repeat.

102. marisacat - 27 August 2007

Vick can always claim to get jesus. Worked for the white boy in the White House.

103. marisacat - 27 August 2007


I agree… I think it is immaterial. And all the talk of Bush “isolated”.

And yet the Dems are out wandering in the Rose Garden seeing what photo ops and signing events they can make use of.. just like 2002.

His approval rating is edging slightly higher. But not congress.

104. ms_xeno - 27 August 2007

The fuss over AG reminds me of how they all tore into “Brownie” after the flood deaths, while merrily glossing over the fact that their own party waved the idiot on through in the first place.


105. brinn - 27 August 2007

Mcat — there’s no way in hell Dubya’s isolated (whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean anyway), the layers with these fuckers go DEEP!

I am not going to be at all surprised when I hear that Rove and AG are back here in TX working at getting Gov. Goodhair ready for the 2012 presidential run, DeLay is still skulking around in the shadows, and if people think he’s done, people had better get another think coming on quick.

Maybe it’s Austin in August, but man, I have a baaad feeling about all of this [in the form of nausea and vertigo! LOL!]

106. marisacat - 27 August 2007


Harriet Mier is in TX as well.

They just asign people around the nation.

The other right hand man for Bush… ugh have to think of his name, he and Mark McKinnon were top Bush election lieutenants, Matthew Dowd, that is the name, he is the Bush pollster.

He came out here to CA immediately after 04 to work with Arnold. Arnold picked up a Democrat, Sarah (I might be off on the first name) Kennedy, who had been Chief of Staff for Dianne Fienstein, Kennedy a Democrat, was the core of turning Arnold’s numbers around after they dived a couple years ago…

Round robin, merry go round. All it is.

Mark McKinnon for years only had Bush as a client (communications work), he too, released post 04/06.

People don’t get it, all Bush Rove etc needed to achieve was re-election.

And they did.

107. marisacat - 27 August 2007

Oh and just to stick the shiv in a little more

both mark McKinnon and Matthew Dowd had been Democratic strategists.

Til they smelled the rot in ’88 and lit out like bats out of hell.

108. Marie - 27 August 2007

Not sure Clement as acting AG buys the WH enough breathing room. This resignation walks, talks and smells like Rummy’s to me. Georgie taking his busted toy to Daddy and crying for him to fix it. Make the Senate gush over Gonzo’s replacement with no clue that he is nothing more than a better fixer than the previous one. I smell James Baker (or someone just like him that has a lower profile).

109. marisacat - 27 August 2007

Honestly marie, there is no sign that congress cares, about anything.

other than their pensions. And perks.

I don’t see how Bush needs breathing room For what? he is running the clock, everyone knows it and so is Congress (running the clock).

Not like anyone is moving to restore HC nor to endorse the Freedom of Choice Act.

110. ms_xeno - 27 August 2007

Tom Harkin sent me a stirring personal letter from the exotic Midwest over the weekend featuring the heartwarming story of how his Dad was in the WPA and that’s why I should fork over the cash.

I am skeptical. :/

111. ms_xeno - 27 August 2007


112. marisacat - 27 August 2007

ms xeno

probably going to take a few minutes for that comment to show up in Spam – not there at the moment, I will chck it again in 5 mins or so…

I waited 10 minutes for one of mine this am…

WP is apparently having a bad case of the vapors.

113. Sabrina Ballerina - 27 August 2007

Marisacat, I posted a diary on Gonzales at PFF and cross-linked to your thread where I found it.

Marie, Clement is a problem. Just did a little a research on him and came up with this:

Paul Clement weighs in on Partial Birth Abortion law

The ban does not apply when a woman’s life is at risk, but Congress made no exception to preserve a woman’s health. Abortion rights advocates say this omission is unconstitutional under the 2000 Supreme Court ruling. All lower federal courts to consider the matter have agreed, so the law has not yet been enforced.

But Solicitor General Paul D. Clement, defending the law, told the court yesterday that Congress properly found that “partial birth abortions were never medically necessary, and that safe alternatives were always available such that no woman would be prevented from terminating her pregnancy.”

As a result, he said, Congress had authority to ban what he called “a particularly gruesome procedure that blurred the line between abortion and infanticide.”

