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I’ll save my knees… 10 July 2009

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Italy.

(AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)

… and not kneel.  So much oppression on view.  Including what is, I suppose, a voluntary mantilla.  I see Benny wore one of his baby baptism underskirts. At least I call them that.   Ob, still sporting the flag. Would his heart fall out if not held in place by the flag?  It seems so.

What a crew.  What a screw.


catnip alerted that Moyers tonight would be on health care… so I propped myself up… and watched.  What rage.  I kept it on, heard it all.. but shook a weak kitten fist at the air a few times.  Just, you know, for the hell of it.

Wendell Potter, having caressed the medical insurance industry from the inside for 15 years (Cigna),  saw one of the health care “days” that have been happening for years and found  himself  stunned that, my god, There Are Problems.  Really Big Problems.  People are suffering every day.  He expected some sort of health fair.. with blood pressure being taken.  Flu shots.

Oh no…. to make matters worse and more desperate, it rained that day at the open-to-the-air fair grounds.  Health care providers set up in “cubicles” — that were horse stalls.  Others treated patients on gurneys, under make shift tents, water running everywhere.

Sound like a few of the refugee camps we have caused to exist?

I am glad, having retired from Cigna, he has come forward,  but I have had my fill of old white men (and white women and minorities who do the same, all a greasy gruel of greed and cruelty) who take the perks, the office, the corporate jet rides… then retire, or lose a son in war — or something BIG happens to them — and they get it.

Anyway, Moyers had a good close that goes with the photo:

According to one poll after another, a majority of Americans not only want a public option in health care, they also think that growing inequality is bad for the country, that corporations have too much power over policy, that money in politics is the root of all evil, and that working families and poor communities need and deserve public support when the market fails to generate shared prosperity.

But when the insiders in Washington finish tearing worthy intentions apart and devouring flesh from bone, none of these reforms happen. Oh, they say, “it’s all about compromise, all in the nature of the give-and-take of representative democracy.” That, people, is bull — the basic nutrient of Washington’s high and mighty.

It’s not about compromise. It’s not about what the public wants. It’s about money, the golden ticket to “the select few who actually get it done.” And nothing will change. Nothing. Until the money-lenders are tossed out of the temple, and we tear down the sign they’ve placed on government — the one that reads: “For sale.”

People like Moyers and Potter and others need to learn the name:

O B A M A.

Last year, in the past, behind us, off the table! is  Bush.  This year it is



He is the new problem.  Or, the old problem, renewed.  Damn Obama, damn Benedict.  And damn their consorts.



1. marisacat - 11 July 2009

Sabbath sayings… :twisted::

Obama rejects 2nd stimulus: Give recovery time

By MATT APUZZO – 2 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama on Saturday dismissed the idea the nation might need a second stimulus to jolt the economy out of recession and urged Americans to be patient with his economic recovery plan.

Faced with rising unemployment numbers and criticism from Republicans who have already labeled the $787 billion stimulus a failure, Obama used his weekly radio and Internet address to remind voters that reversing job losses takes time.

He criticized Republicans for opposing the stimulus but offering few alternatives to the worst recession since the Great Depression. And he rejected talk of a second stimulus, an idea that has been discussed by Democrats and even famed investor Warren Buffett. snip

If the whole display were not so pathetic it would be funny…

[I]n his speech, Obama twice referred to “cleaning up the wreckage” of a recession that began on President George W. Bush’s watch. But with Obama’s poll numbers slipping on economic issues, Republicans want to lay the economy at the president’s feet. […]

2. marisacat - 11 July 2009

hmm i landed on this over at David Mixner’s … a quote from Steve Hildebrand who is, iirc, the highest ranking ”out” Dem official in the Obster line-up of mobsters. And, supposedly, who Ob listens to on Teh Gay Issues. (have a tissue!)

It made me laugh:

“…. (Obama has) to get the ducks in a row in order to get the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell done in a successful way that isn’t just going to happen overnight. He has to move the minds of the public, he has to move the minds of Congress and he has to move the minds of military leaders. And once that happens, and the ducks are in a row, I believe he can successfully move forward for repeal, something that he feels very strongly about and something that he spoke very passionately about.”

