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The Endless Democratic Performance… 20 August 2009

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems.

A clown performs a scene from Slava’s Snowstorm in Melbourne [REUTERS]

Glenn Greenwald has a good one up, at least in part…

[O]ver the past decade, the Democratic Party has specialized in offering up one excuse after the next for its collective failures.  During the early Bush years, the excuse was that they endorsed Bush policies because his popularity and post-9/11 hysteria made it politically unwise to oppose him.  In later Bush years when his popularity plummeted, the excuse was that Democrats were in the minority and could do nothing.  After 2006 when they won a Congressional majority, the excuse was that Bush still controlled the White House and had veto power.  After 2008 when a Democrat won the White House, the excuse was that Republicans could filibuster.

Now that they have a filibuster-proof majority, a huge margin in the House and the White House, the excuses continue unabated, as Democrats are now on the verge of jettisoning one of the most significant attractions for progressives to the Obama campaign — active government involvement in the health insurance market.  The excuses for “compromising” are cascading more rapidly than ever:  We need Republican support to ensure it’s bipartisan.  The Blue Dogs won’t go along with what we want.  Centrist Senators will filibuster. There are similar excuses being made to defend Obama from accusations that he deserves some of the blame for the failure of the “public option.”  Matt Yglesias makes the typical case for shielding Obama from any responsibility:

I think there’s something perverse in the very strong desire I see among liberals to make problems in congress be about anything other than congress. It’s just not in the power of Barack Obama to make the senate anything other than what it is.

I’m really surprised that there’s anyone, especially Matt, who actually believes this — that the Obama White House is merely an impotent, passive observer of what the Democrats in Congress do and can’t be expected to do anything to secure votes for approval of the health care bill it favors.  As the leader of his party, the President commands a vast infrastructure on which incumbent members of Congress rely for re-election.  His popularity among Democrats vests him numerous options to punish non-compliant Democrats.  And Rahm Emanuel built his career on controlling the machinations within Congress.  The very idea that Obama, Emanuel and company are just sitting back, helplessly watching as Max Baucus, Kent Conrad and the Blue Dogs (Rahm’s creation) destroy their health care legislation, is absurd on its face.  snipwhippy

Clue, Blue Dogs agree with Boll Weevils.  And shams elected to office agree with them BOTH.

No shock:

[W]hen progressives refuse to toe the White House line, they get threatened.  Contrast that with what the White House does with Blue Dogs and “centrists” who are allegedly uncooperative on health care — they protect them:

The Politico’s Jonathan Martin reported this morning that Rahm Emanuel warned leaders of liberal groups in a private meeting this week that it was time to stop running ads attacking Blue Dog and “centrist” Dems on health care.

I’m told, however, that Emanuel went quite a bit further than this.

Sources at the meeting tell me that Emanuel really teed off on the Dem-versus-Dem attacks, calling them “f–king stupid.”  This was a direct attack on some of the attendees in the room, who are running ads against Dems right now.

What does that vast disparity reveal?  If anything, Blue Dogs — virtually all of whom represent more conservative districts — are more vulnerable and thus more dependent for re-election on the White House and Democratic Party infrastructure than progressives are.  If health care fails and the Obama presidency weakens, they will bear the brunt of the voters’ desire to punish Democrats.  The White House would have at least as much leverage to exercise against Blue Dogs and centrists.  They just aren’t doing so.  In fact, they’re doing the opposite:  they’re protecting them even as they supposedly impede what the White House wants on one of Obama’s signature issues. snipsnip

Someone, with a megaphone,  should have the guts to point to an elected pretzel, a Northern Black man, won with a good majority (but, admittedly, not with overwhelming numbers of states (28)).. that he is ON HIS FUCKING KNEES TO SOUTHERN AND MIDWESTERN WHITES.

I so like the much advertised Post-Racial and Bi-Partisan games..  It is very very familiar. It’s the old time Black Overseer game.

And, I would say to a few people out there, HOW’S THAT VOTE WORKING FOR YOU?

Well, I hope.  The signs were there.  Hacks come in all stripes.



1. marisacat - 20 August 2009

Love the third pick, from the computer generated links.

