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Saturday slip and slide in the smoke and fire… 28 June 2008

Posted by marisacat in California / Pacific Coast, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Fire encroaches on Nepenthe
Kirk Gafill, general manager of Nepenthe restaurant, eyes the wildfire approaching his family-owned business in Big Sur. Gov. Schwarzenegger asks President Bush to declare a state of emergency as 1,200 fires continue to spread across Northern California, scorching more than 80,000 acres.. [June 26, 2008 LA Times]

It looks like they may have beat back the fires at Big Sur… Nepenthe, Esalen, Post Ranch Inn, Tassajara Zen Buddhist Center, Deetjens coastal roadhouse – and the Arthur Miller Library… I suppose the California heart beats at quite a few places, but Big Sur is one. The last time I sat on this deck thru the afternoon into evening then to night .. by night you looked out into the most amazing, deep darkness. No lights, no habitation… no longer able to see the Pacific Ocean, but knowing it was out there, as some great beyond.


An article at LA Times takes a look at 200 dollar a barrel oil and 7 dollars at the gas pump. They also have a nifty cartoon of the lower 48 drowning, pulled down, tethered to a barrel of oil. But I thought Gawd Blessed Us? Every president and wanna be told me so……… They lied? Who knew…

“You’d have massive changes going on throughout the economy,” said Robert Wescott, president of Keybridge Research, a Washington economic analysis firm. “Some activities are just plain going to be shut down.”

Besides the obvious effect $7-a-gallon gasoline would have on commuters, automakers, airlines, truckers and shipping firms, $200 oil would drive up the price of a broad spectrum of products: Insecticides and hand lotions, cosmetics and food preservatives, shaving cream and rubber cement, plastic bottles and crayons — all have ingredients derived from oil.

The pain would probably be particularly intense in Southern California, which is known for its long commutes and high cost of living.

“Throughout our history, we have grown on the assumption that energy costs would be low,” said Michael Woo, a former Los Angeles city councilman and a current member of the city Planning Commission. “Now that those assumptions are shifting, it changes assumptions about housing, cars and how cities grow.”

Push prices up fast enough, he said, and “it would be the urban-planning equivalent of an earthquake.

… the article had a few thoughts on trade:

The fee increases on the ferry would be nothing compared with the added cost of transoceanic shipping if oil goes to $200. Some experts say high energy costs are altering global trade and slowing the pace of globalization.

It takes about 7,000 tons of bunker-fuel to fill the tanks of a 5,000-container cargo ship for a trip from Shanghai to Los Angeles. Over the last year and half, the cost of that fuel has jumped 87% to $552 a ton, according to the World Shipping Council, boosting the cost of a fill-up to more than $3.8 million.

“To put things in perspective, today’s extra shipping cost from East Asia is the equivalent of imposing a 9% tariff on East Asian goods entering North America,” said Rubin of CIBC World Markets. “At $200 per barrel, the tariff equivalent rate will rise to 15%.”

If oil continues to rise from current levels, officials at the Port of Los Angeles believe West Coast ports would gain business because they are 10 to 12 days’ sailing time from Asia, versus the 18-to-20-day route from Asia to the East Coast through the Panama Canal.

But local ports could lose business if shipping costs get so out of hand that companies begin shifting production back to North America from Asia — something that’s happening in the steel industry, Rubin said.

Two words, slow food.




1. NYCee - 28 June 2008

Moving it here from last thread’s Cosmo-Sipping PUMAs and Party Unity

Hill, Yes, O, No!

I have a PUMA, a potential “heelhire,” in my building…

… a makeup artist, ballroom dancer (tons of trophies in storage, apparently), origins – Queens … VERY Catholic (waxes vitriolic about how the gypsies down the street tried to reel her into a palm reading and she gave them wot for, how dare they!… “Im Catholic! I told them, ‘Dont you dayuh, evah, evah, tawk to me again!'” <–true quote, gotta laugh)

I was sitting on the stoop a couple weeks back, catching a breath, the breeze, and we began to shoot the breeze. She was eating a $4 cup of chocolate italian ice, for starters, which blew my mind, especially since it wasnt scooped from a foodtique, but instead from blue collar, rooted-in-the-cement (dont raise THAT rent!) Pete’s A Place (Pizza Place… get it?), just up the block. (We are doomed!)