So much ”moving”.

3. catnip - 11 July 2009
marisacat - 11 July 2009

HA! Good one:

Who’s “we”? n/t (0+ / 0-)

Economic Left/Right: -4.00 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.82
A yam.
What a Yam!
And that’s all that – A yam.

by AaronInSanDiego on Sat Jul 11, 2009 at 08:10:04 AM PDT

[ Parent ]

he/she has worms, apparently n/t (0+ / 0-)

“I have lived with several Zen masters — all of them cats.” – Eckhart Tolle

by catnip on Sat Jul 11, 2009 at 08:59:01 AM PDT

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4. catnip - 11 July 2009

Which corpse did Michelle borrow that outfit from? Mon dieu.

I see Obamalama is set to heal Africa today. Those lucky Africans!

marisacat - 11 July 2009

They are declaring her a Queen of the Cape Coast.. but for whatever reason are declining to make him a chief. I am guessing the WH decided that was too sticky politically…

I saw a vid of her in the mantilla.. it goes to her waist. Quite the vision.

CSTAR - 11 July 2009

She should have shown up in a burqa

Intermittent Bystander - 11 July 2009

You say tomato, I say tomahto . . .

marisacat - 11 July 2009

That was my thought… go full bore. Flip that mantilla over the face. Go for it!

5. marisacat - 11 July 2009

Thank you! for chiming in Claire. (Via Ben Smith)

Claire McCaskill tweets bluntly this morning: “I do not support a second stimulus.”

If the administration winds up deciding to do another wave of spending, they’re clearly going to have to find a very different way to frame it.

Claire to the terminally squeezed: drop dead.

6. CSTAR - 11 July 2009

Popeye the Tailor man vs Hopeye the Bailer man

7. Intermittent Bystander - 11 July 2009

Madre de Dio!

Trust you saw this, by a female Kennedy, in Newsweek?

Is Obama More Catholic than the Pope?

marisacat - 11 July 2009

oh I hd not.. thanks for that. Both Gibbs and McDonough, Catholics, kissed Benny’s ring when they were presented to him.

Moiv emailed me that ”he is like Blair”, some weeks ago when we were dissecting his pro catholic tilt to “reduce” abortion (good luck in this economy to do so will be draconian,, tho now of course he has pledged to the pope,… and thus to Gawd).

I know he/Blair had an actual official conversion date, after he left office… but it seemed to me more likely he wsa secretly baptised at the Vatican.. while he was PM. He and Cherie had more than one long private meeting iwth il papa.

Converts are always the worst. sheesh.

8. marisacat - 11 July 2009

What an interesting tidbit, from IB’s link to Newsweek, in comment #7… it should be thrown in the face of the Catholic Church, for all the suffering they cause.

“If it should be decided that contraception is not an evil in itself then we should have to concede frankly that the Holy Spirit is on the side of the Protestant Churches.”

That attitude has resulted in some heinous decisions. Most famously, in the lead up to the encyclical “Humanae Vitae” in 1968, an advisory body of theologians and laity empaneled by the pope advised that the church should reverse its position on birth control and concede that the issue should be a question for morality and for science. But authority—not truth, not love—prevailed: Pope Paul VI, listening to the advice of Wojtyla, disagreed with the majority of these advisers, who had voted 69 to 10 for change, fretting that to change this position would weaken his authority. […]

Because the so called compromisers (appeasers, wanna bes), like Ob… who pretty clearly think they can salvage some small early window for abortion (maybe) but more clearly think they can salvage birth control … are frankly delusional and collaborative in their delusion.

Not a single pro life org supports birth control.

This is cute from her… because EUROPE reacted much much more strongly to this most recent lobbing of utter scheisse from il papa… America was far more muted, editorials had less harsh and dismissive language about the ignorance and cruelty of the pope over condoms. Nor is it anything new, Catholic missions in Africa and elsehwere discourage and lie about the condom… while old line Protestant missions do the exact opposite. I take it Ganswein does not wear one? I am sure in secret venues around Rome and elsewhere he is a gay blade on the loose then goes home to Benny.

