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Hors d’oeuvres and champagne… 21 August 2008

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.


Snatching defeat… you have to love it when a plan comes together.

I do want to correct Ta-Nahesi here:

I always thought the most telling detail about “feminists” who were insistent that Hillary be on the ticket was this claim that a Sebilius or McCaskill nomination for the VP slot would be the highest insult. What we see in that attitude is not so much feminism but Hillaryism.

At this point, you can be a feminist or you can be a PUMA, but chances are you’re not both. And that comes not just because the tiny movement is full of outsize assholes, but because the movement long ago (roughly the day it was founded) ceased being about Hillary Clinton.

Of course the DP and mouthpieces from Ta-Nahesi to Jesse Taylor would consider women interchangeable. Same plumbing, right?

Busy racking up the excuses:

-racism (always a DP seller – other peoples’ racism, you realise they have none, none at all in the leadership… uh, looked at them lately?) and

-those damned old bitches who would not vote for him.

And, it’s not hard to make the argument they, leadership Dems, likely don’t want the WH.

Same as what is playing out with the California Democrats. Having Arnold The Terminator in Sacramento means they have lazy, fun filled days: No Accountability. Finger pointing. It’s all Arnold’s fault. All of it. [You have to laugh!]

I never saw the point of elevating Hillary over Obama (nor any of the other lame soldiers-at-arms the DP scraped up this go ’round) but I always saw what others saw and see in each. And I am thoroughly enjoying the party as it prepares, drools in fact, to beat up women (old women, dried up plumbing!) for not voting for Ob. Or even, heaven forfend, speaking ill of him. [slap slap slap slap slap, that felt so good to the Loser Party, they got a tickle in their nether regions and they could not stop!]

As I type this I hear Bill Press screaming at a woman caller who, she says, will write in Hillary on election day. He tried to imply she is racist, but Ooops! like some Americans, she has an African American husband and a bi-racial child. And, she adds, is tired of her sister-in-law calling her a racist for not supporting Ob. Care to join them for Thanksgiving dinner? Is there enough liquor in America?

Ooops. Double ooops? All’s fair in the construction of a Dem party excuse…

This is shaping up well. Press closes, and shuts down her call, by screaming (he’s not faking it, he is angry) she should just vote for McCain. As I said, shaping up well. It should have split in ’68 and did not.. so they get to drag around bleeding shards of the base, hectored to stay with the other white meat (oh please, party leadership keeps a tight lid on diversity, just so much and no more), hectored, hectored. Blamed and abused.

Bring round the hors d’oeuvres and another flute of the bubbly.

A few of them may manage to latch onto the larger picture… and some definitely caught on they are invited OUT of the party if they don’t swallow down the daily spew, in service to the party…

Thing is, it’s no longer about Hillary for many of them. I sat in on a group of high-powered Clinton supporters gathering in New York last week to create a nonpartisan group called The New Agenda. There was little discussion of the current campaign.

The New Agenda’s agenda is to look out for women’s political interests where the Democratic Party and old-line feminist organizations had failed. The attendees reserved special fury for the Democratic National Committee and its passivity before the misogynistic carnival. One of their specifics is getting MSNBC jester Chris Matthews fired — and if he intends to run for the Senate from Pennsylvania, to end that idea.

A bit more, and – you bet they are worried about the Ruccias… :

Every member has her own plans for November, including for a few, voting for Obama. Co-founder Amy Siskind, a former Wall Street exec and Clinton fundraiser, told me, “I won’t vote for Obama, but I’m not sure what I’ll do.” Cynthia Ruccia, a Democratic activist from Columbus, Ohio, who twice ran against Republican John Kasich, is supporting McCain — and organizing other Democrats in her swing state to do likewise.

The McCain camp has noticed. Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and McCain’s adviser, met with Siskind in New York. She flew to Columbus to confer with Ruccia, Nancy Hopkins, another New Agenda founder, and 75 other miffed Democratic women. (Hopkins is the MIT biologist who famously protested a suggestion by then-Harvard University President Lawrence Summers that boys might be innately better at science than girls.)

DNC chairman Howard Dean has called Ruccia twice. “He was just waking up to the thought that women around the country were upset over the treatment of Hillary,” she told me. Ruccia tends to doubt that putting Clinton’s name to a roll-call vote will mollify many of the female holdouts. “The train left the station a long time ago,” she said.

The party as well as shit-for-brains Blahgger Boyos, party thugs, operatives, pundits and that pale, quivering mass, The Orgasmics (in full writhe these days, clearly panting to BE Deborah Kerr) have enjoyed painting PUMAS and whoever else as all but crazy old bats who, they insinuate, the party carried around for years, pushing them about in some old peoples’ baby buggy – done purely as a charity extended to their sexual plumbing.

It really is amusing.

…the small cadre of PUMA bloggers for whom the sort of hatemongering bullshit they traffic in puts them right alongside the most hateful elements of the right, and the entitled, attention-seeking mass of them…

Poor Jesse Taylor … they’re just Americans, sweetie. Doing what comes naturally.


So… if McCain picks him for Veepessa, then will the party decline to caucus with him? (Or, does he caucus with the party? Who has the power?) I would not place a bet on it. At all. The Democratic party likes Liebchen… he represents most of what the party is all about..

Rahm: Lieberman May Face “Consequences” For Speaking At GOP Convention

We now have a second Democratic leader who’s willing to whisper that Joe Lieberman just may — may — face consequences for using whatever Dem credentials he still has left to try his best to legitimize GOP smears of Obama. ::snip::

Actually, it hardly matters. From what I read, the US congress plans to barely be around, from the time of some fake return at close of summer to inauguration.

