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Might as well lie back and ”think of England…” 31 December 2008

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, 2010 Mid Terms, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.


“The Obama presidency presents us with both an opportunity and a challenge,” said the Rev. David K. Brawley, of St. Paul Community Baptist Church in Brooklyn. [J.B. Reed for The New York Times]

It’s from November 15th, but still timely… a friend had emailed me that night to not miss the photo on the FP of the NYT… and I would say it is special.  In the sense that specials, my father used to say, are on the sale table at Macy’s (and now the whole nation is on the Sale!  Reduced!  Mark Downs Intermittent and Otherwise have been taken!  tables).

As he walked into his office in Brooklyn nearly every day this fall, the Rev. David K. Brawley noticed a photograph on his assistant’s desk.

It showed Senator Barack Obama, head bowed, as a circle of black ministers gathered around him, touching their hands to his shoulders and uttering prayers.

Without even knowing the precise circumstances of the picture — it had been taken in July during the quadrennial conference of the African Methodist Episcopal denomination — Mr. Brawley understood the broader context. The hands and the prayers offered to Mr. Obama were an act, in the lexicon of black Christianity, of impartation.

What was being imparted at the most obvious level was a blessing on a black candidate’s pursuit of the presidency. Now, with Mr. Obama’s election, the image has taken on a double meaning. The presence in the White House of an African-American, and specifically one from the post-civil rights, multicultural era, will almost certainly impart influence and prominence on his contemporaries in the black ministry.

What a con.  The ultimate boxing in of Martin Luther King… as well as the ultimate projection of that narrowed, bitten off, truncated ”reality” the government allows.  Just a damned reverend, conning the people.  Quite convenient for the PTB, because they can control the reverends and the ministers and the priests…. thru cash and gratuities..  Deals… and whatever else.  Up for sale.  So many of them always taking the flock to market.

Ain’t it a shame.  And around our necks for years…

As if the church of Ratz or Rick Warren or  Dobson or the Elders of the LDS or TD Jakes — or the one pictured above (don’t miss the cute little wimmens ministry! …you too can be re-named after a precious, precious jewel!) meant anything, at all, to me.  I’d love to be a citoyenne in a secular state.

But we are stuck with them.  And a wanna-be, imo, in the WH.

Fucking hell.


I’ve had this, title picture and text, tucked away for sometime, never found a good day to use it… but as of a few mins ago, I’ve hunted for days for something for New Year’s Eve… celebrations, NewYear’s as it hit the rising cities of China, S Asia, Australia… ships trying to fish in contested waters, fresh new babies, fresh new piglets (Good Luck for the year, so they say in Germany) all sorts of faces and moments, wild stags on tundra like landscapes… you name it, I looked at it… but hell, He sold himself as the ultimate New Year’s Baby… so, over to you Obama.

aemd from the previous thread:

One more time, Ioz, Belief You Can Change In.

“Israel is destroying Gaza, we’re still occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan is moving troops to its Indian border, the card-house global economy finally went a floor too high, and no one can do anything about it, least of all His Youthfulness.”

Good luck.  And have at it…

(Disclaimer:  I realise this does not reek of Hope… nor does it indicate I have a personal belief in the healing power of the Obama DNA)



1. marisacat - 31 December 2008

Gee. Here is a big big bingo

Unfortunately, what so many writers and scholars have taken for granted in their thoughtful criticisms of neoliberalism and their calls for immediate economic reform is the presupposition that we have on hand and in stock generations of young people and adults who have somehow been schooled for the last several decades in an entirely different set of values and cultural attitudes, who do not equate the virtue of reason with an ethically truncated instrumental rationality, who know alternative sets of social relations that are irreducible to the rolls of buyer and seller, and who are not only intellectually prepared but morally committed to the staggering challenges that comprehensive reform requires.

This is where the fairy tale ending to an era of obscene injustice careens headlong into reality.

Missing from the roadmaps that lead us back out of Alice’s rabbit hole, back out of a distorted world where reason and judgment don’t apply, is precisely the necessity to understand the success of neoliberalism as a pervasive political and educational force, a pedagogy and form of governance that couples “forms of knowledge, strategies of power and technologies of self.”…snip…

Not like we can just cough and burp up teams of people educated differently than the dictates of decades demanded. Whoops, and a big one.

2. marisacat - 31 December 2008

hmm, mm this is in among the Photos of the Day at the Telegraph.. for Dec 31…

A tree allegedly damaged by an escaped beaver. The six-stone animal managed to escape from Upcott Grange Farm in Lifton, Devon, and is now believed to be taking down trees 20 miles away on the banks of the River Tamar near Gunnislake, Cornwall
Picture: PA

IIRC a ‘stone” in weight is around 14 lbs… so maybe we should worry about 80+ lbs beavers… as much as anything else…

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 December 2008

Tossed something up for the new year: Nothing New in the New

4. aemd - 31 December 2008

Ms. Cat, great post header photo for the New Year. Damned if that bulletin board, in the backgroud behind the twinkly and so shiny OBAMA, don’t look like a video poker machine.

I love it…

2009, The Year of the Grifter.


5. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 December 2008

Cynthia McKinney: Oh What a Day!

I’m so glad that my father told me to buy a special notebook and to write everything down because that’s exactly what I did.

When we left from Cyprus, one reporter asked me “are you afraid?” And I had to respond that Malcolm X wasn’t afraid; Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wasn’t afraid. But little did I know that just a few hours later, I would be recollecting my life and mentally preparing myself for death.

When we left Cyprus, the Mediterranean was beautiful. I remember the time when it might have been beautiful to look at, but it was also filthy. The Europeans have taken great strides to clean it up and yesterday, it was beautiful. And the way the sunlight hit the sea, I remember thinking to myself that’s why they call it azure. It was the most beautiful blue.

But sometimes it was rough, and we got behind on our schedule. We stayed on course, however, despite the roughness of the water and due to our exquisite captain.

There were no other ships or boats around us and night descended upon us all rather quickly. It was the darkest black and suddenly, out of nowhere, came searchlights disturbing our peace. The searchlights stayed with us for about half an hour or so. We knew they were Israeli ships. Who else would they be?

They were fast, and they would come close and then drop back. And then, they’d come close again. And then, all of a sudden there was complete blackness once again and all seemed right. The cat and mouse game went on for at least one half hour. What were they doing? And why?

Calm again. Black sky, black sea. Peace. And then, at that very moment, when all seemed right, out of nowhere we were rammed and rammed again and rammed again the last one throwing me off the couch, sending all our food up in the air; and all the plastic bags and tubs–evidence of sea sicknesses among the crew and passengers–flew all over the cabin and all over us. We’d been rammed by the Israelis. How did we know? Because they called us on the phone afterwards to tell us that we were engaging in subversive, terroristic activity. And if that if we didn’t turn around right then and return to Larnaca, Cyprus, we would be fired upon. We quickly grabbed our lifevests and put them on. Then the captain announced that the boat was taking on water. We might have to evacuate. One of my mates told me to prepare to die. And I reflected that I have lived a good and full life. I have tasted freedom and know what it is. I was right with myself and my decision to join the Free Gaza movement.