Yet polls bear out that American Catholics do not want to be told by the Vatican how to think. Despite the rhetoric of love and truth, the Vatican shows disdain (if not disgust) toward gays. But 54 percent of American Catholics find gay relationships to be morally acceptable, according to a 2009 Gallup poll. Meanwhile, against all scientific evidence and protestations from clergy on the ground, the pope claims that condoms aggravate the spread of AIDS. Seventy-nine percent of American Catholics disagree, according to a 2007 poll by Catholics for Choice.

The Kennedys have just lain down face first for ”Obama”, the brand.

What a hoot! The whole thing is so convoluted.

She stays attached to the Church as the Kennedys are elevated but the church regards women with revulsion, as she states herself. No male organs no value.

Intermittent Bystander - 11 July 2009

“If it should be decided that contraception is not an evil in itself then we should have to concede frankly that the Holy Spirit is on the side of the Protestant Churches”

Yeah, that quote blew me away in particular, too.

Like all the uteri in the world mean nothing next to “conceding” a point about the Holy fucking GHOST. And the sexual and reproductive lives of millions, male and female, are easily sacrificed, if there’s any risk of “weakening the authority” of a single self-professed celibate wearing a very fancy dress.

I notice that Kennedy Townsend wrote the piece (with high hopes of Obama “teaching” the Pope a thing or two about wimmins, etc) before he showed up with his ladies in veils.

10 to 1 the press is gonna chalk up the mantillas to striking fashion sense.

marisacat - 11 July 2009

It is such a visable throw back. But then converts are the worst. I am wondering if Kate O’Beirne will be Ob’s god mother too… as she was for Novakula. I mean, it is entirely possible.

Louis Freeh, far too closely associated with Opus Dei, has enthusiastically endorsed Sotomayor. They worked together … when she was on the bench in NY state, iirc. He basicaly said, she has the back of the cops. Which is what Biden said… and pretty much said what anyone with eyes and brain can pick up.. she ain’t no fuckin’ dirty liberal.

Cash it in, anyone who can. Ship of Fools here… wave the flag.. pump the soda pop sudsy beer. Wait for some tired national holiday to roll around. What is next? Labor Day. I can scarcely bear it.. and I expected him to be a nightmare. He’s worse.

9. BooHooHooMan - 11 July 2009

Oh just mulling over a few things…

A womans right to choose imperiled by Medieval Religious nuts and
politically calculating conciliators who kiss their ass.
Economic and Social Justice.
Anonymous High Tech Warfare that massacres civilians amd makes refugees of those lucky enough to have escaped the targeting… ( quite intentional let’s not delude ourselves) .
Abandoning the sick and the poor.

And then of course, there’s:

Support a soda tax
by DanfromRaisingKaine

As we ponder a move towards a public health care plan…

Snip, Snip, Snip, Snip, Snip}

I think it is time for the Democrats to show some backbone and start going after soda.

agree completely (0+ / 0-)

I saw an OpEd in my local paper the other day – just after I wrote this diary about the obesity epiemic in America.

Great and very important diary.

All hail “Teh Milk Czar”

by clammyc on Sat Jul 11, 2009 at 05:22:11 PM PDT

How about a Fuck and Suck Tax?
Whay on MAMZ’s Dailykos alone the money that’b be raised….

marisacat - 11 July 2009

Soda is the new V Chip. Or school uniform. The BushOBClint Plantation.

BooHooHooMan - 11 July 2009

Where to begin with that I don’t know…

So those things known as Democrats, SOMEHOW – thankfully – having decided to commit mass political suicide-by-base, they do the one thing sure to bring the sugar-sated masses to their feet , and fuck with the treat money. LOL. Their dumbed down and once loyal base, who, after viewing the soda tax increase on the TV from their easy-financed sofa in their quite possibly soon to be repo’d comfort of “home” , instead of swilling down that last soda, will then promptly reach for their FIREARMS and pack of smokes while heading out the door to gun down their closest elected representative.

marisacat - 11 July 2009

I have no idea what is coming… there are reports of “no doc” mortgages coming back, some say 6 mos some say a year or when there is an appreciable uptick (and when would that be, I wonder).

