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Lily 19 November 2008

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, Bolivia - Evo Morales, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, Viva La Revolucion!.


NYCO’s Lily…

Admittedly from their position on the floor, but the R are laughing up a storm:


All That Hard Work By Liberals This Year Is Finally Paying Off

So Joe Lieberman is keeping his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee on the say so of 42 Senate Democrats AND President Obama; his Secretary of State might be Iraq War supporter and preconditionless-summit opponent Hillary Clinton; no one will be prosecuted for waterboarding, Bush’s guy John Brennan may take over at CIA and Bush’s man Robert Gates may stay on as Defense Secretary.

I don’t know how the liberals feel, but so far the Obama administration rocks.

Obama pledged during the campaign to withdraw the remaining U.S. combat troops in 16 months, at roughly the rate of one combat brigade a month. The plan tentatively approved in Baghdad yesterday would essentially give Obama until the end of 2011 to pull out all U.S. forces, while also putting the imprimatur of the Bush administration on the idea that there needs to be an ironclad deadline for troop removal.

“It greatly eases the pressure on [Obama] to meet a fixed abstract schedule for U.S. withdrawals,” said Anthony H. Cordesman, an expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies

In at least one respect, the timeline may complicate what Obama had proposed on the campaign trail: leaving a residual force in Iraq to protect U.S. officials and conduct counter-terrorism operations after the withdrawal of all combat troops. The agreement makes clear that the U.S. government would need approval from the Iraqis if a residual force is to remain beyond Dec. 31, 2011.

So other than interrogations, CIA leadership, domestic wiretapping, the Iraq withdrawal, we’re looking at dramatic wholesale changes to policies related to the war on terror…

But at least Joe Lieberman is no longer in charge of overseeing the Department of Homeland Security. Oh, wait..

via Geraghty at National Review Online.  Schnauzer land.

And, just to ram it all the way home (repeated from the end of the last thread)… slobber from one of the mouthpieces at The Atlantic (bolding is mine):

Barack Obama, a man of the left with an empiricist, pragmatic, and politically hard-hearted temperament, is poised to deliber major progressive legislation: a transformative energy economy; universal health care; labor law reform; expanded federal rights for gays; transportation and infastructure spending; expansive regulation.

The few grumbles and grumblers will probably be shunted to the side, and anger may be channeled elsewhere. The Democratic Party is as united, now, as united since it’s been since the government shutdown in the mid 1990s, and certainly as united as it ever will be.

What can you do but laugh?

Tonight on KGO, local Democratic/”liberal” talk radio, a host must have said 40 times that letting the Big Three go did not matter (how blithe we are with other peoples’ jobs) as the workers would be

-hired by other car manufacturers (really? Nummi has a lay off scheduled for January)

-hired to work via the big stimulus bill that would fund rebuilding the national infrastructure (I surely  hope so)

-and massively retrained…

hmm OK.  Must have been talking from Kansas and holding Toto. If you want to sell the position that the Big Three should not be bailed out (and I don’t think they should be) it is just massively dishonest to sell it from a lie that there will not be problems – big problems in fact, as a result.  Hosts there pushing the Bail Out, in all its various devolutions and diversions, have been just as dishonest.

I am only hopeful that things are so very bad that Obama (and his legions of Age of Obama O-bots) will have to do SOMETHING for the people… but I have no fucking clue what.  And I know for certain the people are not first in line.

They just are not.



Not to get too excited here…

JUAN GONZALEZ: Mr. President, I’d like to ask you, in previous visits, we’ve talked about the long struggle to craft a new constitution for Bolivia. And our understanding now is it’s finally been crafted and that it will go to a referendum in January. What are your expectations on this referendum? And what does the new constitution signify for Bolivia?

