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Jesus on a Stick 9 December 2007

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, DC Politics, France, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

    hey go for it!
       “Dashboard Jesus” – Mexico

I think I have snapped as PBS has had its third, I repeat third, month of pledge forever.  Which now seems, at least in our area with KQED, to be fashioned around long infomercials from the various gurus, financial (Suze Orman), health (so many there is no beginning and no end), Asiatic disciplinary systems as expounded by a white guy from Maui (Dr Dwyer) are better for you… and others… so Oprah (now self-baptised a political guru, we shall not be spared this Calvary!)  live streaming her exhortations to move the product has – literally – sent me over the edge:

“It’s time for us to dream America anew again and support Barack Obama,” the First Lady of television declared, as cable TV news programmes cut live to the event and camera flashes filled the huge hall in central Des Moines. “That is why for the very first time in my life I feel compelled to stand up and speak out for the man who I believe has a new vision for America. We need Barack Obama.”

Even channel surfing or waiting a few minutes for what little is on during Pledge Or Die — I have seen too much of it.   Oprah pushing Obama (a la The Matrix:  he is the One!) is the very same thing as Suze Orman and her discs and books – and all the rest of them…. 

I think the gamble for Obama is barely 50 / 50, this could be as evanescent as moisture in the air.  I could see serious and quick evaporation of whatever bump this manufactures in Iowa and NH and a slight shift of black vote to Obama in SC… My guess is there is some serious “walking around” money appearing in the early states from the Clinton Camp…

“South Carolina, our moment is now,” Obama said to an audience estimated by organizers as made up of 29,000 people at the University of South Carolina‘s football stadium. “Don’t let them tell you we’ve got to wait. Our moment is now.”

What!, no King child to stand with them, with Neo…?

“Dr. King dreamed the dream,” Winfrey said, referring to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. “But we don’t have to just dream the dream anymore. We get to vote that dream into reality.”

And, if you see the film of So Carolina, I have to say that Michelle, as well as Hillary, needs to guard against the wrong facial expressions in public.

Jesus!… so many religion replacements on offer, from giveaway cars under your seat (OprahLand) to pols (fold your hands in prayer, follow me, bend over and say thanks lord and master)… I sometimes think the nation is lying under a film of Vaseline and that it is indeed a sex agent.

It is nothing new, I am just choking on it…  Meanwhile, the cats are still in forced prayer formation, now chained to their jasmine candles … I have sent in Lourdes water for their bleeding “knees”.

I have all sorts of weaknesses for “things”, from devotional candles to St Michael (you wanna fuss with an angel go for the big ones, the Archangels) to a whole bevy of little talismans and, hand made and sold in the markets, Mexican religious items that I put in a pouch and carried on planes wtih me… when my mother was ill and a clairvoyant card reader in New Orleans I used to visit told me to put a “secret heart” in her hospital room, I did it… and bought a Mexican healing talisman, a tin depiction of a heart that I wore…

…but I have no trouble calling all of this “superstition”…no trouble at all.  It is my idiosyncratic way of defining myself in the Universe…

I even have a soft spot for “Holy Water”… tho admittedly not at the 2007 prices at the above link for Lourdes water… what a hoot!  I especially love churches where the holy water is kept in a large clam shell… but lighting a candle and dipping your fingers in water is ancient.

The upshot is, I have been wondering who to fill in on the first line for President….and I have decided, something along the lines of The Risen Christ… or, The Virgin Birth.

They keep shoving him at us… call it push back. 

           The Resurrection Christ


UPDATE, 2:54 am

Lawdy! we are blessed!

I give all praise and honor to God,” Obama began. “Look at the day the Lord has made.”

Obama’s wife, Michelle, opened the rally with a description of her husband that could, at moments, have been a description of Jesus Christ.

“We need a leader who’s going to touch our souls. Who’s going to make us feel differently about one another. Who’s going to remind us that we are one another’s keepers. That we are only as strong as the weakest among us,” she said, echoing biblical passages.

Winfrey also touched on Christian themes that had not been highlighted in Iowa.

“It’s amazing grace that brought me here,” she began, adding that she was “stepping out of my pew” – television – to engage in politics.

It isn’t enough to tell the truth, Winfrey said. “We need politicians who know how to be the truth.”

Winfrey also recalled a story from “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman,” a 1974 film based on Ernest Gaines’ 1971 novel.

In Winfrey’s telling, the protagonist – an old woman who had survived slavery and the Civil War – would ask every child, “Are you the one? Are you the one?”

“I do believe I do today we have the answer to Miss Pittman’s question – it’s a question that the entire nation is asking – is he the one?” Winfrey said. “South Carolina – I do believe he’s the one.”

According to one academic discussion of the book by Christopher Mulvey, a professor at University of Winchester in the United Kingdom, the passage continues to ask whether the child is the one who will “carry part of our cross,” a “messianic figure.”

Oh stuff it  — everyone… the dark chocolate Easter Bunnies and the white chocolate Easter Bunnies. 

The political parties, operatives, candidates and consultants just laugh their fat heads off at the voters.  All day long.



1. wu ming - 10 December 2007

looks like dashboard jesus has a bit of a woody.

2. marisacat - 10 December 2007

gosh I had not noticed… but now I see it quite clearly…


3. Miss Devore - 10 December 2007

1-I was wondering if the gear shaft was integrated into the sculpture.

Marisa-you will be happy to know that Rat Z has announced Lourdes trips as a way to cut purgatorial time:


4. marisacat - 10 December 2007

clinton … check

earmarks… check

pork… check

developers… check

denies pork earmarks are tied to campaign $$$



Yes we are so blessed.

5. marisacat - 10 December 2007

Alternet has picked up the Matt Taibbi from RS, on Iowa and the Three Way of Death


Distribute weapons, stand back and hope they are good shots.

6. JJB - 10 December 2007

We’re such a religious people:

Police were investigating today whether one gunman was responsible for two shooting incidents at religious institutions in Colorado Sunday that left five dead and four wounded.. . . The two shootings — at a missionary training center near Denver and at an evangelical megachurch in Colorado Springs — were 12 hours and 70 miles apart. They turned a quiet Sunday of fellowship into a day of high drama and gunfire, with bystanders running for cover, swarms of police officers rushing to the scenes, followed by lockdowns, evacuations and a manhunt for the gunman who got away after the first attack.

That shooting occurred about 12:30 a.m. in Arvada, 15 miles west of Denver, at a dormitory of Youth With a Mission, an interdenominational Christian organization with hundreds of centers around the country that train young people for short-term missionary service around the world.

Witnesses said the gunman, in his 20s and wearing a dark jacket and a dark skullcap, spoke to several staff members, insisting that he was not homeless and asking to spend the night. After a 30-minute discussion grew heated, he was turned away. When a staff member asked for help from others to usher him out, he drew a handgun, shot a woman and a man to death and wounded two other staff members.

He fled on foot into the snowy night, witnesses said. As ambulances rushed the wounded away, heavily armed police teams with dogs searched the snow-covered ground of surrounding neighborhoods while local residents locked their doors and windows. But no trace of the man was found in the area.

Just over 12 hours later in Colorado Springs, an hour’s drive to the south of Arvada, a gunman also clad in dark clothing invaded the grounds of the New Life Church, a 14,000-member institution founded by the Rev. Ted Haggard, who resigned in disgrace last year after acknowledging a three-year sexual relationship with a male prostitute.

Wearing combat boots and carrying an assault rifle and at least one pistol, the gunman, apparently without provocation, opened fire in a parking lot and shot four people, one of them fatally, as bystanders dashed for cover. There were about 7,000 worshipers inside the church when the shooting erupted, a church official said.

One of the victims injured in that attack died on Sunday night, said Amy Sufak, a spokeswoman for Penrose Community Hospital in Colorado Springs.

The Colorado Springs chief of police, Richard Myers, said that after the parking-lot shootings the assailant ran into the 10,000-seat church with his high-powered rifle, and was confronted by an armed church security guard, who shot and killed him. Neither the gunman nor the victims in Colorado Springs were immediately identified by the authorities.

