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It’s bigger than Grenada… 13 April 2009

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In Galcaio, the state capital, pirates from Hobyo even have a store named after their village: it sends a lorry laden with food, drink, cigarettes and khat to them three times a week [Veronique de Viguerie – Daily Mail – October 2008]

BUT!, Is it a small enough war for us to win?

[O]n Sunday night, one of the crew members said Phillips had gone with the pirates as a good-faith gesture. But the pirates did not follow through on their promise to let him go, and his ordeal began.

On Saturday afternoon, two U.S. helicopters buzzed over the pirate stronghold of Harardhere on the Somali coast, residents said. One helicopter landed for about 10 minutes, bewildering locals and scattering herds of goats and cows.

“I have no idea what is happening,” said Laila Arale, a local farmer who sent her sons to sleep elsewhere Sunday night, fearing that the United States might attack Somalia from the air. “I’m scared.”

The Bainbridge had offered to tow the lifeboat to calmer waters as the seas grew rougher, and the pirates, seeming worn down, agreed, said military officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity. One pirate with a hand injury effectively gave himself up.

Phillips was by then tied up, having been bound and occasionally beaten by pirates after he tried to escape by jumping off the boat.

The rescue occurred at 7:19 p.m. local time Sunday, the Navy said, and involved dozens of SEALs. With one of the pirates pointing an AK-47 straight at Phillips’s back, an on-scene commander gave the SEAL snipers authority to fire.

John Reinhart, president and chief executive of Maersk Line, the ship’s owner, spoke with Phillips by phone. Reinhart quoted Phillips as saying that “the real heroes are the Navy, the SEALs, those who have brought me home.”  [mmm three head shots in a “bobbing water” condition, at night, no less… hmm   –Mcat]

“It’s a great day for all of us,” Reinhart said at a news conference in Norfolk. “It is truly, truly a wonderful moment.”

What, other than elections, have we ”won” lately?

Today on The News Hour the reading of  the dead from Afghanistan and Iraq was 14.  And there was just a similar reading toward the end of last week.  Two today were from California alone.  Years later… is that “winning”?

So, is waging war on Somaliland (I imagine the war mongers in the WH have worse names for Somalia) something to make us tall and strong again?

Goldman Sachs had a bang up first quarter… will that, mixed with shelling and air bombing Somalia, do it?

Poking around today I saw that the cheese eating surrender monkeys sent in a ground force of French special ops a few months ago, to free the hostages taken from a pleasure yacht… following that, crews from that town returned to spending their nights out at sea, while on pirate work and hostage holding…

We must not be outdone.  Can you imagine if that short shrimp of a French Pretzel outdid our tall Amazons.


A Somali girl leads camels, tied head to tail and carrying all of her family’s household goods, as the family moves from the pirate stronghold of Haradhere to Adado in south-central Somalia on Friday last week. Somali pirates dominate the towns of Haradhere, Hobyo and El-Hur, forcing most people to flee in fear of military action against the pirates. [PHOTO: EPA – October 2008]


Arcturus linked to Moon of Alabama in the last thread, this is their most recent post and thread on the incidents…

I fear that Obama’s ‘victory’ here will turn out to be like Bush’s ‘victory’ at Tora Bora. The starting point of a very costly  and bloody campaign in which will no one will win.

And from the thread [my bold]:

open questions re this setup

# how many hijackers were involved in the initial boarding? media reports indicate four hijackers involved in this incident – how unusual was it for only four hijackers to attempt to commandeer a vessel of this size? was it flying a u.s. flag at the time?

# media reports state that the hijackers sank their own skiffs after boarding. has this behavior occurred previously? what was the purpose? how did they sink them?

# are there any cases of somali pirates holding an individual, and not a ship, hostage? how did the hijackers end up in the ship’s lifeboat? did they commandeer it? were they enticed? was it through a process of negotiation?

# why were the negotiations w/ the somali elders unable to move forward? who controlled the negotiations for the u.s. side – the fbi or military?

# what was the purpose of the use of the commando boat? to draw fire to guage the hijackers weapon capacity? to draw fire to shape a narrative and justify escalation?

