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The election was successful, but the patient died… 31 May 2008

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Earlier, I linked to and snipped from The Hill article referenced in this CJR post

A story in The Hill a few weeks ago, which we reported on, offered some grim comments from members of the Senate about prospects for health reform that have reverberated.

Yes indeedy… they were grim…. the gist, health care, universal, comprehensive, whatever the slapped on adjective, was great to RUN ON, but listen up honey chile! Congress has better things to do than that, we are the big boys and girls, and anyway, war carousing will be very time consuming.

DId I say carousing? I am sure (aren’t you?) they meant “ending the war”, or whatever is the term of art…

hmm it seems, I learn from CJR, little Ezra Klein of that radical hang out, The American Prospect, commented on the senators’ comments and later that day ran two follow-up clarifications, I did not have the pleasure then… sounds to me like he diapered the Really Big Boyz…

Rockefeller had originally said: “We all know there is not enough money to do all this stuff. What they are doing is…laying out their ambitions.” Baucus had told The Hill that the groundwork for reform was being laid through hearings, but he projected an uphill battle ahead. “If they try to solve all the problems, it’s going to be difficult.”

Given space and time for “clarification” – and a reminder no doubt from aides of what is needed to rise to the occasion, why, those Really Big Boyz rose to the occasion and slathered Ezra and his readers.. they’d do their very, very bluest, bestest best and hearings would b held.

Baucus’s aide, meanwhile, told Klein that the senator was going to lay the groundwork to start a major discussion on reform in 2009, holding hearings and hosting a great deal of discussion so members of the finance committee and congress “more generally can dig into both the problems and the possible solutions.” We still think reporters should be wary, and what Baucus’s aide said still sounds like a lot of high-sounding words.

Klein’s interpretation of Baucus’s statement was more generous. He told his readers that the senator, who happens to chair the key Senate Finance Committee, is going to spend a lot of time on hearings, coalition building, and public events that signal his committee’s readiness to take up health care reform. “It’s not the sort of thing you do if you don’t believe it will happen,” Klein said.

Baby boy… find a mothering breast (or a sugar tit, he won’t notice the difference) and hang on for dear life. Avoid looking all things squarely in the face and nestle deep in the smothering fold.

Do I sound cynical and dismissive? You bet.

And, they’re handing their [so hated] she-devil nemesis the biggest “I told you so” I have seen in decades.

BTW, none of the above required the Japanese binoculars sharp enough to see fleas on dogs at a mile remove…

This is not an endorsement of Hillary, she would do no differently.


UPDATE, 2:42 pm

This was at the end of the last thread, it seems Barbara Boxer (tickle those libs!) gave the Democratic Response to Bush


link to Boxer’s address.

“Right now, many of our states, including my home state, are leading. They have the will. Our mayors are leading. They have the will. Religious leaders have urged us to act now as well. They reminded me of a wonderful quote that motivates me to work as hard as I can for as long as it takes to responsibly address global warming. These words stay with me: ‘When God created the first man, he took him around to all the trees in the Garden of Eden and said to him “see my handiwork, how beautiful and choice they are. Be careful not to ruin and destroy my world, for if you do ruin it, there is no one to repair it after you.”‘

“I truly hope that you will support our efforts on the Senate floor. Please join our fight, and thanks for listening.”


I was not going to add this to my post, but as they seem to be lathering their spit balls with Holy Water.. why should I restrain and refrain?

from the Mike Allen Politico email

SCOOP, from the Newsweek closing tonight – ‘His Mobile Ministry: Politicians have long sought the counsel of faith leaders. Obama’s got 100 dialing in to pray for him,’ By Lisa Miller: ‘The Houston mega-pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell — who presided over Jenna Bush’s wedding last month and has offered spiritual counsel to her father-is a Christian VIP, so busy that his cell phone voicemail says, ‘Do not leave messages here.’ But on Friday mornings, whether he’s at church, in the car or on the golf course, Caldwell tries to dial into a certain high-level conference call. At 9:30 EST, a group of religious leaders gathers ‘telephonically,’ as Caldwell puts it; for 15 minutes, they pray for Sen. Barack Obama.’

We are so blessed.




1. liberalcatnip - 31 May 2008

Ironic that the Dems wanted to avoid the appearance of “backroom dealing” while the public now has to wait for the rules committee to come out of a real backroom (where they’re reportedly dealing) to get on with it in front of everybody again.

2. liberalcatnip - 31 May 2008

CNN brrrreaking news: via Roland Martin – Obama resigns from church membership.

I didn’t you could “resign” from a church where you’re just a congregant.

3. liberalcatnip - 31 May 2008

*I didn’t know…

4. marisacat - 31 May 2008

LOL he’s got ministers and preachers all over the body politic.

Good luck.

See update to post.. I got a good look at Kirbyjon, the minister that smashed together Jenna and the Hager kid. Sorry, most of them look like degenerates. As did he. The so very few that look like decent people.. are too rare.