At a news conference last night, Chief Myers praised the security guard, whom he did not name, and said his actions had undoubtedly saved lives. In the aftermath, he said, the police did not immediately approach the body of the gunman because of suspicions that he was carrying one or more explosive devices. The church was swiftly evacuated.

The church and other buildings on the campus-like grounds were evacuated and searched. Officers found several smoke-generating devices on the church campus, Chief Myers was quoted by The Associated Press as saying. Their intended purpose was not clear.

The pastor of the New Life Church, the Rev. Brady Boyd, said he had watched the horror unfold from his second-floor office. “My heart is broken today for the people who lost their lives,” he said. But he noted that the church had security and that “many, many” lives had been spared by the actions of the security guard.

I must say, the notion of a church with armed security guards is something I have a hard time imagining, and the idea of attending services at such a place is chilling. The mixture of the comic and the horrific elements in this story (the former aspect being that of this megachurch founded by a man who kept a male prostitute for 3 years with funds provided by the suckers who fell for his spiel) also have my head spinning. Imagine it as Elmer Gantry meets Taxi Driver.

7. lucid - 10 December 2007

Hey Mcat & crew… Took a break from politics entirely for 2 weeks – didn’t read a thing. That was somewhat blissful.

It is always nice to come back to your insights though… I love your writing Mcat. 😉

Prolly won’t be around much as I’ve got so many things to do these days with the band. We signed a management contract & it has now become a bit of a whirlwind.

Anyhow, just saying hi.

8. lucid - 10 December 2007

Mattes – last thread. ROFLMAO. Thanks.

MitM – last thread. I actually like Queens of the Stoneage. Saw play live up in Albany several years back. Of course he is right – the industry is falling apart because it’s always been run in a stupid manner. Joni said it best when she supposedly retired a few years back. ‘The industry is a cess pool’… of course, now that we have a management contract, we’ll probably shortly be looking for a record deal. One of the things the majors are now doing are these 360 deals. Basically you sign away part of the profits from touring, licensing & merch sales & in return get a slightly higher royalty percent on your record sales. It’s all the rage now & its a fucking money grab. Artists never make money from record sales [unless they’re platinum sellers]. So now the labels want to dip into the only revenue stream artists have – touring.

9. BooHooHooMan - 10 December 2007

On the Web , CNN has two links within their lead story – in this case– The Tragedy
no, no, careful now- The Lighter touch is called for..
this is NOT a story to be sold as

Watch pastor tell how guard saved lives

Watch police, heartbroken pastor react to attacks

It is almost perfect in its cultural con-forming ability to reinforce and replicate Society’s sermon …To all of us, really, out here in BoobTubeLand and Cyberspace alike..This faux “invite” to the alienated to “participate” in the Big Story is always narrowly defined, in Hyper Real if not hyer-text linkage into the latest goings on of Militancy MegaChurch and Media…

Watch pastor tell how guard saved lives

Watch police, heartbroken pastor react to attacks

It is hypnotic, almost free form, Homicidal Haiku…

10. marisacat - 10 December 2007

what I notic ed is that the security guard was instantly a “hero” for the shooting. one church memeber said the security was beefed up after the first shooting. GOD told them I guess.

Carry a gun, be a hero. Bring the war home.

I have been away since early am news… at that point they were not releasing the name of the shooter yet (I mean the official killer… so hard to tell!)….

you get the feeling these loons call DC first, or a contact inside CO… I mean people who have a mission to convert inside muslim countries (both sites, youth ministry and the Gaga Mega cooperate on conversion missions) are tied to the government, imo.

11. marisacat - 10 December 2007

hey lucid, 😉

12. lucid - 10 December 2007

many threads ago Mcat:

it’s not democracy we promote it is the proliferation of DU…

Well, it’s not like the nuclear energy industry can profit unless it is allowed to sell its toxic waste to the Military Industrial Complex. 😉

13. marisacat - 10 December 2007

hmmm Denocracty NOW has Scahill and Horton of Harper’s “No Comment” blog on … on the Krongard brothers, Cofer Black, Prince, Blackwater and MITT, for whom Cofer is an advisor (HCfM has posted on the CB connection to Mitt a couple times…)

14. Intermittent Bystander - 10 December 2007

CNN now reporting a New Life Church “source” says the same person did both shootings – gunman was disgruntled former worker with the Youth Mission.

Also, the security guard was reportedly a she.

Update the headlines! It’s a “heroine” packing heat!


15. marisacat - 10 December 2007

Uri Avnery on the The BOmb, the only Bomb that ever mattered……….. LINK

[B]ut when the lights stay off and no danger appears on the horizon, we get the feeling that something suspicious is going on. Something is wrong. Perhaps the lights are out of order. Perhaps it’s really a trap!

There is one little consolation in the new situation. While it seems as if the immediate danger of annihilation has disappeared, there is a feeling that we are alone, on our own again.

That is another sign of Jewish uniqueness: We are facing the entire world alone. As in the days of the Holocaust, all the Goyim have forsaken us. Face to face with the Iranian monster which threatens to devour us, we now stand here alone.

All our media are repeating this in unison, like an orchestra which does not need a conductor, because it knows the music by heart.::snip::

16. Intermittent Bystander - 10 December 2007

CNN link on single, former Youth with a Mission shooter . . . and female security guard . . . in spam?

17. lucid - 10 December 2007

Interesting speculation at the end of the Avnery piece. I doubt it would develop that way, but it would be remarkable if Olmert ended his tenure trying for the two state solution… then again, I’m sure the terms would be as disingenous as the Clinton terms.

18. marisacat - 10 December 2007

IOZ on complicity, collabortion

John Nichols needs to go to the fish market, buy dead fish lips and attach them to his face. Can he get weaker. I don’t think so.

On the second read he needs dead fish eyes as well.

19. Intermittent Bystander - 10 December 2007

9 and 10 – Glory glory from WBIR.

Church member Larry Bourbonnias had been shot and saw the security guard take down the gunman.

“I told her that’s the bravest thing I’ve ever seen, and she said, ‘I was just praying.’ That was pretty powerful stuff. Very, very brave,” he recalled.

Denver Post says the shooter was home-schooled.

In 1990, Murray was registered as a home schooled child with the Cherry Creek School District, said district spokeswoman Tustin Amole. He later took the Iowa test, a standard test given to third graders nationwide at the time, said Amole. That is the last record that the district has on him.

An official at Colorado Christian University said the school’s records show that Matthew Murray enrolled in one class last year but dropped out soon after.

The missionary group plans a press conference at 4 p.m. as well today. The organization said that though Murray worked for YWAM at one time, reports that he was a member are incorrect.

If Murray was the killer, he has something in common with the sisters who died at New Life – Stephanie Works, 18, and Rachael Works, 16. They too were home-schooled.

20. marisacat - 10 December 2007

16 IB

sorry for the delay! Got it out… 😉

21. Intermittent Bystander - 10 December 2007

Thanks MCat. There’s another one in moderation now, I think. Sorry, as usual, for the extra manual labor!

Daniel Radosh at HuffPost talks about the New Life Church, “mapping” demons, and spiritual warfare.

22. marisacat - 10 December 2007

hmm I Must check the cats for heavy weaponry. No tellin’ what comes of waywayway too much prayer warring… 😉


IB – got you out of Moderation, so sorry. The malfucntion filters develop affinities for certain alphabet letters. At one point when it was litting L, M and N (meaning lucid, liberal catnip, marisacat, NYCee… and so on…. ) it sent almost every comment of Madman’s to either spam or moderation and it would send my little one liner with the link to the next post to spam….

So sorry!


Just saw a reference to this post at BAR from November on waterboarding history… think I had missed it…

23. BooHooHooMan - 10 December 2007

IB —Also, the security guard was reportedly a she.

Oh. My. God.
a Clinton Demographics Wet Dream:
yeh I know-cheap shot -enh
All Campaigns , are looking for Ms. New Testament Glock Mom…
A Female True Believing Gun Totin’ Workin Mom at Church on Sunday.

