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Has she washed her ear? 30 June 2008

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

elephant trunk, bigger than mites, guppies or grains of rice
What can I say, I wanted something bigger than mites, guppies or grains of rice.

“He looked at me, and the look in his eyes was worth 1,000 words,” said Mack, now a regional field organizer. Obama hugged her and whispered something in her ear – she was so thrilled she doesn’t remember what it was. [Sacramento Bee]

hmm maybe if she writes the campaign and asks, they immortalise his secret words, written out in full on grains of rice… she can order one and keep it in her ear. She’ll be warm in winter and cool in summer. The grain of rice will speak to her, help her when she needs comfort. And love. (Oh please it is almost that bad.)

Arthur Silber takes a look at Obama-mites. Or, are they guppies?? (My mother confessed years later, she always let some slide down the drain.)

Among the horrors of the twentieth century were several notable leaders who initiated events that led to slaughter and destruction on an ungraspably monumental scale. These charismatic leaders evoked a response from their followers almost identical to that called forth by Obama. These leaders specialized in “personal stories of political conversion.” Doesn’t anyone see the connection? Doesn’t anyone remember any of this?

By now I am unsure it matters… what is in motion is moving fast. If people were labeled racist for not voting for him, and they were and are with a big broad brush, can you imagine complaining about St Pretzeldent? Quiick as a wink, the faithful will be exhorted to help him again at the mid-terms. Then, the argument will be re-election. He needs you. I keep saying, people should have their Jesus.

In a related vein, I noticed this

“At first I thought it was just this random thing with Blogger’s spam bots,” she told me in a phone interview. “I thought that perhaps in their looking across the blogger universe, that I got accidentally flagged somehow. Stuff like that happens.”

But a short time later Snedeker received an email from another blogger claiming that a number of anti-Obama blogs had been “hacked” that same night. After some digging it became apparent that several Blogspot accounts had been shut down because of similar spam issues, and nearly all of them had three things in common: Most were pro-Hillary Clinton blogs, all were anti-Barack Obama, and several were listed on justsaynodeal.com, an anti-Obama website.

Let freedom ring. Try to remember I was not and am not for any of the party’s offerings. All were overcooked, burnt beyond recognition. As for the blogger spasm, who knows. Other than the above I did not bother to poke around.

One blogger I am in contact with was shut out of Typepad (someone, a local Democratic elected official, claimed to have been outed thru her own blog being linked to, Typepad took the part of the aggrieved and demanded he remove her name, and in effect, never name anyone at his site, things declined, what a shock), after his local Democratic organization, of which he was a part, shunned him. They had endorsed Obama, he tried to keep his blog, and himself, officially non-aligned during the primary.. He had two FPers who were for Obama, but would discuss criticism of Ob. He was harrassed at the blog, in threads, and by email. Obama supporters complained he did not attend enough Obama events. His tires were slashed. Hard to say by whom.

My sense is this run let just as much thugdom run free as any other campaign. Spit shine that “new” and “different” button. Maybe Obama’s Holy Water is extra special blooooo.


We have 1400 fires in the state – most of them in Northern California, not that many structures and homes burned, but masses of acreage. Last night and even into this am, I thought I would have to shut down for a while… too much to deal with, along with the smoke. And remember I am about as well positioned in terms of the fires, as I could be… a chance for breeze in every direction. No near by fires. By one pm today, things were lightening and brightening. So, we shall see… 😉




1. ms_xeno - 30 June 2008

More on the suppression of Green Voters, via The Proletariat:

…The point I was trying to make was we have a separation of “church and state”, why not also have a separation of “party and state”. I used the experience of Green Party members in Illinois as an example. In the recent primary they were told they had run out of Green Party ballots. Some members found ballots in the trash, and under registration papers. When the state party selected candidates to run for office the Illinois Election Commission took them off the ballot. This is just one example of obstacles the duopoly puts up to keep third parties off the ballot. There are two fundamental ways to suppress the vote; put up voter obstacles and put up candidate obstacles. While Democrats are the first to cry about voter obstacles such as voter ID, they are the first ones to put up voter obstacles through ballot access laws… — Henry Dubb 6/27/08, Blog Bunker Experience

Well, I guess it’s to be expected. Just as it’s to be expected that the Demo cheerleaders must constantly peddle their own version of Electoral Darwinism, shouting loudly again and again that suppression of 3rd Parties is strictly about personal failure– not about the political structure.

