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Coal from the sea.. 22 December 2008

Posted by marisacat in Culture of Death, Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, UK, WAR!.


Collecting coal from the sea

In this photograph taken in 1980 two local people are seen wheeling home bags of coal which they have gleaned from the beach at Easington Colliery, Co Durham, where the coal seams extend five miles out under the sea.  During the coal strike of 1984 which shattered the industry many families relied on sea coal, often collected by their children. Easington Colliery was eventually closed in 1993 (Brian Harris/The Times)

I caught part of a report on retail sales this season, thought I heard that there was an unprecedented lag of 20% this year… but I missed all the details… where and when, for one!  So I went looking for some reports…

I found an auto paint and body chain that claims their numbers are off over 20% for Q2 and Q3 (a six month run ending October 31)… What a shock!… but other than that, the news is all over the place, down some, down a little.  Or more.  Or not.


Via Angry Arab’s entry….

Bush Doctrine: at Home

“While serving the State Department in several senior capacities over the past four years, I witnessed firsthand the quiet, de facto military takeover of much of the U.S. government. The first assault on civilian government occurred in faraway places — Iraq and Afghanistan — and was, in theory, justified by the exigencies of war.”

I got onto this dicey piece in the Wapo:

We no longer have a civilian-led government. It is hard for a lifelong Republican and son of a retired Air Force colonel to say this, but the most unnerving legacy of the Bush administration is the encroachment of the Department of Defense into a striking number of aspects of civilian government. Our Constitution is at risk. …

While serving the State Department in several senior capacities over the past four years, I witnessed firsthand the quiet, de facto military takeover of much of the U.S. government. The first assault on civilian government occurred in faraway places — Iraq and Afghanistan — and was, in theory, justified by the exigencies of war.

He makes quite a few points, related to ways in which we have formed on-the-ground programs in Iraq and Afghanistan, inserting the military, the Pentagon, where it need not be, where State or other agencies would be more appropriate.

The encroachment within America’s borders continued with the military’s increased involvement in domestic surveillance and its attempts to usurp the role of the federal courts in reviewing detainee cases. The Pentagon also resisted ceding any authority over its extensive intelligence operations to the first director of national intelligence, John D. Negroponte — a State Department official who eventually gave up his post to Mike McConnell, a former Navy admiral. The Bush administration also appointed Michael V. Hayden, a four-star Air Force general, to be the director of the CIA. National Security Adviser Stephen J. Hadley saw much of the responsibility for developing and implementing policy on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — surely the national security adviser’s job — given to Lt. Gen. Douglas E. Lute, Bush’s new “war czar.” By 2008, the military was running much of the national security apparatus.

The Pentagon opened a southern front earlier this year when it attempted to dominate the new Merida Initiative, a promising $400 million program to help Mexico battle drug cartels. Despite the admirable efforts of the federal drug czar, John P. Walters, to keep the White House focused on the civilian law-enforcement purpose of the Merida Initiative, the military runs a big chunk of that program as well.

The author offers suggestions to Ob for ways to take the country back from the military. I am not holding my breath.

The last lines are:

In short, he should retake the government before it devours him and us — and return civilian-led government to the people of the United States.



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 December 2008

In short, he should retake the government before it devours him and us — and return civilian-led government to the people of the United States.

He won’t. He’s there to lock it into place.

2. marisacat - 22 December 2008

It was clear the military were in charge of NO… not civilian leadership. Near the top of the piece he notes that both Jones, NSA and Blair the DNI are military. Pretty much says it all.

President-elect Barack Obama’s selections of James L. Jones, a retired four-star Marine general, to be his national security adviser and, it appears, retired Navy Adm. Dennis C. Blair to be his director of national intelligence present the incoming administration with an important opportunity — and a major risk. These appointments could pave the way for these respected military officers to reverse the current trend of Pentagon encroachment upon civilian government functions, or they could complete the silent military coup d’etat that has been steadily gaining ground below the radar screen of most Americans and the media.

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 December 2008

I think this was a done deal as of 9/11/01, and even that was the last piece falling into place. I don’t see any way out short of economic collapse.

4. catnip - 22 December 2008

Speaking of eating mice (from the previous thread), I heard a former Zimbabwean woman talking about the crisis in her country and she said that’s what some people had resorted to in order to stave off starvation. More here…

Also a continuation from the last thread, it’s clear that Military USA™ is certainly not what the world needs – those obscene budgets spent on killing people in the name of “self-defence” while people are eating mice.

Perhaps (and that’s a big “perhaps”) some yanks will finally wake up and smell the cost of these bullets in others’ lives and theirs.

5. marisacat - 22 December 2008

ugh… think I will head to the kitchen for a campari. The comments to the Wapo article are horrible. Most of them.


6. marisacat - 22 December 2008

I think starving people out is part of it…

There recently were some interviews around with what was called a white anti apartheid (S Africa when the ANC were rebels) fighter.. will see if I can find them… He talks about how US officials simply walk in where ever they wish with the S African government, walk into the Treasury, walk here walk there, dictate. What passes for the ANC is a corrupt organisation, etc… I doubt there are too many hold outs.. and we showed what we do when a nation goes rogue (Iraq) or 28 years of sanctions agasint Iran or almost 50 agaisnt Cuba.

7. marisacat - 22 December 2008

Mama Clinton wants MORE. What a shock.

8. marisacat - 23 December 2008

I know someone linked to the Juan Cole slobber (101 comments I see to the JC post, hoping for push back!) in the last thread, but I am just getting there…

Moreover, Warren’s work to improve the lives of Africans probably means something to Obama.

Such drool.

I am sorry but we are STILL IN STUPID LAND

[W]arren is sometimes credited with broadening evangelical activism to transcend religious right preoccupations, but that’s a bit deceptive. Much has been made of his work on HIV/Aids in Africa. In fact, though, Warren has taken the standard Christian conservative approach to the epidemic, which favours abstinence and prayer over condoms and sex education.

I once attended Sunday services at the church of Martin Ssempa, one of Warren’s protégés in Uganda and a major force in that country’s devastating move away from safe-sex campaigns. It is a heartbreaking thing to watch a tongue-speaking faith-healer promise a room full of sobbing people – many of them poor, many infected with HIV – that Jesus can cure them, if only they believe in him unconditionally (belief demonstrated, of course, in part by tithing generously).

9. diane - 23 December 2008

…little tiny songbird feet, slashed by razor wire….so fitting …of the times………..if only they’d had some scarlet red Pradas……..

10. diane - 23 December 2008

…pluto in capricorn…this should be amusing…….

11. diane - 23 December 2008

ah…but then again…in the Vedic….pluto it’s in the “good luck” (for whom? the high cast?) sign of sagitarrius…spelling? well I’m sure it’s not spelled that way in India anyways…………………perhaps some Ivy leager can spell it for us?

12. marisacat - 23 December 2008

Yes but that heavy handed reworking of the planets stole Pluto from us. LOL I never gave it up tho… the one planet I ever really talked about… because anytime someone is truly fucking nuts, or going TFN… I always think, We’re out past Pluto again!

I thought it hte night I heard Joan Sutherland hit “F” too…. The newspaper the next day told me it was “F”… I just knew we were floating far out, waaaay past Pluto.


13. diane - 23 December 2008

..well,……………what can you expect from those who place absolutely no value in the little things in life….which actually……are the most important….

kisses to ya marisa……….


(must go back and listen to malaguena yet one more time before I go to sleep……)

14. marisacat - 23 December 2008

LOL Via Telegraph, from The Smoking Gun…

Mug Shots of People Arrested Wearing Obama T-Shirt Shwag

15. marisacat - 23 December 2008

WSJ… but did they cancel the platinum halo? The full matched set, for the family? I bet not… 😆

Rep. David Obey, who is playing a key role in assembling the stimulus plan, which is expected to approach $800 billion, said recently that an infusion of federal spending is “the only game in town.” But the Wisconsin Democrat, who is chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, was careful to add: “The downward momentum appears too strong to end the recession anytime soon.”

