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Summertime… 28 May 2009

Posted by marisacat in DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Israel/AIPAC, WAR!.

Gaza Strip, 26 May 2009: People gather by the sea to take advantage of a rare commodity in the territory: space. ‘It’s the one place where you can breathe good air,’ says one resident [Photograph: /Antonio Olmos]

under threat of fire..


Or, just under fire… Not sure why this photo appealed to me, appearing in the NYT tonight, with the story of a cop killing in Harlem.

Police officers near the scene where a fellow officer was shot at East 125th Street in Harlem on Thursday night. Patrick Andrade for The New York Times

At least by the time the quick report was in the Times, it seems not much was known.

The pic of Bloomberg and Kelly is grim.  Sorry for the dead, sorry for the living… but these days, I just think, what comes now.




1. marisacat - 28 May 2009

ABC news is giving a lot of coverage to the suit that Olson and Boies are bringing to challenge prop 8 and the ruling of the state SC here, as unconstitutional and in violation of Equal Protection.

And right on cue, one of if not the biggest Dem leaning gay org in the state, which mismanaged the No on Prp 8 campaign BADLY, is going on the record as being against the suit from O and B. That “it is the wrong time to go to the SCOTUS”.

Tapper does have a post up on the Olson Boies move.

2. marisacat - 28 May 2009

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Continuing Unemployment Claims Rise to Record High 6.8 Million [8:45 a.m. ET]

3. catnip - 28 May 2009

Most ridiculous excuse seen at dkos so far for not releasing the rest of the torture photos from Abu Ghraib: anyone in possession of child rape photos can be charged as a sex offender.

Even the wingnuts haven’t come up with that kind of bullshit.

Madman in the Marketplace - 28 May 2009

and I’m sure they would have been posting the exact opposite last year.

4. wu ming - 28 May 2009

the rationalization in those threads is astounding.

catnip - 28 May 2009

Isn’t it? The denial is absolutely incredible. Were they throwing out their bullshit excuses when Obama had initially agreed to release the photos? Of course not.

5. mattes - 28 May 2009

Last time Palestinians started playing on the beach they were gunned down by a gun ship missile.

And I see the IDF is now killing Hebron Hamas members. No doubt to detail peace yet again.

6. catnip - 28 May 2009

The smell of absolute desperation:

Teenagers are NOT children! Change the headline! (0+ / 0-)

Really, teenagers are “children”? since when? I’ll tell you when. since policing “minors” (those without the same legal rights as adults in the U.S. but many of the same responsibilities) became a national pastime. The headline is simply hysterical and inaccurate and does nothing to help your argument and the horrors of what happened in this case.

You really need to use a more neutral headline and more neutral language. In other countries, people over the age of 15 are considered adults. Also, in the U.S. we try teenagers as “adults” and send 18 year old adults to war, even though we don’t let them drink. Do you call an 18 year old a “child”? Really? I’d like to see you try that and not get decked by that “kid.”

Do you really think we are talking about the rape of “children” here? Or do you mean the rape of “minors”? Please be more careful.

This story is horrific and it deserves to be discussed and analyzed and made as public as possible. But don’t just repeat the language that the media has cloaked it in because you will make mistakes like this one.
Finally, let me ask you this: when you were 15 – 18 years old, did you want to be called a “child.” I don’t think so. Please change this headline.

by Mindtrain on Thu May 28, 2009 at 10:46:15 AM MDT

marisacat - 28 May 2009

Mindtrain is frantic.

7. brinn - 28 May 2009

Ohmyfuckinggoddes! Really? THIS is where they want to put their stake in the ground?? Parsing “children” vs. “minors” vis a vis RAPE??!


As I understand it, many of these children, er, minors, were there simply as instruments in the torture of their parents…”Hear that screaming? That’s your kid. No telling what exactly they’re doing to him/her, now tell me what I want to know…”

As a parent, I can tell you, it wouldn’t matter if my kid were 8, 18, or fucking 40 years old….

I am thoroughly disgusted.

Madman in the Marketplace - 28 May 2009

I’m sorry, other than “meeting” you guys, that I ever spent time posting in that fucking cesspool.

Wait, that’s not right … cesspools fulfill a necessary function in human society.

8. marisacat - 28 May 2009

Poooor Sully. With his slobber for Ob and his apologetics [is that a word?] to the point of contortion it hardly matters he is not a Democrat…

Quote Of The Day

“One of them said, ‘Obama keep your promise.’ I thought that’s fair. I don’t know which promise he was talking about,” – Barack Obama mocking gay protesters at a celebrity-packed fundraiser in LA. Yes, we all know Obama opposes marriage equality. But milking that opposition for laughs a day after the court ruling upholding Prop 8?

But since he asked, how about an end to the HIV ban, an end to the military ban and a federal recognition of full civil equality for gay married couples? Three clear promises. After this quip, by the way, the NYT reports:

The people in the audience – who paid $30,400 per couple to attend – laughed as they ate a dinner of roasted tenderloin, grilled organic chicken and sun choke rosemary mashed potatoes.

And then I remember why I’m not a Democrat.

Sully’s really big thing was that Obama would fight “Islamofascism”. He did a whole post on his and Smerconish’s endorsement of Ob for that very reason.

So …. ya gets what ya votes for.

