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ephemera 28 July 2009

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, Afghanistan War, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Iran, Iraq War, WAR!.

Fighting the tide: the large-scale sand artworks of San Francisco artist Andres Amador. He is currently planning to seek out new beaches around the world in which he can produce his work [BARCROFT MEDIA]

The Telegraph also had an article on him:

Sand artist creates giant ‘doodles’

… as it happens there are at least two people in the Bay Area who work in this fragile, temporary art.  Tossing starfish back into the sea, in a way….


Somehow connected to beach ephemera, Amy had on several people from the Olympia / Bellingham WA area, ones involved in the years’ long protests at Fort Lewis and other mil bases, protest against the Stryker Brigade deployments..

Thru FOIA they learned they were infiltrated by a mil person from Fort Lewis.

[I]t’s really like in January 1970. Christopher Pyle, who was a former US Army intelligence officer, revealed in Washington Monthly that there was an extraordinary program of spying by the Army on political protest groups. And he said that—well, what was written in the New York Times was that the Army detectives would attend some of these events, but the majority of material that they gathered was from police departments, local governments and the FBI. And at that time, they had a special teletype, pre-internet, that connected the Army nationwide and where the police could load up their information on this stuff. They also published a small book that was a blacklist, which is similar now to the terrorist watch list, where the police share information about activists with maybe no criminal basis whatsoever.

And at the time, in January 1970, Pyle said that there was a hope to link the teletype systems to computerized databanks in Baltimore, Maryland, which, of course, is the general area of the National Security Agency, which does most of the spying for—it’s supposed to be foreign, but apparently they do domestic spying, as well.

So this now, what we have here—and after these revelations, there was a Church Committee. There was a great deal of investigating that went on. And while a lot of it was covered up, the military was pushed back for a while on this front. But because now we have the capability of gathering an extraordinary amount of information and holding onto it and sharing it, through the internet and through other means, we really have this 1970s problem amped up on steroids, twenty-first-century-style. And this had been going on for a while.

Something terrible has been going on in the Pacific Northwest in terms of police spying. There are other documents that had been revealed—the Tacoma police, Homeland Security, meetings, minutes. And you can see that one of the essential problems with this kind of model and the fusion center model is that in the same meeting, they’re talking about a Grannies Against the War group handing out fliers at the local mall, and they’re talking about new information about what al-Qaeda is going to do. It’s a model that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, and it’s a model that’s based really on hysteria.

When you see those pictures that were just shown on the screen, pictures of people with no weapons standing in the middle of a road with giant Army vehicles in front of them, you know, it’s clear that the protest is of a symbolic nature. There’s no violence involved on the part of the activists. It’s a traditional sit-in type of protest. The idea that the Army, the Navy and the Marines would become hysterical at this threat, I mean, it is the Army, it’s the Navy, it’s the Marines. And when—that’s the reason the Army shouldn’t be involved in this, because the job of an army—and they’ll tell you this—is to kill people and break things.

The motto of the Stryker Brigade Combat Team that’s housed at Fort Lewis, that this force protection cell was trying to protect, their motto is “strike and destroy.” They’re really built for one thing, and it’s certainly not policing. It’s certainly not dealing with community activist groups, Grannies Against the War, or local activists in Olympia. …snip…

Carry on America. ‘ Til the skeleton of what ever might have been drops into the dust.



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 July 2009
2. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 July 2009
3. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 July 2009

Oops, clicked on the wrong link: try this

4. marisacat - 28 July 2009

Free the Gates-Gate Tapes! (try saying that over and over, fast!)

5. marisacat - 28 July 2009

Pauvre petit Sully.

I backed Obama because I believed he wanted to roll some of this back. It increasingly appears that I was wrong. The 9/11 police state is with us. Obama is slowly legitimizing it, despite being elected to unwind it. This country is no longer as free as many others in the world – and unrecognizable compared with the free country I found in 1984. And it’s getting less free every day. I expected this if Giuliani or McCain got elected. But Obama? Watching him continue their policies in so many ways is somehow even more painful.

Dear dear boy. A diaper pin is stuck in his flesh. Baby is bleeding.

Boo hoo.