Classic, Daschle in lobbying hi-jinks to his red rimmed too-chic-for-a-Dakota-boy glasses.

2. marisacat - 20 August 2009

Right on schedule. Two days ago Kyl was quoted they will oppose the “co-ops” vague and unformed as the idea is… and now… one of the few things that might be “reform”. And NO SURPRISE.

The true incremental battle is always waged by the Right Wing in this country.

[K]yl said he opposed guaranteed issue – requiring insurers to provide coverage without regard to pre-existing conditions – and community rating – requiring them to charge the same rate regardless of health status – because of concerns about cost.

“There’s no question that it does raise costs,” Kyl said. “And the objective here is to reduce costs.” snip


3. marisacat - 20 August 2009

hmm Reuters has a report on several Gitmo prisoners who may be relocated abroad… and then this:


Separately, a judge considering other detainees’ requests to be freed from Guantanamo made a ruling on Wednesday that could make it harder to keep them imprisoned.

Judge Reggie Walton emphasized that the government cannot simply expect his court to admit hearsay evidence because it is all it has against a suspect or because producing other evidence would be too burdensome.

Instead, Walton ruled he will consider hearsay evidence on a case-by-case basis, rejecting what he described as the government’s suggestion that because its hearsay evidence was internally consistent, it must be true.

“Even the most widespread rumors are often inaccurate in part if not in whole,” Walton wrote. “The court’s only point is that otherwise unreliable hearsay cannot be deemed reliable because there is other unreliable hearsay to the same effect.”

Justice Department spokesman Dean Boyd said the agency was reviewing the ruling.

Earlier this week, another judge on the court, Gladys Kessler, ordered the release of Yemeni Mohammed Al Adahi, who was accused by the U.S. government of being a bodyguard for al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

The Justice Department spokesman said the agency was also reviewing that ruling and all of the detainees’ cases were being reviewed for possible prosecution in U.S. courts, military commissions or releasing them.

I ahve read that Orly Taitz, who seems to be at the forefront of the “birthers”, gets widespread access inside Israel to media. Those, birther blithering, are rumors too…

At some point in the Clinton Wars, tho I never defended him (he and Hill were just too big a mess to defend) I did at some point just throw my hands in the air and say I believed it all. I mean, why fucking bother.

Seen this burning ship go by before, and always the Dems are late and lame.

4. marisacat - 20 August 2009

I see Chris Floyd is calling Hillary, Hellfire Hillary. He has several posts on AFghanistan.


5. marisacat - 20 August 2009

Joe Conason… pretty entertaining. He seems able to say
“O B A M A”… tho he gets around to Rahm as well. Slap slap.

Can’t quite remember, but think Conason supported Hellfire Hillary.

The knives are out.

6. marisacat - 20 August 2009

As [some of] America explodes, or at least those who remember Lockerbie

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Scottish Authorities Release Terminally Ill Pan Am 103 Bomber on Humanitarian Grounds [8:24 a.m. ET]

For more on this and other breaking news go to ABCNews.com: http://abcnews.go.com?nwltr=bn

7. marisacat - 20 August 2009

I suppose things can get stupider. Too many examples around of “acting stupidly”. Too many to post.

Let’s see, a somewhat non political, non connected person fiddles around wth some software and plays with the depiction of the Joker from Batman. The Joker is portrayed in white clown make up.. thru many theatrical productions … which appears in the depiction. Which is stretched to resemble Ob. And does a good job of it.

And… the white make up makes it racist. ?? (Flickr claims copyright issues. yeah right)

OK… Maybe we are watching an implosion here (of Ob and Ob-ites). It won’t fly calling everyone who satirises or critiques him harshly or lashes out at him or slams him, or even people who hate him! – as racist… except with shills and pundits and professional victims. The Dem party. It will work with them.

CSTAR - 20 August 2009

From the slashdot post

iconic Obama/Joker image that has been popping up around Los Angeles with the word Socialism under it.

Another bad rap for Socialism.

marisacat - 20 August 2009

yeah he’s not a Socialist. Not the least little bit.

Jsut a guy searching for a big strong white daddy.

