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8,500 words in The New Yorker… [UPDATED: Delaware Dem’s Deleted Drunk Diary] 2 March 2008

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       Reuters from UK Telegraph
                         Reuters / UK Telegraph

Yesssssssssssss, I picked the photo for the everlasting godamned lecturing political finger.  I am so tired of that finger.  No matter the color.  Bill excelled at the Lecturing Political Finger.  He never brought it down… and I do mean a digit attached to his palm, as in, a FINGER.

Anyhoo, The New Yorker has a longish piece on Michelle O.  I am half way thru it, and I must say it is clunky writing.  I don’t know the writer, Lauren Collins…. so no way of knowing if s/he is reluctant on the subject or a boring writer.   It seems written for the suburban market, esp page 6.  Gah.


UPDATED, 2:53 pm

Well I had been hunting for a graph or two or three that stuck out… most sites linking to the article are landing on a dumb (and I do mean dumb) passage of MO’s brother being derisive of Hillary welling up… O bore to me death why don’t you!??  Jesse Jackson jr was already there, give it up!

But here it is… for me anyway… Can she not hear herself?  Saying to gays what has been said to blacks… to Obama even, about this very run…

Pox on all their glass houses.

Last month, I attended an Ash Wednesday service at the church. When it was over, I approached Wright and asked him to tell me about Michelle Obama. “She’s from the ’hood,” he said. Within seconds, a minder rushed over to say that I was forbidden to conduct any interviews on the premises.

“We don’t want our church to receive the brunt of this notoriety,” Obama told me. I asked her whether Wright’s statements presented a problem for her or for Barack. “You know, your pastor is like your grandfather, right?” she said. “There are plenty of things he says that I don’t agree with, that Barack doesn’t agree with.” When it comes to absolute doctrinal adherence, she said, “I don’t know that there would be a church in this country that I would be involved in. So, you know, you make choices, and you sort of—you can’t disown yourself from your family because they’ve got things wrong. You try to be a part of expanding the conversation.” (She made a similar argument when I asked if she agreed with her husband in opposing gay marriage. “It’s like you gotta do the baby steps. . . . You don’t start with the hardest, toughest issues when you’re trying to unite a group”

Now you just wait, honeychile, for your turn.  Mind momma (pappa, pastor, priest, policeman, teacher, babysitter) and wait patiently.  Others know best.  Mind your manners, prove to momma you deserve rights and responsibilities… here, have some pudding.  And you can stay up a little longer tonight, if you are good.


UPDATED, 3:01 pm Monday…

A kind former commenter at Dkos forwarded me Delaware Dem’s latest quick delete, latest diarying while drunk as a Catholic skunk… with an added note that comments were disappearing as they were posted, so someone was hitting delete all the way.

It is nearly time to go nuclear on Clinton. Hotlist

by Delaware Dem [Subscribe]

Mon Mar 03, 2008 at 04:23:01 PM CST

You all know that I think Hillary Clinton and her husband have behaved in ways that can only be described as narrcissistic, arrogant and ignorant during this campaign.  And you have all heard that no matter the outcome tomorrow, Clinton will remain in the race (barring some devastasting Obama landslides in all four states).

You all know how disgusted I have been with her campaign and its tactics.   All the while, most of us who oppose Clinton and support Obama have not treated her as her supporters and her campaign itself treats Obama.   Hillary, her campaign and her supporters and surrogates have frequently used every smear and potential Republican attack against Obama during this campaign.

The Muslim Card.
The Race Card.
The Rezko Card.
The Patriotism Card.

Indeed, as her campaign stated today, it is ok to raise these issues because the voters need to know what the Republicans are going to throw at Obama in the fall.  

Interesting, that point.   For we, all throughout this primary season, have choosen not to discuss what the Republicans are going to throw at Hillary in the fall.  We have not discussed the volumes of scandals we all endured during the 1990’s.   We all know the Obama campaign has not and most likely will not discuss what the Republicans are going to throw at Clinton in the fall.  It would be contrary to the new politics approach they are talking.

But if Hillary selfishly decides to continue tearing the party apart for her own vain purposes, and if she decides to make Barack Obama damaged goods in the fall, then the least I can do is return the favor.

We all know the scandals.  

We all know the charges.

We all know some of charges leveled against Bill Hillary Clinton were not true.  We know that in most cases Bill Hillary Clinton have been vindicated of any wrongdoing.

That matters not.

Truth is not a concern in this game.

Hillary Clinton cares not about the truth of any of the smears her campaign has advanced in recent weeks.   Her campaign is just throwing mud, hoping it sticks.  Indeed, if Hillary Clinton cared about truth, she would have emphatically answered “No, Obama is a Christian,” last night without offering any tortured qualifications, used no doubt in the hope that ambiguity would feed the smear.  Hillary knew that her qualified answer (“I have no basis…;” “I take him at word”) would leave doubt in the minds of many as to whether she believed the smear or not.

Therefore, truth is not a factor.   All that counts is how much mud we can throw at any other.

In the Clinton’s past, there is plenty of mud.  Mud we know the Republicans will use against her in the fall.  

Therefore, using Hillary’s own rationale, is it not wise to use against her now what the Republicans will use against her in the fall?

I don’t care about the propriety of this.  If Hillary Clinton is hell bent on doing anything she can to ruin Obama as a candidate in the fall, then so should we. 



And try try try to remember, I don’t support Hillary EITHER.  Both are a bad bet, the Republicans lie in wait for BOTH.

[the diary was loaded with messy html (likely the result of drunken vomitus) that was screwing up spacing, I tried to clean it up]



1. liberalcatnip - 2 March 2008

Joe Wilson goes after Obama at HuffPo.

I was involved in that debate in every step of the effort to prevent this senseless war and I profoundly resent Obama’s distortion of George Bush’s folly into Hillary Clinton’s responsibility. I was in the middle of the debate in Washington. Obama wasn’t there. I remember what was said and done. In fact, the administration lied in order to secure support for its war of choice, including cooking the intelligence and misleading Congress about the intent of the authorization. Senator Clinton’s position, stated in her floor speech, was in favor of allowing the United Nations weapons inspectors to complete their mission and to build a broad international coalition. Bush rejected her path. It was his war of choice.

There is no credible reason to conclude that Obama would have acted any differently in voting for the authorization had he been in the Senate at that time. Indeed, he has said as much.

It goes on. I guess kossacks will now have to boycott Wilson and Valerie Plame too. Man, that list is starting to get long.

2. liberalcatnip - 2 March 2008
3. marisacat - 2 March 2008

McLaughlin opened with O Canada… and on to a listing of the upsets and problems rising between the two…

protected US access to oil, NAFTA issues..


