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Life as a colorist…….. 21 June 2008

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

A Fijian Crested Iguana is held by a zoo keeper at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia [REUTERS, from UK Telegraph, Pictures of the Week]

Love those bright pink bubble finger tips… 😉

I just washed some dishes in the kitchen, there is a big window at the sink that faces the tiny spit of a garden… and I felt a breeze. Thanks be to god, as we are in swelter land. During the night, I opened the window in my bathroom and smelled smoke, burning, acrid fire. Even tho there are several fires going, or contained or just over, it seemed close, but i had heard no sirens… Then I heard this am, fires in Golden Gate Park (about 30 or so blocks west of me) during the evening and night.

Slight cooling tomorrow they say…………..



1. Heather-Rose Ryan - 21 June 2008

Ooh, I love that iguana – nice tropical Miami Vice colors.

From the previous thread:

90. NYCO – 21 June 2008
Breaking news! This year’s crop of American college grads are discovering that they will be expected to work during the summertime for the rest of their lives!

Wow, this is a really disturbing trend. Thank God the New York Times is there to report on it in-depth.

You always knew that after summer, you go back to classes. And after classes, you have a summer,” said Katie Dinterman, 23, who graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill last December and who now works at a public relations firm in Midtown Manhattan. “It’s very crazy to think that you don’t have an end point,” she said. “It definitely stresses me out.”

What a twit. She should meet the women in that infamous article of a few years ago – the ones who attended Harvard, Yale etc. in order to meet the right guys to breed with, so they could immediately start babymaking and forget about all that complicated intellectual stuff.

When I was a student, I worked full-time, all my school breaks and summer vacations, starting in high school. Far from being stressful, I found it quite relaxing because I managed to pay all my bills, all my family’s bills (how lovely it was not to have the electricity and phone turned off periodically!) and have spending money left over. But Ms Dinterman frets about not having the summer vacation she’s entitled to! The world weeps.

2. NYCO - 21 June 2008

I’m surprised the NYT hasn’t done a story yet about how American college grads are realizing that in the real world, you actually work on Fridays. That’s right! You have to wake up and get dressed on Fridays. Thursday nights are not a great night to get smashed in the real world, because of that having-to-get-up-on-Friday thing.

(I’m still trying to figure out when college students stopped having classes on Fridays.)

3. James - 21 June 2008

I always loved teaching methods and stats labs on Friday mornings in Columbia MO. Most of the undergrads were cool, but there were always a few who would be no-shows or late arrivals (usually, but not always frat or sorority kids), looking like crap after the Thursday night partying.

4. lucid - 21 June 2008

Thursday nights are not a great night to get smashed in the real world, because of that having-to-get-up-on-Friday thing.

Says who? 😉 You know the expression ‘Saturday night’s for amateurs’?

Actually, in NY the early week nights are the best to go out because the yuppie assholes stay home. Though I must confess that the older I get, the less able I am to get sloshed and then function on 4-5 hours of sleep, though I still somehow manage to do it once a week or so.

My liver doesn’t purge as quickly as it used to.

5. lucid - 21 June 2008

… I suppose I would qualify as a highly functional alcoholic in AA speak.

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 June 2008

re: ms_x in the last thread …

What’s wrong w/’ the Whedonverse?!?! I happen to prefer it there (ducks and runs).

7. wilfred - 21 June 2008

But aren’t these the same little darlings who are so stressed in school with piles of homework, terrible peer pressure and yet playing soccer 3 times a week plus dance classes and music lessons?

I would think a 40 hour week would be a picnic. Evidently not 🙂

8. Heather-Rose Ryan - 21 June 2008

As I recall from my time on Wall Street working with the Masters of the Universe, Wed. and Thurs. were big nights to go out, because the work pressures peaked in midweek and your family expected you to be home on Friday and the weekends.

The Morning After was enlivened by watching the suburban pissartists come trailing in at 11 a.m., telling stories about how many times they threw up on the train back home to Long Island.

Wonton soup was my hangover cure, which inspired my delightful friend and co-worker Steve O’Brien to dub me the ‘Wonton Woman”.

