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What next…what more… 28 August 2007

Posted by marisacat in Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, U.S. House.

   Abu Ghraib - TIME Inc photo 

Madman caught the Conyers appearances today with Amy:

[S]o, if you believe in, yearn for, a country that pursues justice, not control; if you believe we should reach out with diplomats, not bullets; if you fervently wish that your nation was a force for human rights, and not a serial destroyer of the same; if you want this war to end and habeas corpus restored and for there to be real political debate …

… if you really believe and want those things and more, then you cannot vote for this worthless Donklephant party any longer. You MUST withhold your vote from any national office holder who doesn’t fight for justice, accountability and human rights.

The hoi polloi can effect change by buying it (like through increasingly worthless national “advocacy” organizations), by violence or by weight of numbers, either through protest or the vote. However, you can make a statement not just by voting FOR someone, but also by withholding your vote. A strike, if you will.

Conyers and the rest promise, and then threaten. They hold out hope, then dash it as soon as you’ve rubber-stamped them again. They are running a protection racket on you.


Remember that justice came to women and minorities thanks to those who COULDN’T vote … they FORCED change, and they did it by demonstrating and raised voices and blood. Why would you sully those sacrifices by kow-towing to people who betray everything you believe? Why would you sully that ballot by voting for more blood, more injustice, more lies? Why do you reward criminals and their accomplices? [snip]

[graphic is from Madman’s LSF post… a big “snip”, but less than a third of his post]


Consortium News had a guest piece today by Sam Provenzano, one of the Abu Ghraib whistle blowers:

No One Accountable

In keeping with the Rumsfeld adage “Stuff Happens,” and the Senate Armed Services Committee timidity, no senior U.S. Army officer or defense official is likely to be held accountable for the torture, “ghost” prisoners, and other abuses at Abu Ghraib.

Only the bad apples at the bottom; none of the ones at the top.

Not the Commander in Chief, who authorized torture by Memorandum of Feb. 7, 2002, announcing and implementing a new policy that detainees be treated “humanely, as appropriate, and as consistent with military necessity.”

Not then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, nor his deputy Paul Wolfowitz, nor U.S. pro-consul Paul Bremer, nor troop commander Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, nor Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller (in charge of Gitmo-izing Abu Ghraib), nor Sanchez’s intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Barbara Fast, nor National Security Council functionary Frances Townsend.

All of the above visited Abu Ghraib during the torture year of 2003 before the photos surfaced the next year.

Had it never occurred to them that their incessant pressure on Army interrogators to find non-existent WMD in Iraq and nonexistent ties between Iraq and al-Qaeda, together with the expanded list of torture techniques duly approved by hired-gun lawyers in the Pentagon, the Office of the Vice President, and the Department of Justice, would lead to the abuses of Abu Ghraib?


I will add other things thru the evening/night



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2007

Thanks for the link and excerpt. That comment by Conyers haunted me all day:

REP. JOHN CONYERS: Well, because unless I’ve got the Constitution in one hand and a calculator in the other, so I’ve got any kind of hearings on removing both the President and the Vice President—or putting it in reverse, remove the Vice President and then the President—within the months remaining, would require 218 votes in the House of Representatives. That’s my calculator giving me this information. And then, in the Senate we need two-thirds to convict. Notwithstanding all of my progressive friends that would love to see me start impeachment hearings, those votes I do not think exist in the House of Representatives or in the US Senate.

The Constitution doesn’t factor into his calculations. YOU don’t factor. Justice doesn’t factor.

Only petty party politics, perks and perogatives. He’s fallen a long way from his work against Nixon and for Civil Rights.

2. moiv - 28 August 2007

Remember that justice came to women and minorities thanks to those who COULDN’T vote … they FORCED change, and they did it by demonstrating and raised voices and blood. Why would you sully those sacrifices by kow-towing to people who betray everything you believe? Why would you sully that ballot by voting for more blood, more injustice, more lies?

Words to live by, Madman. Thank you.

3. CSTAR - 28 August 2007

I’m reminded of a famous song by Chico Buarque and milton Nascimento written and recorded in the depth of the brazilian dictatorship

“Afasta de mim este calice”, words spoken at Gethsemanie, with a “double entendre” in Portuguese “Afasta de mimi este cale-se.” (take away this edict of silence)

Pai, afasta de mim este cálice!

And I want to scream..

Pai, afasta de mimi este calice. O calice de viver (novamente) em estado de excepção — perpetuo.

Any paragraph from this song is worth repeating

Como é difícil acordar calado
Se na calada da noite eu me dano
Quero lançar um grito desumano
Que é uma maneira de ser escutado
Esse silêncio todo me atordoa
Atordoado eu permaneço atento
Na arquibancada pra a qualquer momento
Ver emergir o monstro da lagoa

How dificult it is to awaken silenced
If in the berth and silence of the night I injure myself
I want to scream an inhuman scream
A way to be heard
All this silence stuns me
Stunned I remain attentive
in the grandstand to see any moment
the monster emerge from the lagoon.

4. moiv - 28 August 2007

Mcat, I’ve been having an actual life this evening instead of babysitting the comments of the customary Tuesday evening diary at DK, so I missed thanking you in the last thread for linking to my “Onward, Christian Soldiers” piece at TTA.

It’s gotten to the point that every time I hear “sanctity of life” I want to retch.

5. marisacat - 28 August 2007

wanted to pop this in, that I saw at Angry Arab:

“Norman Finkelstein, whose work led to a long-running public feud with Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, says he may respond by committing civil disobedience when classes resume Sept. 5.

Finkelstein, 53, was denied tenure in June after six years on the DePaul faculty, but he was permitted to teach for the one year remaining on his contract. On Friday, however, the university e-mailed students saying Finkelstein’s sole political science course had been canceled.

By Monday, the books for the course had been pulled from the DePaul bookstore’s shelves.”” (thanks Aliyar)

[link to CBS5Chicago]

Posted by As’ad at 10:40 AM 87 comments

6. marisacat - 28 August 2007

oh moiv,

of course… it ws one of the very best of yours, thru the years. And fit right in with the post…

7. Sabrina Ballerina - 28 August 2007

Great post, Madman – as always …

Conyers is just wrong. If hearings started and the crimes were made public, with an election year coming up, I think there is a chance at least in Congress to get the votes. These people need to be pushed. It’s as though they say ‘we will not vote your way’ and Dems just lie down and accept it.

8. marisacat - 28 August 2007


I don’t know what we are going to do. It always seemed it would be a long arc.

9. marisacat - 28 August 2007

LOL I just looked over at the Reuters Politics feed – in the right hand column… Castro is telling Hillary and Barack to team up.

What a hoot!

10. moiv - 28 August 2007

Thanks, but when it comes to material, as we all know, there’s always an embarrassment of riches. This just in:

Abortion Foe’s Site Makes Threats

PHILADELPHIA – Federal prosecutors sought court action Tuesday to force a Web site to remove postings they said exhorted readers to kill a former abortion provider by shooting her in the head.

One posting targeted a former clinician for the Philadelphia Women’s Center and featured the provider’s name, photo and address, stating that “while it does not sound good to say go shoot her between the eyes, it sounds even worse to say let her alone,” according to the request.

“This type of intimidation and scare tactic, regardless of one’s beliefs or religious convictions, simply cannot be condoned,” U.S. Attorney Patrick Meehan said. “Using a public forum, such as the Internet, to incite and instruct people to kill is tantamount to a form of domestic terrorism.”

The postings constitute a violation of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, Meehan said in a statement.

He wants the court to force John Dunkle, 72, of Reading, to remove the material from his Web page and prohibit him from publishing similar messages containing names, addresses or photographs of health clinic staff members.

