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I wish I drank… [update: Tapper V Gibbs] 14 April 2009

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, WAR!.

A pair of deer peers through a drive-in liquor store window Friday, March 27, 2009 in Medicine Bow, Wyo. [AP Photo/Laramie Boomerang, Alison Simpson]

I’d be with the deer at the drive in…………….

God Bless, God Bless America!  God Bless… (that was his close)

[T]here is a parable at the end of the Sermon on the Mount that tells the story of two men.  The first built his house on a pile of sand, and it was destroyed as soon as the storm hit.  But the second is known as the wise man, for when

“…the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house…it fell not:  for it was founded upon a rock.”

We cannot rebuild this economy on the same pile of sand.  We must build our house upon a rock.  We must lay a new foundation for growth and prosperity – a foundation that will move us from an era of borrow and spend to one where we save and invest; where we consume less at home and send more exports abroad.

It’s a foundation built upon five pillars that will grow our economy and make this new century another American century:  new rules for Wall Street that will reward drive and innovation; new investments in education that will make our workforce more skilled and competitive; new investments in renewable energy and technology that will create new jobs and industries; new investments in health care that will cut costs for families and businesses; and new savings in our federal budget that will bring down the debt for future generations.  That is the new foundation we must build.  That must be our future – and my Administration’s policies are designed to achieve that future.  …snip…

Roping them in…  Jesus speaks!  He is Risen!  We are blessed!

[T]hat’s why our Recovery Act will invest in electronic health records with strict privacy standards that will save money and lives.  We’ve also made the largest investment ever in preventive care, because that is one of the best ways to keep costs under control. And included in the budgets that just passed Congress is an historic commitment to reform that will finally make quality health care affordable for every American.  So I look forward to working with both parties in Congress to make this reform a reality in the coming months.  …snip…

I actually have a tidbit of good news on the above.  I read recently that Kaiser Permanente started out a few years ago, sure it could electrocute its medical records.  Yes I took a little literary license there with ELECTROCUTE.. but not much.  They assigned 3 billion and I forget how many years to it.  They just put another 7 billion into it… not sure the end is in sight.  [God Bless America!  Jesus is Risen!]

You think the government can do much but FAIL at this?  I sure hope they fail.  (Throw me a in corner with Rush, I could hardly care anymore.)

More of the blesssedness:

[N]othing will be more important to this goal than passing health care reform that brings down costs across the system, including in Medicare and Medicaid.  Make no mistake: health care reform is entitlement reform.  That’s not just my opinion – that was the conclusion of a wide range of participants at the Fiscal Responsibility Summit we held at the White House in February, and that’s one of the reasons why I firmly believe we need to get health care reform done this year. …snip…

Remember, they all sold him, still sell him, as a “listener”. Especially with his RIGHT ear, I would add..

[O]nce we tackle rising health care costs, we must also work to put Social Security on firmer footing.  It is time for both parties to come together and find a way to keep the promise of a sound retirement for future generations.  And we should restore a sense of fairness and balance to our tax code by shutting down corporate loopholes and ensuring that everyone pays what they owe.

All of these efforts will require tough choices and compromises.  But the difficulties can’t serve as an excuse for inaction.  Not anymore.  …snip…

I know that corporatists will force corporations to pay their fair share.  Blessedness abounds!  Jesus is Risen!  Hallelujah!

[B]ut we have been called to govern in extraordinary times.  And that requires an extraordinary sense of responsibility – to ourselves, to the men and women who sent us here, and to the many generations whose lives will be affected for good or for ill because of what we do here. …snip…

Full on whack land… if anyone were to ask me.  He is usually deep in the weeds of MY this, MY that, I, ME, MINE, MY… very often when a collective could more appropriately be used…  so I think “we” being used is full on royal dragnet.  It is not a benign “we” or  “our”.

Someone get him a crown.  A very tight crown.  Perhaps they stayed too long with the Queen.  Trail some ermine around him, purple velvet, stick an egret feather here or there, drape a few diamonds around him, a large diamond stomacher perhaps… indulge him.  He’s almost there on his own.

There is no doubt that times are still tough. By no means are we out of the woods just yet.  But from where we stand, for the very first time, we are beginning to see glimmers of hope.  And beyond that, way off in the distance, we can see a vision of an America’s future that is far different than our troubled economic past.  It’s an America teeming with new industry and commerce; humming with new energy and discoveries that light the world once more.  A place where anyone from anywhere with a good idea or the will to work can live the dream they’ve heard so much about.

It is that house upon the rock.  Proud, sturdy, and unwavering in the face of the greatest storm.  We will not finish it in one year or even many, but if we use this moment to lay that new foundation; if we come together and begin the hard work of rebuilding; if we persist and persevere against the disappointments and setbacks that will surely lie ahead, then I have no doubt that this house will stand and the dream of our founders will live on in our time.  Thank you, God Bless you, and may God Bless the United States of America.

I am sorry, I think it is entirely possible the “glimmers” he sees are some ecstatic overwrought (and pathological) belief in himself.  Hallucinations.

I caught some gibberdrooler tonight on NBC, Mark Whitaker I think it was… who said this speech had ”no rhetoric, it was all policy”.  Worse he added it was about “law”.

In our blessedness we are so fucking screwed.

Blessed be.

What goes up must come down.


Just to inject some reality into the souffle of Jesus Speak at Georgetown, from the last thread…

Arcturus – 14 April 2009

This last two days has been a blur. So many activities surrounding the movement of the homeless community at Tent City. Into the night people packing, moving, breaking down tents, broken hearts, flashlight and weary eyes peering off into the darkness of despair . . . all night long. This morning the police were out in force passing out the final eviction warnings. I received mine quietly from the officer and read the words . . .

ATTENTION:“It is unlawful to camp in the City of Sacramento. It is a violation of Section 12.52.030 of the Sacramento City Code. This location is scheduled for immediate clean-up by the Sacramento Police Department. Any items (or people – my words here) not removed will be considered abandoned and disposed of accordingly. Your immediate attention is required to avoid any loss of property.” (And then hand written in by the officers is this sentence . . .) “MOVE TO SHELTER BY: 4-15-09 WED.”

. . . I went up to one of the officers in the patrol truck and asked for clarification, “Excuse me, can you tell me where the ‘SHELTER’ is that we are supposed to move to by Wednesday?” His response was, “Cal Expo, that’s the place the City and County has prepared for you and your friends.” My response, “But there are only 50 beds over there and there are many hundreds of people without homes out here.” His response, “Until those beds are filled we are telling people to move there . . . and I’ve explained that to you before VJ.”

“That’s it!” I whispered in a yell. The answer to our dilemma was right here in the eviction notice . . . “MOVE TO SHELTER.” That’s exactly what I will do, and that’s perhaps what my friends will do as well . . . and maybe that’s what over 1,500 other homeless people will do!All of us showing up at Cal Expo on Wednesday with our eviction notices, just the way the City instructed us to do. . . . 1,500 shelter-less people standing there in front of 50 shelter beds, peacefully, obediently and actually ready to help find a way we all can have a legal place to live. Not in opposition to the City, but in accord with them.

. . .

but 1st, Thou Shall be Saved!

Yesterday afternoon at the pick-up area where persons seeking shelter in Overflow must be if they are to receive one of 204 shelter slots, a Christian church service was held with attendance to the service being mandatory.


UPDATE, 9:31 PM on the Pacific Ocean (we are under heavy gale winds tonight… not our usual in April…)

Ooops… I had meant to add this, from Tapper.  His daily Tapper V Gibbs.  And Gibbs loses.

Today’s Qs for O’s WH

April 14, 2009 2:28 PM

TAPPER:  In January, Dr. Romer, representing your incoming administration, put out a paper talking about the need for the stimulus package. And in it, she anticipated unemployment rates without the stimulus package basically where they are right now. In other words, it was a — I don’t want to call it a rosy scenario, but it was a more optimistic projection than what turned out to be.  Are you guys…

GIBBS:  What was the — I don’t — I…

TAPPER:  She predicted that the unemployment rate was, right now, would be what it actually is if the stimulus package didn’t pass.