Steve was from Brooklyn and told fascinating stories about his friends Big Mike and Vinnie the Male Slut. I thought he was yarnspinning in a Runyonesque style, until one night he introduced me to them and I realized he was telling the truth. Big Mike was a huge, silent guy who only needed a couple of beers to become violent and uncontrollable, so he had been banned from most of the bars in Lower Manhattan. Vinnie was a little Italian elf, kind of like Phil Rizzuto, not handsome but boyish, and women went after him like catnip. The last I saw him (it was Latin Night at the Palladium) he was being swarmed by 50-year-old Puerto Rican ladies. These guys were quite the trio.

But I digress. Anyway, I had some fun times drinking in the old Vista Hotel that the World Trade Center fell upon and destroyed.

9. lucid - 21 June 2008

Wilfred – being a Swarthmore alum, good lord – working a forty hour week, being a full time grad student and a gigging musician seemed like a breeze. In the honors program my junior and senior years, the reading lists contained more books than anyone could possibly read in a week, plus the students were responsible for running class. So not only was I spending 60 hours a week reading and working for money for about 20 hours a week [albeit for the library & doing sound for shows I would have attended anyways], but then when my time was up [twice per semester per seminar] I also had to prepare to teach a class. Classic example – 19th Century Philosophy seminar. We did Hegel’s Phenomenology in 4 weeks along with secondary readings in the thousands of pages. When I got to grad school, the seminar on the Phenomenolgy was a year long.

But I still managed to be a stoner & a drunk & find 2-3 hours a day to play music, and was one of 3 individuals to get high honors [and dammit, I would have gotten highest honors if it hadn’t have been for the fact that the Shakespeare external examiner had this completely bizarre Ayn Rand reading of the plays as opposed to the post-colonial theory I was plugging].

10. ms_xeno - 21 June 2008

#6: Madman, I’m just not all that into it. I don’t find the stuff unwatchable, but sometimes being in a room full of the faithful feels like being the odd one out at a Trek con.

At Le Colonel Chabert’s blog, several people really gave it both barrels. Which I thought was pretty damn funny, but as of yet I haven’t attempted to troll-bait my friends’ blogs with her takedown of Buffy. YET.

11. wu ming - 21 June 2008

as a grad student, i envy you people that have actual weekends where you don’t always feel guilty for not getting work done. on the bright side, you get to schedule your hours pretty flexibly. on the down side, you’re pretty much working all the time.

in a reasonable country, everyone would have fridays off, and work far less hours, and have decent vacation and adequate illness/maternity/paternity leave to boot. sadly, we live in a deeply unreasonable country.

12. Heather-Rose Ryan - 21 June 2008

10 – I’ve never seen Buffy but have been assured by friends that it’s a good show, but essentially trivial, as in “don’t reschedule your life to catch up on it “.

Unlike Monty Python, for example.

13. wu ming - 21 June 2008

oh, and i’m hoping your breeze finds its way inland, marisa. it’s still in the 80s out here, and i can’t open the windows because of the smell from the fires in solano county to the south of us.

at least the wind wasn’t blowing today. i was a bit worried when the thunderclouds rolled silently past, for fear of the fires they’d start in the foothills.

lotta dry powder out here in california. whole state’s a goddamn tinderbox.

14. wu ming - 21 June 2008

i never got into buffy, but firefly was fantastic.

15. marisacat - 21 June 2008

wu ming

all it is is a bit of breeze and not much more… but it did pick up and when I opened the bathroom window a few hours ago, it was a steady breeze

I am going to try in the early morning to get some water on the patch out back.

The odd thunderstorms in Santa Cruz and Monterey brought lightning. What luck.

Never did run down what the fires in Golden Gate Park came from… have nto seen it in a few years, but last I did it was woefully under cared for….

Something is going to blow big this year. I think I’d be clearing my land massively if I was up in the tinder dry hills, boarding out the pets and moving photos to bank boxes now. It feels very stressful. word came out fast that someone was seen setting this last fire in the Santa Cruz mountains, a car and driver were seen setting 4 fires.

And we just got a heat surge.


16. moiv - 21 June 2008

More on “Vero Possumus” from a commenter at Lynn Sweet’s Trib blog:

“It’s just that his head all of a sudden looks so small next to that big seal…”

But the ubiquitous scolding finger is as big as ever. 😉

17. Heather-Rose Ryan - 21 June 2008

Two things about the Obama seal: 1) the Latin motto is extraordinarily lame, and 2) the eagle is potbellied and unimpressive.