# how did the one hijacker end up on the uss bainbridge to negotiate w/ u.s. officials?

# how did the bainbridge end up towing the lifeboat prior to the assassinations?

# media reports state that the maersk alabama was orginally scheduled to arrive at the port in mombasa on april 16th. was that date correct? and, if so, what accounts for the gap from the date it left the port at djibouti?

# why did the maersk alabama make a stop in djibouti? did it load or unload any containers? if so, what was that cargo? were there military supplies for delivery to the security forces in mogadishu?

# where did the maersk alabama load the cargo of reported humanitarian supplies? when will it offload this reported cargo in mombasa?

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Adding this from the close of the last thread:

Madman in the Marketplace – 13 April 2009

this reenactment makes no fucking sense.

I saw a clip of a reporter walking through one of those model of lifeboats … one person would BARELY fit behind that window.

marisacat – 13 April 2009

agree… it is a small window and this was at night. Does the life boat have electrified chandeliers?


1. marisacat - 13 April 2009

Apparently polar bear lady was “distraught over losing her job”. So ‘body bite by polar bear’ makes the job boo boos go away? I just saw the film again with the added commentary.

Toward the end of the film clip with two big polar bears after her in the moat, well, that is quite a scene.

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 April 2009

should have let the bears eat her … she volunteered, very green of her to recycle herself in such a natural way.

marisacat - 13 April 2009

oh that made me laugh!

Intermittent Bystander - 13 April 2009

Apparently that litigious schmuck Rush Limbaugh suggested she file suit against Al Gore.

catnip - 13 April 2009

I know Al Gore’s gained weight but he isn’t exactly white enough to be mistaken for a polar bear.

Intermittent Bystander - 13 April 2009

Once again the people are asked to wait.

2. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 April 2009
3. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 April 2009

As much as I enjoyed this video: Paul Rudd Dances On Sesame Street, it was this comment below the video that really made me laugh:

How are you people not tired of these evil, liberal puppets and actors feeling are children’s brains with Communist/Socialist/Fascist/etc propaganda! Not only are they wanting us to “show the Earth how much we care” (fuckin’ cultish mother worshipin no doubt), but Paul Rudd’s dancing way too sexually for my kids. Did you see his facial expressions? FACT: Paul Rudd dances up on puppets and giant foam representations of Earth. While spreading propaganda, elitism, occultism, and other liberal bullshit. I can’t wait for his next song: Abortion Rocks!!1 Gross.
Posted by: An American Patriot at 04/13/09 6:11 PM | Reply
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marisacat - 13 April 2009

that was hilarious!

loved the “…feeling are children’s brains…”… too good.

lucid - 14 April 2009

I personally love feeling children’s brains. 🙂

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 April 2009
5. marisacat - 13 April 2009



BARACK OBAMA’S APPROVAL RATING: Still regressing toward the mean. “Barack Obama’s ‘approval index’ as measured by Rasmussen Reports (the difference between those who strongly approve and strongly disapprove of his performance) has declined steadily since his inauguration. There is nothing surprising about this, but Obama’s honeymoon proved short as disapproval has risen more quickly than was the case for most recent Presidents. Currently, Obama’s approval index is mired at +2, the lowest of his administration.”

Posted at by Glenn Reynolds at 10:17 pm

Welllllllll he just won one fo the great sea battles of all time. Give it a few days and re-poll!

catnip - 13 April 2009

The Dow Jones obviously doesn’t appreciate what a superhero Obamalama is by taking on those pirates all by his lonesome in the WH. It fell 25 points today. Why does the DJ hate Obama?

(Then again, pirates must stick together, after all.)

6. Intermittent Bystander - 13 April 2009

Tivo alert – Pelosi pushing printed product on The Daily Show tonight.

7. Intermittent Bystander - 13 April 2009

(Aforesaid product is titled Know Your Power.)

Great post, Marisa.

marisacat - 13 April 2009

oh thank you for posting that IB…


8. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 April 2009
marisacat - 13 April 2009

Just heard that on an update. And she died following Jack Wrangler, who I also heard on Fresh Air today, along iwht Margaret Whiting, his wife — of all interesting conjunctions.

