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Weekend 21 August 2009

Posted by marisacat in Culture of Death, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, WAR!.

A penguin fascinated by footprints, from the Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition 2009 [ROBERT FRIEL]

Flipping thru material today on Martha’s Vineyard and the long Democratic All Stars fascination with it… I read that Bill and Hill were guests of McNamara on their visit in ’93.  Somehow I had forgotten, if I ever knew, that little tidbit.

Birds of a feather, flock.. etc.



1. lucid - 22 August 2009

I just stumbled on this youtube thread of a recently published Dean Scream vid

I’m ashamed that I live here…

Really, really ashamed.

marisacat - 22 August 2009

many many times at Dkos I posted a MSNBC Hardball conversation between Michael Wolff and Shales of the Wapo, they discussed, wthin a few days of the instance, what they considered the probability. Even tracked it back to a Claire Shipman ABC “set up” piece, of a truculent “voter” accosting Dean in a small street. He always had a temper. This was before the rigged mic came out as a story… and a few other things.

Tweety permitted it, for all I know may have invited it, as he had a sneaking liking for Dean.

Anyone who tracked the three commercials run against Dean, esp the Osama one, but also a gun rights one (he took a very moderate, workable view) in which Robert Gibbs played a major part, knew what was coming.

Not that it matters. Certainly not now and not after he went “farther inside” as I call it, to the DNC.

Good luck to them all.

2. lucid - 22 August 2009

The funniest and most insane comment:

JaminKoehn (1 week ago) Show Hide
Marked as spam
Having only liberal-biased news sources for so long, with no one on the other side of the fence to help balance things out, desensitizes one to the point of taking a truly unbiased news source to be right-leaning.

At the very least, Fox News employs more liberals and has more liberals guests on as political pundits, than the leftist news sources do for conservatives. You can take that to the bank, my friend.

OK dude… I’ll take that to the bank YO!

marisacat - 22 August 2009

well I liked the Neal Gabler show – a lot. But FOX canceled it. And I never thought, as awful as he was, that Colmes was all that demlib blahgs made him out to be, a minor satan. Esp in the years when MSNBC was very right wing (imo, in and around the Nachman era – in which the Gen Manager, Kaplan, was a good friend of BIll C… but right wing it was) and CNN went to … puffery and silliness.

3. marisacat - 22 August 2009

Cpunch Cockburn

[M]yth, Meth and The Georgian Invasion

A year ago, Georgian president Saakashvili sent Georgian troops into South Ossetia on a murderous rampage with civilian casualties put by Irina Gagloeva, the press minister of S. Ossetia, at 1492. A much lower number – between 300 and 400, including soldiers, has been by an investigative committee of the Council of Europe. Georgian soldiers butchered their victims with great brutality. Kirill Benediktov, in his online book on the invasion ( http://war080808.ru/book/war080808_book.pdf ) reports that these soldiers were equipped – so subsequent searches of bodies and prisoners of war disclosed – not only with NATO-supplied food packages but sachets of methamphetamine and combat stress pills based on MDMA, aka the active ingredient of Ecstasy. The meth amps up soldiers to kill without mercy, and the stress pill frees them of subsequent debilitating flashbacks and recurring nightmares.

Official use of methamphetamine and official testing of MDMA in US armed forces has been confirmed in many news reports.

Whatever Vice President Joe Biden may claim, there never was any serious doubt that Saakashvili, with covert U.S. encouragement, and military training and kindred assistance, started the war. In June of this year, the German news magazine Der Spiegel ran a piece, seemingly based on a reading of a draft report by Heidi Tagliavini, who heads the European Union’s fact-finding commission on the Georgian war. Despite the subsequent stentorian denials of a much embarrassed Tagliavini, Der Spiegel’s editors stood by their story, that “The facts assembled on Tagliavini’s desk refute Saakashvili’s claim that his country became the innocent victim of ‘Russian aggression’ that day.” […]

Here we are, a year later, the window panes still rattling from Vice President Joe Biden’s speech to the Georgian Parliament on July 23 – whether assisted by a combat envelope of methamphetamine we do not know – to the effect that “We, the United States, stand by you on your journey to a secure, free and democratic, and once again united, Georgia.” […]

The most nauseating moment in Biden’s sortie to Tbilisi, where he repeatedly emphasized he was a spokesman for Obama, came when , on accounts in the New York Times and Washington Post he brazenly lied to Georgian schoolchildren, claiming Russia had launched the invasion. Not two weeks later , on August 4, Assistant Secretary of State Philip Gordon repeated this lie in testimony before members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. snip

4. marisacat - 22 August 2009

Comedy: Man tits to the rescue. or so Greg Sargent thinks so.