Madman in the Marketplace - 28 May 2009

oh, he’s a Republican because of the jokes about missing WMDs?

Fucking moron.

marisacat - 28 May 2009

LOL Thatcherite. I guess cuz the Falklands war was so honorable. And so on

NYCO - 29 May 2009

I’m so sick of Obama’s “I’m so reasonable” patter. Stuff like…

It’s OK for you to not like my decisions.

It’s fair for us to disagree.

I have made mistakes, and will continue to make them.

WTF? This is nothingspeak. This is someone dodging actual debates and trying to look “above the fray” while doing it. These are content-free utterances designed to deflect. After a while you start to wonder if there is really any “there” there you could even psychoanalyze. This guy seems more and more to me like a hollow, man-shaped mirror.

marisacat - 29 May 2009

He vomits pabulum.

9. Intermittent Bystander - 28 May 2009

Greetings, opera fans. Just stopping by to say thanks for the links and commentary.

Not piping up much these days, myself, because in addition to everything else, my life is being swallowed by an upcoming baby shower, of all things. I’m one of 3 familial co-hosts. And then there’s the mama-to-be. Tastes (as well as means) diverge, let us say.

Help me Jesus. Help me Lord!

marisacat - 28 May 2009

All I can do si recommend champagne (or route to inebriation of choice, LOL) at the shower… 😉

Intermittent Bystander - 28 May 2009

Champagne, o yes indeed.

It’s proving a pretty surreal undertaking in these troubled times.

marisacat - 28 May 2009

I find showers a bit much to be honest. Here and there a baby shower I enjoyed… and I DO enjoy buying the gift!… but over all…………………………………………….. 😯

Intermittent Bystander - 28 May 2009

Wasn’t able to burn my draft card, under the circumstances.

Working on ways to make it/keep it relatively low-key, human, and fun.

marisacat - 28 May 2009

Wasn’t able to burn my draft card, under the circumstances.

LOL Good one!… I so understand… 😉 Hopefully it is a lovely day, no rain.. and a pleasant party…

Intermittent Bystander - 29 May 2009

Thanks. 🙂

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 May 2009

Netherlands runs out of criminals, has to shut prisons

Gee, wonder if ending marijuana prohibition had anything to do with this?

11. Intermittent Bystander - 28 May 2009

Update on our local terrorism scandal: District facing more allegations in Raucci case: Five seek permission to file lawsuits.

SCHENECTADY — City school district officials, including the school board president and then-superintendent, were aware of allegations of physical assaults, vandalism and verbal threats against employees from Steven Raucci as early as May 2005, but did nothing, according to allegations in new court filings.

The allegations come in applications from five separate people with ties to the school district or to the CSEA, asking a judge to allow them to sue the school district over the allegations.

The paperwork includes the specific allegations that school district officals knew of the allegations against Raucci, that those who reported incidents involving Raucci were punished, demoted or fired, and that Raucci used school district equipment to make and test an explosive device.

The allegations even include Raucci vandalizing a man’s car while the man was attending his brother’s funeral.

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 May 2009

Sotomayor’s Problem isn’t being Too Latina; It’s Having Hung with White Suits Too Long

I don’t know at this point whether Judge Sonia Sotomayor is a good choice for Supreme Court Justice or a bad one.

She certainly is a lousy judge for writers and other creative people, having ruled (and been overruled by an appellate court and then, when that reversal was upheld, by the US Supreme Court in a case called New York Times Inc. v. Tasini) that the Times and periodical publishers could reprint, without any additional compensation, any freelance works they contracted on the basis that they had a general copyright on each entire issue they publish.

And she appears to have rarely met an insurance company that she didn’t feel was more deserving of court succor than any insured person suing an insurer. In a report in the Philadelphia Inquirer, reporter Joseph N. DiStefano quotes an insurance attorney named Randy Maniloff as saying that in cases involving insurance companies and insurance policyholders “It’s insurers by a landslide.” Such a pro-corporate position would put her in league with the Roberts/Alito/Scalia/Thomas wing of the court, and would be consistant with her pro-corporate stance vis-à-vis writers and artists and copyright law. (In fairness, Sotomayor did rule against an insurance firm and in favor of a policyholder’s family in 2005.)

marisacat - 28 May 2009

Such a pro-corporate position would put her in league with the Roberts/Alito/Scalia/Thomas wing of the court,

… and with Ob.

Madman in the Marketplace - 28 May 2009


13. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 May 2009

Who Are the Shadow Warriors? Countries Are Getting Hit by Major Military Attacks, and No One Is Taking Credit

Sudan: The two F-16s caught the trucks deep in the northern desert. Within minutes, the column of vehicles was a string of shattered wrecks burning fiercely in the January sun. Surveillance drones spotted a few vehicles that had survived the storm of bombs and cannon shells, and the fighter-bombers returned to finish the job.

Syria: Four Blackhawk helicopters skimmed across the Iraqi border, landing at a small farmhouse near the town of al-Sukkariyeh. Black-clad soldiers poured from the choppers, laying down a withering hail of automatic weapons fire. When the shooting stopped, eight Syrians lay dead on the ground. Four others, cuffed and blindfolded, were dragged to the helicopters, which vanished back into Iraq.