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 April 2009

the interview from the ’80s that Fresh Air replayed w/ Wrangler was delightful. Very charming man.

marisacat - 13 April 2009

she was too.. MW I mean… very enjoyable it was.

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 April 2009

indeed, she was too, and both interviews put the lie to the lazy taxonomy that people want to impose upon human relationships.

9. catnip - 13 April 2009

Women’s rights advocate gunned down in Afghanistan

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — A female provincial official known for fighting for women’s rights was gunned down in southern Afghanistan on Sunday, following a day of fighting in the region that left 22 militants dead, officials said.

A Taliban spokesman, Qari Yousef Ahmedi, claimed responsibility for the attack.

Gunmen killed Sitara Achakzai outside her home in Kandahar city and then drove off, said Matiullah Khan Qateh, police chief of Kandahar province. He said the four men drove up on two motorcycles and shot Ms. Achakzai as she was getting out of her car.

Ms. Achakzai, a dual German-Afghan citizen, spent the years of Taliban rule in Germany and returned to her native country to fight for women’s rights, said Shahida Bibi, a member of the Kandahar women’s association who worked with Ms. Achakzai.

marisacat - 13 April 2009

well I can imagine that legislation sanctioning and CODIFYING Sharia law has just helped so much.

10. marisacat - 13 April 2009

hmm there is a caller to KGO whose family is Somali – Yemeni and he states that Djibouti, where the base is (that we keep enlarging, our only real Africom base) is full of Somalis. Having once been part of the larger Somaliland.

Lordy. Good Luck!

11. marisacat - 13 April 2009

NOW the story is that they shot one thru the front window… and miracle of miracles, two of them popped their heads up out of the life boat, thru an opening on the top. Bang Bang.

Interestiong… I saw more than one animation that indicated three shots thru the front ”window”, which actually is a window at the front of the bump up at the back of the life boat.

Geesh. ”Mark to market”..and now logistics of lifeboats, of a sort I did nto even know existed..

12. marisacat - 13 April 2009

Made for the movies. I tell ya. Apparently the Bainbridge was named for a naval officer who fought the Barbary pirates.

Cue the music, the thunder and the technicolor. The era of Errol Flynn lives!

13. lucid - 13 April 2009


While suborn pirates,
Cinch nuclear waste
From the simple minded,

We shoot them
With a toe to heel kick,

A grace note
To aphasia;

Because language is taken,
It is not your own.

The world no longer intends
What it pretends,
And pretends what it means.

14. lucid - 13 April 2009

Full poem…

While suborn pirates,
Cinch nuclear waste
From the simple minded,

We shoot them
With a toe to heel kick,

A grace note
To aphasia;

Because language is taken,
It is not your own.

The world no longer intends
What it pretends,
And pretends what it means.

So we, suborned,
Are left with piracy.

15. marisacat - 14 April 2009

Tapper v Gibbs

Then later Gibbs opened the briefing to other questions and bid adios to Restrepo [those were questions about our opening trade to the island for cell phones. We are bringing informacion to the little Cubans.. –Mcat]

TAPPER: The White House — President Obama gave special Pentagon permission to — authority to send special forces on Friday and Saturday. What were the rules of engagement for those forces? Were they able to shoot at the pirates immediately? Did they have to wait until they felt like Captain Phillips was under some sort of imminent danger?

GIBBS: I can — I will check. And I would point you also to the Pentagon in terms of whatever operational detail they feel safe in giving. And I — but I — I don’t know that I’m going to get into a lot of operational detail from here.

TAPPER: OK. Just one quick follow-up. Do you guys have any response to the fact that a Somali Islamist group took credit or blame, however you want to look at it, for firing mortars at a plane that Congressman Payne was on?

GIBBS: Right. Well, I mean, again, I think it goes to — to a certain lawlessness in the area. Obviously, it is an area of the — of the — a region of the world that is extremely dangerous, and that we, in coordination with — with our international partners have to take steps to control. These are areas that — and this is true for many ungoverned spaces — is that you breed very bad people that want to do very bad things. And the president is focused on the safety and security of the American people. And we’ll take steps to ensure that that’s the case.