Well! FOX is reporting that Lieberman will announce he is changing parties when he appears at the RNC. I do believe this gives the senate majority to the R. Again.

I am shocked!

So classic. The passive Dems need do nothing. You HAVE to laugh.




1. NYCO - 21 August 2008

Mcat, re your last thread 67. McCain strikes back:

A spokesman for Sen. John McCain vowed to retaliate against today’s story about how many houses the GOP candidate owns with a renewed focus on Sen. Barack Obama’s ties to a Chicago developer and charges that Obama is an elitist.

“We’re delighted to have a real estate debate with Barack Obama,” said spokesman Brian Rogers, adding that the press should focus on Obama’s house. “It’s a frickin’ mansion. He doesn’t tell people that. You have a mansion you bought in a shady deal with a convicted felon.”

Rogers called the house story “by far the most personal attack” of the campaign, and said “it comes from a candidate who said he was against this kind of thing.”

He predicted that the story would not “stick” with the American people.

“In terms of who’s an elitist, I think people have made a judgment that John McCain is not an arugula-eating, pointy headed professor-type based on his life story.”

Hmm. I would give a point to the McCain camp on this one, except for the uncouth use of “frickin'” and well, “arugula-eating, pointy-headed professor type” is so childishly unsubtle than I can barely believe it’s for real.

They’re both still lying on their backs, waving their little tiny fly feet in the breeze.

2. NYCO - 21 August 2008

PS- This is sure to be followed by squadrons of Obama fans defiantly and cleverly waving sheaves of arugula during the grand fete next week.

3. marisacat - 21 August 2008

Oh this made me laugh:

They’re both still lying on their backs, waving their little tiny fly feet in the breeze.

yeah agree, this is not Guadalcanal. Nor Iwo Jima. Khe Sahn, I Drang. They have not yet begun to fight.

But “houses” is not a good topic for Ob. The optics on their Georgian house on the SS/Chicago are really really bad.

4. NYCO - 21 August 2008

You know, I think this election is just going to be the scariest tossup in history — scary for the political and pundit class, that is, not for the ordinary voter. The ordinary voter knows neither of these guys is going to turn anything around, or “save the country.” But the politicos believe this is The Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes, so watch for plenty of absolute gonzo crap the closer election day approaches and the more murky the tea leaves become.

5. marisacat - 21 August 2008

Well this is a do or die one for the Dems/operatives/pundits/consultants/etc. They will have a hard time explaining if they lose.

6. marisacat - 21 August 2008

R 527 flanking attack on Ayers issues. At Ben Smith, down a couple posts. (There is a running battle to get archival dox from UIC, The DALEY LIBRARY w/r/t Ayers, as well, starting to break thru from Rightie Blogs to MSM)


7. marisacat - 21 August 2008

hmm that might be the ad Drudge is referring to.. that or another one is coming from McC toward Ob.

8. marisacat - 21 August 2008

More on the 527 ad. It appears to unleash. [promises promises, LOL]

Sen. John McCain’s campaign is finishing a hard-hitting television ad highlighting Barack Obama ‘s ties to shady Chicago land dealer Tony Rezko, the one-time Obama patron who was convicted earlier this summer of fraud.

A campaign official said that the decision to Go Rezko was Obama’s. “He’s opened the door to this,” the official said.

The ad will be released to network news divisions in time for their broadcasts tonight.

Though McCain is widely perceived to to drawn first blood by attacking Obama’s character, the official said that the difference between Obama’s mocking McCain for his wealth and his shaky answer on the number of homes he owns was that McCain’s charge “reflects an existential reality,” where Obama’s charges “attack Cindy. She owns the homes. I thought he said the wives were off-limits.” /snipwhippy/

9. diane - 21 August 2008

Poor ioz…

I think, I kinda…. may,…….understand.

(though it hit like a brick…(Miliken’s (sic?) Brick…..East Hills or was that Wilkensburg) ..solar eclipse?…….)

born in Pittsburgh General…….sliberty Washington Boulevard…..whats up on Laramer Avenue…..aside from Silence of the Lambs? (did somebody say The Carnegie…….), and hollowwood?

Day was night,….but that steel was stokin……………………

And yeah, in case anyone was still wonderin …I am mentally retarded……..apparently…………………..

(though certainly not a member of the APA)

10. diane - 21 August 2008

so many kisses to you honeybee…..and your ..so very sweet,…..BEE STUNG……Lips……………………….


11. diane - 21 August 2008

….try some of that fennel seed (anise seed won’t quite do) in your scetti sauce…and a teeny pinch of suger………..

12. wilfred - 21 August 2008

MSNBC did a quick piece on the warehouses in Denver they are getting ready (with rolls of chain link no less) to ‘detain the protesters’ at the Dem convention next week.

What a mess.

13. bayprairie - 21 August 2008


yeah how about that? denver, democratic mayor, colorado. democratic governor.

the “progressive” :::cough::: democratic party?

Sen. Barack Obama’s team will continue its aggressive outreach to evangelical voters at the Democratic National Convention next week. Making a prime-time appearance Thursday night will be Joel C. Hunter, a Florida megachurch pastor who will deliver the convention’s closing prayer following Obama’s speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination.

Hunter is a registered Republican, opposes abortion and, at one point, had been chosen to lead the Christian Coalition. He has not endorsed Obama and says he agreed to give the benediction because has was asked to do so. For years he has agitated for evangelicals to refuse to align themselves with any one political party and has been a part of the so-called new evangelical movement interested in getting away from traditional culture war flashpoints.

