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In fairness… 11 September 2009

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, Afghanistan War, Europe, France, Germany, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, UK, WAR!.

Cagle via Truth Dig…

Brown, Merkel, Harper and …. oh, let’s throw shrimpie Sarko on the fire, as well.  They should be in the cartoon with Ob.

Berlusconi, Putin, at the edges laughing.  Others, just happy not to be on the menu.

But of course we lead.  We are first, second, middle, second-to-the-last and last.  How tired the killing game is…  Up to our nostrils in blood and bubble gum.




1. marisacat - 11 September 2009

Well… some people mean business. Or maybe it is just retribution from one faction to another. Could we have real factions … please!?

Taiwan’s Ex-President Chen, Wife Get Life for Graft

Bloomberg – Weiyi Lim, Janet Ong – ‎30 minutes ago

Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) — Taiwan’s former President Chen Shui-bian, who clashed with China over his efforts to assert the island’s independence, was sentenced to life in prison for corruption, fraud and money-laundering.

… and the wif.

wu ming - 11 September 2009

chen had the audacity to get elected president, twice, as a member of the opposition party, and as an ethnic taiwanese southerner. so the moment he got termed out of office and the other party won control of the government, they tried him and nearly every other major opposition party leader for corruption. and when the judge said there wasn’t much of a case, the government pulled the judge and got a new one that was more politically loyal to the kuomintang.

the interesting bit is that one of the charges was that chen wouldn’t account for a big chunk of spending that he said were secret diplomatic funds (for democracy groups in china, plus bribing 3rd world nations in exchange for recognizing taiwan diplomatically and the like). the kuomintang then asked for lists of who the money went to.

i wonder who might find that information of some use.

this, of course, is not to say that the dude wasn’t also corrupt. the entire political system is. life sentences are unheard of for this sort of thing, though.

marisacat - 11 September 2009

I was hoping you’d turn up with the answers! Thanks!

wu ming - 11 September 2009

that being said, i agree that it would be wonderful if the democrats had but a fraction of the KMT’s willingness to go for the jugular.

2. marisacat - 11 September 2009


Meet the Press: Sens. Durbin, Cornyn, Howard Dean, Gingrich

This Week: Sebelius, Gov. Pawlenty, Sens. Rockefeller, Landrieu

Face the Nation: Axelrod, Sen. Snowe

State of the Union: Gibbs, Rep. Cantor, Sens. Collins, Shaheen

Fox News Sunday: Sens. Conrad, Hatch

3. catnip - 11 September 2009

Not what people want to wake up to on 9/11:

DC– A Coast Guard training exercise in the Potomac River near the Pentagon sparked confusion amid Friday’s commemorations of the Sept. 11 anniversary. FBI agents scrambled to the scene and the nearest airport briefly grounded flights.

The Coast Guard said it was reviewing how the exercise led to media reports “based on overheard radio calls made over a training frequency.”

Coast Guard Chief Keith Moore said no shots were fired as part of the exercise.

Erroneous live cable news reports on CNN and Fox had said that the Coast Guard was firing shots on the river. CNN reported the Coast Guard had fired 10 rounds at a suspicious boat, and showed vessels circling in the water — near the bridge President Barack Obama’s motorcade crossed on the way to a memorial at the Pentagon Friday morning.

The Associated Press reported that an exercise was under way in the river and did not report that shots were fired.

Departures from Reagan National Airport were halted as a precaution at 10:08 a.m., then resumed at 10:30 a.m., Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Diane Spitaliere said. The airport borders the Potomac.

A law enforcement official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said federal agents scrambled to the river scene after the initial reports, because the local FBI office had not been told ahead of time about the Coast Guard exercise. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to discuss the incident.

Boneheads all around…

marisacat - 11 September 2009

sorry this lanquished in Mod while I slept… out now!

marisacat - 11 September 2009

ABC reported “shots fired”… then in a few minutes said.. well we don’t know what is going on, but shots were fired AND we are being told this is not an emergency. They were feeding in live stream from a helicopter over the Potomac

Why not bring back the old colored alert system. We can be on red and yellow at once.