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s office said recently that “Congress needs to pass an economic recovery package to prevent any further decline in the economy” — but cautioned, “recovery will not be immediate.” [and we all trust and love Steny…? Don’t we? …?]

How ’bout Jerry Nadler? Trust him?

“Elections are run in two-year cycles, and we’re in an economic cycle that we can’t turn around in two years,” said Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D., N.Y.). “It’s a political problem. But I don’t know that there is a way out of it.”

Still, the political challenge is daunting, given that economists expect this recession to last for years. “The stimulus package will keep it from getting as bad as it would otherwise be, but that is very hard to measure,” said Alice Rivlin, former director of the Congressional Budget Office, who addressed House Democrats recently. “All you can say is, ‘It’s probably not as bad as it would have been.’ But that is very hard to prove.”

That is why Democrats are trying to lower expectations now. “The only way to deal with it is to be upfront and say, ‘It’s not salvation. It will limit the damage. What’s been built up for years won’t be solved overnight,’ ” Rep. Nadler said.

Or toss teh ball long, like.. you remember… THE LONG WAR:

One aspect of the Democrats’ strategy is to stress that the recession was the Bush administration’s fault, not theirs. “President Bush will leave behind a legacy of debt, transforming the biggest surpluses in history into the biggest deficits and affecting our ability to confront the current economic crisis,” Rep. Hoyer’s office said recently. [I actually don’t think that will sell well… ]

Democrats also have begun speaking of the long term, emphasizing that their goal isn’t merely to end the downturn but also to change society and strengthen the economy for generations…..snipwhippers

More weaselling at the WSJ. The end is especially good. Or bad, depending.

I say this crew of shits just goes on thieving. And warring. With vaca in Kailua. I hear the internet sites of the house rental have wiped its RE value from the web pages. So classic.

16. BooHooHooMan - 23 December 2008

Re: Clintons moves as Head of State.

Mama Clinton, her Hubby, and their Jewish Pals are fuckin Kleptofascists who deserve each other. Right in the Hague along with all of the Cheney Bush Rumseld and Gonzales War Criminals and their Enablers. They SERVE and thus deserve each other. As, frankly, the Country, Ob fans in particular now – DESERVES THEM.

The Finger Wag will come out about Charity and Helping Others WORSE OFF. LOL. Then they’ll loot what they can out of Foreign Aid.. This is going to be bizzare these next years with this
scraped together Triumvirate of Hillary, Bill, and the debatable “That One”, what his name, the Affirmative Action Guy….

As for Clintonian Foreign Policy Initiatives–
Back in the “Good ole Days”, another NOT-… I think she, Bill,
and their inner circle floated her stance on Palestine during Bill’s Admin as a chip for MORE chips… A nice way for Rahm and Rubin to shake down the happily Con’d Aunts and Uncles as it were…
Not surprisingly, the Chosen Brokers fleeced their simpleminded own along with every other fool…
LOL, then, like Madoff now, they split the spoils..

Ob is so willing, so pliant, so very weak.
Just Politically DOA waiting for the toe tag.
The Obsters are sure to weep,
now that “The Stool Has Been Passed” though they are surely to forget precisely where they were or what they were doing
“when the news came in”…

Aside from the recently hyped Inagural Crowd Sizes, people are getting it..

My friends – the semi fans in the Swing States?
Just weeks ago most certainly headed for the Historic Inaugural?
Not Going. Pissed.
Embarrased. Scratching the stickers off the cars.
LOL. Whoops.

Well, the numbers were hype on Inaug Crowd turnout to begin with,
but Already, Projected crowd in DC cut in HALF.
Manage those expectations…..BOY.

17. BooHooHooMan - 23 December 2008

Andrew Sullivan in 012 as the Let’s Make it Up To Em Candidate?

Sullied? Then Vote Sully. GAY.
Not Really From England, Oxford. Or Harvard… That much.
….So on Voting Day
Remember Sully.
Catholic…. AND GAY.

( Shot of Sully doin the pageant wave, then voiceover:

{ I’m Andrew Sullivan and I approved this message. for Today! }

18. marisacat - 23 December 2008

Regulator helped Indymac fudge teh books. And some indication it might not be contained to Indymac.

[W]illiam K. Black, a senior bank regulator during the savings and loan crisis and the author of “The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One,” said Mr. Dochow’s lenience highlighted the longstanding unwillingness of the Office of Thrift Supervision to take charge.

“The O.T.S. did nothing effective to regulate any of the specialized large nonprime lenders,” Mr. Black said. “So what you got was what the F.B.I. accurately described as early as 2004 as an epidemic of mortgage fraud.” …snip…

A lot of this swirls over my head, but I don’t thnk I have read such a nice clear statement from the FBI, like that one up there, in all the slither and blither about the mortgage fraud.

19. marisacat - 23 December 2008

hmmm Churches, church property going into foreclosure.

20. BooHooHooMan - 23 December 2008

Hh Popcorn from 2003 about ready now…

New York York State Pension Fund Invests $200 Million in Israeli Fund

The state comptroller has decided to invest $200 million of state pension funds in Israeli companies through a private equity fund that will focus on infrastructure projects and other traditional investments, officials said today.

The decision by the comptroller, Alan G. Hevesi, will make the state one of the largest private investors in Israeli industries at a time when foreign investment in the violence-wracked country has been shrinking.

Mr. Hevesi said he saw the potential for strong profits from old-fashioned industries, like road construction, in Israel, despite the current violence there. He said the Israeli government’s desire to privatize state-owned airlines and telecommunications companies also presented lucrative investment opportunities for the fund managers.

”There is enormous potential to make substantially above-market-rate profits for the pension fund,” he said in an interview. ”The government is very much amenable to this kind of investment.” The investment could also pay political dividends for Mr. Hevesi, though he denies any such motivation.

The new fund, called Markstone Capital Partners, was started recently by a California financier, Elliott Broidy, and two high-profile Israeli businessmen, Ron Lubash, a former managing director at Lehman Brothers, and Amir Kess, a former executive of Arison Holdings.

As comptroller, Mr. Hevesi has unilateral control over the $109 billion Common Retirement Fund, for retired government employees outside New York City. About $10 billion of the fund’s assets are invested in stocks overseas, while $1.7 billion is invested in private venture capital funds, like the Markstone group in Israel.

the deal was pushed by NY Speaker of the House Sheldon Silver.
Both Jewish, Hevesi was that Orthodox Shit Sheldon Silver’s boy.

Silver is the slimy crook who <a href=”covered up the RAPE of one women on his staff who was raped BY ANOTHER STAFFER.

Hevesi ultimitely got disgraced in advance, set up, and tripped up in a chump change diversion of services rap fined 5 grand and given probation over the state driver chaufferring his wife around..

So who is Elliot Broidy?

Unmasking Israel’s Mystery Benefactor

More in Next Post.

21. BooHooHooMan - 23 December 2008

Not enough Popcorn or Bold to go around.

Unmasking Israel’s Mystery Benefactor

The mystery man of the Israeli economy, as he was dubbed by the country’s media, is alive and well and living in Los Angeles.

His name is Elliott Broidy, and in the last two years
{as of 2006}he has raised $800 million to boost private enterprise in the Jewish state.

Broidy earned the “mystery man” label through his reticence to go public, in contrast to his more flamboyant peers. But in his first interview with an American publication, the 48-year-old entrepreneur, who founded Broidy Capital Management in 1991, talked about his motivation, strategy and background.

Sitting at a large table in the impressively furnished boardroom of his Century City office suite, with a stunning view of the Hollywood Hills, Broidy recalled his full press entry into the Israeli capital market.