Instead of filing charges, the US Attorney merely asks a judge to “please, pretty please” tell them to clean up a web page.

“Forget it, moiv, it’s Philadelphia . . .”

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2007

Thanks Sabrina

It might help make them more popular w/ the great unwashed, but they’re afraid of losing the money from the beautiful people, access to the nice restaurants and clubs.

Only way to push them is threaten their jobs.

12. Sabrina Ballerina - 28 August 2007

CSTAR, that is so sad … it expresses so well how people who have tried for so long to stop them, feel now .. maybe it does have to get worse .. I don’t see any help, not within the system .. Conyers, I really thought he would do something. And even for his sake, because the treated him like garbage, the Republicans. They turned out the lights when he would try to hold hearings, wouldn’t give him a place to thold them.

In fact, people were saying that the Repubs worst nightmare would be ‘Conyers with a gavel’! But sadly, not so …

13. Marie - 28 August 2007

Conyers is just too old – the fire still lurks in his breast but his mind is too slow.

Marisa thanks for the Angry Arab link. Finkelstein is yet another one getting shafted in this latest version of the McCarthy era. I think Dershowitz has gone insane — that’s the final stage of Zionism and most fundamentalist religions. Falwell, Robertson, Haggard, Lieberman, and am sure OBL is right there with them.

14. BooHooHooMan - 28 August 2007

I just finished watching Capra’s comfy Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. It’s all there. All except for a plausible ending.

Of course I’ve been a sucker most of my life for flights of fancy, the hopeful ‘boy gets girl in the end’ / ‘aren’t we the best thing going’ kinda stuff. It all comes out in the dross wash.

The flick is as inconclusive as my knee-jerk sensibilities were . A few shots of African Americans were numbered to about four:
-a single three second profile shot of a black man with a Jimmy Stewart voice overlay about all men being created equal
– two non speaking parts of railroad porters as extras
– the only few line speaking part was of an earnest little black lad helping to get out boy’s paper of all things.

I was watching it as I read Madman’s comment about Conyers. What a waste. As long as the present ruse of electoral politics exists in this country, I’m convinced there will be no change. There are individuals at key leverage points that could have made a difference. Conyers was such a man. After a life in the House and now as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Conyers could have turned People’s Evidence as it were. He has chosen not to. A real Profile in Cowardice. I’ve called his office and said so. Fuck John Conyers.

15. BooHooHooMan - 28 August 2007

It should also be said that Conyers has enjoyed the back and forth flirtation and courtship of the more activist Left much in the manner the DP enjoys the courtesanship of the right of center kos kids. In the same manner that certain selects of the kososquare engage in bauable exchange so is it that Conyers will continue to receive undying support in Detroit from similar cheap sellouts. Just a little farther left, a little less than white.

16. Shadowthief - 28 August 2007

I’m done with John Conyers. That “Constitution and calculator” remark seals it for me.

There is no one within the Democratic Party with any power who is willing to use it to defend the Constitution. The defence of the Constitution and of the liberties it enshrines into law will have to come from outside the structure of the political parties.

No surprise there.

17. BooHooHooMan - 28 August 2007

Isn’t bauble spelled bauable? No? Sorry.

Must’ve been thinking bow-wow-able. As in doggie get’s a bone.

18. marisacat - 28 August 2007

well someone back in the watergate days, along with COnyers and Abzug and so on was Dellums.

Just elected to mayor of Oakland. And just dropped the ball did not bother, looked the other way and a few other things in a recent, awful during a heat wave garbage strike in Oakland and the environs.

Out to lunch. In fact he was on TV to grab a headline about a series of prostitute sweeps (same old same old) in Oakland before he dealt with the strike. Prostitute sweep was between week 3 and week 4 of the strike.

No one could believe it. No one could believe he did not organise a meet at his office with everyone and a directive to thrash it out.

19. Sabrina Ballerina - 28 August 2007

Marie, you may be right about Conyers, but he was sharp enough, in fact I used to marvel at how he kept track of all the crimes and blogged every day about what he was doing. He wrote a book called ‘The Constitution in Crisis’ and made a timeline, with the help of members of his blog (me too, forgot about that one) of all the crimes as they were happening.

So, unless his mental abilities diminshed considerably since then, I don’t know, I thought he had the fire until they got the power. Then the fire seemed to go out for some reason.

Bhhm, it’s strange, he’s hearing from a lot of people, very angry, because it was more or less a selling point to get people to vote with their noses held, for some Dems, that once Rep. Conyers had the gavel, those criminals better watch out. I don’t know what happened, but we may as well still have a Repub majority.

There is no one within the Democratic Party with any power who is willing to use it to defend the Constitution. The defence of the Constitution and of the liberties it enshrines into law will have to come from outside the structure of the political parties.

Everyone is coming to that conclusion, Shadowthief. Maybe they didn’t want to win in 2002 or 2004 because they knew they would not be delivering what the voters expected of them. Maybe this time was an accident. They get more money when they are out of office.

20. Ezekiel - 28 August 2007

My nominees for “Scarriest People on the Planet:”

At a breakout session dedicated to youth, Dr. Robert Stearns invites college students on a trip called “The Israel Experience.” A video shows other students exhorting the audience to undertake this transformative journey. One participant, Elizabeth Wong, says with a disarming smile, “I feel like my destiny has been tied with Israel.” The presentation is followed up by a talk by Jeff Mendelson of AIPAC. “What happens to Israel will happen here,” he says somberly. As the students begin to file out to prepare for the night’s celebration, they are asked to volunteer to start pro-Israel groups on their own campuses. One from Missouri State responds to a question about the Palestinian Christians curtly: “They should go to Israel, and be all good.” Wong jumps in to correct any misunderstanding: “The so-called Palestinians, Arab Christians … whatever you want to call them, deserve our sympathy, too.”

From an article in Pat Buchanan’s magazine linked from Antiwar.com.

There have been false alarms before about Iran, but I can’t remember Bush’s rhetoric being as bellicose as it has been the past month. Hagee’s folks may get their Armageddon yet.

21. Revisionist - 28 August 2007
22. Marie - 28 August 2007

SB -books and blogging, Conyers has staff tht assist. Not so when he’s live, in front of constituents, activists and the cameras. Then his declining mental sharpness is obvious. Not Reagan type decline. Probably not bad for a Senator, but the House was sort of designed to be a younger persons game. From the rabble to the House and with the development of wisdom and experience, on to the greatest deliberative body in the world. Problem is that old guys that never learned much and are incapable of developing wisdom hold onto House seats for like forever. And Senators are chosen not for knowledge,skill and wisdom but for the best commercials they can run. It’s all a big muddle.

23. marisacat - 28 August 2007

lotta dead wood. corrupt wood too.

24. BooHooHooMan - 29 August 2007

Efficiently run corrupt enterprises have a certain maximum market share if you will. Given Total dominion and they’ll have total responsibility for the inevitable destructive results. I think whether it is the Dems or the GOP, or the Mafia, or any other parasitic organism, the ability to sustain such a scam involves minimum vital function for those who support them.

This does not preclude powerful fools who believe they can extend their grasp indefinitely, Nor the saddled in debt fools who will work three jobs in an illusion that they are middle class as long as they can keep up with the Jones-es and pay the cable bill to have more marketing mind melded into their brain.

The Times, (yes I’m still on the tit) had an enticing breezy article about the good life shared by three friends on Cape Cod It spoke some of life’s leveling adversity, the autistic child of one of the women. The three women were friends from East Hampton.

I wonder to what extent choices have made in the path of their lives. I can’t help but feeling all of us in the US not living in poverty as a circumstance of birth are in some way complicit in a great social fraud.

