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Long weekend… 22 May 2009

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, Divertissements.

A hazel dormouse slumbers. Hazel dormouse numbers have fallen by almost two fifths in the past two decades – but the rate of decline is slowing down significantly [Picture: PA at the UK Telegraph]

I have had one of the more irritating 24 hours… and just want to crawl in to a ball… and sleep.  Well, sort of.

The modern era… somehow my normal monthly purchase from Safeway tripped a fraud signal to my bank… I use a debit card, buy every month in the third week, roughly, of the month from Safeway, roughly the same amt.  I made it thru the automated check, entering the debit card number, the SS last 4 digits, then verified the amounts that Safeway was trying to put on the card… was assured the card and the amount was released.. Safeway calls back.. I say re-enter… they do, several times.  Decline decline.  So I call a Fraud Specialist.  Ricardo.  By then there is no chance my order makes it on the delivery van for the afternoon.

Ricardo assures me the card is now released.. says the Safeway transaction tripped a wire as I had not used the card in weeks.  Right! not since I ordered from Safeway in the third week of April, for within 10.00 of my order today.  Like March and February.

Then I say, shall I advise you I am buying a digital TV, an antenna and maybe a couple of other related items, probably tonight – and definitely online?  Shall I pre-clear this, I ask? Shall I identify the supplier?  Would that help?  He asks the amount, I pick a number more than I think I will spend.. he says there should be no problem, esp as I have just been on the phone with Fraud.

Mother of God.  Let me out of here.

I was a wet noodle on the kitchen floor, when it was over.  The only good news is that it being Memorial Day Weekend… the Sat delivery times from Safeway still had openings.

In related news, I suddenly got offers for credit cards… Discover, with whom I never had a credit card.. and Capitol One, never one with them either… both offered 0% interest on balance transfers.  Something I had read the card companies were not going to do anymore.  I have no desire or need for either card… but seems it has been months without the usual credit card trash mail…



INSTANT UPDATE, 2:29 pm on the Pacific Ocean

Secret!  It’s a Big Big Secret!  By now there are reports in Boston Globe, LA Times, NY Times… and Isikoff in TIME (or is it Newsweek, who knows who can tell the difference).

But humor Ob.  It’s a fucking secret meeting.

Warren of the Center for Constitutional Rights on with Amy.

AMY GOODMAN: Vince Warren joins us now. He’s in San Francisco, though he’s usually based in New York, executive director of the Center for Constitutional Rights. He met with President Obama earlier this week, the day before President Obama gave his speech at the National Archive yesterday.

Vince, welcome to Democracy Now! And start off—well, explain why this meeting that you, representing CCR, and other human rights groups had was supposedly originally a secret meeting. And then, what happened? And where did you meet? Tell us all the details.

VINCENT WARREN: Well, I’m not—still not allowed to talk about the substance of the meeting, but it was a meeting in which we met at the—in the Cabinet Room of the West Wing. And there were a number of high-level officials that were there at the meeting.  [I have read Rahm and Axelrod and iirc Ob’s counsel, Craig attended — Mcat]

And what was sort of shocking about it is we were told that we should not at all talk about the meeting, but right promptly afterwards, the press started calling us, because the White House Press Office told everybody about the meeting.

But it was—in my sense, it was something that President Obama wanted to do to be able to talk and to hear our views, the views of some of the human rights organizations like CCR, and to really embrace his critics, which I think is a wonderful hallmark of this administration.

The problem is that he goes out the next day, and he has a speech in which he not only embraces the opposition, meaning George Bush’s policies, but then he comes out with things that even George Bush didn’t come out with, like preventive detention.



What was very surprising was to hear President Obama talk about what he called prolonged detention, but what I think we can all safely say is preventive detention, moving forward, the idea of detaining people not because they’ve committed a crime, but because of their general dangerousness or that they may commit a crime in the future. That’s something that the documents that President Obama was standing in front of, particularly the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, simply doesn’t permit. And when I heard that in his speech, I was deeply, deeply shocked that he would go in that direction.

AMY GOODMAN: Had he told you that the day before?

VINCENT WARREN: No, he hadn’t—he didn’t talk about his speech at all. We really didn’t have a sense of what was going to come the next day. And we didn’t discuss preventive detention. And I think what’s interesting about it is, for most people in the room, I suspect that that wasn’t even something that anybody was contemplating or really could conceive of. We haven’t heard that discussion for, you know, eight or nine months. And so, this was really the first time that we were confronted with it.

