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If you liked the 110th………….. 13 July 2008

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

obamarama la nan and the fighter

Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid of Nev., center, speaks at the Library of Congress in Washington in this Jan. 18, 2006, file photo, to outline their agenda for reform in the wake of the scandal involving former lobbyist Jack Abramoff. From left are: Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., Reid, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of Calif., and Rep. James E. Clyburn, D-SC. [AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File]

Reform? Where is it? Was there any? Did you see any fly by?

“This is a Judiciary Committee matter, and I believe we will see some attention being paid to it by the Judiciary Committee,” she said. “Not necessarily taking up the articles of impeachment because that would have to be approved on the floor, but to have some hearings on the subject.” — Nancy Pelosi July 10, 2008

hmmm You have to laugh, to retain any sanity. I see this as “couchie couchie coo… baby voter, vote for whomever we push out, and mama will be nice to you”. Diddle the baby. Always reminding the baby mama is there to wipe baby’s mouth and ass, as it is HELPLESS. And mama is all you’ve got. It really does seem to be that basic.

I can certainly see Nancy saying, in a few years as things crash and crash and crash, Tough tittie, you all kept voting for us. In her inimitable, barely masked, hard bitten style. Don’t think there is a Versace cover up, yet, for that.

It’s like sitting thru the umpteenth production, such as they are, of Mamma Mia, Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, The Mousetrap (the first piece of tired worn out junk theatre I ever saw), any long running, dusty, hyped, reel in the rubes and the wanna bes production. First, of course, the ticket price was demanded…

Roll it out again!


Nevertheless, his spiritual life on the campaign trail survives. [I was so worried… — Mcat] He says he prays every day, typically for “forgiveness for my sins and flaws, which are many, the protection of my family, and that I’m carrying out God’s will, not in a grandiose way, but simply that there is an alignment between my actions and what he would want.” He sometimes reads his Bible in the evenings, a ritual that “takes me out of the immediacy of my day and gives me a point of reflection.” Thanks to the efforts of his religious outreach team, he has an army of clerics and friends praying for him and e-mailing him snippets of Scripture or Midrash to think about during the day.

We’ll be dripping in prayer. Things should go well.



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 July 2008

saying that you pray everyday should be an automatic disqualification.

2. marisacat - 14 July 2008

It’s jsut so sanctimonious.

3. NYCO - 14 July 2008

Posting a response from previous thread-

Madman, there are plenty of people everywhere who are working on these problems. It’s just the idea that the BoingBoingoisie have just had this brilliant idea! if it drops from the keyboard of Cory Doctorow, it must be revolutionary!

Well, these ideas have been had before. And usually, they get bored because of the lack of Starbucks and Apple stores in the areas they’re forced to live to do this missionary work. So it’s not the idea I’m questioning, it’s their actual understanding of the people they’re purporting to help, and their commitment. I doubt their ability to get their hands dirty in local politics, to deal with systemic local problems , without getting bored and moving on to the next thrill.

Adding: The Rust Belt has already been through several of these “rescues” and this is how they inevitably end up. I know these guys probably think they’ve just thought of it, but nope, someone else thought of it first. Not wholly blaming the would-be rescuers, but they have had a track record of quitting these projects. The problem isn’t that the “locals” are too stupid and un-edumacated; the problem is politics and local power issues. And BoingBoingers don’t do politics, unless it’s protesting the G8 or something.

4. NYCee - 14 July 2008

Just checking out this now:

MAKING IT How Chicago shaped Obama.

At the beginning of his ascent…

Preckwinkle soon became an Obama loyalist, and she stuck with him in a State Senate campaign that strained or ruptured many friendships but was ultimately successful. Four years later, in 2000, she backed Obama in a doomed congressional campaign against a local icon, the former Black Panther Bobby Rush. And in 2004 Preckwinkle supported Obama during his improbable, successful run for the United States Senate. So it was startling to learn that Toni Preckwinkle had become disenchanted with Barack Obama.

For anyone trying to understand Obama’s breathtakingly rapid political ascent, Preckwinkle is an indispensable witness—a close observer, friend, and confidante during a period of Obama’s life to which he rarely calls attention.
Although many of Obama’s recent supporters have been surprised by signs of political opportunism, Preckwinkle wasn’t. “I think he was very strategic in his choice of friends and mentors,” she told me.

On issue after issue, Preckwinkle presented Obama as someone who thrived in the world of Chicago politics. She suggested that Obama joined Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ for political reasons.[… ] Preckwinkle was unsparing on the subject of the Chicago real-estate developer Antoin (Tony) Rezko, a friend of Obama’s and one of his top fund-raisers, who was recently convicted of fraud, bribery, and money laundering: “Who you take money from is a reflection of your knowledge at the time and your principles.”[… ]

Lots of details, 15 pages long–>>

5. wilfred - 14 July 2008

I was listening to the financials this morning, of the 90 banks that were on the government watch list regarding bank failures, IndyMac was not one of them.


6. NYCee - 14 July 2008

Cover dither.

Obama’s folks at DK are all in a dither over the cover.

The outrage is ballooning from defamation of Obama & wife, to that of Muslims en toto…

You know, like the NYer did before, as explained here:

Ah, the famous New Yorker cartoons… (8+ / 0-)
…so droll, so witty and sophisticated.
And above all, subtle.

I think this cover is an appropriate bookend to the one they ran in 2001 with an Arab taxi driver, obviously terrified for his life, having covered his cab in American flags. The right wing lauded that one, too, and it simply proves that some angles of satire the editors of The New Yorker still don’t know how to fire along without it ricocheting up their rarefied asses./blockquote>

Hello? HellO! I appear to be having trouble with the connection… Hello…hello… hellooo…

Where was the outrage when CampObama kicked the Muslim women outa sight… outa mind… right off the stage?