Pakistan: a group of villagers were sipping tea in a courtyard when the world exploded. The Hellfire missiles seemed to come out of nowhere, scattering pieces of their victims across the village and demolishing several houses. Between January 14, 2006 and April 8, 2009, 60 such attacks took place. They killed 14 wanted al-Qaeda members along with 687 civilians.

In each of the above incidents, no country took responsibility or claimed credit. There were no sharp exchanges of diplomatic notes before the attacks, just sudden death and mayhem.
War without Declaration

The F-16s were Israeli, their target an alleged shipment of arms headed for the Gaza Strip. The Blackhawk soldiers were likely from Task Force 88, an ultra-secret U.S. Special Forces group. The Pakistanis were victims of a Predator drone directed from an airbase in southern Nevada.

Each attack was an act of war and drew angry responses from the country whose sovereignty was violated. But since no one admitted carrying them out, the diplomatic protests had no place to go.

marisacat - 28 May 2009

From what I have read Israel is our partner in the issues with the Sudan/Darfur. One reason US fundie Xtians (including Carter) take an interest.

The rest, Syria…. our endless wars.

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 May 2009

This is interesting.

A reader notes, “I am watching Vin Weber on MSNBC and he is making the point – which you can take to the bank with him – that the Republicans are going to focus much more on national security at Sotomayor’s hearings than in previous SCOTUS hearings. I hope Team Obama realizes this and is preparing – this list of lawyers doesn’t necessarily suggest they get it.

The Republicans are not going to try to stop the nomination, they are going to try to turn it into a bad blow for Obama on national security. By going after the Supreme Court’s decisions so far and painting her as a terrorist-friendly liberal who won’t protect the country.”

marisacat - 28 May 2009

that makes perfect sense.

Madman in the Marketplace - 28 May 2009

which would make all of the noise so far misdirection.

marisacat - 28 May 2009

I am thinking it is also payback. IIRC at the end Bill C released or commuted or I forget which form of clemency he extended to members of a PR ”radical terror” group. Separatists or …. (sorry to be muddled)

15. marisacat - 28 May 2009

oh you have to laugh.

Peter Baker of the NYT is on with Charlie. He does nto stand out to me… there is a whole crew of those 35 year old political writers for MSM, dark haired, glasses, Musta been a LITTER… 😆

anyway! he says Obama sees his elevation as the coming together of the Thatcher Reaganites and the Blair Clintonites.



BooHooHooMan - 29 May 2009

Let me guess..
the little rectangular glasses that, if they get much narrower ,
will be just slits in a plasticene frame , no glass at all.
Or simply a wire accent hemi-navigating the eyeline from ear to ear…

BooHooHooMan - 29 May 2009

…motherfuckers just
squinting all the time when emphatically holding forth..

BooHooHooMan - 29 May 2009

LOL. Baker went with
the modified Recto-see-all

marisacat - 29 May 2009

yup… little glasses… that’s the one.

16. marisacat - 29 May 2009

While I was at the NYT I see on the FP that Sotomayor is referred to as


What ever do they call Scalia? What did they call him when they so erroneously voted him to the SC.

Prolly BRILLIANT. And maybe a sub text of “less collegial than some”.

17. Intermittent Bystander - 29 May 2009

Well, if they start revving with “sharp-tongued,” they can ramp up to “forked” in no time, I’m sure.

18. Intermittent Bystander - 29 May 2009

NYT now says Harlem officer shooting was “friendly fire.”

The officer who was killed, Omar J. Edwards, 25, a two-year veteran who was assigned to patrol housing projects and was wearing plain clothes, was shot in the arm and chest after a team of three other plainclothes officers in a car came upon him chasing a man on East 125th Street between First and Second Avenues with his gun drawn, Mr. Kelly said.

The team’s members, assigned to the anticrime unit in the 25th Precinct, got out of their vehicle and confronted Officer Edwards. The police were investigating whether the officers had identified themselves or demanded that Officer Edwards drop his weapon before one of them opened fire.


The shooting is likely to raise questions again about departmental procedures involving communications among plainclothes officers — particularly those in different units — as well as issues of race. Officer Edwards was black; the officer who shot him was white.

Mr. Kelly said the tragic string of events began when Officer Edwards, a member of the Housing Bureau Impact Response Team, left duty about 10:30 p.m., approached his car and saw that a man had broken the driver’s side window and was rummaging through the vehicle. The two scuffled, and the man escaped Officer Edwards’s grip by slipping out of his sweater.

A police official said officers at the scene learned that Officer Edwards was a colleague only when they ripped open his shirt in an effort to revive him and saw a Police Academy T-shirt. They then searched his pants pockets and found a badge.

No wonder Bloomberg and Kelly looked grim.

marisacat - 29 May 2009

whether the officers had identified themselves

Oh thank you for that… I did not go searching…

In the first article, that I linked to above, one “witness” who heard the shots, heard 5 or so at once. So that likely was the “friendly fire” going wildly off base.

And of course since they knew immediately on the scene, so did Bloomberg and Kelly. By the time of the presser in the middle of the night.

wu ming - 29 May 2009

plainsclothes police are fucked up to begin with. how the fuck are people to know if the guys shouting at you and waving guns are actually cops?

marisacat - 29 May 2009

… and everyone in the deal and the kill was plainclothes.