GIBBS:  Right.

TAPPER:  So my question is knowing that, being able to look at what the projections were in January and see that they’re actually there — slightly more optimistic than reality has proven…

GIBBS:  Well…

TAPPER:  Do you think…

GIBBS:  Go ahead.

TAPPER:  Well, do you think that there needs to be more action taken on stimulating the economy now that the rubber has met the road, so to speak?

GIBBS:  Well, I think, to some degree, that curve, at least in the short term, the scenarios might well as easily matched each other based on the notion that when those figures were made, I think, in many ways, for a December meeting that the transition had to lay out a plan for developing that recovery, I think the bill did not get signed into law until — if I remember — the 12th or so of February.

I think, obviously, it’s going to take some time to get that spending into the bloodstream of the American economy.  That having been said, I think — as you saw the president yesterday give people a progress report on the ability to get that money into the economy quickly, to do it in a way that was ahead of schedule and under budget, particularly, in highway and road projects, which are not terms you generally see within a few words of a highway project.

But I think the president is encouraged that the spending and the recovery plan are kicking in.  Dr. Romer said this morning and I said yesterday that we’re likely to see many more months of hundreds of thousands of jobs lost.  I don’t think — I don’t think anybody’s under the illusion that, particularly, as it relates to the employment statistics or the employment market, that we’re going to see an instantaneous turn around.

But the president and Dr. Romer and the entire economic team are pleased that we’ve taken steps to address the downturn in demand, to do that in a way that they believe will save or create three and a half million jobs and move from recession to recovery. I think the president expanded on that today by discussing, again, what he believes has to be done in order to lay a strong foundation for continued long-term economic growth, which is the goal.

TAPPER:  If I could just do a follow-up on something you just said that the president said yesterday when announcing the 2,000th project as part of the transportation stimulus dollars. How many of those have actually started?  I recognize it’s 2,000 projects have been approved.  But how many have actually started?

GIBBS:  I can certainly look for a number.  I think what we highlighted was the fact that you’ve got bids that are coming in. You’ve got the acceptance of a bid.  But I can get exact numbers in terms of how much ground has actually been broken.

— jpt


Huma Khan

–>I especially love that last exchange.  Get Gibbs a lei.



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 April 2009

Those homeless folks in Sacramento just don’t understand that they’re going to receive some entitlement reform so they can build their makeshift shelters on rock, rock preferably far outside the city limits and off the road, so no one can see how they’re being entitled to destitution.

marisacat - 14 April 2009

Destitution and utter deprivation… as a gift of Jesus is Risen! and the Austro-Cali Nazi. Quite the pair they are.

NYCO - 15 April 2009

I find forced attendances at services to be awful as well, but it’s a fair question: What other agencies in Sacramento have facilities to receive these people (now that they’re being kicked out of the tent cities)?

At some point we’re going to see some “reverse Okies” making an exodus from California if this keeps up.

marisacat - 15 April 2009

Arcturus posted this a few days ago… with a link to a Sacramento homelss blog…

here is a snip:

Tent city happened, not so much because of “new homeless,” families made destitute because of the flailing economy, but because people already on the street were being rousted – from the mission area on Bannon Street [near to homeless services; rousted by the cops in Nov iirc – A] and crack alley and elsewhere.

If Arcturus is around he will know more than I do… but I have read the young black Sacto mayor has some dicey complications. Under investigation for mis use of federal monies for a non profit he ran (and or started) called, of all things, St HOPE (capitalised like that).

There seems to be an issue as to whether Sacramento can receive federal monies for some services while he is under investigation. Or so I have read.

Also sounds like an easy out. To exacerbate the situation in Sacramento.

Well, if people leave Ca, which I would certainly understand.. where would they go? A similar situation, elsewhere? It’s best to be in moderate weather if you are destitute… at the very least.

NYCO - 15 April 2009

I can see them heading for Texas (not exactly Oklahoma, but close). Warm weather, economy not crashing.

2. catnip - 14 April 2009

Alrighty then. Glad I missed THAT speech.


3. catnip - 14 April 2009

Well take a look at who’s on the wreck list at Big Orange Land:

Let my vote and every vote be counted

by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

I guess it’s never too early to start campaigning.

marisacat - 14 April 2009

oh very funny! Standing up for Democracy!.. after winning the no vote race against Camelotta (you know!).

catnip - 14 April 2009

I see she posted exactly the same thing at HuffPo. I wonder if the kossacks thought they got an exclusive. lol

4. catnip - 14 April 2009
5. catnip - 14 April 2009

And that is the cutest picture, btw. 🙂

marisacat - 14 April 2009

checking in for their afternoon libation…. 😆

6. catnip - 14 April 2009

I see the wingnuts are wondering why they’re being targeted by DHS. Hint: the word “wingnut” might have something to do with it.

7. catnip - 14 April 2009

The ripple effect…

CALGARY – The corridors of corporate Calgary could be much quieter places this Stampede season as a number of major companies forgo costly shindigs in favour of charitable giving.

Law firm Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer set downtown on its ear recently, announcing the cancellation of its annual (and much coveted)Stampede party. Instead, BD&Psaiditwill be funnelling $150,000 toward the Put the Boots to Hunger fundraiser in partnership with the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank. It also encouraged its formerpartylistof1,200tomake donations to the food bank.

Many Calgary executives called the idea brilliant, but few were willing to follow suit and do away with their parties.

“I like what BDP’s doing, but I wouldn’t consider calling off the party,” said George Gosbee, president and chief executive of Tristone Capital Corp. “It’s a good thing for the company, it’s a good thing for the city and a good thing for the staff.”

The investment brokerage contributes around $1 million a year to charities, but doesn’t tie its Stampede party to any organization.

Some companies already have slashed budgets for or eliminated Stampede events as they grapple with the downturn.

“I think there’s a real reluctance to spend money right now on a party, even if your company is still doing well,” said Dave Howards, president of The Event Group. “People are concerned about how it will play to shareholders–no one wants to look like another AIG.

8. marisacat - 14 April 2009

hmm Luntz used to have a phrase “Feed them the words”… I took it very literally: in the absence of food, or any real sustenance, they will eat the words. Bingo.

Obama Checks In

The president delivers another economic status report.

Before President Obama started his latest speech on the economy Tuesday, he should have called for approval of the minutes of the previous meeting. That’s the usual first order of business at board meetings before the chairman gives a status update, which is what Obama’s regular briefings have become. The only thing that changes is the venue. In February he gave his report before Congress. In March he did it before the media. Tuesday he delivered his update before an audience of students at Georgetown University.

Obama’s periodic messages have been predictable and formulaic by design.

The president keeps giving these speeches because they appear to be working. In a new Gallup poll, 71 percent say that they have a great deal or a fair amount of confidence in the president. But he’s got to stay on the case. While people trust him on the economy, only 54 percent in a recent Pew survey say he’s explained his policies well enough. The White House is also watching closely the gap between Obama’s approval rating (in the low 60s) and approval of the programs he’s offering. Only 54 percent, for example, think his policies will reduce the deficit. According to the Washington Post, after two months of vigorous debate about the president’s stimulus package and ambitious budget blueprint, confidence that his economic agenda would lead to a recovery has decreased by 13 points among independents and a similar number among Republicans.

One of the take-aways from this meeting, then, is clear. We’ll be hearing from the chairman again soon enough. You can bank on it.

9. marisacat - 14 April 2009

Liberal-a-tion seems all het up over either Tea Parties (for whatever it is worth or not worth apparently in a lot of cities tomorrow… ) and / or what Gov Rick Perry in Tejas said today. Some ringing endorsement of States Rights…

It really is pretty funny.. much recollection of Wallace and Plessy V Ferguson … inferring that Perry is inciting assassination.

Talking up tired mischief beats still selling ObRama.