The year was 2002 and, on the face of it, the timing couldn’t have been worse. The intifada was at its height, the high-tech bubble had burst and the global economy was in the doldrums.

With the right connections and introductions,{ -Who?} Broidy met with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and such top-level political figures as Ehud Olmert, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Amir Peretz, now head of the Labor Party.

He had met with Sharon a number of times when the latter served as foreign minister in the late 1980s, and again a few years later when Broidy initiated some small-scale investments in Israel.

A longtime supporter of the Jewish state, Broidy said that “a strong and vital Israel is important to the United States, to American Jewry, and to me and my family.”
{ What about the other 98% of Americans?!@??!! –
not to mention the rest of the Worlds Coalition of the Unwilling- }

Broidy’s proposal to establish a large private equity fund for investments in Israel’s “old” economy — agriculture, manufacturing, capital management — found a warm welcome among government officials at a time when most investors were shunning the strife-racked Jewish state.

“Charity is charity and business is business,” Broidy remembers Sharon telling him. “Do something that makes sense and a profit for your investors.”

Thus encouraged, Broidy established Markstone Capital Group and set a goal of raising $500 million. That ambition “was met initially with great skepticism” in Israel and the United States, Israeli financial analyst Guy Rolnik observed in retrospect.

“But the dubiety is being replaced by awe…. It is a major triumph,” Rolnik wrote recently.


The analyst predicted that the infusion of large equity funds could “democratize” the Israeli economy by possibly ending the long dominance of 10 large Israeli family-based investment groups, which traditionally cut all the big financial deals in the country.

{Translation: Israel is going Broke from ITS War.}

Broidy’s first prospect was New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi, and after several months of vetting Broidy’s proposal and meetings with Israeli business and political leaders, the New York State Common Retirement Fund signed on for $200 million.

On the other coast, the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPers) put in $50 million, and additional amounts came from similar funds in Oregon, New Mexico, North Carolina and New York City.

“Broidy did a remarkable job in assembling such a group of diverse investors,” said Richard Gunther, himself a major investor in Israel who also has a stake in Markstone.

Here’s The Pitch™:

“When you try to raise money for Israel investment from private people, particularly Jewish ones, you can appeal to both their heart and their head,” said Gunther. “But when you try to do business with public pension funds, these are hard-nosed people, who deal strictly from the head. Their investment decisions in this case represent a notable vote of confidence in Elliott and in the future of the Israeli economy.”

LOL. “….a notable vote of confidence…
in Elliott and in the future of the Israeli economy..”
Oh I’m Sure.
“Confidence”, all right.

This next line is KEY:

With the pension funds as a solid base, corporate and private investors, foundations, banks and insurance companies in the United States and Israel swelled the pot, and Markstone raised its goal to $800 million, with a minimum investment of $1 million plus.

The $800 million figure, raised between 2003 and 2005, makes Markstone the largest private equity fund in Israel, with 90 percent coming from American investors and 10 percent from Israelis. The fund is now closed.

So far, Broidy has invested $350 million, and his strategy is to buy a controlling interest in well-established companies and infuse Markstone’s international marketing and financial expertise to raise their values.


When asked what rate of return investors might expect, Broidy, a man who weighs his words carefully, said it would be “many times more than from bonds or stocks.”

So when are People going to get it that Terrorists under the aegis of Israel have conducted Financial War – AT LEAST- on the US? And that our government is filled with collaborators both Christian and Jew , “Republicans” and “Democrats” alike?

And given the position of Jews in the US-
People think it WASN”T an Inside Job? GMAFB.

22. BooHooHooMan - 23 December 2008

All the Republican Shits are in Broidys back pocket of course.
As a Bush Pioneer, he funded everybody on down to Cantor
Some gelt though,


06/27/2003 5000.00 23991240732
04/28/2005 5000.00 25970770895
06/06/2007 5000.00 27960069156

This isn’t it tho- ‘
…not so fast for Whiney Dave Obey mentioned upthread…
he had his hand out along the way…


06/18/1999 1000.00 99034722911

Lieberman Soft money obviously:


09/25/2006 12600.00 2602077098

Daschle got money too from
Whole shitload of Repub Payouts. LOL. Broidy sent them 5g’s too…

DASCHLE, THOMAS ANDREW 10/24/2004 2045.00 24981535050
DASCHLE, THOMAS ANDREW 10/24/2004 10359.00 24981535050BROIDY, ELLIOTT

All shits.
Nothing but the defecation of High Colonics left in the punch bowl.

23. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2008

It’s a freakin’ heatwave … it’s in the TEENS!!! Time to break out the shorts and t-shirt!

Geez, how do you people up in Canada and New Hampshire and MN DEAL with this shit form weeks and weeks?

Of course, the downside is that the “warm” ** cough** air is bringing more fucking snow with it.

24. BooHooHooMan - 23 December 2008

The ULTIMATE Punishment
handed out for Madoff by Yeshiva U.

Yeshiva, a campus of about 7,000 students in Upper Manhattan, is grappling with a sense of personal betrayal that extends beyond the $110 million it says it lost in investments with Mr. Madoff, who had been on the board of trustees since 1996. There is resentment; fear of the revival of ugly, old stereotypes; and, after the fall of a favorite son, uncertainty about how Jewish institutions like theirs should choose role models.

At a school that aims to inculcate ethics and interpersonal morals in its students along with academics — to train future doctors, lawyers, educators and financiers to not just be good at their jobs but to perform them in accordance with traditional Jewish ideals — the story of Mr. Madoff has turned into the consummate teaching moment.

Mr. Madoff, who is under 24-hour house arrest, has told prosecutors that his firm “paid investors with money that wasn’t there,” a Ponzi scheme that may have cost investors as much as $50 billion.

Yep. You guessed it.
That’s Right. The Horror of Horrors.
They Banned him from their Website.

He has resigned from the Yeshiva board,
and his name has been wiped clean from the university Web site.
{LOL.Buck up Bernie. It ain’t so bad…}

… But in classrooms, coffee shops and late-night e-mail messages, his story is inevitably the hot topic.

And in the tradition of the Ancient and Great Faith™,
they will proceed to reflect upon this deep and personal matter
“In consultation with their Clergy©” (©Obama’08)

25. NYCO - 23 December 2008

Madman, where are you located?

26. wu ming - 23 December 2008

curioser and curioser:

The global police agency Interpol says India has not shared any information with it about last month’s deadly attacks in Mumbai (Bombay).

Interpol secretary general Ronald Noble, who is in Islamabad, said its only knowledge of what happened had come from the media.
Pakistan also says it has had no firm information from Delhi.
India says Pakistani militants carried out the attacks, which left more than 170 people dead.

Only one of the 10 gunmen, Mohammed Ajmal Amir Qasab, survived and he is in Indian custody.

On Monday India handed a letter to Pakistan it says was written by Mr Qasab, confirming he is Pakistani and asking for Islamabad’s help.

27. marisacat - 23 December 2008

The global police agency Interpol says India has not shared any information with it about last month’s deadly attacks in Mumbai (Bombay).

Not kosher to say the least. I say we know nothing. Nothing. And India should stop making representations as to anything being a FACT in what they offer to the media.

28. marisacat - 23 December 2008

BHHM in case you are around, your link in #20 failed…

I went into the HTML but no stub of the URL made it… if you have it just post it and I will fix the comment…




think Madman is at work, and Mcat is blocked there. He is in Milwaukee WI.

29. marisacat - 23 December 2008


They are so anxious to get it out in a timely fashion LOL talk about dumping it on The Holiday Schedule….:

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Obama Transition Team to Release Report on Blagojevich Contacts at 4:30 p.m. ET

30. marisacat - 23 December 2008

Andrew of the Atlantic:

[A]nd yet those of us born into this Communion and in love with the Jesus of the Gospels have to find a way to live in this place with our fellow Catholics in charity. At least Warren appears open to dialogue, rather than recoiling in fear and loathing. In that he is somewhat more Christian than this Pope.

