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Sound familiar? Love how the boys all chat… 14 September 2009

Posted by marisacat in DC Politics, France, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Paris.

Le Figaro July 2008

Not just Sarkozy….  a concerted effort across several countries.  And of course, Mother Merkel.  Then again, no one is rooting for the Banksters.  Or the Gov Gangsters, either.  Fraudsters  Mobsters.

Off with their heads, all their heads!


[C]hastened bankers have agreed to new curbs on pay in an attempt to quell the storm, but many privately believe that the government is keeping bankers’ pay in the headlines for political reasons.

“There is no doubt in my mind that there is a deliberate plan to direct people’s anger towards the financial community and away from the government,” said one investment banker. “They are clearly looking for scapegoats at which to finger-point and trying to make themselves popular in the public eye.”

This general mistrust of wealth is being exacerbated by rising unemployment.

Bankers point out that Mr Sarkozy can afford to be more critical of financiers than the UK or US, since financial services in France are relatively small in relation to the economy. But there are risks to demonising the industry, they warn.

Not only is it unfair, given that French banks have weathered the crisis relatively well – the top three were profitable last year – but it could also undermine the industry just as Mr Sarkozy hopes to poach business from the UK.

The government’s gamble that targeting bankers will fuel its popularity carries another risk. “There is a big danger in stigmatising people. It can lead to legitimising violent behaviour against them,” said one senior banker.

In France this is no empty threat: social unrest has often led to the downfall of the country’s rulers.

Now is not the time to defend the banks, however, as Michel Pébereau, chairman of BNP Paribas, discovered last week. Upon telling his conference audience of medium-sized businesses that the banks were at their service, he was booed.  . . . . .

Carry on… (when do they all get together again?  Pittsburgh?)



1. marisacat - 14 September 2009

1, 2, 3, 4… All together now! Who do we want a trade war with?

China apparently.

2. marisacat - 14 September 2009


i am thinkin’ maybe a biergarten event at the WH for Joe Wilson, Williams (Serena?) and Kanye West. (Who’ll be the 4th in a row?)

Or just invite anyone with a last name starting with a ‘W”.

3. Revisionist - 14 September 2009

I just saw a piece on Gordon Brown… people lamenting that when he was at the Exchequer he sold off all of Britains gold reserves for $275 an ounce. Its qudrupled since then and would have gone a long way in easing the current financial issues.

marisacat - 14 September 2009

hmm think I heard over the weekend ti was at or approaching 1,000 an ounce.

4. Revisionist - 14 September 2009

Also Glenn Beck took an extra swig of crazy today..Might be worth catching his show tonite. His wild conspiracy theories eased him in to looking for 56 politicians to save the country. 56 like the orginal continental congress. They are supposed to come forward for redemption and whislteblow on all the corruption and organized crime that has stolen our country. (of course he wasnt concernded when billlions vanished on those no bid Iraq contracts) Joe WIlson has been suggested as one of the 56 because he is a brave truth teller.

Oh and because Kanye was an ass on MTV he was wrong about BUsh not caring about black people.

5. catnip - 14 September 2009

I guess single-payer is dead – along with the paid shilling for it…

All hands: What you must do TODAY to get a straight up Public Option
by nyceve

195 comments (195 new)

They Need To See Our Support For The Public Option!!!
by slinkerwink

295 comments (295 new)

6. BooHooHooMan - 14 September 2009

Yes. Well then.

New Bin Laden Audio Tape Released

Osama bin Laden described President Barack Obama as “powerless” to stop the war in Afghanistan and threatened to step up guerrilla warfare there in a new audiotape released marking the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

The Associated Press
Monday, September 14, 2009; 4:23 PM

CAIRO — Osama bin Laden said in a new audiotape that President Barack Obama’s strategy in Afghanistan is “hopeless” and called on Americans to resolve the conflict with al-Qaida by ending the war there and breaking the U.S. alliance with Israel.
Bin Laden prods US to end ‘hopeless’ Afghan war

In the message marking the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the al-Qaida leader avoided his usual rhetoric of jihad and instead took a more analytical tone, claiming its differences with the U.S. stemmed from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

But analysts said Monday that the message’s tone and its unusually short length – only 11 minutes, far shorter than others released by al-Qaida to mark the anniversary – was an indication that al-Qaida was struggling to maintain interest eight years after its most shattering terror attacks.

