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a bit and a thread…………. [updated] 21 December 2007

Posted by marisacat in 2006 Mid Terms, 2008 Election, AFRICOM, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Iran, Iraq War, Israel/AIPAC, Lie Down Fall Down Dems.

  Brendan Smialowski Getty Images
      Brendan Smialowski Getty Images

“The reason she ought to be president, over and above her vision and her plans is that she has proven in every position she has ever had in life, whether it was in elected office or not, that she is a world-class genius in making positive changes in other people’s lives,” he said.

LOL – what can you do but laugh?  I have pondered this… with Obama compared to RFK as well as Lincoln – why no Eleanor for Hillary?  You know they compare her to Eleanor amongst themselves…. They musta polled and it did not do well.

Another snip:

Clinton stuck mostly to familiar themes in two hour-long appearances Thursday, describing at length what he views as the nation’s biggest challenges. Nearly 15 minutes into his first speech, he added almost as an afterthought that “everything I’m saying here is my wife’s position, not just mine.”


David Corn says with cash and a will to go on, we have – most likely – a slugfest on our hands.  Seems logical.  We KNOW we have slugs.

If he is not blown away by her in the final results, he will be able to carry on. Both Obama and Clinton have plenty of money. And campaigns tend to peter out only when the well gets dry. So Clinton and Obama will continue on to New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, and Super Duper Tuesday, a.k.a February 5, when 20-plus states will have primaries or caucuses.

The race could turn into a real slugfest. (Think of one of those Rocky movies.)

I never found a good solution for slugs, not salt, not a pan of beer.  All tht worked for me was collection, gathering them up, each in a plastic baggie and into the trash.  Asphixiation, basically…

Just as a flashback, the tally in Iowa in 2004 was 36 % for Kerry, then 25 for Edwards and 18 for Dean.  I don’t remember the details of the last DMR poll prior to caucus night, but I do recall it did not indicate that was coming.  Polls schmolls.


UPDATE, 11:03 pm – on a cold winter’s night…

I caught Harry Reid on TNH today and, as a xmas miracle, the transcrpt is up on a Friday night before the holiday:

SEN. HARRY REID (D-NV), Senate Majority Leader: Thank you very much for allowing me to be on your show.

It was all downhill from there... but, in light of an essay I read at HuffPo, there is a telling passage from Reid:

It was us, the Democrats, who realized that parents shouldn’t be buying armor and sending it to Iraq for their sons and daughters, so we pushed, and we got body armor.

We’re the ones that pushed for up-armoring the Humvees and other vehicles. We are the ones that put in the budget we just passed $3.7 billion more for veterans.

Of course, being reduced to this as “accomplishments” is admission of massive failure (in anything approaching a just world, that is), of the miltary apparatus, the congress and the country.

Some telling passages from Bromwich at Huffpo:

And then? The Democrats sat, and watched, and waited. They talked about their social policies. They knew if they waited long enough, the next move on Iraq would be the president’s; and this apparently was what they wanted. They knew that his next move would be to widen the war. They had decided by February that they would not stop him.


Those who appeared most consequential in the scene were not the real movers. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi can hardly have carried as much weight in these larger deliberations as Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel. Senator Clinton outranked Senator Reid in fame, fortune, and influence; she was the apparent candidate by acclamation for the presidential race in 2008; and her desires, however conveyed, would count for more than those of an obscure and hesitant lawmaker.

Rahm Emanuel had taken credit for the winning election strategy of 2006. Ascending with the majority, he avoided the substantial issue of Iraq, and addressed the need to get the best armor for the soldiers already there. Emanuel talked about armor, and soon Pelosi was talking about armor. All the while, on the floor of the Senate and in public speeches, Hillary Clinton gave her best energies to free the president to go after Iran.

If the Clinton-Emanuel axis is indeed a more accurate clue to the workings of the party than Reid-Pelosi [oh they just wring their hands and front for the others — Mcat], one may well ask what guided the accommodation of the Bush policy through 2007 by the de facto leaders of the opposition.

 Sold down the river, and we all know it…

Four superbases, we were told in 2003, were to be built for Americans in Iraq, but now there are five or six. As Clinton and Emanuel know, those bases are meant to be permanent.

They will not be used only to secure Iraq and intimidate Iran, but to harry Russia by way of the friendly belt of former republics, and to raise a bulwark against the growing power of China. The missile interceptors we want to install in Poland and the radar station in the Czech Republic, about which Vladimir Putin was said to be unreasonably exercised, could indeed seem, to a suspicious eye, part of the same broad strategy. Camp Bondsteel, built on 955 acres in Kosovo, might also be supposed to make some contribution.

The vice president is not the only American who does not want the Cold War to be over.

To judge by the votes of the 110th Congress, and by what has and has not been said on the campaign trail, some understandings are now clearly in place. The main agreement concerns what is not to be said. If either Clinton or Obama [no need to limit the situation to just The Two  — Mcat] is the Democratic nominee, and if no new insurgency erupts, the Iraq war will drop away completely as an issue of the presidential race in 2008. 

Poor Harry… think the band on his Everlasts broke:

The only way we can get things done is working together. When we get things done, there’s credit for everybody. But I repeat what I said earlier in the show: Everything we’ve tried has been blocked.

We’ve had 62 filibusters that have stopped us from moving forward. We’ve had to work around all that. It’s very difficult to do.

And I’m glad to have Mitch [McConnell] saying that he thinks things are better. I appreciate that very much. I want to work together. I want to work with the White House; I want to work with the Republicans in the Senate.

And I hope that the things work out better next year. If it doesn’t, it certainly won’t be because I haven’t tried.

This nation talks of success, victory, power, dominion of all kinds over the world, engages in self-aggrandisement all day long, but the the reverberating echoes of the defeat, now and to come, is deafening.

I caught Barbara Lee the other day, catching her in the middle of a floorspeech, talking of “the war”, “the genocide”, “the starvation”, “the displacement” – in Darfur.  The Out of Iraq members in the house should disband and apologise for being used as a side show.

If we are not being broken in, and down, for war then we are being set up for war

[D]ebunking the claims of a “genocide against blacks” or an “Islamic holy-war” against Christians, Darfur’s Arab and black African ethnic groups have intermarried for centuries, and nearly everyone is Muslim. The “Save Darfur” campaign is deeply aligned with Jewish and Christian faith-based organizations in the United States, Canada, Europe and Israel. These groups have relentlessly campaigned for Western military action, demonizing both Sudan and China, but they have never addressed Western military involvement—backing factions on all sides. By mobilizing constituencies sympathetic to the “genocide” label and the cries of “never again” they do a grave disservice to the cause of human rights.::snip::

     Nasser Nasser for AP via msnbc 
        Nasser Nasser for the AP, via MSNBC




1. BooHooHooMan - 21 December 2007

May I? [..just posted at end of thread, after the Blockbuster Delaware Dullard / Hillarious endorsement](also, thanks Miss D)



And Jason, – don’t poop yourself – its already cached and archived a hundred times over—- Its the screeshot we’ve been WAITING for…


2. BooHooHooMan - 21 December 2007

Misogynist Whackjobs for Hillary!

