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Love that wispy Nazi Ratzy voice… 17 April 2008

Posted by marisacat in DC Politics, Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Italy, WAR!.

hadn't used this one in a while...

….as he says Sorry! for chomping on the baby’s beauteous little leg…. but it was so delish, I ate it all. And swallowed every morsel.

From the airplane, as Shepherd One winged its way to us. Oh Joy!

Allen: Holy Father, I’ll ask my question in English. I know you will speak principally in Italian, but we would be grateful for at least a few words in English. The Catholic church in the United States is large and dynamic, but also suffering, above all because of the recent sexual abuse crisis. The American people are waiting to hear what you have to say on this subject. What will your message be?

Benedict XVI:
It is a great suffering for the church in the United States, for the church in general, and for me personally that this could happen. If I read the histories of these victims, it’s difficult for me to understand how it was possible that priests betrayed in this way their mission to give healing and to give the love of God to these children. We are deeply ashamed, and we will do all that is possible that this cannot happen in the future.
I think we have to act on three levels.

The first is the level of justice, the juridical level. We now have also norms to react in a just way. I would not speak in this moment about homosexuality, but pedophilia, [which] is another thing. We will absolutely exclude pedophiles from the sacred ministry, this is absolutely incompatible. And who is really guilty of being a pedophile cannot be a priest. So the first level is, as we can do justice and help clearly the victims, because they are deeply touched. So [there are] two sides of justice, on the one hand that pedophiles cannot be priests; on the other hand, to help in all the possible ways to the victims.

The second level is the pastoral level, the level of healing and help of assistance and of reconciliation. This is a big pastoral engagement, and I know that the bishops and the priests and all the Catholic people in the United States will do all possible to help assist and to heal, and to help that in the future these things cannot happen.

The third point [is that] we have made a visitation in the seminaries to also do what is possible in the education of seminarians for a deep, spiritual, human and intellectual formation –with discernment so that only sound persons can be admitted to the priesthood, only persons with a deep personal love for Christ and a deep sacramental love, to exclude that this can happen [again]. I know that the bishops and the rectors of seminarians will do all that is possible so that we have a strong discernment, because it’s more important to have good priests than to have many priests. This is also our third level, and we hope that we can do, and we have done, and we will do in the future, all that is possible to heal this wound.

Well! We all know that is settled now! Nothing to worry about!

He also has said that the resolution is healing prayer and a return to orthodoxy. No really. More religion is the cure! Choke on the Holy Host!

In the round the clock coverage of the death of JP II, I caught a lovely little conversation, on one of the divine Roman rooftops that US media paid rent on for upwards of 10 years as they waited for JP to shuffle off… someone from the media chatting to one of the more corpulent of the US Bishops… who said in all seriousness that the accusations of child abuse, priestly pedophilia, were lies. The Church had endured this often, most recently when the COMMUNISTS had lied about priests.

Holy gall.

2006Meanwhile over at The Corner at National Review Online, Kathryn Jean Lopez is slobbering that the pope’s round the clock personal assistant, Msgr Ganswein, is like Richard Chamberlain in The Thornbirds. hmmm I think if he ever went in that direction, first in line would be Donatella Versace, who personally handles his custom orders.

Cushy, huh?

We know all are dining on the tender flesh of plump infants, said to be sweetest of all human flesh.


UPDATE, 9:05 am

I just saw this at the end of the last thread… and it seems to really fit in with popery.. 😉

Intermittent Bystander

41 – Synchronicity? Earth’s Hum Sounds More Mysterious Than Ever (4/16/0 8)

In the past, the oscillations that researchers found made up this hum were “spheroidal” – they basically involved patches of rock moving up and down, albeit near undetectably.

Now oscillations have been discovered making up the hum that, oddly, are shaped roughly like rings. Imagine, if you will, rumbles that twist in circles in rock across the upper echelons of the planet, almost like dozens of lazy hurricanes.

This discovery should force researchers to significantly rethink what causes Earth’s hum. While the spheroidal oscillations might be caused by forces squeezing down on the planet – say, pressure from ocean or atmospheric waves – the twisting ring-like phenomena might be caused by forces shearing across the world’s surface, from the oceans, atmosphere or possibly even the sun.