I say, payola to the rescue.

marisacat - 22 August 2009

Apparently it’s a theme.

None other than the Dkos luminary, mcjoan, and her negative few cents.

5. marisacat - 22 August 2009



By Al Schumann on Saturday August 22, 2009 12:04 AM

“There is something about August going into September where everybody in Washington gets all wee-weed up,” said President Obama. “Senate go oopsie go ouchy,” he further explicated. When pressed for an explanation by the embedded reporters at the White House, spokesman Bill Gibbs scolded the giggling, tittering gaggle for the frivolity of their “caca doodoo” questions. After a potty break and a quiet time, the semblance of decorum was restored.”

That’s not entirely factual, but I can’t for the life of me swear it’s not true.

Posted by Al Schumann on Saturday August 22, 2009 12:04 AM | Permalink

I say, fill them all to the brink with white refined sugar. Ob first.

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 August 2009
marisacat - 22 August 2009

I also heard that McChrystle when he comes to DC in a few weeks and asks for “more troops”… the figure may be as high as 45,000 more.

7. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 August 2009

The Entertainment Value of Snuffing Grandma

Unfortunately, the people have been mesmerized by our theater state’s purposefully distracting and dramatic media productions for so long they’ve been mutated toward helplessness. Consequently, they are incapable of asking themselves a simple question: If insurance corporation profits are one third of the cost of healthcare, and all insurance corporations do is deliver our money to healthcare providers for us (or actually, do everything in their power to keep the money for themselves), why do we need insurance companies at all? Answer: Because Wall Street gets a big piece of the action. And nobody messes with the Wall Street Mob (as the bailout extortion money proved). Better (and worse) presidents have tried. Some made a genuine effort to push it through Congress. Others expressed the desire publicly, but after getting privately muscled by the healthcare industry, decided to back off from the idea. For instance:
Franklin Roosevelt wanted universal healthcare.
Harry Truman wanted universal healthcare.
Dwight Eisenhower wanted universal healthcare.
Richard Nixon wanted universal healthcare.
Lyndon Johnson wanted universal healthcare.
Bill Clinton wanted — well we can’t definitely say because he made sure that if the issue blew up on him, which it did, Hillary would be left holding the turd. Is it any wonder that woman gets so snappy at the slightest provocation? First getting left to hold the bag on healthcare, then the spots on that blue dress.

So why did American liberals believe Obama would bring home the healthcare bacon? Because they live in an ideological cupcake land. It’s a big neighborhood, a very special place where “Your vote is important,” and “by electing the right candidate, you can change our beloved nation.” Most of America lives in that neighborhood, even though they’ve never personally met. It’s a place where the shrubbery and flowerbeds of such things as “values” and “hope” bloom. Hope that our desires coupled with the efforts of a good and decent president can affect “change.” Evidently these voters never heard the old adage, “Hope in one hand and piss in the other, and see which one fills up first.”

The slaughter of the innocents by the healthcare lobby has pretty much extinguished the political usefulness of the word hope. Nobody, especially Obama, uses it now.

The first on-stage scuffle of the Obama administration, government assured healthcare, quickly settled down into the accustomed scenario of very rich and powerful people in expensive suits “finding middle ground,” otherwise known as the status quo. Single payer healthcare soon became “a consumer government alternative to private insurance,” and is now “a system of health cooperatives. Next comes “slightly better health insurance (but not medical services) than before, from the same insurance companies but at twice the price; don’t worry though, we’re increasing your tax load so you can afford it.”

Madman in the Marketplace - 22 August 2009

Every nation in the world is now party to at least one treaty that addresses health as a human right, including the conditions necessary for the delivery of health services. Healthcare is a right under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Hell, even Saddam Hussein provided healthcare.

That Americans cannot grasp this fundamental aspect of human rights (but then we cannot even get child nutrition, or limiting the number of times you can taser an old lady in an airport, out of the starting gate) and join the civilized world and assure its people of such things is testimony. Testimony that we live in a vacuum exclusive of the accepted standard of mercy and decency common to civilized democratic nations elsewhere. Testimony that even we the citizenry would rather maintain and spread lies than accept truths such as most people in countries with universal healthcare would not ever give it up in favor of the U.S. system.