3. BooHooHooMan - 21 December 2007

Dailykos- reflecting the Best Values of “The Movement”…
……………going back to 2003.

4. marisacat - 21 December 2007

what a hoot. Yes DD SO supported who was it? Obama? He’s been a Hillary Boy all along… that would be my guess.

BTW IOZ on a roll. For days.. I don’t even know where to begin.

The slight rebuke to yglesias for his great hulking harumph! over Mitt and MLK and Dad… (if only he had just said, my father worked for and marched for civil rights) is a good one…

5. Hair Club for Men - 21 December 2007

So let’s see, Ann Coulter and some Xtian Evangelical Fascist are ripping each other new assholes on the Larry Kudlow show.

LGF and the Ron Paul forums are feuding.

Paleocon vs. Neocon. Xtian Facist vs. Plain old Fascist.

What could be better for progressives?

On the other hand, Hillary is “outing” Obama as a Muslim. The Democratic party has kicked the anti-war faction of the party out of the party. And somewhere some Trotskists are ripping each other to verbal shreds.

It’s a post modern world. Everybody hates everybody.

6. Hair Club for Men - 21 December 2007
7. marisacat - 21 December 2007

omigod… LOL I agree with Stoller:

At best, campaigns are garbage moving in the right direction.

well… not necessarily the “right”direction, but on the move. The garbage that is…


8. marisacat - 21 December 2007


and Colbert is a regular church goer… WWJD. Eh.

9. marisacat - 21 December 2007

Conyers and Ray mcGovern on DemocracyNOW on impeachment…

basically it is snivelling.

Earlier I caught Reid on TNH with Lehrer (don’t think the trampscitp is up yet)… EVEN FOR HIM, it was disgusting. Mealy, begging, fully defeated.

They can win all the seats they want, shove some corporatist into the WH, if they can, but they are deflated, defeated.

Oh yeah “the Republicans are in such disarray”. LOL Still plenty of social conservatives, pro war electeds around. All tha tmatters.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 December 2007

Colbert and Stewart are not, in anyway, “liberal” … they are smarter versions of the usual sorta-libertarian selfish permissive white boys, drunk on their own prerogatives and self-identified open-mindedness, much like Maher.

I like them, they make me laugh, but Jon Stewart is not in any way, shape or form of the political left. He’s maybe of the cultural LIBERAL/PERMISSMIVE, but he’s NO leftist.

Anyway, this made me laugh/sob:

The End of the World

11. Hair Club for Men - 21 December 2007

OK. Completely trivial question.

I keep looking at the “leave Britney alone” (guy?) on the Yahoo mail page.

And I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. Is he serious or is that just an act?

I can’t tell.

12. ms_xeno - 21 December 2007

Was never into Colbert or Stewart. Such a relief. :/

13. Hair Club for Men - 21 December 2007

Was never into Colbert or Stewart.

OK in limited doses.

14. Hair Club for Men - 21 December 2007

Of course they caved pretty easily.

I wonder what Joe McCarthy would have done to Jon Stewart. Probably made him name names so fast it would have made your head spin.

15. Miss Devore - 21 December 2007

I like how the collar of the guy behind bill makes it look like devil horns.

16. marisacat - 22 December 2007

oh my… does meringue rot? A thread of GBCW – with a return – from donk and VeronicatheVik/ST/TBC in there too.


17. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 December 2007

Cindy Sheehan Calls on Reyes to Subpoena Pelosi for Role in CIA Torture Tape Destruction

Washington DC — Congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan has called upon Silvester Reyes to subpoena Nancy Pelosi to testify before Congress on her knowledge of the CIA torture tapes. Reyes, head of the House Intelligence Committee has issued subpoenas to acting CIA general counsel John Rizzo and the former head of the National Clandestine Service, Jose Rodriguez, to testify on January 16th.

“Nancy Pelosi knows what is on those tapes. She should be subpoened to testify to the specific use of torture on the tapes. The public deserves to know why the Bush administration and Ms. Pelosi would both be motivated to have the tapes destroyed,” said Sheehan.

Sheehan, who is calling for Congress to impeach the President, has publicly asked Pelosi to come clean on what she knows of the President’s torture policy.

“Ms. Pelosi was present at the CIA briefings. She knows what they are hiding. Mr. Reyes should also call on Ms. Pelosi to testify.”

Reyes was named to his position as head of the committee by Ms. Pelosi.

18. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 December 2007

Dennis Perrin

I will say this to those who think I have no right to rain on the Chris Dodd parade: If the big libloggers want to shimmy and shout to the heavens about Dodd’s “patriotism,” or strain to see the magical possibilities in Saint Obama, nothing I tap out will hinder them. I don’t have that power, nor would I want it. In my humble view, the American political system is on an irreversible downward slide. The only real question remaining is: How big will the final crash be? Further, what will come after? Given the general madness of our culture, and the ceaseless fantasy state of our political “discourse,” the end result cannot be a positive one, unless you’re into chaos, which, despite whispered rumors, I’m decidedly not. Frankly, I’m frightened, not so much for me, but for my kids. And it’s this nerve-shattering fear that fuels my political/social opinions.

Maybe I’m hallucinating. Maybe I’m out to lunch. I sincerely hope so. I’d rather be a crazy man in the corner screaming and waving my arms than possess any actual insight on the U.S. corporate behemoth — assuming that such a thing exists, of course.

19. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 December 2007
20. raincat100 - 22 December 2007

I happened to catch Reid on the News Hour last night, too. It was so awful I had to turn away.

21. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 December 2007
22. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 December 2007
23. Miss Devore - 22 December 2007

22-time for this again:

24. JJB - 22 December 2007

The Turks have once again attacked Iraqi Kurdistan, this time with bomb strikes and an artillery barrage:

Turkish officials said Saturday’s bombing lasted nearly half an hour, followed by shelling from inside Turkey. It did not specify how deep into Iraqi territory the warplanes penetrated or which areas in Iraq were shelled.

The United States and Iraq have urged Turkey to avoid a major operation against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, in northern Iraq, fearing such an operation would destabilize what has been the calmest region in the country.

Turkish forces have periodically shelled across the border, and have sometimes carried out “hot pursuits” — limited raids on the Iraqi side that sometimes last only a few hours.

A ‘common enemy’

In a Nov. 5 meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President Bush declared the PKK a “common enemy” and promised to share intelligence on the group.

Two days after the first air assault, Turkey sent hundreds of troops into northern Iraq in another operation, but it withdrew them later in the day. The military said those two operations dealt a major blow to the rebels.