Dont know how we got on the topic, but she very pointedly made the point (and she has a sharp tongue, to go with her nails and the little curls in front of her ears) that she is devastated by Hillary’s loss and that, despite years of voting Democrat only, she will now, for the first time, NOT vote for the Obaminee. (Wont vote at all? Will vote McCain? Dont think she’d got that far, but she was adamant that she wont vote for Obama.) She said men have fucked up the country/planet for too long and he has no experience. She said she couldnt bear to watch Hillary’s concession speech, turned off the TV. In tears.

I gave her no argument to not vote McCain except that of SCOTUS and his war zeal (I do feel that one), but it was mild. Let her mourn in peace. It was argument light. I told her Hillary lost me with her behavior around the war but I didnt spout vitriol to her or try to interrupt her mourning, and not just to be nice. It was more to explain why Im not a Hillary fan than to dissuade her from her from being one.

I honestly am played out in vitriol against Hillary. Not that my former white hot disgust has been replaced with warm fuzziness, like love rekindled after a bad break up – it’s more like it just isnt alive anymore. A photo remains, a memory of why I dont like her, and its a valid memory, framed and on the furniture. But it’s flat, dead, representative, not living… there is no beating heart behind it.

But if my anger at Hillary has cooled, replaced with just the dull knowledge of why it existed, this neighbor of mine (let’s call her Judy ’cause that’s her name), was perfectly in the moment with anger that blazed on behalf of her girl. Dont know how much clout they’ll have electionwise, but there’s no denying…

PUMAS live.

2. NYCee - 28 June 2008

Oooh! I tried to be the first. But my long-wrought post vanished. Hope it’s not long lost.

Please dislodge from the modness, when and if possible 🙂

3. NYCee - 28 June 2008

Oh yikes, they’re baaaack!

I see Peter Hart is up and running with a York, PA focus group. Clips on WJ, Cspan. Will show in full on Monday, 8 PM (ET).

4. NYCee - 28 June 2008

Well, I tried again (back flipped and found it saved) but something is sticking it to the mods, as opposed to my shorter posts.

5. NYCee - 28 June 2008

Saw a bit of the Unity speech prior to WJ coming on.

Barak sitting there next to Hill, as she shills for OSpecialOne, his eyes fixed slightly up and away (his signature gaze) with that pose – the one arm crossing the lower chest, the other, elbow bent, resting in the crook of crossed arm; bent arm has hand up by mouth, the two fingers poised in deliberately deliberative display, straight up and just in front of the lips (I think you referenced this in the faux prez seal -now defunct – post, Marisa). All to suggest the contemplative sage is on stage. (Is this highly studied pose actually a secret Note to Self, e.g., Self: Careful what you utter, me main man ME … lest you lose the Presidencyeeeee!) Jeremy Paxman does shit like that, although more varied and quick-changing, during his interviews. It gives us a good laugh, his drama gestures, as he grill the pols —

But Obama doesnt make me laugh. I really do not mesh with this guy whatsoevuh. As I said a long time past, the eyes really bug me. Now noting the bent elbow/fingers thing, I am doubly bugged watching him. When he got up to the mic to follow her rousing riff for unity’s sake (his upward trajectory’s sake) with his own, I suddenly saw highly ambitious, politically skilled, smooth as silk high school guy, dying to be class president. I mean, the level of actual ripeness and seriousness was at that level, at that moment. It was like clicking my camera, and that’s what it caught.

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 June 2008

From the NY Time’s letter page:

Re “Justices, Ruling 5-4, Endorse Personal Right to Own Gun” (front page, June 27):

It is sadly ironic that Justice Antonin Scalia wrote just this month, “It will almost certainly cause more Americans to be killed.” Those words, excerpted from his vigorous dissent to the Supreme Court’s decision to affirm the right of habeas corpus to detainees at Guantánamo Bay, quite accurately predicts the outcome of this week’s ruling overturning the District of Columbia’s handgun ban, a ruling that Justice Scalia himself wrote.

Whether any Americans will be killed as a result of granting detainees the right to challenge their detention in a court of law is debatable at best. But whether more Americans will be killed as a result of a proliferation of handguns in Washington is a foregone conclusion.

