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La Louche isn’t running 26 January 2008

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.


…for anything — and thus need not give up smoking, nor any other vices … 😉

Nevertheless, she is happy to volunteer to hold up a thread…..




1. lucid - 26 January 2008

It’s sunny, and we’re dancing barefoot through a field of pollen-rich wildflowers

It seems appopriate…

Dancing Barefoot Lyrics
Artist(Band):Patti Smith

she is benediction
she is addicted to thee
she is the root connection
she is connecting with he

here I go and I don’t know why
I fell so ceaselessly
could it be he’s taking over me…

I’m dancing barefoot
heading for a spin
some strange music draws me in
makes me come on like some heroin/e

she is sublimation
she is the essence of thee
she is concentrating on
he, who is chosen by she

here I go and I don’t know why
I spin so ceaselessly,
could it be he’s taking over me…


she is re-creation
she, intoxicated by thee
she has the slow sensation that
he is levitating with she …

here I go and I don’t know why,
I spin so ceaselessly,
’til I lose my sense of gravity…


(oh god I fell for you …)

the plot of our life sweats in the dark like a face
the mystery of childbirth, of childhood itself
grave visitations
what is it that calls to us?
why must we pray screaming?
why must not death be redefined?
we shut our eyes we stretch out our arms
and whirl on a pane of glass
an afixiation a fix on anything the line of life the limb of a tree
the hands of he and the promise that s/he is blessed among women.

(oh god I fell for you …)

2. Intermittent Bystander - 26 January 2008

Patti’s great. A non-machine New Yorker for sure.

3. marisacat - 26 January 2008

hmmm Rich sorta scraped back into my good graces… some truths here… tho I would actively dispute what Rich seems to believe, that obama is greater than the party. Ha! he would not be permitted this far if he were….

[I]f Mr. Obama has not met an unexpected Waterloo in South Carolina — this column went to press before Saturday’s vote — the party needs him to stop whining about the Clintons’ attacks, regain his wit and return to playing offense. Unlike Mrs. Clinton, he would unambiguously represent change in a race with any Republican. If he vanquishes Billary, he’ll have an even stronger argument to take into battle against a warrior like Mr. McCain.

If Mr. Obama doesn’t fight, no one else will. Few national Democratic leaders have the courage to stand up to the Clintons. Even in defeat, Mr. Obama may at least help wake up a party slipping into denial. Any Democrat who seriously thinks that Bill will fade away if Hillary wins the nomination — let alone that the Clintons will escape being fully vetted — is a Democrat who, as the man said, believes in fairy tales.

4. lucid - 26 January 2008

Her birthday show on Dec. 30 this year, she played for 3 hours. She’s 62. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. She started with a long poetry inflected version of ‘Are You Experienced’, and ended with a version of ‘Rock ‘n Roll Nigger’ complete with a lecture about how the song is not offensive, but a revoltionary song.

She’s been my fav live artist since 2002.

5. marisacat - 26 January 2008

I saw her, think it was ’78 here at the old Winterland … absolutely incredible.

Winterland had been built in the 30s for fights… the walls are (or were, torn down for condos… ) 3 ft thick, conrete. Bands and audiences could just go to town.

6. marisacat - 26 January 2008

The UK papers are interesting.. and the Independent is just LOL HARSH:

Killer Bill: Ex-president fights dirty on his wife’s behalf

The dominant force in US politics will play a critical role in deciding who becomes the 44th President. Leonard Doyle reports from South Carolina

Sunday, 27 January 2008

It was the same all the way up to Friday night, as Democratic voters pondered their choice for yesterday’s primary, the result of which came too late for this paper. And it had Bill Clinton pacing around the presidential suite of a Columbia hotel, anxiously watching as South Carolina’s black voters were lured away from his wife to the insurgent, charismatic black candidate. Despite his reputation as America’s most revered former president, Bill has the killer instinct of a good ole Southern pol, and his moment to act had arrived.

:snip snappy!::

7. liberalcatnip - 26 January 2008

the party needs him to stop whining about the Clintons’ attacks,

Not just the party. I would appreciate it if he’d stop whining and get on with it (whatever the meaning of “it” is).

8. marisacat - 26 January 2008

Fierstein in VF swipes at Bill…


9. marisacat - 26 January 2008


oh yeah no question, he needs to stiffen up.

And stand up, in ways he has not.

Good luck, distribute weapons… stand back, hope for good aim on all sides.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 26 January 2008

Well, I assume that the pic of Billary with Rezko was leaked by the Obama camp, so maybe he’s learning.

I’m so jealous that you saw Patti back then, at the Winterland, no less.

11. liberalcatnip - 27 January 2008
12. liberalcatnip - 27 January 2008

Oh those wacky Iranians: Iranian Foreign Minister praises U.S. moves in Iraq

DAVOS, Switzerland: Iran’s foreign minister offered measured praise Saturday for recent U.S. moves in Iraq but urged Washington to expedite handing over full control of all affairs — including security — to the Baghdad government.

No wonder – with al Maliki being so buddy buddy with Iran lately.

I missed this news on Saturday (unless it’s just coming out now): Blasts Hit Baghdad, Including Green Zone

A series of explosions thundered in the Iraqi capital Saturday morning, police said, including one from a mortar round that hit the U.S.-controlled Green Zone.

One of the explosions was a roadside bomb that targeted a U.S. patrol in eastern Baghdad. A police officer said the blast site was sealed by American forces and there was no immediate way to detail damage or casualties. There was no immediate report of the incident from the U.S. military.

Another police officer confirmed a mortar round hit the heavily protected Green Zone. The Americans did not report damage or casualties from that incident either. Both officers spoke anonymously because they were not authorized to release the information.

Not to worry. The so-called surge is obviously working. (pffft)

13. lucid - 27 January 2008

Suharto’s dead.

Should I clap or sing a Hosanna chorus? I’m not quite sure what’s appropriate anymore.

14. marisacat - 27 January 2008

Not to worry. The so-called surge is obviously working.

REALLY not to worry. The News Hour had a long long segment today on how improved things are in Baghdad. People have money to spend in the street markets and are enjoying the safety that now prevails. An “Iraqi on the street” said it gets better every month.

Ignore any reports to the contrary.

15. lucid - 27 January 2008

Patti now, I think is even better. While I would have loved to see her in ’78, her voice is better now, she literally channels Fred now in every performance. Yet she is the most gracious I’ve ever seen. It’s like combining MC5, with good musicians, a fantastic vocalist and poet out front, and a little old lady.

If there is anyone I want to meet before I [or they] die, Patti is the top of the list.

16. marisacat - 27 January 2008

I KNOW what is lacking in this campaign… shouldn’t sombody be interviewing Toni Morrison?