“I’ll kind of be the elephant in the room, but it really says something about how far Senator Obama is reaching out,”

hear that dogwhistle?

14. Intermittent Bystander - 21 August 2008

I’ve been waiting for the Great Orange Lightbulb Farm to spark up in Ultimate Lieberfrenzy ever since I saw a howardx PFF diary about Joe’s hints of Go-mentum earlier today. Just checked FoxNews online itself (ooooh, my bad! I gave them a HIT!), and their top story at the moment is about an Obama Camp Plan to bludgeon the Straightalk POW with his white-glove-white- tie$ to stalwart Republican fanboy and money-hustler Ralph Reed.

Further down, there’s a Veepstakes story (sporting a particularly snicker-worthy photo of Drivin-and-Smilin Biden, at the wheel and schmoozing paparazzi through his open window) that sez McCain will announce in Dayton on Aug. 29, the day he turns 72. Article mentions Lieberman will appear at the convention, but doesn’t hint of any party changementum. Am I missing something? Or was this whisper of a bipartisan upside-down-cake-and-eat-it-too just delivered via fleeting banner chyron, that flamingly blatant Fox standby that knocks the old sublety right out of the bliminals? Ice cubes never had it so good. . . .

15. Intermittent Bystander - 21 August 2008

(Biden photo for snickering enthusiasts.)

I see Smithee has posted an Aug. 9 Raw Story link in the pff diary now, noting Lieberman’s $100K forkover to (Chuckie Schumer and) the DSCC, as a little hedgefund maneuver against losing his committee assignments. . . .

Say, whatever happened to Zell Miller, last round’s Permanent War Party (and special bonus! frothing-at-the-mouth!) convention star? Why can’t I remember?

16. Intermittent Bystander - 21 August 2008

Oh all right, I wiki’d the Zellmonster.

And lookee lookee!

Although a member of the Democratic Party, Miller backed Republican President George W. Bush over Democratic nominee John Kerry in the 2004 presidential election and since 2003 has frequently criticized the Democratic Party, and has publicly supported several Republican candidates. In 2006, Miller did voice-overs (narrations) for Republican candidate commercials in Georgia state elections (George “Sonny” Perdue and Ralph Reed).

Miller did not seek re-election in 2004. After leaving the Senate he joined the law firm McKenna Long & Aldridge, in the firm’s national Government Affairs practice.[1] Miller is also a frequent Fox News Channel contributor.

::snip snippettee::

Life after politics

In August 2005, President Bush appointed Miller to the American Battle Monuments Commission.

He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association.

Zell Miller is lauded in conservative circles but is increasingly distant from the Democratic Party. He in recent years has not supported Democrats for election, and has said he would not support Senators Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Presidential election.

Justice Sunday II

Miller was a speaker at “Justice Sunday II,” an event organized by conservative Christian evangelicals to combat alleged liberal bias in the Federal Judiciary of the United States. The event was organized by Tony Perkins and James Dobson, and held in Nashville, Tennessee on August 14, 2005.

Miller criticized the United States Supreme Court, saying, that it had “removed prayer from our public schools … legalized the barbaric killing of unborn babies and it is ready to discard like an outdated hula hoop the universal institution of marriage between a man and a woman.”[9]

Poor Zell! Discarded like an outdated hula hoop by those wild and vengeful donkeys! The ostracism is killing him!

Whatever’s happening, Joe Lieberman is ready for his close-up, and bib.

17. Intermittent Bystander - 21 August 2008

Zellmentum in moderation, I think!

BTW, the Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuary in Wellfleet is delightful, and I hereby endorse sticking one’s feet in the water on a sunny day at Marconi Beach. Ate no cod, but saw 2 mother-and-calf humpback pairs (and other whales) at the Cape.

Great to see one of the shining seas.

18. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 August 2008

speaking of Clinton as Veep, Nader used just that advice to get some face time on CNN this morning and get out a rapid fire stump speech while Kiran Chetry tried to move the interview back to gossiping about something we’ll all know probably tomorrow:


So, you told politico.com, quote, “I don’t think he’s that dumb when commenting on whether Barack Obama would possibly choose either Senator Biden or Bayh or Governor Tim Kaine as his VP. You think the smart choice is Hillary Clinton. Why?

NADER: Well, Hillary Clinton is the only person on the vice presidential horizon who can get him more votes. She’s not going to make him a better presidential candidate addressing the real concerns that trouble Americans every day. You know, pay is too low, price is too high, fuel, drugs, credit card gouging, how do they get out of Iraq? They’re not addressing getting out of Iraq, and they’re not addressing how they’re going to rebuild America with more jobs using the money in the bloated, wasteful defense budget to upgrade and modernize schools, clinics, mass transit systems and other things that would make people’s lives so much better.

CHETRY: Now, let’s get back to Hillary just for a minute here. She, of course, had many supporters in the primary. She wasn’t able to clinch the Democratic nomination so why is she going to make a difference in the general election if Obama picks her as a VP?

NADER: Because a quarter of her supporters are not on the Obama bandwagon yet. That’s a lot of voters. A lot of these people are saying they may vote for McCain, they may vote for Nader-Gonzalez, green party, whatever. He has got to get those voters back. And if he’s going to say one people, one nation, he can raise a banner of unity with her as the vice presidential running mate.

CHETRY: Now, you’re still in it.

NADER: She can get him more votes.

CHETRY: Right. You’re still in it. You’re still campaigning. In fact, you’re doing a push to open up the debates. Why are you giving Barack Obama advice?

