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LOL! Don’t do it! 27 August 2008

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.


Don’t buy the car! Really, don’t! … 8)

110 degrees inland tomorrow, in California …and I hear conversation that Gustav could overwhelm reporting next week on the Republicans.

I think I am de-whelmed — for life.

Don’t buy the car!



1. wilfred - 27 August 2008

Billmon bought that car and the deluxe edition to boot, just saw his Rec diary at the Orange place.

2. marisacat - 27 August 2008

People do get sucked back in…………………………. When he defended Kos and Jerome, back during the stock tout revelations — and for weeks exalted Kos for being against the New Republic Isreali lobby Billmon claimed they turned on Kos as he supported people like Webb, I only want DEAD dogs in that three way fight, as much as I had loved Billmon, I was kinda done.

3. Arcturus - 27 August 2008

here, this -from the last thread – got lost in space:

57. I only had a bit on Biden – w/ his mouth, there’s likely more available – but here, from last Feb, quick! before a Democrat’s in the White House . . .

“If it is not ratified by Congress by July-end (when Senate goes into recess), there is no prospect” of it being ratified during the tenure of the Bush administration.

Biden was accompanied by John Kerry, Massachusetts senator and the 2004 Democratic presidential candidate, and Chuck Hagel, a leading Republican, from Nebraska.

Biden also warned: “If we do not have the deal now, it is highly unlikely that the next president will present the same deal to India.’’

so far it’s not going over well w/ the supplier’s group, who also need to sign off on it – JB can play savior . . .

as millions take to the street in Kashmir – Arundhati Roy: Azadi

58. MM: Andalusia

73. just remember, fantasies are FREEEE! 😉

4. liberalcatnip - 27 August 2008
5. CSTAR - 27 August 2008

Hmm. I read Billmon’s piece. I think he overdid it, Here are some comments

(a) The democratic party is NOT a progressive party. Just look at some of its leaders.

(b) Progressives can selectively work within the democratic party, I concede that point. There is a distinction here, at least as far as American politics is concerned. The main American political parties are NOT political movements. They are corporate entities which are mostly reactionary but can be used to do good things. Moreover, working within the dem party is mostly unrelated to the party’s electoral priorities. It’s keeping the right agenda in focus.

(c) Issues matter, candidates don’t. Actually a hat tip to Hillary Clinton, who did say that clearly in her speech. The right has understood this with remarkable clarity in its relentless pursuit of its agenda.

(d) The fact that the dem candidate is black is largely irrelevant; it’s the issues that matter.

(e) If Obama loses, the backlash against women in the US progressive movement will be terrifying, IMO. For someone such as myself that am concerned about 3rd world poverty issues, this is key. Third world poverty IS to a large extent a gender issue.

6. marisacat - 27 August 2008

OK with that from CSTAR, I will go read it/Billmon.

Too right that gender issues run poverty, third world and first.

7. marisacat - 27 August 2008

For anyone else, here is the billmon at Daily Kos diary. It’s entitled: Really Proud

8. marisacat - 27 August 2008

Geesh I haven’t even started on the comments yet. The fact he is so confused abut the “proud/really proud” story (lst two grafs) indicates, good bad or snoozing, he has not been paying attention, at all.

So old men weep that Obama is nominated. Just cannot join the pre orgasmics here. i swear to god they need this nomination to tell themselves they did everything right. Cuz they got us here, … right? I mean WHITE men got us here Right? No one else.

Poor billmon. I hope i am around the day Obamammamama and the black General Kip Ward aerial bomb Africa. Not just funding a proxy war in Somalia using Ehtiopian troops, not just fomenting a proxy war in the Sudan, not just running guns and death and poverty and global corporate investments in the Niger Delta, but actually bomb from the air.

9. marisacat - 27 August 2008

BTW, in Biden speech tonight he declared us on the side of “independent” Georgia and and that we would help rebuild. Gah. He has said it earlier and Ob backed him up.

10. CSTAR - 27 August 2008

Maybe it’s time for the pheromone insanity watch.