About her bud Bill? And Maya Angelou?

maybe run some of that old film of Girls Lunches (oh high minded, about BOOKS!) they both had with Oprah and soft squishy talk about Bill?


Sorry I hated all that shit then… and really dislike it NOW, in retrospect.

17. D. Throat - 27 January 2008

Bill Clinton reminds me of the typical coming of age story experienced by most Blacks in the US.

It starts out as a happy friendship between a black kid and a white kid… but some where down the road if the black is perceived to “get ahead” or have an advantage… the recessive white superiority gene kicks in… and the white kid eventually hauls off and calls the black kid a Nigger.

This scenario has happened in numerous of times… to countless of Blacks… I do believe the South Carolinians saw the Clintons for who they really are… not just voting for the Black Guy. As many time Bill had Jesse come in to save his ass… he turned around and used Jess’s own name as a racial slur to provoke white fear in the south.

Bill’s white supremacy gene is working overtime… that I guess he truly believes that the dog whistles he has been sending out to white could not be heard by blacks… or even worse that Blacks would “get in line” anyways once Hilliary wins the nominations… cuz he is the master.

18. D. Throat - 27 January 2008

What is also very clear from SC is that Hilliary will NOT be able to hold the south from McCain… which means that the Clinton triangulation and push to the right will go over time.

19. D. Throat - 27 January 2008

The majority of Democrats in the south are Blacks and women. Combine this with the now 4 year old 50 State strategy where the DNC has diligently increased the Dem voter rolls to historic highs in all of the southern states makes for an interesting contest where … the Dems will actually be competitive due to sheer numbers.

This is the real story coming out of SC … Obama had more votes than the top GOP candidates combined.

Billary shot themselves in the foot in the south (ie Black voters) there are now huge numbers of registered voters on the Dem side (thanks to the DNC) that it is no longer necessary to beg for scraps in the “center” which really was always the right wing.

Things are getting curiouser and curiouser…

20. D. Throat - 27 January 2008

If South Carolina is any guide, the sizable numbers of black voters in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee could help Mr. Obama in the Feb. 5 primaries. And his victory Saturday may stir fresh excitement among voters there and in his home state, Illinois, as well as in other places where he is building support, like California and even Mrs. Clinton’s political base in New York.

He also has bragging rights about a new coalition of support. About as many South Carolina white men voted for Mr. Obama as for Mrs. Clinton, and about 70 percent of white voters said they would be satisfied if Mr. Obama won the Democratic nomination, according to exit polls was conducted by Edison/Mitofsky for the National Election Pool of television networks and the Associated Press.

21. marisacat - 27 January 2008

there are now huge numbers of registered voters on the Dem side (thanks to the DNC) that it is no longer necessary to beg for scraps in the “center” which really was always the right wing.

Well — can’t tell that from how Barack runs. He runs center/center right.

I think that FL, in some ways as it is a truncated run, and CA will be instructive. NV was not a good picture of what might be coming.

22. D. Throat - 27 January 2008

Perhaps… but Clinton is not only running to the right but also doing a “Sista soulja” smack down of Black voters.

23. Hair Club for Men - 27 January 2008

Should I clap or sing a Hosanna chorus? I’m not quite sure what’s appropriate anymore.

Why not just mention how much money his cronies gave the Clintons?


In November 1994, President Clinton was going to Indonesia for APEC, the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit. And he was going to meet with Suharto and other Asian-Pacific leaders. This was the biggest moment for Indonesia in Suharto’s 30-year history. The world spotlight would be on him. They cleaned the streets about a month before APEC. Meaning, Suharto’s military went through the streets of Jakarta in a big military hardware show, threatening everyone, saying if you dare to hold a demonstration this is what will happen to you. It was very blatant. They called it Operation Cleanup. We now know that when Clinton went to Indonesia he was meeting with his campaign contributors, James Riatti and others.

I’m not sure why Don Black’s giving 500 bucks to Ron Paul is worse than this but I’m sure Kestrel9000 or someone can tell me.

24. Hair Club for Men - 27 January 2008

Pretty funny exchane between Amy Goodman and Michael Stipe in that article.

He said, “Hi, what is your name?”

I told him and asked, “What is your name?”

He replied, “Michael Stipe.”

I said, “Oh, are you an assistant to Richie Haven?”

He said, “No, I have my own little band [REM].”

I didn’t realize who he was until I called my brother to say I wasn’t coming to see him right now. My brother responded, “That’s okay, who’s there?”

I told him “All kinds of people. Richie Havens, and this guy, he says he has his own band, Mike Stipe.”

He said, “I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

25. marisacat - 27 January 2008

hmmm mmmm not to be missed. left i on the news on that famous Reno Gazette interview…. links to the full hour audio, among other things:

“I didn’t come of age in the battles of the 60s. I’m not as invested in them…Even when you discuss war, the frame of reference is all Vietnam. Well, that’s not my reference. My frame of reference is ‘what works.’ Even when I first opposed the war in Iraq, my first line was, ‘I don’t oppose all wars,’ specifically to make clear that this was not just an anti-military, 70s love-in kind of approach, rather, that I thought strategically it was a mistake for us to go in.”

and just making sure he’s ready too on day one, cuz you know what bidness we are in:

Now combine that with this (from around 43:00 in the interview), where he talks about what he’s looking for in a Vice-President. After first talking about the possibility of a “bipartisan” ticket, and how the main thing in the way might be the lack of a “serious Republican” who would agree to run with him, he then talks about the qualities he’s looking for:

“I would want somebody with competence in areas where I am weaker. The obvious would be military experience. I’m very confident about serving as Commander-in-Chief in terms of my judgments in terms of what our strategic interests are, and so that’s the area that I’d be concerned about, but I think having somebody who intimately understood some of the more tactical issues surrounding military deployments, or, conversely, also understands the bureaucracy of the Pentagon, because moving that and changing that can be a very difficult thing.”

26. Hair Club for Men - 27 January 2008
27. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008

Uh-oh.comment in sHillizza. More incoming there too.

Obama could win Super Tuesday if Bill Clinton doesn’t STFU.

He and Hillary between them have managed to alienate one of the Democrats’ most important core constituencies–African Americans (although Democrats tend to remember the imporance of this group only at election time)–who were firmly behind them when their sorry, nasty campaign started.

They’ve also managed to alienate me–a 57 year old white female, supposedly one of Billary’s hard-core constituency. I used to admire Bill Clinton enormously and I thought he ran his two presidential campaigns with a fair amount of class–and managed to win–but his antics this time around have been nothing short of repellent.

I’m not sure that Obama has what it takes to clean up the huge mess that the Bush administration leaves behind, but I’m damned sure the Clintons don’t.

