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I say, take us back! 16 December 2008

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, 2010 Mid Terms, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, U.S. Senate, UK.


Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh sit on golden thrones [Picture: PA]

Don’t they look ripe for Christmas tree ornaments?   More than they already have? ?

If we are for dynasties (and over and over we are, witness Biden putting a seat warmer in in DE to save it for Beau) then I say, I will pay the tax on the tea… sans representation! ain’t got none now! —  in exchange for the NHS.  Maligned as it is in our press and by Master Sully (does his mother know he is out of short pants, I wonder?).

NHS vs Caroline? Are you kidding? Fake democracy? Inherited seats?  Is it, the NYS junior senate seat, for celeb Democratic women?  Is the junior seat for Illinois for machine pols?  Is il papa homosesual?  LOL.

[this is a joke]



1. catnip - 16 December 2008

Yikes! It’s mommy and daddy. Bloody hell.

2. marisacat - 16 December 2008

that made me laugh!

3. BooHooHooMan - 16 December 2008

Takes me back, LOL..
To An only slightly modified story of a run in a lad had with the parochial authorities regarding “authenticity.” :::

Looking up from his plate of gruel plopped carelessly on the cafeteria tray, the REALLY Fuckin Hungry lad that day would not let resentment get the best of him.
No, these people of One True Faith were to be mocked.
Not the Lunch Ladies, but the skinflints who set their budget.
Picking up TWO of the parched pieces of shit paper being passed off for potada’s , he held them both up and said:

Look Holy Commmunion!.
Now if THIS ONE’S The Body of Christ and THIS ONE is TOO
that makes em both BODY PARTS!

But it Sure. As. HELL. DON’T make em Scalloped Potatoes!

It didn’t go well. And no matter how much cheese is laddled on this allegedly new and improved lot, this won’t go well either.

4. BooHooHooMan - 16 December 2008

Uh Ohs!
WaPo: Fed Grand Jury on Richardson to in Play to Play Ob in there, too.

The inquiry is part of a long-running nationwide investigation into “pay-to-play” practices in local government bond markets. In other cities, federal investigators are questioning whether financial firms have lavished politicians with money and gifts in exchange for fee-paying work advising municipal and local governments on investments. …

{Snip }

In the New Mexico case, the FBI and federal prosecutors are investigating how CDR, based in Beverly Hills, Calif., won lucrative fees from the New Mexico Finance Authority in 2004 soon after donating $100,000 to two Richardson organizations…

From 2003 to 2004, CDR Financial gave $75,000 to Sí Se Puede, which paid for expenses at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. CDR’s president and founder, David Rubin, also gave $25,000 to Moving America Forward, which funded Richardson’s efforts to register Hispanic and American Indian voters.

Rubin was generous to Obama’s campaign as well, giving $29,000 to help elect the senator to the White House. Yesterday, the Obama transition office declined to comment on the development.

5. BooHooHooMan - 16 December 2008

This Guy Rubin? LOL Ed Rendell Transition Team:

Thank you Google cache.

David is the President and CEO of CDR Financial Products, Inc., a national firm that he formed in January of 1986. He provides overall leadership, strategic planning and financial product development for offices located in California, New York, Ohio, Georgia, and Virginia………… served as a member of Pennsylvania Governor Rendell’s transition team and currently serves on the Revenue Opportunity Task Force for the City of Los Angeles. In addition, Mr. Rubin serves as President of a local Not-For-Profit day school…..

• Created the full-flex investment products industry, permitting, municipalities to avoid low yields by investing longer term while maintaining liquidity and transferring risk to the provider.


Implemented a new concept of “Rolling Treasury Bills”, previously considered impossible, {oh it’s NEVER
IMPOSSIBLE , hon, when you know the right people…}
leading to over 100 transactions valued at $3.4 Billion.

• Developed and implemented creative, tax exempt home purchase programs in excess of $2 Billion for low and middle-income families.

• Structured transactions totaling over $1 Billion to provide proceeds to acquire and rehabilitate multi-family apartment projects for low-income families and the elderly.

Developed an innovative structure to enable the transfer of credit risk of forward purchase agreements for debt service reserve funds of tobacco and other difficult credits to other institutions, while the current provider of the agreement retains rights to deliver the commercial paper. The success of this structure has resulted in over $400MM of transactions in 2003 alone.

Structured the successful unwind of over $2 billion in long dated basis swaps for a major foreign bank.

Conceived & implemented the concept of Swap Asset Management for municipal issuers to manage derivative portfolio risk.

6. Hair Club for Men - 16 December 2008

From the last thread, this is Major Flaw not Dave.

I’d like to tell you about a couple of gay guys who got the wrong impression until I had to beat the shit out of them but I”m not that good of a creative writer. Never had an issue. Perhaps the reason I never ran into a gay guy who was after my ass is that I’m an ugly SOB. Perhaps it’s because I never went looking for one. UGOG 10/23/08

Not much to say about this other than it’s classically dishonest lawyer talk. Flaw gets to make his homophobic remark while leaving the option to say “oh you’re twisting my words” if you call him on it.

Tucker Fuckin Carlson
will have been forced to pick up Dave’s Piece,
revealing himself as
the bathroom gay bashin homophope / Kos Kop bogger by night,
and MSM / secret Weiner Consultant by day…

It really is poetic justice, btw, that Rachel Maddow (who was brought onto MSNBC only to be an occasional foil for Tucker) wound up becoming the first openly gay journalist on mainstream cable news.

Personally, I see Tucker as more of an insecure frat boy than a serious hate monger, and I never quite saw the fuss about his little confrontation with Jon Stewart (Stewart came across more like a whiner than like a brilliant inquisitioner). But it was still poetic justice.

7. BooHooHooMan - 16 December 2008

This was part of the Rendell Ally/ Successor /Mayor Street FBI wiretap deal. Rendell narrowly missed an indictment then.

Eddie Stuck Street with a bondsmen, Rubin of CDR, from the 2001 City Gas Works Deal that Rendell engineered. Rendell’s former COS David L Cohen, is now Veep of Comcast. Ex attorney for Buchanan Ingersoll …

Maybe its Richardson and a few around him who’ll take the fall – not a bad way to slap down the Hispanic brokers – but The Richardsonson deal is peanuts, his particular Campaign Fi angle just a tip of the iceberg, its the market damage by Rubin and his CDR, a myriad of other schemers like him. their lawyers and cut- in Pols like uh….EVERY GODDAMN ONE OF THEM.

Anyways, some background before hanging up the cudgel..

Philadelphia to Seek New Swap Adviser, This Time Competitively Sorry for the highlighting cache but they firewalled the original article…

In the wake of a government corruption scandal, Philadelphia officials will be launching a search for the city’s new swap adviser over the coming months.

