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Tour de Farce…….. 13 December 2007

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, U.S. House, U.S. Senate.


oh indescribably yum!, on the front page of the Wapo for Thursday

As they mumble, grumble, bitch and moan and, above all else, point the finger (short and limp as it is, lacking knuckles, they TRY to point):

Democrats in each chamber are now blaming their colleagues in the other for the mess in which they find themselves. The predicament caused the majority party yesterday surrender to President Bush on domestic spending levels, drop a cherished renewable-energy mandate and move toward leaving a raft of high-profile legislation, from addressing the mortgage crisis to providing middle-class tax relief, undone or incomplete.

“If there’s going to be a filibuster, let’s hear the damn filibuster,” Rangel fumed. “Let’s fight this damned thing out.” [like he cares… GMAFB!  –Mcat] […] 


Asked about his decision on government funding, House Appropriations Committee Chairman David R. Obey (D-Wis.) groused to the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call:

“I’ll tell you how soon I will make a decision when I know how soon the Senate sells us out.” [whiner!  bitcher!  — Mcat]

Senate Democrats have fired back, accusing Pelosi and her liberal allies of sending over legislation that they know cannot pass in the Senate, and of making demands that will not gain any GOP votes. Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) noted that, this summer, Reid employed just the kind of theatrics Rangel and other House Democrats are demanding, holding the Senate open all night, pulling out cots and forcing a dusk-till-dawn debate on an Iraq war withdrawal measure before a vote on war funding. […and it ws fake!  …and everyone knew!  whiners!  bitchers!  fakers!  — Mcat]   Democrats gained not a single vote after the all-night antics.

“I understand the frustration; we’re frustrated, too,” Bayh said. “But holding a bunch of Kabuki theater doesn’t get anything done.”  [be sure and add that it is BAD theatre!  — Mcat]  […]

Round and round it goes, where it ends… who the fuck cares by now:

As they wrap up their first year in control of the entire Capitol since 1994, Democrats are trying to prove that they can be an equal partner to Bush. But their first 11 months have been politically and legislatively brutal, with congressional approval ratings dropping this week to 32 percent, a notch below Bush’s 33 percent, according to the latest Washington PostABC News poll. Their support plummeted as the liberal base grew outraged over the Democratic inability to counter the president on any war issue, while moderates and centrists looking for bipartisan kitchen-table accomplishments instead saw partisan gridlock. The disputes have at times taken on starkly personal tones. In closed-door bicameral leadership meetings, Pelosi has questioned Reid’s intentions on issues such as war funding tied to troop withdrawal timelines and an alternative minimum tax fix that is fully funded by tax increase offsets, suggesting that his words have not always matched his actions.

    Bloomberg photo, Jan 5 2007 

      Bloomberg photo, from a Jan 5 2007 article, first grafs:

Jan. 5 (Bloomberg) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said they won’t support any proposal by President George W. Bush to increase U.S. forces in Iraq, an option he is considering as he works on a new plan to quell sectarian violence there.

“Adding more combat troops will only endanger more Americans and stretch our military to the breaking point for no strategic gain,” the top two congressional Democratic leaders wrote in a letter to Bush. “It would undermine our efforts to get the Iraqis to take responsibility for their own future. We are well past the point of more troops for Iraq.”

Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin of Illinois, the No. 2 Senate Democrat, said Democrats are considering options to limit the U.S. involvement, including setting a cap on U.S. troop levels and requiring Bush to obtain congressional approval to exceed it.

On page 2 of the Wapo article, there is talk of irritation between Reid and Pelosi, over pulling earmarks (I have seen him on TV, he becomes nearly hysterical if you challenge him on earmarks, as does Murtha who snaps to something close to incoherent rage… I am sure the WH uses its power, too, to control what might be driven to their states and districts) and chit chat about the Republicans forcing the filibuster.  Weep weep… throw them a hankie… the big baaad Republicans are so mean!

Yeah right.  Impossible to believe them, much less care.

I have not toured the tulle, tutu and toe shoe wearing Blahgs and Box Car sites, but I am sure it is amusing. 

The lame duck jumps all over the toothless Dems.




1. BooHooHooMan - 13 December 2007

A totally retarded thread, with totally retarded people making totally retarded comments…..Lost another one to Ditech…These people have no credibility, yet will blather on. The PC Linguists can save their gasps.
Too Little Too Late:::::Totally fucking RETARDED..


2. BooHooHooMan - 13 December 2007

OH- But Wait!- It’s Mr Date Rape, David Atkins

check your email (0 / 0)

for my actual take on the situation…

Head to Heading Left, BlogTalkRadio’s progressive radio site!

by thereisnospoon on Thu Dec 13, 2007 at 01:51:46 AM PST

Who should give a flying fuck<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> what this discredited Asshole has to say?


3. marisacat - 13 December 2007

mm I see in that thread, lower down that thereisnospoon gets quite het up when someone in frustration cries for a third party. Of course if you dare call for that “you deserve Republican rule”.

Democratic thugs are just so predictable.

4. marisacat - 13 December 2007

hmmm lobster bib needed… the OTHER story on the FP of the Wapo is a look at the crumble mumble of the Hillary camp. Soon I will just drool butter, if this keeps up.

In a symbolic twist, they met halfway — in Chicago, the back yard of Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.). The irony was not lost on increasingly worried members of the Clinton team, and it was in many ways emblematic of the challenges in turning around a lumbering national organization as events unfolded to the benefit of their less experienced, and nimbler, rival.

On Thursday, Clinton heads into the final Democratic debate before the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses with her earlier aura of inevitability gone. She is essentially tied with Obama and former senator John Edwards (N.C.) in Iowa, and her edge in New Hampshire is eroding as well.

If advisers were worried about appearing panicked in early October, some are less able to hide it now.

5. melvin - 13 December 2007

Question from an Italian friend: what is wrong with these people, they have a majority and they are still outwitted by George Bush? The electorate will surely ask itself the same, no?

6. marisacat - 13 December 2007

Poor jeralyn calls him Michael Shaheen.

I skidded post the HuffPo email this am, but saw a headline from RFK Jr all about “Hillary Haters and FDR”.

People who endorsed her, after having displayed as peacocks for being alternative should hang their heads in shame. LOL. Or chew their fingernails til she gets rammed thru somehow, anyway….

Rather like Susan Sarandon shopping at Leviev for diamonds and blowing off the issue.

7. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 December 2007

I think people need to face that nothing good comes out of the Senate b/c they are just fine w/ the status quo, other than wanting to be the ones w/ Executive in friendly hands. They also need to face that most in the House are fine w/ it all too … they just make fake noises about it b/c they’re more vulnerable to primary challenges.

It’s all bullshit. The national Donk party needs to be abandoned, even at the risk of a Republican victory.

8. BooHooHooMan - 13 December 2007

There is No Democratic party that I recognize anymore. Republican victory is a fait accompli ….really a cumulative effect of thirty years now, surely, — of selling out by each and every individual incumbant concerned with incumbancy for its/THEIR own sake, an end in itself…
The semblance of a once, sometimes, at least spasmodically innovative Society is GONE….And by “Society” I hope no mistaken meaning is taken , confusing it with ever evolving economic technology meant for hideously imbalanced wealth accumulation and hording. …

We are Politically and Socially bankrupt, With Mass Media and the Press serving to cook the books in our culture much in the manner that crooked accounting levitates our economy…

9. BooHooHooMan - 13 December 2007

They will sell us even the rope to hang them…

-Vladimir Lenin

10. BooHooHooMan - 13 December 2007

Hell Lenin could be head of the RNC……

11. Hair Club for Men - 13 December 2007

Hell Lenin could be head of the RNC……

And what pathetic ineffectual Menshevik would be head of the Democrats?

Or maybe this guy?


He was a supporter of the monarchy until the abdication of the Kaiser (“If the Kaiser abdicates, the social revolution is inevitable. But I do not want it, I hate it like sin”, he said to Max von Baden on November 7), and when Scheidemann proclaimed the Republic he responded: “Is that true? You have no right to proclaim the Republic!”

12. Hair Club for Men - 13 December 2007

It’s not only Iraq.

DEBORAH SMALL: Well, you know, this is one of the unfortunate, quite frankly, paradoxes of being involved and doing political action, because a lot of us thought that when the House changed leadership, that that was going to be a great opportunity for people like John Conyers and Charlie Rangel, who have championed these issues for years, to be able to move their bills forward. But instead, what we’ve heard is that the leadership has basically put a kibosh on that, out of fear that the issue will be demagogued in the 2008 elections, so we’ve been unable to even get hearings in the House on any of the bills that have been introduced to equalize the sentences. The Senate has been more willing to actually look at this. There are about two or three good bills that are in the Senate, but, again, they have yet to hold hearings on this issue.

13. Hair Club for Men - 13 December 2007

Oops that’s from Democracy Now.

14. ms_xeno - 13 December 2007

…Democratic thugs are just so predictable.

I miss Marcotte’s whine that I vote 3rd Party because I like seeing mommies and babies in foreign lands killed.

15. ms_xeno - 13 December 2007

The Problem is Not Cowardice (80+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
selise, Ed in Montana, Inky, roonie, brendani, dday, musicalhair, Jerome a Paris, Heart of the Rockies, BradMajors, buckhorn okie, bincbom, arkdem, antirove, pat bunny, cometman, White Buffalo, grayslady, onemadson, RebeccaG, Dood Abides, Dave925, dkmich, nasarius, Little Red Hen, vacantlook, bibble, pontechango, Brecht, joanneleon, Pokerdad, ichibon, LostInTexas, Militarytracy, bitter fruit, Simplify, truong son traveler, ratzo, lotlizard, 99th Percentile, Doodlespook, sodalis, bookwoman, Ekaterin, CJnyc, dus7, Do Tell, vigilant meerkat, Junior Bug, 4Freedom, Barry Leonardini, NearlyNormal, Alkibiades, Lovo, zedaker, triciawrites, seabos84, dallasdave, JeremyA, java4every1, redhaze, brentmack, BWildered, Terra Mystica, rmonroe, lordradish, coachster, flowerfarmer, Wes Opinion, valion, North Country Dem, peaceloveandkucinich, kyril, HenryVane, luckylizard, Uncle Bob, A Man Called Gloom, bring democracy to america, DontTaseMeBro, gdwtch52

It’s beliefs and values.