Seven years of divisive nastiness have been more than enough for me. Given a choice between the Clintons’ campaign style, reminiscent as it is of Karl Rove, and Obama’s, I’m voting for Obama–even though I have reservations.

Posted by: nicekid | January 27, 2008 06:41 AM

28. supervixen - 27 January 2008

Heath Ledger with an accordion. I knew there was a reason I liked the guy. (blonds aren’t usually my thing, however good-looking they may be.)

29. Hair Club for Men - 27 January 2008

I agree with Frank Rich. If it’s Hillary vs. McCain, McCain edges her out in the general election.

If it’s McCain vs. Obama, nobody really has any idea what’s going to happen. We’ll be in uncharted territory.

30. marisacat - 27 January 2008

LOL I’d suggest that Obama run with a serious older pro war militarist Republican as his VeeperGreeter,

LOL Cancel McCain out. It’s clear he has thought of it.

31. Hair Club for Men - 27 January 2008

Shorter Frank Rich on Obama this Sunday:

“Oh gird thyself in armor and take up thy shield Oh Brave Knight Barack and set forth to slay the two headed dragon Bill and Hillary. Fear not their foul breath or the fire that they breath for thou art my appointed champion. I wil give thee words, Mark Rich, Clinton Library, Saudis that will aid thee in they trials but if thou are not thou strong, we shall all perish at the hands of the enemy’s champion McCain”.

32. Intermittent Bystander - 27 January 2008

SF Chron endorsement:

America deserves better than these cycles of vengeance and retribution. Its possibilities are too great, its challenges too daunting, for partisan pettiness.

In a Jan. 17 meeting with our editorial board, Obama demonstrated an impressive command of a wide variety of issues. He listened intently to the questions. He responded with substance. He did not control a format without a stopwatch on answers or constraints on follow-up questions, yet he flourished in it.

He radiated the sense of possibility that has attracted the votes of independents and tapped into the idealism of young people during this campaign. He exuded the aura of a 46-year-old leader who could once again persuade the best and the brightest to forestall or pause their grand professional goals to serve in his administration.

Of all the candidates who talk about change, Barack Obama has made the case most forcefully and most convincingly. He gets our endorsement for the Democratic nomination.

33. marisacat - 27 January 2008

He also got Phildelphia Inquirer, St Louis Post Dispatch… and one other, overnight, that I cannot think of…

34. Intermittent Bystander - 27 January 2008

Donna Brazille on This Week roundtable sez “there was no street money out there . . . people were showing up [to vote Obama] because they want to.”

All-cap headline under the talking heads: “BILLARY BACKFIRE?”

35. Intermittent Bystander - 27 January 2008

Earlier, fairly low-key Obama deflected Stephanopolous question – “was Bill playing racial politics” with Jesse Jackson remark? O made vague, noncommittal noises about Bill’s “frame of reference” with Jackson’s historical campaigns, but “some people in South Carolina” heard that differently.

Steph played Obama/Reagan clip, and O recast comparison as about opportunity for “seismic shift,” etc. Steph went back to Bill, Bill, Bill . . . then Rezko . . . O said all had been disclosed.

36. Hair Club for Men - 27 January 2008

And so it begins. Dhonig at the Daily Kos reminds us all that Obama used to have dinner with dirty fucking Arabs.


37. Intermittent Bystander - 27 January 2008
38. Gayle - 27 January 2008


That diary implies Obama is trying to be all things to all people.

I’m shocked! Shocked, I say!

39. Hair Club for Men - 27 January 2008

That diary implies Obama is trying to be all things to all people.

Yeah but the real purpose is to start spreading the “Obama met with Edward Said” meme going into the New York primary.

40. Intermittent Bystander - 27 January 2008

I wil give thee words, Mark Rich, Clinton Library, Saudis that will aid thee in they trials but if thou are not thou strong, we shall all perish at the hands of the enemy’s champion McCain”.

Good one.

The lock-jawed foe is on with Pumpkinhead now.

41. Hair Club for Men - 27 January 2008

For saith I Frank Rich priest at the high temple of Manhattan liberalism that unless the champion Obama slay the two headed dragon, we will perish at the hands of the champion McCain, McCain who hath been tested in the dungeons of Hanoi and tempered into a fine steel by Rovian beast in the fields of South Carolina, yeah that same McCain who will tempt thy sons with his heroism on the field of battle and thy daughters with the moderation of his pagan views.

42. Intermittent Bystander - 27 January 2008

If McCain is a pagan, Hair Club, does that make Romney the Pope?

Any tempting of the daughters will be done with soothing, resolute murmurings of Senior White Papa protection. Rock-a-bye nation, and have no fear of seismic racial shifts, unsavory WH marital theatrics, or Islamoterrorist bombs. Please drop off the keys to your uteri as you exit the polling place. Thank you, ladies.

Gawd, he looks like an elderly Casper the Ghost.

Maureen Dowd likens Caroline’s endorsement to “the sword in the stone.”

(Hope nobody’s eating their breakfast out there!)

43. Hair Club for Men - 27 January 2008

If McCain is a pagan, Hair Club, does that make Romney the Pope?

A poor man’s King Solomon?

44. ms_xeno - 27 January 2008

I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed this, but I find it really pathetic that so many feminists feel compelled to treat the protection of political dynasties as a top priority. Of all the things from other democracies that we could strive to emulate, this one (my husband/brother/daddy was a beloved figure so now the public loves me, too) is pretty far down at the bottom of the worthiness pile.

There is an unavoidable disconnect between lionizing Hillary, who blatantly owes so much of her career to her husband, and championing the rights of women to stand on our own without being dependent on powerful men. She is at best a mediocre mind and at worst a money-grubbing killer. Without her marriage I simply can’t imagine her tapping the kind of mojo and staying in the public eye as she does. Why not get NOW and NARAL and the rest together and just come out and state the following:

“In a thoroughly corrupted and corrupting system, the only women who even need apply are the Clintons and DiFis and Nan Antoinettes. The rest should be content somewhere between scooping fries at McDonalds and getting a non-tenured job the local community college. Sorry, Sis. We changed our minds. That equality stuff ? All a lie. We don’t believe in it and you can’t prove we ever did. It’s not about reform, diversity, all of us breaking through the walls side by side. It’s about hubby’s achievements and his dough and your ability to milk them for everything they’re worth.”

Another reason to avoid mainstream feminist blogs like the plague, I suppose.

45. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008

Bravo. Xeno.

46. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008


47. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008


48. Intermittent Bystander - 27 January 2008

The rest should be content somewhere between scooping fries at McDonalds and getting a non-tenured job the local community college.

Trust the noblewomen in the tower to watch out for us! They’re well-positioned, and our best hope, so far!