“You might interpret this as a sign of weakness, the suggestion being that they don’t really want to fight the U.S.,” Jeremy Binnie, an analyst with Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Center, said of bin Laden’s tone.

In the audiotape, posted late Thursday on Islamic militant Web sites, bin Laden sought to depict Obama as merely continuing the policies of Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney.

“If you end the (Afghan) war, so be it, but otherwise we will continue the war of attrition against you,” he said, addressing the American people. “You are waging a hopeless and losing war, a war in which the end is not visible on the horizon.”

But bin Laden used most of the message to detail the reason for al-Qaida’s campaign against the United States.

“The cause of our disagreement with you is your support to your Israeli allies who occupy our land of Palestine,” he said, adding that this support “pushed us to undertake “the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

He argued that Washington – even under Obama – was under the thrall of “neoconservatives and the Israeli lobby.” He said Obama and White House officials “act like Cheney and Bush and promote the previous policies of fear to market the interests of big companies” and pull Americans into wars that he said have bankrupted the United States.

If America reconsiders its alliance with Israel, he said, al-Qaida will respond on “sound and just bases.”

And here we are. How very un-PC of him.

I sayyyyyy….
Call up the the First Kidney Brokerage Regiment!
Bombing by the Brooklyn Bankers Brigade!
And round up the West Bank Shylock Seabees!
Spring Bernie to head it up! Just Like the Dirty Dozen!
All they’ll need is Maps! Think of the Savings!

7. marisacat - 14 September 2009

Luvvly mini rountable on lehrer… Ross Douthat, Eddie Bernice Johnson of the House and … forget his anme, that corpulent historian who is all over the place.. Richard Allen ____something or other. Why DO people oppose BO.

Gee. But Johnson is being far less forthcoming (she jsut hesitates to say) than in the Politico article of yesterday:

“As far as African-Americans are concerned, we think most of it is,” said Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas), when asked in an interview in between sessions how much of the more extreme anger at Obama is based upon his race. “And we think it’s very unfortunate. We as African-American people of course are very sensitive to it.”

Johnson is a somewhat-reserved, nine-term member of Congress, more gracious southern lady than racial bomb-thrower. She enjoyed a warm personal relationship with fellow Texan George W. Bush when he was in the White House and fondly recalled their ability to get along, divergent politics aside.

But she said the disdain for this president, especially sharp in her home state, had reached a point where it had become necessary to speak out.

“It’s hurting the spirit of this country,” Johnson said, citing concerns about what the rest of the world may think about a powerful nation where a significant segment of the population does not accept their elected leader as legitimate.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0909/27120.html#ixzz0R7jviDeE

NO body disliked Johnson (LBJ) Nobody disliked the Kennedy brothers (and family). NO body disliked Bill C (he was wrestled to the ground to be frank, made inept and joke). A long list of political hatred in this country. Long list of violence in this country.

But of course Ob is the foundling we are to care for. And of course race is a part of it. Maybe all of it with some. But … say it is all and well……….

Good Lord.

8. marisacat - 14 September 2009

Canadian PM says he won’t extend Afghan mission

By ROB GILLIES (AP) – 1 hour ago

TORONTO — Canada will not extend its mission in Afghanistan even if President Barack Obama asks him to when the countries’ leaders meet this week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office said Monday.

Harper spokesman Dimitri Soudas reiterated in a briefing Monday that Canada will withdraw its troops in 2011.

