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Support the troops! You damn well better… 7 May 2009

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, WAR!.

This home on Holly Dr in the hills above Santa Barbara goes up in flames as a wind whipped brush fire roared through the area on Wed. May 6, 2009. Fierce winds blew a wildfire into Southern California homes Wednesday, forcing thousands of people to flee as columns of smoke rose from a scenic coastal enclave. Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Drew Sugars said 5,430 homes were under mandatory evacuation. The estimated population of those homes was 13,575 people, he said. [AP Photo/Mike Meadows]

Support the troops.  Go to college.  Save money.  Spend money.  Buy a house.  Invest.  Or don’t.. be wise smart healthy friendly kind good but not if it means LOSING.  Have children, mind the children, punish the children, save the children.  USE the children.

Light the fire!  Put out the fire, douse the fire.. All fired up!  Where are we going?

Suck it up, spit it out.  Hold it in let it go.  Bombardment.  Aerial bombardment.

Every news presentation a medical BREAKTHRU… but strangely we go on dying.  The goal is to die, and move on — but not til 150.  So keep trying.  Try harder!  Don’t smoke.  OR, smoke and tax a newly legal tobacco.  That’ll work!  Sure why not.

What a crap heap.

The anniversay of Kent State… no need to worry about the horrors of……… a [front door] draft.  An economy this lousy (things are looking up!  Geithner said so! So did Ob.. so did Summers!) and enlistment is no problem.  No problem at all.. a volunteer army.  And don’t you dare forget it.

I heard an ad today, no kidding, that GE is “the most military friendly company in the US”.  I bet it is.  As is NBC and MSNBC.  And CNBC.  And all the other alphabets.

Soon alphabet soup will come with a tiny AK 47 in the mix.  Funnily enough, I read over and over it is a better weapon, more reliable in the tough weather of the ME, ground zero of our global war, than our comparables.  Doesn’t that say a lot.

AMY GOODMAN: And explain what you saw when you were standing there.

ALAN CANFORA: Well, I saw the Guardsmen reach the hilltop, and we expected that they were just retreating. It looked like they were going away, back over the hill where they had come from. But suddenly, at the hilltop, out of seventy-six Guardsmen, only about a dozen from Troop G stopped, turned. They began to fire. They continued to fire for thirteen seconds. The closest student was sixty feet away. He was wounded. Another student ninety feet away was wounded. I was near the bottom of the hill with my roommate. We were both shot and injured. And then, behind us, in a parking lot, is where all of the four students were killed, at distances of between 265 and 400 feet. So it was nothing but a slaughter. They fired into the distant parking lot, because that’s where the most radical and vocal students were gathered.

AMY GOODMAN: And were you shot first?

ALAN CANFORA: I think I was. I think was the first student shot. I was waving a black flag of protest that day. I carried that black flag as a symbol of my despair and my anger, because only ten days earlier I attended my friend’s funeral. He was killed in Vietnam at age nineteen. So that was very fresh in my memory, and that’s why I joined the protests and I helped lead the protests May 1st through 4th in 1970. And that’s what led to me being shot.


Smoke from the Jesusita fire seen from the shoulder of the southbound 101 heading into Santa Barbara on Wednesday afternoon. [LAT readers’ photos, Rick Kelly]


AMY GOODMAN: Do you feel like Kent State understands the history today?

ALAN CANFORA: Kent State understands it, yeah. In fact, the university administration here gets it more than ever. But I think it’s important for people to understand the legacy of Kent State, the wrongfulness of the massacre. It was murder. It was intentional. There was an order to fire. I think it’s very clear that the state government and the federal government were involved.

We’re still working on that, revealing the truth about that order to fire, for example. Next week, I’m going to California. The tape recording, which proved the order to fire, is going to be analyzed for a national TV show. So we’re going to try to find out who gave that order, and we’re convinced that the order ultimately would go to the White House. President Nixon had a vendetta against Kent State SDS since 1968, when we went over to Akron and disrupted his speech in October of ’68 at Akron University. And Nixon was very vindictive, and we think that maybe he worked with the governor to give the order to shoot and kill here at Kent State, a working-class school, not a Yale or a Harvard or a Berkeley, where a lot of rich kids went to school.

And so, they decided to shoot students here to try to terrorize or silence the antiwar movement, but it backfired, because it triggered the only national student strike in US history. Over four million students protested from coast to coast during the national student strike of May 1970. Hundreds of universities were shut down. And that was the high point in the history of American student activism. So if Nixon tried to silence the antiwar movement by killing the students here, it backfired entirely, and it triggered the only national student strike in US history.

