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STRIKE! (pourquoi pas?) 13 November 2007

Posted by marisacat in Afghanistan War, California / Pacific Coast, Culture of Death, DC Politics, France, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Iran, Iraq War, Paris, WAR!.

Dressed in riot gear police pepper-spray one of two protesters who attempted to block the first convoy of military vehicles out of the Port of Olympia Sunday morning bound for Fort Lewis.

Tension at the scene eased after that initial confrontation as later convoys left the terminal without any major incidents.   [Steve Bloom/The Olympian]

Not sure, but think his sign says “Choose Peace”. (And thanks to melvin for posting the story of the Olympia protests:  Protests spread beyond port into downtown Olympia.  More/video at seattle indymedia.)


And, why not?

French railway and public transportation workers are to go on strike Tuesday evening to protest President Nicolas Sarkozy’s reform measures. On Wednesday, they will be joined by energy sector workers, students and lawyers across the country.

The first wave of strikes are set to hit France on Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. with railway workers’ trade unions getting things started. Then, on Wednesday, Parisian public transport workers who are trade union members will join in, as will the employees of energy company EDF and natural gas provider GDF. Lawyers and hospital employees have also announced that they will go on strike next week.

   October 18 transportation strikes

Commuters crowd into the subway in Paris. A public transport strike on Oct. 18 saw the eight trade unions in the sector cooperating for the first time since 1995.  [AP]

In 1995 Minister Jospin retreated.  We don’t know what Sarko l’Americain (and recently kissed by all in the US – from Bush to McCain to Samantha Powers, she loves Kouchner too… ) will do.  A firm hand with the children, without a doubt.

Well… we sure the hell don’t want to be “scumbags” do we??  (his word for protestors in 2006, in the banlieus, the suburbs and housing projects that ring Paris):

President Sarkozy said at a press conference: “We were elected to change France.” The pension privileges that have existed until now are no longer fair, he argued, insisting that retaining them would lead to greater proverty while simultaneously endangering France’s economic competitiveness.

Sarkozy also warned against violence: “Be responsible and stay calm,” he appealed to those on strike and to commuters.

I was reading an interview with Sarko, a couple of months after he won the election – he comes out four square against any idea of egaliteIf you have more you are more.  His words.  And I had a sort of heart explosion.  I just cannot stand it any longer when the State diminishes people.  They rely on all work, all action, all energy from the beleaguered “people”.   As horrific as the State is, it is nothing without human labor.


So, hell – strike. Agitate.  LOSE IT!….


Here is a long, but very bracing snippet from Cockburn at Counterpunch

On Friday, October 26, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had to be whisked out of France by US embassy officials to avoid just this fate. The New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights, the Berlin-based European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights and two Paris-based groups, the International Federation of Human Rights and the League of Human Rights. filed a legal complaint with the Paris prosecutor charging Rumsfeld of responsibility for torture at Guantanamo and in Iraq.

Indeed Rumsfeld’s role was personal and direct. Andrew Cockburn detailed on this website back in April, 2007, Rumsfeld’s micromanagement of torture […]

And Cockburn quotes from Americans Against the War:

“About 8:30, whom do we see jauntily walking up rue du faubourg St. Honore, but none other than DR, surrounded by 4 or 5 men who were probably secret service-maybe even Blackwater stand-ins. And by coincidence, les desobeisants arrived at the same moment. Instantly they unfurled banners-Donald Rumsfeld War criminal (in English), and Donald Rumsfeld, prix Nobel de la Guerre as we pursued DR into the courtyard. Yelling “criminel de guerre,” and other things I don’t remember, we went as far into the courtyard as we could go-not terribly far. For the next two and a half hours we stood outside, with the very long banners at first strung across the façade, then held when we were asked to take them down.

“I really liked how les desobeisants operate. They approach people, get right in their faces, but do so in very charming, disarming (no pun) ways, and are always extremely polite. It helps that some of them are in clown costume. What really struck me was the behavior of the police.

Here we had an arch criminal, one of the most reviled men on the planet, representative of a country the French president is sucking up to, confronted by a group of militants carrying long banners, some shooting large rubber bones out of cardboard bazooka (that would be the clowns).

No one asked us to refrain from anything, except hanging the banners on the building (seems to have been someone from Interalliee who asked us not to do that). And we had no permit! Les desobeisants know exactly what the laws are regarding civil disobedience-in fact, they have weekend trainings and invited any of us who wants to attend to do so (they’re free). The trainings are not just about civil disobedience but planning interesting and attention-grabbing actions.

“We waited for DR to exit the building. As people were filing out, we asked them about the breakfast, I handed out our flyers. Either DR got out by lying on the floor of a car with blackened windows, and we missed him, or he escaped through some passageway that might link the US embassy with the Interalliee building, or he just waited until we dispersed.”

Don’t worry, Cockburn adds, knowing we are the photo up top:

Imagine what would happen to someone deploying a cardboard bazooka firing rubber bones in the vicinity of police and security guardsin Washington DC. There have also been efforts in Germany and Sweden to detain Rumsfeld on charges of war crimes and torture.

The Cockburn is a segmented post, sections on Bill and Hill and requiem for Mailer at the same link…  

 While I was at Counterpunch noticed this interesting take on the Writers Guild and the teamsters there are several posts there on the WGA strike, by the same author.


Madman just added this to the previous thread, so will carry it forward:

In the Hands of the Military By Chris Hedges

The last, best hope for averting a war with Iran lies with the United States military. The Democratic Congress, cowed by the Israel lobby and terrified of appearing weak on defense before the presidential elections, will do nothing to halt an attack. The media, especially the electronic press, is working overtime to whip up fear of a nuclear Iran and tar Tehran with abetting attacks against American troops in Iraq. The American public is complacent, unsure of what to believe, knocked off balance by fear and passive. We will be saved or doomed by our generals.

The last wall of defense that prevents the Bush administration from targeting Iran, an attack that could ignite a regional conflagration and usher in apocalyptic scenarios in the Middle East, runs through the offices of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates; Adm. William Fallon , the head of the Central Command (CENTCOM); and Gen. George Casey, the Army’s new chief of staff. These three figures in the defense establishment have told George W. Bush and the Congress how depleted the U.S. military has become, that it cannot manage another conflict, and that a war with Iran would make the war with Iraq look like an act of prudence and common sense.




1. Hair Club for Men - 13 November 2007

Why do I not find this comforting?

The last wall of defense that prevents the Bush administration from targeting Iran, an attack that could ignite a regional conflagration and usher in apocalyptic scenarios in the Middle East, runs through the offices of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates; Adm. William Fallon , the head of the Central Command (CENTCOM); and Gen. George Casey, the Army’s new chief of staff

It reminds me of all the Colin Powell the moderate will restrain Bush stories I read back in 2002.

BTW, did you know that Meteor Blades warned Colin Powell about that UN presentation? But did Powell listen?

2. marisacat - 13 November 2007

agree, I have no faith in the military. Decades of sell outs in-house and Israel, UAE, House of Saud… millions post retirement… and now highly paid teeeeeveeeeeeee contracts as armchair generals.

Suicide by president while in the mil, eiderdown landings afterward.

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 November 2007

didn’t realize there was a new thread … so posting her too: new Nader.

Pakistani police and troops rounded up the mass protests of lawyers and pushed hundreds of them into trucks on the way to the prison. Lawyers were willing to go to prison and endure beatings, while demanding the re-establishment of the rule of law and the independence of judges right up to the Supreme Court, a rare display of professional courage and duty.

What about lawyers in the United States standing up to the Bush regime’s regular violation of our Constitution, the imprisonment of thousands of people without charges and without attorneys, the assault on due process, probable cause, habeas corpus, the spying on Americans without court approval and the defiant, illegal use of torture?

No demonstrations yet. No resolutions by bar associations saying that Bush and Cheney should resign or be impeached.