49. supervixen - 27 January 2008

What I find objectionable about the charge of “nepotism” directed at Hillary, and the condemnations of her for obtaining and keeping power as part of the entrenched structure, is that the same charges are not directed at the men in politics. The guys have done EXACTLY the same thing – using business and social connections, riding on family coattails, using personal wealth to amass political power, etc. That’s business as usual. But all of a sudden when a woman does it, it’s all about her exploiting her marriage, or whatever the hell.

If people were real about this, they would be attacking the fucked-up system that allows ONLY the rich and connected to get political power. And the US is not the only country dominated by this system.

But no, it becomes a game of “let’s tear down individuals”. Which is what the powers-that-be WANT. They want us to be distracted by the soap-opera populated by cartoon characters. “Hillary is bad because”…. yes but the entire scenario is bad. It’s a charade. A fake.

I can’t stand Hillary, but the nepotism issue is trivial compared to the rest of the great bloated disaster that is politics. MCat, what is your phrase – “exploding whale”?

50. Intermittent Bystander - 27 January 2008

The guys have done EXACTLY the same thing – using business and social connections, riding on family coattails, using personal wealth to amass political power, etc. That’s business as usual. But all of a sudden when a woman does it, it’s all about her exploiting her marriage, or whatever the hell.

Completely agree, sv, but unfortunately for Hillary, Bill continues to personally explode and distract as the great bloated disaster at her side. Check out Marisacat’s Vanity Fair link at #8:

the really damning thing was a series of sentences he uttered just before the Punjab remark, referring to complaints about the Clinton campaign in Nevada:

“It’s okay. And we’re not hung up about it. And we won anyway. We fought hard. And we won.”

In other words, We are running for president. Not Hillary. Not the junior senator from New York. But We—Bill and Hillary—in a de facto end-run around the 22nd Amendment.

Watching the Democrats debate in South Carolina, I was struck by the heated “I’m here. He’s not” exchange between Senators Obama and Clinton because it so perfectly encapsulates the problem with the two Clintons: Bill is out there with a shiv—presumably with the full countenance of his wife—while Hillary deftly manages to avoid being held accountable for him, or taking any responsibility herself. And therein lies my real issue, should this hydra-headed candidacy succeed: Bill Clinton will always be there. He’ll always be larger than life. And, if the last few weeks have demonstrated anything, we’ll never know who’s really calling the shots.

From where I sit in California, where Senator Clinton is currently ahead in the polls, Bill Clinton’s behavior over the past fortnight has struck me as sordid and undignified. And his de facto back-door attempt to retake the presidency is nothing short of unseemly.

No question the media are in Full Blubber Frenzy over Bill.

Wolf Blitzer, et al, are reporting confirmation that Ted Kennedy will endorse Obama, I guess later today.

51. Intermittent Bystander - 27 January 2008

Oops, end quote from Vanity Fair should follow unseemly.

52. Intermittent Bystander - 27 January 2008

Looks like Blubber and Blitzer went to the mod pod, but Boston Globe is reporting that Teddy K will endorse Obama tomorrow.

53. Intermittent Bystander - 27 January 2008

Thanks for the rescue and HTML-fix, MCat.

From the Globe:

While polls show Clinton ahead in some large states, including her home state of New York and delegate-rich California, the Kennedy endorsement gives Obama a stamp of approval among key constituencies in the Democratic party that could make Super Tuesday more competitive.

Kennedy plans to campaign actively for Obama, an aide said, and will focus particularly among Hispanics and labor union members, who are important voting blocks in several Feb. 5 states, including California, New York, New Jersey, Arizona and New Mexico.

54. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008

I sense the media is going to “short” their market position on the Clintons. By that, I mean breaching the shitstorm resevoir, the Clinton dividend, sooner rather than saving it for later so to speak. Super Dooper is what? A week from Tuesday , 9 days…

-I’m catching MTP (has staggered time slots here), catching a “for real” tone about SC margins,
-Thinking about how MSNBC cut the coverage of Bill thank fucking Shnog, then lampooned his ass…
-How CNN bowed to Obam requests to bag Begala and Carville (till after Super Dupe IIRC) for lack of objectivity,
– WaPo piece framing outcome as Vital momentum

Dribs of anecdotal stuff, I know, as well as Estab Pols gettin shaky. I really do see Obams jump off – from his intraParty /non-celeb backers POV – as originating as a safe sparring partner for Hill mostly as pre-emption of Gore overtures over a year ago. Its clear though that something funny happened on the way to the Forum.
The People actually vote for the Guy, Bill! Whoops!

I’ve characterized Hill and Bill as teeing up this nastiness as a “Take No Shit from the Niggas” Posture with a view to the General Election. A cynical tactical move, disgusting to be sure, but tactical nonetheless , which I think it is partly. But really, to me, it smells of FEAR. Not the Clinton Faux outrage or calculated indignation devoid of emotion. Not the oft noted Clinton “cool” under fire.

Throughout his Presidency I never noticed anything as a genuine from them on a “feeling” or “motivational” level, not the Lip Biting(c) empathy, her outrage over the Vast RW Conspiracy..I can remember during his podium pounding, Not Have Sex presser that I thought, “Yeh, he banged her — somewhere”. His Confessional and Billy Grahaming afterwards was the SOS different day.

The only glimpse I saw of Clinton that was REAL was in his deposition .When it was FEAR. Fear of being deposed in every sense of the word.

There is another aspect of this and it’s definitely wrapped up in his psyche with Sex Virility and Power and even White Guy/Black Dick issues, throw in abandonment issues on top with a little whip creme ….BillyBoyo and the prospect of losing relevance and power???
He’s gonna be dry humpin stumps out on the stump before long with these margins he can’t control. Eee gads, cover your eyes, grab the kids, being the result…It DOES seems like its a self destructive loop. Okay, enough with the Dr. Ruth. POPCORN!

55. Intermittent Bystander - 27 January 2008

LOL, BHHM, re Bill and the stump.

It DOES seems like its a self destructive loop.

Also agree that media’s being forced to short their position and pre-play some of their planned General Erection trump cards.

Menu-planning assistance here:

56. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008

Oh shit ! And- LOL! If Teddy Kennedy endorses Obama that IS Huge.
Gore I think would follow and should if he was smart His saviour shelf date is up. That happens edwards will strike a behind the scenes deal maybe announce some tactical Obam nods in some states..

57. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008

BTW IB , RE TEH HTML last thread. – K3WL! U F’d UP. 😀

58. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 January 2008
59. supervixen - 27 January 2008

BHHM: When it was FEAR. Fear of being deposed in every sense of the word.

