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Get your war campaigns on……. 28 August 2008

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, WAR!.


hand crafted birds by Ann Woods

I see no reason McCain cannot fully leak his VPessa today, get down to work and wind this up by close of business Monday. Then they can glue chips of razorblades under their fingernails and slash each other in the hallway at school. I have never quite forgotten hearing, as a small child, that was a technique of gang battle at Balboa HS here in SF. Good enough for the gangs of the 50s, good enough for The – Used-To-Be – Maverick and The Historical One We Have Been Waiting For (Even If We Did Not Know That).

During the night, think I saw some film taken at Invesco… drenched colors, a deep blue (perhaps we are the Atlanteans!) and columns lit from below.

Where are the one armed bandits? Can I get a drink comped?… while the House wins?

ADDENDA: NYCO provided this link to AFP and GETTY still shots taken at the Invesco Field event that I saw… and may I say the thread at DKOS is loaded with chumps!

AND (via Geraghty):


The Celebrity Ad, Confirmed

This is beyond parody. Despite being infuriated by the “Celebrity” ad featuring Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, Obama’s campaign, in organizing his speech tonight used the staging supervisor… of Britney Spears’ concerts.


Speaking of the House winning, I also caught this during the night, ABC investigative report from Brian Ross on the ‘Pelosi 100’, a special strata of top donor being feted at the convention. Undercover film of Howard greeting them at a private room party at the Pepsi Center, his opening gambit? “You are part of the business plan of the Party”.

As Ellen Miller of the Sunlight Foundation (a very worthy org) said in interview:

“I think he [Obama] could have sent a signal to say I want this tamped down,” said Ellen Miller of the Sunlight Foundation, a political ethics watchdog group.

“But he has not,” she said, “so it’s party time.”

A spokesman for the Obama campaign, Ben LaBolt, said the Senator could not “make changes to this year’s convention” because of the “very late end to the primary season.”

As a result, lobbyists are once again spending millions of dollars here on gourmet food, top-shelf liquor and private lavish parties for Democratic elected officials who seem more than happy to play the role of world-class freeloaders.

Oh but they told us the party, the whole damned thing, is now run by ObamaRama… yes they did. That was never said for Kerry – a weak flop but a long time senator.

A lot of interesting scams being run…

In fact, one of the country’s leading lobbyists, Steve Farber, was chosen by the Democratic party chairman Howard Dean in 2006 to serve as co-chair and chief fundraiser of the Denver host committee that puts on the convention.

Farber, a Denver lawyer, is the founding partner of Brownstein, Farber and Hyatt, one the most prominent and active lobbying operations in Washington.

Farber and his team have persuaded some 141 corporations to contribute more than $50 million to pay the costs of putting on the Democrats’ convention.

Among other things, the exalted 100, of which there is an even more exalted 35, are being served the “rarest peaches in America”.

LaBolt said the candidate wants to “significantly change the way conventions are funded in the future should he be elected.”

“Barack Obama is committed to reforming our political system and getting the special interests out of politics,” he said, as the first of hundreds of lobbyist-paid parties were getting underway in Denver.

So clear that Obama is hired as Placater in Chief, keep the masses patted down…



1. marisacat - 28 August 2008

via The Page (I am loving this, UNLEASH BIden!)

Outside Invesco Field, the Democratic running mate jokes about being veep with a National Guardsman:

“If I had your hair I’d be president, you know what I mean? I wouldn’t be screwing around with this job.”

2. aemd - 28 August 2008

Very nice post by Ioz, Hell Yeah.

Sometimes that man just lays the crap on the cutting board and slices right through it.

3. ms_xeno - 28 August 2008

Gatto has a pro-McKinney post at PFF. The usual suspects lost no time in crapping themselves all over it– demonstrating once again how little it takes to scare them shitless over any possible inconvenience to their favorite sports franchise.

Think I’ll leave them in Smithee’s capable hands. He has more enthusiasm for carnival games than I do.

4. aemd - 28 August 2008

The moving of the DNC’s political department to Chicago was just the start of the milkin’ of the ole money cow. LOL. Gotta love the avarice of the Chicago machine. Grab the popcorn and hang onto your wallet.

Another from IOZ;

“Last night the Donk upped the anty in the couple of minutes of speeches that I caught, raising the old “one of the most important elections of our lifetimes” with a mountain of “one of the most important elections in the history of our nation.” What’re we going to call 2012: the Second Coming? The Singularity? In fact this has so far proved to be one of the least significant campaigns I can recall, with the Democrats making broad, if milquetoast, appeals to some very vague and entirely rhetorical notion of social justice while striving to appear modestly less militant even as they pimp their chimerical toughness, while Republicans proclaim that the free-market rising tide will lift all boats, decry a non-existent Democratic socialism, and rattle the decorative saber at an increasingly uncowed world.”