Given the human forces shearing across the world’s surface, I have an image of the entire planet grinding its teeth.




1. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 April 2008

but we would be grateful for at least a few words in English.

How can somebody grovel like that and look themselves in the mirror?

2. wilfred - 17 April 2008

It’s been so gooey here on the local NYC news you just want to hurl (and he’s only in DC, he gets here for the weekend when it will get even worse). They did at least do one local report on the abuse victims saying his speech rated a 1 on a scale of 0 to 7 and focusing on the pain of the victims and their families.

Then the anchors on the local ABC bring on a priest and the first thing out of his mouth was that ‘the Pope didn’t have to say anything’… oh really? That is your take on this? He should have been run right out of the studio. The whole press thing comes down to “The church has paid MONEY so it’s time for them to be absolved.” Yeah, right.

3. Heather-Rose Ryan - 17 April 2008

I’ve finally figured out who Ratzi reminds me of: the evil Emperor from Star Wars, as played by Ian McDiarmid.

4. JJB - 17 April 2008

The local news in DC is round-the-clock Popery, with an occasional interruption for the weather/traffic reports, and brief mentions of the anniversary of the horrible massacre at Virginia Tech (which occurred a year ago yesterday). Remarkably, I’ve managed to avoid all the traffic closures, etc., even though I’ve had to travel all over DC the last few days (either by car or by Metro), both to work and to the area near the ballpark for a play rehearsal. Tuesday evening on the way home, I saw a group of 10-15 people on the Metro wearing white tee shirts, and the word “Celibacy” in a circle with a red line bisecting it (i.e., “no to celibacy”). One of them had a testy exchange with some guy sitting behind her. It seems they were at the White House protesting the church’s celibacy policy for the clergy, believing (rightly in my view) that it merely serves to attract a lot of twisted people whose attempts at sublimating their urges causes them to commit horrid acts of abuse. FWIW, of the various Catholic clergy members I came into contact with in my youth and adolescence, a large number of the younger ones seemed extremely immature and emotionally stunted, socially awkward in the extreme. The older ones tended to be either nasty/bitter, or alcoholics, or both. The seemingly well-adjusted ones were definitely the exceptions in my experience.

5. JJB - 17 April 2008

BTW, it seems to me it would be proper for the authorities to indict and convict a lot of prominent Catholic clergy for engaging in a criminal conspiracy w/r/t the pedophilia scandals, i.e., lying to the authorities, engaging in coverups, bribing witnesses (including the victims), and reassigning the offenders ought to be indictable as some from of criminal neglect and/or depraved indifference (no pun intended on the last).

6. JJB - 17 April 2008

Think I’m in moderation.

7. wilfred - 17 April 2008

#3 Heather, you are spot on with that one! He looks just like the evil emperor.

8. marisacat - 17 April 2008

JJB out of moderation… sorry for the delay!

9. Hair Club for Men - 17 April 2008

I’ve finally figured out who Ratzi reminds me of: the evil Emperor from Star Wars, as played by Ian McDiarmid.

I was thinking Nosferatu

10. cad - 17 April 2008

“What, is the Pope in town or some other show business figure?”

– Woody Allen

11. marisacat - 17 April 2008

This over at SMBIVA gave me a chuckle….

THEN I followed the link to the Advocate interview and reading this …

Do you think it’s possible to get full repeal of DOMA? As you know, Senator Clinton is only looking at repealing the plank of DOMA that prohibits the federal government from recognizing state-sanctioned unions.

I don’t know. But my commitment is to try to make sure that we are moving in the direction of full equality, and I think the federal government historically has led on civil rights — I’d like to see us lead here too.

…had a long. hard. chuckle. Who led who sweetie? The Federal government does not lead, it is led, has been led historically, kicking and screaming on ALL Civil Rights. But didn’t we straighten that out, a few months ago by now, when “racist” remarks were made ? Ya know?

12. marisacat - 17 April 2008

BTW not saying the Clintons are not race-baiters, they are. What I AM saying tho is that legislators, those in government, have a blinkered bias for their power base.

Obama Rama too.

13. marisacat - 17 April 2008

Oh! I just realised… in this he achieved his great advertisement, he became a post-racial bureaucrat.

A beautiful moment.