They are ALL full of fear. Fear drives everything they do. Same with all the political punditry and the wannabe pundits/operatives, e.g., Aravosis, Kos and his minions, et al. They are all sneaky, defensive, fearful phonies. Shit, they might have to get a real job someday. They might find themselves faced down by real people who are honest and won’t buy the bullshit. The thought terrifies them.

60. liberalcatnip - 27 January 2008

If Teddy Kennedy endorses Obama that IS Huge.

It is, but if Obama is the candidate, the Repubs have just been given a lot more ammo to tar him with the hated l-word: “liberal”.

Hmm…Kennedy for VP?

61. liberalcatnip - 27 January 2008

Southern racists adopt “Canadian” as a euphemism for “black”

That’s bizarre.

62. ms_xeno - 27 January 2008


Fine with me, sv. But like I said, they ought to come clean about it. If the point all along was simply to have the ultimate ladies golf club luncheon to serve as a counterpart to the men’s version, let them admit it. And let’s see the feminist bloggers in the mainstream drop the charade of giving a damn about rights first and perks second, when clearly it’s the other way around. Again, if they want to emulate primarily the worst of the old-boy network that they once claimed to be interested in striking down, let’s have an open declaration of same.

Rights are just a carnival bark to get us all into the tent, but at the end of the day they obviously don’t really mean shit to these women.

63. ms_xeno - 27 January 2008

Just to site one example, I could forgive NOW and NARAL much of their bullshit if, say, they hired their own version of Code Pink to follow Hilary all along the bunny trail, hounding her non-stop for promises of a revival of the ERA, of devoting some real attention to protecting and recapturing reproductive freedom, etc. If they threatened to field their own candidate if she didn’t shape the fuck up.

Would everyone who expects this, much less everyone who expects them to give McKinney (who last time I looked, was a woman) the time of day, please go in the corner and stand on your li’l pointed heads. Hillary opens her maw and these twerps shovel in the moolah. That’s our feminism for Election 2008, girls. Take it or leave it, or we’ll let the GOP boogeyman get yooooooooooouuu !!!

64. bayprairie - 27 January 2008

Southern racists adopt “Canadian” as a euphemism for “black”

i posted a link about this usage found in a local DA’s email (regarding a jury!) in the last thread.

65. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008

It is, but if Obama is the candidate, – catnip

There’s always a catch.
The guy who’ll talk to Iran will bomb Pakistan.

66. Miss Devore - 27 January 2008

hey–your former friend here doesn’t believe Obama will be a hawk.

and I’m selling tickets to Call Me a Fool (Fancy Feast is legal tender)

Who do you think is going to get the support of AIPAC among the Dems?

Yes, I know about O’s remarks with regard to Hamas bombing of Israel.

Don’t you think he knows about the level of organizational opposition he has if he would dare utter the Dean “fairness” request?

And as far as the world looking differently at us if we elected Obama–who in europe or asia could do that?

67. Intermittent Bystander - 27 January 2008

Checking HTML . . . 🙂

Speaking of noblewomen in the towers . . . this one is stepping neatly from Fred Thompson’s turret rubble to join Mitt, the Git More Gitmo candidate, as a senior foreign policy advisor. Who could ever have guessed that Dick’s highly precious deferment baby would grow up to further advance the military-industrial cause?

(Oh, and look out America of Tomorrow. Apparently she’s raising five young ‘uns herself.)

68. marisacat - 27 January 2008

Ambinder says Sibelius will endorse obama….

69. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008

#59 They are ALL full of fear. Fear drives everything they do

Well they sure as hell are not given to much introspection certainly or broader strategic imperitives other than their own personal survival… But systems, by nature of size or wisdom of design tolerate parasites, allow for leakage, etc…

The problem with any perceptual or opinion sector like Politics Blogging and Punditry, there are no objective, measurable standards like: Plane flies? Patient Dies?

Hell even electoral loss isn’t necessarily Fatal to Influence or Income. now as the “fight goes on”, the “dream never dies” blah blah blah.
and the retainers roll in with a more or less stable set of hangers on.

As for Markos and the Bloggers, it really is a bullshit idea, like being a Professional Conversationalist. Kinda like going to Carnivale on Acid. So I guess it’s really like being a Professional conversationalist going to Carnivale on Acid. Or maybe my face just feels like its melting off wen I “go” there.

The paid punditry, the press, much the same. But I would disagree with you about nepotism, which you admit is a given. Our society is more calcified than Victorian England. Not for lack of Laws advising otherwise but the gaming of it by individuals in strategic, sytemically unassailable position. I just don’t understand how you would propose attacking a system that is based on close personal ,class, and familial ties without the inconvenience of attacking the very persons, and personal beneficiarities of such a system..

If people were real about this, they would be attacking the fucked-up system that allows ONLY the rich and connected to get political power.

I have no tears for Hillary in this regard. Price of top dawg inevitability.

70. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 January 2008

Rights are just a carnival bark to get us all into the tent, but at the end of the day they obviously don’t really mean shit to these women.


Sorry, I missed your link. I can’t keep up with you guys.

71. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 January 2008

oops, meant to write

Absolutely right, ms. x! after those italics.

72. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 January 2008

more Sibel Edmunds in the UK Times today:

AN investigation into the illicit sale of American nuclear secrets was compromised by a senior official in the State Department, a former FBI employee has claimed.

The official is said to have tipped off a foreign contact about a bogus CIA company used to investigate the sale of nuclear secrets.

The firm, Brewster Jennings & Associates, was a front for Valerie Plame, the former CIA agent. Her public outing two years later in 2003 by White House officials became a cause célèbre.

The claims that a State Department official blew the investigation into a nuclear smuggling ring have been made by Sibel Edmonds, 38, a former Turkish language translator in the FBI’s Washington field office.

Edmonds had been employed to translate hundreds of hours of intercepted recordings made during a six-year FBI inquiry into the nuclear smuggling ring.

She has previously told The Sunday Times she heard evidence that foreign intelligence agents had enlisted US officials to acquire a network of moles in sensitive military and nuclear institutions.

Her latest claims relate to a number of intercepted recordings believed to have been made between the summer and autumn of 2001. At that time, foreign agents were actively attempting to acquire the West’s nuclear secrets and technology.

Among the buyers were Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Paki-stan’s intelligence agency, which was working with Abdul Qadeer Khan, the “father of the Islamic bomb”, who in turn was selling nuclear technology to rogue states such as Libya.

Plame, then 38, was the glamorous wife of a former US ambassador, Joe Wilson. Despite recently giving birth to twins, she travelled widely for her work, often claiming to be an oil consultant. In fact she was a career CIA agent who was part of a small team investigating the same procurement network that the State Department official is alleged to have aided.

Brewster Jennings was one of a number of covert enterprises set up to infiltrate the nuclear ring. It is is believed to have been based in Boston and consisted of little more than a name, a telephone number and a post office box address.

73. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 January 2008
74. Intermittent Bystander - 27 January 2008

Hey, Miss D – Your vote’s your own, and you’re obviously not alone in hoping for something different, this once. Public interest and optimism for even the possibility of change in the Sausage Factory appears to be on the upswing, at least for now.

Arizona Republic endorsement.

I wouldn’t count on those Fool! ticket sales for a campaign fund-raiser or anything, though. 🙂

And I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying here:

And as far as the world looking differently at us if we elected Obama–who in europe or asia could do that?
Care to elucidate?

75. ms_xeno - 27 January 2008

Thanks, Madman, IB, sv, BHHM, etc.

You all can come over here and share Sunday brunch any day. Today it was eggs scrambled w/Trader Joe’s proscuito, baby spinach, and mushrooms. Toast, coffee, bloody marys, etc.

You too, MissD. I don’t give a rat’s ass about Obama or any Democrat, so I’m not going to get in a brawl over ’em. None of them are worth it, to me.

76. marisacat - 27 January 2008

Today it was eggs scrambled w/Trader Joe’s proscuito, baby spinach, and mushrooms. Toast, coffee, bloody marys, etc.
— ms x

god that sounds good……..

77. ms_xeno - 27 January 2008

Now, this is my idea of juicy goodness:

…In the United States yesterday the Green Party issued a call “on Americans who oppose the Iraq War to rebuff an agreement among pro-Democratic ‘antiwar’ lobbies to scale back pressure to end the war.” IVAW’s Jason Wallace, running as a Green for the US House of Representatives from Illinois 11th District, is quoted stating, “MoveOn.org, Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, and other groups have decided that passing legislation in Congress that does nothing to end the war makes their favorite Democratic candidates look better than demanding action to end the war quickly. The big myth of the 2008 election is that Democrats are the antiwar candidates. In reality, a vote for a Democrat is a vote for a longer occupation in Iraq and possibly a war with Iran.” Earlier this month PR Watch explained that “Ryan Grim reports that the biggest and best-funded organizations in the liberal peace movement, primarily MoveOn and the groups in its Americans Against Escalation in Iraq (AAEI) coalition, are no longer advocating that Congress end the war. This year “the groups instead will lower their sights and push for legislation to prevent President Bush from entering into a long-term agreement with the Iraqi government that could keep significant numbers of troops in Iraq for years to come. … The groups believe this switch in strategy can draw contrasts with Republicans that will help Democrats gain ground in November.” The Green Party also quotes Titus North who is running for the US House of Representatives from Pennsylvania’s 14th district stating, “Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have both said they’d maintain a permanent US military presence in Iraq with only a limited draw-down of combat troops that could then be redeployed ‘just over the horizon.’ This military misadventure is not in the best interests of Americans or Iraqis and only benefits the oil and weapons industries. Groups like MoveOn that divert the energies of peace activists towards Democrat candidates who fail to push for a prompt and total withdrawal only undermine the peace movement and advance the war agenda. Voters need genuine peace candidates like thos from the Green Party…”

Link via Like Maria Said Paz, 1/25/08.

78. ms_xeno - 27 January 2008

Mcat, I’m no IOZ, but I have my moments… 😉

79. marisacat - 27 January 2008

The big myth of the 2008 election is that Democrats are the antiwar candidates.

ain’t it the truth……… an evil game they are playing. Again.

80. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 January 2008

Hell, there are idiot Americans who think voting for MCCAIN is a vote for ending the war.

We live in a vast seas of morons.

81. Intermittent Bystander - 27 January 2008

You pushed me over the edge, ms x, with your cruuuuuueeeeeel flaunting of such a beauteous brunch. (Thanks for the invite, though!)

I’ve abandoned my plan for grocery shopping. I’m heading straight for Chinese take-out forthwith.

82. liberalcatnip - 27 January 2008

hey–your former friend here doesn’t believe Obama will be a hawk.

Threatening to violate Pakistan’s sovereignty isn’t hawkish?

83. liberalcatnip - 27 January 2008

Stick this is your pipe and smoke it, Olmert:

Israel says it will resume regular fuel supplies to Gaza, 10 days after it stopped shipments in response to rocket attacks by Palestinian militants.

The decision was announced at a Supreme Court hearing brought by human rights groups against the blockade.

But there’s a catch (of course). There’s always a catch.

At Sunday’s hearing, the Israeli government promised to resume supplies of fuel, but not at normal levels, for another week.

A total of 2.2m litres a week will be allowed through, the minimum to keep Gaza’s power station in operation.

If I say “fuck you”, will I get labeled as an anti-semite? (Like I haven’t been no matter what I say anyway…)

84. Hair Club for Men - 27 January 2008

If I say “fuck you”, will I get labeled as an anti-semite? (Like I haven’t been no matter what I say anyway…)

Does it make me a racist to say “Rot in Hell” to Suharto because I’m not Asian?

85. Intermittent Bystander - 27 January 2008

Damn, I was hungry. One cannot live on popcorn alone.

FYI to BHHM – Hill and Bill did manage to salvage a Kennedy.

That said, the whisperings about a Gore endorsement for O are accelerating. Wouldn’t it be sweet if Al dropped that chad on Tuesday, smack dab in the middle of the Florida situation(s)?

I’m just loving all the inconvenient voting going on, as each state rolls out its electoral jalopies (and peculiar jeopardies). If nothing else, it’s a public benefit to demonstrate – and in some cases, possibly trounce – the unbelievably arcane primary system. Not to mention kicking the assfaces of the smuggest and laziest pundits, movers, and shakers.

So OK, all you cell-phone kids! Keep surprising them!

86. Intermittent Bystander - 27 January 2008

FYI to HC – As a baseline, for watching future shifts – Last week’s latest polls of the Super Tuesday states were posted by AZNomad here. The pre-South Carolina splits were bigger in Massachusetts (59% / 22%) than in NY (51% / 25%), and NJ was tighter than either (49% / 32%).

California was 39% / 27%, FWIW.

87. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008

I’m just loving all the inconvenient voting going on, as each state rolls out its electoral jalopies-Intermittent Bystander

With ya, IB!

88. ms_xeno - 27 January 2008

Yes, catnip, on behalf of all Jews everywhere, let me be the first to say back away from the cheesecake and come out with your hands up !!

89. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008

Hey Miss Dee-… C’mon. I don’t have former friends.
The concept doesn’t register with my view of friendship and certainly not of you…I think your smart, witty, and articulate. A fellow Peace and Justice seeker—What’s not to love? I just think you’re stone wrong about the degree of Obama’s “change” factor, if at all, re the fundamental destructive, inequitable assumptions of US Foreign Policy and Market Exploitation.

