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Cluster Bombs… 4 January 2009

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Israel/AIPAC, WAR!.


Una bomba de racimo estalla en el aire y arroja decenas de proyectiles sobre la ciudad de Gaza. (Foto: REUTERS/El Mundo)

Joseph Massad in Electronic Intifada on collaborators and planned denationalisation:

[W]hen Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni was asked point blank by al-Jazeera’s anchorman if Israel had an arrangement with Arab regimes to commit the Gaza massacres, she refused to answer and finally denied such an arrangement existed but could not help but affirm that there are those in the Arab world who “think” as Israel does and that Hamas is their enemy as it is the enemy of Israel.

This is, incidentally, the same Tzipi Livni, who only a few weeks ago informed Palestinian citizens of Israel that she has slated them for denationalization and deportation to the Palestinian Bantustans once Israel and the international community grants these West Bank prisons the status of an independent Palestinian state enclosed within the apartheid wall. After her war on Palestinians in Gaza started last week, Livni declared that her war against the Palestinian people is not only about security but also about Israel’s “values” which non-collaborator Palestinians (unlike the PCA) do not share. Livni is of course right. Unlike Livni and the Israeli leadership, whose ethnic-cleansing ideals and plans are to make Israel a purely Jewish state that is Palästinenser-rein, most Palestinians believe that they should remain present on their lands even and especially if this sullies the purity of a Jewish Israel. …

It’s a harsh piece. And why not.

When I watched – as best I could from what little we could learn – how they treated Padilla (they finally took his mind away, from what I saw), I think the long range plan is to make citizenship conditional.  He is a US citizen.  Begin with a hated group, terrorists and others, an identified caste of untouchables, and remove citizenship.  The slow inciting of hatred for “anchor babies” is part of it.  Just my opinion.


Una bomba de racimo explota en el aire. (Foto: AFP/El Mundo)


bay has a series of comments in the preceeding post thread with links on the cluster bombs…  and she linked to the photos shown above (thank you!).  The links at each “El Mundo” are to the larger size image at the site.

From one of the comments:

Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munition

A Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munitions (DPICM) is an artillery or surface-to-surface missile warhead designed to burst into sub-munitions at an optimum altitude and distance from the desired target for dense area coverage. The sub-munitions are designed for both antiarmor and antipersonnel attack. Some sub-munitions may be designed for delayed reaction or mobility denial (mines). The air-to-surface variety of this kind of munition is better known as a cluster bomb.

the two spanish photo-cites i posted above also identify the images as cluster munitions such as well.

1. Bunch of grapes. (m)
2. Cluster of small things disposed in order; raceme. (m)
3. Criminal hanging on the gallows. (Colloquial) (m)




1. marisacat - 4 January 2009

Gee. Squishy is as squishy does.

Obama Team Feels Richardson Wasn’t Forthcoming About Investigation Before Being Offered Commerce

January 04, 2009 4:15 PM

Sources tell ABC News that officials on the Obama Transition Team feel that before he was formally offered the job of commerce secretary, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson was not forthcoming with them about the federal investigation that is looking into whether the governor steered a state contract towards a major financial contributor.

Once the investigation became more widely known through national media reports last month, sources tell ABC News, the Obama Transition Team realized the FBI would not be able to give Richardson a clean political bill of health before the new administration is ready to send his nomination up to the Senate for confirmation.

The Richardson camp says the governor was forthcoming, with sources close to the governor noting that there had been reports about the controversy in local media such as the Albuquerque Journal as far back as August 2008. The governor discussed the investigation with the Obama team, they say, and believes that he and his administration have done nothing wrong. ..snipwhippy…

How’s that souffle looking?

2. marisacat - 4 January 2009

Juan Cole has a useful round up piece… and No 4 in a point series is good on the paucity of migration to Israel, covered in the israeli press but never too much here, that I catch.

3. BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2009

I gotta pull this forward ….Richardson OUT– FBI sumpinerudder….

I can’t help myself:

Memories, Like the Googles we can find..
Misty SLLL
OBBER Covered Memories–
Of the Way We Were…

Could it Beee that Such a Simpleton-
– boo- hoohooman- had read between the lines?
Weren’t we ’nuff SapHap wit Ob – Hill
Rahm- Blag- o – now Richard – son- @!!?

LOL. Okay. <adjusting straightjacket}Take Two.
Take us Back…Ah 1, ah 2, ah 3, ah

4. BooHooHooMan – 16 December 2008

Uh Ohs!
WaPo: Fed Grand Jury on Richardson
in Play to Play

Ob in there, too.