Turning our attention to the Presidential campaign, it seems that Rudy Duce’s “flu-like symptoms” were a cover story for what may be far more serious problems:

Rudolph W. Giuliani on Saturday provided the most detailed account yet of the health scare that led to his recent hospitalization, saying that he suffered a “terrible headache” but did not black out, and that his doctor would update his health condition “after Christmas.”

Mr. Giuliani, in an interview to be broadcast Sunday morning on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” on ABC, said that he felt well now and that preliminary tests indicated his prostate cancer had not returned. But he said his doctor would not yet be able to give a detailed update on his medical condition.

“Well, he’s tied up until then and also I’ve got to make sure I get all the cancer tests back, and he’s going to put together a complete picture,” Mr. Giuliani said. “So that he can address himself to the whole thing so people can be assured.”

Asked if he would disclose all his health records after Christmas, Mr. Giuliani said, “He’s going to put out everything that’s appropriate to show that I’m in good health.”

Speaking to reporters after holding a town-hall-style meeting here, Mr. Giuliani said that he had had a bad headache, and that he did not know why his campaign told reporters that he had “flulike symptoms.”

“You’re going to have to ask them,” he said, when asked about their statement. “I’m telling you what actually happened. I had a very, very bad headache. It got worse on the plane. I then got checked out. Went through a lot of tests. All the tests came back 100 percent normal. That’s the bottom line.”

How likely do you think it is that his campaign staffers took it upon themselves to issue a statement that the candidate himself (or his extremely imperious wife) had not authorized?

And in case you’d forgotten just how awful an individual J. Edgar Hoover was:

A newly declassified document shows that J. Edgar Hoover, the longtime director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, had a plan to suspend habeas corpus and imprison some 12,000 Americans he suspected of disloyalty.

Hoover sent his plan to the White House on July 7, 1950, 12 days after the Korean War began. It envisioned putting suspect Americans in military prisons.

Hoover wanted President Harry S. Truman to proclaim the mass arrests necessary to “protect the country against treason, espionage and sabotage.” The F.B.I would “apprehend all individuals potentially dangerous” to national security, Hoover’s proposal said. The arrests would be carried out under “a master warrant attached to a list of names” provided by the bureau.

The names were part of an index that Hoover had been compiling for years. “The index now contains approximately twelve thousand individuals, of which approximately ninety-seven per cent are citizens of the United States,” he wrote.

“In order to make effective these apprehensions, the proclamation suspends the Writ of Habeas Corpus,” it said.

Habeas corpus, the right to seek relief from illegal detention, has been a fundamental principle of law for seven centuries. The Bush administration’s decision to hold suspects for years at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, has made habeas corpus a contentious issue for Congress and the Supreme Court today.

[big snip]

Hoover’s plan was declassified Friday as part of a collection of cold-war documents concerning intelligence issues from 1950 to 1955. The collection makes up a new volume of “The Foreign Relations of the United States,” a series that by law has been published continuously by the State Department since the Civil War.

Hoover’s plan called for “the permanent detention” of the roughly 12,000 suspects at military bases as well as in federal prisons. The F.B.I., he said, had found that the arrests it proposed in New York and California would cause the prisons there to overflow.

So the bureau had arranged for “detention in military facilities of the individuals apprehended” in those states, he wrote.

The prisoners eventually would have had a right to a hearing under the Hoover plan. The hearing board would have been a panel made up of one judge and two citizens. But the hearings “will not be bound by the rules of evidence,” his letter noted.

The only modern precedent for Hoover’s plan was the Palmer Raids of 1920, named after the attorney general at the time. The raids, executed in large part by Hoover’s intelligence division, swept up thousands of people suspected of being communists and radicals.

Previously declassified documents show that the F.B.I.’s “security index” of suspect Americans predated the cold war. In March 1946, Hoover sought the authority to detain Americans “who might be dangerous” if the United States went to war. In August 1948, Attorney General Tom Clark gave the F.B.I. the power to make a master list of such people.

BTW, Tom Clark was later put on the Supreme Court by Truman. His son, Ramsay, later served as Attorney General under LBJ.

25. JJB - 22 December 2007

Just posted a long comment with multiple links that I’m sure went to Moderation or Spam.

26. ms_xeno - 22 December 2007

I’m glad that Supreme Commander Ficus and superlativesole are having such a nice time holding hands in the corner at PFF.

‘Scuse me while I run out to the MegaMart and pick up some of those cute oval tissue boxes with the holographic Xmas decorations on the side.

(snif !)

27. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 December 2007

ahhh, Miss D, Xtian love in the home. Always a pleasure to see a nurturing parent practicing good family values.

28. ms_xeno - 22 December 2007

Madman, that woman is probably one of the cuddly, sweet, deeply misunderstood Weal Amewicans that Ficus wrote about so movingly in his [snerk] farewell to PFFArms.

29. CSTAR - 22 December 2007

Re #7

What is the “right direction” for garbage

Rhetorical question for Stoller I guess

30. marisacat - 22 December 2007

sorry! JJB… got you out of moderation…

31. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 December 2007
32. marisacat - 22 December 2007

LOL Notice to lucid who I think is out of town… but my local liquor store, D & M Wine and Liquor Co on Fillmore St (and they ship) carries the new Absinthe… “Lucid”

at 74.00 a pop.

33. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 December 2007
34. marisacat - 22 December 2007

I read that in the TImes, about the Cats on Rat Patrol and having to hide from the inspectors.

Talk about MISSING THE POINT. Would people rather a near surety that there are rats and whatever else or have a cat, who are notoriously clean… I mean I now have a little dying horror but I still live under her gun, to keep the toileting system we have worked out (plastic sheeting, newsprint and paper toweling – we officially endorse Viva paper towels!) ship shape.

And god knows I have had cats pee outside the box over the years to tell me, fuckit bitch, get a move on. This box is 2 days old. Oh and did I say FU loud enough?

The merchant who said the rats used to run in off the street was a hoot. Apparently the cat scent does work.

35. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 December 2007

forfend that people use natural means to control vermin … better to use deadly poison.

36. Miss Devore - 22 December 2007

32.my brother czeched all local places for absinthe (Lucid & 2 other brands.) sold out everywhere, back-ordered with weeks waiting list.

apparently, everyone wants to be blotto this season.

37. marisacat - 22 December 2007

hmm my local news covered the sell out at the distillery (in the East Bay somewhere, forget wehre) for the West Coast product, forget its name. Sold out in one day and they will not have production ramped up until end of Jan, when they will offer, they say, another 1700 bottles…

38. marisacat - 22 December 2007

IOZ on Greenwald calling out little Ezra Klein…. with ms xeno in the thread…

39. marisacat - 22 December 2007


Once it was about Hillary, but now, of course, it’s about Bill.