25. marisacat - 29 August 2007

well I admit I have not read the H^G section of NYT for some time. I see what you mean BHHM.

Of course it is also a neatly crafted intro for her new Italian seas, adrift between the Med and Adriatic, perfume.

I remember when I took the SAT for college. I am not that old (north of 50) but we did nto prepare and we did not take tutorials and we did not fuss at all. Cram? Puhleeze.

I breezed thru the comprehension section… then sat there for a while and thought about it.

The essay had been about a conductor and his classical symphonic orchestra.

OK, you have cut out a lot of people right there. Bang! You are out.

And you have established the cultural hooks. Reinforced them, certainly.

I have hunted online for the NYT opinion piece that pulled me back in, to vote in the ’92 presidential. I had not intended to, I was disgusted, sick, mad. The mere name Coelho made me crazy and at this point I can no longer construct what he did… It, the op/ed, was by Mike Davis, at that point author of City of Quartz.

It ws beautifully written, as well, part of the hook. I even made three copies and, while not a proselytiser, gave them to three friends at work.

Oh well.

26. frtitzcat - 29 August 2007

Blogger’s Lament

My hands may be tiny
and I don’t mean to sound whiny

but my ass is white and shiny
and I’m snow pile bound

I’m a platinum blonde
and Im Maryscott’s demimonde

I blog every day in perpetual outrage
I’m defaulting on my mortgage

Don’t be a jerk
don’t ask me to go to work

to pay it

Don’t be mean
don’t think I’ll work some machine

to pay it

Instead I’ll blog every day
come what may

I’m gonna say it!

27. frtitzcat - 29 August 2007

would “Bloggers Lament” qualify as a good first crossposting at “Pfffft?”


28. marisacat - 29 August 2007

And the re re re outing of Merv.

In the end, of course, the issue is not whether Merv Griffin’s secret would be buried with him. In the age of Wikipedia, it’s a given that anyone interested enough to Google Merv would quickly get the gist of the story, if not the gory details, or even the less savory details, such as those recounted by Michelangelo Signorile in his 1993 book, “Queer in America,” in which an unnamed Hollywood “Mogul” is described as firing men from his company for being openly gay. The real point of the episode is the enduring power of the Hollywood closet that held even a billionaire locked in its embrace, paying homage to the presumed prejudices of the public.

the TruthDig article is pretty good tho…

29. marisacat - 29 August 2007



yes why don’t you post it at PFF…

30. frtitzcat - 29 August 2007

Lets see now, I have many different names from which to choose, after all, I invented sock puppetry with brinnainne at BMT simultaneously to inventing role playing in the blogosphere, as recently exposited upon brilliantly by the French existentialist phiIosopher Pyrrho Heidegger.Here’s an idea— I’ll put it to a poll:

1. Should “Blogger’s Lament” be donkeytale’s first post at “Pffffft?”

a) yes
b) no
c) donkeytale should eat shit and die this very moment regardless what he does or doesnt crosspost anywhere else in blogdystopia.

STOP! if you answered either (b) or (c) for question number one you are ineligible to answer question number 2. Thanks for playing. You will receive some nice parting gifts at the gates of hell.

For those of you who answered (a) for question number one please proceed to question number 2.

2. donkeytale should register at “Pfffffffft” under which of his notorious banned user names:

a) pete richards
b) illusionsofmagicians
c) donkeytale
d) frtitzcat

Entries must be postmarked no later than 6/6/66. You must be 18 or older to play.

Wisconsin residents add 8.5% sales tax.

Void where prohibited by the rulez of blahhhging.

31. frtitzcat - 29 August 2007

Marisa- Thanks for the vote of confidence. Now, please proceed to question number 2 of my poll.

Depending on the total tally of the votes received in this thread, I may or may not choose to give you 5 votes, since you are in a special shareholder class—-blog proprietress.

‘course that would mean that I would also have to give MSOC 5 votes if she logs in here to participate in my poll. After all, fair is fair, plus I’m tired of being threatened with lawsuits every time I open my blogmouth.

Strangely enough, I hope she does.

32. frtitzcat - 29 August 2007

So sorry Marisa, but one more housekeeping item, then I will surely go back to work….when I xpost Bloggers Lament at “pfffffft” do you want me to link back to this site?


That is if the current 5-0 vote in favour of “yes” holds throughout the remainder of this thread….


33. Miss Devore - 29 August 2007

A night of nightmares-did it derive from engaging with David Byron, once, yesterday, for the first time? They involved this man who was stalking his former gf & her new bf. I ran into them at this rather shabby hotel where they were hiding. At one point the stalker guy was chasing after new bf, that he ran into traffic and into a car which severed his hands. But he returned, handless, with yellow goo dripping from the stumps. And then there were several other incidents where everyone was sure he was dead or incacerated, but he’d show again, even many years later, to try to shoot the gf. I was shopping with her in a lovely place and she was talking and smiling and then suddenly she looked up, and I heard a shot, but I couldn’t bear to look.

Katrina Horror Day, 2nd anniversary.

I read at pff that dk has been attacked by a worm virus.
And that the refuge camp a. jolie visited on the iraq-syria border has mostly Palestinian refugees, as Iraqis, but not Palestinians, are allowed into Syria.

34. brinn - 29 August 2007

from the last thread:


Whaaa? The Library of Congress has archived blogs? Really? Online? On paper? Can you point me to more information, Mcat?

oh, and ‘mornin’ all!

35. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 August 2007

Daily Kos is under a worm attack. Peeder’s blog gives some details. I’m staying away from it, just in case. I asked Peeder if it was safe to log on and he said probably best to stay away. Although another techie guy there says it is alright. Think I’ll pass. Apparently it’s pretty bad.

Daily Kos under worm attack


Brinn, I remember when they started doing that. It must have been about two years ago, because I remember DU being all excited that they were archived.

36. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 August 2007

Oops, sorry

Daily Kos under worm attack

Peeder thinks the attack will affect all scoop sites. Wonder if it was directed at Daily Kos specifically? He certainly has alienated enough people. But Peeder doesn’t think so, so maybe not.

37. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 August 2007

I know I did it right this time, but the link won’t work for some reason. Peeder’s post is on his front page though. Sorry for the mess, don’t know why it won’t work. I did use the closing tag.

38. brinn - 29 August 2007

SB — one of your brackets is turned around the wrong way, this one :

–>>> <Daily Kos….

39. brinn - 29 August 2007

quick and easy linking:
[minus the spaces, tho the one between the a and the href is necessary]

text that you want to link

40. brinn - 29 August 2007

stupid fucking wordpress removed the spaces….lemme try this again…

open tag includes these elements
a href=
the URL enclosed in brackets, one of these < and then one going the other way
then, type whatever text you want to link
close the tag
with one of these <
one of these /
follwed by the letter a
and a close bracket.

Hope that helps.

41. frtitzcat - 29 August 2007

the entire internet seems to be under attack. everything is loading slowly all across the world…run for your lives! The end is near!

42. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 August 2007

Lol, Brinn, I didn’t see that backwards bracket … thanks for pointing it out. I kept repeating the same mistake.

Daily Kos under worm attack

Looks like Daily Kos’s worm is pretty serious. To be honest I’m surprised, since they’ve attacked so many people and pissed off so many of their own members, that it hasn’t happened before. Peeder says it is aimed at them. Could be someone they banned, eg.

43. brinn - 29 August 2007

Most welcome, SB, and yeah, I’m surprsied it, or something similar hasn’t happened before too…

I wonder if we’ll see an explosion of users on other blogs while they fix it? I’ll be curious to see what the end effects of this are, in any case!

44. JJB - 29 August 2007

One more reason to avoid Little Orange Footballs, as if any more were needed.

