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hmmm 15 January 2009

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, 2010 Mid Terms, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems.


Really.  As long as the important stuff is taken care of, I guess…. and all of that is under control… Right?  hmmm

Full text via Ben Smith

Do you need Obama coverage 24 hours a day? In several markets, Comcast cable is launching an all-Obama, On Demand channel. (In D.C., it’s channel 963).

Leading up to Inauguration, the channel will offer a number of Obama-related programs, according to a release:

“Barack Obama’s most famous speeches to date, from his keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 through his election night victory speech in Grant Park; Barack Obama biography; Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention speech; a tour of the White House; and the history of Air Force One.”

Dish Network launched an all-Obama channel during the campaign.

And I love the first comment:

Is BO a discovery or an invention?

Posted By: Nowintheknow | January 13, 2009 at 04:22 PM

Up up and away!  I know Martin and Abe, JFK, RFK, Mandela (who else is he the reincarnation of?) Moses AND Joshua  are feeling they missed something.

They missed the Big Picture.

Will it hawk Obamaware?



1. catnip - 15 January 2009

I don’t even know what time the inauguration is on. I have an appt that day anyway so I guess I can catch one of the 3 million reruns.


Imagine where your economy would actually be without all of this Obama-related monetary activity.

2. marisacat - 15 January 2009

Geithner… this is so reassuring!

If Geithner were to withdraw, there’s no obvious next choice. Whoever followed would need to get up to speed on efforts to stem the financial crisis. That carries dangers, as global financial markets remain fragile and anxious.


3. catnip - 15 January 2009

2. I saw a snippet somewhere yesterday about Geithner being “too big too fail”. There you go.

As Colbert put it: “I don’t pay my taxes. Can I be treasury secretary too?”

4. marisacat - 15 January 2009

apparently account run blogs are having fun that for years he did his own taxes. It jsut means when they audit you they are in YOUR home or YOUR office. At least if a firm or tax accountant, tax atty firm, etc., does it the IRS sits in THEIR office. As a friend pointed out to me when she was [brutally] audited.

5. marisacat - 15 January 2009

SF Gate:

(01-14) 19:51 PST OAKLAND — The unarmed man killed by former BART police Officer Johannes Mehserle on an Oakland train platform early New Year’s Day put up a brief struggle with officers but had been restrained and had both arms behind him when he was shot in the back, police investigators said.

The conclusion by Oakland police, contained in a legal filing made public Wednesday, contributed to Alameda County prosecutors’ decision to charge Mehserle, 27, with murdering 22-year-old Oscar Grant of Hayward.

It was an extraordinary decision. Several legal experts said they could recall no instance of a police officer in California being charged with murder for an on-duty incident, and Alameda County District Attorney Tom Orloff said he had never brought such a case in his 14 years on the job. …

Orloff said Mehserle had committed murder because he killed Grant in an intentional, unlawful act. Orloff said no evidence his office reviewed – witness statements and video shot by BART passengers, including footage that the public has not yet seen but that the district attorney called “very helpful” – indicated the shooting was justified. …

Although more than 100 people are killed by police officers each year in California, officers are rarely charged with serious crimes. Several law enforcement officials and experts said Wednesday they could not recall the last time a California police officer was charged with murder after an on-duty incident.

“It hasn’t been studied,” said Bob Stresak, a spokesman for the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. “The occurrence of that is so rare, there’s not a lot to study.” ..snip..

6. marisacat - 15 January 2009

hmm the conflab of pro Israel shape shifters and MSOC enablers gather tighter round the manic depressive … I gather much drahma and “gottlieb” removed himself from the joint.

7. marisacat - 15 January 2009

Who will stop us?

The headquarters of the UN refugee agency and a hospital in Gaza were on fire today after being struck by Israeli artillery, injuring several people, a UN spokesman and witnesses said.

The compound of the UN Relief and Works Agency was hit by what appeared to be three white phosphorous shells, with three people known to have been hurt, a spokesman for the organisation, Chris Gunness, said. It was on fire, with large amounts of aid supplies, including fuel trucks, at risk, he added.

The compound has been serving as a shelter for hundreds of people fleeing the 20-day Israeli offensive. It was not clear if any people remained inside.

Another UN spokesman in Gaza told the AFP news agency that the organisation was suspending its relief operations following the attack.