10. catnip - 14 April 2009

Revealed: the inbreeding that ruined the Hapsburgs or Why you shouldn’t marry your sister

marisacat - 14 April 2009

Their mouths and chins went all to hell. Aside from whatever was hidden… and in the same condition. What a hoot.. thanks for the link…

NYCO - 15 April 2009

Charles II not only suffered an extreme version of the Hapsburg lip, his tongue was said to be so big for his mouth that he had difficulty speaking and drooled. He also suffered from an oversized head, intestinal upsets, convulsions and, according to his first wife, premature ejaculation.

Power is so sexxxayyyy.

11. marisacat - 14 April 2009

Christina Romer (on CRose) is saying that likely we will see the bottom 2nd or third quarter. THIS YEAR.

She’s looking more and more like Laughing Sal at the old Playland at the Beach here.

Laughin’ Sal only asked for a 50 c piece to run the routine tho…

Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2009

and was less wooden

marisacat - 15 April 2009


12. marisacat - 15 April 2009
NYCO - 15 April 2009

Letters of marque? Wow, this is sounding more and more like Pirates of the Caribbean 2 all the time. Now if we could only get the government to dramatically reveal that it’s really the British East India America Whole World Company. Yo-ho!

It seems the pirates attacked another U.S. ship (unsuccessfully) last night.

marisacat - 15 April 2009

Pfaff has a piece up at TruthDig already stating that mercenaries, esp sort of volunteer mercenaries (which he calls bubbanecks) would be a really bad idea.

And how.

Apparenlty, reading Pfaff, word is around that the “rescue” by the Bainbridge, the Boxer and whatever other assets were used ran into the 10s of millions.

BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2009

But think of the money that’d be saved.
You could literally start-up with a surf or sail-board..
Of Course until it was PIRATED.

NYCO - 15 April 2009


marisacat - 15 April 2009

yeah.. and now at least one group is USING the RPGs and assault weapons they carry…

13. marisacat - 15 April 2009

From The Arena at Politico

John Kerry, Sen. (D-Mass.):

These changes are both compassionate and responsive to reality.

President Obama has made the right call to remove restrictions that have only set back the cause of a democratic Cuba by preventing Cuban Americans from visiting their family members and providing financial support to families remaining on the island. These changes are both compassionate and responsive to reality. Granting Cuban Americans the right to send financial aid to their relatives will make those relatives less dependent on the Castro regime. I have long advocated for this step and am glad that we finally have a pragmatic Administration that is willing to change policies that have failed the Cuban people for half a century. Smart, humane polices such as the ones adopted by the Obama Administration today can change the dynamic on the ground in Cuba and help promote a democratic transition in that country.

LOL I am sure whatever Kerry really said was 5 times longer. If we are lucky someone stranlged him to end it.


And, no shock, Harvard Business School excretes slobber. Pretty clear Harvard issues knee pads with the sheepskin. And the tenure…

Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Professor, Harvard Business School:

Brilliant moves.

President Obama just gave the world an astonishing, powerful demonstration of both hard power and soft power at almost the same time – use of force without hesitation in the piracy episode, use of persuasion and engagement with Cuba. This augurs well for U.S. leadership at the Summit of the Americas and beyond. Obama has made it clear that he will be tough on thugs (and drugs), while willing to invest in relationships of peaceful exchange. And both are good moves for the U.S. economy, in the first instance showing that we will protect the instruments of world trade, including shipping, and in the case of Cuba, opening up a wide range of investment possibilities close to home and access to a highly educated work force. Brilliant moves.

Sen. Byron Dorgan: “The embargo should be ended. When a policy has failed for nearly 50 years, it is time to change the policy.”

14. catnip - 15 April 2009

And the next ‘czar’ is…

WASHINGTON – Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is naming a “border czar” to oversee issues related to drug-cartel violence along the U.S.-Mexico border and the hundreds of thousands of people who try to enter the U.S. illegally through the Southwest.

An Obama administration official says Napolitano on Wednesday will name Alan Bersin, a former federal prosecutor, to fill the new post at the Homeland Security Department. The official would speak only on condition of anonymity ahead of the announcement expected in El Paso, Texas.

The Obama administration has promised to crack down on border violence and work with Mexican authorities to curb drugs and arms trafficking. Hundreds of federal agents, along with high-tech surveillance gear and drug-sniffing dogs, are being deployed to the Southwest.

Afaic, this ‘war on drugs’ is just a cover for more armed guards at the border – a situation that anti-immigration crazies were pushing for from Bushco. Now they’re being appeased by Obamalama. Otherwise, why the sudden interest in the drug violence down there? I don’t remember Obama talking about doing anything about that problem when he campaigned.

15. catnip - 15 April 2009

Afghan women pelted by stones during rape law protest

You sure have to hand it to them for getting out there in the streets.

16. NYCO - 15 April 2009

War is over, if you want it:

Biggest drop in industrial output since VE Day

So what did we win?

17. NYCO - 15 April 2009

But of course! DOPOTUS gets a book deal.

And POTUS has gotten a movie deal.

As Floyd Creaser, our local used car salesman, likes to say… Such a deal I make you.

marisacat - 15 April 2009

Oh I am expecting the First Children to be book dealing it soon.

My guess is the dog’s book does the best.

marisacat - 15 April 2009

Migod. the book is due out this month…

Do these people do nothing but self glory? And keep ghost writers busy.

I realise Millie got a book (along the line, proceeds to charity) and Barney and Ms Beasley had a WH cam, and so on…


NYCO - 15 April 2009

Yeah, the author wrote the book before the dog was even selected. Left empty spaces in the illustrations so that dog could be inserted.

marisacat - 15 April 2009

personally I think that dog has been cooking a few weeks… Came from the same litter as TK latest puppy.. the whole litter names for variations of “hope”.

It reached gagworthy sometime ago.

The last line about protecting the daughters’ “privacy” was a good laugh.

catnip - 15 April 2009

Do these people do nothing but self glory?

That was rhetorical, right? 😀

18. BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2009

Welp. It’s like the old saying.
When you’re dealt lemons…
make a nice spo’ o’ tea.

Like a million fuckin cups of it – and get drinkin.

Something like that. LOL.

Protesters’ Plan to Dump Tea Is Prohibited

There will be no tea-dumping in the Potomac River — that’s illegal — but organizers of today’s national tea party tax protest found out this morning that so is their plan to dump a million tea bags in Lafayette Square to demonstrate displeasure at government spending and tax policies.

Protesters, using a rented truck to haul the million tea bags, began unloading their cargo at the park this morning but were told by officials that they didn’t have proper permits and must move the tea . They complied with the order but are still considering what to do with the load.

What? No Club Wielding Cops on Horseback?
What Clowns.

catnip - 15 April 2009

Geez. They can deliver that tea to my place if they need a place to take it.

More seriously (and locally), they should take it to various homeless shelters and detoxes etc.

BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2009

Yep. Totally Wasteful, hardly something of
making a personal sacrifice. Let’s see them dump beer, coffee of Coke. Or Gasoline. The clips I saw looked like a
Stupid White People Convention whining about their taxes.
Not a peep about the largesse of Military spending, Cops, or the Prison Industrial Complex.

marisacat - 15 April 2009

Not a peep about the largesse of Military spending, Cops, or the Prison Industrial Complex.

And do we get any of that from the Democrats? 😈

They have co-opted group after group… and I must say it only took cash for them to shut up and play along. Which means they never stood for anything… other than their non profit status. Or their foundation derived paychecks… etc.

I got an email from NOW about how I am supposed to get all excited and write to my congresssheep and support a bill that will provide four weeks of paid parental leave for FEDERAL WORKERS (I could give a flying pig!)… on the thought that supporting that now will mean more workers will eventually benefit.

hey NOW, checked the economy lately?

Meanwhile zip zero nada zilch shit for brains they (NOW) are dead silent, no emails!, on the quiet (think Monday was the deadline) adoption of the greatly expanded conscience exception rules for a broad swathe of health care workers, put in under Bush and Obster seems fine with it.

As moiv wrote me, NOW pimps for the Democrats.

BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2009

I have to say, I love when you bust out the Devil and the Evil Grin.

And do we get any of that from the Democrats?

No, but there is a special place in Hell for Goopers and Wingnuts:
Spending Eternity in the Democratic Party
where people are constantly explaining
How Liberal Progressive they Are.