If anything, I’d sooo like him to seal the deal, Rise up From from “the Table”, bust out of the Party Blab-oratory and go and pillage the Bill and Hillary village. I figure we can at least get on with – shall we say – the challenge , the “Bring it”, the hype, hope, or not of real change. I’m expecting little there/there WRT, again, the degree of Obama’s “change” factor, if at all, re the fundie-fun fundamental assumptions of US Foreign Policy and Market Exploitation.

But its not out of some infatuation with nihilism or feelings one way or another towards Obama.. It’s from my assessment of the system and the individuals at key, fortified points within, and how it works..If any thing the fact that it DID take so long for the “Scales to fall from my eyes”, [(c) Holy Bibbble TPM.] the fact that it took me so long to go Indy– it’s hard to say I’m just a knee jerk Dis Miss-ive of D knucklehead..

KnuckleHead, sure, I’ll cop to that, but not the out-of-hand dismissive or onion skin loyalty rap. 99.9% of my stuff -(online stuff a smaller part of it , believe it or not) – most of my meager efforts have been aimed at knocking HILLARY out. What’s not to like if your an Obama supporter??– With my reasoning, at least??- I already copped to the lesser charges along the lines of disorderly blogging.

90. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008

on behalf of all Jews everywhere, let me be the first to say back away from the cheesecake- ms xeno

LOL Actually ms xee, that’s a line
from the My Personal Lord and Saviour Crowd.

[ loving the opportunity to skewer fundies, moon markos from the “crowd”, and flirt at the same time ] Plus Cheesecake!

91. wu ming - 27 January 2008

if it hasn’t been mentioned before, the sacramento bee and the san jose mercury news both endorsed obama recently. the fresno bee went for edwards. no word on the stockton record or the modesto bee.

92. wu ming - 27 January 2008

oh, and the bakersfield californian endorsed hillary and mccain, in one of the lamest endorsement columns i have ever read. i know people complain about the SF chronicle, but damn that bakersfield endorsement was vapid.

93. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008

LOL Suze Ormann on Larry King spreading the Gospel to the unwashed asses ( her POV) not to spend that “Stimulus Package” money.

“Keep that money, save it, or pay down debt..”

Translation: “Make it available to
the Financial Institutions that raped your ass and Sponsor my Show.

[..head pat & a cookie..]

Premise: Everyone out there has discretionary income.

What a fucking media whore. When She was on Cramer’s Mad Money LAST WEEK, she was advising his audience what a great time it is to BUY , INVEST, and go Bargain Hunting..
[..head pat, cigar & brandy..]

94. marisacat - 27 January 2008

the other amusement, for me anyway, is watching the party freak out at Bill doing and saying in public what they ALL (almost all) ahve done and said in private forever.

One reason for the rush to embrace Obama prior to the sweep of voting on Super Tuesday, ring in governors senators low to ground House reps etc…

They would feel safer if upcoming states had a similar make up to SC but ooops! they don’t – not even the three Southern states coming up have that simpler days, olde timey religion, binary voter mix. NOr the providential percentage break downs.

I think a few things on teh ground in NV goosed them. how quickly NV was forgotten, much more a harginger of voting in upcoming states than is SC…


95. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008

Funny, I was just reading James piece on Aravoisis at Mo Betta.

God that is a scream.

96. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008

the other amusement, for me anyway, is watching the party freak out at Bill doing and saying in public what they ALL (almost all) ahve done and said in private forever.-mcat

Oh true. It’s all such cynical crap. And all these recent alter call endorsements could very well amount to guano , like in NH if they lay down on BO’s ass.

And they’d STILL get to say a la Romney that they fought the good fight , “walked with” Martin, Jesse, er ,- Barack.

Me, I’m just playin Whack a Mole,
Bills bulbous nose being most visible now…

97. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008

Or shall I say Whack A-Hole?

98. James - 27 January 2008

95. – always happy to please. 🙂

99. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008

That was awesome James.

100. liberalcatnip - 27 January 2008

Yes, catnip, on behalf of all Jews everywhere, let me be the first to say back away from the cheesecake and come out with your hands up !!

It’s going to take more than that to separate me from my cheesecake!

101. marisacat - 27 January 2008

Oh Bill is a horror. I think the big divide for the party, right at this minute anyway, is that Barack and Michelle are controllable. Bill and Hill are way out there, ouside the reach of the party.

She will be in SPringfield MA Monday. Open rally and I bet a door to door or very small accompanied drop in a la Las Vegas…

Obama might need to find his inner Evita, one that holds up in close quarters that is, in the 9 days to Super Tuesday. I assume the party can pull it off.

102. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008

LOL Obama might need to find his inner Evita-mcat,

103. liberalcatnip - 27 January 2008

Obama might need to find his inner Evita

I thought he already had with his martyr-like “Don’t cry (please cry) for me” schtick.

104. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008

Xeno is a baked goods terrorist.

105. liberalcatnip - 27 January 2008

Two religious deaths: the heads of the Mormon church and the Greek Orthodox church. They should have an interesting conversation in “heaven”.

106. liberalcatnip - 27 January 2008

Xeno is a baked goods terrorist.

I have a well-equipped department of home-baked goods security. catnip’s DHS.

107. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008


108. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008

105 catnip, Mormon Prohet and Greek Orthodox Guy convo in “heaven”.

Well, it better be heaven
considering what the Orthodox Bishop is wearing.

109. liberalcatnip - 27 January 2008

Patrick Cockburn’s Return to Fallujah.

Freedom is on the march (somewhere):

Fallujah is more difficult to enter than any city in the world. On the road from Baghdad I counted 27 checkpoints, all manned by well-armed soldiers and police. “The siege is total,” says Dr Kamal in Fallujah Hospital as he grimly lists his needs, which include everything from drugs and oxygen to electricity and clean water.

If it takes that much security to seal one city, does anyone really think US troops will be going home anytime soon?

When I asked what the hospital lacked Dr Kamal said wearily: “Drugs, fuel, electricity, generators, a water treatment system, oxygen and medical equipment.” It was difficult not to think that American assistance might have gone to the hospital rather than the business development centre.

Colonel Feisal said things were getting better but he was mobbed by black-clad women shouting that their children had not been treated.

“Every day 20 children die here,” said one. “Seven in this very room.”

The doctors said that they were tending their patients as best they could. “The Americans provide us with nothing,” said one mother who was cradling a child. “They bring us only destruction.”

Capitalism above all else. That should be America’s new motto.

110. marisacat - 27 January 2008

There is a story kicking around… and I don’t still have the window open… but one ofthe Obama supporters, Gutierrez a House rep from a predominately Hispanic area of Chicago, that despite stories in the media of “Hsipanics slow to warm to obama” the real problem is lack of outreach.

