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It’s… Whack-a-Mole! in Pennsylvania… 22 April 2008

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

… and the mole that does not get whacked… just goes on “Deal! No Deal!”. Is that perfect – or what?

We are so advanced.


If it matters (and it does not):

Seven (!) Pennsylvania polls were released today: Clinton is leading in six (Rasmussen 49-44, SurveyUSA 50-44, Quinnipiac 51-44, Suffolk University 52-42, Zogby/Newsmax 51-44. Strategic Vision 48-41), and Obama is leading in one (Public Policy Polling 49-46). An average of nine percent are undecided.

I read all the political reports and it was hard to untangle the congealing fuckball at the end. They BOTH hit each other with Robo Calls on gun control. Wham! Bam! The accusatory ads flew like the “rockets’ red glare” from the old nationalistic hymn… Slam! Wam!

Well, “the rockets’ red glare gave proof thru the night that our flag was still there”. So… that means God is in His Heaven. Right? We DO know he is on TV.

Obama upped the war ante on Pakistan, she seemed to say she’d drop nukes on Iran. Or her toes. “Obliterate” is a big word. She’d be minus all 10 toes.

Frankly it reminded me of a debate I caught between the god damned fucking pro-life lousy ass Catholic Democrats in their race for the senate a couple of years ago, Santorum and Casey. They FOUGHT over which of them was more FOR cluster bombs. I am not kidding.

We are so fucking blessed that I can hardly stand it.


UPDATE, 1:26 am

From the thread:


Something I wrote tonight… fwiw:

Because your toes bleed,
To balance the gait of one thousand proud knights,
And your hands, bloody,
Sew the carriage of an army of tailors,

You won’t emancipate.

You can’t see
the tailor that cross-stitches history,

That braids a rope to hang it.

The bloody toes
And bloody fingers,
And bloody conscience
Of a millennium old order
Born of privilege,
And blood…
That masks its innocence
In blood.

It could be mine or yours,
Cherokee Arab
African Indonesian
Aborigine Vietnamese

There is no intrinsic reason
for history
To hang itself.

Save history.




1. melvin - 22 April 2008

I meant to post this in nuthread anyway:

A palimpsest of a cartoon of a fossil of a caricature of a straw man from fifty years ago:

It’s just the most perfect dkos diary ever, and could have been written by the Imbecile of Berkeley himself. The most pitiful part is that it is probably written by someone thirty years younger than me.

I give up.

2. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

I’m sticking with my prediction (even though last Friday’s ESP moment was a dud): Hillary by 7%. No matter who wins in the end, some place “over there” will be bombed eventually and the fact that people are starving all over the planet will be left in the dust of Glory Glory Hallelujah – G*d Bless America!.

3. marisacat - 22 April 2008

1 melvin

yeesh. The diary is propaganda. Interesting that there is a good amount of push back.

LOL could have been written by Kos himself.. yeah I agree. For decades I hear that diary parroted to me by wealthy immigrants. Who came here to shelter cash and be at the heart of the global strongman.

We are so free…………………….


4. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

1. For someone who has a “world class education”, would it kill him to learn how to spell “privilege”?

Don’t hate the rich – just be them!

5. marisacat - 22 April 2008

7% hmmm

Hillary will be taking xanax. I think she really does have to top 10 pts. Obviously they both had internal polling that strengthening their security cred was critical. Gun cred. So I gather the white conservative burbs are the issue. Such big news. Snooze.

She prattled the classic “deterrance” line. He seems obsessed with Pakistan.

Which I think will be possibly the early issue for the incoming president… the “blooding” of the new president.

I am expecting a rocky war torn road frankly. No one will be happy but the arms merchants. And the AF.

6. melvin - 22 April 2008

My god with her lame ass anecdotes Clinton is starting to sound like some has-been third-rate lounge act playing the frontier circuit.

Just set forth a position or answer a question without the stupid anecdotes about your grandpa and you out huntin’ reds or cracking the Enigma code, or you and your bud Paul Bunyan dredging out the Great Lakes by hand.

There are few things more sad than when a halfway decent person just becomes overripe, a caricature of themselves. Who’s going to get the hook and haul her offstage? Bill? He’s in a more advanced state of decay than she is.

7. lucid - 22 April 2008

Something I wrote tonight… fwiw:

Because your toes bleed,
To balance the gait of one thousand proud knights,
And your hands, bloody,
Sew the carriage of an army of tailors,

You won’t emancipate.

You can’t see
the tailor that cross-stitches history,

That braids a rope to hang it.