8. marisacat - 15 January 2009

It ended peacefully but Jewish Anti Zionists chained themselves to the Israeli Consulate in LA

Early this morning, Jewish activists in a historic first in Los Angeles, chained themselves to the entrance of the Israeli Consulate and blocked the driveway to the parking structure, blocking all traffic in and out of the building. “We sent a clear message to the world that LA Jews are part of the global majority in opposition to the Israeli siege of Gaza,” said Lenny Potash a 72-year old protester who was cuffed to eight other activists, blocking the driveway to the consulate.

The activists were joined by 50 other supporters and who chanted “LA Jews say, End the Siege of Gaza” and “Not in Our Name! We will Not be Silent!” Protesters also held up signs reading “Israeli Consulate: Closed for War Crimes.” …

9. marisacat - 15 January 2009

That link also has a good fact check on Israel, US support and related issues. And this:

ISRAELI APARTHEID: Former South African President Hendrick Verwoerd observed as far back as 1961 that “Israel, like South Africa, is an apartheid state.”

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 January 2009

5 – and none of that would have happened if the cops had been able to confiscate all the cameras.

11. marisacat - 15 January 2009

The cops have released none of the ones they DID get.. nor have they commented on any of the content in the ones they have.

One thing, people are asking, what is their legal right in a situation like that, CAN the cops confiscate your phone or camera. I LIKE what is happening.

12. mattes - 15 January 2009

To continue from last thread….I too think we are in a catch 22 on oil wu. And it’s going to be a long one…

Bad news on Mex for me as I wanted to move there with some family, my family lives in a very nice area, but if Mex turns into a narco state, no amount of walls will protect people from the hungry. It’s a scary thought.

IMO… I think many unlikely people are behind OB because I am sure there is much worse news that we don’t get and our overlords are scared big time.

I really try to see things from multiple sides…and they just all look scary to me. And I am not healthy enough to just up an move on a moment’s notice….I see tent cities and migrations. And we haven’t even added in the weather.

Please tell me there is light somewhere.

And what does our congress think important….Israel’s latest war.. ugh.

13. marisacat - 15 January 2009

Well sweetie.. you supported him. Katrina van den Heuval

Does this sound familiar?

“We have no strategic plan. We never had one.”

That’s how a senior US military commander described the war in Afghanistan to Washington Post reporter Karen DeYoung in her must-read front-page story Tuesday.

Another Pentagon official “only half-jokingly” referred to General David Petraeus’ “shadow government” of 200 military and civilian experts tasked with coming up with a comprehensive plan.

But instead of tough questioning of our Escalation Without a Plan in Afghanistan, we are on course to double our presence there by adding 20,000 to 30,000 more US troops. DeYoung writes that this strategy is designed to buy the Obama Administration time so it can devise our purpose for being there and what we hope to accomplish. …snip…

14. mattes - 15 January 2009

…one more thing, there is another large wave of exotic mortgages that are going to be coming due shortly…we are not done there.

15. marisacat - 15 January 2009

They said a few months ago, for CA, we have least two more big waves of risky mortgages due for “adjustment”.

16. mattes - 15 January 2009

“”Senator Bernie Sanders told me, “It’s time for the new administration to reexamine our Afghanistan policies. I certainly don’t want to see Barack Obama caught in the kind of morass we experienced in Iraq under Bush.” “”

from your link….obama is going to have to back down on that one. lose lose. And Pakistan can easily fall into anarchy.

17. marisacat - 15 January 2009

I don’t think he will be backing down.

And Juan Cole is just like KvdH… he has several entries today, all about the horror of the assault on Gaza, but also one fully embracing Hillary. There was pushback in the comments I noticed (and K got some as well).

Geesh. Get real. But the Katrinas and Juans are tied to the party. By cash, in his case overt, he is paid to consult.. in hers, paid in kind imo to keep The Nation useless.

18. wu ming - 15 January 2009

and after the home mortgages have gone thoroughly bust, we’ll see commercial real estate go bust as well. according to calculated risk, residential housing hit the big banks, but smaller banks weren’t really all that exposed to it; they are, however, much deeper in commercial real estate, which is about to go pear-shaped.

one bright side to this mess is that all the condos that are being converted to apartment rental units means that rents are falling even as rental demand increases. so perhaps slightly less blood from the turnip from that direction; earlier, i was afraid that people fleeing underwater mortgages and foreclosures would bid up rental rates at the worst possible moment.

as for mexico, i think the narco stuff is a distraction from the general RW paramilitaries+neolib columbia model that caldaron’s following. it’s not the drugs, it’s the guns. but that’s a rather old story, esp. in northern mexico.

if the oil taps out, things get freaky, since the welfare state (what trickled down, anyways) has been funded from oil nationalized i the 30s. without the revenue, things get hairy, and i don;t even want to think about american reactions to a flood of actual refugees and not just migrant laborers.