11. wu ming - 27 August 2008

i suspect it’s a bit easier seeing the obvious when you’re looking from the vantage point of california, where we’ve already been through the “majority-minority state” transition from an all-white elite to an elite that adroitly allows some nonwhites into the clubhouse as long as the general pattern of power and privilege remains intact.

ioz belled this particular cat better than i here.

12. marisacat - 27 August 2008

3 Arcturus

Thanks for reposting and sorry it languished in Spam file! Thanks for the Roy link and Biden, what a creep!

Bon Voyage…. Enjoy!

13. marisacat - 27 August 2008

The thread is a feel good thread, very pro party… pro candidate. No demurrers

Because of tonight (43+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
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We win even if we lose.

by billmon on Wed Aug 27, 2008 at 05:38:32 PM PDT

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14. liberalcatnip - 27 August 2008

We win even if we lose.

That’s been the recurring theme over there for years. No fight. Just settle.

15. CSTAR - 27 August 2008

BTW, I hope I didn’t confuse matters by saying “here are some comments”.. I should have said, “here are some comments of MINE.”

16. marisacat - 27 August 2008

I got it CSTAR



yeah one reason the pre orgasmics cry or nearly cry.. such a blameless year. As they see it, except CSTAR’s last point above is going to play out.

17. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

16. except CSTAR’s last point above is going to play out.

No doubt. It’s not like a loss would have anything to do with Obama, right?

18. marisacat - 28 August 2008

Michelle Norris on CRose said that just barely the McC pick for VP is beginning to leak out… her point was it may leak and hit tomrrow, rather than Friday.

19. marisacat - 28 August 2008

And following billlmon’s comment is a trail of “McCain thanks you”. party line people ae such shits (including billmon):

we have two AA candidates for President (2+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
zett, Steve In DC

one male, one female….. and I support the female candidate since Obama picked Biden. (Last Saturday, I heard that news in the morning, and then spent the day with an Iraqi child who had her right foot blown off by US missiles. No, I will not vote for war-mongerers ever again.)


by dancewater on Wed Aug 27, 2008 at 05:44:35 PM PDT

and I suppose a VP Clinton (3+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
cotterperson, mftalbot, Rupert

–being a similar warmongerer–wouldn’t have changed your support for a protest candidate?

Plus, he knows what crapped out means, which will help him explain his condition on the morning of November 5 – PBCliberal

by Nulwee on Wed Aug 27, 2008 at 05:52:53 PM PDT

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But you are: In effect, you’re voting for McCain (26+ / 0-)

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by billmon on Wed Aug 27, 2008 at 05:53:05 PM PDT

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20. marisacat - 28 August 2008

via Counterpunch, but the righties ae pulling up all of this… LOL

“The question most Americans want answered about Iraq is this: When will our troops come home? We already know the likely answer. In 2006, they will begin to leave in large numbers…In 2007, a significant number of the remaining 100,000 will follow…We cannot sustain 150,000 Americans in Iraq without extending deployment times. Even if we could, our large military presence – while still the only guarantor against total breakdown – is increasingly counterproductive.”

Joe Biden, November 2005

On and on it goes..

To be sure, Biden has amassed an impressive record of anti-war rhetoric. However, talk is cheap in the world of American political spin – only actions count. Biden has long been an opportunistic critic of the war, voting for authorization of force in 2002, and only later criticizing the war on tactical grounds as Democrats tried to recapture Congress and the Presidency (in 2006 and 2008). As late as April 2008, Biden criticized President Bush for having “no strategy for success in Iraq…his plan is to muddle through, and hand the problem off to his successor.” His vacillation between anti-war rhetoric and pro-war policy, however, demonstrates the astounding heights in which the Democratic Party’s schizophrenia has reached.

Joe Biden has not supported an end to the Iraq war or a withdrawal of troops, contrary to media and political propaganda. In reporting Biden’s acceptance of the VP spot, major papers such as the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and New York Times framed Biden as a fierce “critic” of the Iraq war. However, closer inspection reveals that these claims are false. Biden has publicly gone on record arguing that Democrats don’t have the necessary votes to end the war, even though they clearly do retain the power to end combat operations by voting down funding: “As long as there is a single troop in Iraq, I know if I take action by funding them, I increase the prospect they will live or not be injured, I cannot and will not vote no to fund them.”