Philadelphia has had an “ongoing relationship” with its current swap adviser, CDR Financial Products Inc. – a Beverly Hills, Calif.-based firm that has made significant contributions to local politicians – since the firm invested bond proceeds from a Philadelphia Gas Works deal in 2001, said outgoing finance director Janice Davis. The firm has also assisted the city with swap asset management and mark-to-market analysis.

Since 2000, CDR president David Rubin has donated $42,500 to prominent Pennsylvania Democrats, according to the Pennsylvania Campaign Finance Web.

His beneficiaries include Philadelphia Mayor John Street, Gov. Ed Rendell, and Sen. Vincent Fumo, D-Philadelphia. Rendell was mayor of Philadelphia from 1992 to 2000.

From the same link above,

Despite working with CDR without using a competitive bid process, Davis defended the firm’s selection. When CDR first began to work with Philadelphia, “they were the only guys around who were in that business,” and now the city hopes to get a more comprehensive idea of other available services, she said.

“They are in a niche that not many people are in, and they provide an excellent product,” said Davis, who leaves her position in Philadelphia today after about four years with the city. Davis has been chosen as Atlanta’s next chief financial officer.

And another retainer off to wreck another city….These fuckers and clones trolloped through every city and town in the country…
Soviet Style collapse, anyone?
They have produced nothing but arms and distrust, having thoroughly undermined markets and currencies worldwide.
And with that – A Good Night!

8. BooHooHooMan - 16 December 2008

One other quickie before I go and promise to STFU,

Rendell tried to get David L Cohen, his Old COS / Bond Attorney/ Now Comcast Veep Buddy to be Obama’s Chief of Staff.

LOL.Obama went with “Transparency” and Rahm instead.

9. wu ming - 16 December 2008

perhaps we can interest the spanish in a californian reconquista? they have universal health care, gay marriage, high speed rail, and the added bonus of having the sense to sleep when it’s hot as hell during the day, and party when it’s cool at night.

10. marisacat - 16 December 2008

federal investigators are questioning whether financial firms have lavished politicians with money and gifts in exchange for fee-paying work advising municipal and local governments on investments. …

Oh noes. Shocked. LOL Sure explains all the hot and heavy donations. I do believe that, merely in the senate for 4 years (2 of them campaigning for a promotion) that Obster is the No 2 for monies from G-Sax. IIRC Dodd is No 1. But remember Ob managed to reach No 2 in a matter of 36 months. Dodd has been there how many years?

Think No 3 was a R iirc.




Moderation filter snagged you serially. All out now… Sorry!

11. marisacat - 16 December 2008

Yesterday, the Obama transition office declined to comment on the development.

Too funny. That’s his preferred response, always.

12. Heather-Rose Ryan - 16 December 2008

There are many things I admire about the UK but the institution of the Royal Family is not on the list.

However I must say that the Queen does get in some good one liners, for example in the infamous photo shoot when Annie Leibovitz stupidly suggested that she remove her crown because her robe was “too dressy”. “What do you think this is?” the Queen snapped. LOL!

13. marisacat - 16 December 2008

Aw… sounds like Obitis. Arrive to the senate to move on. It’s NO FUN.

from the Mike Allen email:

One other note about Salazar: He isn’t even finishing his term. His story, in fact, is similar to a lot of first-term senators who are very frustrated by the lack of power that comes with being a senator, particularly for those who used to be executives like Salazar, a one-time state attorney general. Many new senators who were once executives aren’t interested in waiting 15-18 years to become committee chairman so they can finally accomplish something

14. marisacat - 16 December 2008


she does have some dry one-liners…

15. marisacat - 16 December 2008

IB, aemd, H-RH

I see New England, points east, is slated for more ice storms (at least in teh reported versions I get out here)… so stay warm everyone… and I hope unlike Chicago (a running issue in the Chicago press), streets are getting cleared and salted…

16. Heather-Rose Ryan - 16 December 2008

Our forecast is saying it will be too cold for ice storms, fortunately. We’re scheduled to get 2-4 inches of snow tomorrow. That should be easy enough to handle. If the forecast is correct, that is.

17. marisacat - 16 December 2008

hmm there seem to be reports surfacing that the shoe thrower, Zaydi, is in US custody at Camp Cropper… BBC has a report from his brother of his injuries, as well.

Iraqi TV al-Sharqiya just reported on the news that AL-Zaidi is transferred to Camp Cropper prison [the Airport prison, managed by the American forces].

The TV Channel announced that Al-Zaidi is in a difficult condition, with broken ribs and signs of tortures on his thighs. Also he can not move his right arm.


I am just telling you what I heard on TV.

hmm nothing about being at Camp Cropper at Angry Arab…

18. lucid - 16 December 2008

17 – who are the freaking commenters on that board? Half of them are reality challenged idiots [perhaps out of work McCain staffers?]

19. marisacat - 16 December 2008

Laugh laugh laugh

SPIEGEL: Perhaps if America didn’t have plans to install a missile shield. Bush considers it absolutely necessary, and Moscow considers it unacceptable. How will an Obama Administration deal with this?

Talbott: I think Obama should be taken by his word here. He says that if this technology works, it should be deployed. He has not yet elaborated on what the criteria will be. This gives him time and latitude to study his options. He does not want to, and will not, repeat the mistakes of the Bush administration. On coming into office, it adopted the slogan “ABC” — anything but Clinton’s way, meaning everything is permitted except Clinton’s policies. This attitude was wrong, and our new slogan should not be ABB — anything but Bush’s way.

SPIEGEL: It sounds like you aren’t expecting any kind of about-face in US foreign policy, but rather selective changes at best.

Talbott: The new Obama administration will be very cautious. It will listen. It won’t break with the past out of principle.

What is easier than pragmatism with no principles. So blessed.

Not the only side splitter in there. Such grand statements Strobe makes, wiht only speeches to point to.

Talbott: Obama is pretty good at reconciling the reconcilable. That does not mean that he can reconcile the irreconcilable, but he always finds ways to lower tensions and diminish polarization.

20. marisacat - 16 December 2008


yes it was pretty bad. But comment threads got so bad during the 100 Years Election Wars that I expect only sludge and interference now. Nothing else.

21. mattes - 16 December 2008

?? I just woke up,….wht…Major Flaw is Tucker Carlson??

22. marisacat - 16 December 2008

I don’t even know if it is worth it to look. EPA pick from NJ (which sounded like fodder for late night TV jokes, anyway). One thing is fast becoming evident, this crew has worn out “historic” (the pick is supposed to be “historic”, who cares?) and that oily greasy, “pragmatic”.

23. mattes - 16 December 2008

…just read last thread.

as far as the NY seat. Caroline did write The Right to Privacy. That can’t be all bad.

