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Cherchez la fe… ? Cherchez something! 12 September 2008

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, The Battle for New Orleans, U.S. Senate.


His journey within individuals’ inner life and at the same time within the current reality of a devastated society can be perceived in his masterpieces through anonymous figures screaming from their cages, through the sensuality and eroticism he displays in his provocative and exhibitory manner, through a feel for death and a voluptuous liveliness.

Francis Bacon (1909-1992). Studies from the Human Body (1975). oil on canvas; 200×150 cm. Private Collection.


Honestly, myself, I think Obama did mean Palin with the lipstick, and McCain with the old fish line, immediately following…. The old fish pairing convinced me. Does it matter? I don’t think so. Campaigns are rough tough and nasty… and this one will be that. Now is that…

However, here is the rub, when Obama did it… he had to be prepared for the blowback and the ”charges”. Which is shadow play of course (keep some sort of bantam rooster fight going in the air, on the air waves, or as NYCO says the little flies are valiantly! courageously! flying out the open window, or waving their little legs in the air)… but I don’t think he was. Ready, that is…

Pay back is probably the sex ed ad… pretty damned nasty. But there you go. IMO the R have a reason for the sex ed ad. I think there is a possibility they WANT the debate to go to foundation boards Obama served on in Chicago and his association with Ayers, from a wealthy Chicago family – and Hyde Park persona, formerly of the Weather Underground.. and who has made education his expertise.. Ayers is a 60s (70s, 80s) entity the R and wingers particularly love to hate. Individually and as a type.

If Obama did not think the R were waiting for all the hideous sexism (“sexism” is standing between the Palin, mother and daughter, legs with some sort of pale violet pseudo liberal combat boots on – one boot on the pubic bone, demanding to test the amniotic fluid, to swab the facial cheek for DNA, and to count the days and months, etc.) and would use it, in an above-the-fold version of all that was below-the-fold about Palin and her family, then he (and Plouffe and Axelrod) is a fool. And unprepared in the worst way possible.

When Kerry mentioned the Cheney daughter in debate number 2, it was pretty clear to me, after about 48 hours figuring it out, what was happening (not all fundies were clued into a lesbian daughter, so, let’s peel some votes). For one, the Dems had foolishly allowed Edwards to run the play of raising Mary Cheney’s sexual orientation in that mess of a “debate” with Cheney (who just maintained that weird, stone like Cheney equanimity and batted it back). So the Republicans were primed. They could not be certain how or when Kerry would raise it, but they were waiting – and a debate was a good location, for maximum viewing…. It is, after all a family of operatives in the rather tough Republican army of operatives.

Mother Cheney came at Kerry like a virago from the depths of hell. “Not a good man” was her rejoinder. Sounds kinda meek, in words on a page, 4 years later, but it was not. And they kept it up for two solid very long weeks. They never let up. And they got an apology.

The Republicans will be blasting loose the canyon walls and dropping the tonnage of Mt Rushmore in the coming days. Such news!

Newsweek, July 2…

So what should we expect from Schmidt? A bald, barrel-chested “partisan pugilist” who labored under Karl Rove on Bush’s 2004 bid–he also ran Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s reelection campaign–McCain’s new guru “speaks in pre-fabricated, consumable, sharp morsels,” according to Marc Ambinder. “McCain has learned from Schmidt that it’s OK not to be a referee, that it’s OK not to play the judge, that it’s OK to draw contrasts with your opponents.” In other words, he’s learned to be an effective (if more traditional) Republican presidential candidate. Schmidt, 37, lacks his predecessors’ deep emotional ties to the boss, so he’s more likely to assess (and correct) the candidate’s weaknesses with the objective eye of an outsider. That in mind, expect tighter message discipline from McCain–two other Rove vets, Nicole Wallace and Greg Jenkins, have joined McCain’s communications team–and crisper, more consistent attacks on Obama, whom the campaign plans to paint as an unprincipled opportunist (in contrast to McCain, who “puts his country first”). Think more “professional.” After all, it was Bush’s Brain who gave Schmidt his nickname: “Bullet.”

Will it help? Who knows. That said, if McCain is still trailing Obama by six points in the polls at the end of the summer, don’t be surprised if he calls on John Weaver to, you know, recapture the magic of 2000.

But he is not trailing Obama.

What have the Democrats got, that they really use? The first marriage and how it ended. Bad and horrible, it cost McCain the close friendship of the Reagans. However, here is the rub, McCain [first] wife is supporting his campaign, was at the convention, as are the two eldest sons in the blended family. So they can rant and rave he abandoned his wife on her cancer ridden death (all but) bed… but.. then where does it land?