21. marisacat - 28 August 2008

ABC news crew arrested (Denver), FOX news crew beaten up, camera seized (Twin Cities) and a three videogaphers arrested (TWin Cities)… that was a caller to KGO just now…

Will see what I can find, the ABC crew in Denver I read about, they were out in the open on a street filming a group…


22. baypraire - 28 August 2008

But you are: In effect, you’re voting for McCain

the democratic bad cop alternative to their good cop hope soap.

its really beyond boring and doesnt even work well, judging by past election losses.

But you are: In effect, driving me away with your piss-poor product

im watching the reruns and rachel maddow actually mentioned katrina. amazing!

Remember Katrina?

A quick hypothetical: if a Democratic president had allowed, say, all of Connecticut to flood and done nothing but strum a guitar and look out the window while it happened, do you think that might, maybe, feature prominently in the Republican attacks during the next presidential year?

I ask this because as I sat at a surprisingly interesting Katrina roundtable yesterday, it occurred to me that Katrina has been astoundingly, shockingly absent from the convention. And Sen. Mary Landrieu’s comments during the event gave me a bit of a window into why.

The event was organized by Oxfam, moderated by Ted Koppel and featured Landrieu, Douglas Brinkley along with a variety of Gulf Coast community activists. When Koppel asked Landrieu how she’d sum up what’s gone wrong with the recovery, she said that there was an “abject failure to explain to the American people that poor people were hurt, but so were middle class families and rich people. It was a staggering loss to everyone. It was an equal opportunity destroyer.”

Well, um, no. It wasn’t. As odious as I found her contention, however, by the end of the event I understood the politics of it. In the American consciousness, Katrina victims have come to be viewed as a charity case, worthy, at the most, of pity. And the entire Gulf Coast has been transformed into something of a regional welfare queen. Which means the money, not surprisingly, has dried up. For local, community-based rebuilding Louisiana has gotten a paltry $10 billion from the federal government, or about the cost of one month of our occupation in Iraq. And you could see from everyone on the panel they are terrified and depressed that there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of will in the rest of the country to commit the resources necessary. “People ask, ‘why should we even rebuild this city?'” said James Perry, who run the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center, “‘Why is it important to me?’And the answer is because we are an American city.”

That’s, of course, true. But what Katrina unmasked was and is, in some ways, so raw, so necessarily radicalizing that the Democratic party doesn’t quite know what to do with it.

23. baypraire - 28 August 2008

That’s Fine to Say: “Off to the Taiga!”

Thank you (0.00 / 0)

That’s all I needed.

Second individual banned from PFF.

by peeder @ Thu Aug 28, 2008 at 04:00:14 AM CDT

24. baypraire - 28 August 2008

The final comment was enough (0.00 / 0)

You can’t make physical threats to other members of PFF…true from the beginning and everyone knows that.

I will not discuss this further. The decision is final.

by peeder @ Thu Aug 28, 2008 at 04:18:45 AM CDT

I didn’t know this… (0.00 / 0)

You can’t make physical threats to other members of PFF…true from the beginning and everyone knows that.

I will not discuss this further. The decision is final.

username noom has threatened physical violence before with no repercussions.



25. marisacat - 28 August 2008

hmm btw, when I was at Counterpunch I sw Quigley had a new piece on NO as well as Jason Flaherty too. Will open them up later this morning.

Right too right what has happened to NO, and I just sw an ABC segment going thru parts of the 9th… and I think the 6th, people cannot get thru on “311” for information on buses out of town (700 buses, they say, will be at 16 pick up spots, so the official plans say, to ferry a big whopping 30K out of town) but no one knows where the bus stops are.


so the big bad bouncer came for noom? LOL

26. marisacat - 28 August 2008

I followed the link. Peeder banned denali. One fluffer down! Repeat: One fluffer dowN!

