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Always been partial to the … 25 August 2009

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Amritsar, India: Idols of the Hindu god Ganesh are displayed at a roadside stall [Narinder Nanu/AFP/Getty]

… to the animal gods.   Better than what they throw at us to worship…




1. marisacat - 25 August 2009

Moving Madman’s last couple of comments forward… sorry for the bad timing of the new thread…

Wrist-slap and Tickle: Obama Goes Mild on CIA Torture

The American political world is shocked – shocked – to discover that the CIA has been torturing some of the victims seized, kidnapped, snatched and literally sold into captivity by America’s Terror Warriors. (Other captives have been tortured by the military, by hired contractors, and by various other organs of the security apparat.) This despite the fact that these tortures – including the threat to kill a captive’s children – have been known for years, reported in the mainstream media and in several books by well-regard writers with highly respectable publishing houses. (I’ve been writing about America’s torture regimen, in print and on-line, since early 2002, drawing almost entirely on these widely available sources.) None of the material now being released is “news” in the sense that it is new; but as always, it’s nice to have one more source of confirmation for these already multiply-confirmed high crimes.

Of course, Barack Obama – who was forced to release some of the material by an ACLU lawsuit, and not because of his deep-rooted, progressive commitment to openness in government – has chosen to go the time-honored “rotten apples” route. Whenever a sliver of light is thrown onto the atrocities of the American power structure, our leaders – regardless of party or puported ideological stripe – always, without fail, seek out a few patsies to stitch up in show trials, to “prove” that the “system works,” and can weed out the few “bad apples” who have left a tragic – but infinitely small – stain on America’s unrelenting goodness. This is precisely what Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, are doing now. Holder has announced a tepid probe into some of the possible “excesses” committed by a few CIA interrogators, while letting the true architects and perpetrators of an elaborate, deliberate, inherent system of torture get off scot-free.

2. marisacat - 25 August 2009

Another from Madman….

Dan Savage: Liberal Pussy

It’s not what you think.

catnip - 25 August 2009

a comment over there:

Really. Let’s have a civil war and just kill each other over health care. And no cheating and using emergency rooms.


3. marisacat - 25 August 2009

Third from Madman

Obama’s good buddy Tom Coburn tells weeping victim of broken health care system that government isn’t the solution.


AND he put up a vid from Real News, on the Palestinian water supply being stolen… here is the link to the comment with the vid… 😉

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 August 2009
5. marisacat - 25 August 2009

KGO tonight is in lunatic land. The evening host is saying “in the Fall we begin the serious debate on Health Care”.

Wow. Been in a hole for a couple of months? In a coffin? Sealed room?

6. marisacat - 25 August 2009

shucked off that mortal coil.

US Senator Edward Kennedy, brother of ex-President John F Kennedy, has died from a brain tumour at the age of 77, US media say.

For more details: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news

BooHooHooMan - 26 August 2009

Market Update: Incense Futures UP.
Enough to Burn an Extinction Level Event in the Ozone UP..

Well.. the next few days the post mortem slobber is going to take down more than a few Republicans, AND a good chunk of us left on the Left.

Fortunately, I went long on incense futures.
Unfortunately, I can see the Enormous Smog Wall of Death coming over the Horizon already and shouldn’t be far behind Ted when the Solar Radiation caused by the Smoke of his funeral consumes the East Coast first.

Not even a leftover platter…..
And Just when everything was going so well.

marisacat - 26 August 2009

I see Truthdig already has a remembrance up to Teddy.

marisacat - 26 August 2009

Pardon me, they have FOUR up… and it is only 1:40 am on the Pacific Ocean. 4:40 am ET.


7. marisacat - 25 August 2009


Truly we have scraped bottom, in a bottomless sea. Ruth Marcus, lame brain that she is, claims that only Grassley can save bi partisan health care.

And i am sure Ob would have it no other way.

How’s that vote working out for those that b e l i e v e d.

