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The “last hope debate”… can anyone bear to watch? 15 October 2008

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Passing through an Amtrak station on his way to an interview in Greensboro, North Carolina, Barack Obama catches a glimpse of himself in a mirror.
[Callie Shell / Aurora for TIME]

Well.. the NYT calls it the “last, best hope for John McCain to reverse the tide…”

Hoefstra – Long Island – 9 PM –

This gave me a laugh tho:

First Read:

NBC/WSJ pollster Peter Hart (D) passes along this finding from a recent poll he conducted: 37% of McCain voters say they detest Obama and would have a hard time accepting him as president, while a similar number of Obama voters (36%) say the same thing of McCain.

DNA! DNA!  We need some DNA!


Mike Davis has a new piece out…

[I]n addition, both Obama and his vice presidential partner Joe Biden, in their support for Secretary of the Treasury Paulson’s plan, avoid any discussion of the inevitable result of cataclysmic restructuring and government bailouts: not “socialism,” but ultra-capitalism — one that is likely to concentrate control of credit in a few leviathan banks, controlled in large part by sovereign wealth funds but subsidized by generations of public debt and domestic austerity.

Never have so many ordinary Americans been nailed to a cross of gold (or derivatives), yet Obama is the most mild-mannered William Jennings Bryan imaginable. Unlike Sarah Palin who masticates the phrase “the working class” with defiant glee, he hews to a party line that acknowledges only the needs of an amorphous “middle class” living on a largely mythical “Main Street.”

If we are especially concerned about the fate of the poor or unemployed, we are left to read between the lines, with no help from his talking points that espouse clean coal technology, nuclear power, and a bigger military, but elide the urgency of a renewed war on poverty as championed by John Edwards in his tragically self-destructed primary campaign  [oh please, there was no inherent ”tragedy” as he meant none of it, his run was to eclipse any poverty message from Kucinich   — Mcat].  But perhaps inside the cautious candidate is a man whose humane passions transcend his own nearsighted centrist campaign. As a close friend, exasperated by my chronic pessimism, chided me the other day, “don’t be so unfair. FDR didn’t have a nuts and bolts program either in 1933. Nobody did.”

What Franklin D. Roosevelt did possess in that year of breadlines and bank failures, according to my friend, was enormous empathy for the common people and a willingness to experiment with government intervention, even in the face of the monolithic hostility of the wealthy classes. In this view, Obama is MoveOn.org’s re-imagining of our 32nd president: calm, strong, deeply in touch with ordinary needs, and willing to accept the advice of the country’s best and brightest.  ::snip::

I caught an NBC (GE! GE! USA! USA!) interview with Paulson, in which he unblinkingly stated that the American people were buying shares “that will be very valuable”.

Yeah?  Who says?  You?


This from Madman from the last thread fits in here…

America’s Political Cannibalism By Chris Hedges

It is no longer our economy but our democracy that is in peril. It was the economic meltdown of Yugoslavia that gave us Slobodan Milosevic. It was the collapse of the Weimar Republic that vomited up Adolf Hitler. And it was the breakdown in czarist Russia that opened the door for Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks. Financial collapses lead to political extremism. The rage bubbling up from our impoverished and disenfranchised working class, glimpsed at John McCain rallies, presages a looming and dangerous right-wing backlash.

As the public begins to grasp the depth of the betrayal and abuse by our ruling class, as the Democratic and Republican parties are exposed as craven tools of our corporate state, as savings accounts, college funds and retirement plans become worthless, as unemployment skyrockets and as home values go up in smoke, we must prepare for the political resurgence of a reinvigorated radical Christian right. The engine of this mass movement—as is true for all radical movements—is personal and economic despair. And despair, in an age of increasing shortages, poverty and hopelessness, will be one of our few surplus commodities.

