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Buddhas A Go Go… 19 September 2007

Posted by marisacat in Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, WAR!.

      reclining buddha - Wat Phutthai Sawan - Ayutthaya Thailand   

… a snip from Madman’s latest… of tasers and things that go bump in the path of a politico:

[W]hy does EVERYONE leap to the defense of cops, rent-a-version or otherwise? Thugs in uniform, sanctioned gangs, a perhaps-necessary evil, but when they attack citizens who raise questions, or who question corporations, or who raise questions of conscience, then why are we so eager to defend them? Uniformed agents of violence should be questioned first … they aren’t sainted either. When they act in our name their actions reflect upon us as a people.

There are too few questions being asked in this country. There is too much conformity when it comes to real issues. The laughter coming out of that crowd when the thugs lift that young man up and bodily carry him away from the microphone FOR ASKING A QUESTION reflect poorly on a people born in a country that was itself born in the fires of nasty, confrontational debate, a country where an overreaching President Adams payed for the Alien and Sedition Acts with the forfeture of his office, driven out by publishers and speakers who refused to be silenced. 

Hair Club for Men comment in the previous thread (link to Dkos comment):

Hair Club for Men | |

Why not just use a cigarette?

they tried to throw him out (0 / 0)

he fought back. When you physically mess with cops, you’re going to get arrested. He first refused to be thrown out, then resisted arrest. Grounds for tasering. I wish they’d stuffed the taser in his eye.


This telling set of grafs from Marc Ambinder’s review (reporter’s call this am with Hilarius the First) of her health plan is revealing…

“Americans from all walks of life,” Clinton told us, “aren’t going to be fooled again.”  [shoot me now!   — Mcat]

In 2000, Democratic intellectual Andrei Cherny wrote “The Next Deal,” which described what he called “the Choice Revolution.”

Cherny challenged Democrats to envision government not as a guarantor of rights and security but also as a guarantor of, a provider of, a facilitator of, choices.

Clinton and other Democratic presidential candidates have read the book; at one of those fancy Washington book parties the bloggers love to hate, I once saw Clinton and Cherny chatting about it.

The Clinton plan incorporates universal coverage but does not define itself by that goal. It incorporates cost-cutting but does not define itself by that goal, either. Instead, the freshest fruit of Clinton’s plan is that it secures universal choices.

Freshest fruit?  That’s rich.   It is the definition of the era we are moving into (really, Reagan moved us into it, government – even slightly of, by and for the people – ws bad, big and to be done away with)… you can shop your government, not for rights and proper protections, but you can shop for what they make available.  AFTER they pay for the wars.  Which they will bleed the nation dry waging.

Can it get clearer?

But:  you are better off with the corps. I hear that sub text strongly. 

That worked really well for the Jersey Girls.  They and their husbands all voted for Bush, linked their identity to, put their faith in, the corporation on the 96th floor of the first building to fall… and at the time it fell knew jack shit about the government. Their government. The corporation was their betrothed.

I am so very sorry they learned the hard way. 

Ambinder says that she wins plaudits from Cohn of TNR, Ezra Klein (I am laughing) and little Mattie Yglesias (still laughing) – and he links to them… if you are so inclined.

Lordy.  We are saved!  The chumps in the vegetable garden send their seventy-nine cent Hallmark greeting cards to the Big Bad Governess.


We live inside a nightmare…  There is a horrible article, linked from the FP of the online NYT, on the “internal migration” in Iraq.  I don’t see mention of war.  I do see sectarian violence and ethnic cleansing by AQI blamed.

Still, some poor Iraqis, for example those fleeing ethnic cleansing by Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia in villages in the eastern province of Diyala, make the only choice available to them: head for Baghdad and stop in one of the refugee camps on the fringes of the city amid the other desperately poor.

The size and scope of the migration has elicited deep concern on the part of aid officials. Relief workers “have a mammoth task to alleviate the sufferings of this vast number of Iraqis,” a draft report on the Red Crescent figures says.


Most families live in tents but a few have one room shelters made of mud mixed with hay. A vast internal migration is radically reshaping Iraq’s ethnic and sectarian landscape, according to new data collected by thousands of relief workers.   [Photo:  Marko Georgiev for The New York Times]

“Not all of this is because of the unsecure situation,” said Mazin A. Salloum, secretary general of the Iraqi Red Crescent Organization.

Not a war.  An unsecure situation.


Fighting in Diyala set people on the roads, fleeing the ongoing military operations by the American military against extremist Sunni Arab fighters.  [Photo: Marko Georgiev for The New York Times]


Last, Consortium News has a piece up on the tiny cramped constipated dance steps that congress is willing to sort of perform… and it fits right in with loss of rights and a rotten fruit platter presented to us as what government owes the American people…

Halfway Measures on Bush’s Tribunals

By Robert Parry

September 18, 2007

In a memorable scene from Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11,” Rep. John Conyers explains how it was that Congress passed the USA Patriot Act without knowing many of its provisions. “Sit down, my son,” the courtly Michigan Democrat said. “We don’t read most of the bills.”

That reality does not appear to have changed much. In back-to-back years, Congress rushed through two sweeping pieces of legislation – the Military Commissions Act of 2006 and the Protect America Act of 2007 – without a full understanding of the powers being granted to President George W. Bush.

Now, the U.S. Senate is expected to consider legislation scrapping one part of the 2006 law, its denial of habeas corpus – the ancient protection against arbitrary arrests – to foreigners whom Bush has designated “unlawful enemy combatants.”

Right… well, catch your breath:

The law could put “any person,” including those “in breach of an allegiance or duty to the United States” before a military tribunal if the person “knowingly and intentionally aids an enemy of the United States.”

Who has “an allegiance or duty to the United States” if not an American citizen? That provision would not presumably apply to Osama bin Laden or al-Qaeda, nor would it apply generally to foreigners.

This section of the law appears to be singling out American citizens who are deemed (by the Bush administration) enemy fellow travelers. It seeks to put them inside Bush’s “star chamber” proceedings if they are alleged to aid and abet foreign enemies.  [and we have so many or those, “foreign enemies”  — Mcat]

“Any person is punishable as a principal under this chapter who commits an offense punishable by this chapter, or aids, abets, counsels, commands, or procures its commission,” according to the law, passed by the Republican-controlled Congress in September 2006 and signed by Bush on Oct. 17, 2006.

I have snipped a lot, but there is more at the article itself:

In its editorial, the Times takes note of the law’s “kangaroo court” provisions and recognizes that the current legislative fixes don’t deal with these concerns. “All of those issues must be addressed, speedily, by Congress, but restoring habeas corpus would be a good first step,” the editorial said.

The most prominent bill, sponsored by Sens. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont, and Arlen Specter, R-Pennsylvania, limits itself to deleting the Military Commissions Act’s specific denial of habeas corpus rights to non-U.S. citizens.

As the Times noted, passage of the Leahy-Specter bill would restore some legal balance to the process. By reinstating habeas corpus, Congress would make it harder for the Executive to prevail in the courts since the courts normally take into account congressional intent when weighing a legal appeal.

But the Leahy-Specter bill would leave in place Bush’s unprecedented parallel legal system that now resides outside the American constitutional structure.

It’s also unclear if Congress will even agree to something as limited as restoring habeas corpus, a principle in English law that dates back to the Magna Carta of 1215 and a right that the Founders considered so important that they embedded it in the U.S. Constitution in 1787.

Not sure what is left to say really… very few in congress have seemed upset or concerned about habeas corpus, from the get go.




1. marisacat - 19 September 2007

BHHM is FPed at peeders, his post on the Weiss Lerach SNAFU. FUBAR…


2. Revisionist - 19 September 2007

lucid – i really wished him well too.

I hated him the past year. not hate but he annoyed me. I hated his psuedo hippie dippy up-with people diaries. then a few months back I realized that he was the only one yelling about so many things. he was the only one bring up topics about dem failures and wrongs. and i was like yeah buhdy fucking yell louder. then the PTB started coming after him. i too formed a protective circle around him. but something changed this summer. i started noticing him troll rating people with the mob and saying things that seemed out of the character he created and more inline with “the establishment”. At one point I even got tin hatty and toyed with the idea that he wasnt even real but just a character played by different people at diferent times to give the appearance of an actual “left”.

he really is baffling but the last couple of weeks appears to be an inline with the buhdy that appeared earlier this year and not the hands across america buhdy from the winter and spring.

3. marisacat - 19 September 2007

ugh. How many of these do we have to live thru”. I am guessing a lot. Looks like Hilarius and Brownback agree on not returning the Wyatt money.

4. frtitzcat - 19 September 2007

Marisa- you guys are wrong about Holland. The fact that he is a shill only makes him more interesting. “Holland” doesnt really exist anyway. The pictures you see of him are artfully faked. “Holland’s” diaries are carefully written by a team of net roots intel experts.

“Arthur Gilroy” a known international man of intrigue. Traipses back and forth btwn “Europe” and “the Bronx” monthly.

Supposedly a ‘bonist in some travelin {big} band, but how can you really tell if he’s blowing or just artfully faking it {lip synching} when surrounded by such a large brass ensemble?

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 September 2007

Thanks for the link. I hope everybody has a great day.

6. supervixen - 19 September 2007

From the previous thread:

127. D. Throat – 19 September 2007
Look at the maths that have gone into setting up DocuDhrama… Rove would be very pleased at his protege.

Get two “Rowdy” Lefty Libruls … stick them in the forefront… YELL LOUDER…. then shuffle in right wing trolls behind them… don’t tell me that this was not calculated from the beginning.

If you look closely MLW is set up the same way… as is BMT.

I agree with DT – Docudipshit is a butterfly-netting site (as MCat has observed of the others). Probably not bankrolled by Kos, but created by buhdy with hopes for inveigling his way into the Inner Circle eventually. If you ask me, buhdy is a narcissistic screamer who will do anything for attention (just like MSOC) and has figured out that if he creates a DK-friendly site that manages to corral some of the loose lefty cannons but still pushes DK memes, then Kos and some of the other biggies will notice him.


he really is baffling but the last couple of weeks appears to be an inline with the buhdy that appeared earlier this year and not the hands across america buhdy from the winter and spring.

Actually buhdy was very buddy-buddy with the Troll Patrol some time ago – schmoozing and trollrating and late-night-LOLing with Elise and the others. Then there was some kind of problem between tlh lib/Avila and some of the other Brownshirts and he ended up on their side, going after Elise, Miz L et al. They were rivals in the same gang fighting it out for dominance.

They are all utterly repellent.

7. marisacat - 19 September 2007

[J]ewish-Israeli citizens live in virtual reality, thoughtfully provided for them by the leaders, the media, and the education system. In this reality, the Israelis figure as good guys, fighting for their existence, rather than as colonizers and occupiers. In this virtual world, it is believed that our government has worked hard to achieve a peace agreement with the Palestinians; and if this goal has not been not achieved, it is because of Palestinian intransigence. Impediment of negotiations by settlers is admitted, but settlers are viewed as troublesome extremists, rather than as an offshoot of deliberate and consistent annexationist policy of the Israeli government.

But the key Israeli politicians KNOW – the ethnic cleansing project could not possibly proceed otherwise.

Yitzhak Rabin paid with his life for what then appeared to be a sincere effort to break away from the ethnic cleansing program (although Rabin never even tried to remove the settlements; and his was the idea of the infamous “bypass roads” for settlers; in the end, the Oslo years turned out to be a golden opportunity for settlement expansion under the cover of the bogus “peace process”.

Barak, promoter of large scale colonization projects in the West Bank, seems to have made the last failed effort to set a (very limited) form of coexistence with Palestinians. But he must have finally decided that “if you cannot fight it, join it”, as indicated by his current activities as a new Minister of Defense. [snip]


The Israeli policy towards Palestinians can be summarized briefly – “inflict all the damage you can get away with”. But how do the Israeli leaders envisage the end of this game?