The Democratic leadership is committed to militarism and to operating a government that favors hedge funds and multinational corporations over regular people.

They will never “grow a spine.” They have one. And it’s reflected in everything they do.

The problem, at its core, is progressive voters who either refuse to see this situation or are willing to be scared into merely voting against the GOP rather than for their core beliefs.

This situation will not change until we have a viable progressive party, whether that party is a completely reconfigured Democratic Party or a new political force.

Anybody who thinks that the solution is replacing Steny Hoyer with John Murtha, one of Congress’s most committed liners of the pockets of the military-industrial complex, simply doesn’t understand the depth of the problem.

Oops. Eighty-one more one-time stalwart Dems who need to be banned. Fetch my electric cattle prod, somebody !! And quick !!

16. marisacat - 13 December 2007

well. Here is a turning point, and in what we consider our personal back yard…

Ecuador to Evict US, Offer Air Base to China

By April Howard

Thursday 13 December 2007

When the US Air Force Southern Command’s 10-year usage rights for Ecuador’s Manta air base expire in 2009, it can expect to be evicted.

When the U.S. Air Force Southern Command’s 10-year usage rights for Ecuador’s Manta air base expire in 2009, it can expect to be evicted in favor of China.

17. cad - 13 December 2007

Kos getting called out by the awakening DK faithful for his proto-Republican “Money Is All” take on Edwards public financing (which no capitalist swine could abide by):

“You people are tiresome”? (0 / 0)

Damn, Kos, talk about contempt for your supporters. I haven’t been called “you people” since Ross Perot. I didn’t like it then, and I certainly don’t like it now. Please resist the urge to call us “tiresome.” Thanks.

“Power concedes nothing without a demand.” — Frederick Douglass, 1857

by mickeynATL on Thu Dec 13, 2007 at 06:15:05 AM PST

18. bayprairie - 13 December 2007

my nomination for today’s clueless democratic idiot award.

“There are innocent Iraqis whose lives are at stake if we don’t try to move this country toward stability.”

closely seconded by this:

“I just felt how vulnerable it is to ride in a Black Hawk helicopter,”

19. melvin - 13 December 2007
20. marisacat - 13 December 2007

tsk tsk.

Just took a look at “Recent Whingeing” over at Pff. Smithee must be doing good:

Go fuck yourself
by: DavidByron
in: Iranian NIE

Go fuck yourself
by: DavidByron
in: HillBama RepubliDem BabyKiller War …

Go fuck yourself
by: DavidByron
in: Women in Basra Decapitated for Viol…

Go fuck yourself
by: DavidByron
in: Women in Basra Decapitated for Viol…

Go fuck yourself
by: DavidByron
in: Women in Basra Decapitated for Viol…

Go fuck yourself
by: DavidByron
in: Women in Basra Decapitated for Viol…

Go fuck yourself
by: DavidByron
in: Women in Basra Decapitated for Viol…

Go fuck yourself
by: DavidByron
in: Infamy Slithering down the Thursday…

LOL I am usre that is but a smattering of the Byron Bon Mots of the past hours…


21. Intermittent Bystander - 13 December 2007

19 – Fantastic! Talk about leveling the playing field.

Bonus fun: Amphibious fashions!

Most likely to succeed: Seabiscuit.

22. aemd - 13 December 2007

Oh my, 😎

“Bill Shaheen resigned today as Hillary Clinton’s campaign co-chairman in New Hampshire ”


23. Intermittent Bystander - 13 December 2007

From the NYPost Page Six :

A ‘Hero’ CNN Won’t Fight For
December 13, 2007 — CNN isn’t very enthusiastic about one of the six “heroes” honored last week on its show, “CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute.” Pablo Fajardo of Ecuador was saluted in the “Fighting for Justice” category for his lifelong effort “to force one of the world’s largest oil corporations to pay more than $6 billion to clean up toxic waste in the Amazon rain forest.” CNN never named Chevron, a big advertiser on CNN, as the oil company. While the CNN Web site has “How to Help” links for all the other “heroes,” the link to chevrontoxico.com, the Web site of Fajardo’s Amazon Defense Coalition, was removed two days before the show aired. “There are people in CNN who pushed for Pablo to get the award,” said lawyer Steven Danziger, who has worked with Fajardo for years. “They are very angry the link was removed.” When CNN later reinstated the link, it included Chevron’s Web site as well. “Because this is ongoing litigation, we are providing information from both sides of the case,” a CNN rep told Page Six. ” ‘CNN Heroes’ honored Pablo Fajardo for his personal commitment and passion to helping his fellow citizens. We have no point of view on this legal dispute.”

24. marisacat - 13 December 2007


and a few hours earlier they had said he would stay on.

Gotta laugh……………

25. melvin - 13 December 2007


Even right now, the link to Amazon Defense Coalitionhas not been restored. There is instead a link to Amazon Watch, which itself has a link to ADC.

I’m sure kos will be writing all about it soon.

26. melvin - 13 December 2007


27. Miss Devore - 13 December 2007

1 acquitted, 6 to be retried in the “Liberty City 7” case.

You’d think they wouldn’t embarass themselves with another attempt at prosecution.

28. marisacat - 13 December 2007

ohhhh.. i am watching la nan on the news hour. close to the edge. she visibly grimaced and cringed whem gwen ifill held up the hill and the wapo front pages

29. Hair Club for Men - 13 December 2007

The death penalty in New Jersey is no more.

I used to be in favor of the death penalty until I started listening to Democracy Now. The amount of evidence/narrative they brought in 2000 about Texas persuaded me that it was pure evil.

It was about executing retarded men who had lawyers who feel asleep at the trial not abut exuting Tim McVeigh or Ted Bundy. It’s a weapon of class war.

And they also loosened the laws on crack in the country as a whole.

Two rare pieces of good news.

30. marisacat - 13 December 2007

oh god poor nancy. barely making sense… when the transcript is ready will post snips.

31. marisacat - 13 December 2007

the death penalty will eventually go… but it will take decades in this country.

it was a bad day when ca reinstated it… in 91 i think it was……

32. Hair Club for Men - 13 December 2007

20 years ago, Barack Obama sold drugs to 3 of Mitt Romney’s wives.

33. Hair Club for Men - 13 December 2007

What’s the name of the prison spokesman in CA?

There was an article in the New Yorker a few months ago speculating that he was the one who pushed to have Tookie Williams executed.

Anyway, I don’t think Williams was an especially admirable guy but this prison spokesman just seemed like a sadist.

Oh right, Vernell Crittendon. The whole article isn’t online but this is the piece I’m thinking of.

“That final evening, he oversaw Harris’s last meal: ‘He’d asked for pizza, and I directed that it be Tombstone Pizza—’” Tad Friend writing in The New Yorker about now-retired San Quentin spokesman and unofficial execution director Vernell Crittendon. The Harris mentioned was executed in 1992.

34. Hair Club for Men - 13 December 2007

I think the story that finally turned me against the death penalty was this one.


His family tried over and over again to get him treatment for his schizphrenia and the state literally had him thrown out of the hospital because he hadn’t harmed anybody yet.

He finally did. Basically the state murdered those five people by leaving a loaded gun out on the street, then they threw the loaded gun in the river.

35. Hair Club for Men - 13 December 2007

This is just evil.

Tomorrow night will be a night of full moon. It is also the night that Texas plans to execute Larry Robison. Robison, who has been diagnosed as suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and chronic bipolar disorder, agreed to waive his right to appeal if he could be executed during the full moon. A Texas judge complied.

36. marisacat - 13 December 2007

iirc the Harris execution was the one they used to re baptise the death penalty. The press worked up a fever for the execution. Prior to Tombstone Pizza there was a particularly awful detail from the actual killing. Apparently he finsihed off a hamburger post-kill.

People not even born when the killing took place were agitating for him “to burn”.

I thought Tookie was a political execution, myself. Not that they all are not, but the state wanted to be rid of him for political reasons.

37. Hair Club for Men - 13 December 2007

I thought Tookie was a political execution, myself. Not that they all are not, but the state wanted to be rid of him for political reasons.

Personally I’m pretty sure Peltier is innocent and I haven’t quite made up my mind about Mumia.

What irritates me to no end though is the litmus test “sensible liberals” have about Mumia. If one, only person person at an anti-war rally has a “Free Mumia” sign, it’s a reason to reject the whole thing.

As if race, prison and the death penalty were only issues loony leftists are concerned with.

BTW, when was the last time a policeman was executed? Even those guys in Brooklyn who were working as mob enforcers would have no chance of being executed (of course New York doesn’t have a death penalty but they wouldn’t even if it did).

38. marisacat - 13 December 2007

I thought NY had reinstated the death penalty a few years ago… death by injection. Did they drop it again?

39. Hair Club for Men - 13 December 2007

I thought NY had reinstated the death penalty a few years ago… death by injection.

Hmm. It looks as if they did have it then the courts overturned it. It’s never used. They have it in Law and Order so most people actually think they do have it.

That’s one of the most insidious things about “Law and Order”. It’s major propaganda for the death penalty. Every season or so you get McCoy catching a serial killer only because he was able to use the death penalty as leverage.

40. Hair Club for Men - 13 December 2007

Jesus I’m shocked at how many people California has on death row.


41. Intermittent Bystander - 13 December 2007

25 – Is it any wonder some Brazilians are a tad paranoid?

US Annexes Amazon Forest!

Also found via the WordPress website above (StrangeMaps), here is a Blondeness Map of Europe. Scroll for eye color, religion, language, and other interesting maps on the same page.

42. Hair Club for Men - 13 December 2007

Makes you wonder just what were the Vikings doing in the heel of the Italian boot 1000 years ago.

