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Dog Days. Really. 3 August 2008

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

hawai'ian surfers Michael Bina photog

Hawai’i surfers [Michael Bina]

hmm I took a look at the FP of the NYT… and just retreated. Hospitals directly deporting immigrants… globalisation under threat, fuel issues doing the dirty deal on globalisation (what a shock!). Civilian raids – in one of our other wars, the Korean War, hundreds dead 55 and more years ago… bombs in Baghdad, dozens dead. Anthrax, death, suicide… Plus!, giant jellyfish and stinging tentacles... I did love the old B movies of the 50s, with the various monsters, but it seems cheeky to come to life!

And something something something… about some fragile tightrope Obama is on.


Here’s a thought, Pray for him. It’s Sunday.




1. marisacat - 3 August 2008

hmm sounds like DiFi is really considering a run. For Governor I mean.


2. diane - 3 August 2008


just wonderful

(NYCee, last thread, can you help motivate me to clean my refrigerator?)

3. Intermittent Bystander - 3 August 2008

MCat – Whatever you do, don’t turn to the NYT Sunday mag for relief!
Malwebolence: the World of Web Trolling. (Among other things, the story includes a charming profile of the 20-something sociopath who hacked Kathy Sierra.)

All these lovely beach photos are really getting me psyched for an upcoming weekend on Cape Cod. Can’t wait to stick my toes in the ocean!

4. aemd - 3 August 2008

Informative videos on credit default swaps. Some of the better info out there.

Part 1

Part 2

Via comments at HBB

5. marisacat - 3 August 2008

thanks for the link to the Kathy Sierra, I had not heard there was a resolution

6. marisacat - 3 August 2008

Russian writer and Nobel laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn, whose work exposed the Soviet Gulag prison system, has died at 89.

For more details: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news

7. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 August 2008

Hi ya all!

Spent a weekend away from both of the internets, and cable news too.

Someone in the last thread was wondering about a male cover of Joni’s “The River” (bay maybe?). If it was a couple of years ago, and got some play on the radio, I’m betting it’s Travis. If not, wikipedia has a long list of covers:

Artists who have performed the song include Travis, Tori Amos, Michael Ball, Sara Bareilles, Kathy Brier, Betty Buckley, Nick Buzz, Rosanne Cash, Holly Cole, Shawn Colvin, Allison Crowe, Robert Downey, Jr., Catherine Feeny, Renee Fleming, Liam Frost, Grace Notes, Tobias Hauser, Heart, Indigo Girls, Ben Jelen, k.d. lang, Rebecca Luker, Barry Manilow, Aimee Mann, Salyu, Sarah McLachlan, Robert Mosci, Jill O’Hara, Beth Orton, Madeleine Peyroux, Dianne Reeves, Linda Ronstadt, Anne Runolfsson, Janis Siegel, Sister Hazel, The Swingle Singers, Angus Stone, James Taylor, Rachael Yamagata, Marti Pellow, Corinne Bailey Rae Dave Van Ronk and Kate Miller-Heidke.

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 August 2008

I did catch a clip of the protesters in FL. I thought the young man who questioned Obama was great, and Obama was, IMHO, terribly patronizing. Found a link at Raw Story w/ the vid and transcript:

Obama was confronted during a Friday speech in St. Petersburg, Fl., by three black activists, who displayed a banner asking, “What about the black community, Obama?” They managed to secure placement in the camera-friendly section directly behind the candidate.

Many in the crowd began chanting, ‘Yes, we can,’ the Obama campaign mantra to counter the activists chants. Obama told the three that they would have a chance to ask questions after he had his opportunity to speak. A town-hall organizer later took the banner from the three.

“In the face of the numerous attacks that are made against the African community, or the black community, by the same US government that you aspire to lead,” one said. “Why is it that you have not had the ability, to not one time speak to the interests and even speak on behalf of the oppressed and exploited African community, or black community, in this country?”

Obama responded: “He asked a legitimate question, so I want to give him an answer. I think you’re misinformed when you say not one time. Every issue you’ve spoken about, I actually did speak out on…

“On each of these issues, I’ve spoken out. Now, I may not have spoken out the way that you would have wanted me to speak out, which is fine. Because, now, I understand… Listen, I was a civil rights lawyer. I passed the first racial profiling legislation in Illinois. I passed some of the toughest death penalty reform legislation in Illinois. So, these are issues I’ve worked on for decades.”