Madman in the Marketplace - 30 May 2009

that is likely why Sean Bell died. How DO you tell?

19. BooHooHooMan - 29 May 2009

Uh huh. 🙄

Obama takes tough and
risky stance on Israeli settlements

By Steven Thomma | McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama Thursday ratcheted up what might be America’s toughest bargaining position with Israel in a generation, demanding anew

It’s ANEW! ………….~ AGAIN! }

that Israel stop expanding its settlements in the disputed West Bank as a key step toward making peace with its Arab neighbors.

Obama made the demand after a White House meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, building on unusually blunt language the day before from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
“Each party has obligations,” Obama said of the so-called Road Map to Peace, to which Israel is a party. “On the Israeli side, those obligations include stopping settlements.”
“What we’re seeing from the Obama administration is an uncharacteristically tough policy on settlements without a corresponding detailed strategy to justify it. It looks like a significant fight with the Israelis,” said Aaron David Miller, a veteran of Arab-Israeli peace efforts in administrations of both parties

{Inveterate TOOL – }

and now a scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington.

“They’ve essentially issued an ultimatum to Israel. It’s a game of chicken, an Obama-Netanyahu game of chicken.”

LOL. Yeh. And Guess Who the ‘Chicken’ Is..????

“Tough” ” New” ” Bargaining Position”. LMAO.
No DEFUNDING Mentioned.
For That Matter, No Sanctions mentioned at all.
All Talk. Same Destabilization Game.
Different Dickhead in the White House:

marisacat - 29 May 2009

I think he tossed Abbas a bone for domestic (Palestinian) consumption. And MSM is happily relaying native US english speakers from settlements shaking their firsts at Hillary or Ob… depending on the moment.

Carry on.

Obviously we have not drunk ourselves to peace yet … all those glasses of Ob’s DNA… the oceans are still rising, the poor, ever more of them, are still with us. Think he promised us two suns and two moons as well…

20. marisacat - 29 May 2009

Pfaff on what will and will not be said, much less done, in Cairo. That would be Obster in Cairo.

[T]o judge from what already has been said in administration circles, the effort initiated under Condoleezza Rice and President George Bush to rally an alliance of supposedly stable Sunni nations will continue. These are Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and possibly Syria. They will be relied upon to check the radical Islamic movements supported by Iran: Hezbollah and Hamas.

A discussion of this by the commentator Aluf Benn in the Israeli daily Haaretz calls the plan “a classic of power diplomacy,” and attributes it to the influence of Henry Kissinger.

This may not be much of a compliment to Henry Kissinger, although he would approve of abandoning the Bush claim that the U.S. is expanding democracy and abolishing tyranny in the Middle East.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Syria are not part of any democracy movement in the region, any more than the military regime of Lon Nol in Cambodia or the Chile of Pinochet and the Argentina of the generals were when Henry Kissinger was in the White House and the State Department. The alliance of authoritarian rulers with the United States, against radical and populist forces, is consistent with past U.S. policy.

It usually is described as “realistic” to make alliances with governments thought to be in firm control of their countries, and to discount the value or political merits of pushing such issues as human rights practice in places where they are unwelcome. …snip…

Of course it is just his opinion.

21. marisacat - 29 May 2009

Guzzle that peace making DNA.

“Cyber” stuff will be under the Pentagon. A new command will be devised. “Cyber Czar” (and how disgusting is that, anyway?) will be but a part of it.

White House officials say Mr. Obama has not yet been formally presented with the Pentagon plan. [I bet Greg Craig has been tho… –Mcat] They said he would not discuss it Friday when he announced the creation of a White House office responsible for coordinating private-sector and government defenses against the thousands of cyberattacks mounted against the United States — largely by hackers but sometimes by foreign governments — every day.

But he is expected to sign a classified order in coming weeks that will create the military cybercommand, officials said. It is a recognition that the United States already has a growing number of computer weapons in its arsenal and must prepare strategies for their use — as a deterrent or alongside conventional weapons — in a wide variety of possible future conflicts. …

The article is a scream to read. It could nto be stiffer.

22. marisacat - 29 May 2009


+96.53 at 8500.33

+22.54 at 1774.33

I’m callin’ it. Dow 14,000 by end of June. No, really! Or maybe 14,000,000. Who knows! Sky’s the limit!

lucid - 29 May 2009

How Jim Cramer of you!

23. catnip - 29 May 2009

U.S. man who gave secrets to Israel spared jail

NEW YORK (Reuters) – An 85-year-old former civilian employee of the U.S. Army was fined but given no prison time on Friday after earlier pleading guilty to giving classified documents to Israel in the 1980s in a case the sentencing judge said was “shrouded in mystery.”

U.S. District Judge William Pauley fined Ben-Ami Kadish $50,000, but Kadish received no prison time at his sentencing hearing. He pleaded guilty in December to acting as an unregistered agent of Israel.

“Why it took the government 23 years to charge Mr. Kadish is shrouded in mystery,” Pauley said. “It is clear the (U.S.) government could have charged Mr. Kadish with far more serious crimes.”

Prosecutors had recommended no prison time. They said Kadish between 1980 and 1985 provided classified documents, including some relating to U.S. missile defense systems, to an Israeli agent, Yosef Yagur, who photographed the documents at Kadish’s residence.