5. liberalcatnip - 31 May 2008

Black bloggers fight to make voices heard

…some critics say the DNC situation is indicative of a larger media divide. It’s a division in which stories like the racially motivated beating in Jena, La., last year lingered for months on black blogs and talk radio before the mainstream press picked up the issue.

That coverage gap is partly what inspired Gina McCauley to help organize the first Blogging While Brown conference this summer in Atlanta. The most popular online community conferences – like the Netroots Nation confab that grew out of the Daily Kos blog – tend to be predominantly white gatherings.

“The progressive blogosphere is segregated,” said McCauley, whose What About Our Daughters blog was accepted to the DNC’s blogger pool. Essence magazine named McCauley one of its 25 most influential people last year alongside Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and filmmaker Tyler Perry. “Black bloggers link to other black bloggers, and progressive white bloggers link to other white progressive bloggers,” she said.

“I don’t know why that is,” said Gina Cooper, executive director of the Netroots Nation conference. After last year’s second annual convention, she expressed her frustration about the lack of diversity. Netroots Nation is offering scholarships this year, and Cooper is seeking other ways to make the gathering inclusive.

So much for the dkos black blogger outreach program. Mission failed.

6. marisacat - 31 May 2008

Not breaking news… a friend just drove up from Los Angeles.. it was 4.50 a gallon all the way.

Of course I just also heard the liberal push back, but it is average 8.30 USD per in Europe.

Yes and how many ways are there to get to SF from LA? It may be 480 miles between us, but we are conjoined cities…. thow in SJ in the middle… a threesome.

car, plane and the very pleasant but very slow overnight train from LA to Emeryville — with a bus to SF.

And the joys of Trailways or Greyhound or whatever it is now.

7. wu ming - 31 May 2008

that’s why that high speed rail thing is so critical. not just for a way to get between CA’s urban centers (and i count sac, stockton, fresno, bakersfield in there too, only one of which even has an airport) that’s insulated from gas price hikes, but as importantly because that measure has a bunch of money set aside for improving and expanding feeder networks to the HSR stops, which everywhere but SF is in dire need of.

in the long ru, we need those high gas prices to get society moving on alternatives, but we need to be sinking serious funds into those alternatives at the same time, they won’t build themselves on their own.

and for all the talk of how china’s putting zillions of cars on the road (and therefore why even bother, say those who didn’t want to bother in the first place), it should also be noted that every major city in china (by major, i mean “bigger than every city in the US but NYC”] is throwing massive funds towards building and/or expanding their mass transit systems.

the real concern, both with solar/wind/tidal as well as rail, is actually the fact that we currently lack the industrial capacity to build the stuff in the volumes we’ll need. if ever there was a time for a war effort-esque gummint-led push, this would be it.

not holding my breath, but i’d rather give the dems their 2/3 supermajority, on this as well as healthcare, just to rid us all of the illusion that all roadblocks are currently external. either we get lucky and dems do what is needed, or we get another shot at dropping scales from enough of the party faithful’s eyes to carve out a decent party that gives a shit.

the bigger the win, the less excuses will stick.

8. wu ming - 31 May 2008

hmm, didn’t intend the winking smiley.

9. marisacat - 31 May 2008

people really don’t believe me when I say that I am very intent on big majorities with a Dem in the WH.

I really am. Even if it does not mean I will engage and HELP them. If you liked the 110th you should love the future.

I was sick of their excuses 25 years ago.

I intend to vote for the high speed rail between here and SF… but you know we have waited 10 fucking years for the movable divide on the GG Bridge. They now have two sets of disastrous head on accidents in under, I think, 3 months.

So all promises hve been renewed.

10. marisacat - 31 May 2008

oh but does Sulphurous Sully hear himself? What is there to destroy that will function, govern and help people?

Obama Quits Trinity

31 May 2008 06:22 pm

A rough day. And the Clintons will not relent. They’d rather destroy the party than hand it to Obama.

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She Said It

31 May 2008 06:21 pm


“The American people have to know the Democratic Party can run its own delegate selection process … if they want to govern America.”

We’re discovering for the umpteenth time that the Democrats obviously can’t govern themselves. This absurd circus in DC today really does remind me of their inability to understand rules, and congenital refusal to apply them.


Florida halved (this is news?), about to vote on MI

Ickes announces HC is reserving the right to take the battle to the Rules Committee…

da dum.

11. marisacat - 31 May 2008


I dumped teh smiley… they occur when a quotation marks is next to a close prens.



12. wu ming - 31 May 2008

ah, thanks.

13. liberalcatnip - 31 May 2008

Minor correction:

Ickes announces HC is reserving the right to take the battle to the *Credentials* Committee…

So I guess the headline is “split the baby, save the world”?

14. liberalcatnip - 31 May 2008

Sully seems to be twisting himself in knots there. Oh, the agony.

15. Intermittent Bystander - 31 May 2008

NYT Caucus Blog.

“This body of 30 individuals has decided that they’re going to substitute their judgment for 600,00 voters,” Mr. Ickes said. “Now that’s what I call democracy,” he added sarcastically.