114. ms_xeno - 27 August 2007

Yeah, Mcat. The other day it was loading forever when I tried to post here or at other WP sites. When I hit “stop” after a five-minute plus wait, the post would usually appear. Eventually.

The revolution (or revolving) is breaking my heart, I tell you ! :p

115. Marie - 27 August 2007

Sorry Marisa, but “running out the clock” means delaying every move as long as possible. Gonzo’s resignation today is a bit premature for that scenario. They could easily have bought themselves more time with Gonzo without significantly more damage. The turtles in Congress would have played along with them for at least another month. Not saying that the WH isn’t basically trying to run out the clock nor that they have much to fear from Congress or the MSM. My guess is that the indians in DOJ might have had enough and they need to get someone over there that can pass out enough drugs to keep them pacified for the next year.

116. marisacat - 27 August 2007

well frankly I am n ot in any hurry to put up a new post while WP has massive hiccups.

Going to give it a rest.

117. marisacat - 27 August 2007

so Chertoff is change?

i see n othing but running the clock. Deep DC miasma.

What I call Papa Imperialists shook themselves out a couple years ago. Scowcroft Wilkerson, etc. Oh they made noise, they talked they paneled, they shook fingers at W.

i still see Bullshit and a dead congress.

118. Sabrina Ballerina - 27 August 2007

Spam I am – but don’t worry about it, Marisacat, it was just some info on Clement. Another sychophant it seems. So I don’t understand why Kos is all excited.

They claim credit for everything. They should NOT have let him resign, they should have impeached him. That was the way to get the info needed to get the rest of them. But they didn’t want to do that. So I think they made a deal.

Also, will they now drop the perjury investigation? I hope Kos is on the ball with all this, ‘cos if he isn’t, they will do nothing. Gonzo will get an office near Rummy and everything will go on as usual. He’ll still be Bush’s personal attorney, as he always was.

119. Sabrina Ballerina - 27 August 2007

I’ll post this without the ABC link, maybe it will get through:

The ban does not apply when a woman’s life is at risk, but Congress made no exception to preserve a woman’s health. Abortion rights advocates say this omission is unconstitutional under the 2000 Supreme Court ruling. All lower federal courts to consider the matter have agreed, so the law has not yet been enforced.
But Solicitor General Paul D. Clement, defending the law, told the court yesterday that Congress properly found that “partial birth abortions were never medically necessary, and that safe alternatives were always available such that no woman would be prevented from terminating her pregnancy.”

As a result, he said, Congress had authority to ban what he called “a particularly gruesome procedure that blurred the line between abortion and infanticide.”

Totally ignorant pos. Sounds like a DK kind of guy. Not big on women’s health.

120. Marie - 27 August 2007

#116 – not sure if that was directed at me or the blogosphere. Chertoff buys Bu$hCo nothing that leaving Clement in there as interim AG doesn’t. and is a lot more bother. And I try never to forget that there are puppet masters out there yanking on Bush/Cheney’s strings, and their game is about more than letting Bush/Cheney run out the clock.

121. D. Throat - 27 August 2007

Finally someone is “whispering” about Clinton’s Banking Reform failure… “the revocation that dare not speak it’s name”:


Fed bends rules to help two big banks

If the Federal Reserve is waiving a fundamental principle in banking regulation, the credit crunch must still be sapping the strength of America’s biggest banks. Fortune’s Peter Eavis documents an unusual Fed move.

FORTUNE Magazine
By Peter Eavis, Fortune writer
August 24 2007: 5:09 PM EDT

NEW YORK (Fortune) — In a clear sign that the credit crunch is still affecting the nation’s largest financial institutions, the Federal Reserve agreed this week to bend key banking regulations to help out Citigroup (Charts, Fortune 500) and Bank of America (Charts, Fortune 500), according to documents posted Friday on the Fed’s web site. (aka Friends of Bill Clinton)

The Aug. 20 letters from the Fed to Citigroup and Bank of America state that the Fed, which regulates large parts of the U.S. financial system, has agreed to exempt both banks from rules that effectively limit the amount of lending that their federally-insured banks can do with their brokerage affiliates. (Just smell what that Rock is cooking… gee kinda smells like 1929) The exemption, which is temporary, means, for example, that Citigroup’s Citibank entity can substantially increase funding to Citigroup Global Markets, its brokerage subsidiary. Citigroup and Bank of America requested the exemptions, according to the letters, to provide liquidity to those holding mortgage loans, mortgage-backed securities, and other securities.