14. liberalcatnip - 17 April 2008

Hey, you know what? (2+ / 1-)

FUCK the pope.

“Lies return.” – African proverb

by Night Train on Thu Apr 17, 2008 at 12:00:40 PM PDT

[ Parent ]

I sincerely hope you are not an Obama supporter. (3+ / 0-)

by soccergrandmom on Thu Apr 17, 2008 at 12:54:26 PM PDT

Yes, because Obama supporters are the paragons of all things supposedly virtuous. (cough cough hack hack)

That comment was a reaction to this one which notes that El Popester apparently used Obama key-words like “hope”. Ergo, the pope endorses Obama.

I did a double take while listening to the Pope (20+ / 0-)

today. Apparently he thinks hope is a good thing too. What a blow to Hillary Clinton who thinks hope is just a word. The Pope’s stress of hope and his mention of America’s shameful racial past made me think that his Excellency, in a most respectful and advisory way was signaling American Catholics re their vote.

We can change the world. Let’s start with America. Obama for America ’08

by Blogvirgin on Thu Apr 17, 2008 at 11:03:00 AM PDT

That brand of TEH STUPID is just priceless.

15. marisacat - 17 April 2008

Deviant minds… IOZ is quoting Kathryn Jean Lopez TOO! He went instantly to cannibalism… TOO! (too easy, I know!).

In his first post he manages to take care of the really big questions.

16. marisacat - 17 April 2008

From the IOZ thread at teh first link in comment 15:

Crusader AXE said…

I agree with Lopez. If you don’t want to obey the rules, you shouldn’t be in the club. That said, maybe we’re watching the beginning of the end for the largest of the Jewish heresies from the First Century Current Era. Which in itself is a pitiful attempt to make history and the fucking calendar politically correct.

However, if Pelosi is a devout Catholic and goes to Mass and hasn’t worshipped any false idols or coveted any asses lately, then go to communion. This being the USA and the Pope knowing abou the virtual schism he’s got here which is still a helluva lot more devout than Europe –what’s up with that, Benny Rat? — he can have a Swiss Guard machinegun or have divinely inspired Nutria rip out her throat. Or do nothing.

I’m betting on the nothing.

17. liberalcatnip - 17 April 2008

Paraphrasing Howard Dean’s response to the debate (via MSNBC): “If people don’t think this kind of stuff will be coming from the Republicans, they have another thing coming.”


18. wilfred - 17 April 2008

Evidently Tom Shales, the media critic at WaPo cut Steffie and Gibson a big new one over last nights fiasco. Go Shales!

19. Intermittent Bystander - 17 April 2008

I swear, I swear, I swear (fuck the Pope!) that I didn’t see your new thread with the lambiekins and the baby-eating until after I posted the link about the mandibular music of global shearing! I just thought it was a funny coincidink in relation to the Ferlinghetti pome that MissD threw down in the last thread.

Could this disharmonious convergence be some sort of sign?

20. marisacat - 17 April 2008

il papa today, in some meeting with the Catholic bishops, said the victims must allow the love of the church to aid in their healing.

Blameless under the mantle of the eternally forgiving Jeeeeeesuhs! I guess…

It really does seem like some money run, this visit from Benedict…. I have read when the RNC needs a fast few million, one of their moves is to send Bush to Cincinnatti for a quickie fundraiser. Never fails.

every gang has their modus operandi.

21. Arcturus - 17 April 2008
22. marisacat - 17 April 2008

LOL Kathryn Jean Lopez has noticed that the Dkos folks (I have not read it, going on her representation) want her “drawn and quartered”.

IOZ and moi are so mild.


IB – 19

I could not believe it when I read the comment, it was perfect…. 😉

23. Intermittent Bystander - 17 April 2008

Boston Globe on his private meeting today with five abuse victims, male and female:

A papal spokesman told the Associated Press that O’Malley presented the pontiff with a notebook listing the names of more than one thousand abuse victims from the Boston archdiocese.

The meeting between a pope and abuse victims is a huge development in the clergy sexual abuse crisis that has roiled the Catholic Church since 2002, when the Globe started publishing a series of stories about abuse by priests. The pope at the time, John Paul II, did not visit the United States after the crisis broke — he traveled to Canada and Mexico but flew over the United States without stopping in 2002 — and neither he nor Benedict is known to have met with abuse survivors prior to today, despite repeated requests from victims.