Madman in the Marketplace - 11 September 2009

I love that it turned out that the “shots” were someone saying “bang, bang” over their radio frequency to signal that the drill had started.

4. catnip - 11 September 2009

Wars are like cars…except with a “W”…

McChrystal is expected to ask for more troops soon, but would not elaborate on numbers Friday.

“My position here is a little bit like a mechanic. We’ve got a situation with a vehicle and I’ve been asked to look at it and tell the owner what the situation is and what it will cost to make the vehicle run correctly and I will provide that,” he said.

“Now I understand that the vehicle owner then has to make a decision on what the car is worth, how much longer he intends to drive it,” he added. “Whether he wants it to look good or just run.”

wu ming - 11 September 2009

troops as gears, or troops as fuel?

catnip - 11 September 2009

They’re the kids in the back seat screaming, ‘Are we there yet?’

marisacat - 11 September 2009

troops as meat.

marisacat - 11 September 2009


Ob’s pick. Or should I say, GATES’ pick.

Madman in the Marketplace - 11 September 2009

so what are Afghan civilians … bugs on the windshield?

5. marisacat - 11 September 2009

Mergers and Acquisitions:

Obama’s Presidential Forum on Service in October to be hosted by George H.W. Bush at his presidential library in Texas.

He outsourced! Insourced!

6. marisacat - 11 September 2009

Thank god no geese were employed in this exercise. Apparently WH is blaming the media, in particular CNN. Too little blame to go around?

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs on Friday morning said he was not aware of any heads-up given by the U.S. Coast Guard to the White House about its training exercise in the Potomac River this morning, as President Obama was at the Pentagon commemorating the 9/11 attacks, and he suggested that any panic that resulted from the reporting of the event was the fault of false reports by the media, not law enforcement.

Gibbs said the “reporting was based on listening to a police scanner” and wasn’t “verified” before being reported. . . . .

7. BooHooHooMan - 11 September 2009

the Battle on the Potomac…
– and WaPo’s lede today…

Nation Pauses Eight Years After 9/11 Attacks

President Obama marks anniversary of the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks with a national call to public service, wreath-laying and moment of silence.

A moment of silence. In a moment. May I FIRST direct your attention to the automatic weapons fire coming from the M-50 on the bow of that Coast Gaurd Swiftboat? There, right there in the river- .

Fuckin Knucklehead Nation.

Isn’t there some type of space based Anti Slobber Weapon System we can all get behind?

BooHooHooMan - 11 September 2009

The Miracle on the Potomac.

LOL And while the Coast Guard was pinned down in such fluff, I suppose mollasses, tea, and serious coin was rowed into DC up river.

marisacat - 11 September 2009

it does smack of diversion… or should I say, DISTRACTION.

marisacat - 11 September 2009

I want a gun. I mean, why should I be left out?

brinn - 11 September 2009

Anyone(thing) that leaves you out does so at their own peril! 😉

Yeah, I’m still alive — the rest is waaay too long to type.

wu ming!! are ya Dr. Wu Ming yet??? 🙂

MitM — you still rock my world!

lucid, catnip — xoxoxo


Madman in the Marketplace - 11 September 2009

Hi brinn! How goes it?

brinn - 13 September 2009

It goes. Ya know? 😉

catnip - 11 September 2009


Alive and teaching…or…?

brinn - 13 September 2009

Nope not teaching — actually qualified for UI, so been looking for jobs and eeking by on the benefits….though they haven’t paid me since 8/15, so I’m not sure if they’re just hugely backed up or if they’ve decided to discontinue my benefits….haven’t heard anything about the latter, but am really feeling for people who depend on getting the UI monies to stay in their houses, keep the lights on and such…fortunately, we have the spouse’s salary to take care of basics…

marisacat - 11 September 2009


How are you!???

brinn - 13 September 2009

Varies! but mostly ok. One day, one hour a time kind of thing at the moment.

wu ming - 12 September 2009

sadly, still a couple of years away from getting that parchment. inching forward, though, and i think this project will actually work.

brinn - 13 September 2009

Good on ya! Keep on trucking! Dunno if you knew, but I went ahead and called it a decade last May and took the “consolation MEd”….just could not justify it any longer…and boy, do I wish I had made that decision 2 or 3 years earlier. The debt is killing me.