#50 HCM, do you know Buffet invested quite a lot of money in railroads, last year or before.

I think infrastructure should include rundown schools, water and sewerlines which are falling apart. But I suppose since w&s are now mostly privatized, they’ll be looking for a bailout as everything crumbles.

BHHM, speaking of youtube, I read last week the ADL is going to partner with youtube to start censoring anything they consider racist. So I guess we won’t be seeing those settlers videos anymore.

24. marisacat - 16 December 2008

LOL Here is how ABC Brrreaking! News described the rate cut, referred to in the news as .25:

Fed Slashes Key Interest Rate to Record Low; as Little as Zero Percent

25. marisacat - 16 December 2008

I’m for any stimulus package we get. It will be something

The WSJ, fwiw, looks at the series of Japanese stimulus efforts in the 90s.

26. mattes - 16 December 2008

I lost money in two bankrupted companies.

I don’t understand this:

Judge signs order to protect Madoff investors

NEW YORK – A federal judge on Monday threw a lifesaver to investors who may have been duped in one of Wall Street’s biggest alleged frauds, saying they need the protection of a special government reserve fund set up to help investors at failed brokerage firms.

U.S. District Judge Louis L. Stanton ordered that clients of Bernard Madoff’s private investment business seek relief under a federal statute created to rescue cheated investors. Stanton also ordered that business be liquidated under the jurisdiction of a bankruptcy court and named attorney Irvin H. Picard as trustee to oversee that process.

Stanton signed the order after the Securities Investor Protection Corporation asked that steps be taken to protect investors in the scheme, which has ensnared several major banks and prominent figures as victims and could result in as much as $50 billion in losses.

Congress created the SIPC in 1970 to protect investors when a brokerage firm fails and cash and securities are missing from accounts. Funds can be used to satisfy the remaining claims of each customer up to a maximum of $500,000. The figure includes a maximum of up to $100,000 on claims for cash.

The order came just days after federal prosecutors charged Madoff with securities fraud, saying he had admitted to orchestrating a massive Ponzi scheme. Madoff is free on $10 million bail after he was charged with securities fraud last week.


Where is the money suppose to come from? Tax payers?

27. mattes - 16 December 2008

There’s a new cable program on scams, the one last night was on Baptist Foundation Fraud. Somethings never change.

July 2003

Lessons from the Baptist Foundation Fraud

By Lawrence C. Mohrweis

Over a period of several years, the management of the Baptist Foundation of Arizona (BFA) engaged in one of the most audacious fraud schemes on record. BFA ultimately filed for bankruptcy, and thousands of elderly investors lost their life savings. How did such a massive fraud develop? What clues did the auditors overlook? BFA’s failure and the subsequent penalties provide a sobering reminder to auditors that it is important to understand the causes of fraud and even more critical to engage in effective audit procedures to detect fraud. Improving and strengthening fraud detection is at the heart of the accounting profession’s new antifraud initiatives, such as the recently issued SAS 99, Consideration of Fraud in a Financial Statement Audit.


28. marisacat - 16 December 2008

You know if Madoff were a drug dealer all his tangible assets would be seized immediately. As of the day he was arrested. RE, cars, anything of tangible value. And the Feds can be very aggressive.

I wonder what the 10 million dollar bond to the court was based on. RE? Did they pick up his passport? The US one at least, LOL.

29. marisacat - 16 December 2008

Before the Indian contingent tried to buy the seat, I was a snitch, I swear! Not a snitch… a Fed Confidential Informant! For all the right reasons… I swear!

JJjr in the local media ABC7 Chicago.

30. mattes - 16 December 2008

Is Mad-Off the next Marc Rich?

31. marisacat - 16 December 2008

The outcry would be too great. I think, then again the American people appear to be shit for brains. And I rarely say that.

It seems the government, or friends in government are seeking to cover the asses of some brokers or brokerage houses… maybe. And they def are appearing to let his entire family who worked the biz off, as well as his reps and “feeders”.

what a scam.

32. catnip - 16 December 2008

Politico: Madoof bought influence in Washington (quel surprise)

31. It seems the government, or friends in government are seeking to cover the asses of some brokers or brokerage houses…


33. catnip - 16 December 2008

I’m looking forward to Schumer’s committee investigating the Madoff scandal in the new year. 😉

It seems to me that there’s a lot of tip-toeing around about this scam because nobody knows yet how much money is really involved or who all of the victims/sheeple were. This could be a huge scandal in the new year once more details pour out. I also found it odd that Wall St didn’t crash (I know it went down slightly) when this news broke. $50 billion? And the market stayed afloat? There’s something odd here.

I saw one of Madoff’s “investors” interviewed yesterday who said he’d sunk in $8 million and got a steady return of about 10% for years and didn’t think anything of it. Therefore, he claimed himself a victim. Really? You didn’t think something was a bit off about that kind of return for so long? Even I would have wondered about that and I’m not exactly a financial genius.

I’m not saying there aren’t very genuine victims. There are. But some of these people need to take some responsibility for being so obtuse.

34. marisacat - 16 December 2008

LOL The cry baby market was freshly diapered … but really what does 0% mean? Comments from Clusterstock:

Foster said:
Dec. 16, 2:44 PM

How is the actual rate to be established within the targst range? Not that it matters much 1/2%, 0%, 1%, the fed seems to have the same inpact on actual rates as I do trying to raise the level of the ocean by peeing in it.

Alex Schleber (URL) said:
Dec. 16, 2:50 PM

The market is up on the news, but why? This seems like a desperation move. See also the panicky statement from Bush today.

What safe-guards are they proposing be put in place to avoid another asset bubble like the one that created most of this mess from 2002 to 2007?

RegulatoryArbitrage said:
Dec. 16, 2:55 PM

The phrase “0-.25” (when translated from Fed Speak) actually means: “0”

The Fed can’t come out and say rates are zero. Among many other reasons, it sends a terrible “PR” message out to the 99.95% of people who have no idea what the Federal Reserve window actually does. In other words, Welcome to Japan circa 2001.

By the way, just think about how damn it will be before the Fed can raise the rate. In this environment, I can’t see a rate raise coming for YEARS.

35. marisacat - 16 December 2008


I heard a great line in some interview down in florida…

People are RUINED! They have to sell their 20 or 30 million dollar beach front homes! RUINED!!

I do feel for any small people (genuinely small) who got roped in… and lost far too much – but that is it.

36. marisacat - 16 December 2008

Fist fight averted at Mar a lago! Whew. (plus, the comment threads at Clusterstock are hilarious these days)

So, one of the bigger losers in the Madoff collapse, Nine West shoes founder Jerome Fisher, verbalized what others were thinking. Fisher, according to published reports, may have lost $150 million.

He reportedly told Jaffe: “You’ve got a lot of nerve showing up here!”