Obama is the perfect match for them. Never mind structure, hegemony, corruption. Line up for your ceremonial self-flagellation, suckers. They’ll send you the bill for your personalized red and blue flogger later on. Their motto comes straight from Nelson, the bully from The Simpsons: STOP HITTING YOURSELF ! STOP HITTING YOURSELF !.

Too bad I can’t recall enough Latin to do that up as a snazzy campaign seal.

hrh, I’ll try and get you those marinade recipes tomorrow. Tonight it’s cold pasta salad with dill, salmon and yogurt. And a job-related snorer of a tutorial that I have to learn for work by tomorrow morning. :/

2. Madman in the Marketplace - 30 June 2008

Repeal the 2nd Amendment

Chicago and the nation saw a decline in gun violence over the last decade or so, but recent news has been ominous. The murder rate in Chicago has risen 13 percent this year. Guns are still the weapon of choice for mayhem in the U.S. About 68 percent of all murders in 2006 were committed with a firearm, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Repeal the 2nd Amendment? Yes, it’s an anachronism.

We won’t repeal the amendment, but at least we can have that debate.

Want to debate whether crime-staggered cities should prohibit the possession of handguns? The Supreme Court has just said, “forget about it.”

3. marisacat - 30 June 2008

I find the Chicago specific debate hilarious, and a GOOD distraction. (Michelle says she wil NOT will NOT be a distraction, LOL) Daley, backer of ObamaRama screawmed like a demagogue with someone on his prick, his toes and his nose. Obama, shifted gears like a demagogue wanna be.

Considering they already congealed, I guess it is all in the dance steps.

4. marisacat - 30 June 2008

LOL I remember a moment in the 90s when I agreed with Buchanan. Surely the moon will nto rise, I thought. But, here, I agree with Instapundit. (must shower)

5. marisacat - 30 June 2008

It all gets twisted, to be about abortion. In their favor. Because Roe was not unlimted. Never was, and we don’t live under Roe we live under Casey from ’92. Which delineated “undue burder” and little to nothing is considered an undue burder.

[I]f there is one thing I think that we should all be able to agree on it is that no right is unlimited. On second thought, there is a group of folks who still cling to the dangerous credo that rights—or at least one right—is unlimited: the absolutists who support the court decisions 35 years ago—Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton—that proclaimed that the right to an abortion shall not be limited by anything.

Maybe D.C. vs. Heller will help open their eyes and minds to some degree of moderation. And perhaps Heller foreshadows the court acting to correct its earlier grievous error.

6. NYCO - 30 June 2008

For all of the awfulness of GW Bush, just remember: Historically, these things get worse before they get better. And the badness is not particular about which avenue “it” takes to achieve “its” ends. And the road to it is paved with all kinds of self-flattering lies, such as, “When the Bad Things come to America, they will be brought by people carrying a Bible and wrapped in a flag, etc etc.” But real hosts for the Bad Things never once look in the mirror after becoming the carriers.

Obama is personally pretty harmless and so even to an extent is Obamamania; but there is a “carrier” kind of feel to it all. It will morph — partially — into something maybe not Bad, but closer to Bad than is good, if that makes any sense.

Observe the waning convulsions of American exceptionalism, bouncing from host to host, from carrier to carrier — religious right, Republican, Democratic, “progressive” — until it either coalesces into a pustule so awful that the world attempts to bury it, or just passes on to some other carrier-civilization, leaving a surviving culture with tell-tale pockmarks and (God willing) some immunity to future ravages. We’ll be quite blessed if the Obama silliness is the last paroxysm.

7. marisacat - 30 June 2008

hmm I don’t find “American exceptionalism” to be waning. In and of itself. No political rhetoric available in the land indicates this. None that I catch that is… As I listen and read, I hear Pakistan, Western Territories (they are lawless, we are a nation of laws, over and over, somatization), prepped for Obama, should he win. ‘Get Osama’ is about in the land. Fresh minted. ‘We shoulda not supported Mushie the way we did’, etc. And I hear the story of AQKhan told as candles flicker in the night, to those who missed it last time around. Ghost stories told to children.