19. CSTAR - 15 January 2009

Re 7. I doubt it was a mistake. For once Tom Friedman may have said something true in his NYT OpEd piece yesterday:

Israel’s counterstrategy was to use its Air Force to pummel Hezbollah and, while not directly targeting the Lebanese civilians with whom Hezbollah was intertwined, to inflict substantial property damage and collateral casualties on Lebanon at large. It was not pretty, but it was logical. Israel basically said that when dealing with a nonstate actor, Hezbollah, nested among civilians, the only long-term source of deterrence was to exact enough pain on the civilians — the families and employers of the militants — to restrain Hezbollah in the future.

That has a name: collective punishment. It’s even worse, collective retaliation. In whose name and with whose support?

Americans would be strongly advised to reject collective punishment or retaliation. What goes around comes around.

20. catnip - 15 January 2009


BUT… (9.00 / 9)

In case anyone is WORRIED…

I haven’t the SLIGHTEST inkling of an idea of actually shutting down the site, let alone doing anything terrible to myself. I’m just going to wallow in self-pity for a day or so and then move the fuck on. Thank you, anti-depressants.

–7.88, –6.56 If I can’t rant, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.
by: Maryscott O’Connor @ Wed Jan 14, 2009 at 15:35:09 PM CST

Some things never change…

21. catnip - 15 January 2009

No doubt Obamalama will use his trip to Canada to talk All Afghanistan War, All the Time.

Just saw this Ms magazine cover on CNN where Kyra Philips was interviewing Naomi Wolf who made the point that Bushco subverted feminist ideals by latching onto the idea that the war in Afghanistan was saving women. But Obama…? Well, he’s bringing change. He’d never use that tactic, would he? I’m sure I could find just such a quote but was reminded of this one when I was searching which, I think, shows what a damn hypocrite he is about the I/P situation:

“We’ve got to get the job done there and that requires us to have enough troops so that we’re not just air-raiding villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous problems there,” Obama said.

22. marisacat - 15 January 2009


[T]he flaws and disappointing actions within the UN are rooted in its potential to serve as an engine for progress. All nations understand the importance of this institution. That is why countries like Sudan, North Korea and Cuba work so hard to render bodies like the UN Human Rights Council ineffective and objectionable. It is why efforts to pass Security Council resolutions on abuses in places from Zimbabwe to Burma occasion such fierce debate, and don’t always succeed. It is also why many try to use the UN to willfully and unfairly condemn our ally Israel. When effective and principled UN action is blocked, our frustration naturally grows, but that should only cause us to redouble our efforts to ensure that the United Nations lives up to its founding principles….

That would be SUSAN Rice… Ben Smith links to the full text of her remarks, her prepared statement to the Foreign Affairs comitte… …

23. bayprairie - 15 January 2009

6. the GBCWist departure from myIDFwing could be explained…

Well, enough is enough. After years of devotion to My Left Wing – in providing content, financial contribution and site management when needed – I felt it was necessary, after years of the same old arguments and coercion from the Lobbyists, who speak with AIPAC talking points…

…if his position was outbid by another.

24. catnip - 15 January 2009

22. Could have sworn that was Condi. As long as the US keeps pretending that it isn’t actually a member state of the UN – that the UN is some sort of evil entity unto itself – I guess people will use those types of Who, me? criticisms.

25. marisacat - 15 January 2009

Lordy. From a comment at Lenin, Mark Regev the Israeli spokesman says the phosphorus that hit the UNRWA is from hamas.. and that hamas has used phosphorus agaisnt Israel before.


26. catnip - 15 January 2009

23. myIDFwing


27. catnip - 15 January 2009

quote du jour:

“Hope is the denial of reality.”

Margaret Weis

28. catnip - 15 January 2009

25. Alrighty then. Well, let’s say that’s true. If it’s okay for the IDF to use white phosophorus, it would logically follow that it’s okay for Hamas to use it too. So, what’s Regev’s point?

BTW, some other Israeli spokespuppet is claiming on BBC that Hamas “militants” were firing on IDF troops in the area so that justified the UN facility attack. They really need to get their stories straight.