It went downhill from there.

“They were about to go at it,” said one spywitness. “There was some pushing and yelling. I’d never seen anything like this at Mar-a-Lago. Jerome is a tough cookie. He made some really threatening comments to Bob, as he well should have. It was a wild scene.”

With Mar-a-Lago owner Donald Trump standing nearby, several Stark well-wishers stepped in and separated the men…..snipswhippy……

37. marisacat - 16 December 2008

Eliot Spitzer lost money with Madoff.

[Y]esterday at Slate’s holiday party Spitzer, who is writing a column for the online publication, confirmed that his family’s firm had investments with a Madoff subsidiary.

The former governor said that he never met Madoff and wasn’t into “the Palm Beach scene,” which he described as stuffier than he prefers, but did confirm that his family real estate firm lost money. He shrugged his shoulders in a “what can you do” way, and seemed in good spirits as he talked and joked with the crowd of mostly journalists. …snip…

38. marisacat - 16 December 2008

FWIW, via Ben Smith

Vilsack returns

After a very quiet period, the former Iowa governor and Clinton stalwart will reportedly be secretary of agriculture.

39. catnip - 16 December 2008
40. Hair Club for Men - 16 December 2008

Had to think twice before screaming “Oh God!” during sex. Or you said something else in its place.

Close your eyes and think of Hitchens.

41. catnip - 16 December 2008

This is the first I’ve heard of the White House Boys mystery. It’s just sad that it takes so long to find justice in cases like this. Who knows what we’ll be finding out about 50 years from now?

42. catnip - 16 December 2008

40. Close your eyes and think of Hitchens.

Oh God!

43. Hair Club for Men - 16 December 2008

There are many things I admire about the UK but the institution of the Royal Family is not on the list.

It’s actually a current political issue in Canada (believe it or not).


The federal government has lost its bid to stop Toronto lawyer Charles Roach from pursuing a class-action lawsuit that challenges the requirement for new Canadians to pledge allegiance to the Queen.

44. mattes - 16 December 2008

Comments (19)

John Wilson said:
Dec. 16, 12:53 PM

awesome Pay Per View

Irv v.s. Merv

Ethel v.s. Rose

Goldman v.s. Goldblatts

Silverman v.s. Diamondman

That Jeffe fellow looks scary.

Well, it seems these people have not lost enough, not to keep on partying.

Neither side left.

45. catnip - 16 December 2008
46. catnip - 16 December 2008

43. It’s actually a current political issue in Canada (believe it or not).

It’s always a current political issue here in one form or another. Second only to the weather, it’s our favourite thing to complain about.

47. Hair Club for Men - 16 December 2008

It’s always a current political issue here in one form or another. Second only to the weather, it’s our favourite thing to complain about.

So what exactly just happened?

The liberals, NDP, and the Bloc were going to get together to get rid of Harper. And Harper was able to block the election with an appeal to the crown to shut down parliament?

48. Hair Club for Men - 16 December 2008

So Dave pulled the trigger on the outing and got banned.

Hmm. I’ve never heard of the guy he outed.

49. Hair Club for Men - 16 December 2008

To give you an idea of how naive I was and how naive about the Daily Kos and the “netroots,” I honestly, sincerely didn’t understand why nobody was backing Jonathan Tasini in 2006, why nobody was raising money for him, why any attempt to discuss him on the Daily Kos immediately drew several people with very detailed talking points trashing him.

50. marisacat - 16 December 2008

So dfq calls people who disagree with him Stalinists, Nazis and whatever else?

His head is bigger than Queens. End of story.

51. Hair Club for Men - 16 December 2008

So dfq calls people who disagree with him Stalinists, Nazis and whatever else?

At least he didn’t name his kid after Hitler.


52. catnip - 16 December 2008

47. The liberals, NDP, and the Bloc were going to get together to get rid of Harper. And Harper was able to block the election with an appeal to the crown to shut down parliament?

Close. Harper was able to block an upcoming non-confidence vote which would have prompted either an election or, if the governor general (i.e. “the crown”) agreed, the takeover of gov’t by the new coalition formed by the Libs & NDP, supported by the Bloc.

53. catnip - 16 December 2008

Dave was banned from the Free Speech Zone? Hilarious!

54. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 December 2008

39 – apparently I’m barely an agnostic b/c I don’t make a public asshole of myself about my atheism. Other than to tell off proselytizers on the street if they don’t accept the first or second “no thank you”, of course. I felt an evil joy when I made an old woman run away in the grocery store when I told her there was no god and she could shove her pamphlets and superstitions up her ass.

Oh, I guess I am a asshole!

55. marisacat - 16 December 2008

We don’t get too many proselytisers here..I did used to see Mormons walking the shopping street Fillmroe.. but i bet that is dead int eh water!

We used to get Watch Tower ladies… who seemed clueless when told it was useless…. eventually I found some sort of little plastic skull and put a violet pentagram on the door with the skull hung inside it. Hell if I know what it meant, but the Watch Tower ladies stopped ringing the door bell.

56. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 December 2008
57. marisacat - 16 December 2008

hmm some people seem to be losing it or lsot it over at FSZ… wishing Dave should get terrible illnesses….


58. mattes - 16 December 2008

Anthony Weiner was just on cnn or msnbc with their anti-Caroline talks points. So I think Dave is on to something.

Weiner lead the charge to get pro-Palestinian professors fired.

Whoever they are against I am for.

59. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 December 2008

55 – they like to walk up to people in very public places here and hand over little pamphlets … I’m not sure with version of idiot they are. The pamphlets remind me a lot of the Campus Crusade for Xrist ones from college. Most of the times the glare combined with my ignoring them works, sometimes I need to give them an icy “no thank you,” but far too often I have to resort to “get the fuck away from me, you fucking nut.”

There are a couple of particularly odious guys with bad hygiene who like to stand at busy corners downtown to pick fights with people over their homophobic rantings. They like to scream quotes from Leviticus and Romans at people if they walk by, especially men who are too well dressed (mark of Cain, I guess). If someone starts to really argue with them they like to hold their huge bibles up like they’re gonna hit you with it. I watched this very entertaining professorial-looking elderly man really tell them off last summer, quoting two chapters and verses for every one of theirs.

Don’t get me started with the old guy who drives around the city in the old brown station wagon covered in misogynist anti-abortion agitprop …

60. catnip - 16 December 2008

So MajorFlaw was Weiner?

61. Intermittent Bystander - 16 December 2008

Ha ha ha.

Hell if I know what it meant, but the Watch Tower ladies stopped ringing the door bell.

My sister talked me into leaving the NRA sticker on the door of this house when I first rented it. No regrets so far!

62. marisacat - 16 December 2008

My sister talked me into leaving the NRA sticker on the door of this house when I first rented it.