Hallelujuah – Bring your Bras, Bandoliers, and Bibles to the Ballot Box.

In-fucking-credible as the broken lives and body count rises WRT Church violence of all sordid sorts, that this story is framed in terms of “LIVES SAVED”

The shooter, a young man
(evidently early twenties , no?) was involved with the Church and refused shelter…….’Tis the season FOR WHAT, exactly???

24. BooHooHooMan - 10 December 2007

missed a close/ bold sorry…

25. marisacat - 10 December 2007

they popped up with that hero courageous and the guard SAVED LIVES immediately… I heard it last evening on the news. From a church entity.

I am sure they called either DC or a CO contact first of all, for framing.

All one has to think of is, Jonestown. CIA was first to know, all along….

26. BooHooHooMan - 10 December 2007

A fond shout out to Lucid–way to go old man!

27. marisacat - 10 December 2007

geesh. SHout out to Smithee… whack-a-mole DavidB is baaaack. Although it could be argued a few in that thread deserve each other………….

28. JJB - 10 December 2007

Yeesh, that PFF comment thread is roughly akin to the dialog that would ensue if a half-dozen Tourette’s patients were locked in a room together. DB actually comes off as the least unhinged. I do love the way he parrots those humanistic anti-torture, anti-war arguments, when it’s obvious to anyone with experience of him that he’d be the most eager sort of collaborator, judenrat member, or sonderkommando had he lived under the Nazis.

29. Intermittent Bystander - 10 December 2007

A little extra Lourdes water in the cats’ bowls, MCat – quick!

The shooter, a young man (evidently early twenties , no?) was involved with the Church and refused shelter…….’Tis the season FOR WHAT, exactly???

He was previously involved or employed with the Youth With A Mission outfit, they say. (And YWAM is not a church, per se, nor even denominational.) One report mentioned that a contentious correspondence with YWAM followed his employement. So presumably he was not unknown to the organization, even if the people on the scene didn’t know him from Jeebus, I mean, Adam, or whatever.

(Snowglobe or mini-series reenactment to follow, no doubt.)

Now the headlines are saying he HATED CHRISTIANS. (Because of or despite having worked with the marvelous and beautiful Mission Youth, one wonders?) Son of a neurologist working on MS.

But yeah, that “begone from our manger” business stuck out from the start. So did the mention of “skullcap” – were they talking tocque, or what?

To be fair to the Glock-Slinging SuperSaver Security Heroine Annie, the shooter apparently had lots and lots of ammo on him, plus smoke bombs, etc., and remember, it’s a MegaChurch – there were THOUSANDS there. Young Master Home School probably could have mowed down many more if she hadn’t busted those caps when she did.

Agree the release of info about both incidents was heavily managed, massaged, and marketed, including some of the unofficial leaks. See that HuffPo link above – someone calls New Life Church the “evangelical Vatican.” Lotta dough involved, lotta power.

Heard a really interesting interview with James B. Twitchell on the radio this morning. He’s the author of Shopping for God: How Christianity Went from In Your Heart to In Your Face. (His previous book was all about luxury sales – called Living It Up.) He had enlightening (ha ha! no really) things to say about WHY these megachurches (with comfy seats, shorter sermons, pop-musical hymns, Jumbotron screens, and tithing, instead of coin-tossing in public) are snuffing out the pokey, dreary little spire-and-steeple joints all over. Has a lot to do with marketing to men. Don’t make us ashamed, they said. Don’t call us sinners. Don’t confuse us. And make it fun!

Twitchell also said the megachurches always have missions in Africa, but never next door. The message is middle-or-better prosperity. “I’ve Got Mine, Sorry About You,” as he delicately put it.

Gotta run right now, but the book is worth a Google, if you’re interested.

30. Intermittent Bystander - 10 December 2007

The Lamb of Spam Am I, Today!

31. Intermittent Bystander - 10 December 2007

Thanks – and best wishes to lucid upthread!

32. lucid - 10 December 2007

way to go old man

hey – I hope I still have a few useful years in me before my liver explodes. 😉

33. Intermittent Bystander - 10 December 2007

Book link at Simon & Schuster site: Shopping for God.

(I noticed Amazon.com x-ed out the cover image of Jesus-inna-bag!)

OK, now I’m really going. Bye!

34. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 December 2007

I hope I still have a few useful years in me before my liver explodes.

I’ve always maintained that I never picked up smoking b/c I wanted a good last breath when my liver finally gave out.

Oh, and maybe they can start arming “heroic” armed church guards with THIS

The new “XREP,” for “extended range electronic projectile,” can be fired from a standard shotgun, making it possible to send a Taser stun bolt through the air.

35. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 December 2007

oh, meant to add the the XREP taser charges hit the “target” and deliver their charge for 20 seconds, rather than the standard 5 seconds.

36. lucid - 10 December 2007

XREP – coming to a political convention or geo-political summit near you!

37. lucid - 10 December 2007

Speaking of which, why don’t they just bring back electroshock therapy for anyone who has delusions of justice.

38. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 December 2007

I’ll start by noting that the Donks (as IOZ pointed out in the link Mcat put upthread) don’t object to our inhuman crimes of empire BECAUSE THEY AGREE WITH THEM, but it’s important to remember that they could legally object, in public debate, if they had the political courage to do so:

The emerging consensus in the blogosphere seems to be that even if they had the presence of mind to object, the Representatives and Senators who were briefed were in a bind: as members of the Intelligence Committees or the leadership, they signed various secrecy pledges which stopped them from going public. To go public, it seems to be agreed, was to “jeopardize their careers and risk jail” as Kevin Drum put it; even so, Matthew Yglesias suggests that this called for civil disobedience, and that the representatives should have dared the administration to arrest them.

All this misses a critical aspect of our constitutional structure. Thanks to the Speech and Debate Clause there was a way for any Senator or Representative who wanted to blow the whistle to do so in a way that involved no risk of jail or fines – at worst they might have lost their security clearances (and even there the law is a little murky).

Article I, section 6 of the Constitution reads as follows,

The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States. They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.

No Senator or Representative shall, during the Time for which he was elected, be appointed to any civil Office under the Authority of the United States, which shall have been created, or the Emoluments whereof shall have been encreased during such time; and no Person holding any Office under the United States, shall be a Member of either House during his Continuance in Office.

We all know, of course, that this will never happen. I am complicit, having voted for some of these people. Any who continue to do so are all complicit.

39. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 December 2007

Thanks so much for Taibbi. Always worth a read, ESPECIALLY if you’re an aficiando of a bon mots like this:

In Iowa, all of Hillary’s weaknesses as a candidate are on display — her short fuse, her instinctive pandering, her fierce desire to control every aspect of her environment, her familial penchant for smoking issues without inhaling them and her reflexive paranoia, doubtless brought on by a lengthy stint serving as the human whipping post of the conservative right.

I just love it because it:

One) it sums her up perfectly, and

Two) I just wish I’d thought to type it first.

40. marisacat - 10 December 2007

hmmm that secrecy bind, the breaking of which I assume can lead to charges of treason – was discussed a few months ago hmmm w/r/t Jay Rockefeller iirc. Think again iirc, he had gotten around it (the issue that he faced) by objecting via a personal confidential hand written note. Presumably no copy (tho I assume he kept one at home in a safe) no secretary nor transcribing machine, no computer draft, etc…

I wonder if the Democrats, had they cared about torture, realise the sheer irony of the bind they were in, are in.

Not of course that they care. They did not care about Abu Ghraib.

I would say Whitehouse is one to watch. Supposedly untainted. The rest are dripping in blood.

41. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 December 2007


I run into Trippi in Monticello, where he’s easy to spot; if there’s a guy who looks like he borrowed his clothes from a sleeping vagrant standing behind a fist-shaking populist, it’s probably Joe Trippi.

Oh, this link made my day!

42. marisacat - 10 December 2007

Madman… yes I thought was fired up for that article…

she jsut sets people off… women AND men, in different ways.

