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Taken under the wing.. 9 August 2009

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements.

This cygnet joins up with her five other siblings for a free ride on their mum’s back at Bicton Park Botanical Gardens in Devon [BNPS]

There is also a shot of flamingoes, looking like the most spectacular of salmon blooms on reedy stems,  one tending to a chick under her glamorous wing.

This one, surely, is gearing up for some downloading of wallaby-porn.



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 9 August 2009
2. marisacat - 9 August 2009

catnip posted this link at the end of the previous thread, and it’s a good one:

Wish you weren’t here: The devastating effects of the new colonialists

I’ll add a snip:

[T]he government of President Ravalomanana became the first in the world to be toppled because of what the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization recently described as “landgrabbing”. The Daewoo deal is only one of more than 100 land deals which have, over the past 12 months, seen massive tracts of cultivable farmland across the globe bought up by wealthy countries and international corporations. The phenomenon is accelerating at an alarming rate, with an area half the size of Europe’s farmland targeted in just the past six months.

To understand the impotent fury that provokes in impoverished farmers, consider the reaction if something similar happened in Britain. The international development policy consultant Mark Weston has a vivid image to help: “Imagine if China, following a brief negotiation with a British government desperate for foreign cash after the collapse of the economy, bought up the whole of Wales, replaced most of its inhabitants with Chinese workers, turned the entire country into an enormous rice field, and sent all the rice produced there for the next 99 years back to China,” he suggests.

“Imagine that neither the evicted Welsh nor the rest of the British public knew what they were getting in return for this, having to content themselves with vague promises that the new landlords would upgrade a few ports and roads and create jobs for local people. …

catnip - 9 August 2009

That’s a very impressive piece about an issue that isn’t even on much of the public’s radar screen.

3. catnip - 9 August 2009

Falling off the Obamalama cliff. It’s starting to get crowded down at the bottom of that jump.

4. catnip - 9 August 2009

Pakistanis see US as biggest threat

A survey commissioned by Al Jazeera in Pakistan has revealed a widespread disenchantment with the United States for interfering with what most people consider internal Pakistani affairs.

The polling was conducted by Gallup Pakistan, an affiliate of the Gallup International polling group, and more than 2,600 people took part.

Interviews were conducted across the political spectrum in all four of the country’s provinces, and represented men and women of every economic and ethnic background.

When respondents were asked what they consider to be the biggest threat to the nation of Pakistan, 11 per cent of the population identified the Taliban fighters, who have been blamed for scores of deadly bomb attacks across the country in recent years.

Another 18 per cent said that they believe that the greatest threat came from neighbouring India, which has fought three wars with Pakistan since partition in 1947.

But an overwhelming number, 59 per cent of respondents, said the greatest threat to Pakistan right now is, in fact, the US, a donor of considerable amounts of military and development aid.

Moral: money can’t buy you love.

5. BooHooHooMan - 9 August 2009

Props to FSZ blogger Tokin Woody

for posting this Tom Tomorrrow piece.

Dig the last frame….LOL – It could be us!

Delicious irony throughout as TT heads for the door on Ob and slaps the fanbase Right……and LEFT.
Netroots Hero no longer?

marisacat - 10 August 2009

oh too funny. But I think TT should be sued by the Obama Marketing Campaign Fund and LLC. He did nto properly display the Ob Non-action Creature, so as to show his commitment to wearing a 10 dollar flag pin on his Hart Shaffner and Marx suit.

Bad Tom.

6. marisacat - 10 August 2009

God save us. Nancy Grace has ………… written a book.

BooHooHooMan - 10 August 2009

With the plastic swirly eyeballs thing on the cover?
And condiment sized jar of spittle with bookmark applicator?

Add a pull-string maniacal laughing device …who can resist?

marisacat - 10 August 2009

she was in tears over the glory of it all… I admit I was not held prisoner, but she did show up on GMA. (looney place that it is).

It’s about…………………… life and death. Not enough of the latter I would say…


BooHooHooMan - 10 August 2009

And just after anxious runt Chris Bower’s was comforted enough to begin suckling again , having found a peripheral opening on a Sestak Campaign Tit….

Specter ramps up attacks on Sestak

Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) is amping up the rhetoric to another level against Rep. Joe Sestak, his newly-minted primary opponent.

On CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday, Specter attacked Sestak for missing numerous House votes, and said if Sestak missed the same amount of time in the military, he would be subject to court martial.

“When Congressman Sestak starts to throw stones, he lives in a big glass house,” Specter said. “The guy has the worst voting record in the Congress from the Pennsylvania delegation. He’s missed 104 votes this year. He talks about his military record. If he was still in the service, he would be a court martial, and he’s been AWOL, absent without leave.”

This , from the comments was funny.

I think Colbert put it best: Arlen Specter has giant swinging balls. I don’t think innocent little Joe Sestak knows what he got himself into.

Posted By: Pennsylvania John | August 10, 2009 at 08:36 AM

Of course Bowers is showing all the inclinations towards , ah,
that a coddled Fratboy exhibits after the “book money” request has been momentarily secured in his pocket …and the call of libations just . seems. to . be. much too compelling.