Something visible, Gitmo, will be made use of. When they feel like it, when they need a good boost, they will close it. What we do at Bagram and the ever expanidng prisons in Iraq, will nto change. I doubt renditions will change. Dropping people off in Syria, Eqypt, whereever. Not even getting to SE, SW Asia… nor to Africom.

Rhetoric is morphing, for a different stage. But less is changing than, what I see, is American Exceptionalism in full on panic.

So many of the same arguments made for war in Iran as made for Iraq.

Wihtout war and panic and shortages, it would be “Obama silliness”, but i don’t think it is. Really.

If we are lucky, they, the masses, turn on him (I don’t care anymore). He looked less than adept today. He handles criticism badly, and full on opposition even less badly. Esp from white men.

Good luck. To him and to America.

8. CSTAR - 30 June 2008


Obama is personally pretty harmless and so even to an extent is Obamamania

I might agree with the statement “I don’t know for a fact that he will be harmful. “But ever since he came into the public arena, there has been a very visible and unsettling connection of his message, such as it is, to various modes of religious thinking. I expect a certain amount of pandering from politicians, but in his case the religious connection is an integral part of his political project.

The message to Kmiec and company seems very clear to me.

9. marisacat - 30 June 2008

Rand Beers, less known that Clark and an “informal” advisor, managed to amplify Clark today.

Be interesting to see how this plays out.

10. moiv - 30 June 2008

The message to Kmiec and company seems very clear to me.

Unmistakable. In April Kmiec laid out the terms, and two months later Obama met them.

But all’s quiet on the self-described Leftist Front, except for Kos’ snit over disrespect to Clark — the skit du jour.

11. marisacat - 30 June 2008

2008 is certainly showing to be a critical year for pro-life Democrats. Just recently, two strong pro-life Dems swelled the ranks of Congress, Rep. Travis Childers in Mississippi and Rep. Don Cazayoux in Louisiana. And, there are several more pro-life Democrats in critical races right now!

And I see from the DFLA email, they are supporting 17 candidates in 9 states, from FL to TX, to PA, to NE ………………

12. marisacat - 30 June 2008

Of course it is Brooks in the NYT, but he is having fewer pre-orgasmic Obama days than he used to…

[P]eople who work at securities and investment companies have given Obama about $8 million, compared with $4.5 for McCain. People who work in communications and electronics have given Obama about $10 million, compared with $2 million for McCain. Professors and other people who work in education have given Obama roughly $7 million, compared with $700,000 for McCain.

Real estate professionals have given Obama $5 million, compared with $4 million for McCain. Medical professionals have given Obama $7 million, compared with $3 million for McCain. Commercial bankers have given Obama $1.6 million, compared with $1.2 million for McCain. Hedge fund and private equity managers have given Obama about $1.6 million, compared with $850,000 for McCain.

When you break it out by individual companies, you find that employees of Goldman Sachs gave more to Obama than workers of any other employer. The Goldman Sachs geniuses are followed by employees of the University of California, UBS, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, National Amusements, Lehman Brothers, Harvard and Google. At many of these workplaces, Obama has a three- or four-to-one fund-raising advantage over McCain.

When he is swept up in rhetorical fervor, Obama occasionally says that his campaign is 90 percent funded by small donors. He has indeed had great success with small donors, but only about 45 percent of his money comes from donations of $200 or less. ::snip snappy::

I doubt McCain is hurting, or will not take in more and increasing cash … He jsut moved up to a bigger plane.

Oops, left out the last lines of the Brooks no orgasm piece:

Over the past few years, people from Goldman Sachs have assumed control over large parts of the federal government. Over the next few they might just take over the whole darn thing.

13. CSTAR - 30 June 2008

Under the leadership of his coolness, we’re expected to keep the appearance of not noticing something is seriously wrong.


14. bayprairie - 1 July 2008

The Devil may wear Prada — but the Pope does not, according to the Vatican.