Say “hi” to your wife for me!

Madman in the Marketplace - 11 September 2009

maybe they can have a “pennies for pistols” program to help.

8. BooHooHooMan - 11 September 2009

Pretty much all ya need to know about the
immigration kerfluffle/ Liar Liar Prayer Shawl Flag on Fire.
IMO a must read in its entirety.

Ah well. In such a climate….it’s nice to know Chabad is picking up coin in Wilson’s District. Paid Chaplains in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. <a href="Check the blip …A nice toehold in '08.. Not Baaad…for a part time gig that shouldn’t be subsidized AT ALL.

BUT!! Small lox you say! …LOL Well, IF you’re going to go there…

It’s Interesting as “>FCI Estil ( the Federal Pen)
has fewer than 1100 incarcerated…..

* With eh,
ah…….one Jewish inmate.
Well played I must say!
But Perhaps we should fund Dial A Prayer instead!

It’s all such shit. And the Chabadniks are paid by the DOJ in Michigan, too…. ALL the RW Places where immigrants Muslim and Hispanic gather.

Mark my words. Wilson will get money. He’ll be protected.
Why not just fund the Refusenik‘s Organ Recovery Program
to deal with the “immigrant threat” instead?

marisacat - 11 September 2009

Last I heard Wilson had 200K… Dems are claiming (as of hours ago) that their guy had 750K.

Can I say money laundering opportunity?

The Dems guy is ex Marine… Iraq Vet. I guess Rahm has a clone machine in the Rose Garden.

Yeah I so care. It really finally is over for me. Wallpaper and Stadium sports.

It did not have to be this way.

BooHooHooMan - 11 September 2009

Another DSCC fundraising scam.
Wilson’s challeger – this jarhead Miller –
got 46% in the Historic Hoo Ha Year.
So the’ll run with it– AGAIN. And he’ll LOSE….AGAIN.

Wall paper and Stadium Sports… I use Teh Google Earth with Street View to wander places I’ll never see….

9. BooHooHooMan - 11 September 2009

The missed link is here.
Nice Beachhead for Chabad in SC.
From off the map to a nice Chaplaincy arrival in FY ’08..

It’s all bullshit. Fuck Chaplaincy Contracts.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 11 September 2009

Patriot Day baked goods

Today you’re going to see a lot of beautiful and touching 9/11 tributes. That’s good. If you’re like me, you’re going to get a little teary-eyed, and maybe it will be a bit harder to remember all the little things you usually laugh about. Maybe that’s why you’re here. And you know what? That’s good, too. We should celebrate our heroes. We should remember our loved ones. But we should also – and with great pride, I might add – eat patriotic donut holes.



catnip - 11 September 2009

lol…’Never Foget’

11. marisacat - 11 September 2009

Cuz it’s all about MONEY. I see it is the same match up, WIlson and Miller, as two years ago.


McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — Rep. Joe Wilson and his Democratic challenger said Friday that they had raised nearly $1.8 million combined in the 40 hours after the South Carolina Republican yelled “You lie” during President Barack Obama’s address to Congress.

That total – more than $1 million for Democrat Rob Miller, $750,000 for Wilson – is almost as much as the two men received over the entire 24-month campaign cycle for their 2008 race, in which Wilson defeated Miller by 54-46 percent.

Meanwhile, Wilson faced a possible official rebuke next week in the House of Representatives unless he apologized to his colleagues. He already has apologized to Obama.