8. catnip - 20 August 2009

Please CALL Our Progressive Health Care Heroes Today!
by slinkerwink

11 comments (11 new)

“Heroes”? ?

marisacat - 20 August 2009


catnip - 20 August 2009

She means Nader, right?

marisacat - 20 August 2009

heads explode.

9. catnip - 20 August 2009

What crap:

Glenn explains what I have felt was going on all the time. The very idea that President Obama or Rahm were actually trying to obtain some kind of bi-partisan ‘deal’ with the Republicans was nothing more than a pretext to get the bill that they have been planning on getting from the beginning, which is exactly the bill the insurance companies and big Pharma are hoping for – the big payoff for the Democrats to ‘seize the day’ and the money previously held in total by the Republican party.

I believe that’s called “bearing false witness”.

marisacat - 20 August 2009

Well of course it seems a leap too great for some to make… but Rahm and Ob ARE Bloooooooo Dogs. Pure and simple.

10. marisacat - 20 August 2009

So far.. for the Sunday soap bubbles:

Meet the Press: Adm. Mike Mullen, Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry, Sen. Orrin Hatch, Sen. Chuck Schumer, PBS’ Tavis Smiley and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

This Week: Sen. John McCain; roundtable with Paul Krugman, Kathleen Parker, Robert Reich and George Will.

Face the Nation: Sen. Chuck Grassley, Sen. Kent Conrad and former DNC chair Howard Dean.

11. BooHooHooMan - 20 August 2009

Drudge. Breitbart. Tarantino.
Via AFP, ya know….

http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=CNG.fdc24718ee84a912c2aa2914ba6c8c60.5c1&show_article=1“> “This ain’t your daddy’s World War II movie,” Tarantino has said.

The title of the film was inspired by Italian director Enzo Castellari’s 1978 movie “The Inglorious Bastards”.

In the genre-blurring tale — with David Bowie on the soundtrack — Pitt plays Lieutenant Aldo Raine who heads the squad of Jewish-American soldiers behind enemy lines in German-occupied wartime France.

Aldo tells his men to bring him the scalps of 100 Nazis each, and vows to terrorise the German army with the “disembowelled, dismembered and disfigured bodies we leave behind us.”

A parallel storyline involves a Jewish woman bent on revenge after seeing her entire family being wiped out by the Nazis.

Hitler, Goebbels and top Nazi henchmen appear in the movie which culminates in an outlandish plot to take out the German leadership at the Paris premiere of a Nazi propaganda film.

“Tarantino manages to create great cinema with his cheeky historical concoction — despite using actual historical figures from Hitler to De Gaulle, he made nearly everything up,” the Financial Times Deutschland wrote.

“Because, unlike ‘Pulp Fiction’ or ‘Kill Bill’, only the evil are massacred, the audience cheers the violent scenes with gusto,” it said in a review headlined “Kill Hitler”.

“This isn’t camp, it isn’t pulp — you miss the point using such categories with Tarantino — but rather a vision never before seen in the nearly exhausted world of cinematic images,” the Berlin daily Tagesspiegel wrote.

And THAT isn’t hype. 😆
( Sorry. An equal opportunity sacred cow slaughterer here)

“It took 65 years for a film-maker, instead of bringing Germany’s evil 20th century history to life once more to have people shudder and bow before it, to simply dream around it. And to mow all the pigs down. Catharsis! Oxygen! Wonderful retro-futuristic insanity of the imagination!”

Munich daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung said its readers “must” see the picture, and offered favourable comparisons with this year’s “Valkyrie” a Tom Cruise vehicle about a failed 1944 plot against Hitler.

‘TennnnHUT! –

“Regardless of whether you then love or hate the film, your reaction will not be lukewarm. There is so much in it to discover,” it wrote.

“More than horror, Tarantino fears the conventions that have long surrounded the Nazis and the Holocaust — these leaden, sepia-toned suggestions of authenticity that a film can never really live up to.

So I guess he does away with the pretextual imagery, Set, lighting, costuming, finance and distribution deal since the metaphorical premise of Nazism and Brutality are unnecessary given present reality. LOL.

We can only Hope, here —- >

“Tarantino throws gasoline on the fire of the Nazi film to create the big bang to clear the way. A crazy idea. So crazy that it might just work.”

