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The acceptable woman 5 September 2008

Posted by marisacat in Abortion Rights, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Sex / Reproductive Health.


Catholic nuns from the Missionaries of Charity order in Calcutta sing hymns on the 11th anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa [Picture: REUTERS]

I went to Angry Arab to see if he still had his easy side bar link to a Mother Theresa take down, a la Hitch’s (one thing I do agree with Hitch on is MT and Kissinger) and saw this while there.

“Ever since it bombed the Taliban from power in 2001, America has relied on air power in Afghanistan to make up for a shortage of troops. As the Taliban and other militants have gained strength, America has dropped more bombs, killing more civilians. Usually, as in Azizabad, the strikes are called in by American special forces, who are part of a counter-insurgency force that operates independently from Afghanistan’s NATO-led peacekeepers. According to American military figures, civilian deaths in airstrikes increased from 116 in 2006 to 321 in 2007. Over the same period, the number of American air-raids in Afghanistan increased by a third, and the number of bombs dropped doubled. Afghan officials say that in the past two months at least 165 civilians have been killed in four American airstrikes.”

Earlier tonight I heard that the death toll for US soldiers in Afghanistan, this past month, was 22. Ever rising. Rising to meet Jesus surely.


Just saw this from Madman at the tag end of the last thread… and since I am bats on what lame slime the Dems are:

RFLMAO: Harry Reid Puts Lieberman On Notice After GOP Convention Speech

Senate Democrats hinted at payback Thursday for Sen. Joe Lieberman, who called Barack Obama an untested candidate beholden to Democratic interest groups in a prime-time Republican National Convention address.

Lieberman, a Democrat-turned-independent and a close friend of Republican presidential candidate John McCain, still caucuses with Democrats, which allows them to control the Senate with a 51-49 majority . A spokesman for Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., indicated Thursday that Lieberman may no longer be welcome.

“Lieberman went too far when he distorted Sen. Obama’s record,” said Reid spokesman Jim Manley. “From Reid’s perspective, (Lieberman) has every right to give a partisan speech to whomever he wants. But he doesn’t have the right to distort Sen. Obama’s record like that. Sen. Reid was very disappointed in Lieberman’s speech.”

Added Manley: “The Democratic caucus will likely revisit Lieberman’s situation after the November elections.”

Asked if Reid was putting Lieberman on notice, Manley replied: “Without overplaying it, the answer is, yes.”

Manley refused to discuss what options Democrats might consider in dealing with Lieberman.

“There is no plan,” Manley said. “I assume this is something the Democratic caucus will discuss after the elections in November.”

Basically, when it no longer matters.

*** close of comment ***

Mcat… yeah why bother. I have also caught the drift that the Dems plan virtually nothing for the waning days of the 110th. They will basically return home, gird their quivering mouse loins and prepare to govern.

Oh don’t make me laugh.


At KGO when there is a quake they suspend whatever is the topic and open the lines to calls and reports on the quake (we are good at extended death watch, we are, LOL) and others are saying, how odd and different this quake was. Short fast hard jolt. I am in a pre quake, 1903 wood frame house and I am on solid rock (and I do mean solid) so I naturally ride it as a roll usually…. but it was unsettling. Normally I love them.

Anyway the final take is 4 pt on the Richter… 10 miles deep N/NE 2 miles out of Alamo – East Bay – with aftershocks from 1.9 …

Can there be a malevolent quake.. LOL? Maybe.



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 September 2008

I’m glad you’re okay.

Colbert was pretty great. Thanks for the heads up. Patterson is great. Very droll sense of humor.

2. marisacat - 5 September 2008

A caller to KGo just said her cat, BabyCat, did not like THIS quake at all. She jumped up with a look, “Should I be worried?”



HA! Just got this email from a friend in LA:

And I feel sooooooooooooo much better.

So I hafta say, as I hafta have said before, against my better judgment and against every vestige of human decency, I am LOVING this election.

All these fucking, hypocritical assholes stand revealed as the fucking, hypocritical assholes they are. And God, do they HATE women. It’s staggering in its intensity.

I’ve been listening to a sorta conservative radio talk show here in LA (not hardcore conservative, but not exactly, uh, enlightened), and the woman cohost said: “After seeing how these idiots are treating Sarah Palin, NOW I’m gonna go vote. I’m going to vote AGAINST Keith Olbermann.”

Which is exactly what I and many others predicted just a few days ago. In fact, the Dems themselves saw this with Hillary C. in NH, as a reaction against Chris ‘Call Me Stupid’ Matthews. They learn nothing, and they remember nothing.

Too much fun. Ahhhhhhhh, time for another drinkee…

And how you doing, sweetheart? Calling you sweetheart isn’t sexist, is it? Oh, noooooooooooooooooooooooooo…I probably fucked up completely.

I’ll get totally blitzed. Then I won’t remember. :>))


I’d add to Matthews in the several days between Iowa and NH, JJackson Jr and Dyson. Whew. Go be Dem party thugs fellas, but be sure you get paid ahead of time. Accept no promises.

What a hoot!

May they all congeal.

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 September 2008

2 – I don’t get how voting for McCain makes up for it … after years of Rush and O’Reilly etc. The donks suck, but …

Jeebus … vote for Barr or Nader or McKinney. It’s breaking out of the two party extortion racket that will piss both the parties AND the media off. AFter all, third parties aren’t going to be making big ad buys.

4. lucid - 5 September 2008

Our lord loves the family, our lord loves the saved
Our lord love the unborn babies and the NRA
Our lord~hates the liberals, the faggots and their friends
We’re soldiers of Christ and we’re here to defend

The way it used to be
The way it ought to be
The way it’s going to be again

In the days of Cain and Abel
In the days of crusades
In the days of inquisitions
They made the damned behave
Before emancipation
Before Roe Vs. Wade
Before they taught little children
That they evolved from apes

The way it used to be
The way it ought to be
The way it’s going to be again
And when we’re in heaven you’ll be sorry then

Our lord loves the sinner as long as he don’t sin
He knows the thoughts you’re thinking
He knows with whom you’ve been
And out lord loves this country, he’s with you at the polls
He knows the lever that you pull
He’s keeping track of souls

The way it used to be The way it ought to be The way it’s
going to be again And when we’re in heaven you’ll be sorry
When we’re in heaven you’ll be sorry When we’re in heaven
you’ll be sorry then!