Oh and he is old. Well, who votes? Maybe they can make it stick. I have no idea. He lost about 15 years when he picked Palin. He did.

And look at this.. now the Dems are DENYING they were ever Jesus!

September 12, 2008
Categories: Barack Obama

‘Community organizer’ a dirty word?

The unlikely attack line resurfaces in New Hampshire, where the GOP chairman refers to former governor Jeanne Shaheen as a “radical community organizer.”

Responds her spokeswoman: “The extent of her work as a community organizer was at a community children’s festival in Sommersworth. This is Fergus Cullen using ridiculous national Republican talking points.”

By Ben Smith 01:49 PM

Not me!, she said. I was never Jesus, I was always, always always, Pontius Pilate. I was!

Last night on Charlie Rose, Jonathan Alter said of the Obama campaign that his election was to cleanse the stain of racism in this country (it’s that special sauce DNA, I guess) and that “if he did not get much done legislatively it did not matter”. This is a selling point? Oh I so want to vote for fake liberal fakery. So want to do that. He added that if McCain won, especially “dirty”, then he’d face a Democratic congress and there would be payback.

Can it get more offensive? Can we get more stuck?



1. marisacat - 12 September 2008

Meet the Press: Giuliani, Schumer, Woodward

Fox News Sunday: Former Alaska Gov. Tony Knowles, Alaska Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, Rove

This Week: McCaskill, Fiorina, Greenspan

Face the Nation: Gov. Napolitano, Rep. Wasserman Schultz, former Gov. Swift, Sen. Bailey Hutchison

Late Edition: Pawlenty, Richardson, Sen. Feinstein

2. NYCee - 12 September 2008

Good luck to bayprairie!

Looks nasty. Some guy insisted on staying around and was told to write his ID info on his arm in magic marker in case he … you know.

See a big rig and car getting washed out to sea.

3. marisacat - 12 September 2008

Ho hum.

From NBC/NJ’s Athena Jones
DOVER, N.H. — It was supposed to be the day Obama came out swinging at his rival McCain.

His campaign launched two new ads — one of which appeared to mock McCain’s age and his long career in Washington — and held a conference call this morning to highlight what it is calling a new stage in the race, one in which the Illinois senator would challenge McCain’s attempts to claim the “change” mantle and respond “with speed and ferocity” to Republican attacks.

But while he added a few new lines to his usual stump at a town hall here Friday and made a point of laying out how he differs from McCain, especially on tax policy, the senator lacked the kind of fire expected after his campaign manager sent reporters a memo and surrogates announced the tougher tone.

In fact, one audience member asked, on behalf of supporters and campaign donors, “When and how are you going to start fighting back against attack ads and smear campaigns?” — a question that was greeted with applause. […]

The event before a crowd of about 325 people, including 147 said-to-be undecided and independent voters saw the birth of a new attack line as Obama used McCain’s own words during a forum on service last night to portray him as out of touch with the economic concerns of struggling voters.

Saying Americans needed a president who puts the middle-class first, Obama pointed to McCain’s statement that in Washington he was “somewhat divorced from the day-to-day challenges people have. ::snip::

4. marisacat - 12 September 2008

This jsut made me laugh:

09.12.08 — 1:23PM // link | recommend (47)
Question of the Day

How can we trust a liar as big as John McCain?

I’m using the L-word. So that may come across as a slashing blog remark.

But let’s slow down and look at the facts that are not being disputed. John McCain is telling lie after lie. Not off the cuff remarks that can be excused as accidents or flubs but the same lies consistently and many of them. Serial liars are never trustworthy people — that is a truism. But it also demonstrates a deeper character flaw. A normal job applicant would be disregarded out of hand after such a record became clear.

–Josh Marshall

5. marisacat - 12 September 2008

well… who knows, but I had not thought of this.

“Sometimes it doesn’t take much to keep people away from the polls,” said John Klemanski, a Macomb County native who has taught political science at Oakland University for more than 20 years.

An article in the Michigan Messenger, a left-leaning political news Web site, appeared Wednesday titled: “Lose your house, lose your vote.” In it, reporter Eartha Jane Melzer quoted Carabelli discussing the Macomb County Republican Party’s plans for Election Day.

“We will have a list of foreclosed homes and will make sure people aren’t voting from those addresses,” the quote attributed to him reads.

Carabelli, however, told The Detroit News on Thursday that “I never said anything even close to that. We won’t be doing voter challenges on foreclosures, and we’ve never had a plan to do it.”

6. NYCee - 12 September 2008

Yeah, that rubic ad is so … nothing.

Well, here’s to them. Courage!