PRESIDENT EVO MORALES: [translated] I feel a great optimism, because we suffered a lot of discrimination, and they have called me monkey, animal, not capable of anything. And I don’t think that they have treated [President-elect] Obama the same way they treated Morales, by the opposition. Because I feel this optimism, I think we are going to succeed with the new constitution that will guarantee a united Bolivia, with guarantees for the people and a plural national state with everybody—black, white, mixed breeds, indigenous people—they are going to be united. And the law is going to include a plurality for people. It will guarantee private property, collective communal property, and also state property that belongs to the people, such as the state companies, such as the hydrocarbon industry.

But also, the new constitution will allow the Bolivian state—rather, that we are not going to allow any settlement of any military base on Bolivian soil. We will not. And we also renounce to declaring war against any of our neighbors, because war is not good for any country in any part of the world.

And the most important thing is that public services—water, telephone, energy, electricity—this is a human right. And so, it has to be a public service and not a private business.

Yes, we can talk about a lot of social achievements and civil liberties, and so on and so forth, and equality between men and women, but according some experts, this new constitution is one of the most advanced constitutions socially.

And for the first time in Bolivian history—200 years of republican life, we’ve had—this draft law will be either approved or rejected by the people, by Bolivians. We had twenty different constitutions, but just a few, a few families, a few politicians were ruling. And they didn’t take into consideration the Bolivian people. We will have a referendum, and it will be either rejected or approved, but it will be with awareness through the vote and not through violence, as it happened before with the fascist and racist groups.

I’d call that transition with great great possibility for change.


UPDATE, 12:27 pm

Mother of God… what an unending joke pundit land, and thus the American political landscape, is:

19 Nov 2008 02:09 pm

Goldberg Loves Clinton At State

He gets all excitable:

”Her uncommon understanding of the Middle East could truly revive peacemaking.”

It is an inspired idea for all sorts of reasons – both in terms of domestic politics and in assembling simply the best team Obama can get to tackle the deepest crisis this country has faced since the 1970s.



1. marisacat - 19 November 2008

Ugh. A very real threat:

Recall specter hangs over high court as it considers Prop. 8 challenges

Backers of the measure banning gay marriage have said they will target justices who vote to overturn it. Legal scholars say the court has no clear path to tossing out Prop. 8.

By Maura Dolan
November 19, 2008

Reporting from San Francisco — Six months ago, California’s highest court discarded its reputation for caution and ended the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Now the moderately conservative state Supreme Court is being asked to take an even riskier step — to overturn the November voter initiative that reinstated the gay-marriage ban and possibly provoke a voter revolt that could eject one or more of the justices from the bench.

At the same time, opponents of gay marriage have warned that they will work to oust any justice who votes against Proposition 8, a threat particularly palpable in a year when voters in other states have booted six state high court justices after campaigns by special interest groups.

“It is a time of lots of crocodiles in the bathtub,” said Santa Clara University law professor Gerald Uelmen, who has followed the court for decades. “Their oath requires them to ignore these kinds of political threats. But the threat of having to face a contested election is a significant one.”

Uelmen was using a metaphor coined by the late California Supreme Court Justice Otto Kaus, a Democrat who served on the court with Chief Justice Rose Bird before voters removed her and two justices over their opposition to the death penalty.[…]

It needs to go to the SCOTUS and be decided. Overturn those 30 bans in 30 states.

2. marisacat - 19 November 2008

The Somali pirates are busy… a ship a day lately…

The Somali pirates who hijacked the Saudi oil super-tanker Sirius Star have demanded a ransom, according to a purported mastermind of the daring heist.


The message came as two more ships were seized by Somali pirates in the past 24 hours: a Greek bulk carrier and a Thai fishing boat, despite a large international naval presence in the waters off their lawless country. An Iranian cargo ship was also hijacked earlier in the week.

The East African Seafarers’ Assistance Programme said the Greek vessel, with up to 25 people on board, was taken on Tuesday in the Gulf of Aden. It was the third ship seized since the weekend, when pirates captured the Sirius Star, which was the largest hijack in history.

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 November 2008

found this via NPR … Live Piracy Map 2008

Have a good day everybody.