This unusual move by the Fed shows that the largest Wall Street firms are continuing to have problems funding operations during the current market difficulties, according to banking industry skeptics. The Fed’s move appears to support the view that even the biggest brokerages have been caught off guard by the credit crunch and don’t have financing to deal with the resulting dislocation in the markets. The opposing, less negative view is that the Fed has taken this step merely to increase the speed with which the funds recently borrowed at the Fed’s discount window can flow through to the bond markets, where the mortgage mess has caused a drying up of liquidity.

On Wednesday, Citibank and Bank of America said that they and two other banks accessed $500 million in 30-day financing at the discount window. A Citigroup spokesperson declined to comment. Bank of America dismissed the notion that Banc of America Securities is not well positioned to fund operations without help from the federally insured bank. “This is just a technicality to allow us to use our regular channels of business with funds from the Fed’s discount window,” says Bob Stickler, spokesperson for Bank of America. “We have no current plans to use the discount window beyond the $500 million announced earlier this week.”

There is a good chance that other large banks, like J.P. Morgan (Charts, Fortune 500), have been granted similar exemptions. The Federal Reserve and J.P. Morgan didn’t immediately comment.

(WSWK: Wall Street Welfare Kings… It is sickening to see that the only reason Reagan and Clinton have gotten this far is because the tapped Americans hatred towards poor Black people… Reforming Welfare as we know it…. yeah by give 100 times as much welfare to the rich)

The regulations in question effectively limit a bank’s funding exposure to an affiliate to 10% of the bank’s capital. But the Fed has allowed Citibank and Bank of America to blow through that level. Citigroup and Bank of America are able to lend up to $25 billion apiece under this exemption, according to the Fed. If Citibank used the full amount, “that represents about 30% of Citibank’s total regulatory capital, which is no small exemption,” says Charlie Peabody, banks analyst at Portales Partners.

The Fed says that it made the exemption in the public interest, because it allows Citibank to get liquidity to the brokerage in “the most rapid and cost-effective manner possible.”


122. marisacat - 27 August 2007

I guess I was not clear marie.

I don’t think BushCo is sleeping as the clock runs. I have never noticed this bunch to SLEEP.

It is a device, keep moving pieces on the dumb side of the chwss board. Congress muels and bitches and falls in.

Bush and Cheney keep lashing out at the world and running the cat o nine tails over life. Splitting skin tendon and muscle. Bone is exposed.

Running the clock is the top note. Underneath all the horror gets pushed on, as for over 6 years.

It does not amtter who Bush puts in as AG (IMO), as I said up thread, they achieved re-election. That was the big important hurdle.

i am having computer problems (and AOL connectivity) as well as WP problems, off to check Spam for ms xeno

I have been disconnected three times and took myself down twice and rebooted, just htis am.

and then will leave the blog for a while… I think the computer needs to chill a bit.

123. D. Throat - 27 August 2007

Seems like Word press is now limiting text… here is the second part of the above:

(Gee… I think he is talking about Clinton revoking the Glass Steagall Act… yunno the one that made it impossible to “accidentally have another Depression because companies like…. well like the very ones mentioned in this article Citicorp and JP Morgan (a do over) to mix brokerages and banking… which may lead to over extension…. yeah… like what the Fed just did giving them 500 million A PIECE with no assets to back it up….. The economy goes boom… no wonder Sarkozy is distancing himself… and instead of stockbroker jumping out of window… the inner cabinet is resigning… probably heading out to the “homestead” in South America…)

Sure, the temporary nature of the move makes it look slightly less serious, but the Fed didn’t give a date in the letter for when this exemption will end. In addition, the sheer size of the potential lending capacity at Citigroup and Bank of America – $25 billion each – is a cause for unease.

Indeed, this move to exempt Citigroup casts a whole new light on the discount window borrowing that was revealed earlier this week. At the time, the gloss put on the discount window advances was that they were orderly and almost symbolic in nature. But if that were the case, why the need to use these exemptions to rush the funds to the brokerages?