My favorite Jill Sobule song… wondering what candidate she’s supporting in this, our theocracy.

5. marisacat - 5 September 2008

Moyers has on Kathleen Hall Jamieson.. she takes a very sober look at the roll out of Palin, aspects of her career and media. She mentions the issue of Soledad O’Brien and the pronouncement that monies for special needs was cut, when in fact it ws not. I dealth with that a couple threads back. She raises other points as well.

I so love the bitching from the Dems that they are poor little mes w/r/t the media. I have long viewed that whine critically. That trope is over.

6. marisacat - 5 September 2008


the person quoted ws listening to moderate R talk radio in LA. Why would they vote Dem and frankly plenty of people would never vote third party.

My constant question for years, why don’t the Dems stop whining and fight harder for votes. But they don’t.

7. marisacat - 5 September 2008

Gee is anyone shocked that running a scabrous 2 year long primary has resulted in some parts of the electorate BEING REACTIONARY.

Yes I realise Ob’s DNA was supposed to heal us. Must be scheduled for another year. Not working at all.

8. lucid - 5 September 2008

My constant question for years, why don’t the Dems stop whining and fight harder for votes. But they don’t.

That’s rhetorical, right? 😉

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 September 2008

I understand not voting for the donks, and even not voting third party, but McCain?

over misogyny?

I’m so not belonging in this country.

10. lucid - 5 September 2008

btw the Jill Sobule song is Soldiers of Christ. There’s a handy download mp3 link there that actually lets you download the whole song. It’s a good one.

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 September 2008

not supporting Obama … you know me, but McCain?!?!

They both suck, as we all know, but geez.

12. marisacat - 5 September 2008

re reading the eamil it was a conservative co host. Why would he or she say other? Why would that person vote McKinney or Nader?

They won’t.

13. marisacat - 5 September 2008


well yes.

14. lucid - 5 September 2008

MitM – I will always vote for the small parties, even if I’m skeptical of their potential – but that’s because I am informed… the majority of independents aren’t. The majority of voters aren’t. The media doesn’t give them a choice unless they find one on their own. I don’t mean to sound like an apologist for trogdolytes, but even well educated people in my office in NYC who are horribly upset by Obama have no idea what to do. Because they know I follow politics, they came to me. I simply mentioned other parties and other candidates and other platforms and gave them e-mail links. Now they keep coming back to me, asking for more information. ‘Did the Green Party have a convention?’… -yes… yada, yada.

It is the lack of information more than anything else, that makes people stupid.

15. liberalcatnip - 5 September 2008

Usually, as in Azizabad, the strikes are called in by American special forces, who are part of a counter-insurgency force that operates independently from Afghanistan’s NATO-led peacekeepers.

He’s got that wrong. It’s not a peacekeeping mission for NATO troops.

16. marisacat - 5 September 2008

well I am irritated at all the Emily’s List missives and emails I am getting. never gave them money, ever. Old line hack Dem org.

But they are in full rise up and DONATE!!! mode agaisnt Palin.

That is all it ever is. DONATE.

17. marisacat - 5 September 2008


it is from the Economist.

18. liberalcatnip - 5 September 2008

17. it is from the Economist.

Oh. Well, they got it wrong then. Not much “peace” to keep over there and our troops are on a combat mission – inching up to 100 dead soon.

19. marisacat - 5 September 2008

LA emailer sent this, which I had missed (not a good day today, but the earthquake jolted me out of it, LOL)

Obama Campaign National Finance Committee Member Criticizes Palin’s Parenting

September 05, 2008 9:27 PM

On the Laura Ingraham Radio show, Friday, attorney Howard Gutman — an original member of the national finance committee for Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. — very directly criticized the parenting of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Ingraham was taking issue with a column by Washington Post columnist Sally Quinn, asking whether Palin’s 17-year-old daughter’s pregnancy is raising “the question among the evangelical base about whether Sarah Palin has been enough of a hands-on mother.” ::snip::

Poor sod he went on and on, later apologised. he went “too far”. LOL

I especially loved this bullshit:

Gutman cited approvingly Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind., in 2004 and former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner in 2008, both of whom said they weren’t going to pursue the presidency because it wasn’t the right time for their families.

20. marisacat - 5 September 2008


none of the wars is about peace or feeding missions or rebuilding. Nor willthe coming wars.

Geesh, In KOREA the UN did our dirty work. In Somalia.. on and on. Much less NATO which is a war machine. In fake defensive mode.

21. marisacat - 5 September 2008

OK! But does thsi mean the “One Billion for Georgia” will be taken care of under “lame duck” bi partisan ship or must Ob/Bi then later add another billion — to keep up, you know:

Pure humanitarianism: “A U.S. Navy ship loaded with humanitarian aid steamed through the Dardanelles en route to Georgia on Wednesday, as the Bush administration prepared to roll out a $1 billion economic aid package for the former Soviet republic.”

Posted by As’ad at 8:39 AM

22. liberalcatnip - 5 September 2008

TNR has a piece about Obama’s community organizing days which I haven’t made it through completely yet.

23. liberalcatnip - 5 September 2008

21. That reminded me of this, which I read earlier: US aid being used [in Pakistan] for war preparations against India: Obama

The Pakistani elections are on today with a predictable outcome.

24. marisacat - 5 September 2008

NOW has Amy on about the riots or demonstrations in St Paul and her arrest, along with her producers. Showing film of her being detained.

Wehn I get the transcuirpt willputit up.

SS tore her press credential off.

25. marisacat - 5 September 2008

NOW’s page on tongiht’s show. But I don’t see a transcirpt. Sometimes they are slow with Friday night shows. Will poke around…

There is also a vid of Palin when they interviewed her earlier about Alaska.

“Video: Meet Sarah Palin

NOW on PBS interviewed Alaska Governor Sarah Palin — John McCain’s running mate — about her efforts to clean up corruption in her home state in a story that aired earlier this month.”