Mark Abramowitz

Pittsburgh, June 27, 2008

7. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 June 2008
8. NYCee - 28 June 2008

Lol #7

9. Heather-Rose Ryan - 28 June 2008

About Tatiana the tiger: as soon as I heard the story I knew those guys were up to no good.

There was a horrible incident back when we were living in Brooklyn in 1987 – three kids climbed into the polar bear enclosure after-hours at the Prospect Park Zoo and one was killed. The bears were summarily shot:

Two polar bears mauled and killed an 11-year-old boy who climbed a fence at the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn with two friends last night and then sneaked into the polar bear enclosure.

Four police officers shot and killed both of the bears as the animals tugged at the dead boy’s body, said the city’s Parks Commissioner, Henry J. Stern. The police said it took 20 blasts from 12-gauge shotguns firing rifled slugs and six bullets from a .38-caliber revolver to bring down the animals, which stood 8 feet tall and weighed more than 900 pounds.

A police spokesman, Officer Peter O’Donnell, said the dead boy and two other boys scaled an outside fence shortly before 7 P.M. The 11-acre zoo had been closed for hours. The boys intended to go wading in the moat that is just inside the enclosure where the bears were sleeping.

Officer O’Donnell said the dead boy, identified as Juan Perez, of 162 East 19th Street in Brooklyn, had climbed over a high spiked fence separating the bears’ enclave from the public viewing area. One of the other boys worked his way through the bars of the fence, he said.

Yeah, right, all they wanted to do was go “wading in the moat”. Did they really have no idea what the “high spiked fence” was there for?

Officer O’Donnell said the officers opened fire because the information they had received from the 911 call was that three children were in the zoo. They believed that two others might have been in danger even though they did not see them when they arrived, he said.

Mr. Stern said that the dead boy’s rib cage had been torn open. He said the bears had apparently devoured the child’s legs before being shot.

”They were not executed,” Mr. Stern said, referring to the bears. ”There seems to be no question but the police did the right thing in the circumstances.”

Well, in a way, I feel for the cops – they must have freaked when they saw these mammoth creatures eating a kid. On the other hand, there’s no question that the bears were “executed”. if they hadn’t been filled full of lead by the cops, they would have been euthanized by someone else. And they did nothing wrong, except for behaving like perfectly normal polar bears.

10. Heather-Rose Ryan - 28 June 2008

I read the Booman thread with the gory coat hangers. I don’t know what to say, except it looks to me like dueling squads of feminist-baiting trolls gone off the deep end. It’s a kind of Ouroboros of agitprop.

11. Hair Club for Men - 28 June 2008

Obama and film criticism.

If you’re into watching Youtube videos, here’s my answr to the white left’s idea that Obama is the “Magical Negro”.


The reason Obama pisses off the white left is that he refuses to play the role that the white left always assignes to blacks in their films.

Take Spartacus, a pretty classic “leftist” movie.

In Spartacus, there’s a scene where Kirk Douglas (the movies white hero) is in a fight to the death with another gladiator (who’s black).

Spartacus/Douglas loses. The black gladiator is in a position to kill Douglas, but, instead he nobly sacrifices himself for the revolution.

That’s what the white left wants Obama to do, nobly sacrifice himself for the revolution.

They don’t want him to win.

Deep down inside this is the way they see him. And it scares them.

12. bayprairie - 28 June 2008

fuck you hair club.

13. CSTAR - 28 June 2008

Re cost of transpacific shipping

It takes about 7,000 tons of bunker-fuel to fill the tanks of a 5,000-container cargo ship for a trip from Shanghai to Los Angeles. Over the last year and half, the cost of that fuel has jumped 87% to $552 a ton, according to the World Shipping Council, boosting the cost of a fill-up to more than $3.8 million.

Massive sailing ships? Maybe we can draw up a proposal for venture capital….

14. marisacat - 28 June 2008

Sorry.. NYCee two of yours slipped to spam.. just got them out.

Madman, one of your got caught in Moderation.

Sorry for the delay, I was dead to the world.

15. marisacat - 28 June 2008

NYCee, saw one comment was a dupe, so I deleted it..