8. BooHooHooMan - 26 August 2009

Cue Northeast Clusterfuck as the Mass. Donks figure out Who How and When they

A. – either give appointment Powers to Deval-u (which why the fuck would they do that he has a sipper cup of juice now)

B.- schedule Special Election to replace Dead Ted within 145 to 165 days…

It was all such shit for so many reasons… but if that 60 votes was car…it might as well have been sold in mint condition by one long lived little old lady…. Mary Jo Kopechne. Alive and well and going strong…Neither dust nor a scratch on any of em…

I’m out

9. marisacat - 26 August 2009

Douglas Brinkley already pushing Teddy’s book, “his last words”. In bookstores in October… make a note!

Sell that book, hoist that barge, hook that voter…

… and so on.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 26 August 2009

they have their martyr to sell the fake reform now.

marisacat - 26 August 2009

well it may get used, but I doubt it would do it. But blither on they will……………

BTW, the wages of sin (went over to read at Sully’s even as he is on “bloggatical” – really, they use that word): i now know that the “birthers” want to know if Pretzel is circumcised.

We are way past “boxers or briefs”…. I think.

catnip - 26 August 2009
11. marisacat - 26 August 2009

They are rushing the book out! It will be on the stands on 9/14!!!!

get inline NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12. catnip - 26 August 2009

Well…your gov’t certainly can’t afford to lose a liberal. There are so few of them. I thought it was absurd that Kennedy threw his support behind Obamalama but…flashback…

Jan 9, 2007: Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) told Chris Matthews he will back John Kerry for president in 2008.

13. BooHooHooMan - 26 August 2009

There goes the Toaster for opening a new account.

Holmdel man accused of threatening family of mortgage company CEO
by The Star-Ledger {NJ}
Wednesday August 26, 2009, 12:54 PM

HOWELL — A Holmdel man was arrested after he allegedly threatened the CEO of a mortgage company, saying he would “slaughter” the executive’s family, according to a report in the Asbury Park Press.

Jerry J. Lin, 28, was charged with making terroristic threats after he repeatedly called Center State Mortgage on Route 9, according to the report. Lin allegedly demanded cars, guns, money, and jewelery, the report said. Lin allegedly also told a company employee “he was going to shoot him in the heart, cut his genitals and take a knife to victims families’ eyes,” the report said.

marisacat - 26 August 2009

was charged with making terroristic threats after he repeatedly called Center State Mortgage on Route 9

Someone goes insane in an insane world… and is a terrorist. Charged under the Anti Terror laws, who knows how long he may spend in jail… Summers, Bernanke and Geithner are safe in their ruinous jobs however.

Carry on! Pray every morning and night, and! esp!! don’t smoke!

Madman in the Marketplace - 26 August 2009

unless he makes those threats to a women’s health provider. No problem then.

marisacat - 26 August 2009


14. BooHooHooMan - 26 August 2009

o-h-h-a shit…

Democratic Fundraiser Charged With Fraud
Nemazee Worked For Kerry, Clinton, Obama Campaigns

Associated Press
Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NEW YORK, Aug. 25 — A wealthy investment banker and prominent fundraiser for President Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton and other top Democrats was arrested Tuesday on charges that he lied to get a $74 million business loan.

Prosecutors accused Hassan Nemazee of giving Citibank “fraudulent and forged” documents showing that he owned millions of dollars in collateral. A criminal complaint also accuses Nemazee of providing false verifying information for financial institutions, including a phone number that actually belonged to him.

Prosecutors said FBI agents stopped the 59-year-old financier on Sunday at Newark Liberty International Airport as he prepared to board a flight to Rome. They said he paid off the $74 million loan the next day.

At a brief session in federal court in Manhattan on Tuesday, a judge ordered a haggard-looking Nemazee locked up for the night. His attorney won assurances from prosecutors that he would be fitted with an electronic monitoring device and put under house arrest on Wednesday as part of a $25 million bail package, secured by property including a $20 million Park Avenue apartment.

Nemazee, chairman and chief executive of New York-based Nemazee Capital, was national finance co-chairman for Clinton’s presidential bid last year, and after her primary defeat he raised money for Obama. In 2004, he worked for the presidential campaign of Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) as New York state finance chairman.

A Clinton spokesman didn’t immediately return an e-mail message seeking comment.

In 1999, President Bill Clinton picked Nemazee to be U.S. ambassador to Argentina, but his nomination was never confirmed.