“I thought I was helping the state of Israel without harming the United States,” Kadish said during the sentencing.

Court documents showed Kadish reported to the same handler as Jonathan Pollard, an American who spied for Israel in the 1980s and triggered a scandal that rocked U.S.-Israeli relations.

Pollard, a former U.S. Navy intelligence analyst, is serving a life sentence after pleading guilty to spying for Israel in 1986. Israel gave Pollard citizenship in 1996 and acknowledged he was one of its spies in 1998.

marisacat - 29 May 2009

the ring in our nose is stamped “Made in Israel”.

Which is not to say we are not fully on board.

catnip - 29 May 2009

Well, yes. No big “mystery” there.

24. catnip - 29 May 2009

Booboo needs a new laptop. Maybe Booboo should get a job.

lucid - 29 May 2009

Awww…. Maybe he should get into those work from home pyramid schemes, oh, wait, he already does that.

BooHooHooMan - 29 May 2009

Oh he has a job.

And no doubt making money hand over fist. LOL:

If you really want some vintage Booman Tribune t-shirts, coffee cups, or bumper stickers, I can still get them for you if you email me through the Contact page.


25. catnip - 29 May 2009

Kind of a gong show on Dr Phil today: Gavin Newsom and Gloria Allred (and someone else) against fraidy wingnuts preaching against SS marriage.

marisacat - 29 May 2009

ugh Gavin was a big factor in the Yes vote on Prop 8. Talk about a bad news boy.

26. catnip - 29 May 2009
catnip - 29 May 2009

This last bit is bulllshit but the rest is interesting:

A corollary is that the most potent way to win over opponents is to accept that they have legitimate concerns, for that triggers an instinct to reciprocate. As it happens, we have a brilliant exemplar of this style of rhetoric in politics right now — Barack Obama.

Mmm hmmm…they sure are reciprocating, aren’t they?

Madman in the Marketplace - 29 May 2009

he’s a fucking moron.

27. marisacat - 29 May 2009

Scott Horton on The Photographs. Not sure he adds anything new, but the Daily Beast has 13 “rarely seen” photos. Think I had seen all but two.

28. marisacat - 29 May 2009

Actually on Page 2 Horton DOES add new material. And, may I say GOOD LUCK to the Obama administration. Lie down with dogs and fleas, etc…. which they have done. Being dogs and fleas themselves.

[T]he immediate pushback against the Telegraph story from the Pentagon, coupled with the decision of White House press secretary Gibbs to chime in, suggests the sensitivity of the issue. The full-scale strike against the Telegraph, the leading conservative quality newspaper in Britain, broadened into an offensive against the whole of British journalism, suggesting the precariousness of the public-relations effort.

The Pentagon spokesperson, Bryan G. Whitman, who came to prominence during the Bush administration, has drawn on standard operating procedures honed during the Rumsfeld era. Instead of offering correction of supposed factual inaccuracies, he has slammed the credibility of the publication itself. Yet his statement is both sweeping and extremely vague, and the claim that none of the photos reflect the descriptions in the article is immediately belied by an examination of the photos that have already been leaked.

Whitman has used this sort of bludgeoning attack on news organizations before. Ask Michael Isikoff at Newsweek. When Newsweek’s April 30, 2005, issue ran a brief Periscope piece referring to an internal report’s description of an incident in which a Quran was thrown down a toilet, Whitman launched a dramatic attack on the publication, pressuring it to retract and apologize. The report had, it later turned out, been correct. In 2007, the ACLU secured, through a Freedom of Information Act request, a copy of a 2002 FBI report which documented a prisoner’s charge that his Quran has been thrown in the toilet; five other cases of mishandling Qurans were reported, although the Pentagon insisted that none of them amounted to desecration.

The most prominent victim in the past of Whitman’s disinformation may have been none other than Barack Obama. On the campaign trail, in Austin, Texas, candidate Obama said he had gotten a message from an Army captain in Iraq who described how his unit had been shorted in munitions and equipment. I learned from reporters that Whitman started a whispering campaign with the Pentagon press corps telling them (not for attribution) that he didn’t believe Obama’s claims were true. Whitman’s game, however, was stopped by ABC reporter Jake Tapper, who tracked down the captain, interviewed him and fully verified the account. …snip…

That ol’ change music. Cue it.

BooHooHooMan - 29 May 2009
marisacat - 29 May 2009

hmm mmm 4 years for using a gun. Wall of Sound is gonna die in prison.

BooHooHooMan - 29 May 2009

Good for Phil.

I wonder how many calls were quashed on this guy
along the way…

to such Grief:

Before sentencing, the victim’s mother, Donna, gave a statement to the court, saying: “My beautiful daughter, I miss you so.”

but Oh- what extraordinary slobber accompanying it,
this rote ritual now, the
Confirmation in Mythical American Justice.

After the sentencing, District Attorney Steve Cooley told reporters, “Needless to say, it’s been a long time in coming to bring Mr. Spector to justice — 6 1/2 years.”

A little longer there, Junior.
Like first reports of assaults back to the 60’s & 70’s.
But slobber on.

Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson, who worked on both trials, said it was a “sad day because this marks the end of an odyssey that began with the tragic, senseless murder of Lana Clarkson — taken from us in her prime.” But he called it a “great day for the justice system.”