Tho it had grown contentious over ObamaRama, And whatever else

27. marisacat - 28 August 2008

The rumor is that the selection is Romney…

OK, they could win CO and they could win NV… we hve Mormons too, but not enugh, I don’t think… we usually clock in with a plurality of 1 M votes for the Democrats.

28. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

This whole week has been incredibly depressing, and I went into it expecting it to suck. They exceeded my expectations.

Good luck in your beautiful new home Arcturus.

29. NYCO - 28 August 2008

If Obama loses, the backlash against women in the US progressive movement will be terrifying, IMO.

And if Obama is a one-term president, think of the backlash against blacks.

What a horrible mess we are in.

30. NYCO - 28 August 2008

Just saw some more pics of the infamous Greek column backdrop… it is clearly not intended to ape the Lincoln Memorial (a la MLK). It seems pretty clear it’s intended to evoke the White House — as if Obama is striding out to the South Lawn to meet with the press. There are lighted windows in between the columns.

Words fail me. Did they learn nothing from the presidential seal thing? Or have they truly adopted Republican tactics — keep hammering the brand, and the sheep will acquiesce?

See what you think.

31. marisacat - 28 August 2008

Too right:

”And if Obama is a one-term president, think of the backlash against blacks.

What a horrible mess we are in.” —- NYCO

32. marisacat - 28 August 2008


thanks NYCO I too think I saw a segment on the Invesco Field structure… but was not sure..

I hear gymnasts from Beijing with be tehre…

33. marisacat - 28 August 2008

yes that si what I saw during the night, that drenched blue and obviously some party for Fat Cats.

34. NYCO - 28 August 2008

This convention has been so very weird. It’s been like watching a forced conversion experience (for some people). Pelosi was fascinating to watch during the end of the roll call. The key moment of her conversion was when she rushed through the yea/nay process during the move to acclaim… speaking quickly so that no one in the audience had the chance to yell an embarrassing “Nay!” And the look on Hillary’s face when that happened. The oh so slight personal exasperation and disgust which she could not hide. It’s like watching humans helpless in the grip of an inexorable process being driven by Someone Else. Obama in many ways just seems like a blank at the heart of it, just another tool of the process.

Events are rapidly escaping our control. Everyone is moving about passionately and purposefully, but no one is flying the plane.

35. marisacat - 28 August 2008

“They”, somoene I missed who, is putting up a huge Ferris Wheel in BAGHDAD, saying that Baghdad is a “leisure friendly city”… even the news reader on KGO broke in and said, ”take the money and FEED people”

36. marisacat - 28 August 2008


some strange dreamscape nightmare vise we are in…

37. ms_xeno - 28 August 2008

Denali’s a pious little shit, but he wasn’t literally threatening peeder, which I’m sure that peeder knows.

What a joke, all around. They can beat each other unconscious for all I care.

The tired trope about “a-vote-for-this-is-a-vote-for-that” is insulting and sorry as it ever was. Its proponents never show any interest in the nuts and bolts of altering how votes are counted and how constituents are represented, so fuck them. They are pissing themselves with fear because, once again, they know their party and their brittle stuffed shirt nominees don’t have what it takes. It’s all they have had to peddle for years: Fear. Also guilt-mongering. They suffer their own abuse silently for the chance to abuse somebody even lower down on the food chain than themselves. How dare anyone not be satisfied with that ! How dare you shoot off your mouth and complain, you troublemakers !

Same as it ever was.

38. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

23. I don’t recall ek hornbeck being banned for the Swedish knife gutting episode. (It was hornbeck, right? Bad memory.) (And not that I give 2 shits about denali being banned.)

39. marisacat - 28 August 2008

speaking of always working to intimidate people

I spent the morning at the Denver headquarters of PUMA PAC, perhaps the best known of the anti-Obama Democratic groups. PUMA stands for People United Means Action, according to the acronym’s polite version. It was founded by Darragh Murphy, a 39-year-old blogger from Boston, who had been flamed once too often while praising Clinton on the left-wing Daily Kos Website.