I just rmemeber how misleading polls are in Iowa… and the deals done…

43. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 December 2007

he writes these little paragraphs that are just like Hirschfeld’s caricatures, only unlike Hirschfeld, they are wonderfully mean.

44. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 December 2007


Biden, whose new swept-back white-haired look almost completely obscures his plugs on the trail, has managed to go many months in a row without insulting Indians or Negroes or otherwise jamming his foot in his mouth, an amazing show of restraint that might win him the job of secretary of state.

I’m really amazed that no candidate or campaign manager has punched Taibbi in the face yet.

45. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 December 2007

Found this link via Boing Boing:

Another topic of esoteric interest discussed on your site is secret societies. Groups like the Skull and Bones, the Knights Templar, Opus Dei, the Bohemian Club, and the Freemasons have been shrouded in mystery and rumor throughout history. I’ve heard some bizarre stories involving secret rites and rituals, for example the Skull and Bonesmen who are forced to masturbate publicly in coffins as part of their initiation, and the Freemasons reciting the gruesome manner in which they will be ritualistically murdered and dismembered if they betray their oath to the group. What are we to think of stories like these? Can it be said that there is a definite occult dimension in these rituals?

I think most “secret societies” that we know today are really just glorified men’s clubs, although some have their basis in original occult practices. The resurrection rites of the Masons have parallels in many cultures, and are to some degree a magickal rite (on a slight tangent – if you analyze the Catholic Mass you’ll find it too is pretty much a magickal rite aimed at altering consciousness). But overall, it would seem to me that these societies have lost their past, and are basically just “going through the motions.”

I think the real question about modern secret societies is their influence on politics. It still bewilders me that more was not made in the last U.S. presidential election about the fact that both Dubya Bush and John Kerry were members of the same secret society, Skull and Bones. A society with only (roughly) 800 living members, who refuse to reveal anything about the society and their relationship with it, manage to have “control” of the two candidates to lead 300 million people and the world’s most powerful nation? That doesn’t sound like democratic choice to me.

Additionally, the world’s economic bodies seem to be becoming the new “secret societies.” Important decisions affecting billions of people are made behind closed doors, by a very small cartel.

46. Hair Club for Men - 10 December 2007

Jesse Jackson on Wall Street and rally against home forclosures


47. bayprairie - 10 December 2007

oh, meant to add the the XREP taser charges hit the “target” and deliver their charge for 20 seconds, rather than the standard 5 seconds.

there has to be a simple way to direct a taser current to unexpected ground, and short yourself out of the circuit.

48. marisacat - 10 December 2007

ugh the problem with secret and semi secret societies… which would include that both Bush and Kerry are Skull and Bones, is that the allegiance is to one’s peer or initiate, annointed fellow, etc… and not anyone else.

In politics that means an elite, of one sort or antoher, and not anyone else. Well of course except those who buy attention and a form of transitory allegiance.

yeah, so democratic.

49. Hair Club for Men - 10 December 2007

In politics that means an elite, of one sort or antoher, and not anyone else.

A new drinking game. Go onto the Daily Kos or any other “liberal” blog and take one shot for every time someone says the word “LaRouche” in response to any mention of “the elite”.

50. marisacat - 10 December 2007


love pic # 9… the cop all bundled up..

I dunno, glad they got out and tried but, they accomplished nothing for NO, not really. And I see Morial there on the podium…

Cyphers is what they have become…

butyou were there, what was it like???

51. Hair Club for Men - 10 December 2007

Jackson is a clever showman. The usual practice for the NYC government is to surround a rally with troops and barricades in order to demoralize and marginalize (to use the Jacksonian rhythm).

But here militarized, intimidating Wall Street worked for Jackson. This is the place where the subprime mortgage was born. This is where people are making 38 billion dollars in bonuses.

Here are several hundred working class African Americans come to Wall Street to petition the powers agianst the tremendous (and tremendously corrupt odds).

And here are our leaders, Jackson, the NAACP and the Urban League, Danny Shechter and Leslie Cagan, all our Davids here to slay goliath.

52. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 December 2007
53. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 December 2007

I like Pic #8 … the sign over the thugs’ heads sums up perfectly what the NYC police are funded to REALLY protect.

54. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 December 2007

oh, and the framing of your shot on #23 is great.

55. Hair Club for Men - 10 December 2007

There were at least 20 masked police with automatic rifles over the space of a block.

Wall Street gets more militarized every year.

They also had this huge christmas tree and hundreds of people singing christmas carrols under the automatic weapons.

It’s quite beyond my ability to express either in images or words. You have to:

1.) See it for yourself
2.) Clear your mind of the way it’s been trained to accept it.

56. marisacat - 10 December 2007

gah… trrrrrrouble in Hill City… caveat it is Al Hunt in Bloomberg but still an entertaining read.

Bill is whining that HillaryLandCamp is not doing well. LOL What can you do but laugh…

One possible band aid… LOL bringing in Podesta.


57. marisacat - 10 December 2007

oh, she was a VOLUNTEER church security guard. Blonde do… blown dried.

What is left to say, really.

58. Hair Club for Men - 10 December 2007

oh, she was a VOLUNTEER church security guard. Blonde do… blown dried.

Churches with armed guards. Welcome to the New America.

My church had a committee of old ladies who handed out programs at the door.

59. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 December 2007

Maybe they should call her Holy Harriet and be done with it:

I know what you’re thinking. “Did she fire six shots or only five?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as I am straight out of NRA central casting, and that I’ve got this powerful handgun, and Gawd is on my side, you’ve got to ask yourself a question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

oh, and:

The Most Vulgar, Disgusting, and Foul Joke in the World

60. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 December 2007

Found this link through Wired’s “Danger Room” blog:

Not Us. We’re not going.

Spc. Armando Cardenas, 21, had taken honors classes in high school but feared college would bore him. He wanted something challenging and found it in the Army, in Iraq. As a soldier, he was the guy who leaped out of a truck to chase an insurgent, or instantly returned fire with an uncanny ability to tell where the rounds came from. When a friend, Pfc. Ryan Hill, was killed in battle, Cardenas helped carry him back.

But Cardenas’ anger was just as quick as his heroics.

He said the platoon had been waiting for June 21 — that they had known they would eventually hit a big IED and have a catastrophic loss.

Cardenas wanted revenge. “But they don’t let us take care of the people responsible,” he said. “It was a slap in the face.”

Adhamiya remained under the control of 1-26, but the brass moved Charlie 1-26 to another combat outpost, Old Mod — so called because it used to house Iraq’s Ministry of Defense — in a calmer area on the outskirts of Adhamiya. From there, they patrolled Kadhamiya.

“If my guys had stayed at Adhamiya, they would have taken the gloves off,” said Capt. Cecil Strickland, Charlie’s company commander. “We were afraid somebody was going to get in trouble.”

There had been close calls before. DeNardi had to fight back a strong desire to kill an Iraqi — accused of triggering an IED that killed two Charlie Company soldiers — as he held a 9mm Glock handgun to the man’s eye socket.

More horror stories, and the loss of five friends to a roadside bomb that opens the article, leads to:

“First Sergeant McKinney was kind of a perfectionist and this was bothering him very much,” Rausch said. On July 11, McKinney was ordered to lead his men on a foot patrol to clear the roads of IEDs. Everyone at Apache heard the call come in from Adhamiya, where Alpha Company had picked up the same streets Charlie had left. Charlie’s 1st Platoon had also remained behind, and Rausch said he would never forget the fear he heard in McKinney’s driver’s voice:

“This is Apache seven delta,” McKinney’s driver said in a panicked voice over the radio. “Apache seven just shot himself. He just shot himself. Apache seven shot himself.”

Rausch said there was no misunderstanding what had happened.

According to Charlie Company soldiers, McKinney said, “I can’t take it anymore,” and fired a round. Then he pointed his M4 under his chin and killed himself in front of three of his men.