26. marisacat - 6 September 2008

oh this gave me a chuckle.. Tapper runs a series on Biden’s mouth:

“And there was a place literally down on the docks, where Zorba lived I think, and so I had to go to the fancy thing and I come back down and I find it, and we’re wandering through these alleys on the dock — you’re gonna get very angry at this Jill — but I walk around the corner and there’s these cement tables like down at the shore you know, the cement base ,the cement table, and I walk in and Jill and John are standing up on the table drinking ouzo dancing with one another, and I’m thinking, ‘I’ve never trusted John since then, Jillie.’

“But he’s a great guy,” Biden said, “and if John called me today and said ‘Joe -,’ like when they went after John McCain, when Bush went after him in South Carolina with the scurrilous comments they made about his character, I called him and said, ‘John, where do you want me? I’m an Al Gore man but where do you want me? I will show up anywhere in America to testify to the kind of man you are.’ And he is a good man, he is a good man.”

27. marisacat - 6 September 2008

OK!.. now what does this REALLY mean, as I have always heard that Freddie and Fannie are Dem slush funds, playgrounds (which is only to say that Repubs have other). Dividing the spoils of war and government… LOL

U.S. Rescue Seen at Hand for 2 Mortgage Giants

Published: September 5, 2008

WASHINGTON — Senior officials from the Bush administration and the Federal Reserve on Friday called in top executives of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the mortgage finance giants, and told them that the government was preparing to place the two companies under federal control, officials and company executives briefed on the discussions said.

The plan, which would place the companies into a conservatorship, was outlined in separate meetings with the chief executives at the office of the companies’ new regulator. The executives were told that, under the plan, they and their boards would be replaced and shareholders would be virtually wiped out, but that the companies would be able to continue functioning with the government generally standing behind their debt, people briefed on the discussions said.

Under a conservatorship, the common and preferred shares of Fannie and Freddie would be reduced to little or nothing,and any losses on mortgages they own or guarantee could be paid by taxpayers. Shareholders have already lost billions of dollars as the stocks have plunged more than 80 percent this year.

A conservatorship would operate much like a pre-packaged bankruptcy, similar to what smaller companies use to clean up their books and then emerge with stronger balance sheets. It would allow for uninterrupted operation of the companies, crucial players in the diminished mortgage market, where they are now responsible for nearly 70 percent of new loans.::snip::

so, even greater desire to win in Nov, to get closer to seized assets? LOL… all the babies are grabbing for the candy. And not all the babies are Mother Palin’s.

28. lucid - 6 September 2008

Don’t know why I feel this is appropriate….

You look like
A perfect fit
For a girl in need
Of a tourniquet

But can you, save me
Come on and, save me
If you could, save me
From the ranks of the freaks
Who suspect they could never love anyone

‘Cause I can tell
You know what it’s like
The long farewell
Of the hunger strike

But can you, save me
Come on and, save me
If you could, save me
From the ranks of the freaks
Who suspect they could never love anyone

29. marisacat - 6 September 2008

FWIW, from politico:

Hillary Rodham Clinton has no intention of becoming a Sarah Palin attack dog — but has no qualms going after John McCain, people close to the former first lady say.

“She’s not the answer when it comes to winning conservative women — she never was — and we’re not going to be anybody’s attack dog against Sarah Palin,” said a Clinton insider. “To be fair to Obama’s people, they haven’t asked us to do that.”

Slamming Palin to win back women already hostile to Obama is pointless, the insider said, because Clinton’s most loyal base is working-class voters, not women in particular. “Attacking Palin is checkers, attacking McCain on the economy is chess.”

Clinton will continue to yoke McCain and Palin to President Bush on pocketbook issues. But sources say that Clinton, who supports abortion rights, isn’t likely to criticize the Alaska governor for her anti-abortion stance. She may, however, question Palin’s record on equal-pay issues.

The Obama campaign, alarmed by Palin’s instant popularity, has given Clinton’s staff a proposed fall campaign schedule in economically distressed battleground states — including Ohio and Pennsylvania — where she did well during the primaries, according to people familiar with the situation.

The former first lady, who is due to appear at an Obama event in Florida on Monday, hasn’t gotten back to them yet.

30. Heather-Rose Ryan - 6 September 2008

Melissa McEwan’s Sarah Palin Sexism Watch has been an interesting read. There are a lot of politically-aware women who aren’t drinking the Dem kool-aid. I especially like this comment:

feminist chemist 09/02/2008 10:37 PM
Outwrong does have a merit-based comment here. It is absolutely necessary to have women in positions of power, regardless of their policies. Let me explain. I am a chemist and the field of chemistry is dominated by men. Study after study shows that the way to get more women into chemistry is to put women in visible positions of power within chemistry. This has been scientifically shown to have the most positive and powerful effect, regardless of whether those women help recruit and mentor women. Also, it has an important psychological component. It allows the men in the field to see that YES, women can do science, so get used to it. Even though Sarah Palin has anti-women policies, the psychological effect of having a female vice president would be positive. A female vice president would help to normalize the idea of women in power. I am constantly faced with men who cannot deal with women in power. It doesn’t matter what a woman believes or does with that power that is so distateful to most men- it is much more primal and irrational than that. Most men just don’t like women with power. period. Therefore, yes, one can make the argument that Sarah Palin as Vice President would have a positive effect on gender equality. Will I vote for her? Probably not.

I would add that there are a lot of WOMEN who don’t like women in power. They have bought into the fratboyz’ concept of men at the center of the universe and they do all they can do curry favor with them. Many of the most disgustingly sexist comments about Palin have come from supposedly “liberal” women.

Oh, and look, who shows up in the thread but Meteor Blades!

Meteor Blades 09/02/2008 07:33 PM
For what it’s worth, they may have heard you, Melissa. At the 67-photo link you gave us, that photo is no longer included. But there are 13!! with Bristol holding Trig, including 5 of her alone holding him.

Tirelessly working on corralling those dangerous uppity wimmins and gently bringing them back under control. “I feel your pain, I DO understand…” LOL!

31. Heather-Rose Ryan - 6 September 2008

FWIW, I had dinner last night with a bunch of relatives and sat next to two of them – well-to-do middle-aged professionals who are also mothers. They are politically unaffiliated but lean Dem/Ind. They are feminist, pro-choice and pro-gay. Before I even brought up the subject, they started talking about the RNC and how they were impressed by Palin. They admired her speech and most of all were outraged by the sexist attacks on her. We talked a little about her rightwing wackitude and anti-choice beliefs, and they were concerned about those issues, but even so she struck a chord with them. Also, they weren’t very enthusiastic about Obama. They don’t really trust him.