Oh Nixon was so bad.  Bad bad bad.  He was.  AND grace a dieu he LOOKED bad! Shifty as all hell.  What luck.  Reagan was bad.  Bad bad bad.  But he looked like a wrecked old B movie star.  Auburn hair, orange cheek spots, all he needed was a pouting, bee stung mouth… Fixer for GE…groomed by William F Buckley for fixer greatness…

People seemed to like that, tho his favorables have risen under careful R revisionism and tutelage.  The Dems helped.

Don’t they always.



1. catnip - 7 May 2009

‘120 die’ as US bombs village

US Marine Special Forces supporting the Afghan army apparently called in the air strike on Tuesday on two villages in Bala Baluk district after heavy fighting with the Taliban. Accounts by Afghans of high civilian casualties are often denied or dismissed by US officials. But a team from the Red Cross visited the scene of this attack. “There were bodies, graves, there were people burying bodies when we were there,” said Ms Barry. She said a first aid worker for Afghanistan’s Red Crescent died with 13 members of his family. “Dozens of dead bodies were seen in the two locations we went to.” Rohul Amin, the provincial governor of Farah, told The Independent that “the dead numbered over 100”. Villagers brought 30 bodies, including women and children, in a truck to Mr Amin in Farah City to prove it had happened.

marisacat - 7 May 2009

Well here is a dicey little dissection of murderous mediocrity… from Truth Out. None other than “counterinsurgency guru” (and why is he not a czar?) Kilcullen, with “impeccable Pentagon bona fides” says they are counterproductive. Meaning the drones. But it seems that Ob is not listening. … but no greater mediocrity than Doyle McManus of the LAT says this, from Kilicullen, gives political cover.

So whaddup.

So mysterious… they tell us he listens. Intently. That it is part of his constitution Oh yes, I am laughing.

catnip - 7 May 2009

He “listens” alright – to the wrong people. As long as Karzai remains gutless and the US honchos can continue to insist that Pakistan’s million-man army can’t control the situation within its borders (while using the nuke scare as collateral), nothing will change.

He owns it now. He can take credit for it all going down (literally) in flames.

Madman in the Marketplace - 7 May 2009

Karzai isn’t gutless, just corrupt.

marisacat - 7 May 2009

Our man in Kabul.

Madman in the Marketplace - 7 May 2009

NPR was quoting a source that the Taliban ‘threw grenades’ into the crowd to “frame” the US forces.

catnip - 7 May 2009

What “source”? The pentagon?

Madman in the Marketplace - 7 May 2009

They quote “US soldiers” who told them about it. Here’s the link.

2. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 May 2009

RFLMAO … what a silly country this is: Dijon Derangement Syndrome: Conservative media attack Obama for burger order

Following President Obama’s May 5 visit to Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington, Virginia, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Rush Limbaugh Show guest host Mark Steyn criticized Obama as an elitist because he ordered a burger with “spicy mustard” or “Dijon mustard.” Hannity claimed that Obama ordered a “fancy burger” with a “very special condiment,” while Steyn asserted Obama is trying “to enlighten us” through his order. Ingraham asked of Obama: “What kind of man orders a cheeseburger without ketchup but Dijon mustard? … The guy orders a cheeseburger without ketchup? What is that?” In their discussions of Obama’s burger order, Hannity, Ingraham, and Steyn all referenced a Grey Poupon commercial featuring actors portraying wealthy British men expressing desire for the mustard.

During the May 6 edition of his Fox News program, Hannity said: “[A]s you all know, President Obama is a real man of the people. And yesterday he dropped by a popular Virginia restaurant to grab a burger with his pal [Vice President] Joe [Biden]. Now, the Gateway Pundit blog pointed out that plain old ketchup, well, it didn’t quite cut it for the president. Now take a look at him ordering his burger with a very special condiment. … Dijon mustard? I think the president watched just a little bit too much television as a kid.” Hannity then played a portion of a Grey Poupon commercial and commented, “I hope you enjoyed that fancy burger, Mr. President.” In the May 5 post Hannity referenced, the Gateway Pundit wrote of Obama and Biden: “They’re just two ordinary metrosexual guys going out for a burger … Obama and Biden, two ordinary guys, go out for a sandwich and Obama asks for Dijon mustard at Joe’s Hell Burger.” The blog added: “I hear it’s delish with arugula lettuce. Yum-Yum.”

There are plenty of reasons to mock those two, but MUSTARD? Dijon mustard is all over the place.

marisacat - 7 May 2009

They need to chill. He ordered it “medium well”. A place that supposedly prides itself on it’s 10 ozs of beef in a burger.

wu ming - 9 May 2009

arugula and dijon mustard is fucking great on burgers, if you’ve got it lying around. ditto for egg salad sandwiches.

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 May 2009

I put a post up: Chickenshit Nation

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 May 2009

Jeffrey Rosen, TNR and the anonymous smears against Sonia Sotomayor

I don’t really have an opinion about whether Sotomayor would be a good pick for Obama — I haven’t done anywhere near the work necessary to formulate a meaningful judgment about that — but, in my prior life as a litigator, I had some personal experiences with her. I had at least two, possibly three, cases in which she was the judge — including a Second Circuit appeal for which she wrote the opinion (reversing the District Court) on behalf of a unanimous panel. At Oral Argument in that case, she was, by far, the most active questioner.