5. marisacat - 28 August 2008

ms xeno

thanks for the reminder.. I had read it before there were comments.. off to look.



IOZ saves sanity… LOL

6. marisacat - 28 August 2008

It has to be over 90 in SF today… but felt coolish at 7:30 am so I defrosted tw chick breasts. Delish but the wrong day for the oven.


7. NYCO - 28 August 2008

Alleged excerpts from Obama’s speech.

8. marisacat - 28 August 2008

well I don’t see anything new there… but then when Jesse made ti to Really Really Big Prime TIme, think in 88, when he won 7 million votes, I had heard his pseech and the variations so many times, it was a bit flat for me

9. marisacat - 28 August 2008

Ambinder says Ob Camp officials worried about empty seats during prime time.

10. marisacat - 28 August 2008

Jesus. I truned on ABC to wait for the 5pm local news, last five minutes of Oprah… and she has on that crank Cosby with his duenna Toussaint.

Gets old.

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008
12. NYCee - 28 August 2008

Bloody nose, bloody awful!

Biden’s Bloody Nose speech was … blech.

Came home with nose bloodied by bullies, Maw sent him out again, to punch the bigger guy back. (Maw laughs and nods knowingly from the stands)

Ya get punched, ya get up, ya get up, kid!!!

This is our great worldly diplomat?

Aye. Gimme a vacation.

And he said al Qaeda and Taliban were ignored, and they were the ones who “attacked us.”

Taliban did?

(At least Kerry, in a 180 from 2004, decided to take a page out of his Vietnam protester book, stand up for it… safe to do, now that he’s not running.)

Is Biden having a McCain moment? He also thundered how blessed Barack put 150 Illinoians on insurance. I50?

No matter. The crowd just clapped on cue, anyway. He could have said Barack doesnt brush just ONE tooth, he brushes ALL his teeth, and they would have clapped. Whatever you say, it’s all supposed to be good, we know what you mean, Joe, John, et al. If Barack is the subject, it’s all good!

13. marisacat - 28 August 2008

hmmm Lenin’s Tomb has a piece on far right, white supremacist, neo Nazi in the US Mil.

[L]etting everybody in

The neo-Nazi movement has had a long and tense relationship with the U.S. military reported back as far as the Korean and Vietnam wars, possibly before. The leaders in the movement have often encouraged members to sign up in an effort to receive combat and weapons training to bring to the Race War domestically.

The U.S. military command in turn has periodically introduced legislation and guidelines in an effort to stifle the infiltration of white supremacists and neo-Nazis into their ranks.

Since September 11th 2001 and the two-front war in Afghanistan and Iraq, this fraught relationship has taken a new turn. In January 2008, there were 158,000 U.S. military personnel in Iraq, with 17,000 in Afghanistan. In all, nearly a million individuals have served in both wars.

In 2005 the army missed their enlistment targets by the largest margin since 1979. This strain on the army in terms of maintaining these huge troop levels has caused their enlistment standards to slip. From educational attainment to criminal records, less is now asked. According to every white supremacist and neo-Nazi organization I talked to in the U.S. – which has included over a dozen different groups – this new laxness has included the military attitude to far-right extremists as well. ::snip::

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

I think we had an ornament in our old goldfish tank that looked like that backdrop. In fact, the gravel on the bottom was pretty close to the same color.

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

6 – If you like chicken breasts, I recommend getting a George Foreman grill. I love the way chicken comes out on that thing, and no need to fire up the oven.

16. NYCee - 28 August 2008

I watched the Charlie Rose round table later.

The subject was Barack’s need to bring it home to resistant voters re the economy, that he needs to clarify and differentiate from McCain. Punch it up! (Biden punches, he’s for the working man!) Today I notice the key word is Obama’s speech needs to be “workmanlike” )

One journalist FINALLY brought up the inconvenient notion, amidst the multiple utterings of safe generalities and diversions from incisive analysis, that the problem is that Obama hasnt really shown his hand here, shown if he is a progressive populist (used eg of Sherrod Brown, antiNAFTA, etc) new dealer type or a globalist (see: “corporatist”).

Well, they shoved it away and blathered on, but that is exactly the problem, as I see it, only I think he has shown his triangle quite obvioulsy. That is exactly why he cannot deliver a strong speech on the economy and why the Dems cannot dish red meat, bloody up the GOP on the economy (etc), make the distinction – because then they couldnt act like the corporatist partners he and they (many) intend to be, once they get their wins.

The Brown wife, reporter, forget her name, did bring it up fleetingly, again, just that she is wary and waiting to see which side he lands on. (Charlie moved it on.) Which side he lands on?! Does she really believe he is going to renegotiate NAFTA or quit?

So they managed to basically ignore one guest at the table, who I found unavoidable – the smelly, flea infested 800 lb. gorilla sitting smack in the middle of it. When the stink becomes unavoidable they swiftly spritz the cologne on themselves and each other, and babble on and on. What gorilla?