Our ubiquitous ex-president is playing his favorite uxorious game, and it goes like this: Let’s create chaos and then get out of it together. You ride to my rescue or I ride to yours. We come within an inch of dying and then recapture the day by the skin of our teeth. While we’re killing ourselves, we blame everyone else. We’ll be heroes.

It worked for Bill and Hillary in ’92 and ’96. It didn’t work in the health care debacle. Will it work in Iowa and New Hampshire?

Just when I thought I was out, the Clintons pull me back into their conjugal psychodrama. ::snip::

40. Miss Devore - 22 December 2007

I’d say its time for a xeno xmas collage.

41. BooHooHooMan - 22 December 2007

Well I’ve really enjoyed all the conversations and the insights from everybody,
but now I take my leave kisses, waves

Having just been informed of the
(second) Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

42. BooHooHooMan - 22 December 2007


Spontaneous combustion or dehydration, yep Merle, I tell ya-
The GOP’s just plum gonna incinerate or dry up and blow away…

43. marisacat - 22 December 2007


link failure alert!

I looked at the edit version, but no hint of the what the URL was…


44. BooHooHooMan - 22 December 2007



Dem Rule Inevitable,
But Maybe not the Presidency..

Pass th Absinthe! And A bowl of Bolivian Flake
the size of gramma’s mashed pataduhs!

45. BooHooHooMan - 22 December 2007

No woriies! They’ll lead from the Hill

The Diarists name? : Pluto

Call me a fuckin’ ambulance…LOL…

46. marisacat - 23 December 2007

Frank Rich on the primary conflab… a few tidbits on her FP advisors… and he quotes from a 2 page handwritten letter he got from Mr Bill…

LOL Jerome winds ’em up with a vid (You Tube I think) of Obamamamama explaining one of his “present” votes, a fairly controversial one.

May they all stumble struggling for the finish line.

47. NYCee - 23 December 2007


Wish I had seen the Nader doc. Meant to but it got washed over by the tide of My Life.

Just grabbed the DN dust-up btw McGovern and Conyers while perusing emails.

God but he is tired – the latter (Latter Day NOT Saint). That relentless flurry of investigations, what a champ, what a guy! Well, the energizer bunny done wound down and keeled over… apparently, the I-word’s Kryptonite to our formerly fightin’ rep from Michigan.

His words, in the transcript, could’ve all been replaced with “blah blah Zzzzzz blah Zzzzzz” and there would have been no damage done to accuracy.

These people are simply breathtaking in their fold-ability.

48. BooHooHooMan - 23 December 2007



New Hampshire Blog Bans Clinton Staffers
By Mike Sachoff – Tue, 12/18/2007 – 10:42am.

Six Usernames Traced To Clinton Campaign

A New Hampshire based Democratic blog has banned six usernames tracked to an IP address belonging to Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign, because they did not say they were involved with the campaign.

The Blue Hampshire blog traced two usernames to the Clinton campaign, along with four usernames that had registered with the blog within minutes of one another that were recommending a pro- Clinton post, according to Dean Barker, managing editor of the blog.


“The fact that all the users mentioned above came from a Clinton campaign IP, but did not register with campaign email addresses, and avoided making comments or diaries, instead only recommending pro-Clinton diaries, strikes us as gaming the system and a form of “recommend astroturf.”

The Clinton campaign told Blue Hampshire that the comments on the blog were not part of an orchestrated effort, but the “product of over-eager staffers and volunteers, done without her awareness, and will not be repeated.”

49. NYCee - 23 December 2007

It’s Just a Big Old Pool Party for Dogs!

Lucky us. We’ve got Xmas every day in NYC! Oh yeah, it’s a Christmas Carol year round here, but ours is revisionist, minus the Scrooge redemption bits.

Ebenezer rules!

Another page from the Vanishing NYC files: Sanctuary for doggy water therapy closing:

Pooches too feeble for the city streets will soon have to go elsewhere if they want help for achy muscles.

The Dog Run, the city’s only water therapy for old and infirm canines will be closing next week to stave off a 50 percent rent hike, even though a dozen or so devoted human companions of the dogs staged an impromptu rally over the weekend


The Dog Run owner, Stacy Alldredge, said she paid $9,000 a month for the facility. She found out last month that the rent was going up to at least $14,000 per month. Dog owners typically pay $45 for a half-hour of one-on-one therapy or $20 for open play time in the pool.

Let Joe explain. See, it’s like this:

Joe Talkiewicz, who owns the building, disputed the idea that business provides a vital neighborhood service.

“As far as I’m concerned it’s just a big old pool party for dogs,” he said. “Chelsea is an up and coming an area. … They know what market value is.

If I were a mean person… I’d be thinking karma for Joe in the New Year might go like this:

Joe, meet dog. Dog, bite Joe. Hard.

PS – They are replacing all the old-timey sidewalk newsstands, dark green painted metal, with slick silver and glass models. We need evermore slick, silver, glass.

NYU continues its blob that ate Manhattan consumption …

And Washington Square Park will become Cher.

50. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2007

great stuff added about the donkle “leadership” above. Reid is so damned pathetic.

51. NYCee - 23 December 2007

Endangered New York

Here’s a smattering of endangered new york sites/photos.

A tour of a flash video and photos can be linked to from the right side of page… I was surprised to see Macys in the photo line up! And of course, this is only a chunk of all that is being decimated. As the voiceover says on the flash, NYC has been special because its physicality offers up “layers of history” (which is exactly as I have seen and appreciated it too). Also endangered, I see, is the 1960’s modern architechtural gem, the G Washington Bridge Bus Station… Wow.

The little free daily, AM New York, has been doing a pretty good job of publicizing what’s been going down. I noticed it in the summer.

Columbia, not to be outdone by NYU, also just won a big expansion bone from the city council. Lots more “glass” and displacement for Harlem. Dislodge the last of the working class neighborhoods… Way to go!

The soulless Giuliani started this, Bloomberg the Billionaire Extrordinare now carries the torch… and our craven city council enables… Ugh.

52. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2007
53. NYCee - 23 December 2007

Oh wait, here’s a page from AMNewYork that has all the links to endangered NY photos, etc. The last one didnt have those, I see.

Coney Island amusement park… gone!

Beautiful churches… gone! (But they will ship the stained glass windows upstate. Hoorah!)

The Chelsea Hotel, endangered.

Trump in Soho with highrise condos, and now on the beach… Jones Beach, a state park beach… but he got in there too.

Isn’t Capitalism on steroids just grand?

Roid rage kills.

54. NYCee - 23 December 2007

Speaking of craven! (#53)

What a plastic bitch she is.

55. NYCee - 23 December 2007

Oh my. Editor! Editor!

The craven bitch ref was to #52

I think I am referring to myself as a craven bitch, as is.