29. catnip - 15 January 2009
30. BooHooHooMan - 15 January 2009

catch 22 (re oil markets)
The compounded in sanity of burning shit for some purported sustenance then deep-breathing the soot while the fire burns a hole inyour roof aside….

other than THAT , LOL, re the Market

…the problem IMO is who knows what a “genuine” struck-to-market price is for the goop? ..given the scale and opacity of the financial instruments derived from it.?…for example, 20, 30, 40 derivations beyond (millions and millions of contract is more accurate).. but with derivative bets tied to currency A, B,C,fuerther entwined to Country D,E,or F Treasury Instrument L, M, N, O, and so forth —Who’s to say through the looking glass that the cost might just as well be x times what is reflected on “the market”…

“Deregulation” doesn’t BEGIN to describe the ‘Shock and Awe” chaos that was encouraged in all global markets- not just oil But the lack of transparency (opacity).. the Shadows in Fog aspect to forces in the market leaves one to guess who the Winners and Losers are.

Whether gas at 5 bucks a gallon was cheaper before global implosion than 2 Dollar gas afterwards.. Who knows? Who knows anything amidst Financial Shrapnel flying through smoke screens?

Moreover – with both literal and figurative / Financial and ballistic shrapnel still flying, smoke screens still quite thick…it leaves ALL would be Kings Men in the insane position of putting Hump and Dumpty Markets back together again..ESPECIALLY the allegedly ‘seasoned” hands still married to their “reputations” and irrational. ideologies.. What responsible actor with real resources will be encouraged to participate further in such folly? And at what price?

There’s a reason the Fed is making money available so cheap now to banks. Its a last gasp effort for elites to get hyper liquid, and temporarily stave off hyper inflation from the American doorstep.
But it ain’t gonna work, the last part at least…
All we have left are our “guns”, our military.
It’s the last, hallmark sign – of Dying Empire.

31. marisacat - 15 January 2009

Also from Lenin

The IDF and snipers have surrounded Al Quds Hospital.. and shooting at families trying to get inside. Nor can personnel get out to go to people in trouble.

[A]ustralian Human Rights Activist Sharon Lock is assisting medical teams at the hospital,

“Israeli snipers are shooting at families attempting to get to the
hospital. They are frightened and have no where to go. At least two
families have been shot at now, children have been wounded.”

Al-Quds hospital, Gaza City, located in the Tel al Huwa neighbourhood of Gaza, has been under attack by the Israeli army since 1:30 AM.

According to International volunteers at the hospital it has been hit
by shells four times.

“The hospital has received over 150 calls for help from people
including many children in the surrounding area who have been wounded and are in desperate need of medical care. The Israeli army has surrounded the hospital and no one is able to get in or out.” – Sharon Lock (Australia) International Solidarity Movement

No one is able to get to these children.

32. catnip - 15 January 2009

And as far as Regeve goes, may he rot in whatever kind of hell he believes in:

Mark Regev, an Israeli government spokesman, said that thousands of children in southern Israel were also suffering because of Palestinian rocket fire.

“Two weeks before this crisis started I went down south with my prime minister, Mr Olmert … and he was given letters from fourth graders I believe, children who are nine and 10-years-old, who their entire lives have been on the incoming end of these Hamas rockets,” he told Al Jazeera.

“You have a whole generation of Israeli children who unfortunately suffering similar trauma.”

The difference, you fool, is that Palestinians in Gaza cannot leave. Which part of the fact that you treat them like cattle penned into a crammed stockyard don’t you get?

33. catnip - 15 January 2009

Al Jazeera is reporting that 3 Gaza hospitals are under attack by the IDF.

34. mattes - 15 January 2009
35. mattes - 15 January 2009

5,000 people hurt and counting, they can’t even dig the bodies out, and PaulMYIDFWING, says it’s NOT a massacre.

Jay never admitted any IDF act was a massacre either. These people have no souls.

36. marisacat - 15 January 2009

HillaryObamaRama considering mil intervention in the Sudan. (she promised just htat in the debate at Howard Univ… one of the HBC. Said she’d blast the Sudanese pilots out of the air! Hooray for War! People applauded… the press neglected to report there were also boos, which I did hear… but way too much applause)…

Ob and his drunken promises (from the Guardian link):

“I will make ending the genocide in Darfur a priority from day one,” Obama said in April. He has also previously backed a toughening of sanctions and said the US might help enforce a no-fly zone.

“Obama is the [ruling] National Congress party’s worst nightmare,” said a diplomat in Khartoum. “They wanted [John] McCain and the Republicans to win. They thought they were pragmatists. They think the Democrats are ideologues. They haven’t forgotten it was the Democrats who bombed them.”…snip…

he promised everything for first day, first week, first hundred days. Everything was priority One.

37. marisacat - 15 January 2009


BHHM just out of moderation.. a reply to oil markets comments..