Most of all though, it is testimony that we live under an induced mass hallucination where spectacle replaces fact, information and common sense. In place of actionable information, we are served up screaming red faces — angry mobs manufactured for TV protesting “government interference in the people’s healthcare choices.” One must wonder what inchoate anger is really being tapped by the organizers of these strange “citizen protests.” As usual, the straw boogeyman of socialism is once more invoked. “Oh my god! I’ll have to give up my $1,100 a month insurance bill, which only pays 80% of my insurance costs AFTER I pay the initial $5,000 of those costs! If that ain’t Joe Stalin all over again, I don’t know what is!” We get the false media drama of “death panels.”

And being captives of spectacle and hyperbole, we friggin love it. The idea of death panels plays to our childish attraction to the extreme and entertaining. Killing Grandma is far more entertaining to our imaginations than say, guaranteed access to chest screens and blood pressure medicine. Two generations into this national infantilization, it’s now the only national life we know — the ideological spectacle made real.

catnip - 22 August 2009

ideological cupcake land


8. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 August 2009

Bageant is on a roll:

Freedom comes in many forms in America, and new forms are constantly being created. The latest has been freedom from basic financial security. The weakened economy has given corporatists an excuse to, as they say, “let workers go.” Which sounds as if companies are granting employees some sort of freedom: “Go on George, twenty years on the job is long enough, so git outta here. Have yourself a ball!”

By that measure, there have never been a more free people. Now benevolently relieved of their job responsibilities, millions are free to do almost anything they choose, go fishing — or take up the banjo. At the moment 14 million Americans have been granted freedom, with another three or four million expected to be pardoned before the economy “levels out,” meaning more people will lose their jobs, but at a slower rate. Of those 14 million liberated souls, six million are so free they can even take the family on a year-long round the world trip, if they so choose. They need no longer report in at the (un)employment office because their benefits have expired. One little suggestion for their trip abroad: visit the guy in Asia who now has your job. With a little effort, I’m sure you can get over the barbed wire topped steel mesh fence enclosing the factory’s “attached employee housing compound” in Sichuan Province.

But luckiest of all are those American workers who get to have their cake and eat it too. According to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an additional three million adults over age 25 have both jobs and unprecedented leisure time. These are the working Americans living on “unintentional part time employment.” This term carries overtones of some sort of accidental consequence of something the worker did. As in: “Oops, silly me! I didn’t realize that I cannot support a family on 17 hours work and $120 a week. So now I must spend all my newfound leisure time seeking more “unintentional underemployment.” One must admire government speak for its subtlety. Intentional or not, these working folks are experiencing unprecedented new leisure time opportunities as Americans. Whoopee! Sleep in four mornings a week!

Depending on how you look at it, the American people are either freer, or simply getting better at what we have always represented to the world — a bunch of powerless and unquestioning mental midgets. My money is on the latter.

9. marisacat - 22 August 2009

I see Bob Herbert being described as ”going wobbly” on Ob. Hardly… I see it as one more thumb suck til people soften up again. Those few who took a hard look.. briefly.

He does say, at the very end, hold on to your hats, there is no Plan B. Pretty funny… Plan B with Ob and Obers is religion and race. Yeah they are so so different.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 August 2009
marisacat - 22 August 2009

I really want to see the earrings.

Brian Dortort says little Hudson Hayward Hemingway was stolen from him as he was at a July birthday party at gay bar Georgie’s Alibi by a man with Spears’ name tattooed on either his neck or arm, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

The 4-month-old Chihuahua is about the size of a softball, light-cream colored with a pink belly, pink ears and pink earrings.

Madman in the Marketplace - 22 August 2009

I’m sure they’re tasteful and understated.

marisacat - 22 August 2009

i hope she stocks cribs and crib bedding.

11. marisacat - 22 August 2009


San Francisco CIty and County is breaking ground (so to speak, it is an expansion construction) on its first Stumble Bill works project. On Monday. We are ……….. expanding a single BART station platform.


12. marisacat - 22 August 2009

Chris Floyd has some snips from the latest Pfaff… I’ve not gone to read this Pfaff, but it will be interesting to see if he has come out of his fetal curl of Ob Love. That sure has been disgusting from Pfaff.

[T]he new administration’s under secretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs, Judith A. McHale, met a group of Pakistani journalists, including Ansar Abbasi, an important commentator critical of U.S. policy. She spoke warmly of U.S.-Pakistani relations, and Abbasi politely listened, thanking her for coming. He then, according to McHale afterward, said, “You should know that we hate all Americans. From the bottom of our souls, we hate you.”