And believe you me: THAT kind of Hell CERTAINLY Exists.
We know too well: Fortunately, all you have to do is groan out,
protest ever so slightly amid the wailing and gnashing of teeth,
point out that the crocodile tears have actually put the fires OUT,
And Then they BAN you from it! LOL.

As for NOW [ LATER? But with MONEY — NOW!!! ] LOL

Judging by conditions, what is needed is Paid Parental Leave –
for CHILDREN…. the kind with Voter Reg cards..
they could start with Father Ob,
Father Newt- what a great name to protect the unborn, BTW –
All the Holy-hole Fathers of course…
Plenty of Targets to go around…

That said, The Nuns of Fishes and Loaves that Arcurus noted do better , more proximal work than NOW…

19. catnip - 15 April 2009

Fiat to Chrysler: Cut costs or we walk

ROME and TORONTO — Fiat SpA will abandon Chrysler LLC, leaving it to fend for itself in bankruptcy court, unless Chrysler’s Canadian and American unions agree to substantial labour-cost reductions by the end of the month, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne says.

20. NYCO - 15 April 2009

I forgot about this horrible event but it’s the 20th anniversary today.


The TV pictures of those poor people jammed up against the fence, I can remember it plain as day and have no desire to see any retrospective footage. (The above is a survivor’s account.)

marisacat - 15 April 2009

I was hunting for pics last night at BBC and ran thru the Hillsborough gallery… remember it well…

NYCO - 15 April 2009

This is a good video explaining what happened (and the authorities’ attempts to blame the fans – there was NO “mob scene” at the match, no one was trying to force their way into the stadium, it really looks like the cops failed basic crowd direction).

Hillsborough for Dummies

anyhow, another reason why I hate crowd scenes.

21. marisacat - 15 April 2009

Too funny. Suddenly the Obamas discover charities other than their church. Previously all they ever donated were small small amounts to Trinity.

From their 2008 tax filing:

The president and first lady donated $172,050 –- or about 6.5 percent of their adjusted gross income -– to 37 different charities.

The biggest donations were $25,000 contributions to CARE and the United Negro College Fund, but other charities included AIDS Alliance for Children Youth & Families, American Red Cross, Apostolic Church of God, Book Worm Angels, Boys and Girls Club, Bread for the City, Brookland Baptist, Brown A.M.E. Church, Catholic Relief Services, Central Illinois Food Bank, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy, the president’s alma mater Columbia University, Crusade of Mercy, Direct Relief International, First Lutheran Church, Greater Chicago Food Depository, Haiti Foundation of Hope, Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Illinois Head Start Association, Illinois Reading Council, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Martin Luther King National Memorial Project, Midtown Educational Foundation, Mujeres Latinas En Accion, National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, National Congress of Black Women, National MS Society, New Orleans Areas Habitat for Humanity, Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, Rochelle Lee/Boundless Readers, St. Leo’s Residence for Veterans, St. Luke’s united Methodist Church, The Christopher House, United Negro College Fund and United Way of Galveston. …snip…

The Bidens make the ObRams look good, they gave about 1,885.00 to charity… But they say that does nto include so many of their charitable donations to their church and of their time to causes.

Bridges for sale all over.


catnip - 15 April 2009

Looks like quite the politically correct list (which I suspect some aide actually wrote up and got approved).

22. Arcturus - 15 April 2009

re sack’o-tomato: ‘s never a problem to jump into Action w/ some expensive policing (some of these people have been living in what used to known as The Wasteland for years before The Crisis) – add a band-aid or two – & deal w/ The Problem, i.e. embarassment @ int’l press & pix

so they throw $1 mil to keep Cal Expo’s winter overflow open w/ add 50 new beds (to be closed in June), along w/ some new units in a transitional housing program (actually not a bad one, but woefully small & underfunded) – no more word from mayor Johnson’s office on a sanctioned, Safe Ground campsite – there’s a rally to support one next week

so: sweep ’em deeper into the rivers’ underbrush – some are already dispersing – there are 32 miles of parkway along the American R alone, well-dotted w/ campsites – there were isolated clusters I could see today just a little up river from the ‘city’ encampent – some are vowing to resist tomorrow – no idea if the #’s correct, but I read somewhere that there are 600 some people along the streams & rivers in Yolo County – as well as significant #’s in Sutter county’s bottoms

went by the capital later – some hundreds of tea-baggers, lots of flags, balloons, speeches I didn’t want to get close enough to hear – the cops seemingly in a good mood

& in today’s bee:

Stephanie Hayes, 39, who is eight months pregnant, and her husband Brian, 43, said they were turned away Tuesday from a shelter at the state fairgrounds because there were no beds.

“They want to move us around, but they don’t want to help us with anything. They have a shelter, but those rooms were full,” Stephanie Hayes said.

as we are surrounded by closed military bases

o! – KJ (or the org) paid a fine & settled w/ the feds, so the stimie $$$ can now flow . . .

Arcturus - 15 April 2009

The situation developed into a standoff today, with police and advocates debating their positions in front of dozens of members of the news media.
. . .
Sister Libby Fernandez of Loaves & Fishes, which provides services to homeless men, women and children, led a group of advocates demanding a moratorium on camping citations and pushing for a place where people can camp legally and with basic services including toilets and garbage pickup.

“We’ve been campaigning for this for more than a year,” she said. “Now we’re back to square one again.”

Fernandez and others said they will engage in nonviolent “civil disobedience” if campers are forced to leave, and will risk going to jail to make their point.

Police declined to discuss when citations might be issued.

obviously hoping threat alone will do the trick

catnip - 15 April 2009

as we are surrounded by closed military bases

We had the same opportunity here when the base closed down – all of that army housing sitting empty. But it was sold off, rehabbed and sold to yuppies. Meanwhile, the low-income housing waiting list, as it had for years on end, contained thousands of names.

23. Arcturus - 15 April 2009

somethign to look fwd to:

STOCKTON, CA – The Stockton man who wants to put a militia on the streets if police layoffs happen, said he’s got 270 people signed on to help.

“They’re going to have rifles, shotguns, pistols–whatever they get their hands on,” said 66-year-old Alan Pettet. “We’re not going to go out looking for trouble, but the first person who fires on us, will get a lot of return fire going is way.”
. . .
“If they don’t lay off police, there won’t be a militia,” Pettet said. “But with the first person laid off July 1st, 270 men will be out on the street.”

24. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2009

Gov. Perry thinks Tejas should secede.

I want to know when I can vote in favor.

catnip - 15 April 2009

I hope they elect Dubya as their first president.

Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2009

Grand Poobah, maybe?

25. Arcturus - 15 April 2009
26. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2009

Why We Don’t Condemn Our Pirates in Somalia

Can anyone ever really be for piracy? Outside of sea bandits, and young girls fantasizing of Johnny Depp, would anyone with an honest regard for good human conduct really say that they are in support of Sea Robbery? Well in Somalia, the answer is: it’s complicated. The news media these days has been covering piracy in the Somali coast, with such lopsided journalism that it’s lucky they’re not on a ship themselves. It’s true that the constant hijacking of vessels in the Gulf of Aden is a major threat to the vibrant trade route between Asia and Europe. It is also true that for most of the pirates operating in this vast shoreline, money is the primary objective. But according to many Somalis, the disruption of Europe’s darling of a trade route is just Karma biting a perpetrator in the butt. And if you don’t believe in Karma, maybe you believe in recent history. Here is why we Somalis find ourselves slightly shy of condemning our pirates.

Somalia has been without any form of a functioning government since 1991. And despite its failures, like many other toddler governments in Africa, sprung from the wells of post-colonial independence, bad governance and development loan sharks, the specific problem of piracy was put in motion in 1992.