BooHooHooMan - 11 July 2009

Nobody better sneeze. Lest the whole unsustainable Empire collapses under the weight of it’s own Mythology at this point…

Another reason to hand Big Pharma their cut of the ongoing plunder by “getting out a head of flu season” I suppose. Or cover their bullshit “contributions” to the “New Healthcare” ( a figment – not even a fig when the leaves are removed) .-
Imaginary Leadership by Imaginative Headlines. Obama 2012.

Intermittent Bystander - 11 July 2009

Nobody better sneeze.

I noticed a news item the other day indicating that obesity may be a risk factor for actual death from swine flu.

Speaking of chemicals, corn syrup, and Big Pharma.

BooHooHooMan - 11 July 2009

As is ballistically punctured liver. I see the current politics of drugs, food, medicine, and guns, the energy v environment debate …certainly within the confines of Donklephant and Activist/Lobbyist push pull — it’s all Status Quo maintenance at best. In practice, it is accelerating hideous wealth AND HEALTH transfer to the “contenders” while debilitating people and Society as a whole. .These so-called (and requisitely so ) ” ongoing debates” while great for maintaining a do nothing “activist” and lobbying class in the farce they parade before the Corporate Pols ( the fix being in) it mostly accelerates wealth and well-being transfer from poor to rich. The game is to keep the game going.

I happen to think that shit that can kill ya should be regulated.
As I think things you need to live.
Which isn’t necessarily a dichotomy when speaking of medicine, food or water and air these days…
But in an Honesty vacuum and with the open – Jeebus- LEGAL selling of political influence, unapologetic graft, really, any effort along the interventionist/laissezz-faire spectrum is doomed to …. a aggression. And Loss. We’re two for two now. THEN Failure. Then, hopefully, revolt.

BooHooHooMan - 11 July 2009

LOL. “a aggression” – Sorry for Typo. I’m out.

Intermittent Bystander - 11 July 2009

You had me at hideous wealth AND HEALTH transfer to the “contenders” while debilitating people and Society as a whole, BHHM.


BooHooHooMan - 11 July 2009

Soda is the new V Chip. Or school uniform. The BushOBClint Plantation.

Spot on. The Demi wedgies. And that Jersey demi hack, , Kos Frontpager clammyc , a Menendez and Corzine tool from Jersey right there lauding it as a “Great and very important diary”- After plugging his own piece FIRST.- LOL. What an asshole.

Just another lobbyist and handler shakedown scam.
With the twittering fleas like clammyc putting their marker down on on side or other of a non issue . The same willing orifices on a local level who would argue “revenue realities’ pushing soda machines INTO schools..
It’s all there is anymore.

marisacat - 11 July 2009

clammyc is just so ……… exemplary. In a bad way. Minor shit… user.

catnip - 12 July 2009

Consumption taxes = the new “progressive”

Do these guys even think about who they’re hitting? (rhetorical question, of course)

10. BooHooHooMan - 11 July 2009

Jeezis. I see MO is wearing the latest in public figure attire –
from Mary Todd Lincoln.

marisacat - 11 July 2009

It’s the past. So symbolic of what they are doing… symbolic of what they ARE… despite all the PR propaganda to contrary. Big Catholic Slurpy.

11. Intermittent Bystander - 11 July 2009

I wish they’d cut to the chase and tax high-fructose corn syrup in bulk. Why not? Might get that shit out of every processed food product on the market, and return some farmland to better use.

And hey, you can’t make the smokers pay for everything forever.

marisacat - 11 July 2009

Too many pols tied to corn, in all its parts and pieces. ADM, Archer Daniels Midland for one in a lot of pockets…

Corn, Karo Syrup, ethanol, corn syrup… are one of the big reasons Americans are overweight. It should be strictly regulated as a food additive.. so prevalent in canned foods… in so many food products.

Ob is tied to corn too.. it is part of his whole Iowa, neighbor state game plan.

Intermittent Bystander - 11 July 2009

The golden-brick road to the White House starts in the Iowa cornfields, don’t it?