38. mattes - 15 January 2009

“You have a whole generation of Israeli children who unfortunately suffering similar trauma.”

How many years have they been spreading lies. If it were not for phones and internet, it would continue under a veil of censorship.

Richard Hass: and it will continue till we have a partner for peace!!

39. mattes - 15 January 2009

BHHM, did you see the video in my I/P diary, oh and cspan said they will not be offering the full hearings. So they were blacked out for the public:

$1.2 Trillion Slush Fund: Congressman Alan Grayson Grills Fed Vice Chair Donald Kohn


Tarp going to foreign central banks…

40. marisacat - 15 January 2009

apparently everyone got out OK. amazing!

A US Airways Airbus A320 plane has come down in the Hudson River in New York and rescue ships are at the scene.

41. mattes - 15 January 2009


Florida promises an outside review after a run on a fund for local governments

The governor called on the state’s Board of Administration, which manages the pool, to hire the lawyers. Bloomberg News has reported that Lehman Brothers had sold the fund $842 million of mortgage-backed debt that defaulted within four months.

The investment fund is relied on by about 1,000 Florida school districts, towns and counties, which use it like a checking account. Investors pulled more than $15 billion of its $27 billion holdings, prompting the state to suspend withdrawals on Nov. 29 to prevent a further run on assets.

“It’s going to be a very comprehensive review of all the individual securities, how and when and why they were purchased,” said Michael McCauley, a spokesman for the state board.

Crist and Sink are two of the State Board of Administration’s three trustees. The third is Bill McCollum, Florida’s attorney general.


SEC provides window on executive pay

WASHINGTON: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, expanding its push to make corporate compensation more transparent to investors, posted a link on its Web site that reveals how much companies pay their top executives.

The Internet tool, at http://www.sec.gov/xbrl, has pay data for 500 of the largest U.S. companies, the SEC said in a statement Friday. It lets shareholders review information on salary, bonuses and stock options, and compare totals with compensation at other firms.


42. Intermittent Bystander - 15 January 2009

Birds bring down Airbus in Hudson River? Rescue crews on scene, passengers in rubber dinghies.

43. Intermittent Bystander - 15 January 2009

40 – Amazing indeed – especially in this weather! It’s about 27F in the city right now, 14F with windchill.

44. BooHooHooMan - 15 January 2009

Mattes thanks for the diary and saw the clip.
It is quite appropos to be outraged at the ourageous.
All very sedate tho- in Barney’s Dog and Pony show
Stollers guy Grayson did a journeyman’s job:
to wit: Where did the money Go? Won’t you tell us? Please?

But I’m sure Stoller will market the cartoon as some seriously tough ‘action’ ,Grayson pushed
as the new collectible doll.
Ironic. Action figures yet no Happy Meal.

Concealing “the List” of where the money went
HAD TO spawn all sorts of insider trading in the meantime.

—–> The most critical, consequently concealed, and larger part of the Neocon ZOG War of Terror is the Financial Warfare, the Occupation of Markets and points of Exchange.

This is what’s going on, despite the inconvenience that it rings of Hitlers lies before , or contemporary Neo Nazis preferred “solution’ now…

It is no wonder then, how the US and Israel alike STILL use their ‘Hero” and “Victim” status emerging from World War ll. It is the only thing that prevents a clear eyed assessment of their own deadly Supremacist bent.

45. marisacat - 15 January 2009

Thanks IB… I just heard – radio – it may have been geese.

46. mattes - 15 January 2009


—–> The most critical, consequently concealed, and larger part of the Neocon ZOG War of Terror is the Financial Warfare, the Occupation of Markets and points of Exchange.

Like you said so far the winners are a big “secret”.

Guess, we have to wait to see ‘who is buying’ after the dust dies down.

47. BooHooHooMan - 15 January 2009

Airbus…Everyone got out okay

Nonetheless, Chertoff of DHS “won’t comment” on reports that a suspicious flock of sparrows was turned over to the CIA for interrogation techniques said to involve ‘basting” and “roasting”……. Hmmm. 😉

48. marisacat - 15 January 2009

hmmm Angry Arab embeds a link to Jpost.

Arabs should memorize those figures

“A whopping 94% of the [Israeli] public support or strongly support the [Israeli terrorist] operation while 92% think it benefits Israel’s security, according to the Tel Aviv University survey.” If Egyptian scholar, Anwar Abdul-Malak, had described Egypt in his book in 1968 as “miliary society,” we can easily describe Israel as “terrorist society.”

Posted by As’ad at 10:30 AM

49. Intermittent Bystander - 15 January 2009

47 – Yes, no doubt they’re grilling suspected co-conspirators now. . . .