No dear… you are merely Pizza to him. The refusable pizza.

31. BooHooHooMan - 23 December 2008

Sorry. Link for #20 on NY State Pension Fund

Other link on Silver covering up His Counsel’s rape of another staffer.

Very Sordid background. Silver covered for the guy all the way. Milks the upstanding Orthodox bit for all its worth. “Outraged” at “scurrilous charges” aimed at his staff counsel…Lawyer Boxley is AA.Played that angle too.

Anyways, The typical lying bullshit. . His Guy plead to sexual assualt. Got 5 Probation . His Lawyer – the rapist – Boxley – got his law license back. They’re Both scum. . Not the end of the story yet. They had their fingers in Police Pension Money too..It’s going to get interesting.

32. marisacat - 23 December 2008

We are all “outraged at the scurrilous charges”… just in a different way!

33. BooHooHooMan - 23 December 2008

27 curiouser and curiouse
re India noncooperation on Mumbai.attacks…

Pakistan scrambled jets this morning[WaPo]

as Kashmiri Police Call 3 Suspects Pakistani [NYT]


Pakistani Jets Scramble
As India Hardens Tone
All Options Open,
Minister Says in New Delhi

By Rama Lakshmi
Washington Post Foreign Service
Tuesday, December 23, 2008;

NEW DELHI, — In signs of growing regional tension since the Mumbai attacks last month, Pakistan scrambled fighter jets over several of its larger cities Monday, and India’s foreign minister told a gathering of Indian diplomats in New Delhi that the country is keeping all its options open to bring the perpetrators of the attacks to justice.

34. marisacat - 23 December 2008

Just hearing a Madoff fund “operator” found dead in his NYC apt…

De la Roussaie (phonetic) off to check clusterfuckstock…


I don’t wnat anyone dead (other than those who deserve it!)… but I LOVE unfolding messes of this sort. Murder and suicide are just so Agatha Christie in these deals…

35. BooHooHooMan - 23 December 2008

Well, one thing is on the rise.
Retail Theft.

Good. It will go well with the Wholesale Theft.
Nothin like a matched set,
or a set match, to go with the straw in the creche this year.
LOL – Oh Wait, that’s assuming someone didn’t steal the straw.
To eat.

And as temptation has grown for potential thieves, so too has stores’ vulnerability.

“More people are desperate economically, retailers are operating with leaner staffs and police forces are cutting back or being told to deprioritize shoplifting calls,” said Paul Jones, the vice president of asset protection for the Retail Industry Leaders Association.

Why is it though,
that so many cops go in for the Ernst Röhm look? Hmmm.

LOL.Those porkers in the front of that pic couldn’t chase down a little old lady in a walker who just boosted a pair of nylons.

36. bayprairie - 23 December 2008

rick warren says all you bloggers need to get a life.

says you’re rude, sitting in the quietness of your own home, hiding behind a screen and all.


37. marisacat - 23 December 2008

Well! The report i heard really mangled his name:

Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet, the co-founder of hedge fund Access International Advisors, was found dead early Tuesday in his office in Manhattan after losing as much as $1.4 billion in the alleged fraud of Bernard L. Madoff, French business daily La Tribune reported on its Web site. Mr. de la Villehuchet, 65, had committed suicide, La Tribune said, citing an unnamed person close to Mr. de la Villehuchet.

Mr. de la Villehuchet had been trying for a week to recover the funds that Access International raised in Europe and invested through Mr. Madoff’s business, La Tribune reports, citing the source. ….snip….

The notice in La Tribune

Seems he had spent a week working to recoup any of the lost monies. Well… did not work out.

38. marisacat - 23 December 2008

Someone needs to stick a pin in Warren. And issue us perfumed hankies to survive the gaseous waves.

Things must be getting a tad thin on the ground, they are throwing Obster’s pecs at us again. Next, the marriage. Last will be stories of the “little girls”.

So predictable.

39. marisacat - 23 December 2008

OOPS! 😳 Very sorry, a BHHM post in Moderation from Midnight…

so will post it this way, otherwise it is lost upthread:

I don’t see any way out short of economic collapse.

Well buckle up, everybody, cause this is IT.

Meanwhile Obaa-baaa is Body surfing in Hawaii,
..Smart OBLively-us move, there, Ob Political handlers, ….NOT.
..the body surfing “eye candy” is “whoops” leaked to a
dead broke country largely Freezing Their Ass OFF this week….

LOL. Dumb whether they planned it – dumb whether they didn’t –
Dripping SHALLOW Head to Toe, Obama’s going to Hawaii anyway.
Maybe the Set Designers next repairitive move will be to have him
at a Holy Casual seaside Service. In a Shlong-accentuating Speedo.
Afterall, EVERYBODY WANTS him – Or can be converted, no?

Meanwhile, Cheney in a Pantsuit
prefers the State Department as Perch this Time

Clinton Moves to Widen Role of State Dept.

As she prepares to helm the State Department, Hillary Rodham Clinton is seeking a bigger budget and an expanded role in dealing with global economic issues.

Economic collapse? If only it was just money…

So most definitely buckle up.
Extra-Official Looting of EVERY Portfolio has been under way for quite some time , just pillaging in plain view on behalf of
Corporate Militarists and their Israeli applauding Patrons.
Our Elites and Proles alike STILL not quite getting the utter unsustainability of it all, especially its inevitable end of Grief and Ruin. Jeebus, 2/3 of the country believe in RAPTURE.

Thus, by the same insane and ignorant belief
(like those who believe in tactical nuclear assault)

…in that same decidedly ignorant belief that neither
Cheney or the Republicans Would PROVOKE “Global” Chaos

Neither the Clintons ,
nor the Democrats, or their FrontMan, Obaaabaa can AVOID IT …

If Obama is this ‘pragmatic’ MIC and People’s Hero, our latter day Nero said to bear an Administrative of mixed success while whispered to be a body surfing Emperor during Siege and calamitous Surge, lets not forget what happened in 70 AD .. at least after the historical figurine’s collapse. …

Sure, it’s useful to keep in mind that the Israel-Off-the-Hook™ then
didn’t have the Nuclear Arms that their perennially quarrelsome Rebbe’s and Bebe’s do now…..but anyone believing you can cruise missile, conquer, steal, torture, bulldoze, or starve others on their way to “Security” is just a micron or shrapnel fragment away from being , fittingly, “disabused” ….

40. bayprairie - 23 December 2008

color me cynical but im thinking melisa etheridge might just tying to “saddleback” her new CD to a broader audience

A New Thought For Christmas
Melissa Etheridge

and hey if anyone’s not doing anyting tonight you can catch her on

THE 10TH ANNUAL A HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS WITH FAITH HILL, a new entertainment special to be broadcast Tuesday, Dec. 23 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, will include moving performances by Grammy Award-winning country music star Faith Hill, Grammy Award-winning rock singer/songwriter Melissa Etheridge, Grammy Award-winning country music star Tim McGraw and rock musician Gavin Rossdale and Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx, among others.

what, no david crosby?

41. BooHooHooMan - 23 December 2008

Madoff fund operator found dead…
I don’t want anyone dead ….

Me neither. I’m just filled with Hope. . LOL.

I don’t want anyone dead, literally.
No one in particular. Just a number of a sort
50 – 100.,000 of the top white collar shysters in this country.
Kinda like a layoff. But permanent.
Like the Layoffs that kill so many people in one place while making serfs of people in another. I’ll be satisfied with a number.
A large digit with lots of zeros attached. Justice, no?