Karl Polanyi in his book “The Great Transformation,” written in 1944, laid out the devastating consequences—the depressions, wars and totalitarianism—that grow out of a so-called self-regulated free market. He grasped that “fascism, like socialism, was rooted in a market society that refused to function.” He warned that a financial system always devolved, without heavy government control, into a Mafia capitalism—and a Mafia political system—which is a good description of the American government under George W. Bush. Polanyi wrote that a self-regulating market, the kind bequeathed to us since Ronald Reagan, turned human beings and the natural environment into commodities, a situation that ensures the destruction of both society and the natural environment. He decried the free market’s belief that nature and human beings are objects whose worth is determined by the market. He reminded us that a society that no longer recognizes that nature and human life have a sacred dimension, an intrinsic worth beyond monetary value, ultimately commits collective suicide. Such societies cannibalize themselves until they die. Speculative excesses and growing inequality, he wrote, always destroy the foundation for a continued prosperity.



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 October 2008

No debate for me tonight … I’m going to go see David Byrne tonight.

The Davis piece is really good. As for the “despising” thing … I despise both of them.

2. marisacat - 15 October 2008

I expect it to be pretty bad… but will leave it on…

3. marisacat - 15 October 2008

hmm I noticed last night that when I was at RGE Monitor, the Roubini site, that he had a FP link to his predictive Feb paper… I don’t see it now. Will take a google and see if I land on it….

4. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

From MitM in the last thread:

Freehands, gloves for cold weather gadget twiddling

We already have gloves like that up here. They’ve been on the market a long time. I have a pair here somewhere but not for gadget twiddling. 😉

5. marisacat - 15 October 2008

Nouriel Roubini, 12 steps to Financial Disaster.. Feb 5, 2008
[cached version, as otherwise behind a sub wall]

Martin Wolf of The Financial Times commented on it at the time.


The graf on the FP of the NYT, on the fall of the Holy Market today, must have some edging for the windows.

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 October 2008

– 735

7. marisacat - 15 October 2008

Oh what a scream! a headline under the little death graph says:

Bernanke says Bailout needs time to work.


8. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 October 2008

7 – translation, we need a little more time for our friends to move their wealth before we can’t prop it up anymore.

9. marisacat - 15 October 2008

Well I laughed out loud at the “news”,it did not hit me right off that it portends poorly for THe Old Erratic Guy:

Framing the debate: Dow, Cheney, Nancy

Could the day’s news be worse or McCain? The market is back down, and the rest of the news is about health crises for political figures of his generation.

[dow down, Nancy falls, Cheney’s stone heart is ERRATIC… LOL]

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 October 2008

RNC drops McCain ads in Wisconsin

The Republican National Committee has pulled its independent ads on behalf of GOP nominee John McCain in Wisconsin and Maine, but ads run here by the RNC in conjunction with the McCain campaign will continue.

That’s the word from the Associated Press national desk, which says the RNC is putting its final weeks efforts into Colorado, Indiana and other state that have gone Republican in recent elections, but where Democrat Barack Obama is doing well in the polls.

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 October 2008

5 Pieces of Advice for the New Paupers


Got one? Maybe you should sell it. Cars drain the last dollars out of you. And there’s something worse: Cops can smell desperation, and they hate the poor. I didn’t hate cops as much before, except drug cops, but God, I hate them now. The real purpose of cops is to keep poor people off the roads. That’s their only real goal. On my way to an interview for a job that could have gotten us out of the gutter, a cop stopped me because my insurance was two weeks overdue — for the simple reason that we didn’t have money to pay it. She gave me a $600 ticket for that, plus $120 for not having an updated address on my driver’s license. Then she called for a tow truck and told me, “So, a lesson learned here today!” as I watched my car get towed away and trudged off with our terrified dog down a typical Western suburban road: four lanes of fast traffic with no sidewalks. Are you poor? The cops are your enemy now. Accept it. The car is how they’ll try to get you. Sell it if you can — which is to say, if there’s any decent public transportation — hah! — where you live.

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 October 2008

Byron York “debates” (cough) Matt Taibbi:

B.Y.: Did I suggest that headwinds are unfair? But on the financial meltdown in particular, if you’re suggesting that that is a Republican creation, or even more specifically a McCain creation, I think you’re on pretty shaky ground.

M.T.: You don’t think the unregulated CDS market was a major factor in the current crisis? Were you watching when AIG almost went under? Were you watching the Lehman collapse?

B.Y.: I think that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were also major factors. And I believe that many of the problems in the mortgage area can be attributed to the confluence of Democratic and Republican priorities: the Democrats’ desire to give mortgages to people, particularly minorities, who could not afford them, and the Republicans’ desire to achieve an “ownership society,” in part by giving mortgages to people who could not afford them. Again, I believe that if you are suggesting that the financial crisis is a Republican creation, or even more specifically a McCain creation, I think you’re on pretty shaky ground.