The pontiff has been hailed as a “style icon” since his election just over three years ago and speculation has been rife that he enjoys designer clothes. Attention has focused not only on his often elaborate headgear and fashionable sunglasses but also on his dainty red shoes, or moccasins, widely assumed to be made by Prada.

However L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, categorically denied reports today that the shoes were a Prada product, saying this was “of course false”.


The article, on “Ratzinger’s Liturgical Vestments”, was written by Juan Manuel de Prada, the noted Spanish writer and author of The Tempest…


“The Pope is not dressed by Prada but by Christ,” he said.

15. marisacat - 1 July 2008


Arthur Silber updated his post (linked above the fold in my post) and James Benjamin of Mahatma X Files has gathered together some of the cri de slop that rose (Pandagon, what a shock!) when people read Silber today… . And James has responded. And how. 😉

It’s been an entertaining evening. Very much so… off and on.

16. marisacat - 1 July 2008


But who makes the condom that B16 wears? THAT is the question.

… 8) ….

17. bayprairie - 1 July 2008


i believe it just might be pirelli


18. marisacat - 1 July 2008

From james’ link (in comment 15)

[I] would not be at all surprised if either Obama himself were revealed to be some sort of wild card authoritarian in his own right, and/or numerous of his followers were wild card authoritarians – i.e., those who can pose as “leftists” but once in a position of power begin to crack down on dissent much like the right-wingers we all know and loathe. Obama’s own embrace of warmongers, neoliberals, and of course of the awful FISA bill that is likely destined to pass does not bode well for those who wish to continue arguing that he is “progressive” (whatever that is supposed to mean any more). The behavior by groups of Obama fanatics on some of the community blogs (lots of bully tactics as I recall) and the apparent efforts by Obama partisans to shut down individually run anti-Obama blogs is a relatively mild expression of that authoritarianism; we should keep in mind that we’re still early in the game. ::snip::

Many embedded links in James’ post.

19. moiv - 1 July 2008


“The Pope is not dressed by Prada but by Christ,”

I thought I remembered that when that story first came out, the quote from L’Osservatore was phrased a bit differently. And so it was

L’Osservatore Romano said the pope’s interest in clothes has nothing to do with fashion and everything to do with liturgy — what symbolism traditional garments can bring to the Christian liturgy.

“The pope, therefore, does not wear Prada, but Christ,” L’Osservatore said.

20. marisacat - 1 July 2008

Here is the Pandagon cri de slop. It’s Jesse Taylor. hmm I thought he went onto DC. Or someother politico heaven. No? Doing Obama sweep-up-after work online?

Thugs galore.

21. marisacat - 1 July 2008

LOL Pardon me while I laugh… from the Mike Allen politico email:

AP’s Jennifer Loven reports: ‘Reaching out to evangelical voters, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is announcing plans that would expand President Bush’s program steering federal social service dollars to religious groups and – in a move sure to cause controversy – support their ability to hire and fire based on faith.’

He’ll out fundie the fundies. Every day a gooey chocolate cake with chocolate chips and marshmallows. Kittens dusted with powdered sugar on the side.

22. lucid - 1 July 2008

the pope’s interest in clothes has nothing to do with fashion and everything to do with liturgy

Yes, and those fancy sunglasses just scream liturgy…

23. lucid - 1 July 2008

support their ability to hire and fire based on faith.

Isn’t there a consitutional ammendment related to the civil rights movement that this would violate… oh yeah, the 14th. How ironic.

24. marisacat - 1 July 2008

From the Yahoo report:

Rev. Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, criticized Obama’s proposed expansion of a program he said has undermined civil rights and civil liberties.

“I am disappointed that any presidential candidate would want to continue a failed policy of the Bush administration,” he said. “It ought to be shut down, not continued.”

LOL Yes well, Lynn is sane. Obama has greasy – and sticky – fingers. All that gooey chocolate he bakes with.

25. marisacat - 1 July 2008


It is the exception clauses, which are beginning to abound. LOL The religious, imo are excepted from a soul. Their greed comes first. And is so massive it blots out all other possible attributes.

City state and federal monies to feed the poor. And they do justthismuch so the poor are always poor. Fulfilling god’s mission that the poor are always with us.