And he throws down the challenge: “Mrs. Clinton has instructed me to reserve her rights to take this to the credentials committee,” he added.

Floor fight anyone?

(The credentials committee, a 186-member body, doesn’t meet until July, and any decision by it supposedly would have to be approved on the floor at the convention in August.)


Dappled results of a stray cat beacon in India (BBC video).

16. liberalcatnip - 31 May 2008

The swamp confirms Obamalama leaving his parish.

Dwight Hopkins, a theology professor at the University of Chicago Divinity School, who joined Trinity 12 years ago, expressed shock and regret about the senator’s decision.

“I thought he would stay because of the good works of the church,” Hopkins said, noting Obama’s frequent affirmations about the Trinity community. “He had a baptism and marriage connection. I guess the Pfleger thing took it over the top. Maybe Sen. Obama thought the church should not have provided that platform.”

Hopkins predicted the congregation would initially react to the news with confusion and anger. But he pointed out that Oprah Winfrey’s departure did not have lasting impact on members and predicted that Obama’s resignation would not either.

“They didn’t come there because of Obama,” Hopkins said. “They came there because of the House that Wright that built. And it’s still standing.”

Wright officially retires Sunday.

I don’t recall Oprah running for president at the time. Different kettle of fish (and loaves) this time around.

17. marisacat - 31 May 2008

sorry yeah I meant the Credentials Committee at Denver.

Not really with it today… Rules and Bylaws and Credentials kinda morphed or


LOL anyone who listens to the Clintons knows, they telegraph what they intend to do.. all manner of punditry and whoever spent the last days saying, it will be over by Wednesday. Next Wdnesday

Everytime they shook a finger at her, they ensured this outcome.

HA! Some Wednesday, someday.

18. liberalcatnip - 31 May 2008

Spectacular headline writing:

Michigan Delegation to Be Sat at Half Strength
by DHinMI

Sat May 31, 2008 at 05:10:06 PM MDT

19. marisacat - 31 May 2008

Lynne Sweet had some on target observations… That Pfleger et alia have wallowed (she used other words) with an enabling press writing about a small pond. Then, oops, the upper Midwest provincials were in the public view.

Calmez. I call SF the provinces as well.

20. liberalcatnip - 31 May 2008

haha…DD lectures Clinton supporters for acting “so rudely and immorally today”. Got a mirror there, Mr Vagina?

21. marisacat - 31 May 2008


Dwight Hopkins is called upon to offer up the shaping comments.

Like Ganswein explaining Ratz. As he ties his bows and laces.

Give it a break.

22. liberalcatnip - 31 May 2008

Pass the tissues:

Some of these folks booed unity. (0+ / 0-)

A Clinton superdelegate on the committee called for Unity, and she was resoundingly booed by Clinton supporters in the audience.

I don’t have much good things to say about folks who want to boo unity.

“Not just with words, but with deeds.” — Barack Obama

by kath25 on Sat May 31, 2008 at 05:24:05 PM MDT

Isn’t booing unity against the ten commandments?

23. Intermittent Bystander - 31 May 2008

I think it was Ickes who misspoke. He probably meant the Tough Shit Sherlocks Committee. I bet they meet on Wednesdays.

24. Intermittent Bystander - 31 May 2008

Michigan Delegation to Be Sat at Half Strength

Ha ha ha!

Quick, call set design! We’ll need equipment for the pre-convention rigors, then banks of fainting couches . . . underinflated whoopie cushions. . . low-speed fans. . . .

25. wu ming - 31 May 2008

i have to say, i enjoy “gaffes.” heaven forfend the messiness of the peons spoil the platonic forms and images of the campaign spin doctors.

one of the best thing about dean was his gaffes. i dunno, i really wish we were able as a country to just accept the madness, roughness, hysterical rantings of regular people more often without going into a tizzy.

then again, i guess it isn’t really about us, it’s about the media commentariat and their political consultant buddies getting all oogy when the provincials come to the fore.

if i had my way, i’d bring all the extremists, all the crazies, all the ranters into the spotlight, just to cleanse us of this idea that any democracy worthy of the name can be sterile and orderly. people are by nature messy, unruly, irrational and conflicted, and their government and process of selecting same should reflect that.

the whole system is horrified by any contact with the unwashed masses. that’s what’s so great about the permanent primary race, the forcing of the media through the provinces, forcing them to pretend that they care what the goddamn rubes in kentucky or montana think.

26. Arcturus - 31 May 2008

do you know the 9 AIDS/LifeCycle )way to LA?

27. marisacat - 31 May 2008

oh that was funny… The Tough Shit Sherlocks Committe..

28. liberalcatnip - 31 May 2008

24. 🙂

29. liberalcatnip - 31 May 2008

25. just to cleanse us of this idea that any democracy worthy of the name can be sterile and orderly. people are by nature messy, unruly, irrational and conflicted, and their government and process of selecting same should reflect that.