43. Intermittent Bystander - 13 December 2007

Made me look at coastal contours and ponder continental breakage and drift.

44. Hair Club for Men - 13 December 2007

Joe Trippi and Tweety are destroying a Clinton guy on Hardball. Yikes.

45. marisacat - 13 December 2007

Well my Norwegian grandfather looked Italian. Olivew skinned… and while my father was blond and fair, nowhere near as far as Scandinavians. Somebody brought the spoils home, shall we say.

46. melvin - 13 December 2007


Try this map of America’s precious freedom and bodily fluids leaking away. It is not at all atypical of the “wise use” crowd, etc. The same folks who Craig was aiming at with his amendment today to forbid eminent domain being used to “take” private property away for parks, etc. All baloney of course, based on the idea that any limitation on use whatsoever, including zoning, including forbidding your boiling up anthrax on your property, is a “taking.”

47. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 December 2007

There was no getting away from it today … I put up a rant about the whole steroids “problem”.

48. melvin - 13 December 2007

29 Even on review, it was upheld in Texas that defendant having a lawyer present in court was good enough, it didn’t matter if he was passed out drunk or just taking a nap.

49. Intermittent Bystander - 13 December 2007

46 – Oh, the horror of the wildlife corridors!

Here’s another scary picture – what if? Balkanized North America.

What is the most fragmented that North America could have been? There are several plausible scenarios (some based on different patterns of settlement from Europe, others on different fracture lines) but I chose 1787 as the point of divergence from real history. In this alternate reality, the westward expansion of the Anglo-American people proceeded pretty much as it did in our reality, but the United States government just couldn’t keep up. Every national identity crisis resolved itself in favor of the separatists instead.

50. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 December 2007

Imagine a Campaign that Called for Slashing Military Spending 75%

What if the US just packed up and left Iraq and Afghanistan, and brought the troops all home, shut down the 750-odd overseas bases we operate around the globe, and slashed our military budget by 75 percent?

That would be an instant savings of roughly $365 billion per year.

Now, the first thing we need to do is address the criticism that such an action would be abandoning the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, whose countries we have been systematically destroying for the last four to six years.

Okay. I agree we have an obligation here. So let’s allocate say $50 billion in annual aid to those two countries, to be funneled through international aid organizations, from the U.N. to CARE and the Red Cross/Red Crescent.

That still leaves $315 billion in funds to play with.

We also have to address those who will ask fearfully if we aren’t opening ourselves to attack from our many enemies abroad.

` But hold on a minute. If we cut the US military budget down to a paltry $115 billion a year, that would still leave us with by far the largest military budget in the entire world. The next biggest spender on its military is China, at $62.5 billion, followed by Russia, at $62 billion. That is to say, our military budget, if slashed by three quarters, would still be about equal to Russia’s and China’s military budgets combined. And that only tells part of the story. Most of China’s army is a repressive police force, required to keep order in what is a widely despised dictatorship, and would never be available for foreign adventures. (That’s why China, with a million or more soldiers, hasn’t ever invaded Taiwan, with a population of just 23 million. The army China could spare for an invasion would probably be no larger than the one little Taiwan could field to defend itself.) The same can be said for Russia, which is eternally in danger of splitting apart into myriad smaller states, and has to be held together by threat of force. Figuring that neither China nor Russia is likely to attack us anyway, given that one needs us to buy all the junk they make, and the other needs us to buy their oil, maybe we should look at those “axis of evil” states and their ilk, that might think we’re easy pickin’s if we were to slash our military spending.

Well, maybe not. It turns out if you add up all the military budgets of America’s other “major” enemies—those so-called “rogue” states like Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria—and throw in a few extra possible hostiles for good measure like Myanmar, Somalia and, oh, what the heck, Grenada (you never know when that troublesome little island might have another revolution!), it comes to a grand total of $15 billion spent on military stuff. That’s less than one-seventh of what we’d still be spending.

51. Intermittent Bystander - 13 December 2007

Completely OT – I’m still feeling delighted by this morning’s discovery of Vienna’s Vegetable Orchestra.

Photos of the instruments here.

[Picture celeriac bongo smiley here.]

52. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 December 2007
53. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 December 2007

US military in denial over ‘pain ray’

Remember how is was supposedly a “safe” weapon?

In April, the system underwent field testing to determine its effectiveness in different situations. A report on a testing accident was obtained recently by Wired journalist Sharon Weinberger using the Freedom of Information Act. In one scenario the beam was to be used to prevent “Red Force” players from setting up an improvised explosive device “at a very far distance”. (The maximum range is classified, but thought to be about 750 metres.)

Earlier that day it had been used successfully at 75% power level and three-second duration. According to the report: “ADS Operator P4 set power to 100% for four-second duration, so as to be effective at the longer range.” A problem prevented the test from taking place – the system’s magnet requires supercooling and can be temperamental in hot weather. The commander decided to move on to the next scenario, which would test the beam by driving away Red Forces attempting to carry out surveillance at much closer range.

Unfortunately, the crew forgot to change the settings. When the system was fired, “Red Forces Role Player P3 immediately knew that he had received a stronger than usual shot from the ADS; he gave the quit signal and left the field.” The quit signal, raising one hand, has been used throughout Active Denial trials to indicate that a subject wishes to end testing.

The description of the injuries has been censored from the report: all we can see is that they are covered by 11 numbered points. An Air Force statement says: “the injury was classified as a second degree burn,” a type characterised by blistering. Local newspapers reported that the airman suffered burns on both legs and spent two days in the Joseph M Still Burn Centre in Augusta, Georgia. The official report puts the injury cost at $17,748.

54. Hair Club for Men - 13 December 2007

Moon will be posting a new Islam is evil diary soon.


Since I am now a member of “Troll Feeders Anonymous” (TFA), I am going to take this one day at a time. I will not feed Moon.

55. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 December 2007

Wisconsin Legislature Votes to Protect Rights of Victims of Violent Crime

Wednesday the Wisconsin Assembly voted 56 to 41 in favor of the Compassionate Care for Victims of Rape bill, without amendments. Since that bill was overwhelmingly approved last spring by strong majorities of both parties in the State Senate 27 to 6, it will finally become law after a final reading in the Assembly and the Governor signs it, following five years of obstruction by a small but powerful faction. Thanks to all of you in the grassroots who persisted in struggling uphill for years, and to you who contacted your legislative representatives, your media, and your family, friends, and neighbors and urged them to support this bill.

Over 80 percent of Wisconsin residents approve this bill, so it is about time. Learn more about the issue, and the opposition to this law, here. This crime victims issue and initiative is a national one, and other states besides Wisconsin have either passed this law, or are considering it. Where do YOUR state legislators stand on this bill?

56. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 December 2007

Green Party candidate McKinney stumps here

Her press conference Tuesday drew about 30 people, including Green Party members and those who, as part of the “9/11 truth movement,” question the official explanation for the terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center.

She said she was “excoriated” and “vilified” by the mainstream media when she asked in Congress “What did the administration know and when did it know it?”

“To ask questions and to seek the truth is always a risky business, particularly in time of war, and particularly when challenging those in power,” said Ron Hardy, co-chair of the Wisconsin Green Party in a statement. “Cynthia McKinney has dared to challenge those in power and the two-party system. We are proud of her courage, and are proud to have her as one of our candidates.”

Other Green Party presidential candidates listed on the party’s Web site are Jared Ball of the District of Columbia, Jesse Johnson of West Virginia, Kent Mesplay of California and Kat Swift of Texas. The Green Party will meet in July to choose a candidate, said Cindy Stimmler, co-chair of the Wisconsin Green Party.

Both the Madison and MIlwaukee papers focused a lot on the 911 truethers, of course.

57. AlanSmithee - 13 December 2007

20. marisacat

Christ-on-a-Triscut what a weenie that DB is. What a ruff-tuff creampuff. During the Meow Wars we used to beat each other with our own severed limbs, but THAT lightweight poseur couldn’t take a single round of thread ping-pong. He’s probably on the phone right now, annoying his therapist.

58. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 December 2007

Another Green candidate:

Elaine Brown, Green Party Presidential Candidate

As a former leader of the Black Panther Party, a Green Party candidate for mayor of Brunswick, Georgia (2005), an author and college lecturer, a community organizer — as co-founder of Mothers Advocating Juvenile Justice and the National Alliance for Radical Prison Reform, and a local leader of the “No on One” campaign (advocating same gender partnership rights) (Atlanta, 1997-2004) — and as executive director of the Michael Lewis (“Little B”) Legal Defense Committee, an activist in the campaigns to free political prisoners Imam Jamil Al-Amin, Chip Fitzgerald and Siddique Hasan, and simply as a black woman from the ghetto (Philadelphia), I have a long history and significant credentials in the struggle for social, political and economic justice in the United States.

In the absence of a national progressive movement toward the institution of fundamental change in the United States, I believe a ballot cast for a Green Party candidate or issue represents the most significant instrument for change available for the Marginalized Millions—black people, brown people, other people of color, poor working people, those languishing in prison, those without decent housing or health care and all the other oppressed people trying to survive at the bottom of life in the most powerful nation in the world. That is, change will not be e-mailed, rapped in a CD or YouTubed. To paraphrase Malcolm X, for the masses of disenfranchised and disaffected millions in America, the ballot is the bullet!

It is my intention to use my presidential campaign to galvanize the non-voting Marginalized Millions to seize the ballot of the Green Party toward their self-empowerment. The Green Party, too, must seize this moment of national malaise and disillusion to come out of the morass of being a repository for disgruntled Democrats and open the Party’s doors to the non-voting millions so as to actively and powerfully challenge the status quo and become an effective force in the national political arena. I believe I am a catalyst the Green Party can use for this necessary transition.

59. marisacat - 13 December 2007


My fav was the tewwible twama exchange… some where in the beheaded Basra thread.

What a giggle.


60. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 December 2007

I missed this

On December 8, Chinese and French news services reported that Iran had stopped billing its oil exports in dollars.