Con law scholar remember.  Deliberative.  Listens.  Open wide for the pabulum.  It’s coming at you on an F-22.  Lobs of pabulum fired from warships.. to the right, to the left.  Drones overhead with pabulum bombs…

Farther on Warren makes an interesting point, calling these meetings “secret” (but of course the WH wants to also use them!, so they immediately release that the meeting occurred) may be an effort to silence critics.


It’s all old already.



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 May 2009

you know, I’m sick of “I’m not allowed to talk about it.” What are they going to do, ARREST him? Not invite him back? We’re they telling us, over and over and over and frakkin’ over again, that the lack of transparency over the last eight years was a huge problem, and that it was GOING TO END?

Mr. Warren and his org do great work, but this constant deference to the authoritarians who run this country serves only to empower them to commit more crimes.

marisacat - 22 May 2009

oh he was way too wussy on the secrecy. But you know I’ll scrape up whatever that sort cough up. Yes CCR is a great org. They do a lot.

Isikoff’s report (and of course it is Isikoff) was the harshest of the several I have read. Not a great meeting would be my take.

2. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 May 2009

Oh, and sorry to hear about your problems with your bank. I think a lot of times those fraud notices get set off by things that have nothing to do with you, or your use. Maybe there has been an increase in fraud in your zip code, or at that safeway.

marisacat - 22 May 2009

oh it just hrew me for a double loop.. having the chain yanked on my groceries about 45 minutes before about when they would be delivered.

Silly as it sounds I had everything lined up to order the TV and whatever else, last night… and then noticed the wait on the TV had extended to 1 – 2 months. So in the middle of the night, I found it from a different dealer on Amazon.. resorted the whole order… and then felt this weird.. wait. Don’t know why…but it would have been even harder if that order had snafud the fraud wire. At least Safeway called me… right about the time the BofA email hit my in box.


Madman in the Marketplace - 22 May 2009

funny how that little voice will pop up in your head sometimes …

marisacat - 22 May 2009

yeah.. so I will order the TV and other items as soon as the groceries are put away… 😆

What a race… with no prize.

3. marisacat - 22 May 2009

BTW, apparently the state supreme court is going to issue their ruling on Prop 8 Tuesday. Ob is expected to be in LA Wednesday for a big fundraiser. $30,400 per couple with pre-events pegged at $1,000 and $2,500 .

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 May 2009

just starting Moyers, covering single payer tonight. Donna Smith from the CA Nurses Assoc is featured in the first segment.

marisacat - 22 May 2009

oh I will catch it…

Madman in the Marketplace - 22 May 2009

she’s so good

wu ming - 22 May 2009

if they ever decide to back a new party in CA, things could get interesting. i’ve been waiting for them to take that step since they moved heaven and earth to shoot down the 2005 special election.

marisacat - 23 May 2009

Yo know, they have had us vote so many times since 2004 that I don’t even remember the 2005 “special election”.

November .. when we voted in the GE, was a joke. 11 props for either the city or the state (I forgt which) and 24 for the other. when I finished filling out my absentee ballot I jsut flopped over in bed. Glad it was over.

This election was the lowest turnout, ever.

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 May 2009

Ms. Smith just oozes contempt for Baccus and the rest of the donks, and Moyers runs down the whole history of the donks not coming thru, going back to Carter. Showed Obama promising single payer back in 2003, if only there was a Dem in the White House and in control of Congress.

marisacat - 22 May 2009

wow I am a little impressed by Moyers. He tends to shy away from being blunt on Dem failures.

Showed Obama promising single payer back in 2003, if only there was a Dem in the White House and in control of Congress.

Oh well Barry. What can you do. Stick figure. Biding time til he cashes in. About it.

Madman in the Marketplace - 22 May 2009

He’s already posted around the transcript of his rundown of the history:

There was only one thing standing in the way, Obama said six years ago: “All of you know we might not get there immediately because first we have to take back the White House, we have to take back the Senate and we have to take back the House.”

Fast forward six years. President Obama has everything he said was needed – Democrats in control of the executive branch and both chambers of Congress. So what’s happened to single payer?

A woman at his town hall meeting in New Mexico last week asked him exactly that. “If I were starting a system from scratch, then I think that the idea of moving towards a single-payer system could very well make sense,” the president replied. “That’s the kind of system that you have in most industrialized countries around the world.