4. liberalcatnip - 2 March 2008


“Women ‘Falling for Obama,’ ” the story’s headline read. Elsewhere around the country, women were falling for the presidential candidate literally. Connecticut radio talk show host Jim Vicevich has counted five separate instances in which women fainted at Obama rallies since last September. And I thought such fainting was supposed to be a relic of the sexist past, when patriarchs forced their wives and daughters to lace themselves into corsets that cut off their oxygen.

lol…didn’t someone almost pass out behind Bill Clinton at a recent rally too? That may have been for a completely different reason though. 🙂

5. liberalcatnip - 2 March 2008

McLaughlin opened with O Canada

He didn’t sing it, did he? Because that would have been so wrong. lol

6. marisacat - 2 March 2008

McLaughlin went round the group, who takes what Tuesday. Monica, Pat B, Eleanor Clift all called it for Obama… maybe one said she pulls out Ohio… but both Clarence Paige and Mclaughlin said she takes both.

I just don;t see it. Maaaaybe Ohio… maybe, but not both.

There is a tracking poll, think it was Reuters Zogby that was showing her with an uptick moving forward in TX, but I find it hard to believe.

Who knows.

7. marisacat - 2 March 2008


no it was a tape of … oh some smallish semi rural Canadian town, small houses, rural streets… and a female singing voice. It was nice.

It was a fun show, they all screamed at each other more than usual…


8. liberalcatnip - 2 March 2008

Jerome a Paris steps into the minefield.

9. Miss Devore - 2 March 2008

Michelle Obama-smart, real, often sarcastic. I like that.

10. liberalcatnip - 2 March 2008

they all screamed at each other more than usual…

lol…and I missed it. Darn!

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 March 2008

Bush legacy: Farewell to the Monroe Doctrine?

”Requiem for the Monroe Doctrine” is how academic Daniel Erikson put it in an article for Current History, referring to the 1823 declaration by President James Monroe that put the Western Hemisphere off-limits to outside powers.

Think-tank specialists are debating whether Bush, globalization or both are to blame, and whether a change in the United States’ unpopular position on Cuba might help. Democrats say the Bush White House has ignored the region.

But the reality is that whoever wins the White House in November will confront a dramatically different geopolitical situation from the one that Bush faced when he was inaugurated in 2001.

”The world has changed in fundamental ways, and the big question is whether the next administration can understand that and adjust to that,” Michael Shifter, an analyst with the Inter-American Dialogue think tank, told a recent gathering in Washington.

”The United States is not as important as it used to be. A lot of countries — I’m talking about Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela — have much more complicated international relations,” he added. “There are much more options than there were before.”

In the 1990s, most of Latin America and the United States shared a common purpose of promoting free trade, democracy and free-market reforms known as the “Washington Consensus.”

Many Latin Americans, however, became disenchanted with economic reforms of the 1990s and resented the Bush administration’s focus away from the region after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. The Iraq invasion only angered Latin Americans more.

”There was a rejection of Washington Consensus-era policies,” says Geoff Thale, with the left-leaning advocacy group Washington Office on Latin America. “We haven’t had anything to offer in its place.”

I say good riddance to the Doctrine. We have no right to lord it over the diplomatic and economic relations that other peoples decide to pursue. I suppose I can understand that in the early 19th Century, with the big empires still running around (with big navies) why Monroe felt that this was an important stand to take, but it’s time to let people determine their own destinies, quit being such damned bullies.

12. liberalcatnip - 2 March 2008

Clinton and Obama on 60 Minutes tonite. I missed most of it but it looked pretty boring. They addressed NAFTA, interviewed some Ohio voters (one who thought Obama was Muslim etc and the response by Hillary to that is sure to hit the blogs…a la “I have no reason to believe that’s true…).

I thought Obama’s response to the Muslim issue was interesting. Once again, as with the issue of the Somali garb, he said he was “offended” and that Muslims were “offended” by others claiming he was Muslim too. I don’t get that. Doesn’t it just play into the stereotype? What’s the offence besides the fact that whoever is pushing this meme thinks it will scare off bigoted voters?

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 March 2008

60 Minutes is doing gleeful PR for the pain gun that the Pentagon wants to use.


14. Miss Devore - 2 March 2008

catnip–try not to get too tied up in knots about Obama.

15. liberalcatnip - 2 March 2008

Commenting on what appeared on a teevee show is now known as getting “too tied up in knots”? Guess I’ll have to jot that down for future reference.

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 March 2008

How Hollywood Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the (Ticking) Bomb – Scott Horton:

Torture in the News
News coverage of the torture issue began in proper terms after the publication of the Abu Ghraib photographs. There were a handful of reports that predated this, such as notice of the first two deaths in Bagram Air Base. At the time the Abu Ghraib photographs appeared, I had completed a major study by the NYC Bar Association looking into legal standards governing interrogation practices. This study had been directly inspired by information the Bar had received from its JAG members to the effect that unlawful torture techniques were being used. Specifically, the following techniques were the focus of our concern: waterboarding, long-time standing, hypothermia, sleep deprivation in excess of two days, the use of psychotropic drugs and the sensory deprivation/sensory overload techniques first developed for the CIA at McGill University. Each of these techniques has a long history. Each had historically been condemned as “torture” by the United States when used by other nations. Each was clearly prohibited under the prior U.S. Army Field Manual. And each was now being used.

I discovered that when I gave interviews to major media on this subject, any time I used the word “torture” with reference to these techniques, the interview passage would not be used. At one point I was informed by a cable news network that “we put this on international, because we can’t use that word on the domestic feed.” “That word” was torture. I was coached or told that the words “coercive interrogation technique” were fine, but “torture” was a red light. Why? The Administration objected vehemently to the use of this word. After all, President Bush has gone before the cameras and stated more than three dozen times “We do not torture.” By using the T-word, I was told, I was challenging the honesty of the president. You just couldn’t do that.

In early 2005, I took a bit of time to go through one newspaper—The New York Times—to examine its use of the word “torture”. I found that the word “torture” was regularly used to described a neighbor who played his stereo too loud, or some similar minor nuisance. Also the word “torture” could be used routinely to describe techniques used by foreign powers which were hostile to the United States. But the style rule seemed very clear: it could not be used in reporting associated with anything the Bush Administration was doing.

17. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 March 2008

watching the 60 Minutes story about the volunteer medical assistance group, and it struck me … why is the question in politics “why don’t more people have HEALTH INSURANCE?” Isn’t the real question “why don’t more people have HEALTHCARE?”???

Insurance is just a business, a scheme, it’s not the goal of providing for people, it’s a METHOD. This is a rhetorical question, but why do we focus on providing people with middle men, rather than caregivers? It’s twisted.

18. marisacat - 2 March 2008

France has healthcare.

America has badly run insurance companies.

19. liberalcatnip - 2 March 2008

watching the 60 Minutes story about the volunteer medical assistance group

That was depressing to watch.

