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Hanging by a thread… 27 April 2008

Posted by marisacat in 2004 Election, 2008 Election, DC Politics, Democrats, France, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

la Croisette - Cannes - Eugene Hernandez
La Croisette – Cannes – Eugene Hernandez

The day is hot, and worse, stifling. The City is entering its months long dry season, the dust will accumulate. I have shut every door that leads from a room facing South or East. West, too as the day turns to late afternoon. Shafts of harsh sun are cut off.

The mid-day offering from PBS, here at least, was a full throated, dying swan version of Manon Lescaut... The lush, respiring swamp of Puccini floats thru the house… I have it blasting from the TV in the bedroom…

Earlier today as I got more coffee from the kitchen, that TV was telling me that “Ford has caught up to Toyota in quality”. They should have added, as if it mattered by now, finally. If it has.

I dropped in last night on Danny Schechter’s News Dissector. He has been to one of the ‘Stans, for a media panel of some sort. He says the greater world, out there, pities us. I have to say I find this a flawed take, on the part of the greater world.. Disdain, disregard, dismissal (and more)… yes fine. But I still pity the world, with a thousand bases, nuclear war heads, delivery systems, a strange group in power with only a few months to go, whoever is incoming will be tested, within and without. We’re not done yet. I just read in the past days, we now have a Fourth Fleet, for the Caribbean and So America. To “take care of things”… I let the link slip away… oh, here it is, at left i on the news.

Schechter did not link to the original, but a few lines from a Sam Smith take on Obama at Undernews resonates, for me:

[F]act is, Obama is mostly pictured in the media up on a platform, mostly above his audience, visually and metaphorically. This is not all his fault but it does reflect a certain disinterest by his manipulators in risking encounters of a more personal sort. Obama has on a number of occasions even shown his discomfort just hanging with the press, let alone ordinary voters. The other day, he complained because they were asking too many questions while he was eating a photo op waffle. After all, to do something like that natural like, a guy’s got to concentrate.

A black politician who has done well with white voters recently explained that his secret was talking with them. Nothing changes views on anything quicker than personal experience.

What might have happened in Pennsylvania if there had been fewer crowd scenes and more film clips from conversations with a small group of white voters in ordinary homes?

But that isn’t in the Obama play book. You can’t be a prophet and humble at the same time.

I am not expecting much. Months ago, I wondered if, quietly without fanfare as both seem uncomfortable, Obama could have sent Jesse Jackson back to some of the same all white farm towns where, thru Willie Nelson’s Farm Aid, he went in as an organiser. Towns so tense farmers went silently to meetings wearing paper bags, lest a snitch for the government be there. In the mid 80s I read a three part profile in The New Yorker on Jesse and those years figured prominently in the snapshot they took of him. I have posted how in the 2004 run, Jesse, still with Willie, had a jobs fair in the NC Appalachia region. They invited Kerry, who was just a few miles down the road. It hardly mattered, he would not go, as the local Kerry campaign offices would not even permit them to leave a poster for the window, nor drop off flyers. Jesse has some massive flaws, but as he said, Kerry was down the road with 3,000. They had over 30,000 local people at their Fair.

It was a stray thought on my part, I don’t think it much matters. Politicians, even ones under fire, do precisely as they please.




1. Arcturus - 27 April 2008

noticed that bit about the 4th Fleet too – jives w/ something from a few weeks ago (no idea who/where) about how, even if Ecuador manages to force closure of Manta, much of its intel & supply mission could be done ‘off-shore’

2. Arcturus - 27 April 2008

2 more bits on Oakland, & I’ll shush.

Unsolved 1986 Slaying Tied to Bakery

a piece on Marcel Diallo. The New Black World in West Oakland – the cops turned out in force last month to shut down a concert there – not sure if the music venue end is open now or not – it’s a lovely music space – we had the privilege of hearing on the bay area’s best kept musical secrets there lst summer, violinist India Cooke

3. wilfred - 27 April 2008

oh hurl, that creep Scalia is coming up on 60 Minutes. I’m sure Leslie Stahl will toss her usual softballs.

4. Arcturus - 27 April 2008

isn’t Jesse heading heading to Haiti? doubt Mr O will care to comment on that ‘issue’

5. marisacat - 27 April 2008

well his standard line is “its not about race” Won’t work with Haiti. I don’t think “we are a nation of laws” will work for haiti either.

And I agree, for the run for the presidency he has to be more analytical then the level his handlers have dropped to… it isn’t ALL about race. New Orleans however WAS largely about race. I dug thru his speeches from September of 05. Bullshitter.

I read today that Axelrod managed the 2001 Fernando Ferrer run in NY… with his “Two New Yorks”.

[running screaming from the room]

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 April 2008

I read today that Axelrod managed the 2001 Fernando Ferrer run in NY… with his “Two New Yorks”.

Well, THAT explains a lot about this campaign.

7. marisacat - 27 April 2008

doesn’t it????

8. marisacat - 27 April 2008

and 2004,
Edwards, “Two Americas”

9. Arcturus - 27 April 2008

& the chasm between “help is on the way” & “hope” . . .

10. marisacat - 27 April 2008

i found where I read it… Michael Goodwin in NY Daily News. he si to the right of me, but I try ot drop in on him.