Lawdy… a little self criticism may be in order, but … 🙂

56. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2007
57. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2007

Failure Beyond Finance

What we’re also seeing is a crisis of authority on top of a crisis of capital, and it will probably lead to a crisis of legitimacy — by which I mean a catastrophic loss of faith that this society can govern itself at any level. Leadership across the board has failed, in government, in business, in what used to be called the press, and in education. Leadership in every sector went along with the program, marveling stupidly at their society’s ability to get something for nothing.

The general public did not perform any more honorably — due to whatever failure of civic norms they operate within — and indeed the nation as a whole may deserve all the suffering it faces. But however bad the general public’s behavior, or dark their fate, a failure of civic norms is ultimately a failure of leadership, which is about clearly stating the boundaries and terms of behavior. When anything goes, nothing matters. Since that was our leaders’ attitude, the public did what it naturally does: it follows the example set by leadership.

A brief paragraph about the Great Depression, then he closes:

One difference between then and now is that in 1929 a relative small minority of Americans were involved in stock purchases. Today, a relative large number of ordinary citizens own overpriced houses bought using extraordinarily risky loans, and a large number of institutions such as pension funds, banks, hedge funds, and money markets own fraudulent securities based on these house loans, worth a fraction of their face value. Some other differences this time around: in the background is a “real” economy of depleting natural resources (oil, soils, aquifers, etc) and the systematic disassembly of an industrial manufacturing infrastructure. In the 1930s, many people could return to family farms and get by, even with little money. Today there are far fewer family farms.

The nation is acting just now like a crowd of bystanders watching a car wreck that has nothing to do with them — as though they were just occupying the Nascar grandstand on a particularly bad day. They’ll discover soon that it’s their own society that’s hit the wall out there on the track. It raises the question, under the circumstances, as to whether the next presidential election will have any legitimacy.

58. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2007

NYCee, have you seen this site? Hell, knowing my memory, you probably posted it here for ME to bookmark, but just in case …

59. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2007
60. Miss Devore - 23 December 2007

absinthe militias?


61. raincat100 - 23 December 2007

xmas sweaters:
Look at the photo gallery, too!

the first one is just a killer.

62. ms_xeno - 23 December 2007

I’m sorry, MissD. It’s still all reruns for now. Though one of my vaguely holiday-themed pieces did run on the front of December’s KBOO Program Guide. The radio station promised me a free T-Shirt as payment but I haven’t gone over there to collect it yet.

Please this as a consolation prize. :/

63. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2007

<a href=”http://www.villagevoice.com/generic/show_print.php?id=78685&page=&issue=0751&printcde=MzU5NDA4ODI3NQ==&refpage=L2FkbWluL2VkaXQvZWRpdC5waHA/JmNhc2U9dXBkYXRlJnNlY3Rpb249JmlkPTc4Njg1Jmlzc3VlPTA3NTEmbXNnPQ==”Another kind of 9/11 victim, Narinder Singh spent more than five years locked up for no crime at all

In the spring of 2002, in the fervid months after the 9/11 attacks, Singh flew to India, where his mother had just died. When he returned, an immigration official at JFK suspected that his marriage was a sham to gain permanent-resident status, and he began proceedings to deport Singh. Because Singh had been questioned in an airport—technically crossing a border—immigration law allowed for Singh to be detained indefinitely as his case made its way through the system. As immigration officials lost his paperwork for months, or sent his case to other jurisdictions, Singh was transferred from one facility to the next, waiting for what was always supposed to be a few more months until everything would work out. Without having committed a single crime, Singh ultimately spent five and a half years in what amounts to federal prison—one of the longest detention spells in recent history.

Singh’s story emerges at a time when the nation’s immigrant-detention system has been rocked with burgeoning scandals. As the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) struggles to process 275,000 annual detainees, critics and government inspectors have deplored the unsanitary conditions and the lack of due process at detention facilities around the country. Twelve months ago, the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General issued a report that detailed the inhumane conditions, substandard medical care, vermin, and undercooked food found at five randomly sampled detention centers, including two in New Jersey. This summer, ICE officials acknowledged that 64 immigrants had died in detention since 2004, many for lack of adequate health care. Last month, an ICE agent was arrested on charges that he raped a Jamaican detainee. And in a particularly sensational case, ICE officials recently dragged a Honduran immigrant from her infant, who was still breast-feeding. The incident prompted agency head Julie Myers to order the woman’s release and to issue new guidelines prohibiting the detention of new mothers if they don’t represent a flight risk.

64. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2007



65. ms_xeno - 23 December 2007

Sorry. Should read “please accept.”

…”Santa” was Joe Walsh, a Veterans for Peace member and sparkplug for regulars in red impeachment shirts responding to the Oregon congressman’s refusal to co-sponsor Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s HRes 799 to impeach Vice President Cheney.

Blumenauer has indicated seniority on the House Ways & Means committee is more important than his oath of office and the Constitution despite Democratic state and his district’s leaders recent demands he co-sponsor impeachment. In his only town hall meeting with constituents during the fall recess, he ignored impeachment demands by 40 out of 45 speakers and a packed audience on its feet chanting “Impeach Now!” His excuse up to recently has been the eight-point mantra ordered by House Democratic leadership and the Democratic Leadership Council to explain why they want impeachment off the table… — David Swanson at After Downing St., 12/22/07

Think anyone in Kosdagontrioscafeland will post this ?

Oh, and on Pandagon Amanda says she “used to be a Republican.” At IOZ’s pad, there’s an anonymous defender of anti-choice beliefs because, hey, it was okay with Orwell and it’s okay with Hentoff and until last year all the feminists hated it.

Here I am, stuck in the middle with you. :/

66. raincat100 - 23 December 2007

#63 MitM, that story is so shameful.

Thanks for the link on Newgrange. I was there 20 years ago. Truly awesome.

67. NYCee - 23 December 2007

Thanks a bunch for reminding me, Madman.

I will now bookmark. I did post that here, you probably got it then. Along with another good site of the same ilk that I’ll have to sniff out again.

Honestly, we just never hear about this stuff because we are just about as third rail as on Israel when it comes to reportage on Capitalism’s hurt to the middle and lower earners and our collective soul. Think of how even after the corporate news channels found it okay to bark against the Iraq war – a year(s) late and a dollar (billions) short, of course – they still remain curiously voiceless about the relentless war waged against the non wealthy (and even some wealthy with conscience and soul), whether on issues of bread & butter or food for the soul.

We just wrap around the Dow, then and now.

68. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2007

When I drove my rented uhaul across the GWB a little over four years ago, I was heartbroken. NYC was probably the first place I ever felt myself, and I hated leaving it, in spite of the already obvious slide into the world’s biggest gated community (Manhattan, anyway).

I really don’t think I could stand to go back to what Wall St. and Guilianni and Bloomberg have turned it into, not to live there, anyway. Wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway.