17. marisacat - 28 August 2008

The Brown wife, reporter, forget her name, did bring it up fleetingly, again, just that she is wary and waiting to see which side he lands on. (Charlie moved it on.) Which side he lands on?! Does she really believe he is going to renegotiate NAFTA or quit?

yeah agree…

NYCee I heard that same CRose rountable… and Connie SHultz, Sherrod wife, has missed the boat (intentionally I imagine). ObamaRama has clarified on NAFTA, earlier statemtns in Ohio were excesses of what you say when yu are running.

Poor Connie. Sherrod, Al Hunt, Ron Walters… and so on. But good retailers of shit based politics.

18. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

Hey, I think Crusty Sock dropped in some rec’s over in the McKinney diary!

19. marisacat - 28 August 2008


I do like chicken breats… never had anything cooked from a George Forman grill… thanks for the idea.

20. Intermittent Bystander - 28 August 2008

FYI for anyone watching the pundit enhanced networks, Stevie Wonder’s starting up on CSPAN.

21. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

19 – it’s also good for quickly grilling veggies & fruit. Easy to clean, cooks fast.

22. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

No water or toilets at Freedom Cage

The vast unused Freedom Cage for protesters at the Pepsi Center has no water or toilets in apparent violation of a federal judge’s order.

The Secret Service and other government officials also had assured the judge that most delegates would be walking past the protest area on their way to the convention, but none do, said Mark Silverstein, legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union.

In fact, the protest area, now known as the Freedom Cage, is so remote and disengaged from the convention that few protesters are using it.

But those who do have to leave in search of water or toilets.

U.S. District Judge Marcia Krieger issued an order Aug. 6 that set conditions for the protest zone and resolved an ACLU lawsuit against the city and U.S. Secret Service over security restrictions.

Page 10 of the order states: “Water stations and sanitary facilities will be provided within the zone.”

However, the nearest portable toilet is a block and a half away. The nearest water is a single water fountain with two spigots for filling bottles that is rigged up on a fire hydrant a block away from the demonstration zone.

There are no signs directing people in the demonstration where to go for toilets or water. The toilets and water station are not visible from the demonstration zone.

Silverstein said the zone does not reflect what the judge was told by the city and Secret Service.

23. NYCee - 28 August 2008

I have double channel viewing capacity, I usually put it to Cspan on one side and flip to PBS, on the other for convention viewing. A few flips to MSN on occasion for candy, but it quickly makes me sugar sick. They burble proObama inanities endlessly.

Tweety, by the way, hopped on the Cspan bus months ago for an informal chat. Talk got to the election (may have been his “Obama sends a tingle up my leggins” phase) and he said he’s of a mind these days, it’s his passion au courant, to vote for every black person he can. I think he said he voted for Steele (R) in Maryland.

He’s wearing redemption goggles.

24. NYCO - 28 August 2008

I’m not watching. I love being contrary.

25. NYCee - 28 August 2008

Oh, that was for #20.

Yeah, it was so lame, had to be intentional. She’s cant be stupid, must be playing it.

Wonder what CR will bring forth tonight. Still, I can stomach the CR scene more than Tweety, KO, Rachel, Eugene and all the other ObamaLuvBugs.

26. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008
27. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

Gore must be on IV caffeine.

28. marisacat - 28 August 2008

God Gore is stiff… and racing his words.

I know he is capable of better (his 4 speeches in 2002-03) but this sounds like an ad for his VC work in SIllicon ValleyLand.

29. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

Oh c’mon now, Al. If Obama’s all that and a slice of cheesecake, why does he support offshore drilling?

(He’s talking way too fast. My mind is on overload.)

30. marisacat - 28 August 2008


DRose was almost unwatchable last night, he had three (Halperin, Norris and Kearns Goodwin) in remote locations and it went badly. Hoepfully they get that ironed out.

31. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

Obama = Abe Lincoln

Mon dieu.

32. marisacat - 28 August 2008


he really is speeding, and getting faster too. They must be behind again and need to tee up the Obama Golf Ball at 10:15 ET

33. marisacat - 28 August 2008

Obama as cash cow for moral authority. I mean, Gore just said with him we can speak with MA to the whole rest of the world.


34. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

I made chicken breasts in the crockpot yesterday. Added mushroom soup, mushrooms, sour cream, a package of onion soup mix and put a box of Stovetop stuffing on top. Had sandwiches tonite. Mmmm.

35. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

Images of the Arctic Ocean as We Will Know It

Not that the politicians give a fuck.

Man, it’s depressing to watch John Lewis flack for Obama.

36. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

ooops, that was Elijah Cummings. That’s what I get for not paying closer attention.

37. NYCee - 28 August 2008

Ive got my extra wooley leg warmers on… in August!

To guard against the chills. When HE speaks. Maybe I need to rubberize them too. The electricity just may be killer.