The bloody toes
And bloody fingers,
And bloody conscience
Of a millennium old order
Born of privilege,
And blood…
That masks its innocence
In blood.

It could be mine or yours,
Cherokee Arab
African Indonesian
Aborigine Vietnamese

There is no intrinsic reason
for history
To hang itself.

Save history.

8. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

And here’s who the military has been busy recruiting:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Army and Marine Corps let 861 convicted felons join their ranks in 2007, an 88 percent jump over the previous year that helped meet recruiting goals in wartime, according to data released on Monday.

The Army, the largest branch of the U.S. military, gave felony waivers to 511 recruits last year, up from 249 in 2006, according to the figures released by a congressional panel. The Marine Corps granted 350 waivers, up from 208 the year before.

The waivers for convictions ranging from assault and burglary to manslaughter and sex crimes allowed the military to enlist people otherwise precluded by recruitment standards.

Nearly 250 recruits were granted waivers for their burglary convictions — 142 from the Marine Corps and 106 from the Army. Another 87 waivers were granted for recruits convicted of aggravated assault.

Both the Army and Marine Corps also granted waivers to recruits convicted of making terrorist threats, including bomb threats. The Marine Corps granted five such waivers in 2007 while the Army granted two.

The Army gave waivers to eight people convicted of arson, 56 convicted of grand larceny and five convicted of sex crimes.

The Marines gave waivers to 11 people convicted of carrying a weapon on school grounds.

Army spokesman Paul Boyce defended waivers, saying the pool of recruits reflected society at large.

What was that about the best and the brightest?

9. marisacat - 22 April 2008


lucid, do you mind if I move that to the top?



I meant to post about the recruiting in a comment earlier than ti slipped my mind. The most worrisome is the level of felony (what am i saying!! choke scream) they are willing to accept. Sex crimes and grand larceny.

A big smelly kettle of rotting flesh.

10. marisacat - 22 April 2008

PS the version I read said “vehicular manslaughter”…. I see this does nt use a qualifier. Prolly more accurate this one.

11. lucid - 22 April 2008

uh… no – I’m flattered.

12. melvin - 22 April 2008

Ah marisa, why am I still up? I didn’t say much about your cat, partly because I knew what was coming very shortly for me, and I can’t deal with it very well. Tonight my doggie, my noble friend, fell down and couldn’t get up. So I picked him up and carried him, and that is harder than you might think as he is a big lab mix.

Several neurological “events” now. Once he swam the Snake with me and climbed rock cliffs for the sheer joy of it; now he has a hard time peeing. He got me through some horrible times. There were nights when our shared body heat was the only source of heat at all. And he outlived three friends of mine who all loved him too. I never know how much he understands, but often feel that it is more than I do.

This is going to be very hard.

13. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

So sorry to hear that, melvin. (((hugs)))

14. marisacat - 22 April 2008

oh melvin.

15. lucid - 22 April 2008

Melvin my kitties are still so young, but I know those days will come and dread them. They have already gotten me through so much – and they know it. And I just hope I can be there for them in whatever cross-species way that is possible.

I second the hugs.

16. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

I saw a BIG chocolate Lab sitting outside of a store last week. They’re the kind of dogs that make you go “awwww”. They’re just so cute. I’m not a dog person but I do like that breed.

17. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

Off to bed here…nite all. Thanks for sharing that piece, lucid.

18. melvin - 22 April 2008

16– One thing about them is that they love love love children. More than people do if the truth were told.

Melvin – that’s his name, with a capital M – used to go up to the K-8 school in our tiny little town. They would call me and tell me I had to come and get him, liability, blah blah blah. One day I went up to get him and the superintendent said “Oh, never mind, let him come up. This is just the way it is and we can’t change it. Some of the teachers are using time with him as a reward.”

19. lucid - 22 April 2008

Melvin… often, our pets are better than us… [not implying anyting here, just saying – they have an incredible instinct and empathy, which is something we humans often lack].

20. Hair Club for Men - 22 April 2008

It’s just the most perfect dkos diary ever, and could have been written by the Imbecile of Berkeley himself. The most pitiful part is that it is probably written by someone thirty years younger than me.

Well, there is the elegant literary style of the diary:

The America I have known has been a generous country, a country where the child of poor immigrants, with no connections or previleges, can attain a world class education and access great opportunities.

It’s even got alliteration.

21. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 April 2008

The best thing about today finally getting here … no more interviews with halfwits in that fucking state.

22. NYCO - 22 April 2008

Marisa, that photo is making my eyes bleed and my brain cook, like that guy who melted at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Please take it down. For the love of God, Montresor!

23. marisacat - 22 April 2008

It is sort of a super heated altar, the photo.