“With this verdict and this sentence, a message has been sent, I think a very clear message has been sent. If you commit crimes in our communities, if you commit violence against our citizens, we, under the watchful eye of the District Attorney’s Office, we will find you, we will prosecute you.”

Wrap it up, already.

“And no matter your fame or your wealth or your supposed celebrity, you will stand trial and you will be held accountable for your actions. That is a blind justice system. That’s the justice system that is practiced in the courtrooms of this building every single day,” Jackson told reporters.

Speechless really. How shallow, these Court cretins.
And predictable.

>Spector’s attorney — who has contended that Clarkson shot herself —
vowed that the conviction will be appealed.

marisacat - 29 May 2009

I just noticed that a “Pentagon spokesman”, identified by the NYT as “Brian Whitman” is the mouthpiece on Cyber War.



29. marisacat - 29 May 2009

Ordinary Man Pretzel goes out for burgers. Last shot in the gallery (all on one page) is a HOOT.

Madman in the Marketplace - 29 May 2009

did he pass on the dijon this time?

marisacat - 29 May 2009

he saved MSNBC having to erase the word from their first airing of his and Biden’s “going amongst the people”. And I am sure they all take a hot shower and scrub down when back at the WH

“Just mustard” this time. Just the facts ma’am.


BooHooHooMan - 29 May 2009

Literally – his doggy bag?

If the WH Press Corp reports on a little doggy cemetary-sized fresh mound in the South Lawn with a gravediggers shovel sticking out of it, it may be an indication that $700 Dollars worth of photo op hamburgers was a little much for the Presidential Pooper…
The dog, the man, ..BOTH

30. marisacat - 29 May 2009

All day long the WH is backing off her comment about … oh one of her comments. Prolly “wise Latina”…

Why don’t they release the full context (which I have read, I see nothing wrong with what she said) and THUMB THEIR NOSES AT THE WINGER NOISE MACHINE.

And god knows I don’t like Ob his lousy scam job Oblings or his picks. Any of them, by now.

Madman in the Marketplace - 29 May 2009

no convictions to have courage in … that is their whole problem.

31. BooHooHooMan - 29 May 2009

Iran Official Blames U.S. In Deadly Mosque Bombing
Published: May 29, 2009
Filed at 8:22 p.m. ET

TEHRAN (Reuters) – An Iranian official accused the United States on Friday of involvement in a mosque bombing that killed more than 20 people in volatile southeastern Iran, two weeks before a presidential election.

Washington denied the allegation, and strongly condemned the deadly attack.

Jalal Sayyah, of the governor’s office in Sistan-Baluchestan province, said three people had been arrested in connection with the blast on Thursday in a crowded Shi’ite mosque in the city of Zahedan, in a region where many of Iran’s minority Sunnis live.

“The terrorists, who were equipped by America in one of our neighbouring countries, carried out this criminal act in their efforts to create religious conflict and fear and to influence the presidential election,” Sayyah told state radio.

And fro The incredible shrinking Gibbs


White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said the United States “strongly condemns” the attack. “The American people send their deepest condolences to the victims and their families. No cause justifies terrorism, and the United States condemns it in any form,” he added.

However, U.S. Murder, Sexual Torture , Rape, including children in front of their parents as “enhanced interrogation” is another matter entirely: OURS is called “National Security”.

So yeh, it’s prolly US. So place your bets.
Who ran the operation??. The DOD or CIA?
We Sub it out? Or did Ob give Bebe the old nudge, nudge/ wink, wink during the recent visit??

I’m out.

32. mattes - 29 May 2009
33. NYCO - 29 May 2009
marisacat - 29 May 2009

I think my long time favorite is the one where he is walking thru a field of………. wheat, sort of… but more likely DREAMS, with roses floating all about him and his very brilliant white shirt open almost to the south pole.

Think it is an older offering than what is at that site.. those I had never seen, think I got thru a dozn or so of them. Then I overdosed.

catnip - 30 May 2009

The one with the white horse in the background? Like…OMG! lol

34. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 May 2009
marisacat - 29 May 2009

well, he cut to the chase. I give him that. No beating around the bush or the issue. So to speak.

35. BooHooHooMan - 29 May 2009

Oh pass the Charmin. The toity tissue.
So soft and fluffy for baby bums.

The one, the only….

Meatier Haze:

What Matters Isn’t the Photos, It’s the Torture. (Taguba Speaks)
by Meteor Blades

Meathead, It’s been a while. Still Travelling?
Setting up oxymoronic Blog Scholarships or some such?
Anyways, If you’re pokin in to see if your name got mentioned-
You Vichy weasel, you.

Lotion Much? On tender Obama and the Demorat’s ass? ->or You?

marisacat - 29 May 2009

😳 link failed…………… if you are around…

36. BooHooHooMan - 29 May 2009
37. BooHooHooMan - 29 May 2009

Another Fanboy on MAMZies Rec List .
25 comments and auto-fwoofed to the top,
probably by Meatiers Paid, the shilling Yoda who holds down the fort there at night in The Blog-Kingdom of Moronia.

Senator Schumer makes health reform promises today!
by DrSteveB
Digg this! Share this on Twitter – Senator Schumer makes health reform promises today!Tweet this submit to reddit
Fri May 29, 2009 at 07:24:24 PM PDT

Members of a single payer supporting New York Democratic Party “Club” in Representative Charlie Rangels district met with Senator Chuck Schumer today. Boy did they do good!