11. diane - 27 April 2008

Wonderful pic Marisa, sure wish I could walk into it.


Legislation only works when it’s actually written with much foresight, in such a way as to protect the innocent, when those enforcing it are not corrupt, and when the populace at large hasn’t been forced into ‘survival of the fittest’ mode:

The Whistleblower’s Unending Story


But critics note how few decisions favor workers. Through February, the government had ruled in 1,091 Sarbanes-Oxley [whistleblower] cases, coming down on the side of workers just 17 times in initial rulings.

“The carefully targeted legislation that you’ve described is legislation that has failed to protect people,” Rep. Tim Bishop, D-N.Y., said at a House hearing last year .

The promise to protect whistleblowers is falling well short of expectations, Moberly says. The prime example, he says, is the odyssey of Dave Welch.

Actually I’m positive there are more horrifying stories than Mr. Welsh’s…. I’m still wondering what happened to Ciara Durkin with the Army’s 726th Finance Battalion, in Afghanistan; shot point blank in the head within the army confines, not long after implicating that something may happen to her, and if it did it should be followed up on. she talked about ‘‘making enemies’’ because of things she learned working in a finance unit on the base.

I’m also very glad there are people like them in this world, when there isn’t, fuck it…they can all smash each other over the head with their lifeboat oars………

Rest in Peace Ciara Durkin………May justice be served, you were far too young to die as you did.

12. diane - 27 April 2008

implying versus implicating……

13. diane - 27 April 2008

Truckers And Citizens United

April 28, 2008 D.C. Rally Info & Route
There Has Been A Permit Change
Permits are in hand for the West Front Lawn (at the Capitol Steps)
Times are 10:00am to 5:00pm
Amplified Sound
We will be using Channel 39 on the CB
Parking will be available at RFK
Contact: JB (940-923-3267) or Mark (717-821-2013) for any questions


“We will be leaving Harrisburg, PA at 6:00am (eastern) from the Gables Truck Stop (I-81 x77)
I-81S to I-83S to Rt. 581W to Rt.15 to I-270 to I-495 (Beltway)

Points North (not with the Harrisburg crew)
All Routes to the I-495 (Capitol Beltway)

Points South
All Routes to the I-495 (Capitol Beltway)

I-295 (from south exit 2 AB / from north exit 2 B)
to Suitland Parkway (exit 3 B)
across the Frederick Douglas Memorial Bridge
to South Capitol Street SW
Left on Washington Avenue SW
Left on Independence Avenue SW
Right on 14th Street NW
Right on Constitution Avenue NW
Right on 3rd Street NW
After the route is completed once, we’ll circle half way again by going
Right on Independence Avenue
Right on 14th Street
Right on Constitution Avenue
and Right on 9th Street thru the tunnel
Bare Left on 395N
Kept straight to RFK Stadium (Lot 7 & 8 – for overflow use Lot 3)

RFK Stadium to East Capitol Street
Keep straight on E Capitol Street
Right on 1st Street
Left on Constitution Avenue
Straight down Constitution Avenue
Left on first street to the Upper Senate Park
(border on the south by Constitution Avenue; east bordered by Delaware Avenue;
west bordered by New Jersey Avenue & bordered on the north by C Street)

I tried to center this post, oops and sorry if I haven’t.

Sweet dreams all………………………

14. diane - 27 April 2008


shit, left out the damn link which the above is extracted from in it’s entirety, itinerary

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 April 2008

if there is any hope for a new direction, I increasingly think it will come from truckers, from dock workers and nurses and other reawakened labor movements.

16. diane - 27 April 2008


yes, the’little’ folk………

17. marisacat - 27 April 2008

I am for an anti war, anti pollution (large particle), anti gas gouge (the oil companies) shut down of the West Coast. From docks to truckers to whomever. People have forgottn the longshoremen closed down a lot of the West Coast in 2001, after Bush went in but before 9/11…

One of the saddest things I read, well, heard from a trucker a couple of weeks ago during the slow down day, he had participated in two trucker strikes and felt it achieved nothing. He was not angry, just sad.

18. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 April 2008

Sharpton it calling for a shutdown of NYC:

The Reverend Al Sharpton is planning a series of rallies and acts of civil disobedience in the wake of the acquittals of three police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Sean Bell. Bell, who was a few hours from his wedding, was unarmed when undercover police fired at him 50 times outside a Queens strip club on November 25, 2008.

At yesterday’s National Action Network rally, Sharpton said “he was meeting with labor and civil-rights leaders” this week to discuss a day of civil disobedience, “We strategically know how to stop the city so people stand still and realize that you do not have the right to shoot down unarmed, innocent citizens with no probable cause. his city is going to deal with the blood of Sean Bell.”

19. diane - 27 April 2008

jeez, was going to call it a night ;0)


I’m praying this one will have an effect, the reality remains that if a majority of Truckers put their foot down, it would have an enormous effect, folks tend to forget that their daily needs are trucked in, for the most part.

20. marisacat - 27 April 2008

ugh I was sure there was a strike soon after Bush went in… but googling I am finding a West Coast strike in late summer fall of 2002… still googling.