The inquiry is part of a long-running nationwide investigation into “pay-to-play” practices in local government bond markets. In other cities, federal investigators are questioning whether financial firms have lavished politicians with money and gifts in exchange for fee-paying work advising municipal and local governments on investments. …

{Snip }

In the New Mexico case, the FBI and federal prosecutors are investigating how CDR, based in Beverly Hills, Calif., won lucrative fees from the New Mexico Finance Authority in 2004 soon after donating $100,000 to two Richardson organizations…

From 2003 to 2004, CDR Financial gave $75,000 to Sí Se Puede, which paid for expenses at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. CDR’s president and founder, David Rubin, also gave $25,000 to Moving America Forward, which funded Richardson’s efforts to register ****Hispanic and American Indian voters.***

***We interrupt this Schadenfreude to refer to other still developing joint ventures of similar Zioscammers and FlockBrokers to cage Latinos and Native Americans…But fer now, before I go Positively DFQ-ey.. Back to Sophomoric Gloating just as it get’s GOOD::

Rubin was generous to Obama’s campaign as well, giving $29,000 to help elect the senator to the White House. Yesterday, the Obama transition office declined to comment on the development.

So Let’s keep the Golden Oldies Comin. Ah 1,ah 2, …
Ahhhhh, there it is: FIIIIIVE!::..

[ 5 ] BooHooHooMan – 16 December 2008

This Guy Rubin? LOL Ed Rendell Transition Team:

Thank you Google cache:::::

“””””David is the President and CEO of CDR Financial Products, Inc., a national firm that he formed in January of 1986. He provides overall leadership, strategic planning and financial product development for offices located in California, New York, Ohio, Georgia, and Virginia………… served as a member of Pennsylvania Governor Rendell’s transition team and currently serves on the Revenue Opportunity Task Force for the City of Los Angeles. In addition, Mr. Rubin serves as President of a local Not-For-Profit day school…..

• Created the full-flex investment products industry, permitting, municipalities to avoid low yields by investing longer term while maintaining liquidity and transferring risk to the provider.

{ Sure.}

• Implemented a new concept of “Rolling Treasury Bills”, previously considered impossible, {oh it’s NEVER
IMPOSSIBLE , hon, when you know the right people…}
leading to over 100 transactions valued at $3.4 Billion.

• Developed and implemented creative, tax exempt home purchase programs in excess of $2 Billion for low and middle-income families.

• Structured transactions totaling over $1 Billion to provide proceeds to acquire and rehabilitate multi-family apartment projects for low-income families and the elderly.

Developed an innovative structure to enable the transfer of credit risk of forward purchase agreements for debt service reserve funds of tobacco and other difficult credits to other institutions, while the current provider of the agreement retains rights to deliver the commercial paper. The success of this structure has resulted in over $400MM of transactions in 2003 alone.

Structured the successful unwind of over $2 billion in long dated basis swaps for a major foreign bank.

Conceived & implemented the concept of Swap Asset Management for municipal issuers to manage derivative portfolio risk.

The Beat Goes On..The Beat Go Z’ON…
I’m just looking forward to seein’ Ed Rendell in the dock
claiming – I dunno- what? MuthaFuck Bongo Playin’ Insanity?
….just Wearin and tearin’ at some foppish
Sonny Bono Mongo-Wig replete with matching Gorilla Hair Vest…

‘might do it…

LOL. Pucker Up, Assholes.

4. marisacat - 4 January 2009

LOL I will remove the one I moved forward… 8)

5. BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2009

LOL .To Rendell…Psst hey Ed-
—–> Go with the Mutha-Bernie-MadofFuckin- Insanity Plea…LOL.

Other Obster vations….I love how photo editors at the Majors have now taken to replacing “avuncular” Richardson pics with
Bill “Just Butt Ended With The I Beam To The ForeHead” pics…

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 January 2009

Motive Matters

I argue that motivation or intent is of tertiary importance, and it’s a distant third. The primary consideration are the reasonably predictable consequences of actions. I don’t accept that what our military calls “collateral damage” carries little or no moral weight compared to the actions of a suicide bomber. Even when we drop a bomb from several thousand feet in the air on an urban building housing militants and hit our intended target, but also happen to kill other people inside the building who we could not see and several people outside the building are hurt or killed, we cannot claim that this is materially different from someone who targets civilians, either way people are missing lives, limbs and property. We (or the Israelis) know that civilian casualties will be a consequence of our military actions, we just don’t think they matter much compared to our objectives. That is not the same as targeting them directly, but it’s a very minor distinction and really only useful as a means of feeling morally superior. What is of secondary importance is context, and this includes the discussion of proportionality. As I said, intent and motivation is third. The powerful are often defended on grounds of intent. Say a democratically elected politician catapults propaganda in an effort to start a war that ends up with millions of people killed, injured or displaced. To get people in a war fighting mood, the politician makes a lot of dubious claims and later, when some of his more egregious lies and methods are detailed, like say he releases portions of an intelligence estimate claiming the country he wants to make war with is a dangerous harborer of weapons of mass destruction but doesnt release all the qualifications of the same intelligence estimate that raise questions about the assertions publicly released, supporters of his actions will claim that he thought he was doing the right thing so we can’t call it lying or immoral. I mean, this is purely hypothetical. In the real world, a democratic society would impeach and imprison any elected official who abused his powers in this manner before he got too far along in his plans.