After the overthrow of Siyad Barre, our charmless dictator of twenty-some odd years, two major forces of the Hawiye Clan came to power. At the time, Ali Mahdi, and General Mohamed Farah Aidid, the two leaders of the Hawiye rebels were largely considered liberators. But the unity of the two men and their respective sub-clans was very short-lived. It’s as if they were dumbstruck at the advent of ousting the dictator, or that they just forgot to discuss who will be the leader of the country once they defeated their common foe. A disagreement of who will upgrade from militia leader to Mr. President broke up their honeymoon. It’s because of this disagreement that we’ve seen one of the most devastating wars in Somalia’s history, leading to millions displaced and hundreds of thousands dead. But war is expensive and militias need food for their families, and Jaad (an amphetamine-based stimulant) to stay awake for the fighting. Therefore a good clan-based Warlord must look out for his own fighters. Aidid’s men turned to robbing aid trucks carrying food to the starving masses, and reselling it to continue their war. But Ali Mahdi had his sights set on a larger and more unexploited resource, namely: the Indian Ocean.

Already by this time, local fishermen in the coastline of Somalia have been complaining of illegal vessels coming to Somali waters and stealing all the fish. And since there was no government to report it to, and since the severity of the violence clumsily overshadowed every other problem, the fishermen went completely unheard. But it was around this same time that a more sinister, a more patronizing practice was being put in motion. A Swiss firm called Achair Parterns, and an Italian waste company called Progresso, made a deal with Ali Mahdi, that they could dump containers of waste material in Somali waters. These European companies were said to be paying Warlords about $3 a ton, where as in to properly dispose of waste in Europe costs about $1000 a ton.

27. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2009
28. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2009

Journalism’s confession: Playing Twister…to the right

There are social ties, sometimes college ties, shared world views that over the years grow less and less liberal. Many higher-earning journalists share the liberal social values of the blue-state suburbs — on issues like abortion or the environment — but also some conservative economic views, and a comfort level with conformity. A good number aren’t keen on labor unions (even though a few actually belong to them), aren’t familiar with working-class concerns, and were freaked out by the “dirty freakin’ hippies” who just happened to be right on Iraq.

What’s the one liberal value that journalists retain as we grow long in the tooth and rise up the salary ladder? Liberal guilt. Politicians have played on this successfully for 40 years, ever since too many newsrooms cowered from Spiro Agnew calling us “nattering nabobs of negativism.” As I wrote about in my recent book “Tear Down This Myth,” Ronald Reagan’s “teflon presidency” was in good measure due to journalists fearful they’d be accused of liberal bias with a too aggressive posture.

Ironically, as the Atlanta piece notes, none of this contorting to accomodate right-wing critics has brought in any right-wing support or, more importantly, news readership — conservatives still hate us, and no amount of sucking up will change that. That said, what’s the harm in bending over backwards to overly represent or kowtow to conservative viewpoints? Well, when pundits still believe that America is a center-right nation on the morning after the election of a center-left president and large Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, that might offer a window into how the greater political debate gets warped by this odd charade.

29. NYCO - 15 April 2009

Interesting article just up at NYT: It turns out that genetic analysis may be virtually useless in predicting or even explaining common diseases (cancers, diabetes, etc).

To me, this makes intuitive sense, although I’m certainly no scientist. The question to me seems to be, why are cancer and diabetes such common biological responses to complex combinations of genetic factors?

I like to paint. I mix colors a lot. I know that the more colors I mix together, the more apt they are to resemble the same color mud. If I mix 12 colors from 12 different tubes, and then another 12 colors together, it tends to look like the same nondescript (and undesired/useless) color. I can’t take the colors away once I’ve mixed them, so I either find a use for the color I’ve made, or I try to add something else to change the balance.

Maybe this could be analogous to disease and its myriad genetic causes. But that’s what we’re doing in medicine now: we either add something to change the balance (medicine or other therapy), or we accept the disease and its conclusions (palliative care, accepting death).

It seems that diseases like cancer and diabetes are just very general responses to a million different things that can go “wrong” inside a million different people. In which case, you need a million cures: not very easy for Pfizer to market, huh.

30. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2009

Taibbi: America’s Peasant Mentality:

This new Holy Trinity of right-wing basket cases has been pushing all sorts of crazy hallucinations of late, from Bachmann warning that the Americorps program would eventually be turned into a regime of forced re-education for American youth, to Beck’s meanderings about Obama creating FEMA-run concentration camps to warehouse conservative dissidents, to Norris and Beck stirring up talk of secessionist movements. And a lot of people are having fun with this, because, well, it’s funny. It’s like a Farrelly Brothers version of right-wing political agitation. But it’s also kind of sad.

After all, the reason the winger crowd can’t find a way to be coherently angry right now is because this country has no healthy avenues for genuine populist outrage. It never has. The setup always goes the other way: when the excesses of business interests and their political proteges in Washington leave the regular guy broke and screwed, the response is always for the lower and middle classes to split down the middle and find reasons to get pissed off not at their greedy bosses but at each other. That’s why even people like Beck’s audience, who I’d wager are mostly lower-income people, can’t imagine themselves protesting against the Wall Street barons who in actuality are the ones who fucked them over. Beck pointedly compared the AIG protesters to Bolsheviks: “[The Communists] basically said ‘Eat the rich, they did this to you, get ‘em, kill ‘em!’” He then said the AIG and G20 protesters were identical: “It’s a different style, but the sentiments are exactly the same: Find ‘em, get ‘em, kill ‘em!’” Beck has an audience that’s been trained that the rich are not appropriate targets for anger, unless of course they’re Hollywood liberals, or George Soros, or in some other way linked to some acceptable class of villain, to liberals, immigrants, atheists, etc. — Ted Turner, say, married to Jane Fonda.

But actual rich people can’t ever be the target. It’s a classic peasant mentality: going into fits of groveling and bowing whenever the master’s carriage rides by, then fuming against the Turks in Crimea or the Jews in the Pale or whoever after spending fifteen hard hours in the fields. You know you’re a peasant when you worship the very people who are right now, this minute, conning you and taking your shit. Whatever the master does, you’re on board. When you get frisky, he sticks a big cross in the middle of your village, and you spend the rest of your life praying to it with big googly eyes. Or he puts out newspapers full of innuendo about this or that faraway group and you immediately salute and rush off to join the hate squad. A good peasant is loyal, simpleminded, and full of misdirected anger. And that’s what we’ve got now, a lot of misdirected anger searching around for a non-target to mis-punish… can’t be mad at AIG, can’t be mad at Citi or Goldman Sachs. The real villains have to be the anti-AIG protesters! After all, those people earned those bonuses! If ever there was a textbook case of peasant thinking, it’s struggling middle-class Americans burned up in defense of taxpayer-funded bonuses to millionaires. It’s really weird stuff. And bound to get weirder, I imagine, as this crisis gets worse and more complicated.

BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2009

A Nice Pass given to the “Jews in the Pale” there Matt.
Also, I think its a fools game expecting common bond with what are appropriately called the petite bourgeoisie. Seriously.
That’s my take on our times after pissing on my pants for many many years.

I’m sorry, but WTF?
The construct of ” a Healthy Outlet for Populist Outrage” ???
What the fuck does Taibbi expect?
I run Hot and Cold with the guy.

Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2009

I enjoy that he’s often right while missing the whole picture, if you know what I mean.

Oh, and I enjoy that anybody manages to get published even saying anything like what he does.

BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2009

I agree.
And of course I don’t have a solution.
I think we find ourselves in a time where we will be living between misdirected anger and false promises of kumbaya as a debate about it drones on. A win in itself for those who would feel the heat. Any heat. Any Instability.

I think the instability, while not welcome for the price of its suffering, nonetheless has to be paid before people opt out of the CW and “conventional” living, conventional “acceptance”. . Unfortunately, truly horrible to say- and will be more murderous indeed, but I think the RW will need to ascend further.
And I think they will under current galatinous make-up of the Body Politic.

Hardly something anyone rational would prefer, I don’t – and it Sounds crazy I know – as it is sure to come to grief and perhaps for a several generations – but the RW will do for “Populist” sentiment and sensibility what the appeasing Neo-Liberals can not – will not:
Push it to the breaking point of all that wishful thinking.