Americans might never hear this news as the independence of the US media was destroyed in the 1990s when Rupert Murdoch persuaded the Clinton administration and the quislings in Congress to allow the US media to be monopolized by a few mega-corporations.

Iran’s oil minister, Gholam Hossein Nozari, declared: “The dollar is an unreliable currency in regards to its devaluation and the loss oil exporters have endured from this trend.” Iran has proposed to OPEC that the US dollar no longer be used by any oil exporting countries. As the oil emirates and the Saudis have already decided to reduce their holdings of US dollars, the US might actually find itself having to pay for its energy imports in euros or yen.

Venezuela’s Chavez, survivor of a US-led coup against him and a likely target of a US assassination attempt, might follow the Iranian lead. Also, Russia’s Putin, who is fed up with the US government’s efforts to encircle Russia militarily, will be tempted to add Russia’s oil exports to the symbolic assault on the dollar.

While free trade economists hold on to their doctrine-turned-ideology, the US dollar and the American economy are dying.

One of the great lies of the offshoring interests is that US manufacturing is in trouble because of poor US education and a shortage of US scientists and engineers. Pundits such as Thomas Friedman have helped to spread this ignorance until it has become a dogma. Recently, General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt lent his weight to this falsehood. (See “The US No Longer Drives Global Economic Growth,” Manufacturing & Technology News, Nov. 30, 2007.)

The fact of the matter is that the offshoring of US engineering and R&D jobs and the importation of foreign engineers and scientists on work visas have combined with educational subsidies to produce a surplus of American scientists and engineers, many of whom are unable to find jobs when they graduate from university or become casualties of offshoring and H-1b visas.

Corporate interests continue to lobby Congress for more foreign workers, claiming a non-existent shortage of trained Americans, even as the Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology concludes that real salary growth for American scientists and engineers has been flat or declining for the past 10 years. The “long trend of strong US demand for scientific and technical specialists” has come to an end with no signs of revival. (See “Job and Income Growth for Scientists and Engineers Comes to an End,” Manufacturing & Technology News, November 30, 2007.)

What economist has ever heard of a labor shortage resulting in flat or declining pay?

There is no more of a shortage of US scientists and engineers than there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The US media has no investigative capability and serves up the lies that serve short-term corporate and political interests. If it were not for the Internet that provides Americans with access to foreign news sources, Americans would live in a world of perfect disinformation.

Offshoring interests and economic dogmas have combined to create a false picture of America’s economic position. While the ladders of upward mobility are being dismantled, Americans are being told that they have never had it better.

61. melvin - 13 December 2007

57 — Wonder if Lord Byron realizes he is beginning to repeat himself.

62. marisacat - 13 December 2007

It just never ends. Right, mismanaged

And don’t miss her reference to My Lai in the further text at the link….

U.S. forces in Iraq soon will be equipped with high-tech equipment that will let them process an Iraqi’s biometric data in minutes and help American soldiers decide whether they should execute the person or not, according to its inventor.

“A war fighter needs to know one of three things: Do I let him go? Keep him? Or shoot him on the spot?” Pentagon weapons designer Anh Duong told the Washington Post for a feature on how this 47-year-old former Vietnamese refugee and mother of four rose to become a top U.S. bomb-maker.

Though Duong is best known for designing high-explosives used to destroy hardened targets, she also supervised the Joint Expeditionary Forensics Facilities project, known as a “lab in a box” for analyzing biometric data, such as iris scans and fingerprints, that have been collected on more than one million Iraqis.

The labs – collapsible, 20-by-20-foot units each with a generator and a satellite link to a biometric data base in West Virginia – will let U.S. forces cross-check data in the field against information collected previously that can be used to identify insurgents. These labs are expected to be deployed across Iraq in early 2008.

Duong said the next step will be to shrink the lab to the size of a “backpack” so soldiers who encounter a suspect “could find out within minutes” if he’s on a terrorist watch list and should be killed

They probably plan for them to be at airport check-in counters soon after testing in Iraq.

63. marisacat - 13 December 2007

the Efffff Beeeeee Eye…. will get right on that…

Meanwhile, James Bernazzani, special agent in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation office here, confirmed that its domestic terrorism unit was investigating the source of small posters reading “For Every Public Housing Unit Destroyed a Condo Unit Will Be Destroyed.”

64. marisacat - 13 December 2007

Merry-go-Round-Round-ROund… LOL think this is the Tweety show that HCFM referenced above… Personally I think Trippi should start billing the Obama camp, LOL

On Thursday afternoon, Mrs. Clinton’s top adviser, Mark Penn, appeared on MSNBC with Mr. Obama’s top adviser, David Axelrod, and John Edwards’s top adviser, Joe Trippi. They argued with one another, and it was there that Mr. Penn dropped the word “cocaine,” saying that the Clinton campaign had not raised the issue of “cocaine use.”

That seemed to infuriate the others. “This guy just said ‘cocaine’ again,” Mr. Trippi said.

And yet, the campaign for Mr. Obama, an Illinois senator, has been using the Shaheen comments as part of a fund-raising appeal, keeping the issue alive because Obama advisers say they believe it will backfire against the Clinton campaign.

I do wonder how it breaks down caucus night… who throws what to whom. How deep does anti Clintonism go inside the party… with senators, for instance.


65. ms_xeno - 13 December 2007

I don’t know what made McKinney change her mind about running. But all in all,


So, Walter the Antique Tabby (long story short) has what is hopefully a minor problem that can be treated w/generic prednisone.

It’s been a big day for good news. Was visiting w/some of mr_x’s NLG buddies and one of them was talking about going before the city council on Monday to protest the revocation of downtown’s Fareless Bus Zone. Glad I’m not the only person who can spot this “anti-crime” shit for the festering pile of dung it is.

Smithee, you’re a bad, bad person. Here. Have some lemon cake. 😉

66. ms_xeno - 13 December 2007

#61– Melvin, the guy’s been in repeats even longer than the entire Sherwood Schwartz empire. Trust me on this. :/

67. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 December 2007

BE AFRAID, children are scary!:

ROXBURY, Conn. (AP) — Karaoke can be scary, but threatening? A school custodian’s impromptu after-hours karaoke performance prompted a police response when a teacher thought she was being threatened over the loudspeaker.

State police say the teacher at Booth Free School barricaded herself inside a classroom Wednesday when she mistook someone singing a Guns N’ Roses song over the public address system for a threat.

She was working after hours and thought no one else was in the building. Then she heard someone say over the loudspeaker that she was going to die.

Six troopers and three police dogs showed up and found three teenagers, one of them a custodian at the school, who had been playing with the public address system.

Police say one of them sang “Welcome to the Jungle” into the microphone. The song contains the lyrics “You’re in the jungle baby; you’re gonna die.”

The teenagers were cuffed for about 15 minutes while police investigated. They didn’t realize anyone else was in the school at the time. No charges will be filed, said state police Sgt. Brian Ness.

68. lucid - 13 December 2007

So – I just got this damn fast machine with wireless – my christmas present to myself. I can actually go to multimedia sites now.. wow… maybe I should kill the cable soon.

69. lucid - 13 December 2007

I also recommend this pinhole camera series

I’ve got a blind date tomorrow.

70. lucid - 13 December 2007

forgot to close a tag… sorry > at the end of ” before series.

71. lucid - 13 December 2007

shit and I don even speak l33t…

72. marisacat - 13 December 2007

I’ve got a blind date tomorrow.

8) Good Luck!

73. lucid - 13 December 2007

with that photographer… she’s cute too…

74. Miss Devore - 14 December 2007

72&73 a blind photographer? sounds like quite an ambitious woman.

75. Miss Devore - 14 December 2007

2 grad students killed at LSU.

“Officials identified the victims as Chandrasekhar Reddy Komma and Kiran Kumar Allam, both international students.”


don’t exactly know what they mean by “home invasion”

76. marisacat - 14 December 2007

I looked the LSU story up at Nola.com, the New Orleans TImes-Picayune. The thread (25, I got to about #5) is all about racism, killing burglars (and CO, VT and the mall) being armed, and clearing the community adjcant to that end of LSU and moving whomever to a far desert.

Merry Christmas.

77. ms_xeno - 14 December 2007

lucid, don’t forget to hit all the highlghts in that paperback copy of Mr. Stomach Flu’s Relationship Guide before you head out.


BTW, went back to that Kos thread and noticed brave wozzle, buried somewhere near the bottom. But the best post was whichever cringing dumbfuck was whining about but we haaaaaaaave to wuuuuv Pelosi because what are some stoooopid tortured Arabs when WE GOTS MINIMUM WAGE TO PWOTECT. Baaaaaaaaaawwwwww.

Which gave me a brilliant title for a post:

Let Me Torture This Arab Or I’ll Beat Up This Mal-Wart Checker

Too bad I don’t have time to write it. Maybe somebody else can do it. :/

78. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

David Byron is reaching new heights of insanity. He seems to think the women are the reason for hate crimes.

79. lucid - 14 December 2007

He seems to think the women are the reason for hate crimes.

How can they not be? I it weren’t for women, bigots would never be born. 😉

80. lucid - 14 December 2007

Ms_x – I’ve actually got a signed hardbound copy, because I’m just such a fan of herr stomach flu.

81. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

How can they not be? I it weren’t for women, bigots would never be born.

Maybe my punishment in hell will be having to debate the Emmett Till murder with Bryon.

It wasn’t about racism after all but the oppression of men by women.

82. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

Interesting idea from Danny Schecter. What if we call for people to protest the occupation of Iraq by not paying their credit card bills?

It would be a bit like telling the peasants to seize the grain in the castle, wouldn’t it?

83. melvin - 14 December 2007

82 Except that peasants can run and hide. Those committing, let me guess, the new crime of “economic terrorism” already have all their information on file.

84. melvin - 14 December 2007

People I never, never, never want to meet:

1. David Byron’s mother.

85. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

Those committing, let me guess, the new crime of “economic terrorism” already have all their information on file.

They can’t put everybody in jail who doesn’t pay his credit card bills. It’s too many. They’d prosecute the leaders and ony publicize it.