About this “V” formation – where did you learn this terror technique? And what was the meaning of the so-called “honking” ?

Watching some rescue clips on the tube – brrr!

50. marisacat - 15 January 2009

LOL BBC uses the phrase “bird strike”.

They struck, they did not fly and run amiss. They STRUCK.

51. marisacat - 15 January 2009

Plus no doubt they at least crossed state lines to “strike” … and may have infiltrated from Canada.

52. marisacat - 15 January 2009

UN worker on BBC saying they lost all the food in the warehouse that went up when UNRWA was hit… she said, “one by one all the ware houses are going up”. BBC again reports they used phosphorus on the UN… another worker says Gaza City is being hit hard with phosphorus.

BTW Angry Arab has a post up that the ISraelis are rolling out a PR offenisve “next week” to the ocuntries that unfairly blamed them. He embeds a link to Ynet News:

PR for the killers
“Israeli ministers will be heading out next week for a ‘PR attack’ in foreign media. Ynet has learned that six ministers are scheduled to travel to countries that have a distorted public opinion on Israel’s operation in Gaza in an attempt to change the situation.”

Posted by As’ad at 11:04 AM

53. marisacat - 15 January 2009

Give that pilot a reward of some sort.. tho. Maybe it was luck.. but …

54. marisacat - 15 January 2009

Interesting number.. bet that holds as teh break line on votes, via The Page.

Votes 52-42 to allow Obama to use the leftover $350 billion to stabilize the U.S. financial system.

Permits the release of funds within days of the president-elect’s inauguration.

55. Intermittent Bystander - 15 January 2009

Watching the Bloomberg/Paterson presser on the Airbus.

Wonder if any passersby got hurt in the stampede of metro-area politicians eager to appear in the camera frame, on the occasion of a rare Happily Ended Disaster?

51 – and may have infiltrated from Canada.

Good point!

Head for the bunkers, catnip! Prepare for Operation Iceshack and Auk!

Yeah, sounds like good (and speedy) work by the pilot and crew, and quick response by the floating harbor folk. The pictures of passengers standing on the wing of the plane as it was slowly sinking in the river were mind-blowing.

56. marisacat - 15 January 2009

To the Rescue!

WASHINGTON — President-elect Barack Obama, who has focused mostly on the nation’s economic travails, says he will appoint a team immediately after his inauguration Tuesday to address “on Day One” the crisis in Gaza and brewing troubles across the Middle East.

“We’ve got a regional set of problems,” Obama said in a wide-ranging interview with USA TODAY, noting challenges in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as Gaza. “They’re not going to be solved in isolation. We’ve got to be active in all these areas in order for us to be successful in any of these areas.”

The diplomatic offensive, which could include the appointment of special envoys, contrasts sharply with President Bush’s approach to the volatile region. Bush put less emphasis on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict early in his tenure and tended to deal with Middle East problems separately. …snippy…

57. marisacat - 15 January 2009

Just hearing a report from Dean Meminger of NY1 to TNH… that people simply passed from the wings to the ferries.. not all but some.

Absolutely amazing.

The birds were def terrorist trained. They hit both engines. Bi lateral strike force.

58. marisacat - 15 January 2009

Via The Page

From the Marist Poll, among registered New York voters:

Who should fill Clinton’s Senate seat?

Andrew Cuomo: 40%. Caroline Kennedy: 25%.

A month ago the two were tied at 25%. Kennedy’s approval rating drops 16 points, to 46%.

59. BooHooHooMan - 15 January 2009

“Day One”

Hopefully, for a change,
someone will have the audacity to Hunt Down
whoever came up with Day One.
and Kill Him.

60. marisacat - 15 January 2009


01.15.09 — 2:56PM /

Social Networking

Former chief of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives under Gov. Ted Strickland (D-OH) arrested for running hooker rating website.

Not clear whether holding the $10 a ticket hooker raffle was also part of the charges.

–Josh Marshall

61. BooHooHooMan - 15 January 2009


62. marisacat - 15 January 2009

ugh – I of course am with BofA.

Late Update: TPM Reader TR is not so sanguine …

I think the thing that’s missing in your reporting is that all the major banks (B of A, wells, Citi) are already insolvent and that without the TARP they would have to declare bankruptcy. The press won’t touch the subject, nor will individual Congresspeople for fear of being accused of triggering a panic (see Schumer’s vilification for calling out IndyMac).