We will see abject serfdom here in the TBTF Big Brother U.S.
Whether it is Hitlerian or Stalinesque will make little difference: We have given ourselves to Cult of Personality Politics. The RW keeps pushing, The Vichy keep herding, both probably quite amused at how much the sheeple put up with…If our incremental stops along the way are any indication, Hunger and Illness in the face of patent greed and brutality will be the only thing that motivates alternative thinking and action…The kicker being for those able to endure it, those who survive it…

BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2009

Whoops! sorry for the “gelatinous” spelling.
Hopefully I”ll learn to spell before we all go down the shitter.

Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2009

oh, agreed with that … I’m both amused and appalled at where we are headed in this country.

marisacat - 15 April 2009


When Jann Wenner told Matt to sell Obama he did. Got a pay check for it, too.

So who’s the peasant.

31. catnip - 15 April 2009

How to get around NIMBY: Drop-In Centre buys apartment tower in downtown Calgary

The article is a bit hysterical about the fact that there is a liquor store and jewelry store on the main floor (OMG!! All poor people are thieves!! Unlike the banker down the street!!), but Baldwin certainly came up with an ingenious way to skirt over-concerned (ie. prejudiced) assholes.

32. catnip - 15 April 2009

(Surprise!) N.S.A.’s Intercepts Exceed Limits Set by Congress

WASHINGTON — The National Security Agency intercepted private e-mail messages and phone calls of Americans in recent months on a scale that went beyond the broad legal limits established by Congress last year, government officials said in recent interviews.

Several intelligence officials, as well as lawyers briefed about the matter, said the N.S.A. had been engaged in “overcollection” of domestic communications of Americans. They described the practice as significant and systemic, although one official said it was believed to have been unintentional.

Not to worry. Obamalama and Holder are on the case and it’s all find and dandy now.

But wait…

The questions may not be settled yet. Intelligence officials say they are still examining the scope of the N.S.A. practices, and Congressional investigators say they hope to determine if any violations of Americans’ privacy occurred. It is not clear to what extent the agency may have actively listened in on conversations or read e-mail messages of Americans without proper court authority, rather than simply obtained access to them.

Not that anyone will ever actually be told if their rights were violated because you just knew this was coming…

Officials would not discuss details of the overcollection problem because it involves classified intelligence-gathering techniques.

‘State secrets’ and all of that. Nothing to see here folks. Trust Obama. Yes you can. Carry on now.

33. catnip - 15 April 2009

oops…Freudian slip in my last comment: “find”=fine

34. marisacat - 15 April 2009

catnip, NYCO and Madman, BHHM…

out of Moderation..

sorry it took so long…


35. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2009
marisacat - 15 April 2009


Would Lance have reconsidered Ronald Reagan under a McCain regime? Somehow I doubt it, but there’s only so much of the human mind I understand. In the wake of Obama’s brave order to kill Somali hijackers (who, according to Chris Floyd, were essentially unarmed and trying to negotiate a truce), Lance, along with many liberals, praised the action, convinced that killing poor Africans would show reactionaries how badass Obama truly is.

“Blooding of the president”, and he needed his very own, special, tailored to fit, historical version of it… 😈

I think… and this would have been the case with Hillary as well, I think it is a plan from the Dems and Perm Gov (or whatever one calls it), the objective at hand is to use Obster strategically for a bigger, more visible Africa War, whether Somalia, Darfur Sudan, Congo… etc.

Not breaking news I realise, we can all figure out what Africom meant… 😯 (I noted that the Maersk crew stopped off in Djibouti, where we have the Africom base, before their Disney adventure… I saw photos and interviews today splashed with ”GMA Exclusive” stamps, call me cynical)

But I think it has been an issue of how to pull along AA, African Americans to newer wars… I particularly noted that when Hillary said, in the debate at Howard U, that she’d ”blow those Sudanese pilots out of the air”, she got applause. Unreported in the press and media (that I caught) was that there were boos and gasps as well. But plenty of applause.

Bringing blacks along, craftily grabbing their hearts and minds in fine colonial fashion, has been a goal of the the war mongerers. Prolly of plenty in the CBC want to change the dynamic as well, charged with it by their corporate masters… plus, if pulled along, more will sign up in the worsening economy…

Ob is best, but they’d have used the Hillary and Bill Clinton supposed “special connection” (well they tell us there is one, LOL) to blacks to shut them up for Big War.

Should be a very dicey half century. And most, if not nearly all, AA will go along.

I saw at a Jobs Fair here the other day, tables set up from two services, minorities AND whites genially staffing the tables in their clean and pressed camo.

Huzzah, etc.

Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2009

all very much in play. I think I read somewhere recently that AA enlistment was down, so it is imperitive to bring the most disposable fodder back into the game.

marisacat - 15 April 2009

oh yeah, I think, just a wild guess on my part, it is actively discussed in those circles. More efficient in some ways than long detention terms, for the purposes of state.

Think I might have mentioned I wonder at the prison reform legislation that Webb, of all people, is seemingly actively seeking. hmm. I do wonder at his long term objective, as he is very big on long and future wars.

marisacat - 15 April 2009

Just finished the Perrin entry.

I see he mentions Edmund Morris’s book “Dutch” on Reagan. (I laughed when I see Vidal called it an “avant garde” take on Reagan, 😆 what a scream! )

Reagan biographers are a strange bunch. From Wills to Cannon to Morris to Reeves to to to.

If they are not nutz in some way before attempting to capture Reagan they come out of it fucking nuttier than hell. I saw Edmund Morris weep and express his LOVE for Reagan on Charlie Rose… Reeves also fell in love iwht Reagan doing his bio. He has admitted this… HOLYFUCKINGSHIT… Wills said he and he alone would figure out Reagan. LOL I think he came out cellularly reorganised and much less smart than previously.

I almost jumped out of my skin when Morris wept..

All of this has something to do with the psychosexual make-up of too many men in this country. (Women just being a different story, that’s all… )

Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2009

it is weird, isn’t it. I hated Reagan instinctually from the first moment I saw him. I’ve never understood the attraction people had/have for him. It’s weird. Reagan was a sick fuck, a type that is far too common in this country.

marisacat - 15 April 2009

Well growing up here… hard to miss what was going on. It’s taken 40+ years but our educational system, especially K – 12 (it will take a few more years to kill the UC State sytem and the UC system as a whole, then on to the Community College system!) but for a few wealthy districts and the odd school where there is some working partnership between local on site school admin and parents / teachers… is all but destroyed.

Reagan, Meese, SI Hyakawa (teacher at San Francisco State, later in the US Senate) all responsible for that… and it happened in the long slow post integration world.

36. BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2009

HuffPo has the Big Print out for The Big Story from NYT:


This is the short and skinny:

And in one previously undisclosed episode, the N.S.A. tried to wiretap a member of Congress without a warrant, an intelligence official with direct knowledge of the matter said.

The agency believed that the congressman, whose identity could not be determined, was in contact — as part of a Congressional delegation to the Middle East in 2005 or 2006 — with an extremist who had possible terrorist ties and was already under surveillance, the official said. The agency then sought to eavesdrop on the congressman’s conversations, the official said.

The official said the plan was ultimately blocked because of concerns from some intelligence officials about using the N.S.A., without court oversight, to spy on a member of Congress.

There’s not a doubt in my mind that they tapped
everybody in Congress, for their protection, you know,
post 9/11 World and all that, mateys…

The Hapsburgs have NOTHING on our inbred Donklephants…
But in the beginning of the lede:

Several intelligence officials, as well as lawyers briefed about the matter, said the N.S.A. had been engaged in “overcollection” of domestic communications of Americans. They described the practice as significant and systemic, although one official said it was believed to have been unintentional.

The legal and operational problems surrounding the N.S.A.’s surveillance activities have come under scrutiny from the Obama administration, Congressional intelligence committees and a secret national security court, said the intelligence officials, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity because N.S.A. activities are classified. Classified government briefings have been held in recent weeks in response to a brewing controversy that some officials worry could damage the credibility of legitimate intelligence-gathering efforts.

The Justice Department, in response to inquiries from The New York Times, acknowledged Wednesday night that there had been problems with the N.S.A. surveillance operation, but said they had been resolved.