It’s a very long piece, but he disects the Israeli/Zionist case pretty effectively.

7. mattes - 4 January 2009

Same story different authors:

They Lob Chutzpah Bombs Too

A funny little essay in a local newspaper came to my attention this morning. During an email discussion over the events and motives in the Gaza crisis, a friend of mine forwarded part of an op-ed piece that appeared in this week’s Sun Sentinel, a daily newspaper in Fort Lauderdale. I immediately thought it sounded a little too familiar. Sure, Israeli officials and other apologists are serving the same talking points across all the television networks and in print media, but this sounded like more than just simple rehash, so I plugged the quote into a search engine. Jackpot!


8. BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2009

4 LOL. I will remove the one I moved forward

LOL. me too — I fell like I just got a new doggy door…Thanks.

I was speaking today with perhaps my original BFF. A buddy who had left rabbinical studies long ago and settled quite peaceably into an agnosticism wholly rejecting of ethnicity, expectations, or Faith of one’s fathers or mother’s whatever the destructive case may be..

I told him I’m struggling, really I am, to avoid going to that very corrosive place where one dismisses a self identified group of people en bloc…Gaza makes me ill…

It was one of those commiserating opportunites one thankfully has, yet the minor kind one acknowledges as those of shared fortunes have of only paying for but not being placed under bombardment…
But It was very sober, very dark, when LOL he said
“Jesus- _______-y”
And Literally- word for word:
“There’s too many fuckin Jews in the Government.
Who doesn’t know THAT?!
Until THAT changes and Zionism is discredited and renounced,
THEN We should move on to the Christians.”

Word for word. I asked for a Say Again? /Permission to Quote and wrote it down. “Fuck the NSA and Mossad” he laughed.

The conversation moved on to the necessity of boycotts, deminimus consumption from congloms, moving beyond oil, buying locally, etc.the shit that –
SIGH- we’ve known and done FOR YEARS.
He is of the mind that if the ethical barrier needs hurdled to the next level here domestically — it is critical that it is publicized and that persons of Jewish dissent/descent do the deed…

9. mattes - 4 January 2009

Israel Viewpoint
Jewish Times of Southern New Jersey – Dec 18, 2008
The idea behind honestreporting.com originated in 2000, when a group of young Zionists came up with the idea of encouraging thousands of emails to publications and websites which were distorting the facts concerning Israel.


10. BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2009

I then said ‘You and the Exceptional Jew bit again..”
We both laughed..

11. catnip - 4 January 2009

I’m sick – really sick. 😦 Bad cold, fever, hardly sleeping, pain in every fibre of my being (literally). And I can barely watch these Israel apologists anymore – like Bloomberg today on CNN who said there’s no such thing as proportionality in the WOT. Fuck him and all of these spokespuppet bots who think Israel’s government (which declared “war” on Hamas) doesn’t have to abide by the Geneva Conventions – the very laws of war that were a result of the insanity of the Jews greatest suffering, WW2. Fuck all of them.

12. marisacat - 4 January 2009

Speaking of which, NYT, FP

Casualties rose on both sides.

13. marisacat - 4 January 2009

On point:

“Well guys, I am looking forward to seeing you guys in Washington…..I gotta say I choked up a little bit leaving my house today.”

” Malia’s friend had dropped off an album of the two of them together. They had been friends since pre-school and I just looked through the pages and the house was empty and it was a little tough, it got me.”

“Although living in a hotel for two weeks, we kind of did that for two years.”

14. mattes - 4 January 2009

catnip…I had to get out today, this whole episode has left me sick as well. Like a trainwreck in slow motion, unable to do a thing. Powerless.

BHHM…so nice to see honestly for a change.

From last thread, posted it before I saw new link:

A Jewish friend of mine invited me out to go see Doubt. I was afraid to see her, as how could I not bring up the I/P situation….

She is a converted Christian, but has always supported Israel and she is in her 60’s. I am used to her eyes glazing over whenever I mention Palestine.

I told her….how can I not talk about it…so she listened.

As corny as it may sound it made me very happy, that she was opened to seeing another view.

15. marisacat - 4 January 2009

EXCEPT it was the Dems and specifically the OBAMA camp that pushed it would be out of the congress by inauguration and on his desk by Jan 21.

How’s that souffle doing?

Hoyer Says Don’t Expect Stimulus Package Soon
By Brian Knowlton

Representative Steny Hoyer of Maryland, the House majority leader, expressed doubt on Sunday that the Jan. 20 goal set by some for getting a stimulus package before the new president could be met.

“It’s going to be difficult to get the package together that early,” he said. Instead, he told “Fox News Sunday,” lawmakers hoped to have it to the new president by mid-February. [Like the others appearing on the day’s talk shows, Mr. Hoyer made his comments before it was known that New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson had withdrawn as the Commerce nominee.]