Qeuentin. He so cwazy > Everyone just has to go.
Honey – tell the kids. Everyone has to go.
$12 Dollar a kernal popcorn or not we’re goin to the Shoa.

BooHooHooMan - 20 August 2009

My bet is it’s more about the musings of Tarentino following an imaginary friend named Harvey. But new! The mostest coolest
flip your lid inside out take on the Jimmy Stewart oevre in years! LOL.

marisacat - 20 August 2009

I don’t know what to make of it… I enjoyed Kill Bill tho……….. both parts… 😈

BooHooHooMan - 20 August 2009

Comes out today..hyped as the final word on the War Porn Genre …
LOL. I’ll bite. They’ll get me for 80 bucks.

BooHooHooMan - 20 August 2009

Sorry was trying to post this as an embed…

12. marisacat - 20 August 2009

Glen Ford is right:

[B]ut the damage is even more horrific. Obama has succeeded in wounding Medicare – and Medicaid and veterans health care and Social Security – more grievously than the Republicans could have dreamed of on their own. He entered office spreading hysteria about the cost of Medicare and other so-called “entitlements.” Now his little boat is sinking, but the Republicans have been reinforced in their age-old battle to privatize what’s left of the public sphere. In the short space of 7 months, Obama has piddled and bargained away huge regions of the public’s “options.”

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2009

I’m utterly convinced that was the plan all along.

marisacat - 20 August 2009

I agree.

Dr Marcia Angell and the reportr Trudi Lieberman on with Moyers in July … Angell said she is convinced that the long range plan is to fully privatise MediCare… and there will be a bare bones custodial level of care presented in some “public option” into which the poorest and sickest will be dumped.

And believe me, in the past (before the big cuts began in the late 90s and early 00s) Medic-Aid and thus Medi-Cal (which had even more money) were not bad.

Before Bredesen (a Democrat) in TN slashed TENNCARE, it was well on its way to closing the gap, many middle class were able to sign on with it. Think he dumped around a quarter million off it… Not the only state that had a decent enough level of health care system going. I have read about MN and Illinois as well.

The economy is an excuse to dump it all… and the Feds are crafting a dressed up option as cover.

One reason I was so angry with the KGO host last night. The sell job by the Dems has been UGLY.

13. BooHooHooMan - 20 August 2009

Pelosi Says She Can’t Pass Bill Without Public Option
By Kristin Jensen and Joseph Galante

Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) — U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she won’t be able to pass health-care legislation in her chamber if the measure doesn’t include a government-run insurance plan to compete with private insurers.

“There’s no way I can pass a bill in the House of Representatives without a public option,” Pelosi, a California Democrat, said at a press conference in San Francisco today.

Good for Nancy, I say, but for God’s sake, Nan, hold that line!
The Boys are going to blame it on her anyways.
So fuck em and their Photo Op Frou-Frou New Health HooHoo~ Their Insurance Company ReCapitilization Plan™.

So place your bets. When is Nan going to cave? LOL.

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2009

so they’ll pass a watered down version of the public option in the House, convince/threaten a chunk of the liberals to vote for it, then bargain it away in conference.

not that it matters.

14. BooHooHooMan - 20 August 2009

We are just inundated with Melting Whacks.

On the top floor of the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum in Baltimore, around the corner from the gift shop, stands the statue of a dignitary in a long green beaded gown. The figure of Barbara A. McKinzie, president of Alpha Kappa Alpha, the nation’s oldest black sorority, might not provoke the average museum visitor, but the objet d’art — and its disputed cost — has emerged at the core of a dispute fracturing the historic organization.

The sorority — which counts among its 225,000 members Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, three congresswomen and the president of Liberia — maintains that the statue was sculpted to honor the organization’s centennial. But many members are furious, viewing the glorification of the president, known within AKA as the Supreme Basileus, as a window into wider allegations of financial mismanagement and ethical lapses.

Supreme Basileus? Oh Lordy.
And who ponied up the whack’s Earmark?
Gotta be one funneled through…

BooHooHooMan - 20 August 2009

LOL. And Shapira of WaPo didn’t miss a beat..
Mazel Tov! Spread the Love AROUND, baby!