4. NYCO - 19 November 2008

1974 A.D.: Archaeologists discover the Terra Cotta Army, part of an elaborate funeral ritual for ancient Chinese Emperor Chin Shi Huang:


2974 A.D.: Archaeologists discover the Mercedes Army, part of a elaborate funeral ritual for ancient American President Oh Shit Wi Gong:


5. marisacat - 19 November 2008

when I whizzed by a report about Biden possibly wanting to hand off his senate seat to his son (Beaux… ) I thought it was a joke. Apparently it was NOT a joke… but has mercifully been rejected, but not until both jokes, father and son, had considered it.

Oh yeah we are so a republic. Riiiiight.


BAR has a post up on the pirating off Somali coast.

6. wu ming - 19 November 2008

i’m amazed at how surprised people are wit the existence of piracy. i mean, it’s been around forever, often in the same places, and pretty much is closely tied to huge amounts of wealth moving past shoreline communities that are desperately poor. sure, organized crime and other such groups are in on it as well, but the basic pattern remains the same.

if they wanted an end to piracy, spread the wealth around, at least among those who live within striking distance of the cargo.

7. wu ming - 19 November 2008

as for the CA supreme court, i fail to see how being recalled is such a horrible thing. presumably those people are already doing well, being retired is a job risk, but not like being an auto worker or any of the rest of us peons who get laid off at the whim of the market.

you get paid that much, you get retired early, where’s the harm? justices are paid huge money.

8. NYCO - 19 November 2008

You know, I haven’t been following the political blogs lately… are they shitting bricks over the Obaclinton Administration yet?

9. marisacat - 19 November 2008


I dunno I hardly read the “liberal” blogs.. they seem worthless, for one. I mostly tour the news blogs.



Well then no problem with the Davis Recall. A man I had never once voted FOR, not even for Controller, 25 years ago… Arnold only participated in the non military assault on this state with BushCheney over energy and ISOs. No small matter and certainly related to the Recall.

I think there is a problem, and I don’t mean the personal situation of the judges, do they have cash for dog kibble… but being recalled for taking positions that are legitimate. Legitmate does not mean “agree”… It seems aligned to our endless and very fucked proposition game.

I personally could nto stand Rose Bird, but to be recalled over opposing the death penalty… to take down three SC judges over that?

We will barely get anywhere. Not that it matters: We don’t get anywhere anyway due to Prop 13 (30 years old this year). Like the Recall fo Davis, rising from the snake infestation that is San Diego… one thing to be happy over is the huge marches against 8 in San Diego. Musst piss those old white supremacists off a lot.

10. marisacat - 19 November 2008

A few hours ago Daschle was lead of the working policy group on Health Insurance.

Now he has accepted the cabinet position for HHS.

11. marisacat - 19 November 2008

I have no idea where Linda Daschle gets her [federal] lobbying bucks these days, but she has taken pharmaceutical clients in the past. Mostly aviation, iirc.

Not that it matters… LOL.

12. marisacat - 19 November 2008

CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) — ….

The sources, who are in a position to know, said that Daschle negotiated that he will also serve as the White House health “czar” — or point person — so that he will report directly to the incoming president.

The significance is that this guarantees that by wearing two hats, Daschle — and not White House staffers — will be writing the health care plan that Obama submits to Congress next year.


and this:

Daschle signals that the Obama administration view health care as a political problem. The key to success is votes. And Daschle is a guy whose last job was lining up votes.

That was Ezra Klein…

13. marisacat - 19 November 2008

reminds me of learning to drive [on a stick in sf] for some reason… something to do with ”shift into Reverse!!”

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Dow Closes Below 8,000 for the First Time Since March 2003 [4:05 p.m. ET]

For more, go to abcnews.go.com?CMP=EMC-1396

14. Arcturus - 19 November 2008

2. not to worry:

Prince to the rescue! (via As’ad)

15. Arcturus - 19 November 2008

love the quote:

“. . . as the world changes, so does our business plan.”