But there are rules dammit! RULES and more rules and RULES committees and Donna Brazile’s mama says you have to play by the rules!

30. marisacat - 31 May 2008


honest to god wu ming

selling yourself as someone whose DNA can heal the nation (yes he did) when your birthing bed, as an adult, is TUCC, aplce where he spent 20 _ years figuring out how to naviogate the politics of his district on the SS Chicago… but no one thought how this translates to the larger world.

End of the day, blacks are 12 %. It has to be less hard to explain to the rest… that is if one wants to win. the Dems say they do but then they drag Hillary and Bill and Barack and Michelle out to the curb. And say run for it..

is not going to work.

The party always says, look at us (or our candidate) how learned, smart, well spoken, how BETTER we are… they push internationlaism.. over and over and over.

But in truth, they have no bench. Not really.

I really am odd person out… I find a lot of KY and MT in San Francisco..

The Democrats run roiling egos that have to be explained, over and over.

Why I am stuck reading Sirota telling me that the great and valuable Lamont run is a cornerstone of where the party needs to go and was a monumental anti war message.??? (two days ago) What in gods name was REAL about that run?

Why am I left with that?

I am for the biggest tent, I always was, when I got it clear they did not want ME, I left… the mediocre leaders of the party and their girdled offerings ARE NOT for a BIG TENT..

31. Intermittent Bystander - 31 May 2008

I found a reference to The Interfaith Alliance in a Christian Science Monitor article titled ’08 race has got religion. Is that good?

I guess the group is trying to spread the gospel of the Constitution from within the various faith communities. Here’s a clip from their page on No Religious Test:

The Interfaith Alliance urges American voters to make careful, thoughtful judgments about political candidates. Religion can be part of the national conversation about our elected officials, but it should never be a weapon for political battle or a shortcut for stereotyping a person’s intentions or abilities.

When evaluating candidates for public office, consider how they would answer The Interfaith Alliance’s “Five Questions”:

1. What role should and does your religious faith and values play in creating public policy?
2. What are your views on the Constitutional guarantee of the separation of church and state?
3. What active steps have you taken and will you continue to take to show respect for the variety of religious beliefs among your constituents?
4. Should a political leader’s use of religious language reflect the language of his/her religious tradition, or be more broadly inclusive?
5. How do you balance the principles of your faith and your pledge to defend the Constitution, particularly when the two come into conflict?

32. marisacat - 31 May 2008

If the party had half a brain it would learn from ‘the fucked manger run’ and return to a largely secular party.

It won’t.

33. marisacat - 31 May 2008

the political money going straight to churches has negated anything even approaching the faith based but also broad based movement that MLK was abot ot have.

Despoiled offerings, from inside the churches. Much worse than in the post war, 50s and 60s. Bad as it ws then.

34. marisacat - 31 May 2008


the “story” via little Stephanopoulos, is that Obama has been in discussion “for weeks” about leaving the church.

Sell me a bridge.

35. Intermittent Bystander - 31 May 2008

From the CSM article linked above:

“During the last couple of decades there’s been a dramatic tilt toward a more partisan religious political culture,” says David Domke, communications professor at the University of Washington in Seattle and coauthor of “The God Strategy.”

Critics also cite news media that turn faith into mere entertainment or play it for controversy. Some questions asked during televised debates have been helpful, they say, but others have been inappropriate or irrelevant, bordering on religious vetting. The Interfaith Alliance (TIA), a religious liberty watchdog, became so concerned it released a video called “Top Ten Moments in the Race for Pastor-in-Chief.” Among the questions it criticized: “What’s the worst sin you’ve committed?” and “Do you believe every word of the Bible?”

“Why ask Senator Clinton about ‘feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit’?” complained TIA president Welton Gaddy after the Compassion Forum aired on CNN in April. “Far more useful would be specific questions about how their faith would impact their policy positions.”

The most flagrant attack may be Web-centric efforts of unknown origin to paint Obama as a Muslim. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in March seemed willing to benefit from that attempt when she said that it wasn’t true, “as far as I know.”

In response, Democrats who are not keen on the rising role of religion in the campaign seem willing to give Obama a pass on his “Committed Christian” brochures, seeing them as necessary to informing voters of the truth.

36. Intermittent Bystander - 31 May 2008

BTW – Has Obama picked out his next house of worship? Probably best not to delay, right?

37. marisacat - 31 May 2008

He/They will probably go mainline in DC with some shared felloship church in Chicago…… Michelle will go in the back door at TUCC and watch from a private room.

That would be my guess.

38. wu ming - 31 May 2008

32. agreed.

and as for 30, i totally see where you’re coming from. my intent wasn’t to apologize for the party, or talk you out of your own experience and convictions, but just to blow off a bit of steam over the inability the whole country has to just accept the messiness of its own people, this bizarre desire to have a president who appears cleaner, fresher, sparklier, better than the people, instead of just a representative of those people. the anxiety that crops up whenever anything off-script pops up just baffles me. i suppose dems act that way because at heart they are disgusted and embarrassed of us peons. republicans are smarter about it politically, but the rich ones can’t stand the rank and file either in private.

i honestly don’t know much about SF, it always being more of an idea growing up, the imagined ideal standard that we all harshly measured ourselves against out here in our bay area frontier post in the valley, but there is definitely plenty of KY and MT out in sacramento and environs, no question about that. even the accent in the san joaquin has vestigal traces of oklahoma.