Corn is the first high-fructose syrup all candidates are required to drip!

marisacat - 11 July 2009

yup it’s all of them.. he has a neighbor stste advantage and a history with corn in illinois

12. Intermittent Bystander - 11 July 2009

One bright side of the recent bald-faced, shit-eating, clown-painting-on-velvet political crapfest here in the NYS Senate has been the noticeable and refreshing abandonment of the last shreds of idealistic partisan illusion among many heretofore stalwart, but routinely and institutionally frustrated, liberal-to-lefty Dems.

Zee deessgusst, it is total!

I realize this atmosphere may not last, but for now, it’s kind of a welcome relief.

New Yorkers, despite their reputation, haven’t been jaded enough!

marisacat - 11 July 2009

…refreshing abandonment of the last shreds of idealistic partisan illusion among many heretofore stalwart, but routinely and institutionally frustrated, liberal-to-lefty Dems.

wow that must be a stiff wind of fresh air blowing around, at least at the moment.

13. marisacat - 11 July 2009

Meet the Press: Sens. McCain, Schumer. Roundtable with Karen Hughes, Andrea Mitchell, Bob Shrum, Roger Simon.

This Week: Sens. Durbin, Kyl. Roundtable with George Will, Donna Brazile, Cokie Roberts, Sam Donaldson, Bob Woodward.

Fox News Sunday: Sens. Feinstein, Cornyn; Rep. Cantor. Roundtable with Kristol, Ingraham, Mara Liasson, Juan Williams.

Face the Nation: Sens. Leahy, Sessions.

State of the Union: Sens. Stabenow, Gregg, Alexander, Conrad.

BooHooHooMan - 11 July 2009

What a pathetic list of the usual suspects on both sides.
I mean just look at it. Every one of them blows.
The new face? Eric Kantor. LOL. Jewish Santorum.

14. Intermittent Bystander - 11 July 2009

OK, so I’ve got to drop a few lullaby recommendations off for those interested (regardless of age).

Nicky’s Jazz Lullabies includes Peggy Lee, June Christy, Chet Baker, John Coltrane, and Nat King Cole. (Reviews at CD Baby)

(Nicky is Nicky the Jazz Cat, by the way.)


PS: Julie London’s sultry, slo-mo version of the Mickey Mouse March is a hoot and a half, at the end..

marisacat - 11 July 2009

oh those sound wonderful!

Intermittent Bystander - 11 July 2009

The jazz cat concept and the cool, spare graphics are a nice touch, too, eh?

BTW – If you ignore the Christmas card visual, you can hear Nat King Cole do the Train out for Dreamland song in full at youtube, here.

The Ellipsis Arts lullaby series is also pretty spectacular. Really beautiful, intelligent stuff from around the world, performed by talented artists.

(Apparently Ellipsis “merged” with the Relaxation Company, not too long ago, and the latter sells a lot of new-age and sleep-science-y stuff, but the Ellipsis lullaby compilations are the real deal, musically, and most are still in print.)

Insert blissful, sleepy smiley here!

Madman in the Marketplace - 12 July 2009

I agree with the Ellipsis rec. Those are wonderful collections.

15. BooHooHooMan - 11 July 2009

Huffpo Pinched this from Newsweek .
Always a clue when Arianna’s help breaks out
“Impotento” Their 700 Point Font with the Big Trial Balloon Serifs written all over it …


Independent’s Day

Obama doesn’t want to look back, but Attorney General Eric Holder may probe Bush-era torture anyway.

It’s the morning after Independence Day, and Eric Holder Jr. is feeling the weight of history. The night before, he’d stood on the roof of the White House alongside the president of the United States, leaning over a railing to watch fireworks burst over the Mall, the monuments to Lincoln and Washington aglow at either end. “I was so struck by the fact that for the first time in history an African-American was presiding over this celebration of what our nation is all about,” he says. Now, sitting at his kitchen table in jeans and a gray polo shirt, as his 11-year-old son, Buddy, dashes in and out of the room, Holder is reflecting on his own role. He doesn’t dwell on the fact that he’s the country’s first black attorney general. He is focused instead on the tension that the best of his predecessors have confronted: how does one faithfully serve both the law and the president?

Alone among cabinet officers, attorneys general are partisan appointees expected to rise above partisanship. …..