M.T.: Oh, come on. Tell me you’re not ashamed to put this gigantic international financial Krakatoa at the feet of a bunch of poor black people who missed their mortgage payments. The CDS market, this market for credit default swaps that was created in 2000 by Phil Gramm’s Commodities Future Modernization Act, this is now a $62 trillion market, up from $900 billion in 2000. That’s like five times the size of the holdings in the NYSE. And it’s all speculation by Wall Street traders. It’s a classic bubble/Ponzi scheme. The effort of people like you to pin this whole thing on minorities, when in fact this whole thing has been caused by greedy traders dealing in unregulated markets, is despicable.

B.Y.: I was struck by the recent Senate testimony of James Lockhart, who is head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, about the sheer recklessness of Fannie in recent years. Despite “repeated warnings about credit risk,” Lockhart testified, Fannie became more reckless in 2006 and 2007 than they had been in the scandal-ridden tenure of Franklin Raines (who departed in 2004). In 2005, Lockhart said, 14 percent of Fannie’s new business was in risky loans. In the first half of 2007, it was 33 percent. So something terribly wrong was going on there, and it became a significant part of the present problem.

M.T.: What a surprise that you mention Franklin Raines. Do you even know how a CDS works? Can you explain your conception of how these derivatives work? Because I get the feeling you don’t understand. Or do you actually think that it was a few tiny homeowner defaults that sank gigantic companies like AIG and Lehman and Bear Stearns? Explain to me how these default swaps work, I’m interested to hear.

Because what we’re talking about here is the difference between one homeowner defaulting and forty, four hundred, four thousand traders betting back and forth on the viability of his loan. Which do you think has a bigger effect on the economy?

B.Y.: Are you suggesting that critics of Fannie and Freddie are talking about the default of a single homeowner?

M.T.: No. That is what you call a figure of speech. I’m saying that you’re talking about individual homeowners defaulting. But these massive companies aren’t going under because of individual homeowner defaults. They’re going under because of the myriad derivatives trades that go on in connection with each piece of debt, whether it be a homeowner loan or a corporate bond. I’m still waiting to hear what your idea is of how these trades work. I’m guessing you’ve never even heard of them.

I mean really. You honestly think a company like AIG tanks because a bunch of minorities couldn’t pay off their mortgages?

B.Y.: When you refer to “Phil Gramm’s Commodities Future Modernization Act,” are you referring to S.3283, co-sponsored by Gramm, along with Senators Tom Harkin and Tim Johnson?

M.T.: In point of fact I’m talking about the 262-page amendment Gramm tacked on to that bill that deregulated the trade of credit default swaps.

Tick tick tick. Hilarious sitting here while you frantically search the Internet to learn about the cause of the financial crisis — in the middle of a live chat interview.

B.Y.: Look, you can keep trying to make this a specifically partisan and specifically Gramm-McCain thing, but it simply isn’t. We’ve gone on for fifteen minutes longer than scheduled, and that’s enough. Thanks.

M.T.: Thanks. Note, folks, that the esteemed representative of the New Republic has no idea what the hell a credit default swap is. But he sure knows what a minority homeowner looks like.

B.Y.: It’s National Review.

LOL … “I’m going to take my preconceptions and go home!”

13. marisacat - 15 October 2008

oh god is that true, that section on “car”…

I occasionally catch a local call in with a pretty good guy atty, who practices up in Sonoma. General advice for a variety of legal problems.. I had to stop listening… over and over and over and over ti is people who get caught in the snare of fees and collection of monies [often related to cars] that are replacements for equitable taxes… overwhelming costs for poor people. Hard for the middle class that are overstretched and no prob for the rich.

A real problem.

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 October 2008

13 – This country is brutal in all of the little ways it keeps a thumb on people barely treading water.

I wish I had taken the advice in the piece about anti-depressants when I fell through the cracks a few years ago. It was like falling into wet sand with layers of gauze being tied around my head. By the time I finally swallowed my pride and moved in w/ family I was barely functioning.

I thought it was a pretty good piece.