Oh, Marisa, did you notice, Hillary was channeling Ann Richards in her speech the other night? Really heard the AR cadence, dramatic pause, tone, etc. Especially in lines like the McCain/GWB twin cities meetup is fitting because… you cant tell them apart! Very “silver foot in his mouth.” Was well delivered, crisply done, I thought.

Saw footage of Ann from conventions gone by. She was such a pleasure to watch.

38. jam.fuse - 28 August 2008

re lucky 13

S. Douglas Smith is the Public Affairs Officer at the Department of the Army. “We don’t exclude people from the army based on their thoughts,” he says. “We exclude based on behavior. But a tattoo of an offensive nature, racial, sexual, or extremist might be a reason for them not to be in the military.”

In March 2006 regulations on tattoos were changed. But they were loosened on non-extremist tattoos so that now body art covering the hands, neck and face would be permitted. There was no official acknowledgement of a relaxation of the regulation on extremist tattoos, although, according to extremist groups and the anti-racist organization the Southern Poverty Law Center, this has been implicitly applied.

Even a swastika might get through. “A swastika would trigger questions, but again if the gentlemen said, “I like the way [a] swastika looked,” and had [a] clean criminal record, it’s possible we would allow that person in.”

Nice to know one can now proudly kill for exxon with a swastika tattooed on your mug.

(howdy internet dude/ttes)

39. Intermittent Bystander - 28 August 2008

23 – I can barely stand the one TV, but can see how 2 might mitigate the annoyance of both braying and sportschat.

We’re getting a fircking Eisenhower now?

40. Intermittent Bystander - 28 August 2008

Oh Lordie, it’s a passel of generals.

41. NYCO - 28 August 2008

In other news, David Duchovny is in treatment for sex addiction.

(And we needed to know this… why?)

42. marisacat - 28 August 2008

hmm they dd scrape up a spot for Wesley Clark. Gah.

The parade of Generals. A quadrennial prom I gather.

43. marisacat - 28 August 2008



44. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008
45. Intermittent Bystander - 28 August 2008

That did it. Now I’ve got Brokaw honking about Springsteen.

BTW – I see Tweety’s redemption more in the form of years of utterly silent meditation.

46. marisacat - 28 August 2008

Gen Gration speaking now, really bothers me a lot. And it is Gration, from what I could figure out, that was the core reason for the big battle about ObRama going to see US mil at Ramstein AF hosptial (or Landstuhl, forget which one he had on tap to visit). Gration is a campaign surrogate/operative for Ob and had been chief communicatins officer for Ramstein or Landstuhl (again forget which) and apparently it ws Gration that stuck in the craw of the Pentagon.

I am sick of being barked at tho. Sick of it.

47. Intermittent Bystander - 28 August 2008

41 and 44 – Some blessings are just extra special!

48. marisacat - 28 August 2008

Biiden again. This is UNFAIR.

49. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008
50. Intermittent Bystander - 28 August 2008

Add absolute cloistering to the silent Rx for Tweety.

Here comes Regular Guy Joe!

51. Intermittent Bystander - 28 August 2008

49 – WTF? He’s a Princess again?

Hi jamfuse!

52. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

Over 600 arrested, fellow workers clap and applaud as workers are taken into custody

If you want to know why the union movement is dying, why it is it’s own worst enemy:

One worker caught in Monday’s sweep at the Howard Industries transformer plant said fellow workers applauded as immigrants were taken into custody. Federal officials said a tip from a union member prompted them to start investigating several years ago.

Fabiola Pena, 21, cradled her 2-year-old daughter as she described a chaotic scene at the plant as the raid began, followed by clapping.

“I was crying the whole time. I didn’t know what to do,” Pena said. “We didn’t know what was happening because everyone started running. Some people thought it was a bomb but then we figured out it was immigration.”

53. marisacat - 28 August 2008

The Tokens…. parade of the Tokens.

54. Intermittent Bystander - 28 August 2008

The speeeeeech has beeeeen releeeeeeased!

And Keith O is fucking reading it on-air now himself?

55. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

GP Prez Cand Cynthia McKinney on Joe Biden’s Speech Last Night

Hi! I was just asked to comment on Joe Biden’s speech. Here is my statement:

“It’s clear that Joe Biden will be the Democrats’ Dick Cheney. that means Democrats, just like the Republicans, represent more war and brutal occupation. They are playing with the notion that 60 enemies on Dick Cheney’s list aren’t enough and that nuclear Russia and nuclear China should be added to the enemies list.

“Joe Biden is handmaiden to the special interests in Washington, D.C. that rely on war, death, untold carnage, and the insecurity of average, ordinary American citizens to have their way. It is clear that a vote for the Democratic Party is a vote for more war.

“It is time to derail the war machine or we will become victims of it–just as our children are victimized by the police state and the prison-industrial complex.”