Under Secretary McHale also reported that Abbasi went on to explain that Americans “are no longer human beings because (their) goal was to eliminate other humans.” He said that “thousands of innocent people had been killed because (Americans) are trying to find Osama bin Laden.” […]

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 August 2009

Why I love Britain’s socialized healthcare system

As my blindfolded daughter slept in the incubator’s eerie violet glow, I would take occasional strolls through the ward. It was the most egalitarian place I had ever seen. The yuppie woman honking into her newfangled cell phone, the young Pakistani mother who always seemed to be surrounded by a half-dozen gift-bearing relations, the self-sufficient older woman desperate to get home to look after her other children — all of them were cared for in exactly the same manner. Whoever needed help got it. When a terrified Afghani girl arrived, rumored to be only 14 and apparently abandoned by her family, several nurses dropped what they were doing to teach her the rudiments of child care. The rest of the mothers waited patiently until they were finished. Other wards were the same. There was no private wing with champagne service. Everybody was in this together. If you were a woman and you were in labor and you were in our part of London, this is where you came. If things went wrong, skilled doctors appeared with the latest technology. Nobody asked about insurance or co-pays.

This, I learned, is what the NHS is about — common decency. It is about the shared belief that all the people who live in the United Kingdom constitute a society, and a decent society provides certain necessities for its members. Freedom from hunger is one. Police protection is another. Free healthcare from the cradle to the grave is simply one more item on this list.

I saw this decency at work countless times over the following decade, until my return to the United States. I saw it with the twice-daily home visits by community midwives for the fortnight after each of our newborn children’s release from hospital, and in the vouchers for free milk we were given for those babies. I saw it when our GP paid us a house call early one Sunday morning to treat our son’s spiking fever.

I saw it most clearly, however, in the treatment my in-laws received at the end of their lives. My wife’s father, who suffered from acute myloid dysplasia, spent his last year receiving constant care, including several sprints to the hospital for emergency transfusions, where doctors struggled heroically to keep him alive. His final week was spent in a very comfortable single hospice room whose French doors opened onto a terrace overlooking his beloved Yorkshire moors. When he died, he left us his house, and not a penny of healthcare debt. My mother-in-law, stricken by arthritis, got two artificial hips and two knees from the NHS, and received daily home visits from social workers during the last three years of her life so she would not have to go into a nursing home. Neither of these septuagenarians was working at the time. The amount of money spent on their care must have been staggering. And yet, despite shouldering this yoke of decency, the nation prospered around them. People were buying French wine and German cars and second homes. They were attending Cats and supporting Arsenal and going on holidays in the sun. Sure, people complained about the NHS. But the British complain about everything. Living without a public health system, on the other hand, was unthinkable.

On the day we were finally given the all-clear, there were no papers to sign, no bills to settle. All we had to do was remove our daughter’s blindfold and go. But I felt I had to leave something behind. So I rushed down to the local corner shop and bought several tins of cookies to give the staff who’d looked after us so well. As luck would have it, the Irish ward sister was the only one at the nurse’s station when I arrived. Before I could explain myself, she gave me a tight, approving smile.

“Wondered when you’d start chipping in,” she said, returning to her paperwork. “Just leave them in the father’s lounge.”

marisacat - 22 August 2009

To be read with utter sadness.. and a wistfulness.

There is starting to be commentary around about how this failure, this one in particular from Ob, is a death blow to any return to a genuine liberality. And may scuttle (not that it matters anymore) 2 coming elections.

I think in the end, the best move, HAD ANYONE CARED WHO IS IN CHARGE OF ANYTHING, would be to expand Medicare to all who are uninsured, a federal mandate with a high level of subsidy, 3 x poverty level or similar.

Not that Ob and his ever planned much but a give away to the insurance cos and the big pharmaceuticals (and the lobbyists) but that, Medicare expansion, might have been managed.


14. marisacat - 22 August 2009

lesseee. A book, a special with Oprah, interviews, appearance on Larry King… and now opening a furniture store that EE sells as a big populist move.

But they just wanna be left alone… and they ignore things in tabloids.

“Tabloid news is tabloid news,” Elizabeth Edwards said. “We just have a family to run and now a business to run as well, so we just keep our eye on that ball and try to ignore what supermarket tabloids have to say.”