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, was more cautious about any deadline, saying simply, “We will work this just as quickly as we can.” As to the amount of a stimulus package, he said only, “It’s whatever it takes to bring this country back on a fiscal footing that’s decent.” …snipwhippy…

16. BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2009

mattes-The idea behind honestreporting.com originated in 2000, when a group of young Zionists came up with the idea of encouraging thousands of emails to publications and websites which were distorting the facts concerning Israel.

Funny, I thought that was when Simon Rosenberg bankrolled
New Democrat Network, staked StockFraudster Jerome Armstrong and But-Plug The I/P Markos Moulitsas…

These guys went right down the list back in the day…
Looking for prospective patrons- even the most remotely friendly.. Old Dem Lists – Jewish Charities – Lib “Catlicks” etc…..LOL..
They probably picked me off some old Dem and Hospital donations, piker that I am…

In Jersey – true elsewhere I’m sure – ..but If you have half a buck and appear to have any Kumbaya in ya – you get requests for help Yeh well, …Fuck em. LOL.

I responded to their call then LOL saying politely , “No,”..that my efforts were focused on Catholic Charities- LOL
– which ~ in a way ~ was TRUE! LOL.

That is when I first heard about DK – at least the incubated plans for building a better boombox – though I only began to gander quite some time later when I saw they had indeed struggled up for air without me few bucks… LOL…Whaddya know they were then indeed up and running and had pushed theier way into my Then Still Irrationally Hopeful Dem World via some public tele coverage…

LOL.That was back when I still leaned towards the obliging call for
“Calm on BOTH Sides℠”….

17. mattes - 4 January 2009

Funny, I thought that was when Simon Rosenberg bankrolled
New Democrat Network, staked StockFraudster Jerome Armstrong and But-Plug The I/P Markos Moulitsas…

Ya to that. A while back I found a video of Simon I believe talking about their early association in the early 1990’s.

I heard about dk in a salon article. Read for a while then joined and I think one of my first diaries was about Netenyahoooo’s Clean Break Plan, and how it looked remarkably familiar…the rest was….well predictable at the very least. Just pissed me off more.

18. marisacat - 4 January 2009

From what I have read, Lieberman was Rosenberg’s partner in setting up NDN, basically just an offshoot of DLC… just as SR never stopped supporting Lieberman in CT, nor did Obster.

Nor did the Democratic party. Etc.

19. mattes - 4 January 2009

…connected at the roots.

20. BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2009

From what I have read, Lieberman was Rosenberg’s partner in setting up NDN, basically just an offshoot of DLC…

Maybe the “privilege” ,
– the “opportunity” to part with dough- was extended
Bernie’s pitch that it WAS:
that somebody MIGHT just be able to get me in – LOL-
because I DID 😳 – give to Gore / Liebensraum…

I dunno.

21. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 January 2009

I just posted something new: Objects in Mirror …

22. catnip - 4 January 2009

14. catnip…I had to get out today, this whole episode has left me sick as well. Like a trainwreck in slow motion, unable to do a thing. Powerless.

Glad you were able to go out. I get the same feeling watching these bombings that I did with the Iraq “shock & awe” – incredulity. Who are these people – especially these so-called “progressives” – who can justify war crimes?

23. BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2009

20 “opportunity” to part with dough- because I DID 😳 – give to Gore / Liebensraum

IOW- because I was a sucker – LOL.

24. catnip - 4 January 2009

I’m out for now. Time to lay down.

25. marisacat - 4 January 2009

Here is the story on the bombs, in TImes Online:

[I]srael is believed to be using controversial white phosphorus shells to screen its assault on the heavily populated Gaza Strip yesterday. The weapon, used by British and US forces in Iraq, can cause horrific burns but is not illegal if used as a smokescreen.

As the Israeli army stormed to the edges of Gaza City and the Palestinian death toll topped 500, the tell-tale shells could be seen spreading tentacles of thick white smoke to cover the troops’ advance. “These explosions are fantastic looking, and produce a great deal of smoke that blinds the enemy so that our forces can move in,” said one Israeli security expert. Burning blobs of phosphorus would cause severe injuries to anyone caught beneath them and force would-be snipers or operators of remote-controlled booby traps to take cover. Israel admitted using white phosphorus during its 2006 war with Lebanon. …snip…

26. marisacat - 4 January 2009


Take care catnip… lie low, hot tea.. warm cat compresses…no stress (HA!)

27. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 January 2009

Feel better catnip!

28. marisacat - 4 January 2009


B-b-b-b-but… Sully is in the Times saying Obama is “managing expectations”.(it reeks of, anything else “wouldn’t be prudent”…LOL). And he would know.

What a scabrous class the pundits are.

29. BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2009

Uh- madman…let me ask you something…
I just posted something new: Objects in Mirror …

…Do you sneeze brilliance?

What an arresting, excellent, excellent piece

30. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 January 2009

Thanks. I don’t know about brilliance … it just feels like the screaming inside my head.

31. BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2009
32. BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2009

Well it’s one brilliant shining scream then brother..

33. BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2009

LOL. In DavefromQueens’ whole piece,

Exposed: Why Kos Is Bad For Democrats

You can find specific terms and links from FLH to Marisacat, from Anne Coulter to MoDo, from Vincent Bugliosi to Ghandi…

Words you WILL NOT find are Israel, Zionism, or Palestine.

Really.Have some fun and check it out
before he takes one down,
passes it around, for another bucket of beer on The Wall.

LOL. I searched one term got as far as PALAST—
Palast was in there – then pressed that “I” PALEST-I…NOPE,
No Palestine,I laughed, and then got hooked….
Not even the Leba in Lebanon…
so I searched every term. Not one.

Nope. No “Jew” in the singular or “Jews” in the Plural.
No Tzipi, No Livzni, No Tel Aviv, No Gaza.
Not even the Leba in Lebanon…let alone the Phospho in Phosphorus.
Sorry Dave – props to mcat here– ITS A MUG’s GAME.

How about another Expose? On Dems, Jews, and Israel.

34. BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2009

What NewSpeak in WaPo’s offer

Clashes Continue in Gaza

Offensive against Hamas continues
as Israeli troops effectively bisect Gaza Strip.

Not worth a link.
“Clashes”? “Clashes” continue?
What minimizing Bullshit.
Especially posited against a People cut in TWO.

You know, come to think of it- I hope there IS a God of Moses.
A vengeful God, a Punishing God for People who Break the “Sabbath”.
A God who will turn them OUT.
What the fuck is this word “Sabbath”?
This word Sabbath – what does it MEAN in Hebrew ?
This word pronounced “Shabbāt” presumably like guttural Lambs’ sound when knife slits the throat?
What does it mean these last bi-polar two…?

Turn to al Jazeera for Truth in Labeling instead::

Israel intensifies assault on Gaza

More than 500 Palestinian and four Israeli civilians killed and 2,450 injured so far.

Fuck Israel and her accessories to murder.

35. BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2009

Good Night and Good Grief .
To Israel.

36. BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2009

Hopefully, someone else can channel Murrow. I’m out.

37. marisacat - 4 January 2009

hmmm. WSJ on some machinations [possibly] going into the stimulus.

WASHINGTON — President-elect Barack Obama and congressional Democrats are crafting a plan to offer about $300 billion of tax cuts to individuals and businesses, a move aimed at attracting Republican support for an economic-stimulus package and prodding companies to create jobs.

The size of the proposed tax cuts — which would account for about 40% of a stimulus package that could reach $775 billion over two years — is greater than many on both sides of the aisle in Congress had anticipated. It may make it easier to win over Republicans who have stressed that any initiative should rely more heavily on tax cuts rather than spending….snip…

The devil will be in the big giveaways to bidness, to get the R (and BloooooooDogs!) post partisans on board with post racial Obrama (see? EVERYBODY is lying in the new post toasties era)

Here is a bit of a shocker… None ohter than JMarshall seems to get the sound of [possible] massive slippage (at the top of TPM right now)

Collaborative Journalism

Can someone help me come up with an argument for why the Obama stimulus plan isn’t turning out to be a painful joke?

Thanks in advance.

–Josh Marshall:

38. marisacat - 4 January 2009

An array of business tax cuts could help overcome such GOP opposition, enabling the Democrats to present their plan as a balanced mix of tax cuts and spending. It also would likely encourage business interests to lobby hard for its enactment.

Mr. Obama’s team has spoken of wanting to attract significant Republican support, not simply picking up votes from a Republican moderate or two.

Obama aides have already enlisted business groups to rally behind spending for public-works projects. Norman R. Augustine, a former chairman and chief executive of Lockheed Martin Corp., will testify before the House Democrats’ Steering and Policy Committee Wednesday in favor of an infusion of federal infrastructure spending. But the tax cuts may hold more sway with Republicans.

39. delurking regular reader - 4 January 2009

The second photograph should be titled: Cthulhu, Descending.


40. marisacat - 4 January 2009


Hopefully Monday when the slouching media and others are back at their desks we get some more info on the bombs… right now we are getting photos.. and white phosphorus… and speculation.

41. marisacat - 4 January 2009


[B]an the press. Keep the cameras out. By yesterday morning, only hours after the Israeli army went clanking into Gaza to kill more Hamas members – and, of course, more civilians – Hamas was reporting the capture of two Israeli soldiers. Reporters on the ground could have sorted out the truth or the lie about that. But without a single Western journalist in Gaza, the Israelis were left to tell the world that they didn’t know if the story was true.

On the other hand, the Israelis are so ruthless that the reasons for the ban on journalism may be quite easily explained: that so many Israeli soldiers are going to kill so many innocents – more than three score by last night, and that’s only the ones we know about – that images of the slaughter would be too much to tolerate. Not that the Palestinians have done much to help. The kidnapping by a Palestinian mafia family of the BBC’s man in Gaza – finally released by Hamas, although that’s not being recalled right now – put paid to any permanent Western television presence in Gaza months ago. Yet the results are the same. …snip…

From the comments:

What scares me is that the Israelis may be trying to hide a general carnage so ruthless that it would even sicken Bush/Brown.