39. Intermittent Bystander - 31 May 2008

Supposedly doing a press conference in Iowa now. From a liveblog at DK:

When asked about his next choice of church home:

He will look for a church but speaks to the concerns about the fact that there will never be a church that wholly espouses all of his beliefs. Ex. Homosexuality. He indicated that few churches will agree with him there and he doesn’t expect to be held accountable for all of the statements, opinions and beliefs coming out of his church.

Asked about his joining TUCC for political reasons:

He found the question cynical and was offended by it. He will join a church for spiritual reasons not political ones. He restated that if his choice was political, he would have left TUCC when he decided to become a politician.

40. Intermittent Bystander - 31 May 2008

Sorry, South Dakota.

41. marisacat - 31 May 2008

Over and over the Democrats run people who are deeply conflicted and explain themselves badly.

That is barack.

I have no idea what he might have been, allowed to grow. To not have that labeled racist observation..

I watched the hard cash from the books (which he is still using to say, ”if you don’t know me read my books”, well fuck that, for most of America) buy him out. Just like rezko being able to finagle his money into Obamas’ house.

I expect them ALL to arrive dragging shit on their shoes, but to be that easily bought at the place where you live, is worrisome.

Call that racist too.

42. marisacat - 31 May 2008

He found the question cynical and was offended by it.

honest to fucking god. GET OVER IT.

43. Intermittent Bystander - 31 May 2008

In a multiparty system, I bet an organized Cynical Party would attract quite a few volunteers.

44. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 May 2008

if i had my way, i’d bring all the extremists, all the crazies, all the ranters into the spotlight, just to cleanse us of this idea that any democracy worthy of the name can be sterile and orderly.


45. marisacat - 31 May 2008

the ‘not all white working cynics’ slate.

I’d join that one.

46. Intermittent Bystander - 31 May 2008

Another cute one at the Orange Corral: Where Were You in 2000, White Women?, by drummerman1972.

Who is to say President Obama will even be able or allowed to truly attack the problems that will destroy our great land? That is an entirely separate debate. But seeing all this unfold the past 4 months, while we are on the verge of a truly momentous historical event, only leads me to be even more skeptical…. cuz these are folks are are “supposedly” on our side. My guess is the majority will go all the way towards complete absurdity and refuse to vote for Obama… as expected when privileged people don’t get what they feel like they deserve. Like kids who never learned to share what ALWAYS belonged to ALL of us.

47. Intermittent Bystander - 31 May 2008

From AP:

“I have no idea how it will impact my presidential campaign but I know it was the right thing to do for me and my family,” he said.

“This was a pretty personal decision and I was not trying to make political theater out of it,” he added.

From Fox (which apparently aired the press conference live), before crashing my browser:

The new pastor Rev. Otis Moss III released a statement saying “we are saddened by the news, we understand that it is a personal decision.”

48. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 May 2008
49. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 May 2008

I was not trying to make political theater out of it,

If that was true, you wouldn’t have made a big announcement of it, asshole.

50. marisacat - 31 May 2008

sdll he interacts little enough with the traveling press that releasing a sheet of paper and not being avaialble for questions would not do it.

its been theatre for months now.

Love how his church needs protection. Baloney, Axelrod associate began offering them crisis management pro bono months ago.

As I see it, they trashed him.

51. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 May 2008


Oh, such fun to watch that worthless party tear itself apart.

52. marisacat - 31 May 2008

oh I am having a great time… Karel, a great gay guy on KGO came on… and he is just screaming at everyone w/r/t the Dems today.

He’s offending EVERYONE… the calls should be a hoot!

53. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 May 2008
54. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 May 2008

more wow

On the other hand were the battered emotions: the ardent vows to not support Sen. Barack Obama under any circumstances, the insistence that every insidious rumor concerning the Illinois Democrat was grounded in fact, the belief that the party itself had conspired in an effort to tear down the Clintons.

With half a dozen flat screen televisions turned to CNN, it was not difficult to ascertain just where the political and emotional center of the crowd stood. A table of three women did not deal in discretion. A sampling of their punditry:
“[Obama] is a cult. His campaign is an anti-woman cult.”

“I will actively campaign against him.”

“You know who is backing him is George Soros. It’ll be George Soros, not Obama, who is running the country.”

“South Dakota is totally rigged for Obama because of Tom Daschle. Obama’s going to win South Dakota because he’s buying it and rigging it.”

“[Obama] is a socialist! You know what the Nazi Party was before it was the Nazi Party? It was the Socialist Party.”

It was not all that different from the mood outside, where signs read, “At least slaves were counted as 3/5ths a Citizen,” and some pamphlets detailed Obama’s supposed dealings in drugs and gay sex.