The hard core nationalists spell it loudly – “transfer”, i.e. expulsion of Palestinians. But what do the main-stream leaders think – the ones who actually carry out the expulsion (presently – the internal one, to the Palestinian ghettos and the enclaves)? The operation is too well organized for one to believe that the end-game was never considered.

I believe that the final objective of our rulers is to set the stage for the second Naqba.

Otherwise what is the point of the endless goading of Palestinians into violence? Any minimally thoughtful person understands that the Israeli policies in the Occupied Territories will lead to an eventual paroxysm of violence. Do not tell me that our leaders never thought about it. Granted, amongst them there are total opportunists who do not care about anything except staying in power.

But somebody is pushing the ethnic cleansing forward.

Sharon was the foremost among them, but judging from the well organized continuation, his associates are fully operational and in business. These people are actually looking forward to the violence. They have their eyes on the real-estate prize – the West Bank.

A paroxysm of violence would enable the State of Israel to annex the West Bank – the entire West Bank, that is, while getting rid of most of Palestinian inhabitants. Just like in 1948. This is, in my view, the envisaged end-game. Where do they propose to expel the Palestinians? Jordan? The Gaza Strip? Syria? I do not know.

Regional war, war on Palestinians in Iraq, Lebanon, ISrael..

Just endless exterminating war.

8. supervixen - 19 September 2007

antihegemonic reminds me very much of LouisianaGirl and pointecoupeedem.

MCat, what IP address is she posting from?

9. marisacat - 19 September 2007

well it looked as tho pointecoupeedemocrat was using an At&T provider. Which would make it different …

10. marisacat - 19 September 2007

Apparently DHinMI is moving out and moving on:

HOULE IS OUT: Dana Houle is on the way out as chief of staff to Rep. Paul Hodes…

from the September 6 nhpolitics.com


from the 9/12 Concord Monitor (full text)

Departure for Hodes

Rep. Paul Hodes’s chief of staff, Dana Houle, is leaving his job in a move that press secretary Bergen Kenny called “completely amicable and always planned.” Houle ran Hodes’s campaign before he ran his office.

Houle was out front in March when Hodes announced that he would not support Ray Buckley for Democratic Party chairman after a video of a much-younger Buckley making lewd comments and gestures was posted on YouTube.com by Buckley nemesis and Manchester Rep. Steve Vaillancourt.

Buckley became party chairman the next week. At the time, Houle told the Monitor that Hodes wasn’t concerned about the comments but by the fact that Buckley was a member of a group called “Gays in New Hampshire,” which, the video emphasized, had members as young as 16. “It was not that he had a MySpace page. It was that he had linked to a page where there were adults and minors mixed together,” Houle said at the time.

The rest of the Democratic establishment stuck by Hodes [think they meant “Buckley” there — Mcat], and at the time former chairwoman Kathy Sullivan faulted an unnamed, overzealous Hodes staffer for the congressman’s call.

“I think that somebody on Paul Hodes’s staff badly served both Paul and Ray Buckley,” Sullivan said then. “Unfortunately – I’m guessing here – but I’m going to guess that somebody on Hodes’s staff saw this thing and panicked.”

Kenny said that the Buckley flap has nothing to do with Houle’s departure. “Absolutely not, no,” she said.

luuuv the wording. So transparent. Send lillies.

11. marisacat - 19 September 2007

The governess looking out for us…


Not Looking to Punish

Also, the Clinton campaign said Mrs. Clinton doesn’t see punishment for people who remain uninsured but is not ruling it out either. She said she hopes that incentives, including tax credits, would be enough to get people to voluntarily get insurance.

Laurie Rubiner, a Clinton health-policy adviser, said this issue would have to be worked out with Congress should Mrs. Clinton win the election.

Next year, Massachusetts will begin fining people who fail to prove they have health insurance. Those fines will eventually equal half the cost of the least expensive plan available to them. For some, that figure would top $1,000 per year.

12. supervixen - 19 September 2007

Oh shit, I was hoping to meet Houle face to face at one of these NH Dem gatherings.

13. Steven D - 19 September 2007

Dear Supervixen,

I’m not sure what you are referring to in post # 6 as it relates to Booman Tribune. Are you suggesting there is some sort of conspiracy to “front lefty positions” with an acknowledged and conspiratorial unstated agenda to then have “right wing” conservative trolls allowed to sabotage those of us who post from the progressive side of the aisle? If that is the case you could not be more mistaken. Certainly that has not been my experience at Booman where Martin allows me and other front pagers to post anything we wish without censorship. We may disagree on a number of points (he’s more for working within the Democratic party for change while I have soured on what we can and should expect from the current Democratic establishment) but I’ve never had any suggestion from him or any other front pager there that I can or cannot post whatever I want regardless of how controversial my position may be, or whether it offends the powers that be at other “big blahgs” as you folks refer to them here. You might also note that I have front paged any number of so-called “controversial leftists” such as Madman and Shergald in the past at BT with not one word of objection from Martin, though I know he doesn’t agree with their positions on many issues. I think criticism of Booman Tribune or any blog is fine and dandy and comes with the territory, but confabulating conspiracy theories based on little if any evidence in support of those claims is counterproductive and unwarranted.

If I have misinterpreted your point, my deepest apologies.

14. marisacat - 19 September 2007

Edwards (or rather, Trippi) calling Hilarius “corrupt”.

15. dkosser - 19 September 2007

from previous thread as quoted from docudharma:

i would much rather that you, mattes, keith moon (who, as far as i know, hasn’t registered here), and everyone else would do some soul-searching and figure out what exactly you think you’re accomplishing.

they want moon!
they need moon!….
where’s moon?
is the common refrain!


see, they don’t only bash pro-P’s but pro I’s as well!

only you loons see Turkana as anything but a fair moderator.

16. wilfred - 19 September 2007

Dana is a virus looking for a new host now. Pity the poor idiot who opens the door and lets that inside.

17. antihegemonic - 19 September 2007

This is old, but someone wanted it yesterday.


Iraq war veteran and short-time U.S. Senate candidate Paul Hackett tomorrow will announce his support for Rosemary Palmer, who’s trying to move Dennis Kucinich out of Congress.

Palmer, running for the 10th Congressional District nomination, has a tough challenge, but if Hackett were to truly get involved, he might draw some attention for Palmer.

Palmer’s 23-year-old son, Lance Cpl. Edward “Augie” Schroeder II, was killed in Iraq two years ago. A former teacher, Palmer says that Kucinich seems too preoccupied with his quest to become president to represent the district well.

Hackett, a Cincinnati attorney, was a rising political star when he launched a campaign for U.S. Senate last year, having been wooed by Senate Democrats. But then-U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown decided to get in the race, and Hackett got out. He felt used and angry and let people know it. But he and Brown eventually made nice and Brown is now a senator.

Hackett’s involvement in Palmer’s race “adds instant credibility,” says Anthony Fossaceca, Palmer’s campaign manager. It tells voters that she’s serious and that, like Hackett, she’s willing to go against the grain, he says.

“And it means a lot more now coming from Paul,” Fossaceca says, “who doesn’t do many of these.”

And the netroots all posted on it:



Bowers is sceptical of this Palmer woman, but then he relates this tale, one where Hackett says Kucinich endorsed Jean Schmidt, that crazy woman who wore the patriotic dress on the house floor while berating Murtha:

Paul related a story he’d never told, which occured on the day after he won the Democratic Primary in the OH-02 Congressional race in 2005. You’ll recall, this was the point when folks were starting to realize that we had a real race on our hands down south, and national attention was trickling in to this candidate from Southern Ohio. Well, driving through the District that day after the Primary, Hackett received a call from Dennis himself. As Paul said, Dennis stated he’d be rooting for Schmidt, that Hackett was a Democrat in Name only, that he didn’t like Paul because he’d served in the Iraq War, and a whole host of other statements that made it sound like not only is Dennis out of touch, but anti-military.(…)

Hackett also stated that Dennis policies on the war are “circus politics” and that Kucinich is intensely partisan. Since Paul and others believe that the Democrats need to take the reins on Iraq, but that we’re going to have to eventually fix the problem in conjunction with the other party, these sentiments came into play with Paul’s endorsement as well.

Another diary at Daily Kos, where almost half stated they would vote against Kucinich:


Which Presidential candidate do you think created all these problems for Kucinich? Who paid whom? What do you think?

18. raincat100 - 19 September 2007

This got pushed off the FP page of HuffPo purty quick:

Naomi Wolf piece on tazering

19. colleen - 19 September 2007

Certainly that has not been my experience at Booman where Martin allows me and other front pagers to post anything we wish without censorship.

Look, I’ve no doubt that this is true but seeing as you’ve been front paging there long enough to know Martin’s MO I would DEEPLY appreciate it if you would not come over here, blow smoke up our asses and lecture any of us. Thanks.

20. CSTAR - 19 September 2007

Are we not supposed to feel pain at images of displaced Iraqis, of a man crying for his lost son which he holds in his arms, of children refugees living in a mud hut or in a tent , of a girl screaming in horror at a nightmare which just does not end.

What price our we paying for this “virility” that wants us to lose the essence of our humanity, which is the capability for compassion.

This is the kind of crap they teach at Harvard.


21. JJB - 19 September 2007

Stephen D,

Certainly that has not been my experience at Booman where Martin allows me and other front pagers to post anything we wish without censorship.

I know for a fact that at one point Armando called the shots regarding what could be posted over at Froggy’s Bottoms, so do everyone a favor and post your transparent lies elsewhere. Numerous people at this site have been censored and/or banned at both Little Orange Footballs and Martin The Eunuch’s moldy patch of cyberspace because we insisted in expressing ourselves without censoring our opinions, and refused to back down when attacked by the thread thugs, of whom Martin is certainly one.

I’m glad you enjoy being a tool who doesn’t mind expressing himself according to parameters carefully drawn by others, we all need to find a role in life in which we feel happy and fulfilled. Those of us who prefer to speak our minds without worrying whether we’re offending someone with ulterior motives know just how little credibilty you and those of your ilk have on this subject.

22. mattes - 19 September 2007

Israelis vote to cut power to Gaza….the final death squeeze begins:

Ministers declare Gaza ‘hostile entity’, vote to disrupt power, fuel
By Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondent, and News Agencies

The security cabinet on Wednesday voted to declare the Gaza Strip an “hostile entity,” approving among other things the disruption of power and fuel supplies to the Strip, as a response to the ongoing Qassam rocket fire at Israeli communities.

The ministers decided, however, not to disrupt Gaza’s water supply.

The security cabinet unanimously approved a number of sanctions to be imposed on the Gaza Strip should the rocket fire on southern Israel continue. The steps are designed to create “civilian levers” that will pressure Gaza’s Hamas rulers to bring the rocket fire to a halt.

23. lucid - 19 September 2007

They were rivals in the same gang fighting it out for dominance.

This is very much the case. In fact, at the beginning of the ‘troll wars’, all of the aforementioned were on the Slouise side of the debate. When the KimberlyStone affair occurred, through her efforts, and those of HRH, myself and a few others, they turned against Slouise & those supporting her [I still wonder if whoever suggested it is right that jhritz is a Slouise sockpuupet]. All the same, they were still all troll cops – just troll cops with a more human face [hm… kind of reminds me of a certain political party I can no longer support].

24. bayprairie - 19 September 2007

You might also note that I have front paged any number of so-called “controversial leftists” such as Madman and Shergald in the past at BT with not one word of objection from Martin, though I know he doesn’t agree with their positions on many issues.

madman is controversial? to whom?

democratic party operatives?

dude you should get a XL clue.

you’ll also have to argue that point if you want that accepted as some kind of “given” in this thread. complete utter bullshit.

25. bayprairie - 19 September 2007

my first graph in the comment above is missing the blockquote. i want to be clear those are not my words.

26. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

Another assassination in Lebanon: Beirut car bomb kills anti-Syrian lawmaker

BEIRUT (Reuters) – A car bomb killed an anti-Syrian Lebanese lawmaker and at least six other people in Beirut on Wednesday, just six days before parliament was due to elect a new president, security sources said.

The lawmaker, Antoine Ghanem of the Christian Phalange party, was killed by the blast in a Christian district of the Lebanese capital. At least 19 other people were wounded by the bomb in the busy commercial and residential area of Sin el-Fil.

Several cars were set ablaze and rescue workers carried bodies from the scene in eastern Beirut.

Ghanem, 64, was a member of the anti-Syrian governing coalition which has been locked in a power struggle since November with factions backed by Damascus.

Parliament is due to convene on September 25 to elect a successor to pro-Syrian President Emile Lahoud. But political sources say resumed contacts between the rival leaders are unlikely to bear fruit in time for the vote to go ahead then.

Pierre Gemayel, the industry member and lawmaker who was assassinated in November last year, was a member of the same party as Ghanem.

27. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

Ministers declare Gaza ‘hostile entity’, vote to disrupt power, fuel

It’s no coincidence that Rice just showed up in Israel either – most likely with the message to go ahead and do just that.

28. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

And who, in their right mind, would possibly make a statement like this after it’s just been announced that electricity and fuel have been cut off?

U.S. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said Rice would discuss the Israeli declaration during her meeting later on Wednesday with Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni.

“We will talk to them about it but they have said this was not intended to affect the humanitarian situation in Gaza,” McCormack said.

Political bullshit. Send McCormack to Gaza to live for a month under those conditions and then have him report back on how the humanitarian situation wasn’t affected.

29. Steven D - 19 September 2007


Maybe you missed the story I published calling Armando out for his attacks on my RFK election fraud stories. As I recall Armando wasn’t too happy about what I did and we went at it at Dkos and at Booman. He certainly didn’t control my criticism of hm, nor did he get Booman to censor my work, Quite the contrary.

I don’t know where you get your information but Armando never “called the shots” on what I published at Booman, and to my knowledge he never “called the shots” with respect to anyone else who posted to the front page, at least since I’ve became a front pager there. If you have something to support your allegations I’d love to hear it. But calling me a liar without any evidence is either the product of delusional thinking or something more sinister. If you have proof I’m lying lay it out there for all to see. But don’t just throw around unsubstantiated charges and ad hominem attacks about my honesty and expect me to roll over and cry uncle. What you are alleging about me is reprehensible. Put up or kindly shut up.

30. JJB - 19 September 2007

Re the Gaza situation (in a roundabout way), I believe there have been only 2 or 3 occasions when, for very brief periods of time, Castro cut off the water supply to our naval base at Guantanamo, and it did not happen during the Cuban Missile Crisis. This is based on something I vaguely remember reading a long time ago, so if anyone knows better, I’m more than willing to take your word for it.

It’s an utterly despicable act that, as superfluous to add as this is, must be a violation of international law and most certainly is a violation of any and all standards of human decency. Really, I cannot think of any other country post-1945 that has demonstrated such a callous disregard for the lives of the helpless human beings doomed to live in the foreign territory it occupies as Israel, and their treatment of the Palestinians is on a par with the war crimes committed by the Japanese during WWII. They seem intent on putting themselves on a par with the Germans. They’ve still got a long way to go, but they’re heading down the same path and show no signs of stopping.

31. JJB - 19 September 2007

Stephen D,

I don’t waste my time at Martin’s cesspool. And I don’t hold discussions with professional liars, or those of amateur standing.

Sod off.

32. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

#24. Martin allows “controversial” members until he can’t deal with them anymore – exhibit A: Ductape Fatwa. Martin just loved the fact that DT brought tens of thousands of people to BT with his post about the SD abortion laws but went apeshit when DT continually challenged the American exceptionalism meme that Martin so staunchly believes in. DT then became expendable. So, to say there are no parameters to discourse on that blog is just pure bull. It’s just another mainstream, status quo display of Democratic mediocrity.

From Steven:

Certainly that has not been my experience at Booman where Martin allows me and other front pagers to post anything we wish without censorship.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have problems with what’s posted. Look at the blow up he had with SusanHu after she posted the Mohammed pic (turban with a bomb in it) and happily declared posters of it should be plastered all over Seattle (or wherever). That incident prompted her to rename herself SusanUnPC (in defiance of criticism she had received for posting that pic) as she quit and moved on to Larry Johnson’s blog.

You’ll recall, Steven, that I was blamed for her departure because I wrote a diary critical of her actions and some people believe it was my fault to this day – even though Martin has repeatedly told people (but not loudly enough, obviously) that what went on behind the scenes between the two of them was the real cause of her storming off. (And she is quite the piece of work to deal with behind the scenes. What you see on the blogs is not what you get in private with her. She was a constant thorn in his side and mine when I was a FPer there.)

And as for your boss being so damn welcoming, tell him to explain to you why he banned me from his site months after I had even made a comment there with no reason given whatsoever. And he had no reason other than the fact that he absolutely abhors any criticism and, just like the rest of the adolescent-minded BBB “leaders”, throws little attention-seeking tantrums so he can get sycophants to stroke his poor little ego to make him feel better about those nasty “paparazzi” who make his paranoid life so miserable for him.

Step outside his boundaries one of these days, Steven, and he’ll ditch you too.

33. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

Btw, I have absolutely no interest in spending this day or any other listening to you continually defend Martin, Steven, when there are REAL issues happening – Gaza, Lebanon etc. Things may be just fine and dandy for you there but that’s because you colour inside the lines. As long as you continue to do that you won’t have many problems. Don’t discount what you’re hearing about what Martin has been like for others to deal with though just because it hasn’t been your experience. He’ll keep you around as long as your writing makes the advertisers happy.

34. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

Jeebus lordy, it’s snowing here! Why does the sky hate me?

35. colleen - 19 September 2007

What you are alleging about me is reprehensible. Put up or kindly shut up.

you have apparently forgotten where you are posting.

36. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007


I posted a bit about the Geneva Conventions that apply to those overseeing occupied territories at my place last week. This is clearly collective punishment on Israel’s part, afaic. Israel is a signatory to the Fourth Geneva Convention but who is going to hold its government responsible?

37. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

Can you imagine the outcry if Canada had cut off fuel supplies to the US because we opposed the election of dubya? I doubt Sean McCormack or Condi Rice would not see that as creating a humanitarian disaster.

38. JJB - 19 September 2007


Israel is a signatory to the Fourth Geneva Convention but who is going to hold its government responsible?

No one, obviously. At least not now. But eventually, some geopolitical entity or other will decide that it’s time to put a stop to Israel’s behavior, and when that happens, it will be a very good thing that such a large number of Israel’s citizens are dual nationals, and countries such as this one will be morally obligated to see to it that the rest have places of refuge.

39. Sabrina Ballerina - 19 September 2007

Cutting off electricity to civilians is a war crime. But who’s going to officially call it that? The UN?

Lucid and D. Throat, I too sided with Buhdy in his battle with the troll hunters. Re DHinMi being behind his blog? Well, if that ever turned ou to be true, the whole battle between them on DK would have to have been a staged show. Based on what we actually saw, I would doubt that very much.

What I see of Buhdy now, his manipulative tactic when answering questions etc. if this was the person he had presented himself to be on DK, I would have put him in the same category as DHiMi et al.

I’ve learned all I need to know about him from his answers to the questions I asked him. Re DHinMi and his troll patrol, eg. He admitted they are not pre-banned as was Shergald and hrh. He tries that ‘ha-ha, I’d rather torture them for a while’ tactic, but that really doesn’t fool anyone. He did try to avoid answering that question at first.

What I’ve concluded from just my own interaction with him now, is that he is a bully which I had not noticed before. And that’s all I need to know. All his answers were an attempt to be clever brushoffs, but they revealed way more than he may have intended.

He admits to being deceptive when ‘rallying the troops’ on DK. Too bad so many thought he was for real, including me.

I know have a rule of thumb. Anyone remotely connected to DK who does not completely cut ties with them when they realize what is going on there, I will not bother with.

I have no more questions for Buhdy. He simply could not explain why people who have actually harmed blogs are welcome at his site, while people who have simply asked inconvenient questions are not. So in a way, he did answer, then acted shocked at the conclusions people drew.

Don’t know who he is or which ‘buhdy’ he really is, the rally-the-against-the-troll-patrol or what we are seeing now, but that’s the problem. He now has no credibility. He treated people who sincerely were puzzled at his policies, with disdain.

As they say on DK, when imitating Armando ‘I’m done with him’. Know all I need to know, so thanks for the answers Buhdy, despite your attempts to be cavalier with people’s genuine concerns, you answered them to my satisfaction. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and an opportunity to retain the credibility we had assumed he had.

But all credibility is gone for me personally. I have no more questions for him.

Bayprairie, re your post #102 I think, in the last thread regarding that comment on mcjoan, I agree.

Steven D, it is possible that to maintain the impression of a more left-leaning site, there would be more freedom to post what you want. But that doesn’t exclude a connnection to DK or its purposes, to reign in dissenting voices eg as has been suggested. Personally I doubt that works. So I don’t know.

So was DHinMi fired? Lol! Maybe if Hode had read his online garbage he would not have hired him in the first place.

40. Marie - 19 September 2007

At the risk of sounding somewhat Meteor Bladesish, just want to point out that there are many ways to skin a cat and that relationships are very complex. Standing along the sidelines and allowing the relationships of others to unfold and develop without any interference from me always seems to work better. Telling a friend that she has fallen in love with an asshole is a good way to lose a friend. More so if the “advice” is offered unsolicited but not much better if she asks for my opinion. Simply saying, “Wouldn’t be my choice” works much better. Then she’s not invested in proving me wrong if I’m right and prolonging a dysfunctional relationship. And sometimes others find a way to get along with an asshole that serves them well. If not, she will soon learn that he is an asshole and get away from him and if that happens, she needs sympathetic friends.

Steven D has a good Diary up on dKos that is critical of AIPAC and is getting a lot of flak for it. I know from having been a contributor at TLC that Soto never censored anything nor limited what I could write in any way. And he and I disagree very frequently. (Like to think that my head is in sync with his heart but our heads butt.) He may or may not come around and see the light, but he’s a lot closer today than he was just a year ago. Not implying that Soto is like Martin, only that Steven D may be accurately reporting his experiences to date. He may be less observant of all the internal dynamics than someone else would be or maybe he’s just hasn’t been involved in them and Martin, for whatever reason, leaves him alone. Blogs with a single voice are terribly boring which is why nobody reads the dKos FP.

Far too many people in this country seek external validation to prop up a weak ego. Emotionally they get stuck at the middle school level and it seems to me that many are still trying to work that out and have found blogs that help them. What I mean by “work that out” is to gain entry to the kook kids clique. People like me scoff at that because we never had any interest in being a “kook kid.” That’s not where the interesting people hung out, and the social order in that group demaned conformance that was certainly beyond my abilities to lie to myself much less others. The thing about instant popularity is that it can be so transient. Because it’s not based on anything substantial. IMHO that’s one reason why we see so many of them flame out.

Now that I’ve bored everybody to death with a “meta” – let’s return to the more interesting and lively discussions held at Marisa’s salon.

41. Steven D - 19 September 2007

Liberal Catnip

Well thank you for addressing my post without simply calling me a “professional liar” and telling me to sod off without providing any support for that statement such as JJB has done here. I understand Martin has had a number of run-ins with people, including you, much of which I frankly don’t have the information about from Martin or anyone else. And my post here was not to defend all of his actions regarding what’s occurred at BT over the years. I don’t spend a lot of time on the threads so often I’m the last to know that that a problem has occurred.