O’Malley facilitated the visit with victims after the pope declined his repeated entreaties to visit Boston. O’Malley had argued that the pope could best directly address the abuse issue in Boston, viewed by many as the epicenter of the crisis, but the Vatican cited the pope’s age and health in deciding to limit his travels to New York, which is the home of the United Nations, and Washington, which is the seat of the US government.

The scale of the abuse is still the subject of some controversy, but the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, which did a study for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, found that 4,392 priests had been accused of abusing 10,667 individuals between 1950 and 2002. The crisis led in December 2002 to the resignation of Cardinal Bernard F. Law of Boston, who was criticized for failing to remove abusive priests from ministry; John Paul II named Law to oversee a prominent basilica in Rome, and appointed O’Malley to replace him as archbishop of Boston.

The private meeting at the papal nunciature (home of the pope’s ambassador to the United States) lasted about half an hour.

24. marisacat - 17 April 2008


thansk for that link. About 4 down on the page is a Global Research piece, long, some of it I skimmed, but very interesting.

25. wilfred - 17 April 2008

Keith Olbermann going to town on Steffie and Gibson, couldn’t happen to 2 bigger schmucks.

26. marisacat - 17 April 2008


half hour. But plenty long enough to impart the healing love of Jesus. And of Benedict.

27. Arcturus - 17 April 2008

24. That last one is by Keith Harmon Snow again, whose site was down last time I linked to one of his pieces.

28. marisacat - 17 April 2008

One reason I am so au courant with wht is up with K-Lo (Kathryn Jean Lopez) is I have been following the nattering at The Corner (rife with Catholics) on the congressional resolution greeting Popery. They have been snarling as Boxer apparently was blocking some of the wording from Casey and Brownback on pro life (thank god not everyone buys in)


This is what was ridiculously cut:

“that neither attempts to strip our public spaces of religious expression nor denies the ultimate source of our rights and liberties”


“Whereas Pope Benedict XVI has spoken out for the weak and vulnerable, witnessing to the value of each and every human life”

Works for me. Of course it is merely symbolic as we to move to a drenched in religion future

29. marisacat - 17 April 2008


that is the one I meant, I went back and checked as the page is so dense….:

Go to Original

The US Sponsored “Rwanda Genocide” and Its Aftermath
By Keith Harmon Snow
Global Research

An investigation has uncovered an asylum system scandal where bogus Rwandan “refugees” infiltrate the U.S. and U.K. and work as undercover agents to hunt down critics of the Rwandan dictatorship and legitimate refugees and drag them back to Rwanda. This is yet the latest revelation on how the dictatorship in Rwanda manufactures and exports terrorism using an ideology of genocide and how the West supports terrorism by backing its Rwanda proxy. Meanwhile, business in Rwanda is booming and the criminal networks of the Kagame military machine continue to plunder the blood-drenched Congo. […]

Quite a ways down in the article is this:

Philip Gourevitch’s book is “completely one-sided” says Paul Rusesabagina, the real-life subject of the film Hotel Rwanda. “His book took very much the RPF side. He was more or less like an RPF advocate.”(147)

Gourevitch is known for fabricating a New Yorker story called “The Genocide Fax” in alliance with Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Undersecretary James Rubin—Philip Gourevitch’s brother-in-law.”(148]

the whole section of Gourevitch is interesting…

and this…

Nsenga is known to be very close to former Ambassador Andrew Young, the Kagame regime’s number one public relations agent whose PR consulting firm Goodworks International whitewashes the regime and its major corporate allies and partners.(58] GWI is also tight with the Africa-America Institute, a CIA backed think tank involved in information warfare and subversive activities all over Africa.(59) Andrew Young has built a mansion on Rwanda’s Lake Muhazi.(60)

Zac Nsenga “is a strong endorser of the Genocide Intervention Network (GIN).”(61) The Genocide Intervention Network is at the forefront of promoting the official line on genocide in Rwanda as a pivotal tool in the new hegemonic human rights discourse.(62) Other GIN endorsers include some of the highest profile official Rwandan genocide storytellers: General Romeo Dallaire, Samantha Power and Gerald Kaplan.