The astonishing campaign numbers – all hard cash, aides said, in the bank via online contributions – are the best indicator that Wilson’s outburst Wednesday evening and its aftermath have made him a marked man among Democrats, but also engaged conservative supporters.

“Joe Wilson, already weakened by the last election, will be further damaged by his shameful outburst toward the commander in chief,” said Jessica Santillo, a spokeswoman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. . . . . . .

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 11 September 2009
BooHooHooMan - 11 September 2009

How thoughtful. Way ta go Sirota.
Practically a personal invitation.

You are cordially invited to a reception with

Speaker of the House
Nancy Pelosi

Thursday, September 24, 2009
6:30pm ~ 8:00pm

At the home of
Steve Elmendorf
2301 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Apt. 7B
Washington, D.C.

$5,000 PAC
$2,400 Individual

To RSVP or for additional information please contact
Carmela Clendening at (202) 485-3508 or clendening@dccc.org

I’d love to make a donation, of course, but I’d have to think of my wardrobe first. LOL. Maybe a covered dish.
Hurled from cover.

This screams Billy Bob Roadkill Cookout counter protest to me.
It’d be perfect..

marisacat - 11 September 2009

that magical table the Dems keep clear of anything at all. Off the Table! Off with their Heads!

13. BooHooHooMan - 11 September 2009

Well you know what this all means don’cha?

He Who Shall Not be Named Hoo Houle
who was going to
“Win one for Tinklenberg! and send Michelle Bachman packin! “
I mean was going to
“Win one for Etanza!! Ta send Pawlenty Uhda GOP packin!”
might just head to SC now….to…ya know-
“Ta Win one for Miller and send Wilson packin!”

Such little shitheads sendin their money in.

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 11 September 2009

How one becomes “crazy” in Washington culture

While the Republican Party is absolutely dominated by people who are exactly that, is yelling at the President really such a bad act? Yes, it’s “rude” and indecorous, but as Digby says, the President is not a King, even if George Bush was routinely treated as one as people politely wearing critical t-shirts were barred or even removed from various events where His Majesty appeared, including the State of the Union address.

Eugene Robinson today absurdly calls the GOP’s disrespectful behavior at Obama’s speech “un-American.” Right-wing contempt for Obama is often petty, deeply emotional and ugly — just like right-wing leaders themselves. But the demand that the President be venerated and treated as royalty is far more “un-American” than disruptive transgressions of etiquette. Wilson’s heckling was juvenile and dumb, but that’s all it was. If only a fraction of the media dismay devoted to his two-second breach of “decorum” had been directed to, say, rampant presidential lawbreaking, or the implementation of a torture regime, or the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people in our various wars, we would be much better off. The American Right is indeed dominated by crazed extremists who often seem barely in touch with basic reality and who are at war with core American political values, but Joe Wilson’s irreverence is one of the least significant examples of that, if it’s one at all.

As HTML Mencken insightfully noted in what is one of the best blog posts ever written, our political mores demand vehement repudiation of petty acts of incivility (not all, but most) while tolerating and even approving of extremely consequential acts of indecency as long as they’re advocated with superficial civility. Those who use curse words to oppose torture, wars and lawbreaking are evil and unSerious (The Angry Left); those who politely and soberly advocate morally repugnant, indecent policies are respected and Serious. As long as one adheres to Beltway decorum, one can advocate the most amoral and even murderous policies without any repercussions whatsoever; it is only disruptive and impolite behavior that generates intense upset. Beltway culture hates “incivility” (public use of bad words) but embraces full-scale substantive indecency (torture, lawbreaking, unjustified wars, ownership of government by corporations, etc.).

15. marisacat - 11 September 2009

btw, Baines who died at 115 today, loved crispy bacon, fried chicken and Jerry Springer.

Defy the odds and laugh all the way I say.

16. marisacat - 11 September 2009

Wonder if Sully will ever mention this. Not yet………………….

Tho he is busy defending oppression on several fronts. Red baiting of WH personalities… and a few other events.