I guess I should be more worked up about this, but as SB notes, it’s surprising that nothing like this has happened before, they’ve gone out of their way to antagonize so many people. Tant pis, as the French say.

45. marisacat - 29 August 2007

33 brinn

Don’t know about DU, but for Kos it was done as of years ago. 2003. Kos posted it one day, with a small notice that he had been sent advising him the LoC had selected the site.

Maybe if you google something will come up.

46. marisacat - 29 August 2007

*[new] The cookie thing is likely about the worm gaining priveleges (0.00 / 0)

to edit the sigs and post diaries and the like. It wants the power of a TU it looks.

by peeder @ Wed Aug 29, 2007 at 05:51:52 AM PDT
[ Parent | Respond to this Idiocy |

*[new] And of course a major hazard (0.00 / 0)

is an admin becoming infected, which would grant sweeping rights to the worm.

by peeder @ Wed Aug 29, 2007 at 05:53:02 AM PDT
[ Parent | Respond to this Idiocy |

Too funny. The worm wants privileges.

47. JJB - 29 August 2007


I think the funniest part is the one about “[it] wants the power of a TU.” Funny in and of itself, it also sounds like something out of a Marvel comic book.

48. marisacat - 29 August 2007


… the worm turns…

I am so laughing.

49. lucid - 29 August 2007

Ah, the superhero powers of reading hidden comments & troll rating others…

God that would be hilarious if the worm actually got admin powers – it could edit comments, delete diaries at will… wonder if Bill O & Jet Blue are behind it. Maybe that will be the topic of Markos’ next FP opus.

50. marisacat - 29 August 2007

lest we not keep up: FLH at PFF on the great MAMZ dox conspiracy.

LOL I want credit! It was commenters at the LitterBox who discovered the new tip of the Great Conspiracy.

Afrospear mafrospear… This is the tip of the Cat-o-sphere!

51. frtitzcat - 29 August 2007

OK I broke my hymen at “Pfffffffffffffffft.”

Thanks for the comment Sabrina. I’m glad that you were my first. Its so much easier the first time when you are with someone you can trust…especially someone with luscious full lips….


52. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 August 2007

Lol, Marisacat – ‘The worm wants privileges’

Someone in Peeder’s thread called kos a worm ….

JJB, TUs don’t have power except to troll-rate and see hidden comments. Not much power unless they join a gang and combine their TRs.

If this is from someone who is angry at the site, then those nasty administrators and troll kops are to blame. I wonder will they lose revenue over this?

I have no clue what they’re talking about or how the worm works, but I’m staying away for now.

Hunter has a diary up, but people are saying that the worm can write diaries, so you can’t be sure if it is Hunter.

53. liberalcatnip - 29 August 2007

think the funniest part is the one about “[it] wants the power of a TU.”

And the link to the infected site (or whatever it is) begins with “drules”. “The rules”?

54. marisacat - 29 August 2007

I see someone is bitching at PFF that peeder FPed the kos worm problems, thus sucking all the air out of PFF.


we are heading into yet another heat wave, gotta amuse myself..

55. marisacat - 29 August 2007

Most of the additional funding in a revised supplemental bill would pay for the current counteroffensive in Iraq, which has expanded the U.S. force there by about 28,000 troops, to about 160,000. The cost of the buildup was not included in the proposed 2008 budget because Pentagon officials said they did not know how long the troop increase would last. The decision to seek about $50 billion more appears to reflect the view in the administration that the counteroffensive will last into the spring of 2008 and will not be shortened by Congress.

Ricks in the Wapo

56. marisacat - 29 August 2007

Newsweek has up commentary, a push for the draft. It is web only, so not in the magazine.

57. liberalcatnip - 29 August 2007

So who broke Conyers? Was it his ethics scandal last year? The possible threat of more dirt? Nancy? Harry?

58. msxeno - 29 August 2007

My spam intake has tripled since I first posted at PFF. I smell conspiracy. :/

But I got to see sv’s “friend” Eugene in action. So it was all worthwhile. :/

59. marisacat - 29 August 2007

well Dem leadership forced that May 2006 piece by Conyers in the Wapo, promising he would not seek impeachment.

But of course in living rooms and meeting halls across America, meeting with the putative base they pushed whatever suited them. Frankly minorities and hard core pro lifers moved to committee chairs. Women as well.

I am sure promises were made to many groups about many things.

So done.

60. liberalcatnip - 29 August 2007

Iraq’s Sadr suspends armed activity by his militia

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqi Shi’ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr suspended all armed actions by his Mehdi Army on Wednesday to restructure the militia after 52 people were killed in gun battles in the southern city of Kerbala.

Asked if the unexpected order meant no attacks on U.S. troops, one senior aide who declined to be identified said: “All kinds of armed actions are to be frozen, without exception.”

Aides said the suspension order was designed to allow Sadr to weed out rogue elements from the militia.

61. liberalcatnip - 29 August 2007

It just seems bizarre that, after all of the work Conyers did towards impeachment, it all came to a screeching halt.

62. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 August 2007

And the link to the infected site (or whatever it is) begins with “drules”. “The rules”?

Really? lol, sounds like those rules are not too popular.

Ms xeno, and he is tame compared to some of the them …

I got a throw away email for PFF which I haven’t checked so don’t know about spam …

Catnip, I forgot about that ‘scandal’ last year. I don’t know, I often wonder what all that spying has revealed about all of them, and whether they are being blackmailed.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all ….

Miss D that was a horrible nightmare. I decided to stay away from certain people after a brief engagement. Life is too short! Lol!

63. msxeno - 29 August 2007

Conyers is essentially like Kerry in ’04. Once he had a conscience, subsequently hocked in order to keep up with political fashion changes. But thanks to the enablers who vote Dem, he gets to dine out on it forever without doing squat for the suckers who love and worhsip him.

To call the relationship “parasitic” as BHHM does upthread, is too hard on true parasites, if you ask me. The entire BBB community needs to be flea-dipped at once. [scowl]

64. msxeno - 29 August 2007

SB, it just makes me laugh that they find sv so threatening. They must be hard up for amusement in their lives, both online and otherwise.

I was thinking of offering sv twenty bucks and a week’s supply of Parisian macaroons to stage a giant hair-pulling fight with me over at PFF. You know, she could defend Camille Paglia and I could come back with some witty rejoinder like “YOU BOTH SUCK” about fifty times. Later, I could fake a suicide attempt and we could have a tearful kiss and make up session. Followed by a sequel fight in which we each claimed to have the hotter bod and sexxxxxier wardrobe.

I dunno’. Could it play in the BBB’s answer to Peoria ? 😉

65. marisacat - 29 August 2007

well lemme say, David Byron was banned before I opened Mcat.

I can see, and have seen, he can literally take over. And I had watched him thru incarnations DB thru DB IV or V at Dkos. As I have pointed out to him, sites dedicated to anti feminism have banned him.

So he and pyrrho get to bruit they are banned at Mcat. Let them.

He takes over. And can literally suck the air out of a place much bigger than Mcat. He is relentless and with a post and thread a day whatever simple format I settled into here, he could easily dominate a tiny site.

So … good luck peeder.

66. lucid - 29 August 2007

Ms_x – so who gets to bust down your door once the inevitable ‘has anyone heard from Ms_x’ diary is posted linking to your last comment in which you say ‘I’m done. SV has crushed my resolve to live. Taking the cats to the pound…’?

67. liberalcatnip - 29 August 2007

Times-Picayune editorial: Treat us fairly, Mr. President

And while Louisiana has to beg for more money, Bush wants $50 billion more for the Iraq war.

The Dems will once again cave on that, no doubt.