The transcript doesn’t include the part at the end of their exchange, where Obama basically says they can go vote for somebody else. Typical.

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 August 2008

International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) – link for the org the protesting men belong to.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 August 2008

Raw Story link for the Obama protesters is in moderation/spam, I think.

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 August 2008

La Nan is pushing some Texas donk I’ve never heard of for veep. Any of the other malcontents here familiar with him beyond what I’m about to find via teh google?

12. marisacat - 3 August 2008

sorry madman, was cooking pasta.

Well inevitably someone smart was going to get in place, in direct view of a camera, during one of his walk ons with people. His answer was the usual political dodge. I did speak out. Really. I did. Either you did not like it or you weren’t listening to me.

Poor Jesus, no German bands or free bier and bratwurst in his day.

Well he mumbled stuff, I give him that. And he enjoyed going to Katrina with Bill C. And so on.

Very anxious he should win. The whining and tearing of hair if he does not and the myth making of “what might have been”.

We are drowning in fictions.

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 August 2008

Danny Schechter on the “suicidal” scientist


If so, he would not be the only scientist worried about the direction bio research was taking and this new threat. And what could that threat be? Perhaps it was not necessarily one fabricated bio attack but rather the covert development of a bio war industry through which the US government is reviving its bio war capacity for aggressive use, not domestic protection. In fact, many researchers in this field share this concern.

Reported the Times about his work, ”the work became even more intense in the aftermath of the 2001 anthrax attack, as the field grew tremendously with BILLIONS (my caps) in new federal support for research on anthrax AND OTHER POTENTIAL BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS (my caps) and to buy new drugs or vaccines to handle a possible future attack.”

The Times might have added this line had they conducted their own investigation into the controversy over the proliferating U.S. bio war INDUSTRY: “and to create new weapons for use in a possible future attack by the US military.”

Bear in mind that it was the US and Germany who sold Saddam the bioweapons he used on the Kurds. Also remember the Operation Tailwind Story suppressed by CNN alleging bio-weapons (ie. nerve gas) use in Vietnam by the US. When the producers fired by CNN later sued, demanding access to documents and information on the pressure the network came under for their story, CNN settled and paid the producers large sums of money as long as they signed a gag order and refused to disclose the amount they were paid and other information. I covered this issue extensively on Mediachannel.org

That industry is, of course, sold to the public entirely as a defensive response and public health necessity. In the same way that the attack on Iraq was sold to the US to protect us from attack, using the 911 attack as its rationale, the far less public expansion of the Bio war industry had a similar rationale.

The anthrax attack was a 9/11 for the expansion of the biowar industry.

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 August 2008

Obama short answer: “I sent out some press releases which didn’t really promise anything. Now sit down and shut your pie hole.”

15. marisacat - 3 August 2008

well I heard of Edwards in 2003, mainly because he represents where Bush lives… and Dean took it to Bush. With rallies in TX and ran a TV ad in the market that included Crawford … also there is a little paper there that is Texas liberal (forget its name)… covered Dean’s doings and later covered Sheehan’s protest.

But I don’t know much about him, the down and dirty.

16. marisacat - 3 August 2008

The anthrax attack was a 9/11 for the expansion of the biowar industry.

There you go. Trust Danny Schechter to get down to the nub…

17. marisacat - 3 August 2008

Good post at left i on the news

I had jsut finished reading the link at IB’s comment #3, to the NYT article on 4chan, /b/, and the organised trolls of the internet. One of the darlings stated the earth needs to be purged of 2/3 of the people on earth, and how to do it efficiently and … whatever else his maggot brain managed.

As I read it, I thought, don’t worry sonny, you have powerful silent partners.

from left i:


Back in April, Jean Ziegler, the UN special rapporteur on the right to food, had this to say:

“Hunger has not been down to fate for a long time — just as (Karl) Marx thought. It is rather that a murder is behind every victim. This is silent mass murder.”

18. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 August 2008

Thanks for the left i … spot on.

19. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 August 2008

Biodefense Labs, Bad for Our Health

Better late than never, I suppose. For the last five years, some of us have argued that the government’s biodefense priorities are screwed up, massively. Research into largely-theoretical bio threats has sucked up money from tackling real killers, like tuberculosis. In fact, the biggest threat may be from the proliferation of biodefense labs, packed with largely-untrained staffs; an accident or a malicious insider was more likely to cause serious damage than nearly any bioterrorist.