BooHooHooMan - 14 April 2009

What a simple fuck. Makes you wonder if Gibbs has
a little paper bag from which he pulls the following note
before every briefing:

“Don’t Say ANYTHING Stupid, STUPID!!!!”
In Fact, Don’t say ANYTHING!!!

You know, 70 point print on a flashcard behind the lectern:

I’ve packed your favorite:
Peanut Butter and Jelly with a Cookie.
Plenty More where they came from if you survive.


marisacat - 14 April 2009

He’s hilarious. Unclear on the preferred story on a much disseminated aspect of the operation, sort of the basic rule of engagement for this event… the story goes Captain had to be under direct threat.

I think the whole thing is creaky and porous as hell, but what do I know.

BooHooHooMan - 14 April 2009

Tapper’s gonna give him kidney stones.
Gibbs has this terrible tell when he’s in trouble:
always fiddling with his glasses.

He sweats, they slide off his ears down his nose and he has to keep poking himself between the eyes. They need surgical fixation behind his ear lobes before pressers or something. Maybe contacts. Something.
“Humane Plexiglass” – hell, I don’t now.
Something that doesn’t glaze over.
Could help with the Deer In The Headlights thing too.

marisacat - 14 April 2009

He sweats, they slide off his ears down his nose and he has to keep poking himself between the eyes.

….maybe he could wear industrial safety glasses, that go all around. for the drop sweat, I have no solution.


ooo PS “humane plexiglass”

Just saw it… Good One!

BooHooHooMan - 14 April 2009

Yeh. Like a “donut” tire sized thing,
the little spare to get you through..
The circumference of his head serving as the rim.

MilSpec’d from nostrils to forehead in height.
Thick, Translucent of course, with ports for the ears to hear.

The visually bizarre magnifying effect would be offset by the sense of “gravitas” it might lend him… LOL.

But then there’s the drop sweat: Have him stand in an inflatable baby pool at the podium. The Ultimate in Pragmatism, no? Drop Sweat problem SOLVED. Look, I’m just trying to be helpful, here. “Bo” the WH Wonderdog isn’t the only one with a puddle problem…

marisacat - 14 April 2009

Shellacked in molded optometric (that may not be a word, LOL) plastic. Works for me… he could just stand forever at the Press Room lectern. No reason to go home.

BooHooHooMan - 14 April 2009

LOL! See?!! American Ingenuity!

And whether “molded optometric” is a word- Who Cares?!
It SOUNDS GREAT! We Can Sell It Anyways!
No one will know What The Fuck We’re Talking About! 😀

marisacat - 14 April 2009

Listening to ObRama speech today… he is dishing out a lot of “molded optometric”… and talking fast. Quick recap of first 90 days.

For him, according to the speech, ti si an uphill struggle, but the sun shines everyday.

BooHooHooMan - 14 April 2009

Utter Bullshit.
Howard Jacobsen in TNR.

‘England’s made a Jew of me in only eight weeks,” says Nathan Zuckerman on the last page of Philip Roth’s The Counterlife. It is not meant to be a compliment. What makes a Jew of Zuckerman is the “strong sense of difference” the English induce in him, a “latent and pervasive” anti-Semitism, rarely rampantly expressed except for a “peculiarly immoderate, un-English-like Israel-loathing.”


Twenty years on, it is difficult to imagine Nathan Zuckerman lasting eight days in England, let alone eight weeks. There is something in the air here, something you can smell, but also, in a number of cases, something more immediately affronting to Jews. It is important not to exaggerate. Most English Jews walk safely through their streets, express themselves freely, enjoy the friendship of non-Jews, and feel no less confidently a part of English life than they ever have. Organizations monitoring anti-Jewish incidents in England have reported a dramatic increase after Gaza: the daubing of slogans such as “kill the jews” on walls and bus shelters in Jewish neighborhoods, abuse of Jewish children on school playgrounds, arson attacks on synagogues, physical assaults on Jews conspicuous by their yarmulkes or shtreimels. But, while these incidents ought not to be treated blithely, they are still exceptional occurrences.

