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so much noooz 17 June 2009

Posted by marisacat in California / Pacific Coast, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Srinagar, India: A Kashmiri Muslim woman raises her hands at the display of a relic believed to be a hair from the beard of the Prophet Muhammad [Dar Yasin/AP]

I can’t keep up. As for Cali… they’ve picked a day in July when we will be quite visibly pregnant with bankruptcy.   Our “due date”… 😆 I am sure we will give it a suitably glossy name.

Thanks to all who got us over the hump to where we are today!

What can you do but laugh.



1. marisacat - 17 June 2009

Moving this forward from the last thread… from Madman:

Change you can choke and die on: Obama’s Plan Would Cut Payments to Teaching Hospitals

Washington — Teaching hospitals’ fears were realized this past weekend, when President Obama said he would cut subsidies to hospitals that treat large numbers of the uninsured to help finance a sweeping expansion of the nation’s health-care system.

The proposals, which the president outlined in his weekly radio address on Saturday, are included in more than $600-billion in cuts that he has proposed making in Medicare and Medicaid spending by 2019.

Last year the federal government provided $27-billion in “disproportionate share payments” to compensate hospitals for the costs they incur by treating large numbers of low-income patients and people who are uninsured. States matched some of that money.

The administration argues that the need for such payments will decline as more people become insured under the president’s plan. But teaching hospitals, which provide almost three-quarters of the care for the uninsured, fear they could end up worse off than they were before the overhaul, particularly if the law does not cover undocumented immigrants.

Of the 45.6 million Americans who are uninsured, 10 million are undocumented immigrants, and many of them seek treatment at teaching hospitals. —Kelly Field

marisacat - 17 June 2009

President Obama said he would cut subsidies to hospitals that treat large numbers of the uninsured to help finance a sweeping expansion of the nation’s health-care system.

It will cause city center hospitals to close. In fact I think an upcoming closure of a hospital in the East Bay is in advance of this.. (not that they have not been closing hospitals for years)

And I am sure the subsidies will be cut before whatever BAD plan is rolled out, which as of now Sibelius indicates might be sometime in 2019… and by then, she says, they claim they might have 15 million more covered.


Oh! look! over there!, Michelle harvested from the WH garden. She did!

Madman in the Marketplace - 17 June 2009

this is all going to work so well when a pandemic takes off because of a large population of people in dense inner city areas who’ve all been left without any care at all.

2. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 June 2009
Madman in the Marketplace - 17 June 2009

found the link to the video above here

At 1:10, the shock doctrine is mentioned: “They created this crisis” (in order to kill the social programs).

The video is by Al Jazeera English.

marisacat - 17 June 2009

ooo thanks for that…

3. marisacat - 17 June 2009

Whiplash alert! Barney Frank on the loose

I think it is unwise for liberals like myself, who were consistently critical of President Bush’s refusal to abide by the law in cases where he disagreed with it to now object when President Obama refuses to follow the Bush example.

Whopperrooni coming up…

It would not be wise, in my judgment, for those of us who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, or who sympathize with the fight for our rights, to argue for a precedent that says that executives who disagreed politically with the purpose of the law should have the option of refusing to defend it in a constitutional case.”

So “executive”… is he hiding Obama in there somewhere? Maybe under the rug in the Oval with Bush’s WMD?

People who criticise the administration, esp those who voted for O, need to start USING HIS NAME. 😆 Claim that vote!

It’s just so cute to think it is Rahm or Axelrod. It’s Barry and Michelle. Part of a whole

Get a fucking clue.

Madman in the Marketplace - 17 June 2009

what the fuck is he talking about?

Hey, the Justice Dept manages to choose not to make a big show of defending all kinds of cases, and even if that wasn’t so, comparing GBLT unions to incest and statutory rape is more than a little beyond the pale.