In the meantime, we’ve seen biolab workers infected in Texas and Boston; disease-ridden mice escape (twice), and a deadly flu strain accidentally shipped all over the country.

20. marisacat - 3 August 2008


hmm when the Clintons, in their earlier turn at fucking us over, held out hope for a better, more rational health care system in the US, one group that came forward was specialists in TB. Treating it successfully, long term, across the population, whether in prison or homeless or whatever is the only hope, and it is cheaper than our system of enterprising, for profit, free market neglect.

21. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 August 2008


Did you know that John McCain is a bumbling racist oaf? A twisted old Scrooge who never saw the light? A bitter, constipated Mr. Magoo minus the comic charm? Probably just about the evilest fuckwit alive who, if elected, will destroy much of human existence as we know it?

My fellow Americans, the choice is clear. A vote for McCain is a vote for the Klan. You want that on your conscience?

As I’ve said before, it’s hard to believe that at one time, McCain was perhaps the liberals’ favorite Republican — certainly during the Clinton years. I don’t know how much McCain has changed since then; he seems like the same opportunistic, pandering pol he always was, only now he has the temerity to run against History. And as they did with Joe Lieberman, liberals have dropped McCain and are shitting on him every chance they get. He doubtless deserves it, but where was all this McCain hate back in the day? It couldn’t be that most Dems operate according to partisan whims, and not on principle, could it?

As for Obama, these are very heady days indeed. In essence, he is the President-In-Waiting. This status has been thrust upon him, and Obama’s embraced it without breaking stride. If this scenario not only endures, but gains in speed and strength, Obama’s election will be a mere formality. This of course further proves how utterly fixed our political system remains, but if it puts a Dem in the Oval Office, most liberals won’t care. Again, liberals don’t oppose the system, they simply want to run it — or at least pretend that they have any say in the matter. Once Obama’s officially president, he’ll have his own agenda and set of elite pressures to deal with. He won’t have to cater to liberal fantasies again until 2011. This won’t stop the libs on the ground from clicking their heels and crossing their fingers — that is, when they’re not slandering and sliming those who dare criticize their Father Leader. That phase is already in full swing. It will only get louder and nastier.

22. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 August 2008

Texas HS to Force Students to Wear Prison Jump-suits

A school in Texas will force students who don’t follow the rules to wear prison-like jumpsuits in a controversial move this coming school year. Gonzales High School has new navy blue jumpsuits that students will wear if they break the dress code.
Violators will be forced to wear the jumpsuit for the day, the report said.Some parents said the jumpsuits will make students feel like prisoners but the district said it’s just a way to keep the children dressed appropriately for school.A school board official said it’s “worth a try” because it’s a way to keep the district’s conservative values intact.

23. marisacat - 3 August 2008


The just over three weeks that Dkos had a coordinated push on FOR McCain in 2004 was the first time that a scatter of operatives came after me in equally coordinated fashion. Esp that white worm freak, JamesB3. What an ugly mass of quivering skin that asshole was.

Short version, the games – and gamers – suck donkey dick. They really do.

24. marisacat - 3 August 2008

hmm listening to KGO, the 7 – 10 slot… and thsi has escalated. NOW if you call in and question obama or say you are unsure, question certain issues, or (be struck by lightning) won’t vote for him.. nt only are yu racist (so boring) but yu get screamed at that you are UN-AMERICAN.

We are in a lovely spot. Just lovely.

25. marisacat - 3 August 2008

Restive… well, aren’t we all…

Gunmen have killed 16 Chinese policemen in an attack on a border post in the restive north-western region of Xinjiang, state media report.

For more details: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news

26. diane - 3 August 2008


Thanks Madman…I think that is the version I heard (I was the one who asked about it).


Just read that Marisa, sounds like the Olympics may be quite the event…

27. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 August 2008

yvw diane. I was too lazy to scan the thread again.

28. marisacat - 4 August 2008

oh I just remembered one other thing there is talk in CA of outlawing. Midwifery and home births.

That popped up a few weeks ago, will see if I can find a report on that.

We are encircled.

29. penlan - 4 August 2008

Obama switches on voting rights.


The headline speaks for itself on this one. And so it goes.

30. penlan - 4 August 2008

Outlawing midwifery & home births? Whatever for? Makes no sense to me.