I remembered my father’s parting words, “You all will be sitting ducks.” Just like the U.S.S. Liberty. We were engaged in peaceful activity, a harmless pleasure boat, carrying a load of hospital supplies for the people of Gaza, who, too are sitting ducks, currently being bombarded in aerial assault by the Israeli military.

It’s been a long day for us. The captain was outstanding. Throughout it all, he remained stoic and calm, effective in every way. I didn’t know how to put my life jacket on. One of the passengers kindly assisted me. Another of the passengers pointed out that the Israeli motors for those huge, fast boats was U.S. made–a gift to them from the U.S. And now they were using those motors to damage a pleasure boat outfitted with three tons of hospital supplies, one pediatrician, and two surgeons.

I have called for President-elect Obama to say something. The Palestinian people in the Gaza strip are seeing the worst violence in 60 years, it is being reported. To date, President-elect Obama has remained silent. The Israelis are using weapons supplied to them by the U.S. government. Strict enforcement of U.S. law would require the cessation of all weapons transfers to Israel. Adherence to international law would require the same. As we are about to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, let us remember that he said:

1. The United States is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world, and
2. Our lives begin to end the day we remain silent about things that matter.

I implore the President-elect to not send Congress a budget that contains more weapons for Israel. We have so much more to offer. And I implore the Congress to vote “no” on any budget and appropriation bills that provide more weapons transfers, period.

Israel is able to carry out these intense military maneuvers because taxpayers in the U.S. give their hard-earned money to our Representatives in Congress and our Congress chooses to spend that money in this way. Let’s stop it and stop it now. There’s been too much blood shed. And while we still walk among the living, let us not remain silent about the things that matter.

We really can promote peace and have it if we demand it of our leaders.

6. Intermittent Bystander - 31 December 2008

In today’s economy, should we be looking 80+ lbs gift beavers in the buck-toothed mouth? Can we trust that the young folk – with all their video-gamin’ – will at least prove as handy as Jed and Granny at shooting up some food? Now that the Beverly Hills crude is runnin’ dry?

Run, Monster Beaver, run!

Well, I for one refuse to think of England on Hogmanay.

On New Year’s Day, these enormous creations will be trundling over Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, pushed by 10 operatives wearing illuminated helmets made from cutlery. The creatures are Wishgathers and they come with the promise to turn your every desire into tangible form.

“They gather people’s wishes up,” says Macintyre, artistic director of the Puppet Lab. “The public makes a wish through a long tube into the ear, it gets mixed through a microphone with DJ controls altering the sound and then the wish gets turned into a Love Heart. It turns your wishes into sweet realities.”

At any other time of the winter, this sight would be enough to turn heads on its own. The Wishgathers’ group is, however, merely one of 18 pieces created by 120 Scottish artists for Feet First, a £265,000 event coordinated by the city’s Boilerhouse theatre company. The free evening show takes place on the ground and in the air, down closes and behind windows, with a choice of performances taking place throughout its two-and-a-half hour duration. Organisers claim it is the biggest ever single commission of Scottish work.

“Nothing like this has happened in Britain before,” says artistic director Paul Pinson, who is expecting an audience of 10,000. “In fact, there’s nothing really like this in Europe. It’s vast.”

The evening will range from the quirky to the poignant. Ian Smith’s Glasgow company Mischief La Bas will be staging a Market of Optimism, featuring cash dispensers handing out a special currency – the Neuro – which you can take to stalls to exchange for such products as an optimism renewal contract, a bile cannon to shoot away your worries and the rental of a guardian angel for five minutes.

More on the WishGatherers here. Now that’s a mummy!

THE WISH GATHERERS: What are our aspirations and dreams as we start a New Day in a New Year? The Wish Gathering collects and processes these wishes into small sweet bursts of unconscious desire. Three large interconnected sculptural figures over 3metres high will weave through the New Years Day crowds collecting wishes. They will impress, amuse and interact with the crowd. Number one has microphone ears… two has loudspeaker gears…. three has hopes and fears. The large figures are created from the energy of twisted willow and flickering light and inspired by the work of Niki de Saint Phalle, Miro and Gaudi.

7. marisacat - 31 December 2008

The Wishgathers’ group is, however, merely one of 18 pieces created by 120 Scottish artists for Feet First, a £265,000 event coordinated by the city’s Boilerhouse theatre company. The free evening show takes place on the ground and in the air, down closes and behind windows, with a choice of performances taking place throughout its two-and-a-half hour duration. Organisers claim it is the biggest ever single commission of Scottish work.

Sounds fantastic to me…

I noticed that Reno, RENO! has shut down fireworks… SF is keeping to it (tho we are heavily fogged in tonight and its getting thicker), but severe warnings to not be seen having a public libation on The Embarcadero, where people gather to watch the fireworks. Or fighting, or drunk in public…. no hope to not scold people.

And of course they just drowned the City of Walkaway drinks..

So many rules. So little joy…

8. marisacat - 31 December 2008

Livni says “the humanitarian situation in Gaza is quite well, and they would take advantage of a ceasefire”. (ABC with Georgie)

So blessed. Kiss the Torah.. and bow to anyone at all. The BOW is the deal.

9. catnip - 31 December 2008

8. I tried to decipher the word she used. That woman has no conscience.

I don’t know if you get the same feed I do but I noticed an announcer say that ABC Nightly News with Charles Gibson was being brought to you by some brand of garbage bags. How appropriate!

I don’t have MSNBC anymore so my days of critiquing KO are done for now. And my blood pressure is lower, I’m sure.

10. Intermittent Bystander - 31 December 2008

More on the Market of Optimism

Imagine a ridiculous marketplace full of inspirational products, where you might invest in a small piece of Heaven, buy a Magic Lamp (three wishes guaranteed), or simply renew your optimism contract for a year. Imagine you could pay for everything with ‘Neuros’ freely withdrawn from human cash machines, allowing you to rent a Guardian Angel for five minutes, purchase Golden Eggs or simply chill out with the Ratcharmer of Ballyshamaloola. You don’t have to imagine. It exists. A cacophonous hurly burly somewhere between the world of ‘Oliver!’ and Marrakech – this is THE MARKET OF OPTIMISM – and it is waiting to uplift you.

Mischief La-Bas have been gently warping the underlay of the fabric of society since their creation in 1992, presenting interactive walkabout theatre where performers improvise directly with the public.

Mischief La Bas site.

(FYI to non-Francophones – là-bas means “over there” . . . or “down there.”)

11. Intermittent Bystander - 31 December 2008

Fireworks and fog . . . very impressionistic combo, I bet! The haze must affect the acoustics, too.