And yet, in the tone of the debate,
[ Of Course! Control the Tone of the Debate!- BHHM –
-cue Anti Semiticism Charge- ]

…in the spirit of the national conversation about Israel, in the slow seepage of familiar anti-Semitic calumnies into the conversation
[ Ah! There it IS!]

–there, it seems to me, one can find growing reason for English Jews to be concerned. Mindless acts of vandalism come and go; but what takes root in the intellectual life of a nation is harder to identify and remove. Was it anti-Semitic of the Labour politician Tam Dalyell to talk of Jewish advisers excessively influencing Tony Blair’s foreign policy? Was it anti-Semitic of the Liberal Democrat Baroness Tonge to refer to the “financial grips” that the pro-Israel lobby exerts on the world? Such allusions to a pro-Israel conspiracy of influence and wealth, usually accompanied by protestations of innocence in regard to Jews themselves–“I am sick of being accused of anti-Semitism,” Baroness Tonge has said, “when what I am doing is criticizing Israel”

–have become the commonplaces of anti-Israel discourse in the years since Philip Roth wrote The Counterlife.

This by the way is Jenny Tonge in the House of Lords:

Israel stands accused of war crimes witnessed by the whole world

More extraordinary Israeli Propaganda from Jacobson:

And, whatever their intention,their gradual effect has been to normalize, under cover of criticism of Israel, assumptions that 50 years ago would have been exclusively the property of overt Jew-haters. The peculiarly immoderate Israel-loathing that Roth remarked upon in 1987 is now a deranged revulsion, intemperate and unconcealed, which nothing Israel itself has done could justify or explain were it ten times the barbaric apartheid state it figures as in the English imagination.

Wow. “Nothing Israel has done”….
even if “ten times the barbaric apartheid state” of the “English Imagination”. Itself quite the Broad Brush of the UK.
Also Jacobson’s “under cover of criticism of Israel”..
Who’s slinging the conspiratorial cover up bullshit there?
Criticism has been pointed and Matter-of-Fact at The State of Israel as well as Jewish Financial and Political operatives for their ACTIONS.

Just a bit more of the Jacobson denial and LIES, his getting all Touchy Touchy over Jewish copyrights WRT the Holocaust.

Checkout where the guy uses the term “nonetheless argued” as in
“How Dare They?”…

Demonstrators against Israel’s operation in Gaza carried placards demanding an end to the “massacre” and the “slaughter.” There was no contesting this rhetoric of wanton destruction versus helpless innocence. Hamas rockets counted for nothing, Hamas’s record of endangering its own civilian population counted for nothing, Amnesty reports were cited when they incriminated Israel but ignored when they incriminated others. Whatever was not massacre was not news, nor was it germane. The distinguished British film director Ken Loach dismissed a report on the rise of anti-Semitism across Europe as designed merely to “distract attention” from Israel’s military crimes. An increase in anti-Semitism is “perfectly understandable,” Loach said, “because Israel feeds feelings of anti-Semitism.” Scrupulously refusing the Holocaust-Gaza analogy, Robert Fisk, writing in The Independent a few weeks ago, nonetheless argued that “a Palestinian woman and her child are as worthy of life as a Jewish woman and her child on the back of a lorry in Auschwitz”–at a stroke reinstating the analogy while implying that Jews need to be reminded that not only Jewish lives are precious.

I AGREE with Loach, quite literally: that an increase in anti-Semitism is perfectly understandable because Israel feeds feelings of anti-Semitism. As is the anti-Americanism against a US run amok by zealots, thugs, and white collar criminals.
Deal with it ,
and the worldwide criticism from the Left and CENTER now…
The Alternative isn’t Pretty in the long run.

marisacat - 14 April 2009

hm I should check before I say this… but think Jacobson had a very inflammatory comment piece in the Guardian a few weeks ago. Caused a bit of a stir.

Found it.. he is prolific so it took some winnowing… gah. It was in the Independent.

IMO Many Israelis and Jews of the Diaspora were/are too like many many Americans … they cannot see that they USE self shrouding exceptionalism or past suffering to wage present day horror. His piece reeks of apologia for murder in Gaza. If you refuse to see what happened in Gaza then you are an apologist for Israeli war crimes and policies. So many Americans accept what the government says, whether Bushiter or ObRama The Great, about what we do. Hopelessly and willingly ignorant. And supportive of war crimes and murder.