Oh that is a good one!

63. catnip - 16 December 2008

My “I’m a buddhist” proclamation usually gets a pause, an odd look and “okay, thank you” when the religious types show up at my door.

I don’t think they’re quite sure what to do with that information.

64. mattes - 16 December 2008

No, some guy name Siegal, who works with Weiner and Schumer.

65. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 December 2008

Police Officer Seen Shoving Bicyclist on YouTube Indicted

Lawyer Stuart London says Patrick Pogan must report to the Manhattan prosecutor’s office on Tuesday morning.

Cyclist Christopher Long was arrested in July during a Critical Mass ride through Times Square. The monthly bike rides are meant to draw attention to alternatives to motor vehicles.

Police said Long was obstructing traffic and deliberately steered his bicycle into an officer. Charges were dismissed.

66. marisacat - 16 December 2008


She’ll just quickly bulk up on pro Israel stances and the family foundation will donate monies to some hard pressed Jewish charity. Of which there are many.

67. catnip - 16 December 2008


Community Has Voted
by: Jack’s Smirking Revenge
Tue Dec 16, 2008 at 19:22:04 PM EST

See here:


Dave Banned.

All is well.

Don’t e-mail me because this proves that you all can make decisions for yourselves.

Long live Democracy at FSZ.

Discuss :: (48 Comments)

Next post:

Bitching Post Appeal
by: Jack’s Smirking Revenge
Tue Dec 16, 2008 at 20:22:43 PM EST

FSZ Appellate Court is now in session.

Discuss :: (5 Comments)

68. Hair Club for Men - 16 December 2008

No, some guy name Siegal, who works with Weiner and Schumer.

I think that’s the problem. Dave started out pretty well. He outlined the way the power game works at the Daily Kos. He found the Ugog site.

But then he turned into Captain Ahab (with Flaw playing Moby Dick). He should have taken the hint when nobody at FSZ knew who Christine Quinn was. He just assumed that everybody would know about and care about some minor political hack from New York.

Then he took it so far that he wound up alienating everybody who used to be on his side.

69. Intermittent Bystander - 16 December 2008

62- Nice little old low-rent bungalow, too. I could be a kook!

70. catnip - 16 December 2008

64. No, some guy name Siegal, who works with Weiner and Schumer.

Oh, okay.

I so bummed. I’d even planned an outing parteh for Wed nite (it’s not Wed yet, right?) with petit-cheesecake tarts and everything!

71. catnip - 16 December 2008

See how bummed I am?? I forgot my ” ‘m “!

72. Intermittent Bystander - 16 December 2008

Proceed with the tarts anyway! It’s probably a bank holiday somewhere tomorrow!

Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

73. mattes - 16 December 2008

I did have higher expectations….;o((

74. Hair Club for Men - 16 December 2008

She’ll just quickly bulk up on pro Israel stances and the family foundation will donate monies to some hard pressed Jewish charity. Of which there are many.

Does anybody but myself remember that in 2000, Ric Lazio baited Hillary as a closet anti-semite because she hugged Arafat’s wife?


Mrs. Arafat also accused Israel of contaminating much of the water sources used by Palestinians with “chemical materials” and poisoning Palestinian women and children with toxic gases. Instead of reacting with outrage, Hillary Clinton sat by silently – and gave her a hug and a kiss when she finished speaking. Later, many hours after the event, and only after a media furor put her on the spot for what many view as a bit more than a mere political “faux pas”.

75. Hair Club for Men - 16 December 2008

It’s part of the hazing process. From the same link.

Mr. Emerson, in a recent Wall Street Journal article, noted: “As first lady, Mrs. Clinton began in 1996 an outreach program to Muslim leaders in the U.S. With America’s Muslim population at some six million and growing, an effort to include the community’s leaders in the mainstream of American politics is unquestionably a worthy undertaking. But curiously, nearly all of the leaders with whom Mrs. Clinton elected to meet came from Islamic fundamentalist organizations. A review of the statements, publications and conferences of the groups Mrs. Clinton embraced shows unambiguously that they have long advocated or justified violence. By meeting with these groups, the first lady lent them legitimacy as “mainstream” and “moderate”.”

But this should not be unexpected, considering Mrs. Clinton’s past radical affiliations. During the 1980’s, ultra-liberal lawyer Hillary Rodham-Clinton served on the board of the New World Foundation, which funneled money to the Palestine Liberation Organization, at a time when the PLO was officially recognized by the United States as a terrorist organization.

Similarly, in February 1996, Hillary hosted a reception at the White House for leaders of Hamas-supporting groups such as the American Muslim Council and the Council on American-Islamic Relations. And in January, 1998, Hillary hosted another White House reception honoring Muslim leaders and the Muslim Public Affairs Council who defended militant Islamic fundamentalism and also supported radical Islamic groups.

76. marisacat - 16 December 2008

I certainly do remember that. Hillary’s mistake was to exchange an air kiss with Suha on the street outside the Arafat house…

The Clintons took care of it. They cultivated Jewish group after Jewish group. After Jewish group.

77. catnip - 16 December 2008

72. Proceed with the tarts anyway! It’s probably a bank holiday somewhere tomorrow!

You betcha!

(Great. Now I’m hungry.)

78. Intermittent Bystander - 16 December 2008

Apologies for excess mirth.

Thanks for the weather alert, MCat. (Not to mention the royal piccie! Ha ha!) So far, sounds like it’ll be snow first, follow by ice pellets, sleet, and/or freezing rain, perhaps forming a soggy or icy crust. Much easier to cope with that than Ice-mageddon, usually. But, surprises do occur in the winter wonderland and a LOT of the trees that didn’t quite fall are in pretty rough shape.

He should have taken the hint when nobody at FSZ knew who Christine Quinn was.

It’s been a long time since I read Watership Down, but this particular orangebloggeppissode does evoke notions of warrens. . . .

79. marisacat - 16 December 2008



I’d call it EXTORTION.

80. mattes - 16 December 2008

And then she was rewarded.

81. Hair Club for Men - 16 December 2008

I’d call it EXTORTION

The odd thing about it is how it works. Steve Emerson’s attack on Hillary was something in between laughable and outrageous slander. Emerson’s a little toad. And Hillary is married to the President. And YET Emerson was able to intimidate Hillary.

The exactly same process is happening with Obama. Getting rid of Samantha Power (no real friend of the Palestinians) was just part of the process of proving loyalty. That’s why I call it hazing. It’s like dumping a friend to prove your loyalty to get into a frat. The frat doesn’t care about your friend. The Israel lobby doesn’t care about Power or Brzenski. But it’s a test to prove your loyalty. Hazing.

And both Hillary and Obama passed with flying colors.

82. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 December 2008

I Don’t Know What His Beef Is By Cindy Sheehan

“I’m not insulted. I don’t hold it against the government. The guy wanted to get on TV and he did. I don’t know what his beef is, but whatever it is, I’m sure someone will hear it.”
George Bush to ABC News after Iraqi Journalist, Muntazar al-Zaidi threw two shoes at him

I have vacillated over the past 8 years on whether George Bush is the stupidest man in the world, or the evilest. I think that the above statement may prove that he is both. He seriously does not know what al-Zaidi’s “beef” is? Does George really believe that his cause was “Noble” and that the Iraqis should be grateful to that “dog” for destroying their country and killing over a million people?

Since the US currently is being governed in the highest office of the land, if not the world (for now), by the stupidest/evilest man on the planet, what does that say about Americans? We elected him, not once, but twice! “But, Cindy” you may protest, “he stole both elections.” Yes, that is true and well-documented, but what did you do after Bush stole the elections? Did you storm the White House demanding his resignation? Did you work for election reform? Did you even go to a protest to demonstrate your dissatisfaction? I shamefully did not the first time he (with Al Gore’s help) stole an election in 2000, but you can bet I have protested my heart out since 2004. If we lived in almost every other country in the world, the protests against such theft of democracy and lies would have been militantly protested. Calderon stole the election in Mexico in 2006– from Obrador and the supporters of Obrador shut down Mexico City for five months after! Many Mexicans today claim fealty to the “legitimate” government of Obrador. Here in America, we are lucky to shut down an intersection in DC for two hours.

It is also being reported that al-Zaidi detests “America and Americans.” If true, he does not make the distinction between Americans and our government, and he should not. Our government is supposed to be a reflection of us. That means that we are a nation of greedy, self-serving, corrupt and callous people. For years, the majority of Americans have been theoretically against the occupation of Iraq and today it hovers up towards three-quarters of us. We see less than a fraction of a percent of the 225,000,000 US citizens who oppose the wars out protesting them and we saw a popular mandate for a President-elect who NEVER promised to end the occupation and, in fact, promises to increase the forgotten occupation of Afghanistan which will soon vault to the forefront.

I have been publicly advocating for the impeachment and imprisonment of George Bush since November 3rd, 2004, one day after Bush stole his last election. The arguments against impeachment or any kind of accountability have been that it would be: divisive, time consuming, political suicide for the Democrats, or too late now. The shoe incident and the fact that tens of millions of people, perhaps, “detest” America and Americans is enough reason for me to impeach that stupid, evil man and demonstrate to the rest of the world that we are not as stupid and evil as our government is.

Mr. al-Zaida’s “beef” does not even need to be explained to most 5 years old children who understand that having a family member(s) killed, or your home destroyed makes most people angry/sad. Most people in the world who are not in the Robber classes also understand the frustration of a population that has absolutely no recourse against humiliation by the world’s biggest bully.

We should take this incident as a clarion call for impeachment. George can be impeached after he leaves office. According to many Constitutional experts, he cannot be criminally prosecuted for any crime he has committed in office here in the States. I already know of plans for at least one international war tribunal, though.

Let’s hold our government to our high morals.

Let’s quit allowing it to drag us down to its filthy gutter.

83. catnip - 16 December 2008

What’s up with CNN? Since they changed their crawl, they keep putting up these banner “Breaking News” ditties that are about news they reported on days ago. That’s supposed to make it exciting, I guess.

84. marisacat - 16 December 2008

Well I don’t worry for the likes of Caroline (NBC opened last night’s national news with her, as if this is bigger than anything else) or Hillary or Obama.

They are not personally threatened or intimidated. they get a message what is needed for the quid pro quo. It is shameful they respond. And they always do. And the aprty is basically a bag man for Israel, imo.

To be frank I sincerely doubt that SP is such a big deal for Israel. She is comfortably pro war. The single most important thing… and while she figured higher profile in the primaries (to an excessive amount, I began to think she was the White GF) she is under Hillary. She would have ended up at that level, in any case.

85. BooHooHooMan - 16 December 2008

Bugsy Seigal is Major Flaw? I’ll come back to it..

86. catnip - 16 December 2008

lol, again:

FSZ Appellate Court is now in session.

UPDATE: Dave is not banned, he didn’t out anyone here.

87. BooHooHooMan - 16 December 2008

Ricardo Hausmann
Oh Please, LOL, Ho Boy – Just a little Egg on the Face there Bud…

The crisis gives the US new financial power

Read the GobbledyKOOK at the FiTimes if you like…Just remember what happens to guys like him when their county implodes, they are as likely to have their bottoms padded at the Kennedy School as they are to be coddled at Cato.


Ricardo Hausmann is a former Venezuelan Minister of State and Head of the “Presidential Office of Coordination and Planning” (1992-1993) and current Director of Harvard’s Center for International Development and a Professor of the Practice of Economic Development at John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.[1]


Hausmann earned a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Applied Physics (1977) and a PhD in Economics (1981) at Cornell University. Before coming to Harvard in 2000, he served as the first Chief Economist of the Inter-American Development Bank (1994-2000), where he created the Research Department. He has served as Minister of Planning of Venezuela (1992-1993) and as a member of the Board of the Central Bank of Venezuela. He also served as Chair of the IMF-World Bank Development Committee. He was Professor of Economics at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administracion (IESA) (1985-1991) in Caracas, where he founded the Center for Public Policy.[1]

[edit] “Original Sin”

The expression Original Sin was first used in international finance in a 1999 article by Barry Eichengreen and Ricardo Hausmann. In that setting the authors defined original sin as “a situation in which the domestic currency is not used to borrow abroad or to borrow long-term even domestically” (p. 330).

Sign Everbody Up!
Everybody for Premium Platinum at the Pawn Shop!
At least somebody on Wiki threw in some perspective (bold)

When they studied the causes of original sin, Barry Eichengreen, Ricardo Hausmann and Ugo Panizza found that country size is the only variable that is robustly correlated with original sin. Surprisingly, they found no significant correlation between original sin and several variables aimed at capturing economic and institutional development, lack of monetary credibility, and fiscal profligacy.

88. mattes - 16 December 2008

I thought Samantha Powers was back in.

Still, still, I am optimistic. Cheese cake for everyone if I am wrong. But you guys/gals have to come here.

I don’t think there’s much love between Kennedys and Israel.

89. mattes - 16 December 2008

84 & 85…LOL.

…how many calories are in a pint of eggnog. Do I want to know?

90. Intermittent Bystander - 16 December 2008

Poor Smirking Jack is supposedly a student in the middle of finals.