20. liberalcatnip - 2 March 2008

And it must be 100 times more depressing to live through.

21. liberalcatnip - 2 March 2008

Is Hillary a lesbian?

That site is looking more like freeperland every day.

22. liberalcatnip - 2 March 2008
23. liberalcatnip - 2 March 2008

More orange on the issue of the Somali garb photo:

Drudge says he got it from them (0 / 0)

You may not think he has any credibility, but direct testimony is admissible in a court of law.

“The jobs are never coming back, the illegals are never going home, but we’re gonna have a lot more wars.” -Pat Buchanan on John McCain

by turneresq on Sun Mar 02, 2008 at 06:10:38 PM MST

[ Parent | Reply to This |Recommend ]

how did he get it? and why have we never seen the (1+ / 0-)

Recommended by:

real email?

Glad to know Drudge’s word is enough. have fun in the GE trying to defend Obama now that you’ve set the bar on sources so low.


by nycstray on Sun Mar 02, 2008 at 06:23:25 PM MST

[ Parent | Reply to This |Recommend ]
Again (0 / 0)

Direct testimony from the witness is admissible. Whether you assign credibility is another issue.

“The jobs are never coming back, the illegals are never going home, but we’re gonna have a lot more wars.” -Pat Buchanan on John McCain

by turneresq on Sun Mar 02, 2008 at 06:26:59 PM MST

lol… I didn’t know that issue had made it to court with Drudge even testifying!

24. wilfred - 2 March 2008

I can’t figure out who will be the most frightening First Lady/Man…. Cyndee, Michelle or Bill.

Not one appealing choice in the bunch.
It’s going to be one very scary term in office but one giant canvas for comedy writers.

25. marisacat - 2 March 2008

LOL I don’t know what order it really went in, but I read the picture had been at some africa-centric sites for some time, and apparently before Drudge (some reports say for a week roughly) but I have not searched, at some conservative sites and at a tabloid.

I would assume more than the Clinton camp had it in hand.

Popcorn futures.

26. marisacat - 2 March 2008


they all like to lecture. Borrrrrrrrrrrrrrring. And self serving.

27. wilfred - 2 March 2008

hey all like to lecture. Borrrrrrrrrrrrrrring. And self serving.

thus oh so ripe for parody.

28. marisacat - 2 March 2008

Thank god the writers’ strike is over. I think they ALL got off easy for 14 weeks or whatever it was.

Skewer them all!

29. bayprairie - 2 March 2008


that charlotte allen piece at the increasingly laughable washington post opinion page is pathetic. what a POS editorial. she should really be restricted to beliefnet. im looking forward to her next piece, which will probably be on why catholics should vote for john mccain.

30. wilfred - 2 March 2008
31. Hair Club for Men - 2 March 2008

Gilroy’s having a meltdown and I get NO credit for it?


And what’s with Veronica. He had me on his personal quarantine list for months. I’m also on Byron’s and Gilroy’s. In fact, I’m on so many personal quarantine lists at PFF I can’t keep track of them all.

But it is rather amusing that “Catnip” has them all so rattled they’re talking about rulz and moderation.

What Byron’s misogyny and the vicious racism of “Your Momma” and “Noom” couldn’t do in months, a little Obama bashing did in a few days.

Bring “Change”

32. Hair Club for Men - 2 March 2008

I take him at his word,” Obama Not a Muslim “

And I am NOT Belinda Stronach.

33. marisacat - 2 March 2008

Do you know how many meltdowns Gilroy has had?

At Dkos, at LsF, at Wingless… at BMT. Many I am usre in RL and at other sites.

One of the more hilarious was when he would alternatively declare Wingless or BMT the real tru progressive site. And decamp for the other. Think he did that three times. Each way.

So many meltdowns… so little energy.

When does he play his instrument? The musical one I mean.

34. Hair Club for Men - 2 March 2008

Do you know how many meltdowns Gilroy has had?

Oh. I thought it was my particular gift for being an annoyance.

35. liberalcatnip - 2 March 2008

that charlotte allen piece

I couldn’t even bring myself to read the whole thing. I was wondering, who the hell is this person??.

36. liberalcatnip - 2 March 2008

But it is rather amusing that “Catnip” has them all so rattled they’re talking about rulz and moderation.

Fear the herb I tell ya! Fear her!!

37. liberalcatnip - 2 March 2008

Whoops. I forgot to point my finger when I said that.

38. Miss Devore - 2 March 2008

catnip actually has herself looking more like Veronica the Viking by the minute.

39. bayprairie - 2 March 2008

I was wondering, who the hell is this person??.

she shows up in a google at beliefnet more than a few times and also at the independent women’s forum. quite a bit.

sourcewatch says this about the latter organization.

The Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) is an anti-feminist organization predominately funded by conservative U.S. foundations. On its website it describes its mission as being “to rebuild civil society by advancing economic liberty, personal responsibility, and political freedom. IWF builds support for a greater respect for limited government, equality under the law, property rights, free markets, strong families, and a powerful and effective national defense and foreign policy.”

i suppose it’s not really an opinion piece. its propaganda, and shitty propaganda at that, brought to us by the editorial board of the washington post.

40. marisacat - 2 March 2008

IOZ has a few things to say about the Charlotte Allen.

I guess I have to read it now. Gah. From a comment at IOZ, apparently Obama replies to the “I love You” screams? With, “I love you back!”, and a wink?

Oh tell me it is not so.

41. kraant - 2 March 2008


I’d say Gilroy is getting about as much support for “change” from his “meltdown” as catnip got over nuddy pics.


Occasionally someone doesn’t like the tone on PFF and has a snit about wanting more roolz.

Everyone else tells them to take a hike.

Big whoop.

42. bayprairie - 2 March 2008

allen was taking shots at obama as far back as Dec. 2006.

My, What Big Ears You Have, Mr. Senator

i wonder who pulled her string on that one? obviously shes a woman incapable of thinking for herself without a man to tell her what to say.

43. liberalcatnip - 2 March 2008

its propaganda, and shitty propaganda at that, brought to us by the editorial board of the washington post.

Thanks for looking that up. Sheesh.

44. liberalcatnip - 2 March 2008

I am poopular! (as we French people say)

At least I never called for “quarantining” and “sequestering” people in some sort of PFF Gitmo. Maybe Gilroy is planning to start an “extraordinary rendition” program. Better watch out! “Bet on it.”

45. bayprairie - 2 March 2008

ioz has a comment that indicates she was also published online that the weekly standard, although there’s no link.

shes evidently a catholic anti-feminist, anti-reproductive rights mouthpiece.

46. bayprairie - 2 March 2008

Occasionally someone doesn’t like the tone on PFF.

is that what you call all that reeking misogynistic stench?