“[Nsenga] was in Ruhengeri killing people also,” says Jean-Christophe Nizeyimana. “As a promotion, he was given the post of Ambassador to Washington D.C.”(63)

Very good on the social engineering and military uses of the NGOs, those many supposedly independent but doing the work of the Western Governments…

Thanks again…

30. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 April 2008

I heard tape of him speaking at the ballpark, and I swear that reedy voice, and the accent, I kept waiting for him to yell HOGAN!

31. wilfred - 17 April 2008

Loved this one:

32. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 April 2008
33. moiv - 17 April 2008

Accidentally heard on Popenet is not getting the appreciation it deserves. 😉

34. Arcturus - 17 April 2008

salmon win one:

Federal judge Oliver Wanger today tossed out a controversial water plan that would have allowed more pumping of water from the imperiled California Delta at the expense of five species of protected chinook salmon and steelhead trout.

. . .

In his opinion Judge Oliver W. Wanger relied on the National Marine Fisheries Services’ (NMFS) own finding that diverting water from the bay-delta was killing huge numbers of salmon. He said, “This morbid projection is inconsistent, if not irreconcilable” with the agency’s opinion that the project operations did not jeopardize the survival of the fish. He also faulted the agency for failing to analyze the effects of global warming on the fish, calling that failure “arbitrary and capricious.”

35. Intermittent Bystander - 17 April 2008

Ha ha – Catch Edwards, as well as Hillary, on Colbert tonight.

Pretty good jokes.

36. Intermittent Bystander - 17 April 2008

Bobby Sherman for President, y’all!

(Just kidding.)

37. James - 17 April 2008

George Clinton for President: “One nation under a groove. Getting down for the funk of it.” 🙂

38. liberalcatnip - 17 April 2008

Polygamous-sect hearing in Texas descends into farce

Interesting headline since CNN’s man on the scene said everything went swimmingly and that the judge had done a fantastic job so far.

39. liberalcatnip - 17 April 2008

Accidentally heard on Popenet is not getting the appreciation it deserves.

No kidding. Their humour/irony/sarcasm/truth genes are obviously defective.

40. liberalcatnip - 17 April 2008
41. marisacat - 17 April 2008

LOL I see MoveOn is running an online petition (yet another one!) in reaction to the ABC debate.

denali has blocked ABC from his cable box.

In combination, this should do it! Victory is at hand.

When is the last time MoveOn actually meant business? And was not fluff, stuff and distraction (one of its charges against ABC) itself?

42. marisacat - 17 April 2008

re: TX polygamy

anything with over 400 attys is beyond problematical.

43. liberalcatnip - 17 April 2008

anything with over 400 attys is beyond problematical.

Kind of like government? 😉

44. diane - 17 April 2008

Something real unsettling about that photo. Ganswein’s pasty pale blue hands, that look like they were stolen from a cadaver, really don’t help.

And do they die that hair?

45. marisacat - 17 April 2008

yeah Ganswein is an odd one. I got onto him when Benedict was in So America last year. And a blog that follows things Catholic had some tidbits at the time (Whispers in the Loggia), tho when I drop in this year it seems much more pedantic and doctrinaire.

The hair… well I suspect they do use a rinse to tamp down any yellow, tho I have noticed that Germans like Irish can get that shock of white hair…

Odd couple. Fat living off the faithful.

46. diane - 18 April 2008

Thanks for that link Marisa, found a blow up of those creepy red slippers

Sweet dreams all……..

47. Arcturus - 18 April 2008

Fat living off the faithful.

& others . . .

Aimé Césaire died yesterday (Thurs)

Pursuing my analysis, I find that hypocrisy is of recent date; that neither Cortez discovering Mexico from the top of the great teocalli, nor Pizarro before Cuzco (much less Marco Polo before Cambuluc), claims that he is the harbinger of a superior order; that they kill; that they plunder; that they have helmets, lancets, cupidities; that the slavering apologists came later; that the chief culprit in this domain is Christian pedantry, which laid down the dishonest equations Christianity = civilization, paganism = savagery, from which there could not but ensue abominable colonialist and racist consequences, whose victims were to be the Indians, the Yellow peoples, and the Negroes.

from Discourse on Colonialism

thanks to Lenin for the typing

48. diane - 18 April 2008

So many surges going on…….the ”tender impulse” surge:
Hunger Hypocrites

“…. From Paris to Washington, everyone has their own idea about how to come to the aid of poor countries’ populations unable to withstand the price increases in basic foodstuffs, notably rice….
Nonetheless, how is it possible not to feel ill at ease with these tender impulses? For those who are the most generous today are those perhaps the most responsible for this planetary malfunction. The new eating habits of emerging countries, largely imported from developed countries, explain a large part of the explosion in demand and consequently price tensions.