NADER: Well, I always give people advice. I give corporations who rip people off advice. I give government to be more responsive advice. I even give the media, Kiran, advice on how to sponsor more debates and respond to the voters in this country who want more voices and choices on the ballot.

That’s why we’re having this super rally in Denver on August 27th, right in the middle of the Democratic National Convention at the University of Denver with Sean Penn and Mr. Kilmer and Cindy Sheehan and others are coming and not to necessarily endorse Nader-Gonzalez, but to put before the American people the need to have a lot more vigorous debates, not these parallel interviews and this little hunky debate commission that the Democrats and Republicans have cooked up over the years.

CHETRY: You know, and it is interesting because the race between Barack Obama and John McCain is narrowing. The latest polling showing that — well, this was an L.A. Times-Bloomberg Poll that shows Barack Obama with 42 percent, McCain with 41 percent and you 4 percent. So, really, those votes that are going to you could make the difference either way. Is that a dangerous position to be in? Could you end up being a spoiler? (well, THAT didn’t take long)

NADER: It’s always the right thing to do. The right — it’s always the right time to do the right thing, Kiran. And we have got a lot of serious problems in this country that the two parties are turning their back on. They’ve turned the government over to large corporations.

CNN and other have reported that corporate crime fraud and abuse and the corruption and the contracting process in the Iraq war, Halliburton, all these companies. This huge taxpayer subsidy going to these big corporations, the crooks on Wall Street are being bailed out in Washington. That’s just not right. And people know it’s not right.

We don’t have a moral, domestic and foreign policy in this country. That’s why we got to provide the Nader-Gonzalez choice. And if people want to see exactly why the Nader-Gonzalez, check into our website, votenader.org. You’ll see a whole series of proposals that are supported by a majority of the American people.

CHETRY: Just quickly though if you had to throw your support behind one of the two major party candidates, would it be John McCain or Barack Obama?

NADER: You think I’m going to answer that question? I think both flunk badly. I think that the American people deserve a choice. Ralph Nader-Matt Gonzalez are those choices.

CHETRY: Ralph Nader, always great to see you. Thanks for being with us.

NADER: Thank you, Kiran.

LOL, go Ralph.

19. marisacat - 21 August 2008


Thanks for the update on Zell… very interesting.


It was fox radio that mentioned or said or reported that Lieberman would switch at the convention. It seemed so logical I really did not question it…

20. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 August 2008

I know I shouldn’t have laughed, but …

The Onion: Californians Celebrate Annual Wildfire Tradition

21. marisacat - 21 August 2008

The Onion is right……….. and in our continuing act 1, act 2, act 3 cycles, they are now worrying about floods in Big Sur area, whcih had a terrible version of the fires this year. Massive swathes of land burned to the ground.

22. marisacat - 21 August 2008

oh — AND we just today sent an additional 100 NG, men and women, to one of the war theatres.

23. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 August 2008

A better explanation for promiscuity: Satan

And the gay agenda, says Father Jeremy Davies of Westminster, is driven by “a contagious demonic factor.” Father Davies is also the town exorcist, looking to drum up new accounts, apparently.

Even regular old missionary position intercourse, if committed outside of marriage, is a “pathway for evil spirits,” sez the exorcist, who took a four-month training program in Rome under the Catholic Church’s top caster-outer-of-demons, Father Gabriele Amorth.

Satan doesn’t mess with married people, or something.

Furthermore, Satan is working overtime to blind “secular humanists” to the “dehumanising effects of ‘homosexual marriage.'” Dehumanizing humanists — clearly an insidious Satanic trick.

Satan also reportedly keeps in shape by performing “trendy exercise” such as yoga and even finds time to compose your daily horoscope.

So stay away from those, even “for fun,” advises Father Davies.

24. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 August 2008

Denver Bans the Carrying of Feces and Urine for Nefarious Purposes

Police in Denver are now authorized by the city council to arrest people who are found carrying feces or urine for nefarious purposes. Denver officials are expected protesters at the convention and have adopted an openly hostile attitude toward such demonstrations. Indeed, they might want to read today’s story on how the Chinese handle such nuisances at great events like the Olympics, here.

What if you carry them with a heart full of LOVE?

25. marisacat - 21 August 2008

well raising issues of China and protest, I am sure we already put grandmothers in prison, when it is fully not necessary. Theyhave slammed two in prison for applying for the right to protest during the Olympics, if reports are to be believed.

America, such as it might ever have become (we are loaded with sins of the past), is being shut down. Fully.

26. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 August 2008

RFLMAO: A Working Guide to That ‘Other’ Convention in Denver

One of the reasons an outside strategy is needed is that national political conventions are notoriously insider affairs, orchestrated to put on a show for the TV nation. They are rarely a place for serious debate or creative new ideas.

Stepping into the void are an unprecedented number of progressive entrepreneurs, media organizations and think tanks, producing hundreds of events and frankly competing with each other for the attention of delegates, the media and the large community of donors, advocates, lobbyists, etc. that will make up the huge outer circle of the convention.

The Big Kahunas

There are two major venues for nonstop cultural and political activities outside the convention: the Big Tent and the Starz Green Room. They both have an impressive array of bold-faced progressives and establishment pundits lined up to participate in a dizzying array of panels, film screenings and readings. As for protests, there will be plenty of those as well in Denver; stay tuned for future articles on those details.