Have to laugh, all those months/years he was so eager to represent TUCC/Pfleger/Meeks as his family. Last I heard Wright had gone back and pushed Moss back out the door and canceled Moss’ hires.

Praise be Jesus!

26. marisacat - 1 July 2008

NYT blogs picks up on:

Google and the Anti-Obama Bloggers
By Miguel Helft

(UPDATE 7:20 p.m.| Added comment from one of the bloggers who was shut down by Google.)

Did Google use its network of online services to silence critics of Barack Obama? That was the question buzzing on a corner of the blogosphere over the last few days, after several anti-Obama bloggers were unable to update their sites, which are hosted on Google’s Blogger service.

The bloggers in question, most of them supporters of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, and all of them opposed to Senator Obama, received a notice from Google last week saying that their sites had been identified as potential “spam” blogs. “You will not be able to publish posts to your blog until we review your site and confirm that it is not a spam blog,” the Google e-mail read. ::snip::

27. marisacat - 1 July 2008

Gee. One little Boston Globe article and even a JesusOhBama supporter like Ann Althouse can get it, or start to.. LOL but sounds like she blames Hillary for not telling her.

I repeat, Chicago Times, Sun-Times, Chicago Reader. Google is not Jesus, but it tries. Have to laugh.


ADDED: For anyone who missed the Boston Globe article on the grim mess that is public/private housing taxpayer money politicos Rezko clergy and the rest of the fucked pond he crawled from (yes they all do/did, but he drags a vicious faith greased sanctimony with him) here it is

Anyone following OH Bama will recognise the names.

28. marisacat - 1 July 2008

oh… and who owned the housing in question in the Globe article:

The owner, a local nonprofit company called Woodlawn Preservation and Investment Corp., was led by two of the neighborhood’s most powerful ministers, Arthur Brazier and Leon Finney.

laugh laugh laugh.

The Official High Religious are laughing. And greasing their pockets.


The other entertainment today, poor Clark. Always about him. Most people are smart enough to drop a political line of attack when it or the messenger or both DIE in public. Not Clark..

29. marisacat - 1 July 2008

Chicago Sun-Times. From last year. Enjoy! And, Rezko is not just some scum that swam in the same mess Obama Baby did. No, he was there from the [political] beginning.

30. marisacat - 1 July 2008

Yewknitty. Yesss… and watching members of the AU scurry thru the halls unable to look at reporters and hiding from cameras was… so… familiar.

A meeting of the African Union calls for a national unity government to be set up in Zimbabwe to resolve its political crisis, reports say.

For more details: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news

31. wilfred - 1 July 2008

Last night I dreamt I met Barack Obama, in my Maidenform bra.

32. aemd - 1 July 2008

Very interesting piece about China, oil, gold, Africa and off-take deals.

“The off-take game is now getting bigger and more sophisticated as commodity prices soar and something akin to panic sets in among the Chinese as supplies become scarce. Take oil. China ceased being oil self-sufficient 15 years ago, and saw its consumption double between 1996 and 2006. It’s set to double again by 2010, the year the country will become the biggest energy consumer, according to the International Energy Agency. In their hunt for oil, the Chinese have picked the path of least resistance and targeted Africa, where the exploration and development game is rich and wild and not utterly dominated by American and European interests. Two years ago, Angola replaced Saudi Arabia as China’s single biggest source of imported oil.”

33. marisacat - 1 July 2008

Thanks for that… aemd

I am sure what is happening to the mainland Chinese is due to a lack of Maidenform bras. What else could it be?

34. marisacat - 1 July 2008

Bearing in mind that Ambinder is a mouthpiece (who in an earlier post quite unselfconsciously discusses the Boeing swag bags from an Atlantic retreat of sorts at Aspen) he is amusing on OBamaRama’s public day (gay and non-secular, LOL)

35. NYCee - 1 July 2008

There’s a lot of buzz on DK about this. I just posted a diary about my reaction to OB’s reaction to SCOTUS ruling on the death penalty. It isnt pretty. Prepare for attack of the locusts.

