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Suffer the little children… 13 July 2009

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, Afghanistan War, AFRICOM, Border Issues, Chile - Bachelet, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Europe, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Iran, Iraq War, Israel/AIPAC, Italy, Mexico, NORCOM, Pakistan, Somalia, Venezuela - Chavez, Viva La Revolucion!, WAR!.

Islamist insurgents and Somali government forces engage in running battles in Mogadishu: More than 200,000 people have been displaced in the past two months, while hundreds of civilians are believed to have been killed and wounded [AFP/GETTY]

… and we do cause them to suffer, in our job as Gawd.

Let’s see… Centcom is happy as clams… they are focus war one, 27 countries under their command and hot beds a plenty. No end of mischief and murder, for decades. Mercy is on hold. WMD abound, Iran wants a bomb… ? Hell, I want one! Or, at the least, a gun.

Southern Command salivates to bring “restive” S and C America under control. Bill C to do bed checks in Haiti.

Africom bubbles along. “Somalia has not had a government in 18 years”.. oh surely we can help? That is what we do. Goodness and Kindness and Mercy. We follow people all of their days.

Did you know that Ob visited a slave embarcation point? (How could you miss it?) Yes he did. And a pregnancy clinic in Ghana. Yes he did. Took Michelle along. Optics.

Who can keep track of the wars? I cannot. Who can keep track of the Pretzel Global Tours? I cannot.

And then there is Norcom. That is us. And Canada and Mexico. Big plans there, you can feel it.

Stories all over the place… from Tora Bora, new ones.. to CIA looking odd… are they trying to say they are new at this? Why, I think they are! Hell, in that story, everybody is lying. Panetta and Nancy.. and everyone else. We are total fictions, that is what we are. Ghosts with guns and bombs and planes loaded down with bombs, pack mules of a sort, we send forth to kill and kill and kill again. Drones run out of Nellis Air Force Base, in Nevada.. It’s like video games, they say that as recruitment tactics.. and, it really is. Optics.

Nellis sits in a ”Federal Preserve”, of sorts, encompassing Area 51… and, over all, larger than Switzerland. Classifed.

Sasha wore not one but two – count them if you can – one two buckle your shoe – peace symbol t-shirts in Italy.  Here, have some peace, rub their noses in it.




1. marisacat - 13 July 2009

HA! just landed on IOZ who is ruminating, as well. Tho he finds Sonia a lot more interesting than I do! I mean, JesusFuck, she promised today, in a trail blazing moment, to give us “fidelity to the law”. 🙄

[I] am struck after my week-long hermitage mostly by the thoroughgoing asininity of events. America seems engaged, at the moment, in a vast and metaphysical contemplation of the unreal, object without aspect, effect without action, sense without input, and so forth and so on. I was afraid, I’ll now admit, that the Obama era, even if prone to crisis (and what era isn’t?), would bring a certain mellowing of the American Zeitgeist, a quieter and more circumspect American hegemon, a domestic political life composed of a million Clintonian “initiatives” packaged as reform. This has turned out not at all to be the case, as these early months of the new regime have seen a rededication to the rule and destruction of Abroad along with the greatest transfer of wealth ever, from private citizens to failed enterprises. Evidently we are now engaged in some sort of massive something-or-other in the arid south of Afghanistan, “the heart of the Taliban opium trade” as an NPR commenter had it (me, I thought it was only the point of origin, the heart being these United States); Obama is on the radio, reminding us that the bag of beans he gave us is not a bag of magic beans, that it will require two solid years of thickly spread bullshit as fertilizer before it sprouts; and today, Sonia Sotomayor, the heart-devouring, Amazon-priestess, Quetzalcoatlienne dominatrix of pre-hipster ethnic Brooklyn about to ascend the capital, where, like Molly Bloom, the Senate will speak a many-voiced monologue with no full stops until at last it says yes I will Yes

moiv - 13 July 2009

“fidelity to the law”

From a Supreme Court nominee? Really? Imagine that. Did she wink when she said it?

Must be some kind of code for “I won’t cut any slack to radical feminist lesbos and illegal meskins.”

Hey, whatever it takes to keep Jeff Sessions happy.

marisacat - 13 July 2009

It was hilarious.

marisacat - 13 July 2009

Nina Totenburg is saying all that has to be avoided is Sonia looking like “some wild eye’d lunatic liberal”.

well I felt no sisterhood with Sonia anyway… 😆

2. marisacat - 13 July 2009

Apropos of nothing but I had noticed new (Hope and Change!) wordpress smileys.

I really liked that the old smaller silly ones moved… these don’t apparently, none of them.