[A]nd Israel? Well, speaking on BBC television at the height of the fighting, Richard Kemp, former commander of British Troops in Afghanistan and a senior military adviser to the British government, said the following: “I don’t think there has ever been a time in the history of warfare where any army has made more efforts to reduce civilian casualties and deaths of civilians than the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) is doing today in Gaza.” A judgement I can no more corroborate than those who think very differently can disprove.

Right or wrong, it was a contribution to the argument from someone who is more informed on military matters than most of us, but did it make a blind bit of difference to the tone of popular execration? It did not. When it comes to Israel we hear no good, see no good, speak no good. We turn our backsides to what we do not want to know about and bury it in distaste, like our own ordure. We did it and go on doing it with all official contestation of the mortality figures provided by Hamas. We do it with Hamas’s own private executions and their policy of deploying human shields. We do it with the sotto voce admission by the UN that “a clerical error” caused it to mis-describe the bombing of that UN school which at the time was all the proof we needed of Israel’s savagery. It now turns out that Israel did not bomb the school at all. But there’s no emotional mileage in a correction. The libel sticks, the retraction goes unnoticed.

But I am not allowed to ascribe any of this to anti-Semitism. It is criticism of Israel, pure and simple. …snip…

He never bothered to find out what really happened at the school bombing. He took a brief and unbelievable and disproved cover story and ran with it. IMO he discounts eye witness statements from anyone who was inside Gaza. OK fine: Warsaw Ghetto is not and never was as the inhabitants saw it and told it…

I’d call him a Gaza denier.

16. marisacat - 14 April 2009

hmm Scott Horton, for whatever reason in Daily Beast rather than Harper’s:

Spanish prosecutors will seek criminal charges against Alberto Gonzales and five high-ranking Bush administration officials for sanctioning torture at Guantánamo. By Scott Horton.

Spanish prosecutors have decided to press forward with a criminal investigation targeting former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and five top associates over their role in the torture of five Spanish citizens held at Guantánamo, several reliable sources close to the investigation have told The Daily Beast. Their decision is expected to be announced on Tuesday before the Spanish central criminal court, the Audencia Nacional, in Madrid. But the decision is likely to raise concerns with the human-rights community on other points: They will seek to have the case referred to a different judge. …snip…

17. marisacat - 14 April 2009

oh those whacky Somalis. Three more ships taken in the past 24 hours.

Surely we shot them all.

18. marisacat - 14 April 2009

Well AP and the Independent say FOUR more.

Undeterred pirates hijack four more ships

Associated Press

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Undeterred by US and French hostage rescues that killed five bandits, Somali pirates brazenly hijacked four more ships in the Gulf of Aden, the waterway at the centre of the world’s fight against piracy. …snip…

19. NYCO - 14 April 2009
marisacat - 14 April 2009

I caugth Ramo a couple of Sundays ago as part of an overcrowded round table at MTP… I agree with some of what he says… but he’s not listening to Obster and the financial mobsters in the administration. REALLY not listening.

So how do we need to recalibrate?

Ramo: We need a complete revolution in how we act and how we should think. One shift we need to make is how we look at the world. We focus on single objects without paying attention to other realities of the situation. We need to go from narrow-gazing to a broad focus.

Shift 2 involves the old idea of deterrence. We need to get away from deterrence, and away from these huge defense budgets, and more toward the idea of resilience. It’s inevitable that bad things will happen to us. We need a Dept. of National Resilience. We need to move away from a world in which we try to terrify people, toward a world of more resilience.

Shift 3: We need to move away from direct control toward indirect control, or an indirect approach. Away from hoarding power, toward giving away as much power as possible. The things today that are powerful are those that distribute power: Computers. The Internet. That’s how Obama ran his campaign and got elected. What will save Obama and [Treasury Secretary] Tim Geithner as they deal with the financial crisis is what put them into office in the first place: An investment in millions of people.


NYCO - 14 April 2009

Yeah, he doesn’t completely get it – he’s still under the impression that Obama is Special. But just the fact that he’s acknowledging we’re groaning under our own complexity is worth noting.