6. marisacat - 28 July 2009

More Sullette. Alert his doctor, when he hits the floor, he is going to break his nose and chin. At the least. Maybe a collarbone… And all he is or was on the broad spectrum of rights is fucking hot air. Bleat bleat bleat.

28 Jul 2009 03:31 pm

Why The Military Ban Won’t Be Suspended

Partly Emanuel-Axelord Clintonism; partly, a belief that national security is not as important as sustaining military homophobia as a religious value; and partly … well you don’t have to look very far to see who really doesn’t want change:

“a network of gay and gay-friendly individuals and organizations worked to derail the possibility of a suspension of the ban.”

Can you smell the Human Rights Campaign? It’s that unique blend of cowardice, careerism and fantastic amounts of money that usually tips you off.

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Madman in the Marketplace - 28 July 2009

the insider groups ARE the problem, in so many areas

BooHooHooMan - 28 July 2009

Oh Andy, he can do better than that?
Wha? No Naming NAMES at the HRC?
He could start with Hilary Rosen- that well fed piglet perpetually feeding at the trough. .. she has since moved on tho from HRC. Truly quite the rounder, RIAA before HRC, served the music label barons like Valenti blew Hollywood at MPAA…Old rounder. Well schooled in the art form…
Her start-up “OurChart.com” ? Prommmmmising to be the Lesbian Social Network leader? DOT BOMBED. The lists survived of course. Rented / sold for big fat Hilary retainer to the DNC , other fixers, brokers, and candidates for fundraising and mollifying ops..

To be NOT SO blunt…
GLBT Americans- FOOLS- they better get used to enjoying the Gay Ghetto. And their minders.

marisacat - 28 July 2009

I’ll check the local SF activist who is not aligned iwth any party or group, see what he says…

oops no nothing to say, judging from this post, been out and about checking out the cubs and bears. So to speak………………. 🙄

BooHooHooMan - 28 July 2009

Say it ain’t so!

OurChart.com Says Goodbye Forever

Today, at 3:35pm, Ilene Chaiken posted OurChart’s very last blog. Ever.

Oh, Ladies….

It may come as no surprise to you if you’ve been a faithful OurChart user for the past two years. The site has been at a standstill since mid-November with no new content posted on the site at all. OurChart aficianados waited with baited breath to see what the true fate of OurChart would be. Would the site come back alive for the L Word’s Sixth Season or would the axe come down, as it has on so many others sites in this crappy economy we all get to live in. I was lucky enough to be invited to blog for OurChart; unfortunately my time spent there was short-lived because it was only a month later that the site stopped updating and all the bloggers were let go.

Hmm. I wounder if anything occurred in November that might have led to it’s sudden drop….in it’s UTILITY.
And After a two year run -up?


marisacat - 28 July 2009

“Lesbiatopia” ??? so, what did they think? Ob Knob and Snob were The Way The Word and The Answer?


BooHooHooMan - 28 July 2009

So. Just tryyyyying to help out here

Here’s the Market Update

Gays are Down in light trading.
X-tian Ministers are UP particularly in the White and Papists sub sector. Rabbi’s bouncing back after DOWN 20 on reports coming out of New Jersey. Rubes remain unchanged from Wholesale Broker reports in Over the Counter trading today. AND EVERY DAY. Volume HIGH.

marisacat - 28 July 2009

Unfortunately I think black ministers are quite high up. Surging one might say… Shits and creeps that most are.

Did you ever read that article by Rev Irene Moore, herself a gay black minister, on how hypocritical the black church is..? What a coven of down low activity too many are? how the black church conventions are for hooking up? the choirs are a special hang out? Male of course.. which puts a cute new spin on the nasty misogyny of too many black churches…

It was at Black Commentator last year when TD Jakes son was arrested for unseemly behaviour in a public mens room… guess the hypocrisy set her off and the drool from Daddy Jakes.

If you did nto will email (Black Commentator links expire at about a week, so I kept the full text)

BooHooHooMan - 28 July 2009

I didn’t read her piece. Oh the AA ministry is UP no doubt.
Blue Chip Status reserved for the Catholic pandering and the Rick Warren types. Black Dress with Veil Getup for the Catholics…
Holy High Funeral Mass for Secularism Getup for the Catholics even…At least for public consumption it’s presented that way.
Keeping track of which humble servants are actually doing the most stealing…talk about overwhelming. And, I know, prolly futile given they ALL are, and its a smash and grab game…

Which makes it a perfect time, my sister, to ask…

Would you Pray with me?