“The only problem is that we’re not starting from scratch. We have historically a tradition of employer-based health care. And although there are a lot of people who are not satisfied with their health care, the truth is, is that the vast majority of people currently get health care from their employers and you’ve got this system that’s already in place. We don’t want a huge disruption as we go into health care reform where suddenly we’re trying to completely reinvent one-sixth of the economy.”

So, the banks were too big to fail and now, apparently, health care is too big to fix, at least the way a majority of people indicate they would like it to be fixed, with a single payer option. President Obama favors a public health plan competing with the medical cartel that he hopes will create a real market that would bring down costs. But single payer has vanished from his radar.

One of the guests, Sydney Wolfe, is repeatedly calling for the end of private health insurance.

They came, listened, made nice for the photo op, and while they failed to participate in a hearty chorus of “Kumbaya,” they did promise to cut health care costs voluntarily over the next ten years. The press ate it up – and Mr. Obama was a happy man.

Meanwhile, some of us looking on – those of us who’ve been around a long time – were scratching our heads. Hadn’t we heard this before?

Way, way back in the 1970s, Americans were riled up over the rising costs of health care. As a presidential candidate, Jimmy Carter started talking about the government clamping down. When he got to the White House, drug makers, insurance companies, hospitals and doctors – the very people who only a decade earlier had done everything they could to strangle Medicare in the cradle – seemed uncharacteristically humble and cooperative. “You don’t have to make us cut costs,” they promised. “We’ll do it voluntarily.”

So, Uncle Sam backed down and – you guessed it – pretty soon, medical costs were soaring higher than ever.

By the early ’90s, the public was once again hurting in the pocketbook. Feeling our pain, Bill and Hillary Clinton tried again, coming up with a plan only slightly more complicated than the schematics for an F-18 fighter jet.

This time, the health industry acted more like Tony Soprano than Mother Teresa. It bludgeoned the Clinton reforms with one of the most expensive and deceitful public relations and advertising campaigns ever conceived – paid for, of course, from the industry’s swollen profits.

As the drug and insurance companies, hospitals and doctors dumped the mangled carcass of reform into the Potomac, securely encased in concrete, once again, they said don’t worry; they would cut costs voluntarily.

If you believed that, we’ve got a toll-free bridge to the Mayo Clinic we’d like to sell you.

So, anyone with any memory left could be excused for raising their eyebrows at the health care industry’s latest promises. As if on cue, hardly had their pledge of volunteerism rung out across the land than Jay Gellert, chief executive of Health Net Inc. and chair of the lobbying group America’s Health Insurance Plans, assured his pals not to worry abut the voluntary reductions. “We believe that we can do it without undermining the viability of companies,” he said, “and in effect enhancing the payment to physicians and hospitals.” In other words, their so-called voluntary “reforms” will in no way interfere with maximizing profits.

It’s a very strong outing, lots of stats and history.

marisacat - 22 May 2009

There are stories out last night, forget where, that the insurers are gearing up for a big onslaught agaisnt any sort of “public” or “government” choice. One that people would buy into, pay for.

They have ads ready to run about waits and denials of service and so on.

Oh I remember wehre I read it, at Clusterstock. And the thjread was very dismissive of ins cos. One person (in the thread at Cluster) is forced into an HMO as to have the PPO at work would be a SIXTEEN THOUSAND deductible

Someonw should start cutting off a toe of Barry’s for everytime he lobs BULLSHIT.

See how he likes it.

Madman in the Marketplace - 22 May 2009

they talked about the plan for that campaign.

marisacat - 22 May 2009

I was impressed by the thread at Cluster F… because that place obviously can be very bull libertarian, hoist your own mast, fuck off if you can’t make it, etc.

How many more need to go bankrupt.

Again, cut off one of Barry’s toes. When we are thru those, start on the right hand. He’s left handed. Then head for the wrists. EVERYONE should be disappointed in him.

Madman in the Marketplace - 23 May 2009

the basic “business unit” in this country is the household. EVERYTHING is built on the building and maintenance of a household (whether that household is one person or 3 generations under one roof). When a major piece of the economy is destroying household, or at the very least leaving them without the certainty you need to plan for the future, then that part of the economy needs to be fixed or replaced, and the healthfunding industry is doing just that. I think even the business libertarians are beginning to see that.

marisacat - 23 May 2009

well I think it can be argued the basic business unit is the household in many countries, certainly western industrialised countries. The social welfare underpinnings in Europe are serving them well.. ours is too weak. And constantly torn at.