So do not want McCain/Palin to win, no matter my displeasure with Obama/Dems. McWar was way too salivatory, all over the TVs, in the lead up to Iraq, and Joementum at the hip is mighty distressing, in quite a few ways… as I gaze toward the mideast.

7. liberalcatnip - 12 September 2008

He added that if McCain won, especially “dirty”, then he’d face a Democratic congress and there would be payback.

Payback? Who the hell does he think he’s kidding? Mon dieu. Bush trashes your country and tortures people. I must have missed the payback for that.

8. marisacat - 12 September 2008

LOL I know it all comes down to the dirty back and forth between the so adult players.

9. marisacat - 12 September 2008

WSJ blogs reports that Biden son has quit the lobbyist business.

LOL til later!, would be my guess.

10. liberalcatnip - 12 September 2008

If Josh Marshall is so concerned about McCain’s lies and what they say about his character, maybe he should pay more attention to the fact-checking of the Obama ads.

Related: On the Web, a Nonpartisan Look at Those Partisan Campaign Ads

11. liberalcatnip - 12 September 2008

Banner on CNN under hurricane video:

“Authorities: Leave or die”

12. NYCee - 12 September 2008

Addressing middle class needs was in the Uhbama ad, but was like an afterthought, grafted on to the mockery around McCain’s non internet, newfangled gizmo savviness. Why fucking mock that, btw, when you just might want to woo some older voters who, er, just may not be net savvy either? (!!!)

I feel so productive. I just ordered cigs (from my upstate native american drug dealers), emptied the trash AND inserted a fresh liner, called India and suffered thru two disconnects and difficult delays/accent deciphering to get my lemon printer/fax-ee-doodle thingamajig replaced (after the warranty lapsed!) … and paid my rent… a few days late, but no dollars short, unfortunately. I am on a rollllllllll……

13. marisacat - 12 September 2008

via The Corner, Rev Wright ads running in MI… via 527

Reverend Wright Ads Running in Michigan [Mark Hemingway]

527 group Freedom’s Defense Fund is running this ad featuring Reverend Wright in Macomb county in Michigan, essentially suburban Detroit. With Detroit mayor and enthusiastic Obama endorsee Kwame Kilpatrick headed to jail (Freedom’s Defense Fund’s ad on Obama and Kwame is just below the Rev. Wright ad on the same page), and a very unpopular Democratic governor in Jennifer Granholm, the state is surprisingly vulnerable to being poached by McCain — though Obama still has a narrow lead. Essentially no Democrat can win statewide with out carrying heavily Democratic Wayne County (Detroit) and at least one of the two surrounding counties — Macomb and Oakland, so Republicans are making their play there. Both counties are basically ground zero for Reagan Democrats, so it’s entirely withing reach to swing both counties to the G.O.P. ::snip::

14. marisacat - 12 September 2008


I got up some heavy dust in a couple corners… and might run the washer this afternoon…


Even tho I don’t smoke I do check in on online sites for cigarettes, see what the prices are. Esp for imported cigarettes.

15. Heather-Rose Ryan - 12 September 2008

A new development:

Ike’s 105-mph winds and potential 50-foot waves initially stopped the Coast Guard from attempting a risky helicopter rescue of 22 people aboard a 584-foot freighter that broke down in the path of the storm about 90 miles southeast of Galveston, Chief Petty Officer Mike O’Berry said. The ship was hauling petroleum coke used to fuel furnaces at steel plants.

But midday Friday, the Coast Guard changed its mind and decided to stage a rescue. Petty Officer Tom Atkeson said rescue swimmers and Coast Guard and Air Force aircraft were on their way to reach the ship.

I was wondering about that – I couldn’t imagine that the authorities would be leaving the people on that ship out there to drown. But “rescue swimmers”? What are those?

It will make for an interesting Drama In Real Life ™, for sure.

16. NYCee - 12 September 2008

The lipstick followed by the fish was… fishy. He didnt look like his heart was in it, when he said it.

Then again, “you cant make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” is also fitting. And, alas, porcine. Also old school. You wont catch Obama’s “cool” new kidz spouting that one, at least.

Gonna make service “cool.”

Ugh. So not.

17. marisacat - 12 September 2008

I made myself useful at The Corner, I snagged a cat YouTube. Cat vs Printer.

18. NYCee - 12 September 2008

I buy all natural “Native” now, from the natives! They are — unfuckingbelievably — $11.99 a carton. And very, very nice.

Around the corner, the sin tax pack costs $9.00 – and there is no discount for cartons, not that it would help much at those prices.