Could be in house grumbles, but it sounds real.

I think he will hve to go door to door as she did in LV, down in the nitty gritty of poor homes.

When he was out here in SF a couple of weeks ago – for money, like they all do – they had a sit down arranged for him with 4 single mothers [representign a mix of races and one brought her tiny baby with her in a chest carrier] at a neighborhood center in the Mission District… I am unsure they got usable still shots from it. He looked bored and barely there thru out the whole of it.

They need something with photos to dranch Latino media with.

I assume th party can pull it off and Obama can whisk out his old organising for the church self and manage it, for just long enough.

111. liberalcatnip - 27 January 2008

Well, it better be heaven
considering what the Orthodox Bishop is wearing.

If it isn’t heaven, I’d say he’s a bit overdressed.

112. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008

LOL on the DHS catnip….
I still remember a pic link to a xeno chocolate torte.

Fuck it, seriously, I’m now gonna roll out
to score some cheap imitation sugar buzz
at the convenient Mini Heart Attack Market.
Damn you, Xeno!

113. liberalcatnip - 27 January 2008

More trouble in “paradise”:

A crucial Iraqi ally of the United States in its recent successes in the country is threatening to withdraw his support and allow al-Qa’ida to return if his fighters are not incorporated into the Iraqi army and police.

“If there is no change in three months there will be war again,” said Abu Marouf, the commander of 13,000 fighters who formerly fought the Americans. He and his men switched sides last year to battle al-Qa’ida and defeated it in its main stronghold in and around Fallujah.

“If the Americans think they can use us to crush al-Qa’ida and then push us to one side, they are mistaken,” Abu Marouf told The Independent in an interview in a scantily furnished villa beside an abandoned cemetery near the village of Khandari outside Fallujah. He said that all he and his tribal following had to do was stand aside and al-Qa’ida’s fighters would automatically come back. If they did so he might have to ally himself to a resurgent al-Qa’ida in order to “protect myself and my men”.

Abu Marouf said he was confident that his forces controlled a swath of territory stretching east from Fallujah into Baghdad and includes what Americans called “the triangle of death” south-west of the capital. Even so his bodyguards, armed with AK-47 assault rifles, nervously watched the abandoned canals and reed beds around his temporary headquarters. Others craned over light machine guns in newly built watch towers. Several anti-Qa’ida tribal leaders have been killed by suicide bombers in recent weeks.

His threat is highly dangerous for the US and Iraqi government, neither of which made any headway in ending the Sunni insurgency against the US occupation for four years until the tribes of Anbar, the province in which Fallujah lies, turned against al-Qa’ida. They formed the Awakening movement, known in Arabic as al-Sahwah, of which Abu Marouf, whose full name is Karim Ismail Hassan al-Zubai, is a leading member.

The Iraqi Foreign Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, warned last week it would be “very dangerous” if the Awakening movement’s 80,000 fighters were not absorbed into the army and police. “They are not that well organised and could easily be manipulated by al-Qa’ida,” he said.

The Iraqi government fears ceding power to the Awakening movement which it sees as an American-funded Sunni militia, whose leaders are often former military or security officers from Saddam Hussein’s regime and are unlikely to show long-term loyalty to the Shia and Kurdish-dominated administration.

Spin that one in your SOTU, Bush.

The US calls the Awakening movement groups “Concerned Citizens”, as if they were pacific householders heroically restoring law and order. In fact, the US has handed over Sunni areas to the guerrilla groups such as the 1920 Brigades and the Islamic Army who have been blowing up American solders since 2003.

Yeah, I’d say they’re “concerned” all right.

114. liberalcatnip - 27 January 2008

Fuck it, seriously, I’m now gonna roll out
to score some cheap imitation sugar buzz
at the convenient Mini Heart Attack Market.

Hope your weather’s better than mine: -31C with a windchill of -43C.

115. BooHooHooMan - 27 January 2008

Christ, now anybody who wants to knock me off thread
can bring up a xeno torte and I’m lookin for the car keys
and change in the furniture. Seriously, out…LOL.

116. liberalcatnip - 27 January 2008

The return of sunny, spousy Bill:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign team, seeking to readjust after her lopsided defeat in South Carolina and amid a sense among many Democrats that Mr. Clinton had injected himself clumsily into the race, will try to shift the former president back into the sunnier, supportive-spouse role that he played before Mrs. Clinton’s loss in the Iowa caucuses, Clinton advisers said.

But Democrats said it was not clear whether the effects of Mr. Clinton’s high profile could be brushed away by having him modulate his campaign style. They said Mr. Clinton had upset some of the central themes of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, including her appeal to women and her assertions that her time in the White House during the 1990s amounted to vital experience rather than a link to a presidency defined as much by scandal and partisan divisions as by its successes on fronts like the economy.

Wait a minute. I thought the NYT just endorsed her.

Despite Mrs. Clinton’s months-long efforts to build a base of support among women, Clinton advisers said they were concerned that her husband’s recent prominence may have dampened her appeal as a strong female leader. Some advisers said they feared as much after Mr. Obama won 54 percent of the vote from women in South Carolina, including 22 percent of white women and 78 percent of black women, according to polls.

That doesn’t prove he cost her the support of women unless they have some data to back that up and b) Obama only got 22% of white women, so I think they’re exagerrating a tad.

117. liberalcatnip - 27 January 2008

I thought no one knew the origin of these e-mails. According to CBS:

E-mails have surfaced, some traced to Clinton campaign volunteers in Iowa, claiming that Obama is a Muslim.

What I really want to know is whether they were typed out on an IBM Selectric.

118. liberalcatnip - 27 January 2008

I’ve posted a couple of Robert Fisk videos at my place.

119. liberalcatnip - 27 January 2008

Oops. I had to pull the second video because it was cut off due to You Tube’s 10 minute limit.

120. liberalcatnip - 28 January 2008

On the world economy and the French bank scandal: Rogue and the pogue

121. Hair Club for Men - 28 January 2008

E-mails have surfaced, some traced to Clinton campaign volunteers in Iowa, claiming that Obama is a Muslim.

This could mean any number of things. It’s not that hard to become a Clinton volunteer than just send an e-mail.

And even if you could trace it to a Clinton owned computer, it doesn’t mean that someone at Clinton headquarters didn’t just say “oh my God this goes too far” then passed it on to someone else with his/her outraged comments”.

There’s no question the Clintons are running a racialized campaign against Obama but I doubt we’ll ever be able to prove where these e-mails came from.

122. marisacat - 28 January 2008

well iirc at the time the three (think at the end three were asked to leave) volunteers involved, from email reprints, two seemed to send it on to distribute it… one, it looked like it was, or might be, more innocent.

But I thought a lot came out at the time…


new thread:


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