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 May 2009

Bill Maher on Harry Reid: “Can’t the Democrats do better than this dusty old dumbass?” … making fun of Reid statement about how terrible it would be to close Gitmo.

7. wu ming - 22 May 2009

they did this to me several times, once when i was up at the in-laws for christmas (apparently it’s unusual for people to leave their home state for holidays? who knew), and then a huge clusterfuck when i took a vacation to malaysia. i even told them that i’d be flying there ahead of time, but did not call separately for every single piece of plastic. you have to pre-clear anything you do these days, and even then the people taking messages are fucking clueless (“so you live in thailand?” “no, taiwan” “ok, so i’ll make a note that you’ll be in thailand then” )

and all of that on long distance international cell phone calls.

fuck them all.

marisacat - 23 May 2009

well I understand pre clearing travel. I did not like it, but I understood it…. I learned the hard way in the late 90s and a credit card was … not cancelled… but tagged by the Fraud unit when I was in Paris… fortunately I had, just as a precaution, put a second one in my wallet.. and that one I was OK using.

This was a bit much. The hilarious thing was when the “Fraud Specialist”, who was very nice but did not ”get” how BofA had screwed me up today… but the funny thing was when he basically told me I was free as a bird for a few days to pay for any (under a thousand $, say) purchases. What a hoot!

8. marisacat - 23 May 2009

Geesh even craven NYT hesitates at “preventive detention”…

[I]n his speech on antiterrorism policy Thursday, Mr. Obama, emphasizing that he wanted fair procedures, sought to distance himself from what critics of the Bush administration saw as its system of arbitrary detention.

“In our constitutional system,” Mr. Obama said, “prolonged detention should not be the decision of any one man.”

But Mr. Obama’s critics say his proposal is Bush redux. Closing the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and holding detainees domestically under a new system of preventive detention would simply “move Guantánamo to a new location and give it a new name,” said Michael Ratner, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates suggested this month that as many as 100 detainees might be held in the United States under such a system.

Mr. Obama chose to call his proposal “prolonged detention,” which made it sound more reassuring than some of its more familiar names. In some countries, it is called “administrative detention,” a designation with a slightly totalitarian ring. Some of its proponents call it “indefinite detention,” which evokes the Bush administration’s position that Guantánamo detainees could be held until the end of the war on terror — perhaps for the rest of their lives — even if acquitted in war crimes trials. …snip…

9. marisacat - 23 May 2009

Marshall has a good short post on the Newburgh 4.

Madman in the Marketplace - 23 May 2009


marisacat - 23 May 2009

I was glad to see Josh M not buying into the “big terror bust” or whatever this is sold as…

On the other hand, near silencio (from Josh, I mean) on Social Sec and Medicare bitching out of DC.

Gotta protect the brand!

marisacat - 23 May 2009

IOZ is back and has a post up on the Newburgh 4… and the whole concept of this sort of sting.

[T]he entrapment and prosecution of “homegrown terrorists” are part of a broad, persistent, and frankly effective effort to create a supine and frightened citizenry through the maintenance of a steady buzz of mild hysteria, dulling any potential objections to the government’s ongoing program to arrogate to itself the right to dispose of individual lives however, whenever, and to whatever ends it determines, regardless of whether or not one has committed, or is even capable of committing, a crime.

Madman in the Marketplace - 23 May 2009

yet they’re careful to never entrap anybody who is actually armed, threatening harm to the gov’t … wouldn’t want any law enforcement folks to actually get hurt arresting people for what they talk about doing.

Madman in the Marketplace - 23 May 2009
10. marisacat - 23 May 2009

Not sure if anyone is interested, but I am getting huge kick out of the devolution of the NYT economics reporter Edmund Andrews story. Clusterfuck updates with links to further updates at McArdle and PBS Lehrer. I am guessing that Andrews and Solman, who interviewed him for The News Hour, are friends. Andrews “answered” the McArdle revelations at PBS with Solman.

more to come i am sure. And in threads at McARdle a very interesting “tita” (or auntie) has surfaced with gossip.

What a hoot. So typical of the NYT.

11. marisacat - 23 May 2009

Big Tentacle Democrat over at Talk Left finds that Elena Kagan, our SG and a contender for SCOTUS, would buy into preventive detention.

BTW, BTD is pretty ok with preventive detention as well.