Based on those experiences, I’m genuinely amazed at how — overnight — she’s been transformed in conventional wisdom, largely as a result of Rosen’s piece, into a stupid, shrill, out-of-her-depth Puerto Rican woman who is being considered for the Supreme Court solely due to anti-merit, affirmative action reasons. The New Republic thus fulfills its principal function in life: to allow the Right to spout any sort of invective and bile and justify it by reciting the “even-the-liberal-New-Republic-agrees” defense.

In the last 24 hours alone, Rosen’s article has been used by three different National Review writers — who, I’d be willing to bet lots of money, know virtually nothing about Sotomayor — to declare her to be “dumb and obnoxious.” That’s a phrase they’ve revelled in repeating three times now (and counting), culminating with this: “I’m sure Mark H. is right about Sotomayor’s being dumb and obnoxious, just as Derb is right about her being female and Hispanic is all the [sic] matters.” The amazing speed with which so many people who know absolutely nothing about her are willing, indeed eager, to assume that she’s stupid and doesn’t deserve her achievements — based on the fact that she’s Puerto Rican and female and Rosen published some trashy, unaccountable gossip feeding that perception — is really remarkable.

My perception of Sotomayor is almost the exact opposite of the picture painted by Rosen. I had a generally low opinion of the intellect of most judges — it’s one of the things I disliked most about the practice of law — but I found her to be extremely perceptive, smart, shrewd and intellectually insightful. The image that has been instantaneously created of her as some sort of doltish mediocrity, based on nothing but Rosen’s water-cooler chatter, is, at least to me, totally unrecognizable. Of the countless federal judges with whom I had substantive interaction over more than ten years of litigation, I would place her in the top tier when it comes to intellect. My impressions are very much in line with the author of this assessment of Sotomayor, who had much more extensive interaction with her and — unlike Rosen’s chatterers — has the courage to attach his name to his statements.

marisacat - 7 May 2009

They (Repub and wingers) are up to something with this slithery coming from all sides, A Gay Would Be OK! campaign too. I don’t see Ob nominating a gay however. No way, if a Bloomberg article I read during the night is more than puffery… would Rahm, leader of the pack to hunt for the nom, nor MO first advisor and a long ago grad of HLS (she is no longer even a member of the bar, something most strivers hold on to) .. nor would elderly Abner Mikva permit such a thing.

But the Repubs are up to somethnig. That, and the surround sound against Sotomayor.

Madman in the Marketplace - 7 May 2009

who knows what they’re thinking.

I expect some hack politician like Granholm to be the pick.

5. BooHooHooMan - 7 May 2009

Great Piece, marisa.

And so…..



For anyone slightly cognizant and old enough, they can recall it like it was yesterday, Kent State, but just God Awful for the victims. … I’ve noticed this before, in so many that have been brutalized in our names – that live and manage to speak ,that is… In so many cases of Traumatic Stress { (c) –USA! USA! } …they are given to speaking in the present tense, as Canfora does in describing the day of the killings and his friend Jeff Miller… AS IF Miller still IS from Queens, perhaps clinging to life on that stretcher.Canfora speaks of the incident, now, no differently than one might expect of a shell shocked victim if the incident occurred just moments before…

PTSD Nation, we

ALAN CANFORA: Well, I ran away, and I got a ride to the hospital from a student. And when I got to the hospital, that’s when I saw the others that were injured and that were dying. I saw my friend Jeff Miller. Jeff Miller is from Queens, Long Island, New York.

His mother still lives there. …

Canfora’s mind yields to the present : “His mother still lives there…” ..Yet hovers in the perma-present scar :

And I saw him in the back of an ambulance with a bullet that had entered his face, and it blew his brains out the back of his head. He was in that famous picture with the young woman screaming over his dead body. That was my friend Jeff from New York City. I saw him there at the hospital.

But I think it brings one, it brings me at least, to a sad disagreement…
I think the terror against conscience ‘worked” in turning Boomers into the very “Silent Majority” so brutally- so efficiently so – that Nixon was mere prelude…a point elucidated so well in your post, mcat.

Here is Canfora on the working-class targeting as intentional, (something I see as tied into Presidential Swing State Imperatives)::

President Nixon had a vendetta against Kent State SDS since 1968, when we went over to Akron and disrupted his speech in October of ’68 at Akron University. And Nixon was very vindictive, and we think that maybe he worked with the governor to give the order to shoot and kill here at Kent State, a working-class school, not a Yale or a Harvard or a Berkeley, where a lot of rich kids went to school.