They are probably packing a bomb, instead. Dirty bomb in a suitcase. smuggled in, unprotected ports.. stashed in safe houses then set loose on the streets. We knew they were here, but surveillance broke down.

what lullabies we have written for ourselves.

3. marisacat - 13 July 2009

David Swanson on torture photos

There are three photos of a little boy, naked, in a robe, and fully dressed. While it is very disturbing to see this little child’s photos in the middle of this revolting collection, I have no idea what they are doing there or whether he was mistreated, or whether anyone was threatened with his mistreatment. But I do know that the leading lawyer who facilitated our national torture campaign and famously said that a U.S. president has the right to crush a child’s testicles is a professor at a prestigious university, while his boss is sitting as a life-time judge in the Ninth Circuit because Congress refuses to impeach him. The current excuse for delay is that the Justice Department plans to release its internal report (from the Office of Professional Responsibility) very soon, just as it has been promising for many months. If Holder finally releases the report and simultaneously announces the appointment of a special prosecutor, two things must happen.

4. marisacat - 14 July 2009

I am so glad for them…

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Goldman Sachs Reports Second-Quarter Profit of $3.44 Billion, Vastly Surpassing Expectations [8:37 a.m. ET]

For more on this and other breaking news go to ABCNews.com: http://abcnews.go.com?nwltr=bn

5. lucid - 14 July 2009

Great article on real estate in my ‘hood. I think in the end most of those buildings will get foreclosed on and converted into rentals. This will hopefully have the positive effect of seriously reducing rents in the area. We’ll see.

marisacat - 14 July 2009

oo thanks for that lucid…

catnip - 14 July 2009

Welcome home, homey!

6. catnip - 14 July 2009

Ha! Sotomayor just dissed Obama and his “heart” BS about how judges should rule.

marisacat - 14 July 2009

well Kyl is on her now… on and on and on and on. I thought she massively dodged what little Feingold tried to inject (Hamdan and other rulings)… I got so bored I got up (so may have missed some great bolt of lightning) and made coffee and straightened the kitchen sink… sort of… LOL

He’s getting irritated… HA!

catnip - 14 July 2009

Kyl was definitely annoying but when he asked her the question about Obama’s marathon analogy i.e. that you run the first 25 miles on the law and the last mile on your heart (or however he put it), he got her to state her disagreement with Obama’s idea that a judge should do something other than follow the laws and constitution when making a decision. (As Obama has already shown, he doesn’t seem to be a big fan of the constitution himself.)

marisacat - 14 July 2009

oh the biggest fucking joke is that they sold him to the masses of fake liberals as “con law prof”.

Snookered them but good.

catnip - 14 July 2009

They got the “con” part right – even if they meant something totally different.

As for Sotomayor, she said a whole lotta nothing. She and Gibbs should do a book of lullabies on tape.

marisacat - 14 July 2009

I found she worked to be opaque. The whole thing was awful. As they usually are.

7. marisacat - 14 July 2009

On no. Please no.

“She is bringing the concept of ‘it takes a village’ to foreign policy,” said Brookings Institution President Strobe Talbott, invoking the title of a well-received book that Clinton wrote while her husband was in the White House.

gah. (from an article by Ben Smith at Politico)

Arcturus - 14 July 2009

‘it takes a village’
in action
a slogan
No More Bhopals!

A Question of Corporate Liability for Hillary Clinton

The purpose behind US pressures on the legislation is no secret. On June 25, 2009, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert Blake told the House Foreign Affairs Committee: “… we’re … hoping to see action on nuclear liability legislation that would reduce liability for American companies and allow them to invest in India.”

quoth an Indian minister: “The draft of the Nuclear Liability Bill is ready. What this will do is indemnify American companies so that they don’t have to go through another Union Carbide in Bhopal.”

read recently that India is preparing to launch some nuclear subs in the near future.

beeeznis up!

8. marisacat - 14 July 2009

Story of Wrongfully Convicted Prisoner Denied Appeal by Sotomayor Excluded from Confirmation Hearings

We speak to Jeffrey Deskovic, a wrongfully convicted prisoner who spent sixteen years in prison until DNA evidence proved his innocence. In 1997, nine years before his eventual release, he appealed his conviction to Judge Sonia Sotomayor and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. The court dismissed his appeal without even considering his innocence claim, in part because of a technicality—paperwork from his lawyer had arrived at the courthouse four days late. [includes rush transcript] snip

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 July 2009

no empathy there

9. marisacat - 14 July 2009

Lindsay Graham the closeted night blooming flower of the South …. goes to abortion and prayer in school.. and the Constitution.