Fresh piles of snow here today, and now bitttttttttttterly cold. Local First Nights will proceed with fireworks, no fear, and some municipalities have free shuttles and (sponsored) cab-rides-home available. For the suburbanites, I notice the cops are stressing the cost of a DWI conviction this year, with lengthy bits on the local news. ($9,000, including insurance premium increases, was the – recently fee-inflated – dollar figure for “that extra drink tonight.”)

12. marisacat - 31 December 2008

oh the bitter laughter.. from a comment at lenin:

Terrible news emerges of the latest Hamas terror tactic.

Apparently, according to security sources, Hamas militants are now embarking on suicide missions to detonate Israeli peace weapons with their own bodies.

This new low in barbarity has not been seen before in Gaza, although the Palestinians have previously been stealing IDF bullets by hiding them within their bodies and heads.

An Israeli spokesman said, while tearing his hair out and weeping about a second holocast, that Hamas are a danger to the entire world.

He called for more urgent aid to help Israelis hiding on their sofas in front of the TV in terror.

Anonymous | 31 Dec, 16:49 | #

yesh… Egypt says it ”cannot open the border as it has no agreement with hamas”. Its all in the hand job technique. “we cannot simply open and close a door”

Ambassador from Eqypt to the US.. Hisham Nekab (phonetic) on my local news.

13. marisacat - 31 December 2008


I was, as everyone is saying Obama will do, multi-tasking as ABC World News came on… popped my little head up as Miss Tzipi appeared.. so I missed teh intro and the ads… tho there seemed to be few ads as it progressed… they sometimes have nights when a big ad buyer appears only at the beginning.

Quel Nooz.

Speaking of ABC, reading around about Arne Duncan I saw that Disney sponsors a charter school in Chicago. Aside from the 5 military charter schools, with more of those planned. Hallelujah and pass the Kool Aid. Just remember they drank Flavor aid in Guyana, it being cheaper than Kool Aid. So we are safe drinking the local hyped brew…

14. marisacat - 31 December 2008


LOL I will tell you what is lightly patrolled.. the route from North of Marin (the various wine locs) to Marin and SF… the WHITE drinking route. And will be ever more lightly patrolled now that Napa / Sonoma are in real pain (from what I hear).

Don’t want to screw with the buisness. Plus what is white wine, red wine and the fine liquors and liqueurs at the bars up there – between cops and drivers of fine cars.

Not that that is the whole profile of day tripping to the wine country, but ti is the majority. There are casinos.. and even a couple dragways, raceways that get the Winnebago crowd up there, but it is not the majority.

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 December 2008

wow, that lenin bit is blackblackblack.

16. marisacat - 31 December 2008

I think with the coordinated message from israel and all MSM mouths, the words from Tzipi and the various Consuls General around… the one here seems to have a mic taped to his chest… the utter denial of that they are in fact bombing a trapped people .. from the sea, from the air, from over The Wall— and so on..

the quote at Lenin is on target.. black as can be.

What a nightmare.

17. Intermittent Bystander - 31 December 2008

14 – Yeah, there’s places and faces and spaces and races and chases and special cases here too. Some more genuinely generous to and respectful of human joy, and others less devoted to public health and safety than to personal privilege.

Loved the poem a thread or two back. It’s not like troubadors haven’t spelled this all out for centuries, all the world over.

18. Intermittent Bystander - 31 December 2008

Burning Down the Goat.

Happy Hogmanay.

19. catnip - 31 December 2008

Just watched Wanted. Bad bad bad movie unless you’re a teenaged boy who’s really into violent video games.

20. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 December 2008

Bad bad bad movie unless you’re a teenaged boy who’s really into violent video games.

Woo hoo!

21. catnip - 31 December 2008

20. Woo hoo!

Yeah..well… lol 😀

22. marisacat - 31 December 2008

well when I finally pick a new TV from the avalanche of sale priced flat screen, digital… and actually order it and get it unpacked.. I plan to join Netflix.. and order tons fo bad movies.

My prescription for survival… 😯 ….

23. BooHooHooMan - 31 December 2008

Peace to ALL!
May one’s travails be only as troubling as younger kin seeking to make off with “The Good” Crockpot to places allegedly nearby

24. catnip - 31 December 2008


And the same to you BHHM.

25. Intermittent Bystander - 31 December 2008

Netflix is fabulous, though it’s still possible to get stuck for days or weeks holding on to movies you only thought you wanted to see. Bright side is you only waste the regular monthly charge for the folly. No late fees!

BHHM – Let your crockpots go!

26. catnip - 31 December 2008

I don’t make resolutions but I’ll make an exception for 2009: I resolve to contribute to global warming because I can’t stand the damn cold weather here in the frozen tundra anymore.


27. marisacat - 31 December 2008

Free the Crockpots!

Oh good to know about netflix… have to check the rules before I join… in any case. Late fees. Ugh. The mere presence of late fees would prohibit my joining, so good to know.

28. Intermittent Bystander - 31 December 2008

Lack of late fees is why I extended a gift subscription! Used to rack up at least as much on a single stupid, stubborn-minded rental I’d swear to resume watching, another day.

(Kinda like those books with the permanent crease in the middle, from where you last put ’em down and intended to pick ’em up, a year or two ago.)

29. catnip - 31 December 2008

Happy New Year! Bonne et Heureuse Annee!

For you non-francophones, that translates into Fuck You Bush!

30. marisacat - 31 December 2008

I see they have a 3 dvds at a time plan, unlimited amount permonth. 16.99… that sounds really good.

Do they put your dvds in your mail box? Or do you have to sign for them? I often miss deliveries as my daylight hours don’t conform well to RL

31. catnip - 31 December 2008

And, as a New Year’s gift for Pakistan, BBC is reporting a missile strike that killed 3 in Waziristan in Pakistan. I guess that’s what passes for “fireworks” over there.

32. BooHooHooMan - 31 December 2008

Free the Crockpots!

O Great Moses! International Condemnation, now!
You people know not of this Holy Ark.

Not to mention the wonderful sausage medallions
in a mustard glaze contained therein
It was MINE.

[ Yenh – it went out the door with the kid at 11:05 EST LOL ]

33. marisacat - 31 December 2008

Press Tv:

Gaza death toll rises to 399; 1925 injured

34. catnip - 31 December 2008

You never told me you had sausage medallions.

The wedding’s back on (if you can rescue them from the munchkin).

35. Intermittent Bystander - 31 December 2008

Do they put your dvds in your mail box?


Or do you have to sign for them?

No signage required! The envelopes both ways are efficient, nifty, and free free free.

For you non-francophones, that translates into Fuck You Bush!

(Sorry, pulling a HairClub with the ital respondo-quotes, here …)

Phoque you Harpair, too!

32 – Not to mention the wonderful sausage medallions
in a mustard glaze contained therein

You didn’t mention it was FULL!