56. marisacat - 28 August 2008


and Instapundit wasted no time saying regular USA brand people have applied for thsoe 600 jobs that “no American will do”.

57. Intermittent Bystander - 28 August 2008

There will be specifics about CHANGE! sez Keith, all a-quivering.

After comparing the whole thing to the Queen’s Speech (of England), it now it dawns on Keith that the text ain’t tonight’s script for his OWN Special Comment.

Tweety continues to fill up his diapers, one way and then another.

58. marisacat - 28 August 2008

Ben Smith commentary (and it should scare women, frankly)

Gore is also, strikingly, a rare speaker to mention abortion rights — an issue Democrats have generally chosen not to press here in Denver.

59. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

54. And Keith O is fucking reading it on-air now himself?

Why am I not surprised?? lol

Hi jamfuse. Weren’t you in Old Europe or somewhere?

60. Intermittent Bystander - 28 August 2008

BTW – Did everyone catch McCain’s Kindly, Friendly, Tolerant, Congratulations ad, released this afternoon?


I’m a patronizing old white guy, and I approved this message.

61. marisacat - 28 August 2008

full text Jesus’ text from sermon on the Invesco mount.

62. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

I think Obama should just appear on stage, underlit in the dark, and say “I will remake America and the world in my image” and then walk away.

63. NYCee - 28 August 2008

I didnt mind the speech, just the rush. Gore seemed too speedy to be stiff. You could hear the clock ticking. Should have nixed a few of the previous speakers and let him have a decent amount of time. How often can these people hear the same lines over and over, anyway?

64. NYCee - 28 August 2008

# 62




65. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

58 – I was telling a donk activist I know today that an altar was going to rise up from the stage and Obama and Biden are going to sacrifice a uterus on it then smear the blood on each other’s forehead.

66. marisacat - 28 August 2008

How often can these people hear the same lines over and over, anyway?

Yes they can! Yes they can! (rerun)

67. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

I really think this quote says it all:

When a close circle of his top advisers presented Mr. Obama with $6 million plans to move his acceptance speech to the football stadium in early July, the candidate asked one question, said Anita Dunn, a senior strategist: “Will it rain?”

68. Intermittent Bystander - 28 August 2008

63- Agree.

69. Intermittent Bystander - 28 August 2008

Look forward to a fleeting local newsclip about the distribution of fliers with a photoshopped Durbin in turban on election day.

70. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

Who is this narrator? The guy from The Waltons?

71. NYCO - 28 August 2008

67. No, this says it all:

Not everyone will be sitting under the baking sun at Invesco Field today. Members of the Obama campaign’s national finance committee are getting their own prime luxury skybox on the 50-yard line and two credentials a person. Those with perhaps a bit more clout have access to an array of other skyboxes, including one reserved for the Obama campaign’s finance chairwoman, Penny Pritzker. Major donors are being shuttled to the field by bus and have their own entrance, so they can avoid the long lines. Fund-raisers scrambled this morning keep their donors happy, fielding endless requests for more and better credentials.

Meet the new boss…

72. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

Tissue, anyone?

73. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

when do we get to that part in this “Behind the Music” when disaster strikes: “After years of hard work on the streets of Chicago, one day Barry woke up and the magic was gone!”

74. jam.fuse - 28 August 2008

Hi all

Yes I was across the big drink for ten weeks, quite an adventure.

Going back in a week, assuming the border goons let me in.

The global police state is way behind over there, but catching up.

Nonetheless still quite a bit of freedom and fun to be had.

If they don’t want me over there I will head up to your country, LC.

75. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

“I am my brother’s keeper.” Does he really want to be saying that considering…?

76. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

He’s morphed into Elvis. Thank you. Thank you very much.

77. marisacat - 28 August 2008

what a relief… “The Change We Need” accepted.

78. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

74. If they don’t want me over there I will head up to your country, LC.


Just don’t eat the meat. Between that and mad cow, we should be a nation of vegetarians by now.

79. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

“train home”


80. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

Biden takes conductors home every nite? Slut.

81. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

We don’t get to have our own dreams in Canada. They’re assigned to us. That’s why America is so unique.

82. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

What? They want to bring back Eight is Enough?

83. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

Pretty damn boring speech. Run of the mill Obama stump speech.

84. marisacat - 28 August 2008

borrring. all about obama.

85. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

not gonna have any trouble falling asleep tonight.

86. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

Obamacat said ‘fuck this’ and went to sleep.

87. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

Good timing, MitM. 🙂

88. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

Sure. You’ll just be sucking Canada dry of all of our oil.

89. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

88 – well, we steal a lot of your musicians and comedians, so that is the natural next step.

90. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

And don’t forget to pick up your Oprah gift bags on the way out.

91. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

except daughters will have to consult the sons and their clergy about what choices to make about their own bodies.

92. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

I can’t wait for Tweety & Teh Big-headed Guy to talk about the red-meatedness of this speech. Swoon.

89. well, we steal a lot of your musicians and comedians, so that is the natural next step.

I can’t tell you what we steal from you because there are black helicopters circling overhead.

93. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

our nutty religiousity and winger politics?

94. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

More war again! Yay!

95. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

“don’t worry, scared white America, I’ll kill those scarier niggers for you!”

96. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

93. our nutty religiousity and winger politics?

Yeah. Can we return them please? We really didn’t mean to steal them. We were just too busy drinking beer and playing hockey to notice what was happening.

97. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

” … we are the party of the Gulf of Tonkin, we are the party of My Lai, we are the party of Hiroshima and Nagasaki …”

98. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

I’m into this higher realm of politics. That’s why I make jokes about how many houses John McCain has. Vote for me.

99. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

Teh Gayz deserve fewer rights than Teh Straights. Yay!

100. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

“This election has never been about me.”


101. marisacat - 28 August 2008

ffs it has always been abut him. clearly. They never ever get past it.

102. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

Picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue…

103. marisacat - 28 August 2008

just for a break… LOL

stammer stammer

he better ace those dbates. No telepromper.

104. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

Harpers: Free Speech Zone

I was making my way onto the convention grounds late Wednesday afternoon when I saw an unusually large congregation of black-clad riot police. I noticed as well that a technician had set up a TV camera such that it faced away from the “security zone” and onto the public street—in fact, just past the gates through which I had entered. I asked the technician what was happening and he said that there was going to be a riot.

The rumor was that the rock band Rage Against the Machine had just finished a performance and then suggested to its 9,000 audience members that they all leave the concert together and march over to the convention. Another man, in army pants and carefully-tucked-in Hawaiian shirt, probably a reporter, closed his cell phone and said with some excitement that the marchers were just a few blocks away. I decided to wait and see what would happen.

By then a second phalanx of riot police had coalesced and other reporters passing through the gates had begun to take notice. We all looked outward. The marchers were believed to be heading down Speer Boulevard, the very street on which we ourselves happened to be standing. Between us and them was a chest-high steel mesh barrier. There were more rumors: The marchers planned to rush the fence; they wanted to incite a police riot; they had stockpiled bags of their own urine to throw at delegates. The reporters waited.

A tall officer in sunglasses told us, politely, that he might have to ask us to move away from the perimeter. A photographer wondered aloud about how to get up higher for a better shot, and another cameraman offered to boost him onto a stoplight, an offer the first photographer declined. “I don’t think the cops would like that,” he said. Other cameramen lounged in lawn chairs atop their satellite trucks, like picnickers before the Battle of Bull Run.

I wanted to see what would happen at the Free Speech Zone from the inside, but that meant I would have to wait in line as well. I ended up standing next to a lanky, graying reporter whose security badge indicated he was from USA Today. I asked him if anyone had ever used the Free Speech Zone. He didn’t think so. But he had heard that the final location of the Zone was the result of considerable wrangling. The original location was almost completely inaccessible, and local activists had managed to ensure that the new location would be at least somewhat more visible.

This may have been the case, but the new location did not seem to be much of an improvement. I asked several volunteers if they knew where it was located, and none of them did. I finally found it myself by following some riot police to the edge of the security zone.

The Free Speech Zone, it turned out, looked liked the caged-in playground of a 1970’s-era housing project. It was made of the same kind of mesh barriers as the rest of the perimeter, only the barriers were much taller—maybe ten feet—and they had been doubled into parallel walls about four feet apart, like the twin battlements atop a medieval castle. To the right of this cage, which was about the size of three tennis courts, was a large gate, currently sealed. On one side were two dozen riot police, quite relaxed. On the other, just barely in view, the marchers. No one was in the cage. I asked one of the officers what was going on, and he said they refused to enter.

It did seem futile. No delegates were anywhere to be seen. I was the only reporter there. Bill Clinton was about to speak. One young man with a press badge hanging from his neck did approach, but it turned out that he was simply trying to get to the Circle K convenience mart that had the misfortune of being located in the restricted zone. He wanted cigarettes, and so he decided to wait out the demonstration.

I learned later, from a review of the show in the Denver Post, that Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello had called for a non-violent march to end the war. “We’re going right now,” he had said. “We’ll meet you outside.” Also present, according to the Post, was Ron Kovick, the Vietnam veteran who had written Born on the Fourth of July, who said to the audience, “We will bring the troops home, and we will do this nonviolently, in the spirit of Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.”

A volunteer driving a trash cart paused to consider the situation. His youth and shaggy demeanor suggested that he might be on the side of anarchy and/or peace, but in fact he was disdainful. He looked at the meandering crowd and said, “All of them should go out and try making some money and then do something.” Then he drove off.

105. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

“I had a dream!”

because this speech put me to sleep.