16. ms_xeno - 28 June 2008

bayprairie, #13:


I think it’s been pretty well established at this point that HC is far more enamored of the Right Wing than the Left. Or rather, he claims to admire Leftism as an abstraction, but Lefties themselves are a perpetual target of his contempt and absurd, ever-evolving double standards. Hence his pathetic complaining that we’d better just shut up and go away until we can produce a mass movement that meets his ever-escalating standards of –dare I say it ?– purity.

There once was a guy like that at a feminist board I used to frequent. His whole shtick was abusing every woman who didn’t worship at his shrine, driving off every man that claimed to understand feminism as well as he did (because we dumb bitches needed Alpha Male Feminist’s “protection, doncha’ know), and bad-mouthing women as subgroups and individuals, depending on what day it was. (Monday he hated the soap stars Susan Lucci’s age, Tuesday he hated women with science degrees, Wednesday he hated White Aussie women, etc.) A few of his fans eventually got wise, but not nearly as many as should have. But one of the ones who did (though she later made up with the swine;who knows why) commented that considered as individual lectures, AMF’s vicious criticisms and obnoxious games of heads-I-win-tales-you-lose could be interpreted as focused critiques of certain women. But as they piled up higher and higher, it was patently obvious that what AMF hated was Woman. As a group, as a class, as human beings.

So it is with Hairless Weasel and the Left.

17. marisacat - 28 June 2008

Off to make some White Gladiator Girl Blend Coffee…

LOL Dn’t make me laugh too hard HC.

I voted for Bradley … think it was ’78 (yes 30 years ago). In CA. He was not a classic “black candidate” in the mold you try to discuss (give me that old time gladiator religion!). That was a long time ago, he lost. He would have been a far better governor than… cannot even remember now, guess it was Deukmejian (some of them have congealed). Lebanese extraction as I recall. One of thsoe rigid Republican law n order types from the valley.

I have lived under a lot of shits, as has everyone.

18. NYCee - 28 June 2008

Post numbers got remixed and now my lol is mismatched. My “Lol #5” really means “Lol #7” (the Onion thing)… for now, anyway.

19. Arcturus - 28 June 2008

Dukers is Armenian. I doubt hairinmouth has any idea who Bradley was, but I do recall who felt the need to go in hiding before the Bell verdict was announced. lol anyhoos . . .

I was looking around last night to see how much of the Ventana Wilderness was burning around Big Sur – apparently most of it. 1st backpacks were there – along the Little Sur R, Big Sur R, Carmel R, Partington Ridge (where one of the fires sparked & I believe Jaime de Angulo once had his cabin). Good chance the smaller coastal fire (Gallery) will join w/ the Indians to the SE (already burned 60,000 acres) & burn all summer long. Here’s a bit about the condor saga in this. LAst update was Thurs – missing one mama.

20. marisacat - 28 June 2008

Thanks, Arcturus

Right, Armenian… not even close. well I had not had coffee, not donned the white gladiator outfit. Nor were the white gladiator brains greased up for the day.


I’d call Bradley strongly biz wing dem. I do remember him laughing and smiling… but never once out of a suit. Then there is Willie, a force unto himself. I resolutely passed up my Great White Girl Gladiator chance to vote for him, twice, for mayor. Skipped that slot ont he ballot… Because he has been a enormous thief, like them all, the exact span of my life. Take it to Sacramento buddy, not here. NOr did I vote for Jordan, our Police Chief mayor, he of course being white. Had he been black, I’d STILL Not have voted for him, as an ex police chief in the City.

I sure won’t be voting if Perata decides to run for Governor. LOL… I should put bullshitter CA mafia there? Nor Jerry B, he’s had his chances (too many of them) and green lighting the use of rubber bullets on protestors in 2003 after years of reactionary commentary from him will prohibit my voting for him.

I really did mean it, I am waiting for a secular Chinese to run for Gov. It will happen, but I don’t think I will make it to vote for it.

One thing, CA is liking its term limiting, as am I… and we resoundingly rejected a trickily worded ballot measure last go round.

See how they run like blind mice with term limits. So amusing.

21. marisacat - 28 June 2008


do you know who wrote the op piece in the LAT? Because I discussed it here, just a few months ago (although it is from march ’07).

And I said, it was revealing of WHITE people.