The Big Tent is an unusual collaboration between the local and well-thought-of Denver grassroots group Progress Now and the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado teaming up with the mega blogging site Daily Kos, the huge media powerhouse and corporate sponsor Google, and Google’s massively trafficked video arm, YouTube. Joining the fray as co-sponsor is DIGG, the social networking site that attracts millions of participants to rate stories in the news. (Disclosure: AlterNet, like many media Web sites, yearns to be and often gets “Dugg,” which boosts traffic to many of our best articles; one of our recent stories, “At JFK Airport, Denying Basic Rights Is Just Another Day at the Office” by Emily Feder, recently went to the top of DIGG with several thousand Diggs and received more than 350,000 page views.)

The Big Tent will be a 9,000-square-foot, two-story structure that will house work space for bloggers and new media journalists. (AlterNet’s Steve Rosenfeld produced a more detailed article on AlterNet about the Big Tent, which can be read here.

The Starz Green Room has been dubbed “a vast program of art and politics serving as a hub for elected officials, Democratic staffers, foreign dignitaries, business executives, media and the entertainment industry.” For those unfamiliar with the cable world, Starz Media is part of Liberty Media, John Malone’s media empire, and is headquartered in Denver. Its theater complex is conveniently a stone’s throw from the Pepsi Center, in the “soft security” perimeter, and thus an opportunity is born. In reality the Starz presence was the brainstorm of two highly energetic Hollywood activists, Victoria Hooper and Jamie McGurk, who, using their myriad connections, created a world-class ideas forum named after their company SeaChange. The Starz location, based at the Starz FilmCenter in the Tivoli, will have plenty of celebs on board and will be a much harder ticket to obtain than the Big Tent, which also will have restrictions.

Yup, crashing those gates with lots of corporate sponsorship!

27. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 August 2008

Worst Taliban Attack or Worst NATO Blunder?

The big news yesterday was the death of 10 French soldiers in Afghanistan. They called it the worst Taliban attack on NATO forces in three years.

But hold the presses…

AFP and al-Jazeera are reporting that the French army refuses to comment on a report in Le Monde that the 10 French soldiers actually were killed by a NATO airstrike responding to the initial attack by militants.

The soldiers told the newspaper they waited for four hours for back-up after being ambushed. But when NATO planes finally arrived they hit French troops after missing their target, the newspaper quoted the soldiers as saying. The report added that Afghan soldiers sent in as backup also mistakenly targeted the French soldiers.

A NATO official said on Wednesday: “I have nothing substantive to confirm or deny this particular suggestion. “We are aware of the media reports and therefore we have to look into it.” The official said the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) “would probably defer in the first instance to the French authorities,” in the investigation.

Junior Defense Minister Jean-Marie Bockel, asked to comment on Le Monde’s report, said: “this is not the time for polemics, this is a day of compassion, of national unity around our soldiers.”

And then Bockel rolled around in the blood of the fallen.

28. marisacat - 21 August 2008

Sarko is our bud. And Samantha Powers was more than slightly pre orgasmic when she talked of how great it was Sarko won… and she purred Kouchie (this was on Rose, the land of genteel sexual confessions). She really si a case.

what a mess we are in.

Other than that I think Afghanistan and Pakistan are being prepped for a 2009 offensive, no matter which killer goes in.

29. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 August 2008

Six Questions for Chris Lehmann on “Moronic” Campaign Coverage and the “Press Bubble”

1. I’ve seen many recent headlines about the alleged “feverish speculation” about who the vice presidential nominees are going to be. Is the public really all that interested in these sorts of campaign issues at this point, or is the fever largely confined to the media?

The reporters and editors who are composing these inane pieces are pretty much talking to each other. I saw a Washington Post headline the other day, “Who’s No. 2? Obama Keeps Everybody Guessing.” No—the “everybody” in that construction is you. Imagine if you were covering the baseball playoffs and you wrote that there was massive speculation about who was going to win. It’s manifestly moronic because you’re writing about a scheduled event that is going to take place on a known timeline. You’re contributing nothing. It’s the opposite of news; any useful public information is entirely missing. But that’s the way the press bubble operates. Not only do reporters write about what they’re talking about, but they’re writing about each other. Notice the passive construction in these stories about “rampant speculation” and ask yourself, “Who’s doing the speculating?” It’s the reporters who are; most voters, being sane people, might think about it for a second but then they move on to the next thing in their day.

4. Is anything going on now to which I should be paying attention? Is there anything happening that’s relevant?

The debates between the candidates could be important, but the conventions are stultifying media spectacles where no one expects anything to happen. The reason so much political coverage on cable is crap is that there is an effort to portray the campaign as this floating spectacle; it’s devoid of public interest. Not to be too conspiratorial, but there is an economic interest at stake because you want people to come back and watch the same drivel the next day, in the same way that I obsessively check the sports section to see how the Cubs did. That’s why the VP speculation is so perfect for cable; you can fill up all that airtime without any reporting. There are studies of the content of cable news that show that something shy of 10 percent of the coverage is original reporting. They’re constantly re-running the one time they got some hapless anchor to stand in front of a hurricane, or it’s just incessant talking head speculation.

30. marisacat - 21 August 2008

Well the candidates could have been having a series of un modeated TownHalls.

Who saw to it they did not?

31. diane - 21 August 2008

so where is der hunder luft, Cheney,…still in the Caucasus?

32. marisacat - 21 August 2008

Dahlia Lithwick attempts to deconstruct the “Hillary Harridans” (that’s her title). Hmm no mention of Ruccia nor of Siskind (see post above). Wuld they not fit the bill?