One hundred and thirty Canadian soldiers and a diplomat have been killed in Afghanistan, where Canada has 2,500 troops.

“Canada’s position is clear,” Soudas said. “The military component of the mission ends in 2011.”

Canada first sent troops to Afghanistan after the Sept. 11, 2001 attack on the United States and increased its deployment after declining a U.S. request to dispatch troops to Iraq. . . . .

9. marisacat - 14 September 2009

NYDN on the Queens raid.

hmm sound a little thin on the ground?

[T]wo U.S. intelligence officials, who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case publicly, said the target of any purported attack — or who would carry it out — remained unclear.

Authorities have not found any weapons ready for use — such as a bomb — that would indicate an attack was imminent, they said. Nevertheless, one of the officials called the threat very real and emphasized the urgency of the threat.

Another person briefed on the matter, who was not authorized to discuss the case and requested anonymity, said the raids were the result of previous law enforcement surveillance of individuals.

The investigation is continuing.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 September 2009

I’m so damned embarrassed to live in this backwards country. Charles Darwin film ‘too controversial for religious America’

However, US distributors have resolutely passed on a film which will prove hugely divisive in a country where, according to a Gallup poll conducted in February, only 39 per cent of Americans believe in the theory of evolution.

Movieguide.org, an influential site which reviews films from a Christian perspective, described Darwin as the father of eugenics and denounced him as “a racist, a bigot and an 1800s naturalist whose legacy is mass murder”. His “half-baked theory” directly influenced Adolf Hitler and led to “atrocities, crimes against humanity, cloning and genetic engineering”, the site stated.

The film has sparked fierce debate on US Christian websites, with a typical comment dismissing evolution as “a silly theory with a serious lack of evidence to support it despite over a century of trying”.

Jeremy Thomas, the Oscar-winning producer of Creation, said he was astonished that such attitudes exist 150 years after On The Origin of Species was published.

“That’s what we’re up against. In 2009. It’s amazing,” he said.

“The film has no distributor in America. It has got a deal everywhere else in the world but in the US, and it’s because of what the film is about. People have been saying this is the best film they’ve seen all year, yet nobody in the US has picked it up.

“It is unbelievable to us that this is still a really hot potato in America. There’s still a great belief that He made the world in six days. It’s quite difficult for we in the UK to imagine religion in America. We live in a country which is no longer so religious. But in the US, outside of New York and LA, religion rules.

“Charles Darwin is, I suppose, the hero of the film. But we tried to make the film in a very even-handed way. Darwin wasn’t saying ‘kill all religion’, he never said such a thing, but he is a totem for people.”

marisacat - 14 September 2009

it also sounded like it might be not so hot film.

Wonder fi the xtian chit chat was spiked.

Or is this pre release PR to hype what might be a dull film.

A mess, in any direction.

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 September 2009

most of the reviews I can find are fairly positive. Newsweek and Variety think it’s too serious for American audience.

I just can’t resist a chance to make fun of how stupid Americans are. It’s a weakness.

marisacat - 14 September 2009

too serious? All depends on how it is presented. They must fear some big noisy boycott fo the DVD release or something. For decades lots of movies release in ”limited” release markets… (LOL I live in one of those)

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 September 2009


It’s easy to blame ol’ Puritanical America, land in which Passion of the Christ is still the top-performing R-rated movie of all time. But we’re gambling that Creation is a casualty of the economy more than stateside moral temperature. Variety assessed the film as a “handsome historical piece” likely to nab “respectable critical support,” but predicted it would top out as a “medium specialty performer.” In today’s market, a sales pitch guaranteeing “medium specialty business” will fall on deaf ears. The mandate of Summer 2009: Biggest Box Office Ever was fast and clear: sequels are in, subtlety is out. Even the imminently bankable Adam Sandler couldn’t sell a nuanced dramedy about death and despair. If he can’t, a balding Bettany in breeches almost certainly can’t.