Akron and Kent State are indeed working class schools, the overwhelming majority of Students in state, from Ohio…

Here, the sad disagreement, tho…..as it did not “backfire” with any measure of gain by ’72, Nixon won in a landslide. It did not backfire in the longrun for the PTB either. Canfora knows this of course, in an implicit acknowledgment of what could have been…

And so, they decided to shoot students here to try to terrorize or silence the antiwar movement, but it backfired, because it triggered the only national student strike in US history. Over four million students protested from coast to coast during the national student strike of May 1970. Hundreds of universities were shut down. And that was the high point in the history of American student activism. So if Nixon tried to silence the antiwar movement by killing the students here, it backfired entirely, and it triggered the only national student strike in US history.

Ohio remained thereafter in the Overt War Party, (the unashamed of saying so War Party at least…as opposed to their Talking Left, Walking Right counterparts, the Democrats..)–

For how many years thereafter was Ohio reliably Republican?
{This Obamirage aside till the next PTB “reminder”}
The shots- quite the message when smashing through brain matter when young – those shots -and the NEVER “Post” Traumatic message stressed –> heard loud and clear around the country. IMO, terrorizing the moderate white working class so invested that their kids would cash in on some Post World War II Peace Dividend and Shared Prosperity American Dream.
Quite the awakening from the American Dream turned
Daytime /No-Snapping-Out-of-It Nightmare.

Ohio and in Western Pa., {which contributed most of the out of state students to the school} got the message. PA flaked off a 700,000+ “Meat and Potatoes” Democratic Voter Reg advandage in election after ensuing election over the last three decades till – and I’ll agree here with the Bill Clinton – “FantasyLand” (He should know) …

Yes, Ohio stayed Republican and Western PA lined up for every Democratic Con, Santorum’s election being little distinction and natural outgrowth of Agenda Dictators of one sort or other…

The Akron/ Kent area was once Firestone country, tire manufacture for an auto industry that would never meet road’s end. That was before the So-Closely-Tied-to-The-Oil-and-War Industry Rubber Barons decamped, and , as mcat previously noted , in the case of the Firestone family, they left enmasse , and are “living like Lords”, Roaring Twenties style , now. In Turkey.

Indeed, mcat. The brutal message was sent and sent again and again:
Support the troops! You damn well better…

Helluva thing when thinking of things, all things surrounding Kent State then and since, Helluva thing when in retrospect, one considers that rubber bullet manufacturing might have been a Godsend..

marisacat - 7 May 2009

I am a bad googler so I hve never tried to find it… but other than Kent and Jackson… (a few weeks later, I think) and the others… iirc there was also a student protest in Texas where the NG (or whoever was called, I assume NG) used their bayonets.

Madman in the Marketplace - 7 May 2009

I agree, it plainly worked, and the war only ended b/c the powers that be got sick of paying for it.

marisacat - 7 May 2009

The Boll Weevils pulled their support. From what I have read.

Which I think tho does not diminish the campus revolt NOR the revolt in the battle field. I mean, enlisted men pushing helicopters off warships is not nothing. Among other things.

BooHooHooMan - 7 May 2009

Which I think tho does not diminish the campus revolt NOR the revolt in the battle field. I mean, enlisted men pushing helicopters off warships is not nothing. Among other things.

I agree.

It was the closest we came, nothing like it since. Put the fear of Mammon into the PTB too, considering the commercialization of outrage in the media, and breaking the unset hip repeatedly over Viet Nam.

So close towards a shift. Governments have fallen in Europe with little more than a sneeze at that point from workers.. With mobilized unions Not here. Not here in the Yous Ess of Ehs. The Union movement ?
(save Chavez and the like) totally AWOL. or WORSE.

Mcat or another OG&P’er recently mentioned The Hard Hat Riot in NY that occurred a few days after Kent State. A couple of hundred Union Goons marauding for Law and Order, attacked protesters, putting scores of people in the hospital.

Get this I was up by the city the other day , at a 7-11 gas pump on the Jersey side, a late 50-ish guy in a truck with a Union Sticker on the window, IBEW , notoriously corrupt, (controlled by George Norcross in Jersey, family of Union thugs, Georgie turned Dem Chair, Commerce? Bank CEO… )

Anyways, while the attendant pumps gas, the guy with the Electricians Book is scrounging through the truck, barks out a face-save to the attendant he’s looking for change to buy a pack of smokes. Not a problem the change scrounging, ya ask me, I consider sofa cushions a key element in my retirement plan, any retirement plan now…. But he’s got the IBEW sticker, AND an American Flag with the word “Pride” grunted out in some font, AND a Fraternal Odor of Police Sticker in the window. (the juju to supposedly ward of speeding tickets). On the Tailgate? TWO others: one a Confederate flag (IN JERSEY) and this gem: “I’ll forgive Jane Fonda When the Jews Forgive Hitler”. Priceless.