36. marisacat - 31 December 2008

Thanks for that IB.. I have a slightly larger mail box that accommodates a lot and a neighbor who is on the watch for deliveries and home a lot.. but still… signatures in the daytime is a real chore for me… So that is great.


You didn’t mention it was FULL!

The crockpots are called home. No freedom when full.

37. marisacat - 31 December 2008

Comment from a lenin thread:

After the demo outside the Israeli embassy last night (incredibly lively and inspiring) I ended up in a pub approximately half an hours walk away in the time honoured fashion of us oldies (it was bloody cold). Popping out for a fag I was amazed to see riot police had extended their operations all the way up to Earls court road.

Speaking to a younger protester outside (by this time it was about 9pm) he told me that as the numbers dwindled the police had searched everyone individually and had been arresting people for such things as possessing offensive key rings.

I get the strong impression though that these protests are going to grow in both size and multi-cultural composition if Israel continues its murderous onslaught. This is the best answer to this disgusting intimidation of protest.

johng | 30 Dec, 10:53 | #

38. catnip - 31 December 2008

35. Phoque you Harpair, too!

Oh mon dieu (or non-dieu), no doubt!

39. catnip - 31 December 2008

And may all of you kossacks drown in changeyhopiness this year. I hereby dub the Obama administration years The Milquetoast Presidency.

40. marisacat - 31 December 2008

LOL I started calling it Post Toasties a couple days ago.

Somehow toast is in the air….

41. catnip - 31 December 2008

“Toast” in more ways than one.

42. Intermittent Bystander - 31 December 2008

resolve to contribute to global warming because I can’t stand the damn cold weather here in the frozen tundra anymore.

Just what are you toasting up there?

43. BooHooHooMan - 31 December 2008

BBC is reporting a [U.S.] missile strike

Such frivolity we have here really …
by that I mean , culturally, intellectually, in the US..

Some of it almost required sedation,
a certain faux-yet-temporal elation but
Amidst Wrappings and Football and Crockpots and Crackpots missed
and Passed Over PolPots we’ve made of ourselves here at Home…

Perhaps the only Production we CAN be assured of – is that of
Our Butcher’s carefully assembled grindings…
most assuredly with the wonderful glaze sauce too..

But Carry On we will. It is Our Way.
Enjoying the Party and All That…
..you know,…While it Lasts…

To Gaza!

{Recognizing this is but ONE Toast…
Recognizing there is not enough Champagne
for all of our Exceptional Toasts to go around…}

44. marisacat - 1 January 2009

I dutifully bought a crockpot about 12 or so years ago. Still in its box, never unsealed. Near the never opened and still sealed vacuum…..

45. catnip - 1 January 2009

42. Just what are you toasting up there?

Anything & everything I can get my hands on!

46. catnip - 1 January 2009

I see Ductape’s words made it to the dkos rec list.

May your head explode, Booman.

47. BooHooHooMan - 1 January 2009

LOL..I dutifully bought a crockpot about 12 or so years ago. Still in its box, never unsealed. Near the never opened and still sealed vacuum…..-mcat

Oh but even though you Already PAID for It –
The bogus Picture of a Meal on the Box-
It WILL produce warm and scrumptchie munchi goodness if you
shell out EVEN MORE DOUGH and do all the god damn work yourself

LOL I mean who needs all that Horseshit when all
anyone in their right mind is normally looking for is
Chuck-Roast Take-Out in a disposable Plug-In chafing dish, right?

LOL. But it’s Political with the Corruption Cleaning Vacuum.
I think we should just be able to go to a store,
look at applicable domestic scenes marketed by Hoover or Eureka,
Two Vendors Only™ Please-
then shell out 300 Bucks and be able to go home an there it is –
Every Eight years or so have it done again..
Hoover or Eureka!:: how Promising,
the Wave of the Future. Along with New Crockpots-

I’m Out All
and , Truly,
To Better Times Ahead!

48. marisacat - 1 January 2009

My solution was the carpets went. There is one unused room with a big carpet on it.. but the rest is bare hard wood. A vague damp mop from time to time. Less rather than more.

49. marisacat - 1 January 2009

And the beat goes on……………………………………

Russian energy giant Gazprom says talks with Ukraine have failed and gas will be cut off on Thursday – amid fears Europe may also be hit.

For more details: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news

[doesn’t anyone have something other than coal for the global US hegemony stocking?]

50. marisacat - 1 January 2009

From the morning round up at TPM Election Central… when Obster kept Gates all the liblogs immediately said, Oh but everyone EVERYONE under him will be going.

Obama Dismisses 90 Bush Pentagon Appointees
The Obama transition team has told roughly 90 Bush political appointees in the Pentagon that they will not be staying on after Obama is sworn in, a demonstration of how Obama will be changing the lineup at Defense even while simultaneously keeping Robert Gates.

However, only about 90 political appointees were sacked out of roughly 250 total, after Gates sought to keep his team in place.

Please… 250 minus 90… Gates has at least 160 of his team.

51. marisacat - 1 January 2009

hmm from the 27th at left i on the news… so it may be old news, but i missed it

Such is the story laid out today by Cookie Jill over at Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. I’ll let her tell the full story, but in a nutshell, it’s the story of how a group of “private equity investors” bought Mervyn’s from Target, saddling Mervyn’s with $800 million worth of debt as such leveraged buyouts often do, then paid themselves $400 million of that in the form of dividends, stripped out Mervyn’s valuable real estate, sold premium parcels and leased its own buildings back to the store at exorbitant rates, and guaranteed a big profit for itself and bankruptcy for Mervyn’s (which has now come to pass).

And, we’re told, the same crowd is in the process of pulling the same operation at Chrysler….snip…

I don’t even remember how many jobs at Mervyn’s were lost… because every day is announcements of lay offs.

left i links to skippy

52. marisacat - 1 January 2009


David Broder sharpens the grapefruit spoon against Burris. I think they should simply publicise the mausoleum/CV … 😉

He was distinctive in Illinois mainly for breaking the color barrier in statewide office, thanks to his downstate birth and friendships and his pleasant, accommodating personality.

Obster should just reshape Broder into a small pink plastic pistol and strap him on…

Chapman of the ChicTrib calls Burris an empty suit. 😆

Spin the Merry Go Round out of Chicago again!

53. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 January 2009
54. marisacat - 1 January 2009

I dunno.. The New Yorker sells this as the story behind the several years long suveillance ”get” on Blago for pay-to-play. I am just on page one, but I feel somewhat set up.

[T]hat episode helped start United States Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald’s Operation Board Games. For the next seven months, Pamela Davis, hospital administrator, became Pamela Davis, secret agent, helping to expose a multimillion-dollar scam that at times resembled a spinoff of “The Sopranos,” guest-starring the back office from “Grey’s Anatomy.” Davis attended long lunches and boozy dinners with crooked businessmen, listening (and taping) as they talked of grafting off the hospital industry. She would slip the tapes to her F.B.I. handlers at Marshall Field’s makeup counters in malls around suburban Chicago….snip…

55. Intermittent Bystander - 1 January 2009

Thieves “Educate” Madoff On Stolen Goods

(CBS/AP) Thieves calling themselves “The Educators” have returned a statue stolen from disgraced investment guru Bernie Madoff. And they hope the Wall Street money manager has learned his lesson.