If I didn’t already know he was incapable of it, I say that Barney should be ashamed.


marisacat - 17 June 2009

One they repeated that blows me away (and is the bitch of choice of older white males who call KGO, across the probably hundreds of hours they have spent on SSM, by now) is that their civil rights are not infringed upon as they may indeed marry.

Just not the person of their choice

Blows me away every time I hear it, and there it was in the dox prepared by a Mormorn Bushiter (Simpson) and with the husband of Kamala Harris’ name (Tony West) riding at the top. Harris and West are good friends of Ob and big big supporters. I laughed out there, as with Gavin supporting Hillary and Kamala supporting Ob, for once we likely had a fair election (the primary).

The Obamas failed on the optics here… adn they failed in reality.

Sure black people could marry too, before Loving. JUST NOT ACROSS THE RACES.

he is such a fucker.

Madman in the Marketplace - 17 June 2009

and you’re a “purist” if you can’t accept that small “compromise”.

4. marisacat - 17 June 2009

moiv jsut popped me this.

Oh please. It is so abominable that these people have any credibility left.

June 16, 2009 – In the aftermath of the shooting of late-term abortionist, Dr. George Tiller, American pro-life leaders have been receiving death threats prompting round-the-clock protection from authorities.

Jill Stanek, vilified last week at MSNBC, is the Illinois nurse who exposed the practice of abandoning babies that survive abortions. She has tracked and reported on the career of Dr. Tiller for years at her blog. When I asked her this week about her own safety in wake of the shooting, Stanek said that she, along with Troy Newman of Operation Rescue and Fr. Frank Pavone at Priests for Life, had been receiving credible threats from a “troubled man involved in the abortion industry.” Jill said that this individual is the child of a pro-choice advocate/writer and his mother had aborted several of his siblings. Following the Tiller shooting, the stalker emailed Stanek again. Federal agents are currently monitoring his movements. snip

Madman in the Marketplace - 17 June 2009

if any of those clowns gets shot, it’s gonna be because the gun they were holding went off accidentaly.

5. marisacat - 17 June 2009

Support the troops

[not to be read on a full stomach]

Madman in the Marketplace - 17 June 2009

Sad that so few Americans know the carnage that was perpetrated by this “good” country:

At Sand Creek, Colorado in 1864 the carnage wrought by the fanatically pious Colonel John Chivington was especially savage. Reflecting on Chivington’s God-ordained massacre, a lieutenant from the New Mexico Volunteers wrote: “Of from five to six hundred souls [killed] the majority of which were women and children . . . I did not see a body of a man, woman, or child but was scalped, and in many instances their bodies were mutilated in a most horrible manner – men, women, and children’s privates cut out. I heard one man say that he had cut out a woman’s private parts and had them for exhibition on a stick. I heard another man say he had cut the fingers of an Indian to get the rings on the hand . . .” According to this and many similar reports, soldiers used knives to rip apart bodies, and none were spared. Torture, butchery, mutilation – there seemed to be no limits to U.S. military barbarism on the frontier. Those horrors were repeated time and again, culminating in the Wounded Knee massacre of 1890 where hundreds of defenseless women and children were slaughtered, many tortured before the last fatal assaults.

That passage I bolded has haunted me since the first time I read it, when I was a kid of about ten or eleven, I believe in “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”.

marisacat - 17 June 2009

Our biggest problem is that we don’t stop doing it. It is never in the past with us.

None of this could be dismissed as the isolated or aberrant behavior of a few undisciplined soldiers, nor was it related manly to intelligence operations. Recycling racist imagery that gave wars against Native Americans, Japanese, and Koreans added savagery, military leaders called the Vietnamese gooks, thugs, and vermin, with General William Westmoreland preferring the label “worthless termites” – the same “termites”, presumably, that were to be given the blessings of freedom and democracy. Extreme racist attitudes permeated the military culture from top to bottom, as would later be the case in Iraq. According to one participant in the field, “the voices of authority in the company – the platoon sergeants and officers – acknowledged that [executing prisoners] was a proper way to behave. Who were the grunts to disagree with it? We supported it . . .”