Dear God,
For Our Priests and Preachers and Rabbis,
Your Humble Servants, our Ministers and Minders ALL


BooHooHooMan - 28 July 2009

Clearly luring people into The Sodomite Lifestyle.

Whoops! I’m sorry! 😳 I posted this here when I had another window open on an Investment and Retirement Planning Forum. 😆

marisacat - 28 July 2009

Oh that Sodom… the one near Wall St…


moiv - 28 July 2009

Jakes’ son didn’t even bother to duck into the men’s room of the park, just quite literally edged into the bushes after giving a very blatant ‘come-on’ to a vice cop.

One of McClurkin’s old boyfriends said the same thing about church conferences: perfect cover.

marisacat - 28 July 2009

😳 I read too quickly! I am confused! I don’t know nuthin’ about no bush activity! 😉

BooHooHooMan - 28 July 2009

Well, they might be more comfortable at St. Peters.

catnip - 29 July 2009


It must be fun living in your head. 🙂

BooHooHooMan - 28 July 2009

Wholly unconflicted said Peeder?
Yeh. Well….Just Tryyin to be helpful to the Pwogwessive Community.

7. BooHooHooMan - 28 July 2009

Market Update : Cops UP, as always.
ChristoFascists trading stopped briefly at San Fran Rally

closing truth in Jest now…

Thanks for the link to Petrelis. What a fuckin downer .. Not into Speech Corrals , but to me it’s pretty simple knowing a bit about attempts at inciting a riot.
Some willful experience in it..part of trying to be helpful and all…

{ open snark..}

I see no reason why the Jesus freaks should be – henh – “discriminated against” – and denied their right to risk arrest..
Or the cops to make the clean bust now and then…
{ close snark..}

From Petrilis’ pics, looks like a great time despite the harrasers.
“Get em while you can” I figure:
The Good Times. Pleasure in Community.
The arrests of Jackboot Jeebus types… so rare these days…

marisacat - 28 July 2009

well as you can see Folsom St Fair is very clearly a sex fair.

Last year NYT wrote up a rather nasty review of it, implying “they” are all some sort of ”leather chaps buck ass naked hippies South of Market, down San Francisco way”.

I ahd to laugh, as, if one were to walk thru Folsom St Fair and talk to people, the politics would be all over the place.

Think he might have been a bit soft on the Xtians for … uh, viewing purposes… 😆

BooHooHooMan - 28 July 2009
8. BooHooHooMan - 28 July 2009

Heading off to Lurker-ville. Where no HTML will be harmed.

BooHooHooMan - 28 July 2009

One more. I mean what the fuck do people think –
We Must Fight “them” THERE? Lest the Pride Event Conscription Bus pulls up in the drive to take little Het Buffy and Biff away?
I mean really… What a country.
Of imbeciles.

9. BooHooHooMan - 28 July 2009
BooHooHooMan - 28 July 2009

typing on the fly here..

The NYT reports

Mr. Shaw, 61, once an adviser to some of New Jersey’s most influential Democrats, more recently worked mainly for developers doing business in Hudson County. A top client was Metrovest Equities, developer of the Beacon, a 10-building apartment complex on the site of the former Jersey City Medical Center.

Metrovest is located at 731 Lexington Avenue.

Home of Bloomberg LP

Note well, Bloomies sales to the Pentagon for unspecified “Technology Sharing/Utilization Services” ,btw.

And, Metrovest , a small op really but with upscale displacement developments in NJ’s waterfront skid towns and Harlem….

kicked to Rangel and Menendez

BooHooHooMan - 28 July 2009

God Bless Google. While they last at least

BooHooHooMan - 28 July 2009

mod pod

marisacat - 28 July 2009

actually ti fell to spam.. but LINK FAIL IN AISLE 4!

marisacat - 28 July 2009

well they are tightly tied into the government… so all they will do, and have long since started, is to degrade what we have access to.