Nemazee, who did not enter a plea or speak at the court hearing, faces up to 30 years in prison and a fine if convicted.

According to Nemazee Capital’s Web site, the firm invests in several areas including health care, insurance and real estate.

BIG fuckin Bust…..Spread that Love around…

In other News, the White House Immediately Announced Plans for
an “unprecedented” 6 MONTH LONG Kennedy Funeral. LOL

FEC records coming up in a bit…

marisacat - 26 August 2009

isn’t that dicey… Anyone who can pay off a 74 million dollar debit in a day is up to no good.. I don’t care what the cover story is!! There is another Bid D arrest running aorund too… involves bombs. Glenn the Instapundit is hot on it for days…

and sotto voce... I notice Jimmy keeping quiet that Teddy finally bit the bullet (oh that was so rude of me!)

BooHooHooMan - 26 August 2009

I missed it…The FEC shows he was dropping max donations straight Reid and Schumer —> within the last two months..< —
Big Drops on DSCC thoughout…
Other Prob…He's Iranian…not that it matters to me, he's prolly a Pahlavi-ite but we can see where that's headed..
Rather than take up thread space ( A miracle! )

The FEC search is quite the howl two pages
…Last name..Nemazee , First Name Hassan…LOL

Hor’s d’oeuvres passed around to everybody from Barbara Boxer to Jesse Helms and Kay Bailey HairHelmetson! ( a few grand here and there..) Otherwise a straight to the Top Kick to Hillary Schumer and the DSCC, Reid in line as recently as JUNE.
I wanna check the flow to Rangel and Menendez via PACs,, hard to keep track of one misleading Apple Pie Name from another…

marisacat - 26 August 2009

Oh PS think it was noted yesterday that his beloveds will be only returning the actual monies HE gave them… and not the bigger bundler amounts he engineered in their direction.

15. marisacat - 26 August 2009

Here is the schedule… so people can attend at the TV or hide… (LOL)

He’ll lay in repose at the JFK library Thursday, Friday followed by funeral services in Boston and burial at Arlington on Saturday.

Biden to speak at Friday night wake, Obama to speak at Saturday mass. DETAILS: Get them here.

Biden is choking up! (why stop!? choke on!)

Madman in the Marketplace - 26 August 2009

If you have to fly to pay your proper respects, make sure to thank Teddy for the shitty service on the airlines he helped deregulate. If you’re driving, make sure you thank him for that speeding trucker who nearly ran you off the road:

In the 1970s, even before Ronald Reagan reached the White House, Kennedy shepherded bills lifting government control over trucking and the airlines. Richard Cohen covered those debates for National Journal.

RICHARD COHEN: There was a lot of opposition. Including from Democrats in Congress who liked the old system, who created and benefited from the old system. But Kennedy was willing to take them on.

And found allies in the GOP to get them passed. Promoting the benefits of competition might seem unusual for a liberal, but biographer Adam Clymer says Kennedy figured less government control would help the little guy.

ADAM CLYMER: He was persuaded that airline deregulation would mean lower fares and competition and more people being able to fly. Flying before deregulation was uncommon. Now everybody flies.

Worked out pretty well, wouldn’t you say?

marisacat - 26 August 2009

Adam Clymer may be a shit (or whatever Bush 2 called him on an open mic) but he is very smart on politics. And back then (20 + years ago) Richard Cohen still breathed.

the two of them here are acting as shills however.

Madman in the Marketplace - 26 August 2009

yup, and selling the narrative that is being pushed, that he was a “real” liberal, but what made him GREAT was his selling out his constituents and working with Republicans.

16. marisacat - 26 August 2009

Stoppppppppppppp the presses!

Obama is to deliver the Eulogy on Saturday…

ratings will have a dead cat bounce. ‘Til the old people catch on to NO COLA raises… (maybe Ted can send some cash from the grave)

catnip - 26 August 2009

Obama is to deliver the Eulogy on Saturday…

Oh ffs. Really. He knew him all of 2 minutes.

marisacat - 26 August 2009

wescue the watings. Don’t think it will have long effect however.