I would imagine this is happening all over the country.

32. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 September 2008

28 – Aimee Mann is so great.

33. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 September 2008

In Palin’s Life and Politics, Goal to Follow God’s Will

WASILLA, Alaska — Shortly after taking office as governor in 2006, Sarah Palin sent an e-mail message to Paul E. Riley, her former pastor in the Assembly of God Church, which her family began attending when she was a youth. She needed spiritual advice in how to do her new job, said Mr. Riley, who is 78 and retired from the church.

“She asked for a biblical example of people who were great leaders and what was the secret of their leadership,” Mr. Riley said.

He wrote back that she should read again from the Old Testament the story of Esther, a beauty queen who became a real one, gaining the king’s ear to avert the slaughter of the Jews and vanquish their enemies. When Esther is called to serve, God grants her a strength she never knew she had.

Mr. Riley said he thought Ms. Palin had lived out the advice as governor, and would now do so again as the Republican Party’s vice-presidential nominee.

“God has given her the opportunity to serve,” he said. “And God has given her the strength to carry out her goals.”

There is something seriously disturbing about people who think that God put them where they are, gave them power, and that goes for Obama, too.

34. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 September 2008

This is what Milwaukee is surrounded by: Small-town residents boo media with McCain

CEDARBURG, Wisc. — Hundreds of angry people in this small town outside Milwaukee taunted reporters and TV crews traveling with Sen. John McCain on Friday, chanting “Be fair!” and pointing fingers at a pack of journalists as they booed loudly.

On the first leg of the “McCain Street USA” tour — which will take the Republican presidential nominee and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, to small towns across the heartland — the 30 or so reporters and crew were walking back to their buses to join the McCain motorcade when hundreds of townspeople started yelling.

“Stop lying! You are all liars! Tell the truth!” one woman yelled from the front of the pack.

The crowd was not menacing or threatening, but was clearly angry.

“You’re telling lies! Stop the lies!” one man yelled. Asked why the crowd was so angry, Linda J. Green of Mequon, Wisc., said: “I’m thinking the press is very biased.”

“I think the press is very liberal and very slanted against the McCain-Palin ticket. Would you ask a man if his kids were being taken care of while he’s out campaigning?”

She said the coverage of Mrs. Palin is flat-out sexist. “The media has called her a sexy librarian look. Would you say that Obama is a sexy Will Smith look? They called her Tina Fey’s sister, only sexier. I think you’re being very sexist.”

Another woman questioned local television coverage, which differed for the Republican and Democratic party conventions, she said.

“Why did the networks not carry the Republican convention, when they carried the Democratic convention?” she asked. “They do it because they’re liberal,” a man chimed in.

Didn’t the networks all carry both conventions, at least starting at 10 ET? Am I mistaken? I think the only difference was Thursday night on NBC, which had a football game on, then went to McCain’s speech.

They live in a different world.

35. CSTAR - 6 September 2008

# 29. Huffpost advertises it as Clinton vs Palin. And I’m sure this is what the Dem blogosphere would like (Last night for instance I read Brad DeLong’s “advice” that Obama should send HRC to do this or that). Even though Clinton may act as a party loyalist, can she possibly gain anything by offering more than a pro-forma endorsement of Obama? Am I mistaken in believing she’ll keep her Senate seat?

I find this incredible. My anecdotal evidence suggests that on any measure of political base (supporters, people willing to give her money, canvass for her) she has as large a political base as any other single politician in the US. It is incomprehenisble to me she would squander this by running around supporting Obama?

36. marisacat - 6 September 2008

Heather and Madman out of moderation…

Sorry! fr the delay….

37. lucid - 6 September 2008

btw – HRH the NE Culture Fest has been moved to Sunday & we will likely not be playing due to scheduling conflicts.

38. marisacat - 6 September 2008



My anecdotal evidence suggests that on any measure of political base (supporters, people willing to give her money, canvass for her) she has as large a political base as any other single politician in the US.

Exactly… when the cacophony rose that she HAD to do this or that for Obama or for the party (as if the Clintons cared, they left it in shambles) in very offensive terms, as if her personal legacy relied on being available to the Ob camp on their terms… I saw a few reminders around taht she has an entrenched political base that is in 50 states, further with that base, white working class and women, she will be sought after to come into states and campaign for down ticket.

Her base and her legacy, for now, is intact.

AND this is before she did what she did at the convention. I am sure it kills the Ob people, but the public display was nothing but gracious.

[i am not her fan, these are poltiical realities]

39. CSTAR - 6 September 2008

Onward Christian Soldiers. This from a rec’d diary on Orangustan.

Daily Kos, that means you and I, are surrogates for Obama Biden.

40. marisacat - 6 September 2008


In the meantime Dem faithful are being used to solidify Palin as an icon of the pro life and conservative movement.

Neither is pretty.

LOL We ARE seeing a hidebound and reactionary “liberal” faction (and not a small one either) of the media go after her. Fine, that is politics. And contrary to what people like to think, it has alwys been a mean bloody sport in this country.

But it is she who is appearing resolute and rising.

41. marisacat - 6 September 2008

Another thng, the right and the social movment conservatives surely have noticed how the Democrts bite their tongue for years now about abortion. It began, in harsher public demeanor and statments, in finding ways to denounce women (Kaine was a big ong, “at least he’s nto for criminalising women”) rightout of the box of the 04 loss. Plenty of chunky old man union types (Shaitburger of the Firemens Union for oen) blamed the loss on support of abortion. And I fully believe the Dems made a deal with the Catholic church and we see the public footprints in Casey in PA.

But they, the right, are REVELING in throwing a woman who will talk about abortion and her life in the face of the so called left.

She also unabashedly ordered Moose ice cream yesterday in WI.

42. marisacat - 6 September 2008

The Bloomberg version of The Numbers for Thursday night:

Bloomberg News – McCain had highest convention ratings in history: ‘McCain attracted a record 38.9 million television viewers to his acceptance speech …The total exceeded the 38.4 million who watched Obama accept the Democratic nomination in Denver on Aug. 28, Nielsen Media Research said … Palin drew 37.2 million on Sept. 3 …The last night of the Republican gathering … was seen in 28.3 million homes, breaking the record of the 27.7 million who watched Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention. McCain’s ratings are the highest for a political convention since Nielsen began collecting data in 1960.’