BooHooHooMan - 28 July 2009

Uh uh uh did I mention that within <a href="The Times Story Link mentioning MetroVest and it's pol connected realestate development of Non Profit Medical Center Land

that it uh, uh also said THIS

Mr. Shaw was a longtime Democratic operative who cut his teeth working for Mayor Richard J. Daley of Chicago and later was a campaign aide to Gov. Jim Florio.

He also worked on Robert G. Torricelli’s 1996 Senate race, Robert E. Andrews’s 1997 bid for the Democratic nomination for governor, and Jon S. Corzine’s election to the Senate in 2000.

LOL – and I haven’t even finished the article…

marisacat - 28 July 2009

LINK FAIL at “kicked to Rangel and Menendez”



BooHooHooMan - 28 July 2009
moiv - 28 July 2009

I saw your comment at the first story link, and somebody at Blue Jersey had a similar thought.

This May Be A Good Reason…. (0.00 / 0)

….for some folks to consider entering the witness protection program.

Shaw was a hard boiled political operative who knew where lots of “bodies” were buried…and I hope he kept notes somewhere documenting everything just in case he ever needed leverage or something to trade someday. Maybe his “little black books” will turn up yet?

I doubt he felt so ashamed of himself that he felt compelled to commit suicide.

There needs to be a federal takeover of the homicide investigation here and of the autopsy. The locals can’t be trusted.

by: Nick Lento @ Tue Jul 28, 2009 at 23:34:58 PM CDT

BooHooHooMan - 28 July 2009

it gets BETTER.

Metrovest site? Very sketchy. No names associated with it…You know the kind of of 5 page fluff site, great graphics, flash animation included, can’t tell who the fuck’s behind it phone num and email to info at or in metrovest’s case a “career” page with inquirers to HR@metrovest.com..



So — > Google up 212 644 7474

http://www.zoominfo.com/people/PersonDetailLimited.aspx?PersonID=88065191&lastName=Filopoulos&firstName=George&id=88065191&searchSource=page&page=2“>One Mr. George Filopoulos comes up

proceed to FEC individual donor search:

Brace for it: ALL the thieves great and small–

Contributions to Political Committees


03/12/2002 500.00 22020242235


08/02/2002 1000.00 23020092557
08/02/2002 1000.00 23020092557


10/28/2002 250.00 23991059376

MALBA, NY 11357

03/31/2007 2300.00 27930581414

MALBA, NY 11357

06/13/2005 5000.00 25980612483

NEW YORK, NY 10018

09/30/2003 2000.00 23992202595

NEW YORK, NY 10022

09/20/2007 1000.00 27990780222

NEW YORK, NY 10022

07/13/2004 5000.00 24020652477

NEW YORK, NY 10022

04/13/2004 2000.00 24961487761
05/09/2005 1900.00 26020362537
05/09/2005 2100.00 26020362537

12/06/2007 5000.00 28990246300

NEW YORK, NY 10022

08/16/2007 2500.00 28930323048

NEW YORK, NY 10022

05/14/2004 25000.00 24961690797

NEW YORK, NY 10022

10/17/2002 2500.00 23991685572

NEW YORK, NY 10022

02/23/2008 500.00 28931133241

12/13/2007 1000.00 28990253631

12/26/2007 1000.00 28990399410

NEW YORK, NY 10022

04/10/2003 2000.00 23991370474

NEW YORK, NY 10022

09/30/2005 2000.00 25020440570

NEW YORK, NY 10022

08/07/2007 2300.00 27931398657

NEW YORK, NY, 10022

08/28/2008 -2300.00 28992230609


10/26/2004 10000.00 25971416045


06/10/2003 2000.00 23991412494

NEW YORK, NY 10022

05/17/2007 2300.00 27930923077
05/17/2007 2300.00 27930923077

Total Contributions: 82650.00

moiv - 28 July 2009

He must have kept Shaw plenty busy, because he flat covered the waterfront, didn’t he? So now he’s bound to figure it’s time for FRIENDS OF FILOPOULOS, GEORGE to pick up their phones.