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 November 2008
17. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 November 2008

7 – it’s very dangerous to politicize the courts that way. It’s just another step toward the tyranny of a majority.

18. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 November 2008

12 – and Daschle did that job SO well … RFLMAO!

Didn’t he accept a position with the lobbying firm that Bob Dole is part of?

Why YES, yes he did!:

Former senator Thomas A. Daschle (D-S.D.), following a bipartisan path blazed by many prominent ex-members of Congress, has moved from Capitol Hill to K Street, joining Alston & Bird as a special adviser in the law firm’s legislative and public policy group.

Daschle, 57, the former Democratic leader in the Senate, starts work today providing the Atlanta-based firm’s corporate clients strategic advice on such issues as energy, health care, financial services, tax policy, trade and agriculture. He was recruited by another former Senate leader, Republican Robert J. Dole, 81, who joined the firm as a special counsel in 2003.

19. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 November 2008

No End to the Savagery in Afghanistan

Yet Durand himself objected profoundly to a statement from General Frederick Roberts—he of Kandahar fame—after the murder of the British mission diplomats in Kabul. The killings had been “a treacherous and cowardly crime, which has brought indelible disgrace upon the Afghan people-… all persons convicted of playing a part in (the murders) will be dealt with according to their deserts”. Durand confronted Roberts over this Victorian version of the message that George Bush would give to the Afghans 122 years later.

“It seemed to me so utterly wrong in tone and in matter,” Durand would later write, “that I determined to do my utmost to overthrow it … the stilted language, and the absurd affectation of preaching historical morality to the Afghans, all our troubles with whom began by our own abominable injustice, made the paper to my mind most dangerous for the General’s reputation.”

Of course, it did Roberts no harm at all. In the age of “shock and awe” —when a Canadian general can call his Taliban opponents “scumbags”—it still doesn’t seem to worry Nato officers. They should know better. Montgomery never cursed Rommel; he kept a photograph of the Afrika Korps commander in his caravan to remind him of the man he was fighting. But then again, didn’t Montgomery fight in the age of the Holocaust, of industrial killing, of the Hamburg and Dresden firestorms? Indeed, the very Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 were supposed to end the mass destruction of human life. And President Bush has torn them up.

I know it’s easy to ridicule the Red Cross. There’s something very preachy about the post-war conventions. But apart from the precedents of international law, it’s all we’ve got. Maybe a million Pushtu-language editions should be handed out to the Taliban and their followers as well as to the Nato combatants whom Barack Obama absurdly believes will win the Afghan war. But I doubt it would do much good. Victimhood sits easily on all our shoulders. If Osama bin Laden had a conscience, it would be quickly eased by the destruction of the last Caliphate, the colonial occupation of the Muslim world, the deaths of millions of Arabs. And if we have a conscience, what do we say? Remember 9/11. And so on we go.

20. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 November 2008
21. marisacat - 19 November 2008

Not to worry! Anfrea Mitchell to the rescue… her look back bio at Daschle does nto mention lobbying after losing 04.. in fact what he did “after leaving the senate” was to draft colleagues to support Ob over Hillary. And that health care is a particular interest of his.

You have to love it!! GE to teh rescue!

22. marisacat - 19 November 2008

We must preemptively sink the pirate boats! Sink the skiffs.

More of GE.

23. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 November 2008

Taxpayers will pay for Gonzales’ private attorney

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department has agreed to pay for a private lawyer to defend former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales against allegations that he encouraged officials to inject partisan politics into the department’s hiring and firing practices.

Lawyers from the Justice Department’s civil division often represent department employees who’re sued in connection with their official actions. However, Gonzales’ attorney recently revealed in court papers that the Justice Department had approved his request to pay private attorney’s fees arising from the federal lawsuit.

Dan Metcalfe, a former high-ranking veteran Justice Department official who filed the suit on behalf of eight law students, called the department’s decision to pay for a private attorney rather than rely on its civil division “exceptional.”

“It undoubtedly will cost the taxpayers far more,” he said.