Expect the discount window borrowings to become a key part of the Fed’s recovery strategy for the financial system. The Fed’s exemption will almost certainly force its regulatory arm to sharpen its oversight of banks’ balance sheets, which means banks will almost certainly have to mark down asset values to appropriate levels a lot faster now. That’s because there is no way that the Fed is going to allow easier funding to lead to a further propping up of asset prices.

Don’t forget: The Federal Reserve is in crisis management at the moment. However, it doesn’t want to show any signs of panic. That means no rushed cuts in interest rates. It also means that it wants banks to quickly take the big charges that will inevitably come from holding toxic debt securities. And it will do all it can behind the scenes to work with the banks to help them get through this upheaval. But waiving one of the most important banking regulations can only add nervousness to the market. And that’s what the Fed did Monday in these disturbing letters to the nation’s two largest banks. Top of page

Find this article at:

124. D. Throat - 27 August 2007

2 in spam… they will come out eventually.

125. marisacat - 27 August 2007

My best assessment is that the spam filter is blocked. there is nothing in there, no spam and no xeno nor sabrina..

Ealier I waited 10 minutes for one of mine to show up in Spam.

I am sorry for delayed comments but if you saw the utter piles of spam (meaning real spam not misdirected comments) I get everyday, the idea of Mcat with a blocked spam filter would be funny.

Sorry for the delays, tne WP hiccups.

Will check spam filter in a while.

126. ms_xeno - 27 August 2007

Abortion: Gruesome.

Bombings, Torture, Starvation, Dehydration and Sexual Assault: Not gruesome.

Ho hum. It’s not even worth the effort it takes to flip these jaggoffs the bird any more. I propose we bring back tar and feathers.

Thanks for salvaging my comments, Mcat.

127. lucid - 27 August 2007

not to sound like a shallow, whiney pissant or anything, but it totally ruins my day when the deli by the office is out of my favorite variety of cottage cheese…. 😦

128. ms_xeno - 27 August 2007

Oh, lucid, take it to the “Crisis” thread at PFF. I’ll be over later to gripe about my broken fingernail. 😀

129. brinn - 27 August 2007

Hoorah for shallow, whiney pissants!

130. Sabrina Ballerina - 27 August 2007

Lol! Btw, does anyone know who ‘Soupblox’ is? He downrated one of my comments at PFF. He’s UID # 1 – Is it a bot or a person?

I don’t know why, but I’m listening to Rightwing Radio, Savage I think. He’s having a stroke over Gonzales resigning. Says Bush should have stood by him! A caller or two tried to ask about him possibly breaking the law, but it didn’t penetrate, or matter I suppose. Reminds me of DK. If it’s YOUR friend it’s okay to break a sacred rule.

D. Throat, thanks for that info … I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to economics, so am I right that they are removing a safety net to create a false impression of stability? And what could happen, if that’s true, as a result? Sorry, I’m so totally ignorant on this.

As for Bill’s welfare reform, yes, it’s always easy to scapegoat the poor especially minorities.

131. Sabrina Ballerina - 27 August 2007

Oops, ‘Soapblox’ –

Rep. Slaughter has a diary up “Restore Justice To The Justice Department’.

I looks like about 32 recs and 20 comments. Only one comment was friendly. That’s the comment Rep. Slaughter answered. Doesn’t look like anyone is fooled.


People are weary of words – ‘we must this, and we must that’. All words no action. Slaughter didn’t answer any of the questons re holding him accountable. She’s acting like this Clement guy taking over will restore justice. But someone told her to take a look at who he is. No response.

132. marisacat - 27 August 2007

ugh slaughter. I am sick to death of her. (sorry to be reptitious).

people are sick of the bullshit in congress.

But who knows if they decide to forget the pain of childbirth for the bullshit of hope, come election day.

The population is like a jury… don’t try to figure them out…

133. lucid - 27 August 2007

D Throat – this looks really serious. 30% asset exposure to essentially risky brokerage speculation – it really does sound like a run up to the ’29 crash. That and the $1 billion call exposure if the market doesn’t go down by 700 points that someone mentioned in another thread. Yikes. I was expecting a slightly slower crash and a long recession, but this worries me.

134. marisacat - 27 August 2007

oh but we must remember to hate Bush. Revile Rove. Despise Cheney.

It has all been so calculated, IMO.

Our problem is Kay Bayley, never Louise Slaughter.