BooHooHooMan - 29 July 2009

LOL ….Definitely. Behind the scenes, the Pols and the SES types at the FBI are clearly now at war….with Holder and Breuer and their shitstains that Scummer put in as USA’s in NY and NJ trying to botch their cases …

On a parallel track, Cue the statements of “shock and dissappointment” from the NY NJ Big Time Dems..Rendell too as I think a shoe may drop there too…..Rendell does have a couple long time pampered assholes just getting acclimated to the Federal Bureau of Prisons…Some of the stuff I posted before on ex PA State Sen. chieftain Vince Fumo from Philly getting convicted this Spring along with Rendells Turnpike Commish ..(other than Specter , Fumo was Rendell’s asshole buddy)

maybe even gho as far Madame Secretary or Mr Pretzel…this guy Filoupolos looks like he was on autodraft to her camp, Schumer and Rangell.

His connection to Ob is thru the Daleys and the Chicago machine…A whole lot between the lines in the NYT article on this guy Shaw doin the Goombata Suicide thing…
This seems to be one tentacle of what is without hyperbole an unprecedented corruption case….So the Dems, not policing their own, and the rest of us regular folk in the country will be treated to Herman Goehring’s Daughter on the NewsHead shows talking about how safe we were under her Dad an Dub’s reign..while War Crimes will get a pass…As will the FBI…

catnip - 29 July 2009

The feds’ canary, Solomon Dwek, looks like quite the character (2006 article).

catnip - 29 July 2009

More about Dwek here.

BooHooHooMan - 29 July 2009

Pretty clear he had somebody on the inside at PNC in Pittsburgh to credit his account in the first place. 25 million supposedly went poof before they couldn’t cover their float. The Syrian Orthodox Rebbes in Squirrel Hill were also plugged in with a TriState insurance Fraud scam a few years ago, a no show clinic ..

And we can thank Arlen Specter…
For all his HELP along the way…

From 1994 – CSPAN – (vid avail too}

When Secretary of State Warren Christopher was in Damascus on Dec. 5, he announced that Syrian officials would grant visas to the balance of Syria’s Jewish residents by the end of 1993. Members of the Damascus Jewish community asked our congressional delegation to obtain such confirmation in our meetings with Assad and Shara.

Assad and Shara did confirm, in Dec. 15 and 16 meetings that the visas would be issued, but there remained some ambiguity as to whether all the visas would be issued on schedule.

Assad insisted that many Jews did not wish to leave Syria and some who had departed wished to return–referring to a letter he had recently received. He also stated that the issued and unused visas showed there were Syrian Jews who really wanted to stay, but had obtained the travel permits because of external pressure.

Whether all visas will be issued on schedule or whether some Syrian Jews may wish to remain, the important fact is Syria’s change of policy is in permitting Jewish immigration. This significant policy change may be due to Syria’s interest in closer ties with the U.S., and the timely issuance of the new visas may be related to Assad’s meeting Sunday with President Clinton in Geneva.

On my first visit to Damascus in 1984, I received a very cool reception……

LOL. Specter PRAISING ASSAAD for “Letting His People Go”

So Hafez Al Assad dumped them on US . LOL
And on to Specters and Rendell’s Donor Rolls….Gotta Love It.
What a fuckin mess.

BooHooHooMan - 29 July 2009

Catnip re Dwek, etc I don’t know if you saw this above…..

Give Us your poor, your tired, Your Orthodox Jewish Gangster…

.LOL. ..yearning to sell Human Organs with perhaps a nice knock off handbag?

Specter made the case in 94.

marisacat - 29 July 2009

well you know Jay Cost who writes on political tactics and strategy… at RCP, but is certainly readable by a somewhat lefty like me… long ago said, “both parties are money launderers”… and I would add, always were.

10. lucid - 28 July 2009

Something I wrote tonight…

Of Colonial Raucous

Forsooth forgot
That time begot
A feral clawed unease

At images
And terrycloth,
Absorbing blood for free.

‘Each drop should have a price’, they say,
Sipping evening tea.
Machetes spill, the peasant drops,
A weekend on the sea.

Forsooth forgot
That time begot
A bloody reverie

Where terrycloth
and images
are used to set us free.

moiv - 28 July 2009

That’s powerful, lucid. And so sadly damned true.

lucid - 29 July 2009

thanks moiv… first poem in a couple of months. I tried to end it on a positive note… but on a second read, I really didn’t.