But I am sure I must have missed the huge correction, beyond the sweet whispered note of apology. I am sure the mountain of outraged supporter emails shamed Camp Obama for furthering fear of Muslims and kicked it into high gear, sending out invitations to Muslims to please, please, please come and sit, front and center, as backdrop to Obama. I am sure Congressman Ellison was appointed to head that effort.

I am sure i missed that, right?

No, not seen any yet? Oh, I see, they went one better and prayed for some Muslims to show up, didnt they? They sent the all-powerful invisible prayer invitation.

Dont understand why those Muslim’s havent responded yet… to the Jesus message.

Lol. With ‘friends’ like these… Is it any wonder the taxi drivers slapped on their versions of the FLAG PIN?

All they need now is a crucifix, swinging from the rear view mirror.

7. NYCee - 14 July 2008

Oops. Blockquote error in my last post.

Here’s the link, too, to the comment from The New Yorker Obama cover: OMFG, WTF?

Almost 2,500 comments of outrage thus far.

8. NYCee - 14 July 2008

Hopefully the reply in linked post helpfully adjusted the lens of the poster who bizarrely interpreted the NYer cover depiction of taxi drivers driven to slap patriotic crap all over their vehicles, as somehow aiding the rightwing in their post 9/11 crusade against Muslims.

9. ms_xeno - 14 July 2008

Ewww… that photo. My stomach turned over. Twice. :/

10. marisacat - 14 July 2008

hmmm Tapper has a slew of interesting posts…

he interviewed Remnick on the [sooo controversial] cover,

Ventura seems about to enter (LOL forever, get to it guy!) and about the 4th post down

he links to some Hyde Park Herald articles from 2007 on Obama that I had not read… several links at the bottom of Obama the Empathetic.


11. NYCee - 14 July 2008

Michelle Bernard, 24/7 guest on MSNBC (the dullest, with nothing to offer except center-right platitudes and Obamarahrah) is on Tweety opining on the gawdawful New Yawkuh covuh:

She said it was racist, bad bad bad. Included in her gems of observation were that it shows MB and OB giving a fist “pump” and she doesnt agree that its harmlessly “sartorial.”


12. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 July 2008

Okay NYCO, I guess that people interested in helping should just stay away.

Might as well.

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 July 2008

My favorite part is the flag in the fireplace.

14. marisacat - 14 July 2008

Well the Obama campaign seems to hve another “distraction” on its hands. So, my observation, they are happy.

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 July 2008


I can only watch all this with bemused contempt. We are truly living in some kind of madhouse, not startling news, but occasionally one must say so out loud in order to verify that it’s not a twisted dream. The Obamaites have just begun their march to power, and already you can see the crazed Joker smiles on their faces. Despite the pacific tone established by their leader, the foot soldiers are in no mood to brook dissent. While they insist that Obama’s going to Make History, they bash any faint-hearted or concerned liberal over the head with a Crazy McCain stick, telling them that a single waver might push our once-magnificent nation even deeper into fascist Bushworld. And in most cases, the bashed liberals will meekly comply. Race is occasionally employed as well, and depending on how the campaign looks in the Fall, you can bet that skin tone will become a major weapon — on both sides.

16. ms_xeno - 14 July 2008

Race is to Obama as the Vietnam escapade was to Kerry, four years ago.

Enough said ? :/

17. Intermittent Bystander - 14 July 2008

Aloha. Stopping in after a couple of weeks spent heavily preoccupied with meat world, as the bloggers say.

Hope the air quality, at least, is starting to perk up out there, now that you’ve got rain and mudslides (not to mention mass moonings) to contend with, as well as the fires.

Anybody here seen Zeitgeist (the documentary)? A friend visiting from overseas brought a copy of the DVD, and I’m wondering how much Larouche, etc., was in it. It starts out debunking the “myth of Jesus,” then moves on to the banking system and the “myth of 9/11.” Quite a piece of work.

18. marisacat - 14 July 2008


have a laugh… the mass moonings got shut down this year, due to “ladies raising their shirts”.

I guess we could not handle it… Someone, somewhere in the state (I have nto run it down) also wants to shut the CA nude beaches. hmmm

I heard last night about our first mudslide (since winter). Soon we will be confused… I keep an eye out for raining frogs and of course, locusts.

The air is def better………………….. hope you had a lovely break

19. Intermittent Bystander - 14 July 2008

Isn’t the display of boobs protected by some clause or other in the California state constitution? Don’t tell me the cosmetic surgery lobbyists fell down on the job!

Break had its lovely moments – including 3 days of relaxed and blossomy garden parties, in fine weather – but a few stresses and strains as well, being so-called “real life” and all. Thanks. Certain challenges are ongoing, as I attempt to conjure up a new (and hopefully, improved) one.

Can’t say I’m missing the presnidental campaign much, while distracted. And boy howdy, when was the last time the New Yorker made so much headline news? Wonder what the net effect on single-copy sales (and subscriptions) will turn out to be, once the dust blows off and the hairballs settle.

20. marisacat - 14 July 2008

hmm Well I guess Obama got a chance to say “screw you” to an UWS fixture. Or something.

I just caught Henrik Hertzberg, tired mouthpiece for the party and Ob, weakly trying to explain what satire is, in this case.


They (Ob and Wife and Obamamites) have always been remarkably lacking in humor. LOL Too much church, I would say…. 😉

Please god let them win, the whining will be so awful.

21. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 July 2008
22. wilfred - 14 July 2008

Local news just reported that Jon Corzine is going on his first official trip to Israel. They said that Israel is now the 9th largest trading partner with New Jersey.

23. moiv - 14 July 2008

If Obama has a problem with the New Yorker cover, he should follow his own advice to women who had supported Hillary — maybe reading a few of the cartoons inside the magazine would “help him to get over it.”

24. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 July 2008

They said that Israel is now the 9th largest trading partner with New Jersey.

I feel a joke about bridge and tunnel trade fighting to get out.

25. marisacat - 14 July 2008

LOL How soon til Cipel receives some award, as a Hero of the State of Israel.

26. mattes - 14 July 2008

They said that Israel is now the 9th largest trading partner with New Jersey.

Buying our politicians one state at a time.

27. mattes - 14 July 2008

One more thing, there should be a list showing which states do business with Israel and for how much.

Just in the aid we give them, 75% of $30 billion in the next 10 years comes back here. That does not include Israeli businesses. Israel is now actively buying dollars. Wonder why.

AND wonder how much business Connecticut gets….

With all the defense companies in Washington State, no wonder Israel has our congress people in their pocket.

28. marisacat - 14 July 2008

The things one learns reading The Corner:

The Pope’s New Pal [Mike Potemra]

Pope Benedict XVI’s love of cats is well-known. It turns out that his Australian hosts at World Youth Day have provided him with a delightful roommate for his stay in their country—an “11-month-old grey tabby kitten.” (H/t: Rocco Palmo.) In fact, this will make him feel more at home than when he’s at home: He doesn’t actually have cats living in the Vatican.

They snagged it off http://whispersintheloggia.blogspot.com

which used to be a lot mroe irreverant… sigh.


KGO radio is saying that TNY plans to use the same artist for their McCain cover…………

It’s coming from one of the hosts, Christine Craft who has been saying ,for weeks, that she thought as a quid pro quo (one fo many is my guess, LOL) to Kennedy that Ob would give Arnold a spot on the Cabinet….

Bingo, what does Arnold hint at yesterday on This Week. She’s playing the tape from TW, yesteday. I must say Arnold was gag worthy about how great he is on Energy and Enrionment. Bet he loves bunnies like which Nazi was that? Mengele? Eichmann?

29. marisacat - 14 July 2008


CA is probably a much bigger trading partner with Israel than NJ. Think media/entertaiment.

30. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 July 2008

that pic above, it looks like Harry is trying to keep the wind from whistling too loudly thru the hole where his living heart used to be.

31. moiv - 14 July 2008

Most Australian police don’t want marital rape reported

ONLY one in five police officers believe a woman should report being raped by her husband, according to a study showing the crime is often trivialised.

Nuns, ministers, doctors and police often knew a woman had been raped by her partner but did nothing, the Victorian study found.

Each of the 21 victims interviewed for the study said her partner would not consider it rape, despite some suffering drugging and near-suffocation.

Only six of the 30 police interviewed said they would recommend a woman report partner rape, despite 28 calling it a serious crime.

They cited as reasons “the disrespectful and damaging treatment of women in court”, difficulty in proving it, and long waits before cases got to court.


The study, to be released today, found the men believed it was their right to do what they liked with their partner and that society often trivialised partner rape, despite it being a crime since 1985.

“One of the women went to her minister in her church, and he said, ‘Go home and pray about it’,” study co-author Debra Parkinson said.

“There was domestic violence as well and she said, ‘What if he kills me?’ And the minister said, ‘Well, at least you’ll go to heaven’.”

The husband of one victim shook their marriage certificate in her face and said, “I own you with this.”

If he kills her and she goes to heaven, does she get a kitten, too?

32. moiv - 14 July 2008

As if I needed yet another reason to be Texas-proud.

Texas spent a nation-high $17 million last year for abstinence education programs that continue to stir debate about whether classes promoting virginity before marriage work in public schools.

Federal statistics in June showed that 52.9 percent of Texas students in ninth through 12th grades had sexual intercourse, compared with 47.8 nationally. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also reported that Texas youths are less likely to use condoms.

Public schools in Texas are not required to offer sex education, but those that do must make the lessons abstinence-focused. Instructions about condoms are couched in terms of how often they fail, according to state law.


The federal government has spent $1.1 billion on funding for abstinence programs since 1982, according to federal officials. Texas has spent more than other state — almost $117 million, including $32.4 million of its own money.


Abstinence supporters say it’s the job of parents, not the schools, to determine how much their teenage children know about contraceptives.

“Can you imagine being a parent and having your child come home and tell you all the ways they learned in school that you can (have sex)?” said Republican state Rep. Rob Eissler, chairman of the House Public Education Committee.

By a strange coincidence, Rep. Eissler lives in the same town, and belongs to the same United Methodist Church, as State Sen. Tommy Williams, the architect of our state’s war against the “contraceptive mentality” that causes abortion.

Which is why Texas has the highest teen birth rate in the nation.


33. moiv - 14 July 2008

Democratic hero now clinging to seat

Just two months ago, Rep. Don Cazayoux (D-La.) was the toast of the Democratic Caucus after winning a Republican-held seat in the special election to succeed veteran Rep. Richard Baker.


Yet now, by virtue of circumstances largely out of his control, Cazayoux suddenly appears to be hanging onto his seat by a thread. Thanks to recent developments that include a new Republican nominee and the appearance of a credible third-party candidate, his bid for a full term in November is considerably more complicated.