The request — which would come on top of about $460 billion in the fiscal 2008 defense budget and $147 billion in a pending supplemental bill to fund the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq — is expected to be announced after congressional hearings scheduled for mid-September featuring the two top U.S. officials in Iraq. Army Gen. David H. Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker will assess the state of the war and the effect of the new strategy the U.S. military has pursued this year.

The request is being prepared now in the belief that Congress will be unlikely to balk so soon after hearing the two officials argue that there are promising developments in Iraq but that they need more time to solidify the progress they have made, a congressional aide said.

“balk”? Who’s going to “balk”? The Dems are already chirping merrily about the hollow “successes” of the so-called surge. No. There will be no balking.

68. msxeno - 29 August 2007

I was going to assign that honor to our own Senator Ron Wyden (D/R), lucid. Think of what a photo-op it would be and the potential for cross-traffice at Bloooo Oregon’s blog !!

But first I have to apologize to him for making fun of his hair.

As for Byron, he’s lucky to be both anti-war and a rabid woman-hater. Otherwise, he’d just be one more garden-variety Right wing dick-wagger or “soft” Sexist Sensitive New Age Peace Guy (a la’ Dickie Spoons). Poor fellow. It’s a heavy burden he bears.

69. liberalcatnip - 29 August 2007

I’ll light a candle for you ms x. I promise.


70. msxeno - 29 August 2007

Better you should light one for the peabrains at La Nation, catnip.

Stupid fucks. “…First, [Katha] Pollitt implies that Sheehan’s only complaint against Pelosi is that the latter has failed to push for Bush’s removal from office, and asks, “should impeachment really be a litmus test?…”

Translation of Pollitt: Don’t hurt my meal ticket, you trollop !! Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiine !!

For a minute there, I thought that the headline read, “Nation Urges Sheehan TO Run Against Pelosi” and I thought I’d fallen headlong into some alternate universe wherein America’s professional Dem Fems were real people and not assholes with pablum in their veins where the blood should be. >:

71. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 August 2007

Lol, ms xeno, I know, they cannot handle someone who is a little strong willed –

Marisacat, I could see that you are right about him. After my first and only and probably last encounter with him it was obvious that you would just go round and round with him for not purpose. Anyone who tells me how I think, or who I am, even if they actually know me, well, not much to talk about with them.

He is relentless and baits people. I’m not tempted by baiting. He tried, I ignored it. I learned long ago not to fall for that. They want an answer so badly, they think you won’t leave their bait alone, because you can’t resist. Used to fall for it, but not anymore. It’s easier to move on –

72. Revisionist - 29 August 2007

Update on Early-Burning Man

Paul Addis, 35, of San Francisco, was booked into the Pershing County, Nev., jail on suspicion of arson, illegal possession of fireworks, destruction of property and resisting a public officer, according to the sheriff’s department. He posted a $25,632 bond, a sheriff’s dispatcher said.

Sheriff’s officials did not know whether he had a lawyer. No one answered at two phone numbers listed in his name.

Addis is an actor and writer who is active in the San Francisco arts scene and recently portrayed Hunter S. Thompson in a play about the late journalist known for his drug-fueled lifestyle, according to entertainment listings posted on the Internet.

I just find this story funny since one group of friends were orginal Burning man attendees caravanng the stinky tribe there every summer. They would have been so tweaked out on meth and shrums they would not have even noticed. The only ill feelings would have arisen if they had been saving some acid for the actual burning.

Maybe next year BM will be sponsered by Pesps, Absolute and Right-Guard

73. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 August 2007

Have to run, I’m already so late … take care, see you later.

I see Bush has the gall to go to New Orleans and remind everyone of his criminal failure to help US citizens survive a disaster. They have no shame ….

74. JJB - 29 August 2007


JJB, TUs don’t have power except to troll-rate and see hidden comments. Not much power unless they join a gang and combine their TRs.

Yes, I know, that’s why I said it was “funny in and of itself.” I was a TU there for a long time, and know well just what a useless thing it is.

BTW, David Byron’s first banning at dKos was caused by his inability to avoid stalking me and posting obscenity laden insults of the sort that made it obvious he’s got very serious psychological problems. I didn’t even request that it be done. This was in pre-Scoop days, he later came back several times as DavidByron2, 3, etc. He managed to behave better on those occasions, one can only assume he’d either started a psychotropic drug regimine, or had it adjusted. The poor thing must be on really powerful stuff these days, he hails from Liverpool-based Unionist/Orange stock, and the sight of Ian Paisley sharing power with Martin McGuinness must be driving him even crazier than he already was.

75. lucid - 29 August 2007

I’m trying to figure out in which life it was that I used to like Pollitt. I guess it was mid ’90’s sometime… Too much scotch, not enough internet.

76. marisacat - 29 August 2007


right, the thing about DB (not to make him happy here, but hell, he forces the topic) is that however innocuously he starts out, the curve is mean, to accusatory, to vicious.

Never fails.

I long ago decided I did not have the time.

He also went thru a period here of leaving comments that were for me personally, as they stayed in moderation and he knew it. After a short while of this (a very few comments) I posted that if he did not can it, I would contact his provider.

He has some history, is my guess, as he disappeared pronto (in response to a largely empty act, contacting an isp). Not his usual MO. His modus is to stay and stay and stay.

77. Miss Devore - 29 August 2007

maybe the person who planted the worm at dk saw one too many of the ACLU ad with reid & pelosi as sheep.

78. marisacat - 29 August 2007

ugh Pollit. don’t get me started.

79. BooHooHooMan - 29 August 2007

I never saw this clip before last night. Dig Mathews face at the end…

Craig should say he was working Homeland Security as America’s Last, Great Defence against al Qaeda: the airport blowjob.

80. lucid - 29 August 2007

JJB – I’m just trying to figure out why he hates women so much. It’s not just a form of unconscious socialized misogyny. He actually violently hates women – even in a more extreme sense than the Catholic brigade [if that’s possible].

81. cad - 29 August 2007

burning man jumps the shark!

82. marisacat - 29 August 2007


I am pretty sure that DB is in the Ian Paisley (who if I recall is a grad of Liberty U in VA) division. Religion religion religion. Crappy white xitan male misogyny.

I am nto fond of victim language myself, but he just wants to paint MEN as the victims of the feminist movement.

Then dial in his extreme politics. And his relentless pursuit of sites and people…

83. lucid - 29 August 2007

Burning Man was so last decade. 😉

Unfortunately nothing’s come along to replace it. We’re all too fucking depressed with the world.

84. D. Throat - 29 August 2007

Last week there was a post here claiming the Mcat was in the WordPress top ten… clicking on took you to a site in Asia. I think that was also a trap. Luckily I do have No Script …. but it knocked my computer out for hours.

I didn’t think more about until now.

85. marisacat - 29 August 2007

Craig should say he was working Homeland Security as America’s Last, Great Defence against al Qaeda: the airport blowjob. — BHHM

Anthing to stop AQ that does not involve my being a suspect. 3 ox liquids, removing shoes, ex ray vision that that can count pubic hair (just about) and so on.


86. marisacat - 29 August 2007

oh DT

Last week there was a post here claiming the Mcat was in the WordPress top ten… clicking on took you to a site in Asia. I think that was also a trap. Luckily I do have No Script …. but it knocked my computer out for hours.

I didn’t think more about until now.

I am so sorry. that must have snuck into a thread as a ping back.


87. msxeno - 29 August 2007

I don’t even know what “victim language” means. How can people overcome adversity if they can’t speak about it ? Byron constantly overlaps his notions of personal oppression with notions of societal oppression. This wouldn’t be so bad if A) He wasn’t completely full of shit. (ie–The claim that Pelosi is more powerful than Bush which proves that chicks rule over all) and B) He constantly jumps down the throat of any woman who makes the connection between oppression in the larger worlds and oppression at home.