91. catnip - 16 December 2008

I’m pretty sure he’s hoping for a mini-series:

Kostapo Gate Starring John Siegal As Major Flaw
Secret Websites, Violent Threats, The Internet’s Biggest Scam, Cyber Bullying, Cover-Up After Cover-Up, The Ugly Side of Daily Kos. And One New York City Political Power Broker Joined At The Hip With Mark Green and 2 Members of Congress Is In The Center of It All. HIs name is John Siegal. This story is about him.

Oops! Can I out him here or will I get heck for outing someone who’s not only been outed elsewhere but who has (like someone else we know and loathe) outed himself on some other site?

These roolz. They confuse me.


92. marisacat - 16 December 2008

“John Siegal” to me sounds like John Smith. I mean, big whoop.

93. Intermittent Bystander - 16 December 2008

I may or may not be in da mod pod or spam.

94. catnip - 16 December 2008

That quote was from Dave’s site. i.e. Dave’s not here, man.

95. marisacat - 16 December 2008


My apologies, got it out. Sorrt fir the delay…

96. lucid - 16 December 2008

Re Majorflaw. Wow. I just so shocked that the asshole is associated with the New York Green machine… and Chuckie. 🙄

97. lucid - 16 December 2008

59 – the only one’s I get in NYC are Hassidim asking me if I’m Jewish… they politely go away when I tell them no.

98. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 December 2008
99. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 December 2008

Israel’s ‘Crime Against Humanity’

Israel’s siege of Gaza, largely unseen by the outside world because of Jerusalem’s refusal to allow humanitarian aid workers, reporters and photographers access to Gaza, rivals the most egregious crimes carried out at the height of apartheid by the South African regime. It comes close to the horrors visited on Sarajevo by the Bosnian Serbs. It has disturbing echoes of the Nazi ghettos of Lodz and Warsaw.

“This is a stain on what is left of Israeli morality,” I was told by Richard N. Veits, the former U.S. ambassador to Jordan who led a delegation from the U.S. Council for the National Interest Foundation to Gaza to meet Hamas leaders this past summer. “I am almost breathless discussing this subject. It is so myopic. Washington, of course, is a handmaiden to all this. The Israeli manipulation of a population in this manner is comparable to some of the crimes that took place against civilian populations fifty years ago.”

The U.N. special rapporteur for human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory, former Princeton University law professor Richard Falk, calls what Israel is doing to the 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza “a crime against humanity.” Falk, who is Jewish, has condemned the collective punishment of the Palestinians in Gaza as “a flagrant and massive violation of international humanitarian law as laid down in Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.” He has asked for “the International Criminal Court to investigate the situation, and determine whether the Israeli civilian leaders and military commanders responsible for the Gaza siege should be indicted and prosecuted for violations of international criminal law.”

Falk, while condemning the rocket attacks by the militant group Hamas, which he points out are also criminal violations of international law, goes on to say that “such Palestinian behavior does not legalize Israel’s imposition of a collective punishment of a life- and health-threatening character on the people of Gaza, and should not distract the U.N. or international society from discharging their fundamental moral and legal duty to render protection to the Palestinian people.”

“It is an unfolding humanitarian catastrophe that each day poses the entire 1.5 million Gazans to an unspeakable ordeal, to a struggle to survive in terms of their health,” Falk said when I reached him by phone in California shortly before he left for Israel. “This is an increasingly precarious condition. A recent study reports that 46 percent of all Gazan children suffer from acute anemia. There are reports that the sonic booms associated with Israeli overflights have caused widespread deafness, especially among children. Gazan children need thousands of hearing aids. Malnutrition is extremely high in a number of different dimensions and affects 75 percent of Gazans. There are widespread mental disorders, especially among young people without the will to live. Over 50 percent of Gazan children under the age of 12 have been found to have no will to live.”

100. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 December 2008

Elvis Ministers But No Atheists Allowed: Las Vegas Refuses to Allow Atheists to Perform Weddings

In Las Vegas, you can have an Elvis impersonator or a Liberace look alike marry you. You can have a shotgun wedding or a drive through divorce. However, if you want an atheist to marry you, you better get out of town. Sin City has not tolerance for atheists who want to help people tie the knot. That may be the subject of a new lawsuit on behalf of jilted wedding guy, Michael Jacobson, 64, who was refused a license for not being affiliated with a formal religious congregation.

Jacobson has faced discrimination for his atheism his whole life. In the Army, he was forced to put down Judaism (his family’s religion) on his dog tags because some religion had to be listed.

101. CSTAR - 16 December 2008

Atheist? I just tell people I am a deterministic automaton. That usually stops Mormons and anybody else cold.

102. BooHooHooMan - 16 December 2008

{ audience heading for the door,
The FSZ DFQ MF Kestrel Show having bored them to death…}

103. bayprairie - 16 December 2008

55 – they like to walk up to people in very public places here and hand over little pamphlets … I’m not sure with version of idiot they are.

down here they rope people in with the irresitable smell of slow-smoked chicken, brisket, ribs and sausage. they’ll pull up their fundraising barbeque trailers in the parking lot early on a saturday a.m. before sunrise, light their infernal fires of hell and scent the neighborhood for hours with the smell of pecan, or mesquite. when one shows up to purchase a few plates to go they recruit for their worship services.

104. catnip - 16 December 2008

Blahg drama update: Dave’s taken it all down now. And me, without popcorn.

105. lucid - 16 December 2008

Hey Bay… just got my princeton II tonight. Smokin’. Am bringing it to the shop to have a few important mods done and bias it for the new 6V6’s I bought, but I sense this is going to be the new rig.

106. bayprairie - 16 December 2008

fantastic! if you do some test recordings and have a little free time post some links! with that amp and your strat i bet you just nail those lush fendery tones.

107. lucid - 16 December 2008

106 – well I already do on my ’71 twin, but this amp already feels a bit better defined in terms of tone – slightly crisper – and because it’s 22 watts instead of 100 watts, I can drive it into classic fender saturation without deafening the entire block… not to mention it’s more versatile.

108. lucid - 16 December 2008

oh – and for anyone who’s keeping score, Dave is apparently banned again… 😆

109. Heather-Rose Ryan - 16 December 2008

Don’t mock davefromqueens, he’s saying what we all know- that Daily Kos is not a “community-moderated” site. The discussion there is controlled by a small cabal of manic bullies. Some of these are actually involved with professional politics, albeit at a low level – for example Laura Clawson, “Miss Laura”, and Dana Houle, “DHinMI” – while others are wannabees.

I wonder if the rightwing sites have similar cabals.

110. lucid - 16 December 2008

We’re not mocking Heather, it’s just that it’s been so painfully obvious for years to everyone posting here – including you that this scandal ranks among ‘politicians have affairs’.

111. catnip - 16 December 2008

109. I have the right to mock Dave and anybody else worth mockery so, to repeat your advice to me the other day: fuck off.