“Would you rather have a president who had an affair [Bill Clinton] or one who was a murderer [Obama]?” Eve Fairbanks, a reporter with The New Republic, was asked by one protester.

55. bayprairie - 31 May 2008

These words stay with me: ‘When God created the first man, he took him around to all the trees in the Garden of Eden and said to him “see my handiwork, how beautiful and choice they are. Be careful not to ruin and destroy my world, for if you do ruin it, there is no one to repair it after you.”

what a load of horseshit. is that woman flashbacking or will the damned stigmata just not bleach out? i can’t believe anyone could say anything so incredibly stupid with a straight face.

shit, put the steve earle on and order more vodka!

56. marisacat - 31 May 2008

Boxer is pathetic.

57. Intermittent Bystander - 31 May 2008

Boxer-whistle to the emerging enviro-fundies. Not to mention the Crunchy Cons, et al.

58. marisacat - 31 May 2008

enviro-fundies. yeah it was very transparent. She’s Jewish… and two days after the Big Loss in 04, Nancy Pelosi went on Lou Dobbs and quoted the bible. He – rightfully – laughed in her face. Catholics don’t tote the bible barge around on their backs.

They are pathetic.

59. Intermittent Bystander - 31 May 2008

From that DK thread (Where were the white women at?) linked above:

I disagree with diarist about ‘white priviledge’ (2+ / 0-)

I don’t think that is what is at play, except for a teeny minority of people.
It looks more like ‘white priviledge’ when ultimate loyal “Yes-Men” blacks like Colin Powell and Clarence Thomas are used by the White Establishment…..and when W hides behind Dr. Rice’s skirts.

I’ve met senior party members who supported HRC from the beginning because they sincerely believe she is the strongest candidate……Keep in mind that we only see the candidates on TV mostly while professionals involved see the candidates on the job, in action, know them better and for a long time.

Maybe they are old fogeys and don’t have much daring any more, but sincerely….they haven’t had enough of a chance to see Obama at work to have as much confidence in what they will get with him as President.

I met Obama just before he joined the Senate. He said then that he wasn’t ready to run for President in 2008. So…..I was surprised that he changed his mind. Apparently Tom Daschle convinced him to do what he himself failed to do and grab the moment before it passes by.

Can you understand that people might feel they don’t want to take the risk?

Dennis Kucinich had the best platform and the highest moral standing for his positions, but I think the real story of prejudice in this race has been against short people who don’t have deep voices and whose background is ethnic, poverty level, Catholic, non-Ivy League, etc.

I was horrified at Kos’s jokes about Kucinich’s looks and physique.

Best Diary of the Year? http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/2/23/03912/3990

by LNK on Sat May 31, 2008 at 06:08:51 PM PDT

(FYI – “Best diary of the year” in commenter’s sig line is a dengre expose on Abramoff, McCain, and Norquist.)

60. bayprairie - 31 May 2008

Barack Obama versus Black Self-Determination

Obama has revealed himself as a rabid nationalist of the standard, white America variety. “I categorically denounce any statement that disparages our great country,” says Obama – which pretty much says it all. The candidate has repeatedly telegraphed his contempt for any worldview that fails to glorify the U.S. rise to global dominance – a ritual that collides instantly with truth as it actually exists, with history as Black people have known it, and with Black aspirations to make their own way in the world unencumbered by the burden of white lies. Obama promises that he will oppose, with all the powers of his office, those who, like Rev. Wright, “use incendiary language to express views that have the potential not only to widen the racial divide, but views that denigrate both the greatness and the goodness of our nation; that rightly offend white and black alike.”


Clearly, if the United States is inherently good, then Black people and Native Americans must have done something catastrophically wrong to bring down upon themselves such suffering at the hands of the U.S. government – not to mention the sins committed by Vietnamese, Nicaraguans, Angolans and all the other peoples that have gotten in the way of white American Manifest Destiny.

President Obama will wage war against the heresies of deviant worldviews that dare to question America’s moral superiority – as exemplified by Rev. Wright’s “profoundly distorted view of this country – a view that sees white racism as endemic, and that elevates what is wrong with America above all that we know is right with America.”

If racism is merely an aberration in American life, as Obama believes – and which is the greatest concession that general white society is prepared to make to Blacks – then all the fuss about institutional racism, endemic police brutality and such are insults to the “national honor.” Certainly, Obama behaves as if he thinks so. Every manifestation of Black entitlement to self-determination – that is, the right to rely on one’s own people’s collective memory and sense of the truth – must, from Obama’s standpoint, be resisted, denounced and suppressed as “divisive” and, in general, against the national interest.

In order for Obama’s vision of America to be true, most of Black America must be liars, Black self-determination equals treason, and the Sixties era was the Mother of Corruption.

Someday I’m finally gonna let go
‘Cause I know there’s a better way
And I wanna know what’s over that rainbow
I’m gonna get out of here someday

61. marisacat - 31 May 2008

I was surprised that he changed his mind. Apparently Tom Daschle convinced him to do what he himself failed to do and grab the moment before it passes by.