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 October 2008
16. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 October 2008

A Wis. Call for GOP Poll Watchers Draws National Notice

The Wisconsin Republican Party has issued a call for volunteer poll watchers for Election Day, and the criteria is a little specific, seeking especially folks made of sterner stuff.

Jonathan Waclawski, the party’s election day operations, wrote in a Sept. 8 e-mail that he needed contact information for people “who would potentially be willing to volunteer … at inner city (more intimidating) polling places. Particularly, I am interested in names of Milwaukee area veterans, policemen, security personnel, firefighters etc. … If you have any connections with such organizations, please pass that information on.”

The e-mail fell into the hands of an Obama supporter, who passed it to the Obama campaign, who released it today after a news conference with its campaign director and general counsel, who discussed voter registration, voter education and voter protection.

The Obama team pointed to Waclawski’s e-mail as ground-level tactics that could create concerns among voters.

“This is much ado about nothing. I don’t see anything wrong with this,” said Kirsten Kukowski, a spokeswoman with the Wisconsin GOP. “Intimidating was referring to the polling places, not to poll watchers who would be intimidating,” she said. “The way I read this we are looking for people to go to intimidating places.

“We are not going to send an 80-year-old woman from the suburbs, who has been making calls for us, into the city where she is not used to driving, not used to parking, not used to finding her way,” Kukowski said. “It is an incredible leap to say from what is in that e-mail that we are looking for big people at the polls. No way does it say that.”

Nope, NOT looking for “intimidating people”, just people who aren’t scared of black people … or something.

17. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 October 2008
18. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 October 2008

Oh, those wonderful donks, so unwilling to actually stop executive criminality, end brutal expansionist wars or restore civil liberties. Why? Because they’re too busy expanding police powers to benefit MORE corporations.

19. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 October 2008
20. marisacat - 15 October 2008

From the Daily Beast / PBS link

[N]o one who has seen this dramatic documentary is likely to buy into the “rotten apples” narrative any longer.

Which may help explain why PBS appears to be suffering from acute corporate indigestion over the work. The project was first offered to PBS in September 2007, with the representation that it would be available to air after May 2008. It was completed and circulated to PBS decision makers on schedule in May of this year. Their response? According to producer Sherry Jones, PBS told her that “no time slot could be found for the documentary before January 21, 2009”—the day after George W. Bush and Dick Cheney leave office. Does that reflect concern that PBS would face retaliation from the Bush Administration for airing the program? I put that question to John Wilson, PBS’s Senior Vice President for Program, who didn’t respond following multiple inquiries. But January 21 is a Wednesday, and to me the only obvious reason for its selection is regime change.

21. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 October 2008

20 – Pretty appalling, ain’t it?

Good germans … until it’s safe.

22. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 October 2008

YouTube to McCain: You Made Your DMCA Bed, Lie in It

But citing the DMCA, a controversial copyright law that McCain voted to approve a decade ago, Levine pointed out that YouTube risks being sued itself if it doesn’t respond promptly to takedown notices.

“If … service providers do not remove the content to such notice, they do so at their own risk because they lose their safe harbor,”he wrote.

Further, Levine argued, the fair-use analysis is complicated, and the creators of the videos are better equipped to perform it. The uploader can then issue a DMCA counter-notice if they believe they’re on solid legal ground, and YouTube will restore the video.

“YouTube does not possess the requisite information about the content in user-uploaded videos to make a determination as to whether a particular takedown notice includes a valid claim of infringement,” Levine wrote. “The claimant and the uploader, not YouTube, hold all of the relevant information in this regard, including the source of any content used, the ownership rights to the content, and any licensing arrangements in place between the parties.”

“The real problem here is individuals and entities that abuse the DMCA takedown process,” he added.

“We look forward to working with Senator (or President) McCain on ways to combat abuse of the DMCA takedown process on YouTube, including by way of example, strengthening the fair-use doctrine, so that intermediaries like us can rely on this important doctrine with a measure of business certainty.”

23. marisacat - 15 October 2008

argh.. from the SMBIVA link in comment 18

This remarkable expansion in secret-police power — for the transcendently important purpose of protecting trademarks and song residuals, forsooth — was sponsored by that white knight, Patrick Leahy, and cosponsored in the Senate by 21 other stooges, including some of our old favorites: Barbara Boxer, Sherrod Brown, Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, “Up” Chuck Schumer. The bill passed the Senate unanimously. It passed the House 381-41, and really, it’s only surprising that that wasn’t unanimous too.