Trial Balloon talk of trials and prosecutions…must be some serious pandering/ fundraising planned up at Martha’s Vineyard for Ob’s vaca.

marisacat - 11 July 2009

I am so tired of their games.

I am tired of the fucking dialogue amongst themselves as Honey Moon wanes.

You can only visit a slave embarcation point once, as Only Begotten Black Son. Holder has already INSTRUCTED as to how we should spend our free time, based on his perception of race.

So fucking done.

BooHooHooMan - 11 July 2009

Oh how I would love to be wrong about Holder.
The boldface below, is their back door to cave tho.
Talk og Gerry Ford pardoning Nixon, and some Holder Obslobber about being convinced of the {cough. cough} “ultimate wisdom of the President…”

These are not just the philosophical musings of a new attorney general. Holder, 58, may be on the verge of asserting his independence in a profound way. Four knowledgeable sources tell NEWSWEEK that he is now leaning toward appointing a prosecutor to investigate the Bush administration’s brutal interrogation practices, something the president has been reluctant to do. While no final decision has been made, an announcement could come in a matter of weeks, say these sources, who decline to be identified discussing a sensitive law-enforcement matter. Such a decision would roil the country, would likely plunge Washington into a new round of partisan warfare, and could even imperil Obama’s domestic priorities, including health care and energy reform. Holder knows all this, and he has been wrestling with the question for months. “I hope that whatever decision I make would not have a negative impact on the president’s agenda,” he says. “But that can’t be a part of my decision.”

They’re setting it up to cave , isolate Pelosi, and run against their own Congress in 2012.

Somewhere in the Rome, Bill and Hillary Clinton are emerging from their latex “Michele and “Barack” “Obama” suits, a fictional charismatic politico couple hand made for the Clinton’s to enable them to return to the White House…

BooHooHooMan - 11 July 2009

as Honey Moon wanes.

Bingo.Maybe Houle will save the mid-terms for Ob when he topples frau Bachmann.

16. BooHooHooMan - 11 July 2009

Chatty here.
But really. Impotento Font here if ever it was needed.


If you have a story……..

Cheney Told CIA To Hide Program From Congress


Subsequent CIA directors did not inform Congress because the intelligence-gathering effort had not developed to the point that they believed merited a congressional briefing, said a former intelligence official and another government official familiar with Panetta’s June 24 briefing to the House and Senate Intelligence committees.

Panetta did not agree.

Upon learning of the program June 23 from within the CIA, Panetta terminated it and the next day called an emergency meeting with the House and Senate Intelligence committees to inform them of the program and that it was canceled.

It means one of two things. Either-

1. Obama , is such an empty suit, that, like Bush, he is authorizing the CIA to do whatever the fuck Cheney says…

or –

2. Obama, is such an empty suit, that, like Bush, he ISN”T EVEN CLUED IN .

Tapper and Gibbs should be good this week…

BooHooHooMan - 11 July 2009

Sorry. No second blockquote needed.
Just my .02. Now I’m really out.

17. marisacat - 11 July 2009

Via The Corner… is there ANYTHING Bush did or contemplated doing that Ob will not do or complete or aid or abet?

Francis Collins to the NIH [Tevi Troy]

President Obama has nominated geneticist Francis Collins as director of the National Institutes of Health. Collins, a long-serving career scientist at NIH who retired last year, was sufficiently well-regarded by the Bush administration that it considered making him acting NIH head after Elias Zerhouni stepped down in 2008. Collins rebuffed such an inquiry, perhaps because it would likely have precluded him from being selected for the post he is about to take. […]

Collins is a fucking nutter.. evangelical, Intelligent Design etc. Tho he masks on the ID stuff. Born again tho… claims to have accepted Jesus on some nature walk.. tho apparently there are differnt stories out there… that one, got Jesus out in Gaia, is convenient for some audiences.

I see various sites from Free Republic to religious dead headers are calling it an “enlighened” pick.

18. lucid - 12 July 2009

LOL… is that not the perfect absurdity… back to the grind 😦

19. marisacat - 12 July 2009



…………. 🙄 ……………….

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