The Cazayoux saga began when the GOP’s controversial special election nominee, former state legislator Woody Jenkins, announced last week that he would not run again in November. His decision cleared the field for a new Republican recruit, state Sen. Bill Cassidy, whom GOP officials view much more favorably.


But Cassidy is not the real threat to Cazayoux. Rather, it is state Rep. Michael Jackson, a leading African-American legislator who filed to run against Cazayoux as an independent Democrat just before the filing deadline last Friday.

Jackson ran unsuccessfully in the March Democratic primary — losing 57 percent to 43 percent — but carried his home base in East Baton Rouge Parish. He won more than 90 percent of the vote in some of the district’s heavily black precincts, votes that normally would go to Cazayoux in a general election.

But now Democrats privately acknowledge that, with Jackson in the race, Cazayoux’s path to victory is greatly complicated. About half the Democratic vote in the district is African-American, making it difficult for Cazayoux to win reelection without getting overwhelming support from the district’s African-American base.

“This is a spoiler candidacy,” said one Democratic operative with experience working on Louisiana campaigns. “It’s a mess. There’s no doubt about it.”


Another factor, according to several Democratic sources, is that Jackson felt that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had been tacitly backing Cazayoux during the primary and he, along with other local African-American elected officials, wanted to send a message against the establishment.


The statewide Democratic Party and the DCCC reiterated their support for Cazayoux after Jackson entered the November race. And the DCCC announced last Friday — before Jackson’s filing — that it had reserved $723,000 in advertising time this fall on Cazayoux’s behalf.

34. marisacat - 14 July 2008

Rather, it is state Rep. Michael Jackson, a leading African-American legislator who filed to run against Cazayoux as an independent Democrat just before the filing deadline last Friday.

yeah but ObamaRama made his choice… and it was not Jackson.


35. marisacat - 14 July 2008


hmm I should try some of my mangled googling see what our teen birthrate rate is, CA and SF.

cuz you know we are the Whore of Bablyon out here. Each and every one of us………….

36. moiv - 14 July 2008

Maybe the birth rate doesn’t spike as high because the Babylon ISD has real sex ed. 😉

37. marisacat - 15 July 2008

yes, from what I hear we do have actual sex ed in the CA schools. The old banana and condom routine.

38. moiv - 15 July 2008

Well, that explains the problem right there. Texas state law forbids tropical fruit in classrooms — Rep. Eissler’s kids might come home and tell daddy about all the new ways they’ve learned in school to make a banana split. They might even mention whipped cream or … ::shudder:: … a cherry.

Then, on top of classroom fruit bans, the righteous bastards pass laws requiring notarized parental consent for a minor’s abortion, never dreaming that when their own precious virgin daughters get pregnant, their wives will feed them a cock-and-bull story about a mother-daughter shopping trip in order to keep hubby’s Methodist sensibilities intact, because “if he knew, this would just kill her daddy.”

Faint hope . . .

39. marisacat - 15 July 2008

plus last i paid attention the SF General Hospital had an abortion clinic on site.

And thru the City Public Health Dept there is a staffed text messaging service that will answer sex questions for kids, as young as 12. I thought it was pretty great when it went thru in 2006….

All of that helps, I am pretty sure… 😉

40. moiv - 15 July 2008

Every little bit helps, just as every little bit that’s eliminated hurts. And down here, they’ve eliminated so much that most people have forgotten that it can be any other way.

But these christianistas cling to their delusions, live and breathe them.

41. marisacat - 15 July 2008

LOL… one fo the few things that saves our extremely nasty, blood and guts for breakfast, political system from being some ritual suicidal funeral pyre, is satirical political cartoons, but, you know, so many are too fragile for it. FWIW, iirc, The New Yorker has done Rome/Bush/fiddles as the cover already. And any number of Bush Cheney ones……… Some time ago.

From Cillizza’s The Fix comments:

The New Yorker cover is racist, in extremely poor taste, and is an affront to New Yorkers who survived 9/11 [??? — Mcat]. Insensitive hardly covers this sophmoric bit of non-humor. Such a Cover trivializes the importance of the challenges we are facing as a nation. Taslelessly mocking a presidential candidate (despite the unconvincinh claims it isn’t mockery of the Obamas) is both juvenile and a waste of a valuable resources, the voice and credibility of a normally well respected magazine.

Banks are failing for the first time since the 1930s, forclosures are rampant, stock prices are tumbling, consumer confidence is very low and gas is high, faith in the future is falling like dominoes all over America.

If satire was the aim of the New Yorker…….. perhaps a more appropriate satirical Cover would have been Bush fiddling while America burns to the ground, with Cheney gleefully pouring gas on the flames.

Posted by: A. Perkins | July 15, 2008 3:33 AM

Gee, sorry. Not going thru the next 4 to 8 years minus political jokes to make Obama, Michelle and Ob-ites happy.

42. marisacat - 15 July 2008

hmm looking at more extensive film of the lines today at Indymac. That is a serious run on a bank. The next and next and next will be much more frantic.

43. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 July 2008

The old banana and condom routine.

I can’t begin to tell you the trauma when she tries to find the end of the peel.


44. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 July 2008
45. penlan - 15 July 2008

Is anyone here familiar with, & read, any books by Gerald Posner? I have a book by him on request at the local library. Small, rural town here so they don’t have a lot of choice but can get books in from other libraries. The book in question is:

“Secrets of the Kingdom: The Inside Story of the Saudi-U.S. Connection”.

Is he a believable writer?

46. JJB - 15 July 2008


A carrot will substitute nicely for a banana, as Phoebe Cates could tell you. No rubber goody involved in that scene, however.

W/r/t other topics in this thread:

Talk is cheap, prayer is cheaper.