(I dare not say “bots” because, after posting my first comment there in ages yesterday – on a fallen off the list diary about Israel – I was warned that I was cruising for a donut bruising for using that word. Oh my!)

Btw, meant to say that I heard David Brooks say – I think in Tweety’s cage (Sunday) — that he had heard Nancy Pelosi voted for FISA to give Obama cover… that some Obama people were saying that he was upset that he had originally been pushed too far to the left for his liking on FISA by his people.

36. NYCee - 1 July 2008

Ooops –

#35 -I meant to open my post saying there’s a lot of buzz on DK about the Clark statement.

The way I wrote that, it looks like Im saying there’s a lot of buzz on the death penalty issue, which there is not.

37. NYCee - 1 July 2008

On Morning Joe yesterday, Mika (who was needling every reporter who came on to dis Clark over his HUGE POLITICAL BLUNDER – Andrea Mitchell was happy to play sans prodding). When he joined them, she, of course, asked Obama’s communications’ director about Clark’s HUGE POLITICAL BLUNDER, and he, right out of the gate, declared Team Obama’s distance from Clark’s statement, with their view being one of great admiration for McCain’s “service, sacrifice and heroism” – Which I dont think Clark disavowed.

I found it ludicrous that when he was confronted about Obama’s lack of military service and experience re foreign policy, he said Obama made up for it in judgment… which, I do believe, was Clark’s point.

They really were nasty to him.

Big bus tire tracks on Wes Clark.

38. NYCee - 1 July 2008

God, I am not editing at all. Sorry! That last post is a mess.

Let me try again.

On Morning Joe yesterday, Obama’s communication director came on. Mika (who was needling every reporter who came on to dis Clark over his HUGE POLITICAL BLUNDER – Andrea Mitchell was happy to play sans prodding) asked him about Clark’s HUGE POLITICAL BLUNDER. Right out of the gate, he declared Team Obama’s distance from Clark’s statement, with their view being one of great admiration for McCain’s “service, sacrifice and heroism” (ugh, ugh, and ugh!) – Which I dont think Clark disavowed.

I found it ludicrous that when he was confronted about Obama’s lack of military service and experience re foreign policy, he said Obama made up for it in judgment… which, I do believe, was Wes Clark’s point.

They really were nasty to him.

Big bus tire tracks on Wes Clark.

39. NYCO - 1 July 2008

Well, I see Starbucks is finally caving to the economic house of cards. 600 stores to close, and 12,000 employees to be laid off.

Obama is the Starbucks candidate. If Starbucks can’t squeeze more money for lattes out of those voters, what makes anyone think Obama can sustain a Permanent Campaign with them and their “small donations”? (Answer was already covered in David Brooks’ column, I suppose…)

40. marisacat - 1 July 2008

well it is day 3 for Clark wearing a tarnished bridal veil

41. marisacat - 1 July 2008


Obama trajectory could be interesting.

42. NYCee - 1 July 2008

Wow, my diary racked up a lot of comments right quick. It’s not too pretty. Lol.

Take a look With Obama, There’s More to Worry About Than FISA

43. marisacat - 1 July 2008


So classic, dana and the dogs all showed up.

44. wilfred - 1 July 2008

So classic, dana and the dogs all showed up.

Marisa, makes me nostalgic for the days when you, Madman and I would rip them a new asshole and watch them go into collective meltdown 🙂

45. marisacat - 1 July 2008

8) wilfred, Just paid thugs for product protection. Pinkertons. LOL

I was reading this… from Dick Polman at Philly.com on how soon til Ob dresses as James Cagney / Yankee Doodle Dandy, etc., and laughed at the first comment (as I was thinking, just ‘keep wearing the lapdog pin, St Ob’)

46. wilfred - 1 July 2008

He should be reinvigorating the word liberal and instead slithers to the moderate Republican column…. not pretty to watch.

47. bayprairie - 1 July 2008

hey 42, i bet if you knelt in prayer minister obama’s flock would forgive you.

from a comment to this thread at the tribune’s swamp

Obama promises faith-based initiative

Well…I guess George Bush was right all along! Now watch the media and liberals all of a sudden find the positive side of faith-based initiatives.