Cannot quite include himself among the oppressed!, if the reporting running around, mostly on the conservative (his compatriots!) side of the bed is at all accurate….

17. BooHooHooMan - 11 September 2009

Carl Levin, Democrat- The Blackwater State

who, according to Politico,
now complicates Obama’s Afghan strategy

The High Tonnage Bombing Strategy?
The “Smart War” Strategy? The Civilian Carnage Strategy?
The Surge Strategy?
Or the Marines With Their Legs Blown Off and
Bleed to Fuckin Death Strategy? That lying tool Levin
has sat there all these kindly-Granpappy-like years…running his bullshit Elder Statesman con while that sociopath Eric Prince and other RW woodsmen from his state ran their berzerkers freak show to the tune of Billions in Defense Contracting Dollars. And still ARE.

Before adding any additional U.S. forces to the war in Afghanistan, the nation should accelerate its effort to train Afghan fighters, the leading Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee said today.

Levin is a NeoCon Fraud. As is his brother, the Congressman.
They’re liars and thieves who’ll kill for money. Typical.

marisacat - 11 September 2009

Levin and old Warner of VA… agreed on just about everything to do with Iraq and Afghanistan.

I see all of this as a ploy.

18. BooHooHooMan - 11 September 2009

Mmm. But tastes Just like Meat!

School Marm. Hall Monitor. Narc. Snitch. Pussy.
Who else, but Timothy Lange, Teh Meatier Meatless.

Not bad tho. Sma-a-a-a-rt. A Visionary.
He’s come out with a new lne of Butt Plugs, I see.
A “Rules” crackdown announced in advance
Ya know – BEFORE the groggy villiagers “come to” with the Healthcare bougie firmly implanted
up their bourgeois doo dahs.

Rectal Dilation. Firm. Fair. Even-handed. Democratic.
Courtesy of that strange glove, Dr. Lange.
He was like all protesty and that in the ’60’s ya know. LOL.
Fuckin Tool.

19. BooHooHooMan - 11 September 2009

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey board member resigns
by The Associated Press
Friday September 11, 2009, 6:26 PM
ALBANY, N.Y. — A real estate developer and former State Police official is leaving the boards of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, a day after state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo threatened legal action to force him out.

David Mack, vice chairman of the MTA, initially refused Gov. David Paterson’s request that he resign from the unpaid posts. That request followed Cuomo’s report that Mack failed to cooperate with an investigation into undue political interference at the New York State Police.


20. BooHooHooMan - 11 September 2009

One of two things are gonna happen in NJ in the next five days, when the NJ State Sen reconvenes on Tuesday to elect Assembly Leadership …Richard Cody, D- NJ , *current State Senate Pres…stand in Gov three times in the last 9 years ( Whitman rolled, McGreevey blowed, Corzine rolled and rolled and rolled on the Turnpike) ….

One of two things.

1. To retain HIS post, he cuts a deal with Kean’s kid (the Sen Minority Leader) for the Repub vote…assuring a laydown of his people for Christie and future cooperation….or..

2. His underling Dem challenger, a Union goon named Sweeney, (current Majority Leader) to get CODY’S job – LOL –
HE GOES and cuts a deal with Kean’s kid (the GOP Minority Leader) for the Repub vote…assuring a laydown of HIS people for Christie and future cooperation.

Talk about Options!
Meanwhile, Corzine’s a walking dead man. We’re talkin
The Help Putting Their Cigarettes Out On The Furniture Territory of Irrelevancy. The pud hasn’t broken 40% in the polls, just pounding the airwaves, Outspending the GOP 10 : 1 .
So…..– > Buh-bye , Jon. The thieving shall continue on without you.
Oh It’s gonna be ugly…..
and the White House can’t do a god damn thing about it.
Which is how they’ll end up putting it, a local affair..

21. BooHooHooMan - 11 September 2009

Brooks laatest lappy lap

First, Obama rested the credibility of his presidency on what you might call the Dime Standard. He was flexible about many things, but not this: “I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits — either now or in the future. Period.”