That said, I’m not going to do anything other than try to bore a few to death that might happen to read my posts here or elsewhere. LOL.. At least regular Mcat posters can look at my stuff and go “Oh that Long Winded Lunatic Bastard™?@!!” And quickly scroll down….

42. marisacat - 23 December 2008


For sale soon to the Saddleback Faithful (they have a giftee shoppee). Watch for Melissa and wife in Hawai’ian shirts soon!

43. BooHooHooMan - 23 December 2008

So this guy Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchetis gone.
Shame. And to think, if he had lived and estate planned …
he would have had the Mausoleum in foreclosure.
And with a name like that….Now,
He’ll be lucky if his pals kick in for a marker that says “Rene V.-R.I.P”

44. marisacat - 23 December 2008

Christ .. where to begin. Clusterstockfuck saying maybe Madoff NOT a Law School grad from Hofstra.

“A Hofstra Law School graduate who started his career with $5,000 saved working as a lifeguard…”

That was the phrase that three reporters for USA Today used to introduce Bernie Madoff to readers. It was echoed by the Associated Press and many others. “The Queens kid who paid his way through Hofstra Law School by working as a lifeguard on Rockaway Beach once seemed like the embodiment of the American Dream,” was how the New York Post described Madoff.

There was just one problem: It wasn’t true.

Bernie Madoff never graduated from law school. … snippywhippy….

It’s a really dicey story. No truth anywhere!

NYC (and thus NYS) may be in the tank already.

The dirty secret of Empire State budgeting is that New York City depends disproportionately on Wall Street for its budget and New York State depends on New York City.

In the last four months, the financial landscape has changed dramatically. Investment banks that have been the engine of the city’s tax revenue for decades have disappeared entirely or morphed into restricted new entities. According to E.J. McMahon, my colleague at the Manhattan Institute, between 1980 and 2007 the securities industry’s share of wages in the state rocketed from 3 percent to 18 percent, with the average Wall Street salary and bonus rising to $379,000. Wall Street revenues made up 20 percent of the state’s budget. So the 40,000 local jobs lost in the financial sector are only the beginning. We’re not facing a cyclical downturn; we’re facing a fundamental alteration of the facts of financial life in New York. And the 20 percent unemployment in some upstate counties will not help ease the squeeze.

They go on to talk about CA, which IS in the tank and sinking fast in the bloody shark filled water.



45. marisacat - 23 December 2008

Speaking of which:

Official Says California Could Be Broke in Two Months


Judy Lin, The Associated Press:

“California’s chief financial officer warned Monday that the state would run out of money in about two months as hopes of a Christmas budget compromise melted into political finger-pointing by the end of the day.”

I think everyone in CA would like to fire everyone in Sacramento. What a mess we are in.

46. marisacat - 23 December 2008

Oh I am sure Obster’s DNA will take care of any little problems. Everything will be new and different as of January 21. (the sarcasm is puddling)

Guardian via TO

Guantanamo Prisoner’s Lawyers Accuse US Defense Secretary

Truth Out link

Richard Norton-Taylor, The Guardian UK: “Lawyers for a British resident held at Guantanamo Bay have accused Robert Gates, the US defence secretary, of signing a ‘flagrantly false’ affidavit to avoid having to disclose evidence of torture.

In a sworn affidavit to a district court in Washington, Gates says the US authorities have provided Binyam Mohamed’s lawyers and the British government with all the information they possess relating to Mohamed’s treatment while held in secret prisons. Gates declared his affidavit to be the truth ‘under penalty of perjury.'”

47. marisacat - 23 December 2008

Truth Out picked up a couple of very smart articles on the criminal (as in benefits the criminals) aspect of the global economic crisis. One from Figaro and one from Les Echos. Hard to pick a graf but here goes… Les Echos:

[C]ontrolling a business allows a mafia to distribute wealth in the form of jobs or purchases and consequently, to ultimately place whole regions under economic dependency. But investing in the legal economy allows organized crime above all to benefit from the growth of the businesses it controls and the profitability of its holdings, just like any other investor.

The present crisis risks enlarging organized crime’s access to the legal economy. In a context of rarefaction of investments, the funds resulting from money laundering are, in fact, mechanically more interesting than ever.

48. NYCO - 23 December 2008

The dirty secret of Empire State budgeting is that New York City depends disproportionately on Wall Street for its budget and New York State depends on New York City.

Not exactly a dirty secret.

But it is also true that Upstate’s progress is hamstrung by regulations and practices that downstate people want and do not help at all up here. Not to mention the property taxes are the most onerous in the nation.

(But 20 percent unemployment? Where are they getting that figure? Even in the worst rural counties I don’t think it’s that bad.)

we’re facing a fundamental alteration of the facts of financial life in New York

I and every other Upstate blogger around have been screaming ourselves blue that this arrangement has to change. You can’t have two economies in one state — one super-rich and the other poor and dependent. People want to work, to have meaningful industry or purpose, and have dignity… they do not want handouts. And that makes me sound very Republican, I know, but it’s truly heartbreaking to watch a once-proud region that invented a huge chunk of what we take for granted as “American progress” considered the ugly aunt in the attic.

49. marisacat - 23 December 2008

People want to work, to have meaningful industry or purpose, and have dignity… they do not want handouts. And that makes me sound very Republican, I know,

No it just makes you sound sane. I would say the same thing…

I do think in CA, if one is honest about the chronically unemployed… the chronically underemployed, forced to part time but do want full time.. those no longer on the unemployment rolls thus not counted as “actively seeking work” as no one is counting them, those who have drifted to the underground cash economy but would prefer a real job (perhaps gone forever), etc.,.. then in some districts, non seasonal, non farm, I feel we DO have well over 15% unemployment – and higher.

50. mattes - 23 December 2008

…..”possibly ending the long dominance of 10 large Israeli family-based investment groups, which traditionally cut all the big financial deals in the country.”

Interesting, I wonder what those names are.

I found this article interesting as well:

How Jewish is Hollywood?
A poll finds more Americans disagree with the statement that ‘Jews control Hollywood.’ But here’s one Jew who doesn’t.

Joel Stein
December 19, 2008
» Discuss Article (168 Comments)

I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.

How deeply Jewish is Hollywood? When the studio chiefs took out a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times a few weeks ago to demand that the Screen Actors Guild settle its contract, the open letter was signed by: News Corp. President Peter Chernin (Jewish), Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey (Jewish), Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger (Jewish), Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton (surprise, Dutch Jew), Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer (Jewish), CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves (so Jewish his great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel), MGM Chairman Harry Sloan (Jewish) and NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker (mega-Jewish). If either of the Weinstein brothers had signed, this group would have not only the power to shut down all film production but to form a minyan with enough Fiji water on hand to fill a mikvah.

The person they were yelling at in that ad was SAG President Alan Rosenberg (take a guess). The scathing rebuttal to the ad was written by entertainment super-agent Ari Emanuel (Jew with Israeli parents) on the Huffington Post, which is owned by Arianna Huffington (not Jewish and has never worked in Hollywood.)

The Jews are so dominant, I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles in high positions at entertainment companies. When I called them to talk about their incredible advancement, five of them refused to talk to me, apparently out of fear of insulting Jews. The sixth, AMC President Charlie Collier, turned out to be Jewish.

As a proud Jew, I want America to know about our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood. Without us, you’d be flipping between “The 700 Club” and “Davey and Goliath” on TV all day.


51. marisacat - 23 December 2008

The sixth, AMC President Charlie Collier, turned out to be Jewish.

Oh too funny!

52. marisacat - 23 December 2008


Looks like Bernie Madoff did nto even go to Hofstra COLLEGE (much less the Law School)… but it does seem he went to Far Rockaway HS… and then said he was bound for ALABAMA U. But never showed up?

What a hoot. Are we positive he is JEWISH? Cuz he seems to have had it in for them.