And I guess they’re changing that sign on the bridge that runs over the Delaware River to read “Trenton Makes, Tel Aviv Takes.”

47. JJB - 15 July 2008


W/r/t Gerald Posner, it depends on the topic. He’s the author of Case Closed, a bit of damage control related to the JFK assassination that might as well have been called Warren Report Redux. I’ve seen him interviewed on other topics on television (can’t remember what) and he seemed to make sense. Here’s his Wikipedia entry, if that’s any help. I’ve always considered him someone worth reading, albeit with a full salt shaker at hand.

48. ms_xeno - 15 July 2008

#38: My God told me that the Sacred Banana should only be used in its natural state with the permission of spouse, pastor, etc.

Damn you blasphemers with your accursed puddings, breads and smoothies. Someday you’ll be sorry.


49. marisacat - 15 July 2008


GM editorialised their massive layoffs announced to day as “not a plan to survive, but a plan to WIN!”

50. ms_xeno - 15 July 2008


(From moiv’s link: )

…“This is a spoiler candidacy,” said one Democratic operative with experience working on Louisiana campaigns. “It’s a mess. There’s no doubt about it.”

Waaaaahhhh. Whine ‘N Cheese with the duopoly.

This is why I just don’t get the point of fusion candidacy. If you go in with the Big Guys KNOWING you are no threat, they won’t do a thing to further your agenda. If you ARE a threat, they whine “SPOILER” and do whatever it takes to make you disappear, starting with the emotional (or other) blackmail that implies the only right thing to do is get off the ticket so the anointed can have his/her preordained post.

The last refuge of people too chickenshit to run on their own non-existent merits. Assholes.

51. penlan - 15 July 2008


JJB…thanks for the link & the feedback.

52. penlan - 15 July 2008


Well that makes sense given the tendency for U.S. media & pundits, even, to use sports analogies & terms to describe various strategies. It’s all about WINNING eh.

53. ms_xeno - 15 July 2008

Bwa-ha-ha-hahahah. More deliciousness from PA involving the 2006 frolic, swiped from BAN:

…The grand jury report, released by Attorney General Tom Corbett last week, alleges that former House Minority Whip Michael Veon of Beaver County ran a statewide political operation out of his Capitol and district offices involving hundreds of legislative workers on the House Democrats’ payroll.

One of the House Democrats’ most visible targets was Nader, who in 2004 was seeking to challenge Democrat John Kerry as well as President Bush. As many as 50 Pennsylvania House staff members worked on a challenge to Nader’s ballot petition, and more than half received state-funded bonuses, in part for their “Nader efforts,” according to the report.

A decision by Commonwealth Court, upheld by the state Supreme Court, found that most of the signatures for Nader were invalid.

Nader is locked in a battle with lawyers representing a group of Democratic voters over an order that he pay $81,000 in legal fees. Two of his personal bank accounts were frozen last year as a result.

Now, Nader says the charges against the House Democrats are cause to throw out that judgment against him.

“It looks like the judgment was the result of a criminal conspiracy,” said Nader’s attorney, Oliver Hall. “We will investigate our options to vacate the judgment.”

Romanelli, who was thrown off the 2006 ballot for having improper signatures, said he would seek a new hearing on his case in Commonwealth Court. “This is absolutely hideous,” said Romanelli. “I knew I was a victim of conspiracy on behalf of the Democratic Party.” … — Amy Worden, Inquirer Harrisburgh 7/14/08

No similar breakthrough on the horizon in this neck of the woods. More’s the pity. After 2004, I don’t trust our AG any farther than I could throw him.

54. marisacat - 15 July 2008

Barack Obama’s campaign scrubbed his presidential Web site over the weekend to remove criticism of the U.S. troop “surge” in Iraq, the Daily News has learned.

NY Daily News via Gateway Pundit

55. NYCee - 15 July 2008



(Mayor Bloomberg + bronzing + charisma* = Barack Obama)

[disclaimer: alas alack, I am immune to the perfume*… ]

56. marisacat - 15 July 2008

hmmm I am guessing he dates Hagel, goes Kaine. Then again, I read if Kaine exits VA early (mandated one term) the Lt Gov who becomes Gov is a R.

So, who knows. A lot of burnishing of Sibelius, but KS houses Dr Tiller, one fo the very few to do tricky late term abortions in the US… and he jsut managed to survive a Grand Jury again. So……… as moiv says, Sibelius has an abortion problem.

I have no kufcing clue.

57. NYCee - 15 July 2008

I dont think he will go with Bloomberg as veep – doesnt need him at all, but I am just feeling him as Bloomberg in a certain way…

They had some cozy meetings and it felt disturbingly right, hand slides into glove…

Obama mustve loved the smell of Mike up close, the power and the way Mike successfully did the im blue, im red – im purple thing. And he had no political history. He is Green… the color of money. No soul. Plastic wrapped. No real integrity on matters of war, on raising up the life quality of middle and lower class.

I mean, they differ in ways and they probably dont come to mind as soul(less) mates to many, but I am feeling it in a few ways…

58. NYCee - 15 July 2008

Oh, btw, just went back to previous thread and saw you guys had the New Yorker Cover thing and the DK flaming pitchfork thing up already…

Hadnt seen it here, but hell, guess it doesnt hurt to repeat the daily trauma once in a while, eh?

(I was ready to have a drink with a Danish cartoonist, after reading some of that thread. Ohhhh,,, the OUTRAGE! I may go see if the New Yorker bldg is not an ash heap.)