19. marisacat - 12 September 2008

MacCaskill says War With Russia Means Really Big Draft…

So now putin is laughing

McCaskill: Russia war would mean draft

From the AP:

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., said Palin’s suggestion of war with Russia “sent chills down my spine.”

“I’m not sure that Gov. Palin understands that right now, if that were to occur, we would have to institute a massive draft,” McCaskill said.

20. marisacat - 12 September 2008


that’s a relief I was shocked there would no effort to get them.

21. marisacat - 12 September 2008

This seems to get it said (with 2 vids as exemplar). There is no fair … LOL

I’ve read Jay Cost via RCP since a few months ago when he said both political parties are… MONEY LAUNDERERS.

22. NYCee - 12 September 2008

Ahhh, congrats on the dust bunny flushing. May I nominate you for the Good Housekeeping gold star?

Ooooh, that cat is BAD! I never had bad boys or girls like that. My girl was so sweet and smart, I could have been taught her to use the toilet. I bought a plastic training seat for cats but never put it to use because:

a) I was too lazy


b) I realized that a couple with only 1 toilet shouldnt be encouraging another user. I would have been peeing in the tub.

23. marisacat - 12 September 2008

Oh NOW it is really time ot lauhg. Who broke up and denied the 527s forming to assist? WHO!??

If those 527s ever do gear up on the Dem side, this is the sort of stuff we’ll probably be seeing more of. — TPM Election Central

From this entry about a 527 ad via Rand Beers contra Palin

I posted months ago, when Obama was fighting with Edwards about 527s …. and a rally goer rose and asked Obama, So if you are agaisnt them how do you plan to win?

He answered that he would negotiate with his R opposite as “what is permissable”.

Oh so not ready. Where it really does count..

24. marisacat - 12 September 2008


well very little bunny dust busting. A bit. And it really was two corners. A dust collection under a door and behind the door. I am a lousy housekeeper, always was.

25. marisacat - 12 September 2008

hmm this managed to be breaking news from ABC. Is Obama stil running?

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:


26. NYCee - 12 September 2008

The Dems act like Rs, just a few steps behind, but have to pretend otherwise. K-Street, etc. It gives their brows that furrowed “concerned” look as they tell their constituents how not like that they are. So unconvincingly.

By the way, is impeachment still off the table? Nancy? What’s that? Mere “policy disagreements” are not impeachable? Oh right. Carry on then.

27. NYCee - 12 September 2008

I loved when, at the R convention maybe, some goon was shilling the GOP McBrand with a boilerplate attack about the wasteful spending of Dems… they will not cut wasteful programs! And criticizing them on some minute military cut or non expansion, of which they are guilty. Lol. The military… Talk about wasteful govt programs that cannot be cut. Lawd a mighty. Defense cuts cant even be talked about, certainly not audited! (blasphemy!)

Big fat sacred cow, “defense”. War is our national religion, in case anyone wants to know. Kneel at the altar. Give “service” onto it and ye shall be blessed.

Give me a fucking break.

28. liberalcatnip - 12 September 2008

I’m still laughing about that Hackett diary.

It’s Paul Hackett! Recommend! Recommend!

moments later…

He’s an idiot! Unrecommend! Unrecommend!

The hive mind at work.

29. marisacat - 12 September 2008

Cilizza looks at the roll out of New Aggressive Obama.

30. marisacat - 12 September 2008



31. NYCee - 12 September 2008

I had to pause in the middle of The View clips (3rd on HuffPo, linked from TPM link, #23) of McGrilled on the couch, to shout in solidarity: In God We Trust!!!

McCain is using that one, again and again, in his feeble defense of Sarah and her smudging of the church-state line. (Trust an R to turn to the almighty dollar in defense of the Almighty.)

(It’s on the dollar… what the fuck. Go for it, Sarah!)

32. marisacat - 12 September 2008

ugh I wish I trusted Ob on Church and State. I don’t. At all.

He really really should have agreed to at least some of the Town Halls. Which was McC’s drop dead line. The women really did not have much of a come back on that one.

From waht I see it’s come down to

Divorced (old dodderer! Are you fucking her!) vs Disrespectful (Uppity Nigra! Who have you fucked?)

I don’t think I am overstating it.

33. NYCee - 12 September 2008

McCain to Whoopi: says he believes “God has a plan for the world,” we have to “be good and follow that plan, trust in God”… which sparks recall of his earlier dollar motto, as if it is a supporting argument for our special God bond, reiterating: “In God we trust!” (very pleased with himself there). And “we have a special nation.” (Bien sur! Hotline to God.) He follows this with a nice P.S… “and… it’s a special world” (Oh, that too! The world says thanks, Im sure.)