CBS Affiliate WPEC reports that the $10,000 copper sculpture of two lifeguards turned up Wednesday along a bicycle path

A worker found the statue near the country club Madoff belonged to, just a few blocks from Madoff’s Palm Beach home.

A note attached read: “Bernie the Swindler, Lesson: Return stolen property to rightful owners. Signed by – The Educators.”

Photo of the sculpture at link above.

Meanwhile, the disgraced money manager gave the Securities and Exchange Commission a list of his personal assets Wednesday, but investors may have to wait to learn whether the filing contained any clues as to the whereabouts of their missing billions.

Madoff, now under house arrest, had faced a court-ordered deadline of Dec. 31 to turn over a detailed accounting of his homes, stock holdings, bank accounts and other business interests.

The list was also supposed to include the names and locations of any bank or brokerage accounts holding whatever remains of his clients’ money.

The SEC confirmed Wednesday evening that it had received the filing, but it declined to reveal details or make the documents available to journalists.

The list was not filed publicly in any of the courts handling the Madoff case, and SEC spokesmen said no decision had been made as to whether part or all of the asset disclosure would ultimately be made public.

Surely releasing an asset list would reveal too many clues about where all the other lifeguards – of copper, silver, gold, or paper – went missing along the way.

56. Intermittent Bystander - 1 January 2009

I see Aspen’s New Year’s Eve celebrations were canceled and the town’s downtown evacuated last night, thanks to suspicious packages and threatening notes found at two banks.

The packages were wrapped in Christmas paper and left on top of pizza boxes in black sleds. The notes indicated a “credible threat to the community,” the Aspen Police Department said in a statement.

Authorities didn’t elaborate on the contents of the packages or the notes. However, they said a bank surveillance camera captured a photo of an older man leaving the packages.

Authorities said Wednesday night they were looking for 71-year-old Jim Blanning. Public records show Blanning is a former Aspen resident who has lived in a Denver apartment since 2003.

Blanning was found dead this morning, though no word yet on how.

Aspen Times describes a few incidents from Blanning’s past:

Blanning, an Aspen native, had a long-running feud with Pitkin County authorities over ownership of numerous mining claims in the 1980s and 1990s. Pitkin County challenged his ownership of property, and Blanning retaliated in two ways.

He confronted the county commissioners and county staff by popping into the Cantina bar and restaurant wearing a sock as a dildo after the government officials finished with a meeting. The county officials were gathered for drinks, and Blanning confronted them for positions in land-use disputes.

Former county attorney Tim Whitsitt said that the confrontation occurred in the early 1990s. Authorities came to the bar and arrested Blanning, but Whitsitt couldn’t recall if Blanning was prosecuted for the incident.

At about the same time, Blanning caused a commotion when he used a rope to hang outside a portico on the second story of the Pitkin County Courthouse. Authorities shut down the courthouse during Blanning’s antics during business hours and convinced him to come inside without incident.

Blanning’s scrapes with the law caught up with him after he was accused with fraudulent land sales in the 1990s. Court records established that Blanning would do meticulous research on the owners of Aspen-area mining claims from the 1880s and after the silver crash of 1893.

He would create dummy companies and corporations with the same names as historic landowners and claim title to mining claims, often located in obscure areas of the backcountry. Blanning would then sell the property to buyers convinced that he had legitimate title to the property. He was charged and convicted of a similar type of land scam involving property owned by a longtime Aspen resident.

He served a prison sentence and returned to Aspen after his release.

57. marisacat - 1 January 2009

I saw a report on Aspen. Talk about finishing off a resort’s big paying night.

“The Educators”… I wonder how much implied threat was in that act. Not everyone is going to be satisfied, at all in any way, by years of tedious litigation. While his sons and nieces and whoever else wander around free as jail birds.

58. Intermittent Bystander - 1 January 2009

Colorado land swindler and bomb suspect in moderation, I think.

More from the Aspen Times:

The evacuation order was lifted after authorities deemed the downtown safe at about 4 a.m. Thursday, after they secured three crime scenes during the night.

Detonations heard around town late Wednesday and in the wee hours of Thursday were not explosions, but rather the suspected bombs being rendered safe by bomb technicians using a high-pressure water cannon, police said.

59. marisacat - 1 January 2009

Sorry IB it threw all three of yours into Moderation… all out now.

I jsut reread the comment, see that Blanning was found dead.

A bit neat, too neat.

60. Intermittent Bystander - 1 January 2009

They’re not saying yet how he died, but apparently the police had named him, released a surveillance video, and asked residents for help in finding him.

“It’s the biggest night of the year by a magnitude of three,” said David Elssweig, general manager of Campo de Fiore. “It’s devastating for every restaurant that’s closed.”

61. marisacat - 1 January 2009

Ok……………………………….. I am guessing that small rodents are singing Grand Opera. Un-neutered Dogs are sitting in rockers knitting baby booties.. or whatever happens when the world inverts.

Real Clear Politics has an article of Roubini’s.. not just linked to… but carried on their pages. I am stunned.

[B]ut the worst is still ahead of us. In the next few months, the macroeconomic news and earnings/profits reports from around the world will be much worse than expected, putting further downward pressure on prices of risky assets, because equity analysts are still deluding themselves that the economic contraction will be mild and short.

While the risk of a total systemic financial meltdown has been reduced by the actions of the G-7 and other economies to backstop their financial systems, severe vulnerabilities remain. The credit crunch will get worse; deleveraging will continue, as hedge funds and other leveraged players are forced to sell assets into illiquid and distressed markets, thus causing more price falls and driving more insolvent financial institutions out of business. A few emerging-market economies will certainly enter a full-blown financial crisis. …snip…

62. marisacat - 1 January 2009


I saw the surveillance video, or snips from it, during the night.

2009 was NOT his year…

63. marisacat - 1 January 2009

god.. don’t read teh Harper’s Index for 2008. It can and will cause depression. http://www.harpers.org

a small snip:

[T]he United Nations expected the number of
starving people in the world to rise to 950 million. North
Korean hunger scientists announced a new noodle. In an
expanding thousand-square-mile low-oxygen zone growing
along the coast of Oregon and Washington, every fish,
crab, and sea worm was dead. A 7.9-magnitude earthquake
centered in China’s Sichuan Province left tens of
thousands of people dead and millions homeless. The Summer
Olympics were held in Beijing, heralded on television by
fake, computer-generated fireworks. Structures built for
the 2004 Athens Olympics were falling into ruin. A man in
Swansea, Wales, died from eating too much fairycake, and
an elderly German woman filed a lawsuit against a hospital
in Bavaria after she went in for a leg operation and was
instead given a new anus. Paddington Bear turned 50; both
the cubicle and the assassination of Martin Luther King
turned 40; Viagra turned 10. One in 100 American adults
was behind bars.