47. marisacat - 2 March 2008


cannot pull anything up at the moment but there was one abortion vote that pro lifers target…. cannot think why he did not vote “present”… think it might have had to do with either fetal pain nonsense or some sort of law about live survival of abortion.

All of that from his history in Ill is, to me, a big muddled mess. I wrote on the 7 votes and a few others last summer… and not going back…


48. kraant - 2 March 2008

Well I just love all the folks over on PFF and here who think Obama is uppity too.

49. marisacat - 2 March 2008

oh stuff it, kraant.

You know a couple of months ago when David Corn did a long column detailing the animosity from the Clinton campaign for the Obama camp, I posted it.

He used “uppity” to describe the Clintons take on Obama… and I said I agreed with his take..

When Ben Smith at politico made use of the Shaheen mess and used a misleading title for his post on the slur (as in, “Was Obama a drug dealer?”) that did not qualify the situation… I posted against it immediately.And said the campaing was now fully dirty. Smith also chose to highlight that post, using his slam of a title, on the FP of the poltiics section. And i pointed that out.

Campaigns that are full of little groups of people/supporters who get bruised and rotate between attack and bruise tending are so boring.

If you want to call me or people who post here racist, go right ahead. But you are downwind of rotting oRange Shit.

Take a hike.

50. bayprairie - 2 March 2008

and here who think Obama is uppity too.

uppity? cite the word’s usage here as proof. i’d be interested in seeing that.

51. bayprairie - 2 March 2008

ah marisa you beat me to it.

never mind 😉

52. kraant - 3 March 2008

Heh…. I’d call it about as fair as turning what I said about various people having snits about tone (damn Gilroy was objecting to misogyny in his snit was he?) into me stumping for misogyny. Turnabout is fair play.

Find me a person without a shred of racism or sexism in their bones and I’ll follow them around carrying a tinsel halo above their head and call them world savior.

BTW, peeder quietly dealt with the nuddy pics issue by whitelisting image hosts.

Anyone going to bother thanking him for changing the roolz?

53. liberalcatnip - 3 March 2008

How to be a proper Christian, by kid oakland. Ramen.

54. marisacat - 3 March 2008


address to whom you are speaking. YOu appear to have an set of issues over disparate events.

I made the same request of Meteor Blades in his disciplinary drop ins.

Most of your comment makes no snese to me or relates to things at peeder’s I have not bothered with. I try to get there once a day if lucky. I don’t read everything. What a shock.,

I REALLY don’t care what changes peeder makes to his site.

55. liberalcatnip - 3 March 2008

peeder quietly dealt with the nuddy pics issue by whitelisting image hosts.

Whatever the hell that means.

And what’s that I see on the FP? A giant penis? Whoops. (That’s sure to make some of the boyz uncomfortable.) Guess that one slipped through his technical fix.

Anyone going to bother thanking him for changing the roolz?

Which “rule” did he change?

My only beef in that whole thing was about adding NSFW warnings. That was it. Of course, the whole thing blew up into a “catnip wants censorship – she is evil” “discussion” (and I use that term loosely). So really, kraant – why are you even bringing this up? Who cares anymore? You seem to like bringing up ancient history ie. like Stronach.

56. liberalcatnip - 3 March 2008

uppity? cite the word’s usage here as proof. i’d be interested in seeing that.

Psst…if you don’t support Obama, you’re obviously a racist. That’s what denali and pinche tejano would have me believe anyway. This “uppity” accusation from kraant is just an extension of that. Consider it as Obama Supporter Outreach. They’re on a mission. Not exactly the kind of “missions” that Mormons go on – since they get to visit warm and exotic countries – but the Obama Supporter Outreach Team will gladly visit any corner of the intertubes where their help may be needed.

57. marisacat - 3 March 2008

Mormons finaly began canvassing this area around 5 years ago… dark blue jackets with little white ground black lettering name tags.

Also Jehovah Witnesses…

For years we would get The Watchtower crowd. Church ladies… but I was not not not not interested. I finally hung a pentacle of some sort on the door… and I got a little cat skull which I hung inside the pentacle.

That took care of that.

58. kraant - 3 March 2008

Whatever the hell that means

Means you ain’t going to see any more porn there since the whitelisted hosts don’t allow it. So no more bananas being poked up… etc.

And what’s that I see on the FP? A giant penis? Whoops. (That’s sure to make some of the boyz uncomfortable.) Guess that one slipped through his technical fix.

Don’t bother me none. I think it’s kinda cool seeing it at the top of the FP.

59. marisacat - 3 March 2008


fluffer works to be a thug. Not very successful either. Pin pricks from wanna-be blahger boyz.

The game – and while small potatoes,it is ugly – at that site is run people off, using the reactionaries and wingers or to threaten people by naming them as racist.

As I told a petty and imprecise kraant, w/r/t me, stand in line behind rotting orange shit.

I won’t be changing what I say or what I post.


60. marisacat - 3 March 2008

laura rozen has a interesting post up about the charlotte allen slobber.

61. kraant - 3 March 2008

As I told a petty and imprecise kraant, w/r/t me, stand in line behind rotting orange shit.

I won’t be changing what I say or what I post.

Neither will I.

I reckon America deserves President McCain, and I reckon Obama’s the best deal you’re ever likely to get in the foreseeable future.

That pro’ly aint saying much but,

C’est la vie…

62. JJB - 3 March 2008

liberacatnip, no. 4,

Can’t remember where I read it, but that “Fainting For Obama” story has been debunked, but just like Al Gore Inventing The Internet/Having Uncovered Love Canal/Lied About Being The Model For Oliver In Love Story, you’ll be reading about it years from now. There have been instances of people passing out, but it’s happened because they were stuck in large crowds for long periods of time with no access to food or water while waiting for the often tardy candidate to arrive. The number of such instances is something like 5-10, and is more or less the same as the number of people who’ve passed out for similar reasons at rallies for other candidates.

BTW, consider yourself lucky you only have to deal with that rubbish online. I actually had to ensure having the damned “Outlook” section in my house yesterday.

63. JJB - 3 March 2008

BTW, Eric Alterman had a very short, cryptic mention of Buckley on Friday, interesting mostly for the following quote he dug up from a year-old TNR article by Sam Tenenhaus:

In 1997, when he was scouring the ranks of talented younger conservatives to find a new editor for National Review, Buckley eliminated one prospect, his one time protege David Brooks, a rising star at The Weekly Standard. In a memo to board members, Buckley reported that he had discussed Brooks with NR alum George Will: “I said that I thought it would be wrong for the next editor to be other than a believing Christian. He agreed and added that the next editor should not be a Canadian”–a possible reference to conservative writer David Frum.

And yet in the same paragraph, Tanenhaus repeats the bogus claim that Buckley eliminated anti-Semitism from the conservative (a misnomer, “radical right” or “militaristic reactionary” is a far more accurate label) movement he developed.