Yeah, I know that there are sob sisters out there like MSOC, but I do think that consciousness raising has legitimate uses. Context is everything.

88. marisacat - 29 August 2007

Silber on masculine empire.

89. msxeno - 29 August 2007

Also, Byron’s carrying on about rape is just plain creepy. Creepier than even Dickie Spoons & Friends. These are clearly men who skirted the legal definition of rape in some encounter with a woman and now gild the lily by bragging about it, in ways just vague enough for them to avoid any official confession of what they personally have done.

Ick, ick and triple ick. >:

90. msxeno - 29 August 2007

Israel’s “Silent Majority,” via The Distant Ocean.

…If so many Israelis wanted to dismantle all the settlements and withdraw the army from the Occupied Territories, why didn’t it happen? The author mentions a few views on the topic that I’d say cover most of it:

Mark Mellman, one of the top political consultants in Washington, was not surprised. He said that it’s not unusual for policymakers to ignore majority views, and that it’s our job to get them to sit up and notice.

Ron HaCohen said, “Our main source of information about what people think, feel or believe is the mass media. The media portray the Israeli people as much more pro-settlements than they really are.”

Hanna Kim suggests that the power of the settlements is a combination of their integration into the Israeli economy and the effectiveness of their Knesset lobby…”

Smells all-too-familiar to this American.

91. liberalcatnip - 29 August 2007

maybe the person who planted the worm at dk saw one too many of the ACLU ad with reid & pelosi as sheep.

rofl…all hail the mighty Dems! (Maybe it was Rahm.)

92. marisacat - 29 August 2007

ms xeno

well imo victim language is CLINGING to being a victim. Making endless use of that one big bloody note. Til it becomes orchestration and the reason for being.

yes if you are attacked, raped, assaulted, brutalised you were indeed victimised.

But you can and must not be there forever.

Nor do I believe in soft pseudo shrink bullshit “closure”. Pain and brutality are with the person forever.

Just get beyond the trapped language.

93. Revisionist - 29 August 2007

i got a worm last week… only Counter Spy found it but it couldnt clean it. Glad i didnt pay $50. Some guy wrote an under 1 meg prog that fixed it in under a minute.

94. D. Throat - 29 August 2007

Ah…. here we go… circling the wagons of lies:

Obama’s radical proposals on mortgages
by Jerome a Paris
Wed Aug 29, 2007 at 05:26:37 AM PDT

Barack Obama has an article in the Financial Times about some of the lessons that need to drawn from the current financial meltdown, and both the title of his article(Fine unscrupulous lenders) and that of the accompanying analysis article by the FT (Obama unveils radical mortgage plan make it clear that this is not a shy proposal.

Let’s make one thing clear …. this financial mess is not about mortgages… it is about the collusion of brokers and bankers to rip off the market. Today it is mortgages… and tomorrow if the “repeals” of Glass Steagal and other Depression Era “plugs” are not re-repealed… the greedy bastards will find another weakness in the market to exploit… already looks like Citicorp is setting it’s sites on credit cards. So it is bullshit to try to put bandaids on the mortgage industry because the real people who are causing the crash are the brokers and bankers.

Jerome à Paris knows this yet he writes this crap

If you read my diaries, you may have noted that I personally think that the financial crisis will be massive, and I also note how important it is that Democrats put the blame properly where it belongs, i.e. in the feudalistic, class warfare economic policies of the right (DT: that would be the DLC), which use massive debt (borne by the poor) to hide the capture of an increasingly large share of the economic pie by the ultra rich.

This part is interesting:

The first step is to make the industry pay as much of the cost of the bail out as possible. As any quick search attests, it is quite easy to find massive exemples of dodgy practices and outright fraud. But going after these on a large scale (if the goal is to fund something large nough to pay for any kind of bailout) is likely to require a lot of political will, something of course unlikely to happen before 2009 – which makes it an ideal opportunity to talk up the idea as much as possible, to put pressure on the mortgage industry and ensure that they more willingly accept tougher regulations for the future in any case.

And that’s the second leg of Obama’s plan, and one that can only be supported: bring in (or back) tough regulation of the industry. In fact, this is something that is required on a grand scale for the two industries that intersect in the mortgage industry: the financial sector in general (which has gone crazy in the past few years, fuelled by the geedy combination of cheap debt, complete deregulation and the promotion of greed as a positive value by the right and complacent media), and all industries providing consumer goods and services.

At first you’d think that Jerome is talking about “bringing back” the repealed legislations… but if you read the FT article…. Obama mentions not such thing

Mr Obama said the government needed to “stop the unlicensed, unregulated, fly-by-night mortgage brokers who are hoodwinking low-income borrowers into loans they can’t afford”.

He added that “Washington needs to stop acting like an industry advocate and start acting like a public advocate”.

Harsh…. not.

What I think is happening is that the Dems and GOP are passing the buck on the financial crises like a hot potato. The GOP could fully and correctly yell to the top of their lungs that the fault of this lastest financial greedy fiasco lies squarely of the shoulders of Bill Clinton. The real question is … why are they being so quiet???

Citicorp is quickly becoming the albatross around the Dems neck … like Enron was to the GOP. However, I would say that the Citicorp and all the crooks that followed Citicorp in to the land of easy money will be vastly larger and more damaging than Enron.

So the only reason why I see the GOP keeping quiet is because they are using it as leverage… to get anything and every thing from this Majority in Name Only Democratic Congress. No Impeachment, Bottomless buckets of money for Iraq contractors, no investigations into Rove and Gonzales….

Just like Bill before her… looks like Hilary is happy to destroy the Democratic Party for her own personal gain.

But as usual the GOP has the upper hand… the market is going to fall one day… and they get to say when… so I am guessing they will let it drop once Hilary gets the nomination… until then… they will use it for all it’s worth.

95. liberalcatnip - 29 August 2007
96. liberalcatnip - 29 August 2007

They’re showing security prep for the APEC summit in Australia in Sept on the teevee – including the restricted air space limits and commenting about the “shoot down” orders for violators. Once again, I have to ask, why don’t these bozos just use conference calls instead of causing so much disruption everywhere they go?

97. marisacat - 29 August 2007


I think they gather merely to service the itinerant working boyz and girlz (by which i mean the sex workers).

And all these silly celeb + G men and women + corporate creeps, hyper gaga “meetings” are likely a form of diversion.

98. D. Throat - 29 August 2007

Some one finally asks “The Question”:

Jerome, I don’t know if you have done this (0 / 0)

or not, if you have please point me in the direction, if you haven’t could you do a diary on how the banking deregulation that took place in the 90’s has effected the current crisis. I know that banking regulation was a major component of FDR’s new deal and that the law Clinton signed in the 90’s basically gutted those regulations. I think itwould be very helpful for people to understand teh long term impact of government policy. Thanks

To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men~~ Abraham Lincoln

by Tanya on Wed Aug 29, 2007 at 09:55:40 AM PDT

99. marisacat - 29 August 2007

But as usual the GOP has the upper hand… the market is going to fall one day… and they get to say when… so I am guessing they will let it drop once Hilary gets the nomination… until then… they will use it for all it’s worth.
— D Throat

OK big market crash (I mean bigger than ’87) sometime post Feb 5.

Even tho she is the putative nom at this point it is not written in stone yet. Once she is tho, the fur is gonna fly in this country.

My guess anyway.