Dumb shit blahggers tore themselves up over that quite straight forward op piece. You seem to still be enmeshed.

Here, have some scissors.

22. marisacat - 28 June 2008


I caught a segment a few days ago on the Condor under fire, so to speak…… as terrible and screwed up as much of the Condor Program has been, now is not the time to lose one. Amazing bird… if I can find a pic I like will use it tomorrow and check around for a good story on them, now, during the fire in Big Sur.

23. Arcturus - 28 June 2008

has electing Jerry McNerny done anything more than term limits could have? i.e., remove Pombo from his committee seniority positions – his was a ‘YEA’ vote for viscerating the 4th iirc

24. Arcturus - 28 June 2008

there are pix at the bottom of the page I linked to

I’ve been happy to be (least so far) wrong about this journal entry when the last one was captured:

the wild


no more

25. marisacat - 28 June 2008


McNerney was a good last stand test case. Too often I think it is just decided that the one in place (Pombo, this time) is out of hand, a little too greedy or does not share with the political party, interested parties (a bi partisan game). These are gangs after all.. So a new one is slipped in with new gladiator marching orders.

I have hunted for a few years for a Muir quote (think it was him) that when the condor is gone, (and it was struggling to go in my view) then California is no more. We forced them back, and we are on borrowed time. As I see it.

I wish I had the strength to get to Post Street to the wonderful bookstore there, the antiquarian one, to hunt thru their CA section, to find the quote, but I can’t make it.

26. marisacat - 28 June 2008

btw Arcturus

Not sure how it has been wehre you are, but the air here W, T and F was terrible. I tried to tell myself Friday that it was better than Thursday, which had been much much owrse than Wednesday, but really it ws the same. I have gone thru half a 4 oz bottle of eye wash and a full ounce of gel drops.

27. marisacat - 28 June 2008

Thanks for th elink:

Today the fire is still burning at the Condor Sanctuary. Joe Burnett, Senior Wildlife Biologist, wrote this morning, “I got a great look at one of the chicks today and he appears to be hanging tough with Dad….Mom was no where to be found. The same scenario for the their coastal nest, Dad was around with the chick and Mom was gone. Pinnacles National Monument staff signaled 171 yesterday, but we haven’t seen 222 since we left basecamp on Sunday when we had a visual of her in a snag next to the Consolidated Rearing Pen…Pinnacles hasn’t seen her either. This might be our first documented bird loss from the fire. Still a bit early to say for sure, but she was a very predictable nesting female and this is the biggest absence we’ve seen by 222 at the nest in four months! You can see why I’m so concerned…” Sincerely, Kelly Sorenson

28. ms_xeno - 28 June 2008

My, my…

The Green Party, holding its 2008 national convention in Chicago, will highlight the growth of the Illinois Green Party after adversity faced by Illinois Greens in the 2006 election. The convention, at which Greens will nominate their presidential ticket, will take place July 10-13.

In 2006, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevitch spent an estimated $800,000 in taxpayers’ money in an effort to keep the Green Party off the ballot. Illinois Greens, however, overcame attempts by the state’s Democratic establishment to disqualify candidates.

Green gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney drew over 10% of the vote in 2006, losing the race but guaranteeing Greens their place in future Illinois elections. This year, more than 50 Green Party candidates will appear on ballots all across the state… — On The Wilder Side, 6/28/08

29. CSTAR - 28 June 2008


PFF in the movies.. This sequence, from Scorsese’s NYU film project sums it up for me:

el hombre mas guapo de La Habana

and for your listening pleasure:
Toma chocolate y paga lo que debes

30. marisacat - 28 June 2008

ugh. Hunting for condor photos landed on this simple graf that blankly states the horror of the capture of free wild burds:

California Condors are one of the largest flying birds in the world, second only to the Andean Condor. They are vultures. In 1987 the species was close to extinction when the last seven birds still in the wild were captured and, with other Condors already in captivity, placed in a propagation program aimed at saving the species from extinction. Through the efforts of a public-private partnership of state and federal wildlife agencies, zoos, and wildlife foundations, the captive and wild population now numbers about 250 birds. Almost all of the birds were introduced from captive breeding and reintroduction programs.

Oh the stench off the applause for capturing those last 7 wild condors.