43. ms_xeno - 6 September 2008

#14, lucid:

…It is the lack of information more than anything else, that makes people stupid.

The stupidity is frequently willful. It would take them under a minute of using Google news and a couple of complicated phrases like the name of the Presidential candidate in question to start finding out what they need to know.

Several years ago, on Alas, I remember the asshole who responded when I told her as much that I’d “Missed the teachable moment.”

Well, you can’t miss a “teachable moment” with disingenuous people who just plain don’t want to learn, who only want head games, and who demonstrate again and again that they’ll always respect the Right more than the Left. I’m not talking about the (presumably) proud, old-school conservative voters that Mcat refers to. I’m talking about the so-called proud liberals. Phil Ochs had their number decades ago, even if he was himself as a human being less than stellar.

To me, the real target for 3rd Party votes should be not liberal voters, who to me are hidebound mind-fuckers beyond any hope of change (most of them, if Blogland is any measure) but NON-voters. Still as many of them out there who will not pick each party as there are citizens who have picked one of the Big Two. The mainstream media, the pundits, the Professional Left, the pols have a vested interest in making sure nothing much rouses the interest of non-voters. Yeah, I know Obama’s supposed to have changed that. I’ll believe it when I see the exit polls, maybe. One election does not necessarily set a lifetime pattern in any case. Especially since it’s a guarantee that Golden Man will let them down.

Narrow margins, fake cliffhangers, and the like keep them happy. It’s what they know. Too many bloggers out there are happy to go along. One of my former liberal haunts, for instance, has largely been swallowed up by pro-Obama propagandizing. At one, point, somebody timidly profered that he would vote for McKinney since he’s in a “safe state.” How I hate that term, “safe state,” and the mentality it represents. Why not just wear a sandwich board that says, ” PROUD TO HAVE EVEN LESS CLOUT THAN A TEASPOON FULL OF PEACH FUZZ ?” But McKinney wasn’t newsworthy even at that trivial level until after Obama and Clinton II were done slugging it out. I’ll wager that one mention was McKinney’s entire designated ration of coverage for the course of the election. Oh, and the same blog brought in somebody from Europe to explain to us benighted Yanks that Greens in Europe suck anyway because they’re not Anarchists so it’s okay to ignore them in the U.S. What a convenient set-up. The 3rd Party option is always too radical to liberals until they can trot out a token radical to explain that the 3rd Party option isn’t radical enough.

Minfuckery. It’s what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner. >:

44. ms_xeno - 6 September 2008

Glad you’re doing okay, Mcat. The couple of tiny quakes I’ve lived through here have freaked me out.

45. ms_xeno - 6 September 2008

Sorry for the rant. Some hardworking canvasser from Working America (an AFL-CIO satellite/lobby) stopped by yesterday to drum up support for Obama and Merkley (the Dem running against Smith for Senate). I patiently explained that the Greens are running a full slate for the first time in OR history and as a Green, it would be absurd for me to vote Merkley.

Then he went through the whole patter about how it’s The Most Important Election In Our Lifetimes Ever and I explained that I am 42 years old and have heard that tired trope since 1984. I reminded him that Democrats don’t want to repeal Taft-Hartley, etc. and asked him if he was old enough to remember the ’00 election;The one where the only candidate who called for its repeal was The Evil One.

There are definite pluses to being middle-aged. 😀

At least the Donklephant is still batting .500 at our place: mr_xeno, barring a miracle, will never vote Green. Naranjastan has eaten his brain.

46. marisacat - 6 September 2008

Sorry for the rant.

LOL please, help yourself to a rant, whenever… 😉

47. marisacat - 6 September 2008

I reminded him that Democrats don’t want to repeal Taft-Hartley, etc

thnak you , been trying ot think of “Taft Hartly” the name of it, for 24 hours

48. ms_xeno - 6 September 2008

No, problem, Mcat. I hated during my time there that AFSCME was always in bed with the DP at the expense of rank-and-file, but that doesn’t mean I’m anti-Union. Only anti-Sweethearts. :p

Oh, and for any “teachable moment” types who might be lurking about:

Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente
— oppose ‘free trade’ agreements and unelected international trade authorities (NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, GATT, ‘Fast Track’, etc.) that give corporate power and profit priority over labor rights and environmental protections; Ms. McKinney has voted against these agreements and advocates withdrawal.
— support democratic workplaces and repeal of the Taft-Hartley Act (restrictions on union organizing).
— support human rights protections and amnesty for undocumented immigrants, an end to raids, and tearing down the border wall. They call the flood of new immigrants a result of economic policies and agreements (e.g., NAFTA) that impoverish people and drive them across borders.
— favor a strong safety net for middle- and low-income working people and families, with support for Main Street (small businesses and local economies) instead of Wall Street, and a massive transfer of federal funding from military contract and war spending to human needs…

Via Green Party of the United States. Took a whopping ten seconds to find on google. Cram that in your “teachable moments” jar, Donklephant faithful.

49. marisacat - 6 September 2008

It may be that the big panting hordes typing iwth one hand, hot after Palin’s amniotic fluid may be diappointed in the Great Attempt to Seal the Divorce Records. Ben Smith at Politico. BTW, unsealing divorce papers is a talent of Axelrod’s as well as advertising other salacious details, LOL Go for it bud.. See Blari Hull and Ryan in the 2004 run Ob made. The equivalent necessary win for Ob and Ax as the re-election in Tx of one GWB,

Good luck to someone.

The liberal blogosphere was abuzz Friday with news that a friend of Sarah and Todd Palin had tried to seal his divorce records.

Surely, the netroots speculated, that friend must be the unnamed business partner who this week’s number of the National Enquirer alleges—without proof so far—was romantically linked to Palin. The McCain campaign’s characterization of the story as a “vicious lie” seemed to only fuel more speculation.

And then the moment of truth, as the motion to seal was denied.