34. marisacat - 12 September 2008

hmm a head line FP of WaPo says 40% of Galveston is staying put.

35. NYCee - 12 September 2008

I totally agree. He should have agreed to the Town Halls. He has no defense against it, very undemocratic to refuse them. It would have forced him to at least think about drawing more of a distinction. That is why he doesnt do it.

And he is annoying on the god stuff, too. Alas, so many are. I dont care that he believes as he does, but I am sick of FAITH (bible sort, too, when its all said and done) being trotted out in front of us like it’s ALL that. Part of our exceptionalism. Thing is, the two have different bases, the Rs being much more bible thumping.

Well, the race is damned close. One or the other, 50/50 chance, will play out.

36. marisacat - 12 September 2008

Democrats don’t respect their base, in any way shape or form. My worry, and why I am comfortable not voting for either, is what I see is that Obama LUSTS after preachers. It appalls me. It is far worse and as complicating in different ways as making use of religionists as part of a ccynical power base.

And i am uncomfortable with what has been promised to them from obama, most particularly w/r/t to women, rights and access.. And I am very uncomfortable with his plans for Office of Faith Based Initiatives.

37. marisacat - 12 September 2008

You know after Whoopi apologised for Michael Vick as “dog fighting was part of his Southern Culture”, well I wonder what is ”wrong” in her book. When does anyone pay? Or is ti OK to just vote Democratic and HOPE?

I have no use for Originalists, but Obama seems to like them just fine and Doug Kmeic supporting Obama REALLY worries me. His supporting cadre of pastors (Thursday conf call, a very distasteful bunch, much written about) absolutely disgust me.

He is gonna owe all these shits and creeps.

I really truly do not care who wins. I’d like the Democrats to live iwth their Jesus.. and I surely want the rank and file to get WH, House and Senate. Not that it matters, thru DECADES what I see is Democrats roll over and go to slep when a Dem wins the WH. They mostly or completely stop paying attention.

I see bad news, war, no health care reform, no immigration reform, roll back and deep encroachment on Entitlements, across the board. And deep down, I think Democrats should face that with Obama in the office.

But in the end, I don’t htink it matters.

38. NYCee - 12 September 2008

Wow, that Hackett diary stinks. Has he been hitting the bottle?

39. marisacat - 12 September 2008

Shields on TNH is pushing tha tif McCain wins there will be no bi partisanshop.

“IF Bill Clinton thinks he had it hard, wait”.

SO what Begala and Alter pushed last night on Rose, is party mantra.

40. marisacat - 12 September 2008

well Hackett was and is a militarist. Dkossers were so pro mil and so anxious to win they avoided stuff that stuck out all over about Hackett.

he was at Fallujah, enough said. And there was a whiff of CIA off him. MOre than a whiff.
Dkossers tried to say he was “one of the good guys” he was at the edge of the city keeping “the bad epople out”.

Oh yeah I so bought that one.

41. NYCee - 12 September 2008

Oh, Whoopi… god, they all can say stupid things. And do. I dont heart her.

You make good arguments, Marisa. It’s a dank well we’re rolling down, and I just hope, practically speaking, a bump a few notches up from the bottom-ward trajectory can bide us some time… and that is all I have for Obama at this point.

That, and the fact that McCain seems to really lust for war. It gives his life a whole lotta meaning, as Chris Hedges would say. He really seems to have a throbbing thorn in his side from Vietnam, unrequited victory… Again, his war story came into his answer to the Whoopi’s God question, in that video, talking about how they “prayed in prison.”

There is the promise of some difference there, in terms of how crazy it could get in the ME with McCain. He has said and done too much in the past to allow me to disregard his record, not give it the weight he himself has given it.

Obama is not a shining example of great contrast, the whole “I am not adverse to war” bit, (well, honey, we all should be), but he just hasnt proven himself to be such a full tilt crusty old warmonger (eg, Iraq) as is McCain. When he said it was a dumb war (and he did not have to give that speech) McCain was running onto every TV show he could to lie about Iraq and Anthrax attacks, how Saddam is such a bad bad man, 9/11!!! 9/11!!! – we must finish the job … war, sad to say, must be… for god, country, etc… He was in the Laurie Mylroie/Saddam bombmaker/Bibi league. (Where are they now?) And he and Lieberman were Chalabi’s best buds in the senate, pushing him out there to hawk for regime change (war) in 1998.

So there is that.

42. NYCee - 12 September 2008

Yeah, you remind me… there was a lot of military bootlickin over there during that particular silly season. Wasnt that 04? It is all blending together to me… If it was 06, oh well, it had a certain extended shelf life. (Webb.)