Quite the set design. Reminds me of a Chinese shrine on steroids. And neon.

24. JJB - 22 April 2008

MCat and melvin, nos. 1 & 3,

That post was such an obvious load of horse manure I can’t believe anyone expected it to be taken seriously. It’s also recycled, I can remember reading pieces just like it over the years. When you read that sort of Huddled Masses Of Wretched Refuse Make Good story, one tip off that it’s phony is that they never specify a country of origin. That way, they get to avoid inconvenient questions from Doubting Thomases who might actually be familiar with the place these people claim to have come from.

I see Hillary is saying she’ll nuke Iran if Iran nukes Israel, which begs the question: Why is a potential POTUS threatening to use nukes against a country that has no nukes (nor a nuclear weapons program, as far as anyone knows) if that country uses the nukes it does not have against a country that does have nukes and is therefore perfectly capable of retaliating without help from anyone else? BTW, to demonstrate just how far the public discourse has fallen the last few decades, back in 1976, Carter and Ford tried to outdo each other in one of their televised debates by proclaiming how vigorously they would defend Israel if it was attacked. In the talking head discussion that followed, one MSM maven (don’t remember which one, but he was a prominent one on the level of Roger Mudd or Mike Wallace) made the sensible point that we didn’t have a mutual defense treaty with Israel, which made this discussion rather pointless as the president would not have the authority to order such military action. Try to imagine that being said today by the Russerts, Tweetys, Andrea Mitchells, Stephanopoli, etc. Certainly Keith Olbermann didn’t challenge her on it.

25. JJB - 22 April 2008

Think I’m in spam/moderation.

Interesting Tom Engelhardt piece, 12 Reasons to Get Out of Iraq.

26. marisacat - 22 April 2008

Mr Bill is on the loose… on the radio in PA.

27. marisacat - 22 April 2008


I only see the two that are in the thread. Nothing in moderation and nothing in spam. Every once in a while there is a drag time. Will look again in a bit.

28. NYCO - 22 April 2008

The funny thing about Obama is that he isn’t a product of the “poor immigrant comes to America and makes good” — a story which would probably be something that Hillary’s army of smalltown hunters and old ladies in sweaters could probably relate to. His father was a university student and his mother was a student. He’s not directly connected to that story of the poor hardworking immigrant business owner who made good, at least not within one generation.

In a way, Obama floats above and separate from the American narrative, one that the Hillary voters are still living out. Yet, the guy is running for president, so how above it all can he really be? His candidacy is all about transcendent triumphalism (or triumphalist transcendence), which unfortunately still is going to rely on military domination to power it as long as he’s using politics to accomplish it (as opposed to, say, merely starting his own religion). Hillary’s talk about nuking Iran, on the other hand, is just purely knee-jerk defensiveness.

29. marisacat - 22 April 2008

well she’ll nuke Iran but he has details on weaponry he’d use on Pakistan.

A pair of double dealers in my opinion. And again, imo, the coming administration will show the Dems forcefully moving away from any hint of leftism, anti war. Thin as it has been. Rah rah for a “better managed” war… They are fully intent on the era of Scoop Jackson. Whatever color they are.

30. JJB - 22 April 2008


No problem, they are both there now. There was an error message when I tried to post the longer one, then I could see it, but it didn’t appear in the index list. But there were only two, so all is well. Thanks for looking.

31. JJB - 22 April 2008

No. 28,

Hillary’s nuke threat is much more like pandering than “defensiveness,” which in any event is an odd term to choose for what is an extreme sort of verbal aggressiveness, and the very antithesis of anything defensive. MCat is right, they’re both trying to outdo each other in the sort of escalating sabre-rattling bombast that Kaiser Wilhelm and his crown prince (also Wilhelm) engaged in the years leading up to the First World War. I hope the consequences of this irresponsible rhetoric don’t turn out to be the same.

32. NYCO - 22 April 2008

ehhh, it’s about as aggressive as a scared dog baring its teeth, when everyone knows it’s just a scared dog.

The problem is that she doesn’t have any other ideas, and unfortunately none of the other candidates do either.

It’s all endgame.

33. JJB - 22 April 2008

And of course, scared dogs (or other animals) baring their teeth never end up biting . . .

34. NYCO - 22 April 2008

33. Well, yes, the dog will bite no matter who gets elected. It’s too late to stop this process.

35. melvin - 22 April 2008

21- The best thing about today finally getting here … no more interviews with halfwits in that fucking state.

lol I’m surrounded by a bunch of inbred rednecks, but they’re starting to look really good compared to PA.

36. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

I guess one good thing about getting old is that time flies – whether you’re having fun or not. Glad PA will finally be over today. I sure could use a vacation though…or some time in a hermetically-sealed vault without access to pundits.

37. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

As for that Bush pic, they should have put him on “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?”. That would have been more entertaining.

38. marisacat - 22 April 2008

hmm the last Zogby overnight tracking confirms 10 pts. 51/41

Geraghty at NRO predicts 4 pts. I see Josh Marshall is predicting a strong double digit. Based on his reading of the Franklin at pollster.com.

Who knows.

Bill is still out there. He got a weird shot in the arm from return to the trail… but, really, looking at him these past years, before and after the second surgery to remove the heavy scarring, he does not look good. Esp for someoin in his early 60s who had good care all his life.

Not trying ot hustle anyoen to their grave, but the thought of these people flailing around for 20+ years is not encouraging. Given his displays yesterday and today (again).

I caught a line from Ben Smith that his behavior underscores how much things have changed. Geesh. I’d not be so fast on that, myself. We have a small number of new players. We are still stuck and skarewed.

The Democrats, above all else, are drooling at how much money they can pull in.

39. diane - 22 April 2008

more hugs melvin, very sorry to hear about your buddy. It brought back tears as I remembered my wonderful doggy buddy who had the same common problem when she got older.

My little buddy was a true imp, she used to grab the cat buddies bowl with her delicate little teeth after they were through eating, and guard it between her paws on the couch to make sure they didn’t get more than their fair share. The female cat absolutely adored her, followed her around everywhere, and used her sweet little belly for a pillow.

Swore I’d never have any more “buddies” to have my heart break so badly, (eventually I broke my oath).

40. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

The Democrats, above all else, are drooling at how much money they can pull in.

I wonder how much of a consideration that is for some of the super delegates ie. the amount of money Obama would attract in the GE.

41. marisacat - 22 April 2008


well I assume it figures in, by now. Just as the assumption on some of their parts a year ago that Hilarious was a shoe in.

42. diane - 22 April 2008

Deal! No Deal!

Near puked this morning when I read the little blurb on that taped blurb from the evil dwarf in the newspaper.

So typical, giving the nation the finger, knowing fully well that when this shit was being digested:

I’m thrilled to be anywhere with high ratings these days

that he’d be in New Orleans further sodomizing the populace that he wasn’t elected by. Always leaving the little calling card that notes he’s not satisfied with sodomizing the US, he has to make sure they know he’s gloating about it…

another Carla Fey Tucker [sic?] moment.

43. marisacat - 22 April 2008


yeah I even managed to catch his appearance. It comes on here right after the local news ends at 7 pm. I hate game shows, always have but I hung in to see how bad it would be. It was baaaad. And the slobber for the mil guy was over and above. On the one hand brain dead worship, on Bush’s (or any government entity) just disgusting pandering… and so on.

Looking at him, sorry to be blunt, but i have no idea what he did in Iraq. Not going there, never have never will.

44. diane - 22 April 2008


Who needs waivers? Seems unconvicted sadists were/are in demand…..

Currently Employed Pennsylvania Prison Guard Supervised Iraqi Torture

“…. Disturbingly, there is a direct link between Abu Ghraib Prison and the State Correctional Institution at Greene (SCI-Greene), a super-maximum security prison in western Pennsylvania and home to the overwhelming majority of the state’s death row prisoners. Charles A. Graner, Jr., an army reservist cited in a military report as supervising the torture of Iraqi prisoners, is a currently employed as a prison guard at SCI-Greene.

Reports of prisoner abuse have plagued SCI-Greene since it opened less than a decade ago as a “shining jewel in the crown” of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. In 1998, a DOC investigation found many instances of abuse of prisoners and took disciplinary action against a handful of SCI-Greene staff. The DOC refused to make public internal videotapes of the abuse and the Greene County District Attorney declined to begin criminal prosecution of any guards.


45. diane - 22 April 2008


I hope the earth opens up on that fucker like it did on Dracula (Chrisopher Lee version).

46. diane - 22 April 2008

yeah…lets talk about the United States Prison Industrial Complex.

Who shall we start with?………Tomb Ridge?…..George and Al?….the Groper……..

(must take long break first)

47. diane - 22 April 2008

…..locked and loaded…..Blanco?…[sic? who the fuck cares]……

I digress………….

48. marisacat - 22 April 2008

A little while after Abu Graib broke I caught a single fairly long segment, interview with a former prisoner at the prison werhe Graner had been a guard prior to going to Iraq. Think in MD, but not sure. It was on CNN as I recall.