100. JJB - 29 August 2007


W/r/t Paisley, he has an honorary doctorate from Bob Jones University, having become a close friend of the school’s founder many years ago. It’s not clear that he ever obtained a degree from any legitimate institution of theological study, and his ordination may well have done by several clergymen not empowered to perform such a ceremony. In any event, the Presbyterian church did not allow him to practice as a minister, so he started up his own sect, the Free Presbyterian Church. In spite of his supposedly stong Unionist sentiments, over the years more than a few people, including ex-members of his political party, have claimed that he is in fact anti-British, and would like nothing more than to have an independent state (“his own Geneva” as one former ally put it) that is neither part of the UK, nor the Republic of Ireland. Oddly enough, he recently made some comment about Northern Ireland not really being British because he was trying to made sure that Ulster beef wasn’t subject to the hoof and mouth disease bans.


DB is simply nuts. I’ve had discussions with him where he more or less stated that he thought WWII was started by Churchill and FDR colluding against Hitler, never mind that Churchill was a backbencher when the Nazis invaded Poland. As the dialogue went along, I realized that he was taking this immense pride in how clever be believed himself to be, and going further out on the limb with each new “brilliant” observation/argument that made him sound more and more like a less intelligent David Irving. Perhaps he’s Irving’s bastard offspring. God knows he thinks like him. Anyway, at some point he seemed to catch on that I was toying with him and tricking him into figuratively hanging himself with his posts, and he went bonkers. MCat’s probably right that he has some history that caused him to suddenly disappear, the way he went off on me is something I’m sure he’s done with people he has actual, face-to-face contact with, and he probably has to be very careful.

101. marisacat - 29 August 2007


thanks, I knew he was affiliated in some way with one of the “christian” universities… and had thought he graduated from one of them.

I have n ot wasted time googling DB, but (as I know you know, iirc you had posted links to his sites at one point) he used to have a couple sites online and at least one had photos of himself and his wife as well.

Unwise if he has a history that dogs him. He certainly has a ton of time on his hands.

Well, good luck to them all!

102. msxeno - 29 August 2007

I don’t think that Mr. Paris wants to really offer up a serious critique of the relationship between, say, the Holy Hillary and financial bigwigs. To do so would leave him dangerously open to accusations of Nader-like “radicalism.” The fact that such an analysis would be vulnerable in that environment tells you everything you need to know about just how easy it is to get labeled a “radical” nowadays. Even the most polite, well-worn solutions to problems when proposed are likely to lead to thoughtless “thinkers” throwing their bodies between Hill-Citycrap and your pea shooter while they screech “No you filthy radical freak !! Never while I live !! And go take a bath !! You smell !”

Wake me when it’s all over. Or when Marie and/or Deep Throat are holding forth. Whichever comes first…

103. msxeno - 29 August 2007

JJB, that tale of you and DB discussing WW2 is priceless. I hope you didn’t need a tanker truck’s worth of Pink Bismuth when it was all over. (shudder)

104. marisacat - 29 August 2007

Got onto this from a link at Angry Arab… and when I pulled it up thought it was the ex IDF who advised Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) last year.

Yes indeedy, it is. Testimonials

Home Page

we are so vulnerable. Such fools. So stupid. invite them in, mass visas for Saudis, ex IDF learning all sorts of things. Our militaries are aligned, basically. Hug and Kiss for the ISI in Pakistan. And so on.

But take your shoes off at the airport.
Just harrassment, nothing more.

105. lucid - 29 August 2007

I’ve had discussions with him where he more or less stated that he thought WWII was started by Churchill and FDR colluding against Hitler

Yikes. I don’t even think David Irving would argue that…

[Lyndon Larouche]Though I suppose one could argue that WWII might have been very different had Herbert Walker not provided financial cover to the German Industiralists that backed and armed the Nazi’s.[/Lyndon Larouche]

106. D. Throat - 29 August 2007

Ms. X you are right … he has gotten hs hand slapped more than once by being to truthful and the Kozi made the GOP blush… basically called him a French cheese eating surrender monkey or pretty damn close.

I keep thinking about London Yanks comment that “No one could have predicted that removing the barriers to fraud … would indeed invite fraudsters”… they are all living in a fantasy world were they think that they and Dems “do no harm”.

Yet, I am having a hard time remembering exactly when was the last time the Dems voted to support and protect it’s base… or even the American people…. still can’t remember.

107. lucid - 29 August 2007

D. Throat – 1964 maybe?

108. D. Throat - 29 August 2007

I mean you have Teacherken who teaches kids the Constitution waxing poetically about Webb who just voted to take away their constitutional rights…. NO IT IS NOT OKAY.

If this is the way that Dems are going to behave then it is truly better to have the GOP in power… at least then the Dems have to kinda pretend to be an opposition and it is not as embarrassing when they roll over and play dead.

Yes, Bush will get his 50 Billion dollars even though he could support health care for American children for a fraction of the cost… but the Dems will vote to give it to him anyways.

109. D. Throat - 29 August 2007

could “NOT” support

110. JJB - 29 August 2007


You just reminded me of what set him off. I posted a link to his really high-tech website. Someone else had discovered it, and apparently he was embarrassed by it, so my throwing it in his face was not appreciated and he went off the deep end. If that was the case, you’d think he’d have taken it down, but as you can see, the damn thing is still there. One thing I’ve noticed is that he doesn’t seem computer literate beyond being able to post comments on other people’s websites. A mouth-breathing teenage Nasi would doubtless have been able to come up with something better than that site even in 2000. BTW, the banner ads currently running there on his main page are for ErectileDysfunction/LastLongerInBed/Impotence products, as well as one re Internet porn addiction, pretty funny considering the subject of his site. He doesn’t seem to have updated it in 7 years.

111. liberalcatnip - 29 August 2007

Billions, trillions…those amounts are just so obscene that they barely even register anymore as more money is swallowed up by all of Cheney’s buddies. As with the number of Iraqi victims, I think the sheer volume of those dollar amounts being wasted have caused massive desensitization. At some point, your eyes just gloss over when it no longer computes.

112. marisacat - 29 August 2007

here they are … Mr and Mrs DB

113. liberalcatnip - 29 August 2007

#109. I saw a Pampers ad at the bottom of the page. No doubt men who are so afraid of women need diapers since they wet their pants in fear so often.

He gets old really fast yet some people seem to think that if they just engage him, they can make him see the light. Not.going.to.happen. He’s a huge waste of time.

114. JJB - 29 August 2007


The experience was nothing a good post-discussion glass of wine didn’t take care of. 🙂

Actually, it was kind of fun, I’m ashamed to say. It’s fascinating to watch people who are ignorant of how ignorant they are inadvertently exposing themselves.

115. D. Throat - 29 August 2007

Intellectually, I’m on your side (0 / 0)

but I fear that the fallout is going to be so massive that not doing anything, however justified that attitude may be, may end up be even more damaging at that point.

It’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation, and the Reagan/Bush/Greenspan ideological juggernaut should be fully blamed for it.

European Tribune / The Oil Drum / EA2020

by Jerome a Paris on Wed Aug 29, 2007 at 12:07:45 PM PDT

[ Parent ]

I think you skipped somebody in between there buddy… hint: BILL CLINTON

116. marisacat - 29 August 2007

falrleft, on the newest Of the blogs – and bloggers. Basically a reactionary medium, day after day after day.

LOL sending up my warble from the mud wallow.

… and really, where IS MB?, he needs to police PFF.

117. JJB - 29 August 2007

Speaking of people who are ignorant of how ignorant they are inadvertently exposing themselves, it seems Tucker Carlson is boasting about have someone come on to him in a public toilet, and then getting a friend to help him beat the guy up:

On the August 28 edition of MSBNC Live, hosted by MSNBC general manager Dan Abrams, Tucker Carlson, host of MSNBC’s Tucker, asserted, “Having sex in a public men’s room is outrageous. It’s also really common. I’ve been bothered in men’s rooms.” Carlson continued, “I’ve been bothered in Georgetown Park,” in Washington, D.C., “when I was in high school.” When Abrams asked how Carlson responded to being “bothered,” Carlson asserted, “I went back with someone I knew and grabbed the guy by the — you know, and grabbed him, and … hit him against the stall with his head, actually.”