The trick would be to build up enough critical mass. The first few people could be persecuted but once enough people join…

86. Miss Devore - 14 December 2007

more love for Hillary (from raw story):

“In a scathing letter released to Politics West at the Denver Post, Wyoming’s Democratic Party chairman says that Hillary Clinton will “completely reverse” progress the party has made in that state and that “most voters in Wyoming seem to hate Hillary Clinton.”

But he backs Obama: “If Barack Obama is the democratic presidential nominee, we will be the party of new ideas that understands that a united America will be much better able to address the serious problems facing our country than a divided America.”

I see kos is saying he predicted her demise…

87. ms_xeno - 14 December 2007

I gots yer’ womanly murdering scum right here:

Surge Protection Brigade Wins Legal Victory.

…After a three day trial, jurors in Multnomah County Circuit Court acquitted the
Grannies, also known as the Surge Protection Brigade, on charges of “unlawfully and
knowingly causing substantial inconvenience to the United States” (also known as
criminal mischief in the third degree). These charges arose from a silent vigil
held by the Grannies on April 6, 2007 at the U.S. Army and Marine recruiting center
on NE Broadway, where they placed bloody handprints on the windows of the recruiting
center with water-soluble red tempera paint. The defendants pled “not guilty” to
charges of criminal mischief, each testifying to their belief that their actions
constituted a symbolic act of political speech at a government office and resulted
in no damage to the property. The jurors wisely chose to protect free speech rights
and acquit despite the outrageous closing argument of the Assistant District
Attorney, which included references to suicide bombers, 9/11 hijackers, and pipe

“We applaud the Grannies, and their commitment to truth, justice, peace, and
action,” said Portland NLG chair, Ashlee Albies. “They are truly an inspiration to
us all; we can learn a great deal from our elders…” — catherine, 12/13/07

88. marisacat - 14 December 2007

melvin out of moderation… sorry!!


I have never known anyone so want to be a victim as Byron. He literally begs, pleads, kicking and screaming at every turn, to be The Male Victim. The stand-in for all oppression of men.

89. BooHooHooMan - 14 December 2007

The Pervasiveness of NewSpeak…

Mukasey Rejects Calls For CIA Tape Details

Attorney general says providing information on destruction of interrogation tapes would make department appear “subject to political influence.” WaPo

Fuck the unprecedented “”concerns”–but The Dems should not have confirmed ANY Bush nominee to AG just let the slot sit open…..

Of course its just benefits Strawmen on the Hill, the Vichy Dems, to have a similarly constructed playmate to go all wilty- Reid- angrified -on at the DOJ… Tour de Farce indeed… [..glassraised to Mcat on this piece..]

Mukasey can now act with IMPUGNITY . …
Mukasey could Necromance his way through a Senate Inquiry and What—–???
The Vichy are to impeach him now??? LOL.
………………Having just voted for him????

90. marisacat - 14 December 2007

Matt Taibbi is up in RS, on Obama. I am only on page 1 (of 3), he appears (at first blush) to have fallen in love.

91. marisacat - 14 December 2007

page 2, he is REALLY in love.

92. marisacat - 14 December 2007

oh brother. Here is the close (have a drool cup ready – for Taibbi):

So maybe it’s OK to let the grandiose things that an Obama presidency could represent overwhelm the less-stirring reality — i.e., Obama as more or less a typical middle-of-the-road Democrat with a lot of money and a well-run campaign. Maybe it’s OK because it’s not always about the candidates; sometimes it’s about us, what we want and what we want to believe. And if Barack Obama can carry that burden for us, why not let him? Seriously, why not? The happy ending doesn’t always have to ring false

Spare me. He shall carry our sins to the mountain top HOSANNA we shall be cleansed.

93. BooHooHooMan - 14 December 2007

Yeh going through the Taibbi now..
Pulling stuff out while wiping the schplorff off my monitor….

94. marisacat - 14 December 2007

there are a couple of good characterisations of Hill… about it. I wonder if Jann Wenner wanted a pro Obama piece.

Who knows.

Meanwhile saw this at Ben Smith/politico… at least in some places black radio has turned hard against Hillary… and some indications that “2”s, second choices in the peculiar Iowa system, are turning away from Hillary.

I can still easily see a scenario where, in the end, she wins. Presented to us as a defiant Barbara Stanwyck who fought her way out of the bars and brawls.

95. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

have a drool cup ready – for Taibbi

Taibbi’s a rich frat boy who’s been playing “I’m too smart for the anti-war movement” for years now.

Of COURSE he’d support Obama.

I’ve been onto him for awhile 🙂


Taibbi is a good writer and a consistent opponent of the Bush Administration and the war in Iraq, and yet I don’t like him. He’s a political ally and yet he irritates me. Why? Taibbi is a serious man, and a serious man who thinks he’s smarter than the rest of us. Like all good left liberals from an elite background, Taibbi is mercilessly critical of the anti-Iraq-war movement, of those silly kids who waive signs and carry giant puppets, of those middle-aged 60s retreads who sell Marxist newspapers and use words like “imperialism” and “class struggle”. Taibbi knows how to end the war in Iraq. Like former Iraq weapons inspector Scott Ritter, like the late liberal anti-war blogger Steve Gilliard, like Iraq war veteran Paul Rieckhoff, he has an answer and the answer is simple, and listen to him. Get serious. Put away the giant puppets and put on suits and ties. When you protest the war, do it like an officer and a gentleman, not like some dirty fucking hippie.

I mean, fuck it. I think Taibbi even writes for GQ occasionally. OF COURSE he’d fall for the GQ/Men’s Vogue candidate.

96. marisacat - 14 December 2007

yeah I know about Taibbi. Hell I know about Wenner.

I am jsut interested in MORE INFORMATION in an article. I am not interested in knock off sale priced religion, which is one of the vertebrae of the Obama run. And Taibbi shoveled it.

LOL I loved the comment from some slack jawed rally attend, Reagan spoke to her and her family tho they were Democrats, and by golly and by god, she wants that again.

Information, my only bottom lime.

97. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

I am jsut interested in MORE INFORMATION in an article.

I read the commercial glossies on the bike at my gym. GQ, Men’s Vogue, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, it’s all Obamaland with an occasional appearance by Edwards. And why not. He’s perfect for this market, bland, middle of the road, good looking, tailored.

Taibbi, trust fund or no, still has to pay his rent and pay for his nights on the town with those Russian party girls. He knows his market. Too much information and peoples eyes will glaze over. Style baby. That’s how you sell articles in that world.

I haven’t been keeping track of the women’s magazines. I have no clue if there’s a boomlet for Hillary in Cosmo/Jane/Marie Claire.

98. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

And note, your typical GQ reader thinks he’s way too smart to vote for someone on the basis of his style.

That’s why Samantha Power puts in a lot of appearences in the Rolling Stone glossies. She’s like smart and all and has a degree from Harvard and cares about genocide and heavy stuff like that.

Now if I add another 20 minutes of cardio a day, I’ll look good in that knockoff Armani.

99. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

BTW, when I heard Obama speak last September, I could see the appeal. If you’re sick of Bush’s jingoism and want somebody who can talk in complete sentences and maybe not terrify the natives when he travels abroad, this is your guy.

That’s why I was pretty sure that bit about how he wasn’t wearing the American flag on his lapel wouldn’t hurt him. Everybody’s sick of flag lapel pin patriotism by now.

Also, imagine your the run of the mill suburban American. You’re mildly racist maybe but nothing that intense. Now you’ve got a black guy you wouldn’t mind your daughter marrying that much. You can tell her to dump the pathetic gangsta wannabee because it’s not about race. It’s about “class”. You’d be happy if she’d go out with someone like Obama.

And so on and so on.

People know they’re getting a corporate suckup any way it turns out. So why not at least get over the cultural taboo about having a black guy in the White House?

100. marisacat - 14 December 2007

He knows his market.

right, it is called a successful features writer.

I usedc to know a writer – who lived off selling to the magazines and periodicals, he kept a list of publications and prices paid, etc., on his fridge. It was over 8 feet long and to keep it off the floor had to be doubled up.

101. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

This is actually a good point

An important component of this phenomenon is that the Obama crowds are surprisingly free of the usual anti-Republican venom. As much as anything, his rise is a reflection of the country’s increasing boredom with partisan hatred.

I’m sick of the “anti-Republican venom” too but I’d phrase it as “I”m sick of the Democrats using the idea to manipulate me into voting for them on the basis that the Republicans are pure evil.

The Republicans ARE pure evil of course but the “vote for me because the Republicans are worse” line is long past its expiration date.

Most people aren’t going to automatically conclude, however, that this means they should become radicals. Most people aren’t radicals. But they are smart enough to be sick of the Democratic scare act.

102. BooHooHooMan - 14 December 2007

.”..Until now. Emphasizing that this is not necessarily a reflection of who or what Obama really is,…[Ugh,Why Not,Matt?] ….
he unmistakably and strikingly attracts crowds that, to a person, really seem to believe that his election will fundamentally change the way they feel about their country…..” LOL.

Taibbi might as well have written the above Para for Hill when she graciously accepts Obama’s endorses …

I’m calling the Race TONIGHT
I”ve mulled it over long enough:

There was a question last night at the Dem Inflate to Obama:

With SOooo Many Clinton Advisers on Board, your campaign Sen Obam…..

This is key, the implications of which have been totally lost…It’s more than implication— to me, it leads to inescapable conclusion upon review of the background…..

In a Presidential year as Dem-“inevitable” as , uh, I dunno, For Fucking EVER maybe– As long as Hillary kept a pulse, the Clinton Refugees would be back in if Gore could be diluted or kept at Bay, or Edwards’ All American Kid shtick was muted against some other set of Pearly Whites ..

Enter the 21’s Century Completely Astroturfed Candidacy.

All of the comparisons to Bobby Kennedy ….The network of people surrounding Him, His money flow, the need for a ruse, a road into the less than inspired traditional base, let alone the genuinely Activist Left, his sudden rise with little no controversy within the party Machine in Illinois…He was groomed for this by a Clinton/Daley alliance.. PERIOD.End of NO Story.