This passage also is at variance with the facts:

blockquote>In October 2004, a week before Election Day, he presciently exhumed in his column a half-forgotten 1978 book, A Savage War of Peace, the classic account of the Algerian war written by Alistair Horne, the British historian who is one of Buckley’s oldest friends (the two were boarding school roommates in the early ’40s). What made the book “hideously relevant to our present problems in Iraq,” Buckley explained, was its description of how the French, trapped in a bloody debacle that dragged on for eight years, were losing to “a factionalist-nationalist movement using terrorism as a means of expressing contempt and hatred for modern forms.” At last, in 1962, President Charles de Gaulle “surveyed that mess” and “unconditionally surrendered” rather than risk the only, and unthinkable, alternative–a massive military attack.

Maybe Buckley should have called up his old friend Horne to explain a few historical facts to him (facts he might have been expected to know having been in his 30s when the Algerian War of Independence took place). The FLN, which still governs Algeria, was a secular movement, more or less socialist in political orientation, and far from “expressing contempt and hatred for modern forms” desired to lift the Algerian masses into the modern world in which its leaders themselves lived. They used terrorism mostly because it was the most effective tool available to them. They did in fact have more regular-type military units in both Tunisia and Morrocco, but Also, deGaulle didn’t just pull out French forces abruptly in 1962. He announced in September 1959 that Algeria’s future would be decided by a plebescite in which every Algerian, whether European or Muslim, would be eligible to vote. This meant, of course, that independence was inevitable, and he had to put down violent demonstrations by the Algerian pied noirs, and face down a rebellion by a number of high-ranking military leaders who tried to stage a coup d’etat, and then to assassinate him on at least 2 occasions. It’s generally believed that Eisenhower informed deGaulle that he was no longer willing to help bankroll the French military effort. de Gaulle had soured on Algerie Française anyway. It had destroyed the Fourth Republic, and it was destabilizing his ability to effectively govern the French nation.

BTW, some of the worst terrorist acts of the entire struggle were performed by the OAS (Organisation Armée Secrète), which was formed by disgruntled French generals after the failure of their coup attempt in 1961. These men indeed may have been “expressing contempt and hatred for modern forms,” i.e., the self-determination of peoples, anti-colonialism, etc., but I’m sure that’s not a point Buckley would have wanted to make.

Well, given his ignorance of history and the world outside the borders of the US, you can’t say Buckley wasn’t echt-American.

64. JJB - 3 March 2008

I notice I didn’t finish a sentence there in the middle of the last post. W/r/t the FLN forces in Tunisia and Morocco, they were kept out of Algeria by a highly effective barrier the French erected along both frontiers (the Morice Line). The rebels would attack it en masse in attempts to breach it, but always failed.

65. bayprairie - 3 March 2008

This “uppity” accusation from kraant is just an extension of that.

oh i assume the boy is painting in technicolor with that one. i prompted him for the cite. he’s posted multiple times since, and no cite to be seen.

evidently he can’t provide one.

66. liberalcatnip - 3 March 2008

that “Fainting For Obama” story has been debunked

That was the first time I’d seen a reference to it so I didn’t check it out thoroughly because I just thought it was funny & harmless, but there definitely was a person passing out behind Bill. They showed that one on the teevee. 😉


Hang in there. It’s quite obvious that denali just posts whatever pops into his head without giving it a second thought. (Just look at how he tried to convince me, despite the evidence, that Canada wasn’t immediately involved in the Afghanistan war.) PT can claim all he wants that he’s doing “research” by calling me racist and a “barren womb” but we both know what the truth is – pff is a safe place for the immature boyz to show their true colours while propping each other up. They think that makes them big men instead of the small-minded assholes they really are.

67. marisacat - 3 March 2008

JJB out of Moderation… sorry for the delay!


As for fainting… I did see a news segment showing 4, not 5 snips of Obama from the stage noting that someone had fainted or was in distress.

It is not new nor unique to Obama. So I suspect it has happaned.

68. lucid - 3 March 2008

Paging lucid. Not sure if you’ve seen this yet: Canadian researchers find gene that may block HIV

There’s a link to the actual study over on AIDS Myth Exposed. I’ll try to read it in depth when I get the chance. On first impression though, I’m none too impressed. One of the more interesting ideas I’ve come across recently is that ‘retroviral particles’ are actually manufactured by the body and function as retrotransposons in the repair of damaged DNA. This is of course why they would be found in high titres in cancer patients. Remember, the ‘retrovirus’ craze was actually an articfact from the failed ‘viral’ cancer research in the ’70’s – which is of course why Duesberg was asked to comment on AIDS in the first place given that he was the foremost expert on retroviruses in the world at the time.

If this is actually the case, then having a gene to block reverse transcription would actually be a bad thing – and a drug to try to reverse that would be an even worse thing. Our bodies are repairing damaged DNA all the time [which is why there is always some level of reverse transcription happening in everyone – just at lower titre levels in healthy individuals]. As we age, the damage to our DNA becomes too extensive for our natural repair mechanisms, which is why we eventually shrivel up and die. We should not be screwing with the body’s natural response to DNA repair – it would essentially be ‘enforced aging’.

69. lucid - 3 March 2008

(and yes, lucid, I have suspicions about the official line, too), but I think about people we lost, through ignorance and gov’t innaction, and it depresses the shit out of me.

Me too MitM. And what scares me even more is the millions more we will lose thanks to Gates & Bono & the Pharma cabal if we don’t finally sit down and have an open scientific debate about the real causes of AIDS. I think that more than anything else is what motivates me to speak out about this despite the more often than not outraged responses I receive.

70. lucid - 3 March 2008

btw MO bears a striking resmblance to Condoleeza… I mistook it for her on first glance – maybe it’s the haristyle. Creepy.

71. kraant - 3 March 2008

oh i assume the boy is painting in technicolor with that one. i prompted him for the cite. he’s posted multiple times since, and no cite to be seen.

evidently he can’t provide one.


Post and attached comments. If you see it, you see it. If you don’t, you don’t. No skin off my back either way.

I’m pretty sure there’s plenty of subtextual misogyny out there that I’m utterly blind to.

Keep in mind I said “folks over on PFF and here who think Obama is uppity”.

Demanding I find someone specifically saying the word “uppity” is irrelevant to what I said, which is why I ignored it.

72. bayprairie - 3 March 2008

kraant. i cited a portion of your statement upthread.

and here who think Obama is uppity too.

HERE is the operative word. i am asking you to post a cite of a comment or post made HERE at OPG in which someone used the word uppity in relation to obama.

cant you read?

or is it that its easier to argue utilizing things that werent said, and implying that they were.