LOL. “Problems”?! YOU got Problems?! LOL. Why lemme tell ya..

I got an “Impeachment Off The Table” PrAHBLEM with Nancy.
I got a “No Prosecution For War Crimes” PRAHBLEM with Obama.
How’s THAT for a fuckin Problem?

So The Dems got A Graft and Kickback Problem, A Shitty Little Deals with maybe a Little Backseat Cocksuckery Thrown In PRAHBLEM and a Million People get killed as result with Cheney The Creepo listening in. And Looting on an unprecedented Global Scale.

They should be shot. I’ve said this all along. The NSA Wiretaps were DISCLOSED, and despite its sold-as title it was a political and financial intelligence gathering operation, with some strategic co-opting crumbs shared across the aisle. The Republican AND Dem Leadership tipped off to police their Own with a few financial tids thrown the way of the willingly corruptibel Hill. It’s the obvious move for Total Information Awareness. Especially when you control the DOJ and The Bench. This is going to pay dividends in years to come to the Puppet Masters. Cheney and Rove are going to cut the Dems Balls off . You watch.

Drip Drip Drip. Then Whack!
They’ll use it to take the Hill back to avoid the inconvenience of pandering, and Have the Magic Negro do the Rest of their bidding for pennies on the dollar…

marisacat - 15 April 2009

I think who the congress person is should be revealed. I realise this is some “disclosure” first article in the NYT but I thought the story of the congress critter was a bit… questionable.

let’s have it all.

Of course let’s have it all about everything… whcih I realise we will not get…

Ob’s Trust me, I am Your Only Begotten Son stuff is very, well, ICKY. I am sick to death of it and likely we have 7 years and 9 mos of it to go.


37. lucid - 15 April 2009

Oh good lord

Elections, elections, elections. Fuck you.

How about a fucking general strike.

These pwoggies could make me shit myself in rage, if I still had that button left.

marisacat - 15 April 2009


I see that is thereisnospoon… doesn’t he have a date to go get some hapless girl drunk…

Dkos: Frat Boys Unite….

lucid - 15 April 2009

Oh – and (0+ / 0-)

I’m so glad you can just cast off the history of social progress with a wave of your immaculate hand as a strip tease for your computer screen.

Because, you know, the only time things involving actual justice have ever happened in the history of our species has been when people are in the streets.

Good luck with your electoral revolution. Obama’s done a bang up job so far yo!

by lucid on Thu Apr 16, 2009 at 01:26:47 AM EDT

[ Reply to This | ]

A second soon to be hidden comment..

marisacat - 15 April 2009

oh that made me laugh…

38. lucid - 15 April 2009

… (0+ / 0-)

This was me during a major protest near UCLA shortly after the fiasco at Abu Ghraib had been revealed: I’m second from the right in the dark shirt.

So was that before or after got a woman drunk and didn’t rape her, because, you know, women can’t be raped when they’re drunk?

by lucid on Thu Apr 16, 2009 at 01:17:13 AM EDT

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For perpetuity, before it gets hidden…

39. BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2009

Done Deal.
The Pic in the Times of Bob Brady
Hugging Arlen out on the stump is not to be missed.

Challenger to Specter From Right of His Party
Published: April 15, 2009

Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania’s longtime Republican senator, visited the police department in Darby, Pa., on Monday to hand out $221,000 in federal stimulus money and received high praise — from the local Democratic congressman.

{Stimulate them Cops, Arlen. That really helps the economy. – BHHM}

Checks like this are being handed out nationwide “because of Arlen Specter’s vote, a courageous vote,” said the Democrat, Representative Robert A. Brady, referring to Mr. Specter’s support for President Obama’s stimulus package. “It was a vote out of the heart, and for that you should be commended.”

Challenger My ASS. Twomey is a fall guy. And What they don’t tell you is Dem Congressman Bob “Big Fat HACK Falling All Over Himself ” Brady Out Stumpin for Arlen Is that Brady is Philly Dem Chair, too. They are going to raise all sorts of money on Both “Sides” for this fake race with the outcome already determined. If sweet-pea Allyson Schwartz runs as A Dem, (younger, with a pulse) they’ll buy her off with sweeteners in the House.

And Thank You NYT! – for the MSM reminding the Electorate yet again what a Non Republican Regular Shlub Arlen Specter is…not..

Sorry for writing this comment without consulting the wisdom of Moulitsas who said Arlen was primed to Vote for the EFCA and on the edge of switching parties to do so to gain necessary Democratic Support. LOL. Philly Dem Goombata Bob Brady was dry humping Arlen.
Then again, Markos whining about the lack of ad money..maybe he didn’t recognize the dry humping when they mounted him..LOL.

BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2009

LOL. More tids

The state’s top Democrat, Gov. Edward G. Rendell, a friend of Mr. Specter for more than four decades, said he was “hugely torn” over Mr. Specter’s fate, but would support the Democrat, whoever it may be, in 2010.

“Hugely torn”. No shit. Captain Beefheart with Lardass Rendell is “hugely torn”. But he gives his word! He will “support the Democrat, whoever it may be, in 2010”. LOL. Rendfell has fucked over more candidates in PA…That’s his gig. That’s what he does. It’s how he got to be Governor..

And look at FatAss Eddie weigh in to tip the scales in this Times Puff Piece rolled out ever-so-predictably by Specter’s Media Operation, CO- PRODUCED by the Donks:

“I’d hate to see him go out losing,” Mr. Rendell said of Mr. Specter. “But if he lost the primary, we’d almost certainly win the seat.”

Are you a Democrat Ed?
Whatever THAT IS?
Mr/ Governor /Mayor/ Ex Chairman of the DNC ?

marisacat - 15 April 2009

hmm I cannot believe that Markos did not get more than sufficient payola for election season DC3 DSCC humping, keeping votes in cages thru online thuggery and censorship… and what else… oh NutsNationConvention scheisse.

If the glow is off now, with Ascendant Dems in Congress in WH.. well, tant pis Koswhacks.

What goes up must come down.

lucid - 15 April 2009

It was ever up? Always seemed like a bit of a limp balloon to me. All the action was always in the diaries and comments.

marisacat - 15 April 2009

I still thiink the major Dem supporting blogs got cash payments. But then I consider both parties money launderers. tons of loose cash on hand — and end of election season equipment distributed as well..

Oh I never believed then nor now the inflated numbers Kos bruited. But he became a catch all reference for MSM for online Dem / liberal / left. It was a job, of sorts..

Just like tea parties, whatever they may become, are huge puffery, so was Kos and the manic pro Dem lib fake lib sites.

lucid - 15 April 2009

They all are…no dispute here. While I think they started as something different, like we all did, they were definitely funded… Same as right wing sites & trolls from the ’90’s. The BBS’s were replete with right wingers who obviously were paid – I mean do you think Armando could really be online all day while he was a high priced corporate lawyer litigating Walmart cases?

Every corporate lawyer I know works 80 hour weeks without breaks.

BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2009

I’m sure the Blog Boyos –
especially the Philly Clowns-
thought there’d be a little payola from PA Sen 2010.
They’ll be lucky to get Cheez Whiz on a cracker, any whiz on a cracker for that matter- as it’s going to be run on the CHEAP.
Done Deal. Not that money won’t be raised, but Markos and the Blogs are pikers… The dough will be raised neither by them or FOR them…What are they going to do since it is now commoditised to Twit-Ster, YouBook, FriendSpace, and MyFaceTube The SHIT out of a campaign with blast emails and text messaging? LOL- Here they’re headed to Pittsburgh in August this summer- right up there with the Hamptons, Nantuckett and the Cape…LOL.

I can only guess how their Neutered Roots thing is going to go…Maybe Elise and that Hasbara kid Democratic Luntz will mercy fuck each other… hopefully sparing the World the LiveBlog and the pics on Flickr.

marisacat - 15 April 2009

I think that a few years back it was thought that the BlahgSnogs would do much bigger fund raising. If they had reached heights and maintained them, they would be cut in, however little.

You know politics, their family values are Use and Abuse.