31. penlan - 4 August 2008

It’s the AMA that wants them outlawed – everywhere.
Here’s a link:


32. marisacat - 4 August 2008

thanks penlan, that is what I figured… Thought I’d hunt for reports tomorrow rather than tonight… 😉

A few months ago, I had caught the tag end of some entertainment program interview… I forget the actress’ name, she appeared in the stage production of Grease! 15 or more years (20?) ago… and had made a home film of one of her births… she mentioned that she was being targetted as part of the propaganda to outlaw home births. I guess her home film got way too much dissemination across years.

33. penlan - 4 August 2008

Yes, that was Rickie Lake.

Another comment from me is in spam, I think. About Obama.

34. marisacat - 4 August 2008

hmm catching MTP… Brokaw mentioned that Kaine was the co chair in VA for the Lieberman presidential campaign in 00

Oh you just hve to love these creeps..

35. penlan - 4 August 2008

Charming. They’re all inbred – kissing cousins.

36. marisacat - 4 August 2008

hmmm.. Good luck to someone.

AP, ‘Poll: McCain’s attack strategy paying dividends,’ by Steven R. Hurst:

‘Intensified attacks by Republican John McCain on the character of his Democratic opponent have coincided with Barack Obama losing a nine percentage point advantage in a national poll, which showed the candidates running dead even over the weekend. McCain, who had vowed to avoid the kind of negative tactics that were used against him in the 2000 Republican primary contest with George W. Bush, began attacking Obama during the Illinois senator’s trip to Iraq and Afghanistan late last month. In the course of the McCain offensive, Obama’s lead in a Gallup Poll tracking survey slid from nine percentage points on July 26, when he returned from overseas, to nothing by Saturday, when the poll showed the candidates tied at 44 percent.’

Yesterday, it was Obama 45 percent, McCain 44 percent.

37. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 August 2008

Chuck Todd pointed out the other day that there has been a pattern going back several weeks where Obama is way ahead on polls at the beginning of the week, then the tracking polls slide all week down to a dead heat by weekend. Come the beginning of the week again, the spread reappears.

Not that it matters.

38. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 August 2008
39. lucid - 4 August 2008

oh I just remembered one other thing there is talk in CA of outlawing. Midwifery and home births.

Interesting side note. You cannot give birth in a hospital without having an “HIV” test. Pregnancy is of course the leading cause of ‘positive’ ELISA assays in women… If you test positive, you further cannot give birth in a hospital without taking ARV’s & you will then have your child taken away from you by the state if they test positive for “HIV” and you refuse to put them on ARV’s…

Such a lovely mdeical establishment we have.

40. NYCO - 4 August 2008

I’m always intrigued at how big states try to handle their problems (or, more like, what strategies they adopt for ignoring their problems). In California they seem to like to ban things you do for fun and things you consume, in Texas they like to ban sexual activities and also remove obstacles to corporations. But banning everyday behaviors isn’t so hot in New York – here, it seems to be mostly about “getting tuff on crime” (ie Rockefeller drug laws, and most recently, stiffer penalties for attacks on people over age 65 – wow, way to invite muggers to beat old ladies to death instead of just knocking them down, eh?)

41. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 August 2008
42. lucid - 4 August 2008

MitM – that’s huge… I hope those researchers don’t end up having ‘car accidents’.

43. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 August 2008

Jean C. Duley… tell us again…

Okay, well the more research I do into the now infamous Ms. Jean C. Duley – the “therapist” who filed a restraining order against the alleged anthrax attacks suspect Bruce E. Ivins – the more her story sounds like a whole load of crap.

Let’s rehash Ms. Duley’s role in the whole saga.

44. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 August 2008

The best thing about it, lucid, is how straightforward it seems to be, and thus should be easy to replicate.

VERY good news if it develops.

45. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 August 2008

We’re Protesting at the Democratic Convention

Every country but ours has massive protests on the anniversary of the war, as citizens around the world pressure their governments to stand up to Bush’s aggression. Yet we’re supposed to rest?

If Democrats know they have our votes in their pocket without having to even promise us anything, they’re going to be spending their time making promises to everyone else to get their votes too. The result is a political establishment that lurches ever-rightward. The voices of the left, minorities, women, immigrants, veterans, students, and pretty much anyone else who isn’t independently wealthy or politically connected, are left out in the cold.

These are the costly lessons of recent experience. They teach us that unless we organize our own communities, keep our movements politically independent, and actively pressure ALL politicians- whatever their party affiliation- no progressive agenda will be moving forward any time soon in the United States.