Posted by: joe | July 1, 2008 2:53 PM

not fast enough joe.

A President’s Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships?
by BarbinMD
Tue Jul 01, 2008 at 11:45:46 AM PDT

…if you support government aid to secular groups that provide services to the poor, it’s hard for me to understand objecting to assisting religious-based groups that do the same…

48. marisacat - 1 July 2008

predictable. he always wants to belong.

49. marisacat - 1 July 2008

Obama camp released a slobber from David Kuo today as well Iulio (for those who remmber him, iirc he was the one called BushCo Mayberry Machiavellis. hmm Think they were rather more than that(.

They wanted a better religio-cash daddy than Bush. Ob it is .

50. bayprairie - 1 July 2008

and d. quixote hisself

Pastor Dan is a bit skeptical of Obama’s faith-based plan, but thinks it’s a step in the right direction. Having worked with Catholic Charities in the past and seen lots of the great (non-religious) work they do, I personally don’t have a problem with a well-run program that requires recipients of this money to adhere to federal law and non-discrimination practices.

51. bayprairie - 1 July 2008

kos said

Having worked with Catholic Charities in the past and seen lots of the great (non-religious) work they do, I personally don’t have a problem with a well-run program

competely independent of church viewpoints and teachings. right.

Response to media inquiries regarding minor in Commonwealth Catholic Charities care

June 19, 2008

In January 2008, a minor in foster care in Richmond, procured an abortion while receiving support services from Commonwealth Catholic Charities (CCC).

An investigation of this unfortunate event revealed that some members of CCC staff assisted the minor in preparations leading up to the abortion, and that one member of staff signed the consent form necessary for the minor to have the abortion. The minor was taken to and from the abortion facility by a person associated with CCC.

Neither agency nor diocesan funds were used to pay for the procedure. A subsequent investigation also revealed that about two months prior to the abortion the minor had been assisted by CCC staff with implantation of a contraceptive device.

Obviously, both the implantation of the contraceptive device and the abortion are contrary to basic teachings of the Catholic Church.

This occurrence has also raised legal and other questions that have already been or are now being addressed. Because of the seriousness of this incident, several actions have been taken by CCC, including:

1. Ongoing education and training for all Catholic Charities employees to underscore the primacy of Catholic teachings and beliefs that impact their work and professional ethics; and

2. Disciplinary actions of the employees involved in the placement of the contraceptive device and the abortion.

lord save us, the idiots know not what they do.

52. CSTAR - 1 July 2008

50. Oh no problem at all … In fact, why don’t we get the Church involved in funding our public libraries. I’m sure all our high school students will appreciate the easy access to works of literature and science.

53. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 July 2008

Obama made me wanna holler over at LSF tonight.

54. marisacat - 1 July 2008


sorry the filter caught you….

55. marisacat - 1 July 2008

hmmm “worked with Catholic Charities in the past”

well CC is a great (meaning large+known+enduring, nothing more) org working at social engineering, hand in hand with governments. Let’s be clear. Clearer than Kos

I don’t know that there is much by now that can be done with the big orgs tied to major religiions that work at that level.

Thiss faith based shit, fixed in the firmament in the WH in the WW somehow or other has always made it close to government, more than ever. If you look at what Obama said today and most of the after takes, it is open discussion (and most general analysis seems fine with it, Barry Lynn not, and we will see tomorrow) of faith being involved in policy. More than ever. At least as I see it.

Ugh all around.

56. CSTAR - 1 July 2008

For whatever it’s worth, once again, I don’t think big O is pandering.

57. marisacat - 1 July 2008

Tomorrow is National Service Speech from Pope Bama in Colorado Springs..

58. marisacat - 1 July 2008



59. CSTAR - 1 July 2008

National Service Speech: For the greater glory of god. Or something.

60. marisacat - 2 July 2008

chuckle chuckle… BTD says if Obama really means it about faith based expansion and support for exceptions in hiring and firing (AP and NYT both seem confused … I would not esp trust BTD legal services on this without reading more, LOL) he will not vote for him: “I abstain”.

chuckle chuckle

61. marisacat - 2 July 2008

LOL new post, same subject…


…… 8) …

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