So Kos Operatives, which I do think was a going operation (judging from Ohio and Hackett era, cross purposes in Ohio and CT and so on, their big efforts to be some sort of extortion/heavy/leverage game) has had its run. As I see it.

BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2009

There it is again!
The Grinning Devil!

I wonder who will cater the funeral.

I recommend Cholly The Hot Dog Cart dude in Pittsburgh.
Fitting too, as bot-ulism is a free condiment.
Pittsburgh. August. In the 90’s.
No way in Hell am I taking up catnip on her
“dare ya, BHHM” to attend….LOL.

I’m out. As Always, thanks for the posts.

marisacat - 15 April 2009


Good one!

40. lucid - 15 April 2009

You should wish you drank more, with this comment:

Diaries like this make DailyKos (1+ / 0-)

Recommended by:

mandatory daily reading. Hat’s off, my friend!

by Pangloss on Thu Apr 16, 2009 at 12:04:49 AM EDT

[ Reply to This | Recommend ]

They’re insane… Do they have a modicum of a single brain cell among them?

41. lucid - 15 April 2009

Oh – and Keith Olbermann made a comment…

this…… (6+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
realnrh, KCBearcat, ranger995, thereisnospoon, Diogenes2008, stella0710

…is freaking outstanding, Mr T.I.N. Spoon.

But don’t say it too loud – they may actually realize you are 400 percent right.

“If you’re going through hell – keep going!” — Winston Churchill

by Keith Olbermann on Wed Apr 15, 2009 at 11:07:36 PM EDT

[ Reply to This | Recommend ]

Good lord… another reason not to watch his show…

Perhaps we should e-mail him the lovely comments thereisnorape has made in the past?

Would he even care?

marisacat - 15 April 2009

hmm think i might have loads of his rape comments tucked away in Google Gmail… I won’t look tonight, in a bit of a fog, but will do a search for “thereisnospoon” in my google mail tomorrow…

42. BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2009

Juicy. More on this Hevesi, the ex NY State Comptroller/
Schumer /Shelly Silver guy…
Nice game of footsie with Rudy in there too….

The former chairman
of New York’s Liberal Party was charged on Wednesday
with accepting more than $800,000 that prosecutors say was a reward for doing political favors for the former state comptroller Alan G. Hevesi.

The former chairman, Raymond B. Harding, 74, was also accused of helping to clear an Assembly seat in a Queens district so that Mr. Hevesi’s son, Andrew, could run for it in 2005. Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo said that Mr. Harding, once a close political ally of former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and a power broker in state politics, provided “30 years’ worth” of political favors to the senior Mr. Hevesi, including reliably endorsing his candidacies on the Liberal Party line.

Between 2004 and 2006, Mr. Harding collected a portion of the finder’s fees paid by two investment firms for deals to manage more than $100 million for New York’s $122 billion pension fund, according to the criminal complaint filed by Mr. Cuomo’s office. Aides to Mr. Hevesi had the payments directed to Mr. Harding as a reward for political favors he had done for Mr. Hevesi, the complaint said.

“They were using the fund as a piggy bank to pay people who were doing them political favors,” Mr. Cuomo said on Wednesday, adding, “The brazenness is breathtaking.”

Mr. Harding is the latest figure to be charged in the wide pension corruption investigation by Mr. Cuomo, who is scrutinizing the fees paid to associates of Mr. Hevesi by investment firms seeking business with the pension fund.

Nail Schumer and Silver or it’s all Bullshit Andy!
Any bets he goes after everybody BUT Shysters Schumer and Silver?

Mr. Cuomo’s inquiry appears to be moving closer to Mr. Hevesi himself. A person with direct knowledge of the case said that an individual identified in the complaint as Official B was Mr. Hevesi; the complaint describes Official B as speaking to others in state government and political circles about the Queens Assembly seat and how to make sure it would be vacated so that Andrew Hevesi could run for it.

The complaint says that Mr. Harding helped arrange a $150,000-a-year job for Michael Cohen, then an assemblyman in a Queens district, at the Health Insurance Plan of New York, a company for whom Mr. Harding had been a lobbyist. Mr. Cohen resigned from the Assembly and took the job. Andrew Hevesi won the seat in a special election and still occupies it.

During a conference call with reporters on Wednesday, Mr. Cuomo went out of his way to say that Andrew Hevesi was not implicated in the case, saying, “We don’t believe he had any role.”

But asked whether the former comptroller had knowledge of the plot laid out in the complaint, he said, “This is an ongoing investigation and I have nothing more to say.”

Bradley Simon, the elder Mr. Hevesi’s lawyer, said his client “has not been charged with any misconduct with respect to the management of the New York State pension fund. As he has for the past two years, he vehemently denies any wrongdoing.”

A spokesman for Andrew Hevesi declined to comment.

The complaint against Mr. Harding is rich with echoes of state political dramas of the past. Mr. Cuomo skirmished with Mr. Harding two decades ago for control of the Liberal Party on behalf of his father, Mario M. Cuomo, the governor at the time. But the younger Mr. Cuomo was backed by the Liberal Party and Mr. Harding in his failed bid for governor in 2002. Mr. Cuomo dropped out of the race and the party failed to attract the 50,000 votes necessary for it to remain on the ballot in future elections.

According to the complaint, Mr. Harding sought the more than $800,000 from the investment firms in part to pay the legal bills of his son, Russell Harding, who was an aide to Mayor Giuliani until he was caught up in his own scandal; Russell Harding pleaded guilty in March 2005 to embezzlement and to possessing child pornography.

The inquiry continues to roil Wall Street. An investment firm that manages money for the Hunts, a prominent Texas oil family that owns the Kansas City Chiefs, agreed on Wednesday to pay $150,000 in a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which is conducting a parallel investigation.

Details also emerged in S.E.C. court filings on Wednesday about the Quadrangle Group, a private equity firm. A Quadrangle affiliate, GT Brands, paid $88,841 to acquire the DVD distribution rights to “Chooch,” a low-budget movie produced by Mr. Loglisci.

Within three weeks, according to the S.E.C. complaint, Quadrangle won $100 million worth of business with the pension fund. The company has not been charged, and a Quadrangle spokesman declined to comment.

I’m out.

43. marisacat - 15 April 2009

hmm Qantas is advertising Two For One in Business and “Premium Economy” (whatever that is) from SFO LAX to Melbourne.

Isn’t this still the shoulder season to Oz… mild weather still? Or am I topsy turvy…

Biz off? I would guess so.. amybe two for one in Business Class happens more than I realise… (surely could be, LOL)


From the NYT article on the NSA big ears… 😉

As part of a periodic review of the agency’s activities, the department “detected issues that raised concerns,” it said. Justice Department officials then “took comprehensive steps to correct the situation and bring the program into compliance” with the law and court orders, the statement said. It added that Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. went to the national security court to seek a renewal of the surveillance program only after new safeguards were put in place.

Sounds like a likely story. laugh laugh laugh.

44. lucid - 15 April 2009

A thought:

A whisker to the face,
Insistent, sanguine.

Smiles have the hint of blood,
Ruddiness, humor.

Blood is the mystified
Miracle of birth,

And the everyday fact
Of execution.

We’re so feared
We scathe our flesh
To bring skin back.

3000 years of paranoia
about menstruation
is about enough.

is only what we are,

45. marisacat - 16 April 2009

hmm Just heard on the radio that several states are moving into the wave of foreclosure column, a “Top Ten States” list for foreclosures…. UNEMPLOYMENT related foreclosures, in this case….

Illinois was one of the states. Didn’t we jsut elect someone from there? Nope I am wrong… he is from Hawai’i. Or Indonesia. Or Kenya.

Oregon and Utah were mentioned as well.

Madman in the Marketplace - 16 April 2009

no no no …. he’s from HEAVEN!

marisacat - 16 April 2009

I saw him compared to someone new the other day.. I forget now who (I thought it was a real stretch). I just rolled my eyes. The whole thing is such a bitter nasty JOKE.


46. marisacat - 16 April 2009

Gnu post…


………………. 😆 …………

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