This sound bite kills the House health care bill. That bill would add $220 billion (that’s 2.2 trillion dimes) to the deficit over the first 10 years and another $1 trillion (10 trillion dimes) to the deficit over the next 10 years.

There is no way to get from the House bill to deficit neutrality. The president’s speech guarantees that the more moderate Senate Finance Committee bill will be the basis for the negotiations to come.

The Dime Standard also sets off a political cascade. Since the Congressional Budget Office is the universally accepted arbiter in such matters, the Democrats have to produce a bill that the C.B.O. says is deficit-neutral, now and forever. That means there will be a seller’s market for any member of Congress, Republican or Democrat, who has a credible amendment to cut costs. It also means the Democrats will have to scale back coverage and subsidy levels to reach the fiscal targets.

Second, the president accepted the principle of capping the tax exemption on employer-provided health benefits. The specific proposal he embraced is a backdoor and indirect version of the cap. But what’s important here is the movement and the concession on principle. Soon moderates and Republicans will produce amendments to impose a cap directly. These amendments will credibly raise revenue and reduce costs. The administration will now have no principled argument to reject them.

And this is just sick:

Third, the president accepted the principle of tort reform to reduce the costs of defensive medicine.

WRONG! Not that crucial Half of the Medico Legal Sump Pump. Big Awards, Big Splits, the rest siphoned back off in miserly wretched and decidedly shortlived care via – what else – FOR PROFIT MEDICINE. Who needs to pay set-asides for care when you control the medical lifeline? or the insurance. Or the Annuities or lawyer’s Trust accounts set up for fee free for alls and billable pillage.

FFS do away with For Profit medicine AND the ability to sue. When you have Medical Care assured, it cuts out the heartwarming hook for the connivers. Let people file with a National Health Service Board for findings of Malpractice and de licensure. Housing adjustments or residential modifications should be awarded as part of Homecare.
NEver is going to happen because of the caste system that is white collar welfare and is the very basis of political power in this country. You take away the desperation over life and death, and the legal class cut, the insurers cut, the banker’s and investment house cut of that wealth accrual, all that dead wood might actually have to work for a living..Someone else’s for a change…But who can imagine it. Political Socio-Econonomic and Legal decisions made with legitimate equity in mind.


Once again, the specific proposal Obama mentioned is trivial. The important thing was the concession on principle. There are already amendments being drawn up to create separate malpractice courts and to otherwise reform the insane malpractice system. The president is going to have a hard time rejecting these amendments just because they might reduce campaign donations from tort lawyers to the Democratic National Committee.

Fourth, the president introduced the public option to its own exclusive Death Panel. As Max Baucus has said, the public option cannot pass the Senate. On Wednesday, the president praised it, then effectively buried it. White House officials no longer mask their exasperation with the liberal obsession on this issue.

Fifth, the president also buried the soak-the-rich approach. The House Ways and Means Committee came up with a plan to raise taxes on the rich to pay for health reform. That’s dead, too. Health reform will be paid for by changes within the health care system. The president underlined his resolve to cut $500 billion from Medicare and Medicaid. This is a courageous move that moderates appreciate.
In short, the president can read the polls just like anybody else. He has apparently recognized the need to pull back to get something passed. He is, characteristically, trying to rise above old divisions in search of a pragmatic sweet spot. He has opened up many opportunities for intelligent Republicans and moderate Democrats to constructively offer amendments to improve the bill and bring it closer to fiscal sanity.

Which is not to say that this is effective health reform. The only risible parts of the speech came when Obama said that parts of the system work (they don’t; they’re unsustainable) and when he said he would be the last president to take on health care (we still await a president willing to take on fundamental perversities in the system).

For whatever reason, President Obama has decided not to be that president. He has decided to expand the current system, not fix it. His speech on Wednesday, and the coming legislative changes, make it much more likely he will achieve his goal.

I’m out.

22. marisacat - 12 September 2009

neue thred………………..


………………… 😎 ……………………

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