The 2008 election has offered an object lesson in the need to open up our political discourse to include different voices and styles and beliefs. Everyone is entitled to speak and be heard, but there is a cost—a tangible cost—for women who insist on speaking in the irrational, angry, and vengeful voice of an outdated literary archetype. Particularly in 2008, when we don’t need to invent “mad doubles” in order to topple the patriarchy. We can do that just by showing up.

Too hard to discuss, in this context, a Democratic party activist and former candidate for the congress? An academic of note? Would the fun be OVER? then?

And a shitload of hate to go around (the article in LA Weekly is more interesting than my specific snip indicates. This is about a nasty little story the R has been sitting on, read it and ponder how easily it might not have been a story at all).

Obama’s crossover appeal to black conservatives such as former Oklahoma Congressman J.C. Watts has not extended to Baldilocks. She has excoriated fellow black conservatives for “abandoning” their principles to go with skin color. Considering that blacks are the most reliable Democratic voting bloc — at times monolithically voting 90 percent Democrat — her stance isn’t an easy one.

“She’s walking a tight line,” says Earl Ofari Hutchinson, a political independent and frequent contributor to Los Angeles op-ed pages. “The backlash is withering from African-Americans if you say anything negative about Obama. I know it. I’ve experienced it myself for being critical of him at times. I’ve gotten hate e-mail. The venom. The hate.” Adds Hutchinson, “The name-calling is endless.”

Not sure what else (than hate and division, served up on a triscuit) is a bumper crop in an increasingly martial nation that denies its own people.

But, who cares, right?

The most interesting thing I heard today came from the McCain camp, that it is now open season on wives. Something they have been waiting for… I would imagine. We have heard about the newly appearing Hensley step sister, and I would expect soon the R will be shaming Obama for the utter poverty of his Kenyan brother (George) and his step grandmother.


33. NYCee - 22 August 2008

NYCO, Marisa: Agree (last thread) on Gov. Patterson. Very real for a fucking change. In a good way.

“It hurts!”

He has a wicked sense of humor, too.

Actually, Spitzer seemed pretty good to me, as far as he got, in governance – just too damned aggressive down the wrong path sometimes… as in the hunt for Bruno (and for tail). Well, his hunting days are over.

An overwhelming mandate can be disastrous for these pols. Felt that, something unhealthy, during his blowout campaign/election. (Just imagine what would have happened had Edwards gotten one… Narcissus, full plunge.)

34. NYCee - 22 August 2008

Saw PUMA top high heeler, Diane M, on Hardball tonight. John McCain is a “moderate” and a “terrific” guy. He has to watch out though, because if he picks a “hard right” veep, he’s “lost” Diane.

What a joke.

Checked her out in a YouTube where she’s on the couch with Fox friends, chatting after a Cavuto chat. She never watched Fox before, but after the way the media treated Hillary elsewhere, now she and other erstwhile antiFoxies are finding that it is very fair and balanced, indeedy. They are flocking to it, the ONLY channel for them. And all the people she met on set were oh so nice. (And the PUMA site is a “dating site,” and Republicans are wooing them, as they are wooable, and they find them most agreeable, and they are also oh so nice.)

Well, I do agree with them about the caucuses being undemocratic. That’s true. However, if Hillary had won the caucuses, wouldnt be a peep from PUMAs. Apparently they have some docs in the works on that.

I also agree that it was over the top, the media’s adulation of Obama. She told Matthews he was her inspiration (lol). She didnt mention, but I will, KO’s ridiculous Special Comment froth aimed at Hillary, when she was just campaigning pro forma, fer crying out loud. (Coupled with his ridiculous should-be-puppet-theater performance – starring himself as lead jester – where he concocted the most ridiculous excuse for Obama’s FISA lie) Such deep offense and defense in the service of Oh!Bama! Or Schuster’s “Chelsea’s pimping for Mom” dig. And they swallowed and aired and reaired the meme that Bill Clinton was racist in SC… I honestly cant blame Bill C for still seeing red. He was so inexplicably over-adored en masse by the black bloc for years, then it turns on a dime… with media enabling.

35. NYCee - 22 August 2008

Meant to say Diane M says they have doc/s in the works re caucus shenanigans.

36. marisacat - 22 August 2008

Well with Spitzer, who let us not forget, sold himself as a TOUGH GUY, who came up the “prosecutorial route” as I call it and he was rolled withlittle effort from Bruno and all. Fast.

To say nothing of his sex business. There is more to that than was ever released, he was a fool to co mingle funds in the way he did. But ir likely felt NORMAL to him. If he had not prosecuted working women I’d be kinder. But he had. legalise it and put the S[itzers and the pimps (as they operate now, there will always be a business front for that kind of business) out of business. The women/sex workers of either sex (and esp youth) are always vulnerable as they are illegal.

As for the classic puma.. idiots abound. There is a good slice of that sort in the ranks fo Hillary dissafected. And it seves the freak show that is cable. Even more than it was 10 years ago.

And why should they be whining if Hillary had won? It woould be the Ob supporters whining. A lot of shit throwing at glass houses or from glass houses rather. Check out BAR on Tavis Smiley when he had dealings with ob … and BAR had it right, they slapped everyone, including Tavis. Now, he hardly mentions the election. I wonder why?

The single worst in the primaries, that I encountered, was Ed Shultz, druing the primary.. open discussion of sex habits of HIllary. A local idiot, Ray Talliafero did the same here, night after night after night. Eh. Good luck to someone.. I thught he, Shultz, ws Rush several times when I first landed on him on the radio. Til I heard his call sign.

This inside the party is a battle of center/center right factions, for the spols. Spoils of war, to be precise.

pox on them all… and on theirs too.. LOL Down a couple generations in fact..