As for Susan, I blame myself to some extent for what happened because I posted a front page story in which I criticized her post about the Muslim cartoons. I know that bothered her, and she feltshe wasn’t getting enoughg support from her colleagues. Susan has had a lot of physical and financial difficulties, which I think adds tremendous amount of stress to her life, and perhaps contributes to her conflicts with certain individuals online. But again, I’ve never gotten the full story about what happened between Martin and Susan from either one of them. I do believe both regret what happened. I know I do. I still stay in contact with Susan, and have spoken to her on the phone. I tend to get along with almost anyone, so I’m not a good judge of whose right and whose at fault when personality conflicts and disputes arise.

As for your falling out with Martin, I wasn’t involved with the site when you were a front pager there, and I was sorry to see you go. I don’t have an opinion on it since I don’t know the facts, but I have often advised Martin not to react so strongly to posters with whom he disagrees. However, that is not his personality. He tends to take criticism very personally, and perhaps if I was in his situation as the owner of that blog I would feel the same way. I also tend to stay out of flame wars at any site, as with my wife and sister’s cancers I have enough real life stress to deal with, so I don’t like to add extraneous online stress to the mix. Mea culpa.

All I can speak about is my own experience with Martin. Never once has he told me what I posted was inappropriate or embarrased him, or shouldn’t have been posted, though he has disagreed with me in threads about my point of view. I can’t say for certain, but I have never no personal knowledge that he has censored any of our other current front pagers, clammyc, Terrance of Republic of T or Natasha Chart. And I assume they would have told me about such incidents since I helped recruit several of them to BT. I can also tell you Martin took a lot of heat for my stories about Markos and Kathy Sierra (you could say he was pressured to get me to shut the fuck up) but to his credit he refused to do so.

What your experience was like, and the issues regarding banning of DT etc., are matters outside my experience. Personally I would have a policy of no banning if it was my blog, though I would remove offensive posts or posts that personally attacked other participants. But it is not my blog, and I don’t have a say about that. Whether Martin has always acted wisely in that regard may be an open question, and I respect that what you feel about the matter is sincere and heartfelt. Unfortunately, emotions get the better of all of us at times, especially in online situations as I have learned to my own detriment in the past. That has a lot to do with my steering away from such controversies for the most part these days.

In any event, thanks for engaging me with courtesy and respect and not simply assuming I am: a) a professional liar, or b) some sort of troll or tool merely because I came here to register my opinion about what I read. All too often we fall into a habit online of insulting people rather than engaging thoughtfully with what they have to say. It may feel good to toss out scurrilous insults, but it does little to advance the discusiin, or to convice others that we just might have a point of view worth hearing.

And as an aside, I do read marisacat’s blog because I find many stories and reports here that I don’t find elsewhere. I do pass over the meta stuff however as that is not really of much interest to me.

42. dkosser - 19 September 2007

I think Israel should repostion itself in an alignment with China and Russia….let all those high technology firms just starting to take off (and only getting bigger better and faster) in Israel start working in hi-tech advancements with that crew instead of the US.

I mean shit, those Palestinians and other countries in the region have contributed so much in the last 1000 years or more….what was their last big contribution? algebra?

it couldn’t have anything to do with their wackjob radical repressive religion/political practices could it?

time for an Islamic reformation project, you know to join us westerners in the 20th century

43. Sabrina Ballerina - 19 September 2007

An opportunity for Dems to oppose the FISA Law ~ Bush is pushing Congress to make it permanent. When reacting to the anger aroused by the Democrats who signed that bill, people were told it would be up for review in six months so they should ‘calm down’.

Let’s see how much influence the ‘netroots’ really have now YrlyK 11 will be remembered, if for nothing else, for the signing of that bill by 41 Democrats while so many of them were partying with the ‘netroots’ in Chicago and not a ward was said about it.

44. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

That is too funny….where did DHinMI think he was… on DK???

In the real world there is no banning button and no troll patrols to down rate giving people free reign to whack back… even harder!

This is why they can not debate outside their cocoons and ban dissenting voices wiithin their ranks.

One this is for sure is that it is NOT Buhdy’s blog.

Turkana has a strong whiff of DH coming off of him and no one else can control Armando… I wonder now that DH is unemployed how that will shake out in the Blahsnotosphere…. we should take up a collection on ActBlue to send Buckley roses!!!!

45. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

Poor Dana, still attacking antiwar.com. Note callmecassandra’s comment. lol

46. JJB - 19 September 2007

D. Throat,

That is too funny….where did DHinMI think he was… on DK???

In the real world there is no banning button and no troll patrols to down rate giving people free reign to whack back… even harder!

Yes, I think they do tend to forget that things are different in the non-Scoop world, and most especially outside of cyberspace. Though personally I think this character Dana apparently tried to mess with possesses enough clout to get people to support him who normally would be only too happy to run from him screaming “Unclean! Unclean!” The guy doubtless knows where lots of bodies are buried, as the saying goes.

47. JJB - 19 September 2007

Ooops! That second paragraph is also a quote from D. Throat.

48. antihegemonic - 19 September 2007

DHinMI’s departure: more Daily Kos homophobia. I am glad the NH Dems put an end to some of the madness.

49. antihegemonic - 19 September 2007

DHinMI never disclosed his affiliation with the Hodes campaign. And was not Hodes a major recipient of Kos funds?

50. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

Der Speigel on Blackwater: ‘Whores of War’ Under Fire

A Secretive Business

This farcical state of affairs becomes particularly obvious when one looks at how they are licensed. Since the 2005 elections in Iraq, the legal status of the mercenaries has been unclear — leading many firms to ignore the law entirely. Many firms apparently no longer even bother to have their annual licenses renewed by the Iraqi Interior Ministry. Security experts in Baghdad have been quoted as saying that few companies have valid permits for their activities and rely on bribery instead.

In the case of Blackwater, the US State Department has still not been able to clarify whether the firm even has a valid license that could be revoked. According to the Private Security Company Association of Iraq, Blackwater has applied for a license, but they have no record of them having received one.

51. Marie - 19 September 2007

DH never disclosed his active involvement in the Clark campaign either. Posed at dKos as just a concerned citizen that really, really liked Clark. When that information was discovered, after Clark had flamed out, I challenged Kos on that — his non-reponse spoke volumes for his ethically standards, basically none.

Re: Hodes and Buckley. It looks as if DH supported the gay Buckley; so doesn’t appear that he was on the side of the homophobe. Not sure if Hodes is or he had other problems with Buckley that would be reasonable and understandable.

52. JJB - 19 September 2007

colleen, no. 34,

What’s funniest about that bit of pompous, jackass braying is that he actually considers himself important enough for something written about him to be “reprehensible” if it’s incorrect. These people certainly do have inflated egos, he’s writing for a site that attracts just about no one. Just out of curiosity, I went there to see how much in the way of talk there is. The FP currently has 14 posts which have attracted a total of 109 comments. That’s less than 10 per post, and one of them is a piece celebrating Martin’s birthday that collected 27 comments. Another has 29, a third has 10. The other 10 posts are averaging 4.3 comments in their threads. Two pieces have no comments at all.

The only thing “progressive” about BMT is the downward spiral of its traffic.

53. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

clammyc, thereisnospoon, theKK, hekebolos and dday: proud to be in bed with right-winger, Captain Ed.

54. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

Today’s kos knugget of wisdom:

There is no “gay marriage” fight going on at the federal level, so it’s nothing Reid has to worry about.

55. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

#52. BT got a lot of traffic last week from right-wing conspiracy and rapture sites for Larry Johnson’s Iran post and another post by someone who said the bin Laden video was a fake. They’re obviously targeting a new audience there. 😉

56. marisacat - 19 September 2007

OK! 11:53 PDT

Several were in moderation (sorry!)

It owrked overtime against catnip, several of hers.

One of Steven D (replying to catnip)

also JJB,


think that may have been it..


Off to check spam…

57. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007
58. antihegemonic - 19 September 2007

There is no “gay marriage” fight going on at the federal level, so it’s nothing Reid has to worry about.

Is he kidding? Barney Frank’s worker protection bill for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transexuals will be considered soon, and the conservatives are ready to kill it.

59. D. Throat - 19 September 2007


It looks as if DH supported the gay Buckley; so doesn’t appear that he was on the side of the homophobe.

Marie I think you got that backwards.

Houle was out front in March when Hodes announced that he would not support Ray Buckley for Democratic Party chairman after a video of a much-younger Buckley making lewd comments and gestures was posted on YouTube.com by Buckley nemesis and Manchester Rep. Steve Vaillancourt.

Buckley became party chairman the next week. At the time, Houle told the Monitor that Hodes wasn’t concerned about the comments but by the fact that Buckley was a member of a group called “Gays in New Hampshire,” which, the video emphasized, had members as young as 16. “It was not that he had a MySpace page. It was that he had linked to a page where there were adults and minors mixed together,” Houle said at the time.

Houle tried to link Buckley to the “child predators” of My Space.

60. JJB - 19 September 2007

liberalcatnip, no. 57,

I have better things to do with my time than lurk at Lil’ Orange Footballs, but I’m sure it’s every bit as LOL as you say.


61. JJB - 19 September 2007

D. Throat, no. 59,

I understood it the same way you do.

62. mattes - 19 September 2007

#42 Keith your racism is showing.

63. JJB - 19 September 2007

lioberalcatnip, no. 55,

When Kosolini and his minions had their first purge of conspiracy theorist types, the idea was to send them all over to BMT, and the place became a sort of ghetto for them. I think they may finally have become too hot to handle there too, I don’t really know. I never thought much of BooMan since he was obviously one of the Armandildo crowd over at dKos, so my participation at BMT was very short, due mostly to Armando’s behind the scenes demands to poor little Martin that people not criticize him at that site. Certain individuals who know how to self-censor their opinions to match the party line may deny that Martin is a puppet who’s strings are pulled by others, but there are people who know this is the case from personal experience.

64. Marie - 19 September 2007

#57 – lc – as he didn’t retract anything he said, seems a stretch to call his update an apology. I’m okay with clarifications because they can diffuse attacks from people who focus on a small point to discredit the whole. That’s what the rightwingers did to the Rather TANG story.

Steven D seems to be as clueless about all the inside baseball stuff as I am. (Although, I must point out that he’s not anyone that I’ve followed.) I know I ignore and blow off a lot of possibly important stuff, but what people say is usually more important to me that who they may or may not be. Usually Marisa gets there a lot faster than I do by paying attention to both, but 99% of the time, I usually and eventually catch up. And I pay almost no attention to the dKos spin-offs except to visit them to figure out a little bit of the conversation that goes on here. The truth is that once somebody becomes popular at dKos, I tend not to read their diaries.

65. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

Steven D has a good Diary up on dKos that is critical of AIPAC and is getting a lot of flak for it.

And when I referred to his colouring within the lines, the update and “corrections” he made to his diary because of the opposition expressed to some of what he wrote is exactly what I meant: why should he amend what he’s written just to appease the angry mob? Let it stand as it is and fight it out in the comments.

I don’t know you, Steven, and I understand that you’ve been a trooper when it comes to dealing with the abortion issue (from what I’ve heard since I’m not one to venture into those diaries very often) and I appreciate that you’ve admitted that you don’t know all that’s gone on with Martin. I will disagree with you on one point though. What I went through there wasn’t about “emotions” or feelings. It was about dealing with a hostile atmosphere (created by Susan while Martin admitted he didn’t know how to deal with her – and, btw, she’s not the only one who has life issues to deal with so that’s no excuse for her behaviour since I repeatedly suggested that she take a break from blogging – she refused).

The overarching problem with Martin is his lack of management skills as a blog owner. Even he has admitted that and the entire Tracy situation was a shining example of that fact – placing friendships above facts and consequences. He creates his own problems and if he’s too timid to stand criticism, maybe he shouldn’t write bullshit like wanting to bomb Alan Dershowitz’s children. I’m just sayin’.

Afaic, you’re probably wasting your time there in the long run. That blog has one lousy reputation and I don’t know why you choose to continue to be a part of it when there are so many other online spaces. But, that’s your choice. Just don’t be surprised if it all comes crashing down. (And no, boober, that is not a threat – you paranoid fool.)

66. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

Whoa… every now and then the cat gets out of the bag….

Defend Cong. Moran from AIPAC Media Attacks (Updated)
by Rabbi Michael Lerner
Wed Sep 19, 2007 at 11:51:55 AM PDT

Update: We have just learned that Congressman Waxman is circulating a petition demanding Congressman Moran apologize for his comments in Tikkun. Please call Waxman at (202) 225-3976 voicing your support for Moran!

It took tremendous courage for Congressman Jim Moran to tell Tikkun magazine of the power and influence of AIPAC and other sections of the Israel Lobby. AIPAC is often described in the media as the most powerful lobby in Washington, D.C., so it is no surprise that its friends and supporters are now mobilizing to vilify Congressman Moran’s comments in the Sept/Oct issue of Tikkun.

Now watch the “Progressives” attack a real progressive Rabi.

67. marisacat - 19 September 2007

Steven D

I wonder if you can see the conundrum of coming here to defend BMT (and therefore Martin) and making use of some of the qualifiers you have.

You front page there, and Martin indicates some decisions are made iwth you. I know he identified you a few months ago as an arbiter of issues at the site. Some snafu over a banning or discipline issue (so old)…

See hwat I mean? I found out long ago, in a situation where one is NOT tied to the hard reality of a paycheck, in the free floating atmosphere of blogs, but with the choke points that exist in the political blogs (the party, the kos tentacles, etc) you (that would be the collective “you”) really need to respect anyone you CHOOSE to share a FP with. Which is why I left LSF after Theoria erased me and was dismissive of me and my work in an email to wilfred, madman and myself.

I left immediately I read the email.

FPing Madman… goodness. ARMANDO front paged Madman at DKOS, a piece he wrote on the 2005 remembrance of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A piece so excellent that Greg of Editor and Publisher came to comment.

A month or so later Madman was banned by Kos. And I am sure Armando agreed.

You almost exist in a bubble at BMT, and frankly you state repeatedly that you FP but so manythings that happed predate you or you know nothing to little about them — and have a relationship iwth Martin that is quite incomprehensible to those of us who were commenters.

I don’t think I had commented there in weeks if not months when he banned me. I found out when I went to put a “4” on someone’s comment.

He is weak and confused man, an asshole and his last comment here ws to ask if I had done drugs that day, and if so how much. (I can find the comment if you wish, it was June of this year).

Previous to that he took issue that I repeated things that had appeared at his site about his atty. he came here to accuse me of threatening attys, that I do that in general (I can find that post if you wish, he commented repeatedly, someone dropped me an email that it was live cat, dead Martin).

Martin is so weak in the brain as to be not all there. IMO

Martin did finally do a FP piece some months age where he admitted Kos has literally burned the ground out with so many people. That the ill feelings are not repairable.

You may need to decide that about Martin.

And if you really wish to defend him, ask him to tell you what relationship he had iwth kos at the time he started his blog. He alludes, at times (in his sloppy piece after he was removed from the blogroll) to all ”the help” kos gave him.

I imagine he will burble some drool about friendship.

IMO kos has no friends… I have amused myself watching person after person think kos was his friend…

My own opinion is that Martin uses you. Sorry to be blunt.

68. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

as he didn’t retract anything he said, seems a stretch to call his update an apology.

Clarifications made to appease dissenters can also serve as apologies. Just stick a “sorry” in front of this update, for example:

I’m not implying that AIPAC is the sole bad actor regarding our current flawed policies in Iraq, nor are they the only ones advocating a war with Iran.

69. Marie - 19 September 2007

#59 – D. Throat – thanks I did misread that. (memo to self, don’t skim so much). Caught it that Hodes didn’t support Buckley but it sounded as if DH was defending Buckley which I now see wasn’t the case. And a correct interpretation would be that Hodes was badly served by his staff for getting him on the wrong side of the majority of NH DEM insiders. People like DH overlearn some things like the lesson of Mark Foley; probably because he spends far too much time wading through the really ugly muck in poliitics which undoubtedly says something about where his interests lie.

70. marisacat - 19 September 2007


ugh I cannot stand Michael Lerner. He wallowed in Hillary love and traded on it so much even she cut him off (first administration).

Now he seems to just wallow, generally.

71. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

Marie, I think DH enjoyed his job just a little bit too much… kinda like the guy who likes killing and torturing animals and finds employment in an abattoir … or child molesters who become Cub Scout masters…

Sounds like Houle thought his real job was slandering people and destroying their reputations…. only to find out that he was no longer in Kansas Kosland…. but the real world with no banning buttons when people decide to retaliate against his bullshit.

72. Steven D - 19 September 2007


I was never one of the Kool Kidz at school, and a lacked the skills needed to navigate office politics when I was working before my disability spared me further faux pas in that arena. So, yes, I’m congenitally clueless about inside baseball, basketball or any other sporting event, whether online or off. And thanks for pointing out that I didn’t apologize in my Dkos diary, but clarified the issue to keep the focus on AIPAC’s agenda and influence and not the inevitable anti-semetism charge one gets at the great orange whenever IP or Israeli issues are raised in a diary. And for the most part the discussions were focused on the issue of AIPAC’s power and influence, not whether I or anyone less hates the Jews, so perhaps it worked.

73. marisacat - 19 September 2007

well I find it interesting that in an issue that involved NEW HAMPSHIRITES and the local DP, Hodes let Houle even do that.

I mean, WHO knew the lay of the land? Not Houle, imo.

Dumb fucking lack of communications.

peter principled, both of them, imo.

74. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

Are you kidding DH is all knowing…. everyone else are just “stupid assholes”!!!! He got carried away… I am sure he thought that he “made” Hodes…. and you are right Hodes was stupid enough to keep him on after the election…. which by the way was not so spectacular since the WHOLE DAMN STATE TURNED BLUE!!!! I could see if DH had ran Porter-Shea’s campaign…. but this was just another white bread undercover GOP operation.

I can’t believe (well I can really) that DH pulled homophobic boogie man out of *his* closet.

75. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

I stole this link from dkos: Bush, Congress at record low ratings: Reuters poll

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President George W. Bush and the U.S. Congress registered record-low approval ratings in a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Wednesday, and a new monthly index measuring the mood of Americans dipped slightly on deepening worries about the economy.

Only 29 percent of Americans gave Bush a positive grade for his job performance, below his worst Zogby poll mark of 30 percent in March. A paltry 11 percent rated Congress positively, beating the previous low of 14 percent in July.

Send money now to the Dems!!


76. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

Steven D.

If you want to say something here then at least be respectful to the owner and respond to her post. Particularly about the part where Booman came over here and asked MCat if she was on drugs.

77. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

“The public mood is not just dark. What’s darker than dark?” Zogby said. “The mood is getting ugly.”

It’s about bloody time.

78. marisacat - 19 September 2007

I am sure he thought that he “made” Hodes…. — DT

Yeah agree…

someone in NH just dropped me an email that Sullivan and Shaheen (co chaired the Kerry Oompapah in 04 with Marybeth Cahill, LOL) are all over My Blue NH, planting seeds for a draft for Shaheen to run against Sununununununono.

And the emailer wonders if S and S know of the MsLaura/Houle/Dkos connection. As they post away at BNH…

Something to amuse myself with. Think I will have a glass of vino with lunch…

Just a toast with California grape pressings that all things come around. If one waits.

79. BooMan - 19 September 2007


Since your audience loves to speculate about all the backroom deals that go on, I’ll give you some juicy gossip.

Markos put my site on his blogroll without me even asking, and he left it there for a longtime after my site became a haven for seriously harsh criticism of Daily Kos and Markos. He never once asked me to stop it, although he did eventually take me off his blogroll (and probably because of the site’s hostility and even some of my criticism). He offered some advice once on some technical aspects of Scoop. Beyond that, I rarely talk to Markos .

Armando did indeed send me emails complaining about people on the site. In fact, he specifically complained about the whole LSF crew and about you. And I basically told him to fuck himself. Armando and I remain friends, but he’s never successfully lobbied me to ban or stifle anyone.

It’s common for people to assume that Armando was acting on Markos’ behalf. He wasn’t. Most of his complaints focused on criticism of himself. Regardless, none of it mattered.

Steven has been highly critical of Daily Kos on the front-page. And I do get email about that from Daily Kos FPers and fans, but never from Kos, and never to any effect. Ordinarily I do not even inform Steven about it.


I didn’t ban Ductape. And, while I will back up the substance, if not all the detail, of the reasons you left the FP, I think it’s a shame that you are dragging Susan’s name through the mud. She’s really not deserving of that. It wasn’t THAT big of a deal. I don’t blame you for leaving, under the circumstances, but it wasn’t so acrimonious that you should badmouth her for it.

80. dkosser - 19 September 2007


you’ve lost me entirely…you’re nothing but a whining bore…

go stuff your zzzzzzionist craptastic blatherings you batty old wench!

but tell me what the Islamic/Arab countries have contributed to the world in the last thousand years?

or is it racist even to ask?

what is Saudi Arabia doing to advance themselves as a civilization with all that insane oil money?….well actually, to their credit, they’re importing Israeli technology….heh

81. Steven D - 19 September 2007


I’m not aware to what you are referring when you say I am being disingenuous about my so-called authority at BT or lack thereof. Martin has consulted me about the addition of new front pagers (though he hasn’t always taken my advice on who I would like to see added there as a front pager), but that is about the extent of my influence. I have never banned anyone at BT, nor have I ever been consulted about banning people there. The most I’ve ever done in a thread (usually in one of my threads) is ask people to calm down when their personal attacks agaisnt one another start to get a little too personal.

As for Martin and Markos, Martin should speak for himself. I can say he’s much less enamored with Markos (for any number of reasons) than he used to be. I know he began to become disenchanted with him at the first Yearly Kos when Markos was shilling so hard for Mark Warner. We all change our opinions about people the more time we spend with them or contact we have with them. I can tell you that I was unhappy with the way Markos operated his site for quite some time, but it was his treatment of Kathy Sierra that made me realize he was a detriment to any real progressive movement in the blogosphere. For the most part I no longer post at Dkos, but felt the AIPAC diary was one unlikely to be posted there by anyone else, and was also a story that deserved to be presented to the Dkos community. I was surprised that it hit the rec list frankly.

As for being used, that may be, but it is a two way street in my view. I don’t have the time, energy or desire to start and maintain my own blog and Martin gives me the opportunity to post my stories at his with whatever degree of prominence being on the front page affords one there. So, I get what I want out of our arrangement.

Your anger at Martin is apparent, as his his at you. Maybe you are more in the right of it, or maybe he is. Or maybe, as with most situations each is a little bit wrong and each little bit right. The older I get the less sure I am about my own emotions towards those who anger me, having learned too often in the past that in many instances I was at least as much to blame for the failure to communicate as the other person. I suspect that if you had a personal meeting to air out all your differences and discuss all the bad blood between the two of you you might decide that your battles with Martin would fit that pattern. And maybe not. Since it’s not likely to happen however, I suppose we shall just have to see a continued animosity on both your sides. People choose their enemies as much as their friends, and for better or worse you two have chosen to remain enemies.

In any event, thanks for affording me the opportunity to express my views, whether you agree with them or not, think I’m a dupe or not, or whatever. Better than dismissing me out of hand as a liar and propagandist without any basis in fact as some have done.

82. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

he emailer wonders if S and S know of the MsLaura/Houle/Dkos connection. As they post away at BNH…

OF COURSE THEY DO!!!! that was the whole reasoning behind the DK blogroll purge so that they could concentrate and leverage power to a few select state blogs.

83. marisacat - 19 September 2007


your leftischer chap came here.

i cannot imagine that you think that I care what you think. Most particularly about the moat of blood, pus and loathsomely petty leverage that is blog inner politics, anywhere near Kos that is…. Certainly not from your worn out rubber band of a brain.