As Bubba and Wif parade on the hustings. Or as WFH of Fayetteville Bug Tussle Ark. painted them: hapless Lothario and Long Suffering Cow, My Friend.

135. marisacat - 27 August 2007

And don’t forget the bankruptcy bill. SO many Democrats assisted on that one.

136. lucid - 27 August 2007

SO many Democrats assisted on that one.

And the Hillary thugs are always pleased to point out that she didn’t vote for it… it’s like the one thing they have. 😉

137. Marie - 27 August 2007

DT thanks for the money link. Used it in a diary but didn’t bother with any cut and paste — if the idiots over there can’t use a link and read, fuck em. (also told them to ignore the diary in favors off all that other really important stuff that need a gillion diaries a day — that should reduce whatever goodwill I got there with the diary about Matt.)

138. Sabrina Ballerina - 27 August 2007

She probably got permission not to vote for it as they had enough votes without her, and she was planning to run for President. So sick of their games.

And here is a study in Authoritariansim and the Sheep who need it and a renegade (note the knee-jerk reaction, he must be a troll by one or two of them) who dared to rebel. If anyone is doing research on Authoritarianism DK is a virtual laboratory:

Who are you to judge me?
by The Why Not Guy [Subscribe]
Sat Aug 25, 2007 at 07:19:29 PM PDT

I read a front page diary by MissLaura which contained this line:

“I’d add that if you buy bottled water on any kind of regular basis, I don’t want to hear you complaining about the price of gas.”

Maybe it just caught me in a bad mood, but my blood boiled and here’s why…

The Why Not Guy’s diary :: ::

Turkana has gone over completely to the dark side, or else he was acting, as he nearly got banned for his fights with Nurse Wretched and her idol, DHinMi.

He comes in to difuse the situation, that’s getting pretty old, then comes Barb and the a few more of the ‘clique’. Make fun of the guy, or call him troll. Except he’s RIGHT! Looks like maybe Fabooj sees a little more clearly these days. He’s probably on the secret email list hit list now. How dare he express an unapproved thought? Someone needs to send him a link to PFF where he can breathe fresh air.

I noticed a lot of kossacks on that site are still nervous. What a scary place, it really is like a cult. As for MissL, that woman was born to boss people around. I don’t know why anyone puts up with it. I wish she’d have the guts to come over to PFF and try her antics there. But they never leave the safety of the nest. Too cowardly.


Out for a Saturday night troll? n/t (1+ / 0-)
Recommended by:elveta

We shall overcome, someday.

by Sam Wise Gingy on Sat Aug 25, 2007 at 07:24:02 PM PDT


. (17+ / 0-)
Recommended by:JekyllnHyde, Night Owl, HarveyMilk, fabooj, magnetics, elveta, churchylafemme, Da Buddy, realalaskan, sfflyman, Hannibal, buddabelly, arbiter, FireCrow, Potus2020, worried dem, lil love, valion

I invite you to look at my previous diaries. If, after scanning them, you still think I’m a troll, then fine.

The World’s a Giant Disco Ball; We’re Tiny Mirrors One and All

by The Why Not Guy on Sat Aug 25, 2007 at 07:25:21 PM PDT


God that meme is old. (19+ / 0-)

Recommended by:Night Owl, HarveyMilk, fabooj, magnetics, elveta, Da Buddy, realalaskan, murrayewv, buddabelly, The Why Not Guy, arbiter, FireCrow, Potus2020, worried dem, marykk, wondering if, valion, Conservative Liberal, CC Music Factory

I wish you “Hey I think he smells like a troll” folks would update your act.

by Detroit Mark on Sat Aug 25, 2007 at 07:30:39 PM PDT


Say wha? (23+ / 0-)

Recommended by:rick, Night Owl, Nellcote, magnetics, srkp23, Pithy Cherub, michael1104, mcfly, Da Buddy, realalaskan, Annalize5, Hannibal, The Why Not Guy, Sagittarius, nonnie9999, arbiter, Potus2020, worried dem, lil love, Man in the Middle, wondering if, valion, CC Music Factory

Is that the new standard reply for anyone who deigns to question a FPer or any popular? Lame.