Except some dozens of active civil liberties’ lawyers, law professors and the former head of the American Bar Association, Michael Greco, the 800,000 or more practicing lawyers have been pursuing business as usual. Given their canons of ethics and their status as officers of the court, this looking the other way is not very professional behavior.

4. Hair Club for Men - 13 November 2007

Ward Churchill, Alexander Cockburn and Ralph Nader are all exceptionally bad men.

Meteor Blades told that to Franklin Roosevelt after he leapt in front of him in Chicago to shield him from an assassination attempt.

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 November 2007

I have no faith in it either, and frankly I don’t think Hedges does either … I kind of took it as a dare to them, a public shaming of the uniformed officer corps, being so willing to follow a draft-dodging cokehead.

Thanks for the stuff about DR and what happens in a civilized culture. I hope the unions and students can mount a successful counterattack against Sarkozy.

6. Hair Club for Men - 13 November 2007

I have no faith in it either, and frankly I don’t think Hedges does either

I saw Hedges speak right after the Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran hatefest in NYC last September.

Full of praise for Dennis Kucinich.

And really terrified we’re going to bomb Iran.

7. Hair Club for Men - 13 November 2007

So why would you use pepper spray on a single protester who’s already down on the ground?

8. marisacat - 13 November 2007

TWO shots of pepper spray too. One not enough. ANd a high powered something or other trained on the protestor. I don’t know if that shoots rubber bullets (think that is what is strung off his side) or what…

HORRIBLE picture. As moiv said, this one said it all.

Lots of bad pics in that line up tho…

9. Hair Club for Men - 13 November 2007

Is it just me or has anybody else noticed that cops in Blue America are worse than cops in Red America.

When Cindy Sheehan came to NYC at the height of her popularity in September of 2005, the NYPD charged the stage and dragged off half the people on it. And she remarked that the police in Crawford Texas had always been fairly civil.

10. marisacat - 13 November 2007

Plenty of problems with the police here in pinko-blooey SF … and they are actively recruiting IRaq Vets. I can’t wait.

11. Hair Club for Men - 13 November 2007

I get the sense that cops in small towns aren’t as bad as cops in big cities.

The typical cop in NYC lives in Jersey, spends all his time with other cops, thinks the people of New York are all assholes who work for him.

If you’re a cop in a small town in PA or Vermont somewhere you’ve pretty much got to interact with people who aren’t cops.

12. marisacat - 13 November 2007

I am catching up to the FP pinche tejano thang at PFF…

what in the fuck is a “hentepanizo”?

*[new] Glad he got to read my name, that fascists pure blood (5.00 / 1)

hentepanizo wanna be. He will never be hentepanizo, just like fucking Armando. Sell outs.

by pinche tejano @ Tue Nov 13, 2007 at 15:19:11 PM PST

maybe it is a hard scrabble BLogMaid, off the blogs.

13. marisacat - 13 November 2007

the news just said a second oil spill, near Santa Cruz. More at 11.


14. marisacat - 13 November 2007

Dozens of birds found dead from mystery oil spill near Watsonville

Posted: Tuesday, Nov 13th, 2007


Two separate oil spills are killing birds off Santa Cruz County beaches, and one remains a mystery.

State investigators are hoping someone will step forward with information about what caused an oil leak off the coast of Sunset and Manresa state beaches last week. About 50 oiled birds have been picked up, half of them dead, said Dave Jessup, a wildlife veterinarian with the California Department of Fish and Game.

“There’s speculation that somebody dumped something west of Watsonville between Wednesday night and Thursday night,” Jessup said.

The other spill — caused when an oil tanker collided with the San Francisco Bay Bridge on Wednesday — has finally reached the Monterey Bay. Seven birds, two of them dead, have been found scattered across several beaches in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties, Jessup said.

Those birds are distinguished from the ones picked up near Watsonville by a black, tarry scum that smells like petroleum.

“It’s very likely for the next several weeks we’ll see more birds washing up here as they drift down from the Golden Gate,” Jessup said.

As for the mystery spill, the birds washing ashore are covered in a clear substance absent the petroleum smell, Jessup said, and some people speculated that it could be hydraulic fluid, or the sludge caused by a batch of rancid anchovies illegally dumped by a fishing boat out of Moss Landing Harbor.

15. moiv - 13 November 2007

Sickening to hear about yet another spill, especially if it wasn’t accidental, but a “dump.” As Inspector Morse once almost said, too much sludge-froid all round.

The ‘hentepanizo’ thing from PT looks like a combination of gente (people) and panizo (a type of grass). He’s a poor speller (since the Spanish “g” preceding “e” is pronounced like the English “h”), but he seemed to be looking for a Spanish equivalent for netroots.

Dissing their Latino credentials.

16. marisacat - 13 November 2007

hmm thanks moiv.

think I was halfway there with “hardscrabble BLogMaid”,…

More enforced inscrutabilty

17. liberalcatnip - 13 November 2007

Just popping in. Moving on Thursday – not sure when I’ll have my intertubes connected again.. Just one more day with The Dysfunctionals™. I should write a sitcom based on this family. Who knows? If that writer’s strike drags on, it may just have a chance.

Oh, and this: Turkish helicopters attack Iraqi villages: report

SULAIMANIYAH, IRAQ — Turkish helicopter gunships attacked villages inside Iraq on Tuesday, Iraqi officials said, the first such air strike since border tensions have escalated in recent months.

It also was the first major Turkish action against Kurdish rebels since Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan met U.S. President George W. Bush in Washington earlier this month.

Gee. Another country’s leader saying fuck you to what Bush wants. Could this be a trend? On the other hand, if Bush wants the end times, he may get his wish.

And kos writing for Newsweek? I hope they have good editors.

You know – there are so few protests in the US. Maybe that’s the problem. If there were more of them, the cops would be too damn overstretched to run around assaulting the few that are protesting with pepper spray and whatever other obnoxious weaponry they’re packing. Assholes.

And no, I don’t trust the generals either. They may say no to Bush but he’ll just replace them. Bombs away.

18. wu ming - 13 November 2007

well, then they’d reach for the live ammo, i suspect.

you can tell they’re just waiting for someone to strike back, lash out in anger.

what blows my mind is that they’re so scared of these protesters, who could be physically carried off the street by these meatheads without much effort.

a sickness of power is in seeing demons in every direction where once there were people. you project your own malevolence and fear outwards, as a way of justifying what you’re trained to do, excusing your violence.

pepper-spraying an elephant.

i hope the “shame” chant haunts them later on. what kind of person signs up to beat and torture their neighbors?

19. marisacat - 14 November 2007

Obama lets loose with some more bundler info. Lynn Sweet in the Chicago Sun Times

20. marisacat - 14 November 2007

LOL makes the ‘red Thai show poodle on the custom barge’ as Hillary standard bearer look mild as milk.. As in, very very very mild.

21. marisacat - 14 November 2007

The City is putting up a quarter million to pay crabbers and fisherman to help with the cleaning. 4 beaches closed at Pacifica.

22. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2007

Anti-War Voters Lash Out at Democrats They Helped Put in Office

Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) — When the Democratic Party called up recently to ask Myrna Burgess for a campaign contribution, she answered with an emphatic “no.”

“Nothing has been done as far as the war is concerned,” said Burgess, 72, an Amtrak worker from Levittown, Pennsylvania.

More than a year after anti-war voters like Burgess helped give Democrats control of Congress, there are more troops in Iraq, lawmakers have approved almost $100 billion in new war spending and congressional approval ratings are at record lows.

Democrats now worry that their inability to make good on campaign promises to end or slow the war in Iraq will have consequences. The disaffection has already fueled at least four anti-war primary challenges to party incumbents, raising fears among some lawmakers of an intra-party fight that could drain momentum before next year’s elections.

“They want someone to be held accountable,” said Representative Lynn Woolsey of California, a leading anti-war Democrat in the House.