21. Arcturus - 27 April 2008
22. marisacat - 27 April 2008

hmmm. Ryan Lizza on Bill on the trail. In The New Yorker. Some dishy anonymice comments.

He is so clearly ga-ga. As are all ex presidents imo. Jimmie tries on FP, I give him that… but……….. about it.

The headquarters of my foundation is in Harlem. . . . My Presidential library and school of public service are in Arkansas. . . . I try to save this generation of children from the epidemic of childhood obesity. . . . I am working on rebuilding the Katrina area in New Orleans. . . . I have major global-warming projects in cities all around America. . . . Most of the time I am out in America on the streets. . . . I once gave a speech to a million people in Ghana.

23. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 April 2008

“I am the Walrus, goo goo ga joob”.

24. bayprairie - 27 April 2008

22 cited bill clinton

. . . . I try to save this generation of children from the epidemic of childhood obesity. . . .

by providing the best example of post bypass surgery cognitive dysfunction available on cable tv.

25. marisacat - 27 April 2008

well LOL better if SOMEONE discussed karo syrup in EVERYTHING. Archer Daniels Midland.

Loss of recreation in the schools. Daily PE (much as I hated it … LOL) and a few other things.

I am not into restricting people, but if they label cigarettes with a health warning, and they do, they should label fast food. Too. 25 years ago…

Bill is just scrwed up beyond belief. They all have a Jesus Rock Star thing going. Gets old.

26. Heather-Rose Ryan - 27 April 2008

22 – sounds like his Manchurian Candidate control chip is deteriorating.

27. wu ming - 27 April 2008

the longshoremen marched in the antiwar protests, and were attacked by the oakland police with rubber bullets and tear gas, but i think the strike came a bit later on. perhaps they were threatening it back in ’01? if the antiwar folks coordinated with the truckers and longshoremen, we could really throw a spanner into everything. the new SDS up in the northwest has had a long engagement with the ILWU when they’ve tried to block the ILWU’s loading of warships. nice to see people on the same side for a change.

it got to 95 in my backyard today. not unbearable, but sort of a shock given that things were in the 60s just 4 days ago.

28. melvin - 27 April 2008

Over at satan’s waiting room, Meteor Blades proposes an idea that I think is about right: let political representatives be chosen at random from the population. Having served once, that’s it for you and that particular representative body.

Henry Miller thought that arts grants should be given at random, instead of awarded by selection committees. I have a friend too who runs a gifted program for the school district, and feels he would get the same – very impressive – results if the students who get in were chosen at random.

29. marisacat - 27 April 2008

Not to worry! Wright is working on a book. At this rate, Regnery will bid on it.

30. Heather-Rose Ryan - 27 April 2008

Protest marches nowadays won’t accomplish anything because the media won’t cover them.

What WILL accomplish something is a boycott – hitting them in the pocketbook.

Or finding a way to take people’s anxiety about astronomical fuel prices and turn it into vocal activism. I know MCat thinks there will be food riots. I think there will be fuel riots long before anyone is fighting over food.

it got to 95 in my backyard today. not unbearable, but sort of a shock given that things were in the 60s just 4 days ago.

It was weird last week when it got up to 80 and we still had big piles of ice and snow in the yard. (northern NH)

31. Heather-Rose Ryan - 27 April 2008

Protest marches nowadays won’t accomplish anything because the media won’t cover them.

What WILL accomplish something is a boycott – hitting them in the pocketbook.

Or finding a way to take people’s anxiety about astronomical fuel prices and turn it into vocal activism. I know MCat thinks there will be food riots. I think there will be fuel riots long before anyone is fighting over food.

it got to 95 in my backyard today. not unbearable, but sort of a shock given that things were in the 60s just 4 days ago.

It was weird last week when it got up to 80 and we still had big piles of ice and snow in the yard. (northern NH)

32. marisacat - 27 April 2008

well I have thought for years it would TAKE food riots for people to wake up. Make the break to full engagement.

Fuel would essentially be the same thing.

To some degree, most people want to hold together what they have. Who can blame them? And I say again, the big difference, a core one, in daily life, in my lifetime, is commute times. Int his area, 10 years ago and more people, too many, began commuting up to 4+ hours a day to the City to the Bay Area for higher paying jobs… Loss of any sort of guaranteed vacation time for many workers. Loss of paid sick days. Many lower level service industry jobs never had it, but it is spreading.

I think people are fatigued beyond belief… and none of the great dumper chute of so called medical reporting we suffer under (mostly product push) will deal with, discuss, the effect of cumulative stress in life.

A killer.

But food, fuel, the absolute basics… people can’t escape loss of access to thsoe things.

33. melvin - 27 April 2008

30-31 — (I missed where you asked about by 16-year-old puppy the other day. He is doing pretty well, although very very slow, and I’m not sure about swimming this year.)

Tying up a port could get some attention. Build on dockworkers and be selective about blocking access.. Sure you can’t just march down some randon street, but targeted intersections, targeted freeway internodes are a different matter if you are willing to take them for days on end.

34. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 April 2008

I think wildcat strikes and work slowdowns could too. I think the independent truck drivers’ protests are the right general idea … they just need to get company drivers, and truck loaders etc to join. People have been so effectively turned against each other that I don’t know it’s doable (not to mention labor shit like the recent assaults on the CNA from SEIU).