69. marisacat - 23 December 2007

Oh, and on Pandagon Amanda says she “used to be a Republican

oh what a shock. Think I need a cool towel for my head and a fainting couch.

70. marisacat - 23 December 2007

hmm when I was a child going to NYC with my mother in the 50s depending on her mood, I remember her holding myhand and nearly weeping on some corner or in front of some vacant lot. For what used to be there…

There is an old photography book from the early 70s, called Lost New York *… ti is somewhere in the house, a companion to it, Lost London

Plenty gone, for a long time…

* hmmm I see it was updated and expanded in 2000 originally published in ’68

71. marisacat - 23 December 2007

lifted this off the Mike Allen/politico email:

-David Broder column closes with Obama’s closing line on the stump, “Let’s go change the world”: “[I]t sounds as if he means it. In every audience I have seen, there is a jolt of pure electric energy at those words. Tears stain some cheeks – and some people look a little thunderstuck.”

LOL I need a strong cup of coffee… to wash that down.

72. ms_xeno - 23 December 2007

I get teary thinking of Obama. Just not for the expected reasons. :p

As for Marcotte, well, much of her current content is no doubt dictated for her by senior ops. She’ll say whatever they tell her to say whether it’s true or not, most likely. Perhaps they want her to be an ex-Republican so they can flog her book and their candidates to other ex-Republicans. May it do them good. Certainly Leftists, the real ones, are of no interest to them except as punching bags. Bon Chance.

I think the guy who runs the California Greening blog has also mentioned being a one-time Republican. Gosh. Maybe I should introduce them. I bet they’d have lots to talk about. [snerk]

73. BooHooHooMan - 23 December 2007

Since they have no ban on executing the retarded online, Laddie has just taken some years of his blog life…

Calling out Jerome Armstrong’s bullsh*t
by PsiFighter37
Sun Dec 23, 2007 at 08:13:56 AM PST

I used to be an avid reader of MyDD. It was the website to go to for thoughtful political analysis. In particular, under the stewardship of Chris Bowers and Matt Stoller (both of whom now blog at Open Left), the blog reached national prominence for projects such as Google Bombing, as well as its full-hearted support for candidates such as Ned Lamont. [Oh it gets better-BHHM]

That being said, it is unquestionable that the quality of MyDD has declined since it devolved into Astroturf Central for the various supporters of the 2008 presidential candidates. However, what is more disturbing is the distinct, somewhat irrational hostility towards Barack Obama that belies the front-page posts on the senator by MyDD’s proprietor, Jerome Armstrong. For one of the co-authors of Crashing The Gate, it seems that Armstrong has a distinct “Anyone But Obama” mentality – even though Obama’s campaign exemplifies the best qualities of a progressive grassroots movement.

They’re PAID Shills , Jackass!
Power to the People!

74. marisacat - 23 December 2007

ugh I admit I don’t go to Dkos… maybe see the FP once in a couple months, I do follow links to comments and diaries that are posted here…. the FP is just OVERWHELMINGLY awful and best skipped…


I am thrilled that the Mydd boyos split. Small sites, easy to scan (and when lucky CA Nurses have a diary up too!!) and they are loons, Armstrong, Bowers, esp. Stoller I remember when he made more sense, and wrote better, so a pity.

But, all gone. Drain… and off to the sewer. One of their high points was the Mr Bill lunch in Harlem. Bow wow.

And from what I hear PsiFighter is an operative in training. So he should slap himself. Twice.

75. marisacat - 23 December 2007

LOL reading around the political writers today… much pro Obama out and about, from Broder to Rich to others.

I feel pretty sure the Clintons underestimated the dislike, sheer hate from some, that is around and available to be offered to them.

I am deeee-lighted to dislike them all… 😉

76. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2007
77. marisacat - 23 December 2007

Thanks for the link madman…

“This is an especially beautiful moment,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a Friday morning ceremony at the German border with Poland and the Czech Republic. “It is a source of great pleasure that coming generations will experience open borders as the European normalcy.”

I read this week about the extension of the EU open borders and was just plain sad. The opposite of where we are headed.

Don’t they realise Europe, old and new, is just burgeoning with “blond jihadis” and they are endangering the entire world? I am sure we are considering a pre-emptive bombing of some relaxed EU border, to shock it back into shape.

78. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2007
79. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2007

Statement from Michael Moore on the Death of Nataline Sarkisyan

“Today I call upon the Los Angeles district attorney to investigate and consider bringing criminal homicide charges against CIGNA Health Care for their role in the death of Nataline Sarkisyan. If their decision was one of incompetence, then manslaughter charges should be filed. If it was a premeditated decision — where CIGNA knew in advance that Nataline would most likely die — then their corporate officers should be arrested and the full extent of the law brought to bear upon them.

“This is one more example why we not only need universal health care for all our citizens, but also to eliminate the concept of private, profit-driven ‘health care.’ Nearly every candidate running for president has a plan that leaves companies like CIGNA in charge. This must not happen and I call upon the democratic frontrunners to show some spine and say so.”

80. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2007

CIA chief to drag White House into torture cover-up storm

THE CIA chief who ordered the destruction of secret videotapes recording the harsh interrogation of two top Al-Qaeda suspects has indicated he may seek immunity from prosecution in exchange for testifying before the House intelligence committee.

Jose Rodriguez, former head of the CIA’s clandestine service, is determined not to become the fall guy in the controversy over the CIA’s use of torture, according to intelligence sources.

It has emerged that at least four White House staff were approached for advice about the tapes, including David Addington, a senior aide to Dick Cheney, the vice-president, but none has admitted to recommending their destruction.

Vincent Cannistraro, former head of counterterrorism at the CIA, said it was impossible for Rodriguez to have acted on his own: “If everybody was against the decision, why in the world would Jose Rodriguez – one of the most cautious men I have ever met – have gone ahead and destroyed them?”

The tapes recorded the interrogations of Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, two suspected Al-Qaeda leaders, over hundreds of hours while they were held in secret “ghost” prisons. According to testimony from a former CIA officer, Zubaydah was subjected to waterboarding, a form of torture that simulates drowning, and “broke” after 35 seconds. He is believed to have been interrogated in Thailand. The tapes were destroyed in 2005. Both men are now held in Guantanamo Bay.

The House intelligence committee has subpoenaed Rodriguez to appear for a hearing on January 16. Last week the CIA began opening its files to congressional investigators. Silvestre Reyes, a Democrat who is chairing the committee, has said he was “not looking for scapegoats” – a hint to Rodriguez that he would like him to talk.

Lucky for the White HOuse that it’s only the Donkles asking the questions.

81. marisacat - 23 December 2007

sigh. The new plan for CA Universal hoo hooo from our Green Socialist Republican Stormtrooper Arnold leaves insurance companies in charge and still able to reject both patients and procedures.