Already in Illinois, where congressional primaries have been moved up to Feb. 5, anti-war challengers have emerged to take on two House Democrats, Melissa Bean and Dan Lipinski. Both incumbents are expected to prevail easily, and Lipinski is in a safe Democratic seat. Bean’s is one of the top Democratic seats being targeted by Republicans, however, and a primary battle could weaken her in the general election.

In Maryland, a primary opponent has criticized Democrat Albert Wynn’s early support of the war, and in California, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi faces a primary challenge from Cindy Sheehan, an anti-war activist who lost a son in Iraq and has led protests across the country.

As primary filing deadlines approach, more anti-war candidates are likely to spring up, said Brandon Friedman, vice chairman of VoteVets.org, a group that recruits military veterans who oppose the Iraq war to run for Congress.

“The Democrats were elected in 2006 to end the war in Iraq, and that hasn’t happened,” he said. “This frustration is going to manifest itself in a lot of different ways in the next year.”

That sentiment was evident in interviews in the Philadelphia suburbs last month with more than a dozen anti-war voters, who said Democrats hadn’t used their congressional majority to thwart Bush’s policies.


“I am disappointed because I thought they would get a lot more accomplished,” Harold Fisher, an 82-year old retiree from Levittown, said.

23. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2007
24. marisacat - 14 November 2007

hmmm Gavin was on the beaches over the weekend – in Hawai’i. And you can probably figure out the years’ long gossip from the picture SFist uses for the posting.

25. marisacat - 14 November 2007

CIA Admits to Recording Interrogations of Top al-Qaeda Captives

McClatchy via TO

Greg Gordon reports for McClatchy Newspapers, “The CIA has three video and audio recordings of interrogations of senior al Qaida captives but misled federal judges about the evidence during the case against terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui, federal prosecutors revealed in a Nov. 9 court filing that was made public Tuesday.”

26. JJB - 14 November 2007

Kosolini at Newsweek? I remember when he had a gig writing a weekly piece for The Guardian, something that was supposed to run during the fall of 2004 until a week after the election, I think. Didn’t work out too well. Generally, the day before it was due, he’d put up a FP piece saying “My column is due tomorrow, and I’m going to be writing on [insert subject here]. Anyone have any interesting ideas on this matter?” Of course, the idea was to get people to provide him with material he could cannibalize. After a while, I recall him putting one up that said (approximately) “I have a deadline for my column, tell me what I should write about and what I should say.” IIRC, the column was dropped before it had finished its planned run. What columns did appear were textbook definitions of inconsequential pedestration blather.

I actually have a subscription to the rag, my son likes it. My wife reads it occasionally too. I never crack the pages.

27. ms_xeno - 14 November 2007

HC, I heard that Meatless Boo is really a giant chicken.

28. mattes - 14 November 2007

I wonder if those are Blackwater trained police.

29. mattes - 14 November 2007

Markos is getting all his payoffs after clearing out the Israel/Palestine diaries.

TV jigs, writing contracts….watch for his next book deal.

Books deals are legalized payoffs. IMO. Most books loose money.

30. Hair Club for Men - 14 November 2007

I was listening to old Democracy Now podcasts from the Fall of 2002. A few things are clear.

1.) Bush was going to war whatever happened.

2.) Everybody knew it.

3.) A lot of what the anti-war movement was doing (including the trips to Iraq by Jim McDermott, the push for inspections, Scott Ritter, the huge marches) assumed that there was some possibility that Bush could be reasoned with or that the Democrats would act like an opposition.

4.) Everything the most extreme anarchists and Troyskyists were saying was right. The white middle class UFPJ touchy feely Pacifica Radio left was doing was being done in full realization it wouldn’t work. It was self-indulgent, pro forma opposition.

5.) The only thing that would have worked was constant militant disruption and resistence.

31. JJB - 14 November 2007


Markos is getting all his payoffs after clearing out the Israel/Palestine diaries.

Good point. Very believable. I have only 2 questions, the first being who the person is who’ll be the “balance” for K, the second (and more important) who’ll ghostwrite the column for him? Come to think of it, I’ve a third question: how long before he craps out of this heavy gig, either because he can’t make the deadlines, or because he gets bored?

32. bayprairie - 14 November 2007

“I was shocked,” said Board of Supervisors Prez Aaron Peskin after being asked about Gavin Newsom’s whereabouts this past weekend. Same here. Word is that Gavin was in Hawaii this past weekend, kicking in the sand and surf.

im sure he would have stayed closer to home if he could have. he’s in hawaii because since last week all the beaches near san francisco suck. you can’t expect him to worry his beautiful mind on something like that, can you? he’s got a vacation to spend. first things first.

as an aside, political hacks in this country sure try and sell themselves as virginal pollyannas. they’re always going on as above i.e., “I was shocked”.

yeah. right. on this end of the wire that translates into “im a lying assberet”. i’d bet anyone on a board of supervisors of a city as large as SF knows the score. they must think all you people on the coast are stupid.

33. marisacat - 14 November 2007

well not to be obvious, but it was clear Bush ws going to war. Not just in / thru ’02. War with Iraq – and as I used to phrase it in ’00 – we have enough enemies, we don’t need the personal enemies of the Bush Family – was clear in the GE. At least to some of us.

34. Intermittent Bystander - 14 November 2007

On the run, but just FYI – They’re saying the Santa Cruz “spill” is actually a red tide.

Also in SFChron this morning – more details from pilot’s lawyer (pointing to Chinese captain and crew) and a timeline (so far) of spill

Pilot says Cosco Busan’s captain directed vessel into bridge.

35. bayprairie - 14 November 2007

we should look on the bright side regarding the newsweek deal for kosolini. focus on the mirth potential! i’m personally looking forward to all the dreamy little democratic party bong hits of his i’ll be able to enjoy in the future in the pages of six month old newsweeks at the dentist. i’ve just got to have more!

Are Reid and Pelosi for real this time?
by kos

If Reid and Pelosi stand firm on this, they will have a chance to finally fulfill one of their key 2006 campaign promises and prove that they have the strength and fortitude to stand tough for what they believe, all the while giving the vast majority of the American people what they want.

36. Intermittent Bystander - 14 November 2007

34 – Rainbows and ponies at last!

37. Intermittent Bystander - 14 November 2007

Hope the Mayor’s Hawaiian weekend comes back to haunt him, down the sandy road. . . .

38. marisacat - 14 November 2007

the 11 am news is saying the crew has retained lawyers and is not talking. But it is also reported that they do not see anything wrong with the instruments.

they report they have the tapes of the back and forth on the ship and ship to CG in DC, but they need………….translators.

who knows.

39. marisacat - 14 November 2007

kos and others sit at big looms every day and weave some tortured thread.

I read a headline at Newsweak yesterday, Joe Klein says War is improving Dems Need to be Careful.

Or burn a finger in the fire on the stove? Or something?

40. ms_xeno - 14 November 2007

I don’t see how there can be a Jewish Conspiracy on DKos and its owner’s material enrichment given that none other than Mr. Stomach Flu himself at PFF has assured us all that virtually everyone online who claims to be Jewish is lying.

So I’m thinking that mattes and I should have a huge brawl and than arrange for a mutually-controlled sockpuppet to out us both as Episcopalians or something.

What can I say ? I’ll do anything to put off having to wash the dishes.

41. JJB - 14 November 2007

bayprairie, no. 35,

Well, I hope it will be good for some unintentional laughs, but The Guardian column used to put my feet to sleep. I really don’t see any indication from his FP posts that he’s learned to write in the 3 years since, and find it hard to believe that whoever he can dragoon into ghostwriting it will tolerate writing a column for Newsweek without being able to see his/her name and picture featured prominently. Kind of like the guy who actually sang “Sugar, Sugar.” He had the No. 1 hit in the country, and had to remain anonymous.

42. marisacat - 14 November 2007

maybe he gets his wife to write it. That would be, like, so unsurprising.