People are desperate for tough advocates/fighters in the Dem party. After a while, it stands to reason they literally go for fighters… the soldier sort.

43. marisacat - 12 September 2008

hmm here si something i missed, that the Democrats in the past few days have decided to not bring up S-Chip for a vote, thus spare the R and McCain Palin the embarrassment of Bush vetoing it.

hmm I will see what I can find. My own guess is that Dems don’t wnat too detailed a verbal hit and swipe battle over Schip/Healthcare. As well as the other.

44. NYCee - 12 September 2008

S-chip cant pass? That’s the expansion, right?

It’s hard to fathom.

45. marisacat - 12 September 2008

NYT on the pass taken on SChip vote.

46. marisacat - 12 September 2008

The Moderate Voice thought they would benefit themsevles if they pushed the vote and then used the veto.

He’s right.

I don’t get this. The majority of Americans favored expanding SCHIP last year, and health care is a major voter concern that is getting overshadowed by other issues.

So why in the world would Democrats back down on the one battle that, politically, they’re sure to win? As soon as the bill comes up for a vote, the entire focus of the campaign is going to shift to health care, which is good for Obama. McCain has barely articulated a health care policy, and voters seem ready for genuine change from the current system.

There are basically two possible outcomes. The political pressure may get so intense that a few Republicans cross the aisle to override Bush’s veto. Fine, the bill passess and Democrats win the battle. But they also win if the bill fails. First, it puts Bush back in the headlines, and the more voters are reminded of the current administration, the more they’re going to want something different. And it puts John McCain in a tight spot. Odds are, he would either vote against it or (more likely given his recent attendance record) not show up to vote.

And that’s when Obama should go on the offensive. ::snip::

47. NYCee - 12 September 2008

Oh, cant pass the veto. Right.

48. NYCee - 12 September 2008

Really. What is the deal on not embarrassing Republicans? What is behind this ridiculous etiquette?

49. liberalcatnip - 12 September 2008

41. He really seems to have a throbbing thorn in his side from Vietnam, unrequited victory…

And that ought to be a blazing red flag. Trying to do what daddy couldn’t. Same as Bush Jr.

50. NYCee - 12 September 2008

Jamie Floyd, the defense attorney commenter on Court TV, was doing her own shtick to quell the outrage over Vick, in a different vein. I smell a certain circle the wagons because he’s black, Im black, so torturing dogs can be excused, or at least those who rail against it can be denied their outrage, if we can shame them into it. Her thing was “would these same people who decry Vick’s inhumane treatment of the dogs do so if the victims were people? Hmmm…”

Not new, unfortunately.

51. marisacat - 12 September 2008

Sully, from somehwere in the Blither-O-Sphere:

We have a chance now to defeat the forces of evil that Obama has smoked out of their cubicles.

52. marisacat - 12 September 2008


I saw some real, as in actual, manufactured witch hunts, esp with blacks (and others) in sports…

But Vick was dirty as hell. His name had been cropping ujp in big dog ring cases for years… and yes like lots of sports and other figures who start making huge money, he carried a cadre of old neighborhood types with him… but that dog shop was ugly and across states. And he knew.. there was photographic evidence of him with dogs that were brought in from across state lines.

53. marisacat - 12 September 2008

The Corner is running this (I have zero idea but likely it is possible)

The reason he doesn’t send email is that he can’t use a keyboard because of the relentless beatings he received from the Viet Cong in service to our country. . . . McCain’s severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes.

54. marisacat - 12 September 2008

Herre is the link, NRO article

The Corner is adding, that Obama can type an email but not google, apparently had the campaign goolged his injuries and limitations they would have known this… .

55. Heather-Rose Ryan - 12 September 2008

51 – he really has quite the crush on Obama, doesn’t he.

56. liberalcatnip - 12 September 2008
57. Heather-Rose Ryan - 12 September 2008

53 – McCain’s severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes.

If he’s that incapacitated by his injuries, maybe he won’t be able to pick up the Hot Line at 3 a.m., either.

Putin: “Lazy American motherfuckers aren’t answering! Very well, launch the missiles!”

58. liberalcatnip - 12 September 2008

51. We have a chance now to defeat the forces of evil that Obama has smoked out of their cubicles.

Osama’s a tech support guy in India now?

I’m confused…

59. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 September 2008

He lost about 15 years when he picked Palin. He did.

He did get back a spring in his step. She’s like a little blue pill for his entire presentation.

60. liberalcatnip - 12 September 2008

She’s a fucking annoying little blue pill. The side effects. Mon dieu.

