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Somehow, this does not look great to me… 2 October 2008

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Iraq War, WAR!.


An armed member of a Sunni Arab Awakening Council walks past children in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. The Iraqi government has taken over responsibility for paying members of the councils. [AFP via BBC’s Day in Pictures, October 1 2008]

I have caught several of Dexter Filkins‘ appearances for his new book, the title alluding to endless war… I did hear a comment from him, right at the end of his appearance on Charlie Rose, about how much he supports this war and “believes” in it.  I wondered at the very moment he said it, if he heard himself.  I think he has played it the other way round, frankly… and certainly the NYT book review pushes that posture.

The work Filkins accomplishes in “The Forever War” is one of the most effective antitoxins that the writing profession has produced to counter the administration’s fascinating contemporary public relations tactic. The political leadership’s method has been the dissemination of facts reversed 180 degrees toward the quadrant of lies, hitherto a magic bullet in their never-ending crusade to accomplish everything from stealing elections to starting ideological wars. Filkins uses the truth as observed firsthand to detail an arid, hopeless policy in an unpromising part of the world. His writing is one of the scant good things to come out of the war.

It reminded me of a C-Span panel I caught years ago, with Shadid, whose writing I had certainly read in the Wapo.  At one point he said of the actual invasion, take over of Baghdad (remember that flawless operation), that he thrilled to see the “power of my country”.

hmm Nationalism, jingoism, unnecessary regional war as thievery, murder, occupation, pure utter mindless destruction, deprivation and depravity… Well fine, Dexter, you belly right up to that bar.  Go ahead.

JUAN GONZALEZ: And, of course, here, in this country, as the number of US casualties has declined, so has the attention in the media or in the public to the situation in Iraq, and everyone has now bought into the thought that things are getting better.

ROBERT FISK: Ha ha ha, yes. Look, the degree of ethnic cleansing that actually took place—genocidal, in some ways—and the fact that the Americans have now built walls through every community in every major city in Iraq, which has divided between the communities, means that there isn’t, in fact, any free flow of movement. There isn’t a country operating anymore.

But now, I mean, if you stand back a little bit and look at it like this, first of all, we went to Afghanistan, we won the war. Then we rushed off to Iraq and won the war. Then we lost the war in Iraq, or maybe we won it again. And then we’re going back to Afghanistan, where we seem to have lost the war, to win it all over again. And in due course, perhaps we’ll have to go back to Iraq. I mean, in my reports, I’m calling this Iraqistan. And now, we’ve actually got soldiers on foot turning up in Pakistan. I mean, has nobody actually stood back and said, “What on earth are we doing out there?” I mean, I calculated for our Sunday magazine that we now have twenty-two times as many military personnel per head of population as the Crusaders had in the twelfth century. You know, what are we doing?

It was a baker in Baghdad who asked me this very obvious question. He said, “Why are you”—“you” meaning Western military—“Why are you in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, French air base at Dushanbe running close as support for the British in Helmand province in Afghanistan? Why are your people going into Pakistan? Why are you in Afghanistan and Iraq? Why are you in Turkey? Why are you in Jordan and Egypt and Algeria? US Special Forces have a base outside Tamanrasset in the southern Sahara. Why are you in Bahrain? Why are you in Oman? Why are you in Yemen? Why are you in Qatar? Biggest US air base.” I didn’t have a reply.

We are so marketed.


LOL  I read a sort of sideswipe about this in The Note this morning, but just caught up to it… Take it away Harry!!

From CNN — “Insurers plunge on Reid’s ‘bankrupt’ remark“:

Several big life insurance stocks fell sharply Thursday, dragged down by jitters about their role in the credit crisis and fears sparked by a comment from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., Wednesday about a potential bankruptcy in the industry.

“We don’t have a lot of leeway on time. One of the individuals in the caucus today talked about a major insurance company. A major insurance company — one with a name that everyone knows that’s on the verge of going bankrupt. That’s what this is all about,” Reid said prior to the Senate’s approval of the $700 billion bailout bill.