He was an interesting interview, he had served 22 years for rape and been 100% exonerated based on DNA, he was very intelligent and had survived the prison system. Also very credible. he talked of how Graner openly spoke of going to Iraq to extract judgement and cause hurt. I had hoped he might get more exposure, but I never caught more than the single interview, which was very good. Never caught print media follow up (there may have been some, perhaps locally his own area… I jsut never saw it).

The whole thing grew out of our own prison system. Systemic there, and systemic HERE.

49. diane - 22 April 2008


Indeed, Marisa….

http://www.cnn.com/2004/US/05/28/graner.prison/index.html>Ex-inmate says Abu Ghraib suspect mistreated prisoners in Pennsylvania [CNN]


Yarris was wrongfully convicted in 1981 for rape and murder and sentenced to die. But he was released in January after DNA tests cleared him of the crime.
“I was just sickened by it because I know what he used to do. And I can only imagine without the restraint of any supervision over there, what he was doing,” Yarris told CNN in an interview earlier this week.

50. diane - 22 April 2008
51. diane - 22 April 2008

Mark my words, there will be an enormous prison complex on Mars when they can figure out the technology….

The New Siberia….

so many …my precious…resources up there to deplete…

pass out the picks and lighted hattsies….

(hmmm perhaps Snipes may have a role, what with the tax problems…he should have known better, he’s not one of THEM…..)

52. marisacat - 22 April 2008

thaks for those links diane… will be interesting ot read it again after the intervening years.

Think AG broke April 2004, iirc.

53. diane - 22 April 2008

You’re so welcome Marisa..

Pennsylvania is a complex state….much quiet power/money there (cheney hunts pheasants from the limo window there), what with such a repressive flat tax [income tax] there, and significant sales tax…a hideous tax system… all on the backs of folks who actually do work for a living……….

54. marisacat - 22 April 2008

hmm they call it breaking news but i think it is dripping… more likely:


55. diane - 22 April 2008


and so very close to DC………

ask little Dickies Sanatorium and Mellon – Scaife -Pennysaver

56. wu ming - 22 April 2008

and while we’re on the connections between prisons and war, i would be willing to bet that the felonies and standards hinted at in that article are more than a little connected to aryan nations types enlisting in iraq for some skills training. there was an article that you quoted here a while back that spoke a bit about that, IIRC.

blowback’s blowback. we will pay dearly for this in ways not even really imagined.

oh, and another straw on the camel’s back – rice shortages and rationing at a bay area costco. just-in-time supermarkets + panic hoarding = ugly situation.

57. marisacat - 22 April 2008

hmm i had not managed to think of the Aryan Nation / prison / mil / wars connection. But of course.

Thanks fo rthe link, wu ming. i had not heard of the shortages and rationing locally.

hmm I keep waiting, just as an information item, for Safeway to raise bread and milk. Not yet. They have raised butter. And many things, but to hold the line at bread and milk/cream – also eggs I jsut realised, is iinteresting. there are reports that bread will be going up very soop, flour is just too high, plus everything else..

58. marisacat - 22 April 2008


An anonymous high-tech professional writing on an investment Web site, Seeking Alpha, said he recently bought 10 50-pound bags of rice at Costco. “I am concerned that when the news of rice shortage spreads, there will be panic buying and the shelves will be empty in no time. I do not intend to cause a panic, and I am not speculating on rice to make profit. I am just hoarding some for my own consumption,” he wrote.

For now, rice is available at Asian markets in California, though consumers have fewer choices when buying the largest bags. “At our neighborhood store, it’s very expensive, more than $30” for a 25-pound bag, a housewife from Mountain View, Theresa Esquerra, said. “I’m not going to pay $30. Maybe we’ll just eat bread.

59. diane - 22 April 2008


Indeed wu, and didn’t I read somewhere that some of those sly con valley companies had the audacity to pawn off using silverware made from potatoes as so absolutely PROGRESSIVE…..

well I guess it may serve two purposes…you could eat with it, and then drop your used silverware in the lap of some homeless person on your way to your unaffordable to most prius

60. diane - 22 April 2008

by the way all, white potatos are incredibly easy to grow via either using the the eyes of, or the whole store bought potato (unless of course, it’s a Monsanto), They don’t take up much near as much space as the squash family, and don’t need as much light as most other vegetables.

61. melvin - 22 April 2008

Potatoes are really pretty satisfying as a home garden crop. One thing: fertilize heavily early on, but once the flower buds are formed and visible, don’t fertilize any more. If you keep fertilizing you will grow a big jungle of foliage instead of potatoes.