I dunno. Some weeks ago, I guess months by now, Ben SMith had information that obama (or those interested in his run) sent operatives into Iowa and WI very soon after he got to the senate. He has barely attended at hearings and meetings on committes he serves on, etc, if one looks back he arrived in order to leave. whatever.

he certainly hired Robert Gibbs (his comm dir and the front for the 527 mounted against Dean, that ran the Osama ad in December 03( hired Samantha Power, soft war woman, asap getting to DC. Think he picked up Dascle’s old CofS right away… etc.

and so on.

I don’t know. Best of luck to them all. Sick of who the Dem party sends up for shoving down throats. And how they all whine.

62. marisacat - 31 May 2008

he strains credulity. Seems to have forgotten he disinvited Wright himself, in a late evening call the night before, to his formal annoucne. They were worried about the article in Rolling Stone (they were not on board yet) and obama ws so very undiplomatic that he called and secured Moss for the invocation BEFORE even speaking to Wright.

To me a lot of bad blood goes back to the hamfited fucked up incident.

But really, talk about avoidance:

“I have to say this was one I didn’t see coming. We knew there were going to be some things we didn’t see coming. This was one. I didn’t anticipate my fairly conventional Christian faith being subject to such challenge and such scrutiny,” said Obama. He said it has been months since he has been at the church, on Chicago’s South Side. “I did not anticipate my fairly conventional Christian faith being subjected to such…scrutiny

63. Intermittent Bystander - 31 May 2008

Time for some happier human comedy: New territory for tartan: skullcaps and turbans.

EDINBURGH (Reuters Life!) – Scotland’s kilt and sporran shops are making room for tartan skullcaps and turbans as the country’s minority groups create their own patterns to go alongside traditional clan tartans.

64. Intermittent Bystander - 31 May 2008

Have to admit I found this kind of endearing:

Like Rabbi Jacobs, Roshan Singh and his cousin and business partner, Galab Singh, feel Sikhs and Scots are alike in many ways.

“The Sikh history is very, very similar to Scottish history: they both fought for one simple fact and that was the right to express your own thoughts. We’re very peace-keeping people,” Galab said.

65. Intermittent Bystander - 31 May 2008

Sikh kilts in moderation?

66. liberalcatnip - 31 May 2008

62. “I did not anticipate my fairly conventional Christian faith being subjected to such…scrutiny

No one could have foreseen the breach of the levees.

Heckuva job, Obama.

67. Intermittent Bystander - 31 May 2008


68. moiv - 31 May 2008

I wanna see some damage control from Obama’s Catholic Committee. There are damned sure enough of them on the list to make an impression.

National Co-Chairs

Senator Bob Casey
Representative Patrick Murphy (PA-08)
Former Congressman Tim Roemer, President of the Center for National Policy
Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas
Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia
Tom Chabolla, Assistant to the President, Service Employees International Union
Victoria Reggie Kennedy, President, Common Sense About Kids and Guns
Sr. Jamie Phelps, O.P., Director and Professor of Theology, Institute for Black Catholic Studies, Xavier University
Sr. Catherine Pinkerton, Congregation of St. Joseph

National Steering Committee *

Mary Jo Bane, Professor, Harvard Kennedy School
Nicholas P. Cafardi, Catholic Author and Scholar, Pittsburgh, PA
Lisa Cahill, Professor of Theology, Boston College
M. Shawn Copeland, Associate Professor of Theology, Boston College
Ron Cruz, Leadership Development Consultant, Burke, VA
Sharon Daly, Social Justice Advocate, Knoxville, MD
Richard Gaillardetz, Murray/Bacik Professor of Catholic Studies, University of Toledo
Grant Gallicho, Associate Editor, Commonweal Magazine
Margaret Gannon, IHM, A Sister of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Scranton, PA
Don Guter, Judge Advocate General of the Navy (2000-2002); Rear Admiral, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, U.S. Navy (Ret.), Pittsburgh, PA
Cathleen Kaveny, Professor of Law and Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame
Jim Kesteloot, President and Executive Director, Chicago Lighthouse
Vincent Miller, Associate Professor of Theology, Georgetown University
David O’Brien, Loyola Professor of Catholic Studies at the College of the Holy Cross
Peter Quaranto, Senior Researcher and Conflict Analyst, Resolve Uganda (Notre Dame Class of 2006)
Dave Robinson, International Peace Advocate, Erie, Pennsylvania
Vincent Rougeau, Associate Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame
Mary Wright, Inter-Faith Liaison, Louisville, KY

National Leadership Committee

Governor Jim Doyle of Wisconsin
Former Senator Majority Leader Tom Daschle
Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois
Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts
Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts
Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont

Representative Xavier Becerra of California
Representative Mike Capuano of Massachusetts
Representative Lacy Clay of Missouri
Representative Jerry Costello of Illinois
Representative Bill Delahunt of Massachusetts
Representative Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut
Representative Anna Eshoo of California
Representative Raul Grijalva of Arizona
Representative Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island
Representative John Larson of Connecticut
Representative George Miller of California
Representative James Oberstar of Minnesota
Representative Linda Sanchez of California
Representative Carol Shea Porter of New Hampshire
Representative Peter Welch of Vermont

69. Intermittent Bystander - 31 May 2008

Can’t resist one more snip:

The government, led by member of Scottish parliament Jamie McGrigor, plans to create an official register of tartans based in Scotland. McGrigor said he would be “delighted to accept any new tartan into the register,” adding that 150 to 200 new tartans are designed every year.