Steven Schwartz, an analyst who covers insurance companies for Raymond James & Associates, said that even before Reid made his bankruptcy comment, investors were growing worried about life insurers’ exposure to real estate as well as “secondary exposure” via investments in troubled finance firms like Lehman Bros, Wachovia and Washington Mutual.

But the comment from Reid clearly caused even more fear. “Harry Reid didn’t help any,” Schwartz said.


Other than that, Palin UP! I think all Biden has to do, if he can, is look straight forward, not bare and clench his teeth (if you have not seen it, it is quite something) — and be a man of few words.


ADDEDWing Woman is Winged!

Via The Page off Politico:

Palin’s hand will be bandaged, following a spill while running at McCain’s Arizona ranch.



1. marisacat - 2 October 2008

HA! SP is arrving with a damaged arm and I forgot, Gwen Ifill is on crutcches, from the broken ankle. Gotten, iirc, carrying debate prep materials on a stairway.

What does it all mean? LOL

2. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

more proof that life just isn’t fair?

3. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008

My first thought was a lupine trap injury, I must confess.

Speaking of sprung traps . . .

I think all Biden has to do, if he can, is look straight forward, not bare and clench his teeth (if you have not seen it, it is quite something) — and be a man of few words.

Exhibit A! (From this – a kos-linked satirical slideshow on Biden’s debate prep.)

: )

4. marisacat - 2 October 2008

hmm I missed this in the TimesOnline, but here is TO with it:

British Envoy Says Mission in Afghanistan is Doomed, According to Leaked Memo

Wednesday 01 October 2008

by: Charles Bremner and Richard Beeston, The Times UK

The official version of the US-led campaign in Afghanistan received a blow today with a leaked report that the British Ambassador in Kabul believes that US strategy is wrong and the war is as good as lost.

The potentially explosive views were published by Le Canard Enchaîné, a respected French weekly, which said that they were direct quotations from a diplomatic cable written by François Fitou, the French Deputy Ambassador in Kabul.

Mr Fitou reported to President Sarkozy’s office and his own Foreign Ministry that Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, the British Ambassador, believed that “American strategy is destined to fail” in Afghanistan, according to the newspaper. /snip/

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

After Shenzhou Success, China Looks to the Future

While moon plans may be a bit off, China’s next mission is likely to put the nation on the path to a space lab. A date has not yet been set for Shenzhou 8 or 9, but there is a good chance the two missions will be launched in close succession so they can try rendezvous and docking, experts say.

“China’s next step will be clearer once a next launch date is announced toward a docking,” Johnson-Freese said. “Hopefully it won’t be another two years.”

There are also some speculations that Shenzhou 8 will carry China’s first female astronaut to space. There are currently no women in China’s corps of 14 spaceflyers.

However, some press reports hint that Shenzhou 8 and 9 may be unmanned missions intended to launch the capsules needed for a small space lab, and could go up in 2010. According to those reports, the next manned mission would be Shenzhou 10.China also recently announced it was capable of training foreign astronauts, meaning that it could conceivably broker a deal with another country to carry a person into space. The United States and Russia have both engaged in similar arrangements — Russia flew the first South Korean astronaut into space in April 2008, and the first Italian astronaut rode aboard the U.S. space shuttle Discovery in 2007, for example.

“Given China’s diplomatic use of space, there is a very good chance they would be taking somebody from a new country,” Cheng said.

China has spearheaded the founding of the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization, a group intended to promote space cooperation between Asian nations. Cheng pointed out that both Iran and Pakistan are members of the group, and could be potential clients for Chinese space transport.

“I would strongly suspect that at this point in time the U.S. is probably unlikely to be taking any Iranian citizens into space,” Cheng said. “But China has had successful sales of satellites to Nigeria and Venezuela, both of which are oil-producing countries, which would make Iran a candidate as someone who might send an astronaut up.”