The ovewhelming stench of the shit on your shoes takes one’s breath away.

I posted in Steven’s direction as it is my blog.

84. Steven D - 19 September 2007

D Throat

I have no idea why Martin would come here and suggest MCat was on drugs. If he did, that was wrong of him to do so. Lots of things are wrong, however, and I don’t wish to get pulled into a dispute between Martin and Marisacat about who did what when and which was worse. I know he has his own list of wrongs which he feels were done to him, as do many of you.

And I’m responding as quickly as I can. For a two finger typist, that is. You people post a lot of comments and by the time I’m done with one, there’s ten more to go through. Excuse me for not being quicker on the draw.

85. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

I can say he’s much less enamored with Markos (for any number of reasons) than he used to be.

Yeah… he really showed how “un”enamored he was when he prostrated himself at the feet of Kos not to be stripped from the blogroll. He still got the boot but for his “performance” he got an “exclusive” interview with Dodd…. yeah no one showed up.

86. marisacat - 19 September 2007

I’m not aware to what you are referring when you say I am being disingenuous about my so-called authority at BT or lack thereof.

Steven you are beyond lame.

Others can reply to you. I think it is useless. At this point you are a begger on my doorstep.

I am very happy to have given Martin’s poor wrinkle of a blog a leg lift up tho, when he FP my name. And I did the same for the skin ripper Windsock, unless you missed her c ollaboration with “louisianagirl”, an operative if ever I saw one..

Both sites have a tag “marisacat”.

For me, these lamebrains are just more of the “BBB” and “blahg” catgory.

87. marisacat - 19 September 2007

I don’t wish to get pulled into a dispute between Martin and Marisacat about who did what when and which was worse.

Steven, a kind word to someone in over his head:

You are now sharing that shoe shit with Martin.


But you know nothing.

Jesus, get a fucking CLUE.

88. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

I have no idea why Martin would come here and suggest MCat was on drugs.

Because he’s a petty, vindictive asshole.

I’m surprised he hasn’t done a supportive post about OJ who was, after all, just trying to get his “stuff” back just as Martin was when he bullied that school kid who he said had CG’s son’s t-shirt.

89. BooHooHooMan - 19 September 2007

He Houle lives by the sword dies by the sword.

These youngsters, by definition, have no idea what the phrase “settling old scores” -politically &/or personally really means. Methinks there’s more dirt on Dana to be put together.
9 months and his ass is rolled out. Ha Ha Fuckin Ha. –( yeh yeh seeking greater opportunities in campaign season –this is DH’ high water mark)

From total anonymity to visibility enough to summarily have his head knocked off. Fragged by his own. LOL! Who are the fucking rubes here???

I have no doubt, Houle has been warding off “what about THIS ASSHOLE” packets for some time. Poetic, that he goes to the knife over Party discipline, no?? So easy to do in a reaching, arrogant flint. They do it to themselves.

It will be interesting to see how they play this.
Houle was totally fucking punked.

90. BooHooHooMan - 19 September 2007

BooMan, How are those six comment Front Page posts going?

I have a spare HooHoo’s if you need one.

91. StupidAsshole - 19 September 2007

D. Throat: FYI, I reposted a comment of yours on PFF (you said it was OK): http://www.politicalfleshfeast.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=372

92. marisacat - 19 September 2007

y’all keep this shit up I will find where I cat clawed him with ease over “Cicero” and oh yes, I did nto take the photo down and I did not “apologise profusely” to Martin and his shit friends:

BooMan | admin@boomantribune.com | IP:


How many drugs do you go thru in a given day?

Jun 17, 1:31 PM — — No shit:

here is the URL to the comment inside the thread;


93. Steven D - 19 September 2007


You want me to rail about all the complaints Martin has about your blog in response to the complaints you have about his? What good would that serve? My point is that isn’t a good use of my time or yours. Or anyone else’s.

As for why I came here to post, it was in response to a claim that somehow BT is part of some conspiracy to promote Kos memes or right wing anti-progressive memes under the cover of being a progressive site. I merely pointed out that I had no experience of anything which would support that thesis. That was the purpose I posted originally, not to get all wrapped up in all of your disputes with Martin, bannings at BT, etc. And my reason for that was simple: to defend my integrity and the integrity of the other people who post to the front page at BT. Now if Martin is involved in some sort of nefarious scheme to promote conservatives and Markos’ policy positions he’s far more devious and underhanded than I or Terrance or Natasha or clammy or any of the other occasional FPers are aware of.

Now I’ve responded to your comments, and the comments of others here as courteously and civilly as I can, considering the slurs and attacks that have been directed my way for daring to do so. And that is certainly your right. It’s your blog and if you and your community wants to trash my reputation, call me an idiot, a pawn, a brainless ignoramous so be it. But it doesn’t reflect well on you.

94. Marie - 19 September 2007

Let’s not forget that someone like DH can be very charming and engaging in the beginning with those who have something he wants — the when he gets a little power, he takes off the mask and is hell to live with. That would be my guess as to why he’s out. Probably a coup among the other staffers who had grown to detest him.

95. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

Hodes’s concern

On Friday, Hodes withdrew his support for Buckley. He hasn’t changed his mind since, said Hodes Chief of Staff Dana Houle.

“He’s not supporting Raymond, and there’s really nothing more to it from what he’s already said at this point,” Houle said. “He’s made his position clear; he’s not out lobbying people.”

Houle said that Hodes’s problem was not with the old footage but with the fact that Buckley is a member of the MySpace group “Gays in New Hampshire,” which the video emphasizes has members as young as 16.

“It was not that he had a MySpace page. It was that he had linked to a page where there were adults and minors mixed together,” Houle said.

On the site, members chat back and forth: One posting includes a Monitor article on parental notification for abortion. Another seeks Valentine’s Day ideas. In a third, a member urges others to look at shirtless pictures of himself.

Buckley pointed out that 30 million people are members of MySpace, including all the presidential candidates.

“For those individuals who believe that being gay is nothing more than a sexual activity, I think that’s very sad,” Buckley said.

Rep. Dan Eaton, who chairs the Cheshire County Democrats, said he has the “utmost respect” for Paul Hodes, whom he remembers as a “wet-behind-the-ears prosecutor” with the attorney general’s office. But he also respects Buckley, whom he sees as a “huge talent.”

“Unless there’s a smoking gun of some significant import that hasn’t been edited and manipulated over 22 years, I fully support Raymond,” Eaton said.

Outgoing Democratic Party Chairwoman Kathy Sullivan, a staunch Buckley supporter, said she’s seen Levasseur and Vaillancourt go after numerous Manchester politicians in the past. No one paid any mind to this video – it had been aired on public access TV a month ago – until Hodes released his statement, she said.

“I think that somebody on Paul Hodes’s staff badly served both Paul and Ray Buckley,” Sullivan said. “Unfortunately – I’m guessing here – but I’m going to guess that somebody on Hodes’s staff saw this thing and panicked.”

Sullivan said 20-year-old videos could embarrass anyone. “At some point, good people have to draw a line in the sand . . . and say we are not going to let two entirely discredited Republicans have a say about anything,” she said.

Figures…. DHinMI is just another chickenshit Dem.

96. BooHooHooMan - 19 September 2007

# 79 Boo-Boo:.

……..When Susan left for the island searching for her twin sister taken at birth, Dr Strapon had an affair with the Siamese twin he previously seperated secretly in the basement. Then, Armando came back from 18th Century Spain where he had mysteriously been transported by blogmaidens in what turned out to be a dream!Then……


97. marisacat - 19 September 2007


YOU CAME HERE. But you know nothing.

Gosh, Martin is not even respected by the party. The one he drools to serve.

Nor by his sudsy beer companions. Witness the dispespect Dodd and his aide showed the carefully crafted Q&A wehre people got 3 advisories to be polite and respectful. What, Tim Tagaris could nto ask for better for a blog bud?

Guess not.

Dodd and the aide ditched at first time out.

Go raise money for a Bloo Dog. That poor ditch of site cannot raise money and its days as a drain sieve for Dkos are over.


98. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

SA thanks.

I really don’t want to comment at other blogs…. this one here is small enough that I can “keep up”.

99. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

Doesn’t it figure that DHwithNOJOB would take disreputable GOP concerns over a staunch Democrat…. I think if this had played out on DK he would be called a “concerned troll”.

100. supervixen - 19 September 2007


Best laff I’ve had in a long time.

What larks, Pip, what larks, eh?

101. NYCee - 19 September 2007

The disgusting DEMS are at it again!

Thanks so much, D. Throat, for that word on what Waxman, Hoyer, et al are doing to gag and disgrace Rep Moran for daring to go up against the ISRAELI lobby with a few measly statements (echoes of Dean 2003, here we go again!)

I urge every man, woman, child and chihuahua to call the phone numbers listed in Rabbi Lerner’s diary to voice your opposition (and whatever else you care to voice) to the taboo crew (it is killing US too!), as named in Lerner’s diary, and to call Moran’s office to voice support. I just did. Damn!

Again, the Rabbi Lerner diary with the lowdown on the assault on Moran is in link, below.

Defend Cong. Moran from AIPAC Media Attacks (Updated)

102. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

This part is the best:

Outgoing Democratic Party Chairwoman Kathy Sullivan, a staunch Buckley supporter, said she’s seen Levasseur and Vaillancourt go after numerous Manchester politicians in the past. No one paid any mind to this video – it had been aired on public access TV a month ago – until Hodes released his statement, she said.

Way to go Dana… crawl under the desk at the first sign of the GOP Boogie Man…. just pathetic.

103. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

Isn’t it funny how people like Dana and the whole Thread Rat patrol go after “VOTING” Dems with such relish and vengeance then roll over and wimper at the first sign of a GOPer….

That is why I say that these bullies are nothing but cowards. Dana to chicken shit to stand up for a Dem against to pathetic weasel GOPERs… that is why they are cheering on DK watching a student getting tasered…. gutless cowards the whole lot.

104. BooHooHooMan - 19 September 2007

SV – ’tis an honor, truly. Thanks!

105. BooHooHooMan - 19 September 2007

DT LMAO # 99 And unfortunately for

DHinDC >>DHWithNOJOB = DHNoBlowJob

106. Marie - 19 September 2007

#103 D. Throat – I think they hang out on the left side of the aisle because we are more likely to cut them some slack when they attack us. Whereas all they can do if they join their kindred sprits on the right is feed off self-reinforcing dittoheadism. The latter gets boring because there’s nobody around to spar with. And if they attempt to attack righties they immediately get their heads chewed off and people like DH function better when he has a little gang of thugs backing him up. As authoritarians exist in all political parties, there’s always someone to link up with. However, over there they’re all authoritarians and have all sucked on the same poison; so, there’s little space for the DHs to fill to create division and get status. Whereas on the left, there are the authoritaraian sheep that will follow a self-identified leader, but there are always the thinkers that refuse to drink shit and will spar with him.

107. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

Spread the Outcry. Black Armbands on Friday, Please.
by Meteor Blades
Wed Sep 19, 2007 at 01:28:58 PM PDT

Oh shut the fuck up MB…. wasn’t this the idiot along with his BFF DHwithnoJOB promoting the partition of Iraq.

108. Marie - 19 September 2007

This could be interesting Rather suing CBS/Viacom for $70 over TANG story. CBS did fail to prove that the documents were forgeries or even that Rather/Mapes hadn’t followed customary journalistic standards (of course those are so low these days that that’s not a high bar). Compared to ABC’s employment of Debat, and the possible damage tht could have done in disseminating fake stories and/or facts, Rather/Mapes are postively angelic.

109. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

If you do nothing else, wear a black armband to school, to work, to Disneyland, to wherever you go Friday as silent testimony to your opposition to the war and occupation, to your mourning of its consequences and to your determination to help end it. If you’ve got time, you could print a word or a few on it: Withdraw Now. End the War Now. Or some such.