BooHooHooMan - 10 August 2009

Sorry. Quotes from after “I think Colbert…”
thru time stamp 836 AM

marisacat - 10 August 2009

oh! But I jsut read that VoteVets will come out for Sestak.

Not enough?


BooHooHooMan - 10 August 2009

Perhaps not for the towel snappers.

A 13 Person Jury of former Obama boosters, field people, and plugged in to Emily’ s peeps met in PA last night , rendered a verdict, and are likely to advance……A GIRL!
With money going back to Penn’s Charter. And a large litter of daughters who are as comfortable in whitewater rafts as they are on college parade floats….the girls having served as Obama influentials at Penn, Temple, Penn State and Pitt.

MOM and Dad – sick of the constant Dem begging for cash – aren’t happy with OB AT ALL, the VIP memento pics on the mantel aside, the musings about “what might have been” discarded. If they actually pull the trigger on this, the race could prove quite interesting…Plenty of family shot video of Ob himself graciously thanking them for all their support…not just in PA, they were part of the traveling road show going back TO IOWA.

They have video and a foot thick stack of photo albums of pics –“Here’s us with Barack” “Here’s us with Michele” – “Here’s us with Barack AND Michele ” LOL – “Here’s us with “The Davids” ( Plouffe and Axelrod) – “Here’s us with —“”

marisacat - 10 August 2009

Plenty of family shot video of Ob himself graciously thanking them for all their support…not just in PA, they were part of the traveling road show going back TO IOWA.

maybe they could blur him out of the pic.

BooHooHooMan - 10 August 2009

They’d have to, was discussed .. if, as the extrapolated assessment goes, like “The Producers” or in “The Candidate” they actually were a hit, and might actually WIN the damn thing.

The idea would be to yank all those native PA / first time field vols right out from under the Boyos and their party hacks…The Mother and filles were very very dug in with Pa for Obama and OFA ….well known throughout all the lists in state.. So…while they Boyos are chatting and snipping away at each other, capitalize on genuine roots discontent, get the 2000 signatures and build a state wide field team …

Take the whole “BE the Change” mantra and throw it on its head.

There is also an opportunity in the significant discontent in PA…Both Billpayer and State Worker outrage at ALL Pols , still very much there, still brewing under the Bosses and Blog Boyos noses as PA has not passed a budget, State Workers were shorted on pay two checks ago and are now into the third payday without any $$$$.

The next obvious question is what to do when Specter and Sestak reach accommodation…which they will and Joe will bow out with statewide name recognition waiting for Arlen to DIE.

There is a definite opening tho. All the women Party Apparatchiks have begged off ….
the thinking is that it won’t be a problem to make a stir but when that point would be reached Rendell would get (Rep) Allyson Schwartz or someone with equal draw to split Emily list support, then lay down for Arlen…

The question under discussion now is what do you do when Rendell’s political goon squad reaches out and says:
“Whatdya want to drop out?”

marisacat - 10 August 2009


There si a new thread up… come into the light! (I moved your two comments forward)


7. marisacat - 10 August 2009

hmmm. Mike Whitney:

[W]hat a mess. The Fed has assumed near-dictatorial powers to fight a monster of its own making, and achieved nothing. The real economy is still dead in the water. Bernanke is not getting any traction from his zero-percent interest rates. His monetization program (QE) is just scaring off foreign creditors. On Friday, Marketwatch reported:

“The Federal Reserve will probably allow its $300 billion Treasury-buying program to end over the next six weeks as signs of a housing recovery prompt the central bank to unwind one its most aggressive and unusual interventions into financial markets, big bond dealers say.”

Right. Does anyone believe the housing market is recovering? In the first 6 months of 2009, there have already been 1.9 million foreclosures.

The Fed is abandoning the printing presses (presumably) because China told Geithner to stop printing money or they’d sell their US Treasuries. It’s a wake-up call to Bernanke that the power is shifting from Washington to Beijing.

That puts Bernanke in a pickle. If he stops printing; interest rates will skyrocket, stocks will crash and housing prices will tumble. But if he continues, China will dump their Treasurys and there will be a run on the dollar. What to do? Either way, the malaise in the credit markets will persist and personal consumption will continue to sputter. snip

8. marisacat - 10 August 2009

hmm there’s going to be a ……… hmm well I guess Tea Bagger, Anti Obama, Health Care protest here in SF thsi Friday 1 -5 pm. I just happened to hear about it as I had on the conservative local radio (yes it exists and they carry Rush and Hannity and whoever else).

I’ll be interested to see what numbers show. It might be bigger than some would think.

9. catnip - 10 August 2009
10. marisacat - 10 August 2009

Alert Obama! The Pacific Ocean is rising… people are fleeing in some of the Pacific islands.

Didn’t he PROMISE something about that?



Pretzel Continuity… what a laugh it all is.

[I]n the presidential campaign, Mr. Obama called Mr. Bush’s use of signing statements an “abuse,” and said he would issue them with greater restraint. The Obama administration says the signing statements the president has signed so far, challenging portions of five bills, have been based on mainstream interpretations of the Constitution and echo reservations routinely expressed by presidents of both parties.