At Old Mod, Charlie Company was called back in for weapons training, DeNardi said. They were told it was an accident. Then they were told it was under investigation. And then they were told it was a suicide. Reynolds confirmed that McKinney took his own life.

Another squad is killed, then:

“Just the fact that there was another Bradley incident mentally screwed up 2nd Platoon,” Strickland said. “It was almost like it had happened to them.”

The battalion gave 2nd Platoon the day to recover. then they were scheduled to go back out on patrol in Adhamiya on July 18.

But when Strickland returned from a mission, he learned 2nd Platoon had failed to roll.

“A scheduled patrol is a direct order from me,” Strickland said.

“‘They’re not coming,’” Strickland said he was told. “So I called the platoon sergeant and talked to him. ‘Remind your guys: These are some of the things that could happen if they refuse to go out.’ I was irritated they were thumbing their noses. I was determined to get them down there.”

But, he said, he didn’t know the whole platoon, except for Ybay, had taken sleeping medications prescribed by mental health that day, according to Ybay.

Strickland didn’t know mental health leaders had talked to 2nd Platoon about “doing the right thing.”

He didn’t know 2nd Platoon had gathered for a meeting and determined they could no longer function professionally in Adhamiya — that several platoon members were afraid their anger could set loose a massacre.

“We said, ‘No.’ If you make us go there, we’re going to light up everything,” DeNardi said. “There’s a thousand platoons. Not us. We’re not going.”

They decided as a platoon that they were done, DeNardi and Cardenas said, as did several other members of 2nd Platoon. At mental health, guys had told the therapist, “I’m going to murder someone.” And the therapist said, “There comes a time when you have to stand up,” 2nd Platoon members remembered. For the sake of not going to jail, the platoon decided they had to be “unplugged.”

They were, of course, punished, and their unit broken up.

61. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 December 2007
62. bayprairie - 10 December 2007

call catnip. we need a trademark.

spark gap for kids.

63. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 December 2007

Dennis Perrin: Suckas:

I probably shouldn’t worry. There are so many acts of Dem criminality that listing, say, a dozen will more than make the point. Still, you want it as fresh as possible, and come primary season, Hillary, Obama, and Edwards, if he’s still around, will utter some really rancid, imperial bullshit, too late for use in my book, but if things go well, I can add all that to a revised edition.

The current “news” that assholes like Nancy Pelosi have no problem with torture has sent many a liblogger crying into cyberspace, “Why? How?” Oh man, if I wasn’t still hurting from recent personal events, I’d really be laughing my ass off right now. And I especially love it when libs get all constitutional and moral as the bald, unblinking face of the U.S. state stares right at them. They clutch their blue security blankets, close their eyes, sing “My Country, ‘Tis Of Thee,” hoping that a better world will emerge once their mystical ritual is complete.

Systemic analysis? Acknowledgement that perhaps American political reality is wholly different than their fantasies about constitutional order? Forget it. That’s for Naderite losers. Besides, putting more Dems in office will increase the chances that someone good and decent will restore America’s greatness. Because all was hunky-peachy before Bush/Cheney ruined everything. Can I get an eeee-hawww?

64. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 December 2007
65. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 December 2007

A Determined Voice Lost in the Wilderness

After graduate school at the University of Chicago (where he studied under free-market economic guru Milton Friedman – “an evil brilliant mind” who “taught me to be skeptical of liberal nostrums”), Palast became an investigator, a “forensic economist,” unearthing documents exposing fraud and racketeering on behalf of labor unions and consumer groups. In the late 1990s, frustrated by the toothless reporting he saw in much of the mainstream press, he turned to writing. One of the first stories that received widespread attention – initially first in England – was about the manipulation of the Florida vote count during the disputed 2000 election.

In a new afterword to “Armed Madhouse,” Palast predicts the 2008 election won’t be stolen by faulty touch-screen voting machines or even through computers at all. It will be done by making it hard for voters – particularly people of color in traditionally Democratic enclaves – to register and vote by a series of challenges to their registration.

“I’m seriously concerned that people see Florida 2000 as a fluke. But in fact, what we see is a systematic manipulation of the electoral system.”

Sadly, Palast said, little of this is discussed in coverage of the 2008 White House campaign. And neither is much else of substance.

“I don’t think anybody knows a goddamn thing about Barack Obama. We know that (former GOP Arkansas Gov. Mike) Huckabee lost weight. John Edwards has some pretty substantive policy papers, but all we know about him is that his wife has cancer. Basically, (the coverage) is an endless, endless, endless discussion of B.S.,” he said. “And NPR (National Public Radio) is no better. They’re just Connecticut accents repeating the same information.”

66. bayprairie - 10 December 2007

oh my. are pwoggie wars breaking out among the boyos?

What Really Bothers Me About Obama (Updated)
by: Chris Bowers

67. Hair Club for Men - 10 December 2007

Hmm. Let’s see.

Maybe the fact that a half hour with Ophra is worth 100,000 “progressive” bloggers all typing together like the monkeys they are?

68. BooHooHooMan - 10 December 2007

Just enjoying the kiddies at play….LET it collapse,I say…

God it’s easier than ever for a Pro Hill Sockpuppet on Kos to create havoc between Obama and Edwards Camp. LOL Let’shave a looksee….

lonette33, user id #120,696 on DK,
first diary yesterday…December 9,

weighs in with a Union Leader Piece-the fucking Union Leader , the RW rag that destroyed Muskie back in the day of course half these kids on kos wouldn’t even know WTF it is….Anyway, mouthiece lonette33’s Piece was on how the Stadium in SC where Obama and Oprah are headed isn’t unionized..

…apparently, posting creation lonette33 lifted this en bloc from a posting on MYDD….

Is Oprah Anti Union? Will Obama Say a Word?


Posted with the permisson of Seymour Glass
Originally posted on MyDD

Obama and Oprah are appearing this Sunday in Manchester, NH at the Verizon Center, a non-union venue where all events are normally picketed by local unions.

This problem was disclosed on Friday in an article in the Manchester Union Leader.

[Then a Link to the Union Leader piece…]

* lonnette33’s diary :: ::

Site of Barack-Oprah event isn’t unionized….

Oh DO tell….
Then today, a Piece emerges that might have been entitled:
Obama Calls Edwards Anti Union Honky/
Edwards Said to Respond By Calling Obama Low Rent Welfare Queen


Needless to say, it didn’t last long, having pissed off the villagers quickly before it went poof! Nonetheless this kind of shit will have its effect: clearly divide and conquer animus promotion with Hill as the beneficiary….

The Obama Edwards villagers, with their noses in each others ass fail to understand that it reeks of Clinton Camp via one of the FrontPager/Admins or Blog Boyos….

It maybe fun though, to see the contortions of Barack-Ed-BomaWards supporters if forced to wear Hillary’s dress..
It also would be fun to see the dick-squat-zippo Clinton consideration for the blog “royalty” after election…In 2012, they’ll run against their own Congress form the hard Right to get re-elected…The bloggers are but a pimple on the Clintons ass, who view them as such: though sat upon and smelling like ass, they seem to enjoy the darkness…

69. bayprairie - 10 December 2007

TPM has obama firing back

Obama Campaign Denies Collecting “Oppo Research” On Progressive Bloggers

Over at Open Left, Chris Bowers dropped this surprising nugget in a post about the Obama campaign’s ongoing battle over health care with New York Times columnist Paul Krugman:

Back during the Donnie McClurkin fiasco, it has been confirmed to me from multiple sources that the Obama campaign was preparing opposition research papers of this sort against some of the progressive bloggers who were speaking ill of him at the time.

The Obama campaign put together oppo docs against progressive bloggers hitting the campaign over the mess surrounding antigay folk singer McClurkin? That’s a strong charge — but the Obama camp is denying it. I checked in with a campaign spokesman, who told me: “This is absolutely not true.”

chris has updated/reworded the cite above in his post. and has posted at least one additional “clarification”. but this bit from bowers piece made me laugh.