(They’re all a bit nuts over there at FSZ. I just wasted 5 minutes looking around. I want those 5 minutes back.)

112. catnip - 16 December 2008

Deep Thought

by BooMan
Tue Dec 16th, 2008 at 03:44:45 PM EST

It’s cool that Obama took twice as many questions from schoolchildren today as he did from the press. Maybe we should make that a rule.

I mock thee!

113. BooHooHooMan - 16 December 2008

38 FWIW, …Vilsack returns

It’s always a good day when a Pol
returns with a two syllable name, the last one being – “sack”

As for the DFQ redux he HAS leveled a charge at (Google cache)
a muckety muck of so many fucks of Schumer and WeinerWorld.

How does he know precisely?…
Does he have a link to the alleged’s IP?

I dunno. heh-he!{toothless hiillbilly style laugh}
I thought my last weekends wander around on motivation, language style and dimestore psychology were on the mark…Seems like the UGOG guy’s motivation was more Kos Heraldry than anything else…

114. catnip - 16 December 2008

113. Does he have a link to the alleged’s IP?

Supposedly, the alleged target of Dave’s outing posted a comment to a post on Dave’s site. I saw it when it was still up and the comment was posted under his real name.

IOW, who the hell knows??

115. Heather-Rose Ryan - 16 December 2008

110 lucid: It’s not “politicians have affairs”. That, I wouldn’t mind. It’s “bullies are trying to dominate”. We all make choices about how to fight the bullies. I made my stand against DKos in a big way. DFQ is making his. Where he makes good points, we should support him.

116. BooHooHooMan - 16 December 2008

LOL. I should add the Kos Heraldry is motivation, the armed settler blogging is just an online version of bulldozing

117. bayprairie - 16 December 2008


i’m reading about it now, here:

from the fender amp field guide

and here:

Fender Princeton Reverb II

sounds like a great amp!

118. catnip - 16 December 2008

115. Where he makes good points, we should support him.

Who’s this “we”? Do you have worms?

119. lucid - 16 December 2008

You also made your stand against at Dkos in December 2006, after having vocally taken on the assholes there for a year and a half… [that is how I first met you – May 2006 troll wars – you, I and a few others convinced the then ‘troll patrol’ that their behaviour was egregious]. And Mcat, MitM, Wilfred and others confronted a previous generation. It is no surprise. It is really a yawn for me now. Political operatives suck as people. And Dave even acknowledges that, but cannot get past it because he is so dedicated to the Dem party.

He’s as much a party op as they are. He’s just as mean and self-aggrandizing. He just doesn’t sip champagne with Chuckie.

120. lucid - 16 December 2008

Bay – the second site is the motherlode – and where I’m getting the mods I want to do.

The amp has the definition of a Mesa with the lushness of an early Fender [it was actually the basis of the Mesa Mark II series, but within a Fender medium]. With the right tubes and kept up to snuff in the innards, I think this might be the greatest amp I’ve ever played through… So versatile – sounds like my twin when kept clean, but more distinct, has a mid boost that gets a phenomenal ’50’s jazz tone and a gain channel that can get downright nasty if you want it to. And it takes pedals well, so you are not limited. Wow.

121. marisacat - 16 December 2008

Blahg drama update: Dave’s taken it all down now. And me, without popcorn.

I am not going back to dfq’s, but if that is true… it was all drahma drahma drahma, I found it nearly unreadable and stopped after a few grafs. I am sure i miss a lot as I only drop in on FSZ a couple times a week, but the postings from Dave were strange enough, vainglorious and self serving enough that the whole thing cratered.

To take it down after weeks of belching? Days of dumb build-up?


122. BooHooHooMan - 16 December 2008

I saw it when it was still up and the comment was posted under his real name.

Well, the JerkAround from Dave – Up then Down, on then off, hurts
hurts so much why Rhett, I – I -I -, sorry, I got carried away.

It does hurt his credibility, though.
LOL. His BlogCredibility.
His BlogAbility Rating. { Hillbilly Laugh, agin}

He /they/ whoev are, of course, “on” to something, the sham that is DK, the Dems etc, so yeh I support the late ticketholders, but only if they actually get on a bus, hell ANY bus other than the regularly scheduled round trip between Demland , Zion and Redville, the piss breaks in Hope and LesserFaithville in between…

123. Heather-Rose Ryan - 16 December 2008

What’s going on at FSZ that makes it readable? I’ve never gone there.

I suspect DFQ was being pressured by the threat of oncoming awyers.

Probably he’s inexperienced and can’t figure out when that threat actually means something.

124. Heather-Rose Ryan - 16 December 2008

BHHM, what was your Daily Kos username?

(That question always generates a fuss 🙂 )

Mine was hrh. What was yours?

Let’s all come clean here.

125. lucid - 16 December 2008

Bhhm – personally, I’ve always found that I need to take a crap at the Hope stop on that bus. I mean after holding it through Zion and Redville, it can be a problem – especially when every rest stop is owned by BK or McDonald’s and there ain’t shit a for a person to eat with celiac disease… and you are forced to eat something that will make you crap your pants.

Where else are you going to crap your pants but when sprinting into the bus station in Hope, hoping there is toilet free.

126. lucid - 16 December 2008

PS – unlike Miss Laura would like you to believe, that’s not really how the disease works… I can down some beer and pizza without to much fuss [though I’ll suck in the morning]. Celiac’s can take it… It’s all about managing and repairing damage.

127. marisacat - 16 December 2008

Well it probably would be helpful to have read at least some of the splutter and messes that dfq has laid in the road for weeks, hence FSZ (this is not a recommendation) – if one is going to recommend that people support him or his points.

He himself is an atty. And imo a low level political gunsel wanna be.

They, he, Flaw (whoever that is, I personally don’t even recognise the moniker), his other atty enemy Michael Bouldin and others, should just sue and countersue each other. Or meet under the overpass at 3 am with tire chains. Their preference… LOL.

128. lucid - 16 December 2008

Mcat – Chicken, I think, would be the game… who drives into the East River First.

129. BooHooHooMan - 16 December 2008

DFQ …pressured by the threat of oncoming lawyers.
There are no oncoming lawyers, especially if he got it right.

My username on DK? Which One?

130. lucid - 16 December 2008

HRH – fuss? And who cares? Many of us never knew each other there.

131. Heather-Rose Ryan - 16 December 2008

No, really. I think the vast majority of this riidiculous internet bullshit would be eliminated if people used their real names. That’s why I use mine. I suggest everyone else do the same. I even put my face out there.

129 BHHM – well, let’s start with the first one.

132. marisacat - 16 December 2008

nu thred


………………….. 8) ……………………..

133. marisacat - 16 December 2008

I dunno.. looking at the top whatever from Jack at FSZ seems dfq is banned again.

Pranksters all around.

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