73. JJB - 3 March 2008

Just noticed while out at lunch time that the headline and main top-of-the-fold story of the edition of the Moonie Times being sold in the paper boxes on DC’s streets today is “South American On Brink Of War,” as if the entire continent is about to go up in flames due to Venezuela and Ecuador sending troops to their borders with Columbia. It seems Columbia assassinated a FARC rebel leader on Ecuadorean soil. Or killed him in a firefight. Anyway, Columbia troops were where they weren’t supposed to be. For a look at the sort of propaganda only the most blind fanatics can write, click here. The NYT is a good deal less alarmist:

Strengthening trade links among Andean countries suggest that the tension will soon die down.

Trade between Colombia and Venezuela, for instance, still flourishes despite a hiccup in some industries caused by recent political outbursts. Venezuela even relies now on a natural gas pipeline from Colombia for its extraction of oil around Lake Maracaibo.

Of course, everybody knew in August 1914 that the war was only going to last about 6-8 weeks because international commerce had become so interconnected, even symbiotic.

Incidentally, Bill Buckley is still dead and likely to remain so, but the lies both about the sort of person he was and his contribution to the public discourse go marching on. With that in mind, take a look at the commentaries made by WFB and Gore Vidal on election night 1968. If you don’t hear the voices of Ann Coulter, Joe Scarborough, et al. behind that phony mid-Atlantic accent, you don’t have a very good ear. Hell, even Pat Buchanan seems like less of a thug by comparison. I did not catch any of these exchanges at the time, so this was my first time seeing any of this. Buckley really is insufferably smug, condescending, and (at bottom) frivolous. I was always amazed at how my blue collar relatives swooned whenever he spoke in this vein, never catching on that they were the very people for whom he had the most contempt. By all means, watch the whole thing, especially the Pepsi commercial at the very end, and recall that during the wilderness years between 1962 and 1968 when Nixon toiled away running up the billable hours at Nixon, Smudge, Grudge, and Fudge he was Pepsi’s ambassador to the world.

74. JJB - 3 March 2008


Also note that after the unpleasantness between them during the Chicago convention, they were no longer delivering these commentaries in each other’s presence.

75. kraant - 3 March 2008

HERE is the operative word. i am asking you to post a cite of a comment or post made HERE at OPG in which someone used the word uppity in relation to obama.

cant you read?

Can’t you?

You’re demanding I prove that someone here has used the word “uppity” which is a claim I never made.

I’m pretty sure the person who wrote that post on PFF I linked to posts HERE.

I reckon it demonstrates that they think the Obama’s are uppity. Feel free to disagree, dispute, disagree with that opinion all you want. After all maybe I’m wrong.

But make that same demand that I go off and find someone saying the word “uppity” again and I’ll ignore it again. So if you do feel the need to declare victory, go for it. My ego can take it.

or is it that its easier to argue utilizing things that werent said, and implying that they were.

I think this whole exchange proves that statement beyond the shadow of a doubt.


76. JJB - 3 March 2008

Those Kos-Hacks are really getting delusional. Now they insist they can read people’s minds. 🙂

Of course, that’s often the case when your age is higher than your IQ.

77. bayprairie - 3 March 2008

i’ve read quite a bit of criticism of obama on this blog. not once have i gotten a sense that any of the fault finding with obama was racist in nature. many posts contain cites as proof of fact for the candidate criticism. i’ve seen nothing from my end of the dial to think anyone’s calling obama uppity. i do not get the sense obama is being attacked due to the color of his skin.

and yet here you are imply that some here think obama is “uppity” which is the word you use, yet no one else seems to have used. its a hateful code word, a racist cliche. and you paint this blog with that word, unfairly to my way of thinking.

so i’m asking you for some GODDAMN PROOF of what you imply.

otherwise take your ridiculous australian brand of political horseshit and sell it elsewhere.

78. JJB - 3 March 2008


You’re dealing with someone who can’t even construct a strawman argument. More like a sockpuppet made of dandelions.

It is kind of fun watching it stand in the corner into which it’s painted itself desperately trying to pretend its bladder isn’t about to burst, though.

79. kraant - 3 March 2008


When I said that folks on PFF and here I never meant to imply that you think Obama is uppity…

I’d just like to apologize for that.

@The rest of you:

Carry on with the victory dance. I think you’re enjoying it (even though youse aint used the word “enjoy” once).

Might do a write up on the whole thing on PFF later.

80. marisacat - 3 March 2008


I haven’t a clue where you are coming from and zero desire to figure out where that starting point might be. Your comments here strike me as confused and part of what I pointed out I considedr to be boring candidate partisans who gyrate between attack and bruise tending.

A few months ago I read a [then] distasteful take on obama as ‘this year’s Pet Rock’. I recoiled. On reflection, that probably is accurate.

If you are so het up over racism go fondle PFF where the blog owner is emerging as one of the uglier online Israel firsters, an apologist for Sharon, Sabra and Chatilla camp massacre and whatever else.

Your opinions don’t interest me.

81. JJB - 3 March 2008

Carry on with the victory dance. I think you’re enjoying it (even though youse aint used the word “enjoy” once).

Was it this that tipped you off?

It is kind of fun watching it stand in the corner into which it’s painted itself desperately trying to pretend its bladder isn’t about to burst, though.

Feel free to continue grabbing yourself by the collar and throwing yourself down the stairs.

82. liberalcatnip - 3 March 2008


You linked to my diary about Michelle Obama saying she didn’t feel proud of her country as some sort of proof that I think she’s uppity? Holy crap, batman. Do you think you can streeeeetch and screeeech just a little bit more? Did you see my diary titled, “Hillary Clinton sucks – and blows”? I suppose that means I hate women in your eyes too?

Get another hobby. This one isn’t serving you – or your candidate – well.

bayprairie had it absolutely right about your use of the word “uppity”:

its a hateful code word, a racist cliche.

You have nothing to stand on to back up that claim. Just admit it and move on.

83. liberalcatnip - 3 March 2008

Just saw your update with DD’s drunken diary. It was torches & pitchforks over there last nite after the 60 minutes show. That site is never going to recover from all of the hatred that’s been flying around over there. I doubt anyone back in 2004 (which this primary period is being compared to over there) accused any of the Dem candidates of trying to “destroy the party” etc etc. The atmosphere there is so incredibly vicious that it matches Freeperland now – no doubt about that. And just wait until SYFPH sets in again.

84. liberalcatnip - 3 March 2008

I’m pretty sure there’s plenty of subtextual misogyny out there that I’m utterly blind to.

If you’re so concerned about misogyny, why don’t you speak up against Revisionist, denali, Byron, pinche tejano etc etc? Or is that outside of your comfort level because you need to maintain your status among the adolescent-like boyz over there? There’s absolutely nothing “subtextual” about that misogyny. It’s blatant and ugly. What are you doing about that?

85. marisacat - 3 March 2008

Bang up diary at PFF… as are comments in the thread from “plasticseapolluter”

86. marisacat - 3 March 2008


I have not been following the mess at Dkos, primary season mess I mean.