…I’d add a couple ore incidents to the list, such as Obama calling Daily Kos boring ((OH NO!!!!)), the Joe Anthony MySpace incident, triangulation on religion, Iraq and Iraq, and an, um, frosty relationship with the blogosphere, This sort of thing has happened often enough that it certainly seems like a pattern…

maybe obama should have invited the whiteosphere to harlem for lunch!

70. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 December 2007

a pox on all of their mansions.

71. Hair Club for Men - 10 December 2007

Didn’t David Brooks report that John Edwards went to the Yearly Kos but didn’t remember it when asked about it?

72. BooHooHooMan - 10 December 2007

64 BayPrarie –
oh my. are pwoggie wars breaking out among the boyos?
… What Really Bothers Me About Obama (Updated)
by: Chris Bowers

Nah- The way I see it , the Clintons are calling in their markers NOW.
Stooges like Bowers are in full gear no doubt….

Divide and Conquer, anything neg on Obama buys her another day without inquiry into her Intelligence briefing…creating infighting between Obama and Edwards camp allows Hill and Bill to sail above the fray decrying it all… GMAFB…the use of a RW sources i.e. The Union Leader by somebody’s creation, lonette33, will be presented as great news to fraidy cats worried about who is most vulnerable to the RW,

also I think this issue over non union venues is a red herring that will give Hillary some convenient excuse out of some venues later on…
Let the backstabbing begin. Hill has plants in the Obama Camp,, but I think what they’re really counting on is disrupting 2 and 3 and co-opting all of the also ran DNC straw men already in the race…

Truthfully, I say let all of them bludgeon each other to Death…I want to see the DP totally discredited for their elitist betrayals, their aquiessense, their silence—(they could have walked out of Congress and refused to participate with a Criminal WarMongering MalAdministration) Instead we have a ruined economy indentured servitude like conditions to corrupt corporate financial conglmerates, they did a whole lotta NOTHING they did for New Orleans..

I resisted coming to this conclusion for years mostly out of a misguided, wholly out of date sense of my Democratic political heritage for lack of a better word…But here we are: The Right Wing isn’t going ANYWHERE in this country, not as long as they are wearing a “Democratic” Flack Jacket at least..
‘swhy the DP HAS TO GO…..

73. BooHooHooMan - 10 December 2007

Oh LOL with the TPM…

TPM has obama firing back

Obama Campaign Denies Collecting “Oppo Research” On Progressive Bloggers

Couple more days of this and Obama will be denying beating up the wif…

well -they don’t call em Talking Points Memo for nothing , Josh Marshall,,—- LMAO HEY JOSH –Just put ’em out under Bill and Hill’s byline and be done with it…….

The Boyos with Josh Marshall right in there, y need my JesusMix(c) Crucifix cordless drill and Blender attachment for all of their shit stirring….LOL

74. Miss Devore - 10 December 2007

I noticed mcjoke put out a call for bloggers wanting to be credentialed for the DNC.

It wouldn’t be fair/fun if OG& P had no representation.

I just watched “No End in Sight”, due to its being free:


75. BooHooHooMan - 10 December 2007

Miss Dee– They’re credentialing for the DNC ? Really? Blush

They need coverage from the crazy naked guy perspective???

Nyeh , they probably already got that covered….

76. bayprairie - 10 December 2007

the threads are a hoot. did you catch elise and taylormattd in the bowers post?

we need to order up huge bags of circus peanuts from safeway to alternate with the popcorn through primaries.

and howzabout that linkie by bowers to digbylicious where she’s blathering about the whiteosphere’s sister souljah momement. talk about mixed metaphors.

…even better is the Running to the right on health care and social security combined with the anti-gay gospel singer, taking Robert Novak smears at face value, repeating Jeff Gerth lies and now going after Paul Krugman, leads me to the niggling awareness that this is a conscious, if subtle, strategy. Any one of those things could be an accident, and perhaps some of them are. But taken as a whole, conscious or not, liberal fighters in the partisan wars are being sistah soljahed…

sistah soljahed????? holy xeno’s discarded baby jesus!



77. BooHooHooMan - 10 December 2007

Bowers sure as hell better hope Hillary wins.
Otherwise he better get used to sayin’

….And how much was that on Pump # 3 ???

78. marisacat - 10 December 2007

bayprairie and BHHM let out of Moderation (obviously filter hitting the “b”s)


I quickly scanned as I was hunting for moderated comments…

Dkos looking for bloggers wanting to be credentialed? Hoo Hooo.. what a hoot…

and a tiff over who is oppo-ing bloggers? LOL

Remind the Los Boyos that did not go well in Ohio for them. And it was them, that time, with the tentacles out, digging on all sorts of bloggers…

Must catch up…

79. BooHooHooMan - 10 December 2007

Pretty Fuckin Funny…

Earth to Byron. (0.00 / 0)
I’m a Canadian.

*We* aren’t in Iraq and I’m damn proud of it. I marched in Toronto against the war repeatedly. If you actually read any of my comments you might get a clue.

I don’t defend the US war machine because I think the US should be disarmed. I don’t wish anyone dead though idiot.

I’m a cocksucker eh? Yeah, on occasion, when the mood strikes.

You really are short on the brain cells these days.
by spiderleaf @ Mon Dec 10, 2007 at 21:08:35 PM PST
[ Parent | Respond to this Idiocy | ]

80. marisacat - 10 December 2007

catching a quote on the evening news… the volunteer security is ex cop, Minneapolis… at the end, she says, it was the shooter herself and GOD.


81. marisacat - 10 December 2007

I think IOZ wins here, esp for dispensing with the omnipresent Gawd.

a snip would spoil it…………..


82. marisacat - 10 December 2007


FEC rules against ActBlue money
In a setback for Democratic presidential John Edwards’ campaign, the Federal Election Commission has ruled that contributions raised from a liberal Internet site can’t be used for matching federal money.

Edwards has raised about $4.4 million through ActBlue, a non-connected political committee that raises money in small denominations over the Internet.

The Edwards campaign had asked for an advisory ruling on whether the ActBlue money could be treated like individual contributions and used as matching money.::snip snappy::

From the McClatchy 08 blog

83. BooHooHooMan - 10 December 2007

Re Edwards and ActBlue
What The New York Money Hill Blogosphere giveth, ….

84. marisacat - 11 December 2007

hmmm listening to Charlie Rose… with the incurious rictus that is Brokaw, always interpreting for the yahoooooooos…

think he just said that Bill C is a big big fan of Sarko.

I was dishing up Fancy Feast by candlelight in the kitchen (sometimes I just cannot face the harsh electric lights) – half listening – so must catch repeat tomorrow… yeah what a shock. not.

Now he says we “must come to grips iwth the mommy track”.

I am laughing pretty hard…

85. marisacat - 11 December 2007

on civil rights he quotes Andy Young… skipped over gays in the 60s in his book (he’s hawking, what else).


86. marisacat - 11 December 2007

Stuart Taylor in National Review (unblocked) takes a walk thru the Clinton 90s.

Remember, a smile defeats the gag reflex! Or stock up in barf bags.

One or the other.

87. marisacat - 11 December 2007

HCfM has a diary with his photos (and text! too) of the March on Wall St over at Pfft…


88. BooHooHooMan - 11 December 2007

Thanks for the link, Mcat to that Taylor piece ..
How are you fixed for popcorn?

Billing records.

….. For most of that time, Hillary claimed that the billing records had vanished. But a longtime Hillary assistant named Carolyn Huber later admitted coming across the printout in August 1995 on a table in a storage area next to Hillary’s office; Huber said she had put it into a box in her own office, without realizing for five more months that these were the subpoenaed billing records.

This implausible tale, on top of other deceptions, prompted New York Times columnist William Safire to write on January 8, 1996, that “our first lady … is a congenital liar.”

The next day, the White House press secretary said that the president wanted to punch Safire in the nose for insulting his wife. Five days later, the president invited Monica Lewinsky to the Oval Office for what turned out to be one of their 10 oral-sex sessions.