Here is my issue. They are using such proposals and “terra terra terra” to shaft us. Similarly my opinion that, as factions make moves against what they call “anchor babies” and seek to make the child of an illegal parent ineligible for citizenship, if born here, the real long term plan is to make citizenship itself, for all or those the US government decides to hate, conditional.


Madman in the Marketplace - 23 May 2009

ultimately freedom is made conditional.

Supposedly the announcement for the next center-right authoritarian on the bench will be made Tuesday. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Kagen, or Granholm.

marisacat - 23 May 2009

Big Tentacle expects it to be Kagan. And he likes her… he talks of how risk averse obsterman is… and she has little paper record.

A match made in himmel!

So… Cali will announce the SC ruling on Prop 8 Tuesday,… Obsterman will announce the nom… and then Wednesday he goes to LA for big (30,400 dollars per couple for the main event) fundraiser.

AND Hillary made soft murmurs, State will move to admit partners of State Dept employees for benefits coverage.. and Pentagon (or DoD) made really really really quiet comments that maybe someday DADT will be overturned. Expecting a lotta gays at the LA fundraiser? need a sugar pill after the Ca ruling?

12. marisacat - 23 May 2009

Face the Nation: Colin Powell

Meet the Press: Gingrich, Sen. Durbin. Roundtable with Rich Lowry, Michele Norris, Eugene Robinson, Chuck Todd.

This Week: Adm. Mullen. Roundtable with Donna Brazile, David Brooks, E.J. Dionne, George Will

Fox News Sunday: Sens. Kyl, Nelson

State of the Union: Former Gov. Ridge, Sens. Boxer, Shelby, Dorgan, Mary Matalin, James Carville

13. marisacat - 23 May 2009

Spotted this while I was at Jeralyn’s…

Our New Drug Czar on Legalization: An Emphatic “No”

By Jeralyn, Section Crime Policy
Posted on Fri May 22, 2009 at 03:51:00 PM EST

Via Tom at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition: New drug czar Gil Kerlikowske was on KUOW radio today, talking about his new role.

He called the idea of legalization “waving the white flag” and said “legalization is off the the charts when it comes to discussion, from my viewpoint” and that “legalization vocabulary doesn’t exist for me and it was made clear that it doesn’t exist in President Obama’s vocabulary.”

Regarding marijuana, he said, “It’s a dangerous drug” and, regarding its medical benefits, he said, “we will wait for evidence on whether smoked marijuana has any medicinal benefits – those aren’t in.”

Regarding interdiction efforts, he said, “eradication and the efforts that the United States has played in helping Plan Colombia have been viewed as successful.”

So, let’s get this straight: No to legalization, medical pot hasn’t been proven beneficial and all pot is dangerous. How is this change?

I dunno how it is change either Jeralyn… LOL I did not vote for him.

Of course that crew thought a pinched hard liner and her sagging consort, that would be Hillary and Bill, would b better… 🙄

14. marisacat - 23 May 2009

New Improved Transparency. And it’s only the 5th month. Oh yes, its a website. Not an Declaration of Ethics or anything.

🙄 … Don’t laugh too hard.

[B]ut with CTO appointee Aneesh Chopra not yet confirmed by Congress, action has so far been slow moving and some open-government advocates have voiced frustration that little progress has been made toward Obama’s ambitious transparency goals.

Beth Noveck, deputy CTO in the Office of Science and Technology, and Vivek Kundra, chief federal information officer housed in the Office of Management and Budget, as well as the General Services Administration, have used the past four months to develop new online tools designed to allow citizens to participate in crafting new policies and have access to traditionally hard-to-find government data.

“This whole process is premised on the notion that people are smart and they have things to share,” said Noveck, a law professor who was a technology advisor to Obama’s transition team before joining the White House staff. “It’s an important step in creating opportunities for citizens to engage with the government and co-create policy.” …

I’ll be blunt. No one .. NO ONE at the WH will be reading the citizen input or whatever it is, at the site.

Kind of like their interest in MJ initiatives… etc.

15. brinn - 23 May 2009

Agree wholeheartedly, MCat — just like Arne Duncan and his “let the conversation begin!” at this site:

No one from his office is conversing…and though it’s nice to see so many people contributing, I am not holding my breath for any “listening” to actually occur.

Re; above:
“The whole process is premised on the notion that PEOPLE ARE SMART AND HAVE THINGS TO SHARE” — is that right?