59. marisacat - 15 July 2008

hmmm ObamaRama at the Woodrow Wilson Center today, speech on Iraq (or National Security to make it broader, LOL), intro’d by Lee Hamilton. Hunt for the change. Transcript as delivered via CNN. I noticed the text reads a little cleanly for “as delivered”… but hey, who’s counting stammers not there.

I get, bomb bomb bomb Afghanistan and invade Pakistan.

The greatest threat to that security lies in the tribal regions of Pakistan where terrorists train and insurgents strike in Afghanistan. We cannot tolerate a terror sanctuary. And– and as president, I will not. We need a stronger and sustained partnership between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and NATO to secure the border to take out terrorist camps and to crack down on cross-border insurgents.

We need more troops, more helicopters, more satellites, more Predator drones in the Afghan border region. And we must make it clear that if Pakistan cannot or will not act, we will take out high- level terrorist targets like bin Laden if we have them in our sights.

Make no mistake, we can’t succeed in Afghanistan or secure our homeland unless we change our Pakistan policy. We must expect more of the Pakistani government, but we also must offer more than a blank check to a general who has lost the confidence of his people.

It’s time to strengthen stability by standing up for the aspirations of the Pakistani people. That’s why I’m co-sponsoring a bill with Joe Biden and Dick Lugar to triple non-military aid to the Pakistani people and to sustain it for a decade while ensuring that the military assistance we provide is used to take the fight to the Taliban and al Qaeda.

A lot of invoking of Marshall, the Marshall Plan. hmmm. America could use one.

60. marisacat - 15 July 2008

57 lol — agree

61. NYCee - 15 July 2008

I’m taking some time to read more on Obama, now that I have time to delve off the beaten (work) track. Some I recall from dribs and drabs that managed to sneak in.

The queasiness expands with…

Ugh, this: How Barack Obama Fronted for the Most Vicious Predators on Wall Street: Obama’s Money Cartel

In 2 parts, even… Ugh. Ugh.

Bankrolling a Presidential Campaign: The Obama Bubble Agenda

You can breathe a lot of this in, in a generalized way, without even getting the details. Just from the MSM view of the circus, center ring and side shows. Mort Zuckerman, that hollow conservative, Michelle Bernard, Ben Nelson et al (and its a lot of et als) who have been so quick to endorse and/or sing praises to Obama from the get-go.

He is very SAFE.

I was also reading the black agenda report on the questioning over his name on DLC list, then scrubbed after forcing the issue. (I used to read Black Commentator on occasion and recall it from back then…) Well, it fits – His bestest friend is the god awful Harold Ford… cant twit about Obama enough… lately urging him to come out of the closet, so to speak, and embrace his full blown DLCness openly. He is harping on this constantly.
Again, very telling, right there between the lines of the MSM.

They love to talk about his “brand” too, how he cant “appear” too centrist (two-faced liar) or he will hurt his “brand” – that one, “brand” pops into starker relief when you read the Pam Martens’ piece I linked (I would wager you had it somewhere here, back when it came out.)

62. marisacat - 15 July 2008

He’s a commodity — and not a new one,either

63. marisacat - 15 July 2008


I don’t care if things get repeated… stuff that will hang around, become a lodestone, touchstone usually gets linked to or comes up, here, about 3 times.

Not a problem… 😉

64. moiv - 15 July 2008

Bye-bye, Griswold.

HHS Moves to Define Contraception as Abortion

In a spectacular act of complicity with the religious right, the Department of Health and Human Services Monday released a proposal that allows any federal grant recipient to obstruct a woman’s access to contraception. In order to do this, the Department is attempting to redefine many forms of contraception, the birth control 40% of Americans use, as abortion.


Up until now, the federal government followed the definition of pregnancy accepted by the American Medical Association and our nation’s pregnancy experts, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which is: pregnancy begins at implantation. With this proposal, however, HHS is dismissing medical experts and opting instead to accept a definition of pregnancy based on polling data. It now claims that pregnancy begins at some biologically unknowable moment (there’s no test to determine if a woman’s egg has been fertilized). Under these new standards there would be no way for a woman to prove she’s not pregnant. Thus, any woman could be denied contraception under HHS’ new science.


As the HHS proposal proves, the absence of fact or evidence does not slow anti-abortion movement attempts to classify hormonal contraception as abortion. With HHS’ proposal they have struck gold. Anyone working for a federal clinic, or a health center that receives federal funding–even in the form of Medicaid–and would like to prevent a woman from accessing most prescription birth control methods has federal protection to do so.

65. marisacat - 15 July 2008

LOL Eli Lake at The New Republic argues ObamaRama is not Jimmie Carter, He’s Ronnie Reagan Quite the right wing piece, he uses Jeane Kirkpatrick to define Carter. Pin a nose on that donkey game..

You HAVE to love our elections. Wanna lollipop little girl, said the big bad wolf, wearing a Reagan mask.

66. marisacat - 15 July 2008


… talk about death of choice.

And I would assume, of course, that means a double dose or morning after pill as well…post rape…. and most certainly RU 486.

67. marisacat - 15 July 2008

Griswold v Connecticut… via Wikipedia.

68. NYCee - 15 July 2008

Well, I am able to crystallize the unease I felt. It’s better to know ahead of time what’s up the road.

When I link Obama with Bloomberg, it’s because I am really sick of what has become of New York under him. Yuppy mayor, buppie president. I have this sense of the future of the nation in this linkage.

69. NYCee - 15 July 2008

er, yuppIE…

70. marisacat - 15 July 2008

It’s better to know ahead of time what’s up the road. — NYCee

agree. I’d rather look full face at the party and the fronts it shoves forward, then be compliant. And complicit.