The filings, housed in a district courthouse in this town about eight miles east of the Palin’s hometown of Wasilla, contained a lot of hot news—presuming, that is, you’re interested in the child-custody agreement reached by Scott Richter and his ex-wife Deborah Richter, or in the former couple’s holdings, which include a recreational property that Scott owns with Sarah and Todd Palin. :;snip::

50. marisacat - 6 September 2008

Pete Seeger has a good short hand description of T-H.

“Oh you can organise, sure, no problem, but first you have to get rid of all the lefties, who were some of the best toughest organisers”.

51. wilfred - 6 September 2008

I think my comment this morning got caught in a void:

To me the big story today is the Bush bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This will cost the taxpayer untold billions.

Oh, and the common stock holders will be pretty much WIPED OUT.

52. Heather-Rose Ryan - 6 September 2008

Sullivan gets it wrong – not surprisingly, since the only time he thinks about women is when he sneers at them:

For Palin, as for Rick Warren, there can be no distinction between politics and religion: all politics is subject to religious guidance and that guidance is to obey the literal truth of everything in the Bible […] Everything in her worldview must be according to God’s plan, and God’s plan is revealed without any ambiguity whatsoever in the literal words of the Bible, Old and New Testament. There is no detail too small, no policy too obscure, that isn’t vetted through this filter. This is the fundamentalist psyche in its most extreme form: think Bush but less intellectual. [cough choke!! – HRR] Think Bush’s evangelical tradition combined with speaking in tongues and a belief in the Rapture.

But this isn’t true. With her personality, demeanor, her choice to be a high-powered career woman while at the same time raising a young family, Palin flies in the face of Biblical literalism and religious-fundie tenets.

I can’t find the link now but the other day I read a piece where she was quoted as saying something like: ‘If anyone tells me I can’t be a mother with a family and run this state at the same time, I’d like to lead that caveman back under his rock.”

Compare and contrast with the views of such Biblical traditionalists as the Pope, who want women to stay at home in their own comfy little sphere and not interfere with the worldly business of the menfolk.

Wake up, people.

53. Heather-Rose Ryan - 6 September 2008

49 – yes, Sullivan was all excited about that one. Too bad nothing came of it. Oh well, next week the Enquirer may come up with some tasty tidbits for the vultures.

54. marisacat - 6 September 2008


LAT on Palin on sex ed and contraception… oh I know I totally screwed my bona fides by observing the play thru of this lousy Dem game. yeah right.

Even Kilkenny the emailer from Wasilla called her record ”mixed”.

The LAT article does not mention but the form filled out for the gubernatirial run ws from Eagle Forum.

55. marisacat - 6 September 2008


I am sorry, jsut went thry all the back pages on comments to this thread, and Spam, but there is no stray held up comment.

I ihave been getting error screens when commenting, It appears WP is as is often, sccrewing up. SORRY!

I put up a link and snips on Fannie and Feddie lst night.

Not a bail out, a take over.

56. liberalcatnip - 6 September 2008

Apparently, dkos has banned ArcXIX (the diarist who stated Sarah Palin wasn’t Trig’s mother, and scrubbed his/her diaries. That’s funny. I thought kos was proud the discussion had started on his blog. “Free speech” and all that…

57. liberalcatnip - 6 September 2008

39. haha.

For just the next sixty days, there is no place for narcissism on Daily Kos. Period. Go fall in love with your reflection in another pool of water. And this admonition, IMO, also applies to the luminaries who come here from time to time.

Good luck with that!

58. marisacat - 6 September 2008

oops I see that I ddi not link for the Fannie Freddie in comment 27.

It is just the NYT story on it.

59. wilfred - 6 September 2008

sorry Marisa! I just got back in and saw the comment didn’t take (i got a strange blank screen afterwards and thought maybe it went into moderation).

When i got back in I missed your comment on Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac.

We’re battling down the hatches in NYC, Tropical Storm Hanna is beginning to hit. Should be an interesting ride between now and midnight but they said only 5 inches of rain at most.

60. marisacat - 6 September 2008

LOL via Tapper, who is making themost of being stuck tracking Biden:

Questions About Biden’s Real Estate

September 06, 2008 11:45 AM

The Wilmington (Del.) News Journal takes a look today at some of the real estate transactions of Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del.

Biden is one of the least wealthy members of Congress, but he enjoys a splendid home because of real estate deals with political supporters.

The Bidens live “on a four-acre lakefront estate in a 7,000-square-foot custom home” in Greenville, Del., a property worth at least $2.5 million.

Reports the newspaper: “In 1996, Biden sold a home in Greenville for the asking price of $1.2 million — more than six times what he paid two decades earlier — to John R. Cochran III, a top executive at the MBNA credit card bank that was a longtime political benefactor. Using profits from that sale, Biden paid $350,000 cash to real estate executive and developer Keith D. Stoltz for 4.2 vacant acres — a long, narrow lot a few miles from Biden’s old home. Stoltz had bought that same lot five years earlier for the same price… ::snip::

Biden would not agree to be interviewed, campaign spokesman David Wade said in a written statement, because of ‘time constraints — he’s going a million miles an hour.’ [his MOUTh is — Mcat]
Wade wrote that Biden’s deals with Cochran and Stoltz were above board, and involved no special favors. ‘Just like millions of Americans,’ Wade wrote, ‘the Biden family has bought, renovated, and sold their home over the last 20-plus years and been able to have a parent live close by. This is a snapshot of life in America that I think folks can relate to.'”

Well honstly does ANYONE want ot hear about Biden bodily fluids? His son Hunter did treat us to some party sanctioned tears when Dad was nominated. Teared up in several interviws.

61. liberalcatnip - 6 September 2008

59. Stay safe, wilfred!

62. marisacat - 6 September 2008

Those would be LOBBYIST tears btw.

63. marisacat - 6 September 2008


LOL There has been som discussion around that Hagee is very nasty about stay at home men. Worse than demons or some such sludge.

Palin, Mr took a year off when she won the gov office, to make sure things were tied down at home.

Not a story the Dems love.

64. marisacat - 6 September 2008

People high and low hve tried to tell obama, skip Palin, you cannot win attacking her, concentrate on McCain. Seems he did not manage to hold back today… my guess, he is irritated and that wonderful paragon of drool and maggots, Biden, is not doing the job.

What else is new.

Carrie Budoff Brown Politico

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — Barack Obama took his first direct swipe at Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin on Saturday, criticizing her for supporting congressional earmarks before opposing them.