64. marisacat - 1 January 2009

I call this a sticky icky bullshit beg. Hey, grovelling is currency.. .

[T]o the contrary, Sheekey upped the ante by saying Kennedy is the only contender for Clinton’s seat who isn’t a member of the New York Democratic establishment that “turned its back” on Barack Obama during the primary and, as such, would have “unique” leverage with the president-elect.

“If she becomes senator, he has an obligation to help her and by that, help New York,” Sheekey told reporters (including the DN’s Erin Einhorn) at an interfaith breakfast hosted by Mayor Bloomberg at the New York Public Library. “We desperately need that here in New York and I think we need Caroline.”

“I think New York needs someone who can work with the new president,” Sheekey continued. “I think New York needs someone who supported the new president. I think New York desperately shouldn’t appoint someone who opposed the new president. We need someone at this time at this moment in history who can work with new president and delivery for New York.” …snip…

65. Intermittent Bystander - 1 January 2009

Did you see the “placeholder candidate” AP article yesterday?

ALBANY, N.Y. – Sen. Bill Clinton? Sen. Mario Cuomo? Don’t completely rule it out. The former president and the former New York governor are among several boldface names being touted as possible “caretakers” for New York’s Senate seat — people who would serve until the 2010 elections but wouldn’t be interested in running to keep the job.

::snip slop::

Some of the other names circulating as possible caretakers among party operatives include the state’s retired top jurist, Judith Kaye, and former Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerrey, now president of the New School in New York City.

Kaye declined through a spokesman Tuesday to discuss the Senate seat; Kerrey and Paterson did not respond to questions Tuesday and Wednesday.

::slip snap::

An interim appointment also could sidestep an internal struggle in New York’s Democratic Party.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver — the longest-serving and most powerful legislative leader in the state — has reservations about Kennedy, and Paterson needs Silver if he wants to battle powerful labor interests to turn around the state’s fiscal problems.

But Kennedy’s supporters include New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-independent who is another important ally for Paterson.

66. CSTAR - 1 January 2009

Re 63 in Bavaria after she went in for a leg operation and was
instead given a new anus.
In her leg?

She’s lucky she didn’t go in for brain surgery.

67. mattes - 1 January 2009

# 51 marcat, figures it would be cerberus capital management.

See what I mean.

68. Intermittent Bystander - 1 January 2009

They’re changing the guard at Buckingham Palace

BAGHDAD, Dec. 31 — The walls of the majestic Republican Palace in Baghdad’s Green Zone have been stripped bare. The vaults that secured American cash and classified documents are gone, and the cement blast walls that protected the front entrance were taken down this week. The U.S. military dining facility inside what was once the American Embassy served its last meal New Year’s Eve.

“This is the end of the world as we know it,” said Sgt. 1st Class Patrick McDonald, 47, who co-authored a guide to historic sites in the Green Zone. “It’s not like everyone is shredding documents and fleeing Saigon. But we are stepping away from a building.”

They’re changing guard at Buckingham Palace
Christopher Robin went down with Alice.
Alice is marrying one of the guard.
“A soldier’s life is terrible hard,”
Says Alice.

They’re changing guard at Buckingham Palace
Christopher Robin went down with Alice.
We saw a guard in a sentry-box.
“One of the sergeants looks after their socks,”
Says Alice.

They’re changing guard at Buckingham Palace
Christopher Robin went down with Alice.
We looked for the King, but he never came.
“Well, God take care of him, all the same,”
Says Alice.

An Obama inaugural ball will be only for military

HONOLULU (AP) — President-elect Barack Obama will have a Commander in Chief’s Ball during his inauguration with military personnel, their spouses and those wounded fighting in the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as guests.

In announcing this Thursday, officials said that tickets for the Jan. 20 military-only ball will be free to guests. The formal event will be at the National Building Museum in Washington.

“It is a privilege to honor our men and women in uniform during our inaugural festivities by continuing the tradition of the Commander in Chief’s Ball. Our troops represent the best America has to offer, and without their dedication and sacrifice we would not be able to enjoy the freedoms that we are coming together to celebrate on Jan. 20,” Obama said in a statement released while he vacationed here in his native Hawaii.

They’re changing guard at Buckingham Palace
Christopher Robin went down with Alice.
They’ve great big parties inside the grounds.
“I wouldn’t be King for a hundred pounds,”
Says Alice.

They’re changing guard at Buckingham Palace
Christopher Robin went down with Alice.
A face looked out, but it wasn’t the King’s.
“He’s much too busy a-signing things,”
Says Alice.

They’re changing guard at Buckingham Palace
Christopher Robin went down with Alice.
“Do you think the King knows all about me?”
“Sure to, dear, but it’s time for tea,”
Says Alice.

– A.A. Milne

69. Intermittent Bystander - 1 January 2009

Iraq gov’t gets control of Green Zone, US troops

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki formerly took control of the building Thursday and exulted over the security pact under which U.S. troops are to leave the country by 2012.

“A year ago, the mere thought of forces withdrawing from Iraq was considered a dream,” al-Maliki told reporters afterward. “The dream that no one had the right to think about became true.”

He called for making Jan. 1 a national holiday called “Sovereignty Day.” Iraq already officially observes New Year’s Day as a holiday.

Also on Thursday, British troops turned over to Iraqi officials the airport in Basra, the country’s second-largest city. Britain says it will withdraw its approximately 4,000 soldiers in Iraq by May 31.

Christopher Robin in the mod pod, I think.

70. mattes - 1 January 2009

Glenn Greenwald
Tuesday Dec. 30, 2008 05:33 EST
George Washington’s warnings and U.S. policy towards Israel


71. marisacat - 1 January 2009

sorry IB

got two of yours out…


72. mattes - 1 January 2009

Two Sides from Inside Israel
by Meteor Blades [the f’in hypocrite]


Where was he when people were trying to support a different point of view on daily kos [quoting the very papers HE is quoting now] from the Democratic platform??


And piece of shit dhonig has pulled out of his ass, his Dog Whistles diary, again. Where was that racist pig when Arabs were fighting for self-determination and freedoms?

He comes to the defense, again, of killing Arabs.

Why do I even go there.

73. BooHooHooMan - 1 January 2009

Some Laughs Here..

I call this a sticky icky bullshit beg. Hey, grovelling is currency.. .re the CKS’09 Ermine “Candidacy”, Err-MINE you knowwww..

Pathetic yes.But I figure- LOL- its at least a stab at the clusterfuck retail politics. But but OBAMA!
Like that should work well with the Wimmens and Teh Gayz.
LOL. It all congeals into one sloppy mess..