This has all been engineered, with sanction By Daley out of Chicago ..

Hill’s PAC / campaign is Patty Solis Doyle


Her Brother is Dan Solis a Daley creation and Lifelong ally…
Solis , not surprisingly in an aldemans Posit, with local voting blocks are assembled, is a Hillary Hack. Daley’s endorse of Obama is essential for the ruse to work and serves as PR for Daley as well…

From Wiki on Dan Solis:

Throughout his career as alderman, Solis has been an ally of Mayor Daley and in 2001 was appointed President Pro Tempore of the City Council, allowing him to oversee council proceedings in the mayor’s absence.

Solis serves on seven committees: Budget and Government Operations; Committees, Rules and Ethics; Finance; Education; Health; Human Relations; and Police and Fire.

He has been rumored to be interested in running for the United States Congress.

I’m sorry, but I conclude all of this has already been decided at the wholesale level..Ya dig around into the backgrounds of the players in the two camps, poke around the FEC, following the source of money and cross pollination among staff and the picture becomes real clear..

Any still-registered Dems reading this can take note that your Vote WAS ALREADY stolen by your Party’s Elites…Make your way to the doors…the sparring between Hillary and Barack serves as an attempt to innoculate them both to charges ,that ,later on, can get the easy dismisssive air of “been there, done that”….Obama’s had the resume to qualify as a vehicle surely, but a vehicle’s function he is …The Magic Negro is Drivin Miss Hillary

The Bottom Line:

Hillary to Nomination …Barack and Hill to spare a few rounds , He endorses for “party’s sake” , locks Lifetime Sen and Leadership Guarantee with a crack at the Big Ticket later on if he waits his turn…She is NOT going to nom him for the Veepership….
Edwards and Gore will be cemented as Has Beens…
As for who will be the Vice president …very well could be Jeb Bush…
FWIW , LOL , ya heard it here…

Breaking out the Ex Pat info again tonight…

103. marisacat - 14 December 2007

obama just pushes soft core religion and soft R shit like vouchers, about whcih he is speaking again. Cute stuff like housing vouchers, but also school vouchers.

And there is an emerging scenario in which Edwards pulls in low and slow and wins Iowa.

Then on to NH.

Good luck to the horse flesh. It all depends on the deals struck, like Kucinich and Edwards last go round.

And the last week of smack and whispers and dirty politics. And a caucus night on a school night, night of a local game.. and wahtever else. Oh yes, icy streets.

but yeah sure, selll the widdle peepuhl on whatever. Apparently there is a post and thread at the Oprah site, with over 1000 comments — I am surprised it is only a thousand… On the Obama endorsement.

Not too friendly from what I read.

104. melvin - 14 December 2007


Why am I reminded of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

What I can’t forgive is that you settled for me.

105. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

obama just pushes soft core religion and soft R shit like vouchers, about whcih he is speaking again. Cute stuff like housing vouchers, but also school vouchers.

Which is basically the liberal version of bullshit a la “compassionate conservatism”.

Obama and Huckabee both play this game well. Speak out of both sides of your mouth. Don’t wear the flag pin, admit to having used drugs, then talk about Jebus every once in awhile.

I actually don’t have a huge problem with this. It’s just smart marketing.

What I DO have a problem with is the way the election is being used to shut up the talk about impeachment and the way Obama’s playing right along with the rest of them.

106. BooHooHooMan - 14 December 2007

I also think the David Geffen Bit chaff too…a nice opening salvo in the viral marketing of obam in the Magic Suit…

I have No more roses to leave at the DP graveyard…not even for todays dead Populists who were yesteryears flacks..

107. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 December 2007

The trick would be to build up enough critical mass.

Only happens if tits or big muscles are involved. Just don’t see it yet.

As for Obama, I saw him in a fieldhouse in Chicago the Saturday before the ’04 election. Rahm introduced him, (which is a serious insult after having stood there for so damned long. Man makes shit look bright and shiny and the Emergency Broadcast System warnings sound like the panting of an enthusiastic lover). I’ll tell you, Obama is charisma on a stick, and having him take the stage after Rahm bored us all to shit and made us want to ram forks in our ears was a welcome relief.

Of course, that it’s all the bleating of a gifted carnival barker just makes me ashamed that I fell for it, for a time.

108. BooHooHooMan - 14 December 2007

I think Edwards will win Iowa, but the Buzz fro an Iowa vic will be too little, too late ..slingshots and blow-waves don’t do well against peole currently holding DOD ursestrings…Edwards isn’t coming out of New Hampshire and Nevada alive no matter how he performs in SC–

Hillary will cent the deal with a Baarck Endorse by Mega Super Dooper Tuesday, then get down to what campaigns are all about, …..
Whoring one’s self for money….

109. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

Obama’s also got the most effective spamming campaign I’ve ever seen. A lot of thought is put into making you look when they send you e-mails. I’ve long since started just deleting e-mails from Dean or even from David Swanson and the impeach crowd. But Obama’s spammers always have a clever little twist that fools me into reading.

110. marisacat - 14 December 2007

yes but why has so much charisma dissipated?

the ONLY time I have seen him enervated (and I was not imp-ressed with the convention speech, it was fine, but not a lot), with something akin to joy was on Tavis Smiley, talking about his organising years.

Which are past.

long past.

111. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

Is it charisma or is it the natural thing you’re going to respond to if you’ve got Bush fatigue? What better way to get over Bush’s us vs. them English mangling belligerence than a slick centrist who used to be a law professor?

112. marisacat - 14 December 2007

Obama’s playing right along with the rest of them.

why would Obama care about impeachment. His shit is we are all the same, and don’t go worrying your little head about things that HURT… cuz I will tell you they don’t hurt. It is just about that basic..

Impeachment would screw with his bottom line.

113. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 December 2007

Murdoch’s rag, classy as ever:


114. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

Impeachment would screw with his bottom line.

Yes. That’s why things about this campaign (like the normal political bullshit) ordinarily wouldn’t bother me.

But they’re all ignoring the giant elephant in the room and playing along as if it were just a normal campaign. It’s not. You’ve got a criminal administration waging a criminal war taking away our civil liberties and an opposition party that’s playing right along.

You’ve actually GOT a fire in the crowded theater. And nobody’s shouting.

115. marisacat - 14 December 2007

slick centrist who used to be a law professor?

and I am sure you know how many of those we have had. Recently.

Look I cannot remember Oriana Falaci’s exact words about Prodi v Berlusconi, something about sneezing on herslef to vote for either – and she would not be doing it….

I am going to avoid coughing masses of green plegm all over myhself, and continue disliking them all.

Call it decline the mediocre money changers, in all guises.

116. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

and I am sure you know how many of those we have had. Recently.

Oh I know one very slick centrist lawyer we’ve had as president very recently who most normal apolitical Americans are very nostalgic for right now. And it’s not his wife.

117. marisacat - 14 December 2007


the wife is basically out of the Daley camp. No matter what, Senator Brooks for life, if he likes, moderate conservative trustworthy. The house Boy Scout. He won’t be rubbing sticks together in the forest to make fire.

I find it hideously offensive and above all esle I don’t have to LIKE it.


Fro years, the Dems and the DNC get the publicity of having run a Real Contender, A Black for Pretzeldent.

Just so done. It actually gets emptier.

118. marisacat - 14 December 2007


threads all over, and conversation in RL is very poisonous abougt BOTH of them…

There is less nostalgia than what is played up in Free Media TV and ink for days copy.

Please… don’t kid a kidder.

119. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

conversation in RL is very poisonous abougt BOTH of them…

Which is kind of the brilliance of having the second black president run instead of the first black president’s wife.

Even in RL, unless you’re talking about the most venemous reactionary, people are going to stop and wonder if their venom about Obama is all about racism in a way they obviously won’t about the first black president. And your basically decent Republican might just reign him/herself in, especially if the second black president can talk about Jebus.

And there’s nothing even vaguely hippie or 60s about Obama. He’s pure GQ, not a trace of “High Times” about him.

So it’s all of the good verbally agile Clinton without any of the bad ex hippie Clinton.

120. marisacat - 14 December 2007


think they have a thousand ways to minimise a win, esp a thin win, in Iowa.

LOL all those years they worked to sell that we NEEDED a S W M, Southern WHite Male to win.

Now we are to play patty cake with a black from Illinois and Hawaii and Indonesia and and… or a carpet baggering former First Lady from ARk, Illinois and NY.

and the base just follows along, watching the bouncing ball.

121. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

Edwards vs. Huckabee

People might actually die from overdosing on southern folksiness.

122. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 December 2007
123. BooHooHooMan - 14 December 2007

HC’s #111 – savvy parallel between BO and BC with the centrist law prof observation….

I think the only role for Left Activists now is agitation…

124. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 December 2007


By Representatives and Members of the Judiciary Committee:
Robert Wexler (D-FL), Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), and Tammy Baldwin (D-WI)

On November 7, the House of Representatives voted to send a resolution of impeachment of Vice President Cheney to the Judiciary Committee. As Members of the House Judiciary Committee, we strongly believe these important hearings should begin.

The issues at hand are too serious to ignore, including credible allegations of abuse of power that if proven may well constitute high crimes and misdemeanors under our constitution. The charges against Vice President Cheney relate to his deceptive actions leading up to the Iraq war, the revelation of the identity of a covert agent for political retaliation, and the illegal wiretapping of American citizens.

Now that former White House press secretary Scott McClellan has indicated that the Vice President and his staff purposefully gave him false information about the outing of Valerie Plame Wilson as a covert agent to report to the American people, it is even more important for Congress to investigate what may have been an intentional obstruction of justice. Congress should call Mr. McClellan to testify about what he described as being asked to “unknowingly [pass] along false information.” In addition, recent revelations have shown that the Administration including Vice President Cheney may have again manipulated and exaggerated evidence about weapons of mass destruction — this time about Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

Some of us were in Congress during the impeachment hearings of President Clinton. We spent a year and a half listening to testimony about President Clinton’s personal relations. This must not be the model for impeachment inquires. A Democratic Congress can show that it takes its constitutional authority seriously and hold a sober investigation, which will stand in stark contrast to the kangaroo court convened by Republicans for President Clinton. In fact, the worst legacy of the Clinton impeachment – where the GOP pursued trumped up and insignificant allegations – would be that it discourages future Congresses from examining credible and significant allegations of a constitutional nature when they arise.