35. Heather-Rose Ryan - 27 April 2008

28 – Meteor Blades proposes an idea that I think is about right: let political representatives be chosen at random from the population.

I don’t know what he had to say, but this is not a new idea. The thought is that representing your area is a civic responsibiilty akin to jury duty and it should be done by people who have regular jobs and are not fulltime professional TV personalities, oops, I mean politicians.

Whatever its flaws, the idea has merit. We wouldn’t have to deal with all this interminable political posturing and pandering.

Of course it would never happen. Too many entrenched interests.

36. marisacat - 27 April 2008

well you know IOZ has his whole “dammit drive slow” theory. it’s a metaphor but stop/slow stuff down.

37. Heather-Rose Ryan - 27 April 2008

If people want to make a big protest statement, they should swarm a TV headquarters.

Fight the Power – don’t inconvenience normal people who are only trying to get to work.

38. marisacat - 27 April 2008

that’s what they did in Oaxaca as I recall. The women swarmed the local hmm think radio station. Took it over.

39. melvin - 27 April 2008

38 I’ve fantasized about this. What if the crowd at the Today show etc. where you see them out the window all showed up one day with rocks in their hands?

40. melvin - 27 April 2008

37 Disagree somewhat. You have to take the case to “normal people” and make them see the importance of it. I get where you’re coming from, but if students, laborers etc don’t take the case to the streets, where is ther to take it?

41. Heather-Rose Ryan - 27 April 2008

The “street” is TV now.

People already have tons of real-world evidence that their lives are being affected – the key thing is to cue them to notice where the problem is.

Get the information controllers first. Control of the TV stations and other media is crucial.

42. melvin - 28 April 2008

42 I’m not so sure. I think tv is tv. I don’t know if anybdy distinguishes between CNN, TCM, and whatever else is on, Little Outhouse on the Prairie maybe. I honestly don’t think people believe that what they see on tv is real, including, maybe particularly the news.

They notice when something is missing from the grocery store shelves though.

43. Heather-Rose Ryan - 28 April 2008

Remember there was that little tornado in Atlanta and CNN couldn’t get enough of showing the broken windows at their headquarters.

Directing attention is all.

44. Victor Laszlo - 28 April 2008

wuming wrote:

if the antiwar folks coordinated with the truckers and longshoremen, we could really throw a spanner into everything.

The longshoremen are blue collar workers, despised by anti-war white upper middle class liberals. White liberals in this country, whether they know it or not, have more in common with McCain Republicans than they do the longshoremen.

45. wu ming - 28 April 2008

this presumes that there are no blue collar anti war protesters, and ignores that antiwar protesters and longshoremen marched (and were beaten and shot at) against the war back in 2002. far too oversimplified.

46. marisacat - 28 April 2008

anti war, longshoremen, truckers, large particle pollution (I tie it in as it is an issue for the docks, refineries, roads, volume of traffic on often 50 year old roadways/freeways, it all ties togtehr – and most of thsoe roads go by marginal communites) single payer, CNA… and whomever else.

CNA were joined on the line, at their creative protests, by firemen/others and Rose De Moro said they had the support of the cops sent to man the protests they mounted. I mean they brought Arnold down almost 20 pts, and then teh damned party declined to run agaisnt him in the re election.

47. marisacat - 28 April 2008

And it is not a secret that the Dems plan to do NOTHING about health care other than toss a few bones to S-Chip (and it IS laudable to try to extend it to marginalised parents earning too much for Medical/Medicaid but that’s NOT ENOUGH!)

NOR are they going to do anything about the war but rearrange the little toy soldiers made of flesh and blood.

48. wu ming - 28 April 2008

i remember thinking at the time of those CNA/firemen/cops protests (and still do, to a degree) that if they wanted to, they could become the core of a new party in CA. it was heroic the way they pushed back against that election, and then the dems did not lift a finger (well, locally we were doing what we could, but with no connection with the state party), and then nothing after that. just silence in ’06.

49. Heather-Rose Ryan - 28 April 2008

44 – I’m a white upper-middle-class liberal and I’m perfectly happy with those wonderful mythical “longshoremen/blue collar workers”, as long as they’re not brainwashed with the stupid religious bullshit that makes them hate gays and women and obsess about abortion.

Otherwise, no, I’m not impressed by the big biceps and the “populist” blather.

50. Hair Club for Men - 28 April 2008

The longshoremen are blue collar workers, despised by anti-war white upper middle class liberals.

In what fucking decade?

White upper middle class liberals in the USA (who are mostly wishy washy on the war not anti-war) are as into the post 9/11 Stalinist/social realist worship of big brawny blue collar white ethnic males as any Republican.

Personally as a white ethnic male who can press more than his own weight I wish the upper middle class would be a lot more critical of my people. The fetishization is pretty sickening.

51. NYCO - 28 April 2008

Reading today’s NYT item on Hillary stumping in Indiana, I have to hand it to her, she sure seems to know how to elaborate (bullshit?) on whatever small shred of connection she has to the working class in her personal background… that takes imagination, I’ll give her that. Not to mention a lot of nerve.