The most advanced thinker on this is Dmitry Orlov who is at least trying to provide practical advice about how to climb down in orderly fashion from complexity. He’s kind of like Kunstler, but has constructive suggestions and not just wild-eyed apocalyptic rantings. Unfortunately for Obama, Orlov’s main bit of advice is “Avoid the government as much as you can, they’re not going to help us get through this.” Orlov isn’t a libertarian (ie “government is always bad”) – he just is pointing out that they’re pretty useless at this stage.

20. BooHooHooMan - 14 April 2009

LOL. Sorry! Call in a sniper for this comment!
Correct format below.

21. Arcturus - 14 April 2009

This last two days has been a blur. So many activities surrounding the movement of the homeless community at Tent City. Into the night people packing, moving, breaking down tents, broken hearts, flashlight and weary eyes peering off into the darkness of despair . . . all night long. This morning the police were out in force passing out the final eviction warnings. I received mine quietly from the officer and read the words . . .

ATTENTION:“It is unlawful to camp in the City of Sacramento. It is a violation of Section 12.52.030 of the Sacramento City Code. This location is scheduled for immediate clean-up by the Sacramento Police Department. Any items (or people – my words here) not removed will be considered abandoned and disposed of accordingly. Your immediate attention is required to avoid any loss of property.” (And then hand written in by the officers is this sentence . . .) “MOVE TO SHELTER BY: 4-15-09 WED.”

. . . I went up to one of the officers in the patrol truck and asked for clarification, “Excuse me, can you tell me where the ‘SHELTER’ is that we are supposed to move to by Wednesday?” His response was, “Cal Expo, that’s the place the City and County has prepared for you and your friends.” My response, “But there are only 50 beds over there and there are many hundreds of people without homes out here.” His response, “Until those beds are filled we are telling people to move there . . . and I’ve explained that to you before VJ.”
. . .
“That’s it!” I whispered in a yell. The answer to our dilemma was right here in the eviction notice . . . “MOVE TO SHELTER.” That’s exactly what I will do, and that’s perhaps what my friends will do as well . . . and maybe that’s what over 1,500 other homeless people will do!All of us showing up at Cal Expo on Wednesday with our eviction notices, just the way the City instructed us to do. . . . 1,500 shelter-less people standing there in front of 50 shelter beds, peacefully, obediently and actually ready to help find a way we all can have a legal place to live. Not in opposition to the City, but in accord with them.

but 1st, Thou Shall be Saved!

Yesterday afternoon at the pick-up area where persons seeking shelter in Overflow must be if they are to receive one of 204 shelter slots, a Christian church service was held with attendance to the service being mandatory.

marisacat - 14 April 2009

Christian concentration camps imo. Nothing less.

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 April 2009

there will only be more of this sort of thing in months/years to come.

22. Arcturus - 14 April 2009

two pieces talking about the “Special Administrative Measures (SAMs)” for terr’ists:

Guantánamo at Home By Jeanne Theoharis

Daniel McGowan, Another “War on Terrorism” Victim, By Stephen Lendman

23. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 April 2009

DOJ: No Evidence Anyone ‘Affected’ By Widespread Proselytizing in Military

A U.S. Army soldier who was allegedly forced to attend fundamentalist Christian themed events and sued Secretary of Defense Robert Gates claiming his First Amendment rights were violated should not be permitted to seek relief in federal court because he failed to take his grievances to his superiors, the Justice Department said in court documents filed last week in response to the Army’s soldier’s federal lawsuit.

Moreover, the Justice Department argued that documentary evidence contained in the lawsuit that says the U.S. military engaged in a “pattern and practice of constitutionally impermissible promotions of religious beliefs within the Department of Defense and the United States Army” should be set aside because the plaintiffs failed to demonstrate that anyone was negatively “affected by the alleged” abuses.

Army Spc. Dustin Chalker and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), a civil rights watchdog organization that ensures the military upholds its religious neutrality guidelines, filed the lawsuit against Gates and the Department of Defense last year.

24. marisacat - 14 April 2009

gnu thread…


…. 😯 …..

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