According to a person with knowledge of the case, the Justice Department has imposed a limit of $200 an hour or $24,000 a month on attorneys’ fees. Top Justice Department attorneys generally earn no more than $100 per hour. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case.

Asked why Gonzales made the request, Gonzales spokesman Robert Bork Jr. said that his client “values the work that the department’s civil attorneys do in all cases” but thinks that “private counsel can often be useful where (department) officials are sued in an individual capacity, even where the suit has no substantive merit.”

24. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 November 2008

More changey goodness!

Quick! Name the veteran Department of Justice insider who, shortly after the USA Patriot Act was signed into law and at a point when the Bush administration was proposing to further erode barriers to governmental abuses, argued that dissenters should not be tolerated?

Who invoked September 11, explicitly referencing “the World Trade Center aflame,” in calling for the firing of any “petty bureaucrat” who might suggest that proper procedures be followed and that the separation of powers be respected?

John Ashcroft? No.

Alberto Gonzales? No.

It was Eric Holder, the man who has reportedly been selected by President-elect Barack Obama to serve as the next Attorney General of the United States.

Appearing on CNN in June, 2002, the former Clinton administration Justice Department aide sounded as if he had just stepped out of the Bush camp: “We’re dealing with a different world now. Everybody should remember those pictures that we saw on September the 11th. The World Trade Centers aflame, the pictures of the Pentagon, and any time some petty bureaucrat decides that his or her little piece of turf is being invaded, get rid of that person. Those are the kinds of things we have to do.”

25. marisacat - 19 November 2008

My guess is that comment was honest… and a lot of the blather of the past years has been OMIGOD! POLITICAL! and structured to await, like a rose waiting to bloom, the Emerging Democratic Majority.


26. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 November 2008
27. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 November 2008
28. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 November 2008
29. marisacat - 19 November 2008

A marine landing on the littoral (they finally found one!… after almost 6 years inland, in Iraq) at Somalia! Defend the Horn of Africa!… and the right of the multinationals to plunder the Somali waters for scavenger fishing… !!

There is no other answer! [isn’t Africom up and running?]

30. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 November 2008
31. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 November 2008

There aren’t any starving children, or illegal wars … nope, there are REAL problems to solve:

The International Blasphemy Law: UN General Assembly President and Nicaraguan Priest D’Escoto Calls for World Ban on “Defaming Religion”

Recently, there has been a steady and worrisome trend of stories in Western countries restricting free speech in the name of tolerance of religion, sexual orientation and other values. Now, United Nations General Assembly President Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann has called for a world ban on anyone defaming any religion. A suspended Nicaraguan priest, D’Escoto is little concerned about the devastating blow to free speech and free press in such a rule — dangers already realized in various countries where speaking against a religion has resulted in criminal penalties and even death. In making this outrageous call, D’Escoto has given critics of international legal systems a great boost — showing the dangers of such rules in restricting cherished constitutional rights.

D’Escoto once worked for those freedom loving folks The Sandinistas and was suspended by the Catholic Church. He caused a ruckus in literally embracing that voice of tolerance: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Perfect guy to forge a new world order with less disturbing speech and more state-enforced consensus.

In his frightening remarks, D’Escoto sought what would be an international blasphemy law. He told the members, “Yes, I believe that defamation of religion should be banned.” Showing little concern or knowledge of free speech principles, D’Escoto simply reached for soundbites that likely pleased representatives from Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other blasphemy-punishing nations, click here and here and here and here.

He noted: “People talk about bailing out the Wall Street when, in fact, humanity needs to be bailed out.” When reporters points out that he would gut free speech principles, D’Escoto responded “What we are only trying to do is to forge a front against ignorance, hunger and disease.”

Religion makes people stupid.

32. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 November 2008

Why we should stop conflating the “big 3″ with “Detroit”

News Flash: “Detroit “is not the same thing as “the big 3.”

Why should we care?

Guess what people think of when they think “Detroit”? Guess who people blame when they tell us why Detroit is the way it is? Clue: It’s never the rich white old men who put us all in this fucking situation.

