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I don’t know about you… 20 October 2008

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.


but I am pooped.

I did spy this … and got there by way of the righties — a post at Weekly Standard, think it was complimenting Tomasky, which I sure as hell won’t be doing.

In the 40 year anniversary issue of New York mag… he says this (and a few other things) about Guiliani.

No one quite understood the force of the tornado that had just hit town. By the end of Giuliani’s first year, the city was a visibly different place—made safe, Toronto-ized, starting down the road toward being Olive Garden–ized (yes, there were downsides!); a place that suddenly was no longer the city where Travis Bickle prayed to God for the rain to wash the trash off the sidewalk and where—in real life, not the movies—display ads for porn films actually ran in the Post right alongside the display ads for Smokey and the Bandit (it’s true; a few years ago I went to the Post’s morgue and looked through old issues and saw the ads, and their blurbs screaming “Full Erection!,” with my own disbelieving eyes). That is inconceivable to us now. But it, and a score of cankers like it, used to be the reality in New York. Lots of forces combined to change that, but the biggest force of all was Rudy.

He then dutifuly chronicles some minuses… He remembers Amadou Diallo and Louima, but charges on!… to this:

The other idea, of course, was the “broken windows” theory, for which chief credit goes to criminologist George Kelling. A few broken windows will lead to a few more broken windows, which will lead to larger blights; so fix the problems when they’re small. When the transit cops started arresting people for fare-jumping, previously considered too penny-ante to worry about, they found that fare-jumpers often had rap sheets including more serious crimes. When street cops started busting people for selling dime bags, they found the same thing.

Crime had dropped by 7 percent in 1993, under Dinkins. In 1994, it dropped by 12 percent. Then 16 percent in 1995 and another 16 percent in 1996. Homicides—2,262 in 1992—went below 1,000 for the first time in decades in 1996, then down to 746 the year Giuliani sought reelection. Now we’re back to pre-Beatles numbers, and New Yorkers take it as a given. But I remember very clearly: The drops in ’94 and ’95 were so astoundingly steep that it was downright confusing. It just didn’t seem possible. Something had to be wrong with the numbers.

But people had started to believe. “We were always thinking about, ‘We’ve got to show that the city is governable,’ ” Powers says. “That was always the most important thing.”

And winds his way to this close:

No—his great destiny was to be mayor, and mayor only. And I might even say: at that moment only, when the city needed someone like him. Remember how often people talked in 1992 and 1993 about giving up on the place. Within one short year, or even less, people weren’t saying that very much anymore. For all the Rudy- craziness that later ensued and that darkened his legacy—the bashing of police-shooting victims and Brooklyn Museum artists and ferret lovers and his second ex-wife and of course Hillary—it has to be acknowledged that he was the man for the moment.

There probably won’t be a moment in New York quite that desperate again in our lifetimes. He helped make sure of it.

Good lord. He is and was a maniac! And his cops have spread out thru the nation. Kelly (running for mayor, people seem to hint), Kerick (where to begin with that one!), Timoney, Bratton and names I am sure I don’t know… Cruel, vicious mean shits, everyone of them.



1. lucid - 20 October 2008

My only deep thought of the day…

I’m tired
Today at 2:31am | Edit Note | Delete
Because I’ve fought my entire adult life against ignorance. I’ve spent my life ‘dis-evangelizing’ – trying individuals’ thoughts to their own.There is nothing more sacred, or moral than our thoughts on the matter… because there is nothing else.

The fanatics everywhere want to force us to believe… but they mistake the aristocracy for life… because no living being would enforce the 2,000 year old rules of the aristocracy with the consequence ‘shame’, if they were actually alive.

A death cult, all of them – pretending, and actualizing life as death.

And I’m tired because I encounter a universe, created by easy laws, burping easy solutions.

I had thought us better.

Seems we’re in the same boat…

2. lucid - 20 October 2008

Good lord… I for one will say fuck you Rudi for not only making this city unrecognizable, but unlivable.

And fuck you too for driving out most of my friends…

3. marisacat - 20 October 2008

no small “d” democrat, is Mr Tomasky.


4. lucid - 21 October 2008

thanks for fixing html… 🙂

5. marisacat - 21 October 2008

well.. Sully calls Adelman “my old friend” and it sounds like Josh Marshall considers the endorse a big deal.

Who the fuck are these people? (Nobody, in my book… but what they are is CONSERVATIVES and REACTIONARIES)

I had gone to check out Dully as I read somewhere (TAPPED, I think) that he is calling on Ob to come out against Prop 8 and do a spot. I laughed pretty hard at that one. never did find it…

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 October 2008

I so hate that pro-Rudy crap. Rudy, and the press in NYC, pushed it so hard. A LOT of the turnaround started under Dinkins, when they were still doing real community policing, before the beatings and bullying started. The papers and business started helping once they got their little martinet installed, that’s what happened.