71. brinn - 15 July 2008

re: #64 OMFG!

*waves at moiv*

“there would be no way for a woman to prove she’s not pregnant” — fuck me (or don’t, as the case may be) now I have to go around proving I’m not pregnant?

72. brinn - 15 July 2008

This kills me (maybe literally at some point soon) too:

“dismissing medical experts and opting instead to accept a definition of pregnancy based on polling data….”

dismissing medical experts in favor of polling data….

I still can’t wrap my brain around that.

73. brinn - 15 July 2008


“So HHS proposes that anyone can enforce his or her own definition of abortion “within the bounds of reason.”

k, I’m going to, as a matter of conscience, mind, start “enforcing” my own definitions of the following:

and well, hell,

Effective immediately.

74. Intermittent Bystander - 15 July 2008

My sister happens to be in Sydney at the moment, winding up a visit to rellies elsewhere in Oz (and without a clue about World Youth Day when she booked her itinerary) and she sez it’s positively swarming. She reports via Blackberry that the Aussie joke she’s hearing is “so many Christians in an arena – where are the lions?”

FYI for those with the Sundance Channel: They’re running another episode of Outrageous Wasters tonight – a Brit-produced, eco-themed reality show, wherein an obliviously energy-guzzling family is sent by a Green Team (including a gruff “eco-anarchist”) to a camplike “House of Corrections” to grock the fullness of water conservation, waste reduction, food production, etc., up close. (Think outhouses, rabbit skinning, cold showers, etc.) Meanwhile their home is re-engineered for eco-efficiency and recycling, and their awakening greenitude is monitored upon return. Last week’s module with a Glaswegian family was pretty funny, as well as agit-productive, for its ilk.

moiv at 64 – Does this HHS proposal have anything to do with recent hospital consolidations, including the merger of Catholic and secular facilities? Who has authority to approve the change of regs?

75. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 July 2008

I betting that it could very well be Hagel.

Oh, and I think you all will like this:

Illegal Wiretaps We Can Believe In

76. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 July 2008

I remember when a bunch of us were writing that both parties were aiming at Griswold and privacy rights in general, and how others told us we were wrong.

Wish I’d BEEN wrong.

77. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 July 2008


Kucinich, under the rules of the House governing questions of privilege, read the Impeachment resolution before the House last week. Today the Clerk will officially read it into the record as a bill, it will be given a number and then will be subject to parliamentary motions. If Kucinich is successful, the bill will be referred to committee rather than tabled. Last week Speaker Pelosi, for the first time, indicated an interest in committee hearings on President Bush’s abuse of executive power, including the issues that Kucinich raised.

“If it is tabled, I will bring another Impeachment resolution back this week,” said Kucinich. “Our Constitution is being destroyed. We are losing our nation to a war based on lies. I am determined to get this bill to committee for a hearing,” he said. “The President has conducted the affairs of the nation in a manner which cries out for justice and it is the Constitutional obligation of Congress to check his wanton abuses of U.S. and international law. We have troops whose lives were put on the line because the President told them Iraq was a threat to the United States and it was not. The loss of lives of our troops and of innocent Iraqi civilians is a direct result of the lies this president told to Congress. He must be held accountable.”

78. Intermittent Bystander - 15 July 2008

76 – Yep. (Classic AllMEEMEEMEMEEEEEEEmando line of crap in the comments there, too. . . down to the paternalistic “advice.” And I see this was before Digby “came out” as a female.)

79. moiv - 15 July 2008


All of it has to with churches, in hospitals and elsewhere. But one immediate result would be to cover family planning clinics receiving federal funds (which is almost all of them) that refuse to provide birth control. This was the impetus behind the 2007 appointments of Drs. Eric Keroack and Susan Orr to direct the Office of Population Affairs at HHS, a position that oversees the disbursement of almost $300 million a year in federal family planning dollars.

The policy is set at the cabinet level, although of course Congress has control over the purse strings.

80. Intermittent Bystander - 15 July 2008

Bit of happy news from Massachusetts today:Senate passes repeal of 1913 marriage law

The Massachusetts Senate today passed a bill that would repeal a 1913 state law that prevents gay and lesbian couples from most other states from marrying in Massachusetts.

The bill, which had the support of Senate President Therese Murray, passed with no objections on a voice vote. Proponents of the repeal called the 1913 law archaic and discriminatory.


The law originated when lawmakers in many states were trying to prevent interracial couples from crossing state lines to marry. It fell into obscurity for decades. But it received new attention in 2004, when Republican Governor Mitt Romney invoked it after gay marriage was legalized in Massachusetts to prevent out-of-state gay and lesbian couples from marrying here and forcing their home states to consider recognizing Massachusetts marriage law.


The bill now heads to the House, where Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi has already expressed support. Supporters said they expected the bill to pass the House and be signed by Governor Deval Patrick by the end of the month. “If that bill comes to me, I will sign it and sign it proudly,” Patrick said Monday.

81. Intermittent Bystander - 15 July 2008

79 – Thanks. Will there be any federal requirement for public notification, comment, or hearings before adoption of the proposal? Just how quick and easy will it be to make it so?

Pardon my ignorance. (I spend my days navigating post-BAPCPA and NYS local regs, and I confess that there’s only so much extra federal bullshit I can handle.)

Always appreciate your insights, as well as info.

82. Intermittent Bystander - 15 July 2008

Now I’ve done it. For the record, IANAL.

Madman – I think we oughta start a funky pulproots group and call it YAP!

83. Intermittent Bystander - 15 July 2008

family planning clinics receiving federal funds (which is almost all of them) that refuse to provide birth control.