Follow me for all the wonky and political details of what Schumer promised.

Maybe they’re offering a choice between the complete box-sets
of “My Three Sons” or “The Flying Nun” to read that shit…

marisacat - 29 May 2009

Boy did they do good!

oh that is disgusting. wiping their chins.. patting their butts.

catnip - 30 May 2009

Well, gosh darnit there BHHM!

38. lucid - 29 May 2009

I was trying to get some photos of Gizmo tonight… He doesn’t go for the focusing thing… never has – I got him so annoyed that he hissed at me. He usually only hisses at large objects being brought into the home [bikes, musical equipment, etc…]

But he specifically hissed at me tonight. I got some good shots, but I guess, in general, photos are out of the question. He’s still trying to figure out what all that was about, and is not happy about it.

God only knows how he’ll deal with me being gone for 15 days next month.

Very sentimental with a deep soul… just like me…

And of course Lucy is the simulacrum.


lucid - 29 May 2009

sorry… drunk…

marisacat - 30 May 2009

… no matter………………………………

39. marisacat - 30 May 2009

How bizarre. they think they may have found the actual remains of Rosa Luxembourg.

40. Madman in the Marketplace - 30 May 2009

U.S. opposes Uighurs’ plea

The Obama Administration urged the Supreme Court on Friday to turn away the plea by 17 Chinese Muslim Uighurs for release from Guantanamo Bay for settling temporarily inside the U.S. The U.S. Solicitor General’s brief in opposition in Kiyemba, et al., v. Obama, et al. (08-1234) can be downloaded here. Although no longer considered enemies, their continued confinement at Guantanamo is constitutionally valid, the brief asserted.

The Uighurs, Solicitor General Elena Kagan wrote, “have already obtained relief. They are no longer detained as enemy combatants, they are free to leave Guantanamo Bay to any country that is willing to accept them, and in the meantime, they are housed in facilities separate from those for enemy combatants under the least restrictive conditions practicable.”

The brief holds to the position of the Bush Administration that a court’s power to issue a remedy in a habeas case — even in the wake of the Supreme Court’s mandate last year that the detainees have a constitutional right to seek their freedom — is limited to a finding of eligibility for release, without an actual release from captivity while diplomatic negotiations to resettle a prisoner continue. The brief seeks to draw a clear distinction between “simple release” and “release into the U.S.”

The filing also clearly embraces the Bush Administration view that detainees cleared for release may be held for a “wind-up” period of indefinite duration, while resettlement efforts proceed. The brief does not specify how long such a period could last, saying only that it would be “a reasonable period of time.” But it cites examples from past history suggesting that it could run for “several years.”

The D.C. Circuit Court ruled in February that no federal court has the authority to order release of a Guantanamo prisoner into the U.S., and the Solicitor General argued that that decision is correct.

“The court of appeals,” the brief said, “properly recognized that whether to admit an alien into the United States presents a question wholly distinct from issues concerning detention abroad — and a question that is reserved to the political Branches.”

The Supreme Court, it added, “has repeatedly stressed that whether to allow an alien into the United States is a sovereign prerogative that requires the consent of the political Branches.”

The Uighurs, the government brief said, “would like the federal courts to order that they be brought to the United States, because they are unwilling to return to their home country. But they have no entitlement to that form of relief.”

Is that the acidic, vomitous taste of change at the back of my throat?

catnip - 30 May 2009

He used them as props during his national security speech:

I knew when I ordered Guantánamo closed that it would be difficult and complex. There are 240 people there who have now spent years in legal limbo. In dealing with this situation, we do not have the luxury of starting from scratch. We are cleaning up something that is — quite simply — a mess; a misguided experiment that has left in its wake a flood of legal challenges that my Administration is forced to deal with on a constant basis, and that consumes the time of government officials whose time should be spent on better protecting our country.

Indeed, the legal challenges that have sparked so much debate in recent weeks in Washington would be taking place whether or not I decided to close Guantánamo. For example, the court order to release seventeen Uighur detainees took place last fall — when George Bush was President. The Supreme Court that invalidated the system of prosecution at Guantánamo in 2006 was overwhelmingly appointed by Republican Presidents. In other words, the problem of what to do with Guantánamo detainees was not caused by my decision to close the facility; the problem exists because of the decision to open Guantánamo in the first place.

There are no neat or easy answers here. But I can tell you that the wrong answer is to pretend that this problem will go away if we maintain an unsustainable status quo. As President, I refuse to allow this problem to fester. Our security interests won’t permit it. Our courts won’t allow it. And neither should our conscience.

He’s so full of shit.

marisacat - 30 May 2009

apologies catnip… out of Moderation now.


marisacat - 30 May 2009

If he keeps using them he needs to adopt them. They can be his “typically Uighur” family members. Held up every time related issues arise.

catnip - 30 May 2009

rofl 😀

(until he throws them under the bus too…)

marisacat - 30 May 2009

Buses at the ready! Space available underneath! Be someone Obama used and tossed!

marisacat - 30 May 2009

The Uighurs, Solicitor General Elena Kagan wrote, “have already obtained relief. They are no longer detained as enemy combatants, they are free to leave Guantanamo Bay to any country that is willing to accept them, and in the meantime, they are housed in facilities separate from those for enemy combatants under the least restrictive conditions practicable.”