It’s such a performance, and yet it’s a performance that people still expect. Obama is running on “authenticity” – I yam who I yam – and it’s not going over well with the tobacco chewers. And yet I doubt those voters really think or expect her to be “authentic.” They expect the performance. Presidential campaigns as performance art. Which is why the comment about her coat and hairdo at the end of the story seem like an attempt at pointed irony that’s off the mark: the audience just doesn’t care that she’s really not just like them. The performance is the message. A complex exchange between candidate and prospective voter that, in my view, the Obama campaign just isn’t very good at, and because they don’t comprehend the stuff going on beneath the surface, they prefer to believe that the blue-collar voters are being tricked blind.

52. marisacat - 28 April 2008

Well for months the Obama campaign has said they were planning to stump differently, retool, scale back the big, quasi religio rallies (which I believe is all he really cares for, he emulated the preacher, reportedly took notes at the pulpit displays [!] and now gets to do it himself, geesh) and put him out there more with smaller meet and greet voter events, small issue fora etc.

And now they are saying it again with Indiana. And, apparently, from what I read, aides are admitting in interviews that he is bored with this stage and wishes to move on to campaigning against McC.

LOL at the same time, as Buchanan said yesterday, she somehow has become the bastard child of Joe Hill and Norma Rae.

I said months ago, one scenario would be that she would be presented to us, at the end, as a sort of Barbara Stanwyck, she fought her way out of the brawling bars and lived to tell the tale.

It seems he needs to face that hard campaigning in ways you would prefer not to have to do is just a reality. Of course by now they had planned to be well established to great acclaim months ago as the presumptive nom, they planned to stage a round the world tour of mass adulation and a few other things. I don’t think there will be time, tho likely they best squeeze it in, for a quick hop to Iraq. He better try to go as he never bothered in the 3+ years in the senate.

I think the word is cranky. Either he gets over it or he does not. Times are tough in glory land.

53. marisacat - 28 April 2008


yeah wu ming, I wondered at the time what, if anything, the party would find to say to the nurses. I guess we see the answer now that SEIU is moving agaisnt them. As bad as the party is, I found 2006 close to shocking. I just don’t think you lie down and submit to the likes of Arnold. But really, they clearly tied the hands of Davis in the recall. The Big Fix was in in the Big Dumb Golden State.

54. diane - 28 April 2008

Trucker/Citizen Rally update
Washington Post:

A convoy of several hundred trucks was en route to Washington this morning to stage a protest at the Capitol over high fuel prices…..”</b.


CBS/Harrisburg [with nice pic]:

” Drivers from 27 states, including Pennsylvania, are heading to Washington DC in hopes of gaining some attention.


At Gable’s Truck stop in West Hanover Township, they’re no longer selling diesel fuel, they can’t afford it. Across the street it’s $4.27/gallon. That price is what has those truck drivers here fired up and ready to roll out to Washington DC

A convoy of truckers rolls into town, preparing to rally at gable’s truck stop Monday morning before taking the convoy to the nation’s capitol.

Truck driver John Lamanteer and his wife Connie, will go along for the ride. Frustrated and angry about the high diesel prices, they want congress to know the impact rising costs can have on everyone.

“Your food, toys, computers, they’re all hauled by truck drivers. The backbone of our trucks is diesel fuel to power them. And this rise in cost is hurting trucks, in turn hurting supplies to your stores.”

John and Connie’s cost to fuel their rig has gone up from $1,800 a week to $3,500 a week.

“And we’re taking the cost. We’re supplying America and something has to give. Something has to stop.”

Drivers say the fuel prices will stop more truckers in their tracks, putting them out of business.

William Herr:
“Mr. and Mrs. America are sitting on the edge of insolvency and the government doesn’t want to say anything about it because there is an election. Truck drivers don’t get elected . We just go out and do it.”

Organizers are asking the public to get involved in the protest as well. They are encouraging people to call the White House switchboard to complain about the price of fuel. That number is 202-224-3121”


Totally disagree…..

Have a nice day all!

55. marisacat - 28 April 2008

Tough indeed in Glory Land:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean said Monday that either Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Obama must drop out of the Democratic presidential race after the June primaries in order to unify the party by the convention and win the election in November.

But Dean didn’t say which candidate should drop out, only that it should happen after primary voters have been to the polls.

“This is not about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama,” Dean added. “This is about our country. It’s about a better course for our country. … We’ve got to move on and win the presidency.”

He needs to win both NC and Indiana, agree to at least one unmoderated debate, and put her away. But he seems timid. Bad news.

56. NYCO - 28 April 2008

LOL at the same time, as Buchanan said yesterday, she somehow has become the bastard child of Joe Hill and Norma Rae.

I dreamed I saw Miz Hill’ last night,
Alive as you or me,
Says I, “But Hill, you’re ten points down,”
“I do not care,” says she,
“I do not care,” says she…

57. Victor Laszlo - 28 April 2008

wu-ming & hrr:

Of course I expected the answer that “I’m an upper class white liberal and I support the working class etc. etc.”.

I didn’t expect “let them eat brie”.

There are always exceptions to the rule. But it is a rule.