In the dream a fat white cat and a black cat with siamese eyes were chasing craft-made birds around a George Forman grill …

106. marisacat - 28 August 2008

thank god the fathr it is over

107. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

Oh NOZ. Not a country song. Bad bad bad.

108. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

Oh and it’s my favourite theme “Only in America”. FFS. There’s a big world out there people. Check into it.

109. marisacat - 28 August 2008

after beijing, fireworks were NOT a good idea. they look like mistakes.

110. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

Some good news for a change: Massachusetts Abortion Facility Buffer Zone Law Upheld

A Massachusetts federal district judge rejected last week a challenge to a state law requiring a 35-foot buffer zone around driveways and entrances of reproductive health care facilities.

In a Boston Globe article last February, Angus McQuilken, vice president of public affairs for the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts is quoted saying: “For too long, patients and staff had to endure in-your-face screaming and harassment just to get to doctor’s appointments. This 35-foot zone is more than reasonable.”

In a 75-page opinion by U.S. District Judge Joseph L. Tauro in McCullen v. Coakley (D MA, Aug. 22, 2008), the court rejected First Amendment, Equal Protection and Due Process challenges.

In denying the Free Speech claim, Judge Tauro wrote: “The Act does not regulate speech, expression, prayer, singing, worship or display of religious articles. It merely regulates where such expression may take place, i.e., outside of a clearly marked buffer zone during the normal business hours of an RHCF. The Act also applies to all non-exempt persons equally. As a result, this court is ‘bound to conclude that the regulation does not discriminate against a particular religion or religious practice.’ ”

In a different context, but same legal principle, the Supreme Court has said: “the right of free exercise does not relieve an individual of the obligation to comply with a ‘valid and neutral law of general applicability.’ ” Employment Division v. Smith, 494 U.S. 872 (1990).

111. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

I was waiting for Biden to stage dive …

112. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

Here come the Token Merkins. Yay!

113. marisacat - 28 August 2008

it si a spectacular modern stadium tho, with that curving horizon line…

114. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

MoJo Video: Party-Crashing The Democratic National Convention’s Private Back Rooms

Nancy Watzman of the Sunlight Foundation, a government oversight group, is trying to illustrate the ineffectiveness of current ethics restrictions by attempting to get into as many fancy receptions as she can, knowing she’ll be rejected time and time again. While it is not shocking that a party-crasher would get turned away at the door of a high-end party, it nicely illustrates that the infamous smoke-filled backroom is still alive and well, at least in a figurative sense, and that oversight has a long way to go.

I spent an afternoon with Nancy as she sought a lobbying firm’s reception, Democratic top-dollar donors, and a party thrown by the CEO of a telecom company. Not surprisingly, we ended the day without a single cucumber sandwich. [To see her try, watch the video above.] —Jonathan Stein

I love the part of the video where the flack gives Nancy the scripted PR push.

115. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008


What would Tim think? Gee Brian that’s a toughy…he’d probably think what you think and Stephanopoulos thinks and Gibson thinks and Brokaw thinks and Couric thinks and Blitzer thinks…you know…somewhere safely inside the parameters of debate. Maybe for divergent views there’d be a round-table with David Broder drooling fossilized idiocy and Jon Meacham spouting biblical idiocy and Matalin and Carville encapsulating idiocy at the genetic level.

Meanwhile, Richard Cohen likes the Joe Biden pick because he saw John McCain dance with Jill Biden “on the terrace of the sublime Villa d’Este on the shore of Italy’s stunning Lake Como.”

If Hunter Thompson were alive he would kill himself again.

116. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008
117. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008
118. marisacat - 28 August 2008

hmm Novakula, hmself, rose from his death bed to write against the Lieberman pick. Yesterday I think…


119. marisacat - 28 August 2008

Sorry fro the delay Madman… your Harper’s link out of Moderation, up thread a bit…

120. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 August 2008

I thought the comparison of the reporters to the picnickers at Bull Run summed up the modern media pretty well.

121. marisacat - 28 August 2008

Not to burst any Democratic bubbles but the last midnight before voting opened at 7 am (or whatever) in ’76, Jimmie had a rally in Los Angeles… it was huge. Some reports said a million… of course a different era, unions could turn people out and so on… Even if ti was 200k or 300K it was massive, like the big immigration rallies of two years ago.

Network television broke in to carry it live.. and I sat up in bed and was happy as I thought then, Jimmie will win tomorrow.

122. bayprairie - 28 August 2008

i’m kind of late to the dance (as usual) but XP has put up a couple of posts from the convention. evidently hes attending. i saw a blurb on houston indy media tonight and went over for a looksee. his earlier post mentions the police presence and his second promises he’ll catch up after its over.

completely unrelated but

You’ll just be sucking Canada dry of all of our oil.

i thought canada dry was ginger ale

123. bayprairie - 28 August 2008

boyo posts a not-too-bad bad clown anecdote.

harry and fletch

Just came from a meeting with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and a small group of bloggers where we learned that he’s a big fan of Chevy Chase who he met at an event last night. According to the senator, when they met he thanked him for making him laugh so much over the years. Chase responded, “I hear people laugh at you a lot, too.”