So I cannot compare it to 2003/04. Which was ugly enough. Operative laden enough. Loyalty pledge and oath demanding enough.

Again, a pox on all their glass houses.

The silliest thing to me this year is prefering either Clinton or Obama. The Clintons are a consummate mess, the Obamas, by my observation, wish to become the Clintons.


87. liberalcatnip - 3 March 2008

Like I said, it;s Adolescentville.

88. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 March 2008

So catnip, do you think Harper’s gov’t is trying to help out Billary with this memo?

I’m so damned sick of this campaign, sick of her screech and his droning cadence … please make it be over.

89. liberalcatnip - 3 March 2008


I just posted a comment about that at pff in this diary:

The Obama campaign should have been crystal-clear about this from day one, despite the fact that our right-wing government here leaked the story. And, as I’ve said before, this government is only interested in seeing another Repub elected in the US so this has absolutely nothing to do with any kind of “shilling” (as some have suggested) on their behalf for Clinton. They’d rather poke their eyes out than see her win.

I’m planning to write a post about this for my blog later. Busy day – more dental work and then I went to vote in our provincial election. Lots of walking involved so I’m kind of beat. This NAFTA story has legs though.

I see the Con gov’t issued a statement today but one thing some Americans might be missing in accepting that response is that the opposition here has (finally) come out and accused them of interfering with the US election (as I wondered aloud last week on my blog). So they had to make it look like that wasn’t their intent. They’re weasels.

90. marisacat - 3 March 2008

LOL Good luck babycakes:

[A] third reporter followed, asking Obama why information about fundraisers or other details had not been answered by the campaign. He raised the issue of how details were emerging in the case, like the fact that Obama and Rezko had toured the property that resulted in the questionable land deal between the two men.

Obama continued to say that reporters’ interest was due to the fact this was “a hot story.”

He claimed that his campaign would be happy to provide the details, but when asked why the campaign hadn’t been forthcoming, he said, “What happens is these requests I think can go on forever, and, at some point, we’ve tried to respond to what’s pertinent to the question that’s been raised.”

He added, “There’s no question that he raised money for us, and there’s no dispute that we’ve tried to get rid of that money.”

Toward the end of the press conference, the question of Goolsbee’s meeting was raised again. Obama answered curtly and then walked out after a staffer called last question. The press erupted with shouts, but Obama continued to walk out.

He paused only to say, “Come on guys; I answered like eight questions. We’re running late.”

On the flight from San Antonio to Dallas, Obama, unsurprisingly, did not wander back to make small talk with the traveling press corps.

LOL I saw film of the presser.

I dunno, maybe a bar-b-q weekend, a la McCain and Bush, with the pool reporters. Helps to have a ranch, however.

91. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 March 2008

well, considering that Obama’s pet economist comes from the fetid intellectual swamp that birthed neo-liberal economic theory, U of Chicago, I’m perfectly willing to believe that he said exactly what the memo says.

Hillary is right … Obama is not Ohio’s friend on NAFTA. Obama’s right … she’s part of the regime that FOISTED NAFTA on us.

Fuck them both. They will both screw over the people who vote for them to favor monied interests.

92. marisacat - 3 March 2008

If you loved the 107th, if you loved the 108th congress… LOL.. drop in to Charlie Rose tonight.

Daschle is on. Followed by Ickes.

AFAIAC neither should be out without a minder.

93. liberalcatnip - 3 March 2008

Obama’s pet economist comes from the fetid intellectual swamp that birthed neo-liberal economic theory,

I saw one Obama supporter explain that by saying that maybe Obama chose him as an advisor because of his contrary positions. Right.

That reminded me of that “Pelosi is a genius” dkos dairy. I couldn’t find that one, but I did find this trip down memory lane. lol

94. marisacat - 3 March 2008

… oh Pelosi… that reminds me:

I caught her on Charlie Rose near the end of last week. Whew!

CR asked her, nicer than deserved, how come y’all got nothing done in the 110th?

Want a preview of the 111th?

Her answer was, and she said this without choking on it:

George Bush did not accept the results of the last election

I am NOT kidding! hahahahahahha. I so want to her her say that in mid 2010. As mid-terms come up.

95. liberalcatnip - 3 March 2008

George Bush did not accept the results of the last election

Well, that’s funny because I don’t remember her or any other Dems last time around saying, “vote for me and if George Bush accepts the results, we’ll be able to get a lot done!”.


96. liberalcatnip - 3 March 2008

Big surprise: the Cons were elected to a majority here in Alberta – again. Fuck. They’ve been in power here since 1971. That’s what happens when you’re soaked in oil and your surplus budgets can be written by a monkey with a calculator. Just waiting to see how many seats the lefty parties have gained or lost.

97. liberalcatnip - 3 March 2008

Scud stud Arthur Kent is running as a Con in one of our Calgary ridings. He’s not winning so far against the incumbent Liberal and even the right-wing National Post ran scathing article about him a couple of weeks ago.

98. lucid - 3 March 2008

Catnip – I take that back, the link on AME was just to an interview with one of the research team. There is yet no published study [… de rigeur with all new ‘AIDS cure discoveries’].

That said, given that HIV has not been isolated in vivo and that the research, according to the team, was done in vitro [the only place anything that could be ‘HIV’ has ever been shown to exist], I seriously doubt this research will lead to anything of remote value… though per my previous comment, perhaps it will lead to gene therapy that causes us to age more quickly – and I know everyone is just dying for that!

99. lucid - 3 March 2008

Wow, waded into the phlegm bucket for the first time in a long while [sorry bored – was supposed to have rehearsal, but got cancelled]… not only is there no traffic, but MOB has some really ‘original’ analysis of tomorrows primaries…

The story will be clear…David beat Goliath with a strategy of competing in all 50 states, an optimistic message of hope and national unity, and an efficient and disciplined campaign staff.

Yeah David and his however many millions of dollars… I would assume that could buy a highly efficient slingshot back in the day.

100. marisacat - 3 March 2008

Poor Martin. Still dumb as a rock.

There is no David tomorrow.

101. XP - 3 March 2008


catnip – Your right, the NAFTA story does have legs, but it is not NAFTA it has to do with NAFTA plus, or as it is known in your neck of the woods, “Deep Integration.” And lets not forget the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) agreement that was signed in 2005. I heard that the three heads of states will be meeting in New Orleans next month talk about border security and food production.

102. lucid - 3 March 2008

This is fucking nuts… Gold closed today at $988.50 and silver at $20.16 [of course no one mentions that these have been at record prices for months]. Gold has now been at +$900 for almost 4 weeks and silver +$17 for about 3. This has serious impacts on our economy. Not only is it strangling the jewelry industry [in which I work], but so many industrial products rely on gold and silver as components. The fucked up thing is that this market is driven by pure speculation. The stocks have tanked, currencies are a mess, real estate is a non-starter with the mortgage crisis… so hey, let’s make money on commodities… We’ll day trade and get out at the right point! Of course completely ignoring the economic damage they’re doing in the process.