Hang a gardenia on him.

catnip - 14 July 2009

Maybe he’s just using too much Brylcreem, but he seems to get slimier every time I see him.

10. catnip - 14 July 2009
BooHooHooMan - 14 July 2009

{Psst – Hey –
Roast Seal and Wood Owl out back}

marisacat - 14 July 2009

side of fried kitten.

11. BooHooHooMan - 14 July 2009

Shuck –

Israel Warships Cross Suez In Possible Iran Signal

And Jive –

Another Progressive Israeli Group Interrogated
by Assaf

LOL. Iran Russia and Venezuela on the production side are able to see right through these measures at oil futures manipulation. As is China managing its financial liquidity. The Israelis have the bomb of course, but frankly, (like us) are screwed in their sabre rattling. Even moreso when they run amok and start hacking away at their neighbors.

As Gruesome as their warring is on defenseless Palestine –
WRT Iran (70 Million People)
it seems to me they are prursuing a certain – for lack of a better term- I don’t know if it’s been used elsewhere – Near War Strategy…That , also in a certain Post Israeli Credible Era, that much of there reason for being is projecting their ability to make financial warfare gains to extend their national life expectancy.
Then again They Could Be That Crazy.

Betcha Robert Rubin and his gang are presently longon Oil tho. Directly in proportion to its amplitude, When the Peace Roadmap Process Tattered Paper Talk Talk We Really Mean It This Time slobber is heard more often, you know the Goldman crowd is short on lube futures…

12. marisacat - 14 July 2009

.[It] seems to me that the madness is over. There are lots of people I disagree with, and lots of things I really care about, and even some people who seem to me to have misplaced their sanity, but the country as a whole does not seem to me to be crazy any more. […]

Hilzoy at Obsidian Wings is hanging it up.

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 July 2009
14. lucid - 14 July 2009


The Belfast Telegraph reported that, according to the environmental monitoring group carbonfootprint.com, the 18-month, 100 gig tour will involve the band travelling 70,000 miles in their private jet, the 390-tonne set following on cargo planes.

The volume of CO2 spewed out in the process would be enough to transport U2 34,125 million miles to Mars and back. (Of course, the damage would be cut by half if they were just flown to Mars and left there.)

marisacat - 14 July 2009

oh but Bono saved Ahhfrikan babies! And, you know, Bono loves Jesus. And the Pope. And W – and O.

I see the article then moves on to dear old Geldof.

Then there’s Geldof. Kruger Crowe Celebrity Management is currently marketing his services as an “inspirational speaker” on poverty in Africa and other topics at $80,000 a gig. This may be a special offer: the south Dublin ego-warrior last year charged $100,000 for a talk on alleviating poverty to an organisation called Diversity@Work in Melbourne. Would it not have been better if he’d sent them a postcard suggesting the money be spent instead on, say, alleviating poverty?

Come the revolution into rationality, U2 and Geldof will be recognised as national embarrassments.

One hopes. Maybe global embarrassments…

15. lucid - 14 July 2009

I didn’t realize that global war criminal McNamara passed away while I was in Italia… good riddance!

marisacat - 14 July 2009

they can’t pile enough dirt on top of him as far as I am concerned.

lucid - 14 July 2009

Though it would have been nice if he could have died from the abject poverty he inflicted on much of the globe as head of the World Bank…

marisacat - 14 July 2009

That too. he always caused me to go into a rage. A few years ago… forget how many, he remarried. Old coot. And was married in the one of the great cathedrals of Europe. Forget which one by now. It just terminally pissed me off… so many never got a chance to live long enough to marry… thanks ot him.. which does nto even start to discuss the dead on the ground in SE Asia.

16. catnip - 14 July 2009

How many people does it take to come up with something that’ll look like you’re not being manipulated again (even though you will be anyway)?

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration has begun a review that could spell the end of the color-coded terrorism advisories, long derided by late night TV comics and portrayed by some Democrats as a tool for Bush administration political manipulation.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced the review Tuesday by a panel of 17 people that include Democrats and Republicans, mayors, governors, police executives, and public and private security experts. It is a balanced group clearly designed to not only evaluate the alert system but also to provide political cover from critics for any changes to the color-coded system.

“My goal is simple: To have the most effective system in place to inform the American people about threats to our country,” Napolitano said in a statement.

17. catnip - 14 July 2009
marisacat - 14 July 2009

gah.. I’d assume yes til we know more. I mean why should he break a winning stride now.

Oh and just for the hell of it, fuck him.

18. marisacat - 15 July 2009



……………… 👿 ……………

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