The Alliance For Real Democracy is a coalition representing some of the most insistent voices of protest from Colorado and the nation. Member groups include Iraq Veterans Against the War, CODEPINK, United for Peace and Justice, Veterans for Peace, the Colorado Green Party, Students for a Democratic Society, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, the International Socialist Organization, Progressive Democrats of America, Jobs with Justice, and many others. ARD is a model. The fact that it can even exist, bringing together such diverse constituencies, is a testament to just how deep the credibility gap of the Dems has become.

Its s members not only tolerate- but welcome- debates on our attitude to the Democratic Party and that’s inspiring in and of itself. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a meeting where members of PDA, the Greens, Anarchists, and third-party Socialists are all working collaboratively on something, and where there is (in spite of media and police-induced paranoia) such a general level of goodwill among people of diverse ideological backgrounds.

We are a non-partisan organization. We’re not in ARD because we like long, endless meetings, or haggling with a wary city over permit details, or because we enjoy insurmountable fundraising challenges. There’s certainly not a lot of NGO- political career advancement out there for people who are really good at protesting the Democrats!

ARD exists for the simple fact that we’re tired of the war and people we know getting killed. We’re tired of watching our nation descend descend ever deeper into a national security state, where the government is above the people, and no one knows if anything they write or say is private anymore. We’re tired of seeing racism and ignorance become acceptable.

I remember in 1999 after the Columbine shootings when the whole country was up in arms about the need to get counseling to the weird kids before they get so frustrated they try to resolve their problems with violence (I myself was sent by my school for such counseling). Today military recruiters are more often seen than college recruiters by a lot of kids. At least one Colorado high school has an Apache Helicopter mounted proudly on its front lawn* . I can’t think of a more fitting irony, or tragic confession, of just how upside down our country has become.

It’s time to take it back. People’s lives are more important than any election, or any politician’s career. We’re going to speak truth to power this August and judge the actions of all politicians by the same, “non-partisan” standards.

We hope you’ll join us. If you can not make it, but you agree with our aims and would like to support ARD, we ask that you still help us to get this message heard. We are planning numerous events, including large-scale marches, innovative workshops, teach-ins, non-violence trainings, and concerts featuring major musical acts.

46. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 August 2008
47. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 August 2008
48. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 August 2008
49. marisacat - 4 August 2008

Jean Dulay, Ivins therapist, seems like a very convenient persona in this game.

50. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 August 2008

James: So now the US has mercenaries doing drug raids?

Gotta wonder. Apparently DEA is doing some outsourcing. RickB of Ten Percent deserves props for the catch, and it’s a damned good thing that he downloaded that photo before the LA Times scrubbed it from it site.

Scrubbed pic at the link.

51. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 August 2008

49 – I’m deeply suspicious of the whole thing.

Of course, I’m deeply suspicious of nearly everything, moreso every day.

52. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 August 2008
53. marisacat - 4 August 2008

hmm Rasmussen tracking poll is tied. If “leaners” are included, then McCain leads by two.

Good luck to someone.

54. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 August 2008

tacking right is working SOOOO well for the Sainted One.

55. marisacat - 4 August 2008

Maybe three live bands at every polling station on November 4, with free beer and bratwurst.

I think the Democrats are pathetic in that they roll out essentially the same run, every time.

Just heard a reminder that Dukakis rolled out of the Dem covnetion in 88 19 points ahead in the polls… and lost with 88 EV.

Good luck to someone.

56. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 August 2008

they’re really, truly pathetic.

57. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 August 2008

Gael Murphy – Pelosi Makes It Hard to Ask $1,000 Question

When our turn came to have our book dedicated to CODEPINK:Women for Peace, she greeted us with exceptional charm. We were hyper dressed in Pink. As she was signing we brought up the View and handed (placed beside) her the list of crimes explaining that the ones highlighted had been investigated thoroughly and so would be the easiest ones on which to initiate impeachment proceedings. “Here are the goods – the highlighted ones would take 2 days tops, so there is time for accountability Mame Speaker.” Then we brought up Iran, specifically HR 362. She asked what it was and when we told her sever sanctions on Iran she grimaced and said with enthusiasm, “if Congress votes to bomb Iran for refusing to stop enrichment, I will vote “no””. What a bizzarre comment. Then Leslie aked her, “Why did you approve $400 million in covert activity in Iran. That isn’t helping a diplomatic efforts?”. I guess our time with her had run out because she waved us away and her secret service goons stepped in.

58. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 August 2008

Cindy: Know Your Place?