Guess how many years white suburban Michiganders have been hurling racist bullshit towards blacks, Latin@s, and Arabs (but mostly blacks) for ‘ruining’ everything, for always expecting a ‘bail out/handout/welfare,’ for being ‘criminals’ (sound familiar)?

Guess how many years Detroiters (NOT the fucking “big 3″) have been using their poverty (CAUSED by the ‘big 3′) as a site for radical liberation rather than excuse to get a bailout?

“What are we going to do with the resources we have here?…Street economies provide a space to avoid paying taxes that support wars and violence…we must begin to see water, streets, food, trees, people, as *ours*, we look at street economies as bad–but why are they bad? They make money for the community NOT the government or national corporations…a group in Detroit captures rain water to water their organic garden that is planted on abandoned lots and provides fresh produce for people without access to grocery stores…there is a 52% drop out rate in Detroit–that means there’s 52% of the youth population that haven’t been contaminated. If we look at what we don’t have and regard it as a potential resource–the city of Detroit has so many possibilities. We’re a step a head of everybody else–we are already figuring out how to live independent of the nation/state…” ~~Elena Herrada

33. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 November 2008
34. marisacat - 19 November 2008

Very big pay off for Pritzker is my take.

35. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 November 2008


No one should be shocked to discover that, in his transition to the presidency, the “inexperienced” former senator from Chicago has turned to the last Democratic administration that had experience in Washington. It seems, however, that the Obama team is doing so big time. Looking at lists of early appointees for the transition period and the administration to come, from Rahm Emanuel on down, you might be forgiven for concluding that Hillary had been elected president in 2008. Clintonistas are just piling up in the prospective corridors of power.

You might also be forgiven for concluding that just about no one else in America had ever had any “experience.” Late last week, the website Politico.com did some counting and came up with the following: “Thirty-one of the 47 people so far named to transition or staff posts have ties to the Clinton administration, including all but one of the members of his 12-person Transition Advisory Board and both of his White House staff choices.” More have been appointed since then, including, as White House Counsel, Gregory Craig, the lawyer who defended Bill Clinton in impeachment hearings. And, of course, everyone in America now knows that Hillary herself is evidently now being considered for a cabinet post.

What do Washington political and policy types do when their party is kicked out of office? If they want to stay in the Big Town, they tend to go to work for lobbyists, consultancy firms, or think tanks. They raise money. They do what’s needed and make good livings until the tide turns. Now, that tide is again rushing in — and the lobbying money is, of course, rushing in with it. As the Washington Post describes it, there is already a “mini-boom” for Democrats along that lobbying alley, K Street.

Here’s how Laura Meckler and Jonathan Weisman of the Wall Street Journal described one set of 13 transition-team names released: “The group is filled with second-tier veterans of the Clinton administration and workers in the technology and financial sectors. It includes four former lobbyists, three top campaign fund-raisers and two former employees of troubled mortgage giant Fannie Mae, with some overlap among them. Four people in the group have ties to the consultant McKinsey & Co…” (In 2004, by the way, McKinsey & Co. made $19,500 in executive contributions to President Bush, and $102,000 in soft money contributions to the Republican Party. That will undoubtedly now change.)

36. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 November 2008
37. marisacat - 19 November 2008

well hardly anyone got sufficiently angry over Huckabee when he was running. He was seen as the better version of a terrible (liberal speak) thing. He helped the poor, etc.

I waited and waited for anyone with access to a public mic or mainstream print or even mainstream blog to REALLY push and push, much less even ask him (I never saw him being asked) about his REAL views. Esp that nagging thing about the 6000 year old earth.

He was allowed to skate. To a pundit job at FOX.

38. marisacat - 19 November 2008

McKinsey is very very very very ‘win the world thru neo liberal policies’… and guns to when you really have to … try not to admit it, tho.

They pop up in so many countries as advisors.

39. marisacat - 20 November 2008

new post


………….. 😯 …………..

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