Posted by Paul | 05.01.09, 02:42 GMT

oh FFS, nothing would faze BushCheney and imo Brown asked for a brighter pink collar and leash.

42. bayprairie - 4 January 2009

The second photograph should be titled: Cthulhu, Descending.

im sad to say reality trumps “fictional giant creature daydreams” in this instance. the title should correctly read “photo of israeli war crime in progress”.

43. bayprairie - 4 January 2009

37. cited

Can someone help me come up with an argument for why the Obama stimulus plan isn’t turning out to be a painful joke?

Thanks in advance.

–Josh Marshall:

i hope marshall begins getting ready to defend against obama’s gutting of the social security program. marshall did decent work on SS with his blog when bush tried gutting it. its the one reason i see his work in a slightly different light than the more-than-disappointing blagghh boyos.

but if marshall thinks obama doesn’t have gutting social security in mind he’s daydreaming in cthulhu-land.

44. bayprairie - 4 January 2009

i call that bold talk for a sag-tittied, four-eyed chickenshit.

Reid To Coleman: It’s Over. Concede.

In a statement given to Election Central, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has called upon Norm Coleman to concede defeat in the Minnesota Senate race. Reid also reminded Coleman of his own calls early on in this process for Franken to concede and not waste taxpayer time and money:

but did reid say pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top-SIR?

i’d give ten bucks to see reid having to deal with mr burris and mr coleman

IN the building

ON the floor

DEMANDING to be seated

on the very same day!!!!!

45. marisacat - 4 January 2009

when I returned to Marshall he had added an update. Seems he first posted that in rueful/ joke/ irony/ whateverness, But indicated he might be turning serious.

ugh I had mixed feelings about the whole Dems Defend Soc Security thang… not just from JM, I felt some elements of it were a precursor to Fitzmas. Look terribly populist and busy busy busy…

Not spoken about, were old time trad conservative R who had no intention of letting SS go.

Does ObRama have plans. I sure assume so.

One f the most entertaining things at the moment is that Richardson is forced out, basically, as there is TOO MUCH pay-to-play connection going on. But for Chicago and Blago and Burris, apparently Ob/Axelrod/Whoever would nto have felt the Richardson thing so problematical.

I foresee falling souffles.

46. bayprairie - 5 January 2009

well i like to think fitz put off the indictment cause he got so many juicy tips over the phone when he outed blago he needs that long to investigate them all.

wouldn’t that be lovely?

i also figure that the 300 millon dollar tax cut bill is the price of harry reid’s “leadership”. he cant get shit out of an asshole so thats the price the OB has to pay to get his bills through the senate.

it wouldnt suprise me if reid is completely bypassed in the negotiaions either. i bet OB skips his dead ass when he negotiate with the thugs.

harry’s the 300 million dollar ineffectual man.

47. marisacat - 5 January 2009

by rights Reid should lose in NV… think I read two weeks ago his approval is 37%. I think the R hyped how much difficulty McConnel was in to fundraise.. and bunker the troops.. but Reid might be in some real trouble.

But do his managers want to be rid of him. hmm Possibly not.

48. marisacat - 5 January 2009

LOL I hope Blago continues to leak stuff from the tapes. Esp as Obster and Axelrod have scarcely been “transparent”. Unless etch-a-sketch is tranparent.


49. marisacat - 5 January 2009


found this at Tiny Revolution, posted just a couple days ago.. The two interviews with Soffer [Israeli “geo strategist”] are very interesting and not tooo long.

Link to Tiny Revolution

2004 interview, now missing from Jpost site, but TR found at a settler group site:

link to Yahoo groups posting f the interview

2007 interview still at JPost

Jpost 2007 interview

Neither interveiw is too long.

50. marisacat - 5 January 2009

hmm Clusterstock on the WSJ article on the possible big slush fund for bidness in the Obama stimulus. hmm and some further accommodation for those n the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) slice.

I want a check TOO! (I am serious)

51. marisacat - 5 January 2009

My head is spinning. The NYT on the Obster stimulus package… as currently configured. Or not.

52. mattes - 5 January 2009

#33, Dave already went on record as supporting Israel. Would not have been in the same room with NY politicians if he had not.

Why replace the same with more.

He is a good little Zionist, just like Susanwhusomething.

53. catnip - 5 January 2009

34. “Clashes”? “Clashes” continue?
What minimizing Bullshit.

Soon they’ll be calling it a slight disagreement. Nothing to see here folks…

54. lucid - 5 January 2009

As for the business tax package, a key provision would allow companies to write off huge losses incurred last year, as well as any losses from 2009, to retroactively reduce tax bills dating back five years. In effect, this would entitle companies to receive cash from the government that they otherwise couldn’t have claimed.