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 June 2009

Scahill: Shame: The ‘Anti-War’ Democrats Who Sold Out

In a vote that should go down in recent histories as a day of shame for the Democrats, on Tuesday the House voted to approve another $106 billion dollars for the bloody wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and increasingly Pakistan). To put a fine point on the interconnection of the iron fist of U.S. militarism and the hidden hand of free market neoliberal economics, the bill included a massive initiative to give the International Monetary Fund billions more in U.S. taxpayer funds.

What once Democrats could argue was “Bush’s war,” they now officially own.

7. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 June 2009

Is Corporate Tax Reform Already Dead?

So here’s a story that died quietly, like pretty much all stories about tax reform. Does anyone remember the campaign season last year, when Barack Obama kept promising to do something about corporate tax deferrals, and the steady decline of corporate income tax revenue as compared to all other types of tax revenues?

Well, Obama’s plan has come and gone, and any hope of real reform now seems destined to die a slow, painful death in congress, where the president’s plan, already weak, will be chipped into little bits by the relevant committee chieftains. Charlie Cray’s piece here does a good job of outlining what happened to the reform initiative.

For those who don’t know how this works, the corporate tax system has been insane for more than a generation. Companies can move their profits offshore and defer any taxes on foreign profits until that money is repatriated. Even better, under the current system, companies can claim immediate deductions on their deferred-taxable income. Imagine if you could defer your federal taxes every year but claim your deductions nonetheless; you might end up paying a zero tax rate, or having the government actually owe you money. That is the situation with corporate taxes; although the official tax rate in this country is high enough, around 35 percent, in reality the effective tax rate for most years is far below that. In 2004, a tax amnesty year, the effective corporate tax rate was just 2.3%.

8. marisacat - 17 June 2009


Anonymous v Gibbs:

Q Thank you, Robert. Back to DOMA and “don’t ask, don’t tell” — I’ve got a few questions —

but I’ve talked to a number of congressional staffers, none of whom say that these issues are anywhere on anybody’s radar on the Hill. There’s still no Senate bill for repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell.” There’s certainly no DOMA bill in either the House or the Senate.

As you guys have done with health care reform, with the stimulus package, with immigration reform, will you identify Senate sponsors and move forward — I mean, not Senate sponsors but congressional sponsors, for both of these bills, and move forward with them?

MR. GIBBS: Well, again, I will reiterate the President’s commitment to getting this done. I can talk to Congressional Affairs about meetings. I don’t know who they’ve talked to or who you’ve talked to. Again, I know the President continues to be committed, as he was as a Senate candidate, as a senator, as a presidential candidate, and now as President, to repealing both of those — both those acts.

marisacat - 17 June 2009

another anonymous from the same transcript:

Q Thanks, Robert. Did the President see the Justice Department brief defending DOMA before it was filed?

MR. GIBBS: I can check on that. I don’t know the answer to that.

Q And I know Jake asked about the inflammatory language that he — that some critics see used in that brief. Does he endorse that language, did you say?

MR. GIBBS: Well, let me — before I answer the follow-up to the first question that I would check on, let me get an answer to the first question.

9. marisacat - 17 June 2009

still laughing here:

Q Yes, Robert, you said you would see if there was a length of the review of the White House visitor logs. I wonder if you’ve been able to do that.

And separate from that, given how many times Senator Obama spoke out about secrecy, why not just implement your own policy? Or is your policy the same as the Bush administration’s?

MR. GIBBS: Having been in meetings about this yesterday, we are working on the implementation of that policy.

Thank you.

END 2:56 P.M. EDT

10. marisacat - 17 June 2009

People have been hunting for the original Spiegel reporting of VOA carrying word that 5000 Hezbollah fighters are in Iran – and not finding it….