Goddes, I am so sick of being condescended to by these fucks — how about, how smart we hare doesn’t make a rat’s ass worth of difference, the fact is that we live experiences that you assholes have NO CLUE about, and yet you are the ones making all of the decisions about what is “best” for us. I wish they’d all take a flying leap.

marisacat - 23 May 2009

Yeah I have to say Arne Duncan pisses me off. he has just been out here in Ca.. to tell us that the 10 billion for education under Stumble Bill comes with sticks.

Oh thanks, I hd not noticed you shits worked that way. News.

16. brinn - 23 May 2009

I wish the “esteemed” Mr. Duncan would bring his basketball playing butt down here to the land of the “Texas Miracle” — he would get a fucking earful — the man not only pisses me off, he downright scares the shit out of me. I have two elementary school kids, and keeping them from being permanently damaged by the educational malpractice that is the public school system takes 20-30 hours a week, sometimes more — it is insane. I was talking with my younger’s kinder teacher last week about starting an alternative PTO, one that deals with issues that actually matter, because the one we have at our school is ONLY fundraising and cookie dough and a fucking stay-at-home mom’s club that has nothing to do with actually gaining a modicum of control over what goes on in our (meaning the parents’ and teachers’) kids classrooms.

Duncan is NCLB with huge sticks — any look at what he did in Chicago should scare the crap out of people…TOTAL disregard for anything human at all …

Check here:

I have more too, but don’t feel like dredging it out…

brinn - 23 May 2009

Actually this one is a must-read…if you aren’t familiar with Dave Zirin, I am excited to introduce him to you…he’s one of my faves. His take on Duncan from Feb.

An interview with BuzzFlash:

marisacat - 23 May 2009

thanks for that… I had read three articles at C-Punch… pretty bad. The militarisation of schools… and corporate sponsorship… one if I recall was a “Disney school”.


Vallas was bad and is bad in NO. What a horror. All of them in Margaret Spellings mold… and I forget the Houston creep credited with “Texas Miracle”.

What a mess.

Madman in the Marketplace - 23 May 2009

I have a friend who teaches at a southside school in Chicago … she’s very mild-mannered, but she gets VERY angry when Duncan comes up. She hates him, and thinks he’s made the Chicago schools even worse.

17. brinn - 23 May 2009

Oh, THIS is nice:

THE DISTRICT’S hunger for generosity not yet satiated, Teacher Appreciation Week was capped off for me and some 172 other teachers in the Seattle School District with a second gift: messages to our principals that we were to be “RIFed.”

I checked again with the foreign language department, and RIF is roughly interpreted as “Reduction In Force”–or more precisely: “apply for unemployment; good luck raising your four-month-old son; oh, and your three-and-a-half years of service to the children of Seattle are irrelevant.”


And they wonder why “teacher quality” isn’t what they want it to be….for market worshippers these ed policy people are fucking morons…

marisacat - 23 May 2009

Ob-lation (and his friends like Arne) rides so many fictions. It’s amazing. I saw that Bill Ayers and Rev Wright had a cosy meet up a few days ago in Chicago.. at some anti war hootenany. Such useful people. All of them.

18. catnip - 23 May 2009
19. brinn - 23 May 2009

Deb Meier….

“To accept the status quo would be the greatest disservice to students and the society at large.”


Read the whole thing here: http://www.rethinkingschools.org/archive/23_03/rein233.shtml

20. marisacat - 23 May 2009

Back to off-shoring it…

U.S. Relies More on Allies in Questioning Terror Suspects

Published: May 23, 2009

WASHINGTON — The United States is now relying heavily on foreign intelligence services to capture, interrogate and detain all but the highest-level terrorist suspects seized outside the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, according to current and former American government officials.

The change represents a significant loosening of the reins for the United States, which has worked closely with allies to combat violent extremism since the 9/11 attacks but is now pushing that cooperation to new limits.

In the past 10 months, for example, about a half-dozen midlevel financiers and logistics experts working with Al Qaeda have been captured and are being held by intelligence services in four Middle Eastern countries after the United States provided information that led to their arrests by local security services, a former American counterterrorism official said. ….

21. BooHooHooMan - 23 May 2009

Pinched from Drudge
via Washington Times.

Obama hugs Navy grad John McCain IV

….One of the graduating naval officers was John S. “Jack” McCain IV, the son of Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, who himself graduated from the Naval Academy, as did his father and his grandfather, both four-star admirals.

Nope, No Daddy Issues in that family.
Nor with the Holy Father himself , Pope Reagan Black Admiral Jesus.

Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain shared a handshake, an embrace and a few words when the young McCain was called up to receive his diploma. Mr. Obama could be seen saying, “God bless you,” as Jack McCain turned to walk off the stage.

Then he anointed the young McCain with oil.
Of COURSE he could be seen saying “God Bless You.” – —
In contorted slow mo for the Jumbo Tron.
Disinterested observers prolly thought the Prezzy was given to speaking in…..

marisacat - 23 May 2009

I think the lip reader got it wrong. Ob said “I bless you”

brinn - 23 May 2009


22. catnip - 23 May 2009

Sucks to be a kossack:

SEIU ads added without consent to DKos health reform diaries (UPDATED)
by flitedocnm

143 comments (143 new)

catnip - 23 May 2009


These ads also appear even to DKos subscribers who have paid not to not see the other ads, only adding to the impression that they are part of the diaries. (As a subscriber, I can certify that the ads are seen by everyone.)

marisacat - 23 May 2009

life is tough… even for the orange brigades.

23. BooHooHooMan - 23 May 2009

In which David Brooks
barely conceals his desire to bathe with the Pressedknit.
In the rose water of sadistic power freakshow jackals.

When Cheney lambastes the change in security policy, he’s not really attacking the Obama administration. He’s attacking the Bush administration. In his speech on Thursday, he repeated in public a lot of the same arguments he had been making within the Bush White House as the policy decisions went more and more the other way.

The inauguration of Barack Obama has simply not marked a dramatic shift in the substance of American anti-terror policy. It has marked a shift in the public credibility of that policy.

In the first place, it is absurd to say this administration doesn’t take terrorism seriously. Obama has embraced the Afghan surge, a strategy that was brewing at the end of the Bush years. He has stepped up drone activity in Pakistan. He has promoted aggressive counterinsurgency fighters and racked up domestic anti-terror accomplishments.

Aw, they indeedy-do love ‘im, that Ob , those Righties.

What Obama gets, and what President Bush never got, is that other people’s opinions matter. Goldsmith puts it well: “The main difference between the Obama and Bush administrations concerns not the substance of terrorism policy, but rather its packaging. The Bush administration shot itself in the foot time and time again, to the detriment of the legitimacy and efficacy of its policies, by indifference to process and presentation. The Obama administration, by contrast, is intensely focused on these issues.”

Wherein Brooks none- too-“subtly” dips below the Mr. Bubble to
B-LOW Ob’s “coherence” .
Secret Service code, David? For the Presidential Shaft?

Obama has taken many of the same policies Bush ended up with, and he has made them credible to the country and the world. In his speech, Obama explained his decisions in a subtle and coherent way. He admitted that some problems are tough and allow no easy solution. He treated Americans as adults, and will have won their respect.

Slurp Slurp . The slobber level is fine there, Beanie Boy:
“He admitted that some problems are tough and allow no easy solution. He treated Americans as adults..”
But a little more tongue, David, a little more tongue.
Obama’s “coherence”.
Jeezis Christ.

24. BooHooHooMan - 23 May 2009

Sorry , please delete, the right HTML is below.
Alas, the content is the same..

BooHooHooMan - 24 May 2009

Thanks, mcat

25. marisacat - 23 May 2009

From Whispers in the Loggia:

On a related note, buzz in the circles tips a meeting between the Pope and President for 8 July, prior to the day’s opening of the G8 Summit in quake-ravaged L’Aquila.

BooHooHooMan - 23 May 2009

Matching outfits?

26. BooHooHooMan - 23 May 2009

re SEIU ads rammed in to DK diaries..
{ LOL Wait till they ram in Chevron ads in the Cheney titters}

Anyways So Tim Tagaris then weighs in ..
With dueling rec list fluffery-

I’m the one running the SEIU Ads.

He’s the one? His Company? SEIU? As an Employee of Andy’s?
Their InterRUBE CZAR?

I see, Tagaris has landed at (or around) SEIU,
Or their Checkbook at least – again doing the internetterubes , after two years milking that cash cow of ads for that Progressive Presidential Hopeful (HA!) Chris Dodd.
Which he landed AFTER the Boyos milked the Lamont Campaign to death. LOL. I remember it well.

Tim Tagaris Joins the Lamont Campaign

by Matt Stoller, Tue May 02, 2006 at 04:11:55 PM EST

Some good stuff out of Connecticut today. Tim Tagaris, netroots wizard and ex-Marine, is joining the Lamont campaign.