43. Hair Club for Men - 14 November 2007

Markos is getting all his payoffs after clearing out the Israel/Palestine diaries.

The problem is this assumes that the Israel/Palestine diaries on the Daily Kos were at all effective in influencing the policy of the Democratic Party.

Cleary they weren’t.

I just don’t really buy the idea that the Lobby cares about Kos diaries. They’d send better operatives if they did.

I could be wrong but most of the troll patrol’s anti-Palestinian stuff was freelancing by individual fanatics.

When crunch time came it was just easier to ban “jontheantizionistjew” than it was to piss off O’Reilly.

Nobody’s going to pay you for that.

44. marisacat - 14 November 2007

well I think the joke is on people who were expecting KosAndKrew to dry up and blow away.

I see him as a ‘certified by the party choke point’… All who ascended to MSM prominence are, IMO.

For a couple of years people have stood by and watched his numbers, wrung their hands inssiting this or that indicated he and his site were not long for the world.

I hardly read Dkos for a year or more now (and reading it a lot in the wake o fthe Del Dem pic was exhuasting and FUCKING BORING) but it seemed to me that DHinMI and his lieutenants from Kagro X to Catholic Cadres to minions to to to did a good job of stifling according to the party line.

And til “banned” Armando did a good job of playing “soft cop” and “friend to the wimmens” etc.

DhinMI’s scams seem to be intact over at Kos, from what I gather. And I sure see Eternel Hope as the cute little emissary to PFF (and right at home, is my take – despite rumbles in the underpasses of the freeways at the edge of town… etc.).

So much pantomime. You know, like CONGRESS.

45. bayprairie - 14 November 2007

And I sure see Eternel Hope as the cute little emissary to PFF (and right at home, is my take – despite rumbles in the underpasses of the freeways at the edge of town… etc.).

well im suspicious of pff too, come to think of it. butterfly net in new form. why are all the 2nd generation babyblueBBBs being served up from the same site peeder’s joint is? DD’s site, docudharma, PFF, almost every one of the babyblue state blaghs.

all signing on from the big D! north dallas texas!

46. marisacat - 14 November 2007

I dunno to understand the “aligned with the party” pressure maybe the site needed to be read the way I did… watched the DLC sweep in, right on cue with the From editorial on Dean… then watch the placeholders rise to admin… not that I was clear on the parts and pieces in 03 and 04 but I sure did watch and see the harsh roll back begin.

Then they tried to run the Dean people off, as they constantly work to run Green and most Ind off. They like conservative and “former” Republican.

Then watch the post election creaming of dissent over the election……… topic after topic, line of thought after line of thought, squashed. LONG running utter panic over anything remotely CT (as defined by KosKreeps from DH to Armndo to Joan – with her distemper shots that DH said make her “OK” to elevate… ) and so on.

Oh tell me it is not rigged for and by the party.

i/p along with it all.

47. Hair Club for Men - 14 November 2007

Re Kos and Greenwald’s feud with David Neiwert over Ron Paul

The anti-war independents who voted Dem in 2006 are being told “you weren’t our allies in 2006. You were our useful idiots”.

Anti-war conservatives like Greenwald are learning the same things Nader voters did in 2000. You’re either with the donks or you’re crazy, a nazi, or both.

At the same time the donks don’t have much of a product to sell or enough ruthlessness to really maintain party discipline.

2008 will be played as “sure Hillary sucks but Rudy’s so scary vote for her anyway”.

It won’t work. The voter turnout with be a record low one.

48. Hair Club for Men - 14 November 2007

Oh tell me it is not rigged for and by the party.

Oh I agree with you. I just don’t think someone handed Kos a bag of money that said “for keeping those nasty Palestine solidarity people quiet”.

49. JJB - 14 November 2007

As long as we’re discussing Newsweek . . . don’t know what to make of this story yet, whether it’s a bombshell, or just a molehill someone’s trying to make into a mountain, but it certainly is interesting as an example of how ineptitude seems to be ingrained in out entire National Security apparatus:

A former FBI agent who pleaded guilty Tuesday to fraudulently obtaining U.S. citizenship and then improperly accessing sensitive computer information about Hizbullah was working until about a year ago as a CIA spy assigned to Middle East operations, NEWSWEEK has learned.

The stunning case of Nada Nadim Prouty, a 37-year-old Lebanese native who is related to a suspected Hizbullah money launderer, appears to raise a nightmarish question for U.S. intelligence agencies: could one of the world’s most notorious terrorist groups have infiltrated the U.S. government?

“I’m beginning to think it’s possible that Hizbullah put a mole in our government,” said Richard Clarke, the former White House counterterrorism chief under presidents Clinton and, until 2002, Bush. “It’s mind-blowing.”


The case is clearly a major embarrassment for both the FBI and CIA and has already raised a host of questions. Chief among them: how did an illegal alien from Lebanon who was working as a waitress at a shish kabob restaurant in Detroit manage to slip through extensive security background checks, including polygraphs, to land highly sensitive positions with the nation’s top law enforcement and intelligence agencies?

How, indeed?

Prouty, according to court documents, first entered the United States from Lebanon in 1989 on a one-year nonimmigrant student visa. After her visa expired she illegally remained in the country, residing in Taylor, Mich., with her sister and another individual. In order to stay in the country and evade immigration laws, she offered money to an unemployed U.S. citizen to marry her in the summer of 1990. But according to her indictment Prouty “never lived as husband and wife with her fraudulent ‘husband’ and the marriage was never consummated sexually.”

By 1992, the court papers say, Prouty landed a job as a waitress and hostess at La Shish, a popular chain of Middle Eastern restaurants in the Detroit area owned by a Lebanese businessman, Talil Khalil Chahine, who later came under federal investigation for his suspected ties to Hizbullah.

At this point Prouty’s case seemed like a garden-variety case of marriage and immigration fraud. But as laid out in the court papers, the story took a more ominous turn in April 1999, when Prouty, using the alias of “Nada Nadim Alley” and her fraudulently obtained U.S. citizenship, landed a job as an FBI special agent. Prouty got the job under a special FBI “language program” designed to recruit Arabic and other foreign-language speakers, a bureau official said today. Not only was she quickly granted a security clearance, she was then assigned to the bureau’s Washington field office, where she worked on an extraterritorial squad investigating crimes against U.S. persons overseas. In that capacity Prouty in September 2000 improperly tapped into bureau computers to access information about herself, her sister, and Chahine. Three years later Prouty again tapped into bureau computers to obtain information about a case she was not assigned to: a national security investigation targeting Hizbullah being conducted by the Detroit field office.

Long story short, 5 years later, after she’d landed a sensitive position with the CIA, they discovered her brother-in-law was involved with raising and laundering money for Hizbollah.

50. Hair Club for Men - 14 November 2007

But hey. I’ll be a pro-Zionist troll if you pay me. I’ll even tell jokes.

How do you keep a dead white woman out of the media?

Run her over with a bulldozer.

51. marisacat - 14 November 2007

well I agree nobody handed Kos cash that said: for wiping the i/p diaries. It is just part of a whole.

And I really do not think Greenwald is some babe floating in the woods here. At all. Another conservative cashing in on hanging iwth the Dems and exploiting a JD. From outside the country too.

All the sites have gone more conservative, including Salon, HuffPo. They USED a stance of liberality to hook a spot an d hook a story line and hook a niche.

Not very different than the plays made during primary, then tack “central” which now means tack hard right.

AND yes more Dems left liberal progs will vote Dem. again.

A few weeks ago I caught Hillary in Iowa leading a chant and refraim from the audience, all about vote for me to end the war…

what od you want?


WHo will end the war!?

I will end the war!!

I mean let’s invest in rabbits and hats and women sawed in half.

52. marisacat - 14 November 2007


I really really wanna hear about Mr Justice Sandra D O’Connor’s new GF, see film of them holding hands — and how happy the family is, and how beneficent of them to explain Alzheimers to us wee wankers.