If you’re gonna go fascist, at least make your eagle a lean, savage predator, and then punch it up with a tuff Latin motto.

But noooo.

Typical Democrats. Can’t get a thing right.

18. marisacat - 21 June 2008

it’s contrived. uselessly so.

19. wu ming - 22 June 2008

when it gets like this, any nutjob can set the whole state on fire with a cigarette butt tossed out a window, to say nothing of the firebugs. times like this i’m glad i live next door to a fire station.

all three fires in solano county today were structure fires. none of them foreclosed that i know of, but the urban fires may be worse than the wildfires this year.

20. moiv - 22 June 2008


I’ve seen speculation that the Seal of the Supreme Possumate was a minor assignment delegated to some lesser campaign varmint with a Kinko’s account, a one-shot for the governors’ meeting — and that after the attention it’s drawn, it will never be seen again.

But my hometown paper says that His Possumship is offering a wallpaper download on his website — and sure enough, here it is.

WHOA, would that look hot on my iMac, or what????

21. marisacat - 22 June 2008

wu ming

I had not heard of burning out foreclosed homes till a few months ago. A long couple of years ahead.

Supposedly, small and large, 400 fires around.



His High Possumness will save us!

22. moiv - 22 June 2008

Japan’s Booming Sex Niche: Elder Porn

Besides his glowing complexion, Shigeo Tokuda looks like any other 74-year-old man in Japan. Despite suffering a heart attack three years ago, the lifelong salaryman now feels healthier, and lives happily with his wife and a daughter in downtown Tokyo. He is, of course, more physically active than most retirees, but that’s because he’s kept his part-time job — as a porn star.


Tokuda is rare among Japanese porn stars in that his name has become a brand. The Shigeo Tokuda series he has just completed portray him as a tactful elderly gentleman who instructs women of different ages in the erotic arts, and he boasts a body of work far more impressive than most actors in their prime.


Director Gaichi Kono says the eroticism of elders is captivating to younger viewers. “I think that, as a subject, there is this something that only an older generation has and the young people do not possess. It is because they lived that much more. We should respect them and learn from them,” says Kono passionately.

But Tokuda stresses the appeal of his work to an audience of his peers: “Elderly people don’t identify with school dramas,” he says. “It’s easier for them to relate to older-men-and-daughters-in-law series, so they tend to watch adult videos with older people in them.” The veteran porn star plans to keep working until he’s 80 — or older, as long as the industry will cast him. Given the bullish market for his work, he’s unlikely to go without work.

“People of my age generally have shame, so they are very hesitant to show their private parts,” Tokuda says. “But I am proud of myself doing something they cannot.” Still, he says, laughing, “That doesn’t mean that I can tell them about my old-age pensioner job.”

23. marisacat - 22 June 2008


Ben Smith mentioned that it was to be used for events that were “presidential”. LOL I noticed in Miami he had to descend and speak behind a podium that said: usmayors.org.


I assume BS got that from an aide or spokes person.

But………………… they outta shelve it.

24. NYCO - 22 June 2008

I have a fairly poor grasp of Latin so what that motto Vero Possumus makes me think is…

Hmmm… Vero… that’s kind of like verity which means Truth… and Possumus… must mean possums… which you find in the South, right? … so it must mean The Blue Dog Dems are always right!

25. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 June 2008

your friends are wrong. Every bit as essential as the Python, just in a different way.

Love the Firefly. Curse Fox for killing it.

26. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 June 2008

Fair and balanced discussion of energy, a la This Week – make sure that an oil industry flack and Kay Bailey Hutchinson dominate the conversation, cut off Jeffrey Sachs anytime he tries to rebut their lies and bullshit.

27. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 June 2008


The current liberal clatter over yet another Dem “capitulation” (i.e. acting in their political/financial interests) is most amusing to witness. Truly, there are no bigger masochists in America than those who pledge allegiance to the mule. You can beat them, kick them, piss and shit all over them, and they’ll come crawling back for more, hopeful gleam on their soiled faces. Why they don’t break out the leather hoods, slapper whips, and ball gags and fetishize their surrender is a mystery, but then, libs are often the biggest teases. Maybe they’re saving that for election night.