Looks like it was in German Spiegel. Angry Arab (he links to the original)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let the Zionist propaganda begin now–not that it has ever stopped

“”Nach Berichten des Senders “Voice of America” sollen bis zu 5000 libanesische Kämpfer der Hisbollah-Miliz dem Regime beim Showdown zur Hand gehen.””

As if the regime in Iran has a shortage of armed goons who are willing to beat demonstrators. But the “reliable” Voice of America is reporting this. (thanks Emily)

Posted by As’ad at 9:46 PM

11. catnip - 17 June 2009
marisacat - 17 June 2009

doesn’t he have a focus group to evaluate for Mamma?

catnip - 17 June 2009

Somebody has to write those rec list diaries (about absolutely nothing!)

12. catnip - 17 June 2009

In Poll, Obama Is Seen as Ineffective on the Economy

A substantial majority of Americans say President Obama has not developed a strategy to deal with the budget deficit, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll, which also found that support for his plans to overhaul health care, rescue the auto industry and close the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, falls well below his job approval ratings.

A distinct gulf exists between Mr. Obama’s overall standing and how some of his key initiatives are viewed, with fewer than half of Americans saying they approve of how he has handled health care and the effort to save General Motors and Chrysler. A majority of people said his policies have had either no effect yet on improving the economy or had made it worse, underscoring how his political strength still rests on faith in his leadership rather than concrete results.

Time for another changeyhopiness speech.

marisacat - 17 June 2009

I am sure he’ll find something… another city another speech, another industry to subdue or bail out or chat up or — a fly to smoke. Another voting group to shiv.

Surely big bad Rush or mean mean FOX or lying Hannity sent the fly. That’ll show them!

catnip - 17 June 2009

He’s quickly engineering his own demise.


marisacat - 17 June 2009

Obama 1, Fly 0

catnip - 17 June 2009

Surely big bad Rush or mean mean FOX or lying Hannity sent the fly.

I just saw a clip of that on TDS. I couldn’t figure out what that was about before that. 😉

13. catnip - 17 June 2009

CNN headline: Is Iran collapsing?

You wish. Sheesh.

14. lucid - 17 June 2009

FYI there’s a new documentary making the rounds of the festivals right now. Basically it’s interviews with AIDS experts on all sides of the debate and it simply let’s the establishment doctors crucify themselves with their own words… like in the trailer when Montagnier comes on near the end saying ‘a healthy immune system will kill HIV in a matter of weeks…’ I’ll be interested to see the press when this thing sees general release [or if it does at all]. Apparently there was a near riot at the Q&A carried out by the orthodox when this was screened in Boston.

marisacat - 17 June 2009

I took a look at reviews.. and clicked on The Tennessean… I was surprised how open it was…

lucid - 17 June 2009

The two more recent ones are pretty open as well. The thing about the film, from what I’ve read, is that it doesn’t go out of its way to be controversial or beat one over the head with ideology – it simply consists of open interviews with all of the prominent players on both sides as well as those living with AIDS – without backing any particularly avenue. It aims to open up the questions that should have been asked all along. I hope it comes to NY – at the very least I’ll rent the DVD when it comes out.

15. marisacat - 17 June 2009

What a hoot!

Nightline just had an on the street interview in Tehran, with a woman who had returned, left her studies in London in ’79 to support Khomeini. And wants the revolution returned to its roots, thru Moussavi.

Shop carefully! Go Revolution!


16. catnip - 17 June 2009

Fisk – Secret letter ‘proves Mousavi won poll’

Like that doesn’t have CIA written all over it.

17. BooHooHooMan - 18 June 2009

I say we bomb Minnesota.
Sorry. But any state that can’t run an election …..
After Minnesota, I propose Louisiana. . Why Lousianna after Minnesota? Why ,( living in New Jersey) reverse alphabetical seems right to me….