61. liberalcatnip - 12 September 2008

Oh THAT little blue pill. haha

62. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 September 2008

Jeebus, the Ben Smith thing about Shaheen is so pathetic. Find some poor community where a very conservative winger church has sent missionaries teach job skills or something to street people, point out that they are “community organizers”.

Donks, so inept. I can’t believe anybody trusts them to govern anything.

63. marisacat - 12 September 2008


My guess, soon the Repbulicans will liken McC to FDR. Just to see Dem heads blow. And blow the whole who’s Lincoln who’s JFK who’s Wilkes Booth to smithereens.

Obviously I am far gone .. it is all just mawkish horror to me.

64. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 September 2008

61 – you haven’t noticed that he is standing straighter? When he appears onstage now they play a tape of Wayne and Garth saying “schwing!!”

65. marisacat - 12 September 2008

Ike is way too big.

66. liberalcatnip - 12 September 2008

kos coming up on KO’s show. Send money now!

67. liberalcatnip - 12 September 2008

64. Party on, John.

68. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 September 2008

36 – I feel exactly the same way. I think the separation of C/S is pretty screwed no matter which of them win.

Women and gays are going to treated like shit over the next several years whichever “side” wins.

69. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 September 2008

incredibly stupid not to force a vote on s-chip, but they don’t care about anything other than keeping their perks, and barely care about winning.

70. marisacat - 12 September 2008


well as I recall Obama was running. He was asked to show up and speak at the rally. In a liberal enclave. He then hid the damned speech for years, took it down from his site. Black Commentator unearthed it and posted it. As an example of their work (Glen Ford and Dixon are in Chicago, now at BAR… I don’t know where Bill Fletcher, still at BC is located) of their working with him to try to keep him from slipping a way. It was they who shamed into drawing back from the DLC..

Sorry I think ob is long gone. His greatest sin, imo, is being such an eager beaver appeaser.

71. Intermittent Bystander - 12 September 2008

Some 600,000 people left low lying counties under mandatory evacuation orders, but some who thought they would stick it out made a last-minute exit from Galveston.

“When I woke up, my bed was floating in the house,” said David Daubuisson, a handyman who narrowly escaped from his home in Bayou Vista. “I just took what I could and got out.”


The NASA photo at Wunder Blog is quite the frothing disc.

From the 9:12 PM GMT update:

I’ve given the mistaken impression that the Galveston sea wall will save the city from inundation. That is not the case. The wall merely protects the city from a frontal assault by the storm surge and the 20 foot waves likely to be on top of the surge. Ike will flood the city of Galveston. However, the predicted level of surge will be just beneath the sea wall. If the surge exceeds the 17 foot forecast, it will overtop the sea wall and act like a battering ram against the buildings in Galveston. It is also possible that the sea wall will be destroyed along some sections, allowing the ocean direct access to Galveston.

The situation is also grim for Port Arthur, Texas, on the Louisiana border. The expected storm surge of 15-20 feet will overtop the city’s seawall by six feet, resulting in flooding of the city and a number of major oil refineries. Expect a significant tightening of gas supplies in coming months, due to extensive damage to the oil refineries in the Houston and Port Arthur area.

72. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 September 2008

67 – Makes me wonder if maybe Tia Carrare can play Palin in the eventual movie.

Sorry, but I really can’t take any of this seriously anymore. Absurdity is American policy now.

73. Intermittent Bystander - 12 September 2008

Floating bed and NASA photo in moderation, I think.

74. marisacat - 12 September 2008

full text

22 stranded on crippled freighter adrift in Ike’s path; hurricane winds ground rescue effort

By Associated Press 2:33 PM PDT, September 12, 2008

GALVESTON, Texas (AP) _ Twenty-two people are riding out Hurricane Ike aboard a crippled freighter in the Gulf of Mexico.

The nearly 600-foot ship called the Antalina sent a distress call early Friday after it broke down in the hurricane’s path.

The Coast Guard says the storm’s winds are too strong to try to rescue the crew by air and the waves are too high right now to send another boat.

Petty Officer Tom Atkeson says aircraft hauling rescue swimmers headed to the ship but were forced to land in Lake Charles, La.

The ship is about 120 miles southeast of Galveston, Texas.

Authorities are talking with the crew and might be able to launch another rescue attempt later.

75. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 September 2008

65 – they were talking about Ike on NPR when I was getting home, and about the big hurricane that hit Galvaston 108 years ago.

I was sitting on a retaining wall near my apt. building, and across from me was a tree about 25 feet tall, right when the story was describing the coming surge as being about that big. It really hit me how big a wall of water like that was, how hurt I would be if that tree toppled over on me, and how much force water can exert. Sometimes it takes a concrete example to drive home how dangerous something is, I guess.