Any conscious person over the age of 25 who is surprised by major Dem support for the FISA Amendments Act of 2008 is either deluded, desperate, or so whacked out on yagé that the mere formation of cogent thought is a minor miracle. Then again, I like the idea of countless liberals taking yagé trips. If nothing else, it keeps them occupied with inner-space, and who knows, they might make some conceptual/political breakthroughs before returning to this plasma plane. A long shot admittedly, especially when they see the savage mule’s tail rise up and they slide beneath the beast to get crapped on. But one must remain optimistic, even as the shit piles rise. What ya gonna do, vote Green?

Touring the lib sites for cheap laughs yielded some pleasant discoveries, namely, a growing number of liberals who have had it with the system. Like Neo in “The Matrix,” many are opening their eyes for the first time, seeing the Real World for what it actually is. They are not happy, however; many expressed sadness and depression. To be expected and part of the process. It’s not easy to realize that you’ve invested in a fantasy and were played for a fool. I’ve been there and understand completely. And it doesn’t get any easier, as people like us are decidedly in the minority. But it’s the first, necessary step to freeing ourselves, for without that, there truly is no hope.

28. liberalcatnip - 22 June 2008

Haditha victims’ kin outraged as Marines go free

HADITHA, Iraq — Khadija Hassan still shrouds her body in black, nearly three years after the deaths of her four sons. They were killed on Nov. 19, 2005, along with 20 other people in the deadliest documented case of U.S. troops killing civilians since the Vietnam War.

Eight Marines were charged in the case, but in the intervening years, criminal charges have been dismissed against six. A seventh Marine was acquitted. The residents of Haditha, after being told they could depend on U.S. justice, feel betrayed.

“We put our hopes in the law and in the courts and one after another they are found innocent,” said Yousef Aid Ahmed, the lone surviving brother in the family. “This is an organized crime.”

As is the entire illegal war.

29. CSTAR - 22 June 2008

Habemus Obama.

Like the “Veritas” motto of that veritable bastion of the ruling class.

30. NYCee - 22 June 2008

Lucid – you win the multi-tasker award. Hats off.

I can also do a great job, but unlike you, it’s at the ONE thing Im doing. I hate multi-tasking. 🙂

As for vacations – I believe long vacations are good vacations. American students should get paid to go on vacation… abroad. We need less workaholism and ignorance of The Other (ie, antidote to What a Country!) Long vacations with passport in hand might help.

31. NYCee - 22 June 2008

Hope there is relief out west soon.

Weather is a peach here today. Sunny/gentle. As it was yesterday. We took a long walk to the Village, to the pier/Hudson River… after my morning of work and about 3 1/2 hours sleep the night before (work related!) It felt sunny and balmy, the geese were swimming and grooming on a little spit of rocky sand, sail boats in the distance, flowers and plants shining along the esplanade (that runs the entire west side now, I think)… not too humid, people and dogs in all sorts of motion all around. On the way home, had a drink outside a gritty little Brazilian restaurant tucked off of Greenwich St – on a shady, restful street. Something limey… Ahhh. Went off to Dreamland early.

Today feels good and Im out again… to do some paperwork under the trees. Got a lovely park with fountain and nooks and crannies for working just a hop away.

Location location location!

32. ms_xeno - 22 June 2008

What distinguishes Serenity from Buffy, at least to me, is that the Wheedon-speak isn’t nearly as annoying in the Sci-Fi setting as it is in one that’s supposed to be contemporary.

Too bad that anyone who’s ever seen Forbidden Planet could smell the big plot twist coming from twelve blocks away. It was entertaining enough, I guess.

I’d rather have French & Saunders or Absolutely Fabulous on the shelf next to Monty Python, myself.

33. bayprairie - 22 June 2008

lets play spot the up-and-coming front pagers.

You Are Falling for the Right Wing’s Trap.
by kath25
Sun Jun 22, 2008 at 02:03:42 PM PDT

Yes, the FISA bill stinks. No, we shouldn’t protect corporations. I agree. Yes, it’s not a “compromise” at all — I agree, it’s a capitulation to the White House and the Right Wing.

Of course it is. The Right Wing designed it that way. They set a trap. But it’s not just the Democratic leadership that fell into it — many of you all did, too, through your quickness to weaken your support of Obama, if not abandon him entirely.

as granmama used to say, thats cooking with gas!