“If you were in Timbuktu and you saw someone wearing tartan shorts you would think of Scotland, wouldn’t you?” McGrigor added.

70. marisacat - 31 May 2008

sorry for the delay on the posts in moderation, IB

LOL Will the Scots accept Japanese plaid, as well?

71. marisacat - 31 May 2008


LOL my guess, if he made it, was a latina catholic for SC… hit a few stones at once.

But reminded of that long long long list… hmmm

My guess it will be like Henniniger/WSJ noticed on May 1… none of his great new friends were salting the print media with editorials in support. In his great weeks of need. I did catch Kerry (oh so great in a knife fight!) doing the cable rounds. McCaskill… mostly them… Jonathan Alter and EJ Dionne on constant night light duty. Wind up that 15 watt bulb again.

yeah right. what a party.

72. wu ming - 31 May 2008

one dark horse veep so dark that i think i’m the only one who have ever even mentioned it would be loretta sanchez (although i suspect that she has her eyes on the statehouse or perhaps boxer’s senate seat in 2010).

i love the thought of plaid sikh turbans. india’s got phenomenally colorful fabrics, now that i think about it. in fact, i think i have a south indian lungi (sort of similar to a sarong) that’s a blue and black plaid of sorts.

73. liberalcatnip - 31 May 2008

Barack Obama Press Avail about resigning from Trinity.

74. lucid - 31 May 2008

MitM last thread: Hell, they passed a bigger one to build fucking Miller Stadium.

But Baseball is so much more important than having an effective means for people to get around. Civic pride and all 😉

Thanks everyone for the positive response to the music… still kind of in a cocoon. Just as we’re releasing this, everything is going to shit… go figure.

75. marisacat - 1 June 2008

gnu thred


………………. 8)

76. lucid - 1 June 2008

attack the problems that will destroy our great land?

What great land? The one where religious misfits and broke aristocrats came to establish a new home? The one where these morally challenged folks decided to slaughter any who stood in their way on the acquisition of new property? The one where these misfits decided it was better to keep the institution of slavery in order to unite against England with the greatest force possible? The one that then wrote slavery into its constitution?

I mean, hey, I think that group of new-monied aristocratic deists were playing on good ideas. Many among them actually thought about the resurrected notion of equality… some more than others. Unfortunately, those that did, were outnumbered.

And we as Americans somehow pride ourselves on this? I haven’t even brought up the last 225 years of idiocy. Yet the discussion is over because our ‘sage daddy figures’ slaughtered a whole bunch of people in order to be released from the bonds of the old aristocracy… allowing for the creation of a new one, one which they controlled, and no one much cares about that.

It is certainly not unique. People the world ‘round make pathetic excuses to support their ‘nation’ in its just cause. Be it religious, be it political, be it economic, this mortal coil is subject. Not Subject. We are subjected to disinformation from cradle to grave, we are asked to avow our own worth only in service to ends other than our own. We are asked to take our place within an order not wrought by our own will. And we acquiesce, uncritically, to the thoroughbred of our birth.

I have a better idea. There are no families, there are no religions, there are no nations, there are no sacred texts. We argue and toil and live without any bullshit, and shake out the ghosts, dance for the dead, drink for the living and make a better world based on our experience as human beings.

77. Intermittent Bystander - 1 June 2008

70 – Japanese tartans.

Check out the drop-down menu for “Category” at the Tartan Ferret (search critter at Scottish Tartan Authority) for Antarctic, Brazilian, Italian, Nepalese, Omani, and more!

78. Intermittent Bystander - 1 June 2008

I think there’s a “Tartan Ferret” hidden in the WordPress pleats.


79. marisacat - 1 June 2008


they’ve long been fond of that sort of language at Dkos.

I watched all the subservient bullshit deriving from nationalistic propaganda that DhinMI, DemfromCT and the likes of Catholic Queen in the Closet DD have rolled out there for years. Including Kos himself who, at lest publicly, uses a lot of wide eye’d immigrant language. It was old long ago.

Very corrosive.

The only stuff funnier than their scraping and bowing compliments for the business enterprise that is America is the always trotted out as a patch “What does it mean to you to be a Democrat”… lordy what slobber they lather themselves with in those threads.

I am pretty sure mine is the last generation where there was even a passing glance made to teach the perils of being “a good German” during formative years. We are utterly jingoistic.

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