Like her ability to “work with” Obama
is of ANY concern to the PTB in New York. He works FOR THEM. LOL.
Like a little butt slap to Patterson matters..
Who, LOL, ALSO works for the PTB in New York.

I dunno, I offered my solution to Birthday Cake:

Don’t try to do this on the Cheap.
Spread. it. AROUND.
Grovel Big Time Early and Often
and FFS – Forget the Love of the Holy Father,

LOL. .In other Stuff Still With Us from 2008
From that Harper’s Retrospective

Tom Jones insured his chest hair for $7 million.

Ironically, Tom’s Brillo was then RE-insured, Pooled and Equitized.
Then Leveraged –{whoops!}– for 70 TRILLION Dollars,
ultimately Credit Default Swapped in all currencies,
and Frankly – has astonishingly come to rest Now
as THE Central and Sole Financial Instrument
between US and Utter Collapse of the Western World Order.

Yes folks, THIS MAN, this unlikely Sung Hero,
This Man and His Chest Chair –
Is All the Hope We Have Left

So Stay Classy, Tom. .LOL.

74. BooHooHooMan - 1 January 2009
75. marisacat - 1 January 2009

BHHM two of yours out of Moderation… Sorry the filter has been extra lousy for weeks now it seems…


76. marisacat - 1 January 2009


years ago, in Blahg and The Blahg Boyz years, that is…about the only thing MB was really and actually good on was Israel. LOADED with facts and histories. Sounds like he went into hiding for years… 🙄 probably around the time of the Lebanon war?

77. marisacat - 1 January 2009

Speaking of “Errr Mine”

“I have determined there’s a good possibility she will be the appointee of the governor,” Silver, the state’s second most powerful Democrat, told The Post.

“If she is the appointee of the governor, I will certainly be supportive of her. I will work for her and will work strenuously for her election.”

78. BooHooHooMan - 1 January 2009

Sorry the filter has been extra lousy for weeks now it seems…

Then it seems fine. I have my writing SET to Extra Lousy.

79. BooHooHooMan - 1 January 2009

But Tomorrow, As Genocide against Gaza becomes Evident,
When the Predictable Israeli Killing Spree involves Tanks Rolling over uncooperative starving Refugees, I’m just going to go with what is.

Set the Writing and The Filters to Very Extra Special Lousy:
International Jewry.

Outrageous! Readeth the Jews..
How Very Distusting! recoil the lambsy , hardly Liberal,
yet liberal Apologists for Israel.

Yeh. well. We’ll see Outrageous when that IDF Invasion Force masses along the border butchers its way through Gaza in a drive to Push Palestinian Corpses into the Mediterranean Sea.

and on and on ….and on and on..

Israel and its supporters have squandered
any meaningful legacy of the Shoah.
International Jewy, it’s Homeland, it’s Haven here in the U.S?
From Mafiosa.

80. marisacat - 1 January 2009

I was reading somewhere last night or the night before this is a replay of ’82.. Sabra and Shatilla …. so they will roll in and, not using the Christian Phalange but their own forces.. level or kill everyone in one refugee camp or another. I don’t know.

Ethan Bronner fo the NYT on TNH now. Awful man.

81. marisacat - 1 January 2009

Of course it seems i read everything backwards and upside down…

Apparently, it is not Gaza which is under attack
Newsweek’s Joanna Chen reveals that Gaza is not under attack but Ashdod.

Posted by As’ad at 12:30 PM

82. BooHooHooMan - 1 January 2009

77 LOL CKS, Shelly Silver signing off mehbe..

How Delightful, you knooo…
I wonder what Shelly Silver got or what Uncle Ted had on Shelly.
Or maybe they’re all just lining up to geld Andy Cuomo. No more squackin from Cuomo about Polo Players fucking his ex-wife KerryK or any other fucking that’s going on in New York..
Seems like the little jockey in the NY AG’ saddle is feeling the riding crop yet again…Mcat handicapped the race noting CKS ability to self fund in 012 could free up a lot of dough for NY Dems…

Anyways, the present State of the Horse (tooth) Race:
Comin around the bend it’s Birthday Cake! Birthdaaayy Cake-
That’s Birthday Cake In the Lead as we come down to the Wire!

Allow me the insufferable practice of self quote:

“””You can see the Media Mosh Up coming ..
From Bill’s JFK photo
Hillary Passing the Torch, Returning it – Sniff,
Never having Extinguished the Eternal Flame..
Hey what’s that Smell?? Is Something on FIRE?!??!?

So many metaphors , so many fires, so many volatiles,
they should just go with
It Takes A Village To Burn Down.“””

It looks like the Photo Finish Op and a bit of Birthday Cake amidst Bernie and Blaggo and on and on is just to irresistible a distraction to pass up::{Gack}. Oh and THE CASH.
Couriers: Silent AND Nude.

Might as well lie back… cause these folks are
Surely meeting In the Saunas of the cleanest ,
most respectable Bath-Houses in New York,
swept Daily if not Hourly for bugs..
No taps ,you knooo

83. marisacat - 1 January 2009

.. ripe for congealment…

Not that it matters.. I nominated Barney the WH dog t the senate sometime ago, under the campaign motto, “it can’t be any worse”.

84. BooHooHooMan - 1 January 2009

Plus, Barney the WHD doesn’t poop on the floor at the drop of a hat.

85. Intermittent Bystander - 1 January 2009

Maybe all they had to do was circulate BILL’s name – once! in a holiday news cycle! – to get everyone on board for Caroline.


OT – Some lady madonnas are getting uppity in the social networks:
Facebook Nudity Policy Draws Nursing Moms’ Ire.

. . . Stephanie Muir of Ottawa, was new to Facebook when she stumbled across the group last year. Muir, a mother of five, does volunteer work related to public health and breast-feeding and said the issue is important to her.

“I think it’s time we all get over this notion that women’s breasts are dangerous and harmful for children to see,” she said. So she organized a Facebook protest last weekend against the site’s policies, which she believes are arbitrarily enforced and discriminate against women.

Muir said more than 11,000 people participated in the group’s “virtual nurse-in” by swapping out their regular profile pictures on Facebook and uploading ones depicting breast-feeding.

86. Intermittent Bystander - 1 January 2009

Reaaally glad that first Tom Jones-related comment came out of moderation! (Not that I clicked the first link, having endured the second!)

Verry confusing, without context!

87. diane - 1 January 2009

Happy? “New Year”……..gettin tooo old to to write all the names connected..to the wish?

thank you BooHooHooHooMan, ;0)…for the gift……I know I don’t remind you of Woody,……….and I think you don’t believe I would wittingly drive my car into a whole carload full of folks…please don’t tell it – would spoil the gift……………it’s very hard for all of us to fit in one another’s shoes……..I think you meant well hon….and that’s the bottom line.

88. Intermittent Bystander - 1 January 2009

At least Barney bites!