The whole purpose of TARP is to keep the banks going a little while longer in the desperate hope that the ‘market’ will turn and their worthless assets will magically regain value. It’s a looting/con game of literally historic proportions run by the people who created the mess and have absolutely no clue how to fix it. The major assumption being that there is a fix and that the banks will never, ever have to face the losses that they incurred while generating massive fees, bonuses, and salaries along the way.

–Josh Marshall

63. BooHooHooMan - 15 January 2009

ugh – I of course am with BofA

.Yeh but your bank won’t matter. You’ll be okay after we just credit default swap Cali to China. LOL. Here we’re likely to meld New York, PA, and Jersey into New Zio Bubbania.

64. marisacat - 15 January 2009

LOL… they say Cali is “too big ot fail”… I STILL say we, SF, should declare ourselves to be a City-State and apply for appendage formalities with Hong Kong or Shang Hai… take us in! If Sacramento wishes to join us, the capital of Cali can be ………Fresno. Or Modesto. LOL… just move it deepr into the Central Valley and the ag biz…

65. ms_xeno - 15 January 2009

Just swinging by with a consolation drink for IB,and anyone else who needs one.

We’ve been having internet issues here lately, so it’s kind of cramping my style. :/ Oh, and two weeks of Unemployment left ! Wheee ! Let the grovelling for an extension begin !

Do you think threatening to commit suicide if I have to snore through one one accounting tutorial might melt the County’s heart ? Nah. I didn’t think so, either. I think I’ll just take the last twenty bucks off the last check and buy some peppermint schnapps. Mmmm… hot chocolat + peppermint schnapps… 😉

66. marisacat - 15 January 2009

yuup…. from IOZ

Thursday, January 15, 2009
Moral Authority

You know, it’s remarkable how many people are all like, we must categorically repudiate torture, for if we do not, then what is our moral standing in the world? And yet you by and large do not hear the same folks say that we must categorically repudiate, you know, invading other countries, toppling their governments, and forcibly occupying their territory–you know, humanitarily or whatever–at the cost of thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of lives. Because, after all, uh . .

67. marisacat - 15 January 2009

ms xeno!

68. ms_xeno - 15 January 2009

Oh, and I looked at some moronic discussion on Orangland that guess-who left open yesterday. About… guess-which assault/invasion du jour. Hell, if ignorance was gold I’d never need to work again a day in my life. Just put a bucket where the keyboard usually is and let it alllllll pour out.

Same as it ever was.

69. marisacat - 15 January 2009

John Caruso of Distant Ocean has a post up at Tiny Revolution… he quoted a “leak” to Ha’aretz that militants were hiding under Shifa hostpial… I had caught that days ago… it was only a matter of time.

Part of an update to his post:

There were unconfirmed reports that Shifa, Gaza City’s biggest hospital, was on fire after being struck by Israeli shells.

70. BooHooHooMan - 15 January 2009

I have a sense in this waiting around during this diplomatic void on Gaza, that it’s terribly wrong in the assumption that the Israelis will relent…I think it was Bob Simon who peddled this in the Charlie Rose interview that Israel will puul out of Gaza by Ob’s Inaug. Jan 20th the termination date…Some sort of notion “out of respect” to the Obster.

What kind of people shell hospitals?
Some Very-Intent-on–War motherfuckers to be sure.

And as the circulating life of a whole globefull of money is flatlined stiff on the gurney….

China has its Navy headed to the Gulf and are running support ops inthe Indian Ocean. Russia has pulled an aircraft carrier in the Med.

So back to the question of Israel withdrawing of their own accord..
Predictably, they already have both houses of Congress and Obama slobberring over a Support Resolution and the non negotiablity of Defending℠ Israel. What’s to stop them from doing as they wish? What’s to stop them any more than it stops domestic pols here from taking true believing saps for a ride?

Big BIG Mistake this recent Congressional Resolution.
Israel is going to use it to hammer Gazans to death.

71. marisacat - 15 January 2009

Israel is going to use it to hammer Gazans to death.

well I think that is happening to day.. 4 hosptials hit and the UNRWA AS Ban Ki Moon is in Israel. And as Angry Arab said, Ban just apologised FOR the Israelis, so they did nto have to bother.


72. marisacat - 15 January 2009

Martin Fletcher part of a small group of foreign journalists brought a little way into Gaza… Times Online:

[H]e recalled the Israeli withdrawal from al-Atatra and other Gazan settlements in 2005. “Three years ago they had a wonderful chance to create with us industry, agricultural areas,” he said. “We left this place in very good condition. But they chose to go in a different way and so we had to fight.”