BTW, Moyers is covering winger radio tonight, and starts the story out with the Unitarian church attack. They go through which books the gunmen had in his home (he’s a big Savage fan).

76. marisacat - 12 September 2008

Tia Carrere

well the big question it seems, at the moment, is will Tina Fey show up tomorrow night or not.

77. marisacat - 12 September 2008


got it out.. sorry!!


78. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 September 2008

That photo at Wunderblog is amazing.

For more hurricane pics, the excellent Big Picture blog at Boston dot com had a great set of photos up earlier this week of pics from space.

79. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 September 2008

wow, I had read that Savage was bad, but I hadn’t HEARD it yet. Horrifying.

80. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 September 2008

Zinn: US ‘In Need of Rebellion’

From an interview w/ Al Jazeera:

Q: Is there any hope the US will change its approach to the rest of the world?

HZ: If there is any hope, the hope lies in the American people.
[It] lies in American people becoming resentful enough and indignant enough over what has happened to their country, over the loss of dignity in the world, over the starving of human resources in the United States, the starving of education and health, the takeover of the political mechanism by corporate power and the result this has on the everyday lives of the American people.

[There is also] the higher and higher food prices, the more and more insecurity, the sending of the young people to war.

I think all of this may very well build up into a movement of rebellion.

We have seen movements of rebellion in the past: The labour movement, the civil rights movement, the movement against the war in Vietnam.

I think we may well see, if the United States keeps heading in the same direction, a new popular movement. That is the only hope for the United States.

Q: How did the US get to this point?

HZ: Well, we got to this point because … I suppose the American people have allowed it to get it to this point because there were enough Americans who were satisfied with their lives, just enough.

Of course, many Americans were not, that is why half of the population doesn’t vote, they’re alienated.

But there are just enough Americans who have been satisfied, you might say getting some of the “goodies” of the empire, just some of them, just enough people satisfied to support the system, so we got this way because of the ability of the system to maintain itself by satisfying just enough of the population to keep its legitimacy.

And I think that era is coming to an end.

Q: What should the world know about the United States?

HZ: What I find many people in the rest of the world don’t know is that there is an opposition in the United States.
Very often, people in the rest of the world think that Bush is popular, they think ‘oh, he was elected twice’, they don’t understand the corruption of the American political system which enabled Bush to win twice.

They don’t understand the basic undemocratic nature of the American political system in which all power is concentrated within two parties which are not very far from one another and people cannot easily tell the difference.

So I think we are in a situation where we are going to need some very fundamental changes in American society if the American people are going to be finally satisfied with the kind of society we have.

81. baypraire - 12 September 2008

Wow, that Hackett diary stinks. Has he been hitting the bottle?

maybe it was the nitrates in those 1000s of bob evan’s breakfasts that made him lose his mind. or maybe he’s just another democratic party misogynist.

austin checking in, high and dry. drove during the night slept all day. later on i’ll weep for galveston. i hope that seawall holds it’s going to be very very close. ive already lost one city i loved in the last few years. even though its there, it isn’t. i’d hate to lose another. right now i think i’ll go out with friends and hear some music and get completely numb.

people are so much important than the things we build. things hardly matter in the long run. but its hard to catch a glimpse of the wonder of a human(s). its too fleeting. this is the best i can do about how i feel at this time.

storms past on youtube – 1900 storm – edison

architecture that may be lost if the seawall is breached.

Galveston Historical Association

google coordinates for the entrance to galveston bay, the bolivar roads.
29°21’18.18″N 94°45’57.75″W zoom out a few clicks. all that area is, or will be, inundated.

hang in there IB. i bet your brother is on an upper floor. he’ll be fine.

82. liberalcatnip - 12 September 2008

Good to see that you’re safe, bay. Keep us posted.

83. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 September 2008

Yea, Bay is safe! Have a virtual hug!

84. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 September 2008

Again, I’m no Obama fan, but I found that sex ed attack pretty offensive, so I’m glad to see this:

Planned Parenthood Rips into McCain for Sex-Ed Smear Campaign

85. marisacat - 12 September 2008


I moved your comment and links forward to the new thread…

New Thread:


…………………. 8) ………………..

86. marisacat - 12 September 2008


The sex ed ad is terrible.

87. Intermittent Bystander - 12 September 2008

Glad you got to Austin ok, bayprairie, and thanks for the links about Galveston.

Brother just updated via e-mail . . . 50 mph winds on top of the parking garage, no rain so far. He’s got books and candles and water and a cousin in the same building. He only regrets eating 3 PBJ sandwiches just before a neighbor dropped by to give him pot roast. I told him no heroic photo attempts, please!

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