That’s not the only reason. Biofuel competition is another, essential, cause. Now, the United States – so generous with the World Food Program – has confirmed its resolve to double the already-very-significant surface it devotes to biofuels. Opposite the American driver, the Haitian peasant doesn’t carry much weight. The same is true for Europe. Not only does it want to develop biofuels, but in international negotiations, it maintains a protectionist policy that has long destabilized third-world agriculture and slowed down poverty reduction.

[fixed the link — Mcat]

49. diane - 18 April 2008


jeez, sorry

Hunger Hypocrites

[fixed the link –Mcat 🙂 ]

50. diane - 18 April 2008

Seems to me another reason food prices skyrocket is when the “titans” of society acquire a taste for something. It happened with organ meats, greens and tomatoes; to name a few. Now I’m hearing whisperings of Pork hankering, a last bastion of one of the cheaper meats.

Since those “titans” love to overcrowd the news with tales of their philanthropy, perhaps they might enjoin with those who can’t afford to purchase overpriced staple foods by not buying them when the prices skyrocket due to those titanic hankerings.

51. diane - 18 April 2008

Wonder what’s on the papal menu? I’ll bet Jesus never ate so good…….

52. diane - 18 April 2008

Now we know:

With Marie Antionette on the mind and a surge of tender impulse for the starving millions, George and Rat Singer decided upon:

Cake, but no dinner for pope at White House

53. diane - 18 April 2008

Many, many hugs Marisa!


54. marisacat - 18 April 2008

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:


Care to speculate on the top? If there is one…

55. marisacat - 18 April 2008


no problem Diane. As WP does nto provide preview… and it only takes me a few seconds.


56. liberalcatnip - 18 April 2008

Here, in the heart of oil country, the price has hit a record of $1.20+/litre.

As for predictions, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it crawl up to $130/barrel. When the bust hits here though, all hell will break loose, as it did in the 80s.

57. liberalcatnip - 18 April 2008

The flag pin questioner speaks out. Perception is everything.

58. liberalcatnip - 18 April 2008

Some people never learn:

A homeless man has found confidential blueprints for New York’s new Freedom Tower dumped in a city rubbish bin.

59. marisacat - 18 April 2008


ugh the thing is a mess. I have seen the tape several times of his reply in Iowa a few months when he was asked about having stopped wearing it. Too loquacious. I know the words about false patriotism has rankled with the right. Whatever! There is speculation out there that at the time he wanted needed Iowa Dem party anti-war votes.

I know nothing of Iowa but ethanol issues and the damned “first in the nation” gibberish… but have read for a years of an entrenched anti war faction in Iowa. So maybe… who knows.

60. marisacat - 18 April 2008

ugh sorry he was asked about NOT wearing a flag pin, part of his answe was that he had been then stopped.

If it matters.

As an interesting aside a few years ago I caught David Martin who reports on CBS for Pentagon Defense issues… on Cspan, apparently he had been teh object of a bombardment (CBS as well) that he did not wear the flag pin. He was visibly irritated by the whole thing and said frankly to him the flag pin looked like some Republican party emblem and he was not a member of George Bush’s party.

One thing the so called left of the aisle should face (and the left has faced this in Mexico) they will never be allowed to win any election at all (Mexico) and here, not allowed to win unless tarnished and damaged.

Until they run honestly, which they never do, it all barely matters.

Loved watching Reich endorse this am… belly up to the bar. The guy who denied, while in SF on Labor Day in 2006, that NAFTA had cost US workers jobs. Even Gavin knows it cost jobs and said so. Reich denied it AGAIN.

No honesty.

Who are these fucking people? A lot of center, center right.