I really hope I have a job in a year, because if this shit keeps up, there will be no jewelry industry left.

103. liberalcatnip - 3 March 2008

101. Those damn SPP meetings are one of the most undemocratic things going. They won’t even release their agendas and far too few people are even aware that they are going on. Cheney’s secret energy meeting sure got a lot of attention. That doesn’t hold a candle to what these corporate and gov’t leaders are doing behind closed doors to “integrate” our countries.

104. liberalcatnip - 3 March 2008

perhaps it will lead to gene therapy that causes us to age more quickly – and I know everyone is just dying for that!


I really don’t know about all of the medical stuff involved to have even a half-intelligent conversation with you about HIV/AIDS. I should probably know more considering that I have an autoimmune disorder so I do manage to pick up some things that you’re talking about at least. 😉

I’m going through dental work – last week and this week – to repair the damage lupus has done to my teeth. That would be fin except for that fact that I now have an infection in my right nostril from last week’s freezing. Got antibiotics (I know, I know) for that today finally. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. really nice dentist though and she’s given me back my smile.

105. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 March 2008

I saw one Obama supporter explain that by saying that maybe Obama chose him as an advisor because of his contrary positions.

Keep clapping … that fairy is gonna come back to life any second now.


106. liberalcatnip - 3 March 2008

Exploding heads overload! Comments to that diary have been disabled. There’s a note in the diary by ct saying that he and Hunter are working on a new system. In the meantime, none of the comments to that diary are visible. Considering the topic, I imagine massive amounts of grey matter clogged up the tubes.

107. liberalcatnip - 3 March 2008
108. marisacat - 3 March 2008

Tinkerbell! Peter Pan!

I can’t see youuuuuuuuu……………..

109. BooHooHooMan - 3 March 2008

102 re speculation in Precious Metals meets the O.R.

Gold fiducials used in tumor markings have gone through the roof (not that they weren’t before.)..Any serious facial reconstruction can have 80 – 100 grand in titanium micro plating mesh and screws. Ortho Implants are going through the roof..I scrubbed some over the weekend.

Macabre, I know, but goes with the territory. Given how fucked the economy is, I wondered to myself how long it will be before they foreclose on someones skull fracture set, or Maybe the nice chunk of hardware in Gramma or Grandpap’s hip ….

110. lucid - 3 March 2008

BHHM – or in the metal now in the right side of my face 🙂

111. BooHooHooMan - 3 March 2008

Why do I think that one result of this campaign is that their is going to be another book added to the Torah? Complete with smoting but not so much Bush burning…


March 3, 2008 — BROOKLYN Assemblyman Dov Hikind yesterday predicted that Jewish voters would make “a mass movement toward Sen. McCain” if Barack Obama knocks Hillary Rodham Clinton out of the race in tomorrow’s critical Democratic primaries.

Hikind, an Orthodox Jew whose Borough Park district includes the largest Hasidic bloc in the United States, blasted Obama for what he called his half-hearted support of Israel and his ties to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., who has repeatedly praised anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who has endorsed Obama.

112. lucid - 3 March 2008

Maybe I should sell myself back to medicine to make ends meet?

113. marisacat - 3 March 2008

Can’t Oprah and Ted Kennedy just, you know, like, LECTURE the wandering Jews?

Explain to them what is needed. Line them up. They can skip falling in love, this time.

Or soem version of that.

114. marisacat - 3 March 2008

Caroline can sing the chorus. Maria, frau of Arnolt, can jump on the stage, unnanounced.

Oh right! It did nto work in CA last time.

Well it worked in SC.

Sorry, the party insisted they could manage this Medusa of a run.

POPCORN FUTURES! As good as gold!

115. lucid - 3 March 2008

Hikind, an Orthodox Jew whose Borough Park district includes the largest Hasidic bloc in the United States

Bigger than mine It has the largest hasidic in the world.

116. lucid - 3 March 2008

That should read – it has the largest hasidic community in the world.

117. BooHooHooMan - 3 March 2008

Bad pun alert…

Well we’ll see what metal the BO camp has …I’m just waiting for the commercials:

It’s 3:OO AM. And somewhere Nigger Lovin Jew Baiters are working in a sleeper cell for Barack Obama.

I don’t see her getting out of the race…She will be positioned as “rising to the call of the unheard voices”….

I’m betting the ranch on popcorn futures…

118. BooHooHooMan - 3 March 2008

Can’t Oprah and Ted Kennedy just, you know, like, LECTURE the wandering Jews?

Explain to them what is needed. Line them up. They can skip falling in love, this time.

Oh I don’t think it was ever love.
I say let em wander. Free country and all that —‘nless you live in Palestine..

119. marisacat - 3 March 2008

Promise them anything, Give them Arpege.

120. BooHooHooMan - 3 March 2008

Just not RPG’s

121. liberalcatnip - 3 March 2008


I guess it’s going to be McCain/Hagee ’08.

122. lucid - 4 March 2008


Prime sheise… can I have it with some eisbein on the side?

123. marisacat - 4 March 2008

nu thred:


oops Daschle just called Barack “articulate”. (the interview is leaden)

124. BooHooHooMan - 4 March 2008

pondering the cost of tinfoil before saying this.. but doesn’t the leak out of the Canadian Consulate in Chi actually work to “H” BO’s advantage in Texas? It seems to me, if they know they were going to take drop in Ohio, it almost comes down to a “choose your poison” moment.

Scoop or leak?
The story broke on Ivan Fecan’s CTV:

Award of Merit Dinner co-chairs set for ‘Grand’ affair
Written by the Jewish Tribune staff
Tuesday, 21 August 2007
TORONTO – The co-chairs of B’nai Brith Canada’s 2007 Award of Merit Dinner, which takes place November 15 at the Liberty Grand, Exhibition Place, and recognizes outstanding Canadians, are enthusiastic about the event, which demonstrates a united Jewish community. The co-chairs are: Ivan Fecan, President and Chief Executive Officer, CTVglobemedia, and Chief Executive Officer, CTV Inc.;,

It seems to me, Bill Daley would have good working relations with the Consulate in Chicago. If you think you’re going to drop Ohio anyways, you definitely can’t afford to have your flanks exposed in Texas just when all was going so …Uh, – searching for the word- ah , … swell. LOL.

If you want to feed a story like that you’d feed it to Fecan’s CTV.

125. marisacat - 4 March 2008

all I know is Daschle is totally without energy on with Rose. Course that is his demeanor, all but in the coffin.

I don’t know on the CTV Embassy leak. But he has been on def for days between taht and Rezko.

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