So I took a picture on my cell phone through the windshield as I was behind him in line at the pump. ( I’ll post a link up to Flickr when I download it off, I don’t have a web enabled phone.)

Well, being Pro-Organized Labor ~ NOT Organized Crime~
I simply could not pass up the opportunity to get out and bust his ignoramus balls: “So Lookin for Money, eh? How’s the work comin out of the IBEW???”

“Nah. can’t buy a job now.”

“No kiddin?” I say. “Yeh , well the Union should take care of you- “, I say in faux sympathy. Relief came over the guys face upon finding his last dime.
“See?!? Good Luck!” I added as the guy hustled towards the store’s door. LOL. The utter fucking imbecile.

6. ms_xeno - 7 May 2009

Golly. Did the Neo-Decider have anything to say about the anniversary of the Kent State shootings? (Sorry, it’s a dumb monicker, but I can’t get all het up about his mustard choices if FOX did it first.)

Hey, catnip lives!! (Whew!)

marisacat - 7 May 2009

Did the Neo-Decider have anything to say …

Our man in DC

catnip - 7 May 2009

My spidey senses told me that ms x had made a cameo appearance so, of course, I had to drag my virus-infected self out of bed to see that!

7. marisacat - 7 May 2009


A giant US military base emerges in Afghanistan

1 hour ago

CAMP LEATHERNECK, Afghanistan (AFP) — In the forbidding Afghan desert, US engineers are carving out a sprawling military camp as part of a dramatic American troop build-up designed to confront Taliban insurgents.

The desolate plain in southern Helmand province that Afghans call the “desert of death” has turned into a hive of frenetic activity, underscoring President Barack Obama’s decision to expand the US military commitment to the war.

Defence Secretary Robert Gates flew into Camp Leatherneck on Thursday to get a first-hand look as dozens of bulldozers kicked up clouds of dust and soldiers swung hammers in searing heat.

Some of the newly arrived soldiers at the camp told Gates they were still waiting for radios and other equipment to arrive.

Gates promised to look into the problem and said later at a news conference in Kabul that moving such a large number of troops and so much equipment was a “logistical challenge” in a country with a shortage of airports and major roads. …snip…

Well the Nazis built roads, so did Eisenhower… So did Haussmann.. I am sure we can remedy that last observation. Make AfPak war ready. And prison ready. And hardened base ready.

[T]hey are also expanding another US base in the southern city of Kandahar.

All the digging and bulldozing in the desert has put a premium on water, especially for the runway construction.

As a result, troops were collecting water from the base’s kitchens and showers to compact dirt at building sites, the Navy officer said.

The base is needed quickly with the US military presence in Afghanistan due to double by the autumn, when the Obama administration says up to 68,000 troops will be in place.

Boroway said his team was working 12-hour days in searing heat to finish. “They know the importance of this,” he added.

Ob’s war.

NYCO - 8 May 2009

War! What would a president be without one?

Say, that sounds like an ad slogan. “Obama” is a fun term to plug into this Ad Slogan Generator, but “War” is even MORE fun.

8. marisacat - 7 May 2009

Kashkari is on with Charlie. Geesh. Geithner last night, Kashkari tonight.

The boys are out with their billion dollar begging bowls. Save the Banks! Feed them money!

9. lucid - 8 May 2009

I’ll be an ugly american in Italy this summer for a couple of weeks. First 2 week vacation in about 11 years. Have to hook up with the family in Tuscany, but that is only 3-4 days of it. I know I want to be in Rome for 4 days to explore the ancient shit. Beyond that, I’m thinking a few days in Salerno & the surrounding [Pompei] and some days up in the ‘five lands’ in Liguria. Note… at least 5 days of this vacation I must be on the coast, swimming in that wonderful body of water.

Any suggestions? Also – I prefer ancient ruins to christian shit. Being that I’m a pagan and all.

marisacat - 8 May 2009

omigod. Have a double Negroni for me. Big wedge of blood orange with it… Somewhere near the sea…. one of the little towns in teh rocky outcrop of a coast in the five lands.

10. lucid - 8 May 2009

Just submitting my passport renewal tomorrow… will buy the tickets over the weekend…

God I fucking need this.

I can’t wait to languish in the mediterranean again. Most soothing waters in the world.

Definitely going to Liguria, so, will do.

I asked for suggestions though because I’m not sold yet on Salerno – but any other destination needs to include coast and ruins…

marisacat - 8 May 2009

totally wonderful.. I hope you take photos.. just being selfish…

11. marisacat - 8 May 2009


Under fire from Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday, Attorney General Eric Holder revealed that he had approved of rendition — essentially, legalized kidnapping — apparently more than once during his tenure as President Bill Clinton’s deputy attorney general.