62. wu ming - 22 April 2008

i planted a whole bunch of potatoes this winter, and they’re looking very happy. almost too happy, when i finally got around to calculating the potential yields, and it came out to 60 or 70 pounds.

i forsee a lot of mashed potatoes in my future.

63. melvin - 22 April 2008

Worth researching varieties a little, best with a local garden group. For instance, I’ve had terrible luck storing Red Pontiacs, lots of rot. One other thing: if you just hack up some spuds from the store, and there’s really nothing wrong with that, let the cut up pieces sit around for 2-3 days before planting. The cut surface needs that time to form a protective cell layer. (“Suberization”) Okay I better shut up now before people start slipping into a coma. (I worked on a spud project for six years.)

64. wilfred - 22 April 2008

Too bad there’s not a lot of stateside info on this one.


Can’t believe we’ve given Israel well over 150 billion dollars in the last 2 decades alone while these people spy on us repeatedly. What fools we are. The gravy train needed to stop ages ago.

65. diane - 22 April 2008

mmmmm home fries…, golden crispy on the surface, plenty pepper, onions and green peppers, salt to taste………………

66. wilfred - 22 April 2008

i forsee a lot of mashed potatoes in my future.

life wouldn’t be the same without them, the most glorious comfort food!

67. diane - 22 April 2008

potato bread, potato gnocchis, potato dumplings…..

68. diane - 22 April 2008

I should shut up, the elite will most certainly acquire a taste, the rest will have to eat peeling wallpaper for their starch, now that rice and grits have become unaffordable…and hows that cream of wheat and oatmeal doing?

anyone ever fry hardened cornmeal mush with syrup? ….it was exquisite……..

69. diane - 22 April 2008

and to think they’re in the deadly nightshade (atropine, eye medication among others, but lethal in more than a minimal dose) solanum family…along with tomatoes, pretty amazing…


(likely I can outdo you in the bore to death family melvin)

70. melvin - 22 April 2008

68 A challenge! American Bore, Solanaceae Edition.

Eggplants are my favorites, because of the growth habit and wild diversity of color and shape in the fruit. I consider them landscape plants that happen to have edible parts.

71. diane - 22 April 2008




drools on elbow…………..wakes up wiping off cheek…

huh, wuzzat?

grabs the American Horticultural Society – Encyclopedia of Garden Plants and attempts to cheat….

changes subject…let’s talk about the Labitae family (oh catnip…..), oops that’s wrong, wastes five minutes looking up how to fucking spell Labiatae……….



72. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

I love mashed potatoes…and gravy…mmm.

Anyway, the last time I planted spuds I used Yukon Gold eyes. I guess your success depends on your climate though. They came out well.

Who needs 10 50 lb bags of rice? Wow. He doesn’t seem to get the fact that his panic buying will only drive up the price even more.

As for bread, I think the stat here is that it’s gone up 60% this past year. The big homeless shelter in Calgary is considering baking their own bread with the help of volunteers and clients as a result. I still can’t get over the fact that raisin bread here costs $5/loaf. Jeebus.

73. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008


Chia pets are close personal friends of mine.

74. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

I don’t think I can deal with this nite of bloviating pundits coming up. Picked the wrong week to quit drinking…

75. diane - 22 April 2008

IB chews nails at the possibility of having to correct horrid spelling and hurt tender feelings………….

76. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

64. I don’t know why the Israeli gov’t needs spies. Seems to me the US gov’t has been more than willing to help that country arm itself to the teeth anyway.

77. diane - 22 April 2008


I think potatos are a last bastion of affordable staple foods. Read today that Hops have skyrocketed, you may have picked a good time if you drink beer.

78. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

76. I actually quit drinking 22 years ago. 🙂

As for hops though, I was at a garage sale last year and the homeowner had planted hops next to his fence just for decoration since it’s actually a nice looking climbing vine (although I guess it’s technically a ‘bine’ – learn something new every day) so I guess beer drinkers will just have to start growing their own.

In other news, KO looks like he has a bad case of helmet hair today.

79. wilfred - 22 April 2008

In other news, KO looks like he has a bad case of helmet hair today.

If you want to see really scary hair, check out Al Pacino in 88 Minutes, his (really bad) new film. I swear he took a photo of Liza Minelli to his hairdresser and said “Copy this”.

80. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

78. That sounds attractive. lol

81. diane - 22 April 2008

quick, where’s that canned air….

helmet hair is almost as bad as chin implants for the chisel chinned, Kirk Douglas look….I could’ve sworn Stone Phillips/NBC (I mean really…was “Stone” his real name?) had them…..