37. marisacat - 22 August 2008

The party knows caucuses are screwed. it’s aprty insiders… one reason they run them.

And a reason taht at first Bushetalia wanted caucuses and no elections for Iraq. Then I imagine they realised the hype and PR of classic GOTV in Iraq.

Gotta love politics.

38. marisacat - 22 August 2008


Breaking news… LOL..US troops out of Iraq by 2009… all it needs is ink and signatures. So the story goes. ABC news…………………………..

39. marisacat - 22 August 2008

mmm out of towns and villages by ’09 — out of Iraq by 2011. But !! Iraqis reserve to right to ask us to come back in, if they need help.

And over here I have a top hat and a white bunny.

40. NYCee - 22 August 2008

On the battle of the houses, I, too, thought exactly that, NYCO, re “average” Americans and the rich. The masses just don’t tend to get worked up (as they should) over the yawning gap btw the uber rich and themselves. Hell, who salivated over Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous for years? Who laps up the celebrity supermarket tabs? Certainly a massive amount of poorly heeled wannabees. They buy the magazines, the lotto ticket, the dream …

As for Obama, what I thought, personally, was that it rings hollow and disingenuous, his criticism of McCain’s houses. He is going to strike the motherlode, if he gets to the WH…

Recalling the Target comment, how Michelle saw the window closing, realized they have to tap the unwashed masses while their upper middle class (lower rich class) iron is still hot, before they strike it Richie Rich. She feared they would soon lose their ability to be in touch with those on the lower rungs, once they moved beyond the Target aisles (and into Cindy McCain shopping territory). Odd that she and hubby, so full of professed faith in Christ, in their ability to do something as huge as “change the world!” had such little faith in their ability to empathize with “the least among us” once they got filthy rich.

I realize it’s a high bar to leap, for many, but then, they are supposed to be… special.

41. marisacat - 22 August 2008

La Nan says God sent Ob to us. that is a far piece from “special”.

Well… after you run for a few days on 9 houses on 7 properties, how much more can you say..? The Obama people are saying openly they feel they hit a mother lode here.

I don’t think so. Of course they can push it, use whatever tactic they want, but it will die when he names a VP. So…

Let the games begin. IMO the bloodier the better. A 2 year campaign that will cost well over a billion when done serves no one. So make it Rome. And then some.

(Bill Press is screaming over Rezko right now, he’s losing, a wave of callers are slamming in…)

42. marisacat - 22 August 2008


Obama is gonna regret not helping his family (and that school named for him), by the time the R are done. And it would have been easy to do…

43. NYCee - 22 August 2008

Smiley did get burnt.

It is ugly.

Caucus whine: Oh yeah, human nature – losers suddenly find the clarity to see inequities, it seems. Cant say that doesnt happen to me, too. Nothing like loss to wake you up. PUMAs may even do some good, by making a stink over this.

The dilemma is also what human nature does with such pushback. As with the media – Is the lesson learned to be more fair … or to die trying to find which horse to bet on, which decision will not come back to bite you in the arse? This one was tough. Because PUMAs wouldnt be biting now, if they had smoothed the path for Hill. But then, they’d have got bit from the ObamaFans. Woe is them. Fairness – the road not taken.

Big roiling mess.

And the cable channels do love churning it out and rolling in it.

44. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 August 2008

38 – just in time for the Donk convention. Oh those wiley Reps. Shameless.

45. marisacat - 22 August 2008

Well… I think the party is using the upsetedness of some PUMAS (not all of whom are politically asture, even a little) right now, they want to intimidate them before the convention.

Of bigger worry is the rich, powerful women mentioned in the Froma Harrop article in the post … They see that the so called feminist orgs are a bust. I mean, when the Dems shafted subsidised Birth Control in the last big money bill, I had to learn it fromo KATHRYN JEAN FUKCING LOPEZ.

This is a deeper split or schism than was between the Gore and Bradley.. and that was supposed to be so “epic”. Howard was a tedious little boy scout in his turn nad went inside and then proceeded to cover for the party (and himself)

So … as I say interesting to watch the Hillary dissafecteds.

46. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 August 2008

OMG, CNN is showing a test run of the opening of the Convention, the music and lights behind the podium. Lots of strings, reminded me the soundtrack for Psycho crossed w/ one of the bad Star Trek movies. Ugly, gaudy setup.

Off to work. Have a good day everybody.

47. NYCee - 22 August 2008

Re Nancy’s comment. Ugh. The ubiquitous god talk is getting noxious.

It seems to have replaced the stupifying drone of FAMILY!FAMILY!FAMILY! (wife, husband – anatomically correct, of course – 2 1/2 kids, dog, Kodak moment) mantra of elections gone by… You were that or you didnt count, didnt exist.

Recalling … Edwards with that perpetual gush: “Faaah-muh-lee!” Over and over. Constantly trotting the kids out on the trail.

Now that is RICH.

48. marisacat - 22 August 2008

i saw the mockups of the stages. The Dem installation is REALLY bad. Cheap theatrics. Unbeleivable.

49. marisacat - 22 August 2008

Edwards was awarded the Father of the Year award in 07.

LOL while Rielle was gestating, I guess.

50. NYCee - 22 August 2008

# 45 – Interesting.

Yeah, NARAL and NOW are rather flabby. Any comment from them re Obama’s comment against late term abortion health exception, I wonder? (Feeling blue)

When was it passed, the birth control shaft/big money bill? Sorry, I missed that. Wasnt that recent? Wow, they caved on that.