Cautioning Holder that any potential investigation into the Bush administration’s torture program could result in Democrats being roped in, “Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Richard Shelby of Alabama pressed Holder on the CIA’s ‘rendition’ program that moved terrorism suspects from one country to another,” reported Domenico Montanaro with MSNBC.

“Didn’t that happen during the Clinton administration?

“Yes, Holder said.

“‘How many did you approve?’ they asked.

“Holder said he’d check the record.” …snip…

Clinton Restoration admin.


We’re now told that Obama and his advisers had recently been fiercely debating the question of what to do about the Bush war criminals, with Obama going one way and then another and then back again, both in private and in his public stands. One might say that he was “tortured”.

But civilized societies do not debate torture. Why didn’t the president just do the obvious? The simplest? The right thing? Or at least do what he really believes.

I read thsi earlier tonight and it so fits here. All I can say is, ”get the fuck over it sonny”. What bullshit: He agonised. Is agonising. Shall agonise.

William Blum says the same but more graciously.

The problem, I’m increasingly afraid, is that the man doesn’t really believe strongly in anything, certainly not in controversial areas. He learned a long time ago how to take positions that avoid controversy, how to express opinions without clearly and firmly taking sides, how to talk eloquently without actually saying anything, how to leave his listeners’ heads filled with stirring clichés, platitudes, and slogans. And it worked. Oh how it worked! What could happen now, as President of the United States, to induce him to change his style?

Well.. it did nto work with everyone.

I got onto the Blum piece via SMBIVA

Before he is done Blum dissects Miss Hillary too. Talk about a Clinton re tread!

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2009

The problem, I’m increasingly afraid, is that the man doesn’t really believe strongly in anything, certainly not in controversial areas.


marisacat - 8 May 2009

😆 DOUBLE duh.

12. marisacat - 8 May 2009

I see the local police have fired on Afghanis protesting the bombings…. and the recent deaths.

Way to go. Liberty democracy justice and freedom for all. We pound it into you.

13. marisacat - 8 May 2009

For the Californians out there.. or the anti Arnolds.. For the anti CA lege or whatever they call themselves up there in Sacramento.


Prop. 1A poll: going down harder!

Last week, we noted that Proposition 1A was going down 40-49, but that the politicians and special interests were beginning a big-dollar media blitz to promote it.

Well, after millions in ad spending and Schwarenegger threatening to let California burn unless we pass his tax increase, have the people been cowed?

Nope. I can’t find it online yet, but KFI radio is reporting a new Public Policy Institute of California poll putting support at 35% and opposition at 52%. I’ll post the link when I find it. …snip…

14. marisacat - 8 May 2009

Let me shed a tear for any Ob voter who was thinking o f hte polar bears when they pulled the lever.

WASHINGTON — The Associated Press has learned that the Interior Department is letting stand a Bush administration regulation that limits protection of polar bears from global warming.

People familiar with the decision say Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will announce late Friday morning that he will not rescind the Bush rule, although Congress gave him authority to do so. The people spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to pre-empt the secretary’s announcement. …

15. BooHooHooMan - 8 May 2009

Who can forget Jay and the Techniques?

Keep the Ball Rolling

Keep the ball rolling
Keep the ball rolling
Girl, the name of
The game is love

On your mark, get set
Let the kissing start and
Just keep the ball rolling
Baby, right into my heart

How can you ask me
To try and get by with
Just one little kiss
(One little kiss)

Okay pre mosh-pit groovites, there is a point here- (a MIRACLE!)
( that I’m making one at all, not the content itself, LOL:)
LAT Via Huffpo-

Obama Vs. Schwarzenegger: White House Threatens To Rescind Stimulus Funds

….The L.A. Times reports that the Obama administration is threatening to rescind stimulus billions of dollars in federal stimulus funds if wage cuts to unionized home healthcare workers are not restored.
Schwarzenegger’s office was advised this week by federal health officials that the wage reduction, which will save California $74 million, violates provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Failure to revoke the scheduled wage cut before it takes effect July 1 could cost California $6.8 billion in stimulus money, according to state officials.

The Service Employees International Union, which represents the workers, requested the opinion from Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services.

“The Obama Administration has made it clear 🙄 that the State cannot cut the homecare workers’ wages. Now we need our counties to follow suit and take all the cuts off the table,” said SEIU Executive Vice President and SEIU UHW Trustee, Eliseo Medina.

“I am glad that President Obama stood up for us,” said Greg Price, a homecare worker and SEIU UHW member in Fresno County. “Now it is up to the County to stand up for workers like me.”

It is so 69. And With mutually satisfactory oral! :
SEIU gets the cover as Dems flee the beach on EFCA, Ob is propped up.

Keep the Ball Rolling.

If you look closely,
I think David Obey is actually playing the drums in the vid. 😉

marisacat - 8 May 2009

hmm on EFCA reading thru th elines… get the feeling of a long ago fixed deal. One part that WILL be passing (it seems) is enforced arbitration.