124. marisacat - 28 August 2008

Pfferfluffer still down!

*[new] I’ll make clear (0.00 / 0)

that everyone is free to call me a racist jewboy several times a day, but no, you are not free to make threats across state lines, in violation of federal law.

As long as that (or similar) doesn’t become a pattern, this will not become a pattern.

by peeder @ Thu Aug 28, 2008 at 14:14:49 PM PDT

125. bayprairie - 28 August 2008

this is way funny

by Hair Club for Men


Denali’s an obnoxious jerk but he got banned for a completely arbitrary reason


dude just doesn’t get “personal”.

126. marisacat - 28 August 2008

Chase responded, “I hear people laugh at you a lot, too.”

IIRC CC grew up IN Chevy Chase.. not a dummie.

127. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

i thought canada dry was ginger ale

Shit. I blew our cover.

128. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008

Apparently, McSurge is picking the guy named after grits. No. Wait. That’s “polenta”.

129. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008
130. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008
131. liberalcatnip - 28 August 2008


When was the last time we saw a speech like tonight’s — a full-throated defense of progressive principles, devoid of mushy “centrist” crap?

He’s kidding, right?

132. lucid - 28 August 2008

I want to back track a couple of nights to phenomenology… Husserl articulated an idea of ‘theoretical authenticity’ as opposed to the lived life of ‘das Man’. It was the first gunshot in a return to the idea of Plato’s ‘philosopher king’ vs. the idea of democratic universalism articulated throughout the Enlightenment and its aftermath. Nietzsche never went so far as to claim ‘authenticity’ – though he took universalism to the brink of individual expression.

It is this very claim to ‘authenticity’ of any sort that I think lays the groundwork for the wreck of the left in the 20th century – and it was facilitated by the loose translation of Husserl and Heidegger into philosophies reaching from Existentialism to late 20th century Identity Politics. It was the ultimate triumph of the right – far before it translated into political policy, because it was injected into the left without the left even understanding the political underpinnings of the idea.

When you read Heidegger, in particular, in the English translations, you immediately identify with the critique – civil society is broken, it is systemic, it is because we no longer have ‘big ideas’, or a sense of the greater community, volksgemeinshcaft. It is our loss of mortality, or a more authentic culture, or something past [i.e. the ‘60’s, the ‘40’s, the Civil War, The Revolutionary War] that we must aspire to reclaim our ‘authentic being’… For Heidegger, of course, this was a sad display of authoritarian and aristocratic culture prior to the ‘Democratic miracle of Athens’. Just read his Freiburg address from 1933. Does it ring a bell? He goes so far to say:

If we will the essence of science understood as the questioning, uncovered standing one’s ground in the midst of the uncertainty of the totality of what is, then this will to essence will create for our people its world of innermost and most extreme danger, i.e. its truly spiritual world.

If this were translated properly, it reads, “Everything that is great stands within the Storm” – spoken to a stadium full of university students surrounded by German Stormtrooper in 1933. A misquote of Plato to acknowledge a fascism even Plato hadn’t imagined.

And this notion of authenticity has insinuated itself into our politics ever since – a false idea of individuality that thwarts that very notion – swelled and swayed by ideas of the self that neither fulfill individualism nor collectivism; pitted into an idea of non-universal, non-rational, non-aesthetic ideas of self-fulfillment, for the soul purpose of theft. Divided against ourselves so that ‘the enlightened’ fight each other for whatever scrap of food is left by the wolves… a perpetual class of marmosets.

And now the left is a class of marmosets, because its mainstream abandoned, a long time ago, the idea of equality.

The question is, how do we, the fodder of the world, get that back?

133. ms_xeno - 28 August 2008

#41: Duchovny is going to play Edwards in the Lifetime bio.

Forgive me, but I had a free ticket to the AAA game downtown and had to tearfully tear myself away from the convention coverage. Thank NOTA you all were here to patrol. 😉

134. ms_xeno - 28 August 2008

bayprairie, #122:

…i thought canada dry was ginger ale…

I was always partial to White Rock, or Hoffman’s aka “The Happy House Drink.” I’m so old I remember when it wasn’t “premium” to actually use real sugar in soda. [cough] @#$%!* kids.

Reminds me of what might be one of the dumbest but most amusing Oregon jokes:

Q: How did Prineville become such a ghost town ?

A: The saloon keeper put up a sign that said “Drink Canada Dry” so everyone did.

Thank You. I’ll be here all week.

135. marisacat - 28 August 2008

gnu thred…….


…………………… 8) …………………

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