The rule remains: the anti-war protestors are, most of them, upper class white liberals who aren’t interested in advancing a social justice agenda that would benefit the blue collar workers. I see that in California all the time: liberals who are deeply concerned about the Iraq War, the environment, keeping abortions legal, and securing equal rights for gays (all important issues) and not much else.

HRR slipped with this statement:

Otherwise, no, I’m not impressed by the big biceps and the “populist” blather.

Talk about the economic injustices heaped on the heads of the blue collar workers in the USA is “blather”. Populism is “blather”. You just proved my point and then some.

58. marisacat - 28 April 2008

via First Read

From NBC’s Pete Williams
In one of the most closely watched cases of the term, the US Supreme Court has upheld Indiana’s requirement that voters show government-issued photo IDs at the polls. At least 17 other states were awaiting this decision before going ahead with similar laws of their own.

The vote was 6-3, with Justice John Paul Stevens joining the mostly conservative majority.

Democrats had attacked the law, saying it created a burden for poor, minority, and handicapped voters, who would have a harder time getting government-issued IDs. They accused Indiana officials of passing the law to suppress the minority vote.

59. Hair Club for Men - 28 April 2008

LOL at the same time, as Buchanan said yesterday, she somehow has become the bastard child of Joe Hill and Norma Rae.

More like the daughter of George Wallace and Imelda Marcos.

60. marisacat - 28 April 2008

John Paul Stevens not only joined the conservative majority on the voter ID , he wrote the ruling.

61. marisacat - 28 April 2008


Democratic senator from the Punjab. She said it herself. Global greed.

62. marisacat - 28 April 2008

Victor Laszlo out of moderation, at comment 57

63. marisacat - 28 April 2008

I laughed out loud at this one (via First Read):

*** I challenge you to a duel: Clinton has not let a day go by without bringing up her debate challenge. What’s been interesting is that Clinton keeps changing the offer; it started with simply accepting another media organized debate; then it shifted to Lincoln-Douglas-style debates (i.e. no moderator) and finally, yesterday, she offered to debate him on a flatbed truck. Maybe tomorrow she’ll call for debates in the back of an astro-turf-lined El Camino. Still, the doggedness of the debate challenge may start to get under Obama’s skin — and given Wright’s decision to not get out of the news — maybe a debate will be what Obama wants in order to change the focus of the last week of this campaign.

64. marisacat - 28 April 2008

Touring the political writing… how soon ’til Wright goes on the talk shows?

There seems to be some indication or a perception that Wright has jettisoned his old friend’s campaign, is having a ball. And won’t be stopping.

Alos reading around, some idea that Obama/camp thinks that the convoluted blowback will be perceived as racist (the ads using Wright in NC, MS and iirc also LA) and he may emerge from this. Could be one reason Obama made the strange declaration that Wright is fair game as a political issue (Fox yesterday).

Seems dicey.

65. Hair Club for Men - 28 April 2008

I have to admit that imagining Rush Limbaugh’s face the day after a Hillary victory in November (one he made possible) and the possibility that it might drive him over the edge make a Hillary victory less disheartening.

66. marisacat - 28 April 2008

it’s up to Obama to regain the narrative. Otherwise, it would appear she is good to go. Basically what she sold, all long, was endurance.

Full text (and the intro for him is a speech unto itself) NAACP/Wright

67. NYCO - 28 April 2008
68. marisacat - 28 April 2008

hmm The Corner at NR is in conservative orgasm (whatever that is), endless joyous entries….. TPM seems in semi denial, one Wright entry (maybe if we all whisper he goes away)… and Sully is just calling Hillary, Hillary Rove Clinton. And clinging to her “obliterate Iran” comment. Trying to say that Wright is not running for anything. hmm I think he declared for the Veepessa spot this am…

I noticed yesterday that Anti-War is happy to recall when Sully called for nuclear attack on Iraq.


Asked whether Wright’s tour hurts Obama, Axelrod said, “To the extent that people impute to Sen. Obama words that are not his, and sentiments that are not his, its obviously not helpful…I have great faith in the American people in their fairness and in their ability to think this thing through for what it is.”

69. marisacat - 28 April 2008

welllllllllllll this is where I part company with the religious leadership, all of them, over and over again:

Wright, too, often challenged his questioners. He asked the moderator when she had last been to church and what her pastor had said there.

from NYCO’s link two comments up.

This all goes back to the hook the churches put into Obama when he was working as an organiser. “Come to Jesus and you will fit in better”. And he submitted and went to church.
via Wright, submitted to Jesus, was married, his children baptised and his damned house BLESSED.

And here we are.

70. NYCO - 28 April 2008

Did you ever anticipate an upcoming thing that was going to happen — something anticipated to be unpleasant, like a milestone birthday or other red-letter day, or a job interview, or a breakup… and you tell yourself “Oh gosh, I’m a grownup now and I’ve thought about it a lot and I know I’ll be cool with it…”

…and then the day arrives and despite all your self-talk and self-preparation, you’re just hit in the gut by it anyway, quite against your will? That reminds me of what’s happened to the Obama campaign after Pennsylvania.

71. melvin - 28 April 2008

This is what we get for having a two-year demolition derby orchestrated by the media for profit instead of a two month long election campaign like normal countries.