AND- In late breaking news, Mossavi’s forces have apparently over-run the NPR broadcast facilities. Jeezis.
They apparently have Bob Edwards, Robert Siegal, and Lakshmi Singh and are demanding lunch at The Palm.

marisacat - 18 June 2009

well as long as they re not reading Lolita in Tehran…

BooHooHooMan - 18 June 2009

Touche! Nafisi! Or not!

To me, The whole situation seems so very Phalavi-esque in how it’s being pushed in the West.

BooHooHooMan - 18 June 2009

Whopps- *Pahlavi

18. Madman in the Marketplace - 18 June 2009
19. marisacat - 18 June 2009



Robert Fisk: Secret letter ‘proves Mousavi won poll’

Thursday, 18 June 2009

They were handing out the photocopies by the thousand under the plane trees in the centre of the boulevard, single sheets of paper grabbed by the opposition supporters who are now wearing black for the 15 Iranians who have been killed in Tehran – who knows how many more in the rest of the country? – since the election results gave Mahmoud Ahmadinejad more than 24 million votes and a return to the presidency. But for the tens of thousands marking their fifth day of protests yesterday – and for their election campaign hero, Mirhossein Mousavi, who officially picked up just 13 million votes – those photocopies were irradiated.

For the photocopy appeared to be a genuine but confidential letter from the Iranian minister of interior, Sadeq Mahsuli, to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, written on Saturday 13 June, the day after the elections, and giving both Mr Mousavi and his ally, Mehdi Karroubi, big majorities in the final results. In a highly sophisticated society like Iran, forgery is as efficient as anywhere in the West and there are reasons for both distrusting and believing this document. But it divides the final vote between Mr Mousavi and Mr Karroubi in such a way that it would have forced a second run-off vote – scarcely something Mousavi’s camp would have wanted. snipsnappy!

So… let’s have us a run-off!

20. catnip - 18 June 2009

Today’s wreck list news:

Michelle’s Snapping Peas
by A Siegel

164 comments (164 new)

Because everybody knows that Michelle’s peas are FAR more important than those boisterous gayz.

21. catnip - 18 June 2009

Snatched this exchange from a hearing yesterday from another wreck list diary:

Feingold: Is there any doubt in your mind that the warrantless wiretapping program was illegal?

Holder: As it was put together at the time it was certainly unwise … It now exists with congressional approval, so the concerns I addressed in that speech [referring to a speech at the American Constitution Society before he became Attorney General] no longer exist.

Feingold: I asked if it was illegal, not unwise.

Holder: I thought actions the administration had taken were inconsistent with the dictates of FISA. And as a result I thought the policy was an unwise one. The concerns I addressed then have been remedied by Congress.

Feingold: Was it illegal?

Holder: I said it was inconsistent with the dictates of FISA.

Feingold: That sounds awfully mild compared to a very clear statement and very clear principle here … Many people like me believe that if the statute is that explicit then it is unconstitutional for the president and illegal for the president to override the express will of the Congress.

Holder: I think what I’m saying now is consistent with what I’m saying in the speech.

Oh what fun.

marisacat - 18 June 2009

Holder = WEAK

22. catnip - 18 June 2009

U.S. top court rejects right for criminals to DNA tests

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Convicted criminals do not have a constitutional right to obtain access to a state’s biological evidence to conduct DNA testing when pursuing claims of innocence, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Thursday.

By a 5-4 vote, the nation’s highest court refused to create a new legal right for post-conviction DNA testing, which has exonerated at least 232 people nationwide years after they had been found guilty.

The U.S. Justice Department supported Alaska and said a right to post-conviction DNA testing would “open the floodgates” for lawsuits seeking new tests for old evidence. It said the issue was best left to the states and Congress to adopt their own procedures.

Writing the opinion for the court’s conservative majority, Chief Justice John Roberts agreed and said rules and procedures are being shaped by legislatures and state courts. “There is no reason to constitutionalize the issue,” he wrote.