53. marisacat - 23 December 2008

Sounds like Hofstra is covering for him:

No one we spoke to from the class of 1960 could remember going to college with Madoff. And according to his high school yearbook, Madoff was bound for Alabama University.

Pictured below is the page of the Hofstra yearbook where he would have appeared. As you can see: no Madoffl

So did Madoff make up his Hofstra credentials?

A Hofstra University official says he did not. Madoff majored in political science and graduated from Hosftra College in 1960, according to the official. When asked why Madoff didn’t appear in the year book, the official said Madoff may have completed his graduation requirements early but would have still been counted as a member of the class of 1960.

54. BooHooHooMan - 23 December 2008

Apparently Bernied Madoffstra with the degrees, too.

LOL. Oh God Please Please PLEASE
let the guy ask to be converted to Catholicism.

55. BooHooHooMan - 23 December 2008


56. marisacat - 23 December 2008

prolly a secret Mason. LOL with a past in the big Vatican swindle….

like the guy I posted about… present at the Keating S n L stuff… and now leaving traces as a corrupt regulator in this banking mess…. fingerprints at Indymac…but they suspect others tooooo…


57. marisacat - 23 December 2008


he’s the cat in the hat….

58. mattes - 23 December 2008

I still can’t believe Moodys and S&Poor are still in business. Why are they not being investigated?

59. marisacat - 23 December 2008

Well states still want them (rating agencies) to rate their bond offereings … for one.

Hell it is all criminal.

60. marisacat - 23 December 2008

Here is a scream of a comment, from Clusterstock, at the did he even go to Hofstra COLLEGE link:

Fed Up said: ……… Dec. 22, 11:14 PM

I believe Made-Off was a self-hating Jew. Looking at his background he grew up in a lower middle class Jewish family in Queens NY. He went to a public high school, in which at it’s time was a stellar institution producing some very notable graduates. Made-Off was NOT outstanding and he did not care about academics. As for him going to Hofstra, I highly doubt that too as you needed some HIGH SAT scores to gain admission, in which I doubt he had. He was a “beach bum.” He HAD to work. He was a lifeguard in Atlantic Beach, Long Island, probably at a fancy, private club with a swimming pool consisting of a membership of rich Jews from the area, notably the Five Towns. He watched over the children of rich Jews.

Additionally he worked installing sprinkler systems in the lawns of homes of RICH Jews. He was an outsider looking in and the rich Jews he worked for probably treated him like Jewish trailer trash, or as the Jews say so eloquently, a “schnorrer.” He NEVER forgot that bad treatment and he made a personal vendetta against them. He was very patient but in the long run his game plan succeeded. The ends justify the means. Good revenge job Bernie!

It’s all because he wuz JEWISH TRAILER TRASH. 🙄

61. mattes - 23 December 2008

Nice to have people in high places:



62. marisacat - 23 December 2008

landed on this too

Cut to a quiet corner of Mayfair and a set of offices over a smart art gallery. Here, in Berkeley Street, is the headquarters of the US investment veteran’s London arm, Madoff Securities International. Compared with his huge Lipstick Building in midtown Manhattan, 12 Berkeley Street is a modest, discreet address. That’s exactly how Madoff likes it. A source told the Standard that this anonymous base in Mayfair is Madoff’s “dynastic piggy bank”.

He kept around £80 million in cash in the London firm and used it to fund deals to benefit himself, his wife Ruth and sons Mark and Andrew. The Berkeley Street office is a trading operation, which, by the standards of Madoff’s fraud, appears to handle modest sums.But by the standards of even wealthy families it is a powerful money-making tool, worked by a hand-picked staff of 28 including top analysts and investment specialists.

63. marisacat - 23 December 2008

All you can do is laugh. I found this thru Coates at the Atlantic blogsnoggeries. Interesting McWhorter thinks he speaks for Aretha. Hell if I know, maybe he does.

Into the Fold

by John McWhorter

Rick Warren is every bit as much in line with the black American soul as his fellow inaugural performer, Aretha Franklin.

Post Date December 23, 2008

Blacks’ heavy support for the proposition banning same-sex marriage in California pointed up an awkward disjunction between progressive ideals and majority black opinion. And, similarly, Barack Obama’s choice of Rick Warren to do the invocation at his inaugural ceremony forces us to attend yet again to the sometimes discomfitingly partial overlap between Blue American bona fides and black authenticity. Discomfiting because to clutch one’s pearls at Warren’s inclusion is to revile a worldview typical among the very race who Obama’s triumph is seen as representing.

Warren opposes gay marriage; 70 percent of black voters in California supported Proposition 8. Warren is pro-life; in 2004, a Zogby poll tabulated that while about half of Americans overall were pro-life, 62 percent of blacks were. …slapwa…

I am happy to throw any reactionary, religious tithing, pastor-obeying, non-humanist conservative over board. Any color and any confessional group. From Caroline Kennedy (oh please I so believe the ”staffer filled out” forms!) to Warren to McWhorter (eventually that stick up his ass is gonna kill him) … to Obster. Not a problem. I could care less anymore.

How people can keep on prattling as Melissa and McWhorter do, that Warren loves and respects gays, when he carries out regular “cures” and a ministry of curing the gay, boggles the mind. They are politically opportunistic. And want to be.

64. marisacat - 23 December 2008

It cudda been Brooklyn Law!… they are checking the records in the basement:

[W]e couldn’t find one law school that would confirm he had attended.

There is one law school, however, that still hasn’t been able to determine whether Madoff matriculated there. Brooklyn Law School says it needs to check records kept in its basement in order to confirm or deny Madoff’s attendance. We’ve faxed our request (a step they said was necessary to check the records) but haven’t yet received a response.

Could Madoff have attended Brooklyn Law School? It seems plausible. He was raised in Far Rockaway, which would have meant Brooklyn Law School’s campus would keep him close to his family …snippy….

65. BooHooHooMan - 23 December 2008

Hmmm. Bernie, Bernie, Bernie…
Lawyer from New York.Dual Personality.
Manipulative. Secretive. Disruptive.
Incredible Pain in the ass.

Could it be?
Bernie blogs on ‘kos?

This needs to be investigated.
Somebody needs to find out.
Yep. This looks like a job for-

66. BooHooHooMan - 23 December 2008

One more and I’m out.

This guy’s article could have been entitled: “Financial Suicide”
he does well till the end until his Hope on Ob and “Roadbuilding”…
Like the Great National Pothole for graft will save us…

Anyways, though the guy fails to understand the solution,
he makes his points::::

Paulson’s Plan
Fails to Understand the Problem;
Madoff Is a Perfect Example

When I was a young commercial banker, banks pretty much lived with their deposits. The Fed knew what was in the banks then. But in the last 10 to 20 years we have created private equity, hedge funds, ………..

Then there is the still undermined effect of the $50+ trillion in US credit default swaps; when, or if, they start to collapse they will have an enormous effect on perceived monetary creation. The practical effect of these new instruments was to create an incredible amount of new money that could be used to buy financial and real assets at increasingly inflated prices. Worse, easy credit conditions have resulted in many of these new loans being fundamentally unsound.

To take a sample from this week’s news, one hedge fund placed substantial money with Bernie Madoff and then they borrowed three times this amount to increase the profits for their investors. (Should we call this Ponzi Quadrupled?) There is a total loss on the loans to the hedge funds which invested in Bernie Madoff. AIG lives on Treasury support because of the fear of systemic losses of AIG fail to pay its creditors.

Thus 2007 valuations of assets are not price levels to which we can return in the next few years. Asset values are much overvalued and they will return to some lower norm (probably much lower than today) and Secretary Paulson’s injection of trillions of dollars will not be able to stop that. This is made worse by the leverage and intrinsic bad credit that will have to be written off. For many months, the financial system has recognized that they are over leveraged and every financial institution is now deleveraging. Deleveraging reduces money supply. Reduced money supply reduces prices. Redemptions in hedge funds will have some effect on overall price levels. Reduced prices bring financial losses and a decline of business activity. A decline of business activity brings on job losses. We entered into this process of decline in late 2007. Pumping trillions of dollars into financial intermediaries will not help.