Yep Connecticut sure took it to heart. LOL ->The astroturfed “‘Good News” From Stoller – another fuckin wasm on the dorm room sheets. God forbid these guys ever had to work for a living other than blowing each other all day online. Which, really – shame on Howard Dean.

And truly, they have milked Private Moulitsas military , ahem , “record” and “ex Marine” Tagaris.

I worked since I was TWELVE. On top of every other thing I did.
My Dad died of lung cancer when I was in High School. Great guy, but we joked he would have smoked in Mass if he could tho… Great sense of humor but would probably be appalled at much of what I say vis a vis Israel. But then again – he died before Reagan, and the Intifada. Would not have put up with that at all, so says Mom.

Anyways, Dad planned pretty well but my Mom had a “blackout period” for some pension money. So after his death, we used the savings I had in the meantime, and I did the DOD route for college money. But I can tell you I wasn’t sitting in a truck for a couple years looking for the NEXT three hots and a cot handout..

These guys, Markos and Tagaris, if you ask me, are poster boys for “It’ll make a man out of em” thinking. Heh. Markos of Modest and Delicate Sensibilities in the shower room. LOL.
Of course the irony is rich. As guys like Markos have ALWAYS served in the military, too. Because for every Gay in the platoon there’s two or three thinking about every. gay. in. the. platoon. CONSTANTLY. LOL.

I think Part and parcel to their formation tho, is this
RETAINER mentality: ” Kiss my ass, I’m a Veteran.”
” Give me a job.” ” Where can I get Free _________? ”

And So secretive, these “Gate Crashers” cashing in on their phony New Transparencies, just web enabled.
What makes them any different than any other conniver?
Any other dependent feeding at the trough?

I’d be interested in knowing what Tagaris arrangement is with Markos and Jerome..

and if Tagaris is “employed” or “retained” by SEIU
though his “company”.

Who ah, is STILL working for DODD.
The “company” link at linkedin.com goes right to DODD.
Touting the new victory on CREDIT CARDS!
😆 😆 😆

Ned’s dead baby, Ned’s Dead –
G-ohhhhhhh Progressive, Connecticut!

27. lucid - 24 May 2009

Something I wrote…

Exhausted by effrontery,
Living phantoms,
We barter backwater wisdom:

As if half lit matches
Can spark fire on a stove.

The echo of vaulted ceilings,
Chiseled half-life visions,
Gargoyle affirmations –

Capture the reflection
Of our most sacred words.

Because most sacred words
Buffoon antiquity,

And we never abide
Our villainous ghosts,
By chanting platitudes
At magical walls.

We owe our debtors more.

28. lucid - 24 May 2009

That’s called “Of saints, and sundry others”…

29. BooHooHooMan - 24 May 2009

LOL. What can you say…Bourgeois much?

* [new] [HA!-BHHM]
Maybe im of a different era (1+ / 0-)

but I never expected job security. So, I always chose different types of government work. I served in the marine corps, worked as a cop, then as a juvenile social worker while I went to law school. Now I’ve got my own consulting business contracting with the City.

I just never expected I’d get a job and then keep it for 20 years like they did in the old days.

“I just expect to continue sucking off an Empire in Collapse.”
Cue clueless sig line. From moron:

Good Government begins with Good Citizenship

by brooklynbadboy on Sun May 24, 2009 at 06:46:11 AM PDT


30. Madman in the Marketplace - 24 May 2009
BooHooHooMan - 24 May 2009

Serial Murder Suicide Family Killers Go Green!

BooHooHooMan - 24 May 2009

A win / all around! Sales are up!
In other financial news-

“Plastic Grocery Bag Revenues Soar in Proportion to Body Bag Sales.”

“Going Green, Industry to promote All Purpose Retail / Cadaver Bag”

marisacat - 24 May 2009

Everything is rotten is the message.

Madman in the Marketplace - 24 May 2009

It’s like that fucked up Celebrex advertisement. The pitch basically boils down to “all drugs are dangerous, so you might as well use this one.”

marisacat - 24 May 2009

58,000 died from Vioxx… they estimate 20K die a year from lack of health care. My guess, that is low. Whole swathes of the country are historically (like, for real!) poor with long term lack of care.

But let’s fret over the damned reusable bags.

mattes - 24 May 2009

Vioxx was my drug of choice…at least, I’d go pain free!

31. catnip - 24 May 2009
32. marisacat - 24 May 2009



…. 😆 ………….

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