6. marisacat - 2 October 2008


LOL and that is just revving up… I posted a vid that I won’t hunt for now, a few days ago, of Biden on the trail faking anger, r soemthing. Teeth clenching and baring was a large part of the pantomime.

What a hoot!

7. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008

6 – and that is just revving up


Just watched some more Couric clips on Jon Stewart, and goodness gracious, hasn’t that wily, all-powerful GOP done a heckuvajob lowering expectations for tonight? My word!

Between the two of them, I just can’t shake the feeling I’ve had all day – A Comedy Tonight!

8. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008

By Stephen Sondheim, from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, a href=”http://www.guntheranderson.com/v/data/comedyto.htm”>A Comedy Tonight!

Something familiar, something peculiar
Something for everyone: a comedy tonight
Something appealing, something appalling
Something for everyone: a comedy tonight

(Link above with lyrics and chords is courtesy of the idiosyncratic personal home page of a self-described computer nerd and folk singer who makes liqueurs, collects playing cards, and designs costumes for sci-fi conventions. Thanks, Gunther, for the pop-up free Google result!)

9. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008

Apologies, Gunther! Link.

10. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

Gaffe-a-rama time! You betcha!

11. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

“Hey can I call you Joe?” lol

12. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

“betcha” Drink!

13. marisacat - 2 October 2008

wellllllllllll we are all friends of Joe Lieberman. gah. “both sides of the aisle”.

14. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

She looks nervous.

“gettin’ business done”

Oh and now she’s doing her whispy excited voice.

15. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

“darn right!”

Mon dieu. Darn tootin’!

16. marisacat - 2 October 2008

Did Biden sigh?

Isn’t that illegal? (Gore truly screwed up there, I am nto laughing)

17. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

darn right!

can i get some pop?

18. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

Obama aide praises Pentagon chief Gates

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A senior adviser to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama praised U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates Thursday, saying he could be an even better Pentagon chief in an Obama administration.

Richard Danzig, a former secretary of the U.S. Navy who advises Obama on national security policy, said Gates was in tune with the Illinois senator’s thinking on many issues.

“I think Secretary Gates has been a good secretary of defense,” Danzig told defense reporters. “I think he’d be an even better one in an Obama administration.”

19. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

darn right!

20. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

hey! question. of lincoln-douglas was political theater

is this political cartoon theater?

or a political theater cartoon?

21. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

lol – she basically just told both of them to F off with their darn falutin’ questions.

22. marisacat - 2 October 2008

I think SP of 2006 showed up tonight.

23. marisacat - 2 October 2008



24. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

Biden is exposing his Inner Angry Joe now. Ruh roh.

25. marisacat - 2 October 2008

hmm Ithink maybe with that “call yu Joe” stuff she was establishing some equality. From her point of view.

Interesting to watch… 😉

26. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

Inner Angry Joe: Let me at ‘er!!

27. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

well i just someone makes sure porky pig doesn’t miss his cue.

28. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

Current TV is running Tweets and text messaging over the debate, on the bottom of the screen.

29. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

oh shiite!

left out the HOPE!

30. marisacat - 2 October 2008

I have this theory that the old guys (and women in congress too) can’t hold up long at all. They are simply unused to opposition… of any kind.

Like Obey calling the mother of a serving mil, about to be redeployed for the third time to Iraq, ”You Liberals…”, in that hallway incident.

They just cannot take it.

BTW, I saw a side shot of Boxer today that showed her age. hard. Most of the senate is TOO FUCKING OLD.

31. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008

Verrrrry interesting! Including Ifill!

20 – Mystery Political Science Theater 3000?

32. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

She’s really trying hard to bait him, and he’s having a hard time holding himself back.

I still can’t stand watching two people refuse to answer questions.

33. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008

Bless the hearts of those CEOs!

34. marisacat - 2 October 2008

yeah she is trying ot bait. At one point I saw a tic under his left eye.

35. marisacat - 2 October 2008

is he campaigning FOR Palin?

What a hoot!