By the second half of 2009, we will probably have public recognition that much of the $7 trillion dollars committed by Paulson will simply be lost and will have to be paid by the US taxpayers. AIG, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, purchase of second class assets by the Fed will lead the way to trillions of dollars of losses.

Political footnote. President Elect Obama seems to understand the above. He views it as improper for his future government to criticize the current Bush government. However, we are already seeing the outlines of his focus on creating jobs. A job building roads really gets money to a needy worker and we really get a road. Much of the Paulson money is money down a rat hole which will only benefit some bankers in the short term.

Well, “we really got” Stadiums and Convention Centers and Roads too.
We “really got” Industrial Enterprise Zones, Office Parks and Malls the roads to and fro to boot. All assisted by taxpayer dollars in varying degrees…And You can debate the legitimacy of any project given priorities over the short ,near, and long term. But Simply Put?

It’s The Corruption, Stupid.

And given that we can’t support our greed at home,
it’s no wonder we’re hell bent on Confiscatory War abroad.

67. marisacat - 23 December 2008

By the second half of 2009, we will probably have public recognition that much of the $7 trillion dollars committed by Paulson will simply be lost and will have to be paid by the US taxpayers. AIG, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, purchase of second class assets by the Fed will lead the way to trillions of dollars of losses.

I’m not paying! I can’t! Simple as that! I am a turnip! A flat rubber tire! A squash’d mushroom! A crushed crumpet! LOL I was against all the bail outs!


68. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2008

25. NYCO

Yup, like our hostess reported, I’m in the Cream City (called that for the color of the bricks used on many older buildings, believe it or not). Milwaukee, land of beer, cheese, Lavern, Shirley and the Bronze Fonz.

69. CSTAR - 23 December 2008

I’m very sorry to hear about the demise of Mr Megot du Truc-machin or whatever his name was, but the seemingly unstoppable collapse of capitalism is far more bizarre and pathetic than any socialist could ever have dreamt of.

70. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2008

I think Paulson understands perfectly well … he’s helping his buddies make off w/ the last of the loot, that’s all.

71. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2008

James on the spreading protests in Europe:

A sign of the times perhaps

It’s pretty safe to say that there are quite a few nations with burgeoning “sacrificed generations” who are becoming increasingly, and understandably, frustrated with the raw deal they’ve received.

72. Heather-Rose Ryan - 23 December 2008

The Jew-bashing that has suddenly erupted at this place is stupid and nasty, and puts Marisacat in a bad light. And yes, I’m looking at you, BHHM. Ugh.

Re: 50 – the article quoted by mattes. OF COURSE Hollywood is run by Jews. It was actually CREATED by Jews. For people who are so truly clueless about movie history that they don’t know about names like Mayer, Goldwyn, and Selznick, there’s a good book called An Empire of Their Own – How the Jews Invented Hollywood, by Neal Gabler.

Whether you think “Jews Control Hollywood!!!” is a bad thing or not is dependent on your opinion of Jews. I happen to like them.

I would hope that Marisacat likes them too, because San Francisco has a strong Jewish history as well. For example, Alice Toklas, who came from a longstanding Jewish family in SF. There is a nice story about her father from Gertrude Stein’s book on her. I will go hunt it up.

73. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2008

72 – you do understand that the “bashing” here is of those who USE judaism to run their scams, right? Money scams or genocide-of-Palestinian scams or perpetual-war-and-security scams …

The much more vibrant left and peace movement that I read about in Israel understands this … and I read far more critical things from publications there than anything that’s been posted HERE.

It seems to me that an uncurrent in all of Mcat’s stuff that I’ve been reading for five years now is the constant use of “identity” of one sort or another as a shield and cover to carry out crimes and carry forward bigotries … whether that be Pope Nazi or Made-off or the black preacher homophobes in CA.

I think you’re being deliberately obtuse.

74. Heather-Rose Ryan - 23 December 2008

69 CSTAR- yes, I also feel sorry about the suicide of the aristocratic French guy. I don’t know what his involvement with the Madoff scandal was, but evidently it was enough that his honor could not bear the disgrace. I wish there was more attention to honor among the powerful. When the hideous Enron scandal was unfolding, I thought, why aren’t any of the major players shooting themselves in the head? No, instead, they lawyered up. Forget honor. Survival is all.

75. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2008

Bush shoe-thrower tells of ordeal

“They told him: ‘Your tribe and your family reject you’,” Oday al-Zaidi said. Pointing towards the television set tuned to the Al-Raee channel, the guards added: “This is the only channel that supports you.”

In fact, al Baghdadia TV, his employer, his relatives and people across the Middle East have praised him.

Oday al-Zaidi said his brother was gaunt, devastated and bruised – but unrepentant.

His brother had told him: “If I had the same opportunity again, I would throw my shoes [at President Bush].”

Oday al-Zaidi said his brother claimed the guards had beaten him with a metal pipe after the incident.

He had a bruised eye, was missing an upper canine tooth and had cigarette burn marks on the back of his ears.

“I didn’t recognise him when I first saw him,” Oday al-Zaidi said.

The judge handling his case, Dhia al-Kinani, said last week that Muntadar al-Zaidi appeared to have been tortured while in custody. The judge has opened an investigation into his treatment.

Oday al-Zaidi said that the judge had arranged for him to visit his brother òn condition that their relatives stop giving so many interviews about the case.

Oday al-Zaidi said that he had decided to disregard the request after discovering that his brother had been tortured.


Oday al-Zaidi said his brother had long loathed the US.

He was enraged by an incident last year during which an American soldier was accused of using the Koran for target practice at a shooting range.

Oday al-Zaidi said his brother had not discussed his plan with relatives prior to the press conference.

During their meeting on Sunday afternoon, Muntadar al-Zaidi told his brother that he had contemplated throwing a pen at Mr Bush and spitting on him, but ultimately decided to use his shoes to make a political statement.

76. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2008

why aren’t any of the major players shooting themselves in the head?

There was one guy, Cliff Baxter, but some think he was murdered.

Police won’t talk while the case is open, so CBS News asked two experts – independent coroner Cyril Wecht and former homicide detective Bill Wagner – to review the reports. While suicide appears likely, both experts say the documents make it impossible to discount foul play.

Asked why he couldn’t rule out murder, Wagner said, “because murder can be made to look like a suicide. … Someone who is knowledgeable about forensics can very well have the ability to stage a murder, commit a murder and stage it to look as if it was a suicide, understanding what the police are going to be looking for.”

The experts found several things highly unusual. First the peculiar ammunition: not regular bullets but something called “rat-shot”.

“This kind of ammunition cannot be easily or readily traced back to the gun from which it was fired,” explained Wecht.

“It’s not as frequently used by people for any reason. It’s not the type of ammunition one finds in guns – it has a specific purpose: shooting at snakes and rodents in order to get a distribution pattern of the small pellets contained within the nose portion of the bullet. It’s not something that a person is likely to have and to use if they intended to kill themselves,” said Wecht.

Other unanswered questions include mysterious wounds on one hand and unexplained shards of glass in Baxter’s shirt. All reasons to look deeper to rule out murder.

But Wagner says glaring police errors may make it harder to close the books on the Baxter case.

First, nobody wrapped the hands to preserve evidence.

“When the body did finally arrive for the autopsy, the hands hadn’t even been bagged,” said Wagner.

“I’m just amazed frankly that the hands were not bagged,” Wecht said.

“From what I’ve seen looking at the vehicle, it doesn’t appear they even fingerprinted it,” continued Wagner.