Ob, or Ob’s wing of the partay, is close to Stern. But in the end (tho I want home workers to get decent pay) it all hardly matters. Much of the problems in the state are a battle between SEIU/Stern and Sacto. SEIU reprsetnts state workers, a fair amount of them.

A good bit of the budget battle face off was over state workers…

HOWEVER, Home health care workers, the whole range of them, need a decent deal.

16. marisacat - 8 May 2009

What a hoot!

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

White House Military Affairs Director Resigns in Wake of Air Force One Flyover [4:12 p.m. ET]

NYCO - 8 May 2009

Obama can’t go around making Bloomie look stoopid now, can he.

marisacat - 8 May 2009

The trio, Bloomie Ob and Arnold = BLOBA

catnip - 8 May 2009


NYCO - 8 May 2009


17. marisacat - 8 May 2009

I think the fired gay linquists and the polar bears are a natural coalition.

Undercut by both administrations!

FWIW… Politico has the GLAAD letter from Ob to a gay service woman (already fired!), promising CHANGE.


18. Arcturus - 8 May 2009

for BHHM:

Subpoena in pension fund probe puts spotlight on Sacramento lobbyist

In 2005, California real estate mogul Terry Fancher wanted to entice public pension systems to place hundreds of millions of dollars in investment funds he managed.

Bypassing seasoned Wall Street advisors such as Morgan Stanley or Credit Suisse First Boston, he turned to Darius Anderson, a young and ambitious Sacramento lobbyist known in the Capitol for his political connections and fundraising prowess. Anderson was good for Fancher, who ultimately won commitments to manage at least $650 million in public retirement money from New York and California.

The arrangement worked for Anderson too. On three deals as a placement agent for Fancher — setting up meetings, making pitches to pension fund staff, making political donations along with Fancher to the right elected officials — Anderson and his partners netted more than $5.2 million, records from both states show. The scale of those earnings dwarfed what Anderson, 44, made from operating one of Sacramento’s highest-profile lobbying shops or raising money for former Gov. Gray Davis.

19. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2009

Stop Whining About Populist Anger!

We simply do not have a real functioning mechanism in American politics for converting public anger into tough government policy. The closest thing we have in that regard is the relationship between elected officials and the media: when TV news decides to flip out about something like the AIG bonuses for more than a day or two, we might sometimes see public officials do something about… something like the AIG bonuses. But that’s about it. In point of fact the only significant “reforms” to date, even in the face of this most extreme financial crisis, have been moves instituted to restrict short-selling and a relaxation of mark-to-market accounting rules, both measures on the deregulatory wish list of the big firms.

More significantly, there has been almost nothing in the way of punishment of the major figures responsible for this crisis. If there were a real correlation between public anger and government policy, we’d have seen at least something in that area. Maybe there wouldn’t have been public floggings, but there would have been some serious frog-marching of unscrupulous assholes to prison.

And this isn’t about vengeance, it’s about policy: if the “consequence” for blowing a $4 trillion hole in the economy is seeing masses of government officials line up to hurl billions of taxpayer dollars at you, that doesn’t provide much of an incentive to fix your behavior. This is one area where there should have been a seamless melding of public outrage and government policy: we should have swooped in, rounded up 200 of the most guilty executives, hauled them before congress in a public trial, and packed them all off to a Supermax in Florence, Colorado to do real time with murderers, rapists and terrorists. Reality shows should have been quickly greenlighted to track their progress in the hole (can you imagine the ratings for a show called Project D-Block starring John Thain, Angelo Mozilo and Dick Fuld?).

All joking aside, this would have been an incredibly healthy step for our society to take — just as it would have been healthy (and still might be) for someone to go to jail for torture during the Bush years, or for contracting fraud in Iraq, or for any of the other countless crimes committed this past decade that will almost certainly go unpunished. The social contract has to be considered broken when some dumb schmuck can go to jail for five real years for selling a bag of weed while a guy who went to Harvard and Wharton and had all possible advantages gets nothing but a bailout and a temporarily lowered bonus regime for destroying billions of dollars of public wealth.

20. marisacat - 8 May 2009

Have to love a headline (Jane Hamsher at HuffPo) that says DiFi and Spector will be the drivers behind EFCA… the compromise that is.

a quote in the piece from Nat Journal:

[Diane Feinstein’s] proposal would replace the card-check provision, which would allow workers to unionize if a majority signed authorization cards and strip a company’s ability to demand a secret ballot election. “It’s a secret ballot that would be mailed in … just like an absentee ballot. The individual could take it home and mail it in,” Feinstein said. If a majority mailed the ballots to the National Labor Relations Board, the NLRB would recognize the union.

She sells the arbitration compromise as best for everybody. Gotta love an operative.