And of course aided and abetted in his stormtroopering by Nunez (Speaker of the CA Assembly) and other Dems.

My favorite of all is his rich LA jews for Arnold contingent.

A pox on all their heads.

82. aemd - 23 December 2007

Via link at Housing Bubble Blog.

Seasons Greetings. 😎


83. marisacat - 23 December 2007

oh that is a scream!! I saw the caption – was afraid to look, thinking it was a real demonstration, using real deer.

What a giggle. Antidote to all the sugar and spice. And all that it masks…


84. Hair Club for Men - 23 December 2007
85. Miss Devore - 23 December 2007

Trust me…..it is no easy thing to string xmas lights into something meaningful. I haven’t even gotten to the “P” in impeach. My nails are a wreck….

xmas menu is quickly changing. first the absinthe went out the window. now, crown roast of pork is out of the question. Always wanted to do that as a cooking thang, and my brother is a huge pork fanatic.So I called the meat dept. of safeway to price it. I was informed that it was on sale for $2.79/lb., as opposed to $4.79 and that sounded so reasonable. but to get all the ribs for the “crown” would amount to $55-70. Unfortunately, tiara roast of pork, doesn’t exist.

So the 12 lb. Turkey bombed the crown roast of iraq.

86. marisacat - 23 December 2007

Miss D.. in a way that sounds great… IMP, becomes slowly, bit by bit, IMPEACH.

Cannot wait for the photo…………


87. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2007

I enjoyed that movie quite a lot, but I think it helped that I went into it not expecting a lot of political insight or examination. Philip Seymore Hoffman was great in that part.

88. Miss Devore - 23 December 2007

let’s just market each other to death:


89. marisacat - 23 December 2007

In its campaign against Kosovo’s drive for independence, Serbia is using billboards showing Washington, Lincoln, Churchill, de Gaulle and John F. Kennedy, above in Belgrade, with carefully chosen quotations, above the phrase “Kosovo is Serbia.”

oh this hwole thing of saying this that or the other pol is Lincoln, or whoever is such garbage.

I found out why they are not touting Mrs Bill as Eleanor… because BIll is pushing her as FDR (no really!, think it was just this week, maybe a reference in that letter to Rich, I forget now just where).

Obama is Lincoln 0r RFK (soon to come: Gandhi and Mandela too)… 4 years ago Carville would shout on CNN that Edwards was the greatest orator in the party and evocative of RFK. Then he and Kerry ended up as Calvin Klein ads, that did not go so well… and so on.

We called the Iraqis who collaborated iwth us, a new band of brothers like Washington and Jefferson.

And some people fuss about stars and stripes on FUCKING SHORTS. Or bras.. or whatever.

90. ms_xeno - 23 December 2007

MissD, nobody’s interested in your life unless you create a fictional family of greeting-card quality overachievers and drag them into the blogospheric limelight whenever you wish to shame others who have Clearly Failed In Their Sacred Duties Of Holy Womanhood, etc.

Get with the program. And don’t forget to post a picture of the grand lighting project when it’s done.

Also, I’ve been poking at “Anonymous” anti-choicer at IOZ’s place with a festive seasonal red spatula intermittently all day long. I can’t help myself. S/he must be a fabrication that IOZ created for his own amusement while he was roasting the Xmas goose or whatever. How else do you explain somebody throwing out astonishing straight lines like “Put the dick down ?” Surely nobody would do that unless it was a joke, yes ?

Please somebody say “yes.” :/

91. marisacat - 23 December 2007

gosh ms x

you should have alerted earlier… I would dropped in and watched. Off to check on the rat a tat tat…


I was remembering today that a few years ago a rather smartly put together furnishings and gift shop on Fillmore [called Fillamento], my market st… did a great Xmas thing…instead of Santa for the children they had a drop dead beautiful tall woman in a red satin full length gown with a white satin decoration along the bodice.

Gosh it was a wonderful change… and it so suited the street..

92. ms_xeno - 23 December 2007

BTW, I think our Xmas Day menu is Chinese food.

I think the Xmas Eve menu is homemade latkes and homemade applesauce, maybe also a roast chicken if I get to the yuppiemart on time. Accompanied by margaritas made with the local berries that I threw in the freezer sometime before Labor Day. If I get to the liquor store on time. For an additional salvo in the War On Xmas, we’ll be watching either The Great Muppet Caper or Victor/Victoria. I haven’t decided.

93. ms_xeno - 23 December 2007

Sorry, Mcat. Got invited to the neighbors’ house for a small gift exchange and a nice dinner, or I would have tipped you off sooner.

[insert interminable brag-fest about my super-super ultra perfect family and our super-duper ultra perfect holiday here]

That deer link reminds me of the time some wags rearranged (another) neighbors’ lighted deer so it looked as if they were sniffing each other’s butts. The deers’ heads were animatronic so the effect was especially tasteful. I noticed that in subsequent years the animals have been moved closer to the front door so that, presumably, it would be easier to catch the prankster’s in the act.

94. marisacat - 23 December 2007

ooo ms x

just went and read. ‘nother one of those pent up progressives.

It’s easy to oppose ROn Paul, Ezra (as everyone sane knows) is just using abortion rights as a schtick.

As I like to say, RP obfuscates but there is a LOT he wants to do away with.

The Libertarian scam, in terms of elections, is quickly unmasked if you watch the local debates (C-Span!) that have a Dem, R, Libertarian, Other.

The fucked whackjob libertarians make the Rs look vaguely sane. It’s a plan!

95. bayprairie - 23 December 2007

marisa said

Obama is Lincoln 0r RFK (soon to come: Gandhi and Mandela too)…

i entertwain myself picturing obama as tiger wood’s and will smith’s always neglected step child.

i can see mandela though, although mandela is real. obama is some kind of anglo-donk-politico fantasm. i always like to find the positive though. if we turn over enough rocks in search of that we might find that its a great thing that all the old donk white guys can now speak about “black like me” with some degree of authority.

xeno said

Also, I’ve been poking at “Anonymous” anti-choicer at IOZ’s place with a festive seasonal red spatula intermittently all day long. I can’t help myself.

yeah, the intellectal that gives himself away with “child murder” inanity. i read him today and also in the past. he is of a type. he also feels very catholic and he’s also not in that thread to learn anything. hes one of those pontificators. he’s got women figured out. it shows when he instructs women about “putting down the dick”. that’s beyond laughable and borders on some kind of male-priveledged-scott-free towelette insanity. and you know i just bet he never puts his down unless, you know, company is coming over and he has to zip it up.

he’s obviously a last word type too. xeno, ibet you could string him out for years, and light him up like devore’s red blue and green electrical string art if you keep replying.

well back to red and green candied cherries and canned condensed milk. here’s to reliving the dark ages of american cuisine!