34. marisacat - 22 June 2008


in some ways ti broke.. inland is around 80 or so… coast is a good 10 – 20 degrees lower. Still dry.


Oh we are into the Obama Love Crusade chapter. Now it will be, travails! and trials!! sent to try the Savior!… send Barack your love! Only YOU can do this!. He cannot make it without the surety of Your Love!!

There was a piece somewhere, think the NYT, on his fundraising yesterday and the last line was that as long as little donors think they are part of a movement, they will keep on sending cash.

Feel the Love!


35. wilfred - 22 June 2008

Ms Xeno, I’m right with you on the French and Saunders and Ab Fab. Throw in a little SCTV and i’m one contented little pup.

By the way, TPM reporting that Move-On is planning to hold Obama to his pledge to filibuster any FISA bill that grants immunity. I’ll enjoy seeing how he spins this one.

36. moiv - 22 June 2008


It’s heartening to see that so many metaphorical granmamas in that thread are declining the egg-sucking lessons.

37. bayprairie - 22 June 2008


when i posted the link to that echo it had just been posted and had zero comments. now it rides atop the rec list, promoted there, possibly, by one of the inside-the-circle-jerks.

intuition says potential future front pager.

38. aemd - 22 June 2008

Oh this is too good. Harry “give em hell” Reid wants to “support our Nevada economy with energy reform to strengthen tourism and strong housing legislation to stabilize and kick-start Nevada’s housing industry that supplies so many jobs in good times.”

Who’s pockets “energy reform” and “housing legislation” line is up for the highest bidder. Woo Woo Harry, I promise to keep my legs crossed if that will get me a steady paycheck…do I win the bid????

God, that man makes me sick.

39. marisacat - 22 June 2008

hackdom on a stick… in the desert.

40. marisacat - 22 June 2008

just a thread………………………


…. 8)

41. mattes - 22 June 2008

…”not just israel using nuclear weapons…[mumble stumble]…using force against iran”…

Video, Kristol:

42. bayprairie - 22 June 2008

mattes. i hope you aren’t taken in by the democratic party shit, booman. he’s nothing other than a ward heeler who’s looking for a free lunch. the only reason he posts issues like you link to is to cover up for the sins of his partisan party.

le Petit Caporal today

I get the fact that Bill Kristol and John Bolton really, really want to see Iran get bombed. My question is: why are they talking about this so much in the midst of a political campaign when polling shows the American people oppose bombing Iran.

loose lips etc etc

U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama said that
Israel is justified in providing for its security amid the “extraordinary threat” posed to it by Iran.

He spoke after The New York Times quoted unnamed U.S. officials as saying that Israel had carried out a large military exercise this month that appeared to be a rehearsal for a potential bombing attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

six of one etc etc

43. bayprairie - 22 June 2008

so whats worse?

to really believe that iran should be bombed?

or to go along with the bombing of iran, and pay lipservice to it in the media ’cause it gains jewish ameican votes and those votes are the price of the ticket to gain the presidency?

44. marisacat - 22 June 2008

The government is angling to get one of the more saleable faces smacked over its old time/all time business deals.

Frankly, I am expecting a ton of war. And will be reading the obama supporters as they tip toe thru them tulips. How fast Iraq War would hve become “Kerry’s War” – in a heart beat.

Any time the US bombs or expands the war theatre, they will just send Barack and Michelle off for photo ops to some big happy choir heavy church.

Slap happy crap.

45. Intermittent Bystander - 22 June 2008

Spectacular lizard. Seal of approval for that design!

Regarding your new post and monsoon photo – AP took a different route to the same conclusion (We are so screwed), and made it to Most Viewed at Yahoo today: Everything seemingly is spinning out of control. No extensive rewrite or jolly ending added, either, over the course of the day.

46. marisacat - 22 June 2008

Thanks for that IB, that was an interesting report…

W/R/T the old on track off track, ringing in now at 17 pts for ontrack (and think that is more than one poll, too)… I also read that the Gallup annual take on what institutions are respected, the military ranked no 1.

And I recall they did as well alst year, as I posted the poll here. Now I assume some lip serice goes with that… “country at war” easy to say you respect the mil… but still very troubling.

Good Luck America.

LOL I am sure Obama operatives are working to find just the right church for him in DC. A smattering of white faces to be sure. Appearance is all. But very very very very very xtian.

So blessed, we are.

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