The charges against Vice President Cheney are not personal. They go to the core of the actions of this Administration, and deserve consideration in a way the Clinton scandal never did. The American people understand this, and a majority support hearings according to a November 13 poll by the American Research Group. In fact, 70% of voters say that Vice President Cheney has abused his powers and 43% say that he should be removed from office right now. The American people understand the magnitude of what has been done and what is at stake if we fail to act. It is time for Congress to catch up.

Some people argue that the Judiciary Committee can not proceed with impeachment hearings because it would distract Congress from passing important legislative initiatives. We disagree. First, hearings need not tie up Congress for a year and shut down the nation. Second, hearings will not prevent Congress from completing its other business. These hearings involve the possible impeachment of the Vice President – not our commander in chief – and the resulting impact on the nation’s business and attention would be significantly less than the Clinton Presidential impeachment hearings. Also, despite the fact that President Bush has thwarted moderate Democratic policies that are supported by a vast majority of Americans — including children’s health care, stem cell research, and bringing our troops home from Iraq — the Democratic Congress has already managed to deliver a minimum wage hike, an energy bill to address the climate crisis and bring us closer to energy independence, assistance for college tuition, and other legislative successes. We can continue to deliver on more of our agenda in the coming year while simultaneously fulfilling our constitutional duty by investigating and publicly revealing whether or not Vice President Cheney has committed high crimes and misdemeanors.

Holding hearings would put the evidence on the table, and the evidence – not politics – should determine the outcome. Even if the hearings do not lead to removal from office, putting these grievous abuses on the record is important for the sake of history. For an Administration that has consistently skirted the constitution and asserted that it is above the law, it is imperative for Congress to make clear that we do not accept this dangerous precedent. Our Founding Fathers provided Congress the power of impeachment for just this reason, and we must now at least consider using it.

125. BooHooHooMan - 14 December 2007

I dunno , HC,—-Edwards could sing, Huckabee on Bass
there’s gotta be a few good band names there…

Millworker and Minister LIVE at the Zembo…

[lobbing softball right over the plate…]

I’ve got to step out for some stogeys…..

126. Miss Devore - 14 December 2007

122–saw that thing on the paper-shredding–yeah—–shredding all the docs before the Dems can complete their “hearings.”

I left my IMPEACH sign at my old place–not that I thought it would stay up. I do have a porch, though not a high trafficked neighborhood. But then a miniature lightbulb went off in my head: I can do IMPEACH in xmas lights here.

BHHM, stepping out again…..

127. marisacat - 14 December 2007

forgot to mention, Bill will be on with Charlie Rose tonight.

for those with intestinal fortitude. Or something.

128. marisacat - 14 December 2007

I can do IMPEACH in xmas lights here.

what a great idea… take a picture!

129. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 December 2007

Translated Hillary Clinton

“You already know I’m a backstabbing hack who will do nothing for you. You already know that the Military Industrial Complex owns me, AIPAC owns me, that I will sell out my gender for power, and screw over the poor, the defenseless, the powerless, so vote for me.

Thank you in advance for your submission. After all, what are you going to do, vote Republican?”

130. Intermittent Bystander - 14 December 2007

Quick FYI – Olbermann is on Moyer’s Journal tonight. He’s got a book of “special comments” out, apparently, but watching this duo is interesting so far.

Pieces on media conglomeration issues and some sort of a bit on politics, racism and the Double O Presidential Hallelujuah Show will apparently follow.

131. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

Considering what they used to use the Roman Colosseum for this is a strange gesture indeed.


132. Miss Devore - 14 December 2007

131-interesting. but nice, too.

133. Intermittent Bystander - 14 December 2007

I can do IMPEACH in xmas lights here.

what a great idea… take a picture!


134. Intermittent Bystander - 14 December 2007

Marginalizing and neutralizing racial issues sez
Dr. Ronald Waters on Moyers
(on Obamara).

Good FCC piece – Massing of the Media, too.

135. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 December 2007
136. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 December 2007

The Olbermann interview is pretty interesting.

137. Miss Devore - 14 December 2007

Ok. I’ll try to do an xmas special.

there might even be ice-skating.

(as opposed to ICE-raiding.)

138. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 December 2007

The Post-Theological Umbrella

This question of atheism, and specifically how the public’s poor image of atheists makes the advancement of humanism difficult, became a topic of discussion with a friend at a recent conference. Her response pointed to a third way to address the issue: “When people ask me about atheism,” she said, “I just tell them I consider myself post-theological.”

How brilliant, I thought. Rather than discuss and debate the existence of God, she focuses attention on the concept of theology itself. She dismisses not God, but the entire notion of theology as an area of inquiry that is worthy of consideration. By calling herself post-theological, she isn’t making the rejection of God-belief the key ingredient in her identity; she is pointing out that, from a historical perspective, theological inquiry itself is no longer a valid means of finding truth or morality.

In fact, my friend’s historical view of theology is accurate. Before humans reached the level of intelligence necessary for theological inquiry, our ancestors were in what might be called the “pre-theological” stage. Like other animals, our distant ancestors lacked the intelligence necessary to achieve theological thought. But at some point in our historical development humans became intelligent enough to ask deep questions about the world, such as: How did we get here? Who made this place? Why does the sun rise, and why does lightning strike? What happens to us when we die? These are big questions that can only be asked by an animal with remarkable intelligence.

Interestingly, though the human animal became smart enough to ask such deep questions, it wasn’t smart enough to answer them accurately. And that’s where theology came in. Lacking true scientific knowledge to answer these deep questions, humans instead speculated, inventing myths, superstitions, and tribal doctrines to provide answers. In doing so, they left the pre-theological stage and entered the theological stage of their development.

It’s noteworthy that humans aren’t the first animals to reach the theological stage. Scientists tell us that our older cousins, the Neanderthals, buried their dead and had religious relics that suggest that they also asked deep questions that required theological answers. Hence, we can see that theological speculation is a natural stage in the development of extremely advanced animals.

It’s also noteworthy that theology, once invented, had significant survival value as a human institution. That is, the religious rituals and beliefs of a clan or tribe became imbedded in its culture, helping to bind the in-group together and separate it from out-groups that had different beliefs and rituals. And as human organization and civilization changed, becoming more complex, theological concepts have been able to adapt and change as well, always serving numerous social and political purposes. This process continues even today.

From pre-theological to theological, the human species still faces another stage in its development. As it continues to acquire knowledge and understanding of the universe, the human animal finds that it is answering many of the deep questions that were once left to religious speculation–questions of universal origins, natural history, the development of life, and the explanation of natural phenomena. In fact, having filled many of the gaps in knowledge that were once explained by religion, and having confidence that the remaining gaps can be explained without religious superstition as well, some humans now conclude that the entire theological approach no longer has relevance. Such humans are reaching the post-theological stage.

From the standpoint of a humanist activist, it’s important to recognize that the post-theological view is one that focuses on the big picture, not the singular issue of the existence or nonexistence of a divinity. In fact, the post-theological view can even acknowledge the psychological inclinations that are common in a still-theological society, where religious belief has traditionally been widespread. Since the vast majority of us grew up in households that were theological, we recognize that the transition from the theological mindset to the post-theological mindset isn’t easily made, at a personal level or societal level.

Because of this recognition, and because the post-theological view is not one that must overtly attack the notion of God itself, the umbrella of post-theological identity can be a big one. As the 2001 ARIS survey showed, very few who were raised in our theologically inclined society will openly accept the “atheist” identity, even though over 13 percent will identify as not religious. But it’s likely that many who aren’t religious would gladly accept the term post-theological as a less threatening alternative.

In fact, one can even have a post-theological outlook while acknowledging a personal psychological tendency to sympathize with theistic notions. So long as one recognizes those notions for what they are–psychological leftovers from the recent past–one can associate with the post-theological movement without a feeling of inconsistency.

Interesting idea, but I still have a hard time not pointing out that falling back on imaginary friends is stupid.

BTW, I got funny looks on the bus when I laughed at loud at Mike Huckabee whining on “All Things Considered” about:

The interesting thing is that there seems to be a great deal more attention on … really, an intense scrutiny on the details of my faith, than there is on anybody else’s, including Mitt Romney’s. Every day there is some new nuance about the Baptist faith, some statement I made 15, 20, 25 years ago that gets a lot of attention.

Shut the fuck up about it, you nut, and we’ll quit making fun of it.


139. marisacat - 14 December 2007


prolly due to the anti capital punishment tenet of the EU — and Italy, esp in parts, is VERY anti death penalty. There is an org headquartered in a neighborhood in Rome (I forget its name) that campaigns globally against the death penalty. They adopt prisoners on death row…

140. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 December 2007

I think the use of the partially collapsed Colosseum as a perfect symbol for becoming more civilized is perfect.

141. Intermittent Bystander - 14 December 2007

135 – LOL.

Go New Jersey! Go Rome! Go Methuseleh!
( I’m sure many Pan-American Heathens crossed all their paws and fronds.)

For Walter: Piano Recital with Nora the Cat. Top vid is a duet with a human at two pianos; bottom vid is a very fetching solo. (Via another French blog, La Diva Divague. )

142. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

I think the use of the partially collapsed Colosseum as a perfect symbol for becoming more civilized is perfect

All the wingnuts whining in that nj.com thread about how they’ve been victimized by the evil liberals who repealed the same death penalty are probably the same people who post photos of executions in Iran to prove how EVIL Muslims are.

143. BooHooHooMan - 14 December 2007

Holy Toledo

Picked up by CNN , almost Crickets otherwise…….