“I know the governor of Alaska has been, you know, saying she is change,” Obama said at a town hall meeting here. “And that is great. She is a skillful politician. But when you [have] been taking all these earmarks when it is convenient and then suddenly you are the champion anti-earmark person.

“That is not change, come on,” Obama continued. “I mean, words mean something. You can’t just make stuff up. You can’t just make stuff up. We have a choice to make and the choice is clear.”

They have been referring to her as “mayor” or ”Lt Gov”. Guess they needed to elevate her to slam her.


65. marisacat - 6 September 2008

Sally Quinn. Recanting. LINK

I thought that she was amazing. in her speech. She was funny and smart and poised and confident. She gave a great speech, beautifully delivered. I think she is going to be a formidable opponent. all of that I think is — I was wrong about her. and I didn’t know anything about her. I probably didn’t know any more than John McCain did a few days before he picked her.

66. liberalcatnip - 6 September 2008

I saw a clip of Obamalama’s sarcasm today and the so-called progressive blowback against Palin’s speech echoed in my ears, “She’s so sarcastic!”. But I keep forgetting that this is the “new” politics Obama had promised. Silly me.

67. marisacat - 6 September 2008

Arthur Silber on Palin and Dem party tone deafnss, and yes he ws my emailer of lst night, listening to moderate right wing R radio in Los Angeles. Where the host is now going to vote, and will lodge it as an anti Olberman vote.

Don’t miss his snips on Erica Jong on Palin. Joan Walsh of Salon on Palin.

BTW, I am very interested to hear her slammed quite often as some “Annie Oakley”, the very slam delivered by Golden Massa of Hillary. Himself. Right Ob clled for a pull back of family attacks.

Sure. LOL

68. marisacat - 6 September 2008

BILL O’REILLY: So not only did Miss Palin do a good job as you just said but your column and other columns like yours rallied the folks to her side and actually helped the McCain-Palin ticket dramatically.

QUINN: Oh, I think you’re absolutely right. I think that there’s been a huge backlash against the media…

69. CSTAR - 6 September 2008

# 48 Re. McKinney

Since I vaguely recalled a character assassination campaign against McKinney on DKos last year.. Good lord, I see there is a barrage of sickening dkos attacks against her (see tag Cynthia McKinney. I refuse to link there). What are these people thinking?

70. marisacat - 6 September 2008

From the Hot Air blog – which btw, fwiw is linked from AOL’s “news” page when you sign in, something i ignore except when there is a big roll out of something like Palin.

Hot Air also links to a list being kept of slurs, lobbed and died.

Update II: Just spitballing here, but what stereotypes of naughty women have the media and the lunatics missed? So far, they’ve made her out to be a slut, a b***h, a beauty-queen airhead, and an unfit mother. She’s obviously not frigid, so that smear won’t work. How many other demeaning gender-based slurs can they throw her way?

I have a healthy respect for the well placed, wtih a smile, political shiv Or a few shivs. This play from the hapless SHITTY Democrats was not taht. And I figured it would take a week or more, it WOULD ratchet up (as I said) and it would be utter blowback. Which is just beginning.

Meanwhile McC, Cindy and Palin are heading into friendly territory. THE WEST… teh crowds wre bigger than theyhave been getting, at a CO Springs hangar, but I would expect that in CO, in Xtian couinty. let’s see hwo the Western toru does.

71. marisacat - 6 September 2008


Seems to be equal opportunity slam the woman. One white one black. Poor kosswhacks see taht as FAIR, I would guess.

72. Heather-Rose Ryan - 6 September 2008

What would happen if Palin came out now and said: “I am personally pro-life and would strongly counsel any member of my family against having an abortion – however, I respect that we live in a diverse country with diverse beliefs, and I won’t push to make abortion illegal”.

I think if this happened, then McCain would win in a landslide.

73. marisacat - 6 September 2008

Possibly… it would be another shift in the game, for certain.

McC official sstance is “returnr it ot he states” and Cindy McC in multipl e intervewis (Ifill, Couric GMA) has reiterated thsi jsut last week, and she herself doe s not agree with barring it in terms of incest and rape.

If anyoone will actually talk about this it is going to the right. Cuz the Dems sure just wnat to hide it.

74. marisacat - 6 September 2008

I feel sorry for Ob. people like me, except of course I am long gone, were supposed to get all stressed that some no name GA congress critter of the white and not polite sort referred to ob as ”uppity”. Couched wthin a longer quote of course.

Sorry, I was busy elsewhere.

75. ms_xeno - 6 September 2008

#71. LOL.

Well, I expect nothing of Kos, so it’s hard to be disappointed in them.

OTOH, all the so-called intelligent liberals who could parse racism and sexism all during the pre-convention slugfest, every ad, appearance, speech and bumper sticker down to the subatomic level, and yet just couldn’t seem to utter McKinney’s name– even once.

There was that crack about her on LJ’s debunkingwhite that she was “The New Nader,” or the one on Alas recently that she was nothing but a “Democratic Cast-off.”

The difference between that and the endless flogging of the daddy’s-an-anti-Semite angle in places like Kos is the difference between dogshit and pigshit. No matter what the source, when exposed to air, it fucking stinks.

76. marisacat - 6 September 2008

Volokh Conspiracy, http://volokh.com/ penned by many authors, has masses f push back on Palin:

So note, this is not intended as an endorsement of either ticket. It is just to say don’t be surprised if the supposedly inexperienced Sarah Palin mops the floor with Joe Biden when thier debate comes in October. At this point I suspect that the only way Joe Biden is going to come out of this looking ok will be to not be Joe Biden and it seems a bit late for that.

77. marisacat - 6 September 2008

Not sure why, but she drops these off, at a sad rate.

missdevore@——- | 76.—.–.173

72–I’m surprised at your naivete. are you stereotyping women as one-issue voters?

and what would happen to McCadaver’s “base” if she was loudly pro-choice?

delete away, Mcat.

From The acceptable woman, 2008/09/06 at 2:49 PM

78. marisacat - 6 September 2008


The Land of Lincolner tells ABC’s “This Week” in an interview airing Sunday that he supports a government takeover of the mortgage-lending giants as long as shareholders, execs don’t profit from it.