There were nearly tears on the Today show this am.

53. Hair Club for Men - 14 November 2007

Oh yes. Greenwald played them for free adversising for his books.

But it must have come as a shock how fast he lost his PWOG GOD status as soon as he broke ranks with the donk party line.

54. marisacat - 14 November 2007

I don’t know what to think of Prouty. I wish I thought that an IDF plant (which is impossible likely, too hand washes hand) might be treated the same way. I have lost track of how often I have heard of Prouty, with a pic and “hezzzzbollah” repeated…

Think we are just lucky Pollard is still in prison.

55. marisacat - 14 November 2007

Didn’t he know when not one blogger stood up with him when the R came after him? Riehl World was esp vicious, but not the only one. I did not see one blogger defend GG.

Plus he ascended to Salon. He should wipe the tears.

56. Hair Club for Men - 14 November 2007

As long as we’re discussing Newsweek . . . don’t know what to make of this story yet

Double agents can often be triple or quadruple agents. Don’t these people read John LeCarre?

57. Hair Club for Men - 14 November 2007

Neiwert’s a weird guy. When the anti-Iran hate fest was going on in NYC there were racist images all over the mainstream media and he wasn’t interested. He ignored Jena until the huge protests.

He’s singularly obsessed with the Pacific Northwest militia nazis, a group that’s long since been busted up and infiltrated by the FBI.

So 1994

I’d even bet my tin foil hat that David Duke turned states evidence and is basically an FBI mole now.

Infiltrating Arab trible society and Al Qaeda’s tough for the FBI. Infiltrating white gun nuts really isn’t.

58. lucid - 14 November 2007

could one of the world’s most notorious terrorist groups have infiltrated the U.S. government?

Hm… I was under the impression that the US government was the world’s most notorious terrorist group.

59. mattes - 14 November 2007


“Anecdotally, we
see an extraordinary shift in the Jewish community,” said Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, founder and president of The Israel Project, a group that has made Iran a top priority. “A year ago, nobody was interested in hearing about Iran from us; they thought we were overreacting. Why didn’t we focus on things like Darfur? Now we’re seeing a big difference.”
While major Jewish groups like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) have been pushing the Iran issue for more than a decade, a sense of urgency is only now percolating down to the community level, she said.

60. lucid - 14 November 2007

Infiltrating Arab trible society and Al Qaeda’s tough for the FBI.

Not if they’re still on the payroll. 😉

61. Hair Club for Men - 14 November 2007

Hm… I was under the impression that the US government was the world’s most notorious terrorist group.

The CIA would be the world’s most notorious terrorist group.

See also, the CIA fanclub


62. Hair Club for Men - 14 November 2007

Not if they’re still on the payroll.

True but that’s what tickles my tinfoil hat about David Duke.

That little trip to Iran was great propaganda.

They can also use him to keep track of the racist right in general.

Something’s just wrong about how fast he got out of jail.

63. mattes - 14 November 2007

HCM—Maybe not the lobby, but there are a lot of operatives out there. Just one part of the de-fanging of dk. Never obvious.

Notice the diaries have come to a screeching halt, and just in time for the Iran war.

64. Hair Club for Men - 14 November 2007

HCM—Maybe not the lobby, but there are a lot of operatives out there.

But it’s a long way from getting linked by LGF and mentioned on O’Reilly (thus bringing in a flood of PumpkinHate) and having Newsweek pay you off to shut up the I/P debate.

I think this is about the closest to the truth:

well I agree nobody handed Kos cash that said: for wiping the i/p diaries. It is just part of a whole

And it’s probably not even direct. Kos and Hunter and the various Naranjastan elite know that if they parrot a line as close to the line the MSM takes as possible they stand a better chance of getting hired by the MSM.

Since none of them are all that young or good looking or incredibly brilliant they tend to toe the line pretty closely.

Someone like Greenwald, on the other hand, has a law degree from NYU and a couple of published books so he can afford to take a piss on the ADL every once in a while or push somebody like Ron Paul and the worst that will happen is that he’ll get some hate mail from the dittoheads.

65. mattes - 14 November 2007

I might have overstated a bit. I believe it opened a lot of doors for him. And he knew it would.

66. BooHooHooMan - 14 November 2007

I have to spit up, and did, in their little comment box after
WaPo on Strike in France

uhm, Does anyone put together So Cozy’s recent trip to talk to Stupid at 1600 Pennsy and the reaction in France?

I find this interesting, how the Post quotes the Right Wing French paper, the Figaro as stating that 7/10 “polled” are against the strikes in France…yeh, well, “The numbers” (LOL)

Even using those suspect numbers, it means 30% aren’t conned by a mirror of our US Imperial Neo Jackboot Corporate Agenda. How many morons in this US Idiocracy lined up to support Bush’s excuse to absolutely PLUNDER Working Poor and Middle Class Wealth in this country?? We VOTE for the nakedly Crooked GOP and the pseudo “opposition” as well, the equally corrupt and morally bankrupt Vichy Dems. Then they preside in this charade of “conflict” while every working andmiddle calss gain are incrementally erased over the last thirty years. Sarkozy and our people, GOP and Vichy Dems included, would have ALL been happy in Paris during this time of year in 1940. TheRecord of Betrayal speaks for itself. Our people are either too shocked lazy or stupid to revolt in the spirit of The French Resistance.


It’s Nice to know the Planet isn’t ENTIRELY populated with sheep. At least some of the French don’t prefer a Ruling class of Poodles.

67. BooHooHooMan - 14 November 2007

BING FUCKIN O Lucid # 60!

68. Hair Club for Men - 14 November 2007

Take that Schwarzenegger. Jon Bon Jovi might run for governor of New Jersey.

Sigh, as if we weren’t laughing stocks enough.

69. BooHooHooMan - 14 November 2007

Re Jersey and Sigh, as if we weren’t laughing stocks enough.

I resemble that remark.
(Only more long winded most of the time)

70. Gayle - 14 November 2007

Pepper spray?

Pepper hose is more like it.


71. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2007

I’m sorry, but I refuse to take the “Hezbollah is a terrorist organization” talk seriously. The word is meaningless, empty agitprop. Terrorism isn’t just some disaffected guy w/ homemade rockets or an explosive belt. It’s Spector gunships leveling a neighborhood, and blockades starving an entire population of electricity and clean drinking water by an occupying force.

As for the Lebanese woman … I suppose they’re just sorry she’s not tied to a Lebanese Christian terrorist group stealing info to better blow up muslims.

72. marisacat - 14 November 2007

when Arnold declared for the Recall race, a local station here in SF took a camera crew out to the International Departure Terminal at SFO.

They asked an absolute cross section of world travellers what they thought about the Terminator running for CA Gov.

Oh I so cringed. People lauhged. Not one person said, oh well maybe, who knows… politicians are so bad, etc… blah blah... People were split between loud guffaws and dismissal of any state that would even entertain the idea.

GOOD LUCK JERSEY! I will send flowers – and comiiserate… 😉

73. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2007

oh, Hair, on the Paul thing, DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK.

74. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2007

oops, meant SPECTER gunship, not the hot air coming out of a PA Senator.

75. bayprairie - 14 November 2007

Madman post, Sept 20th

26. Madman in the Marketplace – 20 September 2007

Laura Rozen:

“POGO’s Nick Schwellenbach points out that State IG Howard Krongard, under investigation by congressman Waxman, over among other things whether he stymied probes into Blackwater, is the brother of former CIA executive director Buzzy Krongard, who Ken Silverstein has reported, helped grow Blackwater’s government business.

and then today

State Dept official’s brother linked to Blackwater
By Susan Cornwell

WASHINGTON, Nov 14 (Reuters) – The State Department’s top investigator recused himself on Wednesday from probes into the Blackwater security firm after discovering — during a break in a congressional hearing — that his brother was connected with the company.