Still, since taking office, Mr. Obama has relaxed his criteria for what kinds of signing statements are appropriate. And last month several leading Democrats — including Representatives Barney Frank of Massachusetts and David R. Obey of Wisconsin — sent a letterto Mr. Obama complaining about one of his signing statements.

“During the previous administration, all of us were critical of the president’s assertion that he could pick and choose which aspects of Congressional statutes he was required to enforce,” they wrote. “We were therefore chagrined to see you appear to express a similar attitude.”

They were reacting to a statement Mr. Obama issued after signing a bill that expanded assistance to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank while requiring the administration to pressure the organizations to adopt certain policies. Mr. Obama said he could disregard the negotiation instructions under his power to conduct foreign relations. […]

I say disband congress..save the money and submit to Pretzel Fiat.

11. catnip - 10 August 2009

Meanwhile, back at the killing ranch: Bomb attacks in Iraq kill dozens, Militants launch Afghan attacks and Taliban Now Winning according to McChrystal.

12. marisacat - 10 August 2009

VERY sorry! This languished overnight in the Spam File… 😳

From BHHM:

Speaking of Kiddy Porn…

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Join President Clinton in Pittsburgh
by terminal3

Sat Aug 08, 2009 at 03:31:23 PM PDT

(From the diaries. Susan)

This news was way too cool to wait until Monday to share, so apologies up front for the Saturday night post.


Changing tone now…
What DLC?
Triangulating Bank Deregulating Welfare Mom Bashing Pentagon Blowing Congressional Majority Losing Sack of Shit?
NAW! That was a different Bill Clinton!

Well, we are thrilled to announce that President Bill Clinton will join us in Pittsburgh to help kick off our fourth annual convention on Thursday night.

So if you’re not registered yet you really don’t want to miss this.

No, No. Really. Really I DO want to miss” it”.
And All his predictable slobber about how “despite their differences” (HA!)
both He an Arlen and He and Sestak “worked together” and how they’re BOTH great guys and all and how “when he had the privilege” and all , and then he hits on your SO.

Here’s the link to get that taken are of

At a time when we’re all working together to make sure we get the change we voted for,


President Clinton’s message is spot-on. After all, holding our leaders accountable is one of the things bloggers and activists do best.


Over the past seven years, you’ve played big a huge role in transforming electoral politics.

Power Structure quite intact.
Medium and messenger’s “Change” mantra aside…

I hope you’ll join me in Pittsburgh as we shift our focus from electoral politics to governance.

WHOPPING LIE. YEP! Handing out Cabinet appointments at table 5!
Cue “Disappointed Office Seeker”! LOL.

We’re on the ground here in Pittsburgh right now putting the final touches on everything and we’re excited to have everyone out in a few days.

We’re on the Ground.
I can only imagine…
Having fought our way through a tip dispute at the Valet Parking, commandeered Otis Elevator Equipment in-country , a few of our valiant insurgents (posing as lobotomized but Chatty-thru-the-drool political hobbyists) skillfully then used Elise as a Battering Ram to open the mini-bar , then MacGuyvered open some Scotch with Adam B’s Alfred E Neuman teeth.

catnip - 10 August 2009

All I can say is that I hope they have video of Dana Houle doing his impression of Brian May. (Like, OMG! LOL dude!)

Madman in the Marketplace - 10 August 2009

that troll doesn’t deserve to say Dr. May’s name …

catnip - 10 August 2009

President Clinton’s message is spot-on.

Gee. Just last year he was a raging racist who should have been kicked out of the Dem party. Suddenly there’s an epidemic of Bubba Nostalgia amongst so-called progressives now that the new guy isn’t cutting it? And what is his “message” anyway? Does anybody know?

marisacat - 10 August 2009

His message is BIG DOG! Yay! BIG DOG!!.

Repeat. Added chorus: We ride with BIG DOG!

13. catnip - 10 August 2009
14. catnip - 10 August 2009

The virgin Mary has left the building.

15. marisacat - 10 August 2009

Theme park ride stuck in Cali. The Invertigo. Apparently they are NOT upside down…

What more can happen. Maybe a mass killer could show up.

16. BooHooHooMan - 10 August 2009

Just saw this

Tsunami alert after quake off India

A huge earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter Scale has struck in the Indian Ocean, triggering a tsunami warning for South and Southeast Asia.

marisacat - 10 August 2009

6.6 Ithink in Tokyo… if I heard the news report right, it was swiftly overtaken by the bigger news of the one in the Indian Ocean.

Very very hard to convince anyone who lives on the Ring of Fire that earthquakes are not connected…

17. marisacat - 10 August 2009

Snooze Flash.

The Dems have fallen apart. Again.

18. BooHooHooMan - 10 August 2009

Wow. What’s the deal here with the threat of an internal strike at Teamster’s National Headquarters?

???- –> No – YOU put the punk in the trunk.

marisacat - 10 August 2009

I’ll move that comment to the next thread… 😉

19. marisacat - 10 August 2009



…………….. 😯 …………………

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