There’s a party in my tummy! So yummy, so yummy!

by fabooj on Sat Aug 25, 2007 at 07:32:46 PM PDT

He should just leave … if that was real life, you would run for your life from those bullies and the sheep who can’t think for themselves. Disgusting – how dare she talk to grown adults, most of them way more intelligent than she could ever be, as if she had some right to do so!

139. D. Throat - 27 August 2007

What is most worrying …. is the silence. They are all pretending nothing is happening putting their heads in the sand hoping that it will all disappear.

This is basically a remake of the 1929 StockMarket Crash… for the very same reason. This is why under FDR they instituted the Glass Steagall Act it was illegal to have brokerage firms and banking under one roof. Because of pure greed outrageous amounts of stocks were bought on margin (10% down the bank loaning the other 90%). It got to a point that the banks could no longer cover these loans and when they were called in the market crashed.

The other major market regulation that came from FDR was that “BANKS WITH FEDERALLY INSURED DEPOSITS SHOULD NEVER BE OVER-EXPOSED TO BROKERAGE SUBSIDIARIES;”…. which is exactly what the Fed just did…. by the tune of billions….

This was all done in the name of pure greed… and was enacted by Bill Clinton. Sure it was fine when he had his guys in there balancing the budget …. but this was a Depression waiting to happen. They removed all safety nets… then let a raging elephant loose in the WHite house… and still the Democrats… said nothing. Instead of protecting the people they sided with the GOP with the Bankruptcy Bill. It was unheard of for them to allow the poor and middle class a financial break…. but just withing the past few days the Fed handed over BILLIONS to Citicorp and JP Morgan… to bail out the billionaires.

Do we really want Hilary in the White House?????

140. lucid - 27 August 2007

Just out of curiousity, how can the Fed do what it just did? Wouldn’t it violate FDIC regs?

141. D. Throat - 27 August 2007

Marie EXCELLENT diary

Don’t worry about comments… I have noticed that people there are too afraid to comment in diaries of “marked” diarists…. but I am sure that they do read.

Yesterday I gave you some links one was the back ground to the repeal of the Glass Steagal Act bought and paid for by Citicorp and there were two Bill Moyers You Tubes. If you want you can update your diary with those links just so people can read about it for themselves. I think a lot more read your diaries than comment…. just like here Mcat has lurkers in the thousands yet only a few comment.

I agree with you that Bonddad has been ultra complicated in his diaries plastered with grapghs that 4/5ths of the readers can’t understand… sometimes things just need to be broken down in plain english. (that is why I like the Moyers clips) …. that was the first time all of these desperate items clicked together. Yes, all the newcasters are yell about subprime… but no one has explained how it got so bad and what does it mean in the big picture…. nor do they want to. Like I said this can all be traced back with a big red line to Bill Clinton’s Banking reform… yet both the GOP and the Dems are ignoring it… but not enough to make sure that the poor would pay for their mistakes by passing the Bankruptcy reform…

142. Hair Club for Men - 27 August 2007

This self-congratualatory list, hmm.


Donald Rumsfeld: Pushed out because they wanted to escalate the war and he was into a small footprint war.

John R. Bolton, Ambassador to the United Nations: Umm. Killed by Lincoln Chafee and Voinovich, not the Democrats.

Harriet E. Miers: Supreme Court nomination torpedoed by the Xtian right and the fact that Bush didn’t check with Cheney first.

Dan Bartlett: Oh God who cares. Why not bring up Scott McClellan as long as you’re at it?

KARL FREAKIN’ ROVE, Prince of Darkness: Gone? How about hasn’t answered a single subpeana.

Premature celebration, the mark of a bad college football team that’s not going anywhere near the national championship.

143. Marie - 27 August 2007

D. Throat – thanks for the compliment, and if I didn’t mention it before, thanks for all the previous links. A certain someone at dKos was showing up in my diaries and comments a lot and recommending them — didn’t know who he was, just that he appeared frequently. If not for something at Marisa’ clean well lighted place wouldn’t have known tht the person was a dKos enforcer. He got the memo last week.

I don’t think citizens have to know all the details about complex legislation, that’s what we hire representatives for. But we expect them to shout from the rooftops whenever bad legislation is under consideration – regardless of who initiated it. The DEMs enabled Clinton almost as much as the GOP enabled GWB and a lot of bad things were done. Stilitz’ “Roaring Nineties” (and he’s hardly a Clinton critic) opened my eyes as to how feckless he’d been on economic matters like everything else. Problem with this stuff is that it takes a long time to mature and hit people. The economy during the 90s was better and people don’t look any further than that to conclude that it was because of Clinton. When the truth is that it could have been much better if a solid FDR type Democrat had been in office.