Liberal justices John Paul Stevens, David Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer dissented. Stevens said there was no reason to deny access to the evidence and cited “a fundamental concern in ensuring that justice has been done in this case.”

marisacat - 18 June 2009

oh that is horrible. Why do I think Sotomayor would be with the 5 – and not the 4. Maybe motor mouth Biden telling the cops she “has your back”.

23. marisacat - 18 June 2009

This smells:

June 18, 2009

Categories: Washington Post

Froomkin out at Washington Post (UPDATED)

In a move sure to ignite the left-wing blogosphere, washingtonpost.com columnist Dan Froomkin (author of the “White House Watch” blog) has been let go by the news organization, POLITICO hears. In so many words, Froomkin was told that his blog had essentially run its course.

Froomkin’s work for the Post has, at times, been amongst the most popular, but he has also ruffled some feathers, including former Post ombudsman Deb Howell, who used a column to field complaints over the labeling of Froomkin’s “highly opinionated and liberal” “White House Briefing” column, which was subsequently changed to “White House Watch.” snip

Madman in the Marketplace - 18 June 2009

I’m dizzy with all the change!!!

marisacat - 18 June 2009

well Froomkin wrote actual analysis… BushCheney ignored him, they went about what they intended to do. I doubt Ob and Oblings appreciated the column.

There are already little thread goons around saying all he did was paste and cut.


Madman in the Marketplace - 18 June 2009

the little thread goons pasted and cut that attack, I bet.


24. marisacat - 18 June 2009

What a scream! From Politico’s “44” Whiteboard:

WRAP YOUR HEAD AROUND THIS: The Obama administration wants to save former Vice President Dick Cheney from the likes of Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

That was the thrust of arguments the Justice Department presented Thursday, as it sought to prevent the release of an interview Cheney gave in 2004 to Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald as part of his investigation into the leak of the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson.

A Justice Department lawyer said releasing the records could leave Cheney open to attack by his political enemies, including late night talk show hosts. That, in turn, would make it harder for investigators to get cooperation from future presidents and vice presidents.

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan didn’t decide immediately whether the summary and notes of the Cheney interview should be made public, but the judge said a declaration from former Justice Department official Steven Bradbury was inadequate to justify withholding the records. — Josh Gerstein (UPDATED 5:21 p.m.)

IMO ObRama and his minions are far more obsessed with derision from comedy and political pundits than any pretzel in recent memory.

Madman in the Marketplace - 18 June 2009

remember when everyone was saying that comedy would die when he won, that there would be nothing to make fun of?

Ahhh, misty water-colored memories.

25. Madman in the Marketplace - 18 June 2009

Restating the Obvious

There’s more commentary today on health insurance rescissions. Many are angry, but I’m not seeing anyone else state the obvious — the CEO’s insistence that they can’t stop recissions and make a profit; the implicit acknowledgment that they can’t insure people with preexisting conditions and make a profit; amounts to a confession that the private health insurance industry cannot solve the health care crisis. The “free market” is inadequate to the task of paying for modern health care.

And see Digby — the CEOs of the 23 top health insurance companies received $14.9 billion in compensation over a five year-period. You can provide a lot of health care for $14.9 billion.

26. marisacat - 18 June 2009

Denial. Poor Sully.. everything bad is Clintonism. Although to be accurate, much of Obamaism is DLC bullshit… Third Way. or hell, Divine Third Eye.

When will this end? The Obama people won’t talk to me on the record about this. Before the election, they were all about getting gay and HIV-positive support. Now they are threatening to deport some of us for having HIV. And my civil marriage in the eyes of Obama? Null and void – and no plans whatsoever to change that.