11. marisacat - 29 July 2009

Oh Sherrod. Just lie back and think of all the perks in congress. Or think of England. Or whatever.

“Because we want three Republicans to come along on this, we betray what the American people want?” Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, tells the AP. “I don’t think so.”

12. marisacat - 29 July 2009

Did they forget to pack the silver tongue?

The president hits two town halls in two different media markets Wednesday — yet, it appears, without much new to say. – The Note

NYCO - 29 July 2009

his teleprompter probably fell down and broke again.

13. catnip - 29 July 2009

I find this hard to believe: Organic food ‘no healthier than conventional’

That conclusion doesn’t seem to say anything about the number of chemicals, hormones et al found in non-“organic” food along with the serious health effects involved.

marisacat - 29 July 2009

they might be talking about what passes for “organic” under US labeling laws, which were, natch, written for growers and producers… nothing much to do with organic farming, as it was once described, long ago and far away.

That other galaxy, the sane one.

14. BooHooHooMan - 29 July 2009

catnip, message for you above …

15. BooHooHooMan - 29 July 2009

How do you say OH SHIT in Hebrew?
….When the Oy vey just doesn’t fillet the flesh anymore?

From atop the Jewish Daily Forward.

Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis Begin To Take Responsibility for Arrests and Scandals
By Nathaniel Popper
Published July 28, 2009.

A “wake up call” is how a number of ultra-Orthodox Jewish leaders are describing the arrest last week of several New York-area rabbis on federal money laundering charges.

The clearest indication of the newly awakened state came in a symposium on business ethics held in the middle of ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn just a few days after the arrests. Rabbi David Zweibel, the head of the main ultra-Orthodox umbrella organization, Agudath Israel, said that the event had not been on the schedule a week earlier. But the money-laundering arrests reminded him and other leaders that the ultra-Orthodox, or Haredi, community was facing problems caused by the community’s famous insularity.

No dig the “concerns”…
much like remembering to put out for Recycling Day…

“There are a lot of benefits of insulating oneself from the broader culture around us, as we do,” Zweibel told the Forward. “But one of the costs of insularity is perhaps a lack of appreciation of the importance of compliance with secular law. That is a message that is important for people to hear.”

And the But But But

The arrests hit members of the Syrian Jewish community, some of whom are ultra-Orthodox and some who are not. But Haredi Jews outside the Syrian community were also arrested, and the broad nature of the arrests have clearly hit home. The event was being hosted in the Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, at the crossroads of many Haredi communities. The flier that went out advertising the event, said it was “of utmost urgency that every individual in the community attend,” though it specified that it was “for men only.”


marisacat - 29 July 2009

isn’t this sort of fake “taking responsibility”? At least by the mens…. wimmens to tend to the stove and the children I guess.

Can’t they jsut worship Yahweh and everything falls into place?

catnip - 29 July 2009

Worshipping Yahweh, money, the Dem party…all the same thing.

catnip - 29 July 2009

“But one of the costs of insularity is perhaps a lack of appreciation of the importance of compliance with secular law. That is a message that is important for people to hear.”

It seems ot me that no matter how bloody insulated your community is, it wouldn’t take much to figure out that selling organs was…ummm…not kosher.

16. marisacat - 29 July 2009

So timely. As horrible stories of immigration detention have been coming out, along with stories of US born or naturalised citizens swept up in it all…:

Obama Admin Expands Law Enforcement Program 287(g), Criticized for Targeting Immigrants and Increasing Racial Profiling *

The Obama administration has expanded the controversial 287(g) program, which allows local law enforcement agencies to enter into agreements with Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, effectively giving local police the powers of federal immigration agents. The agreements have been widely criticized for increasing racial profiling and singling out immigrants for arrest without suspicion of crime. We speak to Aarti Shahani of Justice Strategies and Roberto Lovato of New America Media. …

Link to Amy

BooHooHooMan - 29 July 2009

Hillarious. While Specter Schumer and Lieberman (and a host of enablers too before and since) , made it a mission to provide safe haven for an the Jewish crime rings that were given preferable immigration status.. Priceless.

marisacat - 29 July 2009

we have Russians out here.. christian groups sponsor them. Boy, some hard asses in that mass too… the hard core xtian russian students, some of them, tried to take over a Cal State campus, up in the Sierra Foothills… nto sure I posted here about it, think I just emailed a couple of friends about it.