Avi Ronzki, a uniformed army rabbi with a long grey beard, agreed. “It’s a very righteous war,” he said. “Our army is showing that to beat terror you need to use a lot of force like the Americans in Iraq or Afghanistan.”

The soldiers did not want to stop now, the rabbi added. “They want to destroy Hamas. If you leave even a small core it will rise again, so it should be snuffed out entirely.” …snip…

73. marisacat - 15 January 2009

uh oh. NBC saying “Canada Goose”… find the bomb shelter catnip. We’ll be invading.

74. ms_xeno - 15 January 2009

#65. Sorry. Should be “one MORE” not “one one.”

I need a job spinning hospital bombings as self-defense. That’s gotta’ be where the prestige is. And with prestige, who needs money ?

75. catnip - 15 January 2009

73. uh oh. NBC saying “Canada Goose”… find the bomb shelter catnip. We’ll be invading.

Just as I suspected. Good thing I stocked up for nuclear winter.

ms x! **air kisses**

76. marisacat - 15 January 2009

Flipping thru a gallery of photos at Times Online.. this is the caption to one..

January 15, 2009

War in Gaza

Palestinian TV journalist Khader Shahin, left, walks handcuffed into an Israeli courtroom in Jerusalem, after his arrest for ’infringing new legal measures’ to restrict reporting of Israel’s Gaza offensive

(Ahmed Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images)

77. marisacat - 15 January 2009


knowing us we will say, Invade Due North… find ourselves in Mexico City and say, This is Canada. Death to anyone who disagrees!

78. marisacat - 15 January 2009

Obama today said next up: Entitlement reform. Chuck Todd says that means he will lift his mighty sword and touch the third rail. Social Security.

79. catnip - 15 January 2009

77. find ourselves in Mexico City and say, This is Canada. Death to anyone who disagrees!


Do you think that’ll be happening on Day One too?

80. Intermittent Bystander - 15 January 2009

Cheers and slainte, ms_xeno! Surely Obster’s Transformational Inauguration will wave away the need for such things as groveling, extensions, and snoozeworthy tutorials?! Your peppermint schnapps will be hand-delivered by an Up with People-style Yes We Can-Can song-and-dance team on Wednesday morning!

Going with iced green tea at the moment, to keep wits together for last day of (thankfully, in wrap-up, telecommutable) official employment tomorrow, and then I’ll be shoulder to shoulder with ya as we witness the dawning of the Ob-fresh Economy!

Thanks to bay, too – a couple threads back – for warm wishes. (Oddly enough, 2003 was the last time I found myself in this spot, also, and the downtime then led to, gasp, starting to comment on blogs. Maybe this time, I’ll try crack!)

Yeah, I noticed when they floated the concept of a Hamas headquarters under the hospital several days ago, too. No doubt that was a “humanitarian warning,” too.

81. catnip - 15 January 2009

Those journos calling the plane crash a “miracle” on the Hudson are insulting the pilot’s capacity to handle the situation. Miracle, my ass. Try “skill”.

I see Larry King has “MIRACLE” as a headline. Sheesh.

82. Intermittent Bystander - 15 January 2009

75, 77 – I’m telling ya, the code name will be Iceshack and Auk!

83. Intermittent Bystander - 15 January 2009

Big BIG Mistake this recent Congressional Resolution.

Strength in numb-ers is the way they like to roll.

84. Intermittent Bystander - 15 January 2009

Here’s the hospital reference I remembered, from a Jan 11 NYT Article called A Gaza War Full of Traps and Trickery, but I see now that unconfirmed assertion (of Hamas leadership in underground housing) was about Shifa Hospital, not Al Quds.

85. catnip - 15 January 2009

82. We have frozen pucks. Stockpiles of them.

86. marisacat - 15 January 2009

gnu post


……………….. 🙄 …………….

87. Intermittent Bystander - 15 January 2009

85 – Insurgents! Over there, with the high-powered curling stones!

And look, there are more scary geese headed south to cleverly infiltrate our aircraft engines! You and your hockey pucks must pay!

(Reminds me of an old joke about a Scottish pilot landing in Nova Scotia . . . having been warned by air traffic control to avoid an animal on the runway, he exclaimed upon touchdown, “If that’s yer moose, I’d hate to see your cats!”)

88. Intermittent Bystander - 15 January 2009

Curling stones in the mod bunker?

89. Intermittent Bystander - 15 January 2009


(BTW, as a triple-agent for the upstate NY/Vermont/Quebec/Outer Hebridean Truth and Beauty Coalition, I am naturally in the pocket of the Goose Lobby.)

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