How strange that anyone writing for a political site would be smeared for backing a candidate of the same party. If the Democratic leadership had any sense of self-preservation, it would have shunned creepy bloggers and those who provided their forum. Instead, it hailed them as voices of the new generation.::snip::

It was Darragh Murphy I heard interviewed for close to an hour on KGO, by Rnn Owens. She stayed calm… Obviously I don’t agree with her but she was logical and restrained. And i noticed he never missed a chance to slam her as IRRATIONAL the next day in his 3 hour slot from Denver.

40. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

How strange that anyone writing for a political site would be smeared for backing a candidate of the same party.

Don’t read dkos much, do yo?

41. marisacat - 28 August 2008

The Invesco field teleprompter is huge.

BTW, GMA still pushing that Springsteen is scheduled. Oprah will wear special sun glasses emblazoned with Obama on teh side.

What can you do but laugh…

42. marisacat - 28 August 2008

And Biden is off an running (full text from Ben Smith)

Biden: Not 11 when first elected

Joe Biden swung by the Pennsylvania delegation breakfast this morning, and he was in high form, Ken Vogel reports.

“If I hear one more time that he was 11 years old when I went to the senate, I’m going to smack someone,” he said.

Biden also recalled having “hundred of thousands” of people at his announcement speech for his first U.S. Senate run, which would have been a lot in Delaware.

43. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008


“If I hear one more time that he was 11 years old when I went to the senate, I’m going to smack someone,” he said.

He’d obviously be banned from Pff.

Pretty ironic after they spent last nite touting how he was the so-called champion of violence against women and was the caped crusader against crime. Go ahead, Joe. Smack someone.

44. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

Btw, why is it acceptable to say Obamalama was only 8 when Ayers was in the Weather Underground but it’s not okay to note how old he was when Biden was elected?

45. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008
46. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

Museum defies Pope over crucified frog (with pic)

ROME – An Italian museum on Thursday defied Pope Benedict and refused to remove a modern art sculpture portraying a crucified green frog holding a beer mug and an egg that the Vatican had condemned as blasphemous.

The board of the Museion museum in the northern city of Bolzano decided by a majority vote that the frog was a work of art and would stay in place for the remainder of an exhibition.

The wooden sculpture by the late German artist Martin Kippenberger depicts a frog about 130 centimetres high nailed to brown cross and holding a beer mug in one outstretched hand and an egg in another.

Called Zuerst die Fuesse (Feet First), it wears a green loin cloth and is nailed through the hands and the feet in the manner of Jesus Christ. Its green tongue hangs out of its mouth.

47. marisacat - 28 August 2008

Well I have read that the VAWA act is as useless as the HAVA act.

Violence Against Women Act :: Help America Vote Act

48. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

That seems to be the only thing they can pull out of Biden’s biographical hat to woo the women who won’t vote for Obama.

Does anybody know how much tickets are for this grandiose speech tonite? (for a post I’m going to write)

49. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

I saw a woman in the convention audience the other nite wearing a “No More War” button beside an “Obama for President” button. The cognitive dissonance continues.

50. NYCO - 28 August 2008

I wonder how much of a crowd they’re really going to have at Invesco. It seems to me that a lot of people just don’t want to deal with the hassle of attending large-scale events. I’d be curious how many tickets they have sold, but that seems like it would be a closely guarded secret.

51. ms_xeno - 28 August 2008

re: #45

I just canceled a necessary exam earlier this week because I can’t afford it. $850 a month for insurance has a powerful vacuuming effect on one’s coffers, and there’s only so much play money you can pry from Discover [tm] in a given year.

[whistles] But of course it’s worth it to be fucked by doctors and hospitals and Pharma and insurance companies and their bought-and-paid-for hacks like Obama, because on my premature deathbed, I can take comfort in knowing that many people less virtuous (ie, poorer) than I got it just as bad, or worse.

God Bless America. >:

52. ms_xeno - 28 August 2008

Oh, and since Mcat asked for it, a snapshot of our rescue, Steve II.

53. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

Michael MacDonald’s appearing at the Obamaganza tonite too. He should sing, “What a Fool Believes”.

54. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

51. Wow. He looks like a young Obamacat (but with more exotic eyes). I should send you a pic so you can post it.

55. marisacat - 28 August 2008

NYCO at 50 out of Moderaton… Sorry!


ms xeno

850 eek. My COBRA was 550 a month and was pretty scary…

Thanks for the pic of Steve II… 😉 He’s a cutie…

56. ms_xeno - 28 August 2008

catnip, he’s definitely got Oriental Shorthair in him. That super-sleek coat, long neck, big ears, Siamese-sounding squawk.

We just delivered him back to the neighbors this morning. He was surly, but he was eating. Also they had to shave part of his face to clean the abcess, but he should get better really quick.

57. marisacat - 28 August 2008


They are closing I-25 that runs along Invesco, yu can’t park at the site yu have to be bused in ro dropped off, somehow.

I cannot imagine bothering but then again… LOL not my thing.

58. ms_xeno - 28 August 2008

Mcat, the pathetic thing is that WE GOT MARRIED to placate Pope Rat’s Insurance Co., and in the long run it don’t mean shit. The system is designed to repel and rob the people who support it, the exact opposite of its stated purpose.

You go to the local Catholic Hospital and it looks like an opulent hotel from a 1930s musical: Everything’s gilded, overstuffed, gleaming.

That’s where our fucking money goes. It doesn’t go to support us. It makes me furious. But mr_xeno is still going to pull the lever for Obama because “we have to stay focused on what’s really important.” Yeah, Roman column props and Blackwater in Darfur. Stay focused on that. Christ on stilts. [fume]

Glad you liked the pics. =^..^=

59. JJB - 28 August 2008

Biden also recalled having “hundred of thousands” of people at his announcement speech for his first U.S. Senate run, which would have been a lot in Delaware.

Yeah, the state’s current population is roughly 850,000. I was living there in the early 90s. Bill Clinton came twice, in ’92 and ’94. I didn’t see either event, but was just a few blocks away, and if the crowd had been as much as 10,000, no one would have been able to walk or drive through the main part of Wilmington, which I should add is the only place where rallies such as this are held in Delaware (Rodney Square, just outside the Hotel duPont). Biden is from Wilmington, and would certainly have made his announcement there.

60. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

Also they had to shave part of his face to clean the abcess, but he should get better really quick.

Obamacat had one of those on his face last summer. Eww. It healed without a problem though.

61. baypraire - 28 August 2008

striking kat! love the eyes.

They are pissing themselves with fear because, once again, they know their party and their brittle stuffed shirt nominees don’t have what it takes.

im afraid the donks have let everyone in the firm go except the marketing department. their problem isn’t the consumer, its the product. and their shelf-talker “vote for us or your an enabler of evil!” just doesnt cut it with a lot of folks.

62. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008
63. baypraire - 28 August 2008

Denali’s a pious little shit, but he wasn’t literally threatening peeder, which I’m sure that peeder knows.

bingo. but falling back on some rule “everyone knew” that doesn’t apply to keith moon, or as catnip points out, ek hornbeck, is chickenshitism. stones say “banned for being an asshole and calling me a “retarded Jew”. i’d surmise that’s a little closer to the truth.

might just turn out there never really was “something new” under the sun in democraticpartay blogwhirled, as promised.

64. wilfred - 28 August 2008

They’re going ga-ga over the ratings for the convention. Evidently Tuesday night had 26 million viewers, beyond expectations. I haven’t heard the numbers yet for last night.

65. NYCO - 28 August 2008

63. Clearly, they wanted to see if Hillary was going to cackle and disappear in an orange puff of smoke. (But all they got was an orange pantsuit…)

66. CSTAR - 28 August 2008

The two main political parties in the US are corporate entities with a different “business model” than usual profit maximizing firms. They can provide services (usually to corporations, but in principle also to political movements), much in the same way that Target or Wal-mart provides goods to consumers. Would you go GaGa over Target? Not if you’re a wise consumer.

We should get over thinking that the parties themselves are “movements”.

67. baypraire - 28 August 2008

We should get over thinking that the parties themselves are “movements”.

especically today of all days, as ob crowns himself on mount olympus stage as heir-apparent to martin luther king.