Fortunately in the election to the student body leadership, they were defeated. One way the school worked ti was to have only one voting place and to have masses of observers… The message they carry is ugly and fundamentalist.

And they are being accommodated for all manner of services ahead of US citizens. That is not slander either.. nor nasty gossip.

My guess is social engineering, as they are xtian and white. And fundamentalist.

17. BooHooHooMan - 29 July 2009

Well, in another article,
Larry Cohler-Esses at the Forward DOES poke at the Heredi a bit..

The Syrian-Jewish Community: Solidarity Forever or ‘Medieval Minds, Armani Designs’?
News Analysis
By Larry Cohler-Esses
Published July 28, 2009.

……Deal, N.J. is a quiet and bucolic seashore summer community for the prosperous, largely Brooklyn-based Syrian Jewish community. But that tranquility has been buried in a din of rumor and gossip since money-laundering charges were lodged against the three Syrian rabbis, who are out on bail. There is a deep historical irony to these arrests: Solomon Dwek took down the rabbis from the two main rival families whose leadership struggle divided the community some 15 years ago. And in damaging these pillars of the community, say some, Dwek may have strengthened the ultra-Orthodox “black hat” stream that has been a rising force, at least among the rank-and-file.


Talk of the federal indictment is everywhere,

and the reaction TYPICAL.

at the Casino Beach Club abutting the Jersey shore, where many gather to play cards and swim in the football field-sized pool; in the large homes where large extended families gather for meals in a summer ritual; and in restaurants, shopping malls and on Web sites. Not surprisingly for a community that reveres its rabbis as few others, there were declarations of solidarity. “We should stand by our Rabbis in Solidarity and let what ever happened today play out,” wrote Albert Edery in a lengthy letter of support on the website Symall.com, a popular community bulletin board.

marisacat - 29 July 2009

I remember Deal NJ, parts of it were utterly beautiful. When we would drive down the Jersey shore to Deal, it must have predated enclaves of the ultra orthodox. The sable hats brigade – and so on… Or I sure missed it, behind sunglasses and hats.

BooHooHooMan - 29 July 2009

And – other than Las Vegas- sitting right in the middle of one of the Largest stretches of the Coastal Real Estate Bubble in the US.
and Banking Fraud.

This guy Dwek had friends in Pittsburgh.
Anybody that can float an uncollected 25 million dollar check tough a PNC Bank isn’t acting alone.

marisacat - 29 July 2009

so when did it turn Othodox? Maybe I never peeked otu beneath the rim of the hat.

BooHooHooMan - 31 July 2009

Unsure, but clearly for the last ten years. I suspect numbers increased ahead of Census since Russian Immigration wave and Arlen’s efforts in 94…And while ethnic insularity is advantageous to mafia over-running an ethnic group of any origin, (the cycle of abuse, shame, and denial , assures predator dominance within the ethnic/ religious group- lest it invites intramural confrontation or reproach from the community as a whole….) it’s clearly not the prevented assimilation of the corrupt into New Jersey, where the State Motto might as well be

>”Give us your poor, your tired, we will abuse them and make a deal with whoever presents themselves to pimp your ass too….”


BooHooHooMan - 31 July 2009

(Two distinct efforts The Russian Jewish Immigration in the late 80’s the Syrian Jewish deal orchestrated by Arlen Specter in 1994)

Another factor is reverse migration from Israel to the US.

Now all led by Gangsters. With extrordinary strategic position nationally with a lockdown on NJ and New York. . Moreso even than Florida.

the American Jewish community as a whole SHOULD be ashamed.
They support it, tolerate it ,rationalize it,
and figure in the final analysis Fuck Everybody..something along the lines of IT”S OUR TURN TO PREY.
Truth be told , They have come to cheer their thieves,

-As long as they tithe Israel, (a genuine National and Global Security Threat to Jews and non jews alike now)

– and payoff nominally secular Jewish / nominally American Politicians like Schumer Rahm Emanuel , Ed Rendell and Eric Cantor cropping up now on the R side) these mega brokers who then spread it around ,

– their community benefits from increased wealth and influence.