Here’s hoping this incident gets the George Will Wannabe college dropout fired. BTW, I wonder just what it was that TC grabbed?

118. D. Throat - 29 August 2007

the Reagan/Bush/Greenspan ideological juggernaut should be fully blamed for it.


the Carter/Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush and Greenspan ideological juggernaut should be fully blamed for it.

Democrats DO do as much harm as the GOP.

119. lucid - 29 August 2007

So Tucker’s ‘fag-stomping’ true colors emerge… too bad there’s a statute of limitation on assault…

120. Marie - 29 August 2007

I may be slow (a lot slower than Marisa), but when I finally get it that someone is an authoritarian, “ism” afflicted asshole, I steer clear of them. DB and that tacitus guy were probably the first two at dKos that I avoided. — sigh — then came all the others, particularly the Clarkies. Now it’s the Dem-Fems (aka Hill-Bots) that aren’t satisfied with merely joining Bill-Hill in their quest to remake the DEM Party in their image but seek to take down feminism as well. I never, never, trusted Republican “feminists” — they co-opted feminism for their own personal selfish interests. The Di-Fi syndrome. gag me. No wonder young women go “ick” when they hear the word feminism today. I probably would to if my only reference point for feminism was Dem-Fems. The 21st century version of the privileged white women housewives who promulated the fiction that women, particularly the mothers, are naturally more caring and nurturing than anyone else on the planet. They know how to run a proper house and therefore, should be running the country. Odd that I would pine for Tip O’Neill now that I’ve had a peak at how Nancy runs her House.

121. marisacat - 29 August 2007

marie… oh so true:

The 21st century version of the privileged white women housewives who promulated the fiction that women, particularly the mothers, are naturally more caring and nurturing than anyone else on the planet.

gah, has that been hard to watch go by.

122. liberalcatnip - 29 August 2007

Did boober just out someone?

Yesterday, kossack “howmartin” posted a dkos diary about SusanHu’s medical problems.

boober, admitting he stole howmatin’s content without blockquoting or linking to it, also reveals howmartin’s full name.

This, coming from a man who gets pissed off when his real name – which is all over the tubes by his own doing throws a fit whenever it’s used here.

howmartin does not provide his real name or homepage link in his dkos profile. Apparently, he posts as “howieinseattle” at boobers ite where there is a link to his site that does show his name.

But, according to the rulez of the paranoid boyz, I can only conclude that boober did out him.

Rule #1: Even if someone’s real name can be found easily on the web, you should never ever ever post it.

How soon the boober forgets. In his own words:

I don’t know why some people have the urge to reveal the identities of people that are clearly trying to maintain their anonymity.

[note – that was his commentary about DD’s alleged “outing” when he had already outed himself on his own site. Different rules for you though Martin? -catnip]
…this outing business is beneath contempt.

What’s beneath contempt is this continual hypocrisy. And these guys are supposed to be the saviours of the Democratic party? Mon dieu.

123. Marie - 29 August 2007

D. Throat – thanks for the tip, I took the liberty of informing him of his omission but went a bit soft on Carter.

Also posted my general response to that diary:
ifanyone’s interested — but it’s not really worth reading as you are all already far ahead of the curve on this.

Look’s as if Dark Syde didn’t get the memo. Innocuous enough that the minders might let this one slide.

Damnit – screwed up the link again (Marisa delete the previous comment if you can – thanks)

124. marisacat - 29 August 2007

well speaking of Tip ONeil.. he was a sack of Catholic meat and potatoes.

How is Nancy any differnt, just Versace and South Seas pearls.


125. liberalcatnip - 29 August 2007

BTW, I wonder just what it was that TC grabbed?

It wasn’t a clue, obviously.

126. liberalcatnip - 29 August 2007

I can’t believe I just wasted 5 minutes of my life writing that comment about boober. (I’m just avoiding going out for groceries. Please forgive me.)

127. D. Throat - 29 August 2007

They are only out to save themselves… I geuss they think if they are part of the “elite” as Bowers likes to point out they will get special treatment.

This reminds me of a friend who went to see the Titanic… she left the cinema saying that “Well, it goes to show why one must always go First Class”…. as the steerage class was locked in the hull.

128. JJB - 29 August 2007

liberalcatnip, no. 125,

Don’t feel bad, look at all the time I wasted talking about David Byron! 🙂

129. keirdubois - 29 August 2007

catnip- that’s why I just short-circuit the whole process and post with my real name. Of course, the fact that it’s so damn cool has nothing to do with it…

130. Marie - 29 August 2007

and really, where IS MB?, he needs to police PFF.

Showed up in a TLC thread last night. Maybe he needed a break from his babysitting chores and wandered over to where some adults hang out. (Pardox quit the DEM Party and DKos yesterday – will be the IND voice at TLC; so, that might have prompted MB’s visit). He left a long “cut and paste” comment from something he’d written some time ago for me. I responded but must confess that I didn’t actually read his post.

No illusions about Tip — just one of those things like Nixon that today only look better by comparison — the old arsenic vs. strychnine delimma.

131. marisacat - 29 August 2007


I bet you are right about MB over to TLC to ”attend” … glad to hear paradox cut the cord.

132. marisacat - 29 August 2007

oh no marie, no criticism, my comment about Tip was just in general.

In the end the Speaker is the Speaker is the Speaker.

I still say, Barney to Congress! It cannot get worse!

133. Marie - 29 August 2007

Oops, he pops up again to recommend:

this snark. The Hill-bots stalked and I was done with a “FU” – figured that was more specific than simply hitting that “troll” button. Not sure why they didn’t figure out that “troll” and “you’re a complete freaking a-hole” are distinct and separate categories and a button for the latter would save many of us a lot of time.

134. marisacat - 29 August 2007

New Thread:

Just a little post for the Dog Days of August.

135. lucid - 29 August 2007

I thought Barney was already the brains behind the show. How can he be elected to another term?

136. Revisionist - 29 August 2007

Richard Jewell, the Centennial Olympic Park security guard once suspected — but later cleared — of bombing of the park during the 1996 Summer Games, was found dead Wednesday in his home in Meriwether County. He was 44.

137. lucid - 29 August 2007

Young death. Did they list a cause?

138. Revisionist - 29 August 2007

I had forgotten abot that bombing. THe 70’s were pretty violent. Hijackings, serial killers, leftists. 80’s were sedate excpet for tyanol.. In the 90’s we had the WTC, OKC, The Olympic thing. Yet for some reason the country went ape shit over 9/11. A simple lock on the cabin door would have prevented it. But the people condoned torture, spying, indefinate arrests. Was the PR that good or was something else playing on our psyche?

139. liberalcatnip - 29 August 2007

I didn’t know that was your real name, keir. You’re right. It is cool.

Don’t feel bad, look at all the time I wasted talking about David Byron!

lol…glad to see I’m not the only one then. 🙂

140. lucid - 29 August 2007

Rev- don’t forget the Embassy bombings and the Cole bombing…

Things were already going ape shit though. Does the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty bill ring a bell? And it was Clinton who brought us ‘Free Speech Zones’ and ‘Pre-emptive War doctrine’ [if you recall, Kosovo was to ‘prevent’ a genoicide that was not & never likely to happen – but we did net some nice drug smuggling routes & one of the largest mineral mines in the world out of it…]

141. msxeno - 29 August 2007

The oil, lucid. Don’t forget the oil. Wheeee !!

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