King, Randolph, and Rustin may have tailored the tactics and goals of the March for Jobs and Freedom to political realities. But they did not pander to opponents to their right. In fact, these civil rights activists actually organized the march over the objections of influential liberals, their alleged allies, including President John F. Kennedy. March organizers ultimately refused to capitulate to the President’s requests to call off the rally for two reasons. First, they understood what Frederick Douglass articulated so eloquently more than 150 years ago, “power concedes nothing without a demand.” Second, King, Randolph, Rustin and the march they helped organize were all part of an extant insurgent political movement. This meant that their political base was beyond the control of the Democratic Party’s apparatus, empowering them, if you will, to press their demands in the face of opposition from both their enemies and their putative friends.

In this light, Obama’s mantra “yes we can” cannot hold a candle to King’s “I have a dream.” Not because King was a more eloquent speaker than Obama. But because King’s mythical speech was, in reality, just an exclamation point – albeit a powerful one – in a vibrant political insurgency.

68. NYCO - 28 August 2008

66. Yes, I wonder how differently the civil rights movement would have unfolded if King and other leaders had capitulated to the Kennedy Administration on some things. Things would have “happened” sooner, but they might have been half measures.

Why do I get the feeling we’re about to embark on a gigantic and enduring half-measure?

69. baypraire - 28 August 2008

our country needs columns badly, i fear all all we’ll get in the end are props.

August 28,1963

weve fallen so far. from “i have a dream” to “i have a scheme”.

70. NYCO - 28 August 2008

66. A further thought. I am bemused/disturbed by the continually shifting comparisons: Obama is JFK! No, he’s MLK! No, he’s RFK!

Well, JFK was not MLK. MLK was not RFK. RFK was not JFK. In fact, JFK opposed some of the things MLK wanted to do. (Tell that to an average Koswhack… watch their head explode.)

Today’s generation’s appreciation of what went on in the ’60s is getting hazier by the year. Pretty soon all understanding will be lost.

71. CSTAR - 28 August 2008

I just noticed this on Huffpost

Lyndon Baines Johnson was born 100 years ago today. After Franklin Roosevelt, his record as a progressive Democrat was unsurpassed.

But here in Denver, where podium time has been found for a mind-numbing array of obscure speakers, the day will pass without ceremony or acknowledgment.

But, interestingly, the decision to ignore Johnson was made by Barack Obama himself.

72. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008
73. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

My prediction for McSurge’s VP pick: that eBay woman

74. marisacat - 28 August 2008


apologies, just got you out of Moderation from 8:50 am…

well, we can expect further entertainments from Bi… LOL



The only thing I can add, LBJ has been ignored before, left out of a series of Democrativ portraits at conventions and so forth. Not mentioned…

I wish they could find a way to remember the legislation, but my guess is that Teddy prefers people think it was all Jack.

But it was not. Also I think by now they want lots of Americans to forget abut, if they ever knew (a friend of mine had no idea ther is a Fair Housing Act), some of that landmark leg

I love how fucking petty they all are.

75. marisacat - 28 August 2008

58 – ms xeno

The only good thing is that the Catholic hosptial in town is very very bery good. St Francis. It is also nearest to downtown, hotel, theatre, shopping disstrict, and I am sure rape victims get taken there (as well as other hosptials too) … and we all know of the complications of lack of care, about to be codified thanks to HHS

What a mess we are in.

76. marisacat - 28 August 2008

The Temple of Ob staging supervisor is a veteran of Britney tours.

77. CSTAR - 28 August 2008

I was feeling Daily Koshish… they seem to be in full architecture mode over there. (in defense of, that is).

Well look at the bright side, at least there’s not a giant toilet bowl in place of the columns.

78. marisacat - 28 August 2008

nhu thred:


…………………. 8) ……………….

Hearing Anna Eshoo, a california congress critter, saying Obama “needs to introduce himself tonight”, Gil Gross (KGO) just flat out said, ”how abut not needing to do that, but instead talking to people about what MATTERS TO THEM? What about connecting with the voter?”

What a fucking loser party.

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