Madman in the Marketplace - 26 August 2009

“The Teddy Kennedy Memorial Bridge over Troubled Waters Forced Health Insurance Act”

catnip - 26 August 2009

No doubt.

Madman in the Marketplace - 26 August 2009

It promises in the policy not to abandon you when you’re drowning in medical bills.

Madman in the Marketplace - 26 August 2009

and then, of course, it does.

marisacat - 26 August 2009

then teddy runs over and says there is a clause in invisible ink that he, personally, will take care of you. ”the dream shall not die”, he says

then he runs off and is not seen again.


i read today he bought the damned bridge at chappaquidick — and had it removed to his property.

17. Madman in the Marketplace - 26 August 2009
18. marisacat - 26 August 2009

GQ is running a profile of Teddy from almost 20 years ago (1990) by a shit from similar stock, Micheal Kelly… who neatly died in Iraq after promoting the war.

[U]p close, the face is a shock. The skin has gone from red roses to gin blossoms. The tracery of burst capillaries shines faintly through the scaly scarlet patches that cover the bloated, mottled cheeks. The nose that was once straight and narrow is now swollen and bulbous, with open pores and a bump of what looks like scar tissue near the tip. Deep corrugations crease the forehead and angle from the nostrils and the downturned corners of the mouth. The Chiclet teeth are the color of old piano keys. The eyes have yellowed too, and they are so bloodshot, it looks as if he’s been weeping. […]

19. Madman in the Marketplace - 26 August 2009

In defence of the NHS: I’m glad I didn’t break my leg in the US

Of all the thoughts that flashed through my mind as I fell from 15ft up a ladder one morning last May, the potential financial cost of my unexpected descent was not one. I had been trying to paint the weatherboard above the bedroom windows of our house; a whim that had occurred to me in the middle of the night (as these things do) while working out chores for my week’s holiday. Unfortunately, I reached just a little too far on a ladder just a little too short, and suddenly felt it slide from under me. Bouncing off the wall, knocking off the guttering and a carriage lamp in the process, I eventually collapsed in an inelegant heap on top of the ladder.

In the agonising hour that followed before our next-door neighbour arrived home and found me whimpering piteously for help, left leg utterly unresponsive, I had time to think of many things – including how stupid I’d been – but never the implications of my future treatment. This was Britain, after all. I would, without question, query or censure, be treated by the NHS at no cost to myself.

Not so, perhaps, had I bounced off the front of my parents-in-law’s house in Houston, Texas. They are in their early 80s, expatriates from Britain for more than 50 years, and have followed my medical care with what I now realise is more than solicitous interest, thanks to the vitriolic US healthcare debate of recent weeks and the slagging-off that British medicine has received as a result (why do Americans always home in on the state of our teeth?).

When we spoke last weekend, my mother-in-law, Sheila Thurau, had just received a letter telling her there was only $945 (£570) left to spend on treatment for her this year, under the US government’s Medicare scheme for over 65s. As her current bill for the sort of medication 82-year-olds need – blood pressure tablets and the like – comes, so the letter informed her, to $262 a month, it will be a close-run thing whether she emerges in credit.

marisacat - 26 August 2009

telling her there was only $945 (£570) left to spend on treatment for her this year, under the US government’s Medicare scheme for over 65s.

hmm i wonder what scheme the mother in law belongs to. Unless of course there have been rules changes.. i admit i am so dismissive of anything beyond Xanax that I don’t open the Medicare eps… haven’t for years.

Maybe it refers to the mess that is Medicare Part D… the jumbled mess that is the pharmacy coverage.

Madman in the Marketplace - 26 August 2009

I think it’s Part D. Sounds like she’s running into the donut hole thingie.

20. BooHooHooMan - 26 August 2009

Bernanke Victimized by Identity Fraud Ring

Exclusive: According to court documents, the Fed chairman and his wife were swindled in 2008 by a skilled team of crooks.
By Michael Isikoff

If ever there were living proof that identity theft can strike the mighty and powerful as well as hapless consumers, look no further than the nation’s chief banker: Ben Bernanke. The Federal Reserve Board chairman was one of hundreds of victims of an elaborate identity-fraud ring, headed by a convicted scam artist known as “Big Head,” that stole more than $2.1 million from unsuspecting consumers and at least 10 financial institutions around the country, according to recently filed court records reviewed by NEWSWEEK.