The plaintiffs are also fighting in the court of public opinion via a Web site called Friends of the Weeping Ivy, where court papers and other documents make the case that AKA directors failed to curb unreasonable expenditures. Documents show that AKA’s former director of meetings and conferences, Kenitra Shackelford, reported to the board American Express charges for a $6,500 Movado gold watch, an $8,500 diamond heart and a $1,000 ruby pinky ring.

The major issue ratcheting up AKA sisters’ indignation has been the Supreme Basileus’s compensation. According to the nonprofit’s most recent tax return, McKinzie in 2007 received $375,000 in compensation, up from zero the year before.

In contrast, the president of the NAACP was paid $240,000, according to the group’s most recent tax forms. The national president of AKA’s rival, Delta Sigma Theta, drew no pay at all.

Linda White, 67, of Chicago, McKinzie’s predecessor, took no compensation.

In 2009, McKinzie appears not to be changing her ways: In June and July, she received five AKA checks totaling $499,669, according to Edward Gray, a Washington attorney for the eight AKA plaintiffs. Gray received copies of the stubs by mail in an unmarked brown envelope with a return address that said only “Friend of the WI,” or Weeping Ivy. The Ivy is a symbol of the sorority. In court papers, Gray has asked the sorority to verify the authenticity of the stubs.


marisacat - 20 August 2009

Maybe she can go hang with the two fundie ministers in NJ who are charged with embezzling church funds.. think you posted that a couple weeks ago.

And maybe the sisters can wake up, they have been bilked. Conned.

marisacat - 20 August 2009

spare me…

15. marisacat - 20 August 2009

hmm Charlie Cook, imo, was part of the “feel good” media and stats puffery that propelled Obster forward.. but CC seems to be crashing on the shoals.

Perhaps doing so on schedule. GOOD LUCK, is all I can say, start clapping so Tinkerbell or Peter Pan or Ob can rise!

These data [Ob’s falling numbers] confirm anecdotal evidence, and our own view, that the situation this summer has slipped completely out of control for President Obama and Congressional Democrats. Today, The Cook Political Report’s Congressional election model, based on individual races, is pointing toward a net Democratic loss of between six and 12 seats, but our sense, factoring in macro-political dynamics is that this is far too low.

Many veteran Congressional election watchers, including Democratic ones, report an eerie sense of déjà vu, with a consensus forming that the chances of Democratic losses going higher than 20 seats is just as good as the chances of Democratic losses going lower than 20 seats. A new Gallup poll that shows Congress’ job disapproval at 70 percent among independents should provide little solace to Democrats. In the same poll, Congressional approval among independents is at 22 percent, with 31 percent approving overall, and 62 percent disapproving. snip

There really is almost no point in ever voting for a Dem for pretzel in the future, the gang that cannot shot straight (that would be the party) will NEVER permit anything other than waving from the concrete soup bowl in the first year. Nor the second, nor the third, etc.

Anyone who thinks Ob’s run was some insurgent effort, was not paying attention.

Clapping may not save Ob..

That all of this is happening against a backdrop of an economy that appears to be rebounding [that is highly debatable …] and a resurgent stock market underscores how much the President’s and his party’s legislative agenda have contributed to these poor poll numbers.

We believe it would be a mistake to underestimate the impact that this mood will have on Members of Congress of both parties when they return to Washington in September, if it persists through the end of the Congressional recess.

16. marisacat - 20 August 2009

Kiss Ass. Lips surgically attached, etc.

But this shouldn’t be a political issue. This is a issue for the American people. There are a bunch of Republicans out there who have been working very constructively. One of them, Olympia Snowe in Maine, she’s been dedicated on this. Chuck Grassley, Mike Enzi, others — they’ve been meeting in the Senate Finance Committee. I want to give them a chance to work through these processes.

From the Smerconish cosy chit chat today.

Same thing he did as pretzel of the Harvard Law Review. Promoted the fledgling baby Federalists and cut out the liberal left people at HLR.

17. marisacat - 20 August 2009

HA! John E still being mean to the cancer victim. hmmm the report draws off NE… but with their track record… why doubt it.

18. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2009

Lawyer: FBI Paid Right-Wing Blogger Charged With Threats

A notorious New Jersey hate blogger charged in June with threatening to kill judges and lawmakers was secretly an FBI “agent provocateur” paid to disseminate right-wing rhetoric, his attorney said Wednesday.

Hal Turner, the blogger and radio personality, remains jailed pending charges over his recent online rants, which prosecutors claim amounted to an invitation for someone to kill Connecticut lawmakers and Chicago federal appeals court judges.

But behind the scenes the reformed white supremacist was holding clandestine meetings with FBI agents who taught him how to spew hate “without crossing the line,” according to his lawyer, Michael Orozco.

“Almost everything was at the behest of the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” Orozco said in a 45-minute telephone interview from New Jersey. “Their job was to pick up information on the responses of what he was saying and see where that led them. It was an interesting dynamic on what he was being asked to do.”

“He’s a devoted American,” added the lawyer, who claims Turner was paid “tens of thousands of dollars” for his service.

Bill Carter, an FBI spokesman, said in a telephone interview the bureau’s policy is “to neither confirm nor deny whether an individual has an association with the FBI.”

Turner’s alleged 5-year-long bureau stint ended sometime in 2007, Orozco said, the year the mischievous online group, Anonymous, briefly shuttered his site — turnerradionetwork.blogspot.com — with a denial of service attack. At the time, hackers also posted what appeared to be private e-mails between Turner and the FBI.

Lucid - 20 August 2009

Very interesting… To what end I wonder as there are plenty of hate filled whackjobs to do the job for free.

marisacat - 20 August 2009

My guess would be a special, undisclosed relationship. A way of funneling money to someone in particular.

19. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2009

Health Care Rats Come Out Of The Woodwork

There are some days when it almost seems like the national press is making a conscious effort to prove Noam Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent gospel. If the national commercial media really did exist solely to perpetuate the attitudes of the political elite, and to create phony debates around unthreatening policy poles, endlessly pitting a conservative/reactionary status quo against an “acceptable” position of dissent — if that thesis were the absolute truth, then you’d see just what we’re seeing now in the coverage of the health care debate.

All across the country the news media reacted to the White House leak about the possibility of the public option being dropped with, well, an oddly circumspect tone. Although some initial stories carried a sensational tone, within a day or two the debate had settled down, and the country’s most prominent pundits were considering this treacherous and cowardly development in a pragmatic light.

A bunch of examples of the fake argument in the media about the “public option”, then closes with:

So this is where the “debate” is being framed. One side argues that the public option isn’t anything to write home about. The other “side” argues that a bill without the public option won’t be a disaster after all. Of course if you’re paying attention these are both actually the same argument, arguing the same side.

I get that the public option isn’t a cure-all and I also get that it would be nice if they passed a law preventing insurers from denying patients with pre-existing conditions. But what strikes me the most is how the instant the public decides it’s fed up and really wants something, all these arguments suddenly appear in the press showing why they are unreasonable and uneducated and should take a more “nuanced” (God, I hate that word) view of things. It seems to me that if you pay careful enough attention to the underlying theme of a lot of these articles, the pundits’ biggest concern about the public option is that their readers are demanding it in spite of what they are being told. Me personally, I think the time to consider what good stuff might be in a public-option-less bill is after you’ve lost that battle, not before.

20. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2009

Stan Brock will be on Tavis Smiley on Friday, August 21.

marisacat - 20 August 2009

oh thank you I will watch. I ESPECIALLY want to see how far TS has fallen. That show is just a silly parade of the entertainment class.

This latest of Brock’s in So Cal was his 340th medical intervention in the US. Geesh.

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2009

I think Arne is Tavis’ guest tonight … I have a hard time telling, because they timeshift his shows on the PBS here. The ep w/ Brock doesn’t actually air until later in the weekend.

marisacat - 20 August 2009

ugh Arne. Glenn Ford took a big swipe at him today, AND Sharpton and Gingrich and their very fucked “tour”.

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2009
21. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2009
22. marisacat - 20 August 2009



…………….. 😯 …………………

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