Oh, and when that new bankruptcy law starts hitting middle class white folks are they going to scream. Then we can watch the GOP play the DEMs for a draw on who is responsible for that one. Over and over again the DEMs walk right into those traps. (Of course I don’t think many of them are Democrats at all.)

144. D. Throat - 27 August 2007

Also, the DONKLEPHANT in the middle of the room that everyone is trying to ignore is that the market is now broken. The only thing that keeps the market moving is CONFIDENCE. The Brokerage houses know that and so do the banks… all they are trying to do know it prop it up and keep it from collapsing… or at least control the collapse to a long slow leak…. but it is broken nonetheless.

Meaning that the confidence has eroded… there is a great big hole at the bottom of the market and now no matter how much money they shovel in…. it won’t stop the hemorrhaging … simply because… they all know that with out these safeguards in place (ie the ones they paid and bribed to remove) no one will have the confidence to stay in the market. If it happened once it will happen again. I understand that tons of monies are now flowing to the EU and Asian markets were they are better regulated.

I have always said “Good business is good business”.

Clinton and the DLC corporate crooks went for the short term Robber Baron methodology and as such just like the Robber Barons of yore… they too are triggering a Depression. The one question remaining is that will this time be a GLOBAL Depression or just localized most other countries have kept their markets way more secure than the US and they may come out of this better. China I think will gain the most… and as I understand they have divested a lot more dollars than the MSM is letting on… in fact most countries in EU and Asia have quietly already significantly lowered their exposure to US dollars. The EU has pumped monies in to the US market… but even they won’t keep this up forever… that is why I think that Sarkozy’s distancing is very telling… what ever he got wind of at Kennebunkport he quickly changed his tune…. even though at the time he was there the conservative French press was advocating for France to have a more involved role in Iraq (ie contracts for French oil companies)…. so now to completely turn around and even praise Chirac…. something is amiss… to say the least.

145. D. Throat - 27 August 2007

Marie there is a very interesting comment in your diary:

I was at the Fed in 1987 (0+ / 0-)

Recommended by:

and I remember the events of October very clearly. Most of my colleagues had been working much longer than I had and they were all worried about the values of their mutual funds and pension schemes. I had nothing but student loans to pay, so nothing to lose.

Anyone who thinks that the Federal Reserve is above being interested in the price of markets so long as there is adequate transparency and price discovery is stupid. Everyone who has savings in bonds and stocks will be watching the charts as a market crashes – including the lawyers and economists at the Fed.

I was part of the team that dissassembled Glass-Steagall, and part of the team that dissassembled the McFadden Act (the other depression era law that banned interstate banking to “keep Wall Street bankers from spreading speculation to Main Street”. In retrospect I think we probably got it wrong to let the banks have their way because there is no doubt that they have leveraged the economy into a very dangerous state. Any little problem in the credit markets could now tip a large proportion of the economy into a spiral of decline. And Bush only knows how to create problems . . .

“It ain’t what people don’t know that hurts `em – it’s what they do know that ain’t true.” – Will Rogers

by LondonYank on Mon Aug 27, 2007 at 02:16:49 PM PDT

Please do tell more!!!

146. lucid - 27 August 2007

LondonYank – she’s an economist who was on a Ykos 1.0 panel if I recall correctly. She’s not especially popular among the Kos Kops as she’s extremely pro-Palestinian & has been touting the ‘we’re going to attack Iran’ line for quite a while. I generally liked her diaries when I was around frequently.

‘Tis a very revealing comment though.

147. marisacat - 27 August 2007

new thread


Fortunately I did a save all and copy towrard the end of my draft, aside from the WP save and edit…. It had stop automatic save in the first minutes of my typing.

Word press needs to self medicate.

148. lucid - 27 August 2007

btw – great diary Marie.

149. marisacat - 27 August 2007

Spam is starting to dump into the filter… 50 at a time.

I found Sabrina comment and set it free. #113 about Paul Clement

Will look thru as more comes thru.

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