CSTAR - 14 September 2009
marisacat - 14 September 2009

here is the graph, enlarged

Unfortunately I think there is a concerted effort to push Americans (with some areas [not so easily defined as Cali is loaded with the dumb and religious, the autocratic and the religious] and churches all to happy to help) toward faith based ignorance. Ob sells himself as an adult, science based and all of that. He isn’t.

Along with deification, or semi deification, of elected leaders (WHY shoudl they be respected, automatically?).. and imo a long range plan to deify, for the masses, the Founding Fathers.


Ignorance is blessed. So bow down.

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 September 2009
12. marisacat - 14 September 2009

Senate votes to defund ACORN. Be aware, it’s the hyperactive version of reporting ( Hot Air )

The seven are kind of interesting. From Bernie Sanders to Bob Casey.

marisacat - 14 September 2009

oops meant to add there were only 7 NO votes to the bill.

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 September 2009
14. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 September 2009

William Gibson’s Bridge City in “Virtual Light” Could Become Real

San Francisco’s Bay Bridge is getting a makeover that will leave a large portion of the old bridge unused, but still standing strong. Now two architects are proposing that the city build a neighborhood on it.

Local architects Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello hit upon this idea after considering what was about to happen to the Bay Bridge. Here is an aerial view, showing the abandoned side of the bridge on the right. This span of the bridge is still very sturdy, and could easily bear quite a bit of weight. Why dismantle and waste it when you could turn it into a unique neighborhood?

In a detailed proposal for what they call The Bay Line, the architects suggest the bridge could be a series of public parks with neighborhoods hanging beneath the bridge. This is a more suburban version of what happens in William Gibson’s novel Virtual Light, where squatters take up residence on the bridge after it is partly destroyed.

marisacat - 14 September 2009

The bridge project itself became a horror story. With everyone in sight taking a part. A 20 year nightmare.

God knows what an innovative idea might do to the assorted parties. One of the worst was Willie Brown… who refuses to DIE (that would be my solution frankly).

BooHooHooMan - 14 September 2009

The obvious move topside is to
build a series of 40 story glass curtain wall condo’s on it.
And sell below span rights to bolt on a few more condo towers that will just hang on for dear life.
Have Designer inflatable lifeboats (Logo’d) on the balconies for all.

We know how to build here, back East.
You need a guy? Our people can get it done for ya.

marisacat - 14 September 2009

want a kidney with that order?

15. marisacat - 14 September 2009

hmm I see the Economics Boyos are lining up iwth their prognostications… Siglitz, Simon Johnson, Roubini, Taleb….. I haven’t looked in on Krugman.

GOOD LUCK! It does not look good.

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 September 2009

the banks went right back to doing what they were doing before … I guess so they could try to quickly make back what they “lost” (though all that wealth was mostly on paper, only).

Not going to end well …

marisacat - 14 September 2009

We live by the bubble. Or the Bible. Or the bible bubble. Or the bubbly bible.


Myself I have an Italian movie on the killing of Aldo Moro and the Red Brigades. Gonna turn it on and forget.

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 September 2009

I’m watching Anthony Bourdain visiting Sardinia with his wife, visiting her family. Very pretty island.

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 September 2009

oops, meant that as a reply to the Italian movie!

marisacat - 14 September 2009

wordpress gets confused sometimes, throws comments around willy nilly…

17. marisacat - 14 September 2009

Well of course it makes so much sense. BBC

A scheme in which heroin is given to addicts in supervised clinics has led to big reductions in the use of street drugs and crime, the BBC has learned.

More than 100 users took part in the pilot – part funded by the government – in London, Brighton and Darlington.

They either injected heroin or received the drug’s substitute methadone.

Those given heroin responded best and an independent panel which monitored the scheme over six months are advising ministers to set up further trials.

About three-quarters of those given heroin were said to have “substantially” reduced their use of street drugs.

Research suggests that between half and two-thirds of all crime in the UK is drug-related. . . . . .