Oh I think I’ve seen one of those near the strip malls. In billboards, too.

84. Intermittent Bystander - 15 July 2008

Oops – bad blockquote on the first graf. Sorry, MC.

85. Intermittent Bystander - 15 July 2008

might as well put some bold around *that refuse to provide birth control* too.

86. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 July 2008
87. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 July 2008

might as well put some bold around *that refuse to provide birth control* too.

Yup, those folks at the boy-buggering church sure are bold in their hypocrisy.

88. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 July 2008

via the blog Illusory Tenant,:

A potential juror was excused from hearing a criminal case today after she told the court God had given her a revelation about the defendant.

“It is like a movie in front of me of what has happened,” Juror 28 told Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Joseph Donald.

“I feel what he is feeling,” she said.

The woman said she has been the recipient of divine revelations for years.

“I have never been wrong,” she said.

The woman, having assured Donald that she wasn’t faking in order to get out of jury duty, was excused.

89. Intermittent Bystander - 15 July 2008

88 – Thank God for Jesus, right?

As we peer at the Future Ghost of jury selection . . . .

90. Intermittent Bystander - 15 July 2008

Doughnut in spam (believe it or not)!

91. Intermittent Bystander - 15 July 2008

MCat at 20 – What the heck is UWS?! Not sure even Acronym Finder is helping me out here.

92. marisacat - 15 July 2008


sorry… Upper West Side…

…….. 8) ………..

93. marisacat - 15 July 2008


nothing hanging out in Spam or Moderation…

will wati a minute or two and see if it turns up…………….

94. Intermittent Bystander - 15 July 2008

89 – Aha! Thanks. Didn’t think it was “United We Stand.”

And 90 – Spam item was just a quote and a laugh at Madman’s Daily Howler link at 86. Here it is without blockquotes:

And the gang seemed impressed with Barnicle’s insights. “”Eat the doughnut,” Jack Welch’s sage advised us all once again.

You can almost hear the arugula, rustling once more in the wings. . . .

95. ms_xeno - 15 July 2008

# 79:

B-But but MC CAIN !! Ooga-booga !! FEAR FEAR FEAR !! Shut up, you PUMA-Boomer Bitches !! [snarl]

(Ironic sexy pic of bloo hooker shoes goes here.)

I know it sounds like tonight is mojito night, but that was actually last night. Tonight it’s just fresh watermelon & some blueberries. Help y’selves.

96. wu ming - 15 July 2008

our early 90s CA public school sex ed demo was with a cucumber, not a banana. eat locally and all that.

of all the things that CA is fucked in the head about,sex doesn’t make the top 10, thankfully. there’s a persistent and well funded lunatic fringe, but the center of gravity is still relatively sane on such things.

as opposed to, say, taxes or crime, where we’re fucking bonkers.

97. marisacat - 15 July 2008

LOL I never had sex ed……………..


However, I did find out years later, tho, that the religious order at the Convent, Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, an order that answered to Rome and not the Diocese, had their rather predictable affairs (as ti was explained to me) with the Jesuits in town, at St Ignatius.

98. CSTAR - 15 July 2008

Naomi Klein was interviewed on Democracy Now! today by Amy Goodman. The transcript is here

I am sure most of you are aware or have read her book “Shock Doctrine”, which I read just recently: it’s out in paperback now. The book really proposes an interesting alternative narrative to the neoliberal economic thinking of the last 40-45 years. Much of this narrative begins in Latin America (Brazil, Argentina and especially Chile) and is certainly familiar to most Latin Americans. For the LatinAmerican center-left most of those memories are extremely painful.

However, I think there is a tendency in the american left to ignore that historical period and to view it as somehow disjoint or irrelevant to the politics of an a developed capitalist society. Klein does a very good job in her book of dispelling that view.

Back to the interview: There are lots of interesting things in it. Actually I think the written transcript is better. I particularly thought this exchange interesting:

AMY GOODMAN: Naomi Klein, Obama’s Chicago Boys, who are they?

NAOMI KLEIN: Well, one of them is Obama. Obama spent ten years teaching at the University of Chicago Law School, which is a very conservative law school. You know, I wrote a column recently talking about how conservative Obama’s economic roots are, with his ties to the University of Chicago.

His first response to the mortgage crisis, let’s remember, was he was worried about the government taking action to keep people from being evicted from their homes, because that would create moral hazard. And he was not talking about the big companies, the big mortgage lenders; he was talking about individual low-income people being thrown out of their homes. He was worried about moral hazard. That’s a very University of Chicago take on the situation.

The moral hazard Obama was worried about of course was that people should assume responsibility for their bad economic decisions. That “moral hazard” concept is interesting because it is an essential part of the corporate narrative justifying redistritribution of risk onto the poor.

This definition from WIkipedia is pretty good

Moral hazard is the prospect that a party insulated from risk may behave differently from the way it would behave if it were fully exposed to the risk. Moral hazard arises because an individual or institution does not bear the full consequences of its actions, and therefore has a tendency to act less carefully than it otherwise would, leaving another party to bear some responsibility for the consequences of those actions.

Of course what is missing from the corporate narrative is that the entire financial system reeks of moral hazard in favor of the rich.

99. marisacat - 15 July 2008

nu thred………..


………………….. 8) ……………….

100. moiv - 15 July 2008


IB, the proposal [pdf format] that’s linked by Cristina Page at RH Reality Check is still in the planning stage. It appears that someone inside HHS leaked it to the NYT (and possibly to others). So there’s been no announcement of a formal proposal as yet.

But here’s a link to the public feedback page at HHS.

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