Howard Krongard, who began a hearing of Rep. Henry Waxman’s government oversight committee by denying the “ugly rumors” that his brother “Buzzy” was linked to Blackwater, returned after a recess to say he had just contacted his brother and learned he had attended a Blackwater advisory board meeting.

damn. the family really is always the last to find out. i bet he was SHOCKED!

marisa, june 1st

27. marisacat – 1 June 2007

LOL don’t miss Buzzy and Cheryl at a BearingPoint (just got kidnapped in Baghdad) sponsored oh so chaaritable charity event. One with a pic of Scalia as well.

76. bayprairie - 14 November 2007

dim wit headed to spam

77. Intermittent Bystander - 14 November 2007

Guantanamo operating manual posted on Internet

238-page manual, “Standard Operating Procedures for Camp Delta,” is dated March 27, 2003, and signed by Army Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller

The manual was posted last week on the Wikileaks.org Web site, which invites whistle-blowers around the world to anonymously publish state documents containing evidence of government corruption and injustice.

The Guantanamo manual is stamped “unclassified,” and “for official use only,” meaning it was not secret but was never intended for mass distribution either.

The manual also indicates some prisoners were designated as off limits to visitors from the International Committee of the Red Cross, something the military has repeatedly denied.

Go Wikileaks! And speaking of pepper spray:

It contains instructions as only the military can write them, such as how to use pepper spray on unruly prisoners. “Aim at the eyes, nose and mouth when possible. Use a 1/2 to 1 second burst from a distance of 36 to 72 inches away.”

78. marisacat - 14 November 2007


what a hoot!

cannot quite remember, but think I was picking up on something someone (sorry, forget who) had posted here, pointing out resemblance and some bio similarity between the brothers…


the family that screws the nation together… etc.

79. BooHooHooMan - 14 November 2007

Re Obama bundlers, Thanks Mcat for that Link.

I was looking for the name of Tina Tchen from Skadden Arps. She was a huge Hill bagwoman in NY Sen 2000. How is it that all of these Intra and Post Clinton Admin and Hill Sen Supporters are now adventure seeking with Obama. A Bullshit flanking move that’s all.
He’s set up to take the dive….

Let me set this up and knock it down as quickly….There’s perhaps one thing that could coax heartfelt progressives of a certain stripe back in the fold : the angry but not to deep thinkers that are “taking a breather” or “sitting it out now” re the Dems. The lure is the “Historic Ticket” : White Woman, Black Man, or yes even the unspeakably delish. But we can dispense with the suspension of disbelief on two counts. By definition, the not-to-deep pouters on “the sidelines” ARE STILL IN THE PARTY , not going anywhere and will vote for the “Historic” Hillary ticket whether Sydney Portier’s stunt double is actually acknowledged in “the credits” or not.

Again with the Obama. The Brother from another Mother rises through Chicago Politics unscathed by the Daley machine? C’mon… We can see where this is going…He’s a sparring PARTNER. Nonetheless, he is NOT getting the Hill Veepership. They know Hollywood well enough to know Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner was a fuckin movie. And it was ~ controversial~

The Clintonia will get the Obama Endorse, of course, never a question among “good Dems” . ..He’ll be offered a Top Sen Committee and be “mentioned” as Sen Leadership in a shake up that will see Reid go and Schumer become Leader. This will be a huge “perk”, not to DO anything off script of course – but to entrench ones Fiefdom and lockdown the interest of one’s patrons in the Power Grid. It is an oppportune during this Coupla-Term “Good Cop” Quickie. Sounds Like an affair with Bernie Kerick. It’s going to end as badly, though, despite the present that favors Dems falling into a better orchestrated Pro Wrestling Position this coming year in the Sen.

I definitely see Reid getting the Nerf Ax.
By nature, Reid will take a walk with hardly a public whimper. In exchange, investigation into Alfalfa’s Nevada slimy shit will get buried. Hill will be in the White House as Dems claim a New Millenium of the Magic Negro while funding more prison space.

80. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2007

I love the way Howard suddenly announced that he was recusing himself during the grilling he was getting today.

We have an amazingly shameless kleptocracy running this country.

81. Hair Club for Men - 14 November 2007

oh, Hair, on the Paul thing, DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK.

Niewert is a man obsessed.

82. BooHooHooMan - 14 November 2007

Eds: Sorry * Sidney Poitier*

Also too bad that the opprtune time* or opportunity will be sqandered..

83. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2007
84. bayprairie - 14 November 2007

A Tale of Two Strategies

by: Armando

by BooMan

to drive a few readers back and forth between two low-traffic blogs!

85. bayprairie - 14 November 2007

dim bulbs headed to spam this time 😉

86. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2007

Anti-Bush Sign Has Bridge World in an Uproar

In the genteel world of bridge, disputes are usually handled quietly and rarely involve issues of national policy. But in a fight reminiscent of the brouhaha over an anti-Bush statement by Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks in 2003, a team of women who represented the United States at the world bridge championships in Shanghai last month is facing sanctions, including a yearlong ban from competition, for a spur-of-the-moment protest.

At issue is a crudely lettered sign, scribbled on the back of a menu, that was held up at an awards dinner and read, “We did not vote for Bush.”

By e-mail, angry bridge players have accused the women of “treason” and “sedition.”

“This isn’t a free-speech issue,” said Jan Martel, president of the United States Bridge Federation, the nonprofit group that selects teams for international tournaments. “There isn’t any question that private organizations can control the speech of people who represent them.”

The players have been stunned by the reaction to what they saw as a spontaneous gesture, “a moment of levity,” said Gail Greenberg, the team’s nonplaying captain and winner of 11 world championships.

“What we were trying to say, not to Americans but to our friends from other countries, was that we understand that they are questioning and critical of what our country is doing these days, and we want you to know that we, too, are critical,” Ms. Greenberg said, stressing that she was speaking for herself and not her six teammates.

The controversy has gone global, with the French team offering support for its American counterparts.

“By trying to address these issues in a nonviolent, nonthreatening and lighthearted manner,” the French team wrote in by e-mail to the federation’s board and others, “you were doing only what women of the world have always tried to do when opposing the folly of men who have lost their perspective of reality.”

The proposed sanctions would hurt the team’s playing members financially. “I earn my living from bridge, and a substantial part of that from being hired to compete in high-level competitions,” Debbie Rosenberg, a team member, said. “So being barred would directly affect much of my ability to earn a living.”

A hearing is scheduled this month in San Francisco, where thousands of players will be gathered for the Fall North American Bridge Championships. It will determine whether displaying the sign constitutes conduct unbecoming a federation member.

Three players— Hansa Narasimhan, JoAnna Stansby and Jill Meyers — have expressed regret that the action offended some people. The federation has proposed a settlement to Ms. Greenberg and the three other players, Jill Levin, Irina Levitina and Ms. Rosenberg, who have not made any mollifying statements.

It calls for a one-year suspension from federation events, including the World Bridge Olympiad next year in Beijing; a one-year probation after that suspension; 200 hours of community service “that furthers the interests of organized bridge”; and an apology drafted by the federation’s lawyer.

It would also require them to write a statement telling “who broached the idea of displaying the sign, when the idea was adopted, etc.”

Of course, a handwritten “Support the Troops” command would have been lauded and gotten them interviewed on Faux News.

87. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2007

Portland ME protest:

Police removed protesters from U.S. Rep. Tom Allen’s office in Portland on Tuesday, after a sit-in that lasted almost five hours.

The group called on Allen to shift course and support efforts to impeach President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

Kathe Chipman, 63, of Harpswell, who taped herself to a chair in the lobby, was led from the building in handcuffs around 8 p.m.

Police escorted three other protesters out of the building, but made no arrests.

The incident was the fourth sit-in this year by antiwar activists or impeachment supporters at Allen’s Portland office.

Antiwar activists have targeted Allen, who opposed the Iraq war, because he also opposed efforts to eliminate war funding.