72. marisacat - 28 April 2008

well to be honest I don’t think obama had admitted that PA would happen.

I think he was told he would win Iowa, he did. Then he was told he would win NH, he did not. On to SC, Oprah, Teddy and the so called D side of Arnold, Caroline etc. He was sure it was all a greased slide. And that he did not need a coordinated Latino outreach. This along with a few other things has offended me from the get go. I am unsure how he thought he’d win CA and a few other states without one. He certainly had the money. To me the big Teddy squish was to try to haul him over the finish line. People could see his numbers with pooer Dems, seniors and Latino, other demographics, were not good enough. I have also read that Teddy split a gut when Hillary dared credit LBJ rther than JFK with doing anything for Civil Rights. I buy that one. Teddy is one cranky petty customer.

17 pts in WI after a month of winning caucuses, which is the state machinery and activists with you, not a popular vote…

Two people wrote me from TX that there was a tremendous push from TX grassroots supporting Obama, for him to come in, saturate the state with himself, not just run a big expensive air war. He ran the air war.

Lost TX by 4 pts. Tho on the map at his site they showed him winning both TX and NV (he lost NV as well til he picked up delegates as it mangled itself thru the state conventions). I read that, did not believe it, went and looked and it was true… Then lost Ohio by 10.

To me he applied the same process to PA as he did to TX. And I read again that they are sending in their Iowa guy to Indiana. They said that about TX as well.

It’s up to Obama. he has to make this work.

Myself I’d push both he and Hillary off a cliff and their assorted pastors and families as well. And the kids.

73. NYCO - 28 April 2008


Wonder what happens when Kos pauses from playing Bad Cop to realize that he really doesn’t have any influence on the Obama campaign (or any campaign) after all, and then the mad scramble to make nice to Hillary really begins.

That’s the kind of running over to the other side of the ship that could finally sink his enterprise. Titanic, anyone?

74. marisacat - 28 April 2008

well the righties have picked up on the Dkos diary that NYCO linked the other night, the retelling of the Christ Child story as Obama, wth his Sun in Leo. Etcetera.

yes I imagine Kos is not in a good spot this am. ugh might be worth dropping in, ugh ugh. All aprts and pieces that supported Obama have to regear and gear up to push him up again.

75. NYCO - 28 April 2008

I’m trying to figure out if Kos is trying to make Obama get tuff (that is, if Kos believes his own press about how influential he is as a political strategist), or if Kos is really just throwing Obama over the side.

In any case, I smell blood in the water. PTP.

76. marisacat - 28 April 2008

Full text, Wright this am at PRess Club

The last question put to him:

MODERATOR: Do you think it is God’s will that Senator Obama be president?

WRIGHT: I said I would offer myself for candidacy for vice president. I have not offered myself for candidacy of God. I can’t presume to know what God would want.

In my tradition, however, what everybody has been saying to me as it pertains to the candidacy is what God has for you is for you. If God intends for Mr. Obama to the president, then no white racists, no political pundit, no speech, nothing can get in the way, because God will do what God wants to do.

What can you say. BTW, Wright indicates his book will be “out later this year” … and some interpret that to be around election.

77. NYCO - 28 April 2008

well anyhow if Clinton manages to pull it out of her arse, it will be fun watching Kos’ head explode as the progressives abandon him in droves. He won’t know whether to fish or cut bait. In order to maintain the power and puffery to which he has become accustomed, he’s either going to have to become the biggest airhead on K Street, or the second coming of Lenin, and he’s going to have to choose.

78. liberalcatnip - 28 April 2008

I’m still trying to wrap my head around Wright saying to the NAACP that AA’s brains are different. Ummm…ouch?

If God intends for Mr. Obama to the president, then no white racists, no political pundit, no speech, nothing can get in the way, because God will do what God wants to do.

Screw that. Seriously. Where are the voters in that equation? Where’s democracy? This has nothing to do with G*d.

No matter how well O supporters seem to think Wright is coming off after these speeches, what they’re missing is the larger picture: Wright is stealing the spotlight from Obama who obviously needs as much press as he can get to win IN. If Obama was smart, he would agree to a debate – even on the back of a flatbed truck – so he can shift the focus back onto his campaign.

79. melvin - 28 April 2008

I don’t understand all the sturm und drang. Isn’t Obama still ahead by 150 delegates or so? She just can’t make it up, period. (And she will be creamed, obliterated, in Oregon.)

All this nonsense about momentum etc. It was never a race for anything but delegates.

80. wu ming - 28 April 2008

i’d bet on the former.

81. liberalcatnip - 28 April 2008

77. Kos has a book coming out about the digital netroots revolution – or some configuration of what he considers to be the greatest thing since sliced bread – BUT how can he explain that the darling of that so-called movement, Obama, has completely avoided his bastion of “progressiveness”? Obama saw the power of the internets ATM and has used that to fuel his campaign while successfully shunning its components at the same time. Maybe Obama should write that book.

82. Heather-Rose Ryan - 28 April 2008

57 – Victor Laszlo, you have not addressed my point about the stupid religious bullshit.

I suspect you prefer to play with your cartoon characters. Very well, then, if we are dealing with cartoon characters I would definitely side with the brie-eating liberal elitist rather than the brawny blue-collar social conservative.