For all of you “pragmatists” out there who think that Ms. Pelosi does not have “the votes” to accomplish anything healthy, just think of the things that she has used her “Power” for: funding the occupations to the cha-ching (music to the ears of the war profiteers) of billions of dollars and granting the Bush regime and their accomplices, the telecoms, immunity from being prosecuted under the now deceased 4th Amendment and FISA laws. To the people of this nation who are suffering under a global recession she tossed us a few crumbs off her infamous “table” while she bailed out the corrupt mortgage bankers to the cha-ching of billions more of OUR tax dollars. That’s not a “stimulus” package that is socializing the losses of capital while piling more burden on the people and our descendants.

Ms. Pelosi also likes to use her “Power” to whine about a laundry list of things that are out of her control that thwart her “Power:” The Senate, The Iraqis, The Blue Dog Democrats (the new enemy du jour), and even incredibly: The Executive Branch which should be under her thumb and under her control and subject to Congressional oversight and accountability.

A true leader knows his/her “Power” and would vigorously use it to improve the conditions of working class and other oppressed people and not to rigorously defend the establishment status quo.

There’s a thankfully now anachronistic adage that says: A woman’s place is in the home. Well, I would like to believe that as a nation and people we are now enlightened enough to know that a woman’s place is anywhere she wants to be but how we long for female leadership that is not compliant to the patriarchal constraints that have been forced on us like psychological rape. A female’s “Power” lies in a matriarchal resistance to a paradigm of mostly male domination by violence and greed not to be subsumed by it.

If Ms. Pelosi knew her “Power” this nation would not be on the fast track to ruin but on its way to recovery.



We just got an official report from the Department of Election here in San Francisco.

They “randomly” sampled 531 of the 10, 856 signatures that we turned in.

They are “challenging” 231 and “allowing” 300. That means, after posting a 22% failure rate when we turned in our signatures in “lieu” of a filing fee (which Independents have to get anyway, there is no “filing fee” allowed, in lieu of anything), we have posted an INCREDIBLY hard to believe 43.5 percent failure rate and we need 2116 more valid signatures by Friday at 5pm.

We can do it but we need help.
Please forward this around so people can help us, or donate so we can pay professionals (signature gatherers/lawyers) to help get the voice of the people on the ballot.


59. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 August 2008

Get Free or Die Trying! A Revolutionary Confession.

Okay, so, I have a confession to make. I might have gotten a teensy weensy bit swept up in the Obama hype. In a previous posting I chastised my revolutionary brothers and sisters who did not embrace the idea of Obama for president as I had. I accused them of not wanting to see the socio-psychological revolution of the mind that was occurring in American society. I went so far as to state that I would not even be considering Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney as an option. But then a funny thing happened…Rosa Clemente.


She began to explain to the room that she had initially become a Green Party member, leaving the Democratic Party out of disgust, when she saw the governmental non-response to the affected citizenry of New Orleans after the levees broke when hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. After an emotionally internal debate she decided to accept the nomination because she could no longer wait for justice to happen. She needed to push for change, NOW. She told the group that she would be using her platform not to spoil Obama’s bid, however, to put forward the issues that mattered to the people the most and to work towards a multi-party political system in which our options were not limited to more of the same. She insisted that Obama was being forced onto Hip Hop and the greater social movement by a white media machine and multi-cultural elites within the Hip Hop Community. She wanted power to the people. Not just symbolic change.

It was not until the next morning when I turned on my internet and saw that the Obama campaign, which had already admitted it would consider keeping several Bush advisors in its cabinet should they win the presidency, was now floating the idea of Ann Venemen, Republican Agricultural Secretary, as a possible Vice Presidential nominee. At that moment the denial I had been holding onto came crashing down around me and I could no longer state that Barack’s Black racial identity alone constituted change. While his nomination and probable election into Presidency is in and of it self a socially evolutionary action, it doesn’t mean that the class warfare being waged on the working poor people of this country will cease to exist. In fact, the election of a Black president almost ensures that the fight to expose this class warfare will be harder to expose. The idea of racism being used as a tool to oppress will be scoffed at, with a Black man at the helm.

60. marisacat - 4 August 2008

In fact, the election of a Black president almost ensures that the fight to expose this class warfare will be harder to expose. The idea of racism being used as a tool to oppress will be scoffed at, with a Black man at the helm.


61. marisacat - 5 August 2008

nu thred……..


…………. 8) ……………..

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