On Tuesday, the demonstrators were supporting the Maine Campaign to Impeach, an organization that has collected thousands of signatures urging the House of Representatives to impeach Bush and Cheney.

Allen opposes impeachment, but during the sit-in, he agreed to meet privately with activists to discuss the issue.

He has said previously that impeachment would cut into the time needed to address issues such as health care, global warming and the war in Iraq.

“At this stage, he’s focusing on the issues that really matter to people,” said spokesman Mark Sullivan, who asked protesters to leave around 5:30 p.m., when the office was scheduled to close for the day.

88. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2007
89. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2007
90. marisacat - 14 November 2007

Brian Williams leads with Prouty, headlined and her pic as back drop.


91. Hair Club for Men - 14 November 2007

Cynthia McKinney’s becoming the Fred Thompson of the left.

Shit or get off the pot.

92. BooHooHooMan - 14 November 2007

Teen Murder by op in New York??

Look over here!
“Rev. Billy” from the church of Stop Shopping was granted mercy!
A Morsel on a Bone.
Why the Arrest in the First Place???
It’s not “even up” when a victim of unlawful arrest by discretion and Constitutional abusing cops is then “mercifully” “let go” . What are we supposed to do? Praise them for being so kind as to not bash his skull in?

The context: Notice the release of this “Good News” against the “unfortunate” “incident” in which a teen was shot 19 TIMES by Cops

Case Is Dropped Against Crusading Street Performer

Published: November 15, 2007

The Manhattan district attorney’s office quietly dropped its prosecution today of Reverend Billy, a street performer accused of harassing police officers by reciting the First Amendment at a rally in Union Square Park.

Prosecutors said today that they deliberately allowed the case to be dismissed by failing to meet a court-ordered deadline to file papers explaining why the arrest of Reverend Billy, whose real name is William Talen, was justified.

“Sometimes not making a decision is a good decision,” one prosecutor said. {Snip}

At the same time, Judge Kennedy dismissed separate charges against Mr. Talen, who is the head of what he calls the Church of Stop Shopping, for trespassing at a Starbucks during a protest against corporate conformity.

93. BooHooHooMan - 14 November 2007


I bit on the Docudrahma ArmandoSlobber

He can’t stay “in character” for long. Within a few comments, it’s clear he is blogging in complimentary Hillary Panties and Bra.
What a fucking Blowjob, Armando Llorens Sar.

You mean that mean, old grey lady who shelters… (0.00 / 0)

…neo-con racists like David Brooks? I guess you could call that mainstream, in some parts of the country.
by: Faheyman @ Wed Nov 14, 2007 at 14:17:14 PM CST
[ Parent ]
by: you @ soon

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Dude (4.00 / 1)

I think your perspective is utterly warped.

There are good reasons to not favor Hillary – rarely do I hear folks actually enunciate them.

All I hear are Tweety’s talking points.


“as usual, . . . analytical and calm”
by: Armando @ Wed Nov 14, 2007 at 15:42:59 PM CST

[ Parent ]

94. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2007

This is kinda cool:

A group of guerrilla volunteers is cleaning oil from San Francisco’s beaches using an unorthodox, albeit totally organic, method: human hair and mushrooms.

Using mats made of hair, they are absorbing the droplets of oil that have washed ashore since a cargo ship rammed the base of a Bay Bridge tower last week, spilling 58,000 gallons of fuel.

Hair, which naturally absorbs oil from air and water, acts as a perfect sponge, said Lisa Gautier of San Francisco, who provided 1,000 hair mats. They are about the size of a doormat, tightly woven with dark hair, and feel somewhat like an S.O.S pad.

While the mats may not be the obvious choice among hazardous waste experts, they hit San Francisco’s green chord: More than 700 volunteers have tried them in recent days. Organizers hope their success will inspire more ecological responses to toxic waste removal.

Gautier had 1,000 of them on hand because she runs a nonprofit, Matter of Trust, which matches donations from businesses with needy nonprofits. She collects human hair from Bay Area salons and sends it to Georgia to be woven into mats, which she then gives to the San Francisco Department of the Environment to absorb used motor oil.

Once the mats are soaked with black gunk, oyster mushrooms will take over, growing on the mats and absorbing the oil.

National mushroom expert Paul Stamets was in town the weekend after the spill for the Green Festival, heard of Gautier’s work and donated $10,000 worth of oyster mushrooms to harvest on the oily hair mats.

Gautier said the mushrooms will absorb the oil within 12 weeks, Gautier said, turning the hair mats into nontoxic compost.

“You make it like a lasagna,” Gautier said. “You layer the oily hair mats with mushrooms and straw, turn it in six weeks, and by 12 weeks you have good soil.”

The soil may not be good enough to grow carrots but is certainly good enough to use for landscaping along roads, she said.

Nature is a many splendored thing.

95. marisacat - 14 November 2007

the story of the hair mats is a great one. I am sorry that Zuna Surf keeps shutting my computer, their site is the most cheer ful to read, and tho limited to one beach and bits of info the most informative.

More bullshit on view. Such a shame.

Part of Ocean Beach is now closed, the southern end got hit again, somehow.

Woll pop up a few links in the next post. Beware enviromental catastrophe in your region.

What a shame it all is, only citizens stepped up.

96. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2007

Citizens will have to take the country back, and it will be hard, and they may face serious danger from their own government for doing so:

Congress, prodded by Rep. Dave Reichert, R-Auburn, and supported by the entire Washington state delegation, is poised to toss another $22 million into the mix. Opponents worry that this bill poses potential threats to civil rights. The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 passed the House last month 404-6. The six “nays” included an unlikely pair: conservative Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., and liberal presidential candidate Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio.

The bill was thrashed as a dangerous boondoggle in a recent article in Congressional Quarterly (CQ), which quoted Reichert, who sits on the House Homeland Security Committee.

It would set up a 10-person commission on radicalization, which a congressional summary calls the use of an extremist belief system to facilitate ideology-based violence.

The commission would study the causes of homegrown terrorism and recommend ways to prevent it.

Of course, ole Dana has his own reasons for doing the right thing for a change:

And, they claim, the legislation is vague and could lead to abuses. It does not focus, as recommended by some security experts, on radical Islamic groups that may have sprouted on U.S. soil.

Instead, Reichert told CQ, the commission also will look at white-power groups, neo-Nazis and other extremists.

“We don’t want to focus on any one group or leave anybody out,” he said.

That’s the problem, said Rohrabacher, who usually supports pro-security legislation. “This one,” he said, “does not pass the smell test. Who will they look at, and how?”

Rohrabacher noted that the FBI has been investigating animal-rights activists and environmentalist fringe cabals as terrorists. “Will they throw anti-abortionists into the mix?” he asked.

97. moiv - 14 November 2007

Rohrabacher noted that the FBI has been investigating animal-rights activists and environmentalist fringe cabals as terrorists. “Will they throw anti-abortionists into the mix?” he asked.

Well, at least old “pro-life” Dana has finally started calling them by their right name.

98. BooHooHooMan - 14 November 2007

Re Armando and Booman & the link farm between Buhhdy D’s, Jerralyn, and Martin’s nitwiterie.

What a joke.The Netroots was infused with treats by Hillary’s NY ZionCo Alliance .

BooMan, oh so distraught, in his “dissidents” role. Such scalding~ lukewarm furry, I mean eh “fury”.

Still spreading the Good News Gospel that Hillary is no radical, a conservative and on the RW side of “the War”.
He should be reading news on a low wattage station in Mayberry.

A Tool or a dupe, Martin’s a doof either way.
Hardly headed for a Jr. Communications Staffer Position.. Not with the Playground Rambo foot in mouth moment….That shit is reserved for the likes of Stoller. Martin will be managing Dunkin Donuts in a few…

99. bayprairie - 14 November 2007

looks like the SF mayor remained on vacation even after he returned.

Here are two links. the first is to a live page at the SFchron.