😆 The Political Class on the Hoof.

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 August 2009

soulless asshole finds the idea of a Tazer setting someone aflame funny.

16. BooHooHooMan - 22 August 2009

I could be wrong here, but I think the Penguin in the Pic atop thread is hot on the trail of the Chihuahua ‘nappers. Orrrrr
{with out on a limb conspiratorial air}
is on the job.

Shifty The Penguin, see , is not making eye contact. And I watched this show …on T.V. ..where like..the Penguin kidnappers/ Chihuahua Ransomers almost always return as the Face in The Crowd ..
Ya know.
Same M.O.

And When busted, they’re always like,

Me? WHAT Fabulous Chihuahua-like Sound coming from under the softball sized clump on my back?
T-th-these earings? Why no, I picked them up in Morocco accompanying the famous activist, Meatier Haze.

Trips em up every time.
Lying Penguin Scum.
(Whatdya know? Obster’s Plan C for the blame game.)

marisacat - 22 August 2009

I could see a russet penguin, still with soft downy fuzz… hot on the trail of a 4 month old softball sized cream and pink Chihuahua…

No question…

17. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 August 2009
catnip - 22 August 2009


(Just had to weigh in on the misuse of may nom de plume.)

18. catnip - 22 August 2009
19. marisacat - 22 August 2009

The knives are out… quite aside from all the knives Paterson has stuck in himself. Self-shiving? 😆

20. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 August 2009

Common Sense 2009

We all know that the first American Revolution officially began in 1776, with the Declaration of Independence. Less well known is that the single strongest motivating factor for revolution was the colonists’ attempt to free themselves from the Bank of England. But how many of you know about the second revolution, referred to by historians as Shays’ Rebellion? It took place in 1786-87, and once again the banks were the cause. This time they were putting the screws to America’s farmers.

Daniel Shays was a farmer in western Massachusetts. Like many other farmers of the day, he was being driven into bankruptcy by the banks’ predatory lending practices. (Sound familiar?) Rallying other farmers to his side, Shays led his rebels in an attack on the courts and the local armory. The rebellion itself failed, but a message had been sent: The bankers (and the politicians who supported them) ultimately backed off. As Thomas Jefferson famously quipped in regard to the insurrection: “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Perhaps it’s time to consider that option once again.

I’m calling for a national strike, one designed to close the country down for a day. The intent? Real campaign-finance reform and strong restrictions on lobbying. Because nothing will change until we take corporate money out of politics. Nothing will improve until our politicians are once again answerable to their constituents, not the rich and powerful.

Let’s set a date. No one goes to work. No one buys anything. And if that isn’t effective — if the politicians ignore us — we do it again. And again. And again.

The real war is not between the left and the right. It is between the average American and the ruling class. If we come together on this single issue, everything else will resolve itself. It’s time we took back our government from those who would make us their slaves.

marisacat - 22 August 2009

I did not realise that Jefferson’s comment was made in reference to the Shays Rebellion.. Which I had heard of, but did not know what it was really about…

21. BooHooHooMan - 22 August 2009

A tip fpr clammyc ,
the char broiled Vienna Snausage who is working
Little Sizzled Sausage Casing Oozing Roasted Fat
ass off
for that Icon of the Progressive Movement ,
former Goldman Sachs Chair turned Democratic Sugar Daddy Senator. turned NJ Governor, Jonnnnnn CorzIIIIINE. ….

Hey Sammy. or clammy. or whatever the fuck your ass peddling name is–
It’s embarrassing when you and the 3 other Jersey Dem teat-lings on Astroturfer’s stipend can’t get anybody to give a fuck.

A Grand total of 7 – Whoops 12! – Do I hear 13 comments for a Front Page Post on
“Teh Leading Liberal Blog in America™” . LOL.

So, proceed to crank up the multitudes of fake pseudonym “sockpuppet” accounts to make it look like you’re not going to get TOTALLY creamed.

Seems clammy and company are pissed Christie isn’t answering the “beat your wife” questions.

Welp. Again, This isn’t me talking, I’d own it if it was…
but when a poster on NJ.com says about Christie

Posted by hrpufnstuff on 08/18/09 at 2:29PM

I don’t care if he murders my family. Anyone running against Corzine has my vote.

‘sNot looking good there, bud.

7 comments. NO, 12! Nobody gives a fuck..

marisacat - 22 August 2009

ugh… I wonder how many governor seats are up in 2010. And how many are shakey.

22. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 August 2009
marisacat - 22 August 2009

When I read that I was so so so relieved that Perrin lets me consider BOTH destructive. Whew. w hat a relief.

23. BooHooHooMan - 22 August 2009

Well….Reporting in from New Peshawar.
American Political Polling Firms have apparently left The Garden State due to conditions “on the ground”….

Seriously it’s like crickets here …10 days since the last poll.
Oh I’ll bet the major orgs will release something this week…Something before Labor Day but on the Partisan divide, it’s not like either Party is in any hurry to get their latest grades…

Christie is in a position to let the Dems and their Bush / Rove reminders appear so…so…Old..( and they ARE , given great help in this regard via the poetic shuck – and Constitutional Lawyer / “Justice” jive – of the “Looking Forward” President…” )
Poor Corzine.
Poor downticket Dems ….sold out lock, stock, and barrel in a heartbeat by Ob …Not that Corzine, given his record , could have milked the Bush Fallout bit on his own….but Jeezis, Obama’s cover for Bush demolished any such shelter for the naked Cons… Consequently, IMO, As a matter of serious political analysis, HAHA!.
Enjoy a mid-drift figleaf, Jon, as improvised doughy curdle girdle.

I suppose part of the political calculus for Ob to “Move on”,
aside from naked pander to the Right,
aside from burying Democratic complicity all these years..
….I suspect another bit of the political calculus to “Move On” was advanced by the ever present Kissingerians in the White House, ever the Executive Ego Masseurs, Axelrod in this role, a tad concerned that Ob must never be defined simply as an anti Bush, perhaps too afraid His Specialness might be seen so soon as mere Bush Maid, on top of his
Bush – made – possible ascendency…

Whatev, I say from Inside the Congealing Fuckball State,
MY State and Your State too…And it’s a good chance your neighbors are saying so too…

Because , in this vein, Bringing it back to New Jersey and polling now, the last internals on these polls are TERRIBLE for Corzine AND OB.

Right Direction/ Wrong Direction?
Positive Negative Outlook? NO Difference a big winner.

August 12, 2009 – Obama Approval Drops In New Jersey, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; Voters Hopeful, But Don’t Expect Obama To Help Them

The internals in the Quinippiac are much worse…and, frankly, from the only adequately sized sampling (1167 LV vs @600 or so in other polls) Unemployment / Personal Finance/ Losing a job or Fear of such outstripping all else.
Welp. Christies people certainly have judged the electorate right.
And every time a Dem in Jersey is utters claims of corruption or accountability, they are tightening their own noose.

Re “Let me grab a pitcher” and bathtub drowning sentiment…
A whole lot of it here, given the abject looting in Social Services and their failure to deliver despite the touted headlines of Election Year spending…… The lesser of two evils argument here is DOA. Along with a whole lot of Dem patronage sucklings when the Repubs roll back in…No Doubt Christie is a lackey fronting merciless crooks and a thugs who will bear no sugar coated resemblance to Whitman.

Could giva shit as it’s what we have now under the Donks.
Like my fellow citizens, I’m in it for the Schadenfreude. LOL.

marisacat - 22 August 2009

American Political Polling Firms have apparently left The Garden State due to conditions “on the ground”….

hmm what a statement.

Mostly I wonder, when the R win, will they say they are turning NJ “purple”. Hahahahah. And what will the Dems say about VA… “well folks, it’s less purple now!, but not for long! We will come back… Old Dominion R Us!”

24. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 August 2009
25. marisacat - 22 August 2009

Soap bubbles

Meet the Press: Adm. Mullen, Afghanistan Amb. Eikenberry, Sens. Hatch, Schumer, PBS’ Smiley, MSNBC’s Scarborough.

This Week: Sen. McCain; roundtable with Frum, Krugman, Robert Reich* and George Will.

Face the Nation: Sens. Grassley, Conrad, former DNC chair Dean.

State of the Union: Mullen, Eikenberry, Sens. Lugar, Lieberman, Cardin.

Fox News Sunday: Sen. Specter, Rep. Ryan; panel with Bill Kristol, Tad Devine, Nicolle Wallace and Juan Williams.


*Reich has a piece up that he hears, from all sides, that the WH wants the Gang of Six to be determining things…and thus they want Grassley basically dictating. Quel Nooz…

How long can the “exposition” stories of what shits Ob and Obites are go on. Gah.

26. marisacat - 23 August 2009



.. 😯 ..

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