31. marisacat - 28 June 2008


Blagoyavich would do better to confer with his attorneys. Really.

32. Arcturus - 28 June 2008

Smoke here’s been bad – a sickly yellowish pall, but Thurs it lowered to ground level & was truly nasty

can’t recall Muir on the condor off-hand, but my memory often needs a check-up – when I worked at the theater (TOTS), there was an antiquarian bs next door I often popped into – but think there are/were several along post st

all the big enviro groups signed off on the Tejon Ranch deal that will open up at least one condor nesting ridge area to development – prime example of the virtues & serious negatives of what, I think it was George Wuerthner, was writing about in CP last month – the new paradigm of land conservation w/ the public-at-large excluded from the decision-making process

33. marisacat - 28 June 2008

The antiquarian bs I am thinking of is the street level one, opposite side f the street from the St Francis. Think there was a rather silly british haberdasher there for a bit (I think). But i have not been on post for a while. Even when I still went downtown, it was an abbreviated excursion, for necessities.

34. bayprairie - 28 June 2008

PFF in the movies..


35. Arcturus - 28 June 2008

33. yea, that’s the one. the theater was next door in the old Elks bldg – I was racing down a backs tairwell of the St F once & attracted teh attention of the Secret Service – VP Bush was en route & they were in process of securing it

36. marisacat - 28 June 2008

yeah I used that same back stair case to go into the St Francis. No SS around… 😉


Iowa Radio

Obama suggested he’ll come up with the money [60 billion over 10 years] for his “reinvestment fund” for infrastructure projects as he’ll bring American troops home from Iraq and redirect resources that’re now spent funding the broadbased war there.

37. NYCO - 28 June 2008

Am I the only one who thinks this is another one of those cute Obamafan ideas that has spectacular backfire potential?


38. marisacat - 28 June 2008

they’ve been doing that online for a while. If you ever bother (and god it is a waste of time) to read dumb threads at Politico or TPM… you will see

Alice Hussein Smith.

Fine, whatever is the consecrated host for you at the communion rail. The problem is all of those people, jusding from their comments and why should I not?, are knee jerk reactionaries and sadly ignorant, at least as they choose to display themsleves… LOL above or below their confirmation name.

39. marisacat - 28 June 2008

Meet the Press (moderated by Brokaw): Govs. Schwarzenegger, Freudenthal (WY), Ritter (CO)

This Week: Gov. Pawlenty, Rep. Emanuel, Ralph Nader

Face the Nation: Sen. Lieberman, Gen. Clark

Fox News Sunday: Gov. Rendell, Rob Portman, Bob Barr

Late Edition: Govs. Jindal, Corzine, Sen. McConnell, Ryan Crocker

LOL Looks like some of it is Veepessa trials. A lot of mad dyeing of the pumps to match the dress I bet.

40. marisacat - 28 June 2008

Full text with Q&A of Obama before the latino elected officials group (about halfway down the transcript). It’s a promise them anything slob-on:

All right, and then take a look right now, this is the nation’s capital and first it was Republican John McCain talking to the National Latino’s Conference, now it’s Democrat Barack Obama. In a moment we’re going to listen in and you will too on exactly what he’s saying to the very crucial Latino voters.

WHITFIELD: Republican John McCain spoke last hour and now it’s Democrat, Barack Obama’s turn there, in Washington, D.C., the NALEO conference, the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed officials. Let’s listen in.::snip::

41. moiv - 28 June 2008

A lot of mad dyeing of the pumps to match the dress I bet.

LOL is right — in spades and indeed.

In other comix, Rise in immigrant deaths in Rio Grande Valley blamed on withering heat, smugglers

Since the start of the fiscal year in October, the Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley sector has found 67 bodies after recovering 61 during the previous year. Officials point to tougher border security in Arizona, a string of days with temperatures near 100 degrees and smugglers who they say don’t care for their human cargo.

Last year’s total already surpassed, and with the hottest months still to come.

Bring the fence, I say, bring it! This country needs a symbolic site where it can hang the corpses — like bountied wolves — until their families come to claim them.

42. marisacat - 28 June 2008

I loved how both HillOb voted for the fence then claimed when they campaigned in S Texas and elsewhere that, my goodness! We did not realise this and this and this. And both said silly things like my cmapainging state by state is just so educational.