Last summer, just as he was dealing with the first rumblings of the financial crisis on Wall Street, Bernanke learned that a thief had swiped his wife’s purse—including the couple’s joint check book. Days later, someone started cashing checks on the Bernanke family bank account, the documents show. “It’s fair to say he was not pleased,” said one close associate of Bernanke, who asked not to be identified discussing what the Fed chairman considers a private matter.

Whew! At least he wasn’t taken down by “Little Head”.

catnip - 26 August 2009

Or “A little head”.

21. marisacat - 26 August 2009

John lewis has truly fallen apart… from what ever was once there (if there was).

rambling on on Lehrer about how he will treasure forever a signed photo teddy gave him. And I do mean ramble.


22. Madman in the Marketplace - 26 August 2009
catnip - 26 August 2009

well done

23. catnip - 26 August 2009

An update on Climate Camp (the bobby-free version).

24. catnip - 26 August 2009


Christie Faces Questions Over ’05 Traffic Tickets

On a Saturday night in 2005 Chris Christie was issued tickets for speeding and driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle. A tow truck showed up at the scene but Christie was allowed to drive the vehicle with his wife, kids and Michelle Brown back home according to his spokesperson.

All three tickets had the words “no deal” written on them. The spokesperson says Christie talked with the prosecutor, signed an affdavit [sic] pleading guilty and paid a substantial fine. The speeding ticket was reduced and the unregistered dimissed [sic]. The spokesperson says Christie does not recall who brought it up but acknowledges the fact that Christie was U.S. Attorney did come up. Christie has refused to return multiple calls asking for comment.

BooHooHooMan - 26 August 2009

Was there a body in the trunk?

Another Dem Assemblyman Tony the Claw Somebody…LOL-

just got indicted.


For Putting Ghost Worker’s State payroll checks directly into his personal accounts. Smaaaaaart.

But here’s some thinkin’ now~~ The charge was brought by Corzine’s State AG. ..who set it up as No Arrest so no perp walk.

Tony Mook-lookin Contest Winner
can appear for booking at his arraignment.instead.
Trying to take wind out of Fed Charges soon to follow…

catnip - 26 August 2009

You guys have too much fun there in NJ.

25. catnip - 26 August 2009
26. catnip - 26 August 2009

Judge: Ky. can’t legislate dependence on God

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — It is one thing to trust in God, but quite another to be ordered to rely on protection from above during national emergencies, a judge has ruled.

Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate said in Wednesday’s decision that references to a dependence on “Almighty God” in the law that created the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security is akin to establishing a religion, which the government is prohibited from doing in the U.S. and Kentucky constitutions. Ten Kentucky residents and a national atheist group sued to have the reference stricken.

“It is breathtakingly unconstitutional,” said Edwin Kagin, national legal director for American Atheists Inc. in Union, “and Judge Wingate goes to great detail as to why it is.”

The judge wrote in the 18-page ruling: “The statute pronounces very plainly that current citizens of the Commonwealth cannot be safe, neither now, nor in the future, without the aid of Almighty God. Even assuming that most of this nation’s citizens have historically depended upon God, by choice, for their protection, this does not give the General Assembly the right to force citizens to do so now.”

catnip - 26 August 2009

The state Office of Homeland Security was created in response to the Sept. 11 attacks, Wingate said in the order, and two amendments added to the statute creating the office were at issue.

One required that training materials include information that the General Assembly stressed a “dependence on Almighty God as being vital to the security of the Commonwealth.” The other required a plaque to be placed at the entrance to the state’s Emergency Operations Center in Frankfort that said, in part, “the safety and security of the Commonwealth cannot be achieved apart from reliance upon Almighty God.”

[insert the obvious here]

marisacat - 26 August 2009

“The statute pronounces very plainly that current citizens of the Commonwealth cannot be safe, neither now, nor in the future, without the aid of Almighty God.

He sounds like Ob: “God is our partner”, “God is in the mix”.