What cockamamie bullshit…. hell no I’ll wear BRIGHT PINK…. you twit. Looks like MB just got the email that Congress is polling at 11%… quick do something… Yell inanities LOUDER

110. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007


I didn’t ban Ductape. And, while I will back up the substance, if not all the detail, of the reasons you left the FP, I think it’s a shame that you are dragging Susan’s name through the mud. She’s really not deserving of that. It wasn’t THAT big of a deal. I don’t blame you for leaving, under the circumstances, but it wasn’t so acrimonious that you should badmouth her for it.


1. Did I say you banned Ductape? No. I said he became “expendable” to you once he railed against American exceptionalism. You worried about your advertizing dollars after his Hezbollah diary and made his life there extremely difficult.

2. Perhaps you should consider the fact that I still have numerous e-mails from you complaining about Susan’s behaviour before you attack me for dragging her name through the mud. You know how damn difficult she was to deal with. You whined to me about it. And, for those who don’t know, I left after I innocently asked all the FPers one Sunday morning who bumped up a diary above one that I wrote on the FP. When Susan said she had and I voiced my disagreement, she went ballistic and called me “sexist” – 3 times – for objecting. Are you going to deny that bit of irrationality, Martin? Are you going to say she doesn’t “deserve” to be called on her histrionics after you pulled your hair out over them?

I’ll tell you what: you paint whatever public picture you want to of her so you can pretend that she’s some some of martyr that needs protection. If I choose to do otherwise, that’s my choice and you’re chastisements will not deter me.

Now go back to your little gated community and shove your revisionist history where the sun don’t shine.

111. JJB - 19 September 2007

Well, today two people who seriously need both lives and clues have given many excellent examples of why the comment threads over at Froggy’s Bottoms get less traffic than the old highway that runs past the Bates Motel. Keep it up guys, fewer interesting people at your blog means they’ll be spending more time at places like this. 🙂

112. wozzle - 19 September 2007

103, DT – I b’leeve that DHinMI is simply not very bright. Somehow someone (hint: DD) gave him the idea that he was a player, that he had some skills. Has anyone seen any evidence that he is something other than a tenant farmer/police auxiliarist, and a not very valuable one at that?

And for Steven D – I’m also one who didn’t realize the intensity of the viciousness of the various blog factions – especially of those who wanted/needed blogjobs. The animus you experienced here is, I think, not really directed at you but at your loyalties.

And a shout out to MsXeno – way to go.

113. marisacat - 19 September 2007

Well I had a lunch of pasta and a glass ov wine…

so one last thought for Steven D.

Think back to the departure of Kidspeak and Teach313. The time and effort they put in (and both work, full time iirc) across a week (and more) when the site was in crisis. Crisis very largely of Martin’s making. Again, as Mary (an old timer) warned him in 2005 would be the downfall of his blog:


Think back. Think back to why they left.

They and their work trying to devise some semblance of a fair banning/warning set of rulz, entirely devoted to a dying blog, was disrespected.

Very very last, Steven you arrived here dragging old shit. But no one else may reference the past in replying to you and Martin.


114. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

Look who’s talking:

Netanyahu confirms IAF carried out raid in Syria
By Haaretz Service

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday became the first Israeli official to confirm reports of an Israel Air Force operation in Syria about two weeks ago.

In an interview with Channel 1, Netanyahu said that he had been partner to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s decision to carry out an operation in Syria. Netanyahu said he had not only supported the prime minister’s decision but personally praised him for the initiative.

“When the prime minister does things that I see as important and necessary ? whenever the government does thing for the security of Israel ? I give my support,” said Netanyahu.

“I was partner, I must say, to this issue from the first moment and I gave my support,” he added.

He’s not revealing why the attack was carried out though.

115. Marie - 19 September 2007

#107 D. Throat – his head was in the right place but his head is also stuffed with ’60s protest mythologies. Thanks to the inspiration from Marisa, this is my contribution to that thread.

116. D. Throat - 19 September 2007


Googlebomb Rudy Giuliani Update

by: Chris Bowers

Wed Sep 19, 2007 at 14:30:00 PM EDT

I am pleased to report that two of our googlebomb targets on Rudy Giuliani have entered the top ten results on Google under his name:

* Rudy Giuliani is worse than Bush is #8
* Fire fighters letter to Rudy Giuliani is #9

117. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

#115. Good idea. I thought it would be a site to behold if you could get one million Americans to do a “hands across America” sort of thing to signify the number of Iraqi civilian lives lost too (but your idea is more practical).

118. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

MB head is only up DH’s ass and is full of shit.

Just a few days ago he argued along with DHgottafindanewJOB that Iraq no longer existed and the best thing for all concerned was that it be partitioned.

MB can go to hell… he ridiculed Code Pink of their public protest now he is suggesting that people do the same but with no agenda…. just another useless tactic to keep people “busy”.

119. marisacat - 19 September 2007

googlebombing and sudsy beer. Pastor Dan and Del Dem.

Best of luck boys.

The big lede these days, here and there in political writing (it led The Note today, big time) is that the party is leaning to favor its left flank.

We all know that is a lie.

So the other thing it is, is a set up.

120. marisacat - 19 September 2007

Iraq no longer existed and the best thing for all concerned was that it be partitioned. — D Throat

that is the Biden amendment.

121. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007
122. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

Mr. President, Democratic Leadership: There Is No Such Thing as Iraq

by DHinMI
Thu Sep 13, 2007 at 06:46:05 PM PDT

Sure, look on a map, and it exists. It’s got a seat in the United Nations. The electrical grid is national, and the people who live within the geographic boundaries are considered, by other nations, “Iraqis.” But George W. Bush is trying to fool a nation and a world in to thinking that there is a nation known as Iraq.

There isn’t.

I didn’t write the Diary … (7+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
DHinMI, nota bene, Aquarius40, farleftcoast, ivorybill, Coherent Viewpoint, KenBee

…but I agree wholeheartedly with it.

Care to show readers where the boundaries were when the Sumerians, five empires of Persians, Mongols and Ottomans ruled the place? You think that doesn’t matter? Check out Saddam’s claims to Kuwait and all that those engendered..

And, by the way, DHinMI doesn’t argue for deciding who should and shouldn’t be countries. Exactly the opposite. It’s those who say we should keep the troops there who are doing that. Are you one of those?

“When shifting paradigms, it is important to put in the clutch.” — Patricia Limerick

by Meteor Blades on Thu Sep 13, 2007 at 08:39:18 PM PDT

Uh … (2+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
DHinMI, echatwa

Mesopotamia doesn’t look like the Iraq I know.

“When shifting paradigms, it is important to put in the clutch.” — Patricia Limerick

by Meteor Blades on Thu Sep 13, 2007 at 07:58:36 PM PDT

123. JJB - 19 September 2007

liberalcatnip, no. 121,

Next comes a Security Council resolution condemning the Israeli action with the US will veto.

We’ve all seen that before, after all.

124. D. Throat - 19 September 2007


What will YOU be doing … (7+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
sele, mcfly, Fraggle, Flippant to the Last, Granny Doc, Cronesense, Light Emitting Pickle

…Friday? Bitching about what other people are doing? I’ll be engaging in civil disobedience and (probably) being getting arrested with a dozen or so others. Other people have their own approaches, and I’m glad for it.

As I pointed out, and have pointed out repeatedly for the past five years, protests come in all flavors. And to argue that there is only one way to do things, that only this or that technique will succeed denigrates the efforts of those who choose to make their opposition known in their own way.

The idea isn’t to exclude people from the movement because their efforts seem so piddly (in your view). It is to expand the movement by including as many people as possible. The antiwar left of the 1960s was wrecked by people who said there is only one way – our way – to do things.

“When shifting paradigms, it is important to put in the clutch.” — Patricia Limerick

by Meteor Blades on Wed Sep 19, 2007 at 02:03:10 PM PDT

[ Parent ]

Didn’t this jackass just say the these “tactics” Code Pink used were detrimental to their own cause…. This is why I love this blog….a place to keep the BBB lies straight.

125. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

JJB…. perhaps this is the afterbirth Condi was talking about.

126. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

Next comes a Security Council resolution condemning the Israeli action with the US will veto.

We’ve all seen that before, after all.

Over and over for decades now. It’s insanity.

127. marisacat - 19 September 2007

Just heard that the Webb amendment (troop rotation, “dwell” time) “failed”. At 56 votes.

Phil?? Philibuster?

Only the R are allowed to use the filibuster.

128. Marie - 19 September 2007

D. Throat – that’s MB’s liberal “do gooder” orientation. The silly idea that he or anybody can help the poor poeple. He can’t seem to get beyond that kind of thinking. This break-up Iraq crap stared with Brinkley (the historian). At first blush it sounds not unreasonable until you step back and ask exactly who is going to break it up? Then the while idea falls apart. A lot of this kind of thinking is what facilitated the rise of the right. The DLC types attempted to rethink it but being a visionless lot looked to the GOP for answers. Change in America is a tough nut to crack with our mythologies of rugged individualism and compassionateless puritanism. But I still think it can be done. (Sometimes feel as if I’m stuck in the Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman looking at each newborn and wondering “are you the one?”)

129. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

hink bigger and more spontaneous (0 / 0)

How long did it take to get half a million people in downtown LA opposed to the racist immigration proposals? 48 hours?

Scheduling it a month from now only gives professional organizers time to make it less spontaneous and line up speakers. Forget the speeches – we have already heard everything we need to hear. Pick a day, any day, but no later than a week from Friday. That’s more than enough time to disseminate the word to everybody willing and able to respond.

What FDR giveth; GWB taketh away.

by Marie on Wed Sep 19, 2007 at 02:27:02 PM PDT

[ Parent ]

Marie to answer your question they stayed the hell away from places like DK…. in fact Kos “The Latino Blogger” never once mentioned that these protests were going to take place when the largest were held in his own state. Fergetabot DK… particularly if someone like MB is involved you can best believe he is just trying to divert the “restless Indians” to “safe and controlled” quarters.

130. marisacat - 19 September 2007

hamas says Israel’s words are “an act of war”.

Condi says, Hamas is an enemy of America as well as Israel.

So conjoint, so insane.

131. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

On another front: Egypt, Syria press for IAEA resolution against Israel

VIENNA (AFP) — Egypt and Syria urged the UN nuclear watchdog on Wednesday to pass a resolution condemning Israel for possessing nuclear weapons.

Israel insisted there was no basis for the resolution, scheduled to be presented on Thursday, and called upon the other member states of the watchdog International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to reject the proposal.

Egyptian ambassador Ihab Fawzy said the IAEA must pass the resolution against Israel to show it is committed to “the principles and declared stances regarding peace, stability and security in the Middle East region.”

Syrian ambassador Ibrahim Othman told the IAEA general conference that “Arab countries will with greater determination… present to this conference a draft resolution for its adoption.”

Israel’s policy is one of “nuclear ambiguity”, neither confirming nor denying it has nuclear weapons even if, in an apparent blunder, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert appeared to imply late last year that his country does in fact have the bomb.

I was just writing a post about the Gaza sanctions and, all of a sudden, I’m discovering that things in the region are racheting up much more quickly that I thought. This could be a long post…

132. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

Meteor Blades is a FRAUD plain and simple. We have seen it over and over again….

Mr. Ecological defends Kos’s right to take Chevron ads that are campaigning against green measures in CA.

Mr. Anti War who promotes the partioning of Iraq. And as you rightfully say… and DH and MB and whose army is going to do this… never mind that the next day it came out the a Bush patron has already made deals with the Kurds and is licking his chops waiting for the country to be sliced up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Mr. Feminisimistsism anyone would supports Elise is anti woman… and said nothing against Kos’s attacks on NARAL.

I could go on and one…. but the illusion of MB being a throwback 60 Peacenik is shattered… he is just another operative… plain and simple.

133. Hair Club for Men - 19 September 2007

Watching the news.