She is a piece of work. Ob and Oblings know, the Europeans have been very clear, until we take in some, they are done. they took nationals back that they had personally vetted. And in several (maybe all I forget now) cases simply released. They had done nothing.

I read that Boumedienne had some pizza in a little dive in Paris a few days ago… free to meet with whom he pleases (thol I imagine for a period of time these men are “observed”) and free to talk.. Very different from ‘held on a different part of the island”.

Madman in the Marketplace - 30 May 2009

it all comes down to not wanting to piss off the chinese bankers, and to not have wingers say more bad things about him (and have winger democrats run against him too).

Professor of Constitutional Law my ass.

marisacat - 30 May 2009

very true… someone can only run agasint Oblation, now, FROM THE LEFT. And we all know that won’t be happening.

Or a rabid ”populist”, but really corporatist, right… a lot more chance of that.

41. Madman in the Marketplace - 30 May 2009
catnip - 30 May 2009

How cute. lol

I had no idea Pat Robertson said such a thing. Not surprised at all. Just hadn’t heard it. (There’s enough wingnut racket in my head already.)

42. brinn - 30 May 2009

Is it just me, or does anyone else see all of this cyber-booga-booga


as a cover to control the internets and their embarrassing/”dangerous” ability to both spread alternate versions of ‘truth’ — movies (complete with sound and facial expressions, even!) — AND dredge up the past and put it on display??

I mean how long before AT&T and Time Warner are called upon to implement their “pay by megabyte” bullshit in the name of national security??

Booga- booga — those scary cyber terrorists are gonna pollute your water supply and crash the electric grid….booga booga

What’s that sound?? Oh, right, hackers around the world cracking their knuckles over their keyboards and saying: BRING IT!

marisacat - 30 May 2009

Very sorry brinn. Moderation filter snagged you twice and catnip once… (I slept like today never started… )

43. brinn - 30 May 2009


n his remarks, Obama pointed to the threat of cyber terrorism, noting that US “defense and military networks are under constant attack. Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups have spoken of their desire to unleash a cyber attack on our country.” He invoked the recent terror attacks on Mumbai, India, where “terrorists…relied not only on guns and grenades but also on GPS and phones using voice-over-the-Internet.” Obama also alluded to the possibility of cyberwarfare with a major foe, mentioning Russia by name. “Last year we had a glimpse of the future face of war,” Obama said. “As Russian tanks rolled into Georgia, cyber attacks crippled Georgian government websites.”

However, these sorts of threats would most likely not fall under the purview of the Cybersecurity Coordinator, at least based on Obama’s explanation of the position. The implication is that these “threats” would be handled by the military-intelligence Cyber Command.

and this:

In any case, the formation of the Cyber Command raises the threat of the military or the NSA launching operations within the US. Both are currently constitutionally-prohibited from carrying on either military or spy actions within American borders. One anonymous “senior intelligence official,” cited in the Times, called this “the domestic spying problem writ large.”

“These attacks start in other countries, but they know no borders,” he said. “So how do you fight them if you can’t act both inside and outside the United States?” The answer, implied by the very formation of the Cyber Command, is that the military and spy agencies should disregard the traditional separation of foreign war and espionage, on the one hand, and domestic policing and investigation, on the other.

Uhhuh. Yep. Booga Booga

catnip - 30 May 2009

The answer, implied by the very formation of the Cyber Command, is that the military and spy agencies should disregard the traditional separation of foreign war and espionage, on the one hand, and domestic policing and investigation, on the other.

And that’s new, somehow?

44. catnip - 30 May 2009

In case anybody missed Moyers last nite, he had clips from Torturing Democracy – so incredibly hard to watch (for those of us with an actual conscience).

45. marisacat - 30 May 2009

In case anyone has a strong stomach lining left (at least TW has Krugman who seems, off and on, to have found some balls…FTN looks to be thw worst) :

Meet the Press: Sens. Leahy, Sessions; Google CEO Schmidt, Xerox CEO Mulcahy, Caterpillar CEO Owens. Roundtable with Katty Kay, Brian Williams, Richard Wolffe

This Week: Sens. Schumer, Cornyn. Roundtable with Greenburg, Gillespie, Ifill, Krugman, George Will

Face the Nation: Sens. Feinstein, Kyl. Roundtable with David Brooks, Woodward

Fox News Sunday: Romney, Sens. Specter, Graham

State of the Union: Sen. McConnell, Sens. Klobuchar, Hutchison

46. marisacat - 30 May 2009

Apparently Gibbs wants us to read the Salon report following the Telegraph report on the torture photos and Taguba.

Maybe I skimmed the Telegraph report too fast but I did nto gather that Taguba was quoted as saying he specifically saw the 21 and 23, two groups of photos in the ACLU suit relating to black sites rather than AG, himself. But he saw hundreds in investigating AG.

44 here, thousands over there. More than that I am sure. It is, imo, the whole of the photos that the administration(s) would prefer not surface. Tho of course anyone wiht a brain has known that as the 44 come out, the rest will trickle out. And should.

47. marisacat - 30 May 2009

new thread…


………. 🙄 ……………

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