Words can’t begin to describe how much I loath Rudy.

7. marisacat - 21 October 2008

Tomasky is useless and has made reading The Guardian into nothing in terms of US politics. That paper, even more than the other UK papers, has been utterly despoiled. Some sort of across the pond American jock strap.

Thru several cycles, even the last one, I relied on the London papers for other and different information. Not this go round. Major ObamaRama ass kiss.

I read at Chris Floyd, think Madman linked to it yesterday, the UTTER SLOBBER from The Guardian about Powell.

Turn in your tattered and dead lefty cred.

8. NYCO - 21 October 2008

There probably won’t be a moment in New York quite that desperate again in our lifetimes. He helped make sure of it.

Yeah, Rudy Giuliani’s New York. The New York that sent thousands more folks up the river to Upstate prisons in towns that had nothing else going for them because globalization had sucked these towns dry of every other honest way to make a living. And the money from globalization’s gains was spent on the finest giant video screens for Times Square that money could buy, and sweet deals for condo developers, so that Rudy and Bloomy and friends could smoke $100 bills like cheroots.

Now the Rudy era is gone? Oh. Are we supposed to cry or something? Are we supposed to cry for the Big Apple? And tremble in fear because the gravy train will no longer be spread around to the rest of the state, and to the rest the nation? WHAT gravy train? What sharing? That wasn’t sharing, that wasn’t leadership… that was tossing scraps to debased, hungry dogs.

9. marisacat - 21 October 2008

The New York that sent thousands more folks up the river to Upstate prisons in towns that had nothing else going for them because globalization had sucked these towns dry of every other honest way to make a living. —NYCO

same thing out here… a whole new prison system within the past 25, 20 years, huge investment… telling little towns they will be a friendly business neighbor.. and provide jobs and buy locally.

HA!! Not. And now we have a powerful prison guard union and lobby. And they are NASTY. And national.

10. lucid - 21 October 2008

8&9 – the only growth sector in the economy 😦

11. marisacat - 21 October 2008

Not to fear! The caped one is here. ObRama on crime:

On crime: Obama suggested that this issue is not going to change overnight. He is in support of getting more cops on the street, increasing after-school programs and summer school programs. Ultimately, however, Obama believes a change in mind set and family values is what is really needed to fight crime. He says individuals must first take responsibility for themselves, then take responsibility for others. “We cannot continue to make excuses for behavior that’s destructive.

LOL same old same old.

Apparently he is chatty this afternoon with some radio guy, Ed Gordon. I don’t knwo what one.

12. jam.fuse - 21 October 2008

If I were forced to play frothing, lisping psycho son of a mob enforcer mayor Rudolf (with an F) Scroogianis advocate:

1. He allegedly jailed many organized crime bosses.

2. He ‘cleaned up’ Tompkins Square Park and Grand Central Station which were Hoover/Reaganvilles around that time, overflowing with homeless, the ethics of which are still debated (God knows what happened to all those people.)

Of course he famously referred to incumbent African-American mayor David Dinkins as ‘a washroom attendant’ iirc whilst inciting a full fledged riot of ny police, who allegedly proceeded to beat up some journalists, forcing the temporary shutting down of the brooklyn bridge.

The right wing nut I used to share space with in NJ was actually married by him.

13. lucid - 21 October 2008

hey jf – you in town or in Berlin?

with respect to #2 he also forcibly removed hundreds if not thousands of squatters that had legal claim to the buildings they inhabited… many of whom were friends of mine. All part of ‘cleaning up the neighborhood’! Quite frankly, I prefered the east village when it was ‘scary’. More interesting stuff going on. Now it’s freakin’ the UES.

Then again, I liked Times Square pre-Rudy too.

14. marisacat - 21 October 2008

The loss of the old Times Square is one of his great crimes. Perpetrated along with Disney… and whoever else.

I waited YEARS for former NYers, mostly Italo-Americans, to mouth the words, Rudi’s gone too far

Ya think.


Yes, jam.fuse! Which side of the Atlantic are yoou on???

15. lucid - 21 October 2008

Really good podcast with Celia Farber about HIV on left leaning media. It’s an hour long, but worth the listen.

16. marisacat - 21 October 2008

10% of workforce at Yahoooooooo to be laid off. Came down earlier as I was unloading a Safeway delivery. and epople leaving HQ do NOT want to talk.

Apparently some jobs (or products) to be “transferred overseas”.