Ship’s crew ordered to appear before grand jury investigating bay oil spill
Tuesday, November 13, 2007

here’s a link to the google cache of an earlier version of the story.

Ship’s crew ordered to appear before grand jury investigating bay oil spill
Monday, November 12, 2007

The notable difference is the following quote of Newsom at the crissy field dog and pony.

Newsom saw the disaster as an even larger statement on the weakness of America’s dependence on oil.

“We can do better than large oil tankers coming in and out of the bay of San Francisco, and move to a more energy independent future,” he said at Crissy Field. “We’ll continue to have these kinds of disasters inevitably if we continue to have more tankers come in and out to feed our addiction.

hello clueless! the ship wasn’t a tanker and the spill was fuel, not cargo.

and why has the quote been sent down the memory by the chron?

tip of the hat to Captain John Konrad

100. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2007

Matt Taibbi on Mike Huckabee, Our Favorite Right-Wing Nut Job

Huckabee, who in recent years has lost 100 pounds, has the roundish, half-deflated physique of an ex-fatty. With his button nose and never-waning smile, he looks slightly unreal, like an oversize Muppet. I was so taken aback by his appearance that I checked his hands to make sure they had the right number of fingers. After the Richards tale, he went on to tell me about the band he plays bass for, and how he has jammed with the likes of Percy Sledge and Grand Funk Railroad, and how he prefers John Entwistle to Flea’s slap-and-pop style of bass-playing. Ten minutes later, driving away from the fund-raiser, I caught myself thinking: Hey, this guy doesn’t seem like a total dickhead. I can almost see him as president. . . .

Then I woke up and did some homework that changed my mind. But I confess: It took a little while. Huckabee is that good.

Ever since Huckabee turned in a dominating performance at a summit of Christian voters in Washington a few weeks ago, he has been riding a surge among likely Iowa voters (he’s now second to Mitt Romney, and gaining). The media, like me, have been charmed by their initial impression: “It’s hard not to like Mike Huckabee,” gushed Newsweek. Even The Nation said he has “real charm.”

But all the attention on his salesmanship skills obscures the real significance of his rise within the Republican Party. Mike Huckabee represents something that is either tremendously encouraging or deeply disturbing, depending on your point of view: a marriage of Christian fundamentalism with economic populism. Rather than employing the patented Bush-Rove tactic of using abortion and gay rights to hoodwink low-income Christians into supporting patrician, pro-corporate policies, Huckabee is a bigger-government Republican who emphasizes prison reform and poverty relief. In the world of GOP politics, he represents something entirely new — a cross between John Edwards and Jerry Falwell, an ordained Southern Baptist preacher who actually seems to give a shit about the working poor.

But Huckabee is also something else: full-blown nuts, a Christian goofball of the highest order. He believes the Earth may be only 6,000 years old, angrily rejects the evidence that human beings evolved from “primates” and thinks America wouldn’t need so much Mexican labor if we allowed every aborted fetus to grow up and enter the workforce. To top it off, Huckabee also left behind a record of ethical missteps in the swamp of Arkansas politics that make Whitewater seem like a jaywalking ticket.

All of which begs the question: If this religious zealot’s rise represents the end of corporate dominance of the Republican Party, is that a good thing? Or is the real thing even worse than the fraud?

101. bayprairie - 14 November 2007

mayor dim sent to spam this time 😉

102. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2007

This is why he is dangerous, from the Taibbi:

What the press doesn’t understand is that Huckabee has changed the equation of party-specific orthodoxies. A generation of GOP candidates have used the poor as a whipping-post stage prop, complaining about lazy, frantically copulating homeless fiends living in cars, fucking up the property values of Decent Folk. Huck turns that rhetoric around by saying, “We shouldn’t allow a child to live under a bridge or in the back seat of a car.” It’s a brilliant innovation for a candidate like Huckabee, who recognizes that the only thing he has to lose by talking about poverty and high CEO salaries is the support of the big-money wing of his party — something he doesn’t have anyway.

The right can gain the populist edge this way, or the nativist/racist Paul way (either way women are fucked), but if they get their hooks into it now we’re well and truly fucked.

103. melvin - 14 November 2007

Paging Miss D–

The new season of bloggin Project Runway has begun without us over at Satan’s.

How soon they forget! You are credited with last season’s liveblogging. Moi, alas, I have become a nonperson and am forgotten.

104. Miss Devore - 14 November 2007

oh melvin…I don’t have my cable hooked up yet–just got my friggin’ car running after lying fallow for 2 years. the mechanics were laughing at me–why exactly, do you want to get this car going again (it’s an ’87) ? Then they eventully realized it was my primary car. On leaving the lot today, I said “Brakes on the left, right?” Kinesthetic memory came through., however. Said car is now sitting pretty in it’s own space in the parking garage.

anyway, I don’t project cable until the 2007 tax returns. which will also hopefully pay for dog castration, new glasses and brake adjustment.

anyway-the reason I popped in here–7.7 earthquake in Chile and most of the shelters are destroyed:


105. Hair Club for Men - 14 November 2007

generation of GOP candidates have used the poor as a whipping-post stage prop, complaining about lazy, frantically copulating homeless fiends living in cars, fucking up the property values of Decent Folk. Huck turns that rhetoric around by saying, “We shouldn’t allow a child to live under a bridge or in the back seat of a car.” It’s a brilliant innovation

DId Taibbi miss the whole 2000 presidential campaign and all the bullshit about “compassionate conservativism”?

Huckabee’s just a reworking of that.

The real danger from the populist right will be hysteria over immigration (which Paul does indeed help transmit). I called this weeks before they beat up Hillary on Spitzer’s driver’s license proposal.

So at least pat me on the back and call me smart. My mother never did.

106. BooHooHooMan - 14 November 2007

Dee ..I don’t project cable until the 2007 tax returns. which will also hopefully pay for dog castration, new glasses and brake adjustment…i>

Your dog has difficulty seeing, so your gonna knock his balls off, get him glasses and let him drive??!@??

107. BooHooHooMan - 14 November 2007

Sorry I was LOL typing

108. Hair Club for Men - 14 November 2007

Your dog has difficulty seeing, so your gonna knock his balls off, get him glasses and let him drive??!@??

Fuck. I literally almost killed myself laughing when I read this.

109. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2007

except that Huckabee actually spends MONEY on compassionate conservatism, with gov’t programs, not fake compassionate conservatism doled out through “faith based” patronage scams. Bush’s style talked about how important charity was, Huckabee talks about taxing the rich fairly, esp. very rich CEOs.

It’s a different scam.

I still think which version of populism could swing either way. The immigration hysteria did not work very well in the recent local elections.

110. Hair Club for Men - 14 November 2007

I still think which version of populism could swing either way.

It will swing both ways with a pinche of leftism for good measure.

The important thing is that the Democratic party supressed it’s populist base, took impeachment off the table, and signed on for a new war in Iran whenever Bush wants it.

That left the populist door wide open for right.

111. melvin - 14 November 2007

104 Ihaven’t driven car since June. Now it won’t start. Dog in steep decline, I think he’s had a stroke – he walks into the shower and stares at the drain like it’s speaking to him. Glasses, well I guess, nothing much I want to look at anyway.

112. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 November 2007

That left the populist door wide open for right.


113. marisacat - 14 November 2007

new thread


114. wu ming - 14 November 2007

somehting noone really noticed hidden within a pew poll several years back (i have since lost it; will try to dig it up) was how many conservatives actually want a bigger government and more social welfare. leaving them free for the taking is just another maddeningly stupid mistake the democrats have made.

with no left populism, right populism will steal the thunder. a huckabee-clinton general election would be a massacre.

115. marisacat - 14 November 2007


Baby, the blind cat, paces endlessly. One reason I keep her with me on the bed or on the big sofa… if she is on the floor and not traveling between food, her personal WC of plastic, news print and paper towelling, then she is pacing.

Obviously some synapses gone…

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