-while the Orthodox criminals can literally be selling Body Parts for a decade,

-the Secularists like Madoff can be running a Billion Dollar Ponzi scheme for Decades,

-the likes of Rubin at Goldman Sachs and Hank Greenburg in his prime at AIG, can pillage TRILLIONS with their Jewsih afils at the Fed and SEC

– and of course the cousins in Israel can keep the back door open …to anyone who’s Jewish that is.

The Israeli Leadership knows all this, but with evaporating International support for their legitimacy, they ruthlessly drive this grab game in the US by exploiting human weakness…

With Regard to Human Organ Traficking via Israel and the Officials in on it, they are exploiting the most vulnerable within their reach…
No word yet if any number of these Organ “donors” were Palestinian Refugees in the Occupied Territories .

an Israeli Government with officials who facilitate such Crimes and a Justice System that does not prosecute it has LOST ITS LEGITIMACY. They are exploiting their vulnerable with basic instincts for money, and , among would be organ recipients in The U.S. , the desperate plea for Life itself.

Why Does the U.S. tolerate it?

Why Does the U.S. tolerate it while the corruption of the Organ Transplantation Catchment Centers and Health System in the U.S. denies a life saving opportunity to triaged recipients waiting in line?….In all candor it is a Crime Against Humanity. And with Officials in Israel greenlighting it – An Act of War. And in the case of Americans colluding with it under such circumstances, Treason.

In such a context it presents another problem…Do you detain US officials now as National Security threats , which indeed they are – given their triangular criminal trade and their domestic crimes? What do you do when it involves Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and Big City Mayors right down to the local putz?,,,What do you do when it involves top officials in the Executive Branch including the Chief of Staff and The Secretary of State? What do you do when it involves The President of the United States?

you come to realize IT”S NOTHING NEW?

BooHooHooMan - 29 July 2009

“through* PNC.. (spelling)

BooHooHooMan - 29 July 2009

They should rename the town Shnookie Deal, NJ.
They pillaged the banks with impunity. And HELP.

18. marisacat - 29 July 2009

Only Begotten Son is out there talking about Typical White Person Grannie Under the Bus again. I mean thank god she was elderly and ill, he can reference Medicare like he might know something about it… and Mamma died of cancer but had insurance issues… . Thank god. They lived to give him talking points.

Is any oen home at the WH political offices? Aides? Got a political aide around? To craft message?

All they have come up with is as of a week ago is to call it “insurance reform”.

Can I get a side of butter with that?

19. marisacat - 29 July 2009

gnu thred


……………… 🙄 ………………….

20. BooHooHooMan - 29 July 2009

Hmm the Bloomberg piece says

Goldman Sachs Staffer Is Charged With Soliciting Girl (Update1)

The piece goes on to say he was a VP for the Compliance Unit

July 29 (Bloomberg) — A Goldman Sachs Group Inc. compliance lawyer was formally charged in New York state court after being arrested for allegedly soliciting what he thought was a 15-year- old girl, prosecutors said.

Todd Genger, 33, is accused of attempted dissemination of indecent material to a minor, Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore said in a statement today after Genger’s court appearance. Prosecutors identified Genger as a Goldman attorney. Goldman spokeswoman Andrea Raphael, who declined to comment on the arrest, said he worked in the compliance unit and didn’t have legal duties.

From April until June, an investigator from DiFiore’s office posed online as a 15-year-old girl and chatted with Genger, DiFiore said.

“The defendant discussed specific sexual acts in which he would engage the underage ‘girl,’” DiFiore said. “The defendant admitted to having the online conversations.”

Genger, a vice president in the compliance division who worked at Goldman since 2006, was released on his own recognizance and must return to court on Aug. 11. He faces a maximum of four years in state prison if convicted, the prosecutor said.

Wow. Nothing like a witness with unimpeachable credibility.The pedo rap is bad enough…But ADD ON the fact that he works for Goldman Sachs, well…

I mean what’s next in the headlines?

Broke ass Legislators trying to Sell their Capitol Building?

An outbreak of Recidivist Horse Buggery?

Oh wait.—Just another Day in ‘MERKA
HuffPo’s header did make me laugh tho..
Must be Love…

SC Man Charged With Having Sex With Horse…AGAIN

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