43. bayprairie - 28 June 2008

barry should do like the southern church of christ does and withdraw fellowship from his middle name.

change it to something like barry lyndon obama.

and hang out with ryan o’neil.

44. bayprairie - 28 June 2008

Bring the fence, I say, bring it! This country needs a symbolic site where it can hang the corpses — like bountied wolves —

damn you’re taking me back in time now. i recall, as a child, seeing the wolves hanging from the fence wires, strung on the top one and dangling between the creosote posts.

i haven’t seen anything like that in two decades.

45. bayprairie - 28 June 2008

or maybe three. but i like to lie about my age.

mother said it was ok to do that. 😉

46. moiv - 28 June 2008


I believe it was Oscar Wilde who wrote that a woman who will tell her age will tell anything.

And yes, it’s been a while since we saw the wolves, but it’s not something you forget. I wouldn’t want to know anyone who could.

47. moiv - 28 June 2008

We got Jeebus in Dallas.

Rock of Ages? 😉

John Ganster has watched cars creep, crawl and park in front of his East Dallas stone company as their occupants try to catch a glimpse of a granite slab stained with what some think is an image of Jesus.


At first, no one at the company noticed the image, Mr. Ganster said. Then a customer called and asked about buying the “Jesus slab,” a 1,000-pound hunk of granite that comes from Brazil.


The stone had been in the company’s Tulsa, Okla., store. It was moved to the Dallas office in December, after builders in the Tulsa area kept passing on it because of cosmetic imperfections.

“That’s kind of ironic,” Mr. Ganster said. “Christ said that he would build his church on the stone that the builders rejected.”

Now, the company has little trouble getting offers for the slab, which would normally sell for about $1,500. Some of those offers have come from competitors.

But Mr. Ganster said Verona has no plans to sell.

Instead, he said, the company hopes to donate the stone to a Catholic church in Oklahoma. The church could then use it as a fundraiser or as part of a building.

“This came to us for a reason,” Mr. Ganster said. “I don’t know why, but it did.”

48. marisacat - 28 June 2008

KGOam810 is broadcasting live from the Monterey Blues Festival. Ray Taliaferro is hosting. Ass about politics, less so about music.

Think there is a streaming link for audio in the upper left.

49. NYCO - 28 June 2008

Weird weather map: the entire state of West Virginia is covered in precipitation. Border to border!

50. marisacat - 28 June 2008

jeebus here jeebus there… perhaps his warm breath is over WV.

51. wu ming - 28 June 2008

apparently gawd has forsaken the panhandle.

52. wilfred - 28 June 2008

What do we export? Bad air and water and lots of bad movies. Oh, and this:


53. marisacat - 28 June 2008

I had no idea that SNL was going to broadcast their first show again with George Carlin, as host. And, you know, a REAL audence..

Thank goodness no irate irish woman torer up a picture of some damned pope. They’d not be able to show it.


54. moiv - 29 June 2008

Listening to a rerun of Stephanie Miller’s radio comix, with very special guest Jim Wallis serving as damage control officer on the Dobson statement.

He described Obama’s long-ago “conversion experience” — ironclad evidence that “he’s not pandering now.” And, of course, there were heavy hints once again that even though “God is not a Republican or a Democrat” (and how much mileage has Wallis put on that one by now?) we can make a fair guess as to how He’ll vote in case He is registered.

55. marisacat - 29 June 2008

LOL That reminds me of a story several years ago about Amish and Mennonite (Rover worked those communities hard, apparently esp Old Order Mennonite)… and apparently one of the men at some point said,

We pray Republican.

Can all of this get more fucked up? I don’t think so.

56. moiv - 29 June 2008

Can all of this get more fucked up? I don’t think so.

O, ye of little faith. Verily, I heed the word according to Brother Kmiec:

“Not to understand that there is more than one rather indirect and elusive judicial way to address an intrinsic evil understates the ingenuity of the devout.”

57. marisacat - 29 June 2008

ugh. That gave me a headache.

58. marisacat - 29 June 2008

new thread…………………..


… 8) …

59. aemd - 29 June 2008


Oh come on there. Exports, pfft, ya know it’s music, movies, microcode, and high-speed pizza delivery. 😎

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