82. diane - 22 April 2008


Love a pint of sourcream and about a tablespoon of butter with an oiled, then baked, Yukon Gold.

83. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

I don’t think Stone Phillips is human. He just doesn’t seem to age.

84. melvin - 22 April 2008

Ding ding ding. Yukon Gold my fave as well.

85. diane - 22 April 2008

russets with plenty dill, mustard, celery and onion, in the potato salad…..


must see, do you have a name for the doo?

(but must say, I wish everyone would leave Liza alone, particularly that anvil faced asshole Leno, she seems nicer than the lot of them in Hollowwood)

86. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

The last time I went to the food bank here they gave me 2-10 lb bags of potatoes. Needless to say, it’s a potatopalooza for me right now.

87. diane - 22 April 2008


Great American Bore’s eat alike! It’s now been proven! Google It! Wiki it! …..

They also have the ability bore themselves to sleep, let alone everyone else…….


88. wilfred - 22 April 2008

Tony Snow in the hospital, won’t be joining CNN’s coverage tonight.


89. diane - 22 April 2008


definately a bot…

I used to hate when they sent him on the ‘rough’ stories and he wore that crinkled shirt with the 5 o’oclock shadow as if he’d been through the trenches….

90. melvin - 22 April 2008

87 Personality implant?

91. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

melvin! Be nice now. 🙂

92. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

Pat Buchanan just called Obama a “wimp”. ruh roh

93. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

That’s quite a stodgy looking panel on CNN. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

94. melvin - 22 April 2008
95. diane - 22 April 2008


Shouldn’t say it probably, but where’s my hanky…

they say it’s exhaustion….

Most US citizens with far more serious health concerns, can’t afford to go to a hospital, even if it means they die, which so many do………….

96. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

94. Exhaustion? What’s he been doing since he quit being Bush’s spokespuppet?

Your point is also well taken. Just imagine the number of sick and exhausted people out there who don’t have health care – a fact that’s contributing to their illnesses.

In local news, our tory government finally announced the end of health care premiums effective Jan 1 here today. This is the same regime that’s been drowning in oil money for decades but still decided to impose premiums while it slashed and burned the health care system – literally blowing up a much-needed hospital during the 90s.

Just fyi, that means a savings of about $500/year for a single person (and I know that’s ridiculously low compared to the premiums in the US but it still was an unnecessary tax).

97. melvin - 22 April 2008

Very informative Monsanto diary at that place: Hallelujah … cutting off Monsanto at its fundamental claim.

Genetic modification actually cuts the productivity of crops, an authoritative new study shows, undermining repeated claims that a switch to the controversial technology is needed to solve the growing world food crisis.
The study – carried out over the past three years at the University of Kansas in the US grain belt – has found that GM soya produces about 10 per cent less food than its conventional equivalent, contradicting assertions by advocates of the technology that it increases yields.

And much more.

98. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

Another fyi, low income earners had subsidies to cover all or part of the premiums.

99. diane - 22 April 2008


Dam, I forgot the chives, (that would be Allium Schoenoprasum to you melvin) they grew wild all over Pennsylvania, do they grow like that where you are catnip?


100. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

99. I haven’t seen them in the wild here but I know they grow like weeds once planted. Yum.

101. diane - 22 April 2008



I must read up more on Canada, but I can’t even keep track of the blizzard of criminal activity in the US…

congrats on the small victory!

102. melvin - 22 April 2008

Just don’t forget the chives on my vichyssoise. Heaven on earth, and the one french dish I can actually do right.

103. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

Speaking of potatoes, there’s Russe(r)t. I don’t think they have room for one more ginormous ego on that channel now. Oh wait! There’s Brokaw. Yeesh.

104. Intermittent Bystander - 22 April 2008

Gack. Deal or No Deal. Great motto for the unelected unitary executive. I’m your ruuuuuler! On the big screen! Deal with it! Or don’t, and suffer accordingly! Who cares? Ha ha ha ha!!!

Like that Gunn clan motto – War or Peace. (Implied shrug.)

diane at 74 – You talkin ’bout this IB right here?

(Damn! Throw a few frolicking spring goats around – one time! – and all of a sudden people think you’re excessively nice.)

It so happens I just got home, and I’m chewing on BBQ chicken and

. . . wait for it . . .

a baked potato!

(Brooks BBQ dinners on sale at the high school, en route.)

Everybody ready for the Pennsylvania cheeeeeeese stakes tonight?

105. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 April 2008

It’s not spying if they let you … I’m convinced they only bust one from time to time to preserve the illusion that our gov’t doesn’t give the Israelis everything they want.