96. moiv - 24 December 2007

Feliz navidad, y’all. I’ve been catching up, after laying in provisions for the customary culinary phantasmagoria. Tonight it was pork tamales and champurrado, tomorrow it’s brisket, and then — because it turns out that my Salvadoran SIL has never seen one festooned with pineapple and cherries — it’s ham and shrimp cocktails for Tuesday. Not kosher choices for the most famous Jewish carpenter of all time, but since it’s not really his birthday, I thought he probably wouldn’t mind.

Bay, are you making a no-bake fruitcake? That’s my favorite kind. Because just about any recipe can be improved with a can of condensed milk.

97. bayprairie - 24 December 2007

yep. recipe is called fruit cake squares. has graham cracker crumbs as a crust and lots of pecans!

tamales here too. ordered ahead. theres a place we know in houston that makes them like they do in mexico city. large fat ones with a very white masa and a most delicious lard! el gorditos!

and a ham, of course, lots of good sausage and kraut and potato salad and brocolli rice.

and oyster shooters chased with bloody marys for breakfast!!!!!

98. moiv - 24 December 2007

Love those big Mexico City tamales, with the masa so fluffy it’s almost like grits. And the way some of them come with a little thin corn shuck ribbon tied around the middle.

Does the place in Houston make the tamales de dulce, too? In the DF I had some once made with with pineapple, cherries and coconut.

99. bayprairie - 24 December 2007

yeah they make the sweet ones. i like to get the ones with cheese though.
and of course with pork.

Love those big Mexico City tamales, with the masa so fluffy it’s almost like grits.

ive made tamales on more than one occasion with grits. they were to DIE FOR! we even put a nickle at the bottom of the pan to “sing to us” as long as there was water for steam. not the instant grits, of course. theres not all that much difference between old fashioned grits and tamalina by my way of thinking. at least its the closest we can get to in the states.. sometimes you can find some yellow grits that are quite good. can’t think of the brand right now but its available in houston so its around.

i remember eating some in mexico with shrimp filling, and the little legs were sticking out from the sides. delicious. i also remember eating some stuffed with squash blossoms.

oh god i’d love to be young once again eating those.

100. bayprairie - 24 December 2007

they also make a chicken molé tamal. girl am i ever getting hungry!

101. moiv - 24 December 2007

Mmm, I wouldn’t even mind eating them once again now that I’m less young.

But the best Mexican style pork tamales I’ve ever had were made by a Salvadoran, my SIL’s older sister. SIL outdid himself once with fresh corn and cheese tamales — he ground up the corn sliced right off the cob to make the masa, and steamed them in the green shucks. They melted in your mouth.

Damn, now I have to go get another bite to eat.

102. moiv - 24 December 2007

Had some wonderful tamales in Teotihuacán once, filled with rabbit in mole. They were steamed in banana leaf, tied up in succulent little bundles about 3″ square.

103. bayprairie - 24 December 2007

fresh corn, gawd that sounds good. i can picture it!!!! was if like field corn? not sweet corn?


104. moiv - 24 December 2007

Yup, you got it — straight from the farmer’s market that morning. It was a Saturday, and he had them coming out of the steamer just as I got home from work.

With that soft white cheese from heaven.

105. marisacat - 24 December 2007

bay and moiv

what a delicious read!


106. Madman in the Marketplace - 24 December 2007

moiv, bay:

That all sounds yummy.

107. raincat100 - 24 December 2007

Chris Hedges on Huckabee:
The Evangelical Rebellion

108. marisacat - 24 December 2007

From the Hedges piece:

Members of the Christian right, recruited into the Republican Party and manipulated to vote against their own interests around the issues of abortion and family values, are in rebellion. They are taking the party into new, uncharted territory. And they presage, especially with looming economic turmoil, the rise of a mass movement that could demolish what is left of American democracy and set the stage for a Christian fascism.

The corporate establishment, whose plundering of the country created fertile ground for a radical, right-wing backlash, is sounding the alarm bells. It is scrambling to bolster Mitt Romney, who, like Rudy Giuliani or Hillary Clinton, will continue to slash and burn on behalf of corporate profits.

109. ms_xeno - 24 December 2007

I will gladly swap a plate of crisp potato pancakes and a bowl of homemade applesauce for a plate of whatever you heretics/heathens are cooking up. I’m off to the market in just a little while.

But I must Just Say No to fruitcake. Rum cake, otoh…


…it shows when he instructs women about “putting down the dick”. that’s beyond laughable and borders on some kind of male-priveledged-scott-free towelette insanity…

It’s a wonder they don’t simply suffocate under the weight of all those assumptions. The crowning one always being that they’re dealing with some quasi-professional dick addict. Let’s see: How do they know their opponent even sleeps with men at all. Maybe I’m a lesbian. Maybe I’m asexual. Maybe I’m married but my husband’s gay so we just cuddle. Maybe I’m a forty-two-year-old virgin. Maybe I had sex last year with the entire NFL. Maybe I had sex just once.

The idea is to have strictly male-centered notions of who is worthy of surgical or pharmaceutical “salvation” and who is not, but it’s a rigged game because the rules change constantly and in the end no woman is really worthy once she’s been despoiled by the almighty wiener. Ho hum. Such a tedious game they play. Anon’s philosophy is closer to that of the average Demo front-runner than he knows: You whore. Buy your way out of trouble if you’re so smart. Jesus/Rand loves you.

110. marisacat - 24 December 2007

Anon’s philosophy is closer to that of the average Demo front-runner than he knows:

You whore. Buy your way out of trouble if you’re so smart. Jesus/Rand loves you.

ain’t it the truth……………

111. raincat100 - 24 December 2007

Does anyone know if Kucinich and Edwards have the same agreement as they did for the 2004 caucus? (When Kucinich was not viable, his supporters went for Edwards.)

112. marisacat - 24 December 2007


there seems to be some indication that Kucinich is even less prepared in iowa this time, than last. And apparently he did not have a lot to offer the last time.

There is a good analysis on the FP of MyDD (of all places), LOL… Armstrong has up a half way decent post and he uses very good comments with attribution that he solicited from readers…

113. marisacat - 24 December 2007


here is the link to the Mydd… and I did not go back and read the thread that he drew the comments from, it might be very interesting …

114. raincat100 - 24 December 2007

Thanks, Mcat. Interesting. My caucus is not until Feb. 15th — it may be moot by then.

115. marisacat - 24 December 2007

just a bit of seasonal fripperie, will leave it up a couple of days, if anyone wants a thread…


116. marisacat - 25 December 2007


Thanks for the links to Robotic Chicken. If I ever knew of it, had forgotten…

I see the comments at milk and cookies call it old hat and tired.

ooops SORRY! I had no idea!

117. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 December 2007

oh, to be young and to declare things only two or three years old “old hat and tired” …

118. melvin - 5 January 2008

What’s this? Dennis K rebutting on WMUR now, all by himself.

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