61. liberalcatnip - 18 April 2008

Just watching the news here about the N American leader’s summit coming up next week in NOLA where NAFTA will be discussed – behind closed doors.

Tapper has a piece about the Dems’ rhetoric.

62. liberalcatnip - 18 April 2008

Until they run honestly, which they never do, it all barely matters.

Even the pope can’t deliver that miracle.

63. diane - 18 April 2008

Who are these fucking people?

The bot cast from a yet unreleased Aliens sequel?

When they’re wounded their head part twitches madly back and forth, as they repeat the same lies over, and over and over….

Instead of blood, they vomit some milky substance when they’re wounded…..

64. liberalcatnip - 18 April 2008
65. Arcturus - 18 April 2008

via Angry Indian:

An outspoken Canadian native leader [Terrance Nelson, chief of the Roseau First Nation in Manitoba], is urging Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to throw his weight behind an attempt to block two multibillion-dollar pipelines that will transport oil from Alberta to the United States.

. . .

The letter asks Mr. Chavez to turn the international spotlight to human-rights violations against indigenous people in Canada and to champion their cause. It says Mr. Nelson and other native leaders plan to expose the damage done to Canada’s indigenous people in the runup to the 2010 Olympics in B.C., in a campaign similar to the protests marring China’s preparations for the Beijing Games.

Roseau River First Nation has just started a video campaign to raise awareness about the issue of oil, poverty, land theft, and violence against indigenous People in Canada – compared to that of what happened to Iraqis when economic sanctions were imposed on them some ten years ago.


66. diane - 18 April 2008



(hmmmm looks like the metal bot workings for the head part on the dynasty bot were imported from China)

67. diane - 18 April 2008


It’s too bad Chavez likely doesn’t give a rat’s ass, unless his motivations are furthered by acting on it…

all cut from the same cloth……..

68. diane - 18 April 2008


or snipped from the same sheet metal……..

69. liberalcatnip - 18 April 2008

65. There’s an annual Day of Action coming up for first nations’ people here on Mat 29th. Phil Fontaine (Assembly of Fist Nations) confirmed that even though they support the Olympics coming to BC, they will use the spotlight on Canada to stage protests to get international attention.

Thanks for those links, Arcturus. Our gov’t can’t continue to speak out about human rights abuses in places like China without taking a long, hard look at what’s going on here. Fontaine is working with the government on the wording of their official apology but that’s such a minor step considering the abuses first nations’ people have endured here.

I have to tell you that, after listening to the media pushing the fact that the sexual abuse scandal has cost the Catholic church a measly $2 billion to sweep under the rug, I was reminded of how hard that same church has fought against aboriginals here when it came to settling the residential schools abuse claims that decimated the people who were so severely affected by those actions. The longer they waited, the more claimants who died, never having received any kind of compensation, much less an apology. Oh, and they did the “healing” thing here too – as if that could ever make up for the effects of what was done. That chapter in our history is far from being closed.

70. liberalcatnip - 18 April 2008

As for stopping the pipelines here, that will never happen – no matter who gets involved. There’s far too much oil money in this province.

71. diane - 18 April 2008


Not familiar with the residential schools abuse, can you suggest some good reading material?

72. liberalcatnip - 18 April 2008

71. There’s a lot out there. I’ll dig up some links.

73. diane - 18 April 2008


Thanks! Reading is always better if it’s from a trusted source and you don’t have to wonder about the author.

74. liberalcatnip - 18 April 2008

Here are several video and audio clips. They also have 3 links on the bottom right to sites with more. And here’s a fairly detailed history.

75. diane - 18 April 2008


Thanks again! (Video and audio are incredibly slow and problematic on my puter, so I’ll stick with the detailed history)

76. liberalcatnip - 18 April 2008

Ironic headline of the day: Pope worries that big powers control decision-making

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

77. marisacat - 18 April 2008

nu thred………………


78. diane - 18 April 2008


Much the same appalling history as went on in the US (should have known better but I thought you were referring to recent schools that had been forced on native Canadians) and is still drastically affecting future generations. These things are always under the guise of “assistance.” Heart breaking.

Thanks again for the links.

79. liberalcatnip - 18 April 2008

Thanks again for the links.

You’re welcome. It’s a very sad history.

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