Chip, chip, chip.

51. NYCee - 22 August 2008

Have a good day at the salt mines, madman.

I took a break from counting sheep. Need to finish up.


52. marisacat - 22 August 2008

I don’t recall that NOW or NARAL etc said anything during his “she’s blue” bullshit. And they let Reid and others (who are pro life) in congress off murmuring sweet nohting for wimmens during the primary when the SC ruling came down in Cathcart (“partial birth”).

Shit TONY PERKINS, FotFamily, called out Reid for his double talk.

No for some of thsoe women who know better, something ended with this recent go round and the old complacent orgs. The round of them Richardson, Keenan and whatshername at NOW all lay down for everyhting. They all want to be inside teh tent. Bad news. NARAL (the weaklest IMO) did do a decent hard hitting ad agaisnt Roberts and a cacophony rose and it was taken down, I guess they got the news, for whatlittle spit and fire they ever managed.

The shaft on subsidies for birth controll was the last money bill, it was to be money for PPF, for their clinics and of course places liike where moiv work also depend on that subsidy for their clients. Not all of them are there for abortions.

Anyway the latest is the bullshit from HHS, that will protect drs and pharmicists from having to do anything agaisnt their religion. It is not thru yet, but sounds like Bush will by pass congress and do a divine right EO. How that squares with some recnet legal rulings in CA, remains to be seen. And the wording will push deeper into BC being abortificant. Or whoever that is spelled.

53. NYCO - 22 August 2008

What does PUMA stand for?

Another one of those mystery catchwords, like “ponies” was to me for a while.

54. NYCO - 22 August 2008

40. Well, not to glorify Paterson too much, but refer back to his pull quote from the previous thread. The classic Democratic stance is “Here I am, this is who I identify with and why,” being as imaginatively inclusive as possible (and Paterson could stand to be more imaginative on NY’s Native American issues). The Republican stance is to evoke fear and envy, with ridicule as a powerful tool.

55. wilfred - 22 August 2008

It seems strange to me that Obamarama is going to announce his VP pick on a Friday afternoon. Isn’t this time of the week usually known as the “Friday news dump”?

56. marisacat - 22 August 2008

If he had announced Thursday he would have stepped on Houses How Many.

Which they feel will turn things around. I would guess VP announce is Sat am. Unless he needs to change the topic from Rezko Ayers

It’s all jsut presidential Monopoly, the board game.

57. marisacat - 22 August 2008


Party Unity My Ass. They have changed it tho, to what I don’t know, that was the original name

58. baypraire - 22 August 2008

53 said

What does PUMA stand for?

PUMA: a parallel netroots, perhaps an offshoot of it, clustered around opposition to obama. a predominance of women, largely former hillary clinton supporters.

its a MOVEMENT 🙂 if you’re curious most of the individual blogs are linked here:

Just Say No Deal

59. marisacat - 22 August 2008

LOL so does Chet Edwards qualify for “independent”, Ob says that is the main aspect of The Chosen for The One. (oh you bet I am laughing)

Associated Press: Democratic officals say little-known Texas Rep. Chet Edwards was one of the few Dems whose background was checked by the Obama camp was a finalist for the job.

60. NYCO - 22 August 2008

Alas I may be in transit during the exciting announcement today.

61. marisacat - 22 August 2008

ABC sent wire to hold on for break in at 9:15… and then yanked it. LOL KGO is laughing.

62. baypraire - 22 August 2008

chet “qualifies”. he’s nan’s little texas pull-toy.

63. NYCO - 22 August 2008

On another subject entirely… this story and the recent hoo-hah about some universities wanting a debate on the drinking age makes me wonder:

Could the cream and flower of our Youth just really be useless drunkards? Might a jolly good World War actually be good for the character of the average 18-21 year old American male?

C’est possible?

64. marisacat - 22 August 2008

She pushed him pretty hard…

65. NYCO - 22 August 2008

Business as usual for Hillary. If she’s veepessa, she’s hiding it quite well.

66. marisacat - 22 August 2008

KGO reprted this am she was completely unvetted. No dox were asked for, no medical, nothing to do with the Clinton Library… no 2008 financials.. nothing,

67. ms_xeno - 22 August 2008


Check out the latest BAR article, which prominently features the “Hope Bong [tm].”

No home should be without one. I think I’ll build a ceremonial birdbath/fountain in the front yard and use a custom-sized “Hope Bong [tm]” as the centerpiece.

Lawn signs, buttons and bumper stickers are for amateurs. 😀

68. marisacat - 22 August 2008

Yeah I loved the red white and blue Hope Bong. LOL…

They had a good line up, but I had only managed the lead article…

69. marisacat - 22 August 2008


Great moments in television

CNN has live, continuous feeds of Evan Bayh’s and Joe Biden’s homes, a reader points out.

Bayh’s features a silent shot of his closed garage door in Washington. In Biden’s, there are random people wandering around.

70. NYCO - 22 August 2008

69. What visual are they hoping to score? The Prize Patrol driving up?

71. marisacat - 22 August 2008

you know a camera trained in the SC the night of the Bush V Gore decison and runners to ferry the copies to the legal reporters on camera, forward of the building… made sense. It really did.

This does not.

I think some people, even among junkies, hve lost interest. Friday in August, Olympics and so on.

KGo is saying the Bama camp delayed to accrue sign ups for text messaging. They, BamalLand, seem to think peole who get a text message are……get ready, more likely to show up and vote. [hangs head rolls eyes]

72. marisacat - 22 August 2008

nu thred…………….


………….. 8) ……………

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