Ummm… that’s the way it works now. You can roll back losses up to 5 years and get a check from the governement… What the hell is new about that?

55. catnip - 5 January 2009

Thanks to those “precision guided” Israeli missiles, an ambulance was hit in Gaza yesterday and 3 medics were killed. Ewa Jasiewicz of the Free Gaza movement said she believes the ambulance was targeted.

A UN spokesman said (via CBC teevee) they’re having trouble finding shelter for people who’ve been bombed out of their homes since the borders are closed and they have no safe place to go. As it’s been said, fish in a barrel.

56. BooHooHooMan - 5 January 2009

Crapper John on the Front page of DK

“Employee Free Choice: Hoyer Predicts Quick Passage.”

LOL. It’s already DOA in the Senate.

57. marisacat - 5 January 2009

It’s a concentration camp. One of the long running issues. Particularly the last 18 months, the last 6 months and then in preparation for the war… But seeing the polling of Israeli public opinion, not a problem for them.

Over and over, none of this has to do with held hostage to excusing a people who suffered the Holocaust.. The whole idea that there should be some global ”pass” for Israel, the Holocaust, was a con from the get go. Plenty of genocide thru history.

58. catnip - 5 January 2009

Thanks for the well wishes, btw. I did manage to actually get some sleep last nite. I’ll see how today goes.

59. marisacat - 5 January 2009

Scammed this from Lenin thread… on the manner of urban warfare, in particular, movement thru the city, of the IDF. From 2006 and relates to Nablus in 2002.

During the battle soldiers moved within the city across hundreds of metres of ‘overground tunnels’ carved out through a dense and contiguous urban structure. Although several thousand soldiers and Palestinian guerrillas were manoeuvring simultaneously in the city, they were so ‘saturated’ into the urban fabric that very few would have been visible from the air. Furthermore, they used none of the city’s streets, roads, alleys or courtyards, or any of the external doors, internal stairwells and windows, but moved horizontally through walls and vertically through holes blasted in ceilings and floors. This form of movement, described by the military as ‘infestation’, seeks to redefine inside as outside, and domestic interiors as thoroughfares. The IDF’s strategy of ‘walking through walls’ involves a conception of the city as not just the site but also the very medium of warfare – a flexible, almost liquid medium that is forever contingent and in flux.

60. marisacat - 5 January 2009

More “cluster bomb” photos from El Mundo (with an article, en espagnol)

A Norwegian doc has apparently told Press TV thise are bing used as well. DIME Dense Inert Metal Esplosive.

61. marisacat - 5 January 2009

Angry Arab (I read somewhere the demonstration in Kuwait was 60K):

The Last Days of Bush

Something may be happening in the Arab world well beyond Gaza. I don’t want to overstate this but when you read about the largest demonstration in Kuwaiti history, or about the failure of the Saudi plan for sectarian sedition in order to lower Arab public hostility toward Israel, you realize that there are important indicators of long-term effects of this Israeli terrorist assault on Gaza.

It may be said a few years from now that Bush in his last days in office managed to cause a foreign policy disaster (even from US foreign policy interests and “strategic posture”) comparable to his other more famous foreign policy disasters. The same regimes that the US has been shoring up with money and/or weapons may be threatened because of this war and because of the complicity of Arab regimes along with the US.

Posted by As’ad at 9:19 AM

62. marisacat - 5 January 2009


Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Former Congressman, Leon Panetta, Tapped by Obama to Head CIA, ABC News Has Learned [2:47 p.m. ET]

63. BooHooHooMan - 5 January 2009

Robert Parry – save one premise on U.S capacity – runs down the essential I/P…

The foundation of his piece…

Israel’s Looming Catastrophe

by Robert Parry

For the past three decades, Israel has charted a course that invites its own destruction by relying on two risky propositions: first, that it could extend its security perimeter beyond the reach of a devastating missile attack, and second, that it could permanently control the political debate inside its crucial ally, the United States.

Parry notes Destruction – Mutually Assured at Best case scenario is the core…

If Israel continues to engender hatred across the Muslim world – …… eventually some radical government or group will get hold of a missile or some other means of delivering a payload against Tel Aviv that would wreak mass devastation.

In that event, Israel would almost surely turn to its sophisticated nuclear arsenal and launch a massive retaliatory strike. But to what end? ….

Indeed, retaliation would likely make matters worse by engendering even a stronger determination among Muslims to eliminate whatever would be left of Israel. The situation might even be beyond the military power of the United States to set right.

Why Parry beats around the bush here I don’t know…
IT ALREADY IS beyond “Our” Military Power or any other
Would Be Karaoke Cowboy State to “set it right”…
Holy MoJeebussAllah, how long have the Good Religions been at this?

….Cont’d, where Past is Prologue in a bit….