People should be able to have their meltdowns in peace, but it kindof speaks to the unholy allliance, this piece….

144. BooHooHooMan - 14 December 2007

Oh I should add, above, re Karyn McConnell-Hancock, she’s been charged in what is being ref’d now as a
“kidnapping Hoax” ….see if the Boyos call off the search team…

145. Intermittent Bystander - 14 December 2007

Thanks for the link fix, MCat.

Re: the Coliseum. I was thinking it looked like a semi-collapsed cake. Antique bakery rubble, Miss Havisham style.

Cheers to the Sant’Egidio Community; nice they’ve got keys to the place!

146. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 December 2007

Oprah & Obama: Corporate Marketing for a Corporate Campaign

Two of the best marketers in the U.S. teamed up for a three-state weekend extravaganza of vapid, substance-devoid entertainment posing as presidential politics. Oprah Winfrey – a certified genius of self-salesmanship – and the faux progressive, fraudulent anti-war candidate Barack Obama wowed crowds in South Carolina, Iowa and New Hampshire in a mega-media celebration of celebrity, itself. Political theater has devolved to theater without politics. Corporate “journalists” behave like sports “color” commentators, minus real stats and facts. Next stop: Broadway – if the world doesn’t explode before curtain-time.

147. Intermittent Bystander - 14 December 2007

Colosseum, I mean!

Spelling bee loses to impulsive, no-see-um sort of thing.

148. Intermittent Bystander - 14 December 2007

Link to AP story on false abduction charge: Attorney Charged in Fake Abduction Case.

Hancock was reported missing Dec. 5 and was found three days later after she flagged down a motorist near Six Flags in Austell, Ga. Her car was found nearby.

She told authorities that a man with a gun abducted her in downtown Toledo and forced into the back of a van, police said. She recanted the story Monday after meeting with investigators for about eight hours.

Investigators said she drove by herself to the Atlanta area and they don’t think her husband or anyone else knew what she was doing.

Hancock’s father, C. Allen McConnell, is a Toledo Municipal Court judge, and her husband is bishop of Final Harvest Church.

Note to self: Avoid visits to any churches with the name of Final Harvest

149. Intermittent Bystander - 14 December 2007

BTW – If anyone needs a French, Italian and Spanish Dictionary bookmark, this one has worked pretty well for me: WordReference.com. I think it’s got Portuguese/Spanish translations, too. Scroll down for forum links, if the word’s under discussion.

150. Intermittent Bystander - 14 December 2007

Sorry, AP story here:

151. Intermittent Bystander - 14 December 2007

Also, imagine your the run of the mill suburban American. You’re mildly racist maybe but nothing that intense. Now you’ve got a black guy you wouldn’t mind your daughter marrying that much. You can tell her to dump the pathetic gangsta wannabee because it’s not about race. It’s about “class”. You’d be happy if she’d go out with someone like Obama.

And so on and so on.

Well said. The Moyers interview with Waters was all about how both O’s real constituencies were reachable white people.

152. Intermittent Bystander - 14 December 2007

One more thought on Christmas lights, art projects, and illuminations: howzabout an Xmas drive to supply that subversive graffitist Smithee?

153. Intermittent Bystander - 14 December 2007

Just caught a few seconds of Bill C on Charlie R. Looking a little stressed and peeved, as second fiddler.

154. Intermittent Bystander - 14 December 2007

There it is – not First Laddie – Second Fiddler!

155. BooHooHooMan - 14 December 2007

So much good stuff there On BAR from madman’s link above…

More Dixon…

“Over the years,” Oprah told her mostly white Iowa audience Dec. 9, “I’ve voted for as many Republicans as I have Democrats.” A smart marketer, Winfrey knows her audience. Working from the same script before an overwhelmingly black South Carolina crowd two days later she wisely dropped that line, and like Hillary Clinton in front of an African American audience, Oprah shifted into a noticeably blacker cadence than the one used in Iowa and New Hampshire.

156. Intermittent Bystander - 14 December 2007

I’ll shut up now. G’Night!

157. marisacat - 14 December 2007

in the west we get Moyers at 10 PT, NOw at 11 and Charlie comes on here at midnight… tho with endless fundraising (3rd if not 4th month – it is just a blur, round the clock and all night) it will all run later then today’s published schedule.

158. BooHooHooMan - 14 December 2007

What’sthis Danby’s Third nom on Dailykos by my count…..He posted as Major Danby also got tripped up working for a campaign…

The funny thing is the guys tip jar has a link to ActBlue perheps the sole purpose of the Drama….

Goodbye from Danby (and “I’ll see you later” from Greg)
by Major Danby
Fri Dec 14, 2007 at 05:28:57 PM PST

I made a terrible mistake, a few weeks after Katrina, when I registered for an account on Daily Kos. I don’t mean my signing up for it per se; being here has been a great experience. I mean the too-casual decision of what handle to use. I had not realized that my choice of name would be affixed to that account more indelibly than a tattoo, nor that I would hesitate to give up my modest 65K UID for something higher and less “prestigious”. I’ve been threatening[WTF ??? -BHHM ] to change my name for more than a year, but one thing or another kept getting in the way. Finally, the time has come.

Christ, I don’t even get a blowjob out of this

Strangely enough, I can best do so by quoting Peppermint Patty……”Don’t call me ‘sir’!”

Being a member of the military carries with it a certain cachet, an implication of expertise, a demand for respect, and the opportunity to surprise people by taking anti-war positions that may seem to be counterintuitive given such a background. I did not intentionally seek out those effects; again, I was just honoring a character I like and a book I love. But people reading me here have often afforded me that status and the positive baggage that comes with it. I can’t accept it anymore; I don’t like the notion that it may be taken as a sign of disrespect to our military.

Peppermint Patty?
Good Grief.
Then the Tools Tip Jar…

I will not be staying around to comment (125+ / 0-)

Recommended by:…..[ Well,125 fucking morons or six or seven earnest posters and THEIR sockpuppets..–BHHM]

Having made this break, it’s best not to linger on it. (So if you’ve ever wanted to get the last word in a discussion with me, this is your chance!) Just assume that I’d be recommending your comments if I were here. I’m going to go play with my kids and let this scroll down on a slow Friday night.

I should say also that plans for a big new website that I once proposed as Danby are still in the making, so watch for them!

And, finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t invite you to click this link.
[..which he had hypertex’t to ActBlue..-BHHM ]

[Snip, snip, fucking snip….]

159. marisacat - 14 December 2007

From here forward IOZ is on a rolllllllllll, the first is one of his lovely little belles lettres… and then if you want to keep reading you can just click on “newer posts” to keep reading.

Somewhere in the roll, he again takes on Digby…


160. BooHooHooMan - 14 December 2007

Danby , Litterally a Candy Ass Poseur…

161. BooHooHooMan - 14 December 2007

Cries ‘Mid-Flush in the Tidy Bowl

I Demand A Refund
by Turtle Bay
Fri Dec 14, 2007 at 08:52:24 PM PST

The following is the text of my letter to my Senator, Charles Schumer, chairman of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee:

* Turtle Bay’s diary :: ::

Dear Senator Schumer,

Shortly after last year’s election–congratulations on that, by the way–I sent the DSCC a check for $100.
I would like my money back, please.

I admit that when I gave to the DSCC, it was with the understanding that there were no strings attached. But it was also with the understanding that my party’s leaders would not betray my party’s principles.

It is no light thing to accuse someone of being a traitor to their cause. But how many polite excuses can be made for what has happened, for what you, and my other leaders, have allowed in my name? I am afraid that I have run out of rationalizations.

The 60 votes. Those damn 60 votes. How many have died because of the lie of the 60 votes? And it is a lie, sir, there can be no question about that. We don’t need 60 votes to end the war, Senator.They need 60 votes to keep us from ending the war.

If this works (5+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
Turtle Bay, beemerr90s, Pluto, nonnie9999, redhaze

please let me know.

I could certainly use my money back to spend on something more valuable.

Like some sort of jello mold, or maybe a commemorative set of trivets.

Passive Ranting

by TheBlaz on Fri Dec 14, 2007 at 08:54:02 PM PST

162. BooHooHooMan - 14 December 2007

Night all…

163. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

Interesting. The absolute hostility wingnut bloggers like Michelle Malkin and LGF have for Mike Huckabee makes me wonder if they’re not Romney or Rudy operatives.

Why burn bridges like this with a (very conservative) Xtian hawk like Huckabee. I can see why they’d hate Ron Paul (he’d cut aid to Israel) but Huckabee.

I’ve always believed that these far right wing blogs are more tightly controlled than the liberal blogs are. Remember when LGF and Malkin when ballastic over Kos’s remark over the toasted Blackwater mercenaries? I’m betting lots of these people (Blackwater, Hill and Knowlton, Booz Allen, etc.) have right wing bloggers on the payroll.

If Huckabee’s threatening Romney, that’s going to piss off Romney’s campaign adviser Copher Black. Huckabee’s still a turn obviously but this whole I don’t heart Huckabee trend on the neocon blogs says alot.

164. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

“still a turd” that is

165. melvin - 14 December 2007

163– I think it’s just that he is in his own christtard way an independent. Insufficiently mobbed up with the usual crowd, you might say.

166. melvin - 14 December 2007

161– Please picture me rolling on the floor. I have a gut ache now, thanks a lot.

167. marisacat - 14 December 2007

they could be Club for Growth operatives, don’t even need to hook up with a candidate.

They oppose anyone who ever raised any tax by a penny… and imo are full on nutters.

168. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

I mean gosh, Huckabee’s an Xtian fundy who thinks anybody who hasn’t accepted Jebus as his/her personal savior is going straight to hell but it’s still not enough.


The more I hear from Huckabee, the more I see Jimmy Carter. Who is supporting this guy anyway?

169. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007



As much as I dislike Ann Couters tatics she is right Huckabee is the Republican’s Jimmy Carter KBird on December 14, 2007 at 11:21 PM

170. Hair Club for Men - 14 December 2007

Ha Ha

171. marisacat - 14 December 2007

port in the storm


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