17. marisacat - 21 October 2008

In case diane stops by, Ed Jew is going to prison. Will pop up a link. He really ticked off Chinatown, is all i can say. Getting a Supervisor on bribery (and other) charges. LOL, something they all take, under one guise or another.

18. marisacat - 21 October 2008

Can’t we get the Indians to take a payload ? Of politicians? Why not? To never never land………………………

>India successfully launches the unmanned Chandrayaan 1 spacecraft, its first mission to the moon.

For more details: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news

19. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 October 2008

The vicious attacks are starting again

Now, the “left” is attacking me with the same hateful vigor and personal attacks as the right did back in 2005 because I dare to hold the Democrats to the same standard as I hold the Republicans. Does this mean that I am now a Republican lover? Hell no! I think when we get to the very top of the political food chain the Democrats and Republicans collaborate to steal our money and our freedoms.

Former SF Mayor, Willie Brown who lionized me before, recently called me a “loonie-tune” in his blog on SF Gate and I have been pronounced “insane and delusional” by Markos Moulitsas the editor of the Democratic apologist blog “The Daily Kos.” I am sure that Markos and Willie both have MDs in psychology and are fully qualified to diagnose my mental health without an examination.

Why does Markos think that I am “insane and delusional?” Because my campaign has had a series of coincidences or a run of bad luck that I said might be attributed to the opposition. I never accused Pelosi of anything or said that the attacks were definitely hanky-panky.

Gee, I must be crazy if I could even think that Democrats would tamper with elections like Republicans. It has never happened in the entire history of our country and I am sure that my campaign would be the first. My friends who still work in Democratic politics here in California have been warned not to work on my campaign or they would be “finished” in the party. A former Congressional candidate (D) came to my office and gave me a fund raising list but told me to never say his name because he wants to run for Supervisor as a Democrat here in town. Top Democrats here whisper to me that they will “vote” for me, but they can’t publicly endorse me. At least one very top Democrat is lying about me on the record. I can’t make this stuff up.

To all of you who attack me personally and question my mental health and my motherhood, or whatever, all I can say is “get some perspective.” I buried my son and if you all think that anything you can say or do to me is going to make me stop working for peace and accountability, you are seriously mistaken.

If you (left, right, center or wherever) think that it is okay to support wars, spying, torture, bankster bailouts, environmental degradation and taking away our civil rights; then by all means, live in your world where you think that your political party are the saints and the others are the sinners. It’s all about party loyalty, isn’t it? Tell that to the people who are being killed, tortured or impoverished in your names.

We are back to hundreds of attacks per day.

We must be on the right track, again.

Thank you.

20. marisacat - 21 October 2008

LOL Markos merely wants to wage localised Dem faction war against Nancy after the election. It was clear months ago, reading and listening closely – not just to the waves of shits at Dkos but elsewhere where mouthpieces are, that to protect the brand, they will use Nancy as the pinata.

They will be needing one, and Ob is as we all know Jesus on Easter morn. Precious and divine.

Not, mind you, that I care. Or give a shit.

And for now, well they feel like beating up on someone. And Sheehan is in view. Anyone who opposes all invasive war and occupation is wearing a bull’s eye.

21. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 October 2008

Local Homeless Shelters Get Training On Gay Issues

CHICAGO (AP) ― Homeless shelters across Chicago are getting a crash course in how to better serve members of the gay community.

The Chicago Department of Human Services is conducting four days of mandatory sensitivity training at the Center on Halsted, the city’s gay community center.

About 160 people are attending the training, which includes sessions on the barriers faced by members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community and the effects of prejudice, said Lisa Elkuss, communications director for the human services department.

“We’re all really very pleased that this is taking place,” Elkuss said Monday. “We’re glad that things have evolved to this point, and we’re pleased with the response of the shelters.”

She said the department hasn’t faced any opposition to the training from the shelters and that operators are looking for ways to improve service.

The training is also intended to reinforce how shelters can comply with the city’s human rights ordinance, Elkuss said. The ordinance prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

22. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 October 2008
23. marisacat - 21 October 2008

Too funny:

Ed Jew and your brain on drugs

The Chronicle

Ed Jew, the former supe who pleaded guilty to corruption-related charges today, says he didn’t know soliciting bribes was a bad thing because he learned it from other politicians.

Even more scintillating is his threat to name those politicians at his sentencing in February 2009.::snip::

[J]ew, 48, pleaded guilty on Oct. 10 tofederal charges of extortion, mail fraud and soliciting a $40,000 bribe from representatives of San Francisco tapioca drink shops. He is scheduled to be sentenced on those charges on Feb. 13.

24. marisacat - 22 October 2008

Down down 278… waaa. It seems not to get the message.

25. marisacat - 22 October 2008

neue thred…….


………………… 8) ……………..

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