21. diane - 8 May 2009


Flag in hand …that’ll ward off misery…(and manufactured?????? plagues)

Were that boy’s parent’s worried he’d be singled out…(looking so meck… an’ all….. surely one couldn’t blame them…we are droning other high yellow innocent people..for far less than sniffles)……………or are some school admins finishing off the stiches on the brown shirts?

I’ll buy newspapers until I die (in so many ways I despise the hideous place our technology has taken us to), but the editor should be so ashamed at themselves for not requiring commentary about that ghastly photo…and everything it implies………………………………………………

I was in grade school in the sixties, and not once do I remember waving a flag on my way to school due to an outbreak of sniffles…………….

22. diane - 8 May 2009


whatever the fuck is goin on…it appears to be even far, far more subtle….(in a certain manner),..hideous, ….and…..far, far worse than even……..nazism……

an oderless…..noxious……….lethal………..

GASSSSSSSSSS…………..where the spiritiually dead …..

still walk among us……….

and don’t realize….

they are quite


23. catnip - 8 May 2009


LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – By and large, they personally forked out for his campaign, they voted for him, and they know he is capable of boosting TV ratings just by making an appearance.

But executives at the big four U.S. TV networks are seething behind the scenes that President Barack Obama has cost them about $30 million in cumulative ad revenue this year with his three prime-time news conferences.

Now top network executives quietly are hoping that Fox’s decision not to air Obama’s April 29 news conference will serve as precedent for denying future White House requests for prime airtime.

“We will continue to make our decisions on White House requests on a case-by-case basis, but the Fox decision gives us cover to reject a request if we feel that there is no urgent breaking news that is going to be discussed,” said one network executive, who, like all, would not go on the record fearing repercussions from the Obama administration.

Another network executive confided, “Nobody wants to take on the White House, so we’ll have to tiptoe through this.”

Although Obama’s post-election visits to “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” and “60 Minutes” were major ratings boosts, the love affair between the networks and Obama might be cooling: There are too many demands, and too much money is at stake.

Even more irksome, the White House is bailing out bankers, insurers and carmakers, but nary a nickel has gone to the media industry which has cut costs and lay off staff.

The White House declined comment.

Looks like Obamalama might have to pay sponsors like everybody else.

This portion brought to you by Viagra.

marisacat - 8 May 2009

All things wear out. Or tend toward reconciliation. Of a sort.

The language coming out of the WH, across the board, is esp slobbery… and viewership for his hour long conflabs are falllllllllllllllling.

Time passes and people have problems to deal with.

marisacat - 8 May 2009

This probably plays into all of that as well. It is Politico churn, but the issue has been turning up in several spots. For too much use of unnamed “senior WH officials” and way too much ordinary information on “background”.

the bullshit is old.

24. catnip - 8 May 2009
marisacat - 8 May 2009

New newer coalition… Polar Bears, Fired Gay Arabist Linguists AND Gitmo incarcerated.

SCREWED by both administrations!

25. catnip - 8 May 2009

PBS New Hour, Friday nite:

MARGARET WARNER: The members of Congress have been asked to vastly increase aid, not just military aid, but civilian aid to Pakistan. But many members want to attach some conditions on how it’s spent – certainly, some level of greater accountability. Are you comfortable with that?

PRESIDENT ASIF ALI ZARDARI: Accountability, I have never been uncomfortable with, ever. Accountability is fine.

MARGARET WARNER: Several members said they just weren’t sure that you recognized the severity of the threat that your government faces from the militants and also from the Pakistani people’s own kind of unhappiness right now. Do you feel you face an existential threat?

PRESIDENT ASIF ALI ZARDARI: I feel the other way around. I feel that the world and the American Congress and the people do not understand the threat they face and the world faces from this threat, because this is a threat I lost my late wife to. This is a threat – this is the same mindset I lost my father-in-law to. This is the same mindset I’ve lost thousands of my friends to, my party workers to. So I feel we do understand the threat.

The way I look at it is that you’ve given more aid to AIG than you’ve given to Pakistan in the last 10 years. So your one institution requires more attention than 180 million people and this war of the world. So it’s a more dangerous war than the world has ever fought before.

MARGARET WARNER: President Zardari, thank you so much.

PRESIDENT ASIF ALI ZARDARI: Thank you, ma’am. You are a tough lady.

26. marisacat - 8 May 2009

Achtung ms xeno!

NYT does Portland (they did 39 hours in SF recently, it was pretty off the mark, not sure they sent anyone out here). I wonder what they mean by “food carts”.

Frugal Portland

In this beguiling Pacific Northwest city of artisanal
cafes, offbeat museums, funky neighborhoods and food carts
from every corner of the world, the good life comes cheap.

27. marisacat - 8 May 2009



…………… 😯 …………..

28. Intermittent Bystander - 9 May 2009

Poetic post.

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