36. marisacat - 2 October 2008

he keeps calling her “she”. It is going to get noticeable at some point.

37. marisacat - 2 October 2008

Biden signed.

38. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

well im sorry im not thanking john mccain for jack shit.

39. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

she’s a “mainstreeter”?

What the hell does that mean?

Oh, Mr. Bankrupcy denial wants to let people have them again?

40. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

drill baby drill!


41. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008

Correction! Bless the hearts of those greedy, corrupt CEOs!

Toxic mess on Main Street?

42. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

“I don’t want to argue about the causes.”

She’s really pushing it – trying to make the debate into exactly what she wants.

43. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

LOL … I don’t want to admit that I’m a lunatic who doesn’t believe science!

44. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

43. Exactly.

45. marisacat - 2 October 2008

less than 30 minutes used up. It goes on like this, a big draw… again.

46. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

clean coal is an oxymoron.

47. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008

We’ll clean up the planet as soon as our hard-workin’ volunteers get finished with that little job on Main Street. Betcha!

So far, Biden doing much better at controlling his face than I naturally feared. wonders if he’s been sent to nutritionists or other corporal advisors for this run

48. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

I’ll put up with you freaks. You betcha!

49. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

Biden was pretty good on gblt rights. that was a nice surprise.

50. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

oops, and then he blows it. blunt no on gay marriage.

51. marisacat - 2 October 2008

when they p[rattle “committed” I always think of insane aylums.

52. marisacat - 2 October 2008

well Obama will barely speak to gay groups. Cannot believe they have not noticed. His dodge is that he lectures black people to love them other types.

53. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008

51 – LOL. Chronological vintage issue – remembering when commitment was an unfortunate thing!

54. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

oh no its a polka dotted flag of surrender

55. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008

We’ll know we’re finished in Iraq . . . when Iraq can secure its people.

You first, America!

56. bayprairie - 2 October 2008


57. marisacat - 2 October 2008

ooooooooooooooo Finger Shake! Big fat finger shake!

58. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

Inner Angry Joe: If I didn’t smile, I’d be over there ripping her you betcha little vocal chords outta her throat.

59. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

You can just hear that “Jane, you ignorant slut” tone in his voice.

60. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008
61. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

“nukular” Drink!

62. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

NEW RULE: you’re NOT allowed to scaremonger nukes if you pronounce them incorrectly.

63. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

castro brothers? they’re older than mccain aren’t they?

64. marisacat - 2 October 2008

I don’t know who started the joke about Biden, that you expect him to start screaming:

Get the squirrwels off me!

but he sure has that vibe.

65. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

“our respect for women’s rights” Coming from her?? That’s rich.

66. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

yeah kissinger’s passion. heehee.

she saved the dance card, didnt she?

67. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008

Grrl’s gotta get that penchant for blood and gore unner control.

Way too much glee in quote about Israel as stinking corpse!

68. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

“Spain” Bonus point. Drink!

69. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008

62 – NEW RULE: you’re NOT allowed to scaremonger nukes if you pronounce them incorrectly.


70. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

“That will be top of an agenda item…”


71. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

Embassy in Jeruselem. Boy, they are just BEGGING us to be bombed more.

dueling Israel felating!

72. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

oh here we go…”no one’s been a better friend to Israel than Joe Biden”…hate mail on the way from Lieberman.

73. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008
74. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

oh oh … HEAVY SIGH!

75. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

Oh that annoying smile. Mon dieu.

76. marisacat - 2 October 2008


77. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

change is comin’?

78. marisacat - 2 October 2008


heavy long sigh.

79. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008

72 – For shame. Why should Lieberman surrender such a sacred crown?

80. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

Ummm what?? She’s doing a Miss Teen S Carolina again.

81. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

73! no i didn’t. thanks for the headsup.

82. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

McCain better go and get that nutball fundie Ricky Scaggs (love his music, but he’s a wacko) to cut a competing ad.

Ralph Stanley is a national treasure.

83. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

Can we talk about Afghanistan because that’s what’s next on my cheat sheet.

84. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

Biden lol – 2 pointy fingers this time.

85. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

bodies? no! building schools!

what a crock.

86. marisacat - 2 October 2008

biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig sigh.

what is up with him? Stuff it.

87. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

Bosniaks? Aren’t they Bosnians?

88. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

86. what is up with him?

He’s tired of her bullshit and can’t play a drinking game to deal with it.

89. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

woo hoo … lets bomb Africa!

90. marisacat - 2 October 2008

bait bait bait……………………

91. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

what in the hell is he talking about? shit, hes like light speed around the war zones

92. marisacat - 2 October 2008


well you know despite soem of the yutubes around, biden claims never ot have drunk at all. Ever. Or for 40 years, which ever is longer.


93. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

so palin invests alaskan funds outside of the united states?

i’d work that one.

94. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

maybe she got a good deal on pat robertson’s diamond mines?

95. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

john mccain knows how to win a war!


96. marisacat - 2 October 2008

so…….Biden assumes that question was about [post assassination?

Way to go. Lvoe all the death they cram down our throats.

97. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008

Ifill blooper: Everybody’s waiting to see . . . what happens if their respective No. 1s croak?!

98. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008

96 – If it bleeds, it leads, Marisacat!

99. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

I think I would slit my wrists if I suddenly found myself living on main street in Wasila fucking Alaska.

100. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

government get out of my way.

hey it worked for wall street

101. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

“There you go Joe…dog gonnit'”

OMG I wish I drank. (almost)

102. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

oh dog gone it. god bless her, reward in heaven, blah blah blah

103. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

why doesn’t she just put on some daisy dukes, put a stem of grass in her teeth and show a little more cleavage while she’s at it? The whole folksy sex pot / wholesome mom schtick is past tired.

Teach everything EXCEPT evolution and sex ed, of course!!!!!

104. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

nobody gets extra credit.

105. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008

say it ain’t so Joe + there you go again + doggone it + bless something or other + + +

That’s gotta be a bingo on some card somewhere.

Whoa . . . watch the lame jokes when the moderator’s on crutches!

106. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

103. You forgot the pickup truck and the gun rack.

107. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

106 – and the dog.

108. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008

99 – You’re as dour as a Scotman, MitM. Check your lightbulbs! Suck limes!

109. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008

Beacon of Dope, maybe!

(darn your high-falutin consonants to heck!)

110. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

i get it. shes a grant wood painting.

111. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

dead wife … DRINK!

112. marisacat - 2 October 2008

Did he tear up?

113. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

he is the man we need to leave!


114. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

108 – is that why I’ve watched The Highlander so many times?

115. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

is there a cliche she won’t repeat?

116. bayprairie - 2 October 2008

good knowledge of barlett’s book of teevee cliche’s

117. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

I have a bandaid for your booboo and it has John the Maverick’s pic on it. You betcha.

118. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008


…. drink twice!

119. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008

need a palate cleanser?

Harry Belafonte’s political ballad about the DNC — footage from the lost Smothers Brothers season

“This clip of Harry Belafonte singing an extended political song, ‘Don’t Stop The Carnival,’ with a green screen backdrop of footage from the disastrous 1968 Democratic National Convention, was originally meant to air as part of the season 3 premiere of the 1968 Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.

120. liberalcatnip - 2 October 2008

FINALLY. Holy sweet crap, Batman.

121. marisacat - 2 October 2008

Barack is Ready! Pass it along!

122. marisacat - 2 October 2008

waaaaaaaaaayyy too huggy buggy there at the end.

123. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 October 2008
124. marisacat - 2 October 2008

new thread………………………


……………….. 8) …………….

125. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008

MIssed the ending visuals, but Brokaw’s spinning a forgettable draw, with respectful Palin kudos on NBC.

126. Intermittent Bystander - 2 October 2008

114 – OK, Madman. Now it’s war.

Paints face. Tosses haggis.

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