I read recently of one trial… forget where, of drug maintenance… and for some, optional, but if they wished, a long term live in program. Where they were FED good quality food.

larger numbers greatly reduced their drug addiction.

I don’t buy into all the dietary “cures” I read, but a lot has to do with food that has no sustenance in it.

BooHooHooMan - 14 September 2009

Well …(morphine metaphor now)
The tradition of government opiating certain constituencies is alive and well here. But unlike the unsated money and power junkies most worthy of a derogatory term, most long term heroin addicts are just trying to avoid the jones…getting sick.

My leave on it anyways..

marisacat - 14 September 2009

well it doesn’t really matter what they are trying to do… people need NOT to be driven to the streets.

BooHooHooMan - 14 September 2009

I agree. 100%.

18. BooHooHooMan - 14 September 2009

{verifying codes}

{breaking classified seal…}
{Reviewing TOP SECRET material..}

It’s a go. We’re going ahead with Operation “CND”
The “Controversial Negro” Diversion..

Like any of this shit matters…

marisacat - 14 September 2009

gosh. He found a black person to criticise. Which is basically what is happening. Clawback. I can’t believe (meaning I am appalled he is) he was even aware of it, frankly. Over and over I think he just watches TV.

We are down to minutiae. I just read he will be on 5 Sunday shows. In the absence of liquor, I am going to watch a movie next Sunday.

I am worn out with the bullshit.

BooHooHooMan - 14 September 2009

I would LIKE to see a do-over on all this from Annie Liebovitz.
Ob and Kanye maybe struggling for the ceiling mic…
the Boston Irish Cop .. Harvard Prof Gates..Palin…Beck ALL in the ring. Olberman in his old job as spotscaster…

A wider angle though…AfPakIraqistan and Organ Harvesting vignettes in the darkened crowd…High Rollers in the front row. a General or two..

Joe the Plumber Rahm and Axelrod as Ob’s cornermen.
Mix it up a bit.

marisacat - 14 September 2009

HA! They all have to be dressed in J Crew. Doris Kearns Goodwin to do the propaganda hagiography.. Taht cartoon loon from the election, Fairey, to … do the cartoons.


BooHooHooMan - 14 September 2009

I like the Crew. The Crew will work.
I love Ya! – The Camera Loves Ya! Perfect!

marisacat - 14 September 2009

oh here is more in the “post racial” mess we are. They can choose which flag to be wrapped in… the Stars and Stripes or the Flag of the Confederacy.


BooHooHooMan - 14 September 2009

One thing, mcat..
The stuffed Teddy?
With Newt and Grover on the whole taxidermy thing?
In The Organ Harvesting vignette? Too cliche?
In with the cornermen?

I Got a Custom Stuffed Teddy Kennedy here,

marisacat - 14 September 2009

maybe there is a ring and string at the back of the neck? No?

BooHooHooMan - 15 September 2009

with knowing nod

ties in with the “Talk to Me” angle-
I like it. I like it alot.

BooHooHooMan - 14 September 2009

It have to be a wide angle shot…
barely noticible way in the back…
Man Titz Reid in satin Everlasts, Unrobed arriving late to the venue in a backlit doorway Nancy in Shrouded satin in similarly lit side door entrance…

I’ll shoot it myself in an afternoon for 100 grand.
Plus expenses.

catnip - 14 September 2009

Kanye meets the underside of The Bus. Film (music video, actually) at 11.


“In the process of reporting on remarks by President Obama that were made during a CNBC interview, ABC News employees prematurely tweeted a portion of those remarks that turned out to be from an off-the-record portion of the interview. This was done before our editorial process had been completed. That was wrong. We apologize to the White House and CNBC and are taking steps to ensure that it will not happen again.”

The White House had no immediate comment.

Shorter ABC: We reported the truth. Sorry!