“The police narrative is vague for this type of investigation. It’s important to get a timeline of the events that took place through the course of investigation – that appears to be lacking in the original report from the crime scene. Without that, without being able to piece together what was done when, it’s very difficult to understand the events that took place and how they unfolded from that report,” said Wagner.

The gun and other evidence were moved before photos were taken. The body was moved as well. There’s a puzzling mention of blood outside the car from someone laying Baxter on the ground.

Wagner says that only should have happened if rescuers pulled him out to revive him. But even that scenario doesn’t add up – the body is back in the car when the funeral home arrives “and that’s something that is not explained in the police reports,” said Wagner.

“I think there were some very important things omitted from the original investigation report that should have been included in it. I would like to have known what were the first couple things the Fire Department did to treat the victim allegedly as he was sitting in the car and from that point how did they change the initial crime scene. What was moved? Did they remove the body from the vehicle? It’s actually unclear how they treated the actual scene,” Wagner said.

Incredibly, even though an autopsy is required by law, none was ordered. By the time that decision was reversed, Baxter’s body was being processed at a funeral home.

77. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2008

FBI Director Calls Cheney on Torture Lies

Vanity Fair’s David Rose takes a look at the administration’s case for torture, and specifically its claims that torture averted attacks or at least produced actionable intelligence of some sort. He walks us through all the claims, one by one, and finds that they are all contradicted by the facts. Some of the sources did produce useful intelligence, but in no case was the application of torture the reason why, nor did it even contribute to the result. In the final lines of his article, he has this exchange with FBI director Robert Mueller:

I ask Mueller: So far as he is aware, have any attacks on America been disrupted thanks to intelligence obtained through what the administration still calls “enhanced techniques”?

“I’m really reluctant to answer that,” Mueller says. He pauses, looks at an aide, and then says quietly, declining to elaborate: “I don’t believe that has been the case.”

Mueller is “reluctant to answer” because he knows that Cheney and other administration spokespersons have repeatedly made that claim. And he knows that it is a lie which has been advanced for a specific reason: to cloak their criminal conduct.

78. marisacat - 23 December 2008

well honestly I hardly ever ”like” anyone… esp as the various games play out on the uneven playing field.

San Francisco certainly has a strong contingent of Jews, mostly secular and Reformed, various family names go back to the mid 1800s…… I live between the two synagogues… Temple Emanuel… and Sherith Beth Israel (where DiFi worships). At the Convent on Broadway, were I went to school, the Jewish children attended (including DiFi, 20 years ahead of me) as the secular private schools (Hamlin’s, Miss Burkes, Marin Country Day) shunned the Jewish children. That’s the old way of the cities… Italians, Jews and Irish (and thus Catholics and Jews) n some ways banded together, agaisnt the WASPs…. Just as Scalia and Ginsberg are diametric opposites on the SCOTUS but hang out together. They are comfortable and talk about food (from what I read of the hanging out on the SC).

I am wary of ALL groups that hang together, whether it is borderer machos creeps, like Webb, or the lousy Black Reverends now hung around our necks by a centrist neo liberal hardly new election… or for instance, the Elie Wiesel collection plate band wagon that comes to San Francisco annually. They trade on the Holocaust imo.

One reason I don’t have a lot of hope for America. Division. Tribalism. Religion. It’s digging in. It’s not getting better. And our alignment with the hard right in Israel… the US hard right is bad enough, but twinned… a nightmare. Our internal alignment iwth religion based on denial of humanity.

That’s where I stand.

People are free to say what they want to each other.

79. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2008

Lesbian’s brutal gang rape investigated in Calif.

Richmond police are offering a $10,000 award for information leading to the arrest of the attackers.

Gay rights advocates note that hate crimes based on sexual orientation have increased nationwide as of late. There were 1,415 such crimes in 2006 and 1,460 in 2007, both times making up about 16 percent of the total, according to the FBI.

Avy Skolnik, a coordinator with the New York-based National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, noted that gay, lesbian and transgender crime victims may be more reluctant than heterosexual victims to contact police.

“Assailants target LGBT people of all gender identities with sexual assault,” he said. “Such targeting is one of the most cruel, dehumanizing and violent forms of hate violence that our communities experience.”

Skolnik said the group plans to analyze hate crime data to see whether fluctuations may be related to the gay marriage bans that appeared on ballots this year in California, Arizona and Florida.

“Anytime there is an anti-LGBT initiative, we tend to see spikes both in the numbers and the severity of attacks,” he said. “People feel this extra entitlement to act out their prejudice.”

80. pff noom - 23 December 2008

Heather-Rose Ryan


you rock

eye wish we’d have gotten along better at pff (not that we didn’t particularly) or had talked more. you said something to me once that I blew off, but that I now understand. (eye won’t say what)

anywaze Happy Holidays!

where’s HCfM?


81. marisacat - 23 December 2008

I see the scum of PFF is still reading. Under whatever name.

82. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2008

Obama to Take Oath on Same Bible as Lincoln

I think I read somewhere else that they’re bringing in 2 lox and 5 loaves of bread from NYC for him to feed the gathered masses on the Mall.

83. Heather-Rose Ryan - 23 December 2008

73- Madman, are you putting yourself in the position of defending everything that is posted on this blog? I thought i made it clear that it was BHHM’s comments that I was objecting to.

the constant use of “identity” of one sort or another as a shield and cover to carry out crimes and carry forward bigotries … whether that be Pope Nazi or Made-off or the black preacher homophobes in CA.

Are you really lumping them all together??

84. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2008

83 – I was defending Mcat, though I don’t think BHHM’s links rise to the level of Jew bashing … you did the lumping of the two:

I would hope that Marisacat likes them too, because San Francisco has a strong Jewish history as well.

I’m lumping together all of the fake tribalisms that are used to oppress other people … those are all variations on the same general con.

85. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2008

I was going to link to IOZ’s latest Pope mocking, but then I saw a tasty-looking foodie post, so I thought I’d send people there, first.

86. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 December 2008

oh, not that Mcat needs me to defend her, but PC scolds get my hackles up … it’s a reflex.

87. marisacat - 23 December 2008

well actually, looking up thread… the piece on Hollywood Jews was posted by mattes. Who I think responded to criticism of her posts back a thread or two. Not that I can keep up..

88. Heather-Rose Ryan - 23 December 2008

84 – oh sure, and your comment about “lox and bread from NYC” is certainly not flogging the fake tribalisms at all.

Mocking lox. Ha ha.

89. Heather-Rose Ryan - 23 December 2008

86 – Madman, would you care to point out what I wrote could be considered being a “PC scold” ?

90. Heather-Rose Ryan - 23 December 2008

Madman, can you get lox in Milwaukee?

I certainly couldn’t find it in the Twin Cities. Various forms of smoked fish, all in Scandinavian style, but nothing that was the same as real New York Jewish Lox.

91. Heather-Rose Ryan - 23 December 2008

pff moon reminds me of BHHM.

Just saying.

92. Heather-Rose Ryan - 23 December 2008

78 – MCat i agree. Well said. I am not a “group” or “ethnic” person either.

But the anti-semitic tone of the last couple of days was getting to me. There is plenty to be said about the situation without resorting to Jew-bashing.

93. marisacat - 23 December 2008

New thread…


…………….. 8) ………………….

94. marisacat - 23 December 2008

well noom, moon and other sock shaped entities/$tooges were relentlessly pro-Israel. The Sharons, Begins, Olmerts and Tzipi Livnis could not move too hard core war and occupation for that sort.


And memo to noom

HCfM is “spending some quality time iwth the family” in the fine tradition of minor pols and aides.

95. mattes - 23 December 2008

..I think MadM speaks for me. Tonight I am too tired to get into it. I’ll address “it” tomorrow.

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