“I’m inclined to support some form of intervention to prevent a long-term, much bigger crisis.”

79. marisacat - 6 September 2008

Wellnot a laughing matter… from the Telegraph

An investigation by The Sunday Telegraph found that three quarters of local authorities have used the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) 2000 over the past year.

The Act gives councils the right to place residents and businesses under surveillance, trace telephone and email accounts and even send staff on undercover missions.

The findings alarmed civil liberties campaigners. Shami Chakrabarti, the director of Liberty, said: “Councils do a grave disservice to professional policing by using serious surveillance against litterbugs instead of terrorists.”

The RIPA was introduced to help fight terrorism and crime. But a series of extensions, first authorised by David Blunkett in 2003, mean that Britain’s 474 councils can use the law to tackle minor misdemeanours. ::snip>>

80. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 September 2008

This Weekend in 1968: Miss America

In September of 1968, a group of radical feminists protested the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City. The event would be one of the earliest demonstrations of the Women’s Liberation Movement. It was also here that the term “bra burner” was coined, even though no bras were, in fact, burned. In this segment of “This Weekend in 1968,” we talk with two of the protesters as well as Miss America 1968 about their memories of the event and what it meant for the Women’s Liberation Movement.

81. Heather-Rose Ryan - 6 September 2008

77. Miss D, you don’t get it – never mind 🙂

Why don’t you restart your own blog now that PFF is closed?

By the way, I’m glad you linked to one of my websites at PFF, I got a lot of traffic from it – but I’m sorry that you did it as an attempt to be malicious, because I was always nice to you. I like you and still do. Also, you erred in thinking you were outing me, because I had posted the link several times at DKos and at PFF. And of course my username here is my real name and a Google will turn up all of my sites.

Sorry 🙂 Take care!

82. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 September 2008
83. marisacat - 6 September 2008

And to think, he was Father of the Year, the actual official designgation, wtih an award and everything. In 2007, that is, the gestational year.

84. Intermittent Bystander - 6 September 2008

81 – I’m pretty sure Miss D was aware that you had “outed” yourself at DK on purpose, long ago, so I’m surprised at your interpretation of her posting a link at pff. But whatever, and peeder left no archives behind.

FYI – Devore did start up another WordPress blog when pff went poof, partly as a life raft/contact point for pfformer posters, before JSR’s Free Speech Zone was up and running. Here’s where she is on WordPress: Miss Devore’s Underwater Deli.

Pouring here currently (dregs of Hanna, I suppose), and it certainly matches my mood.

85. Intermittent Bystander - 6 September 2008

Underwater Deli in moderation, I think.

86. wilfred - 6 September 2008

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Gov. Sarah Palin’s church is promoting a conference that promises to convert gays into heterosexuals through the power of prayer.

i agree with Palin’s church. Gays can be converted…… to energy, making sure fundie hacks from gaining the Vice-Presidency.


87. Intermittent Bystander - 6 September 2008

86 – I saw that story elsewhere. Have the Log Cabin people weighed in on all that yet?

Meanwhile, across the pond: Scots schools to get sexual health clinics

Sixty thousand Scots pupils are to be given access to sexual health services in school, allowing children as young as 13 to receive condoms and pregnancy tests.

Ministers have approved the creation of clinics for all rural secondary schools in Scotland after the SNP Government accepted expert advice that many teenagers in country areas struggle to visit GPs or family planning clinics.

Also in Scottish news:

Dog has 13 golf balls removed during op: ‘He hunts them down like truffles,’ says owner

88. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 September 2008

I’d like to second Wilfred’s recommendation of “Frozen River” … very good movie, kinda sad, but it was just beautifully written and fully realized characters.

89. Intermittent Bystander - 6 September 2008

Thanks, Marisa.

90. marisacat - 6 September 2008


two of IB’s out of moderation. I got stuck on a phone call, sorry!

91. Intermittent Bystander - 6 September 2008

Seeking Details, Lawmakers Cite Anthrax Doubts (NYT)

A month after the F.B.I. declared that an Army scientist was the anthrax killer, leading members of Congress are demanding more information about the seven-year investigation, saying they do not think the bureau has proved its case.

In a letter sent Friday to Robert S. Mueller III, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Democratic leaders of the House Judiciary Committee said that “important and lingering questions remain that are crucial for you to address, especially since there will never be a trial to examine the facts of the case.”


Mr. Mueller, the F.B.I. director, is likely to face tough questions at next week’s scheduled oversight hearings, not just about the case against Dr. Ivins but about the prolonged pursuit of Dr. Hatfill. Senator Charles E. Grassley, an Iowa Republican and frequent critic of the bureau, said he was frustrated by the delay in closing the case and answering questions.

“If the case is solved, why isn’t it solved?” Mr. Grassley asked. “It’s all very suspicious, and you wonder whether or not the F.B.I. doesn’t have something to cover up and that they don’t want to come clean.”

92. marisacat - 6 September 2008

new thread…………………….


……………….. 8) …………….

93. marisacat - 6 September 2008

“If the case is solved, why isn’t it solved?” Mr. Grassley asked. “It’s all very suspicious, and you wonder whether or not the F.B.I. doesn’t have something to cover up and that they don’t want to come clean.”

Hit Mueller again with a dead fish. Twice. That should do it!

94. Intermittent Bystander - 6 September 2008

Yeah. I’ll be holding my breath during fishslap, too.

95. marisacat - 6 September 2008

I reaed something that should put America on notice… 7 years since 9.11. One big sad hole. IMO.

Seven years on from close of WW2 Marshall plan was fully in place, and moving along. Now I doubt it was fully complete, as some areas were pretty rough even in the early 60s, or clearly in need of full rehab. But I bet all deals and plans and arrangements and details and and and was DONE.

96. Intermittent Bystander - 6 September 2008

These people can’t even Google a photo of the veteran’s hospital they supposedly worship. They sent party-time children to set up Iraq. Call me contrary, but I think the two people I knew who died at (or over) Ground Zero would find the big hole fairly fitting.

97. marisacat - 6 September 2008

I’d be pleased if nothing were built at Ground Zero. Nothing. At all.

But then let’s cease and desist with the foolishness of the pretend.

Well the “green screen” has kept Josh Marshall very busy.

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