And so on.

27. catnip - 26 August 2009

Why wasn’t this guy charged with making “terroristic” threats? (Rhetorical question)

DENVER (AP) — A Washington man has been indicted for allegedly threatening the family of an employee at one of the few clinics in the country that performs late-term abortions.

Seventy-year-old Donald Hertz of Spokane, Wash., faces a charge of making an interstate threat and a charge of violating a 1994 law that protects access to reproductive health services.

An indictment unsealed Wednesday accuses Hertz of calling the Boulder Abortion Clinic, in Boulder, Colo., in June and threatening to kill family members of an employee.

The employee is referred to in the indictment as “W.H.” It’s unclear whether that refers to Dr. Warren Hern, who has operated the clinic since 1975.

Hertz’s attorney, Russell Van Camp, says Hertz will fight the charges.

marisacat - 26 August 2009

thanks for that link…

28. marisacat - 26 August 2009

Charlie Rose:

I knew then that I had to interrupt my vacation and come to this table and talk of Teddy Kennedy…

Doris Kearns Goodwin joins by car phone. Well that is what CR said. “car phone”. Lost in the 80s?

…and on. And on.

29. lucid - 27 August 2009

The epilogue I put up on facebook…

Before Hagiography

“And we can be proud that our party stands plainly and publicly and persistently for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Women hold their rightful place at our convention, and women must have their rightful place in the Constitution of the United States. On this issue we will not yield, we will not equivocate, we will not rationalize, explain or excuse. We will stand for E.R.A. and for the recognition at long last that our nation was made up of founding mothers as well as founding fathers.” – Speech to the DNC, 1980…

I support the ERA. Millions of women and men supported the ERA. You let it die, just like every piece of good legislation you promised to pass. I’ll give you a pass for Title 9 – the last little piece of the ERA you could pass based on ‘bargaining’. But I don’t give you a pass for anything else.

I’m really tired of hagiography in general. He hogtied the democratic party for 47 years and he is one of the supremely responsible agents in the election of Reagan in 1980.

Alas he was also one of the few people in the Democratic party that also had real humanitarian values…

I’ll hold you to that goal Teddy, from across the great divide – ‘We will stand for E.R.A. and for the recognition at long last that our nation was made up of founding mothers as well as founding fathers…’

I’m not flitting any rosary beads waiting hon…


30. lucid - 27 August 2009

gah – a pronoun nightmare the above post….

31. BooHooHooMan - 27 August 2009

So when is Israel Attacking?
Mcat, this story…
FFS. They’re shopping this story again.
Several Times now
WaPo a few days ago..
now at the NYT… .
The passed around Coverage is classic Zionist media bullshit..
and Security State amplification , mostly for their own benefit, because it sure as hell isn’t going to give genuine mouth-breathers pause…

As Old Nazis Die Off, Pursuit Goes On

WASHINGTON — For 30 years, Eli M. Rosenbaum has been hunting Nazi war criminals. Even as the last of them die off, he is not giving up.

A staff of 28 pissing a minimum of 3-5 Million a year away on Israeli bullshit.

These people are seriously, seriously fucked up.
And seriously fucking up the prospects of peaceful life on the planet.

Since ’67 at least? The Zionists are thoroughly dug in the US Policy apparatus while we pursue a positively bi-polar strategy of “energy security” on the one hand and wrecking the Middle East for Israel on another. Fuckin Brilliant.

I certainly am not interested in fighting off a bunch of genuine Goy jackboot thugs for Rahm and David And Bill and Chuck when the whole thing collapses.

marisacat - 27 August 2009

we are relentless in search of our global enemies. Frenemies. We will search high and low, make war high and low. As long as we have enemies, we will endure.

Something like that…

lucid - 27 August 2009

Hell, why don’t they go after our boyos in Croatia and Bosnia… after all, Tudjman and Izetbegovic were actually Nazi’s… like the pope.

marisacat - 27 August 2009

time to dig out noel coward, was it??? ”oh, let’s not be nasty to the nazis!!”

… ‘cuz we’re all nazis now!

cue the chorus!

32. marisacat - 27 August 2009



…………… 🙄 …………….

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