Safire —Zion!Zion!— as much as I hate to say –was wickedly skillful in his use of the term “congenital” liar…
Not that most yokes read the NYT, but his being able to anticipate Clintonian blowback followed by the networks picking it up …And with every repitition of the word “Congenital’ the average schnoob newsviewer across the country was correctly associating the Clintons with Lying –while believing it had to do with some unshakeable kind of Dick-Cheese …

89. marisacat - 11 December 2007

hey hey BHHM

yes I think FileGate is one that will get unpacked, hard. It was dirty as all get out, and hers. From the get go.

POPCORN!! Butter! Three D glasses!

90. marisacat - 11 December 2007

The next day, the White House press secretary said that the president wanted to punch Safire in the nose for insulting his wife.

another thing… while I realise that husbands and wives will rise to the bait and defend each other, often quite emotionally… LOL I have never quite thought that is what is at play when Bill goes BALLISTiC when anyone dares say antying about Hill. I mean, let’s get real. I think he gets het up as it is about HIM.

And the Republicans, wingers, opposition will be using the huge failure of the Clintons.


Be interesting to see all manner of blowback, backlash over the OO twins (with Michelle in tow – in saks dress and announcing her Jimmy Choos… why do I see a perfume to be marketed out of all of this – the “O”, oh for Obama, oh for Oprah and O for Oxygen… GMAFB!!)… and I bet the R are watching closely.

Pass the buttah.

91. marisacat - 11 December 2007

in case anyone had forgotten:

On the endorsement watch, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., tells ABC’s Margaret Conley that he may stay on the sidelines.

“I really have not made up my mind,” Kerry said. “I’m inclined probably just to not be directly involved, but I need to see, sort of, more directly when I get back where I think things stand.”

I need a soft pillow for my shaken brain — after I hear him or read him.

92. BooHooHooMan - 11 December 2007

Try and get in on the perfume deal, Mcat…


Maybe y’all can persuade Chris Bowers to lead the way if it takes off.. no need to fret over a theme music even…

C-BOOOM C-BOOOM yaddaddadadada C-BOOOM, C-BOOOM yaddaddada

93. marisacat - 11 December 2007

aunti hege in her (his? who knows) “truthteller2007” stand up routine has a diary up at Mydd…

think that is a good place for her. him. Whomever.

94. BooHooHooMan - 11 December 2007

in case anyone had forgotten mcat re Kerry endorse,

LMAO. ..Oh fuck, I’m out. LOL
Too funny.Too Late. Beddybye time .. now, I’m freaked maybe I’ll rollover in the middle of slumber and Kerry will be there, lookin for someone to talk to……..to give a shit…LOL. I’m out…

95. marisacat - 11 December 2007

LOL I just toured TAPPED…. things are so rank and divisive in the Dem primaries (and let’s not forget Reich and his slapwa at Hillary at his own blog) that they are barely writing of the primaries…

LOL… you have to take humor where ever it is …

96. marisacat - 11 December 2007

At least 20 people have been killed and many others wounded in a series of explosions in the Algerian capital, Algiers.

For more details: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news

97. marisacat - 11 December 2007

Arianna on Vichy to the core… yeah yeah…

however Arianna has a few links I think I will follow…

and I giot a real laugh out of this one:

And could there be anything more confused and anodyne than the way Democrats ceded the PR war over the surge to the GOP? Would it have been so hard to point out that the ultimate purpose of the surge was not military but creating the conditions for political stability and reconciliation? Can they not be trusted to remember that far back, all the way to January 2007?

And why are the major Democratic presidential candidates standing on the sidelines when it comes to ending the war and zero tolerance for torture? If they don’t show bold leadership now, what is to prevent the Republican nominee – -whoever that is — from walking all over the Democratic nominee — whoever that is — the same way the Bush administration is walking all over congressional Democrats now?

Be SURE to vote.

98. Hair Club for Men - 11 December 2007


Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama says that he will support The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act (S. 1959). According to the automatic email responses constituents are receiving from his office, Obama appears to be straddling the fence between preserving civil liberties and being tough on terrorism.

99. marisacat - 11 December 2007

yUp… Hillary is in trouble, but the battle in the party is center-right vs center-right.

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama says that he will support The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act (S. 1959)

100. marisacat - 11 December 2007

from the indy nyc link above (and remember obama loves to tell us he taught “con” law, constitutional law..)

Jules Boykoff, an assistant professor of politics and government at Pacific University and author of Beyond Bullets: The Suppression of Dissent in the United States, told The Indypendent said he is concerned about how the government is broadening the definition of terrorism.

“Section 802 of the USA PATRIOT Act is a law that created a new brand of terrorists, the ‘domestic terrorist.’ Under this definition, the civil rights work Martin Luther King, Jr. did could have been construed as an act of ‘domestic terrorism,” Boykoff said.

In a Nov. 30 Common Dreams article, ‘Homegrown’ Suppression of Dissent,’ Boykoff provided a historical-based critique of who could be included under the umbrella definition of terrorism. “Even a cursory look backward through U.S. history reveals heroic figures who could be dubbed ‘violent radicals’ or ‘homegrown terrorists’ under the proposed bill, from U.S. revolutionaries like Sam Adams to gun-toting slavery abolitionists like John Brown to militant civil-rights organizers like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.”

no, but you can have mega churches as armed camps, waiting for the cue to do whatever it is they will be doing. THAT is fine and dandy.

101. Hair Club for Men - 11 December 2007

Will people support the troops?

When the troops come to take their homes?

Will people support the troops?

When the troops come to take them from their homes?

102. marisacat - 11 December 2007

well most of the Democrats are fully brainwashed from the past few years… support or be called a hippie.

More should have paid attention to how Katrina in NO rolled out. They warred on a US city. They moved into the neighborhoods as they would in Vietnam or Iraq… and then the cops began to take guns from US citizens.

LOL and they sent the Mexican marines to the MISS coast… first time foreign troops on US soil since 1848.

Yes people missed a lot.

103. Hair Club for Men - 11 December 2007

I keep thinking back to the first few weeks after 9/11, when I had to navigate 5 or 6 checkpoints a day to get to and from the subway to work.

Of course the checkpoints were manned by National Guardsmen from upstate New York and NYPD, people just like me, crackers from small towns or white ethnics from the city.

What’s going to happen when it’s Chilean, Israeli or South African mercenaries working for Blackwater?

104. marisacat - 11 December 2007

or mercenaries we recruit in Africa…. Bangladesh… bits and pieces of the former USSR – the mercs will pay more than the UN and that is consdiered a really good job for some of those countries.

yes this could get dicey.

105. marisacat - 11 December 2007

30 tanks and armored vehicles move on GAZA, link to a yahoo news search for “gaza”

106. marisacat - 11 December 2007

ugh some hint the FED might go as far as half a point. Or hold the line and cut the discoutn rate.

whatever, we will know soon enough.

107. Madman in the Marketplace - 11 December 2007

Holy Harriet:

“I saw him coming through the doors,” she told reporters on Monday. “I took cover, and I waited for him to get closer, and I came out of cover and identified myself, and engaged him, and took him down. And that’s pretty much it.”

Police said they were still investigating whether Assam’s weapon killed Murray, or whether he might have died of a self-inflicted gunshot.


“I give the credit to God. And I say that very humbly. God was with me and the whole time I was behind cover — this has got to be God, because of the firepower that [the gunman] had vs. what I had,” Assam said.

“I did not run away and I didn’t think for a minute to run away, I just knew that I was given the assignment to end this before it got too much worse. I just prayed for the Holy Spirit to guide me.”

She told reporters she had not slept since the shooting, “as I’m sure you can tell.”

She said she was on the third day of a three-day regimen of fasting and prayer, wanting to know God’s will for what to do with her life, when the shooting took place.

“I was weak, and where I was weak, God made me strong,” she said. “He filled me and he guided me and protected me and many other people. And I’m honored that God chose me.”

Assam was one of about a dozen volunteer security guards at the church, half of whom are armed, Boyd said. The guards are licensed, trained and screened, and are church members, not “mercenaries,” he said.