If we left social progress up to the Velveeta-eating religious types we would still be living in caves.

83. melvin - 28 April 2008

81 I imagine someone with the Obama campaign already has the notes for that book squirreled away.

I have a stack of books four feet high that I plan on reading; I don’t plan on adding one about the netroots teaparty.

84. marisacat - 28 April 2008

via Milbank:

…a member of the head table, American Urban Radio’s April Ryan, confirmed that Wright’s security was provided by bodyguards from Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.

85. liberalcatnip - 28 April 2008

kos in his new post:

Yo people, Obama isn’t beyond reproach or criticism. I want him to win the primary and the general, but I ain’t gonna keep my mouth shut and carry his water when I disagree with him. If you have a problem with it, you might want to go elsewhere, because this is the reality based community, not the “Obama can do no wrong” community. The dude is human, believe it or not.

What’s funny to me is that the same people who have criticized Clinton for legitimizing Fox, or who helped fight to kill the Fox News Democratic debates, are now busy rationalizing Obama’s decision to appear on the network.

lol…that’s his response to every criticism he gets: go somewhere else if you don’t like it.

There’s nothing “funny” at all about that phenomenon, kos. Maybe if you’d actually paid attention to your own blog, you would have noticed months ago that there are Obama shrines set up for the faithful to pray at every single day.

Tone deaf as usual.

86. melvin - 28 April 2008

85 Well at least he’s honest in admitting that the only thing that interests him is obsessively reading polls and posting them on his site. Which is fine really, I just can’t understand why anyone would find it interesting, but they do. The rest is just high school cliques, and the few indefatigable who soldier on against all odds – Valtin, A Siegel, etc. – posting on matters of substance.

87. melvin - 28 April 2008


Don’t know why that word popped out, or if it’s even spelled correctly. It is one of those words that doesn’t look like there’s any way to spell it right, words that shouldn’t even be words.

88. liberalcatnip - 28 April 2008


This place stopped being reality based… (1+ / 0-)

a long time ago.

You planted the Obama can do no wrong theme long ago, Kos. That is the reality.

by citizen53 on Mon Apr 28, 2008 at 01:56:21 PM MDT

* [new] You Stopped Being Anything Other Than… (2+ / 0-)

…tiresome a long time ago.

But thank you for your concern.

The revolution will not be televised, but we’ll analyze it to death at The Next Hurrah.

by DHinMI on Mon Apr 28, 2008 at 01:57:15 PM MDT

* [new] At least I don’t dream… (0+ / 0-)

about having sex with candidates.

by citizen53 on Mon Apr 28, 2008 at 02:00:44 PM MDT


89. melvin - 28 April 2008

At least DH is in his element there. He has advanced degrees in tiresome.

90. liberalcatnip - 28 April 2008

89. lol…with minors in annoyances and inanity.

I see the blowback diaries against what kos said are stacking up. It’s the new pie war. Woohoo.

91. lucid - 28 April 2008

He has advanced degrees in tiresome.

And apparently he’s read some Weber! 😉 You still have that mock bio you wrote about a year ago? That was hilarious.

92. liberalcatnip - 28 April 2008

lol…Ed Schultz on Hardball is absolutely furious that McSurge “connected” Wright with Obama. Ummm…hello?? It’s one big yelling match.


93. NYCO - 28 April 2008

Obama’s losing traction in NC, I think. Saw a poll today where he’s down 6 points, and now this.

94. marisacat - 28 April 2008

This is the AP newsbreak that NYCO links to:

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – A person close to North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley tells The Associated Press he will endorse Hillary Rodham Clinton for president.

Easley is a Democratic superdelegate who has served as the state’s governor for two terms. His decision comes despite several recent polls showing Clinton trailing rival Barack Obama ahead of the state’s May 6 primary.

Easley would be just the second superdelegate from North Carolina to endorse Clinton. Six of the state’s 17 superdelegates have endorsed Obama.

A former state attorney general, Easley has focused largely on education programs during his eight-year tenure. He’s called on both of the presidential candidates to take more about he issue.

The person spoke to the AP on a condition of anonymity because a formal announcement had not yet been made.

Related: earlier today he picked up Bingaman of NM, 26 year senator and superdel.

95. wu ming - 28 April 2008

82 – heather, i think you’re falling into some false choices here. there are plenty of rich social conservatives, just as there are plenty of working class social liberals, and most progress has been made by movements across class. just because the terms of the argument get framed in these cartoonish assumptions doesn’t mean one has to buy into them to refute them.

stupid religious bullshit (hell, stupid bullshit generally) is spread rather generously across american society. just as allies in progress of all kinds can be found in nearly every corner, religious or otherwise. it doesn’t work along simple labels, from what i can tell.

96. melvin - 28 April 2008

I’m a lower class, blue-collar brie-eating liberal myself – won’t really claim the brawny. An organic elitist I guess, with apologies to Gramsci.

97. NYCO - 28 April 2008

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to seem like I’m piling on, but Obama’s just getting pwned today…

So now Clinton is making sweet hay off of Wright, chiding the McCain campaign for not doing enough to make the NC GOP lay off Obama.

98. marisacat - 28 April 2008

nu thred………………….



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