First OJ kills Nicole. Now he kills the Blackwater story.

134. Hair Club for Men - 19 September 2007

What’s Moran’s district like? I’ve been there. I know it’s rich and tech and defense heavy but how independent does it vote?

135. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

Only the R are allowed to use the filibuster.

YUP…. and the BBB called it a VICTORY!!!! That Lieberman neutered the Dems right to filibuster…. I think Bowers called Lieberman a GENIUS!!!

YUP…. Dems are allowed to filibuster only in exceptional cases….

136. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

Has anyone seen a magnetic (0 / 0)

BLACK ribbon to put on our cars every month? If not, maybe someone will design one.

It wouldn’t need any words.

The truth always matters.

by texasmom on Wed Sep 19, 2007 at 02:45:39 PM PDT

KLM says why not wear ’em every day??

…yeah and maybe you could submit this idea in the next BlogPac entrepreneurial funding round…. yeah…. it is all good!!!!

137. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

Well that didn’t take long to come out:

I’m sorry but I don’t see anything in … (1+ / 0-)

Recommended by:

…the Iraq Moratorium that requires anybody to be part of a crowd or join a march or to do anything specific – just that everybody try to DO something. Your suggestion, as I said, is a good one. It’s not the only thing that can or should be done. We all have our own ideas of how to end this war, and those of us who think protests should (and must) be part of the mix, have a diversity of ideas of how those should be done. That’s a good thing, imho.

“When shifting paradigms, it is important to put in the clutch.” — Patricia Limerick

by Meteor Blades on Wed Sep 19, 2007 at 02:54:38 PM PDT

[ Parent ]


I told you he was full of shit. Why people still believe anything that comes out of this man’s mouth is beyond me. Meteor Blades did not write that diary to help the anti war effort …. he wrote it to give me street cred to DK and to allow the sheep to let off steam…. remember there was a lot of bad news today: the first Democratic Congress since 1994 and it is polling at 11% and they knew before the vote the Webb’s sham amendment would not pass… Once you get over the fact that MB is a liar then it is clear what he is doing…. you idea is right but that would mean actually HELPING the anti war effort…. which MB has absolutely no intentions of doing.

138. Hair Club for Men - 19 September 2007

but tell me what the Islamic/Arab countries have contributed to the world in the last thousand years?


139. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

First OJ kills Nicole. Now he kills the Blackwater story.


140. supervixen - 19 September 2007

I saw a black car ribbon on a truck at my son’s school the other day. It read: “SUPPORT LAP DANCING”.

The other sticker on the truck read simply: “HIT HIM IN THE HEAD”.

I was amused.

141. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

But George W. Bush is trying to fool a nation and a world in to thinking that there is a nation known as Iraq.

Hmmm…how about if I put up a diary saying the same thing about the US? Think that’ll fly?

142. Hair Club for Men - 19 September 2007

but tell me what the Islamic/Arab countries have contributed to the world in the last thousand years?


Additionally, as the reconquest of the Iberian peninsula from Islamic Moors progressed, numerous Greek and Arabic works were captured from educational institutions such as the library at Córdoba, which claimed to have 400,000 books.[13] The works of ancient Greek and Hellenistic writers (such as Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, Ptolemy, and Plotinus) and Muslim scientists and philosophers (such as Geber, Abulcasis, Alhacen, Avicenna, Avempace, and Averroes), were imported into the Christian world, providing new intellectual material for European scholars. Greek and Arabic knowledge were not only assimilated from Spain, but also directly from the Middle East. The study of mathematics was flourishing in the Middle East, and mathematical knowledge was brought back by crusaders in the 13th century.[14] The decline of the Byzantine Empire after 1204 – and its eventual fall in 1453 – led to an exodus of Greek scholars to the West. These scholars brought with them texts and knowledge of the classical Greek civilization which had been lost for centuries in the West.[15]

143. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

Fucking fool:

First of all, until we can figure out a way to talk about it in a productive way….I/P diaries are banned.

Who determines what an I/P diary is?


I thought having someone who knew the issue running it would work….But what I learned is that nobody in that world trusts anybody else….. so that won’t work, nothing seems to work. So ……voila.

You can write about Palestine and you can write about Israel…but you can’t write I/P diaries. Anyone who is involved in the issue knows what I mean by I/P diaries.

You are HIGHLY encouraged to write diaries on how we and other blogs should approach the issue of how to talk about I/P without all the….stuff. Until we can learn HOW to talk about it I don’t think we can really TALK about it. I/P isn’t going to be solved here anyway, but with the folks we have here we might be able to make some progress on that fron….without all the……stuff.

Isn’t this what Turkana stated at the beginning???

144. Marie - 19 September 2007

D. Throat, I’m not defending MB. He’s mostly a jackass, but I grew up around people like him and sort of understand them. Pompous, boring but not essentially bad people. Their unconventionalism is terribly conventional and they can’t see it. They get stuck in odd places. He call for doing something, anything every third Friday appeals to him because it’s so open and individualistic and he simply fails to see that repetition doesn’t make it better, only boring.

Can only guess as to what is driving his opposition to Code Pink. Part of it might be the fact that in his day, the guys ran things. After schlepping over the mimeograph machines for a while the women began to say, “Fuck this shit. I’m busting my butt to say the asses of all these prima donna males and what do I get but coffee duty.” Possibly the best the that could have happened to kick start the women’s movement. Then all those sorry asses that got saved from having their butts shot in Vietnam turned on us when it came time to get the ERA ratified. The other part about Code Pink is that MB seems to have overlearned the lesson that being outrageous is self-defeating, and therefore, be polite and only make a little noise. What he’s missing is that back then there were massive social changes taking place in addition to the anti-war effort. They all got mixed together in a stew and instead of reciprocal empowerment of each other and solidarity, because they were inter-related to some extent, they sort of contaminated each other.

None of that exists at the moment. The minds of the majority on Iraq are made up. IMHO all that’s needed is a mobilization date and time. When the 60% is out there everywhere and doing nothing but being there. MB want to organize it and coordinate it with Iraq Moratorium because that is his thing.

145. Hair Club for Men - 19 September 2007

This Jena protest could be interesting.


There is no single leader. There is no agreed schedule. Organizers aren’t even certain where everyone is supposed to gather, let alone use the restroom. The only thing that is known for sure is that thousands of protesters are boarding buses at churches, colleges and community centers across the country this week, headed for this tiny dot on the map of central Louisiana.

No structure. A small town without a lot of cops to control things. Chances of Klan/Neonazis/Keith Moon showing up to counterprotest.

But it’s 20 hours away from me. If I get in my car now, ah, couldn’t make it.

Maybe fly from NYC to Jackson Mississippi and rent a car? Nah. It’s 1000 bucks on this notice.

I’ll just read about it on the internets.

146. marisacat - 19 September 2007


For me MB has been at “too many hot spots” across the years. That is what I decided in about 2004. I am in an area with so many old time “60s era people” and so few are what they seem.

From the black minister who crows loudest in SF, who prefaces every repressive thing he supports with “when I marched iwth Martin”… (that is Amos Brown of San Francisco) to people like MB, at too many hot spots across the years. some very very hot.

Plus if you think this am was entertaining with hapless “I don’t know about that” Steven D and weak Martin, MB spent months exercising his right to drop in (none of these people are banned) and forcibly [attempt to] re-educate me and anyone posting here.

He was refused right to post for a while, til he apologised (and a greasy quasi effort it was, I never accepted it, personally) for comparing the site and myself and the commenters to the Columbine killers.

Just one of many bouquets.

At too many hot spots. And for years now a confrere of DH.

That is enough for me. Disreputable old lodger – of the government, imo.

147. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

Everyone has their own opinions…. mine is that Meteor Blades IS a bad person. He uses this 60’s bullshit to disarm folks…. it is no coincidence that he is the best buddy of the worst of the lot. He doesn’t stand by a word he says and he usually means the opposite.

Meteor Blades wants to “play” the aging hippie on the “tubes”… so be it. He still is a liar and a conman.

148. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007
149. Revisionist - 19 September 2007

well… i kindo of like martins to be honest. and I think steven has improved mydirty dollars as well.

still, i notice that they all seem to know what is discussed here.

so booboo in case you missed it the first time …. http://www.flickr.com/photos/election2008/1237672279/

150. marisacat - 19 September 2007


i am expecting significant white LA push back to the demostrators at jena.

Pretty clear, LA is under a severe roll back, since Katrina. This is their chance, the white supremacy types, and they will take it.

151. liberalcatnip - 19 September 2007

You can write about Palestine and you can write about Israel…but you can’t write I/P diaries.

You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose – but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.

(sorry ;))

152. Hair Club for Men - 19 September 2007

You can write about Palestine and you can write about Israel…but you can’t write I/P diaries.

And if you live in Northern Virginia, can you write about your Congressman?

153. brinn - 19 September 2007

I wonder if the lacrosse boys from the Duke rape case might volunteer to sic their lawyers on Reed “I can take your life away with the stroke of a pen” Walters (the Jena DA) for prosecutorial misconduct, the way they did on Nyphong (or whatever the fuck his name was)..??

Anyone have any suggestions about how to get a hold of them?

154. Miss Devore - 19 September 2007

“And the TOPIC is not taboo. As as I say write about Israel or Palestine all you want……but not the conflict.”

There are many palm trees in Israel and Palestine.

155. D. Throat - 19 September 2007

and on those other websites (4.00 / 5)

they call you an aipac agent and “rabbi” jay.

this is not an easy issue. and i don’t only mean the issue itself, i mean just the meta.

the glory, the love, the madness.
by: Turkana @ Wed Sep 19, 2007 at 17:58:05 PM CDT
[ Parent ]

Do they really? (4.00 / 2)

I didn’t know that, although I’m not exactly surprised.

Ah well. Like I said, not only am I biased, but I think my resume makes me look even more biased than I am. And my politics make things worse in some ways: as a libertarian, I don’t believe in using means to get lobbying out of politics, so I tend to defend AIPAC (a group whose agenda I have no sympathy for) on the grounds that it is legal for people to petition their government for any cause.

But like I said, I doubt I can be anything but a hindrance for buhdy to create the appearance of impartiality.

“The urge to save humanity is almost always a false face for the urge to rule it.” ~ H.L. Mencken
by: Jay Elias @ Wed Sep 19, 2007 at 18:08:08 PM CDT
[ Parent ]

yet another reason (0.00 / 0)

why you need to open your mind to socialism!

the glory, the love, the madness.
by: Turkana @ Wed Sep 19, 2007 at 18:10:26 PM CDT
[ Parent ]

I selected you and Turkana for your writing (4.00 / 1)

Since I don’t do I/P, I had NO idea I was ‘hiring’ two notorious Aipac Zionist provocateurs!

Reality is the result of war between two rival groups of progammers, so….Yell Louder!!!
by: buhdydharma @ Wed Sep 19, 2007 at 18:12:40 PM CDT

W.H.O….D.O….T.H.E.Y….T.H.I.N.K…. T.H.E.Y….A.R.E….K.I.D.D.I.N.G?

156. Hair Club for Men - 19 September 2007

Pretty clear, LA is under a severe roll back, since Katrina. This is their chance, the white supremacy types, and they will take it.

The media’s going to need a narrative to justify it.

What angle are they going to take?

Will some white people “find” some black people “looting”?

Will one of the black protesters be accused of having taught Don Imus how to say bitches and hos?

157. marisacat - 19 September 2007

new thread (Sorry, took a while)


158. marisacat - 19 September 2007



not sure, the angle I mean… But I noticed that NBC did what could be called a “set up” of the Jena story… last night I think. Also ABC early am news as well. This am, I think…

They intro’d the story. I had not caught it being mentioned on network news before.

159. mattes - 19 September 2007

LOL Miss D.

….a bunch of monkeys….see no evil, hear no evil….and SAY no evil….as they steal the food from a child’s mouth. Arab mouth that is.

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