A round-up of the gay revolt against Obama’s reversion to fear-ridden Clintonism here.

lucid - 18 June 2009

Well Sully, why don’t you sue the government challenging the existence of ‘HIV’? Or at least that validity of the ‘test’ you took that came back positive…

27. lucid - 18 June 2009

7 days and… Amalfi coast. I’ll make it there at about 7:30pm a week from today – take a dip in the sea, and go eat dinner. I can’t fucking wait.

catnip - 18 June 2009



(Lucky you.)

marisacat - 18 June 2009

I’m green…. but not especially for Iran…. 😉

catnip - 18 June 2009

You’ve been to Italy, right? A lady who had also holidayed there that I spoke to a couple of years ago said that toilet paper (of all things) is a rare commodity there (for tourists) and she suggested actually bringing your own if you’re going to use a public facility. (??)

lucid - 18 June 2009

There are bidet’s…

catnip - 18 June 2009

Well yes, but…do we really want to get into the technicalities of toilet hygiene? 😉

lucid - 18 June 2009

Well… it really is the civilized way to go – no ‘don’t touch the left hand’ from North Africa, but also no wiping it around – cleanliness in all it’s glory… not to mention other uses…

catnip - 18 June 2009

But you (well, I) still need something to dry off with.

lucid - 18 June 2009

true… but men need to too once or twice a day…

Completely unrelated, but my first long term girlfriend, a brit, was quite forthright about her period… her opinion – just let it bleed… I’m of the same bent about most western conceits. Who cares if your pants are wet or bloody? Why the hell do people wear deodorant? [The health issues alone should be a deterrent]. Or even worse, perfume?

I completely understand and support the washing – hence the beauty of a bidet. But I am confounded by everything else about ‘hygene’ as we conceive it.

28. catnip - 18 June 2009
catnip - 18 June 2009

The AP has more up-to-date info about the situation as a whole.

29. catnip - 18 June 2009
lucid - 18 June 2009

Well, steroids apparently make them shrink… so is that yet another stand in for Arnold’s Hummer?

marisacat - 18 June 2009

he has a new approval rating of 24%. nOt that it means much, he has done the damage he was sent to do, imo. IN Dec his rating was 47%.

All meaningless.

lucid - 18 June 2009

I didn’t know you back then… but I was hanging out on the old Political BBS. I spent months trying to explain that he was being brought in to cover up the energy fraud being perpetrated in 2000-2001. No one believed me… FAIL…

marisacat - 18 June 2009

he was sent to do a job.. and the Dems held the door for him. He was dirty as hell with the Bush Cheney energy meetings back then…

Then the Dems held the door and greased the skids for him in the re-election. They should all be turned out of office and PUSHED OFF THE CLIFF.

What a fucking mess.

lucid - 18 June 2009


lucid - 18 June 2009

I just tried sorting through google my posts from back then… funny, funny… and can’t make sense of any of them, that I could find. In a galaxy far, far away…

marisacat - 18 June 2009

they ran a take down on the state, the dems helped. i am really unsure what is next.

But bankrupt Vallejo, over in the East Bay, just voted in some whopper salary raises for a few city officials. from 5 – 12.5% — as they are cutting safety and emergency services.

I see the handwriting on the wall. Oh and those city officials belong to a union. One I had never heard of…

have to love it…


30. marisacat - 18 June 2009

Too funny! From the Americablog thread about Sullification having his nth degree snit fit:

ScottLanter 3 hours ago

The money quote: “And I am not going to take this crap for much longer on civil rights”

“much longer” … ROTFLMAO. Sully always makes sure to provide himself an out. When Donnie McClurkin was paid to perform at an Obama campaign event and when Rick Warren spoke at the inauguration, Sully said a line had been crossed … until the next line … and the next … and the next.


Gridlock 3 hours ago

Maybe we need to turn him a bit towards a cliff so he runs out of ground.

love the image of the cliff, so many need to go over the cliff… 😉

lucid - 19 June 2009

The CA coast is replete with them, no?

marisacat - 19 June 2009

yes… everywhere… 😆

31. marisacat - 19 June 2009



…………… 😯 …………..

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