89. marisacat - 1 January 2009

Sorry about that IB.. the filter is a mess. And from what I read their filter “Akismet” is their own. So they say. But (and almost anyone on earth would qualify) people who know more than I tell me filters are awful and leaky and so on…………………


Plus, Barney the WHD doesn’t poop on the floor at the drop of a hat.

But when he does he hits his mark… Seems it was a couple years ago down on teh “grass” at Crawford… the usual walk out of Bush COndi Cheney and who ever. Barney got behind the crooks, and carefully turning sideways, did a rather quick and all things considered, elegant, deposit.

As in, I may be a hostage but I know what is up. And down. And I am not fully gagged!


90. Intermittent Bystander - 1 January 2009

For Afghans, a Price for Everything, and Anything for a Price

Kept afloat by billions of dollars in American and other foreign aid, the government of Afghanistan is shot through with corruption and graft. From the lowliest traffic cop to the family of President Hamid Karzai himself, the state built on the ruins of the Taliban regime seven years ago now often seems to exist for little more than the enrichment of those who run it.

A raft of investigations has concluded that people at the highest levels of the Karzai administration, including President Karzai’s own brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai, are cooperating in the country’s opium trade, now the world’s largest. In the streets and government offices, hardly a public transaction seems to unfold here that does not carry with it the requirement of a bribe, a gift, or, in case you are a beggar, “harchee” — whatever you have in your pocket.

The corruption, publicly acknowledged by President Karzai, is contributing to the collapse of public confidence in his government and to the dramatic resurgence of the Taliban, whose fighters have moved to the outskirts of the capital.

91. marisacat - 1 January 2009

yeah Barney bites… and ti was Barney who was dropped on the tarmac by Bush.. that famous photo… and a few hours later he blamed Laura for doing it.

Truly we are led by dully mad.

92. diane - 1 January 2009

……the very sad thing – at the end of the day……is to be left with the nagging thought…..that websites such as yours marisa, are actually vacuum cleaners for those who truly have somehow been conned out of their compassion…..

many kisses to ya hon…….carry on hon!

93. Intermittent Bystander - 1 January 2009

79 – No “identity group” has a corner on the mafia concept, do they?

89 – Regarding the filters. No problem – except a few minutes slack-jawed watching Mr. Cosmen perform Delilah! on Spanish TV, and about 30 seconds on Google to confirm he wasn’t a Central Banker!

92 – vacuum cleaners for those who truly have somehow been conned out of their compassion

Not sure what you mean by that, diane, but I see heaps of compassion here every day.

94. diane - 1 January 2009

…and then,……compassion for what…..bombing GAZA…….destroying the Fertile Crescent?………….it would be so eeeezy if all of us had our own personal calipers that measured whether we were on on the right path….to what?

tolerance for anything seems passe……

95. marisacat - 1 January 2009

I dunno .. my last vacuum cleaner – think I bought it in 2002 – is still sealed in its box. About 30 years ago I threw a stand up model across the room … somehow managing not to hit or break anything nor gouge a wall. ugh.. never ever got along with that piece of equipment.

96. marisacat - 1 January 2009

Well I can name a few that, overall, might fit this

that websites such as yours marisa, are actually vacuum cleaners for those who truly have somehow been conned out of their compassion…..

but I don’t think this tiny corner qualifies. I take Chris Hedges dictum very seriously: try to stay human, it may be all you can accomplish. His other wise warning is that by doing all you can, by the time you are worn out, the situation may be WORSE, thru no fault of your own.

Posted that interveiw with him a few times over the 4 years or so since he gave it.

BTW, if anyone is reading him in TruthDig.. his mood is especially dark. I don’t blame him.

97. diane - 1 January 2009

…well the whisk thingy probably does as well a job……….and where does as all that crap end up at…at the end of the day anyway…..likely in someone’s backyuad who can ill afford the damage from inhaling it every day any…I.don’t have a clue …..

98. BooHooHooMan - 1 January 2009

The vid embedded in this
London Times piece

is quite illustrative midway…
WRT the CyberPropoganda efforts employed by the IDF…

There is no doubt they will continue their Spiel on Youtube while attempting to map and stamp out dissent…
Given DK’s positioning and,
Hello?!? AeroDefenseIndustryAds!??!- ..
I have no doubt that efforts there lead to Israeli coffers ..

Livzni came off as a bit unprepared in her propoganda retorts.
They clearly are under Siege tho –
as world opinion is markedly turned against them.
They know damn well the only favorable press they get
Requires Purchase

The Challenge Israel faces is unlike other countries whose continued existense can be justified Legitimatly without an insatiable demand for continued Military and Financial Life Support::
No Israel is well and truly fucked given present circumstances, what they have done to others, they have inevitably done to themselves…

…because The Global Economy..
..the patronage of the US Economy certainly…
for all intents and purposes- the Economy has Ground. to. a. Halt.

given that nothing else on the Ground has come to a halt except for the Lives, Senses, and Functioning Limbs of War Casualties.

So, they better make what they stole from World Markets LAST
because there’s very little left to loot (in the West at least) that people aren’t presently nailing down or stashing in their mattresses..

I also think they underestimate the inclination of the Non Jewish Manageriate and the Lesser Corp Class in the US to give a fuck about Israel or Jewish “concerns” as they, too,
proceed Bourgeois Flesh then Bone through the wall…

99. marisacat - 1 January 2009

Oh God. How many ‘TD Jakes” can there be? Some ad for a new release movie floated by on TV, I was not paying attention, til I heard “story by TD Jakes” and looked up for a quick take of the credits… and there was his name at the top.

It’s all about marketing. Nothing else. And caging the wealth.

100. diane - 1 January 2009

93….truth be told, intermiittent I see anger hate and unforgiveness EVERFUCKIN WHERE, and folks jumpin out windows all the way around…and sadly, here, is no exception for my small speck……AND I”M NOT CONDONING THE FUCKING “RAPTURE”

101. marisacat - 1 January 2009


and sadly, here, is no exception for my small speck…

People are human diane. Here, too. In the polish on the mud wallow, as Meteor Blades called it.

Rather proud of that one, I am. Happy to be the mud wallow or the polish or whatever the dumb thugs call it….

I’ve been called a few things. Not like it MATTERS.

102. marisacat - 1 January 2009

NBC news is lovely. Did you know Ashdod is ONLY 15 miles from Tel Aviv?… and people in the Israeli street screaming NO CEASEFIRE. Another protestation that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza… and a replay of the Great Obama and his damend shitty propaganda, his daughters, the bombs I’d do what Israel does.

Oh but later he said it was ”poorly chosen”. A self apologist.

Martin Fletcher says there will be a short hard ground war.

Talk about whipped up blood frenzy.

103. marisacat - 1 January 2009

Neue thread…


………………….. 😆 ………………………

104. diane - 1 January 2009


sad fact…

but it is true……….

you can not possibly know pleasure….

until you’ve been made aware of pain…

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