108. marisacat - 11 December 2007

Madman popped me this, some ruminations on copy cat killings nd a list of contemporary church shootings.

109. Madman in the Marketplace - 11 December 2007

have a good day everybody. Of to walk through the ice storm to work.

110. JJB - 11 December 2007

Madman, no. 107,

Onward Christian soldiers, I guess.

Although if it turns out the guy did kill himself, does this mean The Heroic Security Guard put a bullet into a corpse?

Whatever, I find the idea of someone who hasn’t eaten a decent meal (or possibly anything) for 3 days walking around with firearms to be a very scary thought.

111. ms_xeno - 11 December 2007

Does the airbag come out of Jeebus’ navel ?

BTW, I had to go to a maw-elll department store today. Of course I was packin’ heat and all done up in festive flackery (flackiness ?). However, it is with great disappointment that I report no shooting incidents.

Sad, really. But I hate ordering anything too big online. I’m never home when it’s delivered and anything bigger than a CD is too much of a hassle to have mailed to work and hauled home by the interminable bus assortment. :/

112. JJB - 11 December 2007

Am stuck in spam/moderation, I think.

113. marisacat - 11 December 2007

sorry JJB, got you out…


Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:



114. Miss Devore - 11 December 2007

CNN is breaking that the autopsy shows the church gunman killed himself.

Apparently, god could not get the job done.

115. aemd - 11 December 2007


And the market takes a dive. Down 200. Guess the market was counting on a bigger cut. 😎

116. Intermittent Bystander - 11 December 2007

114 – Deus not exactly ex machina, after all.

Strange PS on the Heroine from AP:

Also Tuesday, Minneapolis police Sgt. Jesse Garcia said Assam was fired from the Minneapolis force in 1997 for lying during an internal investigation. Sgt. John Delmonico, president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, said police were investigating a complaint that Assam swore at a bus driver while she was handling an incident on a city bus.

JJB – Agree on the no-food-plus-firearms front!

117. ms_xeno - 11 December 2007

My predictions:

It will turn out that a long-ago abortion made the security guard lie. She will pray and be forgiven in a baroque public spectacle that will make any weeping Oprah-fest look like nothing in comparison.

They will, in fact, bring in Oprah. And perhaps Mrs. Oral Roberts University Scandal as well. I hear the latter has nothing but time, nowadays.

Mr. Stomach Flu will blame it all on feminism at PFF. Hijinks to the tune of 5,000,000,000,000,000,000 posts on one thread will ensue.

118. marisacat - 11 December 2007

LOL someone had dropped me an email that the MN force would only confirm her years of service nothing to do with her departure from the force.


Watch, soon she will have a regular column on BeliefNet…

Jesus Warrioring!

119. Intermittent Bystander - 11 December 2007

Still trying to wrap my mind around an internal investigation, let alone a dismissal, over a cop swearing at a bus driver. Gotta wonder what they’re still leaving out . . . .

Meanwhile, in Iraq, female police must surrender their guns?

I’m sure Mrs. Oral Roberts favors buffed raccoon coats, and pearl-handled pistols.

120. marisacat - 11 December 2007

Some people are never happy!…. 8)



121. marisacat - 11 December 2007

hmmm the bombings in Algeria look dire… UN building targetted and their SC.

Spiegel has a post up. Death toll could reach 60.

122. Hair Club for Men - 11 December 2007

Et Tu Susan?


Adalah-New York was understandably upset that Susan Sarandon went shopping at the grand opening of Leviev, the jewelry store owned by a Russian/Israeli Jew who has backed the settlements in the West Bank. Adalah wrote her a letter, asking her to cut her ties with the store. Sarandon’s people emailed them back. “We received the information you sent. Ms. Sarandon will do her own exploration on this topic before drawing any conclusions.” Adalah is saying happily that Sarandon is “exploring” the character of the store. This is absurd. No one needs to do an “exploration”; support for the settlements is patently offensive, as offensive as support for Jim Crow in the ’60s. Sarandon, a leftwinger, should join the outcry, and try to redeem the New York liberal establishment on this question.

123. marisacat - 11 December 2007

hmmm thanks to IOZ I saw this.

She may be a wannabe volunteer, but “Phoenix woman” is an operative, imo, and she sure does get around, or that was my observation over the years. IIRC she is full splat as a FPer at FDL as well.

The thread at IOZ is amusing and will likely grow more so…………

I had stopped bothering with the BMT, MyDD, MLW, Open Left tour… but the last few days dipping back in, reminded what nuclear bomb shits and lunatics they are.

Good Dems tho…………………………..

124. marisacat - 11 December 2007

As I keep saying, celebrities should send a check. The less they are seen embracing antying even vaguely political the better.

Darfur bullshit finished me.

Not like diamonds are rare Susan… not like you cannot buy antique diamonds and avoid all the modern trappings of diamond issues. Buy diamonds at auction. At pawn shops (Beverly Hills used to have a drop dead one)…

No need to support the settlements.

125. Hair Club for Men - 11 December 2007

She looks so cute marching for peace


126. Hair Club for Men - 11 December 2007

As I keep saying, celebrities should send a check. The less they are seen embracing antying even vaguely political the better.

That was one of the things that most annoyed me about World Can’t Wait, their whole “recruit people of disproportianate influence” line.

Anybody remember the names of any celebrities who came to the WTO protests in Seattle?

127. Hair Club for Men - 11 December 2007

She may be a wannabe volunteer, but “Phoenix woman” is an operative

Agreed. She likes to put herself out on the far left (bash the Israelis, tell everybody to stop the Chavez bashing, even defend the Chinese cultural revolution) but when it comes to crunch time, she’s a floppy eared donk just like the rest of them.

Translation: You’ll hear her praise Mao before she’d ever admit Nader isn’t the anti-christ.

128. ms_xeno - 11 December 2007

HC, 911 changed everything.

Honestly, the whole sky-God reward/punish dichotomy lurks in the heart of us all. Even those who profess that they have moved beyond it and never looked back. Plenty of anti-Nader guilt peddlers invoked the secular version of you’ll be punished for your sin in the runup to the 2000 election. 911 turned out to be the punishement, in their squirrelly little brains, and now people like Sarandon and her consort are expected to spend the rest of their lives apologizing by out-railing the original crop of anti-Naderites. It’s all pretty pathetic.

It’s one thing to have pangs of guilt about a tragedy and quite another thing to not recognize them for the implanted falsehoods that they are. I just wish it was only the celebs that were affected. :/

129. ms_xeno - 11 December 2007

Oh, merde. I just realized that HC isn’t talking about Sarandon.

Never mind. Preoccupied with waiting to hear the news about Methuselah the cat. Later. 😮

130. Hair Club for Men - 11 December 2007

Well maybe Nader shouldn’t have done 9/11.

131. Hair Club for Men - 11 December 2007

I will give the Obama campaign one thing. They’re clever spammers.

132. Madman in the Marketplace - 11 December 2007

Tutu: Terror detentions ‘like apartheid-era’

ARCHBISHOP Desmond Tutu has accused the United States and Britain of pursuing policies like those of South Africa’s apartheid-era government by detaining terrorism suspects without trial.

At an event to commemorate the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNDR) today, the Nobel laureate said the detention of suspected al-Qaeda and Taliban members at the US naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, was a “huge blot on a democracy”.

“Whoever imagined that you would hear from the United States and from Britain the same arguments for detention without trial that were used by the apartheid government,” Archbishop Tutu said.

snippity …

Archbishop Tutu, who helped lead the struggle to overthrow white minority rule in South Africa, said he was surprised so many Americans had accepted the argument that the Guantanamo detentions were necessary because of national security.

“It is exactly what the apartheid government used to say here,” the Anglican cleric said.

I guess the Archbishop doesn’t like FREEDOMTM.

133. Madman in the Marketplace - 11 December 2007

oops, that was supposed to be the TM superscript. Sorry!

134. marisacat - 11 December 2007


a post of sorts…


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