64. BooHooHooMan - 5 January 2009

.. continuing on…

Parry also notes in his piece today, Israel’s Looming Catastrophe some well cited but hardly publicized facts WRT Israel’s actions in Iran in the 70’s, it’s US Election engineering, it’s having a stake in the Shah’s fall while looking to infiltrate instigate and benefit from havoc in Post Revolutionary times…

Begin’s fear of Carter’s reelection – combined with alarm over Carter’s perceived bungling in Iran where Islamic extremists took power in 1979 – set the stage for secret collaboration between Begin and the Republican presidential campaign of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, according to another Israeli intelligence official, Ari Ben-Menashe.

In his 1992 memoir, Profits of War, Ben-Menashe said the view of Begin and other Likud leaders was one of contempt for Carter.

Begin’s fear of Carter’s reelection – combined with alarm over Carter’s perceived bungling in Iran where Islamic extremists took power in 1979 – set the stage for secret collaboration between Begin and the Republican presidential campaign of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, according to another Israeli intelligence official, Ari Ben-Menashe.
Ben-Menashe, an Iranian-born Jew who had immigrated to Israel as a teen-ager, became part of a secret Israeli program to reestablish its intelligence network in Iran after it had been decimated by the Islamic revolution.

Ben-Menashe wrote that Begin authorized shipments to Iran of small arms and some spare parts, via South Africa, as early as September 1979. In November of that year, events in Iran took another troubling turn when Islamic radicals seized the U.S. Embassy and took 52 Americans hostage, prompting a U.S. trade embargo.

Carter Catches On

By April 1980, however, Carter had learned about the covert Israeli shipments, which included 300 tires for Iran’s U.S.-supplied jet fighters. That prompted an angry complaint from Carter to Begin.

“There had been a rather tense discussion between President Carter and Prime Minister Begin in the spring of 1980 in which the President made clear that the Israelis had to stop that, and that we knew that they were doing it, and that we would not allow it to continue, at least not allow it to continue privately and without the knowledge of the American people,” Carter’s press secretary Jody Powell told me.

“And it stopped,” Powell said. At least, it stopped temporarily.


Extensive evidence now exists, too, that Begin’s preference for a Reagan victory led Israelis to join in a covert operation with Republicans to contact Iranian leaders behind Carter’s back and delay release of the 52 American hostages until after Reagan defeated Carter in November 1980.

In his book and in sworn testimony about this so-called “October Surprise” controversy, Ben-Menashe asserted that then-vice presidential candidate George H.W. Bush personally participated in a key meeting in October 1980 in Paris. Bush denied that claim at two press conferences in 1992 but was never questioned under oath in any formal government investigation.

More Evidence

Since then, additional evidence has emerged linking the senior Bush to the clandestine Republican contacts with Iran during the 1980 campaign. Chicago Tribune reporter John Maclean said he was informed by a well-placed Republican Party source in mid-October 1980 that Bush was heading to Paris for a meeting with Iranians about the hostage crisis.

David Andelman, a former New York Times correspondent who was assisting French intelligence chief Alexandre deMarenches on his memoir, said deMarenches described arranging meetings between Republicans and Iranians in Paris but insisted that be left out of the book for fear it would hurt his friend, George H.W. Bush.

After checking its intelligence files at the request of the U.S. Congress, the Russian government submitted an extraordinary report in January 1993 that identified the senior George Bush as one of several Republicans who negotiated with the Iranians in Paris during the 1980 campaign.

The congressional task force that requested the Russian report as part of its “October Surprise” investigation in 1992 never made the report public or even disclosed its existence.

I discovered the Russian document in a storage box left behind by the task force, which – by the time the Russian report arrived – had already decided to “debunk” the allegations of a Republican-Iranian hostage deal. The task force cleared Bush without ever questioning him.

In 1993, former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, who followed Begin to power in Israel, became another voice endorsing the allegations of a Republican-Iranian “October Surprise” deal back in 1980.

When asked in an interview whether there had been a Republican “October Surprise” operation, Shamir responded, “Of course, it was.” [For details on this mystery, see Robert Parry’s Secrecy & Privilege.]

65. BooHooHooMan - 5 January 2009

Mcat- Panetta to CIA? You’re joking, right?!

The guy couldn’t find Father Chester the Molester
if he was in his PANTS.

tho that’s Prolly THE IDEA:

From WiKi:

In June 2002 the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops put him on their National Review Board[16], which was created to look into the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse scandal.

66. marisacat - 5 January 2009

Oh but in clipped and dull terms he rejected torture… “we are better than that”… the mouthpieces have the interview. Should be swallowed well by rank and file… with some cod liver oil… and if they fight back, some lite water boarding.

67. marisacat - 5 January 2009

fellate the USCCB, I should have guessed.

68. mattes - 5 January 2009

#49…marcat, just started reading the articles. Great find. I have to go slow and digest.

Can’t find site there was talking about burnt skin injuries and cutoff hands and feet. Has anyone come across those?

69. marisacat - 5 January 2009


I have not just touring the gaza blogs. No word on that yet.

70. marisacat - 5 January 2009

ACHTUNG! Neue post!


…. 😯 …..

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