BooHooHooMan - 14 September 2009

The Jackass Whisperer.
Redford can play Ob in the Movie…
It’s all so confusing
A derivative equine homage to All the Presidents and the
Horse Whisperer. But with a Jackass.
And more secrecy.
More felt in the sotto voce, less bass in the Deep Throat..

marisacat - 14 September 2009

can you imagine the jockeying in Hollywood as to hwo is to play Ob? In the inevitable movies. WHich I figure will go over about as much as Beloved did (parts were wonderful, but it pretty much died at the box office, all things considered).

I happened to catch whatshername, one of the ones who has played Elizabeth (One)…. oh, Caite Blanchette! a couple of years ago on Charlie Rose. Starting to preen over playing Hillary.

Thnk they cancelled that one!

BooHooHooMan - 15 September 2009

They’d have to have a white guy.
Former A list type. Conservative.
A few trademark facial mechanics expressing Exasperation and “Got This”. I dunno. Bruce Willis?
I’m thinkin Bruce Willis.

Of course there’s the added benefit, If ya hook in Demi as MO, ya get YET ANOTHER do-over. If MO has another baby, that is. Which could be arranged. Might have to be arranged given the outlook. And If they go the adoption angle coming up to the 012 election, then whatya talkin? Angelina playin MO? It’ll cost ya. So it looks like Willis and Madonna then. …IMO. LOL.

marisacat - 15 September 2009

what does this mean… Bruce Willis and Madonna buy off people better than Denzel?


clap clap clap.

BooHooHooMan - 15 September 2009

Well Denzel IS actually, COOL.
So he’s out.

marisacat - 15 September 2009

on the baby thing… I think Carla and Sarko got there first. apparently if they do it will be for relection…. which iirc the Blairs already more or less did once.

Maybe they could ALL skip the baby just send us the pabulum.

BooHooHooMan - 15 September 2009

Scratch that.
Just get Annie Liebovitz to play Michele.
Help her out with the money sitch. LOL.
Not to get all Six Degrees here, but I’m thinkin Kevin Bacon who got beat by Bernie, could then move into the Photography gig….

I missed my calling, frankly. LOL.

19. BooHooHooMan - 14 September 2009

Dems to vote on Wilson sanction

While D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton says No NO!
We Mustn’t Martyr Him.

Why? Well Charlie Rangel would be next, obviously.

CBC members rally around embattled chairman Rangel
By Susan Crabtree – 09/11/09 06:25 AM ET

Congressional Black Caucus members are standing squarely behind one of their own: embattled Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.)….

Poor Charlie and the CBC. Working the GOP ropeline offering to give Wilson cover. Like the GOP gives a fuck. Like the GOP DOESN”T want to “go there”. They’ll roll with the sissy slap of Admonishment and come with the flurry of left right combo’s. All about Charlies face and head. Sorry. Getting carried away with the boxing scenario. LOL.

marisacat - 15 September 2009

they are all the same.

BooHooHooMan - 15 September 2009

And while shopping servility behind the scenes…
This for public consumption…

Shout Brings Vote on Sanction

Racial issue simmers as black Democrats lead push for a House vote to reprimand Rep. Joe Wilson.

The fact is, Ob lost the 10% surplus of White support that elected him…And yes , plenty of Klan sentiment still on the Right, and exceptionilist carve outs on “the Left”…But the days of playing this — ** expecting it to work ** are over.

NTIM, as our overlords are just desperately trying to keep their leveraged Empire from collapsing in the short term…Various sequalae , protectionism, the reality of trade war which you cited , above…

The UK Banking system is in arrest if they don’t get uber liquid , and quick…Well. Whoever HAS the money better get up off it.
And we’ll see how THAT goes.
Amidst reports that Citi is going to buy back shares from Ob’s Treasury.

While lying, under-reporting of positions and official cover continues. As if the drip drip and Bubble gum holding tatters together on a tar-paper shack will WORK.

20. marisacat - 15 September 2009

Just a thread…


………………. 😯 …………….

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