Apparently the Nays tend to be in the pockets of technology providers rather than “content” providers; the former find their style rather cramped by the extravagant excesses of IP enforcement demanded by the latter. It’s easy enough to see who has the Injun sign on Congress, though: it’s not the people who have put that laptop in your lap — it’s the people who claim ownership, and want to exert control, of the bits on your disk. ::snip::

SHOVE THEM ALL OFF THE CLIFF, food for the forest animals below

24. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 October 2008

the former find their style rather cramped by the extravagant excesses of IP enforcement demanded by the latter.

Which ties in nicely to the You Tube/McCain link.

25. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008
26. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

The audience has agreed to be quiet – except when they shout out “terrorist!” and “kill him!”.

27. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

Let me say Bob, thank you. Ayers! Ayers! Ayers!

28. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

McSurge looks ghostly.

29. marisacat - 15 October 2008

I think McC’s voice is off…. makes me wonder if the Cockburn report is right about his having recent radiation…

30. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

Who will be the first to stab the other in the eye with those trusty pens they’re holding?

31. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

Screw Joe the Plumber. No tax breaks for plumbers until they straighten out the butt crack epidemic.

32. marisacat - 15 October 2008

NBC at least is using a split screen, their faces side by side. Should have been that way for all debates, IMO…

fwiw..ntim, LOL

33. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

I’m watching CNN for the ECG on the bottom of the screen. It’s strangely addictive.

34. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

“profligate”? Who the hell uses that word?

35. bayprairie - 15 October 2008


i can’t bear to watch. im trying to figure out where im going to get the coin to pay joe the friggin plumber.

36. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

Ethanol is in the defence budget?

37. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

I see Feisty McSurge has shown up tonite – and he’s done his homework.

38. marisacat - 15 October 2008

bay is htat a joke 🙂 or does your house need a plumber? Just asking… and how are you doing in the long aftermath?

39. marisacat - 15 October 2008

yes old feisty erratic guy is on hand…………………….

40. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

I’m waiting for Johnny to break into “You Don’t Send Me Flowers”.

41. bayprairie - 15 October 2008

plumbing bills aren’t funny. that laughable cliche joe the “poor” plumber is. but im fine, thanks for askin!

42. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

“Vietnam”. Drink!!

McCain: I heart Teh Stoopid.

43. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

“Ayers”. Drink!!

“ACORN”. Drink!!

Waiting for Rezko for bingo.

44. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

Wait a minute…didn’t Ayers hold a fundraiser for Obamalama?

45. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

“Scranton”. Drink!

46. marisacat - 15 October 2008

oh the problem around here is you can hardly get a plumber for a smallish job. They like remodels (tho that may be slowing down). Fortunately we have a neighborhood handy man, plumbing, electrician, painter. All in one…

Thank god.

47. bayprairie - 15 October 2008

sarah palin is a roll model for the mooseburger basket.

48. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

Palin understands the autism problems better than anyone he knows? What?

49. marisacat - 15 October 2008

I think catnip was mentioned…

50. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

That’s not true. I believe our Conservative government said “Fuck you”.

51. marisacat - 15 October 2008

I am surprised that McC has not used the snippet of Ob on tape [think it was an editorial board interview] laughing at what one says in campaigns, and referring to NAFTA – in an ad I mean…

52. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

“Hoover”. Bingo!!

53. bayprairie - 15 October 2008

senator government wants joe to obama

54. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

McJohnny is actually doing fairly well in this debate. (kooky creature that he is)

He’s flatlining on the health care discussion though.

“Senator Government”? lol That was a good Freudian Slip.

55. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

53. lol

56. Intermittent Bystander - 15 October 2008

I have a vision of the media simultaneously converging on the home and public records of Joe the Rich Plumber as we speak.

Good luck Joe!

57. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

I think McCain just lost the fundy base. Run, duck and cover. The fur’s bound to be flying any time now.

58. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

56. No doubt CNN’s Rick Sanchez is knocking on his door as we speak.

59. Intermittent Bystander - 15 October 2008

41 – Yeah, the poor plumber cliche is about what, 50 years out of date? LOL, say the masses!

60. bayprairie - 15 October 2008

so can we get a religious adviser with the government health care insurance?

im fresh out.

61. Intermittent Bystander - 15 October 2008

28 – Gaspar, the Peevish, Befuddled, and Inappropriately Twinkly Doddering Ghost!

62. marisacat - 15 October 2008

common ground on abortion……………………. sigh

63. bayprairie - 15 October 2008

i doubt seriously if joe can get a loan right now, much less get any NEW CONSTRUCTION work.

a future tax increase is actually a blessing. it implies one has income.

joe’s just fucked.

but hey at least he’s gotta job.

this week.

64. bayprairie - 15 October 2008

oh yeah john you friggin idiot, the “extreme” position concerns itself with the woman’s health.

who the hell cares about that?

65. Intermittent Bystander - 15 October 2008

Ah well it sounded too good there for a while, didn’t it? Welcome back to Tragedyfuckingland, ladies. Consult your pastor.

66. marisacat - 15 October 2008

“primacy as a military power” — Obrama… we gotta maintain it!

67. Intermittent Bystander - 15 October 2008

Thosseee scharrrrry extreeeemishts want Joe the Rich Plumber to caarre about women’s “health.” Imagine!

68. marisacat - 15 October 2008

pray to your pastor, forget Jesus, it’s the pastors that matter.

69. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

Just abolish the federal dept of education. Easy.

70. bayprairie - 15 October 2008


way out in right field

vouchers vouchers vouchers!

71. bayprairie - 15 October 2008

vouchers, baptists and catholics!!!! mooses and squirrels!

72. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

66. “primacy as a military power”

That was a really strange seque from a question about education.

73. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

Oh – I get it now. He said something about a strong economy linked to military supremacy. Ergo, you need edumacated peeples. That is SO not how I think or link things together.

74. Intermittent Bystander - 15 October 2008

So what did the thermal monitoring of the certified “uncommitted” cabbagesfeatured in the scroll on CNN think, catnip?

(Pity about your new government, BTW.)

75. Intermittent Bystander - 15 October 2008

Gawd, the first CNN spinner is appalling. Outa there.

Ha, number 2 pundit was funny though . . . “He looked like Grumpy McNasty up there!”

76. Intermittent Bystander - 15 October 2008

Nope. Can’t do the pundits on any channel.

Thanks for the laughs, all.

77. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

I think the vote from CNN’s panel was 13 for Obama and 9 for McCain. 1 abstained. They didn’t like Joe the plumber stories.

78. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

Hillary’s coming up on CNN.

79. Intermittent Bystander - 15 October 2008

Really, might as well let weasels rip your flesh.

80. liberalcatnip - 15 October 2008

(Pity about your new government, BTW.)

Thanks – and I missed the season premiere of Eli Stone for that. Bummer.

81. Intermittent Bystander - 15 October 2008

77 – Thanks. (Katie Couric was interviewing the not-so-organic idiot farm on CBS.)

I mean, don’t these assholes realize they’re competing with the Project Runway finale on Bravo?

82. Intermittent Bystander - 15 October 2008

80 – Haha!

Good for Clinton, for showing up with Wolfie – ptooey – tonight.

83. Intermittent Bystander - 15 October 2008

Wolfie and Tweety have got a lot in common – totally over-the-top demented juvenile amoral shameless political celebrity dweebitude, for example.

Post-debate CNN poll –


40 dem
30 gop
Rest independent

Obama wins by 58 to 31
Obama fav 66% Unfave 35 to 33

McCain unfav from 45 to 49%

CNN reporting other networks showing even broader margins for Obama.

84. Intermittent Bystander - 15 October 2008

OOps, mean O fav increased to 66 and unfav decreased from 35 to 33.

(Do debate-watcher unfav percentages get lower than that?)

MCain unfav increased instead.

85. Intermittent Bystander - 15 October 2008

Local news reports Cheney underwent cardioversion – a type of electic shock – to keep the ticker ticking tonight.

Big LOL at number 9 upthread.

86. marisacat - 15 October 2008

neue thread……………..


…………….. 8) …………..

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