106. melvin - 22 April 2008

God it would be so nice to see Amy Goodman walk onto one of these shows and just blow their bullshit into next week. Of course they wouldn’t let her within half a mile of the studio.

107. diane - 22 April 2008


My Rodale herb book notes that they’re native to Greece, Sweden, the Alps and parts of northern Britain, so I guess the colonists brought them to the east coast, if that’s correct……..


108. melvin - 22 April 2008

There is native spearmint growing along the banks of the rivers here. Very hard to grow in the garden but easy enough to walk along the bank and gather as much as you want. Salads, Greek dishes, mint juleps (really an awful drink), etc.

109. Intermittent Bystander - 22 April 2008

Peppermint sure takes over around here, given half a chance.

110. wu ming - 22 April 2008

i’m rather fond of the purple ones, and german butterball potatoes, but yukon golds are fine with me too. anything but russe(r)ts, really.

111. wu ming - 22 April 2008

and as for weeds, nothing is worse than oregano (although mint is a close second). i constantly have to pull that stuff up, lest it take the whole yard over.

112. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

Barack Oburbia, hero of the burb dwellers.

113. diane - 22 April 2008



114. melvin - 22 April 2008

You could get the same effect as chives from any of a few dozen wild alliums growing throughout the west, might be a bit coarse is all. If it doesn’t smell like an onion, it isn’t, no matter what it looks like, and don’t eat it.

115. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 April 2008

Perrin on Bush’s appearance on “Deal…”

For all the talk about “elitism” in American politics, and the need for candidates to “connect” with the common herd, this single image shows that even a head of state with incredibly low poll numbers is treated as king. Professional journos and commentators stress that acquiescence before the president is a simple show of respect for the office. But that’s what they’re paid to do, to keep the discourse about and public behavior towards our rulers in check and well within acceptable lines. If Bush is as despised as liberals insist he is, then why is everyone so polite in that photo? Decorum? Respect? Fear? Apathy? Call me romantic, but in a free society governed by such a murderous, corrupt cabal as this fading administration, the audience should be allowed to pelt that screen with rocks and garbage, while Howie Mandel reverts to his old act, screeching and wailing his approval.

116. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

I love those giant alliums. They’re beautiful.

117. diane - 22 April 2008

Love mint, anyone grow mint pelargonium? Love that plant with it’s large, soft and fuzzy leaves, so easy to take cuttings from too.


What’s Brooks IB, local franchise? Is it good, convenient or both?

118. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 April 2008
119. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

118. That’s ridiculous.

120. melvin - 22 April 2008

115 Well I don’t know about that. I don’t know much about the likely studio audience at a game show either, especially one that seems like the lowest prole feed imaginable. I say that as an unrepentant elitist in the sense that I believe in standards, even though you are supposed to apologize these days for finding certain journals more interesting than Parade Magazine.

I just don’t accept the idea that that crowd is in any way representative of the republic.

121. marisacat - 22 April 2008

nu thred………………….


122. melvin - 22 April 2008

Actually a minor cottage industry in growing giant alliums around here in stray acreage. Perfect climate for them.

123. NYCO - 22 April 2008

Potatoes! I just bought five pounds for $3.99… that doesn’t seem particularly good. However, here in Syracuse you get a free half pound of salt in every bag.

124. liberalcatnip - 22 April 2008

Very early numbers:

C 66%
O 34%

125. diane - 22 April 2008

Monsanto Diary

I still can’t view dkos (without using a proxy server, which I don’t care to do) to see any of the links anyone posts here.

That was an odd, retroactive, banning if that’s what it was.

126. Intermittent Bystander - 22 April 2008

117 – Regional, I guess. Website indicates home base of Oneonta. They’re always setting up at churches and schools for charity fund-raisers, and somebody strongly urged me to try it today. Chicken was indeed tasty, and potato and cole slaw not bad. Little white bun was useless, and I haven’t dared open the cellophane on the industrial-looking brownie with neon sprinkles.

118 – Horrible news. What of the implications for intellectual property? I swear we’ll see widespread forced microchipping in our time.

127. melvin - 22 April 2008

125 Some of the gist of it here.

There is all sorts of weird shit at teh orange. People who can rate but can’t comment, “indestructible” users, who knows what happened to you? I think the joint is falling apart.

128. diane - 22 April 2008


Ya know that coleslaw sounds delicious about right now, do you have any left?

I agree about the chips, I’ve been wondering how many employees have had to submit to iris scans and electronic prints…we’re really fucked..unless something changes real quick.


Thanks for that link melvin, good thing I’m usually not interested in what goes on at dkos.

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